Books by Dr Malcolm Kendrick

Doctoring Data Doctoring Data is available in paperback from the following online suppliers and from all great, UK, bookshops.

ISBN: 978-1-907797-464
Pages: 298
Publication date: 25 February 2015

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Direct from the publisher

Also Available online at:
Amazon UK Amazon USA
Kindle UK Kindle USA


The Great Cholesterol Con The Great Cholesterol Con

Available online at:
Amazon UK Amazon USA
Kindle UK Kindle USA

16 thoughts on “Books by Dr Malcolm Kendrick

  1. helieo

    Hello Dr Kendricks,
    We bought your latest book as we did with the previous one and though we are very interested by these questions and fairly well informed, we still have learned a lot and we also laughed a lot ! Thank you so muche for your work and your scientific integrity !!

    Odette Hélie, Montréal, Québec

  2. Roger Thelwell-Pichler

    Hello Dr Kendrick,

    I think I’ve been sold a pup, not a dog but a big steaming fat lie.

    Like billions of others I believe the diet-heart disease rationale. A—>B there B—>C

    Hey presto heart attack.

    My cholesterol is high and I’ve refused statins but bought into the whole diet debate, and have gone from being the first in the queue at the family bbq to being a vegan. I kid you not.

    My dad has been on statins for 35 years!!!

    Anyway I thought that you’d like to see this product I’ve been buying at Holland & Barrettts and now feel utterly conned 😦 Or as we say in Stockport I feel like a right twat now.

    Thanks for writing this book!!!


  3. lehnerto93

    Thanks so much for these books! Its great to see someone who’s interested not in being a medical heretic, but an intellectually honest individual with the guts to challenge the system! I greatly enjoyed both of your books, and will be sure to purchase any more that you publish in the future.

      1. lehnerto93

        I’ve actually helped with a review on one of your books featured in our company’s newsletter. We’ve featured both so far, and both me and my boss feel that your books appropriately challenge the status quo.

  4. Robin

    Dr. Kendrick, You are advocating against statins. What do you suggest they be replaced by? Wouldn’t a whole foods plant based diet with little, if any, refined carbs be helpful?

  5. James

    Doctoring Data is still my primary recommendation for budding ‘Thinkers’… Laughter IS the best medicine !

  6. Harry de Boer

    I see (I suppose it is) your book “Fat and Cholesterol Don’t Cause Heart Attacks and Statins Are Not The Solution” on Amazon, but not on your website.

  7. Val Harris

    Is the cholesterol range that GP doctors test for the correct range or are you saying that a higher cholesterol level is safe and we live longer? If the good cholesterol range is high and good can that conteract a high bad level ? Or are you saying that there is no bad level? Thanks.

  8. Janet

    Will your latest ‘heresy’ be appearing on this page ? – I had to buy mine from the book depository.
    But the postage is free. 🙂


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