What causes heart disease – part XIII

Heart disease and inflammation. A few people have sent me links to a recent paper called ‘Inflammation and Atherosclerosis.’ This was published in Circulation, and the authors were: Peter Libby, MD; Paul M. Ridker, MD; Attilio Maseri, MD. Remember two of the names. Here is a relatively long section of the abstract: ‘Atherosclerosis, formerly considered […]

Lowering cholesterol has no effect on heart disease

Yes, if anyone is interested, I enjoyed my holiday. Mountains, snow, skiing, food, France. What more could you ask for? Whilst away I kept an eyes on a whole series of stories on cholesterol and statins and adverse effects of statins, and suchlike, unfold across various newspapers. Many of you were kind enough to send […]

What causes heart disease part VIII

The healing process Most people, when they think about atherosclerotic plaques, think of them as starting very small – as fatty streaks and suchlike. Then they inevitably get bigger and bigger over many years. However, this is not correct: ‘Atherosclerosis was originally considered to be an ongoing process that was inevitably associated with age. However, […]

What causes heart disease part VII

For over thirty years I have been studying heart disease, or Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). I don’t think that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…but maybe I have. I must admit that, at times there seemed to be no answers, at least no answers that did not have at least one Mount Everest sized contradiction. At one […]