COVID19 vaccination

25th October 2022

I have been somewhat quiet recently. I have started about ten blogs, then got bogged down …. possibly blogged down? Then stopped, and started again, then tore it all up – metaphorically.

The problem is that I have been looking at COVID19 vaccination.

There is much to say, maybe too much. However, one treads a very fine line here. I liken it to walking along a cliffside, in the dark. At any point you can make a small mis-step and plummet to your doom. Or, perhaps it is more like being in the trenches in World War I, knowing that at any point, a sniper could pick you off.

Yes, it is true that WordPress doesn’t seem to care much what anyone writes. Good for them, I say. So, I can write pretty much whatever I want. But the rest of the world watches, waiting for the slightest mistake. At which point you shall be denounced, then silenced, in all other outlets. If this happens, the vast majority of people stop listening to you. ‘Oh him, he’s one of those anti-vaxx nutters. Don’t listen to a word he says.’

Yes, I know there is a large community out there who do not follow the mainstream narrative. Those who know there are – or certainly may be – some significant issues with the COVID19 vaccines. In particular the mRNA vaccines. Speaking to them is easy, gaining their support is easy. They cheer you on.

However, there is no real point in reaching out to them, enjoyable though it may be. It is preaching to the converted. The people that I would really like to get at are those who firmly and absolutely believe that mRNA vaccines are highly effective, absolutely safe, and that everyone should be happy to be vaccinated. Along with their children.

The people who are also very critical of those who do not get vaccinated [I have had three doses, but I shall not be having a fourth, unless things change dramatically].

How do you reach these people? How can you even begin to get them listening to anything you have to say?

To give one example of the problem of starting a discussion. I posted a link in a discussion forum on the website (a website that can only be accessed by UK registered doctors). This link discussed some issues with vaccines. It didn’t seem, to me, to be hyper-critical.

However, I got a message from the moderators informing me that if I attached links to any information critical of vaccines, again, they would remove me from the site. This was my final warning. No discussion.

More recently, the post below was published on the same site. It was in response to a twitter comment which followed an interview with Dr Aseem Malhotra:

‘This is a disgraceful interview with this self-publicising charlatan and hypocrite. He says that “until proven otherwise, it is likely that Covid mRNA vaccines played a significant or primary role in all unexplained heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias, & heart failure since 2021”.

That is so grossly irresponsible and untrue It staggers me to think he can be allowed to say this and remain a registered medical practitioner.’

The post I have duplicated here was published by a doctor who works, full-time, for a pharmaceutical company. Something he, surprisingly, failed to mention as a potential conflict of interest. Others piled on in support of him. Many of them agreeing that Aseem Malhotra should be flung off the GMC register forthwith – which would render him unable to work as a doctor.

I suggested that, perhaps it would be better to engage Dr Malhotra in debate, rather than attacking him as a charlatan. At which point I was attacked. In my opinion, if you find yourself being attacked for suggesting that it would be a good ideal to have a debate, it is not difficult to work out which way the wind is blowing.

I have discussed vaccination at my local sports club. At which point, almost everyone takes on that silent, arms crossed look, if you mention you have some concerns about vaccines.

They don’t debate the issue, because they can’t, because they don’t know anything other than what they have been told by mainstream media. But it is clear that some of them now see me as a bloody anti-vaxxer. Even if I say nothing more than, ‘I have some concerns.’

Yes, to ask for debate, or to dare express some concerns, is to be labelled an anti-vaxxer.

This is a very high barrier to overcome. I have tried irony. ‘Oh yes, I am absolutely one hundred per cent in favour of COVID19 vaccines. I think everyone should have them four times a year. Pregnant women, children from the moment they are born. No exceptions at all. Yes, these mRNA vaccines have been fully tested. It is clear that they are one hundred per cent safe and one hundred per cent effective. Yup, I cannot see any problems with them at all.’

Response. You are taking the mickey and you are an anti-vaxxer. I claim my prize.

I have also tried saying absolutely nothing at all. I still got accused of being an anti-vaxxer because I did not enthusiastic agree with criticising someone who was believed to be an anti-vaxxer.

Maybe I should just attend this meeting ‘The New Frontier of RNA Nanotherapeutic. Monday, October 24, 2022 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Hybrid Conference’:

‘The RNA vaccines against COVID-19 mark the beginning of a technological revolution that will transform the way we treat disease and restore health. “The New Frontier of RNA Nanotherapeutics” presented by the George and Angelina Kostas Research Center for Cardiovascular Nanomedicine, will feature a discussion on the events that led to the RNA vaccine breakthrough and preview emerging RNA Nanotherapeutics. Advances in the design of RNA constructs to improve stability and translational efficiency will be presented along with the leading-edge developments in nanomedicine to improve delivery and tissue specificity. The potential of nanotechnology-enabled RNA therapeutics to enhance health is virtually limitless.’

Any doubts I have will evaporate …. maybe.

Anyway. The answer as to … how can I even start a discussion on mRNA vaccines without being shot, falling of the edge of cliff, or being silenced, continues to elude me. Farewell enlightenment. Hello dark ages.

Science, to me, is debate. Science is attacking ideas from all directions. No exceptions. Those ideas which cannot be destroyed may turn out to be correct. But, if an idea is considered sacrosanct, with anyone questioning it condemned as an unbeliever, then we do not have science. We have religion. So yes, in my opinion, vaccines, and vaccination, have become a religious belief. No evidence needed.

Scary. Anyway. If anyone has any good ideas about how a debate can even get started, without descending into anger and accusation … please let me know. It seems beyond me. The end.

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  1. andy

    If anyone ever wonder what it must have been like to live in pre war middle europe in the 1930s then they will know now sure enough.

    1. Mark Walker

      Dear Dr. Kendrick,
      Excellent post, sir!
      Firstly, kudos for caring so much about the millions of souls who’ve been taken in by the propaganda that’s been churned out so widely and so continuously over the last 2+ years regarding these jabs.
      Secondly, well done for recognising that normal methods of rescue very seldom work in this type of situation. (Well done too for having the humility to ask for advice on workarounds.)
      The key to this problem (apart from the use of one or more ‘nom-de-plumes’ so as to keep your reputation, career etc intact) is to ‘meet your target audience where they are’. What I mean is this: You need to start out by pretending to fully share their position. Once they’ve decided you are on their side, they will let their guard down, and you then have the chance to subtly start rubbing the varnish off their faith in the jabs. These people have literally been brainwashed, so one is merely ‘casting pearls before swine’ if one instead takes a conventional, frontal approach.
      If the above sounds like hard work, please don’t fear, as I’ve already done the work for you. I’ve spent the last 18 months carefully crafting a script for a documentary that will systematically walk even the most ardent pro-jab person to a point where they wouldn’t touch the jabs with a bargepole. The first (13-minute) part of the video itself is already complete. Please drop me a line and I’ll send you a link to it.
      All the very best,

        1. Mark Walker

          Hi Robert.

          Reading between the lines, it sounds as if you’d like to see some bona fides, so here’s an article I’ve written that should put your mind at rest that I’m legit. (Admittedly I’ve used a pseudonym for it, but the website cited at the end – once I’ve populated it – is the accompanying website for the film.) Btw The article is extremely relevant to Dr. Kendrick’s blog post here.

        1. Mark Walker

          Many thanks for your enquiry, Mark. Here’s a summary of the approach I’m taking in the film:

          I basically start by saying to viewers, “Do you have anyone in your personal circle who have long been seriously critical of the Covid shots? If so, and if you’d like to help them become less, rather than more, estranged from you (after all, if you do nothing, there’s a very real danger they could turn into full-blown extremists opposed to *all* vaccines), then this film is for you. To rescue them, we first need to understand the reason(s) for their opposition to the shot. As we’ll see, their refusal to take it isn’t down to selfishness.”

          This then gives me licence to list lots of reasons why jab-sceptics/skeptics are so unhappy about the jabs – or, more specifically, why they don’t trust what the authorities have to say on the topic. (For the purposes of this film, I’ve restricted the list to 3 overarching categories of reasons for this lack of trust – i.e. (a) The fact that the powers-that-be have a history of not appearing to have much genuine care for ‘Joe Public’, (b) The fact that the powers-that-be keep going on about wanting a “sustainable” world, but only sterilization of the majority of us could realistically achieve their aim – and Covid shots could be the mechanism used for this (N.B. Towards the end of the film, I also point out the fear among skeptics that the jabs might actually be designed to reduce the global population in a more, er, direct fashion – it’s vital not to push my target audience too far too quickly), and (c) The fact that the powers-that-be have sometimes handled the Covid crisis in very odd and suspect ways.

          I’m afraid I can only release the script, or the video in its current form, to people who have a demonstrable track record of loving the truth and opposing the jabs. I can’t release any material to anyone else,because otherwise I run the risk of it falling into the hands of my opponents and giving them a huge head-start in terms of finding ways to stop the public from seeing, and attaching weight to, the film – just as happened with the documentary ‘Plandemic II’.

          If you know of anyone other than Dr. Kendrick who fulfils these criteria, by all means let me know. I need some modest support to get me through the next 4 weeks in order to complete the film. I’ve largely funded myself up until this point, but am running out of resources.

          Thanks tons in advance for all advice and info you can offer.

        1. Mark Walker

          “I’m looking forward to watching the film when it is released.” Many thanks for this word of encouragement, Rebecca. I very much appreciate it. (Sorry I couldn’t reply to the message directly, but I can’t see a “Reply” link attached to it.)

    2. Hannah

      I’m a historian of Nazism and I’ve always struggled with this on an emotional level but I don’t struggle any longer

    3. David Lowe

      Sometimes an unpopular but strongly held argument has additional weight if presented with a larger historical context to back it up: For example many who would argue the merits of universal indiscriminate vaccination programmes as a routine preventative medicine for every human being on earth, argue for this in the context of the general trend of the eradication or decimation of many diseases around the world owing to prevalence of the “miraculous” medical innovation of vaccination.
      However, can we be so sure that it was the vaccinations that lead to improved health outcomes, especially in developing countries which have also seen such transformative improvements in sanitation, access to clean drinking water, and other medical treatments? There are so many other factors that could have combined to result in better health generally and the eradication of many ailments, other than vaccination. It’s possible I’m wrong on this, but the point is that this type of contextualizing leads to the examination of a topic from different angles, and is a good way of kick-starting a debate when something is popularly perceived of as “case closed”.
      A further context may be that never before in history has a vaccine, “miraculous” or not, been so coercively foisted upon every age group regardless of the proportion of benefit they might receive from it. Perhaps the MMR vaccine, for example, was a good thing on balance, but the general public didn’t receive anything like the kind of bombardment of manipulative messaging, guilt-tripping and incentivizing to take it as we see today with the latest set of novel mRNA vaccines.
      There are all sorts of angles from which we can get people reconsidering alternative viewpoints on so called “settled science”. Nicolaus Copernicus was not too popular the geo-centrist majority of his day, but it turns out he was onto something! And there’s more “heretics” or “Copernicuses” out there (even in the scientific community) than you might think, they’re just languishing behind a veil of acceptability, terrified of being persecuted for their views.

  2. Maureen Berry

    Oh, Malcolm, I so love your work!

    But, I do blame you a little bit for weakening my resolve about the vaccine. Not entirely, I probably would have had it eventually as the prospect of not seeing my French grandchildren for 2 years was never going to happen. Those of us who seriously doubt the narrative need to step up! Right now most of my friends are booking in for their 4th (thankfully we only had 2). I must know at least 6 people who, within a week of getting another booster, got Covid! Yet so many don’t question it at all. A friend of mine is proudly boasting that her 4 year old grand-daughter gets it this week! Can they not read? Insanity!

    Keep doing your best. Poor old Aseem Mulhotra is taking quite a beating at the moment! How much of the NHS budget is being wasted on this nonsense! Crazy times!

    1. pete wright

      Yes many people “get Covid” soon after their bosters, and I believe it’s down to one of two mechanisms …. firstly their immune system is temporarily degraded so they can catch the virus easier, but secondly I believe the jabs GIVE people Covid, how could they not? They instruct the body to self produce the spike protein, a major part of the virus, (some might say the most important part), so if that’s not giving someone the virus what is it?

      1. Ddwieland

        The “anti-vaxxer” label is simply an intentional insult and doesn’t require that the labelled person be opposed to vaccines in general. In Canada even our mainstream media has been guilty of applying that label to the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy truckers, most of whom were actually vaccinated.

      2. Ddwieland

        I doubt that mRNA vaccines can actually give a person COVID or we would see far more of it. But there’s no doubt that they impact the immune system, impacts about which we still have much to learn. Except for a couple who were on a cruise ship at the beginning of the pandemic, everyone I know who has had COVID has had more than the two shots I’ve had.
        I’m a very healthy and physically active 77-year-old. I haven’t had even a cold since before the pandemic, but my level of exposure to airborne infections is very low (in retirement). I’ve decided that 100% exposure to booster shots is at least as risky as possible exposure to COVID.

      3. Gary Krew

        The first bit you are correct on. All vaccines (these are not vaccines) down regulate your immune system several weeks to a month after having them so you are susceptible to any type of infection. Everything i have read and i read lots and watched lots is suggesting that every time someone is injected with these experimental gene based drugs their t cells are becoming inactivated. There is also suggestion that natural killer cells are becoming inactivated. So the second bit where you say the injections are producing the virus i disagree with.

  3. Rod Daigle

    Lobotomize the believers as they are not using their brains anyway? Sorry, I dont think there is anything we can do to change their minds or even open their minds a little. Rock solid stubborn for the most part, and afraid of course – fear is the poison.

    1. karenwatcher

      It is the same with the climate change ‘science is settled’ debate. I am not only apparently an anti vaccer despite having had it (against my desires but I had them) I am also a climate denier, I am no such thing. I don’t believe that humans are the cause of climate change. Indeed we have much to answer for in terms of pollution but can you have a debate about this? No.

      1. QuickFang

        The climate has always changed.
        They re-branded it from “Global Warming ” because the climate isn’t warming.
        The Polar Bear population is booming no matter what David Attenborough says.
        Dr David Bellamy refused to play the game… and got “de-platformed” very early on.
        C02 is crucial to plant life.
        Electric cars are a con.

          1. QuickFang

            And humans were apex predators and ate mammoths, elk, deer, fat and offal.
            Now they want us to eat grass and bugs and say it’s for our own good.

        1. Dennis

          Yes, electric cars are a con if you buy them thinking you’re saving the planet.

          But, the instant and persistent torque on Tesla dual motors is more fun than you can poke a stick at!

  4. Jeanie

    Hi Dr K hope you are well?
    I think you are chasing your tail here ,trying to get any kind of logical opinion across to the smug superior vax groupies is a waste of valuable air so why bother.
    I like to follow yourself and Dr John first I found him very irritating because he seemed part of the “closed shop gang” but as time went on he,like yourself questioned more and more and he now has to be so careful in his wording of everything now but again, like you ,does put up some very powerful discussion points along with the relevant data to cover his arse basically just in case the powers that be get upset with his reasoning.I think in my humble opinion that you should both just keep doing what you’ve been doing and with the utmost care and the people that matter will read between the lines and get the gist of what your trying to get across,putting yourself at risk from these morons does no one any favours,be sneaky be selective in airing your opinions I think you’ve more than done your bit to try keep us all safe and healthy don’t you?.take care x

    1. Rosemary Jones

      I agree with your comments about John Campbell. I have followed Dr Kendrick and John Campbell for a long time,
      I did have 3 jabs, rather unwillingly, but I needed to travel abroad. I’m being pursued to get a booster but with the current information I will not accept.

      1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

        Dear doctor, you are – again – struggling to communicate something without openly saying it with this post.

        I believe I understand what you are trying to do, and I immensely appreciate it. I don’t know you if not by your blog and books, but I love your ability with words and subtlety.

        As for the debate, I’m convinced that most vaccinated people do realize their mistake, but they can’t find a way to admit it without loosing face and also admitting to themselves that they most likely did themselves harm.

        Me and my family aren’t vaccinated, never even tested, never worn a mask, just lived as usual. Last time one one of us went to a doctor was over 15 years ago before we switched to a clean ketogenic diet.

        All of our friends have been sick, some repeatedly with “covid”, several with cancer (especially lymphoma) two with thrombosis, two MS, two dead of heart attack, one suicide.

        Either my friends are a very at risk category of incredibly and statistically impossibly unlucky people, or something is wrong with the jab. I don’t really care.

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          I think you are the problem here. Clearly being your friend puts you in a high risk category. I have the same issue with female relatives. Mother had MS, sister RA, wife half a brain tumour (that is, half a tumour of the brain, not half a brain), daughter had CF and developed POTS after her first and only Pfizer jab, the only person in the family desperate enough (job reasons) to take it. She has since become a vaccine questioner. I worry for my granddaughter!

          I told her it would have been better if she hadn’t looked so happy in the photos, but there wasn’t time to take any others.

          Charlie operated on my wife’s tumour, there’s no way we were letting the butchers of Brisbane at it, and the outcome was, and eleven years later continues to be, excellent. Naturally he is hated, vilified and banned from operating in Australia because of his success. No good deed goes unpunished. People are dying because of the actions against him by the AMA etc. 60 Minutes (channel 9) did a hatchet job on him last Sunday, but he did get a chance to refute the allegations on A Current Affair last night.

          1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

            I watched him yesterday on one of the morning shows (I was at the gym, otherwise I wouldn’t watch anything like that, but series of 5 with 3 minutes rest…), they brought a couple of sad stories and Teo said: why only two? Our failure ratio is 5%, there are a few dozen more botched surgeries out there, but there are also hundreds of people still alive because of me.

            I remember when, 5 years ago, he quit the charity for brain cancer citing the vast amount of money used for “administration”, and I thought: well, his career ends here, some things you can’t talk about.

    2. offshoretinker

      I find him irritating in that he is a PHD doctor, not a medical doctor. He was a shill for the vaccine as soon as it hit the streets.

  5. lorrainecleaver7

    I wish I knew Doc. It’s like levothyroxine/gold standard/the science is settled, all over again. I’m now of the opinion those who need to hear it are paralysed with fear and will do anything but listen. Those who need continued ignorance will stop at nothing to silence dissent.

    1. Yosef Stern

      Between 2011 and 2016, levothyroxine prescriptions in the USA increased from 23.8 million to 114 million prescriptions(wikipedia). Was there a 500% increase in hypothyrodism in 5 years?

  6. Helen Knight

    A very interesting and poignant point of view.

    Having investigated health related patient safety incidents for quite some time, I am astounded by the culture of opaqueness whilst professing transparency within the medical and associated professions!

    You are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, but since you have had 3 of the vaccines I fail to see how anyone can legitimately call you an anti-vaccer … oh well perhaps with the exception of those who stand to make massive profits from all of us falling into line for a jab!

    1. Ddwieland

      The “anti-vaxxer” label is simply an intentional insult and doesn’t require that the labelled person be opposed to vaccines in general. In Canada even our mainstream media has been guilty of applying that label to the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy truckers, most of whom were actually vaccinated.

  7. Leigh Gold

    Join the club. I am now looking forward to the time we can be vaccinated with Cadbury’s Roses. You know, they grow on you. That should take away the craving for chocolate. Better than any mRNA vaccine by far. Oh, by the way, I speak with a lot of experience, the first jab gave me tinnitus after 2-3 days which lasted 6 weeks. The 2nd jab resulted in subdural haematoma within a week and hospitalisation. Diagnosed as Vaccine Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopaenia, I am lucky to even think about Cadbury’s Roses.

  8. Cathy Bell

    Trying to convince vaxed and boosted covidians is an exercise in futility. I have fam members with the same “anti-vax” mentality you describe. I have given up, but keep my fingers crossed that they make it ok.

    I am on the same page as you and Dr. Malhotra. However, I am not vaxed, and have not been since I was 6 years old. I have a robust natural immune system and rarely get sick. I am 60-ish. If I do get sick, I am on the early treatment bandwagon and have my kit ready.

    I know about censoring. I was booted off twitter for discussing vax shedding, something that’s right in the pfizzzzer documents they tried to hide for 75 years. Wonder why?

    Keep on with your work and your blog. You drs. who are not afraid to read, discuss and debate have been an invaluable asset to us knowledge-seekers. These quackzines have not been properly tested and I won’t go near them. Look for me in a quarantine/naughty-girl refusenik camp.

    1. DeeDee99

      I could be your twin. Female, early 60s; unjabbed. I’m slim, fit and look after my own health. I very rarely consult the medical profession about anything.

      My sister and her husband are triple jabbed (maybe had 4 now). They’ve both already had Covid twice. In the last 6 weeks my brother-in-law has had an unidentified virus which took 4 weeks to get over and now – only two weeks later they both have Covid – so that’s the third time.

      I only know one person who died of Covid. I know multiple jabbed people who have had strokes, heart attacks and cancers – and one developed a severe liver problem which required two operations to correct.

  9. Sue Waddle

    Spot on! It’s the cancel culture in action and medicine is superb at « ghosting » questioners of the status quo. Please don’t stop being that questioner.


    Quite a poignant piece Dr Kendrick: your angst and frustration is genuinely heartfelt. Interesting with your view that questioning science without debate transmogs into religion. I think that it’s a fair hypothesis. History shows us this theme way, way, back, and still we do not acknowledge or learn. This leads me to the conclusion that we can only continue as-is. We’ll still have modern-day equivalents of ducking stools, extreme zealotry, and Torquemada wannabees. Meantime, us mere peasants and empaths can only bank on our altruism, compassion, and truth. Which also means that you need to continue on your quest Malcolm, for which we are grateful.

  11. james

    Dear Malcolm, I don’t think you have to prove anything to anybody after all the years of informing us. Yes, of course you will often talk to the converted. But so what. As it happens, there will always be the ones who don’t want their beliefs questioned. No matter how you fight or disagree, it won’t do a whole lot of good to your own sense of what is or isn’t right. So be it.

  12. Antonetta

    We are living in dark ages. Doctors, are generally silent and/or complicit. In my town they are mum. A mirror image of society at large, I hold out hope that eventually the people may wake up. All these sudden deaths… and many so young! I am doing me best to get them at least wondering, at the expense of losing “friends”, and luckily gaining also some new ones. You write you were thrice vaxxed. Presumably you are serious. I remember you battling prostate cancer. Have you ever wondered or tried to check if the V may have any relationship to this? An increase in cancer has been reported by doctors, but i am sure you are fully aware of that. Do keep hope. All we can hold onto in these dark times is each other.

  13. John

    I honestly don’t know how it can be done. In the days when flu vaccines were new, we were all tested before being injected. I was always allergic – every year – and told not to have it, so I never have. Then, many, many years later, I read the relevant Cochrane report and saw that it was not particularly effective anyway. So I still didn’t have it, even though, when working in agriculture, I had a tet tox every year. So I made sure to read what info there was on the new cv19 injections – looked as though there was a higher chance of having bad side effects from it than from the disease, so I didn’t have it. And I’ve seen that just as many people who did have it have had the disease (and more of them seriously) than those who didn’t. So I’m glad I didn’t. But that’s all just hearsay and anecdotal.

  14. MGJ

    Easy for me to say, I know but…

    I fear there is no middle ground here. It is either speak the truth and be damned or withdraw from the fray. These people are persistent and never give up. Your Wikipedia page has you as a marked man and they’ll go back literally years to find something you said, remove all context, and portray you as a…(take your pick of the usual insults).

    So short term there’s a lot of downside. But long term – maybe after you’ve shuffled off this mortal coil – nobody will remember the idiots hurling the abuse. Truth and virtue though can have a remarkable shelf life. When it comes to outliving their detractors, think Jesus or Socrates.

    Winston Churchill summed it up nicely: ‘So you have enemies? Good. At least you stood up for something, sometime in your life.’

  15. Marjorie Daw

    Fear and censorship combined have led us into the dark ages. Robert Kennedy Jr. said that fear destroys the ability to think critically.

    Yesterday my family and I visited a museum. The space was cavernous and we were the only visitors, yet we were told we had to wear masks. I questioned why this was their policy. I was told,”we are very strict here,” as if that explains it. I was asked if I would like to speak to the person in charge. I said no, because what good would it do to speak to someone whose brain has been hijacked and who has lost the ability to think critically.

    I hope a reader can come up with an answer to get us out of this mess.

    1. shirley3349

      In some ways it’s worse than the dark ages.

      There used to be, in academic circles anyway, students who would take it in turn to be “devil’s advocate”, whose job was to put the case against Christian doctrine in theological debates. Books were both rare and expensive, so most teaching at the time was via the spoken word.

      I do not know if anyone ever got into trouble by presenting the devil’s case too well within this recognised framework. But I dare say the instructor’s wrath was normally reserved for the students who could not defend orthodox beliefs with the usual, time-honoured arguments.

      Maybe, a similarly structured debate would once again allow all sides of the argument to be put openly, and enable genuine discussion to take place.

  16. David Smith

    // If anyone has any good ideas about how a debate can even get started, without descending into anger and accusation … please let me know. It seems beyond me. //

    I wish I did. This has been an awakening for me. I knew of course that humans were like this – knew it in the abstract. But now I’m enmeshed in it, drowned in it. Now I *know* that the human mind is like this. Well, that’s good. I’m grateful for the lesson.

  17. hugh scorgie

    I recently had supper with a couple, who had both recently had covid. One of them told us proudly that he had a particularly mild experience which he was convinced was as a result of his vaccination. I quietly said I ‘wasn’t sure’ the vacine did much at all, which sparked a loud verbal attack – ‘How could you possibly?’ and ‘you’re sounding like an anti vaxer to me!’ My friend was a Guardian journalist. I expected him to be more open to debate. I mentioned Christine Stabel Benn’s ‘all cause mortality’ studies at the University of Southern Denmark, at which point his partner wanted me to look at things on his phone… it was all terribly uncool
    Your post has made me feel quite a lot better about it – thank you!

    1. andy

      YOur mistake was to take their bait. Zip it. They were too stupid to debate with, you knew that the moment they started virtue signalling to you. Let it run over you…. and take time out with your friendship. The alternative was what you have now, which is a sad end to a friendship.

  18. Graham Duncan

    This is one of the saddest things I have ever read on this blog, but not unexpected. We live in a world now where whoever screams the loudest while simultaneously virtue signaling and smearing those holding differing views, with no acknowledgment of nuance, wins. The bigger the topic, the worse the smears.
    The institutions are corrupt, including the NHS, and once that happens the truth gets smothered for corporate gain. Big part of the issue is that most folks trust “authority” , critical thinking is a rare trait these days.
    Sadly I have no idea how to beat this system in an impactful way, although I find when talking to my friends and relatives, the best approach is to drop seeds/nuggets of info but not have a debate, if they think they changing their view themselves, they are far more likely to change it. So now, I never debate big issues held like religion, I merely drop info bombs and refer them to twitter posts or YouTube content, so they can make up their own mind. This is where your content is so valuable, without it we laymen have nothing to refer our friends and family to. Without the references its impossible to change someone’s mind who looks to authority for truth.
    If each of us can change the mind of 2 or 3 other people, then we will return to enlightenment.

  19. Richard Smith

    As usual you’re absolutely correct. The subject of vaccination has, even more since mRNA and Covid jabs than it was before, become devoid of science and synonymous with religious practice; thou shalt not question the word of the lord. But you knew this, you have been questioning the diet heart hypothesis for years and been denounced with similar religious fervour for daring to question another medical commandment. I seem to be able to detect when the propaganda machine – that works on subjects other than medicine too – is over selling a particular narrative and overly aggressively attacking alternative opinions. For me it’s always obvious when there’s a deliberate take down in progress and generally it means that the idea, thing, person being promoted is an indefensible tissue of lies while the alternative is good, right, defensible etc. Orange man bad!

  20. Steve

    I fear that until those august bodies the Daily Mail and the BBC come out and have an honest debate on Covid and the Vax and maybe ask: were we lied to ? Then sceptics and the confused are on a hiding to nothing.
    Best to keep your head down, protect your loved ones and watch the purges continue. Retribution will come.

    1. Jerome savage

      The Daily mail & the BBC are not getting paid to be honest. Too much dirty pharma money floating about – its called marketting

  21. Sue Dean

    I’m not a doctor or a scientist…but I am more and more concerned about the way debate about current issues…whether they are medical or political … is actively discouraged or shut down. I don’t know what the answer is apart from to keep going. I debate with my friends and my family…perhaps a limited sphere of influence but the only one I have.
    So, just keep going. I know many people who are refusing the booster jab…and, weirdly, my local medical practice send me reminders every other day. Strangely silent about most everything else to do with health and staying healthy!
    Best wishes

  22. Patricia Brown

    There won’t be a debate because everyone except the already sceptical has painted himself/herself into a corner from which there is no exit other than self-immolation. Amazingly the US is doing it better.

    1. robert butt

      As Mark Twain put it many years ago:

      “It is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

  23. AhNotepad

    Thanks for the post. I think ther is not much point in trying to get to the ones who believe what they see on the BBC. Most of the people that read your blog you have already persuaded. The others are possibly 77th Brigade. The jabs are of course highly effective, but then Norman Fenton explains that even a placebo is approaching 70% efficasy.

    1. Martin Back

      The solution is to ignore any infections in both the vaxxed and unvaxxed groups during the two-week period while the vaccine takes effect. Only count infections after that period. Then the efficacy calculates out as 0%, which is what it should be.

      This is only possible in controlled trials where you have a definite start date for the vax and control groups. In real-world observational studies you would need to decrease the unvaxxed infections by some factor to compensate for the effect Prof Fenton points out. What that factor might be would depend on the prevailing rate of infection and percentage vaxxed, but is beyond my abilities to establish.

      Also interesting is his point that if unvaxxed are tested more frequently than vaxxed, it skews the results in favour of the vaccine.

  24. Jim B

    I hear you and you are (IMO) 100% correct. My solution was to simply give up. Discussing the CV19 jabs (I refuse to refer to them as “vaccines”) is like trying to convert the Pope to Buddhism. You just have to live your life with what you know, or at least believe to be the truth, until someone can positively debate your belief and prove otherwise. Best of luck to you.



    1. Jeffrey Zervas

      “(I refuse to refer to them as “vaccines”)”

      You beat me to it. The definition of “vaccine” must’ve been changed to accommodate the jabbers and I will not accommodate them.

  25. Owen Simpson

    You are not alone in this view.I also have had three doses and have decided not to take another until more answers and transparency are made available (not much hope of this I’m suspect)
    Enjoy your Blog and your bookThe Clot Thickens.Hope your treatment is going well.
    Owen Simpson

  26. anglosvizzera

    The whole situation seems impossible to resolve. Dr Malhotra is determined that the huge influence of pharma on public health, regulators, governments etc is exposed but they are very powerful and the information about Covid, vaccines etc that gets to medical professionals and those associated with such people is strictly controlled.

    I spoke to a “retired” nurse at a friend’s house yesterday who had returned to work to help with the vaccination program. From what she said she had no idea whatsoever that mRNA vaccines are any different from “normal” ones, that any existing/new vaccines were/are never intended to prevent disease, insisted that the product in mRNA vaccines “is meant to go straight to the spleen in order to produce antibodies” and that aspirating before injection is totally unnecessary, even for these technologies (despite John Campbell PhD – known as “Dr John Campbell” on YouTube – getting extremely upset about this once he found out!) She said that there is no evidence that they cause any harm at all and that they are fully-justified because they definitely (?) stop severe Covid-19 and Long-Covid, even though I pointed out that most of the people I know who had accepted this “technology” had been “diagnosed” with Covid-19 several times, whereas those I know who are unvaccinated and have had Covid-19 once, have mostly only had it the once.

    Also, she had never heard of “gain-of-function research” (and didn’t believe that it happens when I explained what it is!) nor of The Great Barrington Declaration, when she asked what else could’ve been done to avoid Covid deaths before the jab roll-out. She had no knowledge of IVM or HCQ, nor the importance of “vitamin D” status or zinc status. The only thing she said that exonerated her, in my opinion, was that she refused to vaccinate children, once that started up. We had been having a good chat about all sorts, knitting, growing our own food etc until the subject changed to “Covid” – and then her tone morphed into that of a typical “nurse” trying to educate me out of the obvious “misinformation” that I must have acquired from dodgy social media sources!

    That’s the sort of thing we’re all up against. The indoctrination that goes on in medicine became obvious to me in the late 1970s when I started training as an NHS diagnostic radiographer and tried to ask questions about things that didn’t make sense to me. Logical debate was something that was impossible to have with most doctors I encountered and, later on in the “naughties” when I worked in both private practice as an administrator/secretary and then in an NHS hospital, the problem was even worse!!

    Good luck!

      1. anglosvizzera

        The nurse was the neighbour of my friend, so not actually “my friend” but, yes, she must have been living under a rock. What makes it all worse is that her husband is a retired A&E consultant (retired early so not elderly or anything) so he surely must be hearing worrying stories from his old colleagues, one might imagine!

        1. Leila

          I don’t know, I think a lot of Doctors must be genuinely clueless. My sister works in ED in a hospital and she happily got her 3rd booster because she was told it was more protective and she hasn’t seemed to noticed anything worrying or joined any dots with regards to vaccine injuries or heart trouble etc. I think a lot are oblivious and just go with what they get told

  27. gypsyrozbud

    Dear Malcolm Thank you for continuing to question the mainstream media! Yes, science has always involved debate, but it seems now we are back in the Dark Ages and the Inquisition is upon us! Here in Canada it is particularly depressing as the politicians seem to have become the High Priests of the new “Religion”. Anyway, there are a few lights of hope (for which I am always searching in the darkness!) Here is one….. > > An opinion piece from a vaccinated Australian writer, that is equally relevant in NZ. > Yes its long, but I hope that some take a few minutes to read, it’s profound and wise. > And it makes me wonder about the truth of those early reports of the pandemic around the world …. how much did the media manipulate us and why? > > > > “If Covid was a battlefield it would still be warm with the bodies of the unvaccinated. Thankfully the mandates are letting up and both sides of the war stumble back to the new normal. > > The unvaccinated are the heroes of the last two years as they allowed us all to have a control group in the great experiment and highlight the shortcoming of the Covid vaccines. > > The unvaccinated carry many battle scars and injuries as they are the people we tried to mentally break, yet no one wants to talk about what we did to them and what they forced “The Science“ to unveil. > > We knew that the waning immunity of the fully vaccinated had the same risk profile as others within society as the minority of the unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution. > > You see we said they had not “done the right thing for the greater good” by handing their bodies and medical autonomy over to the State. > > Many of the so-called health experts and political leaders in Australia admitted the goal was to make life almost unlivable for the unvaccinated, which was multiplied many times by the collective mob, with the fight taken into workplaces, friendships, and family gatherings. > > Today the hard truth is none of it was justified as we took a quick slide from righteousness to absolute cruelty. We might lay the blame on our leaders and health experts for the push but each individual within society must be held accountable for stepping into the well-laid-out trap. > > We did this despite knowing full well that principled opposition is priceless when it comes to what goes inside our bodies and we let ourselves be tricked into believing that going into another ineffective lockdown would be the fault of the unvaccinated and not the fault of the toxic policy of ineffective vaccines. > We took pleasure in scapegoating the unvaccinated because after months of engineered lockdowns by political leaders blinded by power, having someone to blame and to burn at the stake felt good. > > We believed we had logic, love, and truth on our side so it was easy to wish death upon the unvaccinated. > > Those of us who ridiculed and mocked the non-compliant did it because we were embarrassed by their courage and principles and didn’t think the unvaccinated would make it through unbroken and we turned the holdouts into punching bags. Lambie, Carr, Chant, Andrews, McGowan, Gunner, and the other cast of hundreds in prominent roles need to be held to account for vilifying the unvaccinated in public and fueling angry social media mobs. > > The mobs, the mask Nazis, and the vaccine disciples have been embarrassed by “betting against” the unvaccinated because mandates only had the power we gave them. > > It was not compliance that ended domination by Big Pharma Companies, Bill Gates and his many organizations, and the World Economic Forum… It was THANKS to the people we tried to embarrass, ridicule, mock and tear down. > We should all try and find some inner gratitude for the unvaccinated as we took the bait by hating them because their perseverance and courage bought us the time to see we were wrong. > > So if mandates ever return for Covid or any other disease or virus, hopefully, more of us will be awake and see the rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our well-being and is more about power and control. The War on the Unvaccinated was lost and we should all be very thankful for that.” > –


    1. Dana

      Let’s not forget the threats from Qld. premier Palaschuk and her CHO now promoted to another level of incompetence. The current governor of Queensland, former Chief Health Officer of Queensland Jeannette Young, was sworn in on 1 November 2021.

  28. Laura

    Regrettably you can probably only weigh in when you have nothing to lose. I.e after retiring so they can’t revoke your licence. A bit like Robert Lusting going after sugar properly once his university department’s income was not dependent upon what he voiced in public.
    I am booked in for my next booster, but I shall follow your advice from a while ago, and take 1g of Vitamin C daily for several weeks before and after, and hope for the best. And continue to intermittent fast and so on….
    For what it’s worth, I have read all your books and am a big fan and extremely grateful to you for everything you try to do in the name of honest science.

  29. Carolyn Trammell

    I find it ironic in this age of massive amounts of information and the means to convey it, there is so much misinformation in all areas. Have we lost our morals? I lost my morale when I realized everything appears to be influenced by public relations and money. It is as if we don’t want to know the facts about anything. We just want to look good. If we can’t see how dangerous this is, then what is a person to do?

  30. odiprose

    It’s certainly a difficult ask and one many of us face. I myself have people in my family who I can easily talk to about it because they have similar views including medical professionals.

    But when it comes to the family and friends who are devout members of the Church of Vaccinology, it’s just an unwritten rule that it never gets mentioned. I have my view, they have theirs. They think I’m an idiot for remaining unvaccinated despite being a healthy 30-something year old man who’s already had covid and had zero difficulties with it. I feel nothing I say, do or studies I link to could possibly change their minds. Their choice has been made.

    I often joke that the heads of Pfizer, Moderna, AZ and J&J could all announce tomorrow that the covid vaccines aren’t safe and still these family and friends wouldn’t listen because it’s blasphemous to their new found religion. Hey-Ho, this is the world we now live in.

    1. andy

      I was warned by my relations last Xmas not to mention my refusal to accept the injection-agenda. But I had to listen to the mother in law ranting on, about those such as me, for ten minutes…amidst worried family.
      I made a my-lips-are-zipped action and got a huge laugh. I felt I had the high ground.

  31. Jaime Jessop

    You can’t debate these people, not from a scientific standpoint, because they have abandoned science, either for belief or for money. You can’t even debate the believers from a religious standpoint, because their belief in the One True Vaccine God is absolute and they will not entertain any doubts expressed by other religious sects, agnostics or atheists bearing witness to false prophets or no prophets. Those agnostics and atheists who bear varying degrees of witness to no prophets (the so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’) are also slapped down firmly by the Clergy of Big pharma who bear witness only to big profits. You just can’t win. All you can do is keep putting the truth out there in the form of actual science and data. Along with the growing piles of the dead and severely injured, the truth will eventually speak for itself and the Truth will show no mercy to either the believers or the profiteering shills who have erected and sustained the mRNA ‘safe and effective’ edifice.

  32. Vivien Harkness

    Hi.. Dr.. Kendrick. I read all your blogs and I am so glad that you continue to do so even at your own risk … as for debating this is extremely difficult when I see friends and family who have either there own mind set or trust too willingly… all of us thinkers can do is continue to speak out as caring human beings! Kind regards Vivien M Harkness(Mrs)

  33. Carole Elliott

    Latest from the GP I have followed closely in the UK. He has written extensively on Statins. He doesn’t like them. Rick found him years ago when he was on statins.

    Interesting little newsletter



  34. gillpurple

    I am horrified and disheartened that you are now being attacked by those who should not only be upholding everyone’s right to free speech but vigorously defending it too. All I can conclude is that the reaches and influence of commercial interests are now endemic. I also object strongly to the derogatory language/labels which now seem to have been normalised and accepted without question e.g. anti vaxxer – and which are now one of the tools to shut people up. What a world we live in. No willingness to be open to a different view. So much for progress.

    I don’t have a suggestion about how you can continue, Malcolm, and I hope others may have some creative ideas about this. I am sorry that you’re having to put up with this.

  35. Robert Dyson

    Yes, I have discovered the same. I note:
    1) The Covid in Scotland inquiry is not going ahead (for now, probably never).
    2) The UK Government declined an Inquiry into COVID Vaccine Safety.
    I had a comment removed in a place that I did not expect it, though I understand. I guess because I expressed anger at the corrupt suppression of early treatment protocols.
    The resistance to any debate is immense, $billions immense. I have accepted that I am not responsible for fixing the whole world. I think more people have wised up than may be visible but keep quiet because they don’t want to be ostracized. It will all come out in the end but may take years. Best wishes to you.

  36. Stefan

    I don’t have heroes except perhaps for those who try to help others use their brains to think critically.

    Maybe because of the alcoholic parent, and watching in fascination and horror the ongoing denial, life long, no matter how bad the outcomes.

    Anyway, some suggestions: the works of Suzanne Cook-Greuter, Robert Kegan, and maybe Spiral Dynamics — i.e., developmental psychology, or why 60-80% of the people are at mythic-membership stage and just find safety in conformity.

    But credit also to Ken Wilber’s pre-trans fallacy, where pre-conventional views and post-conventional views can seemingly be aligned simply because neither are conventional-conformist. Which is how an anti-forced-vaccination march can contain both “the globalists are drinking baby blood” beliefs and “the enlightenment and WWII make clear that each individual should have informed choice”. Basically, it all makes so much more sense when you have a developmental model, or at least I find that.

    And also, Wilber’s multiple lines of intelligence model, for how you can have people who are extremely clever (like doctors) yet also seem to fail at ethics.

    Alas, not sure that helps with the “how to get along at the dinner party” or the “how not to get struck off” dilemmas. Somebody somewhere seems to have spent an awful lot of money in organising this narrative, after being sold on the idea that mRNA is the software platform for every major medical advance and profit centre for the next century, just get the body to manufacture anything you need.

    Pity they happened to pick such a toxic protein for their global launch.

  37. Mike C

    Many thanks for this Dr Kendrick.

    The clinical trial has been started using a very large subject group. It’s not been well designed but we may still be able to gather and analyse the data to gain knowledge.

    It is very tempting to try to stop the experiment on ethical grounds but we must hold on to the thought that we (those who have concerns) are not to blame for the outcome. People who have concerns are in a minority, judging by the uptake of the vaccines.

    I think Dr Malhotra’s view, as presented in your blog, is unlkely: There are two other obvious candidates for the ‘significant or primary role in all unexplained heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias, & heart failure since 2021’. They are of course, the damn bug itself and the stresses caused by lockdowns etc and their economic impacts.

    I think the only sensible course is to keep gathering the data and keep pointing out where it is ‘interesting’ in as many ways as possible.

    My personal guess (it is no more than a guess) is that the Covid vaccines will be shown to be net beneficial in terms of numbers of deaths and those suffering ill-health. I also think that it will be shown that they should not have been given to those at lower risk.

    It will probably take a decade or two to reverse the current consensus. I imagine the 2042 Wikipedia (or equivalent) article talking about the damage the Great Covid Panic did way back in the early 2020s.

  38. Gary Ogden

    Thank you, Dr. Kendrick. I think it will come. Not in the form of a debate, but by the weight of the evidence of harm and negative efficacy. This has become vast and undeniable, and lots of the public are aware of it (uptake has collapsed in the U.S.). Our election in two weeks will mark a sea change, and in January there will begin investigations up the wazoo. Eight top officials in our current administration have been compelled by a federal judge to be deposed, under oath, in an expedited fashion. This is simply unprecedented. While the lawsuit is primarily about government collusion with tech to censor dissenting voices (an egregious violation of our most sacrosanct 1st Amendment), two of the plaintiffs are the two American authors of the Great Barrington Declaration. I worry about you folks in the UK. While both of our governments are thoroughly corrupt, I think your political system is more broken, with Klaus Schwab, jr. (formerly of that beacon of generosity and truth, Goldman Sachs) as your new PM.

  39. holidaycornishcottages

    Try “Together” or GB news but I guess your putting your head out on a string but at least GB aren’t main media. I find it incredibly frightening the total lake of questioning by so many. Brain washed doesn’t cover it. I questioned it all from 3 weeks into lockdown and haven’t & won’t be, going near a jab re Covid. Will question any other new ones from now on too. WEF, Bill Gates, Fusci, klaus have a lot to answer to.

    1. Paula

      GB news have been fearless. They really have stuck to their mission to bring in diverse voices and foster real debate and on so many issues they have been vindicated. Ofcom haven’t got to them yet and I bet they’ve tried. Mark Steyne has covered vaccine injury relentlessly on his show. What I really like is that they keep their sense of humour and remember that there was a time when people used to watch TV for entertainment. You should reach out, they would definitely find a use for your dry wit!

  40. Angela

    I think we’re all having similar problems. I’m finding it more successful to do one liners. e.g., at yet another mention of somebody being unexpectedly found dead I say “it’ll be the vax, there’s been hundreds like that”. I notice a thoughtful pause. Be careful to understate. (Don’t say thousands of them). Leave the conversation.

    1. QuickFang

      The “Awake” (not “Woke”) comment for any sudden death in fit and healthy people is “Climate Change”, which is shorthand for vaccines.
      It’s one way you can recognise each other without immediate ostracisation from the dedicated followers of the Covid Cult.

  41. Neil Upton

    Sudden death in younger people is either on the increase or getting more publicity. I wonder what has changed in the last few years

  42. Jan

    Malcolm, are you saying that you did have 3 vaccinations? If so why did it take you this long to realise that there was a problem with them? I was sceptical from the start. It was all too rushed and they were so eager to get these things into every arm. There is so much evidence out there that they wanted all along to have a universal flu vaccine that every single human had to have injected. Maybe I am just one of those people who just don’t trust any drug company’s so say about any of their products, considering the amount of times they have been had up for fraud, corruption and all sorts of things and paid huge fines over the years. Do they suddenly turn into angels when it comes to vaccines? I wish they, the opposition, would have the guts to at least debate the issue. But of course they don’t want to because they know that you and others would win the argument hands down.

    1. Debbie

      And Bobby Kennedy says exactly that, with their history of fraud with drugs do we think they suddenly found Jesus when it comes to vaccines. He has been asking for a debate for years ,much like Kary Mullis with the pcr to Fauci. They wont because they no they will lose. Del Bigree has been asking CDC to do a vaxxed vs unvaxxed study on children for years and they have said outright that they won’t. It definitely is a religion and if the online safety bill goes through you will be considered a terrorist for even questioning it!!

  43. John Collis

    Good Afternoon Dr. Kendrick, The issue as I see it is that it has become polarised, either pro vax or antivax. The latter seem to blame every ill on the vaccine whereas the latter tend to minimise problems. Any attempt to follow the middle is seen as a betrayal by both extremes. This is why I had to sever ties with HART as I could no longer propose any alternative viewpoint. When a view becomes entrenched then it does become religious dogma, and is not dissimilar to the church’s view of Copernicus and Galileo, this applies to both sides. There are issues with mRNA and the AstraZeneca vaccines without a doubt, but the same is true of other “traditional” vaccines. You only need to look in the BNF for possible side effects of the MMR. Smallpox vaccination is known to trigger perimyocarditis in recipients, the US military have this vaccination following 11 September, as do the Finnish. This is where the problems with confirmation bias enter, those vaccines are not as bad as the CoViD19 vaccines.

    It is the relative scale of these compared with the risk of the disease. The other problem is that both VAERS and the MHRA yellow card system is that anyone can now report an adverse effect without any indication of whether there’s a causal link or not. For example, a thirty year old develops Guillain Barre Syndrome 48 hours post vaccination, reports this as an adverse event, completely ignoring the fact that they had a viral gastroenteritis two weeks prior, which could have precipitated the GBS. Certainly the VAERS prior to a few years ago required that an adverse event be reported by a physician who was convinced there was a causal link.

    I have had my fourth vaccination the other week and I had an “adverse effect” that I reported to MHRA. The adverse effect was that my blood sugar some 10 hours later was significantly higher than I would expect, I am type 2 diabetes. My BM was higher than 11, which would be cause for concern and should have prompted a test for DKA (I’m on empagliflozin which can trigger DKA). However, this is also indicative of an innate immune system response. I had to report it such that both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients should be made aware of this and to monitor their BM, to ensure that they don’t go into DKA or HHS. This was a clinical decision based on my experience and knowledge as a nurse practitioner. Best Regards John Collis retired nurse practitioner PGCert advanced practice, BSc Hons (nursing), BA Hons (open)


    1. Jerome savage

      “latter seem to blame every ill on the vaccine whereas the latter tend to minimise problems”
      2nd latter to b replaced by “former” i take it.
      “Any attemot to follow the middle ground” –
      Not a realistic lead in as 95% of the mainstream media seem to be on a pro jab payroll and to get critical coverage we have to dig often deep. So the coverage is vastly skewed in favour of conglomerates with a track record of false marketing for which pfizer & j&j have been fined billions. Its unlikely that the so called anti vaxers hav the marketing budget that the conglomerates have – in fact its not even a thought.
      We want to believe you John but at this stage it’s farcical and I for 1 will assume you are there to “influence” & “nudge” public opinion in the direction of acceptance of bill gates dream- ie everybody will b vaxinated – we will have “no choice” – dr quack bill with so much money in so many vax pies.

  44. John

    Well said. Have you followed John Campbell’s content on YouTube recently? For a long time into the pandemic he was very pro vaccine, with the caveat that he believed aspiration prior was important.

    However, as the virulence of Covid has waned, and more evidence of side effects have emerged, he has created a string of good videos discussing (within YouTube guidelines), examples where the vaccine side effects appear to warrant further investigation.

    His method is primarily to quote other sources, which seems to be working.

  45. Jane Mann

    When you work out how to get this across, please let us know. Agree totally re: religion. One must believe unquestioningly, or be an outcast. The (rather unusual) school I went to, taught us to question everything. It has now closed down… Thank you for your insight. Jane

  46. Terry Moore

    Thank you for trying over and over again. Yeah a religion it certainly is with all the same mind control techniques.

    I was good to see you post again after so long.

  47. Baz

    This is what works – i ask for permission to speak. Warn the other person that what I am about to say is not of the consensus. If they don’t give permission – don’t speak. For whatever reason, this is effective. It forms a contract of understanding. Most who give permission are happy. Sometimes the recipient will react (I know someone who died of covid! Etc). If this happens I say, ‘look – I’m not trying to convince you that what I’m saying is true. And I’ve already warned you that this would be non-consensus. I’m just showing you my perception of things. I’m really grateful that you agreed to hear me out.’

    1. Jeffrey Zervas

      If they say, “I know someone who died of covid!,”I ask them how they know that. Most squirm.

      I love it when they respond that their “someone”had a positive PCR test since I can then inform them that the PCR procedure is a technique, not a test, and that the inventor of the technique, (Mullis), not only said it was not to be used as a test, but that he convenitently met an untimely death shortly thereafter.

  48. Jerome savage

    The words of one soviet era politburo infkuencer back in the day, with his finger on the propaganda pulse, reflected on the inability, no matter what evidence was supplied to the contrary, of a population reverting to pre propaganda mindset despite a prolonged period of that population being fed the truth – indicating that they were now resistant to further education on the subect.
    Professor Mattias Desmet who speaks of “mass formation” (population conditioning) suggests that the best we can do is to enter a doubt in the people’s minds & to weaken the hypnosis. The hairline cracks in the hypnotic ice might develop & lengthen & at a time unspecified- just might result in a traumatic glacial type crash. Might might might .!!
    To a stranger who doesn’t identify me as an “anti vaxer” , I will attempt to shift that glacier with a calmly relayed throwaway line like “this covid 19 thing is the biggest racket in the history of the world” & if pressed might support that with a few undisputed facts – the latest being what jannine small of the fizer crowd said in EU, that their concoction was “never tested for transmission”. I will revert then to the weather or the price of coal or some unarguable trivia before I melt back in to the population. Might the general population then be seen to hold that view ? Good question.

    1. andy

      There is an experiment where rats are given a shock when certain coloured foods appear. They become rightly wary of it.
      Reinforcing then a positive, but opposite effect, with the same coloured foods will reverse the effect on the rats . But should the old shocks reappear with the coloured foods..then the reaction will be quickly re-established and reversed..
      Re-educating a brain-washed group may help, but it doesnt eradicate the effect only so much as pasting over. And so it’s not really resetting the brain to back to neutrality .
      ie These cult members are now screwed.

      1. Jerome savage

        Well it’s possible the soviet politburo lad (minister for indoctrination- maybe?) was givin to a big of exaggerating or maybe rats hav a better grasp of reality than homo sapiens. Given the past 2 years etc etc…….!

      1. Jerome savage

        Interested in ur comment which suggests he is behind the times, not up to date so to speak. But hav people changed that much in 75 years ?
        Its a mere snapshot of our evolutionary history is it not –
        or am I missing something ?

  49. George Shaw

    Your comment ref the fanatical quasi religious nature of the attachment to covid vacs is unfortunately reflective of other aspects of our society and politics in the west. I have often remarked to my wife that since the widespread loss of belief in Christianity in the west we appear to have replaced that faith with a widespread brainless, fanatical and intolerant attachment to, for one example, the “science” of climate “catastrophe” and calling any dissenter from the various budding orthodoxies a denialist rather than attempting to debate or argue a case. I can only hope that our societies find a way to reverse this pernicious trend. Western society appears to have forgotten the difference between argument and abuse and a dangerous form of a new totalitarianism appears to have arisen.

  50. Steve Bohn

    Dr. Kendrick, I do not know if you are familiar with this group, but they have a fairly well established community that is focused on exactly this topic: How do you break through to the people who have a religious belief in the vaxx? They discuss a lot of techniques for this. I haven’t found any sure fire way that works all the time, but the biggest benefit to me is helping keep my sanity when surrounded by all the vaxx religious fervor.

  51. Bill Robinson

    All my life I got a kick out of how
    many people have gotten married multiple
    times. Each time they think it’ll be different.

    I think of the vaccines the same way.
    It’s funny that you say you’ve been vaccinated
    3 times, yet you won’t do it a fourth time.
    WELL, NOW I understand!

    The ministers know that people will keep
    going back to the church and tithing.

    1. A H Reis

      I understand MK. Being skeptical of mRNA vaccines does not mean outright rejection. We must evaluate the cost/benefit of taking the vaccine. As a precaution I also took the 3 doses, but I will not take the fourth, because it is clearly unnecessary, it is only supposed to protect against variants that no longer exist, or that are harmless. The herd who was frightened by the Gods will obediently take the fourth dose!
      And, no one else talks about the fantastic and protective AstraZeneca vaccine! In fact, it wasn’t fantastic, it was useless, except to fatten AstraZeneca’s bank account.
      Medical totalitarianism treats citizens as stupid people who have to be guided in health matters. This is unacceptable in the 21st century. It is an attitude similar to that of Religion in the Middle Ages. Also at that time the Church imposed a firm orthodoxy for the salvation of believers! Now medical totalitarianism intends to impose the same thing on free citizens, who have scientific knowledge, who can judge for themselves the cost/benefit of a particular therapy. And one of those free citizens is Malcolm Kendrick, who I love to join in this fight!

  52. pete wright

    I’ve come to the conclusion that at this point people have largely made their minds up and short of a family member keeling over with the booster syringe still in their arm they’re unlikely to change opinions now, that is, unless the mainstream media tell them something’s wrong with the narrative. That, I believe, would change minds, but nothing short of that

  53. vermontresident

    Thanks Malcolm! When you question the vaccines you are questioning the very foundations of WESTERN CIVILIZATION and people just can’t handle it. To question doctors and MEDICINE and EXPERTS and Govt is to undermine everything these people believe. It is a religion and you are suggesting there is no god. THEY KNOW there are problems with mRNA shots, but the GREATER GOOD demands that those issues be ignored.

    Please get yourself a SUBSTACK BLOG so we here in the comments can interact with each other (and you!) so more easily. It’s so much fun! Check out the blog there of “Coffee & Covid” for example. This Word Press is so cumbersome.

  54. Kadu Flyer

    This is making me think, so thanks as ever to the Doctor. I survived for at least 55 years without a huge battery of vaccines, probably had polio/diptheria etc in the early 1960s, but went to measles, mumps and chicken pox parties later on. Working for the NHS in 2017 I was told that it was compulsory for me to have the MMR, and it made me feel wretched for weeks. Then we started on the regular flu jabs – never needed them before, so by the time C19 jabs came along I’d been well softened up to accept regular vaccination. The C19 jabs have also made me feel rotten (unless it’s passing 60). And despite 3 jabs I still got Covid and it has lasted 5 weeks. (Don’t tell me – the vaccines saved me from hospital admission and certain death). I shall be refusing any more C19 jabs and I have declined to become “An NHS Flu vaccine hero”. I pointed out there is plenty of literature (not Wikipedia) that shows that the Flu vaccine is never any better than 60% effective, sometimes less than 10% – and repeated vaccinations reduce those less than confidence inspiring figures.
    Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated?
    Fresh air, vitamins, hand washing and avoiding crowed indoor spaces will do for me.

    1. John Collis

      I had measles and rubella as a child in the early 60’s. When I joined the NHS in the early 2000’s I had a blood test for measles antibodies which was positive. Although I didn’t have mumps as a child there was no compunction to have the MMR. The only vaccination that was compulsory was hepatitis B, my antibody count was low so I needed a booster. I think TB may have been a requirement in the trust where I worked, but I’d had the BCG when at school.

    2. Robin Whittle

      Several robust research studies cited and discussed at: and show that influenza vaccination has no detectable effect on hospitalisation or death from influenza or similar respiratory illnesses. Maybe it reduces symptoms and/or reduces shedding in some individuals.

      For instance, the rates of hospiltalisation and death increase continually with age in UK people their sixties, with no change in the trend as the 27% who are vaccinated at 64 becomes 57% at 66, thanks to a government campaign for 65 year olds.

      We can’t trust mainstream medicine about flu vaccines. They ignore all the evidence for influenza seasonality being primarily due to an easily correctable dip in 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in winter: . Why should we trust them regarding any other matter? (The linked-to pages cite and discuss the pertinent research. My purpose in linking to them is to briefly enable people to read those research articles themselves.)

      1. Robin Whittle

        Earlier I wrote a comment for this page but it as not appeared. The text is at: and concerns groupthink in the medical profession and how most virologists are not pursuing the lab-release origins of SARS-CoV-2 when they should be working assiduously to identify how it escaped and to regulate viral research to minimise the chance of the same thing happening again, with the now much greater amount of viral research due to COVID-19 based funding. This was suggested by: Alex Washburne: .

  55. Jane Jewell

    Explain the biochemistry behind your beliefs that vaccines might have dangerous side effects. Look at the data. Don’t bring any emotion into it; keep it dry.
    Consider all confounding factors such as Metabolic Syndrome. If you can present it objectively, good luck!
    Don’t sound as though you have a point to prove. After all, this is a new disease and a new vaccine, and we are all groping about in the dark, trying to find the best way of saving the health of the world. We’ll make mistakes, change our minds, (as every good scientist should be able to do as new information arises)
    but hopefully we’ll get a better understanding of it all eventually.

    To your average man in the street, a humble presentation will be much better received then an arrogant one. That was the trouble with Otto Warburg, even though he was on the right track in cancer research.

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      That can’t work. It’s too long, too complex for the man in the street. Their eyes will glaze over at the second paragraph.

  56. Andrew Denney

    Hi Dr Kendrick, I hope you are well. The likes of yourself and Aseem will hopefully eventually be seen for the good and honest people you are. These / your traits are sadly lacking in a world where people often tell half truths if not outright lies. “ these vaccines are amazing and I know this because the pharmaceutical company that pays me tells me so”. Sad 😞

  57. Ian Roselman

    You could try the GBNEWS channel. They give a platform to those whose views go against the mainstream and have no truck with the woke culture. I expect Dan Wootton would be happy to have Dr Kendrick on his “Uncancelled” show.

  58. Carole

    Thank you for expressing how many of us feel. I no longer rise to the ‘imagine how much worse it would have been for me having covid without the vaccination’ My desire to say ‘the injection you had 6 months ago – that even the pharma companies say no longer will have an effect…!’ I seal my lips and gaze away. I only voice my dismay at the direction we are traveling with RNA therapy with people who are in agreement. I watch on in horror as people tell me they had their booster and they’ve been under the weather for the last few days or even weeks but they don’t connect the two and maybe I am seeing coincidence where there is none. As you so rightly say there is no space for debate or discussion, the possibility, that all is not well with the new technology. Walking a tightrope of words not to cause offense is one thing but walking it to preserve your professional reputation integrity and livelihood is another thing altogether. Good luck and the very best wishes if you continue trying.

  59. Christine Herbert

    thank you, yet again, for putting into words exactly how I feel. There is a middle way between pro and anti vax, but it’s forbidden… can this happen? it’s beyond me….

  60. A H Reis

    Mainstream Medicine is a body of precepts revealed to humans by the Gods who know everything about the human body! It is sacrilege to argue with the Gods! The infidels must be banished because they are diverting believers from their path to health, well-being, in short, to Paradise!
    Let the infidels be burned at the stake and in the public square! Burn their writings so that they do not disturb the souls of believers! As everyone knows, the Sun revolves around the Earth, it is an irrefutable truth, like all the Holy Medical Scriptures in force! Truth is not to be sought in the real world that is unclean, but in the Scriptures.
    You will be saved by the truth revealed by the Gods! Amen!

  61. Susan

    It is hard to see what is happening in this ole world. If a person has a sliver of wisdom, they can often avoid becoming one of the herd. Please try to keep blogging. It has helped me stay anchored these past 12? 15? years. I will, patiently, wait for your next blog post. Stay well and safe. You have my very deep regard.

  62. Mr Chris

    Dear Malcolm
    Agree with you but I note that Covid vaccination is a polarising subject. Very few places where those with differing views can put them without one side or the other piling on. Even the. Comments on this blog tend to take one side of the question as if it was obvious to everybody that there is no other possible view point.

  63. alexei

    With your scepticism about statins and Pharma generally, it’s surprising that you felt not only that the rushed vaccines were trustworthy (especially considering their source/makers) but that you would have not one, but three. Hopefully you didn’t get one of the “bad” batches. Nevertheless, with all the information now available on the background of vaccination generally, it seems very reasonable to question its validity in some instances and not be fearful of being spurned by those with closed minds to any fresh evaluation of previously held beliefs.

  64. kindofdesign

    I do not want to discuss vax. I want to discuss why society thinks that informed consent is not necessary in medical field. That’s what I ask – what do you have against informed consent? Why are you against it? For the rest I really do not care what they choose as medicine. Everyone has his/her own life to live. Good luck! (Of course, I am a bit afraid of possible cognitive consequences which could also affect how society is organized, but that I leave in the hands of God).

  65. Frederica Huxley

    The role of science is to constantly question, to prove, to test theories. Religion on the other hand, demands faith without question. It is disturbing that once again, the medical profession is becoming a religion, with heretics like you and Dr Malhotra thrown of the cliff for your perceived impudence.

  66. Bob

    Dr Kendrick,
    You always strengthen my resolve and let me know I am not alone. I questioned the narrative and am now suspended until an investigation has been done. Perhaps my 20 year career as a pharmacist advising about the safety and cost effectiveness of prescribing doesn’t fit in with the new world order.

  67. David Kidner

    Unfortunately this sheeplike conformity applies to a wide range of issues. The control of the state over what we think, with the help of a complicit media, is almost total. Just try criticising the mainstream narrative about the devil incarnate Putin versus the heroic Ukrainian fascists!

  68. will44434

    No need to jump on elephant. Just stick to research regarding the use of new found technology as it applies to your ongoing research into CVD, etc. The CVD area has enough challenges.


    It’s a hard one and appreciate your honesty, it’s near impossible to get a conversation going. Lots of smart folk pretending to be idiots to avoid looking like cowards is what i see. I stopped writing on my blog 2 years ago because what i wanted to say was just too polarising. It’s hard to carry conversing/communicating/blogging etc while ignoring the elephant/s in the room (and nobody that needs to hear it wants to hear it like you say).

    Around 2 years back I shared my tinfoil hat theories with my family before hunkering down (like a coward i suppose). Nobody wanted to hear it then and nobody wants to hear it now but tbh i can’t be around people who aren’t prepared to debate and that includes family it seems…

    Those labels are clever. As i said to my very clever friend recently (on the subject of renewables of all things) – if the debate is being shut down by labelling anyone who questions the scientific ‘consensus’ (an oxymoron right there) then that should be a big red flag telling us this need further investigation. Debates cannot be won with assumptions and fudged data so enter the alternative world where we just redefine the literal MEANING of words.

    I shared some excerpts from your book with my mum recently which she appreciated. She is having unexplained sudden raised blood pressure. Went on statins last year and simultaneously enrolled on the biggest drug trial of all history on top of that.. Nitric oxide has been something new to learn about for me (though i’ve been screaming about getting outdoors and vitD for last 4 years to anyone that listens) and potassium also a big takeaway as it’s soft water here in Ayrshire! A big aha moment for sure when i read that part.

    Love your writing Malcolm. Give me a shout next time your in Glasgow or Ayrshire, i’d love to buy you a pint (or a large red)!

    Regards Chris

  70. Dr AN Bamji

    Agree entirely. I suspect you (we) will be unable to start a debate until some people in power are prepared to evaluate the facts – which is why I have composed a long response to the Covid-19 Inquiry which includes my doubts over vaccinations (especially for young people). Only trouble is – I can’t find where to send it (have asked twice, no response so far). But all responses will have to be “out there” and a proper debate might then follow.


    Hi Malcolm. You sum it all up so well. Technology is the god. Science is dead. Pharmaco-RNA-technology is full of unquestioning optimism, amd this is why the population wants to hear. Science is questioning, evaluating, asking the question “Are we sure we have got this right?” The great majority of the population cannot understand this, even politicians, and it appeasrs, even most doctors. It we do not search for the truth we will not find it. Very very sad.

  72. omctc

    I am a scientist fired over Vax mandates. I have been doing battle with scientists for 3 years to no avail. Sadly, they are the most deluded of all. I too am trying to find out how to reach them.

    1. thecovidpilot

      It’s frustrating that people can’t see the blindingly obvious, isn’t it?

      There are still scientists out there who think that RECOVERY was an adequate test of HCQ, despite HCQ being given likely after virus had already been cleared. There’s Accinelli’s work showing that HCQ needs to be given within 72 hours of symptom onset if it’s to be a parachute, but people won’t even look at Accinelli’s work.

      I think that we humans are blinkered in our normal state.

  73. Linda Gamble-Beresford

    Dear Dr Kendrick

    Thank you for taking the time to write this email.

    I am not an anti-Vaxxer and not a medical person but like yourself and before I read your emails decided that 3 vaccinations is enough, unless something happens and the virus seems more dangerous or it’s a new one, that’s it for me. I will hope my body can step up and fight it off.

    We are not alone a few people have expressed this view to me too. I fear it looks like pharmaceutical sales being pushed for profit now (I’ve had texts and emails from my GP who otherwise doesn’t want to know) is it GP vaccination bonus time?

    Good luck, I hope you fight on, but that’s easy for me to say.

    Linda Gamble-Beresford

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Cathy

      Please don’t be afraid of some new, more dangerous virus. That’s just a result of the fearmongering propaganda. Two years ago, we’d spent our lives not even thinking this way.

  74. Paul Bromyard

    Instead of calling it a debate, and confusing those of rigid principles ie.’mass debaters’ who simply congregate to reinforce thier flaccid worldview.Why not try something a little older like The Socratic method (also known as method of Elenchus, elenctic method ) a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions. It is named, of course,after the Classical Greek philosopher Socrates and is introduced by him in Plato’s Theaetetus as midwifery (maieutics) because it brings out definitions implicit in the interlocutors’ beliefs, which helps them further their understanding.If that, is indeed possible.

  75. Donna

    Your posts have been missed! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us again – you bring us truths sprinkled w/humor, which help offset the lies surrounding us!

  76. David Lonsdale

    Those of us who are sick of the anti-science mood of so many can feel quite lonely. I feel reluctant to criticise those close friends of mine, splendid people but captured by the great fear, in case I get socially isolated. A few weeks back I was in a major hospital for some tests. On every wall there were signs demanding everyone must be masked. The nurse started chatting to me about the tests and removed her mask and it dropped to the floor. I said in a sarcastic voice “That’ll be no good now”, She responded in irritated tone “Haven’t you realised yet? These things are completely useless!” I could have hugged her, it felt like a rare morsel of sanity. Such small things are insource of comfort to me.

  77. Fran Leigh

    There’s a narrative that is rock solid & no matter how compelling that the vaccine is not working & doing more harm than good, it’s impenetrable. Classic case of intelligence vs common sense: my sister & BIL are fully vaccinated & booster-ed. They both have had Covid 3 times. Their reply? “Oh, but the vaccine is keeping us out of the hospital.” – Me (I’m not 75), son & DIL (we live in same household) believe we had Covid Nov 2019. I tested for antibodies about 6>8 months later just out of curiosity and test came back negative. The 3 of us refuse to get vaccinated and haven’t contracted Covid. Moral of the story? From sources that somehow slip through media blocking, we feel the mRNA vaccines are causing more harm than good. JMHO

    1. andy

      Its a path of faith that following injections, one is then required to catch covid and then tell everyone about it! Only when the impact has died down does the victim then say but it was “nothing”…. gaining kudos from his corporate solid resiliance nut also validating his own doubts as to why he ever fell into line to inject himself, with the thought that injections have “saved his life.”

  78. Graham

    I thought Dr. Molhotra remarks were illuminating, as are some of the Scandinavian countries stance on booster vaccines. That said there appears to be a news blackout, my circle of acquaintance seem disinterested and happy to have further vaccinations.
    Surprisingly some of them have I.q’s that stretch to triple numbers.
    Thats life.
    But know that your efforts are appreciated by we few…

  79. Marcy

    Yup we have all been there Malcolm – fruitless arguments to offer up new views to those entrenched in this new religion. Its is totally unfathomable unless the jabs destroy the ability to think for oneself then that starts to make sense!

  80. helens939

    Yes it’s a struggle isn’t it. Judging by the recent Westminster Hall Debate on Vaccine Adverse Reactions and compensation petition, the Government narrative stands. Sir Christopher Chope looked very despondent at what he was hearing. Personally, at 77 and immuno-compromised, having had cancer twice and ME for decades, I lived normally and unvaccinated as did family and many friends. I had Covid in June 2021 and recovered well as many of us have. On the other hand, those of my vaccinated friends have had ongoing chest infections, Covid and numerous antibiotics, one now with asthma. They are downregulating the immune system and they are not making the connection. As to the MHRA, don’t get me started.

  81. Marcy

    One method I have heard that can work is the process used for dealing with individuals rescued from cults who have brainwashed. Using cognitive dissonance helps them to get deprogrammed. We are also dealing with a pride issue – those who have been fooled will not want to admit to being fooled and those who have been terrified will not wish to let go of their fears. Tricky stuff…..

  82. Vaughan Jones

    Many thanks once again Malcolm for helping me to retain a slither of trust in the entire practice of medicine. Bring back Edward Bach, that’s what I say! Anyway, I must declare an interest: I am one of the converted so will not waste your time. From the second the mad rush to develop a C19 vaccine commenced, I could see exactly what was going to happen. We are witnessing the biggest single medical cover-up of the last century or so. But you can’t lie to a funeral director, or a vicar/priest or a life insurance company. What has the world come to when these professions have become the whistleblowers whilst medical practitioners follow the herd, staying silent, like the followers of a death cult. I only pray that you suffer no ill-effects from your shots as you embody everything positive about being a doctor. Thank you.

    1. Dana

      The Canadian Health Alliance has recently reported on 80 young Canadian doctors who died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout of COVID‐19 vaccines.

  83. Patty Salone

    Maybe start with the conversation on what science is. Find common ground… as you say in your piece…. Science, to me, is debate. Science is attacking ideas from all directions. No exceptions. Those ideas which cannot be destroyed may turn out to be correct. But, if an idea is considered sacrosanct, with anyone questioning it condemned as an unbeliever, then we do not have science. We have religion. So yes, in my opinion, vaccines, and vaccination, have become a religious belief. No evidence needed.

  84. David Black

    I hear you about the difficulty of writing on this subject, particularly as an MD. The self-described “major disinformation spreader” Steve Kirsch had to leave his professional work:
    I don’t have the risk you have, but I have written two things that rely purely on published studies and FDA declarations that focus on the purposeful ignoring of NNT that infects everyone’s understanding of getting jabbed:
    Note that one of the examples is statins.
    I have found that this information at least gets the attention of religious vaxers without automatically casting you as an evil anti-vaxer.
    Good luck. I am a great admirer of your work.

    1. Marcia T

      Years ago when I went to college in the south, I wound up (quite by mistake) at a woman’s religious college where there were a million rules – such as no drinking within 35 miles of the campus. Breaking that rule meant instant expulsion from the school. (Apparently you could go 36 miles and get stinking drunk without penalt, but even if you lived in the city where the college was located, you couldn’t go home and have wine with the family.) Not only that but being admitted to the college required signing an honor code that said you would turn yourself in if you did break the rule . . . and then you’d get expelled. Down the road from this college was another small 2 year school that had equally stringent rules; one of theirs was that no one could smoke; the penalty for getting caught smoking on – or off campus was the same: instant expulsion. This was back in the early 60s – we now know it was a good idea. Not so much then. At any rate, the students figured out how to break that rule and get the college to change their minds: they all turned themselves in for breaking it. It didn’t take the college long to figure out they couldn’t expel the entire student body without losing vast sums of money and any reason for the institution to exist. I wonder now if it would work with – say – requirements for everyone to mask up. If entire hospital staffs just refused to wear a mask (not in surgery, of course, but even in surgery patients didn’t use to be masked, did they?) or get the jab, where would we be now? Just asking. . . .

      1. andy

        Marcia. Your story reminds me of another school, one here in England that had equally draconian rules.
        ‘No holding hands with girls on the Pier’ being one of them.
        The Head boy was himself caught and had to make a public apology in front of the Headmaster and the whole school. Whereupon he did make the required grovelling words for this offence, but suddenly looked up and said conspiritorially “And if he..or you …would like to know, I HAD her later!”
        Instantly expelled of course but was taken in for the Royal Navy.
        “He’s just the sort of chap we’re looking for” they are supposed to have said.

      2. anglosvizzera

        Wow! However, here in the UK our health service is in dire straits partly due to a similar situation that you describe. When care workers were told in 2021 that the COVID-19 vaccine was mandatory for them to remain employed, vast numbers left their jobs. This has caused a knock-on effect that is wrecking our health service. What is happening now is that ambulances aren’t able to deliver patients to hospital as the hospitals have no available beds because the patients that are ready to be discharged back to care homes have nowhere to go. Even those that could return home can’t go if they need care staff to assist them there. So we have emergency calls for an ambulance taking up several hours to arrive, even 24+ hours, and then they are queuing up for several more hours outside the hospital where the patients either deteriorate or die while waiting to get into the hospital.

      3. Vivien Stratton

        General masking up is a nonsense but in hospitals perhaps not so much so! Especially as that is where you can get Covid ‘for free’ as well as, more importantly perhaps, many other diseases – everyone in hospital is pretty vulnerable – if only because of the stress and unpleasantness, especially in the UK … I was in my book club this week with one of the ten of us masked up – WHICH SHE TOOK OFF TO TALK! It was so extraordinary as to be totally unbelievable …..

        1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics


          And here I thought that there isn’t anything scientific even in using masks in ORs, but if you have a research to show me I would be hapoy to check it.

        1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

          Damn, you beat me to it.

          I believe that masks have a part in creating the myth of Doctors (uppercase intended) as superior and not questionable beings, that’s why they are used.

          Every religion has specific rites and garments.

          1. andy

            It interests me this Mask cult hierachy. USA presidential teams seem to have it but the puiblic dont need it. COP in Egypt elite dont have it but the underlings do have it.

      4. Jerome savage

        On the theme of masks. (Following Copied)

        September 7th, the scottish government mask guidance was updated, this time removing the recommendation for routine mask-wearing in social care settings. The new guidance contained the following statements:

        “staff do not need to routinely wear a face mask or face covering at all times during their shift”
        “visitors to adult care homes and other settings do not need to wear a face mask or a face covering including in communal areas”
        Bizarrely, having clearly identified harms, this update did not apply in healthcare where routine mask-wearing is still strongly recommended in most situations.

  85. QuickFang

    It IS a religion, I call it the Covid Cult.

    Sorry for the long post, I hope the paragraphs survive.

    I lost my business as my entire industry was effectively outlawed for two years and was lucky not to lose my home.
    Now I’m heavily in debt and wondering what they are going to throw at us next.
    None of it made sense to me.

    My only science qualification is “O” level Biology but I know there’s no point giving a vaccine to someone who’s already had the infection, masks don’t work against viruses unless you use something like the kind of set up they use in bioweapons laboratories or Asbestos removal, vaccines take 10 to 15 years to pass safety checks.
    They don’t test new vaccines against saline but against another vaccine to disguise side effects.

    I highly recommend the book “Turtles All the Way Down – Vaccine Science and Myth” if you haven’t already read it.

    I have the honour of a Lifetime Ban from Twitter for reading and reposting the very interesting studies and links to ONS data and other reputable sources that many of the “mad antivaxers” of whom you speak tried to use to warn people before they were all de-platformed.
    Most are now on Substack, Rumble and Gettr etc.

    I didn’t have much else to do as my career was gone, I wanted to know why, and I learned a lot, not just about the Covid Cult but vaccines in general and how my many health problems from a child were probably caused by them.

    Prior to this I had always considered vaccines a good thing and even went out of my way to buy the Pneumonia vaccine from Boots for £70 in spring 2020 because I couldn’t get it from my GP (although as an asthmatic I was eligible) and I was hospitalised several times with pneumonia as a child and young person and had bad flu in January which for the first time in years needed antibiotics so I believed it to be a sensible plan.

    I’ve had a terrible productive cough ever since. I worry it’s messed up my immune response by unbalancing it to normally competing bacteria but I’ve no idea. Neither does the hospital.

    Also I have read that the diseases vaccines were supposed to prevent were practically eradicated anyway by the time vaccines came in, by good nutrition, clean water, and proper sanitation.

    The modern vaccination schedule appears to be Market Creation on the part of Big Pharma, what is it over 70 in the childhood schedule now?
    They are making people ill so they can sell us cures.

    It’s to be hoped that more and more people start to wake up.
    But I do not know how you start a dialogue with the Covid Cultists, I know that look when when you try, or when you abstain from comment when people start boasting about their latest “boosters”.
    I think it’s fear.

    Nor do I know how to stop the NHS texting me to try and bully me into a whole bunch of vaccines that I know I don’t need and that will make me ill.
    You see over the years I have become allergic to many common vaccine ingredients, probably because of all the years I was given the Flu vaccine before I had a very obvious allergic reaction to it over 20 years ago.

    I have told them this.
    I have filled in forms asking to be taken off the notification list.
    I’ve even phoned them and spoken to a very nice and apologetic person and she tried to stop it.
    But still they Text.
    For reasons known only to Apple I can’t even block them.

    I have reluctantly after two years come round to the theory that it is a deliberate plot.
    There was a Twitter joke that the Amish didn’t get Covid because they don’t have TV. They missed the re-branding of the Flu and just got on with their lives.

    Conspiracy Theories are turning out to be Spoilers left, right and centre these days.

    But you are absolutely right, you getting de-platformed will not help wake people up.
    There has to be another way.

  86. Darag

    I’ve been struggling with this for the past 2+ years. David Charalambous has some ideas that have proven helpful for me. The first major one is to focus on getting on the same side. Anger or facts from an opposite position only exacerbates the opposition. He has a bunch of information here and does online courses.

  87. Eugène Bindels

    Probably the answer to the question of why can’t we start a discussion is mass formation (Mattias Desmet)

  88. John Barr

    Unfortunately I agree with you Malcolm.
    In Australia, a new law has just been passed which makes it illegal for any doctor to say anything which runs counter to the government/authoritarian narrative.
    This is on pain of suspension and now presumably criminal prosecution.
    As far as I can see, the only thing to do will be to set up a new country which we can populate with the many sane people on this and other contrarian sites, and allow the sheeple to have their 4-6 shots per year, until they all die of myocarditis, pericarditis, or the lack of a functioning immune system.

    1. elizabethhart

      Yes, John, things are very grim in Australia, with doctors being gagged.
      But I still hold the doctors responsible for not speaking out.
      It’s incredible that the medical profession could support this grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted Covid response, and the indiscriminate jabbing of people not at serious risk of disease, particularly children.
      What an ethical failure to trash their obligation to obtain ‘voluntary informed consent’ before a medical intervention, i.e. the Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’ that don’t prevent infection nor transmission.
      I’ve been investigating and writing emails to ‘the authorities’ on this matter for some time, and was recently interviewed by Graham Hood and John Larter, who’ve been actively challenging the jab mandates.
      We had a broad discussion, including on the politics of the matter, it’s accessible via this link:

  89. Roy Freese

    I am an (almost) 72 year old male, ex USAF combat pilot who until recently had no cardiovascular problems of any kind, and had (for someone almost 72 years old) an active work out program, swimming, gym, cycling, rowing machine.

    A few months ago I begun having a What The Hell Happened performance limiting affectation. Coincidentally (or not) that was about the time that I had the third Moderna Covid vacination in March 2022.

    Routine physical in early Aug 2022 my family physician heard a barely perceivable heart murmur. Cardioechogram (sp?) found (still unexplained) inflammation of the heart and Mitral valve damage issues

    ….which the (no longer) my family physician did nothing about except to refer me to an out of town (she had personality conflicts with the local cardiologist) cardiology firm; two weeks before they would contacted me for an appointment that would not be for another six weeks.

    Late Aug 2022 I am in the ER with what I think is COVID (severe inability to breath), They diagnose arrhythmia, believe I am having a heart attack, but my lab tests say that I am not, they did them twice because they did not believe the results,

    Mid Sept, because I was concerned about health being compromised because of heart issues I had the fourth Moderna Covid vaccine. Can’t say that it had any effect on heart issues but I was then on Colchicine, Eliquist, Diltiazem, and Flecainide,

    Do I know / can I prove that the Covid vaccine was instrumental in my heart issues

    ….no I don’t know / could never prove it if it was

    …but I don’t believe in coincidences

    …and I hate the fact that I can’t broach the subject without getting shouted down by medical professionals

  90. Helen Fogarty

    thank you for this point of view. it makes sense to me, an older American woman who got johnson jab #1, and no furthers. my spouse, with a prostate cancer dx, got 4 up to now. I have heard the “word of the medicine god” info and also some of the less psychotic anti-vaccine people. I refuse to listen to those who sound like lunatics whatever opinions they profess.

    I agree that science is debatable and ought always to be questioned by those who work in the area of left-brained thought/research. I personally am so right brained it’s amazing I can speak or write, but I’m mostly a poet, a noticer of the world around us, particularly Mom, as I call our beautiful world, but enough about me.

    I really like your point of view. it makes sense to me see what is often called truth as a possibility, not a certainty. this entire covid vaccine line is so new, so untested, unless you consider all those who have gotten their shots as the mammals who are actually testing rNA medicines. this fact really bothers me and I believe that keeping oneself as healthy as possible is the best action we can take to prevent illness with a well-functioning immune system, intelligent diet, positive mental and emotional health, and whatever else you can think of.

    I enjoyed your book whose title eludes me (what else is new?) and keep your blog stuff coming.

  91. Debbie Quick

    Even our articulate dr Kendrick does not know how to start the conversations. Perhaps we shouldn’t feel so bad. I see old Campbell walking close to the cliff face. Still agree he pushed so hard in the beginning!!

    Debbie Quick


  92. jill4535

    Thank you Dr Kendrick. I am struggling through Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life by Gerald H Pollack. I would love to know what he thinks about the covid story.

    I like the book Health and Light by John N Ott (the photographer who worked for Walt Disney). He thought “viruses” originated from within. We all need the full spectrum of light. Are we all UV deficient?

    To date I don’t know anyone who has needed hospital treatment for covid. My hairdresser doesn’t either.

    Much respect.

    Jill Mitchell


  93. Tom

    It may be too late for those who got this mRNA gene altering injection. Since we do not know the longer term consequences, they may be doomed or not. In no way was this experimental concoction studied in meaningful trials (they blew up the control groups) so there was no way to make an honest decision unless you based your choices on fear.

    There may be no way to undo the damage and for those that have died and are dying and are going to die as a direct result of these injections…how do you come to grips with that? How does one process this? And the fact is that they are pushing even more of these horrible injections on us…and now the children are in the cross hairs.

  94. Deane Compton

    Maybe consider what and the other camp is saying and not doing and attack them for that.
    They are not debating
    They are not critically looking at the results = not being scientific.
    So maybe attack anyone who is an anti-debater, and also anti-scientific.
    Attack is often the best form of defence
    They attack you with an emotional claim
    Akin to being called a ‘racist’ by another group who are pushing their agenda with very little balanced analysis. They attack by naming any descent as racist. When they are being the most racist. Their race/group must get some special treatment or else all others are being racist.
    Seems what you are facing needs an element of attack of the anti-debaters and anti-scientific (only their results are right, exclude inconvenient evidence and the results are only i their favour). Same as statistics. Exclude the inconvenient to exclude all other possibilities, including only the outcome funded to produce.

    Your thoughts.
    P.S. my local GP refused to read your latest book. I am now searching for a GP with a more open mind. I had the luck to assessed/inspected by the local Cardio team and found me to be nearly 100% devoid of any arterial buildup of any kind. They didn’t express any surprise. I am 53. GP still aghast at my refusal to take statins.

    1. QuickFang

      GPs get paid extra to hit targets to get so many people a year on Statins.
      You can thank Tony Blair.
      Hence the hard sell.
      Don’t give in to any “health checks”, these are just hard sell for Statins.
      I nearly fell for it.
      They did my thyroid hormones at the same time.
      Low thyroid hormones make your cholesterol higher.
      Probably because cholesterol is protective as you get older.
      When I pointed this out, I could practically hear the “Dr” spitting tacks at the other end of the phone line.

      Just say “No” to drugs.

      1. andy

        Here’s another loaded question you might face when your relations are in a crisis:
        “He’s very damaged and an operation might kill him.”

        1. QuickFang

          I haven’t got many left and when the older ones go into hospital I absolutely make sure they come out again on the date planned.
          Which can be a job of work.
          The hospitals seem to want to keep them in even if there’s no reason to.
          I practically had to storm Trelisk earlier in the year to get my perfectly healthy Dad out on the same day as arranged after a scheduled hernia op which had gone perfectly.
          I was afraid they’d tell him he had Covid and Remdesivoir him to death.

  95. GeriB

    Hi there, Dr. Kendrick,

    First is, why would you want to engage in debate with anyone that does NOT want to do so? Wouldn’t this be a non-starter?
    Second, what is you want to bring to the “table of discussion”, eg you are triple vaxed and want to??
    Lastly, if you do want to “break the ice”, sure it depends on the oponent,right?

  96. Cindi Anderson

    Yes, it’s scary times.
    The book “Turtles All The Way Down” took the approach of publishing anonymously so at least only the content could be attacked, not the authors. Since attacking the messenger is one of the main methods they have of shutting down dissent. I admire those who speak out at risk to themselves, but also have empathy for those who don’t want their lives destroyed.

    What if all the scientists and medical professionals who had these dissenting views had a centralized place to publish anonymously, with only their credentials listed?

  97. Nikos

    The last two paragraphs of your post are an excellent way of sparking a discussion. You won’t avoid being branded as an antivaxxer but you will definitely get some people thinking.

    In my opinion the people to be engaged first are the people that already have some questions about everything and are open to hear and investigate more. Only when there is more people open to discussion on the subject, there will be willingness for engagement from the wider public.

    1. andy

      I am interested in why when raising these issues with someone they frequently become suddenly angry and turn on you.
      What is actually behind this aggression? It seems to be of the kind one gets at the door when one says nicely “Can you please turn your TV down a little?”

  98. Eggs ‘n beer

    The main problem, I believe, is that most people have the attention span of a goldfish with Alzheimer’s. Therefore you have to hit hard before they mentally veer off onto the last episode of Neighbours or Coronation Street. So my approach is to tell them that if you get the vaccine you are 25% more likely to die than if you don’t get it. As per the Fizzzzer clinical trial. I do not call it excess mortality, because for most people that requires explanation. I don’t start with “In the clinical trial…..” because that too induces a glazed expression. If that doesn’t grab them, I can’t see what will. I can show them the data from the trial – oh, look, the extra deaths were all heart attacks. Who could have known that? Well, obviously nobody could have known, that’s why you do the trial. But in light of subsequent data, it’s not surprising. What is surprising is how the toxic mix (for so the trial has shown it to be) made it to the market. If they are still on track, I move on to the 70% increased risk of hospitalisation if you have the jab. From the same study.

    It is impossible for anyone to claim that the jab is safe. There may have been some effect in reducing symptoms or infections, which was one of their claims, but if you have to climb over a mound of bodies to get there, it’s not relevant.

  99. robert butt

    I once knew a man — no fool — who heard an ex-convict state emphatically that he “did not murder” so-and-so.
    My friend went over and sat down beside him and said:
    “Are you *sure* you didn’t murder her?”

    He probably had a twinkle in his eye, and a bit of sympathy in his voice.
    I don’t know what the response was, but I would say he opened a closed door — just a crack.

    I do sympathize with your situation. Many doctors and nurses share it. I am often shocked that people I though had good sense are all on board with the new medico-fascist religion. Ambiguity is a difficult state for human beings to accept. Everyone wants certainty so they can ‘get on with their lives’.

    If I ever visit my totally mainstream family again, I may find myself saying “Are you sure?” — and nothing more.

    The alternative is full-length movies that refute the recorded lies of the ignorant elite one after another — with actual facts. It seems this is starting to happen already.

    Good luck.

  100. DV

    Why was the doctor forum unconcerned regarding conflict of interest. Since when does “First do no harm” apply to Big Pharma and other doctors instead of patients?

  101. thecovidpilot

    Trust in the CDC must be undermined, which means, I think, that you have to get people to look at evidence indirectly–maybe start with CDC numbers having to do with 2021 working age mortality and covid mortality. The CDC numbers about working age _covid_ mortality look very off.

    According to the CDC numbers, in 2021 covid mortality in the vulnerable 85+ y.o. _dropped_ 28%, while at the same time, covid mortality in working age _doubled_. This does not compute. Shouldn’t covid mortality in various age groups generally rise and fall about the same rates, year to year, in a pandemic? All age groups were vaccinated in 2021, which should provide protection from covid for serious outcomes, so why is there this ultra-wide divergence???

    And why is there a wide divergence in all-cause mortality rates between the working age (32%) and the 85+ y.o. group (7%) for 2021 relative to 2019? That is a _huge_ change in working age mortality rate. In the US, that is 200,000 more deaths in 2021 relative to 2019.

    I provide the links, but you will have to do your own arithmetic to get the working age numbers.

    2021 data:

    2019 data:

    Once you get people questioning the CDC and thinking, you have won.

    1. Tom Morgan

      Do you think it’s possible that during 2020 the 85+ population was so decimated, that during 2021, there just were not enough people in that age group to be able to increase? Could you do the numbers on a per capita in the 85+ age group?

  102. Marilyn Schroeder

    Like you, I have stopped at three vaccinations; two Astra Zeneca and one Pfizer. While wary at the outset, I complied because we were coerced in my state in Australia. Freedom we were told, will come with 90+% vaccination rate. And so we all trotted along to our local vaccination centre believing the rhetoric. Personally I also complied believing that it might help my frail husband evade the plague. Sadly he died exactly a month after his second vaccination anyway. Of course many of us have still contracted covid despite vaccinations. Even those who have had their fourth vaccination. No doubt this will continue. Also like you, I avoid all discussion as it only results in being accused of being an anti-vaxxer rather than someone (with a health care education) who is questioning the science. Sadly it will be some time before the truth will out and we’ll all be the wiser.

    1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

      “We all”?

      No, you have trotted along, I haven’t, my family hasn’t, most of my friends haven’t. Some of them have lost their jobs, I closed my business, some have been harassed by the police.

      Still, we haven’t trotted along.

      1. andy

        And they arent “jabs” or even “vaccinations” in the real sense. Just injections.
        And injections into children. Several times.

        1. Tom Morgan

          I agree the ‘Dissolving Illusions’ by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk (sp?) has a lot of important information about vaccines of all sorts: small pox, measles, polio, etc. It has some very interesting charts that show that prior to the measles vaccine, e.g., the mortality rate had dropped to approximately 1 in 10000.
          Thanks for the recommendation…

  103. geurt cuppen

    Dear Malcolm, yes, Covid “science” is a belief.
    In the Netherlands we have a professor in probability calculations at the VU (university Amsterdam), who wrote a book recently, titeld “Wetenschap als nieuwe religie” in English “science as a new religion”.
    And in that he confirms what you say.
    Don’t know if it is already in English.

    1. David Smith

      // Dear Malcolm, yes, Covid “science” is a belief.
      In the Netherlands we have a professor in probability calculations at the VU (university Amsterdam), who wrote a book recently, titeld “Wetenschap als nieuwe religie” in English “science as a new religion”.
      And in that he confirms what you say.
      Don’t know if it is already in English. //

      Apparently not. Will watch for it. Thanks.

  104. Lawrence Loeffler

    Hi Dr Kendrick. I’ve been reading your book, “The Clot Thickens,”. In the section regarding what we can do to help ourselves, you mention sildenafil ad having better results than statins. What dosage do you recommend? I imagine it’s around 25mg/day; but can you clarify.
    Larry Loeffler

    Sent from my iPhone

  105. Hannah

    People are clearly seeing that something is *very wrong* with the excess death figures and are becoming increasingly alarmed but they will not (cannot) accept that it could be anything but Covid. I don’t care what’s causing it but I do want to know what’s causing it and this seems unlikely in the current climate of censorship. All the best to you Malcolm, your voice is valued.

  106. CK_

    I used to be a proud member of the sheeple class, who had blind trust in the government and the mainstream media. When my son was diagnosed with autism, I rejected the possibility that vaccines were responsible because of that blind trust. It took years and many detours but eventually, I came to realize vaccines really are the primary cause of autism and public health officials KNOW this. When the COVID lockdowns began, I had two working hypotheses: either public health officials believe in the “greater good” i.e. it’s ok for a minority to get autism and even die from vaccines as long as “millions” of lives are saved; OR Big Pharma controls the CDC and it’s all about the money and no one cares about adverse effects. Both ideas turned out to be wrong.

    Here’s a list of truths I’ve learned over the past 2.5 years:
    1) ALL vaccines have zero benefit and can only cause harm. Vaccines are and always have been about depopulation. This is why TPTB have promoted them since the 19th century. The decline of “infectious diseases” was due to improved nutrition, sanitation and hygiene and had NOTHING to do with vaccines.

    The Spanish “Flu” was caused by WWI vaccines and “treatment” with high doses of aspirin and was an early depopulation exercise. Polio was really due to DDT poisoning (not a virus) and neurological damage caused by the toxic aluminum adjuvant in the polio vaccine. AIDS= HIV is also a hoax and AIDS “deaths” are really from nitrate “poppers” (among the gay community), malnutrition (in Africa) and “treatment” with AZT. The COVID “pandemic” is likewise a hoax and the sole purpose of this PSYOP is to trick the world into getting vaxxed with the clot shots. COVID “deaths” are due to DEMOCIDE i.e. “treatment” with sedatives, Remdesivir and ventilators.

    2) PCR is for manufacturing DNA and is INCAPABLE of diagnosing a “viral infection”. PCR results in 100% false positives and testing “positive” for COVID is like flipping a coin 3 times in a row and arbitrarily declaring that 3 heads is a “positive” case.

    3) Infectious viruses may or may not exist- but the virus genomes are all FAKE- cobbled together from genetic debris in cell cultures, using computer models.

    4) Modern medicine has some benefits (e.g. emergency room care for injuries) but its main purpose is to make money and depopulate with “treatment”. TPTB fund all Science and THEY decide what is “consensus” science.

    5) Democracy is a hoax and politicians are just puppets (front-men) for the trillionaire globalist elite who own the Central Banks, MSM, Big Tech, Big Pharma and the rest of the global Deep State industrial complex. We already have a pseudo-One World Government. The “right” and “left” are a UNIPARTY and the public wastes inordinate time, arguing about the “left-hand” puppet vs. the “right-hand” puppet when both puppets have the same puppet master. Biden is just a puppet- and Trump and Putin are no different.

    6) The globalists want a return to Feudalism because the “illusion of freedom” is no longer profitable. This is the underlying motive for the Great Reset/COVID Hoax/ Ukraine War:

    • Capitalism is in decline because economic growth has stalled because of Peak Oil(*h/t “fast_eddy”). The world has plenty of oil left but the low-hanging fruit is running out and the remaining oil will be increasingly expensive to obtain. Alternative energy has been largely a bust and is highly dependent on cheap oil.

    • Global capitalism depends on CHEAP energy and increasing DEBT due to continuous investment and economic growth. (The money supply and debt are one and the same and debt MUST increase in order to sustain the interest from debt.) The global debt and derivatives Ponzi scheme will eventually implode without such growth.

    • The world can’t sustain 8 billion people without cheap energy and the pagan globalist are eugenicists. TPTB have therefore decided to do a controlled demolition of the global economy.

    The globalists apparently want massive depopulation down to 500 million max and will control the remaining masses in “smart cities” via CBDC. Perhaps TPTB are now stockpiling oil, which can last for centuries in this scenario.

    I almost wish I could vomit up the Red Pill and take the Blue Pill again. Perhaps I was better off being a sheeple.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        Well, Exley made the mistake of saying vaccine and aluminium in the same sentence. After the Wakefield fiasco perhaps he should have been more circumspect. However, his work remains available, a short cut to the main articles is to search Matthew Mold, who carried out much of the research. Mold published many papers on aluminium toxicity in the brain without mentioning v-v-v-vaccines.

    1. QuickFang

      In the last two years, I have pretty much come to the same conclusions.
      It’s hard to live with and there’s not really any one of my friends or family I can talk to about it.
      Some friends I have known for years I have had to part company with their “pro WEF and s*d the little people” views are so extreme.
      I AM a little person!
      I think I’ve converted my Dad off vaccines though.

  107. elizabethhart

    In Australia, many people are subject to covid jab mandates…
    It’s appalling – mandated medical interventions in a supposed liberal democracy! How the hell has this happened?!
    So many parties are implicated in this fiasco – the politicians, the scientists, the biased mainstream media.
    But the group which disgusts me the most is the medical ‘profession’, who have largely gone along with this grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted response to Covid, and the creation of the lucrative Covid industry, out of thin air.
    In Australia, ‘health practitioners’ are at risk of being struck off if they challenge the federal and state governments’ Covid jab rollout.
    At the same time, the regulator of health practitioners, AHPRA, has confirmed to me in writing: “Practitioners have an obligation to obtain informed consent for treatment, including vaccination. Informed consent is a person’s voluntary decision about health care that is made with knowledge and understanding of the benefits and risks involved.”
    Obviously this is a massive contradiction, with Covid jabs being mandated for potentially millions of people.
    On the one hand doctors are compelled to support the governments’ Covid jab rollout, while at the same time being obligated to obtain ‘voluntary informed consent’ before a medical intervention, including vaccination and Covid jabs.
    One would think the doctors’ professional organisations would be raising the alarm about this conflict between mandates and voluntary informed consent but, oh no, these organisations are whole-hearted supporters of the rollout, with representatives regularly popping up in the media to promote the jabs, regardless of their own lack of expertise in the area.
    The medical ‘profession’ is a disaster, with their willingness to go along with this scam, and failure to obtain ‘voluntary informed consent’.
    I’ve written many emails on this matter, including recently to medical indemnity insurers, asking if doctors are covered by insurance if they haven’t obtained ‘voluntary informed consent’. I’ve heard back from two of these insurers, indicating they will not answer my questions.
    I’ve also sent emails to the Australian health minister Mark Butler, the Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly, and most recently to Kamran Abbasi, editor in chief of The BMJ, the doctors’ journal.
    The thread of emails can be viewed via this link:
    For the past more than two and a half years, the global general public has been fed a tissue of lies and fear-mongering about Covid, with the support of the medical profession, academia, politicians and the corporate/mainstream media.
    No wonder so many are wedded to their beliefs about Covid and the jabs, to admit otherwise will shatter their faith in ‘the authorities’.
    But the fact is, they’ve been tricked and misled.
    This is the biggest scandal of all time.

  108. Fast Eddy

    The PR Team is brilliant – the latest masterpiece they’ve fed to the MORE-ONS is that the vaccines saved 20M lives…. (it was 6.5M a couple of weeks ago – might be a billion by Christmas).

    Very powerful stuff… sure people get a whiff of the injuries and deaths… but come on man – tens of millions were saved by the vaccines… too bad for those injured but unfortunately it’s the price we have to pay

    COVID-19 vaccination has substantially altered the course of the pandemic, saving tens of millions of lives globally. However, inadequate access to vaccines in low-income countries has limited the impact in these settings, reinforcing the need for global vaccine equity and coverage.

    Oddly enough there are few covid deaths in low vax countries and minimal excess deaths

    How difficult would it be for closet anti-vaxxers in the medical profession to ‘shoot to goop onto the carpet’ instead of into the shoulder…

    I’ve heard in Canada that they’ve been faking it for some of the doctors who refused.

    I wonder how difficult it would be in one of the more corrupt countries to slip the nurse a $100 bill …

    1. andy

      They used an old car showroom here. Now empty and weedy. Signs fading and covid notices hanging down.
      I used to hoot my car horn as I passed the queue of masked-up people outside on the forecourt, being coralled inside by officious security youths in new yellow jackets. Sometimes I would get an angry wave from someone back knowing I was ridiculing them.
      Yes. We were reduced to this.

      1. ShirkeyKate

        You tooted your car horn? This was early in the pandemic when people queuing for the vaccine (I was probably among them) knew nothing, were scared of a new disease etc. But you tooted your horn. That is just plain nasty.

  109. Mary Jo Ilacqua Boya

    Here, here. Just keep at it. I loved the paragraph on Science. I am reading your wonderful book The Clot Thickens. We need more doctors/scientists like you.

  110. Ruth Baills

    Actually it you got on to Rumble you could talk about vaccines, but then again you most likely would be again talking to the converted. The but again talking to the converted. So many people these days listen to the media as the truth and nothing but the truth so help us all. 🥺

    I had a good laugh as your attempt at being serious about how good NRMA vaccinations are. Thank you needed that laugh.

  111. Leila

    It has been a very strange 2 years. I couldn’t discuss covid vaccines with my family (parents and siblings), and in the end had to just stop talking about it. They did their best to convince me to take the injections but I was pregnant at the time and there was no way I was going to. Looking back I think I had quite bad anxiety for at least a year, I couldn’t even listen to the news when it was on at my parents house, and had to walk out of the room. I had anxiety every time I checked my e-mails because I was getting e-mails from my Mum and Dad trying to work out why I wasn’t taking the vaccines. It was awful.

    On the plus side though, I think there are more and more people questioning vaccines in general, and I am part of a pregnant/breast feeding facebook group, which was created so people could safely discuss the jabs, and more and more Mums are questioning childhood vaccines as well, and whether to have any of them. At least some are holding off and pushing these vaccines out so the children aren’t quite as young. So, I think there is some payoff to this whole mess. We are questioning a subject that for years we have been programmed not to even think about. I mean, I never gave vaccines a second thought until the last few years and took whatever I needed to as part of my job (physiotherapist). I remember the last MMR booster I had when I came to the UK to work in 2015, I was very sick a week later, and I’ve thought about the connection between that vax and being sick ever since.

    Thanks for your interesting and helpful blog, Dr Kendrick. It kept me sane a number of times through the hardest parts of the last 2 years

    P.S I have decided not to vaccinate my daughter with any childhood vaccines as well, but I haven’t told any of my family (not that it’s their business really) because they would probably die from shock

    1. QuickFang

      I am really glad to hear this, hold out!
      I now believe that many of my allergies, my asthma, and autoimmune problems from a child are vaccine created.
      I’m also allergic to common ingredients of the Flu vaccine after taking that for years.
      No more.

      1. Leila

        Thanks, I also think the number of allergies I have is possibly down to childhood vaccines. Hard to ever know I suppose, but from what I’ve heard other people say they find the children they haven’t vaccinated don’t get as sick as vaccinated kids, have less asthma and allergies, among other things

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          Trouble is, anyone who actually studies this sort of stuff automatically gets struck off, so you have to be prepared to be a martyr for the cause. Here’s such a guy. 6 minute video. No woffle.

          Btw, I never had toddler vaccines, BCG at 12 or 13, TTT at 8 when we went abroad on holidays, had a brief spell of asthma in my forties. Kids not vaccinated by us, but daughter took the MMR when 18 and was sick for ten days. Then developed POTS after her first and only Pfizer. Boys have no allergies or chronic diseases. So anecdotally, it all fits.

          But, but, just imagine the collapse of the (un)health system if we didn’t have vaccines to make everyone sick.

          1. Leila

            Thanks for the video. I’d heard about this study and the doctor losing his license because of the results. This whole vaccine censorship is so tiresome.
            I’m going to be interested to see how healthy my daughter grows to be, hopefully not like me with my chronic sinusitis and arthritis in my knee – discovered at the age of 25 which stopped me from pursuing the sports I loved.

          2. Martin Back

            Regarding the first slide on Dr Thomas’s video, the one with 15 little graphs showing many more visits to his practice by vaccinated (red) compared to unvaccinated (blue) people for various conditions. It is misleading because

            1. The numbers refer to cumulative visits, i.e. the more vaccinated patients he has, other things being equal, the more the red line will be above the blue line. And he says he has 2700 “variably-vaccinated” patients and 560-plus unvaccinated patients. 2700/560 = 4.8 approx, so you would expect the red lines to be 4.8x higher than the blue lines even if the vaccines have no effect.

            2. Children are taken to the doctor by parents, and parents vary in their propensity to run to the doctor. I would imagine anti-vax parents are far less likely to take their kids to the doctor than pro-vax parents for the same intensity of symptoms, and also my guess is they are less likely to have medical insurance and would prefer they and their kids tough it out without medical attention for financial reasons.

            3. The diagnosis is subjective and unblinded. For instance, if you believe that vaccines cause autism, you are more likely to diagnose autism in a child if you know they are vaccinated, and Dr Thomas obviously knows the vaccine status of his patients.

          3. andy

            Its true enough that whenever one sees covid graphs and charts nowadays…you are lucky to get labels on the ordinates. They usually start at some misleading random place so that they all have a hockey stick look or 1929 stock market crash about them for effect. And even my limited knowledge of statistics tells me I must know exactly what it shows..and what it doesn’t show as well, impossible with a series of flashing slides.

          4. Eggs ‘n beer

            1) True, but many of the graphs show a higher than 4.8x increase.

            2) But some of the graphs show a less than 4.8x increase, which negates your point of reluctance to take kids to the clinic. However I agree from experience that parents of unvaccinated kids are less likely to take them to the doctor, even in a UHC country like Australia or the UK where there is no cost. This is because they are better educated in children’s health matters and as such are less likely to panic at every sniffle, spot or pain. Which is totally abhorrent to pharmaceutical companies and clinics, hence the push to label parents who don’t panic as child abusers.

            3) Again true, but the ADHD graph is particularly difficult to avoid – parents want a diagnosis of ADHD as if they have ‘problem’ children it opens up avenues for treatment and funding. Zero cases in the unvaccinated.

          5. Sasha

            Good analysis but I question the idea of anti-vaxxers being poorer. In my experience, anti-vax and pro-vax doesn’t break along those lines.

          6. Martin Back

            Sasha, I didn’t mean to imply that anti-vaxxers might not have medical aid because they were poorer, but rather that they might rely on a healthy lifestyle instead of doctors’ visits to keep well, and put the money saved to some other use. Maybe just have a hospital plan.

            Although, in my case I don’t have medical aid because I can’t afford it.

          7. Eggs ‘n beer

            Which is actually another hole in Dr Thomas’s stats, unregistered, unvaccinated children. Vaccinated kids would obviously be registered.

            In Australia, it’s difficult to be poor and not vaccinate your children as welfare payments are withdrawn if the Australian Immunisation Register (note the assumption of immunity from vaccines) shows that any of your children are not fully vaccinated.

          8. Sasha

            Martin, I only met two kinds of “anti-vaxxers” (whatever that term means nowadays): those who were themselves or had their loved ones injured by vaccines AND they were willing to look into vaccine injury as a possibility; and those who met people with vaccine injuries and were willing to look into it further.

            I think it requires a willingness to look into the consequences of your own decisions and question whatever doesn’t fit. It also applies to other medical procedures or other areas of one’s life.

            And I think it can be a fairly rare quality.

          9. andy

            I never gave more than a moment’s thought beyond my immediate response to it being a hysterical overreaction to a series of “positive tests”, which were neither tests and which did not indicate ‘a serious case of infection.’
            My conviction has only been confirmed by the social impact, the financial damage and the wicked invasion of people’s bodies by mass mandated injections. Even down to innocent children.

          10. Martin Back

            Sasha, to clarify, when I say anti-vaxxer I mean anti- the mass deployment of the current experimental Covid vaccines, not anti- vaccines in general.

            Putting it another way, I don’t want THIS vaccine for ME; I recognise that some people at high risk for Covid might benefit from it, but it should be a personal choice, not forced upon the population at large.

            When the vaccine first came out, I decided Covid wouldn’t affect me much and therefore I didn’t need to risk the unknown potential long-term adverse effects of the vaccine which were already being discussed.

            As it happened, I got the Delta (I think. Never got tested). A couple of bad days, a month of below-par feeling during recovery, and now I’m fine. I have close family who are fully vaccinated. They never got Covid but their pre-existing heart condition got worse and now they have cancer. Was it the vaccine? I believe so but I can’t prove it.

            Incidentally, the only people I know who got Covid badly both picked it up while in hospital for something else.

            Regarding vaccines in general, I’m not opposed to them. I think Suzanne Humphries is wrong — vaccines caused the decline in viral diseases, not cleaner housing and water. How come the most advanced nations with the cleanest housing and water have the worst experience of Covid? Clean water may help with polio, which is water-borne I believe, but it can’t help with a respiratory virus.

          11. Eggs ‘n beer

            “How come the most advanced nations with the cleanest housing and water have the worst experience of Covid?”

            Because the advanced nations have the oldest populations with the greatest co-morbidities. And they’re fat. The three cohorts most at risk from the virus. Plus many of the poorer nations, particularly in Africa, have easy access to ivermectin.

          12. Sasha

            Good point. Maybe also because poor countries aren’t always examples of statistical excellence in bookkeeping.

          13. Sasha

            Martin, a couple of points:

            1) I don’t think Suzanne Humphries ever made a claim that clean housing and water caused the decline in viral diseases. She makes a claim that clean housing, water, and better nutrition causes a decline in the CONSEQUENCES of viral diseases, doesn’t she? Otherwises, how do you explain the charts showing a decline in measles deaths prior to the introduction of measles vaccine, not after it?

            2) When you say that most advanced countries had the worst experience with covid, you are comparing whom to whom? Can you give examples?

            3) Nowadays “anti-vaxxer” is anyone who questions anything about anything regarding vaccines. Covid shots questions – antivaxxer. Measles, mumps, rubella together vax questions – anti-vaxxer. Hep B vax at birth questions – anti-vaxxer.

          14. AhNotepad

            Thank you Sasha, you have made all the points I was thinking of making.

            I would like to see evidence that any vaccine had ever provided a benefit. We have claims that something has a, say 50% efficasy, or effectiveness or what ever confusing word anyone would like to use, but this figure is clever magic. The real figure is the absolute which might be described as 50% of the infection/death/whatever drama is being pushed figure of 0.1% (or less), so down in the 0.05% area, otherwise regarded as in the statistical noise. Thus the “proof” is merely “belief”.

          15. Vivien Stratton

            Just as a note – the improvement in the general health of the nation with the Public Health act led to the reduction in measles (inter alia) in itself (healthy children less likely to catch bugs) AND as you say the consequences of measles. Getting childhood diseases in childhood and recovering is actually a sign of good health and gives the body/immunity important information about dealing with health in the future.

          16. Sasha

            “Gives the body/immunity important information about dealing with health in the future” – hence, some Japanese data claiming that those who had natural immunity to measles had lower risks for cancer later in life. If I remember correctly, Gary posted a link on this once.

    2. Cathy

      Yeah, why tell them? It truly is none of their business, and you have no reason to defend or explain your decision. Your child – not theirs.

  112. Jeremy May

    Depressing Dr K. This is the first post of yours I’ve read (and I’ve read many, plus your books) that hasn’t taught me something new, in the case of your books, a great deal new.
    The sad thing is you haven’t run out of ideas, rather where to air them without losing your livelihood. I’ve been called an anti-vaxxer, conspiracist, a murderous t*** and a c***. But I take heart from Churchill’s quote above in that I have stood up for what I believe. AND, a few people I know have begun to perhaps have their own doubts about things – at last.

    As for vaccines and vaccination becoming a religious belief, I agree wholeheartedly. At the bottom is the link to an interesting YouTube video, by someone I’ve never heard of, that sheds fascinating light on germs and vaccines. Early on there’s a graph that shows when various vaccines were introduced. There’s a close correlation with the management of Covid in that (panic) measures were introduced beyond the peak of the diseases – lockdowns, masks for example in the case of Covid. In the video it shows the measles vaccine being introduced when the disease had virtually died out already.


    1. AhNotepad

      Roman BYstrianyk was the was one of the authors of the book “Dissolving Illusions”. The other author was Suzanne Humphries. Suzanne gets most of the mentions, possibly because Roman’s surname is easy to spell incorrectly.

    2. Roy Bonney

      Having just watched the video on the link provided, I would say, having read the book, it is a very good summary of the book “Dissolving Illusions” he co-authored.

      Definitely recommended watching!

  113. Peter Ford

    Welcome to the club. It’s not just vaccines where no discussion is tolerated. Other subjects where discussion is stifled include Ukraine, climate and Syria, and the causes of our economic predicament (lockdowns in particular but backfiring sanctions on Russia also).

  114. jongarvey

    What struck me most in this essay was a small point – the reaction on, on which I spent a fair amount of time before I retired 14 years ago. The change from the robust discussion on any subject then then to the party-line now confirms my worst fears about my old profession at the individual, not just the institutional, level.

    Any older doctors on here may remember an iconoclastic journal called World Medicine. When I mentioned I had been a columnist in it on, I got the reply “Respect!” It’s hard to imagine any such inquisitive publication now, still less doctors endorsing it.

  115. Aldo125

    Sadly it seems like we are entering the same sort of era as Galileo Galilei suffered in the 17th. Century challenging the dogma of the Roman Catholic church. I also see the same problems with the Climate Change non-debate.
    I remember when Mugabe took over Zimbabwe, there was a joke that whites could not be buried when they died in case they formed an underground movement! Maybe the answer is to align with those who are like-minded to advance slowly, I see more and more published about the vaccine problems.
    Good luck – keep at it but with subtlety.

  116. John Collis

    It is clear from comments where the majority of people lie with respect to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and the down votes on my original comment.
    Why are you expect to say no and not to have that decision challenged, yet you do not afford me the same courtesy?
    How is your attitude towards those who have had the vaccine any different to the attitude expressed by those who’ve had the vaccine towards you?

    Examples from the comments above that demonstrates why people won’t engage with you or take you seriously:

    “ It may be too late for those who got this mRNA gene altering injection.”

    This is a clear example of conspiracy theory thinking as it is a biological impossibility.
    The mRNA in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not and cannot get anywhere near the nucleus never mind the host DNA. All protein synthesis is done in the organelles in the cytoplasm. The vaccine lacks two essential enzymes needed to become DNA and to be integrated into the host DNA. If the mRNA vaccine were able to integrate with host DNA then so would SARS-CoV-2 itself.

    Or this
    “ PCR is for manufacturing DNA and is INCAPABLE of diagnosing a “viral infection”. PCR results in 100% false positives and testing “positive” for COVID is like flipping a coin 3 times in a row and arbitrarily declaring that 3 heads is a “positive” case.”

    Again this statement needs to be challenged as the author clearly does not understand qRT-PCR which is capable of diagnosing a viral infection. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that explain the process.

    May I recommend Professors Vincent Racaniello and Brianne Barker on YouTube, the former is a virologist and has a series of undergraduate level lectures plus weekly podcasts. The latter has a series of lectures on immunology again at undergraduate level plus she takes part in some of Vincent Racianello’s podcasts.
    You have to be open to alternative viewpoints as much as those with alternative viewpoints need to be open to you.
    I anticipate a plethora of down votes, so be it.

    1. Mr Chris

      Thank you for your contribution, which I found very useful. There are comments on here that call people sheeple or More -ons if the person dares to express a contrary view, which I find very worrying. I value dialogue and expression of all views and do not like ad hominem attacks. Is the vaccine (it is not a vaccine in the current meaning of the term) perfect? Probably not. Are there. Side effects, I think there probably are, but let’s have fact based stuff please.
      For the record, I am four times jabbed, no side effects no negative reactions. On the scale of the total injected, that is of no statistical significance, but I am happy with it.

      1. John Collis

        Yes there are side effects that are primarily immune system modulated, e.g. myocarditis, GBS, clotting disorders. These can occur after viral infections, I saw GBS in a patient some two weeks after a gastroenteritis with diarrhoea and vomiting. Then a patient presented in A&E with unexplained bruising, I asked if he’d had a tummy bug a couple of weeks before, the answer was in the affirmative, blood tests showed he had thrombocytopenia. Myocarditis is associated with Coxasackie virus.
        I must admit to being a little sceptical of claims of major adverse events less than four or five days post vaccination, the reason being it takes that long for the adaptive immune system to become activated, prior to this it is the innate immune system which gives the typical temperature, pain, swelling, swollen lymph nodes and, as in my case, raised blood sugar. Again I would suggest the videos by Brianne Barker might be of interest. There’s also a video by Vincent Racianello on how vaccines work.

        1. thecovidpilot

          What if some non-covid immune event occurs shortly before a second covid vaccine or booster is received? Couldn’t the non-covid immune event activate the innate immune system, so when S-protein produced by vax-infected cells presents (perhaps in the heart muscle), S-antibodies are ready to go and you get a severe immune response shortly after vaccination. This sequence is uncommon, but not rare.

          Somehow, 200,000 excess dead US working age in 2021 v. 2019 must be accounted for, which is a little less than 0.2% of vaxxed US working age. This fits the requirement of uncommon, but not rare.


          200 million working age
          65% fully vaccinated

          The CDC is saying that a large proportion of US working age died from covid in 2021, which is more than a 100% increase over 2020 and is simply not believable for several reasons:

          1) pull forward…we saw a 28% decline in 85+ y.o. covid mortality in 2021 relative to 2020, which likely was due to pull forward…we should expect to see the same pattern in the working age population

          2) business life insurance was reporting a 40% increase in mortality in 3rd and 4th quarters of 2021, which was long after most of the working age covid vaccinations had occurred in the US

          3) if covid vaccinations protected the elderly, we should expect them also to protect the working age

          4) The Ethical Skeptic is tracking CDC data and data changes and reports that he is seeing many cancer codes and heart codes being changed to covid.

    2. thecovidpilot

      I will challenge you on this assertion: “Again this statement needs to be challenged as the author clearly does not understand qRT-PCR which is capable of diagnosing a viral infection.”

      Please show evidence that PCR can distinguish between live virus and RNA fragments from previous exposure to SARS-COV-2 cycled at over 40 times. If you combine PCR with cell culturing, PCR can be helpful with diagnosing an active infection.

    3. Steve

      John. PCR doesn’t diagnose anything, that is done by the operator of the tool. Computer says yes/no !
      “Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a laboratory technique for rapidly producing (amplifying) millions to billions of copies of a specific segment of DNA, which can then be studied in greater detail. PCR involves using short synthetic DNA fragments called primers to select a segment of the genome to be amplified, and then multiple rounds of DNA synthesis to amplify that segment.” [1]
      Note two important points:
      1. It can produce millions/billions of copies of a specific segment of DNA.
      2. It uses primers to select a segment to be amplified.

      – By turning up the amplification cycles of the PCR process you can turn something present but insignificant into something apparently significant. Misuse of PCR was a primary mechanism used to create a pandemic.
      – If the primers used in the PCR process are faulty, contaminated or just plain inaccurate then the PCR process becomes one of garbage in and garbage out.

      1. John Collis

        This is where the confusion lies, and I was of the same opinion until the process was explained.
        First of all RNA is reverse transcribed (this is the first confusion, the use of RT) to DNA with markers added including a fluorescent dye.
        The following process is also called RT for real time.
        The first duplication is completed (cycle =1)
        The fluorescence of the sample cannot be detected above background.
        The second duplication is completed
        The fluorescence cannot be detected above background.
        The duplication and fluorescence detection step is repeated until the fluorescence becomes visible. This is designated Ct.
        The duplication and fluorescence detection step is repeated until cycle count = 45.
        However Ct should be around 25, which is a positive result.
        The test also runs with known positives and known negatives.
        As I said there are videos on YouTube that explain it better than I can.

        Depending on the length of the RNA sequence being included in the test then the probability of the sample only being sections of the viral RNA is small. Also it would be highly unlikely that a large number (in the hundreds or thousands) of broken pieces of RNA would all have exactly the same sequence as being tested for.

        Of course false positives are possible, this is given by the specificity.

        1. thecovidpilot

          “The duplication and fluorescence detection step is repeated until the fluorescence becomes visible. This is designated Ct.”

          I believe that this describes the quantitative PCR process, where cycling stops when a certain level of fluorescence is achieved. With the quantitative version, a set number of cycles is run and fluorescent level is checked at the end.

          With a low number of max cycles, the false negative rate is higher. With a higher number, the false positive rate is higher. But even with a high number of max cycles, a Hopkins review found a minimum of 20% false negatives precisely on the 3rd day post symptom onset, with higher rates of false negatives extending in either direction along the time line.

          PCR is quite dodgy wrt any kind of certainty, except if someone tests positive with a low max PCR, then that person probably has the virus being checked. Negatives will be unreliable.

          I still can’t see any medical reason for testing. If a doctor will be prescribing an antiviral as early treatment for suspected covid, then it will be done based on suspicion and a lab is unnecessary. Certainly, a lab cannot rule out covid if negatives are unreliable.

          1. thecovidpilot


            “With the _quantitative_ version, a set number of cycles is run and fluorescent level is checked at the end.”

            should read

            “With the _qualitative_ version, a set number of cycles is run and fluorescent level is checked at the end.”

        2. CK_

          No, PCR doesn’t work like that. It uses two short “primers” (forward and reverse) which are typically only 25 bases long for a total of 50 bases. PCR only checks for matches to those two primers and EVERYTHING between those primers is duplicated per cycle. So PCR only checks ~50(!) bases out of 30,000 bases of the SARS-COV-2 virus.

          Note: Some PCR tests use longer primers but still only a TINY fraction of the “virus” is being checked for a match. These primers have never been proven to be unique to SARS-COV-2. Furthermore, even if those primers are unique, there’s ZERO guarantee that a fully INTACT virus (all 30,000 bases) is actually present.

    4. elizabethhart

      John, what do you think about people being mandated to have the Covid jabs that don’t prevent infection nor transmission, as has occurred in Australia, e.g. No Jab, No Job? These people are being pressured, coerced and manipulated to submit to the jabs, without ‘voluntary informed consent’.
      What do you think about children having the Covid jabs?
      According to Australian government statistics, around two million children have been Covid jabbed – these are unnecessary medical interventions against a disease which is of little or no threat to children.
      I challenged Nigel Crawford, the chair of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) about ATAGI’s recommendation that children be jabbed, despite admitting that children are at low risk, see my email dated 22 April 2022:

      1. John Collis

        Apologies for the long response.
        No vaccine prevents infection unless they are sterilising or are administered at the area that could be infected. This is to do with the different types of antibodies or to give their proper name immunoglobulins (Ig) for the purposes of this discussion the most important are IgM, IgA and IgG, particularly the last two.
        For example IgA is created/found in the upper respiratory tract including the mouth and nose and the gastrointestinal tract. IgG is found around the lungs and in the blood stream.
        The reason I mentioned the GI tract is because that is where polio enters the body. Thus the oral polio vaccine prompts an IgA response which, in theory, is a better place than via injection (there are issues with the oral vaccine regarding wild virus infection but is recommended during regional infections according to the NHS website).
        The antibody activity reduces when the pathogen has reduced in number, but some T cells and B cells become memory cells by the addition of triglycerides (!).
        An example of an upper respiratory tract infection could be rubella, the immune response to this lies in the blood stream. For the previous immune response to be reactivated requires that the virus comes into contact with where the memory T and B cells are located, this requires the virus to infect the cells of the upper respiratory tract. Thus it doesn’t prevent infection but does stop serious illness.
        There is a paper in JAMA paediatric journal that suggests young children develop a strong T cell response post vaccination compared with a relatively weak antibody response.

        Should vaccines be mandated, I am of the opinion that no they shouldn’t for the general healthcare population. However, there may be a case for staff in a respiratory environment or A&E as they do for Hepatitis B for those involved in areas with exposure to blood or other bodily fluids.
        I was tested for measles and a check on my TB status (there was a risk I’d be exposed despite the vaccine being less than 50% effective).
        The fact I hadn’t had mumps didn’t come into the equation only that I’d had measles and rubella.
        Should they be mandated for other areas then again I would say probably not, but a detailed risk assessment should be undertaken.

        Bear in mind that the reason certain countries demand yellow fever vaccination or other compulsory vaccines is not really to protect you but to protect their health system.

        Should children be vaccinated? This paper is interesting, particularly the figures that show CFR in the different age groups

        Measles by comparison kills over 500 per day, mainly children according to the CDC.
        One parallel that may be relevant, my baby granddaughter has been vaccinated against TB simply because her paternal grandmother is a first generation immigrant from Africa with Asian background, despite it being 50 years since she immigrated. The risk to my granddaughter is probably lower than her risk of CoViD19 (perhaps Dr. Kendrick could comment here).

    5. Sasha

      John: a question for you and for Mike C who posted earlier. Have you come across claims that Pfizer vax trial showed increase in all-cause mortality? I believe it was 20 deaths in the treatment group vs 14 deaths in the control group. Both groups had around 22K participants.

      And if you have, what do you make of it?

      1. Mike C

        Hello Sasha, I haven’t seen those figures before. A difference of 6 deaths in 22 thousand between the groups seems small – within the realm of chance. Of course, it depends on the selection of the 44 thousand subjects… robustly healthy or otherwise?

        1. Sasha

          Hello Mike, thank you for answering. I don’t know the make-up of the Pfizer trial. I only heard that there were no pregnant women. It was their main trial with approx. 22k in the treatment group and approx. 22k in the control group. It showed 8 infections in the treatment group and about 162 infections in the control group. And 14 deaths in the control group vs 20 deaths in the treatment group. Also, from what I understand, after 2 months the control group was offered vax which most of them took. So, there’s no safety data past 2 months.

          My question is: if pro-vax people can take 8 vs 162 infections and claim 95% effectiveness that will “save” millions of lives why wouldn’t anti-vax people take 14 deaths vs 20 deaths and claim 40% increase in all-cause mortality that may kill hundreds of thousands?

          1. Gary Ogden

            Sasha: Good point. The “95% effective” claim is a relative risk (RR) reduction. But there were too few infections among these large groups to draw any meaningful conclusions from this data. The clinical trials were a fraud, and very sloppily conducted. And now the FDA has green-lighted the “platform” (lipid nano-particle enclosed mRNA), so in the future, industry will not be required to conduct trials at all. Just insert a different antigen for what ever disease will make them the most profit, get government and media on board, and kaching go the cash registers.

          2. Sasha

            Gary, my questions are:

            If 14 vs 20 deaths in the pool of 44,000 people doesn’t achieve statistical significance, whereas 8 vs 162 infections does, how is statistical significance determined?

            Shouldn’t this increase in all cause mortality be investigated further or can it be attributed purely to chance?

            If it’s true that Pfizer offered vax to the control group after 2 months, what makes this vax different from others where studies ran longer to determine safety?

            It would be great if anyone with knowledge of statistics could give their opinion.

          3. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            You don’t need a knowledge of statistics, you simply need a knowledge of ‘techniques of deception.’ Statistics only mean somehting if they are based on valid, non-manipulated, data. You need to know what the manipulations were. Such as, not testing almost everyone who developed covid symptoms who had the vaccine – to see if they had covid. That’ll make your statistics look bloody good…. in favour of the vaccine. You cannot fine what you do not look for.

          4. Sasha

            Wasn’t the study blinded? How did those doing the testing know who was in the control group and who was in the treatment group?

          5. Gary Ogden

            Sasha: Read about Brooke Jackson’s lawsuit. I don’t have a link, but you can easily find it. These trials, and the manufacturing of the product were equally atrocious. Coming up with hundreds of millions of doses of a new product in a few months “at the speed of science” is both impossible and a recipe for the disaster that is unfolding. If every recipient has detectable troponin in their blood (which always indicates cardiac injury), what will happen over the next five years? I’ve read estimates of 50% mortality in five years in cases of myocarditis, and clearly the majority are asymptomatic and undetected.

          6. Sasha

            Gary: thanks. I am familiar with myocarditis problem. I understand there are now protocols in place in major US hospitals because they are seeing a lot of it.

            I have to read up on Brooke Johnson lawsuit to see if there’s anything being said about biased reports of covid infections during Pfizer trial.

          7. Gary Ogden

            Sasha: Unfortunately, the only covid protocols in U.S. hospitals are those determined by the FDA; that is, a refusal to use effective drugs, like hydroxycloroquine or ivermectin. The only FDA approved treatment is remdesivir, a very toxic (especially for the kidneys) and ineffective drug, which failed in the Ebola trials in West Africa (due to a 50% fatality rate). It is completely perverse, and is killing people. Hospital policy is determined by administrators, not doctors, and CMS (Centers for Medicare Services) gives them a 20% bonus on the entire patient bill for prescribing remdesivir. Our system is utterly corrupt . As for myocarditis, they are giving proper treatment, most likely; cardiology does lots of things well. What alarms me is the Swiss data showing in every case the mRNA vaccines cause cardiac injury; most of the time, nobody knows, as there are no symptoms, but we see people dropping dead on sports fields like we’ve never seen before. These are healthy, fit, young people.

          8. Sasha

            Gary: I was referring to myocarditis protocols in hospitals, not covid protocols. Yes, I am familiar with the alleged issues with remdesivir, etc, largely from talks by Drs McCullough and Korry. I am not a specialist in this, so I can’t comment.

            I am interested in whether there was bias in reporting covid infections during Pfizer trial, for example…

          9. Gary Ogden

            Sasha: I simply don’t know anything about the myocarditis protocols in hospitals, but I think they’re probably providing good treatment, while denying that the vaccine was causal.

          10. Gary Ogden

            Sasha: I don’t know how to answer your questions specifically, but I’ve gone deeply down the rabbit hole and the Pfizer trials are a “Doctoring Data” on steroids level of fraud and obfuscation. What concerns me most are the adverse events (to the mRNA gene-therapy products, which are strikingly common, especially the detectable troponin levels in virtually all victims of these inoculations. Dr. Vinay Prased has recently made a video about this.

          11. Eggs ‘n beer

            The final figures for the Pfizer trial, per the FDA, were 21 deaths in the jabbed group and 17 in the placebo. In a population of c. 22,000 for each group, the difference is not statistically significant.

            HOWEVER: it means that you CANNOT claim that the jab saves lives. Anyone who claims that the trials showed that the jab saves lives is lying.

            Pfizer reported adverse events as follows:

            Related (which means assessed by the investigator as related to the product)

            Jabbed 5,241 (23.9%), placebo 1,311 (6.0%). Statistically significant

            Severe: Jabbed 262 (1.2%) placebo 150 (0.7%). Statistically significant.

            So it cannot be claimed that the jabs are safe.

            The subsequently released Pfizer data on women who got jabbed while pregnant indicates an 87.5% miscarriage rate. This correlates with a Gold Coast (Qld) gynaecology practice (Dr Luke McLindon) which recorded a 74% miscarriage rate.

            Bear in mind that the average length of time of participation was 4.5 months, after which the trial was unblinded and 98% of the placebo group accepted the offer of the jab. The trial wasn’t supposed to finish until October 2022, but the data stopped in March 2021.

            There are now plenty of statistics available from some government organisations (Victorian death stats in Australia, the ONS in the UK) which show significant excess mortality in anyone who has been vaccinated across all age groups and time scales.

            As far as I can (not) find out there are no stats showing that if you’re jabbed you suffer less if you catch the bug. Observationally the people I know with ‘long Covid’ have all been jabbed. The unjabbed have all recovered quickly, including those who haven’t taken D or other prophylactics, although several of the older ones especially took ivermectin after infection.

            (After the first dose “Hey Eggs, I thought you said it tasted disgusting! It’s almost tasteless!” “Yeah, that’s ’cos you’ve got Covid, you’ve no sense of taste”. After the third dose “You’re right, it’s absolutely shocking!” “Good, you must be cured then.”)

          12. anglosvizzera

            Just a couple of observations of my own. A friend, unjabbed, got Covid last December (presumably the “Omicron” version as she didn’t seem to have the “Delta” symptoms that we had when we had it, not losing her sense of smell and taste) – but she appears to have Long Covid now (post-viral fatigue symptoms) even nearly a year later. She was, however, admitted to hospital and was given Remdesivir, IV antibiotics and probably who knows what else which may have affected her health adversely. She did take Ivermectin which I had sourced from India and which knocked my and my husband’s Covid on the head pretty quickly.

            Is it the taste of IVM that you refer to? Even though it’s a dispersible tablet it did say in the instructions to take it with food as a tablet rather than to mix it with water first and take on an empty stomach (the latter being the instructions when used as an antiparasitic.) So for us it didn’t taste of anything – but also the loss of sense of taste and smell only appeared after about a week when all our other symptoms had pretty much gone.

          13. Eggs ‘n beer

            We can’t get the pills in Australia, we use sheep drench from the local agricultural produce store. Ivermectin is the only active ingredient. The dosage chart per kg on the bottle when compared to the human pill dose is the same – but overdosing doesn’t seem risky. There appears to be no established lethal level for i/m; that is, you’re more likely to die from paracetamol overdosing than sheep drench ….

            My unjabbed son has had Covid twice, both times a short, sharp 39C fever, quick recovery, no treatment at all and back at work within 48hrs of first symptoms.

          14. thecovidpilot


            I believe that there was some effort made to blind the studies, but there were some issues with blinding being removed. h/t whistleblower Brook Jackson about the Ventavia trial management

            False negatives were likely a huge, ignored (cough-covered up-cough) problem. You could possibly report the total number of people with ILI symptoms who were tested and the estimated number who had false negatives, but Pfizer chose to not do that for some reason.

          15. Sasha

            Got it. I’ll look up what’s being said in Brooke Johnson’s lawsuit.

            Thank you for the information

      2. thecovidpilot

        I will answer. Those who claim to follow evidence0based medicine (which turns into money-based medicine when only RCTs are considered sufficient evidence) would say that the increased deaths aren’t statistically significant.

        This is, of course, the wrong way to characterize the evidence. A better way is to say that this isn’t proof of harm, but neither is it proof that there was no harm. In fact the data is almost exactly equally balanced between harm and no-harm (chance). So, if someone were following the precautionary principle, this would suggest gathering more evidence and halting vax administration pending more evidence.

    6. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

      You see, that’s because you are intelligent, and you know how the vaccine works.

      Me, I’m ignorant, and that’s my problem. I just see all the vaccinated people around me getting sick or dropping dead and I think it’s because the vaccine, I’m not intelligent enough to understand that the vaccine is safe and all those issues are because of climate change.

  117. Spike

    Like Socrates, you are guilty of two charges: impiety and corrupting the youth of the UK, as is anybody who questions the official narrative. The State is there to preserve Democracy, NOT practice it.

  118. Gary

    I fear that both the cliff edge and the trench you describe are bounded in both lateral directions by the Brick Walls of Ignorance.
    Your choices therefore appear to be either: a) have a peek into the abyss (and engage in a somewhat lengthy staring contest), or; b) go home.
    I think it was someone like that Dutch chap who likes to use the phrase ‘mass formation psychosis’ who said that, even though it seems that the headache you’re getting is caused by having too many close encounters of the brick wall kind, option a) is preferable because eventually – by sheer weight of argument – some penetration will occur. This is apparently how de-programming of brainwashed cult members is achieved.
    I admit that for many, indoctrination has been a lifelong process, facilitated by schools and universities – yes, even medical schools.
    But what choice do you have?

  119. Nigella P

    I think the issues around this are complex and different people have different blind spots.

    Firstly, fear was used as a way of directing people, nudging people, controlling behaviour in the pandemic episode and fear is a very powerful motivator and influencer. So all things Covid related are tied up in the minds of many people now with a strong fear response and this makes them illogical and unable to think clearly or even question some of the messaging that was propagated around Covid. This does of course include vaccination. Vaccination was promoted as our ‘saviour’ our ‘ticket to freedom’ our ‘get out of jail free card’ – another elixir of immortality. Those are hefty beliefs to start questioning. And they are beliefs, absolutely nothing to do with science. People were given things to believe and believe they do. Questioning a belief is not questioning scientific dialogue it is questioning a person’s view of the way the world works. Very tricky.

    Secondly, we are brought up and taught to obediently accept “the way things are”. This is even more the case I understand if you are actually within the medical profession itself, where god forbid you should ever put your head above the parapet and start questioning what NICE says. Partly because you might be sued and partly because the way we are taught at all levels doesn’t encourage critical thinking or the enquiring mind. So, again by asking people to consider an alternative view to “the way things are” is often far more tricky than just asking them if they’d like strawberry or chocolate ice cream (and even that is a struggle for some!).

    Thirdly, there are powerful financial interests involved. There’s lots of money to be made from repeatedly vaccinating people, just like there was lots of money to be made by giving people statins. When money is involved, you are not just questioning science, you are potentially threatening income and that is a serious issue for any business. They’re not just going to let people start getting the collywobbles about a money making product, they are going to shut down debate or control the dialogue in such a way that those questioning are seen as swivel eyed loons out on the fringes being ridiculous.

    Fourthly, there are lots of really good vaccines that we know keep us safe from nasty diseases that used to kill our ancestors. It is hard for most people to get their head around the difference between traditional vaccines and the new mRNA products. It starts to get technical and jargony and I have to keep re-reading to make sure I understand, so if you already like to accept “the way things are” you may not want to start trying to get your head around the difference and so you think “well, people used to die of measles and they don’t any more because of the vaccines and there are vaccines for Covid too, so that must be a good thing”. Saves a whole lot of brain ache!

    If I had more time I could probably come up with more reasons why people don’t want to engage in vaccination discussions. There is no one easy way to do this but having critical thinking taught as a module at schools would be a good place to start!

  120. elizabethhart

    Malcolm, you say you had three doses/jabs.
    Do you mind explaining why you had three doses?
    Were you under pressure to have the jabs?
    I understand mandates didn’t actually take off in the UK, unlike Australia, where there are jab mandates across medical, and many other occupations.
    Did you feel seriously at risk of disease, and felt confident in the jabs?
    I’m intrigued about this as it’s very significant health practitioners took the jabs, and consequently so many others have been pressured to submit to the jabs too, with ‘voluntary informed consent’ effectively being trashed.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Two main reasons. Difficult to do my work as a doctor. Care homes were barring entry. Then I could not travel to France. If the decision had purely been on health grounds I would not have had them.

  121. thecovidpilot

    This is brilliant.

    “BBC Should Step Aside and Allow the Biopharmaceutical Industry to Do its Own Public Relations”

    Thacker nails down multiple misstatements about vaccine effectiveness by CDC and pharma and bogus defensive fact checking of the same, relying on actual quotations. Thacker broke the Pfizer whistleblower story published in BMJ.

  122. Josh Gerard

    Merriam Webster Definition of anti-vaxxer: a person who opposes the use of some or all vaccines, regulations mandating vaccination, or usually both.

    You see, if you have concerns about a vaccine a vaccine or oppose even just a mandate for anything they named ‘vaccine’, you are now officially an anti-vaxxer.
    It reminds me of Germany’s new war crime denial paragraph 130 and of the IHRA’s anti-semitism one, all ensuring that any criticism falls under their labelling.
    Dark times indeed, especially for enlightened people.

  123. Angstrom Phlogistan (not his real name)

    It sounds like what you need is a book on how to have impossible conversations.

    It happens that there is such a book. It is called “How to Have Impossible Conversations”, by James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian [ISBN 0738285323]. Both of these authors are highly experienced at pissing people off and holding contrarian views, so I would say that they have a thing or two to suggest to the rest of us.

  124. alisonfletch

    You are not alone. A few MPs speak up. There was a debate last Monday but only because they had to after the public demanded one. A petition ‘Open a public inquiry into covid-19 vaccine safety got more than 107,000 signatures. It said “It is the duty of the Government to ensure that the prescribed medical interventions of its response to Coronavirus are safe. We believe that the recent and increasing volume of data relating to cardiovascular problems since the Covid-19 vaccine rollout began is of enough concern to warrant a full Public Inquiry.”
    Watch the debate:
    Read the transcript:…/Covid-19VaccinesSafety
    Of course, there is the usual scathing comments to those who have the guts and intelligence to speak up. One quote
    ‘There was also the widespread claim that the vaccine stops transmission, so people should take the jab to protect other people. We were all told that; we all believed that for many months. Last month, we heard from Pfizer that its vaccine was never tested to see whether it would stop transmission. Despite that, we had the notorious claim by Professor Chris Whitty that even though the vaccine brought no benefit to children, children should be vaccinated to protect wider society. I am all for thinking about society, not the individual, but that, again, feels like a profound break with medical ethics. A lot of people are asking what the vaccine does to children and young people, and Professor Whitty is right that the benefit to healthy children seems to be essentially nil’. Danny Kruger MP

  125. pete wright

    PLEASE tell me how to stop the incessant emails from comments on blogs from “wordpress”, it’s driving me round the bend!

      1. pete wright

        Thanks for trying to help but there isnt an “unsubscribe” button under “reply”. I’ve not known a web forum that’s as annoying as this one

        1. John

          Perhaps your mail client is blocking some elements. I block all images but I can still see:
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  126. Mark

    I am as exasperated as Dr Kendrick and the other posters here who find themselves blocked, excluded or chastised by the vaccine zealots.

    Has anyone tried the Socratic questioning approach with any of these people? Here’s one definition of Socrates’ approach “…a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions. Socratic method – Wikipedia”.

    One initial question that I have used with some success is “What sources of information do you tend to rely on for subjects like this?” When they say things like “The BBC, Newspapers” etc. you can take that wherever you like with further questions. I try to go as far as I can without revealing my position. It’s amazing how much zealots sometimes reveal about themselves. My understanding is that Socrates liked to use questions to methodically undermine people’s confidence in their own beliefs. I have a long way to go yet but would be interested if anyone has had success with this type of approach.

  127. ILowe

    How do we function when the least hint of dissent is unacceptable.

    • We must maintain loyalty to the prevailing winds
    • If possible, we must be seen as a solid member of the prevailing winds. therefore we can sometimes slip in a spanner and not be attacked.

    • Try this. “I have a problem arguing with a friend. They say ‘[Put a dissenting point or two clearly]. What is my answer?” When there is no answer, and where crushing authority and ‘consensus’ is used, say things like: “My friend refuses to bow to authority and consensus. They want reasons. Surely, since we vaxxers are right, we have loads of good reasons. Why not end the matter and shame them in open refutation and debate?”

    • Any expert is capable of giving their reasons. If vaxxers are right, why are they afraid to debate? Are they afraid they will lose the debate?

    • God is right, always. For God to be wrong would mean He would fail to be God. How come then, that the highest authority in existence says “Come let us reason together” Isaiah 1:18. God is not afraid to reason because He has reasons in abundance.

    • I have a friend who was very pro-vax until Covid came along. When he saw how the authorities shut down debate, he asked the obvious question: Why? What are they afraid of? My friend reasoned that those who shut down debate usually do not have good reasons. The authorities, because they shut down debate, are creating anti-vaxxers! Why are they doing that?

    • They must know that censorship does not work. People will always want to see what is censored. So why do they do it?

    • We need to turn to the literature on this, and by literature I do not necessarily mean research articles. I can think of several topics in history. Perhaps experts on these areas can parade their findings. For instance, the WW2 resistance movement, especially information gathering, and spreading a message in the face of opposition.

    • “Before we can refute an idea, we need to fairly represent it. I am not asking you to agree with anti-vaxxers, but in order to refute them we first need to understand them.”

    • BTW. We need to be ready to show quality material and websites. Do they exist? I have not found any. I have found a few good books and videos, that is all. The anti-vax case is rarely made well. Makes me wonder why then the authorities are so scared of it, and why people have such a deep emotional reaction.

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      There is plenty of material available.

      (except they got the numbers wrong, it was actually 21 deaths in the vaccine group and 17 in the placebo)


    2. Mark Walker

      Hi there ILowe.

      You are so right that the “anti-vax case is rarely made well.” It’s even more frustrating that people who are (rightly) opposed to the jab seem to have so little idea of why the public won’t listen to them.

      The fact is that, for us to be right, the only logical explanation for the way the powers-that-be in so many countries have followed the mainstream narrative so slavishly is if there exists a big and powerful conspiracy – and the public cannot fathom how any such conspiracy could possibly have arisen without being exposed.

      As I stated in an earlier reply to this blog entry, I’ve got the solution (in the form of a script for a documentary), but I’ve had very little interest shown here, and zero practical support offered, from this page.

      This is especially unfortunate in light of your remarks, because the film is due to be accompanied by a website which would offer, among other things:












      95% of the above material is already written, but if I can’t find anyone to so much as *lend* me some modest financial support (I can operate on less than 8 quid a day), the project will inevitably be delayed for weeks longer than need be :o( I hate to think how many children around the world will end up getting jabbed because of this delay.

      I really hope someone with direct access to Dr. Kendrick could make sure he’s seen my various posts here.

      Thanks. Mark

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        For me, all the headlines you’ve iterated are circumstantial. “Believe”, “convenient”, “suspicious”, “smoking gun”. This enables them to be easily dismissed in arguments, as anecdotal or coincidences.

        ILowe wanted quality material. I supplied the links. I don’t see any of that data incorporated into your post. My argument against the jabs is thus:

        The data from the Pfizer trials shows that overall mortality in the jabbed group is 23% higher than the saline placebo group.

        Likewise hospitalisations are 70% higher in the jabbed group.

        Tact and diplomacy are not my strong points, and I get rapidly frustrated when people go off on tangents like covid numbers, my cousin died from covid, the trial was held in winter ….. so I need a polite way of getting across to them that, if you can’t understand that the clinical trial, a quadruple blinded placebo controlled gold standard trial, had excess deaths and hospitalisations, showing that the jab is not safe, then you are a total idiot who deserves to die from it, preferably before you persuade anyone else to risk their lives or livelihoods taking a cocktail after a trial of a completely new technique (in humans, after all the test animals died) that had an average participant time of four and a half months.

        End of story.

        It was shown in June 2020 that up to 80% of the European populations have innate cross-reactive T cell immunity. It’s known that T cells need D to operate. We took 5,000 iu of D per day, supplemented with some K2 two or three times a day. To combat the risk of being in the 20% without T cell immunity we had a supply of ivermectin and zinc available to be taken as soon as symptoms started. While we’ve never needed it, friends who did have all survived despite some severe co-morbidities.

        D is incredibly cheap. There’s no reason not to take it if you can’t get enough from sunlight. You can get ivermectin from your local animal produce store. The dosage per kg for sheep (as per directions on the box) is the same as for humans. If you are not prepared to follow the above protocols based on scientific studies, you’re a total idiot etc. etc. (I’m not aware that a lethal dose for ivermectin has been established, unlike paracetamol, ibuprofen, salt).

        I understand that Dr K authorises every post, so he will have seen yours.

        If you succeed in producing your documentary, how will you get people to watch it? There are hundreds if not thousands of similar videos out there, but their impact upon covidians seems limited.

        1. Mark Walker

          Thanks for your reply.

          Um, if you’d taken the time to read and digest my previous messages here, I honestly don’t think you’d be dismissing my web articles so quickly and sweepingly. You certainly wouldn’t be asking me how I plan to “get people to watch my film”. Nor would you describe my film, of which you’ve not viewed so much as a single frame, as “similar” to any of the other films that are out there.

          Maybe you could get back to me when you’ve taken a moment to find out what my approach actually is and worked out how the public are likely to respond to it. (I suggest their response to *your* sort of (frontal) approach is likely to be, “It is simply impossible for so many of the authorities and experts all over the world to have been wrong/fooled. You must be some madman to believe they are all blind or idiots or conspirators. Get lost.”)

          If, on the other hand, you genuinely know of any documentaries that take a similar, subtle, approach to mine, I’d love to hear the name of even a single one. (I’ll wait.)

          1. Eggs ‘n beer

            Well, your web articles, which as you put it, accompany the film, are easily dismissible as “conspiracy theory stuff”, so it mightn’t be unreasonable to expect the film to be of the same ilk. And there are certainly many films of a conspiracy theory nature, none of which I’ve watched past the two minute mark as it’s clear they are long on supposition and short on facts.

            So I still don’t see why people should watch your film on the expectation of converting their pure blood friends to be jabbed. The conversations will already have been had and if friendships still exist my experience is that it’s on an ‘agree to disagree’ basis with the topic best not breached again. As most if not all of my mudblood friends have had Covid, but very few of the pure bloods, even the mudbloods aren’t silly enough to suggest that we should get the jab now. Plus, if they do watch it, they might not feel too happy being led up the garden path into a denialist den.

            I wish you all the best in your endeavour. It’s never easy bringing a new product to a welcoming market, let alone a hostile one.

  128. Vivien

    This is all such a hideous scenario and I can only be thankful that there are people like you who continue to flag up the insanities being visited on us all. I am afraid it makes me despair – particularly in light of the latest information about the new virus being engineered in the US….. dear God, I’m speechless – check out Dr. John Campbell’s video on UTube …

  129. alsacrowther

    The masses have succumbed to the brainwashing of the media and the government bodies. I can understand the non medical people getting swept along with it but I am astounded that the medical fraternity continue to bury their heads in the sand. No critical thinking or questioning the new data that is coming out. It has taken away any confidence I had in the medical profession

    1. Gary Ogden

      alsacrowther: Doctors are clearly seeing the harm, but there has been a full-court press inhibiting all but the brave from speaking up. It has been an unprecedented information war, a war on the ability of many to risk not being able to feed their families. But make no mistake: doctors everywhere are seeing the harm caused by these mass-disseminated and mass-mandated gene-therapy products. One of the most frightening things about this is that manufacturers are not following GMC (Good Manufacturing Practices), and the FDA is letting them get away with it, so the vials may contain anything from saline to a toxic soup.

  130. Little House on the Big Hill

    Hello, Doctor Kendrick!

    First, thank you for all your excellent writing and research. I found you online some years ago while trying to study statins as my aged parents were prescribed such and I didn’t think it a good match for them. Fortunately I was able to read them some choice bits of yours, and they abstained. But that was indeed quite a while ago!

    I am writing with a small idea that might make a pin-prick opening for those of us wishing to communicate to the vaccine non-hesitant. Our 20-year-old daughter, who is a sophomore in college and knows everything, suddenly said to her mom: “I think the vaccines are actually causing us to be sick, not preventing anything.” This from a child whose other mother is head of health services for our NY county. Holy cow!

    So perhaps these younger ones might be seeing the truth of it down on home turf, and might be more open to some news of a different flavor? I don’t know, but it was refreshing to hear, and I wonder if maybe we are beating our heads against the wall with older generations who are deeply entrenched in the daily news.

    Just some thoughts, and wanted to reach out anyway to express my gratitude for your work, your bravery, your great humor. Thank you!

  131. Mark

    Yup i recognise “that silent, arms crossed look”. I have one friend who indicated bluntly that he didn’t want to go there “let’s just play golf and not talk about any of that cr@p”. But that was infinitely preferable to the tumbleweed response from other close friends and family

  132. Patrick Brennan

    Sincere appreciation for your struggles. Strange times when I think it’s almost heroic that someone uses common sense and a bit of wisdom – and, of course, all your other most charming attributes.
    I think the mass formation idea is the only explanation here. God only knows where it leads to.
    I’m trying to read Hannah Arendt on Totalitarianism – bit of a struggle!
    Thanks again!

  133. CG

    It’s conformation bias, you either believe it 100% and are too stubborn to debate, or you know it’s something that you cannot reverse. You have been jabbed, and you know in your heart you could drop dead at any moment, that is a thought best kept buried deep in your subconscious and god help anyone who tries. As soon as you debate it, it becomes reality.

  134. Jeff Zervas

    My suspicions regarding the jab were raised when the likes of the “philanthropist” Bill Gates, the bureaucrat Fauci, and serial offender Pfizer started pushing it heavily.

    Pfizer appears to have engaged in criminally questionable practices for quite a long time. Note the dates.:

    Following the January 1959 disclosure of the misleading Pfizer ad for Sigmamycin, the Federal Trade Commission issued the first unfair practice complaint in its history against an ethical drug house, with Pfizer as the defendant.

    – John Lear, Do We Need a Census of Worthless Drugs? The Saturday Review, May 7, 1960, pp. 53-57

    The US government has imposed a $2.3 billion fine on Pfizer for a string of offences including illegal off-label prescribing and bribery of officials.

    The fine represents the country’s biggest ever fraud settlement against a pharmaceutical company, and covers criminal and civil charges.

    1. thecovidpilot

      Per David Martin, who seems to have the best handle on things as regards organization of vaccines, Pfizer and the other vax manufacturers were set up to take the blame. The CIA (via ATI and IQT) and the US DOD (via DARPA) were involved in running Operation Warp Speed through govt. contractors.

      There’s a bit of a rabbit hole involved. I’m still working on figuring out who was in charge of censorship of incovenient science.

      “In-Q-Tel: The Central Intelligence Agency as Venture Capitalist”

      “IQT Emerge™ Teams with DARPA to Promote Technology Commercialization to Benefit U.S. National Security”

      “DARPA has helped lay the foundations for some of society’s most transformational technologies:the internet, miniaturized GPS, smart phones, _RNA vaccines_, stealth, commercial space access, and autonomous vehicles.”

      “Mission Possible: Quenching Epidemics”

      Click to access IQT%20Quarterly_Winter%202016_Mission%20Possible%20-%20Quenching%20Epidemics.pdf

      1. Gary Ogden

        thecovidpilot: Correct, except I would say Pfizer was used to the launder the money (our tax money). The Department of Defense was/is the main funder, through Peter Daszak of Ecohealth Alliance, of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, to created the original virus. I think it was most likely an accidental escape in September, 2019. The world-wide response, CCP-style, was vastly worse than the virus.

        1. thecovidpilot

          Follow the money.

          BioNtech was used to tranfer money to the CCP’s Fosun Pharmaceuticals via a partnership arrangement.

          Pharma funds the CDC via the CDC Foundation.

          “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: protecting the private good?”

          Pharma funds the FDA via payments for reviewing its drugs.

          1. Gary Ogden

            Our CDC (Centers for Disease Creation and Promotion) Director Rochelle Wallenski has the ‘Rona again. Twice now, since she got the latest $5 billion mumbo-jumbo jab in September. While I wish nobody harm, the thought did cross my mind that it serves her right for being such a complete moron.

  135. Joyce

    Malcolm , in a “Perfect World” everything would be open for discussion. However, as soon as Money raises its ugly greedy head that all goes out of the window! Sadly, I believe nothing these days, which naturally angers and disappoints me because we should be able to believe what we are told about our health. This is reminiscent of the Statin/Cholesterol Saga isn’t it? Consequently, we are nowhere nearer the truth of anything, unless we “dig” and come to our own conclusions. I have been following the Aseem Malhotra saga, and to be honest, even without his thoughts, I am finished with Covid vaccines whatever anyone says. Still being inundated with “requests” to come get my “free” vaccine. Had Two, plus the Booster, (forced on us, under pain of no job, no travel abroad). Enough! They are brave people indeed who take on big Pharma and their trained, paid lackeys! Not something I’d like to do. Respect to anyone who does.

  136. Greg Heneisen

    We are in a tough spot. Science may not survive. Christianity will survive because it is evidence based and it can be criticized, challenged, debated and has been for 2,000 years. In fact, I am a Christian because of the evidence.

  137. Steven D Cook

    Dr. M-
    First off, I hope you are doing well, or at least better these days. I have been following your writings since 2018, just after my heart surgery, and always enjoy seeing another of your post show up in my mailbox.

    Perhaps the tide is, slowly, turning. I just read an article published on the Brownstone Institute titled, “The Media Ignored the Parliamentary Debate on Vaccine Safety”.

    Part of that of course is the usual refusal of the MSM to objectively report on the news these days. Part was the preoccupation with your new PM. But it is telling that in Parliament and in the US Congress, there are growing calls for deep dives into the debacle of the past couple of years. People are slowly getting the real scoop (or at least hearing of controversy) , even as we continue to see the lone driver, masked and gloved in their car.

    In the US, the mid-term elections should set the stage, if the Pols don’t wimp out, for investigations into the CDC, FDA, Mr. I am the Science, Fauci and others and their roles in the still unfolding debacle and agency capture by Pharma. There is already a court case ordering Fauci to testify under oath about his efforts to censor what he thought as dissent. There is hope that the 2023 Congress will purse deeper probes.

    Robert F Kennedy Jr, just released a fairly lengthy documentary, “The Real Anthony Fauci – the Movie”. No matter your politics, there is enough meat in this docu to at least cause people to go hmmm.

    There is you. I found your blog and books when I just didn’t ‘feel right’ about what the cardiologists (I had 5 in 18 months) kept trying to get me to swallow, literally and figuratively. More people will begin to question ‘the science’ of covid. More people will find you. More people will listen. Don’t give up, please.

    1. Baillsruth

      Read this today “He who has learned to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of negotiation.”
      Robert Estabrook

  138. R Coleman

    I have been vaccinated 4 times, each one Astrozenneca as I felt this was the most vaccine like of the ones around. I still caught COVID-19 four months after number 4. It was pretty mild, a sore throat. So I have zero idea if the vaccines helped or not. I’m not an anti vaccination but I too think that there needs to be healthy discussion on this subject.

  139. Baillsruth

    I noticed someone else’s was having trouble with WordPress it won’t let me comment like I used to be able to. Wants the app used. As least I have worked out how to comment. But was wanting me to sign in every time but I am currently not logging out so can read other comments. 😳 Seems one gets used to doing things a certain way and then low and behold its changed.

  140. Baillsruth

    Read this today and had to google to see who said it: “He who has learned to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of negotiation.”
    Robert Estabrook

    Perhaps this may help Dr.

  141. thecovidpilot

    There is a new paper out studying Japan and myocarditis _mortality_ correlation with vaccines across all age groups. It shows increased mortality across all age groups.

    Does the Precautionary Principle apply or only the Press Stupidly On Principle, where we keep doing stupid stuff because we can’t admit a horrible mistake?

  142. thecovidpilot

    From Robert Malone’s substack article ( ), the CIA apparently was running the pro-mRNA vaccine campaign in the US. In conjunction with this, the CIA must have had some discussion of covid vaccine marketing strategy, which strategy would necessarily mean propagating propaganda against vaccine skeptics and coordinating with Bill Gates’ people (CEPI, GAVI) and the various people involved in Event 201 and implementing the strategies discussed to mitigate “anti-vaxxer misinformation” that were discussed in Event 201 documents. The end result is that any covid vaccine skeptics will be viewed as cranks and nuts, which means that there will be no discussion with them by non-skeptics. This further means that any evidence of harm from vaccines will be excluded from consideration unless coming from trusted authorities.

    The claim, of course, will be that the vaccine non-skeptics are following evidence-based medicine. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.

    1. Jeffrey Zervas

      You beat me to it. It’s a superb article in every way except that he said they were not vaccines, yet later on he kept describing them as such!

      I hope Dr. Kendrick finds time to read it.

  143. Joyce

    Puzzle for today??? Regarding Pfizer/Moderna vaccines. Yesterday I read that Doctors are dying like flies in Canada?? Today someone tells me Denmark’s version of the same vaccines has been such a wonderful success they have stopped the need for further vaccinations??? As I said yesterday on this blog, I am totally and utterly bamboozled as to who and what to believe! The only thing keeping me sane is the simple common sense fact that if someone discovers a “wonder drug” that actually does what it says on the tin, wouldn’t they be MORE than willing to explain in detail, together with data, how true it was? This hasn’t happened yet, has it? I am therefore sceptical to say the least. Surely there are some GOOD GUYS out there SOMEWHERE?

    1. AhNotepad

      Joyce, the only source on truth you need is Jacinda Adhern. Indeed, she herself said so. You might like to get confirmation of anything she says, this can be obtained from thw WEF, as they own the science, and everyone should know it.


        AhNotepad, I trust that you are treating us to bit of satire, but on a further note, the aforementioned was a ‘yes-person’ within the war-criminal Bliar circus some years back, which points to her credentials. Speaking of which, I watched a rather disturbing video where she featured recently. I’m old-school but I’m aware of photoshop, CGI etc., but I don’t know if video can be easily ‘doctored’. Having said that, the footage would indicate that a chromosome test might be in order. Probably just some video tinkerer being mischievous…

      2. Joyce

        Oh My! The WEF, their mission to rule, sorry save the world, is very impressive. Their illustrious partners insurmountable! Somebody has a job on their hands, glad it’s not me! Plus don’t click on this site if your in bed, or you’re guaranteed nightmares! I’m beginning to wish I’d never asked lol.

        1. AhNotepad

          Some things can be harrowing. The benefit of seeing some of this is to give a view of what is going on. ChildrensHealth Defense TV has an intervier by Polly Tommy with John O’Looney. If you wish to look it up it is in my opinion horrific. Though is is as bad as Turdo’s latest childrens protocol of doctors being permitted to give suicidal or otherwise depressed children, a pill without their parent’s consent?

  144. Maggie

    Hi Malcolm, your writing is so amazingly helpful when trying to get to grips with the medical maze that confronts anyone who attempts the feat of keeping an open mind. I think I might be the victim of vaccine damage. I only have supposition no proof. I have no risk factors. I have avoided medication throughout my life. I am nearly 80. Hearing all the hype I decided reluctantly to get vaccinated. I am fit and well, never overweight, always kept active etc. Out of the blue I had a mild chest pain. After some tests I have been informed that I have heart failure. I have no symptoms, except a mild chest pain and ectopic heart beats. The only unusual thing which has happened is the vaccination. I am very suspicious. As you point out so clearly there is no-one I can talk to about my feelings. I also will not be having my 4th vaccination.

  145. Roy Bonney

    Excellent blog, sir!

    Yes I agree you have to be careful what you say about Covid and vaccination but there is a time when you need to stand up and be counted, OK I am retired so it doesn’t matter much my career is long over, so…

    I have not been vaccinated for Covid and frankly never will be, which has caused some family arguments to put it mildly, and because of this I have only spoken to some family members once in the last 18 months! (but every cloud has a silver lining)

    When Covid kicked off, I did a lot of background reading into mRNA vaccines and the like (I have a strong science background), and I firmly believe we are playing with fire and people who do that often get burnt.

    I took the alternate vitamin D 3,000 IU a day route and have not had so much as a cold, Covid or any thing else in the last 2 years (see below), and given I am 70 years old that is something.

    Given this is medical relate blog site can I make an observation which some of you may find interesting…

    I personally suffered for some 25 years or so, from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is a mild (?) form of depression in the winter months. So for 3, 4, 5 or more times a year in winter, for several days at a time, I was depressed and found it almost impossible to do anything, dragging my knuckles along the floor as they say. Some days just passed without me noticing.
    However, this last two years I have not had so much as a twitch of SAD.

    So consider this as a plausible explanation from my personal experience. SAD is / was though to be caused by lack of light acting on the brain through the eyes, causing the depression. However, what if it is that the lack of light is just causing vitamin D deficiency, which then causes the depression?

    Anyone who suffers from SAD might consider just trying vitamin D, I know I will continue to take it in winter, It might just protect you from Covid as well, as a lot of evidence suggests.
    Just a though.

    1. andy

      I am 71 and seem to be less ill than ever before. Not so much as a cold for three years. One reluctant injection..and vit D each day. Tumeric tea in builders tea…Swim daily in the lake. Outside at all opporunity. Now even my arthritis has decreased. I seem to be the only person in UK who has turned DOWN an offer of new knees !

  146. Tish

    If you really want insight go to

    And be ready for part 3

    On the bright side it is suggested that things are getting so ridiculous so fast that people will start waking up.

    I think the super-rich will probably start fighting among themselves eventually – once they’ve finished enjoying these games they are playing with people’s lives and livelihoods. There’s always a chap at the top who others want to oust. They don’t seem satisfied with their wealth and power if somebody has more of it. They are not normal people after all. They consider themselves above the rest of us who they treat with contempt but I for one have more contempt for them than they could possibly have for us.

  147. Baillsruth

    Maggie that’s sad to hear about your situation post COVID “jab/shot”. Rarely did I hear it called a vaccine by media outlets.

    1. Gary Ogden

      This is excellent. Dr. Vinay Prasad on the utter and very damaging incompetence of top U.S. “public health” officials (“. . .it is like sacrificing goats to make the rain come.”)

  148. Bruce Crawley

    Pretty much sums up my experience, sad and concerning, but surprising?

    I was given some good advice early on in my career development which served me well over the decades ….. in any given situation make sure you manage expectations and perceptions, your own as well as others ….. and don’t waste energy on things beyond your control and influence.

    Perhaps we are just observing the fact that society in general misunderstands science and the limitations of it’s practical application. Not too surprising given that the main source of information for those not professionally engaged, is reporting by mainstream media.

    It does strike me that an FMEA is sorely needed to provide a through analysis of the intended and unintended consequences of the actions taken. Hopefully this can be carried out to ascertain whether the interventions were “successful”.

    Hats off to you and Aseem and others for raising these issues. Thank you.

    Kind regards
    Bruce Crawley

  149. David Bailey


    You wrote: “Scary. Anyway. If anyone has any good ideas about how a debate can even get started, without descending into anger and accusation … please let me know. It seems beyond me. The end.”

    I think explaining why it is that doctors aren’t complaining more about the COVID jabs is probably the best you can do. You must have an enormous following, and they know it!

    COVID, the vaccine, the W.E.F., the facts about the Ukraine war (oh and the facts about heart disease) they are all lies from start to finish.

    I will never take another vaccine as long as I live – what is the point if you can’t trust the people who make them.

  150. Clathrate

    [I’ve become somewhat lax checking up on this blog – used to check daily (too many great substacks – and for which I see some of the commentors from here).]

    Yes, science is debate and yes ideas have become a ‘religious’ belief (same as climate ‘change’ but don’t start me on that). I now don’t initiate corona debate (I have all my ducks lined up in a row, can quote studies, etc., talk about B & T cells, etc., etc., , ) – but will do so if debate starts but find it usually quickly ends up with accusations of being a conspiracy theorist, not that I care a jot.

    I’ve mentioned this previously, but I managed to keep my elderly parents off the CV-19 jabs (despite great coercion), same with one out of two siblings (+ brother-in-law) – unfortunately the younger generation think I’m a tinfoil hat wearing nutcase (yet their motivations include being ‘allowed’ to travel). [Side story – I did a work trip abroad earlier this year, that other’s wouldn’t, where I had to do an additional hotel quarantine for not being jabbed {I was paid to sit in hotel room ordering a steak every day on expenses}.]

    Dr K. is right about preaching to the converted – the substacks & twitter accounts that I tend to check in on (I’ve not joined either and this is the only place that I’ve commented on) – are all converted places.

    Regarding the question about getting a debate started, I’ve manged to have three, albeit limited, debates by initiating the question ‘are you bothering with a flu shot this year’ – on two occasions this led to the other side bringing up the latest covid boosters which at least led me to pose questions about as to why a booster was required.

    1. andy

      Yes. I am often shocked by the casual excuse…”I need it to travel” (so had four injections). It’s a kind of self importance really. Even Peter Hitchins weakly said the same thing whilst loudly declaring it all a big scam.

  151. Roy Bonney

    There seems to be a lot of talk at the moment about the increased death rate which is being blamed on Covid.
    But there seems to be little causal explanations as to why.

    Personally I like to keep an open mind so can I suggest an alternative which is perhaps a bit more worrying:

    Some 50 years ago the was a very influential book written re: The Limits to Growth by the Club of Rome.
    Some of it prediction from the “WORLD MODEL STANDARD RUN Figure 35” have proven to be uncannily accurate.

    to quote:

    ‘The “standard” world model run assumes no major change in the physical, economic, or social relationships that have historically governed the development of the world system. All variables plotted here follow historical values from 1900 to 1970. Food, industrial output, and population grow exponentially until the rapidly diminishing resource base forces a slow down in industrial growth. Because of natural delays in the system, both population and pollution continue to increase for some time after the peak of industrialization. Population growth is finally halted by a rise in the death rate due to decreased food and medical services.’

    As this model suggests what we are seeing in many instances including a change in the death rate which has been reducing for the last 50 years or more is now at a point of change into an ever increasing death rate.
    Perhaps what we are seeing is just the beginning of what was predicted?

    It is a very good book and perhaps should be re-read by more people?

    Just a thought

    1. andy

      Tonight we are enjoying our own carrots with onions, and a sausage… brought as a gift in the summer… and an apple pie with cream. Living within your means isnt that awful yet.

    2. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

      No, it’s not a very good book, and it’s based of false presuppositions.

      Currently (official UN data) we are throwing in the tip almost half of the food produced in the world, we have untapped energy resources that could last thousands of years, the planet is much less polluted than 50 years ago, and so on.

        1. Gary Ogden

          Sasha: Certainly in most U.S. cities, the air is much cleaner than it was 50 years ago, and the removal of lead from gasoline reduced its toxic burden, but pollution in general is much worse than it was 50 years. Examples: The air quality in Chinese cities. The oceans. The toxic chemicals used in agriculture. The toxic chemicals used in everyday products (in the U.S. we have the EPA, established in the environmental wave in the aftermath of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring,” showing the impact on bird life by eggshell thinning caused by DDT [this was also the cause of poliomyelitis]) Most people are under the impression that this acronym stands for the Environmental Protection Administration, but it actually stands for the Environmental Pollution Administration, as David L. Lewis, PhD shows in his book, “Science for Sale.” It is certainly possible that pollution has been reduced in Australia over the past 50 years, but I don’t know one way or the other.

          1. Sasha

            Gary: I know that I consume and produce significantly more waste than my grandparents did when they were my age 50 years ago. I would assume that it’s true for the majority of people alive today. If an average person has a higher standard of living and, by extention, a higher energetic footprint than his ancestors two generations ago, how is it possible that in the aggregate we produce less pollution?

            Regarding lead in gasoline, not sure if you read about him but if you haven’t, look up the story of Clair Patterson. “The most important scientist of the 20th century you’ve never heard of” – as some people call him. He is the person whose research was responsible for eventually getting lead out of gasoline, even though it took decades and the industry pulled every trick in the book to stall. Sort of similar to statins, vax, etc.

            There’s an episode on NPR’s RadioLab about him and articles circulating on the web go even more in depth.

        2. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

          I suppose you are being sarcastic, in the remote case you are not, you’d be thrilled to know that China has significantly and constantly reduced pollution in the last few decades, Chinese cities are actually now much cleaner than most European’s.

          Russia and Eastern Europe, free from the worders of communism, don’t just bury nuclear and chemical waste next to cities and towns like they used to do.

          But maybe you are just young and have no idea how the world was 50 years ago.

          1. a

            I visited Poland and was told under no circumstances should I consider swimming in any river or water course. Such things being the sewers for the inductrial toxicity of decades

          2. Sasha

            I was being sarcastic. I was in China in 2008 and their cities were extremely polluted. It’s possible that the air was cleaned up somewhat in the last few years compared to 2008 but I highly doubt that Chinese air now is better than it was in 1972 when most Chinese rode bicycles and China hasn’t yet become the factory of the world.

            Moscow 50 years ago had virtually no private car ownership. People rode the subway, buses, trolley buses, etc. Many still do today but Moscow has maddening traffic jams, some of the worst you’ll see in any European city. An average Muscovite (and, to a lesser extent, an average Russian) has become wealthier in the last 30 years, thus consuming more and producing more waste.

            The larger point – our population grew and levels of consumption per capita increased in the last 50 years. Everything we do has an energetic cost attached to it and, IMO, an average person 50 years ago had much less of an environmental foot print than an average person today. Compare your levels of consumption, travel, etc to that of your grandparents when they were your age.

            So, how is it possible that the planet became less polluted than it was 50 years ago?

      1. Roy Bonney

        Without getting into an arguments can I make a couple of comments:

        a) Can you give me a reference to the UN data, please.

        Only a couple of years ago I did a UK Open University short course on food security, and this was definitely not the case, so I would be interested to see your data.

        b) “we have untapped energy resources that could last thousands of years”

        Yes this is true. It is called the sun.
        It is fossil fuels that are the problem (and are limited)

        c) “the planet is much less polluted than 50 years ago”
        for air pollution due to coal burning this is true in most western world cities.
        But what about plastics, methane, CO2, particulates, etc. all these are worse and increasing.

        As to “The Limits to Growth” it proposed a MACRO model of possible effects and like all good models it succeeded in doing one thing, it forced people to considered what was happening and think about it.

        All models are limited and good ones always raise more questions than they answer.

        To an large extent that is what went wrong with Covid the models suggested something and all the idiots in charge of us who didn’t understand the limitations believed them without question.

        Models are there to help guide you make decisions not do it for you.

        1. AhNotepad

          Climate models seem to all give nothing like the figures measured on the ground, provided those places are not in urban heat islands, you know, like Heathrow airport or halfway down RAF Conningsby runway. WOnder how they got the all time records. Don’t forget how NASA seems to feel the need to “correct” the raw data.

          ”But what about plastics, methane, CO2, particulates, etc. all these are worse and increasing.”

          You are giving the impression that CO2 is a pollutant. Since it is the gas from which all plants are made, how is it a pollutant. Methane, that is rapidly oxidised into CO2 and water, how is it a pollutant in the amounts from the sources you have not defined?

          1. andy

            Models ! Is it just me who distrusts someone who creates a fancy equation from some existing data and then who uses it to predict something else a long way ahead using that data. Adjusting as required. Saying it is correct because its a model.

          2. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

            Every single person with at least two working neurons should immediately dismissi any witch doctor who pretend to be a scientist and talk about models.

            A shaman would be more accurate and most likely more scientific.

            Once upon a time, financial advisor had to explain to their victims, ehm, customers, that “previous results are not an indicator of future results. Go figure.

          3. Eggs ‘n beer

            Climate models, like Covid models, are not based on science but on funding availability. There’s a guy called Hansen, who has written many, if not most, of the influential papers on CO2 including the forced radiation calculations for CO2. These were subsequently applied for methane, then the halo-carbons, finally for every utterly insignificant gas in the atmosphere like SF6.

            Yet in 1974 he stated quite explicitly that the only components of the atmosphere contributing to significant absorption of solar radiation in the atmosphere are ozone and water vapour. “O2 and CO2 together are responsible for ~ 8% of the absorption in the atmosphere corresponding to ~2.5% of the absorption by the atmosphere plus the surface.” Lacis and Hansen, 1974.

            Well, here is a really significant problem. Obviously you can’t get a juggernaut rolling against water vapour, which a) everybody knows is essential to life and b) not only do we have zero control over, but we’re not sure to an error margin of 100% how much is in the atmosphere (2%? 4%? More?). Ozone? Manufactured in the stratosphere by the sun. Another non-starter. Better look at those insignificant things. Oxygen? Start a campaign to reduce oxygen in the atmosphere? Well, not impossible. Oxygen is a vital component of CO2, and of sugars like cellulose, which is what trees and plants are made of. So reforestation and burning heaps of fossil fuels could do the trick. But it’s going to sound kinda dumb telling everyone that they need less oxygen to save the planet. Just think of the memes!

            So, CO2 it is! We can form a case for the radiative forcing based on a logarithmic curve. But, but, that doesn’t give nearly enough heating for a case, so we’ll introduce a fudge factor, er, a coefficient, and multiply everything by, say, 5.35. (Myhre et al. 1998) Bingo! Loads of heating, IPCC, grants, conferences, fame, fortune, power …. and we haven’t even looked at methane etc.etc. yet.

            Someone subsequently looked at all the data and came up with a fudge factor of 3.12. Which he says gives a much better correlation to observed temperature changes and CO2 concentrations. However, it also removes the need to worry about it because the radiative forcing effect levels off at much lower levels of CO2. Naturally he’s going the same way as McCullough, Malhotra et al.

            As for other pollutants, waterways and oceans are much cleaner that the seventies as chemical companies and others have made huge efforts in these areas. Apart from removing lead, cars are much more efficient so less pollution per capita from that source. And that’s probably the issue. In spite of the reductions in pollution, the population has more than doubled in fifty years. Plastics? Yeah, right. Even fifty years ago you could buy a cheap car with very little plastic. Nowadays you are totally dependent on plastics for every facet of your life. Except possibly breathing. Complain about plastics pollution if you want to, but unless you, personally, are eliminating them from your lifestyle I think it’s a bit hypocritical. And consider the pollution aspects if plastics were replaced with what they replaced, steel, aluminium, copper, glass, paper, cardboard, bones, cotton, wool, rubber, linseed, timber, leather, rope, flax, linen, for double the population.

        2. Jerome savage

          Modelling is maybe for models. Trying to factor in all eventualities in any such attempt might be over ambitious to say the least eg how do we factor in volcanoes, if at all.
          Bold volcanoes – bold, spoiling our models then are. Should be “cancelled” I tell you.

    3. Roy Bonney

      Wow ! Apologies to Dr Kendrick for opening a can of worms.

      As with all good scientific papers I perhaps need to declare my conflicts of interest (notably on modelling).
      I have a BSc(Hons) in applied maths, did 5 years university research on diagnostic techniques (using computer models) and for my sins taught modelling techniques to first year under graduates. So I am perhaps a bit biased in favour of modelling.

      Having said all that, to be clear, all models are just a means of communicating the relationships between variables.
      Hopefully to enable you to understand the relationships, and possible find a relationship between cause and effect.

      Yes they should be tested against reality and changed as needed.

      Yes they can be misinterpret that is why it is important they are published for discussion and testing by peers.

      The fact some models are run on a computer is irrelevant.

      All the above responses and discussion as to what exists and why are in essence just models expressed in English.

      Whether you agree or not models are pervasive e.g. the idea of gravity is just a model of behaviour.

      I could go on for hours on this subject but I wont, I will give one very relevant example.

      Last night I watched a couple of the YouTube talks from the “We Love Our Hearts” set, Dr Kendrick latest blog, notably…

      Primary Causes of Heart Disease – Ivor Cummins & Dr Jeffry Gerber

      Definitely worth a watch!

      Ivor Cummins gives a impressive discussion on the relationships between measurement (variables) in a body and working back to a root cause, this is impressive modelling !

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        I beg to differ about the relevancy of models being run on computers. With the earlier climate change models they were designed such that they would run quickly on the computers that were available at the time. In other words, simplicity, or perhaps the importance of getting one’s point of view into print first, was paramount over accuracy.

        When you consider what was left out of those models, like carbon emissions from the degradation of soil, CO2 from 80,000km of undersea volcanic ridges, an unknown number of active undersea volcanoes and a 900% error in the CO2 emissions from above ground volcanoes, asking the computer to give a meaningful answer is like asking it to play you at chess, but it only has five pawns, a king and a bishop.

      2. Fast Eddy

        I study ducks…

        If it quacks like a duck… looks like a duck… walks like a duck… and when cooked tastes like a duck… it’s a duck.

        I don’t need modelling or testing or any of that stuff… it’s a duck.

        And the excess deaths … are for the most part caused by the injections.

  152. travelwriter73

    Didnt Mark Twain right a comment once, “Its easier for people to continue believing a lie, then to admit they have been lied to ”
    I just change the subject when asked how many vax I have had.
    In the early days I spoke to as many people as possible on how bad these vax were. I begged my parent’s not to take any. They mostly all did. Now I watch my parents become noticeably frailer and more sick. And my friends have weird symptoms like bleeding, anemia. Iron transfusions are now quite common amongst coworkers. One coworker said her last vax was poison. She had beem injected with poison. Yet- next sentice was saying she was going to ger a different brand “next time”. Like hitting head against brick wall.

    1. andy

      My buddy had a heart attack, even as a researcher in a drugs company. His doctor said “it was lucky he had it now rather than in some years when he was older!”

  153. Baillsruth

    Eggs ‘n beer thank you for sharing this information by Dr Paul Thomas. Wow. Blows one away but main stream medical and media doesn’t care one iota. Sad.

  154. Geoff

    Speaking of climate change, here’s a quote from an article which claims,
    “[Greta Thunberg] is related to the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Svante
    Arrhenius. Never heard of him? Don’t worry, Wikipedia will clue you in:
    Arrhenius, in 1896, was the first to use basic principles of physical chemistry to calculate estimates of the extent to which increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) will increase Earth’s surface temperature through the greenhouse effect. These calculations led him to conclude that human-caused CO2 emissions, from fossil-fuel burning and other combustion processes, are large enough to cause global warming. This conclusion has been extensively tested, winning a place at the core of modern climate science.

    “So Greta just happens to be related to the father of modern climate science.

    Also interesting is that the author mentions that Anders Celsius, developer of the temperature measurement of the same name…was interested in rising sea levels due to melting ice… [and that] it’s fitting that his portraitist would be a relative of Arrhenius.

    Who is Greta Thunberg?
    By Sven Svenson

    Click to access greta.pdf

    I have vetted none of the above; make of it what you will.

  155. Jerome savage

    COPIED Below are the words of Dr gerry waters – Dr waters got struck off for having an attitude that did not conform- clearly illustrated below

    “I have said and will continue to state that in the knowledge that the diagnosis of Covid 19 was dependent on a corrupt , dishonest , over cycled , jettisoned by the WHO PCR test ,the other antigen tests were worse according to the brilliant Prof Delores Cahill and then to state that anyone cured this undiagnosable condition ,requires a high degree of cognitive dissonance. I cured all my non diagnosed Covid patients by treating them in the same way as I have treated all various viral infection over the last 40 years as a GP . In that 40 years I never lost a patient to viral infection. That treatment started by examining them and acting accordingly. Remember the average age of Covid deaths corresponded to the life expectancy and no children died . There was a three card switch from flu and natural causes to Covid by diktat of government . I have the letter from DOH.
    I use the term cognitive dissonance in the simplified form of holding two mutually exclusive beliefs at the same time . I have raised this issue with every doctor I have heard claim curing Covid including Dr Peter Mc Cullough a very credible doctor on a zoom meeting , I got no satisfactory response as the moderator stepped in and rescued him .
    To be clear I believe there was a particularly transmissible genetically altered coronavirus spreading in the community . I believe it’s pathogenicity,it’s ability to kill and seriously sicken people was very low and any spike in the elderly was caused directly by government mandated protocol in hospital . I believe the deaths in hospitals and nursings were cause by intubation ,medical intervention an unprecedented neglect due to staff shortages. I will continue to hold that view until I see a better explanation.”

    1. AhNotepad

      Even if this film is made up of factual information, it is spoilt, and IMO negated by the dramatic background music, the hallmark of propaganda.

  156. Martin Back

    “Of the 10 million people who participated in V-safe – again, a massive sample size – 3.3 million reported Adverse Health Impacts (AHIs) immediately after their first vaccination. That’s 33% or one-in-three. Of those 3.3 million people, 1.2 million reported that they were unable to perform daily activities for a time after vaccination. 1.3 million reported getting so sick from the shots that they had to miss school or work. And about 800,000 reported being hospitalized by their COVID vaccination.

    “That last figure is the most worrisome. 800,000 hospitalizations out of 10 million people? That’s an 8% hospitalization rate…

    “A study published in June of 2021 by the National Institutes of Health – where Tony Fauci works – found that the hospitalization rate from COVID-19 for the total population was 2.1%. If you are under the age of 40, the hospitalization rate from COVID-19 is just 0.4%.”

  157. Soniadoc

    When governments have bought in so heavily to an injection that they were apparently convinced ( somewhat easily but then they are not science trained ) save lives…. And put out a wholesale message doubtless backed by pharma (do we know who picked up the check for tv advertising messages?) to convince ( hoodwink) all who either also have no science training or who stand to benefit from vaccine delivery or who do have science training but are so worn out with burnout that they’ve lost the will to live never mind fully inform themselves or resist (& anyway in the process risk their very livelihoods) … who the hell is going to stand up to these people.

  158. Jerome savage

    Regarding revelations (not of the biblical sort), the recent “died suddenly” release is noteworthy in that its nothing new, perhaps will play to new gallery, ther appears to be a marketing programme behind it. Below, I find interesting.
    “Controlled opposition works by telling some truths they can no longer hide but throwing in some outlandish lies (like embalmers finding calamari like clots in the vaccinated). This discredits the truths. Almost all doctors, nurses, teachers, police took multiple doses. We are not seeing any calamity within those groups. I have posted a paper above which I think fits the rare loss of life – like Roy Butler or the 14 year old in Mayo. We are not going to get the truth from Stew Peters (National Enquirer of the internet)

    I think Marc Girardot from Panda is on the right track. It’s just my opinion. Like you all, I’ve looked thru it all. It’s a major shame that he is not getting the attention that Stew Peters gets 👁 🐍👌🏼.

    Panda, Nick Hudson, Abir & Marc have been crunching through the data for 2 years. They’re banned off Twitter, while ‘Died Suddenly’ nonsense trends.”

  159. Lucy

    Go to the video podcasts, debunk the funk with Dr. Wilson, or twiv aka this week in virology. They will explain the stats and why people should take the covid vax. They will also tell you why the vaccine is much safer than getting covid. They also explain how the mrna technology works. There is no 100 percent safe medical intervention. Getting naturally infected is also not safe. They are infectious disease specialists. Not all medical care is bad. It is not perfect. Also Ivor Cummins is not a genius. He doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. He is a loose canon.

    1. AhNotepad

      What is “covid 19” It is Certificate Of Vaccination ID AI. Where does AI come from? What is the 9th letter of the alphabet? What is the 1st letter? The First is ……I’ll leave you to work it out.

      Most medical care is bad, and unnecessary. Why does the death rate fall in the US when heart doctors go on strike? And then it picks up again when they start working. This fraudulent mRNA jab is not a vaccine. Why are there so many Sudden Adult Deaths since the jab roll out. It couldn’t possibly the jabs as GPs get paid so well to jab people. Of course, silly me, they died of Coincidence.

    2. Eggs ‘n beer

      Anyone who tells you that the vaccine is much safer than getting Covid is a blatant liar. With the Phase 3 Pfizer trial showing excess mortality of 23% and 70% excess hospitalisation in the vaccine group, YOU …. MUST …. question their motives.

      No need to waste time on opinionated podcasts. Follow the hard data.

      1. Gary Ogden

        Egg’s ‘n beer: Yes, entertaining to watch Mathew Crawford’s interview with debunk the funk, a newly minted PhD. who is clearly far out of his depth. Good hair, though. As for the gene-therapy jabs, the spike seems to preferentially bind to the ACE2 receptor, with which the vasculature is richly endowed. This would help explain the enormous range of adverse events involving many different organs. These jabs and especially the mandates, are the greatest crime ever inflicted on the human population. A world of lab rats. I’m so glad I was on to the medical cartel long before the ‘Rona. My family are all part of the control group and are doing fine!

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          My family part of the the same group, apart from my daughter who felt forced to have it to keep her job, but who collapsed after the first Pfizer. Still not back at work after a year, but now a convert. One son caught it twice(!) but each time bounced back after 36 hrs. The rest of us? Nary a sniffle. A pretty accurate reflection of the clinical trial, really.

    3. anglosvizzera

      As Dr Chris Exley explains in this interview from Thursday, nearly all research is funded by pharmaceutical companies or others with a vested interest, and therefore cannot be trusted. I doubt, therefore, that Dr Daniel Wilson, being a university professor, is entirely free of conflict. Exley’s interview starts at about 55 minutes in:

  160. Zimon

    I’ve tried to engage on the various covid forums on Reddit. I’ve been banned from them all. They are just echo chambers, filled with hundreds of thousands of folks gagging for their next jabs.

    My transgression was merely pointing out that people who’d had the jab could still pass on the virus. I even linked to studies showing this to be true.


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