We Love Our Heart

6th November 2022

Ivor Cummins and me, and our part in Big Pharma’s downfall…

Ivor Cummins and Mark Felsted are running another conference looking at the causes of cardiovascular disease. I shall be speaking and presenting a few more thoughts. For example, why has the rate of CVD shot up in the last eighteen months? Possibly explanations? I hope you can attend, and you will all hopefully learn something new, and help us in our endless quest to derail the big pharma leviathan – or perhaps scratch the wing mirrors slightly.

Please follow this link, (or click on the image or follow the link below) and help with the revolution.
(Here’s the link https://www.weloveourheart.com/register?affiliate_id=3687882 )

57 thoughts on “We Love Our Heart

  1. Pat the Sceptic

    Will there be a recording? I can’t do those days but am interested. It would be nice to do a bit more than scratch the wing mirrors but I fear that is being over optimistic!

      1. oliverleslie

        This is a a fucking money grab – if you have the cures, remedies, causes etc. for heart disease then just post the dam info. Forget “links” just post it here and now for free – you hacks! Stop toying with the masses – you are no better than the lot of people who have a book to sell or something to sell – if you have the answers just post them. Have a nice day…

        1. Eggs 'n beer

          Supposing they did post just the causes and cures. You sound like a sceptical sort of guy. Wouldn’t you snap back with a few more expletives demanding justification for their claims?

          The advantage of reading the books is that they show the development of the arguments leading to the conclusions of what does, and equally important what doesn’t, cause heart disease. Your brain is already addled by over a century of misconceptions and the books straighten these out whilst proposing alternatives. They don’t cost much on Kindle, although I prefer the physical versions for ease of cross referencing. And rather than prescribing cures, let alone promoting the sale of them, the author leaves it to your own intelligence (which is, admittedly, a risky thing for some people) to determine the best course of action.

          It is already all available for free on Dr K’s blogs, with much additional commentary, but there’s an awful lot of reading there if you’re starting from scratch. Also Dr K’s sense of humour comes over very well in the books; I think they’re worth getting just for the laughs!

  2. Pierre (Scotland)

    However worthy the subject matter may be, I cannot stand the American way of presenting stuff like this. It utterly demeans any sense of intelligent appraisal. For this reason (and despite being a big fan of Dr Kendrick), I will have nothing whatsoever to do with this spree.

    1. David Lonsdale

      I, too, find the method of publicising the event off-putting. And I’m unable to devote so much time to the subject, even though I’m retired. So sorry, Dr K, I won’t be joining in, despite it being an opportunity to hear from medics such as your good self.

      1. andy

        At least it hasnt got any awful puns…. It could be worse!
        “Lets get to the ‘artery of it!” or ‘Whats behind the November 5th clot’?
        (Or indeed ‘The clot thickens’ 🙂

      2. andy

        Poor titles (3) `?
        “British Heart Foundation Police
        See something that doesn’t look right? See it. S’aorta. Sorted.
        Text 80/130”

    2. cavenewt

      There does indeed seem to be a surfeit of exclamation points!! and ALL CAPS.

      As a resident of the US, I apologize for my country’s marketing industry.

      1. oscaretu

        In a quick, diagonal reading, I detected multiple errors (asses => assess, recieve => receive, inulin => insulin, and someone else).

        And what is even worse: the credit card details are not given in a form on a bank’s website, but on the same website where the event is announced. And there is no Paypal payment option. Under these conditions, I am not willing to make a credit card payment.

  3. Andrew Makin

    According to BHF there is only one possible answer: the underfunded NHS cannot cope with the backlog of CVD patients who were too scared to seek treatment after March 2020.

    That could conceivably be the case were it not, er, for the age demographic of this new surge. . . .

    1. andy

      According to the two ladies in the street I overheard recently its all down to them selfish people in the pubs and who went to them football matches.

  4. John

    Sadly, as anyone who’s ever tried the “autocaptions” will know, this type of presentation is totally useless to the hearing impaired, so I’ll be giving it a miss unless there’s a transcript

  5. dearieme

    At least the Covid vaxx means that in a few decades time there won’t be so many codgers dying of heart attacks. Many fewer people will reach codgerhood.

  6. oblongau

    Midnight Australian time won’t suit me. Regardless, I’m confused by the Web site statement, “One Day Online Conference (held on the 19th & 20th November)”. That seems like two days, to me. What Have I missed?

  7. olive oil tree

    Dr. M.K. uses his well proven technique:
    People contribute [with or without fears] to the lengths of the blog. Dr. M.K. do not risk his career, his job, his income.
    Very smart indeed. Reread, if in doubt, what has happened. So, mine credibility = 0.

        1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

          If all you going to do is post insults, then this will be the last time any comment from you will be published. I do ask for people to be reasonably polite and to support statement with some evidence wherever possible.

        2. Joyce

          I would say without doubt, that you are entitled to your personal opinion, as are the rest of us who follow or contribute to this blog. If you don’t like, or disagree with the content, may I suggest you don’t participate in future unless you are open to sensible discussion. P.s. Say hello to Popeye for me.

    1. David Bailey

      Just in case you are in any way open to discussion, I suggest you start by reading one of Dr Kendrick’s books on the subject.

      One thing you will notice immediately is that all his arguments relate to actual research papers, NHS studies, and the like. This was what made me believe him when I first found this site. At the time I was suffering from statin side effects, and one of his books helped me to abandon them with confidence.

  8. Linda Gamble-Beresford

    Dear Dr Kendrick.

    Thank you for the email.

    Don’t we know already? It’s the western diet meat dairy junk food and fish. see:


    Set up by a Dr Michael Gregor who’s grandmother Frances was sent home from hospital aged 65 with end-stage heart disease after four or five heart bypasses as nothing more could be done for her. She was wheel chair bound as could not walk due to crushing heart and leg pain. As luck would have it she heard about a doctor called Nathan Pritikin who ‘treated’ her with a whole food plant based diet. Within 3 weeks she was walking ten miles, yes really! She lived to age 96. This is a well documented case in the USA.

    Regards Linda

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      I think you need more than one documented case. I mean, I could counter that with my uncle who lived to 97 on a diet of white bread, eggs, sausages, chicken drumsticks, well sweetened tea and tobacco. Cabbage boiled into submission with carrots and potatoes, or chips. Fruit? Nah. Walked heaps.

      Or my brother in law who developed rickets because he was fed the Pritikin diet as a child …..

      Personally I would treat with caution a cure-all diet promoted by someone who committed suicide at 70 because his cancer had returned.

  9. Paul Fruitbat

    Dr Shawn Baker (author of “The Carnivore Diet” interviewed by Dr Mercola. Might be of great interest to many of us – I didn’t find a single thing to disagree with. Baker himself is enormously impressive. Six feet five, about 245 lb, and still deadlifts 700 lb (about 4 times the most I ever managed at school). He is also very clever and well-informed.


    1. Paul Fruitbat

      One interesting thing they mention: in the USA, only about 3% of the saturated fat comes in the form of meat. The rest is in baked goods, processed foods, etc.

  10. Sheila Taylor

    I’ve just read this in an essay by Eugene Halliday called ‘Health and Spiritual Freedom, published in the late 1950s. Seems apt to our times.

    “Not long ago it was assumed that all scientists throughout the world were in sincere pursuit of Truth, and that they should pool all their knowledge and new discoveries for the benefit of all humanity. There was much talk then of the integrity of science and of scientists. Now a new mood is showing itself. True scientists throughout the world are shocked. Let me quote from an article in the New Scientist of 19th December, 1957. This article was written by L. J. F. Brimble, Joint Editor of the internationally known scientific magazine ‘Nature’. … ‘It is when man starts juggling with knowledge and “know-how” in order to further his own pet beliefs and faiths or attain his political objectives that the damage is done.’ ‘Especially in atomic physics and other branches of the physical sciences there is now a very grave risk that science will eventually become the tool of diplomatic intrigue and even threat. Indeed, it is common knowledge that in some respects science is already being prostituted in this way. It is on the slippery path, willingly supported in some parts of the world by scientists themselves. …. Good scientists brought up in an atmosphere of comparative freedom to work for the benefit of mankind should now resent being treated like hens in a battery laying eggs over which they themselves have no further control’. These are the words of a responsible figure in the field of scientific literature.

    Mr. Brimble fears for the future of science. There have always been ambitious men, men with ‘axes to grind’ in every field of action. The corruption of weak men who happen to have received some scientific training need not surprise us. Scientists are but men, and men are fallible creatures. We who know this can pray for grace and protect ourselves from falling into error, or to save us from the errors of others. But those unfortunate ones among us who lack security, must be careful not to turn to the wrong source to find it. Good scientists will tell us what science is for, and will tell us to keep our faith in God and spiritual values. Bad scientists, or rather bad men with a scientific training, may tell us that God does not exist. They may tell us that, because God does not exist, the only real god is Science.”

  11. Håkan

    Dr Kendrick

    Can you publish the numbers of CVD here on the blog? It would be very interesting to see how they have ” Shot up”.

      1. Håkan

        Dr Kendrick

        Still, you have written “the rate of CVD shot up in the last eighteen months”. Surely something is behind your words. What is that?

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          http://www.fda.gov/media/151733/download is a source that would probably tend to minimise the issue, but even the FDA say that “Post-EUA safety surveillance reports received by FDA and CDC identified serious risks for myocarditis and pericarditis following administration of COMIRNATY. Reporting rates for medical chart-confirmed myocarditis/pericarditis in VAERS have been higher among males under 40 …. highest in males 12-17 ….. particularly following the second dose ….”

          So when other doctors like Vinay Prasad report an 800 times increase (almost three orders of magnitude) for heart problems, and a Swiss doctor apparently says that, based on elevated troponin levels, every jabbed person has suffered heart damage (I say apparently because the original document is behind a subscription wall)

          Click to access long-covid-pdf.pdf

          there is definitely some validity to Dr K’s assertion. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone after the phase III trial results.

  12. Eric


    While it is true that conventional animal husbandry is probably not good for the planet, the animals, and the humans eating the meat, to my knowledge, pastured cattle are carbon negative and have a much healthier mix of fatty acids.

    It is also true that bio-engineering may be a huge improvement over conventional meat, and I am looking forward to the first 3D printed burger with bio-identical ingredients, these folks are just getting carried away. I sense endless opportunities for the Frankenfood industry.

    1. Paul Fruitbat

      “While it is true that conventional animal husbandry is probably not good for the planet, the animals, and the humans eating the meat…”

      Meat is very probably the healthiest and most essential food for humans. If not for animal husbandry the animals would never have been born. As for “the planet”, that’s meaningless. The planet Earth is a vast ball of silicon, nickel, iron and other elements; it is not alive and really doesn’t care.

      “…pastured cattle are carbon negative and have a much healthier mix of fatty acids”.

      How can you possibly know what “mix of fatty acids” is healthiest? Here’s a clue: could it possibly be true that the main food that kept our ancestors alive for over a million years is fairly healthy?

      “It is also true that bio-engineering may be a huge improvement over conventional meat…”

      Aha! I see what you did there. I might reply that “it is also true that ‘may be’ kept alive only by radioactive emanations from comets”. Anything you care to imagine ‘may be’ true. Since the animals from which we get meat are made of almost exactly the same materials as we are, arranged in almost exactly the same ways, it seems most likely to me that their meat is almost certainly far healthier for us to eat than any lab-created concoction.

      Haven’t you learned anything from the history of inoculation, and the horrible outcomes of the past 2-3 years in particular?

      1. Steve

        “the animals from which we get meat are made of almost exactly the same materials as we are”. Soylent Green anyone ?
        Re. “the history of inoculation”:
        IMO. There are ‘good’ inoculations and ‘bad’ inoculations.
        ‘Good inoculations’ undergo extensive testing before they are approved for use on the general public.
        ‘Bad inoculations’ undergo extensive publicity and very limited testing before they are released under emergency authorisation for use on the general public.
        Lessons to be learnt: Don’t believe what you’re told – the truth is out there.

        1. Paul Fruitbat

          Steve, I wouldn’t be quite so sure about the ‘good’ inoculations. If you look into the history, you find many of the tricks that have been played to push the “Covid vaccines” being used as long ago as Edward Jenner – who was not above talking up the supposed benefits of his vaccine to make money and cover up the harm it undoubtedly did. Polio vaccines? There is no certainty that the disease called “polio” even exists, in the sense that it is caused by the virus called “polio”. Sound familiar at all?

          Read “Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History”.

          There probably are benign and even beneficial inoculations, but before accepting any it would be sensible to do the research and weigh up the pros and cons. Yellow fever inoculation before going somewhere it is endemic – yes. But these “routine” inoculations that have no good reason other than to keep Big Pharm’s profits rolling in… not so much.

          1. Steve

            Paul, hence my use of quotes around ‘good inoculations’. Similar applies to ‘bad inoculations’.
            Bottom line is there is so much we don’t know that we used to believe that we did !

  13. phillip tate

    I found this on Google, I don’t know,what it means, Dose it mean that cholesterol can penetrate the endothelial wall,hears what I read and is it true

    Does LDL cause endothelial dysfunction? Oxidant stress resulting from chronic elevation of plasma LDL-cholesterol (LDL-chol) is a major contributor to both endothelial dysfunction and its complications, for example, through alterations of endothelial nitric oxide signaling.10 Mar 2014

  14. Phillip

    Is this true malcom I’ve never heard of plasma LDL Oxidant stress resulting from chronic elevation of plasma LDL-cholesterol (LDL-chol) is a major contributor to both endothelial dysfunction and its complications, for example, through alterations of endothelial nitric oxide signaling.10 Mar 2014

  15. Phillip

    Hi dr malcom kendrick, Can high ldl cholesterol of 7 be dangerous if I ha e high blood pressure I myself don’t thin k so but I am getting my blood pressure lowered as we speak.
    But have been advised to take statin as high cholesterol can be dangerous with high blood pressure

  16. phillip tate

    Dr malcolm I have been told that now I am on blood pressure tablets . Because I have cholesterol of seven that I am more phone to heart attack is this right I myself don’t think so but would like it confirmed


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