Books by Dr Malcolm Kendrick

“The_Clot_ThickensThe Clot Thickens is available worldwide through Amazon:

ISBN: 978-1-907797-767
Pages: 332
Publication date: 4th November 2021

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Available online in paperback and eBook worldwide through Amazon:
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Doctoring Data Doctoring Data is available in paperback from the following online suppliers and from all great, UK, bookshops.

ISBN: 978-1-907797-464
Pages: 298
Publication date: 25 February 2015

Please support independent publishers and the author by purchasing a copy
Direct from the publisher

Also Available online at:
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The Great Cholesterol Con The Great Cholesterol Con

Available online at:
Amazon UK Amazon USA
Kindle UK Kindle USA

58 thoughts on “Books by Dr Malcolm Kendrick

  1. helieo

    Hello Dr Kendricks,
    We bought your latest book as we did with the previous one and though we are very interested by these questions and fairly well informed, we still have learned a lot and we also laughed a lot ! Thank you so muche for your work and your scientific integrity !!

    Odette Hélie, Montréal, Québec

  2. Roger Thelwell-Pichler

    Hello Dr Kendrick,

    I think I’ve been sold a pup, not a dog but a big steaming fat lie.

    Like billions of others I believe the diet-heart disease rationale. A—>B there B—>C

    Hey presto heart attack.

    My cholesterol is high and I’ve refused statins but bought into the whole diet debate, and have gone from being the first in the queue at the family bbq to being a vegan. I kid you not.

    My dad has been on statins for 35 years!!!

    Anyway I thought that you’d like to see this product I’ve been buying at Holland & Barrettts and now feel utterly conned 😦 Or as we say in Stockport I feel like a right twat now.

    Thanks for writing this book!!!


  3. lehnerto93

    Thanks so much for these books! Its great to see someone who’s interested not in being a medical heretic, but an intellectually honest individual with the guts to challenge the system! I greatly enjoyed both of your books, and will be sure to purchase any more that you publish in the future.

      1. lehnerto93

        I’ve actually helped with a review on one of your books featured in our company’s newsletter. We’ve featured both so far, and both me and my boss feel that your books appropriately challenge the status quo.

      2. Kofi Adega

        I have read both books four times, over and over again and cannot get enough!!

        Wonderful insights .Cannot wait for the next book.Infact it’s long long overdue.
        Accra Ghana

  4. Robin

    Dr. Kendrick, You are advocating against statins. What do you suggest they be replaced by? Wouldn’t a whole foods plant based diet with little, if any, refined carbs be helpful?

      1. Dan Bo

        Actually Malcolm you must never have heard of niacin I’m surprised you never mentioned this in your books as it is the business for cholesterol. Love your work.

      2. Ellen

        I LOVE THIS REPLY! You have such a great sense of humor. I left a review of A Statin Nation on Amazon. I have never left a review before. Thank you for all the logic, humor and information. Ellen (Never too old to learn)

    1. Dan

      Bringing cholesterol down is simple. Niacin about 2 gms per day with no side effects at all. Better ldl hdl and vldl

      1. Edward

        Why bring cholesterol down? Isn’t it doing its job, or why would it be high, if there is such a thing as high cholesterol?

      1. niceclatter

        unfortunately doctors don’t like being questioned: I’ve just had a ‘discussion’ with my GP, who wanted to put me on statins, which ended by him saying that there wasn’t much point in him being my doctor if I won’t follow his advice.

  5. James

    Doctoring Data is still my primary recommendation for budding ‘Thinkers’… Laughter IS the best medicine !

  6. Harry de Boer

    I see (I suppose it is) your book “Fat and Cholesterol Don’t Cause Heart Attacks and Statins Are Not The Solution” on Amazon, but not on your website.

  7. Val Harris

    Is the cholesterol range that GP doctors test for the correct range or are you saying that a higher cholesterol level is safe and we live longer? If the good cholesterol range is high and good can that conteract a high bad level ? Or are you saying that there is no bad level? Thanks.

  8. Janet

    Will your latest ‘heresy’ be appearing on this page ? – I had to buy mine from the book depository.
    But the postage is free. 🙂

  9. Janet

    Book has arrived (yesterday) and I’m nearly half – way there. One of the most digestible explanations of ‘Cholesterol, chylomicrons to LDL’ I’ve come across. For that alone it’s worth every cent.
    To answer your question on p88, the correct term would be ” ‘Bad’, good-cholesterol”
    Actually, either way it’s an oxymoron as the Great God Evolution could not possibly invent such a stupid substance /; The Creator WOULD not be so silly…he leaves that to experts, such as mankind.

  10. Yvonne, The Hague

    Dear Malcolm, in other posts I read that there is a new book “A Statin Nation” but I don’t see it on your website. I would really like to read it but don’t know where to buy it. Amazone says its available June 2019 :(.
    I wish you a very happy New Year and hope you will be able to put all the bs of the vegan-terrorists behind you. KR Yvonne

  11. terrry m

    Dr Kendrick I have been on Lipitor for 5 years now. I have bad leg cramps. My cardiologist has reduced my cholesterol from 240 to 114. Having done a heart cath and it showing 20% block in one spot and 30% in another is it worth the leg hurts from Lipitor ? My question to you would be what is your diet composed of to reduce your CVD ?

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      My diet is whatever I fancy eating. As I have stated in many places, and will continue to do so, I do not believe that diet is a major factor in CV disease. I have seen evidence for people eating all sorts of diets and living long and healthy lives. I make a not highly impressive effort to keep the carbohydrates down. My total cholesterol level is 6.4mmol/l = 247mg/d/l. I didn’t ask for it to be checked, it just got done. Do I do anything about it. No. Am I worried about it, No. Am I quite happy with it. Frankly, I couldn’t care less what it is. Because it does not matter. I suppose I am quite happy to have the same cholesterol level as an average Swiss man. A country with a very low level of CV Disease.

      Maybe I am wrong, and I will die of a heart attack shortly. I am betting otherwise.

  12. sallymarshall

    Hi! I was interested on your opinion on the whole Pernicious Anaemia B12 deficiency condition as on the whole GPs and Doctors in general seem to have completely distracted themselves from the whole subject almost denying its existence!
    Kindest Wishes Sallyann.

  13. Casie McDW

    Having recently read an article on how osteoporosis is a con and another about
    GPs prescribing vitamin D and Calcium for osteoporosis are causing cardiovascular disease, I would love to hear your thoughts. The article for the Vitamin D and Calcium causing cardiovascular disease was in The Telegraph on 9th June 2019.

  14. Caitlin

    Hi Dr Kendrick,

    Thanks to The Great Cholesterol Con, I made the decision 4-5 years ago to take my jolly Scottish father off statins. Now his kidneys are getting weaker and his GP is insisting that he be put back on them. My GP actually said the phrase ‘I’m putting everyone on these now since the latest research’, a statement that filled me with horror. I’ve already unearthed at least two pieces of research that contradict one another but am dreading what lies ahead as am wondering how the heck me and my hypothyroid-y foggy brain are going to fare against not only my well-meaning GP but my sibling who continues to be hypnotised by the system. To me, it seems like a no-brainer that statins will only make kidneys weaker, but the GP is convinced that taking them is the only way to prevent my father from having a heart attack. Advice? (I’ve just bought your latest book and am going to hand both of them to the MD in question.)

    1. James

      Check out the work by Ivor Cummins, its his pet subject. The answer is yes, though, while simply halting its progression may be enough.

    2. Edward

      It is said that magnesium is a natural calcium blocker and is an essential ingredient for so many natural body functions. It is doubtful you can overdose as any excess will leave the body in urine and stool.

    3. yogainrishikesh

      Ivor Communs referer to several studies that showed the reversion of CAC score. One of them is a study conducted by William Davis. If I remember it correctly, it’s a low carb diet (no grains no sugar) with magnesium, vit D, omega 3 and some other supplements.

  15. Abe

    Just a QN 2 say THANK YOU & GOD BLESS 4 spreading the truth!
    [Thank God 4 the internet, have seen some of your videos (even took notes) ]
    *SO* much they don’t tell you in school (or college)!

  16. Mark Smith

    I have been reading a number of health related books in the last year as a result some pump work I had done last fall as well as my own currently under control diabetes. I have read over and over from many authors how we have been misled by the Keyes and his disciples for the last 50 years and how it has driven public policy because his was the loudest, the most condescending, bullying and the nastiest voice out there at the time. There are any number of authors currently debunking the religion of the Holy Church of Low Cholesterol (genuflect after saying those words). While there may be a number of other great writers and knowledgeable folks out there scribing tomes on this topic I don’t think anyone writes a more readable yet informative book than Dr Kendrick. I have just finished the Great Cholesterol Con and am starting on Doctoring Data. I don’t think there was a page in the Great Cholesterol Con that didn’t elicit a chuckle or two nor a chapter that didn’t cause at least one full belly laugh in it. A belly laugh – in a book about cholesterol, for cryin’ out loud!! Whoda thunk it?

    Technical but so much so that a non-medically trained person such as myself can’t keep up with it coupled with very amusing and very easy to read. I kept finding myself saying – just a couple more pages and then I’ll set the book down’. A ‘couple’ always seemed to turn into 20. Thank you for a wonderfully informative and readable book on this topic. I wish if I had the ability to do more than leave a comment on a website to help spread this message. It needs to be heard.

    Thank you, Dr K.

  17. Noreen Mullins

    My career was in nursing. I know from books I have read that cholesterol levels and what is classed as too high is something big pharmaceutical dreamed up. Their aim is to lower the levels in the hope they can get everyone on statins. It ain’t ever gonna happen for me.

    1. Noreen

      What I should have said is big pharma want to lower the upper limit of what an high cholesterol level is classed as safe in order to get more people on statins.

  18. Gerry

    My eldery father is on Lipitor for years. His memory has got much worse over time. But the last 3 years he has started having intermittent TIA/period of weakness which have become more regular and not long ago he passed out having had 3 in a day and now loses his memory for a few days after the event, some of it which does not return. He had thought it might be the Lipitor and reduced it taking to every 3 days and started on garlic, vict c, d and zinc and magnesium. The docs recently did a full workup on him and now they have forced him to off his vitamins (scaring him that they were making it worse), and put him back on lipitor and now sodium valporate (an epilesy/bi-polar drug) for his TIAs. No mention from the doctors that maybe the Lipitor was causing it. No we will just give you another drug to stop the TIA but most likely not the memory loss or anything else. While I’m not an expert I have a strong suspicion Lipitor is related to the TIA. I have ordered both your books and am looking forward to the read, though I fully agree anyway with your stance. However my family won’t be convinced since they never question doctors and are happy to rely on what the doc says – I quote a family member “they are more knowledgable than us on this”. Maybe I’ll order your books for each of them for Christmas including the doctor. Plenty of time during this plandemic now to read them. 🙂

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  20. Yvonne

    I’ve read the great cholesterol con and just purchased doctoring data. The GCC was fantastic, a lovely mixture of science and plain old straight talk; which is what every one of us need! I have a science background so I love the science but I am also just very health-centric and I want the evidence-based, non chocolate covered strawberry version of health/dietary advice. Your books and blogs are fantastic and along with Dr’s Aseem Malhotra, Zoe Harcombe, David Diamond and Robert Lustig… you’re contributing to a better, real health-educated public. Looking forward to your next book! 👍

    Everyone needs this book on their kindle!

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  23. MustardSeed

    I’ve taken the opportunity whilst lounging around due to co div , to finish reading THE CLOT THICKENS. A fantastic book, well written for the healthcare professional and concerned/interested/inquisitive citizen alike. Dr Kendrick seems to write as he speaks. Despite the serious nature of the topic I found myself chuckling throughout. Highly recommended. I’ve learnt a lot!
    As an aside, he talks about how the sharp and pointy nature of sickle cells can cause mechanical damage and lead onto CVD. It could therefore had been deduced that inj of nano particulate material into the body, which then produces unknown (unlimited?) sharp spikey things, that can travel anywhere within the body eg like particulate matter from smoking, fires, car pollution etc, was never going to end well and form things like clots and other cardiovascular events. Indeed the clot does thicken in more ways than one. I would like to stress that this “aside” is of my own deduction, rightly or wrongly!

  24. Mike Watson

    Dr Kendrick,
    Many thanks for your Choleterol Con and Clot Thickens books.

    The new piece of information I gleaned from “The Clot thickens” was about the Endothelial layer and the Glycocalyx. I found this most enlightening and among the comments in your blog I saw that someone mentioned Arterosil .
    As a 15 stent , quad CABG , coranory Sinus reducer patient I wonder if you had any thoughts on it efficacy.

  25. MR

    Dear delightfully Scottish Dr Kendrick; I was introduced to you by my younger sister, a very full bottle on things medical. I have listened to “TGCC” several times, and would listen to it daily were it not for the fact that I loathe the narrator’s voice. Why on earth didn’t you narrate it yourself ? – you have a lovely voice. He doesn’t. Sighh ..

  26. tania Brassey

    Thank you Dr Kendrick for opening my eyes! I have (reluctantly) been on Inclisiran injections due to ‘high cholesterol’ and it has played havoc with my body so I vowed not to have another one. I’d rather die of anything rather than the so called side effects this injection caused me.


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