How the world now works – or doesn’t

30th October 2022

[How fewer doctors means more doctors – it’s official]

This blog has nothing to do with heart disease, or vaccines, or anything directly about medical practice at all.

However, it does have a great deal to do with data manipulation, which is something very close to my heart. It also illustrates how a ‘fact’ can be anything but.

I am also hoping to help highlight an increasingly worrying trend that now scours the planet. Namely that we are living in a world distorted to fit whatever narrative those in power are trying to stuff down our throats. Although, I continue to marvel at how anyone can spout utter, utter, nonsense, and not simply curl-up and die of acute embarrassment.

Anyway, gentle reader, let me set the scene for your delectation.

In the UK, more specifically England, doctors and nurses have been leaving the profession in droves. In particular GPs. This has caused a degree of faux concern by politicians, who always wish to claim they are the great protectors of the NHS. The NHS is inevitably a big issue at every election.

Years ago, Jeremy Hunt, the then health secretary – and slippery eel made flesh – promised he would ensure there would be five thousand more GPs within about five years(ish). The actual number of years it was going to take kept moving around as the target receded into the distance. ‘Did I say three, I meant five… or was it ten.

Commentary on this was not complementary:

“Delivering 5,000 extra GPs in five years, when training a GP takes 10 years, was a practical impossibility that was never going to be achieved,” said Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chair of the BMA’s GPs committee.

“It was a pledge that also ignored the fact that one third of GPs are planning to retire by 2020, and the current medical graduates do not want to join an overworked, underfunded service, with more than 400 GP trainee posts left unfilled last year.”

Andrew Gwynne, the shadow health minister, said Hunt was backtracking on the pledge, and that “the Tories’ election promises are unravelling one by one”.1  

Seven years, or so, have now passed since Hunt’s promise, and the number of GPs has fallen. As predicted by anyone who knew why GPs were leaving. Basically, they were all burnt out, and pissed off, and nothing was being done to make their lives easier, especially, especially not by Jeremy Hunt – who did nothing but make the job considerably more difficult. I should know, I am one. Both burnt out, and pissed off, but clinging on – for increasingly unfathomable reasons. Money, mainly.

Now, however, the UK has a new Prime Minister, a new cabinet, a new health minister and a new Chancellor of the Exchequer (one Jeremy Hunt, no less). Lo and behold, we find that the number of doctors and nurses has actually, mysteriously, who’d have thunk it … increased. Even GP numbers have increased!

‘Latest data published by NHS Digital shows that, compared to August 2021, there are also over 3,700 more doctors and over 9,100 more nurses working in the NHS.

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Steve Barclay* said:

More healthcare staff means better care for patients, which is why it’s fantastic to see a record number of over 1.2 million staff working hard in the NHS.

With over 3,700 more doctors and 9,100 more nurses, we are really putting patients first and NHS England is developing a long-term workforce plan so we can continue to recruit and retain more NHS staff.

Thanks to all our doctors, nurses and NHS healthcare staff who work tirelessly to look after us and our loved ones and continue to inspire future generations to join this rewarding career.

The government continues to deliver on its commitment to recruit 50,000 more nurses by 2024, with 29,000 more nurses since September 2019.’ 2

[*this is a new, new, health secretary. The previous new one, began this sorry saga]

Phew, all is well. Sorted. What a remarkable thing. How has this been achieved … virtually overnight? Did they manage to compress the average training time for a fully qualified doctor from at least ten years to one month? Did they find a locked room full of 3,700 doctors and 9,100 nurses that no-one had noticed before? ‘You are now free to leave and start working. Go, go now, and tend to the sick.’

No, to understand where these figures come from, let us go back in time. Twenty-nine days from the date I wrote this blog – to be exact. We shall visit a website known as A place where doctors post about various things – but nothing critical of vaccines obviously. Here, twenty-nine days ago, we find this, possibly, strange post:

‘I’ve just had an email from the GMC saying the secretary of state has asked for my emergency registration to run until 2024.  I doubt she had me in mind specifically.  I wonder what has been foretold?’

And this one:

Oh. My wife tells me she has also been re-registered.’

And this one, amongst many others:

‘I’ve had the email too. They’ve also apparently restored emergency registration for the nurses, too; just after some of the ones I was working with at the vaccination centre paid to continue their registration. They are somewhat pissed off.’

What is this emergency registration of which they speak? Well, during the COVID19 panic, sorry pandemic, a number of doctors and nurses who had recently retired, (and who had handed back their registration) were unceremoniously dragged back onto the register. Thus, allowing them to keep on practicing medicine. Whether they wanted to or not … most didn’t.

These doctors and nurses didn’t need to do anything themselves, not even ask to be re-instated. It was just done. This policy was designed to help plug holes in staffing. It was known as emergency registration. As stated here, with regard to nurses:

‘The Coronavirus Act 2020 gives the Registrar a new emergency power to temporarily register a person or group of persons as registered nurses, midwives or nursing associates if the Secretary of State advises that an emergency has occurred, is occurring or is about to occur.’ 3

Then as the panic, sorry pandemic, fell away, emergency registrations began to be withdrawn.

‘Many temporary Coronavirus Act provisions remain in force. However, by default they will expire on 25 March 2022. The Government has said it will allow almost all these provisions to expire.

The following policy areas have temporary changes which are set to expire in England or (where relevant) on a UK-wide basis:

temporary registration of health and social care professionals’ 4

Of course, getting rid of emergency registration would have the effect of (appearing to) sharply reduce the number of doctors and nurses. Even if the vast majority of those who had been plonked on the register never did an extra day’s work and remained happily retired. Yes, this was always a ‘pretend’ workforce. ‘Look at all these additional doctors and nurses we have created… who we haven’t spoken to, and we have no idea if they will ever work again …’

Anyway, the Government was dispensing with emergency registration. Then, out of the blue, it was back again. With retired doctors and nurses placed back on the ‘pretend’ doctors and nurse’s lists once more – until 2024. Which just happens to be the year of the next general election.

What is the explanation for this? Well, according to the General Medical Council in September 2022:

‘The UK government asked us to give temporary emergency registration to suitable people, as part of the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.’ 5

[The General Medical Council (GMC) controls medical registration].

What…? We had a new COVID-19 pandemic last month? I thought it started in 2020. Did you know it was back with a vengeance? Did you? Did you hear anything about it? No, you didn’t, because it never happened. This statement is simply … not true. I would never dream of calling it a damned lie. Other’s may feel differently.

Anyway, let me take you through this from a slightly different angle.

The UK Government is desperately trying to claim they are doing everything they can to support the NHS, which is currently falling to bits, and will damage their prospects at the next election. One of the key things they wish to claim is that they are increasing the work force – especially doctors and nurses (not managers for some strange reason).  However, …

‘More than 40,000 nurses have left the NHS in England in the past year, an analysis by the Nuffield Trust has revealed.

The analysis, conducted by the think tank for the BBC, said that this is the highest number and proportion of nurses leaving the NHS since trend data began.

It found that many of these nurses were often highly skilled and knowledgeable with many more years of work left.’ 6

In addition:

‘Over the last year, the NHS has lost 339 individual (headcount) GP partners and 305 salaried, locum and retainer GPs. This has created a net loss of 644 individual GPs since September 2021… There are now just 0.44 fully qualified GPs per 1,000 patients in England – down from 0.52 in 2015.’ 7

Yet, despite all these people heading for the exit, the Government now informs us that the workforce is not falling, it is going up, up, up, baby. I find this apparent conundrum to be spookily similar to my findings when studying research papers. How can various results be reconciled, when they seem directly contradictory? Heart attacks fell, but deaths from heart disease increased. In the same trial? Oh no, I must read the methodology section – usually impenetrable.

In the same way, we find the number of ‘registered’ doctors is going up, whilst the number of doctors is falling. This leaves us with two seemingly contradictory facts. Which of them is true? Or can they both be true?

In my simple little world, the true ‘fact’ is that the number of doctors is falling, rapidly. However, the Government have solved this issue by creating an equal and opposite fact. Which is that the number of doctors is going up.

They achieved this remarkable feat by bringing back the emergency re-registration of retired doctors, sharply increasing ‘pretend’ doctor’s numbers. In this weird, distorted, manipulated way we have another’ fact’ on our hands. Which is that there are more doctors on the register a.k.a. ‘more doctors.’

Which of these facts is true? Yes, in the hands of politicians, facts can become slippery little swine.

To quote John Martyn: ‘Half the lies I tell you are not true.’

In truth, once you cut through the utter steaming bullshit, I know, and you now know, what is going on – as did many doctors at the time. Here are a few more posts, from twenty-nine days ago, commenting on the re-introduction of emergency registration:

‘After a few hours to consider, I have now emailed the GMC to ask that my temporary registration be removed. FWIW (for what it is worth) I think it highly likely that this is an attempt by the government to inflate the apparent numbers of doctors available.’

Or this one:

‘It has been foretold that for purposes of political spin, they need to say that they have more doctors on the register.’

Another doctor was even more acute in their observation – twenty-nine days ago:

‘The weird thing about this is the clear and direct nature of cheating.

If – as is highly likely – this process relates to absolutely nothing at all apart from manipulating stats to misrepresent reality for political ambitions, then there would be people with job time allocated to it, meetings, emails, conclusions, notes, presentations etc.

“Are you going to the meeting about cheating the doctor numbers tomorrow?”

“Yes, I should make that meeting where we deliberately lie about how many doctors there are”

“Great, see you there. Hopefully we can cheat those figures really efficiently and get away on time!”

And lo, the game played out, exactly as predicted. One month ago, the Government very deliberately inflated figures on doctor’s numbers (and nurse’s numbers). Now they are crowing, in public, about this magnificent increase. ‘Look how brilliant we are. ‘

Crikey, how did you manage this totes amazeballs thing?’

Well, wouldn’t like to boast about it, really. Hard work, dedication … I would like to thank my team. Golly, is that the time, must dash.’

Do they think we are all completely stupid? Don’t answer that, they clearly do. Do they think no-one noticed? People were tweeting about it at the time:

‘Why has Secretary of State for Health and Social Care @theresecoffey asked the GMC @gmcuk to extend temporary registrations until 2024? Is this to prevent a sudden drop in the number of doctors on the register, causing embarrassing stats in the press?’ 8

Today, we are swimming in a sea of misinformation, and deliberately manipulated statistics. Yet, people seem to shrug their shoulders. ‘Don’t get worked up about it. Everyone is up to it, who cares. Same old, same old. The other lot are just as bad.

It is time, I believe, for pitchforks and burning torches, and people taking to the streets in protest about the way that this world is going. So very badly wrong.

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ George Orwell.



3: ‘






170 thoughts on “How the world now works – or doesn’t

  1. Mr Chris

    Dear Malcolm
    I really wish that I am surprised. When you have had a foreign Secretary whose main interest was Instagram photos, this is small beer.

  2. Anna Fronkova

    Dear Dr Kendrick,

    This information raised my gall to no end.

    I’m going to have to do breathing exercises.

    These people. There are no words, just splutters.

    Thank you.

    I am sending my now calm vibes, this will all be exposed. The good always win.

    Take care and once again, many grateful thanks.

    Kind Regards, Anna Fronkova

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  3. Jeremy May

    You must be utterly disillusioned.
    Are we heading for a paid for health system? Is that the goal? I know people who have paid to be treated privately because the waits are so long.
    (Although I have to say my particular GPs surgery is superb).

    Ultimately, the mouthpiece for these lies, The Media, are letting them get away with murder, same with the insanity that was our covid response.

    1. Tardigrade

      ‘Are we heading for a paid for health system?’

      I can tell you from here in the US, a paid system certainly isn’t any better.

    2. AhNotepad

      The paid system is here in all but name. Near impossible to see a GP, then unbelievably long waits if referred for treatment.. TPTB probably you will die before then.

    3. Henry Barth

      TE: But even Robert Malone, for example, considered the inventor of the mRNA technology or gene injections, sees the danger in the spike proteins.

      Or let’s take the US cardiologist Peter McCullough – just like Malone a widely known critic of the Covid policy and gene injections – who recently published a study together with other researchers concluding that not only the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is a neurotoxin, but the mRNA “vaccines” are also capable of delivering the protein to the brain, increasing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. So how can it be possible that even these known critical scientists talk “bullshit”?

      SS: I would say that 99 percent of the scientists today talk bullshit essentially because they adopt a methodology that is bullshit methodology that has been there for a long time. Only nobody questions it.

      Robert Malone might have been the inventor in the 1980s, which is 40 years ago, but hasn’t worked on mRNA for decades. You don’t find any article of him in the last 10, 15 or 20 years. So it’s not really an authority in what’s been going on with that. But apart from that, the point is how do they find the spike protein in the body?

      Isolating a protein from the blood is a simple task. The methodology has been known since the 1980s. There are technologies, machines that you can buy and isolate proteins from the body. So we have hundreds of millions of people injected with the Corona “vaccines.”

      So how much spike protein should be in the world? Like tons of spike proteins that you could actually be taken from the blood and be isolated. Did they ever do that? No!

      When they say that there’s spike protein, the only way they do it is through antibody tests. And the way the antibody test is being applied is a fraud. I can also explain why it’s a fraud.

      They take the blood and the serum of a patient who let’s say has been vaccinated. Then they test it through this ELISA antibody test and they put it in touch with a spike protein in this case. But it’s a spike protein made in the laboratory. It’s an artificial one, they call it recombinant spike protein. It’s a synthetic spike protein.

      Now, the problem with antibodies is that they’re really not specific. In other words: If we want antibodies to be specific, we should have like thousand or even tens of thousands of different antibodies, one for each disease. Instead, we only have five immunoglobulins, i.e. antibodies, and only two are tested: IgG and IgM. So how could you show that they are specific?

      What you’re supposed to do is you take this serum from a patient, which has a lot of antibodies because this person has been vaccinated, which means he or she has been injected with a very toxic material. And the immune system has reacted by generating a lot of antibodies. So you take this serum with a lot of antibodies.

      Then you wanna do a proper test to see if it’s specific. You take it and you put it in touch with the spike protein, with aluminum, with the original mRNA, i.e. with different toxins – and if it only responds to the spike protein you could see that it’s specific. But has is this test ever done? No, it has never been done.

      Instead, they take the material with the immunoglobulins, they put it in touch with the synthetic spike protein. And it reacts because it reacts to any toxin, so it’ll react also to the synthetic spike protein. And then they say: “Ah, that means there are specific antibodies for the spike protein. That means the body’s full of spike protein.” But it’s a fraud.

  4. sueadlam

    I totally love your blog Dr Kendrick. Another one to share with my friends and anyone else that will read it!
    I forced myself to watch the parliamentary debate which they needed to do as a result of a petition into the “new medicines” and managed to stop myself from smashing my screen as I punched the jobsworth 🤡 that they dragged out to go through the motions. The deliberate spin was unbelievable 😳 I don’t know how these people can sleep at night – not just because of their lives being one big lie, but in case somebody breaks in and punches them. 😖
    Thank you for keeping me sane Malcolm. 🌹 Watching this today also helped: there are some sane, intelligent, sentient beings left in the world still. ❤️

  5. Tony Murray

    Thanks for highlighting this.

    Not enough people prepared to rock the boat – even just to call out the BS.

    Keep up the great work.

    Best Regards, Tony

  6. zrpradyer

    Thank you, Dr Kendrick,
    I wish I could say I’m shocked, but how can I be when we have been sliding towards a post-facts, post-objective truth, post-integrity world for some considerable time. The powerful but dim decide the outcome they want and back-engineer all necessary steps to achieve that goal.
    In our new, ‘my stupidity-limited-subjective-expert-views are as valid as yours, and anyone else’s,’ P.R. and marketing have usurped all other qualities. Thus, we enable delusion, weaponisation, monetisation, pillaging and tyranny to prevail in just about all of our institutions and, laughingly called, the mainstream media.
    I understand the ultimate goal is to eliminate the majority of medical staff and replace them with various depersonalised and intrusive A.I. protocols and implants. We seem to be well on our way.
    I’m really grateful for your research and courage in posting it. Do hope you have a variety of suitably uplifting compensatory activities to ease the pain.

  7. alexadobree

    Dear Dr Kendrick,

    Thank you for your hard work and effort on behalf of real medicine and actual truth.

    Reading your books saved me from starting the statins my GP recommended, and throughout the Covid your voice has been one of the few I’ve listened to and trusted.

    I wish you the very best of everything, always.

    Jan Carver

  8. Paul Fruitbat

    “Yes, this was always a ‘pretend’ workforce. ‘Look at all these additional doctors and nurses we have created… who we haven’t spoken to, and we have no idea if they will ever work again …’”

    They are still playing catch-up with the USA, where millions of dead people have been voting in elections.

  9. Simon Derricutt

    Dr. Kendrick – obviously your memory-hole is not working very well. This years’ harvest is better than last years’ harvest, and war is peace….

    On-topic, though superficially unrelated, is a nice rant by Neil Oliver at where again we are supposed to forget what we were told at the time and accept the current statements of Truth by the government and the media. More memory-holing needed, of course.

    A big problem here is when reality goes against what people believe, and it seems that for most people they prefer to adjust the data rather than drop the beliefs. This can appear to work for a while, but when reality finally does bite it bites a lot harder.

    Telling people there are more doctors and nurses when in fact those extra people are not working or retired, and when the stress on the remaining staff means more of them are leaving to find jobs with more pay and better hours (or even just becoming a job-seeker), cannot work for long when people experience the reality of extending waiting-lists and even longer waits for the ambulance.

    1. 186no

      Dr K, Neil Oliver is hewn from the same “rock” as your good self, imho of course, and I am not referring to your respective Celtic ancestry.

      1. Mr Chris

        Oh, there was me thinking Neil Oliver is an archaeologist, not a virologist! But I suppose all of us are virologists these days except those who are experts on say strategy and tactics war. in the Ukraine

          1. alisonfletch

            Exactly. Bill Gates is not a doctor. He has spent years funding research that can bring vaccine and identity together. Private company Onfido is working with the UK government to provide digital certifications, referred to as “immunity passports”. You can see where this is leading. Total control over us.

        1. Martin Back

          I would no more listen to a virologist than I would listen to a medical doctor. You have to first establish whether they are informed professionals giving you unbiased advice, like Dr K, or people promoting an agenda on behalf of some industry or political program.

          1. Eggs ‘n beer

            We had a similar situation in Oz with globull warming. A mammalogist set himself up as the expert on climate change, telling us that the dams will never, ever be full again, that our kids will never see snow, sea levels will rise and the Great Barrier Reef will have no polar bears by 2020. Speaking from his waterfront home on an island only accessible by motor boat ….

            Being a mammalogist means he’s an expert on nipple sucking creatures. For many years he was certainly adept at sucking on the government grant teats. Meanwhile we’ve had excellent floods and fantastic (beyond belief) ski seasons.

          2. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            He should have called it climate change. That way you can predict that anything can, and will, happen. Then, when anything does happen you can say you predicted it. Drought – climate change. Floods – climate change. Less snow – climate change. More snow – climate change.

          3. Eggs ‘n beer

            Why do you specify “professionals”? Why not just “informed”?

            Ok, I guess most people are professionals, my wife’s hairdresser is a professional hairdresser who left school at 15, but I don’t think that’s the sort of professional you meant! She is, however, well informed about all things Covid and has been since its inception. Her informed opinions beat 99% of professionals’ opinions on the issue (not taking into account that some professionals’ public opinions might be at odds with their private ones). A cousin has a hair salon (what is it about hairdressers, I never realised they were so bolshie!) where none of the staff ever wore masks. The police raided them twice and threatened her with business destroying fines, but she just told them to get out, she wasn’t paying any fines, she’d see them in court and she would WIN, and they knew it! Maybe they did. They left her alone after the second attempt. She too was well informed.

            Don’t forget, an amateur built the ark. The Titanic by professionals.

          4. Martin Back

            I specify ‘professionals’ because the general public automatically assumes that professionals know what they are talking about, and that they are subject to a professional code of ethics, e.g. ‘first do no harm’. Reading Dr Kendrick and seeing the craven behaviour of medical professionals parroting the party line, I realise that these days professionals are in many cases as mendacious and self-seeking as the worst of us.

            Incidentally, I long ago realised a professional giving an opinion on something outside his or her field of expertise is often less informed on the subject than an interested layman. The reason is that the top guys, Nobel prize-winners etc, have to devote so much time to their specialty that they cannot afford more than a superficial glance at anything else, and their brain-power does not compensate for their lack of depth in the subject.

          5. Eggs ‘n beer

            And there’s the rub! Joe Public assumes that you need to be a professional to be an expert. Yet we know that’s not the case. My epiphany occurred researching meningiomae, because my wife has one. On the base of her skull, (pressing on the brain stem and pituitary, encasing an artery and the optic nerve) aka as the most difficult to operate on. Bear in mind this was in the early days of the internet and required a couple of days at the local medical library (just wear a white coat with a stethoscope around your neck and they’ll let you in anywhere) as well as only downloading articles in black and white (56k dial up speed).

            So the problems are many.

            1) the professional is only expert in treating it, not you. Some professionals proudly announced that they never followed up the results of their actions. Once they’ve attacked it, no further interest. One rather grudgingly admitted that a patient with a tumour in the same place, in her mid-thirties, was “leading a reasonably independent life.”

            2) You, that is, YOU, need to know what questions to ask, because the professionals are not going to tell you anything that might put you off using them. Like a third of tumours swell after radiation. Or that to access the tumour they will remove your ear and the roof of your mouth (which explains why we call them the Brisbane Butchers). They always grow back. That the state of the art, high precision aiming of the gamma knife radiation has exactly the same outcomes as the early sixties “wave a lump of radium at your head” exposure.

            3) they will bag other professionals. “Don’t let the radiation guys go first, it fries the tumour and makes debulking it much more difficult.” “Don’t have it operated on first, irradiating the mangled remains with my state of the art ultra precise Xappo-proton beam is much more difficult.” “Don’t go to HIM, a show pony masquerading as a surgeon.”

            4) “Your meningioma is a benign, very slow growing tumour which probably started about ten years before you noticed some tingling in your face and you must be operated upon NOW.” No time to think, or research, talk to my mate Arthur if you really must have a second opinion but you must be booked in next month after the Bigpharm golf tournament (we have reasons to believe that last bit is at least partly true ….).

            5) “Recovery time from the surgery? Ooooh, about three months.”

            So we left treatment for 17 years, by which time the Show Pony was at the pinnacle of his abilities removing c.55% of the tumour via keyhole surgery in a six (not twelve) hour operation finishing at 11pm with discharge from hospital nine hours later. There was no recovery period from the operation per se, but she was a bit groggy from the anaesthesia for a few days. 11 years on the tumour has not regrown one iota, in fact it seems to have shrivelled up a bit, presumably because the SP lasered what he couldn’t remove, and cauterised the blood vessels feeding it, a service not contemplated by the other professionals.

            Nothing has changed in Brisbane, where having failed to get the opportunity to have a go at it they insisted it must have grown back by now and must be operated on again. Because the SP has, of course, been banned from operations in Australia, so it has to be the Butchers. Still removing ears and mouth.

    2. Ian Roselman

      I’m glad to see your reference to GBNews. At the risk of repeating myself, I would like to see Dr Kendrick reach a wider audience by appearing on this news channel.

    3. Baillsruth

      My people don’t seem to have good memories. I heard the media say this right at the beginning of the so called pandemic “the new normal” I thought what. One of my daughter’s here the then chief health officer very early on say “masks don’t work”. Then low and behold not long after we here in Queensland Australia were told to wear them. What is truely amazing to me is It’s still enforced in certain places. What the heck. It leaves one speakless.

        1. Baillsruth

          The Government thinks we are all gullible. But some never were and other’s have and are waking up to the truth.

  10. Wendy

    Your posts brighten my day when they land 😃
    Got my pitchfork ready just tell me where and when and I’ll be there 👊

  11. Leigh Gold

    Attributed to either Balfour or Disraeli and, as politicians, they ought to have known “There are 3 kinds of lies; Lies, Damned lies and Statistics”. Unfortunately the Billy Smart’s Circus Clowns, masquerading as our unspeakable, wretched government, have perfected the art of manipulating statistics.

  12. Tony McKenna

    It is pretty much happening at the other end of the career as well. A distant relative of mine was declared “qualified” part way though his training without benefit of any examinations and rushed into a hospital post to be ready for the great inrush of covid cases which never materialised. He immediately found a nice little niche in a hospital laboratory which means he will never have to meet a patient or work out of office hours. Still he is on the list of qualified doctors.

  13. Richard Brinton

    Thank you for this – it is very enlightening! Politicians have managed to raise Orwell’s ‘1984’ motto “ignorance is strength” to sublime heights, where it is of course in perpetuating our ignorance that they keep their strength. They have learned the art and science for how to make complete opposites be blissful to the general public… We are now experiencing how “War is Peace”, and the Ministry of Truth is relentlessly striving for “Freedom is Slavery”. The tragedy is, many will accept it without realising. They’ll even read Orwell’s ‘1984’ thinking, ‘that will never happen’, and will be right in the middle of letting it happen.

    How do we get beyond this? For the health/medical field, I highly recommend a new book, “Beyond Mainstream Medicine: Dialogue towards a new paradigm for health” (by Hardtmuth and House) to give some thoughts and hope for a whole shift in thinking needed for moving forward…

  14. Richard Brinton

    Thank you for this – it is very enlightening! Politicians have managed to raise Orwell’s ‘1984’ motto “ignorance is strength” to sublime heights, where it is of course in perpetuating our ignorance that they keep their strength. They have learned the art and science for how to make complete opposites be blissful to the general public… We are now experiencing how “War is Peace”, and the Ministry of Truth is relentlessly striving for “Freedom is Slavery”. The tragedy is, many will accept it without realising. They’ll even read Orwell’s ‘1984’ thinking, ‘that will never happen’, and will be right in the middle of letting it happen.

    How do we get beyond this? For the health/medical field, I highly recommend a new book, “Beyond Mainstream Medicine: Dialogue towards a new paradigm for health” (by Hardtmuth and House) to give some thoughts and hope for a whole shift in thinking needed for moving forward…

    1. Ben the Layabout

      The NHS pulling doctors and nurses out of its — er, pardon me — creating them out of thin air would do Orwell’s Ministry of Truth proud. One of my favorite (I’m American) Orwell misquotes is: “Good news. Big Brother has increased the weekly chocolate ration from 20 to 10 grams.” [It would go perfectly in the world of “1984,” but he didn’t say it. I checked. I have an e-book version.]

  15. John

    Lies, damned lies and statistics. If a politician’s lips are moving, (s)he’s lying. If the lips are not moving, (s)he’s thinking about what lie to tell next

  16. 186no

    Dear Dr K, “NHS falling to bits”; agreed but this disintegration has been evident for decades, exacerbated by politicians elevating the NHS to a Deity sole for the purpose of seeking votes from gullible people /Treasury geeks seeking to spend less of “their” money. Part of the issue is the gullibility and/or corruptibility of medics – your expose of the extent of how the Pharmaceutical Mafia (which is not all of that sector I readily acknowledge) has bought off an enthusiastic section of “The Medical Profession” is very moot. You know better than most how disastrously badly the NHS has descended into mismanagement hell – it ain’t all about more money – not enough space here to do that justice. GP’s leaving in droves? – good; if “they” haven’t not seen it as existential to their professional status to kick very very hard back against the SARS COV2 scam, as one example, “they” are not worthy. I write as a person whose life was damn near ended thanks to an incompetent GP prescribing a drug which was a massive factor in a subsequent extremely acute health event – survived by me, only barely, with latent issues not going away. Same GP = senior (part time ) partner now; GP practice is the local , publicly at least, face of continuing pressure to take toxic spike protein inducing mRNA experimental disaster drugs. At the same time this practice refuses, point blank, to (eg) conduct D Dimer tests as a screen for micro clotting for those who are jabbed. This, for me, is exactly the same form of “institutional” misinformation/malpractice and because this same GP practice have suckered their patients into huge quantities of ABs/SSRI/Statins, they are, imho, 100% culpable by both action and inaction. If a thicko like me can read, over many months, sufficient independent information to understand that SARS COV2 is THE medical scam in human history, entirely cooked up by the US Military/Intelligence communities, hijacked by people like Daszak/Gates, with the connivance of the CCP, which even the MHRA have now admitted is a chimeric, GoF enhanced non naturally occurring virus designed to harm humans, why cannot “highly qualified” medics do exactly the same – or does their NHS Pension Scheme membership really colour their judgment that much when this topic is a “Forum” item on Do these idiots not know who Cole, Burckhardt, McCullough, GvdB, Iaonnides are, or are they just “not bothered” ?
    Yours, extremely, and irretrievably, pissed off.

  17. nestorseven

    Doctoring facts and data is the underpinning of the entire medical establishment from A to Z. In their case, none of the lies they tell us are true. Excellently presented Dr. Kendrick.

  18. lorrainecleaver7

    The sad part is, many decent, burnt out doctors have already left in droves, the remaining ones were happy to take the cash for vaccinating the population with an emergency use authorisation jab with little safety data. I can’t get over the fact they’re still asleep to the fact A.I. will be replacing most of them shortly. Can’t say I’m sorry for them, although A.I. won’t serve us well at the population level. Dystopia.

  19. Robert Dyson

    I did wonder how it could be true but didn’t have the time to give it thought. Thanks for this explanation. As you mention GP training takes 10 years, and so with many other jobs training takes time. After so many years of cut backs we don’t have the workforce to sustain the country in the future with all those high skill / high wage jobs (or those that could exist). Children must be the most important investment we make for our future yet I read that schools will have to cut staff and have bigger class sizes because the money will run out before the end of the school year. Anyway we will be deporting many skilled, robust and resilient young people to Rwanda – and it will be called foreign aid.

  20. Mark Heneghan

    I write this approaching the end of my first month as a fully retired GP, something I am enjoying very much. I have decided to stay on the register until August 2023, in case I uncover an urgent need for quick money, in which case I can do some locums or out of hours work. Not likely, I’ll admit, and by next August I should know better how I feel. Most others that have recently retired have stayed on the register for a bit, just in case. My point is, that apart from the doctors reinstated without their knowledge or consent, doctors in my position will be quite a significant number of non working registered doctors.
    The other point that you make about doctors/1000 patients is that very few of these work full time, that is 5 days a week. For my part, for the last 4 years I worked 6 sessions a week, or 3 whole days. Adding up the hours of early starts and late finishes, plus meetings and admin. done at home easily added up to about 38 hours for 3 days.
    So the public have been sold 2 lemons – the ‘official’ number of doctors has been inflated.
    And this does not mean a doctor available for the whole 5 days (never mind 7) of a working week.
    Oh, and by the way, doctors that work less than ‘full time’, whatever that means, do not do it because they earn so much they don’t need to work more (I’m looking at you, Daily Mail), but because they get so knackered and going part time is better than full retirement as a solution to burn out.

  21. Jane Kibbler

    There aren’t enough of us to mount a rebellion against the inevitable digital currency and control of our every day lives via the carbon footprint. I’d reread 1984 and Brave New World just months before the Covid panic and once I’d twigged that it wasn’t going to take out 50% of the world’s population (it took me until June 2020) I’ve imagined that we unvaxxed would be moved outside of polite society and made to live in a ‘natural’ community, not controlled by drugs, like the one in Brave New World. I’ve been obsessing over where to go to escape this and how on earth I’d find the energy to farm a piece of land. I used to think how clever Orwell and Huxley were to have come up with prophetic works and then someone suggested I look into their family connections and beliefs – eugenics included.

    1. Frank c

      I think a lot of people back then were in favour of eugenics. Read what people like DH Lawrence wanted to do to the less perfect (the poor) It’s creepy, disturbing stuff. The Nazis took up those ideas from here enthusiastically.
      When the Nazi death camps were discovered, eugenics wasn’t talked about in polite society anymore, but is getting popular again, God help us.

      1. Ben the Layabout

        Have not really studied the topic,but eugenics was popular in both Europe and USA pre WW II. We didn’t take it to the extremes the Nazis did, killing people, but plenty of “unfit” were sterilized.

  22. Ann

    This is a very interesting comment on a very important topic. If there are all these higher numbers of doctors out there now, why is it so difficult to get an appointment with one’s GP? In July, I was asked by my surgery to make a – non-urgent – appointment. It’s now November – nearly – and I’m still unable to get an appointment to see my doctor. It’s quite ridiculous. I read the other day that if we didn’t booster ‘vaccinate’ everyone under fifty who didn’t need it, we’d have a billion pounds to spend on cancer patients’ treatment.

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      Call their bluff. Ask the GMC for a list of new GPs in your area that you can register with for an instant appointment.

  23. swright590

    Informing the public is all that can really be done. I will certainly post this on line. If everyone here would repost somewhere then the possibility of more folks getting this information goes up. Some may have influence in other medias, the more the merrier. I will endeavour to inform some folks more directly. Not in the least surprised though.

  24. Sasha

    Thank you.

    For some reason WordPress stopped recognizing my email that I always used and I no longer could register to get comments. I had to use my other email address.

    Has anyone else come across this and how did you resolve it? If that’s possible

      1. AhNotepad

        I had to do that a couple of uears ago, or maybe more. I use a new email address o reply to the blog post, then I use the old one ever after so the coloured square thing is the same. The current problem I have had for the last couple of months is a tiny reply window, which does not show a full character height. Hence the spelling mistakes/\.

      2. Jennifer

        I have been unable to access comments in ant order. I am answering this being unable to see my message typing. So, maybe I am posting gobbledegook. I can’t resolve the problem. I wonder what has changed in the last few months? My avita has also changed.

  25. Jennifer

    Thankyou Dr K. for an extremely worrying explanation of how we have been deceived and lied to over the past 12 years. ( Yes…I am making a political point there).
    I observe that many leavers from the NHS have gone over to private work…either into private hospitals, large Care agencies, or setting up a small business by themselves….e.g. podiatrists, dentists, physiotherapists and the like. Probably all educated in the NHS system, but unable to continue working in the NHS because the downward, spiralling, catch 22 scenario of being overworked and underpaid.
    But, the rich still can access these highly qualified professionals, either with their own savings or via health insurance cover.
    I observe excellent care and compassion from all working in our NHS, from the view of needing care for my seriously ill husband, and now myself, after a very difficult year. All personnel across the Service know what is right and proper, but do not have the time allocated to do what is correct. 12 hour shifts (never a good idea when I tried it 25 years ago) have morphed into 15 hour shifts by dedicated staff…the 3 extra hours freely given…maybe that is a nasty twist on the ‘free at the point of need’ mantra I understood was the key to our humane NHS.
    I am in such excruciating lower back pain ( probably developed during my NHS years, many moons ago) that we are reluctantly looking for me to access some of these exit-eers to help me get pain control and physiotherapy in the hope of enabling me to continue caring for my precious husband of 55 years, within our loving home environment.
    Our GPs know what I need…but the politicians, pen-pushers and financiers have made them impotent to access the services I so very desperately need.

  26. Frances

    Thank you for this excellent exposé. It seems there are no depths they won’t stoop to deceive in order to hang on to power. It’s despicable.

    Keep up the good work.

  27. michaelistrulymyname

    Great article, thanks for posting it, even though it makes me angry when I read it.
    At the moment it’s probably OK to say ‘It is time, I believe, for pitchforks and burning torches, and people taking to the streets in protest about the way that this world is going.’ But the time is coming when this could be a dangerous thing to say because of s.21 of the Public Order Bill (as drafted and currently in the Lords).
    I am trying to compile a book called “1984 – a Resistance Fighter’s handbook” but I think I may have to change the title, otherwise I might be prosecuted for incitement.

  28. Cathy

    This is yet one more example why I no longer trust any and all so-called statistics, studies, et al anymore. From any source. About anything. Some folks think I’m too extreme about this attitude; don’t care. Too many reasons for the sources being completely worthless and untrustworthy. I now look at things based on what I see in front of my face, in reality. As for physicians and nurses leaving in droves, I don’t think it’s all a bad thing. They need to start up alternative medical providers. To hell with medical insurance, government involvement, medical boards with their worthless licenses, etc. They’re all corrupted to the core, so that they no longer improve the health of people.

    1. michaelistrulymyname

      Ah, the ostrich solution.
      My wife thinks the ostriches have it right and she also says I worry too much about things I can do nothing about.
      Perhaps she is right.
      But that doesn’t negate Dr. Kendrick’s point that the government is lying about the number of doctors and nurses.
      You’d better hope you don’t get sick during your retirement Raphael.

  29. Mike C

    Thanks for an excellent article once again, Dr Kendrick.

    If a retired doctor is kept on the register of practitioners do they also get appraisal visits from a ‘Responsible Officer’ as you described in an earlier article (

    If not, why not? How many registered doctors are *not* reviewed this way? Perhaps TPTB should publish how many doctors are in the appraisal process instead of how many are ‘registered’?

    By the way who checks up on the ‘Responsible Officers’?

    Drawing parallels with appraisal systems that I endured before retiring, if the appraiser asked me ‘So what have you achieved this year?’ and I answered ‘Nothing. I haven’t done a stroke of work all year.’ then I’d expect to be off the employee list pronto.

  30. David Kidner

    Great post. But unfortunately this issue is only one of many facets of a much larger problem – in a nutshell, that the entire ‘narrative’ spewed out by the media, apart from the usual trivialities and distractions, is politically motivated and deeply misleading. Pretty much all the prominent issues in today’s world are misreported, often radically so. I won’t go into detail here . . .

    My questions are: what effect does this have on our sense of reality and our mental health, if we know (at some level) that we’re being consistently lied to? How do we form a coherent and reliable understanding of the world, when all politically significant mainstream reporting is based around lies and selective omission? How do we find a secure basis on which to base our sense of identity, and of right and wrong?

  31. Tardigrade

    In the 1970s movie “Three Days of the Condor”, Robert Redford asks Cliff Robertson “Do you think not getting caught in a lie is the same as telling the truth”?

    These days, getting caught in a lie doesn’t matter. Either it isn’t reported at all or the source of the accusation is labeled misinformation.

    Perception now trumps reality. Why? It’s a head-scratcher. Presumably people will grasp at any straw to prop up their beliefs, to avoid the pain of cognitive dissonance. It’s the new replacement for religion.

  32. Sarah

    The truth is essential for a healthy society. We must love it and cherish it. We have rejected it at our peril. Thank you for revealing this important truth.

  33. jrbinmanhattan

    Yes! Time for pitchforks and burning torches. But what to put on our placards? I’m struggling to find a pithy phrase that captures it all – fake NHS registration, the entirety of the malfeasance around Covid, the decades worth of lying to us about the links between diet and chronic disease, the plant based con, and the soon to be made up justifications around the introduction of digital currencies. ‘The government is lying to us…about everything’?

  34. Steve

    The problem is that the public really don’t care. They have been told time and time again what is actually happening. And, nowhere was this more obvious than the Covid chaos where the NHS morphed into a single (minor) illness service. Some good people raised the issues but the masses, like sheep, swallowed the obvious BS and lined up to give the clap and laugh at the clown Boris as he partied, screwed, lied and cheated. But, it’s not all down to the government’s corrupt agenda, the NHS and GPs appear fully onboard with what’s happening.
    Why aren’t the people rebelling ? they really don’t care, and it’s going to get a lot worse …

  35. Jan Bansemer

    I am in no doubt, whatsoever, this situation is happening or will happen in Australia,where I live.
    We are just a little behind you I ascertained on a recent trip to your country, which I love to bits.
    At least you woke up & stopped ridiculous mandates re masks & most vx before we did.

  36. David Smith

    // It is time, I believe, for pitchforks and burning torches, and people taking to the streets in protest about the way that this world is going. So very badly wrong. //

    Cynics are people who have tired of caring.

  37. johnplatinumgoss

    Unsurprising as this is it is likely to get a whole lot worse, if the Canadian model is anything to go by. Young doctors over there are dying like flies (80 since the Covid-19 “vaccination” started).

    Dr. William Makis, MD, FRCPC, has written – more than once – to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) without the courtesy of a response.

    The latest letter I have seen which he sent to CMA President Dr. Alika Lafontaine and former President Dr. Katharine Smart, on 15 Oct. 2022, finishes:

    “I implore you again to remember your Hippocratic Oath and your own CMA Code of Ethics, and call for an immediate halt to all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Canadian healthcare.”

    The trouble with pitchforks and burning torches is that everybody today spends a lot of time soaking up and believing the bullshit from in front of computer screens and televisions (including doctors) they evidently think that people even considering taking such measures are conspirators. 80 young Canadian doctors no doubt thought so and went along with the mandates.

    I despair that the world may never wake up.

  38. Cookie

    The problem in today’s Western world is the total control of all our lives from birth to cradle by a system designed to create widgets to serve the corporate/financial machine.

    Independent thought is frowned on…they want acquiescence to the agenda.

    If you go through the university filter system that select the next “high priests” then you can do very well, but if you don’t play the game…then marginalization is your future.

    Those at the top know it’s total BS what they are doing…but they have sold-out , whored themselves to the highest bidder.

    When a crisis comes along like the Ukraine war or the Scamdemic then the system fails because care factor is zero and the more you fail at the top the more you succeed in this dystopian system.

  39. Gary Fine

    If pitchforks and torches are the response for politicians manipulating numbers and lying about available doctors in order to stay in power, then I wonder what the appropriate response would be for Trump and his criminal associates (i.e., many republican politicians) distorting information, manipulating numbers, and lying about election results in order to stay in, or regain, power.

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  40. Eggs ‘n beer

    So the GMC are banning doctors who are desperate to treat patients with dis-approved techniques, but are re-registering those who have no interest is treating anyone? An excellent sequel to Yes Minister’s hospital with no patients episode. The nurses and doctors with no patients. Skewing statistics for decades.

    Call their bluff. Ask the GMC for a list of new GPs in your area that you can register with.

      1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

        It seems mostly due to the fact that approximately one third of them resigned or was fired in the last two years for some reason, but I could be wrong.

        What do I know, I try to stay away from them… 😁

  41. Eggs ‘n beer

    “Namely that we are living in a world distorted to fit whatever narrative those in power are trying to stuff down our throats.”

    Unfortunately the Covid dempanic was merely a warm up act, an intermission for the globull warming narrative. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

    The lies and statistics (“but I repeat myself”: Mark Twain) are so numerous, and after 45 years of development and repetition so entrenched in the human psyche, that I despaired of there ever being any pushback. Already the largest bank in Oz (and probably all the others too, bastions of woke-ism that they are) is offering the service of monitoring and criticising your CO2 emissions based on your spending. “You WILL eat bugs, own nothing and be happy”, as per the World Economic Forum, now supported by the (“hungry people are more productive”) UN.

    So I was astounded to read:

    and from the green perspective

    So maybe the Swedes, who were the only nation to be close to having the correct response to Covid, can lead us out of the climate fallacies too?

    1. Baillsruth

      Eggs ‘n beer. Good on the Swedish government finally a government with common sense. We and all living animals breath out carbon dioxide. So all is stuffed 😂.

    2. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

      I don’t know, it seems that Sweden is used to give people a hint of hope, a cruel joke from our globalist masters.

      It’s true that their response to the latest psyop was better than the average, and now this new government and everything, but I cannot get over the fact that the Viking’s heirs are now a bunch of depressed metrosexual who cannot smile to a woman in a café and who let their country to become one of the worst places to live outside of the usual s**tholes.

      Time will tell.

    3. tonyp

      Sorry, Eggs n’beer, what does “bastions of woke-ism” actually mean in this context? And if you can explain it in plain English, what is your evidence?

    4. David Bailey

      The Swedes just voted in a ‘right wing’ government, and hopefully this is a sign of what they intend to do.

      I do think that in Britain and presumable Sweden, the warmup act went completely wrong from the globalist point of view. In Britain particularly, we saw how useless the restrictions were when the government were poised to re-impose them at Christmas, and then partygate intervened!

    5. David Bailey

      Of course, Sweden has just voted in a ‘right wing’ government. I think we are stating to see results from that.

      I totally agree, the pandemic and global warming are ma

  42. Gary Ogden

    Thank you, Dr. Kendrick. It baffles me how we’ve gotten complete morons in charge all over the western world. We are fortunately having an election shortly, and some heads will roll, but yet, the pharmafia will still hold Congress’ purse strings. The future looks bleak, with all the vaxxine injuries, which no longer can be hidden, and our government having given away so much free money, many no longer wish to work. I fear collapse is what we are facing.

  43. Gts Srh

    Incensed I have just written a rather rude email to my M.P. and asked him to get Barclay to offer an apology for the lie.

  44. Alison Morton

    Have you thought of sending this information to Wes Streeting, the shadow minister for health? If a question were posed in the House of Commons about this, it could expose them for the slimy b…..ds that they are.

  45. Baillsruth

    Love it. Thank you for your sense of humour once again. Enjoying a good laugh again.

    Yes, so many lies told. Just have to listen to the media for a good laugh. So many people today don’t seem to be able to think for themselves. I am encouraging my teenage grandchildren to think for themselves, not believe everything thing they hear.

  46. Baillsruth

    Loved your post. I have a good laugh. Yes we are feed daily lie after lie by the Government and the media.

    I am teaching my teenage grandchildren to think for themselves and not believe all they hear or are told.

  47. alexei

    As an expat, I find many of my old British friends continue to speak of the NHS in reverential tones, convinced the only problem is lack of funding, so many thanks for this vital inside information that I’ll forward on to them.

    Though I think it’s way past time for the pitchforks etc. I have a feeling people over there are still too complacent and resigned to their fate.

  48. thecovidpilot

    Now you have me worried. Will press gangs be returning to American shores to impress health care workers and shanghai them to the UK?

    “Wot? You don’t ‘ave a MD? We’ll fix that. Here’s a shiny new MD certificate for you. No one will look too closely at it.

    Eh, Captain, 25 more and we’ll have a full load between decks.”

  49. Eric

    Didn’t know that Australia and New Zealand withhold visas to migrants with medical conditions

    There seem to be ways to appeal successfully, so in the end, the savings are minimal if any. Canada had similar policies but did away after finding what looked good on paper (in terms of money, not good or humane policy) wasn’t in reality.

    1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

      Why is that wrong? Australia and NZ have a very comprehensive public health system, how can you prevent people applying for a visa just because they are sick and want to be cured for free?

  50. Coo

    During the Gulf War an experiment was conducted in which the world media were embedded into the American military machine to control the message.

    That model has now been expanded to embed -first the west populace- then the world populace.

    Events like the Scamdemic are used to test how thoroughly this project has permeated the population.

    Now the western “elite” are in crisis with the Ukraine war, its been fought so fully behind the scenes by the U.S…because this is existential…this war is threatening to end the post WW2 agenda of world domination.

  51. Alec Evans

    “…which is why it’s fantastic to see a record number of over 1.2 million staff working hard…”

    Wonder what he means…

    Let’s check Merriam Webster…

    : based on fantasy : not real
    : conceived or seemingly conceived by unrestrained fancy
    fantastic new space and nuclear weapons

    : so extreme as to challenge belief : UNBELIEVABLE
    a fantastic industrial complex of steel, coal, machine tools, and other heavy industries

    : marked by extravagant fantasy or extreme individuality

    I rest my case!

  52. Goeff

    The inimitable Dr. Kendrick points out that today, we are swimming in a sea of misinformation, and deliberately manipulated statistics…Same old, same old.

    Same old? For sure. Note the dates.

    “Ours is a problem in which deception has become organized and strong; where truth is poisoned at its source; one in which the skill of the shrewdest brains is devoted to misleading a bewildered people.”

    -Walter Lippman, A Preface to Politics (1913), quoted in The Essential Lippmann, pp. 516-517

    “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day.
    I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who, reading newspapers, live & die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world in their time…”

    -Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 14 June 1807

    You know this only too well; it is for this you rock him to sleep with your lies.

    -Aristophanes, The Knights, 454 BC

  53. Richard Smith

    Absolutely everything in this blog item is depressingly unsurprising. Every aspect of government is based on lies and deception and no this isn’t one side or the other, it’s the entire swamp. The media are complicit. Even though the BBC would like to see nothing more than The Tories’ exposed and ridiculed, they know that they need to be careful not to reveal too much about the deception because the fake news know the politicians (and many others) all at it and their (the media’s) role is to make sure we don’t realise it. Pitchforks and burning torches is indeed what’s needed and we’re getting to the point where enough of us realise this. The point we haven’t quite reached is the one where everyone realises that if they turn up with their pitchfork, they won’t be alone. This is also the job of the media – to try to keep a lid on this.

  54. Philip Stodart

    Hello Malcolm,

    Regarding your current article, How the World Now Works, or Doesn’t – I wrote this for the Aslef Journal ( I am in the retired members section ) a while back, it’s not medical based, but my opinion
    on the present dilemma the UK citizens face.


    Phil Stodart.

    Whilst The Tory party contemplates a new leader, we should remember that many of the candidate are Johnson supporters, therefore whomever gets voted in, the chances are that we will get much of the same as we have had for the last number of years. I.E. continued corruption and lies.

    It now looks like we will get a Wooden Truss, or the man who aided the banking Crisis, but did very well out of it for himself, Sunak.

    When a system is corrupt as the current UK’s system, there are few answers to changing it. By comparison – if we look historically at Cuba, the Batista regime was corrupt, (supported by the U.S.A. and the Mafia). The only answer came in the form of a Revolution, headed by Fidel Castro, and Ernest Che Guevara.

    The current U.K. regime is claiming on the various media outlets, that the public can vote for someone else if they are unhappy with the Government. Gerrymandering and boundary changes, along with the propaganda machine. i.e. Ministers, the press, the media ( BBC’s room 101 )and social media, may take care of ever seeing a change in Government. Our current Home Secretary is one of the most aggressive in recent years, she has formerly promoted hanging, but know denies this. She is drumming up hate against migrants, asylum seekers, Muslims the French, T race Unions and anyone else that she thinks will keep them in power. The new laws being passed by the UK Government will be able to stop strike action, protests, etc., if it is deemed an annoyance. Patel’s dreams of the UK returning to the death penalty may come true, below is where the Government is moving us, they are removing the UK from the Convention on Human Rights. Legislation we helped too construct post WWII.

    The 2004 13th Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights became binding on the United Kingdom, prohibiting the restoration of the death penalty for as long as the UK is a party to the convention (unrelated to its status within the European Union

    Currenly the new Deportation/Borders Bill, will allow citizens to be stripped of their citizenship and deported without appeal, for the National Interest – whatever that is – or is it the Conservative Party interest?

    One solution lies with all opposition parties too put aside party differences and unite against a Johnson Government that “Dictates” without scrutiny or accountability.

    Following on from mentioning Castro – The UK 30 year rule on Government dealings has revealed the following!

    After the US cut off diplomatic relations with Cuba in January 1961, the British Embassy in Havana functioned as a proxy for US covert action and intelligence gathering against Castro’s government. British operations, undertaken by the Foreign Office’s Information Research Department (IRD), were designed to delegitimise Cuba’s promotion of wealth distribution and too support US attempts to overthrow Castro. Which led to numerous assassination attempts on Castro by the CIA.

    The IRD, a cold war propaganda unit, sought to censure key Cuban officials and even plotted to spread homophobic rumours about Fidel’s second in command and brother, Raul Castro.

    Newly released British files also show that during the 1970’s, the IRD produced forged documents in an attempt to attack Cuba’s anti-apartheid campaigns in Africa. Cuba supported Angola in a fight against South Africa with its white rule ideology – supported by the USA with the same ideology! Thatcher declared Mandela a terrorist.

    We can’t trust this current Government, it looks like passed Governments were not fully trustworthy !

    A delima for the UK citizens, as we slide further to the extreme right, is the only answer a Revolution, answers on a postcard please?

  55. thecovidpilot

    The UMC/professional class lives in a fantasy bubble–the red pill can be hard for them to swallow.

    A lesson for me about communication. My vascular surgeon buddy has pointed out to me that many doctors (perhaps most) have their egos and self-valuation tied up in their MD, so perhaps I should tread lightly as regards anything that might tend to undermine their egos should I wish to persuade them. Or I could take the working class position, that, if they are so blinkered, to hell with them. Are they even persuadable? If Mattias DeSmet is correct, I doubt it.

    I could point out the lie from the FDA that HCQ is dangerous, recently opined upon by Harvey Risch. But these credentialed sheep (no readers of this blog, obviously) would think that I was just advocating for what in their minds is “a disproven therapy,” which I am not. Each time I had covid, I didn’t ask for nor take HCQ. The point is that the FDA gaslighted about the “dangers” of HCQ. The FDA knowingly lied about and continues to lie about the supposed “dangers” of HCQ. Shouldn’t knowledge of this gaslighting cause people to ask why this is the case instead of going wall-faced and moving on?

    There are many other instances of manipulation, lies, fabrications, deceptions, distortions, misdirection, hiding of data, and lack of scientific curiosity and scientific leadership by public health which could be gone into and should be gone into at some point.

    I think that if we are to have any impact, we must undermine the public’s trust in public health, especially the CDC, NIH, and FDA. The benefit will spread far and wide.

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      HCQ dangerous? I’d better let my sister know. She’s been taking it for 20 years for her RA. Funnily enough, she never got Covid.

  56. Roger Murphy

    We need to take to the streets on these subjects..quite how I don’t know ..just no glue ! Malcolm you are a beacon..amongst this mess ..respect to you !

      1. Jeremy May

        (Embarrassible is what Basil Faulty did to his wife.)

        You’re quite right of course. The thing is, they can basically say what they like because they won’t be called out. It’s compounded because they deny having said things despite there being recorded evidence. How on earth do we let them get away with it?

        Also, any difficult questions can now be sidelined because “they will be answered by the Rt Hon Baroness Heather Carol Hallett DBE’s Covid Inquiry”. That won’t report for years probably, by which time the protagonists will be retired (voluntarily or otherwise) and beavering away in their country gardens.
        Sociopaths, psychopaths, take your pick.

  57. ILowe

    You say retired doctors were given back their licence. Good! Keep them! We need doctors with the power to write prescriptions, and the freedom/fearlessness to practice medicine according to their own judgement.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      I fully agree that battling over things that were done during the pandemic will achieving little. However, that is not the real concern. The real concern is that those who made stupid mistakes are now trying to cover up those mistakes, even pretend that they were not actually mistakes, so we cannot learn from them. Indeed, if the current re-writing of history is successful we will make exactly the same mistakes the next time. You will learn nothing until you can admit that you were wrong. I see no signs of this happening.

  58. dodgy geezer

    An early ‘Yes Minister’ featured a situation where Hacker demanded that Civil Service staff numbers be brought down, and Sir Humphrey duly obliged by redesignating staff titles.

    This distortion of the truth has been a feature of human activity for many years now. For really good blatent examples, read any paper on Climate Change…

    1. Jerome savage

      Thank you
      Interviewed recently by ivor cummins, Dr David Bell formerly a WHO employee seems careful about what he’s saying but it becomes clear as the interview continues

        1. Geoff

          Yes, it is, and I basically can’t stand watching vids. This one was well worth the time in that it summarizes key ideas about the scam.

          “We’ve known from the beginning that the response was insane.”

          It was.

    2. Baillsruth

      Very interesting read. Deception certainly hooked people all over the world. But not Sweden and Tanzania (I think it was) good on them.

    3. MarciaT

      Thanks for that link, zrpadyer – I’m forwarding it to my nurse daughter, who’s refused the jab and fortunately, still has a job, although she has to wear a mask (in an office) when no one else does, even though she’s never had the virus and nearly everyone who’s been jabbed has! Sigh.

      1. zrpradyer

        Hello, Marcia, So glad you have a daughter with a backbone – you must be proud and relieved. But the mask wearing! How offensive – tells us more about them than your daughter. Wishing you both well.

        1. Marcia T

          Thanks so much for that. It was really a horrific couple of years for her, during the first of which they kept her on in the ER taking care of covid patients, but as soon as the jabs came out and she refused, they began making noises about letting her go if she didn’t get it. Fortunately, they allowed a “religious exemption” and she’s still there – but constantly reminded that she’s “different” – except when she goes to a party with her co-workers where no one is masked – including her – and they’re all fine with that. The cognitive disconnect (and the censorship) are just exhausting – even more reason to appreciate your kind words, which I’ve sent on to her.

          1. zrpradyer

            I’m humbled! This whole CV-19 event has destroyed so many relationships – and probably on purpose. The weaker we are, the more compliant – which is why I am always so uplifted when I learn of decent, normal human beings like your daughter who decline to succumb! Hooray!
            Btw, I worked in a bureaucracy many years ago where indifference and dimness were rewarded and inquiring minds punished. I would rather sweep roads. More power to your daughter’s elbow – she’s a winner. xxx

          2. Marcia T

            Again – many thanks for your support, which has been thin on the ground, to say the least. I am curious about what you meant by “More power to your daughter’s elbow,” and can’t quite figure out what word autocorrect was correcting . . .

          3. zrpradyer

            Hello again!
            “Power to your elbow” – just an old fashioned phrase to wish the recipient more strength and success for what they are doing.
            I am hoping that all that your daughter has to do is – hang on and continue as she is doing. Eventually, the less bright will catch up with her! Truth always triumphs in the end.

  59. Baillsruth

    Very interesting read. Deception certainly hooked people all over the world. But not Sweden and Tanzania (I think it was) good on them.

  60. Paul Fruitbat

    I wonder if Dr Kendrick or anyone else here has seen Dr Stephanie Seneff’s 80-minute online talk at

    It’s entitled “Glyphosate, Deuterium, Prions And Neurodegeneration”. Some hypotheses that, from anyone else, might seem fanciful – but Dr Seneff obviously has immense knowledge of the relevant biochemistry.

    In her book “Toxic Legacy” Dr Seneff has already presented detailed evidence that glyphosate causes all sorts of diseases – including COVID.

    In this lecture she extends her speculations to the possible harm caused by deuterium (“heavy water”) in the body.

  61. Rick W

    “It is time, I believe, for pitchforks and burning torches, and people taking to the streets in protest about the way that this world is going. So very badly wrong.”
    It’s long past time to translate those “pitchforks” into modern technology

    1. Martin Back

      So how do they explain this…

      Doctors’ strikes and mortality: a review
      “A paradoxical pattern has been suggested in the literature on doctors’ strikes: when health workers go on strike, mortality stays level or decreases. We performed a review of the literature during the past forty years to assess this paradox. We used PubMed, EconLit and Jstor to locate all peer-reviewed English-language articles presenting data analysis on mortality associated with doctors’ strikes. We identified 156 articles, seven of which met our search criteria. The articles analyzed five strikes around the world, all between 1976 and 2003. The strikes lasted between nine days and seventeen weeks. All reported that mortality either stayed the same or decreased during, and in some cases, after the strike. None found that mortality increased during the weeks of the strikes compared to other time periods.” —

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        From memory, a 42 day strike in Israel led to the National Association of Morticians and Funeral Directors writing to the Israeli doctors’ body demanding they return to work ASAP.

  62. Martin Back

    Most of the people I know are vaccinated. I don’t hide the fact I am not vaccinated, and if asked why I say most of the people who die are in their 80s with comorbidities so I don’t think Covid is a danger to me because I’m in my 70s with no comorbidities and seldom troubled by ‘flu, and I don’t trust the vaccine because it hasn’t been tested enough by the standards of ordinary childhood vaccines, especially since it’s an experimental product.

    I don’t try to talk people out of getting vaccinated or boosted. The information is out there, and if they choose to ignore it, that’s their business. Besides which, I don’t see the point of telling scare stories to people who are already vaccinated. They can’t un-vaccinate themselves, and I don’t want to be the cause of them walking around worrying if they’re going to drop dead or get cancer. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.

    Incidentally, there do seem to be many case of new or recurring cancer in my circle, and heart problems as well. But these are people in their 70s, so maybe it’s to be expected. The only surprise was a 47-year-old woman I knew who recently died of cancer. I remember her as a cheerful person, lively and attractive, and the last person I’d expect to get cancer. She worked for an organization that mandated vaccination, so I presume she was fully vaccinated.

    1. zrpradyer

      Thank you for all of your comments – much appreciated.
      I, too, try to avoid frightening the vaccinated – after all, the government/big pharma used that technique to ‘persuade’ the innocent to succumb to the procedure.
      Wishing you a happy, healthy future,

    2. Mr Chris

      M’y wife and myself are in our early 80’s .
      We have no comorbidities, we are each vaccinated, and had no reactions. We have not had Covid.
      I am not sure this proves or disproves anything. I think it is probably the experience of the average vaccinated person. I do not deny or attempt to explain any of the experiences related on here. My aim is to be average as regards my health.

    3. Ben the Layabout

      I agree the mRNA potions are poorly tested and what I’d call “experimental.” But at least one is now officially on the US childhood vaccine schedule*. As with many Pharma and government moves during the pandemic, it’s a curious one: It’s for a brand-name product not available in the US, functionally identical to the emergency use approval (EUA) jab.

      *I cite this as yet another hijacking of trust, just like calling the mRNA gene therapy a “vaccine.” It’s co-opting a trusted term and applying it to a dubious product.

  63. Geoff

    Here’s another article explaing how the world now works.:

    “The healers of today are no longer the heroes of old.

    The healers of today are trained, funded, and accountable to the pharmaceutical industry. That corruption is largely enabled by a system of governmental oversight that is nothing more than an instrument used by the medical industrial complex to approve and sell their products while limiting their liability.”

  64. Sasha

    I would like to recommend the latest interview of Alex Berenson by Joe Rogan on his podcast. It’s on Spotify. For those who are not familiar, Berenson was a NY Times journalist and who later left and moved to Substack. I am not sure if he was forced out because of his writings on Covid response.

    Some time later Twitter banned him for Covid “misinformation” even though everything he wrote on Twitter was factually correct. Berenson sued Twitter, won, and was reinstated on the platform. In the process of the lawsuit, the judge allowed discovery which brought to light all of Twitter’s internal documents leading to the ban. Turns out, there was pressure on Twitter to ban Berenson. Pressure from the White House and from Pfizer’s board member (who used to be an FDA commissioner). Even though Twitter employees kept saying that nothing Berenson wrote violated Twitter’s poliices. Berenson now intends to sue the White House, Gottlieb (from Pfizer) and so on. His interview with Joe Rogan is very good.

    Also, I am reading “Turtles”. It’s a fascinating read. Apparently, Steve Kirsch keeps offering people thousands of dollars to disprove anything that Turtles says and so far no one has taken him up on it.

  65. Tish

    If economies are really to go global, and everyone except the ridiculously rich become equally impoverished (once the richer countries have finished helping the poorer to share any residual wealth), then there can no longer be a justification for not having a cap on income and wealth. Global competition and people with extreme wealth should then, in theory, no longer exist and any excess earnings should belong to everybody instead of the few? Wish I could see that unfolding!

    It doesn’t surprise that the current world climate conference is saying rich countries must give to the poorer. On our way to impoverished equality among the masses (with excess wealth for the dictating few)?

  66. Ricky

    40,000 leaving the NHS, I am not surprised as a Registered Nurse with post graduate certificates I left for Australia in 1986 because we were so poorly paid and nothing seems to have changed in 36 years but with the added stress of working during the Covid epidemic.

  67. Tish

    This may seem quite off-topic but it is all related.

    See you in the metaverse ?

    The techies aim for us to stay at home (no personal cars) with our 3D goggles (3D meta virtual reality gaming headsets – available now). Everything in the real world will be in the metaverse and we can even create an avatar of ourselves and buy clothes and real estate for it, or anything else – with the carbon credits we’ve saved by behaving and not going anywhere. Won’t that be nice for the grandchildren who are already enjoying their gaming? (They’ll own nothing real but will be happy?)

    There can be lots of dreadful behaviour but maybe it won’t matter because it won’t really be real. Won’t that be fun. What lovely ‘people’ we shall be.

    This is proof (if we needed it) that they think we’re stupid. But more meddling with our psychology.

    1. Steve

      Interestingly, or not, this reminds me of the plotlines in the Matrix films and the Bruce Willis film ‘Surrogates’. People retreating to a fantasy world controlled by the establishment. Already, we have people who hide away in their bedrooms interacting primarily with the real world through an electronic device and probably mentally and physically atrophying. The metaverse is the next logical step.
      To misquote Monty Python:
      What’s the point of fighting for the right to have freedom, when we can’t have freedom ? Is it symbolic of our struggle against oppression, or symbolic of our struggle against reality ?

  68. Ewan Millar

    Well done exposing this con. Same for me.I retired 10 years ago and lo and behold I have been reregistered without asking to be. If I was a working doctor I would be rightly pissed off that physicians like me are now back on the register without paying for it even though I will never return to clinical work. The lies of government never cease to amaze me.

  69. Martin Back

    It’s true. We the public are the guinea pigs…

    Experts say that for the public to have confidence in medicines, regulators must be completely open about drug safety.

    “According to a study that was recently published in The BMJ, less than one-third of the regulatory decisions made by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are supported by published research findings or public assessments.

    “According to the researchers, their results, which are based on an examination of drug safety signals identified by the FDA from 2008 to 2019, show that the FDA is either taking regulatory measures on information that has not been made public or that more comprehensive safety evaluations may be required when possible safety signals are identified.” —

  70. David

    Dr Kendrick isn’t alone in occasionally having to face the Spanish Inquisition. So does Dr. Myhill …

    Last month, I read Dr Peter Gotzsche’s 2013 book ‘Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime’. Until that, I hadn’t been aware of the ~1989 SSRIs scandal. So many pills, so little benefit …

    If the mob is busy in the ‘medical’ field, my automatic reaction is that I want nothing to do with it or them. Having learned the basics of how to stay healthy decades ago, I’m probably one of the least medicated people in the UK. Long may it continue … touch wood.

    1. Sasha

      There are two other good books on SSRIs that I know: “The Emperor’s New Drugs” and “Side Effects”.

      “Side Effects” goes into disturbing details on how the data on teenage suicides was being hidden and almost didn’t become known if not for the efforts of a whistleblower and a few brave souls at a NY DA office.

  71. Martin

    I shall send this information to my MP, who was recently promoted to PM
    – Rishi Sunak.

    I’m not expecting anything seismic in his reply, it will be a standardised reply issued by his office at Northallerton along party political lines.

    When I get the reply I’ll copy and paste it back to this blog entry…it may be a while, but I will remember to do it!
    I will attempt to get him to prove that emergency registrations do not account for the increase in Doctors and Nurses numbers and provide evidence of his source.

    I know for a fact, that my sister who retired a year ago, decided to keep her registration in case she got bored in retirement and wanted to return. Now that she knows the joy of retirement, that is out of the question…but she is part of the numbers as it stands.

    I’ve sent the blog entry to an aunt who has a son and a daughter both nursing in the NHS asking if she’d encourage them to print it off and get it posted far and wide. I’m sure with an impending strike, it might fan the flames. Another cousin is also a nurse in the NHS and I’ve forwarded him the same.

    If we all do ‘our bit’…you never know!!


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