COVID-19 and Foxy-Loxy

17th September 2020

In the last few weeks in various podcasts and interviews people have been trying their best to get me to say that the entire COVID-19 panic is a conspiracy. I understand what they are trying to do, but I was not born yesterday! The moment you say, or even imply, something is a conspiracy you step on a landmine that blows you, and your reputation, to smithereens.

Because you immediately become a conspiracy theorist. ‘You are David Icke and I claim my million pounds’. For those who have never heard of him, look him up. According to Wikipedia:

“Icke believes that the universe is made up of “vibrational” energy and consists of an infinite number of dimensions that share the same space. He claims that an inter-dimensional race of reptilian beings called the Archons (or Anunnaki) have hijacked the earth, and that a genetically modified human–Archon hybrid race of shape-shifting reptilians known as the Babylonian Brotherhood, the Illuminati, or the “elite”, manipulate global events to help keep humans in constant fear. The Archons feed off the “negative energy” this creates 1. “

Now, he may not believe that anymore, maybe he never did. Maybe it was a joke, and his words got twisted. But he has managed to gather the kind of reputation that tends to make people suspect he may not be entirely tightly sane. ‘Beware the Archons.’

In truth, I have thought long and hard about what a COVID19 conspiracy might actually be or look like. A shadowy Dr. No sitting in an underground layer, stroking a spoiled, fluffy white cat, and cackling. ‘Yes, Mr Bond, soon the entire world will be under my control as my vaccine is released, turning everyone into mindless zombies. Mwahahahahahaha!

I would just say to Dr. No. Sorry, it’s too late, the Kardashians already did the ‘turning the entire world into mindless zombies’ thing. Now their work here is done. They will soon be heading back to their home-world of Kardashia to plot the destruction of entire inter-galactic civilisations using their inanitron device, powered entirely by trivium crystals.

However, I do not believe in worldwide conspiracies… humans are too incompetent to get a proper worldwide conspiracy organised for one thing. However I do  believe in Foxy-Loxy.

If you remember the children’s tale of ‘the sky is falling’, Chicken Little manages to scare all the other animals, Ducky Lucky et al. into believing the sky is falling, and they rush in blind panic to tell the king. They then run into Foxy-Loxy:

“Well, well, and good day,” said Foxy Loxy. “Where are you rushing on such a fine day, my delicious little friends?”

“Help us! Help us!” cried Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey, and Turkey Lurkey. “It’s not a fine day at all. The sky is falling, and we’re rushing to tell the king!”

 “And how do you know the sky is falling?” asked Foxy Loxy.

“I saw it with my own eyes, and heard it with my own ears, and part of it fell on my head,” Chicken Little said. “I see,” said Foxy Loxy. “Well then, follow me, and I’ll show you the way to the king.”

So Foxy Loxy led Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey, and Turkey Lurkey across a field and through the woods. He led them straight to his den, and they never saw the king, or anyone else, ever again

In other versions of the story, Foxy-Loxy deliberately throws the acorn that hits Chicken Little on the head, in order to start the panic in the first place. He then waits to take advantage of the ensuing events. ‘Now please, you must all to follow me, for I will keep you safe.’

In other words, there is no worldwide cabal, no great shadowy conspiracy. Instead what we have is – what I call – a conspiracy of the willing. When fear strikes, the vast bulk of the public really, really, want to be protected, and will do almost anything to feel safe. The medical profession wishes to protect people and will do almost anything they are told, to help their patients.

Politicians very much wish to be seen as great statesmen, protecting the public and bringing in laws to do so. Standing at podiums looking terribly serious and important and pretending to be Winston Churchill.

So, if Sciensey-Wyensey can convince Experty-Wexperty that the sky is falling, then it is easy to get Publicky-Wublickey, Doctory-Woctory and Nursey Wursey, and Politiciany-Opportunity-Wunity to join in. There is no conspiracy here, but there is a massive drive for them all to rush to the king for protection.

At which point, Foxy Loxy has them all perfectly under control. A little nudge here, a little nudge there, and the entire mob will head off in whatever direction you wish. A shepherd with two perfectly controlled sheepdogs. The dread sheepdogs of fear and empty promises.



240 thoughts on “COVID-19 and Foxy-Loxy

  1. elizabethhart

    Before conspiracy theories can be meaningfully examined within their appropriate social, historical and ideological context, it is necessary to spend a bit more time furnishing a working definition of the phenomenon, and in doing so set the basic parameters for the forthcoming discussion. At first sight, the meaning of the term ‘conspiracy theory’ might seem obvious. The word ‘conspiracy’ is well established in the English language. Derived from the Latin conspirare, meaning ‘to breath together’, it signifies the joining together of two or more individuals and their acting in collusion to achieve a desired outcome. Phrases such as ‘conspiracy to commit murder’, ‘conspiracy to defraud’ and ‘conspiracy to commit genocide’ are enshrined in legal systems around the world and refer to offences involving an arrangement or a joint endeavour to perpetrate a crime. In the broadest sense, therefore, a conspiracy theory would be an explanation, either speculative or evidence-based, which attributes the causes of an event to a conspiracy or a plot (Keeley, 1999, Basham, 2003).

    My emphasis.

    Ref: Byford J. (2011) Towards a Definition of Conspiracy Theories. In: Conspiracy Theories. Palgrave Macmillan, London.

    1. sam

      so the fact that a certain Mr Gates and his Foundation is funding and working jointly with various departments of the UK government (PHE, DFIF, DHSC) should then be classified as a conspiricy?

        1. sam

          certainly Dr Wodarg and the EU accused the WHO of a conspiracy with the vaccine industry back in 2010 when they tried this same trick with the swine flu. They accused the WHO of colluding with the vaccine indsutry to declare a pandemic to trigger the contracts for the vaccines.
          The EU tried to take the WHO to court but found the WHO to be above the law as it simply refused to comply. It seems we are in exactly the same situation at the moment but now the governemnt and press are colluding. Oddly our favourite Mr Ferguson at Imperial was also involved in modelling this one. At that time he was in the receipt of payments from GSK
          Anyone see a pattern here?

          The swine flu outbreak was a ‘false pandemic’ driven by drug companies that stood to make billions of pounds from a worldwide scare, a leading health expert has claimed.

          Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, accused the makers of flu drugs and vaccines of influencing the World Health Organisation’s decision to declare a pandemic.

          This led to the pharmaceutical firms ensuring ‘enormous gains’, while countries, including the UK, ‘squandered’ their meagre health budgets, with millions being vaccinated against a relatively mild disease.
          The Department of Health warned of 65,000 deaths, set up a special advice line and website, suspended normal rules so anti-flu drugs could be given out without prescription and told health and local authorities to prepare for a major pandemic.

          Planners were told to get morgues ready for the sheer scale of deaths and there were warnings that the Army could be called in to prevent riots as people fought to obtain drugs.

          But with fewer than 5,000 in England catching the disease last week and just 251 deaths overall, Dr Wodarg has branded the H1N1 outbreak as ‘one of the greatest medical scandals of the century’.

          He said: ‘We have had a mild flu – and a false pandemic.’

    2. elizabethhart

      Re my previous comment and “the joining together of two or more individuals and their acting in collusion to achieve a desired outcome”

      Consider for example the World Health Organisation. The current top funder of the WHO is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, an organisation which is dominating the area of public health, particularly international vaccination policy. Bill Gates is the leader of the ‘race for coronavirus vaccines’.

      The second funder of the WHO is the United States, a country which is a major promoter of vaccines, with mandatory vaccination of children with an ever-increasing number of vaccine products. The US CDC and Anthony Fauci’s NIAID are empires built on the back of vaccines. The NIAID is involved with the Moderna coronavirus vaccine.

      The third funder of the WHO is the UK, another country heavily invested in promoting vaccines via very influential pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline. The Chair of the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, Andrew Pollard, is also involved in vaccine clinical trials. For example Pollard was involved with the Bexsero meningococcal B vaccine, which was originally rejected by the JCVI for the UK schedule, but was added to the schedule after Pollard became Chair of the JCVI. Pollard is the chief investigator on the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trials.

      The fourth funder of the WHO is the Gavi Alliance, which was founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with a US$750 million pledge in 1999. The BMGF is a key Gavi partner in vaccine market shaping. Gavi is co-leading COVAX and “using its unique expertise to help identify and rapidly accelerate development, production and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines so that anyone that needs them, gets them”. (See Gavi Alliance – Responding to COVID-19.)

      Other entities and countries also contribute funding to the WHO. For example, Australia is another country heavily involved with vaccine promotion. Vaccination of children is mandatory in Australia via No Jab, No Pay/No Play laws. One of the top companies on the Australian stock exchange is CSL/Seqirus, which promotes flu vaccines, the Gardasil HPV vaccine and others, and is involved with coronavirus vaccine development, as is the University of Queensland.

      So here are a number of parties under the umbrella of the WHO developing a global market for coronavirus vaccine products…but is the development of this enormous coronavirus vaccine market justifiable?

      1. Allen

        This is an excellent comment- you are right on the mark.

        The link below is from an excellent issue of Third World Resurgence (June/July 2015);

        in which there are 7 articles on the WHO that explain in great detail how it functions.

        At present 82% of the WHO’s funding comes from private industry. The largest percentage of that 82% comes from, as you would imagine, Big Pharma.

        Reform and WHO: The continuing saga of FENSA

        Some 80% of WHO’s budget is financed by voluntary contributions. For instance, out of the approved 2016-17 budget of $4.385 billion, only $929 million comes from mandatory assessed contributions from member states. The remaining $3.456 billion is financed through voluntary contributions.

        A substantial portion of voluntary contributions is in the form of specified voluntary contributions. Unlike assessed contributions and core voluntary contributions, specified voluntary contributions give the WHO secretariat no flexibility to use the financial resources to meet the prioritised programme set by member states. Instead, as their name suggests, these contributions are meant for specified purposes decided between the donor and the secretariat; member states as a whole have little say in this regard. In 2014 WHO received just over $2 billion in voluntary contributions, out of which almost $1.9 billion was made up of specified voluntary contributions.


        NSAs, especially philanthropic foundations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, prefer specified voluntary contributions to core voluntary contributions. For instance, in 2014, the Gates Foundation’s entire contribution of some $256 million to WHO was comprised of specified contributions. Over the last few years the Foundation has become the largest donor of voluntary contributions to WHO. In fact, in 2013 it was the single largest donor, with its contribution surpassing the US’ total assessed and voluntary contributions.

      2. anna m


        Now add to that that the media in the US is 90% owned by 6 billionaires and engage in many very questionable practices that show a less than honest agenda, and which monopoly used to be illegal for very good reason, and you have to wonder. Is it even really possible to DENY a certain amount of conspiracy is involved? That these various high level players don’t communicate and try to steer the ship to their liking?

        1. elizabethhart

          Yes, lots of thinking to do about the influence of the world’s oligarchs anna m…Gates, Bezos, Soros, Buffet, Frydenberg, Murdoch etc…

          And consider the World Economic Forum and Bilderberg meetings for example.

          Speaking of the World Economic Forum, here’s the current headline article on the WEF website:
          Anti-vax: how to counter the myths in time for a COVID vaccine – this week’s World Vs Virus podcast:

          And of course the World Economic Forum is using the ‘COVID-19 crisis’ to facilitate its ‘Great Reset Initiative’.

      3. VL

        I go more with what you’re saying, even if there’s no cabal (I’m not convinced as I think people can be evil and don’t have to be reptilian) I usually support Dr K all the way but I think this ones more complex! I think tho that the US pulled out of the WHO a while ago? Doesn’t stop the evils of Gates and big Pharma tho, That in itself is bad enough. I don’t use the word conspiracy now I just say there are many theories, which there are! Be interesting to see what unfolds and how many more people wake up to what’s beneath the Covid smokescreen! 🤔

      4. elizabethhart

        Another example of “the joining together of two or more individuals and their acting in collusion to achieve a desired outcome” is CEPI – the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

        CEPI was founded in Davos by the governments of Norway and India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and the World Economic Forum.

        To date, CEPI has secured financial support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, the European Commission, and the governments of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Norway and the United Kingdom.

        Additional investment from sovereign governments, the private sector and philanthropic foundations has also been provided to support our COVID-19 vaccine programmes.

        Reference: CEPI Investors & Partners:

        1. elizabethhart

          Some more info about CEPI, which promotes vaccines and is a major player involved with coronavirus vaccine development. Click on the tabs on this webpage for info about the various vaccine products, including the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine:

          The chair of CEPI is Jane Halton AO, PSM, FAICD, FIPPA.

          Jane Halton is a member of the board of the ANZ, Clayton Utz, Crown Resorts, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, and the US Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation. She is chair of COTA, Crown Sydney and Vault Systems. Her 33-year career within the Australian Public Service, included nearly 15 years as Secretary of the Departments of Finance and the Department of Health (and Ageing). Previously she was Executive Co-ordinator (Deputy Secretary) of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. She has extensive experience in Health policy and delivery, the delivery of the Australian Government budget and the management and performance of Australian Government agencies. Jane Halton has held a number of significant roles in Global Health Governance including as Chair of the board of the WHO, president of the World Health Assembly and as chair of the OECD health committee.

          Jane Halton is a member of Australia’s National COVID-19 Commission Advisory Board, directly advising the Australian government on COVID-19 matters.

          Speaking at the National Press Club Canberra in May 2020, Jane Halton discussed coronavirus vaccination saying:

          “The government has got a couple of tried and true mechanisms in terms of people who are not happy to be vaccinated. We talked about childcare … “Forget the ‘no jab, no play’ for kids, it’s now ‘no jab, no play’ for adults — and I would support that. “There are some people for a variety of health-related reasons, they cannot be vaccinated. Everybody else, as far as I’m concerned, should actually step up and do the right thing.”

          So CEPI chair Jane Halton is pushing for mandatory coronavirus vaccination in Australia.

          1. Allen

            Insight into how CEPI operates in How a Struggling Company Won $1.6 Billion to Make a Coronavirus Vaccine:

            Dr. Hatchett’s organization, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, would go on to invest $388 million in the company’s coronavirus vaccine. With that powerful backing, Novavax made an aggressive push to the U.S. government. The company’s effort paid off last week when Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s effort to hurry coronavirus vaccines to the market, gave Novavax $1.6 billion, the largest award to date. The company’s stock surged 30 percent.

            Many twists & turns in the business of doling out Govt funding.

            Novavax’s contact with H.H.S. raised alarms with Steven L. Schooner, a law professor at George Washington University Law School who is an expert in federal procurement.
            “When you’re dealing with something as important as a vaccine for a pandemic, you want that review to be made on the scientific merits, not based on who knew who or who is willing to pay a bribe or who applied leverage during the evaluation process,” he said.

            Does CEPI publish declarations of Conflicts of Interests from its executives, such as shareholdings?

          2. elizabethhart

            CEPI chair Jane Halton was a player in Event 201, the war-gaming ‘pandemic preparedness’ simulation held in October 2019.

            This event was backed by the World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health / Center for Health Security.

            See the Event 201 website for videos of this exercise, they appear to be the blueprint for the handling of the current coronavirus situation…

      5. sam

        and here are lots of people colluding in a protest in trafalgar Square on 19th Sept
        Not much coverage from the MSM, what a surprise!

    1. anna m


      Also need a second wave in the US so as to throw the elections in chaos because it is very clear that T will win in a landslide.

        1. smartersig

          Definition of conspiracy
          “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.”
          as opposed to how we have all been brainwashed to accept
          ” a pack of lies believed only by the feeble minded”

      1. Carmel Conway

        Thank you, this gave me a good chuckle, especially the bit about politiciany-opportunity-wunity standing at podiums trying to look terribly serious like Churchill.

  2. smartersig

    Part of the problem is that conspiracy has become a meaning for nutter which is a convenient way to put down any theory by simply labeling it conspiracy. Was WaterGate a conspiracy, for sure. What I think happens is akin to Churchills words, ‘never waste a good crisis’ we therefore have a situation which is the same as your description. Good to see the Belgium Scientists now coming onside (see Times yesterday) with regard to herd immunity rather than our approach of herd mentality

  3. KJE

    I was very disappointed to find out that Kardashians are not from Star Trek but just silly celebs. But who is Foxey-Loxey in all this? Can’t just be M Gove trying to be PM from behind the scenes as it is more than one country. Perhaps China looking to take over more of the world economy.

  4. Janet

    I fail to understand the logic of this article. You claims there is no conspiracy yet who in this fable is represented by “foxy Loxy”? Who has thrown the acorn on the chickens head and told it the sky is falling? In your version of the story there appears to be no Foxy Loxy at all. Just a chaotic and unplanned response to an “acorn” falling on our heads.

    1. smartersig

      You could say that the acorn fell of its own accord but Foxy Loxy are the players capitlaizing eg Bill Gates and his side movement into the Vaccine trade which kind of mirrors the Rockefellar movement over 100 years ago. If you feel the rabbit hole is really deep then you are from the camp that thinks Gates et al are behind the virus

      1. 005lesfrenes

        It is very possible that the acorn was developed illegally in a Chinese laboratory, funded by a government agency in the USA, in what was, in fact, biological warfare “research”. It got out by mistake or intentionally – take your pick.

        1. anna m

          If it got out intentionally, then we really have to entertain conspiracy. To think “they” would do such a thing without running through how it could play out and what advantages could accrue. Not likely. And, it happened right after the failed impeachment and before the election. That it is a coincidence becomes less likely.

          1. sam

            Its Mr Gates, Soros and his friends who are all those who receive funds from the Gates Foundation in one way or another

    2. Dr Dave Morris

      Pharmaceutical industry , neoconservative capitalistic barons etc – all happy to take advantage whether they threw an acorn or not. Hence all the efforts to discredit hydroxychloroquine and another other non-pharma interventions – lot of money to be made on vaccines …..Others will be prowling waiting to take up bankrupt business, property etc as in the Great Depression.

      1. Janet

        Yes of course the obvious Foxy Loxies are Big Pharma and the Tech giants etc. but the tale as told by Dr Kendrick acknowledges that the “acorn” was a trick to spread panic (otherwise why use this fable) but then wants to disregard the acorn part of the story and focus on the ensuing chaos. He has upturned the story so that Foxy Loxy has nothing to do with the acorn – in fact there is no acorn but instead the foxes are just opportunist waiting in the wings taking advantage of the fear and chaos brought about by the sky falling in. So not really a Foxy Loxy story at all.

        I completely understand that he may not wish to enter into the realms of “conspiracy” because that would make him easy target for those that wish to smear and discredit him (like they do to any dissenters) but I feel that this demonstration is trying to have your cake and eat it.

        1. Ddwieland

          I think the fable is a strong example of groupthink, a.k.a. conspiracy of the willing, especially those looking for safety from a threat. Foxy Loxy’s involvement shows the most dire of results of groupthink.

    1. JohnC

      A very tongue in cheek reply, as a lot of GPs in this country are not seeing patients face to face but via video link then this could be possible, distance is no longer an issue. However I think Dr. Kendrick would struggle to see 7 billion people.

    2. susan mosson

      I live only a few miles away and I would love you to be my GP, but alas I know that this is not possible. Your patients are well and truly blessed to have you I really appreciate everything that you do and from my heart I send loads of love – keep up the good work xxxx

  5. a

    Archons aside I would concur with the virbrational energy of the universe… most of matter being what as you well know empty space where electrons might be, on not be, depending on how you look at them. And matter actually being really pure energy as Einstein pointed out. I think the jury is still out on the number of dimensions I think 11 seems to be the consensus nowadays in the sphere of pure physics.

  6. gillpurple

    Spot on, Malcolm. As soon as anyone mentions the word “conspiracy” to me I know there is little chance of having a reasonable discussion or debate. It is also very difficult to “unfrighten” people who have bought into the narrative that has been created but more of my own friends and neighbours are now questioning why there is such a big discrepancy between the narrative of terror and what that might look like and what they are actually experiencing and observing in their own lives. Just listening to Mr Halfcocked proclaiming in parliament and the use of language just reinforces the narrative of terror – “battle” and so on.

  7. Tom

    Another excellent intelligent post.
    This pandemic is being fueled by fear, self interest and greed. Oh that more sane people would speak out.
    Malcolm, do keep on the lookout for the “landmines” .Your work and sage articles are too important – a voice of reason in these crazy times..

    1. anna m

      I disagree. Hundreds of sane voices have spoken out and continue to speak out. But they are voices in the wilderness. And this, to me, is one piece of evidence toward conspiracy. If the politicians wanted a way out of the disaster, why not start promoting these sane voices? They have gone way beyond what they initially told us. They could back down but they do not want to.

      I’d say they won’t back down unless and until Foxy Loxy says they may.

  8. camerangus

    Dr K, you are one of a few doctors out there willing to challenge foundational beliefs. The germ theory of disease is one of those beliefs. But we now know that Louis Pasteur lied about his findings. That is not even considered controversial now ( i think the Grandson blew the whistle, publishing the man’s diaries)
    Dr Hamer of Germany discovered the cause of all sickness, illness and disease: an unexpected emotional shock that we could not predict ( an emotional wound if you like)
    Immediately following this shock the body enters a stress phase in which changes occur on an organ level (depending on how that person saw the shock) and then, when the conflict is resolved, a self-limiting infection occurs at the site of those tissues affected.
    You can’t have an infection from ‘contagion’, even if you wanted to (thanks to Hollywood for giving us that nonsense). This explains why they could not pass on the ‘Spanish flu’ even when they injected bodily exudes from sick patients into healthy volunteers. The Spanish flu was the healing of the first world war (unexpected emotional conflict and shock) which explains why so many got sick at the same time. From this we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that ‘covid-19’ has nothing to do with a ‘pandemic’:
    To create it, just change what is written on a death certificate, using a financial bribe or incentive. It is as simple as that. When people actually DO resolve the emotional shocks they have been subjected to this yearr (2020), THEN we will see real sickness and infection. Much of it will be fatal because of the duration and intensity of the emotional shock/shocks they have suffered.
    I have worked with this paradigm with my own patients for years and have never found even a single exception, from cancer to the common cold. Please look into this, it is quite astonishing.

    1. cillagirl

      All what you say is reasonable and sound. Dr Hamer’s work is pioneering. Your comment on the sickness to come is so obvious, yet I hadn’t thought about it. Perhaps it will show up in the mental health area more than the physical health illnesses this time round. Amazing to me that you have been able to corroborate this in your practice. You are a forward thinker.

  9. Steve Allsopp

    “A little nudge here, a little nudge there, and the entire mob will head off in whatever direction you wish“, isn’t directing people in a direction of your choosing conspiratorial?

  10. Steve B

    Dr Kendrick

    Are you suggesting some people think that David Icke is off his trolley wolley ??
    No,no no it can’t be true…….CAN it ???
    Some people have mentioned good old Dave very favourably on this site, so careful somebody’s death ray isn’t aimed your way.
    AhNotepad – please don’t ask me for proof of anything at all

  11. Anne Armstrong

    What astounds me are some of the incredibly intelligent and ‘ rational’ people who believe in conspiracy theories . Good summing up of the overall situation, thank you

    1. KJE

      What astounds me are some of the seemingly intelligent and ‘ rational’ people who believe that the sky is falling and SAR-COV-2 is really dangerous to everyone and worth destroying the economy for.

  12. The Wizard

    A very witty post Indeed. Also a rather clever way of distancing yourself from the “conspiracy theorist” label whilst simultaneously suggesting a bad actor(s) at play somewhere behind the scenes doing a little nudging. Perhaps the Gates of Hell?

  13. Marcia Thompson

    Love it – the whole story. However, you might want to change one little word (caused by that damned autocorrect in action, I suspect):
    “A shadowy Dr. No sitting in an underground layer,” – I suspect that last word should be “lair”.
    Thanks, as always, for your wonderful posts.

  14. Kathleen Robertshaw

    Great stuff! 🙂 Tried introducing a friend to your posts, to give her a different perspective to consider, and to show her that it actually isn’t all about doom-laden scenarios. She showed it to her husband, who forwarded it to a retired GP friend of theirs, who immediately blasted back that you should be struck off. I suggested that they should read the evidence that you always provide to support your conclusions. Have avoided the subject since then…

  15. jeanirvin

    Whatever you do, don’t get close to David Icke! I felt very frustrated that the anti mask rally had got him involved. It lost all credibilty at that point. Shame!

    1. susan mosson

      Shame that you say this Jean, if you weren’t so affected by MSM you would realise that David Icke has being trying to warn us about this exact situation decades ago! but hey what does he know! xxxx

  16. PJW

    I’m finding it quite easy to not sound like a conspiracy theorist actually, as I discovered when I went to talk to my MP, who happens to be Labour’s Chief Whip, to tell him that empty hospitals while thousands died around the country in care homes or at home is a scandal so monstrous it should bring down a government but it doesn’t seem to. I asked him specifically to ask the following question in parliament of Mr Hancock or Prime Minister Johnson: ‘How empty and why were the hospitals so empty at the height of the first wave in April around the country while thousands died in care homes’. I want it asked in parliament so it’s in Hansard and the eyes of the world are watching. It felt good to talk to him actually, I conveyed a sense of gravitas about the situation and he seemed to have no idea how empty the hospitals were. He assured me the question would be asked. I know what the answer will be but I had already told him that the modelling was ‘a bit out’ so it’s not that lockdown worked.

    I would also like to publicly thank Dr Kendrick for the 17th April post on care homes in the North West. At that point I realised why my hospital was empty and a part of what was going on was just so dreadful it doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Thank you.

  17. Rachael

    I think this is a very important point. I too have avoided the conspiracy element as it definitely implies crazy these days. I think we are quite capable of creating chaos and incompetence from an accidental situation. The reason I love your posts are that you base your comments on facts and evidence, explaining research to the general reader. It’s a shame that the government isn’t applying the same due diligence to their evidence base. Thank you

  18. ShirkeyKate

    That’s funny Doctor Kendrick, a little light relief. Quite a few weeks ago you promised one or two more blogs about Covid then you would move on to something else. Two questions: Are we nearly there yet? Can I soon let out the breath I’ve been holding all these many weeks waiting for the non-Covid blog? Life goes on and all that.

  19. "B" The Prisoner

    So “Foxey-Loxy”… There’s a delicious puzzle for us all to ponder. Who or what does Foxey represent? Yeah Foxey is the shepherd and we little chicks/ducks/geese/turkeys are being herded to the “king” or to Foxey’s lair. I think it is a brilliant allegory for these times. And I agree with, and thank you for it.
    Wouldn’t Foxey have a motivation in Dr Kendrick’s updated allegory? Who benefits? Wouldn’t such possible benefit give a clue to Foxey? Doesn’t the mere perception of a “Foxey” in our Covid Times show or suggest the hidden hand of conspiracy? I say it does.
    A wonderful way to indicate and illustrate that and how such forces exist. I’d love for Dr Kendrick to expand on Foxey-Loxey.

  20. The Dim Arrive

    What a poultry article. Just kidding, great as always, a real rib tickler.

    I haven’t heard of Foxy Loxy before, but does this fable tell us that in a world of chickens there will always be foxes? I never understand these things.

  21. Studs Ramrod

    You know when the statin advocates are supporting the “world is falling in”, that you have nailed this for the total sh*tstorm over-reaction that it is.

  22. akslagor

    Lovely piece. As a slight diversion (and please note – I’m not an anti-vaxxer, even had a recent booster, just a ‘flu vaccine sceptic), is it worth looking into how ‘flu vaccine or specific ‘flu vaccines interact with coronavirus infections generally? Recall a conversation with a practice nurse two years pre-covid when I mentioned that the elderly I saw having ‘flu vaccines then seemed more likely to die of their next ‘cold’ & she whispered that she’s a ‘flu vaccine refusnik for exactly that reason. gives this memorable line: ‘The slope of the regression line is 8.271, indicating that for every 10% increase in flu shot uptake there is an increase of about 83 Covid-19 deaths per million.’ Also this one from UNN (suspect site because of ‘rightish’ tendencies, but rated high on news sourcing): While there are also numerous recent studies claiming ‘flu vaccine protects against respiratory Covid complications, it’s interesting that pre-2019, there are also studies that show this susceptibility to other viruses eg

  23. Harry de Boer

    Your observations re the Kardashians is spot on, but they had some help also…

    Also the ‘willing to be protected’ is true with the state happily collecting our freedoms.
    Your hypothesis is simple and attractive, but in order to be accepted it has to explain more things, such as: why the
    – blown-up deaths,
    – blown up cases,
    – moving goal posts (from ‘save the NHS/ICUs’, via bring R down to below 1, stay inside ‘because 2nd wave’, to ‘wait for the vaccin’ and ‘this is the new normal’),
    – ridiculous fines,
    – felony registrations,
    – prison terms,
    – lockdowns way beyond the past peaks,
    – purposeful economic destruction,
    – criminal withholding of the cure (ionophore/Zn++/macrolid) from the people.

    Just blaming the people for willingly (and explicitly temporarily) surrendering their freedoms (me too) for all this won’t cut it in my opinion.
    Blaming the governments all over the world (except Sweden, Kazakhstan) for being incompetent whereas after previous flues (see R. Edgar Hope-Simpson’s book “On the transmission of epidemic influenza”, ) or the 2005 NIH chloroquine/zinc study under Fauci no less, SARS, MERS, swine flu there have been lots of studies (e.g.: Theunissen 2012, RIVM, about how it’s all airborne) carried out making Ferguson look like an incompetent idiot with his chaotic over-the-top simulation outcomes, making him totally avoidable and to be avoided as well, given his past ‘performances’.

    We have had years of Rockefellers, Nixon, Bushes, Brown, Merkel, WEF, Trilateral Commission, Rockefeller Foundation, UN, Councils on Foreign Relatioins etc. etc. hinting towards a ‘New World Order’ that would be instituted whether we like it or not, and if necessary through war if the people wouldn’t accept it otherwise.

    Now the (people making up the) WEF (World Economic Forum) is planning a ‘Global Reset’ and the UN has its Agenda21 or whatever it may be called from time to time, with its ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. The attentive observer and reader can already see where this is going.

    – Nation States replaced by corporations keeping the people under control through a digital layer of cashless (corporate controlled and subject to ‘community guidelines and rules’) payments, access control to services and products through a digital ID token (mobile, ‘chip’, ‘tattoo-vaccin’ or whatever, but ID-ed your will be).
    – Total control of the flow of information, we can see that already from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter censorship with a reference to ‘community guidelines’ and ‘behavioral commitments’.
    – Forced sales of vaccinations in total absence of any liability.
    – Sustainable Development Goals.
    etc. etc.

    I respect your position as a doctor who needs his credibility but in my relative anonymity I can quite safely point out where many people think this is going and what and who are probably behind it.

    I don’t need any confirmation from you or others here, just thanks for the opportunity to write this down and post it here.

    1. Melanie

      The Great Reset is no conspiracy theory. This week the WEF announced they were starting this initiative with a snazzy new website. If you are not familiar with this initiative I would recommend having a wee look.
      Their Great Reset Intelligence pages contain all the conspiracy favourites including 5G, Digital Identities, Economic Reset, AI, Sustainable Development, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Internet of Things, etc.
      Click on the blue models on the spiderweb chart on the left hand side or search for a topic on the RHS.

      In exploring their initiative these were the most obvious questions which were raised in my mind…
      – why exactly does a run-of-the-mill coronavirus, which ultimately posed no threat to the health services, require a total global reset?
      – why exactly is an economic reset required?
      – the overarching aim seems to be environmental sustainability – in what way did COVID-19 impact the environment such that they need to urgenty accelerate the need for a Great Reset?
      – why is a non-elected NGO launching global initiatives anyway?
      – and just for fun, why does only America and United Kingdom get a section on “future orientation of government”

      On another note this website has been a long time in the making and not put together in urgent response to C-19.
      Maybe it was the WEF who dropped the acorn on Chicken Little’s head?

      1. emv54

        Plus there’s ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ by WEF founder Klaus Schwab (and Thierry Malleret), published by the Forum and printed in the UK by Amazon. This book was published in July 2020: can anyone honestly believe its highly prescriptive contents were just magicked together between, say, mid-March and the end of June?

        Yup. Definitely an acorn candidate…

    2. rememberingalzor

      Harry de Boer, you nailed it. Dr. K and many of the commenters seem trapped inside a bubble of their own fear: viz. if they blink awake and SEE that conspiracy is the norm for corporations, military planning, Davos, Bilderbergs, price fixing… on and on… then their hopeful model of human decency can be preserved. All these concatenating events must SURELY be the result of opportunists who bumblingly come together accidentally.
      The urge to protect oneself wrapped in the tin foil security blanket of “rationality” is exactly what blinds people to the evil machinations plotted.
      Let’s look at Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You!

      Honestly? you cannot see they were strategizing all the outcomes, including how the Presstitutes must righteously “protect” the mewling public from “fake news” (which means those like Dr. K who expose them).
      It’s not until you cross over your own personal Rubicon of fear and start investigating how the CIA promoted the term “conspiracy theorist” back in the 70’s, to tar and feather any whistleblower; how they infiltrated media and colleges with Operation Mockingbird.
      You people patting yourselves on the back about your “rationality” are really the perfect dunces who refuse to confront the Scamplandemic and the intentional evil behind it.
      I suppose you think also that sudden BLM riots and arsonists just popping up in cities suddenly across the US was “accidental” with no well-organized and funded steering committees behind them?
      In this case, chicken little was right: how many pieces of sky have to fall on you before you wake from your daze and get over trying to look good with your blindered “rationality?”
      Mark Twain:
      I was educated once – it took me years to get over it.
      “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”
      “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ~

    3. JanetH

      Oh Dear Harry. It must be hard living in your head. Let go of some of this and live the life you are inhabiting today. Not the MIGHT HAPPEN one that has taken control of your mind. I feel sorry for you sir. Not that there aren’t forces and mistakes and greed and power grabs galore but. . .i cannot read your comments anymore. Excuse me while I go for a lovely walk. Have coffee with a friend. Do my outdoor painting at a park nearby. Catch some sun. Call my grandson who just started high school. Where did the years go?😁 and make some pumpkin bread for my sister who is struggling with terminal cancer. This is my life. I have let so much go because I realize I can’t do much about it and so many times I can’t be bothered. . Im not expecting the worst day by day. Looking for criminals under every rock and inside every digital screen. Parsing intentions or making what I read or hear fit my paradigm. I wish you the best. As they say in UK “cheers”. Here—Have a good day!

      1. Harry de Boer

        I admit the last part was a bit speculative. 😉
        But I think one should be a bit vigilant about where his or her government is going, especially in these times of misinformation by the governments themselves.
        Have fun with your painting.

      2. KJE

        If I went to have coffee with a friend – anywhere, I’d be breaking the lockdown regulations (And I’m in England). The whole thing makes it impossible to get on with your life. Forget being allowed to visit relatives in care homes – they’ll be being quietly killed off again. But it’s fine to go to the pub between 5am and 10pm, and have multiple contacts with a waiter giving table service in a restaurant – obviously much safer than collecting your own food from the counter with one contact. And multiple tradesmen working in your home is fine, but not one relative. How can no one see it’s insane?

    4. anna m

      Harry de Boer,

      You and a couple others just below you have truly laid out an airtight case. Either one can add 2+2 or not. And add to your points the well coordinated and funded sedition going on in the US; it is no accident.

  24. Philip Thackray

    I’ll call Foxy Loxy the Main Stream Media. No conspiracy, just lots of highly biased “information” repeated over and over.

  25. Alison Morton

    Thank you for a much-needed chuckle among all the hype, fear and tangled mess of ‘information’. I don’t believe in the covid conspiracy talk either, but I do believe in seized opportunities – to gain more power, to render the populace compliant, and perhaps most of all to make more money.

  26. Knox

    The age old question of conspiracy or cockup. As a now quite old man, my experience simply favours cockup: on the basis that so many of the players are clearly totally incompetent and do not understand what they are trying to manage. I am curious about several things though: why do the so-called topic experts (apparently advising the government) ignore established parts of their area of expertise? For example:

    1.The work of Hope-Simpson provides half a century of carefully crafted evidence and science about viruses that the lead advisers either ignore or have not read. It shows quite clearly the seasonality of virus activity, by area of the world, for different virus types.

    2. The current fashion to prophecy a “second wave” as almost inevitable, despite the fact that there is no history of such a phenomenon in virus behaviour. [That is distinct from a resurgence in the following year, of much lesser proportions than the original infection, which is NOT a second wave]. The 1918 Spanish Flu could be an exception, but is more likely just to have been the unfortunate sequencing of 2 separate viruses. No one will ever know because back then you could not ID viruses. Much more relevant is to look at the more recent behaviour of the recent coronavirus epidemics – no second wave. Or the 2009 swine flu – no second wave. Interestingly, the same sage stakeholders (WHO, national health authorities) prophecied a second wave for the swine flu that lead to the widespread use of a rapidly created swine flu vaccine that tragically seriously injured so many people.

    My inclination is to suggest that the incompetent authorities will repeat the mistakes of the past, like they almost always do

  27. Carol A Parker

    HAHA😂HA😂😂 I know you are right and hope Superman will fly by to gather the masks into a giant time capsule to ge dumped into the sea and then turn the sun back on just before he unlocks all the doors…except for Dr. Flubbie Dubbie and Mr. & Mrs. Money Hongry…they should definitely stay locked up!!

    Thank you for all the work you do. c

    It IS all about Love. Carol ATMortillaro Parker 307.690.3888


  28. TNS

    Many times in history, eclipses, comets, earthquakes, pandemics and other natural phenomena have been used by priests, prophets, and other “wise shepherds” as an excuse to shout “repent, the end is nigh” and similar stuff, in order to manipulate the naive flock, forcing it do crazy, sometimes even appalling things.
    What is a “conspiracy” in such cases, is not the phenomenon, it is the wicked exploitation of it…

  29. James

    I just hope Dr Kendrick’s attempt to give CONSPIRACY an understandable definition is effective in reaching some in my family who seem to think that every word put forth on every internet blog must be true or else it wound appear there……..

  30. Barry Sharp

    You’re quite right to write what you do about Mr Icke bit is it s good idea to refer to Wikipedia in view of your own experience with them? Also what do the illustrious members of the World Economic Forum sit around chatting about at their regular gatherings? Perhaps thoughts on their next holiday or who’s going to win the next US election?

  31. PJW

    very good!

    I didn’t feel like a conspiracy theorist telling my mp, Laboour’s Chief Whip no less, that at the height of the April surge there were probably thousands of empty beds across the north while thousands died in care homes around the northern region. As we head into another sort of lockdown the Clinical Director of my trust has tweeted that the lockdown is another overreaction by the nanny state that will prolong the pain of COVID, tweet got deleted apparently.

    I would like to publicly thank Dr Kendrick for the April 17th post on care homes in the North West which immediately alerted me to the fact that something truly dreadful was taking place around the regions. I have asked my MP to raise the matter in parliament as to how empty and why the hospitals were so empty in April. It’s a scandal that should bring down governments but it just doesn’t.

    Many thanks

  32. elizabethhart

    Check this out…

    Being Pro-Vaccination in a Digital World

    ”…For our second event, we were joined by Imran Ahmed, Professor Helen Bedford and Dr Tonia Thomas in a discussion chaired by Dr Richard Horton to explore how we can celebrate vaccination and challenge misinformation in a digital world. If you missed it you can catch up on the full discussion now. This event was broadcast live on 16 September 2020.”

    This is an interesting discussion between people promoting vaccination, particularly coronavirus vaccination, including Imran Ahmed, CEO of the charmingly titled Center for Countering Digital Hate…

    1. AhNotepad

      They will talk to people who think the same, but they won’t for some strange reason debate with Del Bigtree or Vernon Coleman. I wonder why.

  33. Jeremy May

    Dr K
    We used to live in the same town as you, albeit we were on a narrowboat.
    We were only there a year but my wife, being sensitive to this sort of thing, felt unsettled. As if there was ‘something in the water’.
    Your latest missive has, I believe, solved that puzzle.

    (No conspiracy.)

  34. Bob Johnston

    It’s been obvious from the beginning that China is Foxy Loxy… remember all the videos of Chinese people collapsing and dying in the streets… of Chinese being welded into their homes… videos of Chinese whistleblowers who said China was downplaying the severity of COVID and then the reports of those whistleblowers disappearing?

    China was the instigator and they knew our own stupidity would do the rest.

  35. Janet

    This is a response to my previous comment:

    The obvious Foxy Loxies are Big Pharma and the Tech giants etc. but the tale as told by Dr Kendrick acknowledges that the “acorn” was a trick to spread panic (otherwise why use this fable) but then wants to disregard the acorn part of the story and focus on the ensuing chaos. He has upturned the story so that Foxy Loxy has nothing to do with the acorn – in fact there is no acorn but instead the foxes are just opportunist waiting in the wings taking advantage of the fear and chaos brought about by the sky falling in. So not really a Foxy Loxy story at all.

    I completely understand that Dr Kendrick may not wish to enter into the realms of “conspiracy” because that would make him easy target for those that wish to smear and discredit him (like they do to any dissenters) but I feel that this demonstration is trying to have your cake and eat it.

  36. Joe Dopelle

    “When fear strikes, the vast bulk of the public really, really, want to be protected, and will do almost anything to feel safe. The medical profession wishes to protect people and will do almost anything they are told, to help their patients.

    “Politicians very much wish to be seen as great statesmen, protecting the public and bringing in laws to do so”.

    Dr Kendrick is far too polite to add the glaringly obvious missing piece, so I will do it:

    Everyone who can gain money, prestige or power will hasten to do so.

  37. Rodrigo

    Thank you Malcolm. Your explanation of the response of professionals is interesting and comes close the fringes of Hannah Arendt’s conclusions.

  38. Barbara G

    Respond to this post by replying above this line

    Brilliant – thank you for that. Still laughing. Barbara Merseyside x


  39. Coralie Robertson

    The “world” was always on the look out for the next virus and they “found” it. Is it a case of making the ground fit the map?


  40. Simon Derricutt

    DR. Kendrick – as usual, you’re applying logic to the situation, and in previous posts you’ve always looked at a wider range of information than most people. It seems to me that most people hold on to what they believe is true (based on either what they learned or limited information) and do not change their opinions when new data comes in. Rejecting data that doesn’t agree with what you believe to be true leads to confirmation bias.

    Because of that, I think that there is not much conspiracy around. People advocating a particular approach do so because they believe that it’s the best way forward, even when other evidence available shows that they are probably wrong. Something like Dieselgate is a good example here. The cars had to pass a precisely-specified test in order to be certified, and there was initially no requirement that the real-world performance matched the official test. The actual performance of the engine could not meet the specifications without a major loss of fuel-efficiency and power, and if I’d been writing that engine-control software I would likely have thought of the same trick. The choice was between using the trick or not selling any cars (and thus going out of business). AFAICT, all engine manufacturers did much the same, but only some were prosecuted. Not a conspiracy, just a common response to an impossible specification.

    In the same way, the publicly-admitted Wuhan data to start with was worrying, and the hidden data (such as an extra 40,000 funeral urns and the crematoria running 24/7 rather than just a day shift, and the extra Sulphur compounds identified by NASA around those crematoria) implied that the death toll was maybe 10 times the official figures. Good reason for the politicians over here to think that the disease was extremely dangerous and that lock-downs would be a required response. Maybe also a good reason to expect that a vaccine would be the only way to beat it.

    Though I don’t understand the belief that HCQ, Ivermectin, and other “old” medicines would not provide prophylaxis or aid in the early stages, there is now enough evidence that they do help, and yet there seems to be a conspiracy to hide that. Again, probably not a conspiracy, just people unwilling to change their beliefs because to do so would be to admit to having made a mistake earlier which resulted in a lot of deaths that could have been avoided. It would be hard to bear that guilt and public shaming, so better to bear down harder and make the proof harder to achieve by removing those medicines from general use. Similarly, the really cheap way of reducing the damage would be to boost peoples’ vitamin D levels, yet I’ve read that most doctors discount vitamin supplements as being unnecessary with the modern diet which is supposed to not need supplements.

    I do however suspect the WHO of somewhat of a cover-up. The early announcements were that Covid-19 could not be passed human to human, and wasn’t going to be a problem, when the evidence is that when that announcement was made it was already ripping through Wuhan. Could be they just repeated what China told them, without checking it. It’s either conspiracy or incompetence, therefore.

    It’s not that official lies or lies from people wanting to make a profit are anything new, but in the internet age they spread a lot faster and are more-widely known. The difficulty is in deciding what is good data and what isn’t, the same as it always was. I’m starting to get the feeling that, if it’s banned by Twitter and Facebook, it might be actually true, since they are known for being politically correct and pushing the consensus of the press (which itself is mainly left-wing biased and not necessarily the truth). Still, that’s a good reason to visit this blog, where Dr. Kendrick has personal experience of treating patients and thus what works and what doesn’t. The evidence is actually considered, and balanced, and any mistakes will be acknowledged and rectified.

    The current political belief seems to be that lockdowns will be the best response and that this will need to be done until a vaccine is available. The evidence from Sweden is that lockdowns only extend the timespan but do not reduce the number of deaths, and that we’ve passed the time when they save more than they cost. Though in the UK (and here in France) the “cases” are simply people who test positive using the PCR test, and not those who are hospitalised, and the number hospitalised is no longer publicised because it remains minimal and well within the hospital capacity, the distinction between infections and cases is not made.

    It almost seems like there’s a conspiracy to make this pandemic as damaging to the economy and the people as it could be, but again I’d suggest this isn’t actually a conspiracy, but just people not changing their beliefs when new data arrives. Maybe a bit of people using it to advance their political views, though. It’s always difficult to change someone’s mind when their job depends on them not changing their mind.

    1. Jeremy May

      Good post.
      Regarding HCQ I think you’re being too lenient. When there are such astronomical profits to be made from vaccines and / or expensive drugs, there is ample scope for conspiracy (or any suitable word). Vested interests simply can’t afford to miss out on this golden opportunity. That may include tax revenues too.

      1. Simon Derricutt

        Jeremy – I’ve also been reading various arguments about the HCQ tests not showing a clear benefit because of the various confounding problems with age-range, other comorbidities, and other errors on the statistics. It is after all very easy to make a mistake in statistics and to come to the wrong conclusion as a result.

        Given the safety record of HCQ (officially safer than Aspirin) I’d think the logical response would have been to supply all people suspected of being exposed to CV-19 a week’s course of HCQ and Zinc tablets (optional Doxycycline or Azithromycin as well, but I’d prefer not to over-prescribe antibiotics without an obvious need), and maybe some vitamin D3 as well. This strategy should result in far fewer of the possible infections developing into infections, and far fewer of those infections developing into cases. Pretty cheap, too. The HCQ could be replaced by Ivermectin, which we use on our kids anyway to solve the headlice problem without prescription or even oversight.

        The only way you can get a statistically-valid answer is to test it on a lot of people. In the case of HCQ, with a long safety record and only a short-term use required (any problems only appear with long-term use approaching a decade) it seems to me to be a very low risk and low-cost trial. People could also refuse to take it if they wanted to, or their doctors thought it was contra-indicated for that person. AFAIK no such contra-indications for Ivermectin.

        Still, there remain possible side-effects, and the person who implemented this strategy would be blamed for any and all of them, as well as those that were unrelated. Somewhat of a personal risk in standing up, as Dr. Kendrick is aware.

        All the vested interests need to do is to introduce some uncertainty in the veracity of the data, and after that the natural propensity of people to go with the crowd and not be twitter-bombed as a science-denier will do the rest. Social media is very powerful these days, a bit like peer-pressure but on steroids because it’s not just people who are knowledgable and actually peers, but also all the glitterati and their followers. The loudest consensus opinion gets echoed whether or not it is logical. No need to suggest a conspiracy here, either, just the normal drive of people to promote what they are selling and to question evidence that something else might actually work.

        I’ve just heard that my father-in-law’s sister-in-law has died because of CV-19. It seems her pacemaker had been failing somewhat but she didn’t have it fixed because of the pandemic. The lockdowns are likely to kill a lot more people than the disease. Panic rarely helps any situation.

  41. Marjorie Daw

    Here’s what happened—
    Chicken Little and the farm animals had been on edge for quite some time. They’d been warned by the Mayor who’d been informed by his “expert advisors” that at any moment the sky could fall. So when Foxy Loxy dropped the acorn on Chicken Little’s head, the already fearful animals naturally flew into a tizzy. Anthony Fowl, the Barnyard’s Number One Indisputable Expert on Chaos confirmed that the sky was indeed falling. Coincidentally, this looked exactly like the sky is falling scenario that had been acted out several months prior at a meeting of world renowned experts led by Foxy Loxy.
    Stay tuned for the soon to be released sequel The Great Barnyard Reset starring Foxy Loxy, Anthony Fowl and a cast of the .1%

  42. Alex

    To start, please accept my congratulations , Dr. Kendrick, for being a voice for reason in this pandemic.

    As a public health epidemiologist (Not a physician) for the past 30-something years, and having spent a good portion of those years dealing with infectious disease-control in a US State; I can tell you that I have encountered the “sky-is-falling” phenomenon on very few occasions. “Foxy- Loxy” in public health is most definitely non-other than Good ol’ Media attention. For some reason , I have found that perfectly-sane, science-driven Epidemiologists (Including physicians) turn “manic” when public attention is focused on a problem. I have seen them elevate a case of Chicken pox in a school to a major “life-thretening” emergency when media was interested and I have seen them downplay real extreme emergencies when media did not care.

    It also does not help that the majority of my colleagues feel that “Orange Man” is the greatest public health crisis since vermin brought black death to England in the 14th century. Almost everyone in public health, with a few notable exceptions, seem to want to be the John Snow to that “outbreak”.

    1. dearieme

      I applaud Dr K’s piece. I wonder why the world, especially that part that likes to think it’s “advanced”, has worked itself up into such a tiswas over The Virus. I am puzzled in the same way that I am puzzled by the worship of St Greta of Thunderface, or as I was puzzled by the emotional incontinence over the death of “Princess Di”.

      It’s not mere irrationality I’m complaining about but hysterical irrationality. Once the Covid problem has petered out what will be the next big thing? Surely not UFOs or corn circles again.

  43. J2020

    Sounds like you regret speaking at the event at Holyrood a couple of weeks ago because you are now seen by the MSM as a pal of conspiracy theorists, Covid deniers, anti vaxers and anti maskers so your credibility is shot.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      I thought about it long and hard. I knew I would be even more of a target. However, I think that if you really believe that Lockown is causing untold human suffering that far outweighs any, theoretical and unproven, benefits, you have to be willing to step up and say so. I was willing (although extremely reluctant) to be arrested. I was willing to be attacked as a conspiracy theorist (although I long argued against any conspiracy). I was willing to lose my job, and license to practice as a doctor, had I been arrested. I reamin proud that I stood up to be counted.

      In the end, I felt I had to be able to look people in the eye and say. I did what I could. You may like to watch this video from Australia about someone who resigned their high level role because of his strongly held views that lockdwon is utter nonsense.

      Once this is over I sincerely hope that there will be a reckoning.

      1. Rodrigo

        Intentionally or not Malcolm, your speculation on the response of professionals strays into the outer fringes of Hanna Arendt’s findings….they thought they were being loyal.

      2. Eileen Chapman

        Thank you Dr Kendrick for a person of integrity and being one of the few who are willing to risk their livelihoods and reputations to speak out against this.

      3. PJW

        Thank you for standing up. I’ve tried also but come up against a brick wall of resistance. So after 27 years of being a children’s nurse I’ve given up. I’m going to do a dry stone walling course and build dry stone walls. The medical profession has lost its way. I’m tired of arguing about the modelling which was ‘a bit out’ lockdowns, total disaster. I’ve Just had enough. I hope I get to meet you one day to say thank you for these posts.

      4. LA_Bob

        Well, I had no idea Dr Kendrick spoke at a lockdown protest. But I was lucky enough to see and hear the speech.

        Good job!

        There will never be a reckoning. There may not be grand conspiracies, but people with power and influence, even when they oppose each other, tend to be protective of their “kind”.

        1. Harry de Boer

          Nice speech, no need for fearing to be seen as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ as there was no reference whatsoever to whatever conspiracy.
          Well done.

      5. LA_Bob

        “I was willing to be attacked as a conspiracy theorist (although I long argued against any conspiracy). I was willing to lose my job, and license to practice as a doctor, had I been arrested.”

        As I think about this, I wonder if the risk of losing your license was worth what you did. As a doctor, you are a source of support to your patients. You are also an important “set of eyes” into what’s happening in medicine. This is some of what you convey to us on the blog.

        You have already done a great deal on the blog. Please don’t do things, however well-intended, which jeopardize your position or status. Your patients can’t afford to lose your help. Your audience can’t afford to lose your insights.

        I understand your feeling you want to do “more”. Rest assured, you do plenty.

        1. LA_Bob

          Thanks, AH,

          I realize now I should have include his “books”, of which I have two. But same idea. We agree there is no point in losing Dr Kendrick to professional martyrdom.

          And, when I say he does plenty, I really mean it. I’m impressed with his ability to see patients, write and moderate blogs, research and write books, and do appearances from time to time. I think his pleasant, tongue-in-cheek demeanor helps a lot. He’s no angry, crusading, bomb-throwing demagogue.

  44. Martin Back

    mal = crazy
    colm = pigeon (in Welsh)

    I think Simon & Garfunkel were on to Malcolm “Mad Pigeon” Kendrick 52 years ago:

    Zebras are reactionaries
    Antelopes are missionaries
    Pigeons plot in secrecy
    And hamsters turn on frequently
    What a gas, you gotta come and see
    At the zoo

  45. Mike smith

    I have no reputation to preserve or medical licence to protect so don’t mind looking a prat for suggesting….. is it possible that the initial throw of the acorn was done deliberately by the Chinese and the main stream bed wetting left wing media played the role of foxy loxy.

  46. Andrew Denney

    Pretending to be Winston Churchill, so funny yet true. You’re a legend Dr Kendrick for daring to question the ridiculous covid narrative . It’s either a knighthood or the comedy club for you when people realise the sky is not falling in.

  47. IMoz

    Although sometimes there’s not as much “theory” when the actual conspiracy surfaces:

    “Nashville mayor’s office and health department ‘concealed data showing low infection rates of just 22 coronavirus cases linked to bars and restaurants’ while enforcing crippling shutdowns, leaked emails reveal”

  48. David Bailey


    I too have puzzled over this issue. I am not too keen on raw conspiracy theories, and I think there are stronger forces at work.

    To me, the main driver has been the steady erosion of scientific honesty and even competence. Without this degeneration blogs like your would never have been needed and we would all get something like optimal medical care – at least for those of us without complex or rare problems.

    I don’t think most scientists set out to deceive, but they can be trapped by their own hype. If you have received grant money to model epidemics, well you can’t really excuse yourself when the chance presents itself – and anyway you gradually came to believe all that hype.

    Others point out that the phrase “isolated the virus” has been allowed to morph so that nowadays it can mean that someone has a solution with some virus particles together with some bits of human cells, maybe some bacterial or fungal fragments. Once you break open the protein coat, inside you have bits of viral RNA together with bits of human RNA, bits of bacterial RNA and maybe bits of fungal RNA. Building a test for the virus from that stuff is just wonderful – what could possibly go wrong!

    Others still point out that to make PCR detection practical, you have to crank up the number of cycles to something really high, a balance between detecting something and throwing up false positives.

    Researchers that stay at their benches, probably don’t get to advise governments. Those places are held by people who skipped from one job to another as they climbed the greasy pole.

    Finally, to create a really vile situation, you stir in a few really base motives, such as:

    A desire to make billions out of a vaccine.

    A desire to cause economic chaos in the USA to attempt to unseat President Trump.

    I don’t how all those factors combine together, but with those ingredients anything is unfortunately possible.

  49. Trust me I'm not a doctor.

    It was worth subscribing to the blog for this post alone. We have been horribly, indeed fatally misled by opportunists at every level and of every kind who have seized upon this virus and the gullibility/vunerability of many people, to exert power for their own ends or just for the hell of it. A real madness has gripped the world and we are being (still) swept along by it’s ensuing waves. That’s certainly the case in the NHS where I work. Must go, have many real patients to deal with….mental health problems, delayed critical treatment connsequences, etc etc………

  50. John Stone

    One day to respond to the governments unhinged vaccine project. Who would have thought we would such a foisted on us a year ago (well I suppose I might have done).

  51. Corinne

    Hello. You mean if you speak up against the narrative that is killing more people than COVID and causing serious mental health issue, robbing kids of education, taking away people’s security and jobs and having people believe they need to be masked and not visit grannie or she’s dead is the government being stately and protecting the people? Sorry but you presented the truth about COViD nothing to fear for majority of people but is that being reported?? Nope just more fear, more restrictions, more telling the young ones behaviour or grannie dies. Even in the face or the truth from respected doctors and scientists and Sweden demonstrating nothing to fear they continue. If this is stately and protection no thank you. It’s criminal at the very least. But we are all entitled to our opinions and choice we’ll provide it didn’t go against the narrative right?? I understand you not wanting to say COVID isn’t a conspiracy but lets face if the actions do not add up even a little bit, there is even a document published on the government site saying We need to put more fear in people, we will use the media to do this. Am I miss understand your post? You think this action is stately not criminal? How is this protecting anyone? It’s killing so many more people not to mention the mental health issue of the young!

    Where is our choice to chose to take the risk (not that there is one!) why can’t anyone talk out about it without being bullied by mainstream?? I really felt warmth when I read your report on the reality of COVID, perhaps I’m miss understanding your latest post

  52. Sue Richardson

    I’m sorry, I know that was serious, but it made me laugh out out loud. Very good Dr K. Dont let the blighters get you down and push you into Conspiricyism. Stand just where you are, telling the truth as it is, and staying sane. That’s where we need you. Apologies in advance if this makes you blush – but you are our Hero.

  53. Mrs Judith Fossett

    Most excellent analogy. Point taken and makes sense. Covid doesn’t worry me but the fall out of response to scares the bejesus out of me!

  54. Lisa

    I have noticed that everyone I know who lives in a place that was hit very hard by the virus (ie people who personally know lots of people who got sick and some who died) is committed to avoiding infection by testing, masks, distancing, etc. while the people I know who live in places where the virus never achieved significant community spread outside nursing homes (ie people who don’t personally know anyone who has been sick) tend to be less worried about the virus and more skeptical of having to take measures to avoid infection.

    I don’t know which outlook is more rational. Maybe my kids’ friends will fully recover eventually and the virus won’t bring any new health problems down the road (as some other viruses have done). But I don’t think we know enough yet for anyone to start mocking people who think it’s worth taking measures to avoid infection/community spread.

    1. David Bailey

      Just about everyone lives in an area that was not hit hard by the virus. OK, if you work in a care home, you will have seen a lot of death, but it is surely obvious that those care homes should have been protected, and most certainly should not have had infected people dumped on them.

      Wherever you live, it should be obvious that closing down schools and universities for a year or more, and destroying the economy so that many people will become homeless (which carries huge health risks) can’t ever be a sane response to this virus.

    1. sam
      l. I have reported that Fauci was the one experimenting with this type of virus and was told to stop. He then sent this off to Wuhan. Every source I have looked at this and believed it was made in a lab but was not a bioweapon because of the very low death rate. However, based on the evidence of those who suddenly sold stock and bond positions in December & January, and inside sources who stated a “virus” was coming, I do not believe that China deliberately leaked this virus.

  55. Allen


    Of course it’s a conspiracy. Conflating this term with the “theories” Of David Icke does a disservice to the legal understanding of conspiracy. If you go into my local law library one of the THE largest sections is conspiracy law- it’s one of the most esteemed law libraries in the US. So should we discount all of these concepts of conspiracy law? Of course not.

    You have to be incredibly naive and a-historical not to understand that what we are experiencing is most definitely a conspiracy (in the legal sense of the term) and should be prosecuted as such.

    The history and evidence is easily understood starting by looking back at the last 15-20 years of “pandemic history.” If you don’t wish to do that much legwork simply look over the now public details of the 2009 pandemic fraud called Swine Flu.

    November 11-12, 2004

    An “Informal meeting on influenza pandemic vaccines” of WHO, influenza vaccine manufacturers, national drug licensing agencies and government representatives takes place in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting’s goal is to “explore ways to expedite the development of pandemic vaccines“ by establishing PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS.

    What do you think they did at that meeting?

    May 4, 2009

    On WHO‘s website, the criteria for a pandemic

    “An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.” are altered.

    The new definition is: “An influenza pandemic may occur when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity.” For the declaration of phase 6 (the highest level, the pandemic) the presence of several simultaneous epidemics and high death numbers are no longer necessary.

    Note: Later Andrej Hunko, German MP, will say in a speech at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on 24.06.2010:

    “Here I have secret contracts that were signed in Germany between GlaxoSmithKline and the German state. As a simple Member of Parliament, officially I am not allowed to view these contracts. They were posted on the Internet by whistle blowers in Germany.

    These contracts specify exactly what needs to happen when phase 6 is announced: what amounts of vaccine doses the states have to buy, etc.. Such contracts were concluded by most states before the criteria have been changed.”

    The majority (probably all) of the elderly people weren’t even dying of the virus but it’s being chalked off as a “Covid” death to keep the Covid death count high, the fear mongering going and the $$$ coming in. These are old people with a wide variety of multiple serious medical conditions. They’re are on multiple toxic medical drugs that cause serious adverse reactions. Many were in and out of the ER & urgent care departments well before the arrival of this “new” (manufactured) virus. They were dying from pneumonia, COPD, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, adverse reactions to toxic medical drugs, etc. and some number of them died from complications of being put on a ventilator and other assorted iatrogenic deaths.

    If you look back in recent history it has become almost a yearly thing, since 2004, to fabricate an epidemic or a “near” pandemic for the benefit of Big Pharma. In those past years there was always a huge problem in sustaining the narrative (lie), that being not having an appropriate number of dead bodies to illustrate that there was a “health emergency.” This year they took care of that by stuffing the most fragile along with “newly tested” at-risk patients together in horrible conditions in nursing homes- as well as iatrogenic deaths.

    They pushed the fast forward switch on the slow motion abattoirs that are nursing homes and put more people in them to up the death toll. That is what happened- there never has been a pandemic it is an outright fraud and crime that needs to be prosecuted.

  56. Ken Garoo

    The phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ appears to have been created by the CIA in response to people questioning the circumstances of the JFK murder following the Warren Commission report. The official story purports that a ‘lone gunmen’ was responsible. If it wasn’t a lone gunmen, it was by definition the action of multiple individuals working together towards one outcome. Not all of those involved may have been aware of who ultimately was behind the orchestration,or even they were involved. The ultimate participant of course was Oswald, as patsy who was disposed of before he could tell his story. Others include the Secret Service agents surprised at being called away from their positions as the rear of the Presidential vehicle (where they acted as shields against shots fired from the rear). If they had remained in place, they would have known which way the shots came from, as well as protecting the president from shots fired from the rear.

    The phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ has been crefully crafted as a short-cut phrase to bypass logical thought and analysis in order to denigrate a person rather than challenge their arguments. There are others such as ‘barrel bombs’ and ‘terror tunnels’.

    1. Jerome Savage

      And – “collateral damage” – meaning slaughter of innocents – men women & children who get in the way. Easily filed off.

  57. brainunwashed

    “I went to my doctor today and asked him how long the “virus” would last. “How should I know, I am not a politician”, he said.

    “I know a good Covid joke, but 99.94% of you won’t get it”

  58. johnplatinumgoss

    I well understand why nobody wishes to be in the “conspiracy theorist” bracket. Neither do I. Unfortunately I am. Over this I need to stand up and be counted – even if I am alone. Fortunately I am in good company. This young doctor, Leland Stillman, for example.

    Do no harm!

  59. anonymous

    It is a good attitude to be wary of the werid guys. But every one must recognize that “conspiracy theory” is a thought-terminating cliché (
    It is sophistry at its best. It does not matter whether what is being said is rational or not, true or false, well referenced or not. The only thing that matters is the shape, the appearence, the delivery.
    Money is really unimportant. Nowadays the important thing is to control the “flow”.
    We are not used to see hundreds of thousands of people under sixty dying in a few weeks of cancer. I may be one of them soon. We were used to see cancer as a “chronic, manageable disease”. I am old enough to rememeber how people used to live with cancer for many years, even decades, with good quality of life. We wrecked the economy, out of spite and ignorance. Now cancer is a death sentence, again. Like it used to be, for as long as memory goes. The infatuation of the innumerate to save “medicine” at any cost has destroyed it. They, the innumerate mob, are in a long denial phase. They do not want to admit their error yet. Perhaps they will die before going through the effort of comming to terms with the truth.
    They need a scapegoat. That would be the freethinkers. Especially those who are wrong, those who just speculate without any fact, those who like to gossip. Every other rational thinker is in danger of being tarred and feathered because of the denialism of reality of the mob. This is the real risk of the self-inflicted wound strategy.
    Over time, politicians will seize the opportunity this new disequilibrium offers. Right now, there is someone completely unknown who is going to make waves in a few years, as the mob becomes tired of their grief. The mob will create the shepherd that best fits its own iniquity.
    There are many competing conspiracies. They cancel each other out. They are always very limited in scope. Many of them are not cirminal simply because there is no law yet against what they are trying to do. The worst conspiracies are not created, but rather emerge from the sheer stupidity of a group of blockheads.
    Did you know that many orchestras can play perfectly without a Conductor? Repetition is the master of all.

    1. KJE

      Non carborundum illegitimi, please unless you do want to be ground down. Of course, in these politically correct days, it should probably be a non-gendered illegitima *sigh*

  60. carolejackson1812

    I think this virus came from Chinese labs. I think the government are idiots. I think life should go on as normal. Herd immunity. The majority will survive this but the rule of nature is that the strongest survive! We can’t change that! The virus is stopping people with other conditions I.e cancer etc from getting treatment so it is killing by proxy. Foxy Loxy was the Chinese and we are the chickens! Nature has its own vaccination! I rest my case!

  61. John

    Nothing against David Icke, but what a gift to the government to have him address the upcoming demonstration in London. Now everyone with legitimate questions concerning government Covid legislation can be held up as believers in shape-shifting lizard people. This is nothing less than a train wreck. Dr Kendrick is spot on here. But he indeed wasn’t born yesterday and I’m pretty sure he knows there’s something not quite right, shall we say, about this whole Covid thing. For example when he says ‘everyone seems to have an agenda’. But for God’s sake leave him alone to do what he does best, dealing with empirical evidence. Don’t insist that he wears a hat that could even remotely be accused of looking like it could be made of tin foil.

  62. Terry Wright

    another example of the benefits of “Protect the Elderly”

    by 2023, when they are still saying “just another two weeks”, some will have been imprisoned for 3 years; but it is a measure of how much we care; that we keep them locked up and isolated;

    PS Isn’t it a nonsense, to trot out this empty, virtue-signalling phrase, when you ain’t thought through the consequences, and you have never spent time in an old folks’ home to see what is like: such as doing a voluntary shift.

    1. Corinne

      I’d angry & sad for you and many other people in this situation, caused purposely by the governments (and whoever is pulling their strings) and the media. Criminal, murderous acts. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knew at the beginning that locking and isolating people would cause more damage and deaths than a virus. It’s unbelievable that they are still being able to get away with these measure. I along with many friends are doing what we can to shout as loud as we can and circulate the truth about what is happening in the hope that more and more people will wake up and see how they are being manipulated. The movement is getting much bigger and more truth is getting out slowly into the mainstream but there is much left to do. You are not alone many of us are fighting and I pray the light will win in the end. I hope you get to see your mum too.. just keep going down and demanding to get in, it’s cruel and inhumane!

    2. JDPatten

      Who is it who invented the “care” home in the first place?
      Some people take on more than they can reasonably handle in the way of careers or large families. Some hold down more than one job to make things work.
      So, what became of the “extended family”? It used to work and work well. It still does in many non-Western cultures.
      Us? We’ve given up Grandpa’s wisdom ’cause he’s not as able anymore – – – to support US.
      We’ve given up Grandma’s love ’cause she is no longer able to cook, clean, and care for US.
      WE have put them aside (Away!) ’cause our evolved culture does not value them. It does not allow for us to love them (and tolerate them) as members of our own unique human family anymore.
      WE imprisoned them long before there was any COVID.

      1. KJE

        Not entirely. My maternal gran lived with us but my maternal grandad preferred to live alone with his cats, dog, donkey and chickens. My paternal grandparents lived with my cousins. It’s hard for many as houses tend to be small with no room for an extra person and these days both parents need to work.

      2. AhNotepad

        JDP, a very good summary.

        There could be a problem for the younger members of the family trying to look after older relatives, when the relatives are over medicated.

        1. JDPatten

          My own mother was well medicated with COPD, recuperating from open AAA surgery at the age of 87 with all the wits about her that she’d ever had.

          (92 would have been great – – – were she in reasonably good health.)

          As is typical in the U S, her three children went their separate ways – distant by miles and compass. We had to confront our own lives with respect to hers within this culture. We saw to it that she was able to spend her last years in her own house & home of fifty years – at expense and personal sacrifice. I was closest at 300 miles, so I was the one to travel and manage a not infrequent series of health crises. I also managed a series of single live-in medical, housekeeping, and cooking capable aides. $!!
          I think we did right, but, in the face of our prevailing culture, we had a lot to overcome.

  63. Alison Maclean

    This is hilarious! And quite true…

    However, as a concerned member of the publicky-wublicky – what should we be encouraging the powers-that-be to do to return life to ‘normal’ (whatever that may be) in the midst of this pandemic?


    Alison Maclean




    07 4796 0888
    The Plaza, 278 Ross River Road
    Aitkenvale QLD 4814


    07 4796 0888
    127 Thuringowa Drive
    Kirwan QLD 4817


    PO Box 1184
    Aitkenvale QLD 4814


    Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation

    This message may contain confidential and privileged information and is intended for the recipient to who it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system. E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secured or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses. Coutts Redington Pty Ltd therefore does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message, which arise as a result of e-mail transmission. Coutts Redington Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for the content of any e-mail sent by an employee which is of a personal nature.

    P Please consider the environment before printing this email.

    1. Corinne

      Great letter, I have shared it with everyone I know on facebook. It’s criminal what is happening, I hope one day everyone involved & complicit in this in the government & media are held to account. I pray the best human rights lawyers take a stand and help humanity..

  64. tony

    Thanks Dr. K
    I had a good chuckle!
    If you like graphs and charts, try this:-

    go to: “Graphs and maps – EUROMOMO”
    scroll down to “Map of Z-scores by country” and click on the “Play” button.

    Sums it all up!

  65. Tish Farrell

    Another initiative – International Free Choice: joint letters from Robert F Kennedy jnr, Antonietta Gatti, Luc Montagnier to head of WHO, WHO’s head of health, Presidents of European Commission and Parliament, to presidents and health ministers of all nations, questioning the actions taken in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. The page comes up in Italian but should auto-translate. Anyone can add their signature – as individuals or representing organisations:

  66. Fergus Glencross

    “A conspiracy of the willing”. I dont get this. A conspiracy is a secret plan to carry out an illegal or harmful act. Why use the word here. If the virus was man made and let loose in order to control the populace, then that is a genuine conspiracy.

    1. David Bailey

      I think there are other possible conspiracies. Suppose that people are bribed into:

      Not trying to separate deaths from CV19 from deaths with CV19.

      Suppose people are bribed to keep quiet about the false positive rate of these tests.

      Suppose people were bribed into insisting on masks, just for the sake of fear mongering.

      We know where the bribes would ultimately come from – wouldn’t that be a conspiracy?

        1. physicsandmathsrevision

          Belarus President Lukashenko claims he was offered massive IMF bribe to impose a severe lockdown. He refused. He mocked the lockdowns across the world. Now he is the target of ‘colour revolution’ funded by the USA and political attacks coming from several external parties (including Poland and Lithuania) at once.
          US hospitals were given $13,000 to label a patient COVID, and $39,000 to put such a patient on a ventilator (90+% probability of death) by the US government. Check that out for yourself.

        1. sam

          In Romania last May, the father of someone I know of had a stroke, went to hospital and died the next day. THe hospital said it would take 5 days for the autopsy. As they are orthodox and usually have an open coffin, the family were upset but were told if they signed to say the death was covid they could have the body immediately, so they did.
          Each country is using different methods to increase the figures. In the USA they get paid for each covid patient. In the UK they put them on ventilators and let them die and don’t treat them for the underlying illnesses.

  67. JDPatten

    BTW, an illustration of what science is, and is not: (Copy & pasted from 9 AM EST this morning)

    John Mandrola, MD Retweeted
    Javier Benítez, MD / Pr(Dz | Data) ≠ Pr(Data | Dz)
    Not sure what is meant by dubious here. It’s important to remember what Popper and Lakatos said about science, we are fallible, & although science is not perfect it is the most acccurate method of understanding how the world works. We are wrong most of the times, sometimes not.
    Quote Tweet
    John Mandrola, MD
    I just Tweeted a thread based solely on the ideas on it. I failed to look at the author’s previous ideas—which were dubious. That raises a good question: does being
    super wrong about something in the past negate a current idea?

    1. 005lesfrenes

      Science may be good, though not necessarily, when it is authentic. However, science that is connected to industries can be selective at best and fraudulent at worst. Much science has been debunked over time. Science is not definitive despite what many think and/or claim. On the other hand, herbal medicine has stood the test of time. And even medicines such as hydroxychloroquine, have stood the test of time, but generic medicines don’t make the pharmaceutical companies, and their shareholders, any money. That’s what seems to count above all else these days, especially when the richest get richer at the expense of all the rest of us.

  68. Dave R

    I don’t know whether it is a conspiracy in the deep sense, but why is it that all those involved in “expert” field advising Boris are Gates Foundation funded in one why or another, or are going to be. Valance, Whitty, Ferguson et al. ??

    I see this week that Sir John Bell of Oxford university warns that we will not beat the 2nd wave – well he might be right, he has the knowledge to know, but once again we see this in his Wikipedia entry

    He chairs the Global Health Scientific advisory board of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,

    In defence of all these worthies – when Gates has $30bn to throw around, it is hard to find anyone of note who hasn’t been funded by him.

    I thought Boris was lacking in Due Diligence in this regard, but the UK government and others are actively in the same camp.

    Is it the case as Arthur Conan Doyle wrote –

    ‘It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.’

    Sherlock Holmes – A Scandal in Bohemia

    1. sam

      Well in 2010 the EU and dr Wodarg thought they had enough evidence to take the WHO to court
      They didn’t realise that the WHO is above the law
      The swine flu outbreak was a ‘false pandemic’ driven by drug companies that stood to make billions of pounds from a worldwide scare, a leading health expert has claimed.

      Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, accused the makers of flu drugs and vaccines of influencing the World Health Organisation’s decision to declare a pandemic.

      This led to the pharmaceutical firms ensuring ‘enormous gains’, while countries, including the UK, ‘squandered’ their meagre health budgets, with millions being vaccinated against a relatively mild disease.

      1. AhNotepad

        sam, the budgets are not meagre. The UK is now budgeting to spend £100billion on some impossible to provide test and trace scam. This is because 10 people died in a day, claimed to be covid. There are massive numbers of cases, so the testing is increasing, and the false positives are doing their stuff.

        Watch out for London lockdown this week, and for the inclusion of flu in the case/death figures. All this as a result of 10 out of the usual 1600 a day dying.

    2. physicsandmathsrevision

      You don’t have to be any kind of “expert” to be aware that flus do not (according to the theories regarding viral infections that have always been presented to us) have a “second wave”. They come. They’re over. The next flu has to be a mutation of some previous virus.
      How can medical doctrine be toyed with and changed in this unprecedented whimsical manner. The only reasonable explanation is that we are being LIED TO, manipulated. This entire exercise is not about protecting our good health, It is about SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY.
      Financial collapse and a new preconceived order being installed out of the chaos that is being deliberately manufactured before our very eyes (and in our far-too-trusting minds. Rulers are the most successful of the criminals amongst us. The Mafia only dream about owning banks and creating money out of nothing).

  69. Jerome Savage

    Isnt it more simply business and marketing. The WHO now largely the marketing wing of big vax pharma ? Capital never sleeps etc.

  70. JDPatten

    Dr Kendrick,
    You take great pains to disavow any association with conspiracy theories/theorists, yet, as with news reporters avid to disavow . . . certain political figures, the reporting only sharpens attention on those figures, you have sharpened attention on “Conspiracy” here. As I write, my wordfinder counts 96 hits for the root conspir. Many comments are fascinated with what conspiracies they can attach to the your clever invention of Foxy-loxy.
    You seem to have fanned the fervent fires of the Theorists who visit you here. Is that the sort of popularity you really want?

      1. AhNotepad

        Mr Chris, I think your assumption is misplaced. I think Malcolm does what he does in order to give honest information. He does not seek popularity. Just as well really as most of the muzzle wearers would probably not be on board.

        1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

          I am aware that if you stick your neck over the parapet the snipers can get a good sight of you. I am not bothered by criticism (I must be a sociopath). All I want, here, is to open up the discussion which is currently being crushed. If the pro-knockdown lobby have good evidence, or ideas, that I have not heard. Bring it on. So far, all I can see is pointless suffering.

          1. 005lesfrenes

            Dr. K – I believe the reason you do this is because you are a mensch (a word in Yiddish which like most Yiddish words are very hard to translate due to subtle nuances they imply. Roughly, it means a person who cares, who is daring and is a truth seeker).

          2. Martin Back

            I just watched the video of you at Holyrood. Hard-hitting, and saying what needs to be said. It’s a risky business, speaking truth to power, and I salute you for having done so.

        2. Mr Chris

          If you read carefully,
          I think you will see that I was not accusing Malcolm of seeking popularity. When he starts that, I shall shed a silent tear and go on my way

  71. physicsandmathsrevision

    There is a talk given by a Russian professor to FSB (KGB) students in 2012 that someone subtitled in English. I delivered this same basic talk in London last November and videoed it for YouTube at home. Do you think KGB students are misinformed about the political waters in which they are being trained to swim. The “grand conspiracy” you deny has existed since the death of the Pharaoh Akhenaton in 1250 BC. According to this professor it was set up by the Egyptian priesthood and this world system of top-down control has not basically changed since then. Looking at this system one can see how it is possible that 196 “independent” and “sovereign” states can fall into simultaneous lockstep hysteria (on the basis of something health advisors called, on 23rd March 2020, “NOT A HIGH-CONSEQUENCE INFECTIOUS DISEASE”)


      Hello Ana Amado,

      Thank you for posting that video. After enjoying a family meal this fine Sunday in the UK (rule of 6, really – don’t think the neighbours will snitch or we’ll all end up snitching on each other), having sat in the (on/off) sunshine all afternoon & probably (no probably about it) drinking too much wine, who can resist watching a classic cartoon (brought up on the likes of Tom & Jerry).

      Back to the cartoon posted. Chicken Licken (agree with the someone else above that it is Licken) and Foxy Loxy – in my eyes, it is so obvious who these players are. One of them would have got medals in the SS. The other (leading to the opposite of the Peter’s Pearly Gates) – I detest his very image, which is bad form on my part, and that of is missus – I can’t work out whether it is the root of all evil that is solely driving B&M or if there are other motives in play … (?? – too much wine kicking in so shutting up).

      In my small way, I’m mask free in supermarkets (albeit going in later when not too many around, & keeping my distance out of respect of anyone who might be genuinely scared of us mask-less contagions {though I will not shy away from anyone who wants a close up chat – & I’ve had a few}).

      My parents (age-wise, are slap bang top of vulnerable age group though not with comorbidities plus they are Vit C & D takers – I would prefer them to take more than they do) are now convinced of the argument of let the young mingle and shield those that need to be protected. My Mum has made it clear that it is non-negotiable to cancel Christmas under any circumstances.

      An aside – thanks to the person who put up the video of Dr. K. at Scotland – I did watch that (I would have even joined in with the boo’ing of ‘Nicola’ and ‘Fauci’). If I won the lottery (which I won’t as I don’t enter) – I would spend a {small} proportion utilising the likes of Dr. K. (and others such as ZH and IC – who have previously been contributors on here but don’t seem to like contributing anymore) to counter the official narratives.

      Time for 40 winks. 🙂

      1. anamado

        In my country, I can’t possibly get inside a public place (any kind of store or closed environment) without a mask. Fear is huge!
        At work, our telephone operator works in a room where none ever gets inside but her and she spends the day disinfecting everything with alcohol… Irrationality everywhere!

  72. AhNotepad

    A two hour video of a discussion on the “Northern Exposure” channel of the official data and how it differs from the mainstream media. At 40mins and 45mins there are points which will be particularly interesting to residents of Scotland, and no doubt others from Scotland. . It will also be interesting to those not in or from Scotland. Our own beloved MAtthew Handcock also gets a well deserved mention. It reveals that the “red top” papers, ie Daily Mirror, Herald, and Sun is putting out more accurate graphics than the Gurdian, BBC, etc.

  73. roger mccann

    “In other versions of the story, Foxy-Loxy [agents of the shadow government] deliberately throws the acorn that hits Chicken Little on the head, [announces a new virus, reports all/most deaths as caused by said novel virus – all in the absence of scientific EVIDENCE of a new virus], in order to start the panic in the first place. He then waits to take advantage of the ensuing events. ‘Now please, you must all to follow me, for I will keep you safe.’”

    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

    What some would call a plannedemic…conspiracy theory anyone?

    [cid:d020f9c5-1039-4914-bd0d-e79c7985eb78] Here’s the science bit: 5G at 60GHz reduces our ability to absorb Oxygen (which may cause respiratory problems, just like Covid -19)

    “Are you like a crazy person? ” – I am quite sure they will say so


  74. JDPatten

    Dr. K,
    The acorn was tossed by… China? With U S funding?
    Tossed by Pharma.
    by Tech Giants,
    by Gates,
    by the WEF,
    By Fauci??

    C’mon. If you present them with a conspiracy metaphor knob that can dial up to -eleven- , you oughtn’t expect the Theorists to remain content at -zero- . . . ought you?

  75. AhNotepad

    I’ve noticed a lot of thumbs down on this blog. Hasn’t happened before to this extent. The thumbers really need to explain their disagreement, otherwise we don’t learn anything.

  76. Jeremy May

    How do ‘cases’ to hospital admissions compare April to September?
    April – 5000 confirmed cases / day – 3000 hospital admissions – 700 (rough ave) deaths
    (Peaked at 866 deaths on 10th April)
    20 September – 3600 cases – 227 admissions – 27 deaths
    if we were just going off hospital admissions and deaths would there be the same panic?
    Have I got this right?

  77. elizabethhart

    Conflict of interest row as it emerges Chief Scientific Officer Sir Patrick Vallance has £600,000 of shares in vaccine maker contracted to make UK’s coronavirus jabs

    – Sir Patrick was president of multinationals drugs giant GSK from 2012 to 2018
    – Chief Scientific Adviser holds a deferred bonus of 43,111 shares worth £600,000
    – He has already cashed in more than £5m in shares he held on his resignation
    – The 60-year-old medic chairs the Government’s special board on vaccines

    1. KJE

      So does cashing in his shares mean he doesn’t have a lot of confidence in the potential vaccines? Or is he just hedging his bets? It bothers e that challenge trails of the Oxford one are being done on young health people who wouldn’t get serious cv19 anyway, so how will the trial know if it is the vaccine or natural resilience – or do they not care as long as the volunteers don’t die? Surely, it would be better to do a challenge trial of people with comorbidities who would be expected to be seriously ill with cv19 and see if the vaccine actually prevents that

  78. elizabethhart

    More censorship threatened…

    Countries urged to act against COVID-19 ‘infodemic’ | | UN News

    Quoting from the article…

    The pandemic is the first in history in which technology and social media are being used to both inform people and keep them connected, but also to undermine global response to the crisis and jeopardize measures to contain the disease, they explained.

    Misinformation costs lives. Without the appropriate trust and correct information, diagnostic tests go unused, immunization campaigns (or campaigns to promote effective vaccines) will not meet their targets, and the virus will continue to thrive”, the partners said in a statement issued on Wednesday. 

    “We call on Member States to develop and implement action plans to manage the infodemic by promoting the timely dissemination of accurate information, based on science and evidence, to all communities, and in particular high-risk groups; and preventing the spread, and combating, mis- and disinformation while respecting freedom of expression.”

    Authorities also were urged to empower communities to develop solutions and resilience against the infodemic. 

    Stakeholders such as the media and social media platforms were called on to collaborate with the UN system, and each other, “to further strengthen their actions to disseminate accurate information and prevent the spread of mis- and disinformation.”

    My emphasis.

    Who defines mis- and disinformation…?

  79. elizabethhart

    KJE, international vaccination policy is a gigantic cesspool of conflicts of interest, it’s a corrupted mess. At the heart of things is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has recruited droves to its gravy train.

    In regards to the Oxford vaccine trials, see below my email to Andrew Pollard, Chief Investigator of the Oxford Vaccine Trial, forwarded in June 2020. Needless to say I received no response… Note that Pollard is also Chair of the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

    For the attention of:
    Professor Andrew Pollard
    Head of the Oxford Vaccine Group
    Chair of the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

    Dear Professor Pollard, is it ethical to include children in SARS-CoV-2/COVID 19 vaccine trials?

    The phase II part of the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine trial in human volunteers is planned to include children aged between 5-12 years:

    It’s been reported that “most paediatric cases with laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection are mild; severe COVID-19 disease in children is rare”. (See comment published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health: The immune system of children: the key to understanding SARS-CoV-2 susceptibility?)

    How can it be ethical to include children in SARS-CoV-2/COVID 19 vaccine trials if most SARS-CoV-2 infections in children are mild, and severe COVID-19 disease in children is rare?

    Professor Pollard, can you please advise what type of ethical committee process was undertaken in regards to Oxford’s COVID-19 vaccine trial involving children aged between 5-12 years?

    I would appreciate your response on this matter.

    Elizabeth Hart
    Independent citizen investigating conflicts of interest in vaccination policy and the over-use of vaccine products

    1. AhNotepad

      Elizabeth, interesting list, that could be why Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter gave a narrative supporting response on BBC’s “More or Less” when asked about the PCR testing false questions posed by Julia Hartley-Brewer to Hancock.

      1. elizabethhart

        AhNotepad, there’s no end of these academics pontificating on matters affecting public health policy…just who are these people, what is their agenda and who funds them? And just how much do they know about managing infectious diseases?

        It’s interesting reading some of their credentials, which are the basis of their authority, I’m not confident of their expertise in this area. And the current shambles speaks to that, their narrow-minded focus is sending our society down the drain.

        Here’s another bunch of them, who’ve written an open letter to Vallance and Whitty and others, ‘strongly supporting’ the “continuing efforts to suppress the virus across the entire population”, and saying that ‘normality’ “is likely to be a compromise for some time to come”. See Trisha Greenhalgh and co: Covid-19: An open letter to the UK’s chief medical officers, September 21 2020, thebmjopinion:

        For how long do they intend to impede the free lives of millions of people?

        It’s beyond frightening that groups of academics are running their own agendas, with no accountability to the general population.

        1. Jerome Savage

          Trisha with a little history – per John Stone.
          As at Feb 2010 “Prof Trisha Greenhalgh, whose analysis of the controversial Wakefield Lancet paper, was published by Sunday Times journalist Brian Deer on his website received more than £1.4m in grants from the UK government’s Department of Health since 2003″ as at February 2010.
          When Deer’s original allegations were published in the Sunday Times in February 2004 they were supported by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson. Prof Greenhalgh failed to disclose either her government funding or her assistance of Deer when earlier in the month she published an article in British Medical Journal criticising the Lancet’s delay in retracting the article”. Nor had “BMJ so far published the letter pointing out her unfortunate omissions.
          Health Secretary John Reid asked the GMC to investigate
          I express concern that conflicts that go up to the highest ranks of
          government are still conflicts, that the government itself is not a
          disinterested player, and has not behaved like one. At the same time Prof
          Greenhalgh’s research has benefitted hansomely from its largesse. I
          believe there should be an inquiry.
          Profile: Prof Trisha Greenhalgh: Funding Received:

          I suppose we could read too much in to that.

          1. Mark Wilson

            This is all very interesting, but what is the Wakefield Lancet Paper? What were Deer’s allegations? I feels like I’ve come into the room halfway through an absorbing episode of Foyle’s War.

          2. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            Wakefield did a study (along with a few others) claiming that the MMR vaccine could (in some children) create physiological (GI) problems that led to neurological issues – possibly including autism. The paper, which was published in the Lancet, was attacked, Wakefield was attacked. Brian Deer was a journalist who led the attacks, and eventually got Wakefield removed from the GMC register – unable to practice medicine in the UK. This all happened some time ago. Wakefield continues to raise concerns about vaccine safety. He has many supporters. He has many critics. He is one of the world’s best known ‘anti-vaxxers.’

  80. elizabethhart

    If you were to approve a coronavirus vaccine, would you approve one that you only knew protected people only from the most mild form of Covid-19, or one that would prevent its serious complications?
    The answer is obvious. You would want to protect against the worst cases.
    But that’s not how the companies testing three of the leading coronavirus vaccine candidates, Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose U.S. trial is on hold, are approaching the problem.
    According to the protocols for their studies, which they released late last week, a vaccine could meet the companies’ benchmark for success if it lowered the risk of mild Covid-19, but was never shown to reduce moderate or severe forms of the disease, or the risk of hospitalization, admissions to the intensive care unit or death.
    To say a vaccine works should mean that most people no longer run the risk of getting seriously sick. That’s not what these trials will determine.

    Read more at:

    Opinion | Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Could Suffer From Shortcuts – The New York Times

  81. elizabethhart

    Exclusive: Top adviser steps aside from FDA COVID-19 vaccine reviews over potential conflict

    (Reuters) – A physician who heads the influential U.S. Food and Drug Administration vaccine advisory committee recused herself from the panel’s review of COVID-19 vaccines because of her role overseeing a clinical trial for Moderna Inc’s MRNA.O candidate, her spokeswoman told Reuters.

    Hana El Sahly, associate professor of virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, last year became chairwoman of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – the panel of outside experts that will make recommendations on whether coronavirus vaccines should be approved.

    In July, however, El Sahly was named one of three lead investigators for Moderna’s late-stage COVID-19 vaccine trial, creating a potential conflict of interest.

    So many other conflicts of interest need to be examined…

    For instance those of Professor Andrew Pollard, Chief Investigator of the Oxford Vaccine Trials, and Chair of the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, which advises UK health departments on vaccination.

  82. Chantal Bristow

    I put the link on facebook and mentioned it as being an interesting read. But it was removed as being faked news. Can anyone comment on the reasons why this letter should be banned from facebook?

    1. janetgrovesart

      Chantal – I think that anything at all that doesn’t agree 500% with our illustrious government and their even more illustrious scientific advisers will be regarded as lies, damn lies and fake news. Disgraceful.
      P.s. Dr.K, I hope you’re feeling better. We all need your sanity.


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