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A new blog that I hope you will support

HealthInsightUK.org gives progressive doctors and health experts a platform to make a science-based case for changes in the treatment and prevention of disease.
Edited by award-winning health journalist Jerome Burne, HealthInsightUK explains, without bias, why drugs are not the only – and may not be the best way to cut the risk of the big 3 killers: cancer, heart disease and diabetes, as well as the major debilitators: obesity and Alzheimer’s.
The team sets out the science behind ‘alternative’ regimes, which your doctor may not have the time or inclination to discuss – and which drug companies have no financial reason to research.
HealthInsightUK will be, Jerome Burne says, “an independent and reliable source of information about drug risks and side effects, as well as providing scientific evidence for non-patentable treatments.”

The launch version which goes live today leads, with an article by Jerome Burne about why a very low carb diet could be a new treatment for cancer.

Integrated medicine practitioner and nutrition specialist Dr John Briffa GP describes the British Heart Foundation’s promotion of a risky treatment; statin-sceptic Dr Malcolm Kendrick explains why statin’s side-effects outweigh the benefits and Dr Des Spence, a columnist for the BMJ, asks: if diabetes is a lifestyle disease why do we spend 600 million treating it with drugs?