A YouTube interview you may want to listen to

28th November 2020

This YouTube interview is me, speaking to Ivor Cummins, and discussing many things COVID. Lockdown, the weird statistics, the absolute lack of any real science, the crushing of dissent, and suchlike.

I have known Ivor for years, as he has been a long-term critic of the dietary guidelines, and a fervent supporter of the low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) diet as a way of treating type II diabetes.

I find it interesting that many of the people I know who are critical of the mainstream thinking on diet and heart disease also find themselves critical of the mainstream response to COVID. I like to think this means we are all highly intelligent, with a clear understanding of the scientific method. Maybe we are all just stroppy buggers, who like a bit of controversy. I think that is for others to decide.

Anyway, the interview is on YouTube, and can be found here

432 thoughts on “A YouTube interview you may want to listen to

    1. William hewitt


      Are you planning to do an assessment of the vaccine which has now been cleared for use, utilising the data which has been released by the manufacturers ?

      Along the lines of your excellent book ?

      There is certain to be a lot of spin over the next few days/weeks, from all directions. A cool analysis would be very helpful.

      Best wishes


    2. sam

      In Japan, government statistics show suicide claimed more lives in October than Covid-19 has over the entire year to date. The monthly number of Japanese suicides rose to 2,153 in October, according to Japan’s National Police Agency. As of Friday, Japan’s total Covid-19 toll was 2,087, the health ministry said
      Japan is one of the few major economies to disclose timely suicide data — the most recent national data for the US, for example, is from 2018. The Japanese data could give other countries insights into the impact of pandemic measures on mental health, and which groups are the most vulnerable.

      “We didn’t even have a lockdown, and the impact of Covid is very minimal compared to other countries … but still we see this big increase in the number of suicides,” said Michiko Ueda, an associate professor at Waseda University in Tokyo, and an expert on suicides.
      “That suggests other countries might see a similar or even bigger increase in the number of suicides in the future.”

    3. chri22y

      I just discovered you today based on a post on Telegram by Robert Malone, MD. Boy, have I been missing out. I can relate to your post entitled, “I have not been silenced.” This video is no longer on YT. Any ideas as to where it can still be found? I would love to see it.

  1. Philip

    I’m with you on this….but we are also in the company of right wing zealots and brexit supporters and I personally, whilst hugely skeptical of the strategies/experiments currently being tested on the world, am also aghast at the company I am keeping in these veiws….people who normally I disagree vehemently on almost everything I now find myself agreeing with. Deeply disturbing!

    1. Steve

      Let’s NOT get off track with a Brexit debate. However, consider the major problem with Brexit has been the Tories – their referendum and then their implementation. After 10 years of lies , incompetence, chaos and corruption did any sane, rational person ever think it was going to be anything other than a disaster ?
      And now we have the Tory Covid fiasco !!

    2. jameshigham

      “right wing zealots and brexit supporters”

      Quite the opposite – it’s the feckless and lawless left and Remoaners who have caused the trouble in Britain supporting the governing cabal. On yer bike, chum.

      1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

        OK, I will ask that we refrain from discussing Brexit, Donald Trump, the Holocaust and suchlike on this blog. They are fascinating discussions, but I have to draw a line, or things get out of control – not least for me, trying to read all the posts.

      2. Ste

        Philip wasn’t apportioning blame re the response to Covid-19, he’s just aghast at some of the people who comment on this site, and you’ve just proved him right. Maybe you should read again what he actually said,

      3. Steve B

        With your aggressive reply and (deliberate?) misreading of what he said, Philip is right to be aghast. Well, i am anyway

      1. Christopher Palmer

        “A tragic case of Guardian reader meltdown, probably many unreported cases.”
        It’s not clear to me what your point is precisely.
        If you think that the right wing have all the answers then your are mistaken and deluded.
        If you think that the left wing have all the answers then your are mistaken and deluded.
        If you think that the experts have all the answers then your are mistaken and deluded.
        If you think that the reporters reporting in the media can report facts objectively and expose falsehoods for what they are with high levels of success, integrity, and precision, then your are mistaken and deluded.
        If you think that by posting under an assumed name lends any gravitas to what you contribute (be that something or nothing) to discussion then guess what, and go figure.
        I’ll agree on one matter:
        The world and its affairs can be very confusing right up to the point where one actually gleans an appreciation of what is actually arising.
        Events are shaped by money, stupidity, and poorly articulated opinions with little basis in fact.

        1. Trust Me I'm not a Doctor

          I was being satirical, having a laugh.
          But the way the bourgeois left have embraced oppression and propaganda is not at all funny.

          1. Christopher Palmer

            “I was being satirical, having a laugh.”

            You can trust me too; I am not a Doctor, either.

            All those who can learn deserve the opportunity to learn. Please do not consider it a personal affront when I direct that satire may be something that persons resort to when they intuitively know something is not correct or approriate but cannot lay a finger on precisely how or why.

            “But the way the bourgeois left have embraced oppression and propaganda is not at all funny.”

            Yes, it is as if they have taken ten steps to the right.

            However . . .

          2. Christopher Palmer

            . . . The human is a species that suffers from a degree of collective immune dystopia. The consequence of this is that the current virus passes among the members of humanity with more ease than ought to be the case, causing more severe symptoms than ought to be the case, giving rise to more deaths than ought to be the case, causing more political mayhem than ought to be the case, and giving rise to more economic turmoil and heartache than ought to be the case.

            It is possible to roll something out that would challenge collective immune dystopia and render it less consequential. For the time being that claim is theoretical yet supported by informally gathered (and reported) evidence.

            That ‘something’ would be effective in the majority of instances and 100% safe, and have the added bonus of largely reversing other maladies. It would challenge collective immune dystopia by largely restoring innate immune potency among those individuals within which innate immune potency is not working at the level that it ought. Thus the collective immunity of the ‘herd’ would be so much greater.

            On the basis that the people who will be ‘invited’ to take a shot in the arm will not understand enough about the leading antiviral agent and its mechanism of action, and on the basis that it will not be explained to them what other adjuvants are a feature in the vaccines formulation and what these do or may not do, there exist very few people in the world who can give informed consent.

            Instead the consent to be given a shot in the arm is given by ‘proxy’ by third parties, who are no better informed, and who have vested interests, such as politicians and regulators. For not knowing precisely what adjuvants may be incorporated into a vaccine it is these things that give me the greatest cause for concern.

            With the affairs of the pandemic being so bad as they are rolling out mass vaccination is probably the only means by which to extricate humanity from the mess in which it finds itself. However were it not fair the phenomenon of collective immune dystopia the mess would not be nearly so bad. The vaccines may bring a close to this current pandemic but they will not inhibit the histological, social, and economic contagion that will accompany the next big viral threat, and there will be a next big viral threat. Vaccination is always a reactive measure not a proactive one.

            The bottom line is that if collective immune dystopia could be largely and proactively reversed in advance of the next zoonotic viral incident then the consequences may not be so bad as they will be if it is not. There are truly profound lessons to be learned from humanity’s experience with SARS-CoV-2.

            The disease prevention agenda has become better at manipulating hearts, minds, pockets, and purses than it is at preventing disease. When judged by the standards of profiteering the agenda has been a tremendous success, but when judged by decrease in incidence of diseases a, b, c, right through to z, the agenda constitutes an abject failure. Incidence is rising, not declining.

            Proactive preparations for the next zoonotic viral threat are truly deserved. If they involve deployment of the correct intervention that can redress the leading cause of EIWS in the most efficacious way and so restore immune potency in those in who it is compromised then the added bonus would be that incidence of a great many diseases would also enter a phase of decline.

            Be careful who you share this news with because many people care more for what lines their pockets than they do for the health and wellbeing of others. They would insist that any notion of immune utopia is mere pipe-dream and not achievable, when facts, precepts, propositions, a radical axiom or two, and the experience(s) of early adopters, for those who have knowledge of them, strongly direct that it could be possible.

            Trust me. Aside from my own personal well-being I have no competing interests to declare.

    3. Walter

      What on earth has Brexit or Brexit supporters to do with this? I am astonished that someone who has the common sense to see the value in these blogs can use this blog to air their own prejudices. I personally find your comment inappropriate, which is not the language I would like to use, however, I do not intend to begin a flame war over your biased views.

      1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

        Very little, other than the fact that there does seem to be a political split on Covid19 between ‘left’ and ‘right’ which is interesting. It seems (based on very little evidence other than my observation) that right wing people (who were more likely to vote for Brexit) are also more likely to see Covid19 as less serious, and the our actions have been over-reactions. The left wing seems to be arguing for ever tighter restrictions and social control. Which is interesting, and does help to frame the entire debate.

        1. Helen

          Something similar happens here in Italy. Most right-wing people want to work and get on with their lives, while most left-wingers would like this horrendous situation to continue forever. And this is particularly true of civil servants whose jobs are safe, and who receive 100% of their wages regardless of the amount of work – or total lack thereof- they do. So when an illness becomes political, we should all wonder if it actually is an illness. Science and fact shouldn’t have political colours or biases.
          The video made me smile painfully when you mentioned masks made compulsory. In Italy masks are compulsory everywhere, even if you are walking alone in the middle of a forest and the closest human being is 200 miles away. Basically, our government wants the mask to become part of our body, and showing your mouth and nose has become worse than showing your anus. So much so, that if you do show them, you are fined €400. The result is that very few people like me walk with their masks under their chins while inspecting their surroundings in fear. Policemen could be round that corner , the person walking across the street from you could think you are putting their life at risk and could decide to beat you up ( there have been several episodes). So, really, I don’t think in England you should complain, as far as I know, you can still walk like normal human beings showing your faces.
          My feeling is that this situation will be made permanent in Italy. Especially because now all politicians, whichever party they belong to, have all become obsessed with masks and lockdowns, and try to one-up each other implementing harsher and harsher restrictions. Our regional governors deliver daily press conferences in which they talk to us as if we were morons and needed to be told off every day, because yesterday we went out for the shopping or we went for a walk, both of which have caused soaring numbers of deaths and icu admissions today, meaning that we should be punished further and harder.
          I fear for my life as a normal person who wants to live normally with normal social relationships. I can’t see the light at the end of this tunnel. Italian newspapers are now saying that when people will be vaccinated they will spread the virus to those who aren’t. Which really made me think that instead of distributing vaccines, the Italian government should distribute guns. So we can all commit suicide and free ourselves of this madness.

          1. giampaolominetti

            Italian politicians and government have gone completely crazy and insist in enforcing lockdown sine die. We cannot do anything more.
            After the defensive medicine we now have the defensive legislation.

          2. Jane in France

            And I thought France was bad, Helen. Here you can still go for a walk without a mask, even though kids of six years old have to wear masks in school. I have noticed recently that the message between programmes on the radio is about how covid and flu are about so we should wear masks whenever we are asked to. This suggests to me that masks will be compulsory for flu too, soon, and why not for the cold, and then it becomes simpler just to wear one all the time since there will always be some illness we can catch. But at least it’s not as bad as Italy, which is some comfort, I suppose.

        2. LA_Bob

          Regarding the Left / Right split on “science”. I think this is mostly true and easily explained on the basis of each side’s view of the role of government. The Left generally favors social control for the benefit of society (as the Left sees it). Hence, the Left favors concerted action on dietary habits, climate change, and COVID (as well as many other controversial things).

          The Right is more libertarian (but not always Libertarian) and suspicious of Left interest in concentrating power.

          Both sides tend to pick and choose the “science” which supports their preferred outcome. And since the science is rarely settled, there’s plenty of room for debate and disagreement, never mind name-calling and demonization — you know, the stuff that make politics fun. Crushing the other side is often the not-entirely-hidden goal.

          Reasonable people can disagree over the proper role of government in a variety of issues. Hard lines exist, but they are generally few. Gray areas abound. Not always “reasonable people”.

          The virus itself appears to be Anarchist.

          1. Janet Love

            “…The virus itself appears to be Anarchist….

            Bob, funny you should put it like that. The NT Book of Revelation refers to a ‘Mark of the beast and identifies it with the number 6 (3 times for emphasis) – Biblically, the number of humankind. To summarise… the epitome of human power is a One World Govt, and corona and all that goes with it is merely the chosen tool to set up and establish this governing body.
            This makes more than a modicum of sense. As always, burrow down and find motives / emotions which drive the actors !

            Another biblical reference to the chaos approaching the ‘End Time’ is… “..men’s hearts failing them for FEAR…”
            – As Malcolm has pointed out more than once, serious social disruption and economic destruction directly precedes an uptick in cardiac events.

          2. AhNotepad

            Janet, the problem with biblical predictions is not being able to ascribe a time to their happening. I have been told the things predicted in Revelations are about to happen since the early 1970s, and they haven’t happened yet. Now people are even claiming Trump is doing God’s work. I accept Biden would be the worst choice, but to make divine claims for Trump is pushing it.

        3. elizabethhart

          Yes, I think the politics are very significant re the handling of coronavirus, you can’t get away from it. Particularly fascinating Boris Johnson/the Tories have taken such an authoritarian stance, apparently at the behest of SAGE…and the ‘Great Reset’…? Although there does finally appear to be rebellion growing among Tory MPs.
          At the risk of dipping my toe into dangerous waters, here’s a video with Nigel Farage – he makes sense to me re coronavirus, lockdowns etc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wLMABolJ20&feature=youtu.be
          I’m in Australia, and as in other countries, including the UK, there has been a lack of effective ‘opposition’ to the handling of coronavirus. There appears to be cross-party support for the draconian response to this virus, and not much in the way of serious parliamentary scrutiny or debate. ‘Emergency powers’ have given them carte blanche to run roughshod over us, with no apparent safeguards to protect us from politicians who turn into tyrants, e.g. Boris Johnson, and Daniel Andrews in Victoria. And so many people are beguiled by fear-mongering politicians and media, they’ve fallen into line. Most people are terrified of being the one who might catch ‘the deadly virus’ and pass it on. It’s been a very effective psychological operation, largely via media.
          In Australia it appears most of us are effectively cut off from mixing with the rest of the world until ‘the vaccine is ready’.
          Very interesting what’s going to happen about the ‘warp speed’ vaccine products… What are medical folk thinking about this I wonder, given they’re likely to be the first guinea pigs in line out in the big wide world, along with the elderly?
          Also keep in mind that the entire world has been impacted by the UK’s response to coronavirus, in particular lockdowns, as this concept emanated from Neil Ferguson/Imperial College London with quite devastating global effect.
          Australia is also in line for the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine. It’s looking like it might not be mandatory…but could be you won’t be able to do much without it, due to restrictions…
          The UK and its scientific establishment and pharmaceutical industry has a lot to answer for…
          Quite phenomenal the way this coronavirus has been handled…the over-the-top response does not seem to be justifiable against the virus, which doesn’t appear to be a threat to most people.
          Also fascinating how they’ve wanted to boost the number of ‘cases’ and deaths, desperate to do so in fact. And even with all the beat-up, only about 1.45 million deaths globally, in the past 10 months? This is not to belittle those deaths, but see them in the context of the expected around 56 million deaths globally annually. Think about it… They’re very keen to beat up the global ‘cases’ too of course, that’s a much bigger number, 62.7 million. If only we had a definition of a ‘case’…which seems to range from a positive test with no symptoms to ICU…very tricky…
          Time for the global statistics to be subjected to independent and thorough analysis for an evaluation of just how serious is this coronavirus, and how justifiable the incredible, very industry-focussed response. We’ve seen the birth of the lucrative and controlling Covid industry, with testing, surveillance, vaccine products etc. Also time to go back and have a very close look at Event 201…

          1. Gary Ogden

            elizabethhart: Thank you for your insights. Fortunately here in the U.S. we are big enough and diverse enough to have an actual opposition. The left has spent five years attempting to delegitimize Trump, so the ‘Rona became the newest political cause for them. Like Boris, Trump was sucked into this hoax, but has since come to his senses, thanks in part to his hiring a real scientist, Dr. Scott Atlas from the Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Twenty of our fifty states had no official lockdowns, and they had better, or no worse outcomes from this cold virus than the other thirty. I was horrified to see the behavior of the London police against peaceful protesters on Saturday, and what has been happening in Victoria and South Australia. We’ve had mass demonstrations, but nothing like this draconian response by the police. As for vaccines, somewhere around 50% of our population are wary of the ‘Rona vaccine, so this is good news. In the U.S. the elected County Sheriffs (in 47 states) are the chief law enforcement officers within the counties, and many of them have stated publicly that they won’t enforce the latest lockdown measures. They have real crime to deal with.

        4. Mike Smith

          I have been noting for quite a while now that the “Establishment” love to polarise people, it doesn’t matter the subject matter, Brexit or Remain, Labour or Conservative, Low Fat or Low Carb, Vegan or Carnivore, Muslim or non Muslim, the list just goes on. In either event you are left with a bunch of very angry people who whilst busy arguing amongst each other and letting the government in occupation carry on with their business. I notice we now have a new pair of polarised views – the pro and anti vaxers. Maybe we ought to take a step back and look at whats really going on – from where I stand I dont seem to see an opposition in government, but rather two sides of the same coin (in England) and even just a one party state up north of the border. We now live in times where our government no longer represent us but control us.

          1. Ahnotepad

            The vaxxers are compassionate humanitarians who are concerned for the health of the whole population. Anti-vaxxers are part of aa huge industry that is intent on world wide harm.

            Well that’s the establishment view. Funny how it seems the complete opposite to reality.

        5. Helen

          Malcolm as a person on the political left, and who also supports your blog and agrees with your evidenced arguments (most of the time), I find your explanation of the different principles supported by left and right simplistic and pretty insulting. I know many people on the left who have appalled me with their pro-Brexit, anti-EU views. Many of these same people wholeheartedly support this rightwing government’s Covid lockdown doctrine; a few do not and are beginning to question the science behind it (I direct them to yout blog).

        6. thepeoplesfiend

          I’ve been thinking about thinking about this a lot. Particularly the way those you might think would be politically close to liberal progressive Sweden have so vehemently attacked its moderate covid strategy as a ‘dangerous experiment’, as if lockdowns are tried and tested. I think part of what is going on is a kind of pro-science virtue signalling in which it is considered necessary to lump anything questioning big pharma together with homeopathy and to condemn it all as ‘woo’, demonstrating being a lefty doesn’t make you a hippie. Another thing is that post-Thatcher, the NHS is the one remaining great big state fortress, and any attempt to empower individuals to take control of their own health is seen as threatening to it. A certain big red bus slogan shows that across the political spectrum, when it comes to the NHS, we are all Keynesians now.

          I’m curious about the recent Antipodean authoritarianism. Could this be a turning away from the European enlightenment tradition of liberal democracy, toward the neighbouring east Asian Confucian/Communist model?

    4. David Bailey


      “people who normally I disagree vehemently on almost everything I now find myself agreeing with.”

      It is at moments like that, that you can probably learn a lot.

  2. petercalebza

    “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” GB Shaw

    1. Joe Dopelle

      “Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” GB Shaw

      Also a very great deal of unnecessary harm. In his excellent books “The Vision of the Anointed” and “Intellectuals and Society”, Thomas Sowell contrasts “the vision of the anointed” with “the tragic vision”.

      Those with the vision of the anointed tend to see many wrongs that need to be righted, and are quite certain that their personal solutions are all that is required. The tragic vision is the traditional conservative or Burkean belief that life is very complicated and if you dash in with invincible ignorance and a big wrench you are liable to do more harm than good.

      I would not have mentioned this, except that it fits the “Covid crisis” to a T. The government and its pet advisors are perfect examples of the anointed: they know exactly what is wrong, and exactly how to fix it. If only ordinary people would have the decency to do exactly as they are told. And if the prescriptions of the anointed fail to work, it must be because they weren’t applied vigorously enough. Triple the dose! If lockdowns don’t work, blame those who didn’t conform and impose more and tighter lockdowns.

      Whereas those with the tragic vision realise that not all problems can be fixed by hasty interventions, and indeed that some problems are a lot less serious than they can be made to appear by those who, possibly, have much to gain by inflating them.

  3. chewingthefats

    So sad and worrying and of course frustrating that Boris and his Charge of the light brigade, with wing commanders Witless and Offbalance will never listen to respected voices of reason.
    When this crazy lockdown of society and the economy ends, the powers will simply say look what we achieved and pat themselves on the back. Hands stained with blood of countless non covid victims.
    The fight for truth must continue beyond that point, otherwise the next seasonal virus that comes along has a precedent already set as to how to deal with it.

    1. Harry de Boer

      GB Shaw’s quote leaves the question of righteousness aside. The unreasonable lot of Schwab, Gates etc. expect us to be so reasonable as to adapt ourselves to the ‘new world’ (order) that they are trying to create to THEIR liking, while we are being so unreasonable that we want to prevent that.
      Who is right?
      And who has (and is willing to use) their power?
      They are willing. Are we?

    2. Rodrigo

      Is there any likelihood of an end? The evidence tells us once governments and corporates achieve control they do not willingly let go. Some call it fascism. What is so unusual in the UK is the complete lack of any organised opposition to it. Tory/labour coalition. Bad news for democracy and health.

  4. Smy

    Just watched this video. Yous guys are spot on your saying what I have believed from the beginning of this way back in January 2020….the governments and media have built this into something it isn’t. Look at Sweden no lockdown or masks and their cases and death graphs were the similar to most other countries that locked down and wore masks….which to me is proof the lock down and masks make no difference. And I too belief now that governments have hyped covid up and put restrictions in place….how do they come back from it and return to how life was pre covid. A question I have is….what has happen to China have they been in a time warp since April….no deaths and virtually no cases???

    1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      If you wanted to locate a potential winner to the destruction of Western mind and civilisation by subversion and deceit, you might look at who stands taller as others are brought low.
      But the ability of ‘money’ as leverage of control to ‘pivot’ to a new host is not to sat the host is empowered. The tail wags the dog.
      Likewise apart from the very real issue of toxic pollution, the limiting constraints and burdens of a C02 demonisation, is also choking back life support without addressing true causes, but not in China.
      I am also aware that the European and particularly British Mercantile and government treatment of China in the past was underhand and despicable. I don’t suggest retribution, so much as a law of returns. If you give in such measure, there is a consent given to receive in like kind.
      The complexity of historical deceit and entanglement are likely to use the mind that thinks to understand them.
      The practical matter at hand is how to restore – or indeed rediscover – a true integrity, or health and wholeness of being from which to align in, be from, and share in.
      When is fear ‘psychotic’?
      When the mind of the fearful is so dissociated as to no longer access a current relational reality?

      It may be said that when most everyone dissociates to the same masking model of reality, it runs as ‘normal’, regardless the hidden fears that are given a blind eye or assigned to agreed narratives that seem self-evident facts.

      Fear is an action verb, as a result of conflicting with Reality. But be-lived as a violating entity or force that we may at times think to be eradicating, escaping and conquering, and then suffering the fall of arrogance and ignorance to humiliation, subjection and slavery.

      A ‘fear-driven’ drive to control seeks to scapegoat toxic debt and consequence away from itself onto their living world. This pattern is not unique to the corrupted ‘leaders’ or ‘captains of industry’ seeking higher ground in a drowning (and abandoned) world, but pervasive in many and in varying degree, common to all.

    2. Harry de Boer

      China is already ‘unfree’. They just played the game at the start to get us going.
      Using this ‘crisis’ we will be brought where China already is.
      Also the internet will be unfree, as in China. Schwab already announced the ‘crisis’ that will bring us to that.

        1. Jennifer

          Gary and Harry. Sadly, comments by both of you add to my fear of what is happening, as they address serious issues being discussed on this blog….1) interference with the Internet, to which we have become so dependent upon, and 2) the freedom to express our views by public demonstration, without being hindered by the police.(and, I note, received only a fraction of media coverage, compared to the demonstrations in Paris at the same time!)
          The Covid crisis has merely unearthed these very unpleasant realities, both of which I have been oblivious to address. Like so many others, I suspect we find it more comforting to bury ourselves into The Crown etc. Cottonwool for the masses, while we steadily head towards hell on earth.

    3. James DownUnder

      Can we trust the Official Line from China ? I have reservations, despite feeling a bias towards their treatment protocols (Best of Traditional Chinese Medicine and good use of Vit. C etc.)

      Back to Sweden.
      Despite the vitriol poured over them, the Swedes actually followed the then-current WHO Recommendations. – quarantine of the HEALTHY or symptom-free was never on that list. Thus ‘Lockdowns’ are completely at variance with the best-practice credible medical advice. Those Guidelines were strongly influenced by previous respiratory / flu epidemics, so a good chance of being …’Appropriate’.
      When we look at all-cause mortality numbers this year… compared to previous years, there is virtually no differance apart from random variations. (Some past years were worse than present day!)

  5. Jeremy May

    I listened right through and it’s the first time I’ve seen a genuine anger in you, at least briefly. You come across as a naturally jovial guy, but frankly I’m not surprised at you letting off a bit of steam.
    I’ve listened to plenty of Ivor’s stuff too and respect his research and message. I share both your frustrations. Why oh why can people not understand the danger we’re in?

    1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      Ivor had tears starting to rise in response.
      As I commented on youtube, a feeling awareness is not weakness of negative but true witness.
      We know the difference between manipulative emotion and self transparency.
      “Who told you you were naked?” also applies to ‘where did you learn to be ashamed of letting feeling move you?
      The attempt to weaponise communication as leverage for possession and control is the loss of it.
      We are doing the same with our rational communication, as a result of subordinating it to ‘narrative control’. Heart and mind work together as one. But a dissociated and denied sense of each seems to define and deny the other. There are those afraid to think, and others afraid to feel. Perhaps we need to focus on the deeper opportunity rather than try to get through defences that are clearly willing to not hear, nor see, nor listen to what is currently beyond their readiness or willingness to accept?

    2. Joe Dopelle

      Two wonderful intelligent, humane, witty, tolerant Celtic doctors. Pure gold.

      One idea jumped out at at me from Dr Kendrick’s remarks. Surely an intuitive idea or hypothesis that occurs to a doctor or scientist – no matter how highly qualified – should have no special standing until it has been put to the test of experiment.

      The scientific method must insist on the test of experiment, which can only work if everything is entirely transparent. Publish the hypothesis, together with the facts and figures that support it, and then do the experiment(s). Throw all the facts open to everyone. Then you are doing science.

      For some Very Important Person, no matter how “scientific” – such as the president of the Royal Society – to have a smashing wheeze does not cut any ice.

      Otherwise we are dealing in politics and money-making, not science.

    1. Harry de Boer

      Well, that I don’t know. We had Pearl Harbour, Lusitania, Bay of Tonkin, 9/11, MERS, SARS, Swine Flu (2008: 800 deaths from the ‘flu’, 700 kids maimed by the vaccines!) and now this.
      I must say, Gates did a great job designing this one.

      1. Gary Ogden

        Harry de Boer: Also interesting that Roger Stone says there is evidence that Microsoft designed the software for the Dominion voting system widely used in our recent election, although their track record on software is a bit shaky.

  6. David Bailey

    “I find it interesting that many of the people I know who are critical of the mainstream thinking on diet and heart disease also find themselves critical of the mainstream response to COVID. I like to think this means we are all highly intelligent, with a clear understanding of the scientific method. Maybe we are all just stroppy buggers, who like a bit of controversy”

    I have yet to listen to your discussion with Ivor, but I just thought I would comment on one thing you wrote.

    I think the common link is that science right now seems utterly corruptible. Those who realise this, or have encountered it elsewhere, can easily understand the deviousness that is employed to keep this horrible lockdown policy going.

    I read you latest piece on RT about the vaccines. Although you tried to explain how one of the vaccines works, I am still puzzled. I would have thought the only way to make the body produce an alien protein – the spike protein – indefinitely would be to insert the relevant instructions into the DNA. Anything that is done to the messenger RNA will surely last only as long as the RNA, lasts, and that is only a short period of time – otherwise the whole concept of genes being switched on and off under control of the DNA would not work. Early descriptions of this new type of vaccine that I read, did state that it would insert information into the actual DNA!

    1. Joe Dopelle

      “I think the common link is that science right now seems utterly corruptible”.

      Very true indeed. Perhaps to put it very rigorously (or nit-pickingly) many sceintists are corruptible.

      Everyone needs to live and feed their family (if any). Scientists are like anyone else – they will not usually say or do anything that jeopardises their income or their career path. And applied science has gradually become so expensive that most of it depends on funding from governments or corporations. Which do not cough up money unless they see some advantage to themselves.

      1. David Bailey

        “Perhaps to put it very rigorously (or nit-pickingly) many sceintists are corruptible.”

        I prefer my original comment, because people will be people even if they are scientists, but if scientific institutions turn a blind eye to fraud and corruption, it spreads.

  7. Joseph E.

    At the risk of being accused of being “a stroppy bugger” I have to say THANK YOU Dr Kendrick & of course Ivor Cummings and all the other critical thinkers for helping the rest of us see the “flocks of Black Swans” abroad at the moment. We need to participate in the discussion to ensure that the privilege of free and open debate is not stolen under the guise of “public good”!

  8. Robbo

    Excellent. One of the (if not THE) best video I’ve seen on the topics discussed. 2 honest, educated and well-informed people (with personal first hand-experience to boot), who clearly know what they are talking about; and, more importantly, show that they are genuinely concerned about not harming but helping people.

    This should be a must watch for everybody, everywhere. If this was broadcast on all the mainstream media channels (which it never will, as it contains truth) then it would help bring the current insanity to an end (without any magic vaccine). By watching just this circa one hour-long video, the public would learn more than they would have learned even if they’d been watching the BBC, et al, solid 24-7 for the last 9 months.

    What these mainstream channels endlessly churn out is complete and utter ‘pish’ [drivel/ nonsense, to any non-Scots reading this]. They broadcast fear-mongering propaganda and play the major role in the indoctrination and deception of the public. If it wasn’t for the media, the public would be oblivious to the purported pandemic; and 99.99% would have been getting on with their lives, as normal, without any destruction of:
    (1) the economy & businesses (with associated massive job losses and long-term misery);
    (2) society & communities (as they were just 9 months ago);
    (3) basic human rights & freedoms; and
    (4) the medical care for the majority of “other” (i.e. all actually known & established) diseases and adverse health conditions (most of which with far greater rates of mortality, potential mortality without early intervention, or unnecessary suffering).

    The 2 most untrustworthy “professionals” [term used in its loosest of terms] are journalists and politicians yet, inexplicably, the public seem to blindly swallow (the believe) whatever these 2 groups say when none of it is supported by facts; or one iota of reliable, credible and/or independent evidence. At best, “support” for what they say is from unelected bodies/ groups/ organisations and purported “experts”, who are hand-picked & have major conflicts of interest.

    If the claims that the politicians and journalists have been making were tried in a court of law (or any other formal tribunal) they would be thrown out due to the complete absence of any supporting reliable, credible and/or independent evidence. Instead of winning, they would far more likely be found in contempt, for perjury.

    1. llornamac

      Unfortunately the establishment is not prepared to accept the judgment from the appeal court and are taking action against those judges who went against their official agenda. This is from a Portuguese page called Juristas Pela Verdade 😦
      As we know, on Nov 11th the 3rd Chamber of the Lisbon Court of Appeal (Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa) confirmed the decision of the first degree court in Azores to grant the “habeas corpus” to some German tourists illegally deprived of their freedom, because in hotel room confinement ordered by a Government offical.
      To this end, and very succinctly, the Court of Appeal of Lisbon understood the following:
      – The Regional Health Authority, I.P., lacks legitimacy, as well as an interest in acting, for the purpose of filing an appeal from the decision granting the “habeas corpus”;
      – Mandatory confinement, also sometimes referred to as prophylactic isolation, determined by a health authority, translates into an illegal deprivation of freedom, because against the provisions of article 27 of the Constitution;
      – The PCR test has a very high margin of error and is not a safe and valid tool of diagnosis, especially for the purpose of placing people in mandatory confinement.
      Although it only echoes what the serious and independent scientific community says on the subject, the decision fell like a bomb on the official narrative, on the basis of which thousands of Portuguese have been thrown under house arrest (as long as they are not sent to Concentration Zones).
      Quickly, official propaganda media (formerly known by media) emerged to realize that the Judges who delivered the decision were being subjected to disciplinary proceedings.
      The Superior Council of the Judiciary (Conselho Superior da Magistratura) then hurried to deny the initiation of disciplinary proceedings against the Judges, adding, however, that the decision would be taken to the Council’s Plenary.
      The CSM statement is obviously a blatant fallacy, in that:
      1) Someone from the CSM informed the official propaganda media about the decision to take the decision to Plenary;
      2) Pursuant to the combined provisions of articles 149, no. 1, paragraph a), and 151, paragraph a), of the Statute of Judicial Magistrates (Estatuto dos Magistrados Judiciais), the decision to initiate disciplinary proceedings against judge judges must be taken in Plenary.
      This means that the official propaganda media was right (how could they not be, if the information could only have come from the CSM itself?).
      In other words, the idea is effectively to institute disciplinary proceedings against the Judges who delivered the decision.
      The Plenary of the CSM, in which a decision will be taken on the initiation of disciplinary proceedings, will take place on the Dec 2nd.
      It is an unacceptable interference by an administrative branch in a sovereign body of the judicial power, aiming at the control of the latter, in what can be characterized as a violent blow to the rule of law.
      The message is sent out:
      – To the other courts and judges, in the sense that consequences may arise if they decide in the opposite direction to the official narrative;
      – To the citizens, in the sense that after all they cannot count on the independence of the courts and judges.
      It is, therefore, extremely important that on the morning of the Dec 2nd we are all together in front of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, in Lisbon, demonstrating our solidarity with the Judges who delivered the brilliant and courageous decision of the Lisbon Court of Appeal of 11/11/2020.
      Courts are the last stronghold of defending our rights before disruption!

      1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

        This is very disturbing. The separation of power between the executive and the judiciary is an essential requirement for a functioning democracy. To see this happening in a mature democracy such as Portugal is extremely worrying. I fear we are looking at the beginning of the end for Western Civilisation. I do not believe that is an exaggeration.

          1. Jennifer

            John. This virus is the tip of the iceberg. We are witnessing severe corruption worldwide.. My family members span several professions, ( law, medical research, finance, teaching, to name some), and we discuss the breakdown in moral and ethical beliefs we thought were the essence of professionalism. Professionalism equates with the values that make for a fair and comfortable existence.
            What a sad state of affairs.

        1. llornamac

          Indeed. i regard Portugal as a far superior democracy to the UK where the constitutional court plays a big part in separating politics from civil and human rights. Doctors who have spoken out are also being hauled up in front of the Medical Council. It’s very worrying and depressing, and takes away any hope of the truth ever overcoming their illegal actions through legal routes. 😦

        2. Christopher Palmer

          In the Information Age truth is having a particularly hard time coming to the fore. . . .

          . . . . That is because an increasingly significant proportion of profits generated in the world arise upon the basis of lies and falsehoods.

          While I think on about truth having hard time of it did my comment that mentioned EIWS for being possibly common to the initial pathways of immune compromise violate your standards of moderation, was it lost to the peculiarities of internet protocols, or intercepted by the machinery of state?

          I was only endeavouring to contribute something of material benefit to the debates that surround the Covid experience.

        3. Robbo

          Your fear does not appear to be misplaced nor exaggerated in the slightest.

          In any country (particularly countries that are purportedly civilised and democratic) the people should be able to rely upon the judiciary to uphold their fundamental rights and freedoms.
          Particularly so when such are contradicted (restricted/ diminished/ removed) by new laws & regulations, which have not been subject to the proper parliamentary due process.

          The judiciary should not be subject to any interference or undue pressures and/or threats, otherwise the rule of law is fatally undermined and respect in it will be lost. The consequences of that are (to put it mildly) not good as such include anarchy. I have included (at the end of this post) the meaning of ‘rule of law’ from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

          If the judges in Portugal are really to be subjected to disciplinary proceedings (if reported in the mainstream media then this should be taken with a large bucket of salt) and/or the 1st instance decision & appeal decision (which upheld the 1st instance decision) are over-ruled then such would be a game-changer. If that can happen in Portugal then it could (and likely will) happen in any purported democratic and civilised country.

          Unfortunately (and the majority of people will be oblivious to this, due to the mainstream media abandoning the fundamental principles of journalism many years ago) there has been an ever-increasing number of instances where the Judiciary has been ‘nobbled’ in countries, e.g. in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK (to name just a few). In these instances, the Judiciary has played its part in blatant charades in order to maintain the deception of the public (otherwise the narratives churned out by the media & politicians would have be exposed for the lies that they are).

          A recent example of this is in Australia where a former Court of Appeal Judge (decorated by the Queen in 2017 and who retired in 2018) was brought out of retirement to preside over a sham trial, in 2019, that was heard at the 1st instance stage, i.e. the stage before it would be heard by an Appeal Court (if given leave to appeal). There are examples of similar type trials in the UK in recent years where a sham trial has been held to maintain the narrative (fairy tale) that the public was initially bombarded with 24-7 by the media (just like the media has bombarded the public with the current “crisis”, albeit this time for a much longer & sustained period).

          Again, unfortunately, the majority of the public blindly swallow & believe what they are told by the BBC (and other “trusted” media outlets) and they neither have the time nor inclination to do any of their own research and/or fact checking. If they did (like you and Ivor have demonstrated) the narratives churned out by the media (and endorsed by politicians) do not withstand even the slightest bit of scrutiny as there is no reliable, credible and/or independent evidence to support such narratives.

          For the few that are inclined to do their own research/ checking, the majority of them will go no further than Wikipedia. However the vast majority of references on Wiki pages (particularly for stories that are given 24-7 headline coverage in the media) are merely references to media articles, press releases or people/ groups with a conflict of interest. Here’s an example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_2017_Melbourne_car_attack

          The 2 protections that people had to prevent governments exceeding their powers, and keep them in check, were the ‘4th estate’ (press/ media) and the judiciary. The mainstream press/ media abandoned this important role (along with the fundamental principles of journalism) long ago thus leaving only the judiciary to provide protection. If the judiciary is compromised and/or cannot be relied upon then that leaves the people royally knackered (with a capital “F”!).

          The news media are supposed to serve the public by dispersing unbiased news and the TRUTH. They have not only completely abandoned doing this (and are not only complicit) but, now, they actively & egregiously play the vital role of deliberately deceiving the public (to mask the monumental abuse of power by governments and government organisations). The public have had a psychological war waged against them yet the majority of people are oblivious there is even a war, let alone know that their supposed ally (press/media) is on the other side fighting against them.

          In relation to the current, completely unprecedented and totally unjustifiable (in fact, illegal), measures that people (not just in the UK but all around the world) are being subjected to, such are promoted as being based upon the advice of “experts”. The definition of expert is *”a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area”.*

          Lockdowns (and associated restrictions of basic rights & freedoms) have never happened before therefore it is absolutely impossible that any of these purported experts have even a single morsel of experience in this field. Yet, the media do not highlight, or challenge, this glaring anomaly; and, instead, endorse what these “experts” purportedly advise as gospel (with absolutely no alternative even mentioned, let alone advocated).

          Advice is just that – advice and is neither an implicit direction nor an instruction. It is up to the decision-maker (in this case a decision-maker elected by the people to look after their best interests), after obtaining advice (which should not just be advice from a single source), to make an informed decision after weighing up all the pros & cons.

          In the UK (and Scotland) such decision-making (i.e. legislation & regulations) requires detailed impact assessments (of which the status quo must be a considered option). This ensures (as best it can) that ill-thought through laws and regulations are not brought into force. The decision-making process for legislation/ regulations (the majority of which have considerably less overall implications on the public) generally takes up to 2 years; and is very rarely less than 1 year.

          Yet in less than one week (from start to finish), without any proper impact assessments, unprecedented primary legislation (Coronavirus Act 2020) was fast-tracked though the Uk parliament in less than 1 week (19 to 25 March); [https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2020/7/notes/division/43/index.htm ]; and in a SINGLE DAY (1 April – if only it was just an April fools joke), the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 made its way through the Scottish Parliament [https://www.legislation.gov.uk/asp/2020/7/notes/division/4 ]

          Such legislation (including supporting documents) runs to several hundred pages and would have taken MONTHS to draft, particularly given the amount of related legislation that was being fundamentally amended. Such extensive amendments to long established legislation included changing (relaxing) who could sign a death certificate and the procedural requirements for the cremation of dead bodies, which was previously in place for very good reasons.

          It is well worth noting that on the same day (19 March) that the Bill started its fast-track, and unprecedented lightning speed journey, through the UK parliament, the UK Government had downgraded the status of Covid-19. It was no longer regarded as a HCID (High Consequence Infectious Disease) [https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid ]. This was based upon the advice of not one (but 2) separate advisory bodies because “They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, *more information is available about mortality rates (low overall)”.*

          If this information was known on 19 March then there was absolutely no reason to consider the Bill, let alone fast-track it through parliament and make it legislation. There was already established (pre-existing) legislation that, more than adequately, gave appropriate and proportional power to government minsters to introduce regulations (if necessary) in extreme emergencies if public health was significantly at risk. The Coronavirus Bill (and subsequent Act) was therefore completely unnecessary, unless it was for other (non-declared) purposes.

          It is also worth also noting that by 18 March (day before, when latest figures could be known), the total deaths in the UK were *ONLY 118* and the 1st death in the UK was reported to be on *5 March.* Therefore, even if the drafters of the Bill managed to vastly accelerate the drafting of legislation (and miraculously did the drafting it in just a couple of weeks), they embarked on this drafting exercise BEFORE THERE WAS EVEN A SINGLE DEATH in the UK.

          The odds of a single purported autonomous & democratic country to fast-track such comprehensive & far-reaching primary legislation (allowing draconian regulations to be subsequently & arbitrarily introduced at a whim, without any parliamentary debate or scrutiny) would be be extremely slim (I suggest 1 in several thousand or millions). For 2 countries to simultaneously enact such legislation is mind-blowingly remote that it would be classed as ‘no chance’.

          Therefore, for literally several dozen purportedly autonomous & democratic countries to all simultaneously fast-track similar legislation through their respective parliaments (with similar enabling powers to impose draconian measures) is an absolute IMPOSSIBILTY. Even people who believe in coincidences would need the collective belief required for simultaneously believing in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Merlin the Magician (ably assisted by Paul Daniels, David Copperfield, et al) that this could conceivably happen.

          In the UK, such “expert” advice comes from SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies). Many people will not know (again thanks to the media not performing its function) that SAGE includes a large team of behavioural psychologists. The requirement for psychologists to provide advice in respect of a purported pandemic (relating to respiratory health) in itself should be a major red-flag. If there is a deadly virus infecting the world’s population then such should be self-evident to people everywhere. There would be no need for a comprehensive & sustained psychological propaganda campaign in the media to tell (and convince) people how real and dangerous it is. It would go without saying.

          In minutes of SAGE meetings, which were disclosed through freedom of information requests (which conscientious members of the public sought in the absence of the media doing its job), as early as mid March, SAGE behavioural psychologists were advising that fear had to be instilled in the public. And the Government took this advice to make its own people fearful, which the complicit media were happy & willing to deliver on its behalf. And has kept delivering to maintain the state of fear.

          Such message was not just delivered through news media but also through repetitive advertising campaigns; and within just about every form of purported entertainment programme on TV & radio. Through such, the same unwavering message has continually been repeated to indoctrinate the public into believing the threat was real and extremely dangerous (without any facts, or reliable/ credible/ independent evidence).

          So back to your fear that you expressed should the judiciary being compromised. Since the press/ media have clearly abandoned serving the people (and now work against them), the only remaining protection that people have is from the Judiciary. If the judiciary is compromised then the future looks extremely bleak.

          Unfortunately and very concerningly, the majority of the public are in a slumber and are completely oblivious to what is happening before their very eyes. Many somehow believe (due to the media) that the draconian measures are for their benefit; and (some) even welcome these restrictions on rights and freedoms. Their ancestors, who fought (and many of whom paid with their lives) for these fundamental rights & freedoms, will be turning in their graves at how such have been given up (by their descendants) without any fight, or even the slightest whimper.

          I share your fear.

          *Extract from Encyclopaedia Britannica* (https://www.britannica.com/topic/rule-of-law ):

          “Rule of law, the mechanism, process, institution, practice, or norm that supports the equality of all citizens before the law, secures a nonarbitrary form of government, and more generally prevents the arbitrary use of power. Arbitrariness is typical of various forms of despotism, absolutism, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism. Despotic governments include even highly institutionalized forms of rule in which the entity at the apex of the power structure (such as a king, a junta, or a party committee) is capable of acting without the constraint of law when it wishes to do so.

          Ideas about the rule of law have been central to political and legal thought since at least the 4th century BCE, when Aristotle distinguished “the rule of law” from “that of any individual.” In the 18th century the French political philosopher Montesquieu elaborated a doctrine of the rule of law that contrasted the legitimate authority of monarchs with the caprice of despots. It has since profoundly influenced Western liberal thought.

          In general, the rule of law implies that the creation of laws, their enforcement, and the relationships among legal rules are themselves legally regulated, so that no one—including the most highly placed official—is above the law. The legal constraint on rulers means that the government is subject to existing laws as much as its citizens are. Thus, a closely related notion is the idea of equality before the law, which holds that no “legal” person shall enjoy privileges that are not extended to all and that no person shall be immune from legal sanctions. In addition, the application and adjudication of legal rules by various governing officials are to be impartial and consistent across equivalent cases, made blindly without taking into consideration the class, status, or relative power among disputants. In order for those ideas to have any real purchase, moreover, there should be in place some legal apparatus for compelling officials to submit to the law.

          Not only does the rule of law entail such basic requirements about how the law should be enacted in society, it also implies certain qualities about the characteristics and content of the laws themselves. In particular, laws should be open and clear, general in form, universal in application, and knowable to all. Moreover, legal requirements must be such that people are able to be guided by them; they must not place undue cognitive or behavioral demands on people to follow. Thus, the law should be relatively stable and comprise determinate requirements that people can consult before acting, and legal obligations should not be retroactively established. Furthermore, the law should remain internally consistent and, failing that, should provide for legal ways to resolve contradictions that can be expected to arise.”

          1. LornaO

            Thank you, Robbo. You make some great points in particular your comments re the fast tracking of legislation at almost the same time in many countries around the world. I read an article back in April I think written by Fionnoula Ni Aolain on the alarming expansion of powers for military, police, and security forces and the increased digital surveillance being rolled out with little or no democratic oversight.

      2. Gary Ogden

        llornamac: Right you are. It is the courts, and the citizenry, who will put a roadblock in this madness, as well as make right what happened here in the U.S. in the middle of the night on November 3-4.

  9. SteveR

    Great stuff, Malcolm. Thanks to you and Ivor for some great ‘content’ I think you raise an interesting point that the easiest hypotheses to sell, whether they have any scientific validity or not, are those that Joe Public can get his head around and feels are intuitive. Without wanting to be patronising, Joe is not very bright, and he’s certainly no scientist, but even he doesn’t need Chris Whitty to tell him to socially distance, wear masks and not go to pubs and the footie during a pandemic – he can work that out for himself. Despite there being no evidence that this does any good.
    I think this has parallels with the diet/cholesterol/CHD hypothesis. Joe is quite familiar with the fact that, if he lives in a hard-water area, calcium salts build up in his pipes, and before long his washing machine breaks down. Now it’s not a huge leap from there to be told that, if he eats a lot of fat and cholesterol, or even that he lives in a ‘high-cholesterol’ body, eventually gunge builds up in his arteries and his heart breaks down. So he puts Calgon in his washing machine and statins in his mouth. Despite there being no evidence that this does any good. Well, the statin that is.
    Poor old Joe.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Yes, people love a story, a hero and a villain. The simpler, the more black and white, the better. Perhaps more importantly, people are desperate to feel in control. When presented with a scary thing, most people feel the need to control it. Masks, social distancing, hand wipes, etc. etc. They don’t want contrarians stating that there is no evidence any of these things work. It makes them feel very uncomfortable indeed. Easiest thing is to silence the contrarians. That way people won’t get upset by what they have to say.

      Here is the main message. You cannot control this virus.

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        Perhaps there is no true call to control a virus, of any need or attempt to do so.
        But once taking on the role of doing so, how does anyone release the truth that they not only cannot – but never really did? (Not least in view of illegitimate gains and criminal consequence).
        It’s a self-reinforcing trap.

        I added the rest of this comment to

        1. shirley3349

          “Nel mare solca e nell’ arena semina,
          E il vago vento spera in rete accogliere
          Chi fonda sue speranze in cor di femmina”.

          “He who builds his hopes
          On a woman’s heart
          Ploughs the sea
          And sows on sand
          And hopes to snare
          the wild wind in a net”.

          Lorenzo da Ponte Liberetto of Cosi fan Tutte by Mozart Act I Scene 7 Don Alphonso musing on how easily he will win the bet.

          Source: almost verbatim from Jacopo Sannazaro 1458 -1530, hence the quotation marks in the original.
          Similar imagery is used many times by Ovid to describe an impossible, usually amatory, situation, but I cannot find a direct Latin quote.

          I wonder what he would make of viruses?

      2. Jerome Savage

        The argument is now made, regularly, that New Zealand & Australia have controlled the virus. We now see New Zealand being described as an island prison. Extreme measures taken in South Australia, such as confining households including pets indoors, lasted very briefly as we might expect. But the idea that they hav it beaten is intoxicating. If only the rest of the world were
        as diligent. (Not my words)

        1. liz3321

          Here’s a video of life carrying on normally in Vietnam, where they also have the virus beaten, with the comment from Dr Vyom Sharma that “It took until October for Australia to adopt the Vietnamese policy of isolating contacts-of-contacts. And things are looking pretty good here too!” https://twitter.com/drvyom/status/1332566894495186944
          If the vaccines really come up with the goods before too long, then they, and other countries like NZ will have the last laugh.
          In the UK, we have had the worst of all worlds – inadequate lockdowns too late, and extremely poor contact tracing and isolation programmes so that they have had to be repeated, from a government seemingly more interested in giving contracts to its cronies than in defeatng the virus, or in making sure that people can earn a living or have enough financial support to isolate when asked to. So much so that it is tempting to think that our gov disaster capitalists hoping to profit from the collapse of businesses.

          1. Jerome Savage

            Can I suggest, bluntly, from what we know and the treatment now available there is no real benefit in trying to beat this thing. And at the risk of echoing others here, especially given the damage caused to small businesses and the panic & anxiety to ordinary people, – by a crude scary martial law reaction./over reaction.

        2. Martingale

          Yeah right, when Australia has just had its hottest Spring day on record… That might have more to do with controlling the virus than “extreme measures”. They’re moving into Summer there, so we can expect the same kind of fall of excess mortality to zero, as happened in the UK between May and October.

        3. Terry Wright

          .. friends in NZ comment that the rona was all around NZ from late last year: the difference was that it was summer in NZ: a hot and dry summer; so respiratory viruses do not erupt as viral waves then; check up on Vit D levels; sunshine; NZ is the same latitude (South) as Lebanon (North): Lebanon is hot, yes? sunny, yes? NZ had 20-25 planes a day from China all through their summer last year; = 5000 visitors per day from China = 150,000 visitors per month = 750,000 visitors in 5 months; NZ population seemingly 5 million; good mixing? … and rona never reached NZ? You believe that fairy story?

      3. David Bailey

        I exert ‘control’ by taking Vitamin D, I hope that will have the desired effect. I wear my mask so as not to be stopped in the supermarket, but I know one or two smaller places where the owners are as cynical as I am, so I don’t insult them by wearing a mask when I go in. I know of a cafe owned by people of the same view. (One of the staff told me that her grandmother went into hospital because of some terminal illness. In due course, her death certificate had COVID on it). They have tables and chairs in the street outside, sometimes spilling over on to the fronts of adjacent closed establishments, and people sit and chat, often sharing tables with strangers. They also serve nice food.

        Malcolm, your video was extremely clear and I am trying to become a superspreader – of your video of course.

        Is your video safe on YouTube, I hope you have it available at another location.

      4. JDPatten

        To all the mask eschewers out there (You know who you are!) – grapple with this.
        No, I don’t mean respond with the usual knee-jerk, I mean decide to consider and then think hard. (I know, that’s less easy.)
        Maybe some of these points are valid; maybe some not – but they deserve consideration, such as “Absence of proof is not proof of absence”, So, argue with just that, for example.
        View at Medium.com

        1. DaveL

          I think Taleb is right, and given the admittedly approximate numbers were seeing, it’s worth taking some precaution. A mask is pretty basic protection. The government forcing everyone to do this is pretty ridiculous, and it certainly could be a pretext to cram something else down our throats, like Greta Thuneburg, etc. As a commenter said above, mandatory masks even when you are out in the country by yourself is silly. That type of mask ruling indicates a great stupidity on someone’s part. But I don’t agree that this epidemic is a sham or a bluff or a nothing.

          The lockdowns are a whole other story; where is the evidence for their benefit? Or, as Taleb correctly observes, absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence. So, are there any first principals that can logically show it significantly reduces the contact rate, and therefore the reproduction number? (Ivor mentioned in the video theoretically an absolute lockdown would actually work, but is impractical; the people to enforce it would have to be locked down, too!) Whatever reduction benefit that can be shown resulting from lockdowns has to counterbalance the destruction accompanying the same lockdowns.

  10. Anne

    Only wish more people could see the real picture . My gut feeling all along is now put into words by these two very clever gentleman . It’s just frustrating no one seems to be heard

  11. anita finkelstein

    We first heard you at the Tel Aviv “Informed Consent Conference” last year and have since begun to read your books and subscribe to your blog via email(no face book by us).
    You have given us tremendous support in our search for the truth in these difficult insane times. Dont stop, we all need you and your courageous and learned voice!!!
    Thanks also to Ivor Cummings and his brave work
    Chaim and Anita Finkelstein, Israel

  12. Rachel Chandler

    Thank you for a frank and heart-felt exchange. I’ve always respected the medical profession but been cautious about public health dogma after switching to low(ish) carb diet and feeling so much better for the last 30 years. It’s frightening that we have come to this point where so many people are fooled into believing that lockdowns work and seem happy to ignore the consequences. What can we do? In a democracy we must never give in to the idea that Joe Public is ignorant and must be told what to do. We should all work together for free speech and open debate as you and Ivor are trying to do.

  13. alisonfletch

    Thank you very much for making this. I watched it but can’t persuade my husband to! I want to know facts and why but he prefers to watch the footie. I do wonder if it is not just a case of not admitting a making a mistake but also partly a deliberate attempt now to attract big global corps to Britain because of Brexit. If the new world is all about digital this and that and green industries, perhaps Boris et al think we should encourage big pharmas and scientists here so we are one of the bigger countries in the world as the USA declines and China grows? I had the mis fortune to look up what they were talking about in Davos and at World Economic Forum and they have a plan for a new type of way of doing things that all points to doing away with small and local. Lockdown is doing their job for them as it leaves the markets open for them with their digital co.s, banks, drugs, internet providers etc

    1. Simon

      Oh the WEF stuff is really quite frightening — a deep, dark rabbit hole is that one — interestingly if you’d mentioned “The Great Reset” even just a few months ago, then you’d be deemed a mad, insane conspiracy theorist; but now it’s out in the open as the ‘cure’ for all this; e.g. WEF state that in the future we’ll own nothing, rent everything, yet “we’ll be happy”! Drones will deliver all we need (so no need for local small businesses). Trips into nature will become a special privilege rather than a right (as the masses will be crammed into cities and travel will be for just the elite few) — and as you so correctly said, Lockdown is doing the job, destroying millions of small businesses and independent livelihoods to achieve this.

      From what I’ve seen from family/friends/clients then those that haven’t been affected financially by Lockdown are the ones who tend to just blindly believe whatever the BBC/Sky/CNN et al tell them; e.g. govt. workers, those that can (pretend to) work from home, the retired.

      Me, I’m in the small business camp, trying to keep going. So right from March I wanted real, actual answers to why my family’s livelihood, which we’d spent over a decade creating, was being closed down. I didn’t expect at all to discover what I have so far (pharma, WEF, vaccines) and it makes me very fearful for the future for my children.

  14. Gary Ogden

    Thank you Dr. Kendrick and Ivor. You’ve hit the nail squarely on the head for the cause of this horror show: the consummation of the marriage of corporate interests and government. Here in the U.S. we have the complication of an election which the entire media and social media companies favor one candidate, and who declare has won amidst breathtaking electoral fraud. Seems to just get worse all the time. But keep up the good work!

    1. Steve B

      Gary Ogden
      “breathtaking electoral fraud” !!
      This is getting tiresome. Show some proof . People should put up or shut up.

      1. Robbo

        I don’t know the sources that you rely upon for your information and/or to form your views but if they include the mainstream media then such is anything but reliable, as is patently evident from what Malcolm and Ivor were saying.

        You therefore may not be aware of this, which is not being reported by the mainstream media (at least in the UK):

      2. Gary Ogden

        Steve B: Read Sidney Powell’s court filings in both the Georgia and Michigan lawsuits, and watch the hearing held in Gettysburg by the Pennsylvania State Senate. Just yesterday a federal judge in Pennsylvania stopped their certification of the vote for clear Constitutional violations, and stated the plaintiffs are likely to prevail. Sidney Powell is a highly experienced and respected attorney, a straight arrow who does not make claims she cannot prove. The election software (used to tabulate the votes) used in 30 states was developed so that Hugo Chavez would never lose another election. The most explosive allegations have not yet been revealed because of a real threat to the safety of the witnesses. This blog is not the place for a discussion of these issues, but clearly the Covid response and our election are both related to the WEF “Great reset.” And this election is a dire threat to our Constitutional Republic; it has nothing particularly to do with Joe Biden, although Trump coming to his senses about lockdown is a clear threat to this agenda. I’m inclined to agree with Dr. Kendrick when he implied that the UK response represents incompetence rather than a nefarious agenda. Here, though, we have Anthony Fauci who has spent a 36-year career promoting the interests of industry rather than the needs of human health. This is the last I intend to say about our election. Anyone interested can find a great deal of evidence in the public record for the veracity of what I have written.

        1. Steve B

          Gary Ogden

          I remember back in the good old days when people commented on health issues and everyone seemed friendly, like we had a common interest and we were in it together

          But now it has got political the “friendly people” don’t seem so friendly anymore. Any old crap on the internet is quoted as absolute truth as long as the bearer of “truth” reinforces your prejudices
          So everything else is fake news by corrupt people
          When you don’t show your contempt for people going on about concentration camps and hydraulic guillotines then i realise this blog isn’t for me anymore
          Some of you even complain about Gates et al suborning democracy WTfFdo you think some republicans are doing ??

          Funnily enough i am anti mask, anti-lockdown etc but have nothing in common with people who are anti-democracy Imagine a young Trump in power for life.

          any road no need for any tub thumping responses I give up on this right wing site now

        2. Steve B

          You people seem to claim that democracy is in danger. What a jioke Trump and his supporters don’t give a damn about democracy

      3. Onething

        Steve B,

        If you don’t think there is proof, you are in a bubble. You can look for the many videos about it online. There isn’t just ‘some’ proof, it is a tsunami.

          1. AhNotepad

            It would be helpful if you could provide a list of approved sources of information, so people don’t have to waste time doing their own research and coming to unapproved conclusions.

          2. Steve B

            You don’t seem to understand what i’m saying Any crap on a any blog is true as long as you believe it

          3. AhNotepad

            You don’t seem to understand what i’m saying Any crap on a any blog is true as long as you believe it.

            Well I don’t believe that.

          4. Gary Ogden

            Steve B: Like AhNotepad, I am curious about what sources of information you consider reliable. As for me I read widely of news and analysis, as well as of scientific and medical topics, and lots of history. The library is an excellent source for the latter. At 71, I’ve witnessed an enormous amount of chicanery, and frequent lying, by government officials during my adult life. What has changed pretty radically in recent decades is the complete capture by industry of regulatory bodies, and the entire mainstream media by pharma, since President Clinton’s 1996 executive order allowing direct-to-consumer product advertising. In recent years an astonishing level of censorship has been imposed, by both the mainstream media and social media on any information harmful to industry revenues, whether true or not. It was learning about vaccine injury, the devastation it brings to families, and the sweeping of it under the rug which got me started going down myriad rabbit holes And now the UK, Australia and New Zealand are turning into police states. Does this not alarm you?

          5. Sasha

            Gary: all true but I fail to see how it translates into people believing Trump when he says that the election was stolen from him. I respect Trump for going public in saying that drug prices in the US are out of control. But does that really mean that everything else he says is correct? I am curious how people choose what they believe and how much of that choice is conscious. How many of us are truly familiar with the intricacies of the US election process to debate whether US election was rigged or not?

          6. Gary Ogden

            Sasha: For me it began with the high degree of integrity of Sidney Powell. Read her book, “Licensed to Lie,” about the corruption in the Department of Justice. The FBI is legendary for its corruption, going back to its beginning, and continuing for decades, under J. Edgar Hoover. In both of these cases it is at the management level. I have no doubt both of these agencies have many employees with integrity. But the permanent government, called the “Deep State,” is mainly concerned with job security and budget increases, and not much with national security, and this is the managerial class. The other elephant in the room is the “intelligence” community, called the “Shadow Government.” Everything about them is secret, and they lie for a living. As this has unfolded I have looked at all the publicly-disclosed evidence (The Epoch Times has covered it well). Hundreds of sworn affidavits by witnesses of improper and illegal ballot processing. It simply makes no sense that the Republicans made major gains in Congress and in state legislatures, which they did, and Trump lost. And Trump really is popular, while Biden is not, and Kamala Harris was the least popular of all the Democrats in the primaries and the first to drop out. Such is the sophistication of technology today that throwing an election is pretty easy. The sheer incompetence of so many state officials in states such as Georgia makes it easier. What we are facing is a crisis unlike any we have ever faced, except the War between the States. Trump will not roll over and play dead in the face of a fraudulent election, and Biden would never be considered a legitimate president. The political class hates Trump because he’s not one of them. I did not know how deeply Joe Biden was in the swamp, or much else about him, until I read “No Joe!, Joe Biden’s disastrous legislative legacy” in the March, 2019 Harper’s. A Biden presidency would be a disaster (and a Harris presidency worse). Beloved only by his family and the media, his constituency is the credit card companies, and, like Obama, the bankers (Delaware has such weak banking regulations, the majority of U.S. firms are headquartered there). A Godawful mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. There is no doubt in my mind that there has been major funny business in this election.

        1. Steve B

          You think those bullshitters are showing proof ? More and more Republicans are saying that what Trump is claiming is not true Those people believe in democracy You scary right -wingers don’t

          1. Jerome Savage

            My concern is medical & political. Where the political agenda is to interfere with my body, I am less than impressed. This right wing, left wing thing is irrelevant.

          2. Steve B

            Jerome Savage

            I agree with you 100 per cent But when i read all that right wing bs i have to respond I came on this site because Jerome was interested in health issues I wish it could be the same

        1. Gary Ogden

          AhNotepad: Thanks for posting that. One of the most damning things about the Dominion system is that there is no paper ballot. The machine produces a piece of paper, but this is after the fraud has taken place, so a recount will show nothing of the fraud. Hopefully the courts will expose this massive hijack of our election. Sidney Powell now has the “smartest guy in the room” on her team, a cybersecurity expert with 30 years experience sleuthing for the three-letter agencies in the federal government. He is named as a witness in the Georgia lawsuit.

  15. Frango Asado

    “I watched it but can’t persuade my husband to! I want to know facts and why but he prefers to watch the footie”.

    Perhaps more worryingly, some of my nearest and dearest who are qualified to understand medical and biochemical matters take the view that since they can’t control what happens, they would rather not know.

    1. Harry de Boer

      If this is the first time one is confronted with such a great conspiracy it will be very difficult to wrap your mind around it. It’s shocking, depressing and world view shattering.
      We can’t and shouldn’t blame the people who can’t make this big step on one occasion.
      The question remains, what did they do with all the other conspiracies that have played out under our noses? But then, it really needs a big crisis in life or a psych specialised in de-programming of sect victims to accept this one’s a hoax.

  16. Trust Me I'm Not a Doctor

    Nice one Doc. You should start your own YouTube channel. You’d reach loads more people. This blog is quite hard to stumble upon. Please consider it. If you could introduce some funny cats into some of the videos, you’d go viral if you know what I mean.

  17. AhNotepad

    Listened to it yesterday, very good. Shocking that the medical profession generally thinks more lockdowns would be the way to go.

    1. Carole

      Interesting that 2 out of 3 roles are to assist the patient journey and to respond should there be a medical emergency. I’ve never had a flu jab but I’ve not heard of these roles being required for that mass vaccination. Also volunteers trained to give the jab! Not only is the content worrying but the people administrating it and supporting the aftercare are novices. The whole experience gets better and better!

  18. Jean Humphreys

    Thank you so much for that.
    If called upon to show appreciation in an eight o’ clock applaud, I shall stand at my front door with one finger below my nostrils and my right arm in a Nazi salute, and chant “Don’t tell him your name, Pike”
    Will that do?

    1. Frango Asado

      The funny thing is that Dr Kendrick (and Dr Cummins) are exactly the sort of people whom Plato said were the only ones fit to be trusted with supreme power.

      That is, people who don’t want it and would find the responsibility tiresome and a distraction from their more serious work. As well as being highly intelligent and educated.

  19. NHSWorker

    Absolutely brilliant video Malcolm. I feel like sending this to my Chief Executive. I’m sure it wouldn’t have much impact though. I think you need to do a tv programme; for Panorama or the like.

    Meanwhile, I’ll get prepared to start vaccinating. It could be as early as next week. Might even get as much as 2 hours notice – apparently.

    On the slightly different subject of influenza vaccines, I find the following BMJ article by Scottish GP, Margaret McCarthy, good enough to make my own informed decision on flu vaccs. I feel my job would be at risk though if I circulated it to my fellow NHS colleagues:


    1. Her still outdoors

      Surely your first thought needs to be before giving any vaccine ‘first do no harm’ then ‘is there a medical need for this treatment?’ If you don’t answer thoses questions irrespective of employer then you are liable and breaking fundamental codes of medical practice?

  20. Jennifer

    Many thanks Dr Kendrick, and to Ivor too.
    So many replies today are with you both all the way.
    You are so generous with your time, to help us see through the fog of misinformation passing off as ‘breaking news’, otherwise meaning ‘propaganda’.

  21. Susie Griffiths

    Brillant! So grateful you ‘pea shooters’ are out there blasting the tanks on behalf us impotent mosquitoes. Thank you. SusieG

    Get Outlook for Android


  22. GB

    Thank you both of you for this illuminating discussion. The rage you both feel is understandably palpable; I feel the same. It must be very difficult for you working in the NHS and dealing with this bureaucratic nightmare and seeing the heart breaking adverse effects of Government policy on your patients. As a former nurse and Care Manager I have been horrified by the level of state sanctioned cruelty. The infantisation of the elderly is appalling. Like you I know of several people who have died alone with only the voice of a loved one on the end of a mobile phone. I often say to people imagine if that was the end of your life. Logical and science based decision making has been thrown under the bus. Please keep up the great work you are both doing. I know it must be very very difficult to deal with the flack but with out people like you we are doomed.

    1. NHSWorker

      It is a nightmare. I’m meant to be an evidence-based practitioner, but I can’t provide balanced information to facilitate informed decision making. The system has got us screwed really; NICE guidance based on cherry picked research, flu jabs for healthy people based on…. hang on, I don’t know what! …. and so on.

      Something has to change but I don’t know what. The only hope I have is that I teach within the health service…. I try to get people to think for themselves and to question absolutely everything they do or hear. I least I am doing a little bit, which some day could make a small difference.

    2. Jennifer

      GB. I agree with you. In this year of Covid, we are witnessing the most tragic levels of social deprivation across the UK that could never have been imagined….EXCEPT, as you will know, having been a Nurse, such low standards have been with us here in the UK for decades; they have just been hidden away. The difference now is that many folks have had their eyes well and truly opened up to it, and, indeed, are now personally experiencing destitution that had only been endured by ‘ those others’. £13 per day doesn’t go far for us, does it? Yet we expect ‘those others’ to survive on it. Such a lot could have been avoided had ‘state sanctioned cruelty’ been addressed, and not allowed to be brushed under the carpet.
      I watched the news report from Burnley on TV last night, and despaired. I suspect those sad, impoverished people are likely to succumb to Covid, as they have been poor for years. No gas or electricity, sparce furniture, and little food. Just a hug and a prayer from the vicar. And in contrast today, I learn that the Church of England have bought a large vicarage in Yorkshire for a single vicar, paying £530,000. And then I hear of some pop-star willingly paying a fine of £10,000 for holding her 30th birthday party, in breach of current lockdown regulations; such free publicity that would have cost her many times that. More money than she knows what to do with.
      There is so much that is the matter with society; covid has merely highlighted it.

  23. dearieme

    It’s quite a feat to have come up with a social panic that outshines statins/cholesterol/CVD and Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. How many horsemen of the apocalypse are there?

  24. Shelley Koroneos

    Just thank you for doing the research.
    And putting yourself out there.
    The interview with Ivor is inspiring.
    Thank you.
    I’m 60, Australian, and frickin healthy. How can shutting gyms be a good idea? As far as I know, no connection to a COViD outcome has been recorded, even in Victoria’s Melbourne.
    My mother died in a nursing ‘home’ in June. She was diagnosed with dementia. I believe she died sooner because she didn’t have physical contact and outings with her family due to lock up rules.
    Thanks again, Malcolm.


    Thank you both for this video which I have forwarded via Messenger to the people whom I think are capable of hearing your arguments.
    Here in France things have followed the same patterns of lockdowns and compulsory mask wearing in addition to having to fill out a form before leaving our houses, obligation of wearing a mask outdoors and making mask wearing compulsory from 6 years old at school. . Several specialists have made public their views, notably Professor Raoult with his early treatment of Hydroxychloroquine azythromycine and zinc. The result has been that the minister of health Olivier Veran banned HCQ after the Lancetgate and Sanofi refused to supply it (vaccine in the pipeline!)
    There is also a huge scandal in care homes as not only were sick residents refused treatment but the government authorised euthanasia giving temporary permission to administer Rivotril, used in palliative care and contraindicated if there is lung inflammation. Many families are now bringing court cases against the Veran and Philippe (prime minister)
    Please continue the videos, this madness has to stop. For French speakers you can watch the film Hold Up on Odysy.com. it has been branded as conspiracy theory by main stream media and censored on You tube. A lot of what is mentioned makes uncomfortable viewing.

  26. Harry de Boer

    The best summary of the current situation I’ve ever heard: “The armor of idiocy is 12 inches thick.” Plus of course the first 10 minutes or so that give quite some comprehensive view of the science and non-science around ‘covid’.
    Dr., Do yourself a favor. Before any funeral come up go to the pub with this guy, I’m sure you’ll a great time!

    In the mean time, Dr. ‘Ze Grreat Rrezet’ Klaus Schwab’ has already announced the next ‘crisis’:
    Internet mayhem to which compared ‘covid’ is but a nuisance.

    I’m sure that one will give us Chinese internet if we don’t collectively go for the kill and, indeed, clean out the swamp and educate all the people on earth on how this happened and how to prevent it from occurring again.

  27. Charles Fairweather

    It really isn’t that straight forward. How do we stop hospitals, doctors and health workers from breaking under the strain? if they fall over the carnage will be terrible.
    Where I live on the Garden Route in SA hospitals are reaching capacity and nurses and doctors are being imported. After the holidays the virus will be reseeded in the cities. Its never ending until the vaccines hopefully take effect and that will take many months.

    1. Joe Dopelle

      I’m puzzled, Charles. According to Worldometer, South Africa with a population of nearly 60 million (not much smaller than the UK) has registered 21,439 deaths supposedly from Covid-19. Of the 785,000 or so “cases” reported, over 723,000 are shown as “recovered” and 546 as “serious, critical”.

      There is a huge amount of evidence accumulating to show that the tests are not reliable, and many people are being diagnosed as “Covid positive” who have some other virus, or who possibly just had a cold last year. And many people who die are being reported as “with Covid” when some of them, at least obviously died of heart disease, cancer, or even car accidents.

    2. Onething

      This seems unlikely and thus I suspect is untrue. Media were caught in various deceptions last spring, pretending that hospitals were overwhelmed when in fact they were empty.

  28. Kate brennan

    Can you send the llink to preorder The Covid Chronicles as my Hu@wei fone keeps sticking. Cheers. Good idea to add to all future correspondence/videos

  29. carolynmetcalfe

    How on earth did you manage to find time to listen to this? It is long…

    On Sat, 28 Nov 2020 at 11:49, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: “28th November 2020 This YouTube interview is > me, speaking to Ivor Cummings, and discussing many things COVID. Lockdown, > the weird statistics, the absolute lack of any real science, the crushing > of dissent, and suchlike. I have known Ivor for years, ” >

    1. jeanirvin

      How did I find the time to listen? I made the time to listen. I sat down with some sewing and my tablet next to me and worked while I listened. Yes, it’s long but definitely worth it!

    2. Jeremy May

      That, Carolyn, is disingenuous at best. (unless you’re joking?)
      The recording is an hour or so of common sense and sanity based on fact and scientific research.
      The message is trying to contra many months of obfuscation and fear-mongering by an establishment that acted in panic based on duff advice from day one.
      Anyone who bothers to read or watch a fraction of the evidence produced by those actually experienced in what’s happening as opposed to modellers, politicians and those with economic interests, can reach no other other conclusion save we are making a sickening, murderous mess of it all.

    3. Her still outdoors

      Yes it is longer than the thought processes of a flea. Yes you have to think about what you are hearing. That’s the process of learning. I switched it on, prepared a Sunday casserole, tidied round, made a cuppa and enjoyed listening to intelligent discussion. But then I have the benefit of an old fashioned Scottish education where I was taught to think for myself, use logic and realise a mistake when I made one. And that awareness can be uncomfortable in the modern flick a screen society. Too much for you perhaps?

    4. Joe Dopelle

      I think the following is relevant. Please consider the principle involved, which is exactly the same – whatever your political views about Dr Chomsky or Iran.

      “There was once an interview with Jeff Greenfield in which he was asked why I was never asked onto Nightline. He gave a good answer. He said the main reason was that I lacked concision. I had never heard that word before. You have to have concision. You have to say something brief between two commercials.

      “What can you say that’s brief between two commercials? I can say Iran is a terrible state. I don’t need any evidence. I can say Ghaddaffi carries out terror. Suppose I try to say the US carries out terror, in fact it’s one of the leading terrorist states in the world. You can’t say that between commercials. People rightly want to know what do you mean. They’ve never heard that before. Then you have to explain. You have to give background. That’s exactly what’s cut out. Concision is a technique of propaganda. It ensures you cannot do anything except repeat clichés, the standard doctrine, or sound like a lunatic”.

      – Noam Chomsky (interview with Laura Flanders, 24/4/2012). http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/04/30/talking-with-chomsky/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlL2Jj-kCNU

      1. DaveL

        Chomsky has been calling it as it is for years. Bertrand Russell had fulfilled that duty years before. A very few of the famous with the guts to speak out the truth. Thanks to them, and thanks for the quote.

        Matt Taibbi did a nice job of describing how Trump used the media’s penchant for sensationalism and “concision” to get free media advertising when he first ran for president. Basically, be deliberately outrageous with sound bytes, and it will work every time. Hard to do with COVID, since most people are mathematically impaired, but it explains the pernicious quoting of out-of-context big numbers when reporting on it by the media, usually shown on the screen in big, RED letters.

  30. Catherine ahearne

    Hi Malcolm you may want to look at Celeste Solum video with david icke as interviewer or if you have closed your mind to david then try celest solum on her own and if you could listen to the end and then research the hydrogel or quantum dot that seemingly is in all the covid tests . The video does stretch people and is quite horrifying if the info is new to one but its important to keep an open mind even when the info is distateful. Having been on the tails of this stuff for 20 years you can see now how important it is to getting it into us it is .now you will see why no expense spared as its been a goal or agenda for a very very long time. Love your blogs and videos blessings catherine ________________________________

    1. Steve

      Excuse my ignorance, but as someone who studied quantum physics at university, could you please explain exactly what a quantum dot is ?
      Is it like schrodinger’s cat, It only exists in the test until you look for it ?
      Catherine your parents may legally have a case against the state for a refund for your education.

  31. reid richards

    hey there doc..seems you are critical of all things data but in “doctoring data” you say we live on a ball that orbits the sun..every five year old knows that. a clear example of indoctrination. its flat and that is brought to you by a non interested nothing to profit from group that has done their research. only cognitive dissonance will stop you. (i am reid richards on facebook from madison wisconsin)

    1. Steve

      Reid, are you the person who put the mad in madison ? Luckily for us that you don’t come from Scunthorpe in the UK !

    2. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      I am willing to examine all ideas. However, some ideas take a little less time than others to fully examine. The earth being flat, for example, falls into the category of ‘A little less time to examine.’ I put it in the same bracket as, the Earth is 4,000 years old.

      1. Gary Ogden

        But, but, the observational evidence is overwhelming. Flat to the left of us, flat to the right of us, flat in front of us, flat behind us. Flat everywhere. Why, even the Moon is a flat disc!

  32. Tish

    You make such sense Malcolm. It is my experience too that logic and proper data don’t change emotionally driven mindsets. This is a worrying problem. It’s always been the case with religion as well. I wonder why some of us were really against the lockdown and expenditure from day one and others brainwashed from day one. Does mind control begin at school or what? But since it’s fear that has driven people to their emotional response it is probably only fear that will change them. So they need to be made frightened of what is to follow if we allow these tyrants to rule. Not easy with all the censorship.

    What shall we be writing on Christmas cards? I don’t know. ‘Happy 2021 in spite of all the nonsense’?

    1. Joe Dopelle

      Jonathan Swift made a similar point 300 years ago.

      “Reasoning will never make a Man correct an ill Opinion, which by Reasoning he never acquired”.

      – Jonathan Swift (“A Letter to a Young Gentleman, Lately Enter’d Into Holy Orders by a Person of Quality”). http://quoteinvestigator.com/

  33. Her still outdoors

    I started researching back in January and February. Learnt the application of Vit C, Vit D, magnesium and zinc as a well founded protective approach. I take the view of Lord Sumption that most people make a better fist of it looking after their health than a Government. And as a family having fortunately said no to prescribed Thalidomide in 1959, have a healthly caution of medical ‘experts’. We have carrie don as normal as much as we can within the constraints of busness closures. 95 yr old Mum on the protective dose, out and about, hospital appointments, carers in and out, never had any vaccines in her life and not about to start now but it is a challenge to keep the medics away with their insistence that is what will keep her safe. Safe from what? Not from them!
    For me what needs to be made much much more of is how many medics are pushing false information. How are they trained? It is clearly not in how the body actually works, the benefits of diet and lifestyle are not even on the medical training menu. Let’s hope the FB fact checkers actually take down the Big Pharma sales talk alongside the garbage coming out of Whitty et al. Yes, too much to hope for.
    As to how we get out of this mess? Our rulers are narcissistic psychopaths. Classic cases as narcissists seek power and influence over others. That character type will never admit to being wrong, can’t listen to reason or argument and have no moral standing. They are always right and make no mistakes. Think of a domestic abuse scenario, why does the abused not leave, what keeps them trapped? It isn’t always lack of resources. A narcissist will entrap by false promises and manipulation ‘you made me do it’, ‘you’re a bad person’ ‘if you do this I’ll love you’….the list is endless. To an outsider it doesn’t make any sense and defies logic. Start to sound familiar?
    To resolve? LAUGH at the perpetrators, ignore them, walk away, have a lot of fun without them. Do not engage with them at any level. No contact is a golden rule. Give the ‘victim’ a safe place to hide where the abuse is not discussed or referred to in anyway.
    I believe the Germans post WW2 didn’t refer to the holocaust in school teaching for many years – it was too awful to contemplate that neighbours had done these terrible things so they ignored it.

    There you have it – look after your own health, laugh, walk away, have fun and don’t go back.

    1. AhNotepad

      ”Let’s hope the FB fact checkers actually take down the Big Pharma sales talk alongside the garbage coming out of Whitty et al. Yes, too much to hope for.”

      They need to take down the UK foreign secretary as well. He has decreed if there aren’t substantial lockdowns there will be an exponential rise in cases. Presumably by implication a rise in deaths too. Predicting the future can only come from modelling, and we know how good that has been. No worries though, the chancellors wife has a £430,000,000 fortune. Mrs Notepad would be pleased to get £430.

        1. shirley3349

          Having lived for at least a decade (the 1970s) worrying daily if my immediate family would have sufficient means for the necessities of life, I can assure readers of this blog that freedom from the stress of such worries alters one’s whole outlook on life considerably.

          The Chancellor, I presume, does not know what it is like when a normal misfortune, say, our old car, which my husband needed to get to work, breaking down, leads to a debt which throws all our finances out of order for months on end.

          But there can come a turning point, for us it was after about 15 years of marriage, when we suddenly found we could save for a rainy day. We were paid interest, at a decent rate in those days, and no longer had to pay down an overdraft every month. So we now had a degree of security we had not known before as adults.

          We were still probably three months from destitution should we have both lost our jobs, but that never happened.

          The self-employed, genuinely or not, and those workers relying on state sickness benefit, cannot afford not to be working and will go on working from necessity unless they are too ill to physically continue. Some of these people have been losing out for months during the Covid-19 measures and face a desperate winter. Some of the measures the Chancellor is now taking show he has no understanding of their plight at all.

          Most modern, married couples usually contribute to the joint household expenses, so his wife’s wealth is a relevant factor in both his lifestyle and his personal experience of the financial pressures of life at this time.

  34. Steve

    Thanks Dr K, brilliant video, comprehensive and clear – unfortunately wasted on the stupids.
    The whole situation does depress me because there is no obvious way out and the lemmings seem to be perfectly happy with the situation !!!
    It does look like a lot of the stupid restrictions will become part of ‘normal’ life for a very long time – maybe the rest of our lives. I recall how the relatively minor actions of a couple of ISIS related terrorists resulted in the Airline industry ruining travel for many millions. We now cannot take liquids, makeup or sandwiches onto planes and have to be X Rayed every time we fly. Has this made flying safer ? I’d say no, but it’s now ‘normal’. God help us all if masks become ‘normal’.
    Keep up the good work Dr K.

    1. AhNotepad

      If masks are going to be permanent, then passport and other ID photos will have to be taken with masks on, in the interests of security and safety.

    1. mmec7

      Good evening Gary – I have been an LDN’er for many years. Basically it was the only medication I took for a reasonably effective method of managing Ankylosing Spondylitis. I contributed to the interview casts that Linda Elsegood set up way back when.
      At the moment I am not on it, as my prescribing doctor (pvt UK) had recently retired, and then very sadly, died. Dr ‘Bob’ Lawrence was one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the LDN research group. He is sadly missed by us all. It is not difficult to obtain a prescription, but does work out rather costly, as (now – UK) one has to renew the prescription every three months – with Dr ‘Bob’ Then, supply and postage comes into play. I shall be putting together an information package on LDN for my new GP here in France. There is an LDN French Association, prescribers and dispensing pharmacists. Hope springs.
      Was glad to see Mercola mentioning diet and the microbiome. Dr ‘Bob’ was adamant about following the diet, and in looking after the gut.
      LDN side effects ? Very few. Can disturb sleep and cause vivid nightmares – I am still waiting for even one dream let alone any nightmares !
      Copious information available on the LDN research site.
      Molly C – France

      1. mmec7

        Oops – my hand jogged the keyboard and I lost the text… So this does not make sense :-
        with Dr ‘Bob’ Then, supply and postage comes into play. – Tut !
        With Dr ‘Bob’, as AS is an ‘affliction longue dure’, my prescription was a roll-over renewal.
        MC – France

  35. theasdgamer

    It’s commonly thought that a PCR test is useful when treating patients, Let’s examine that question.

    The following seems the best case for getting timely treatment.

    Day 1 infection 100% PCR false negatives
    Day 3 67% false negatives
    Day 5 first day of symptoms (sneeze, sniffles, tickle in throat) 38% false negatives
    Day 6 symptoms become more severe (low-grade fever, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, severe headache) ~29% false negatives…patient calls doctor…doctor orders test…patient gets tested
    Day 8 test results are returned…20% false negatives (lowest case for false negatives because viral load has maxxed out)…doc prescribes treatment for positive result and patient begins regimen

    1. About 1 in 3 cases will be missed because of false negatives.

    2. Patients are dilatory.

    3. Beginning treatment with an antiviral when viral load is already maxxed isn’t the best use of an antiviral. And this is the best case when relying on PCR for diagnosis.

    I submit that treatment with an antiviral should be started based on clinical symptoms and that PCR is useless for treatment purposes. I believe that this is also Zelenko’s recommendation and the standard US practice of docs who treat covid with antivirals.

    And I’m still not a physician.

    Here’s a spreadsheet of some doctors’ results who treat covid with antivirals.


    1. Dr. John H

      Nice spreadsheet, thanks for putting it together! I’ll be sharing it and coming back to see your updates!

      You may like to include:

      Dr. David Brownstein, who treated overy 100 COVID patients with nebulized peroxide with 100% success. Article (1). Study (2).

      MATH+ Protocol (3)

      Niacin (4)

      1. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/09/13/how-to-nebulize-hydrogen-peroxide.aspx
      2. https://cf5e727d-d02d-4d71-89ff-9fe2d3ad957f.filesusr.com/ugd/adf864_8979940e4aed4fd9a62eb3554a59cd5f.pdf
      3. https://covid19criticalcare.com/
      4. https://niacincurescovid.com/

      1. AhNotepad

        Dr. John H, I read Mercola’s article a while back, bought a nebuliser, and got frustrated because I couldn’t find the dosing details. This time I looked in the study and found:

        4.5 Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide
        If there were more serious problems or the oral sup- plementation regimen failed to fully help alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19, the next step was to initiate the use of a combination of nebulized hy- drogen peroxide and iodine. A solution of 250 cc of normal saline was mixed with 3 cc of 3% hydrogen peroxide providing a final concentration of 0.04% hydrogen peroxide. (Note, the hydrogen peroxide used was initially a 35% food grade source then diluted to 3% using a 10:1 mixture of sterile water to 35% hydrogen peroxide.) Additionally, 1 cc of magnesium chloride (200 mg/ml) was added to the 250 cc saline/hydrogen peroxide bag. (This was mixed in the office for the patients.)
        Patients were instructed to nebulize 3 cc of the mixture three times per day or more often if there were breathing problems. Usually one or two nebulizer treatments were reported to improve breathing problems.

        1. Dr. John H

          Peroxide Solution 0.1% in Normal Saline:
          16 oz. water (Filtered, Distilled or Deionized).
          4.5g salt (a little less than 1 tsp.) Use high quality, no additives.
          3 tsp. 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide (Or 3/4 tsp. 12% hydrogen peroxide).

          Keep in glass jar in refrigerator.
          Put 1/2 tsp. of solution into nebulizer.
          Do every hour if symptomatic. When start to feel better can move to every 4-6 hours.

    2. Jerome Savage

      Re day 6.
      Such symptoms unknown in the few I am aware of who tested +.
      The youngest, almost no symptoms, temporary loss of taste.
      The 57 year old mild headache & sore neck for 4 days
      36 year old – flu like. All fully recovered. Unable to speak for care homes – undoubtedly more significant.

      1. theasdgamer

        My wife had a covid episode twice–about 3 weeks apart. Low-grade fever, nausea/vomiting, severe headache, cough. I had cough/sneezing/tickle in throat both times. Daughter had fatigue only–she likely infected the rest of us as she is a vascular surgeon. The baby didn’t show symptoms.

        My brother tested positive, but only had a severe headache. Another relative who tested positive is in the hospital for more than 6 days. We are worried.

        Two of us are 65+ with comorbidities. I supplement with 2000 units vitamin D, 1000 units vitamin C, and 25 mg zinc daily. My wife supplements only with 1000 units vitamin D.

        Wife and I took EC (elderberry concentrate–contains quercetin) after symptom onset. Wife added zinc, too. Symptoms cleared within 24 hrs the first time and 12 hrs the second. All fully recovered.

        EC has been used to treat URTIs for centuries.

        We never tested for covid, but the odds are strong that it was covid because covid is the vast majority of URTIs and the baby never showed symptoms, which she certainly would have if it had been flu. We are a household and in close contact.

        1. AhNotepad

          There are viral infections that can give similar symptoms, we used to know only we had some virus or other, now everybody knows it’s covid. I suspect few people know what they have got, or had.

  36. AhNotepad

    Has Cass Sunstein fallen victim to his own quote? “To become an extremist, hang around with people you agree with

    From https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/covid-vaccine-hesitancy-widespread-medical-professionals/, I found:

    <i”Cass Sunstein, the chairman of WHO’s Technical Advisory Group on Behavioral Insights, recently wrote an article in Bloomberg in which he promoted the use of popular celebrities, athletes and actors as tools for vaccine persuasion against those who “lack vaccine confidence.”

    “Trusted politicians, athletes or actors — thought to be ‘one of us’ rather than ‘one of them’ — might explicitly endorse vaccination and report that they themselves have gotten the vaccine,” Sunstein wrote.”

    So he’s pushing covid vaccines, That’s tantamount to extremist given the relatively small risks.

  37. jeanirvin

    I am becoming concerned at the number of posts on social media from ‘a nurse’ who is saying her patients are dying and we are at fault because we don;t wear a mask, social distance etc. All my elderly friends seem to be taken in and are sharing these posts. In fact, we don’t need many of the 77th brigade. The public are doing their work for them!!

    1. Studs Ramrod

      I see those too. Funnily enough they never say which Trust and, I soon as I ask them which Trust, silence. The stats are all there on the NHS websites so should be very easy to point to- but they don’t.
      I and others DO check however and there is nothing out of the seasonal norm.

  38. Mark

    Will the government shortly tear up its entire loneliness strategy in front of the TV cameras?

    Don’t die of COVID, die of loneliness instead. I’m not sure … is that emotional enough? I agree that being rational and level-headed gets you nowhere outside a very select group. ‘Scientists’ such as the infamous Ferguson don’t seem to be part of that level-headed group.

    The above says that up to 20% of people feel lonely all or most of the time, a figure which can hardly have improved in 2020. A friend of mine has just died of pneumonia @ 91 and I think she may have just lost the will to live, i.e., the COVID rules were the last straw. She lived alone and 2020 restricted her social life a lot.

    1. Carole

      Thank you for posting this. I am left speechless that the world is basing the whole COVID scenario on the results of a test that fails scrutiny on so many levels. To say nothing of the prophetic knowledge by the authors, of world wide infection early in January 2020.

  39. Adrian S.

    Once you’re aware of how badly science can be corrupted for financial gain and once you’ve tested on yourself the health benefits of pretty much doing the opposite of what mainstream medical guidelines and their media parrots dictate… well, it gets far easier to recognise the patterns as they reappear over and over again.

    Moreover, if you dig a bit deeper you’ll realise this is far from the first time things like dodgy testing, overinflated numbers, relabeling of existing medical conditions, and categorising asymptomatic people as sick.

    It’s a minefield so I won’t say much else other than look for Joan Shenton for a gentle introduction to this topic. You can still buy her book and the parallels with our current covid predicament will just jump at you from the pages.

  40. JDPatten

    Dr. Kendrick,
    “OK, I will ask that we refrain from discussing Brexit, Donald Trump, the Holocaust and suchlike on this blog.”
    First you say no, then you allow it.
    It’s like a fourth grade class with a substitute teacher here.
    What respect as a moderator should you expect from reasonable adults?

    1. tonyP

      Well, JDP, I would expect that Dr Kendrick’s request (not an order) was directed at ‘reasonable adults’ in the first place. So there are febrile evangelists out there who may be only just boderline ‘reasonable adults’ – you can’t win ’em all.

    2. Gary Ogden

      JDPatten: It is clear to many, including me, that the net must be cast wider. The forces attempting to exert control over all the world’s population with the ‘Rona hoax for the benefit of pharma and the very wealthy also have had a hand in the U.S. election. Is it not a shock to you that, for the first time in history the healthy have been quarantined en masse? That, also, for the first time in history, a case is defined, not by actual clinically diagnosed disease, or even by symptoms, but by a testing regimen not fit for purpose (none of the ‘Rona tests have received the FDA stamp of approval)? Even Anthony Fauci admits that rtPCR above 24 cycles leads to false positives, yet here 35-40 cycles are recommended and widely used, giving a false-positive rate above 90%? As for the election, we were watching the returns, when about 10:30 p.m. here (1:30 a.m. Eastern Standard time) all six contested states stopped counting for about two hours; when they resumed the lead had changed by hundreds of thousands of votes. I’ve watched presidential election returns since probably 1968. This has never happened before. I, too, would rather discuss heart disease and other afflictions of which Dr. Kendrick has experience and knowledge, but I think he’s right on target when states we are seeing the end of Western Civilization. The situation, particularly in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand is dire. Finally, for all his faults, Trump is wildly popular, drawing tens of thousands to his rallies, 30-mile-long pickup truck parades, while Joe Biden drew a hundred on a good day. And Trump won the highest percentage of the Black and Latino vote of any Republican since Eisenhower. Inconceivable that he lost the actual vote.

    3. AhNotepad

      Oh, no worries there, Dr. Kendrick gets lots of respect from reasonable adults here, it’s the others, don’t cha know. It’s only those with expectations that have disappointments 😁.

      You only have to worry about discussions outside your envelope, /gjMjKJsRMw8 some people have to put up with real horrors (WARNING: this will shock most people) You have to add https://youtu.be on the front. Don’t look if you are of a nervous disposition, this is an example of the the world inflicted on us, with the tyrants telling us they are keeping us safe.

  41. Jerome Savage

    If the good doctor will allow a much needed light touch to the subject, its German (I know) but in English (no I don’t understand). Language is a bit steep but overall impression is that this is now a bit of a joke.

    1. Gary Ogden

      JDPatten: Thanks. That is good. The social media companies are a grave danger to all of us, to the scientific process itself, and they have enormous power with no oversight.

    1. LA_Bob

      “Is this a game-changer, or will it be ignored?”.

      Neither. It will be censored as “disinformation”.

      Is this related to this post in Lockdown Sceptics several days ago?

      History trivia note. Martin Back cites the Zapruder Threadreader. Zapruder is also the name of a man who filmed the assassination of President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963.


      A quote from the article seems apropos to Dr Kendrick’s conversation with Ivor Cummins about COVID, lockdowns, and trying to figure out what we should do and what we should have done.

      “Another thing we know is that we may never learn. And we can never know that we can never learn it. We can never know that we can’t know something.”

  42. AhNotepad

    I wonder how long various sites will last. From Mercola’s latest newsletter:


    British and American intelligence agencies are collaborating to eliminate “anti-vaccine propaganda” from public discussion using sophisticated cyberwarfare tools
    According to Imran Ahmed, chief executive of the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, anti-vaxxers are “an extremist group that pose a national security risk,” because “once someone has been exposed to one type of conspiracy it’s easy to lead them down a path where they embrace more radical world views that can lead to violent extremism”
    In September, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) seized 92 online domains suspected of belonging to Iraqi government-backed militia. Seizures were done in collaboration with the FBI, Google, Facebook and Twitter
    In November, the DOJ seized 27 online domains — including the American Herald Tribune — suspected of being founded by Iranian interests
    Among the websites cited by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate as promoting extremism that poses a national security risk to the U.K. are Mercola.com, Children’s Health Defense, the Informed Consent Action Network, the Organic Consumers Association and the National Vaccine Information Center.

    That’s four newsletters I won’t be getting.

      1. AhNotepad

        The national security threat in the UK is the government, the cabinet, most MPs, and the commerce pirates and leeches.

    1. LA_Bob


      That’s an interesting graph. The dip around late December / early January really jumped out me. You’d think early winter would see a jump in deaths. But, no. It appears to be a late autumn rise, followed by a dip, and followed by rise into mid-January. Heck, maybe that does make sense.

      Does total deaths include non-disease deaths (accidents, murders, doctors banging their heads on desks)?

      Also, the graph implies that total England and Wales deaths are greater this year due to COVID. A controversial Johns Hopkins study showed that US deaths have not increased this year because COVID deaths (however defined) displaced deaths from the usual suspects.


      Should I take it that is not the case in England and Wales?

      1. Ashe

        This graph is just raw data on all deaths, at date of registration, not date of death. So the dip in late Dec is due to delay in registrations, not reduction in deaths. Other smaller dips coincide with other major UK public holidays. Part of the early Jan peak is “catch up” registration of late Dec deaths. The excess deaths in April are very obvious from this chart. If not due to Covid-19 then what is it due to?

        1. Ashe

          The Hopkins report in the US appears to be looking at differences in relative deaths, across age groups and causes, not total deaths. If you go to the raw data at CDC it is pretty clear that there has been a large increase in registered deaths, from all causes, in 2020 compared with previous years. The idea that US deaths have not increased in 2020 does not appear to be supported by the CDC data. The only discussion to be had is what is the cause of the large increase in deaths. Personally, I think its pretty obvious.

          1. theasdgamer

            I agree that there have been excess deaths in the US.


            The reason for those deaths isn’t clear, however. What percent of those deaths were truly due to covid and what percent were due to bad policy and fear mongering? (CDS–Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome)

            Suicides are up 70%–I think that I read that somewhere. CDC? Drug Od’s are up, too. Alcoholism is a problem and so is loneliness. Then there is problem of people avoiding hospitals and health care because of fear and not wanting to spread covid to people they care for.

            Then there are the premature deaths because people weren’t treated for covid early with antivirals, which might have prevented 75% of the covid deaths.

            So it’s not clear that covid has been responsible for much of the excess US deaths at all.

  43. elizabethhart

    What price lockdown? https://www.civitas.org.uk/publications/what-price-lockdown/
    Tim Knox and Jim McConalogue, December 2020
    As the UK government publishes its cost-benefit analysis of lockdown, Tim Knox and Jim McConalogue attempt to quantify the estimated costs that have been incurred in a new Working Paper, The cost of the cure.
    Their estimates can be used as a benchmark against which the government analysis can be measured.
    They find that the cost per year of life saved (QALY) ranges from nearly three times more than what the NHS is usually prepared to pay to over 80 times more.
    Sector by sector, the Working Paper identifies economic black holes of:
    over £70 billion for manufacturers;
    £40 billion for the construction industry;
    £35 billion for retailers;
    £69 billion for small businesses;
    £30 billion for hotels and restaurants;
    £42 billion for airline-enabled international travel costs;
    £7 billion for pubs;
    £21 billion for rail transport;
    £22 billion for car production and;
    £29 billion for the arts and entertainment industries.

    1. Steve

      I’d suggest they also need to include the costs of failed and overpriced Government Covid contracts, eg. Failed Track and Trace App, unsuitable and overpriced PPE.
      And, let’s include the rollout of a nugatory vaccine (IMO).
      There’s probably going to be a minimum of another £50 to £100 bn of our money p*ssed away.

      WE will have to pay for all this for decades, then we have the other Tory folly of Brexit to look forward to and to deliver the ‘coup de grace’ to the UK.

  44. Nigella P

    Really excellent discussion, thank you so much Dr K for taking the time to do that. I feel that the tide is very slowly turning with some MPs but all too late of course. However, one can only hope that we might be able to prevent worse damage to our social, physical and economic well-being.

  45. Joe Dopelle

    Trying to make sense of the “pandemic”, I opened Bernard Dixon’s 1978 book “Beyond the Magic Bullet”, which criticises the general acceptance of “specific aetiology” – the idea that every disease has one cause, and that it can be cured by one medicine (or vaccine).

    It was astonishing to find so many echoes of what many of us have been saying this year in a book published over 40 years ago. In Chapter 4 “The Failure of a Theory”, one finds these passages:

    “During epidemics of meningitis, many people harboured the causative agents without suffering detectable illness. Often, a greater proportion of healthy folk could be found carrying the germs than those who developed meningitis. This was not simply because they had developed antibodies during an earlier bout of meningitis. Precisely the same virulent bacteria, infecting non-immune individuals, will produce disease in some and not in others. And on balance the relationship between man and microbe favours peaceful coexistence rather than open warfare”.


    “In a situation of this sort – universal infection, but infrequent disease – the real cause of tuberculosis is not the bacillus but the malnutrition, fatigue and other accompaniments of poverty which turn harmless parasitism into ill health”.

    Dixon goes on to warn that Pasteur and Koch chose their experimental setups and animals very carefully, making sure beforehand that they would have the “right” outcomes. Exactly the same motives that impelled them to trickery still lie behind many of today’s accepted beliefs about infection.

    Contrast what Richard Feynman had to say about honest science:

    “There is one feature I notice that is generally missing in cargo cult science. … It’s a kind of scientific integrity, a principle of scientific thought that corresponds to a kind of utter honesty — a kind of leaning over backwards. For example, if you’re doing an experiment, you should report everything that you think might make it invalid — not only what you think is right about it; other causes that could possibly explain your results; and things you thought of that you’ve eliminated by some other experiment, and how they worked — to make sure the other fellow can tell they have been eliminated.

    “Details that could throw doubt on your interpretation must be given, if you know them. You must do the best you can — if you know anything at all wrong, or possibly wrong — to explain it. If you make a theory, for example, and advertise it, or put it out, then you must also put down all the facts that disagree with it, as well as those that agree with it. There is also a more subtle problem. When you have put a lot of ideas together to make an elaborate theory, you want to make sure, when explaining what it fits, that those things it fits are not just the things that gave you the idea for the theory; but that the finished theory makes something else come out right, in addition.

    “In summary, the idea is to try to give all of the information to help others to judge the value of your contribution; not just the information that leads to judgement in one particular direction or another”.

    – Richard P Feynman, “Cargo Cult Science”, adapted from a 1974 Caltech commencement address; also published in Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!, p. 341

  46. Dr. John H

    In the US, the CDC reports 247k “Deaths involving COVID”. Does anyone have any solid analysis of what the actual “Deaths of COVID” is??

    1. theasdgamer

      Actual deaths from covid? Somewhere between 13k and 247k.

      What is often overlooked is deaths from bad policy which I term “Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome”. Lockdowns lead to loss of family homes and equity, resulting in suicide and drug Od’s. The panic pushed by the media leads to people avoiding hospitals and timely health care, resulting in many more deaths. Physicals get postponed, banking future early mortality.

      Then there are the deaths due to lack of timely treatment of covid with antivirals–probably the majority of covid deaths.

      The massive incompetence by public health authorities is very sad.

  47. elizabethhart

    To help with some perspective…
    There has been a grossly ill-targeted and disproportionate response to the coronavirus.
    Over the past 10 months, around 1.46 million deaths globally have been attributed to Covid, many of these being elderly people with comorbidities.
    That’s in a global population of around 7.8 billion, in which around 56 million deaths can be expected in a year…because people do eventually die…
    1.46 million is 0.018% of 7.8 billion.
    And the 1.46 million deaths figure has a very big question mark hanging over the criteria used to attribute deaths to Covid, and what is the consistency of reporting across countries?
    This virus does not justify mass vaccination of the entire global population with still experimental fast-tracked vaccine products.
    There must be independent and objective analysis of the global deaths and ‘case’ numbers attributed to Covid, as these figures are being used to impose draconian restrictions on free movement and association in what were once liberal democracies…

  48. Jeremy May

    Here’s a video by Dr John Campbell regarding Vitamin D.
    Plenty of positive ‘evidence’ that it is beneficial, confirming what many on here already believe.
    Note that none of the conclusions / recommendations are based on clinical trials because, as far as I’m aware, there haven’t been any.
    If the video is not acceptable, Dr K please remove.

    1. Jennifer

      Jeremy. Thankyou. I have taken 5000iu D3 for the last 18 months, especially because I live in the North of England. I liked the way Dr Campbell explained the research, and of course, Dr K for permitting you to post the video.

      1. Paul Goode

        Taking Vit D3 is a no brainer. If you don’t have an annual Vit D3 test I would advise it. In the UK, serum levels above 175nmol/l are approaching the toxic threshold so try and maintain at around 140nmol/l. Our nutritionist advises to include Vit K2 alongside D3 to channel calcium into the bones. Apologies if you know this already.

        1. Jennifer

          Paul, I keep reading that 4000iu of D3 is the maximum dose. At 5000iu I am exceeding that. I have no access to blood tests to show serum levels. (It took me years to get approval from GP to measure my B12 levels, which turned out to be very low). However, I cannot find out what the toxic effects of D3 are. Please can you direct me to a source of info?

          1. Frango Asado

            We take 8,000 iu daily all year round – and sunbathe when possible.

            It seems unlikely that you would suffer any ill effects from this level of supplementation. Some people have benefited from single doses of 100,000 iu followed by a lower daily amount.

            As a layman I have read up as much as I could, and I have found that Vitamin D should be balanced by Vitamin A – an excess of either can produce symptoms like a deficiency of the other. Vitamin A is best obtained from food; we take about 1/4 lb of liver once a week, which is just about right.

            Other supplements that are indicated are Vitamin K2 (see Dr Kate Rheaulme-Bleue’s book), which apparently works with D and A to ensure that minerals go into bones where they belong, rather than soft tissues; and magnesium, which should be balanced with calcium. We all get plenty of calcium, so the need is to take some magnesium.

            I repeat that I have no medical or scientific qualifications other than a decent brain and the willingness to use it.

          2. Frango Asado

            My main source is “The Perfect Health Diet” by the Jaminets, which is quite comprehensive. I check its recommendations against those of other doctors and scientists as best I can.

          3. Paul Goode

            Jennifer. Your GP shouldn’t deny you a Vitamin D3 blood test. It is an important marker and a routine test. If you cannot get it done via the doctor you can get a test kit via the NHS and take a sample at home and send it back via post. They email results within about 5 days. It costs £29. There are other private companies such as Medichecks that offer a range of blood tests that you can do at home including D3. NHS Link below. The second link talks about Vit D toxicity. Over calcification leading to kidney damage can be caused by too much vitamin D but I doubt you are near the toxic threshold. That is why it is important to take K2 with D3. Biocare supply a supplement combining the 2. Through the winter 3000-4000iu per day should be sufficient to maintain a safe level.

            Hope this helps.



          4. AhNotepad

            Jeniffer, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. I have 10,000iu a day. Sometimes I miss, but that’s no problem. I can’t remember the reference, but the statement was you could have 20,000iu a day and it still wouldn’t be a problem. That’s what you might expect to get on a sunny day.

    2. Jennifer

      Jeremy. Another point…Dr Campbell is a Nurse, so perhaps that is why I find his videos so good to watch. His video today is so much better at explaining the roll out of the vaccine, than listening to politicians or journalists. Many thanks for pointing me in his direction.

      1. AhNotepad

        I have just stumbled across Stephen Gundry https://youtu.be/qW8YCvrCjrU. There is a lot about nutrition, and of particular interest is at about 1 hr, there is something about vitamin D. There is plenty of talk about vit D toxicity that I’ve seen, but Stephen talks about only one case was seen, and this was where the unfortunate was taking about 1,000,000 IU a day. If you feel sick, 50,000 IU three times a day for 3 days apparently will be useful. This is just one of several useful points in the video.

  49. elizabethhart

    Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon request a stop of all corona vaccination studies and call for co-signing the petition:

    On December 1, 2020, the ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed an application with the EMA, the European Medicine Agency responsible for EU-wide drug approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine studies, in particular the BioNtech/Pfizer study on BNT162b (EudraCT number 2020-002641-42).

    Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon demand that the studies – for the protection of the life and health of the volunteers – should not be continued until a study design is available that is suitable to address the significant safety concerns expressed by an increasing number of renowned scientists against the vaccine and the study design.

    See more at this link: https://2020news.de/en/dr-wodarg-and-dr-yeadon-request-a-stop-of-all-corona-vaccination-studies-and-call-for-co-signing-the-petition/

    1. Roger A

      If the over 40K individuals involved in the recent vaccine were a true representation of the UK population there would have been around 20 deaths in the placebo group.

  50. ANdy Pool

    After listening to the podcast and looking at the latest analysis of from Ivor reviewing government data on mortality I have the following hypothesis.

    In England the virus has followed a predictable pattern where an initial wave subsided as community immunity took place. The second ripple followed in a predictable way influenced by the seasonal nature of this type of virus and hit in areas where previous infection rates had not being sufficient to allow herd immunity to develop.

    Lockdowns and masks have had some effects but whether they delay the inevitable or marginally make things worse they haven’t changed the course and impacts of COVID 19 to any great extent.

    What these responses have done is allow other health issues inc cancer, heart disease and mental health problems to cause more harm and death including building up a cohort of people who will get ill or die in the next few years or months precisely because they didn’t and still aren’t getting the treatment from the NHS they need.

    The economic consequences of Lockdown and Tiering are huge in themselves but are clearly and intrinsically linked to population health in the short and long term.

    Given the COVID 19 epidemic is probably over and the number of deaths is falling in a predictable pattern the vaccines can’t really fail as just like lockdowns and masks they will be overplayed on something that is already taking place and correlated to a reduction in infection rates ( as we move to lateral flow tests). The ripples of the infection get smaller with some ups and downs based on seasonal resurgence and the levels of community immunity in different areas.

    Where I differ on some of the comment here is on the Why part? Why are our conservative leaders doing this? Why are a subset of scientists and doctors promoting this. Why is the mainstream media not even offering challenges to the Government, to the subset of scientists.

    Maybe a Government packed with second rate yes men and bullies led by a lazy Buffoon. A media that has lost its journalistic credentials . A scientific community funded in part by companies with a huge vested interest in developing vaccines that will make £ Billions at a global level.

    All these groups are holding a tiger by the tale and won’t let go. They can’t let go because if they do it is pretty much over for them and they do believe what they are doing and can’t turn back.

    So far so possible?

    My problem is that I can’t take the leap to grand reset and super bond villan style plan. Because some people who agree with the fairly obvious arguments above take it to a Why that I can’t support. Many more people like me conflate the two and shut down on the first part. The first part is worth discussing and arguing about, the second part turns people off so they don’t look at the first part.

    This doesn’t mean that we don’t loose freedom, that we don’t resemble a police state, that we don’t bring disaster on ourselves. Maybe all these things happen and are happening. I listen to James O’Brien on LBC and I gravitate to his style of logic and thinking. But he supports lockdown, he doesn’t really question the terrible virus narrative and I think if we remove the Why confusion and stick to evident facts not super villan conspiracies more people like me and James and Dr Kendrick followers would have more chance to move the debate and turn the tide.

    1. AhNotepad

      ANdy Pool, ”Lockdowns and masks have had some effects but whether they delay the inevitable or marginally make things worse they haven’t changed the course and impacts of COVID 19 to any great extent.”

      That seems to say they have had some effects, but not changed anything much. I can’t make much sense of that. Can you help?

      1. Steve

        From one of Ivor Cummins previous videos, the actual evidence/data shows that masks and lockdowns have had no impact on the spread and progress of Covid Flu. Let’s please stop spreading the Governments propaganda.

        1. AhNotepad

          I might have posted this previously https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/09/allan-stevo/reminder-cdc-says-facemasks-dont-stop-covid/. In April 2020 the CDC were saying “Wear masks to fight covid”, following a study by Jingyi Xiao, at the beginning of May 2020 the CDC were saying “Masks don’t work”. Further they added some of the possible harms they might cause.

          It’s interesting that people can latch onto the early fear generating statements by the proponents, but cannot assimilate the later retractions.

    2. elizabethhart

      ANdy Pool, I understand your reluctance to buy into the “grand reset and super bond villan style plan”. However, it really is a thing…

      I know. It seems incredible. Unbelievable. But there really is something really bizarre and sinister going on, and it’s grim to think ‘our own governments’ are complicit in what’s happening.

      So at the risk of appearing to be a full-on, tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, I refer you to
      the Amazing Polly’s latest video, which covers the Great Reset, World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, Event 201, Build Back Better etc: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ufhBxHKY4BWE/

      Polly used to be on YouTube, but she’s been deleted there.

      Speaking of being deleted, those people who question vaccination policy, usually described as ‘anti-vaxxers’, are in the UK government’s sights. According to the BBC: Covid-19: Boris Johnson vows to combat vaccine ‘disinformation’ https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-55160246

      Boris Johnson has promised action to tackle online “disinformation” about vaccines that could prevent take-up.
      Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called for emergency legislation to fine social media firms who failed to clamp down on incorrect information.
      Mr Johnson agreed online “anti-vaxxers” were a problem and promised a plan to deal with them “very shortly”.
      It cams as the UK approved the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, paving the way for mass vaccinations.

    1. shirley3349

      More to the point: how come the disease is already named as Covid-19 in a document, supposedly accessed on a government website, which is dated March 2015?

      Does PHE have a functioning crystal ball?
      Is someone leaking something so covertly it got completely missed?


  51. Frango Asado

    Great news!

    “Hey, Google, your censorship of ‘Plandemic’ only turned its author’s book into #1 bestseller. It’s the Streisand effect, stupid!”

    “The increasingly heavy-handed restrictions used by the likes of Facebook and YouTube are backfiring. Their suppression of Dr Judy Mikovits’ ‘Plandemic’ film has simply made her books soar to No. 1 in the bestseller charts.

    “Attempts by the tech giants of Silicon Valley to stop the spread of ‘misinformation’ by pulling down a Covid-19 documentary are starting to make the planet’s botched attempts to contain coronavirus look successful”.

    I read this book back in May, and can strongly recommend it as a glimpse of the inside working of biochemical research, virology and Big Pharma.

  52. Chad

    Left fears the virus; Right fears the government.

    “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

    ― Frank Herbert, Dune

  53. daniela guazzini

    Thank you Dr Kendrick. I’ve just watched your interview on Covid along with Dr Cumming. You both are so…. human. This covid madness makes me speechless as well… I feel as I’m one of the few people seeing the absurdity of what’s happening. Having read 1984 I thoughtI felt I was living In a dystopic novel or movie. I live in Italy now and people here have gone insane….. When I doubt myself I look for your posts and find strength in your words, and you make me laugh as well, you’re so fun. I was grateful to you for your cholesterol views, for explaining how data are doctored, now I am grateful for your views on covid. Until there are people like you in the world there’s hope. All my best, Daniela


  54. David

    There’s reference here to politics which one tries to minimise on a blog about medicine. I too feel uncomfortable in the company of the Torygraph, Spectator and the Rt Hon Sir Desmond Swayne but so be it. I’ll continue to criticise those who follow ‘policy-based science’.

    Useful graph from Finland where vitamin D is taken more seriously than anywhere else in Europe. 400 COVID deaths in 6 million people (UK: 50,000 deaths in 65 million)


    Note: be careful, it’s a logarithmic scale for the y-axis.

    But being on Wikipedia I hope that they haven’t been censored. The Wikipedia account of the Great Barrington Declaration reads more like a hatchet job.

  55. Steve

    “With the impending rollout of a Covid-19 vaccine, a UK military cyber unit has been tasked to crack down on “online propaganda against vaccines.” Questioning something that will be injected into your body is now deemed radical.
    The 77th Brigade … bills itself as “an agent of change” that uses “targeted information” activity and online outreach to assist with military objectives. … Throughout 2020 the 77th Brigade has been coordinating with the Cabinet Office to counter ‘misinformation’ related to Covid-19.”

    The implication is that this Government deems the population and democratic rights as its enemy.

  56. Mike Smith

    As a simple engineer I have a question which is deeply troubling me, perhaps one of the Doctors or Scientists on here could answer for me.

    1. If I dont wear a mask and walk into a room filled with mask wearers then if masks work the only person I am putting at risk is me ?

    2. If I dont take a vaccine and everyone else does then I cannot be a threat to those who have taken the vaccine (as they are now protected) so the only person I am putting at risk is me ?

    If this is the case then why are people looking to enforce these ?

    1. Ray

      I also have a question to ask a Doctor or Scientist. From early in this coronavirus panic I’ve been attempting to understand the concept of viral load. Early on seemingly highly qualified “Ologists” gave the impression that a single viron – explained as one complete virus particle – could infect a host and result in a fatal outcome. At the time this seemed a bit outlandish and subsequent enquiries seemed to indicate a somewhat larger quantity of virus would be needed. The other day during a conversation with a (mask wearing) friend he mentioned that he had seen scientific data that suggested that only 6 virons were required to kill. On the other hand I recently came across an article on the internet – fake news? – that said that the Infection Fatality Rate (ifr) was dependant on viral load thus suggesting that the quantity of virus to do any real harm was fairly high. What is the scientific basis, and does anyone have any inkling of how virus propagate and the capabilities of our now deprecated immune system to such threats?

      1. Gary Ogden

        Ray: My view is this: We’ve evolved over millions of years living in a veritable sea of microbes. We couldn’t survive without them. Most people do not get sick most of the time, so it is the interaction between host and microbe which produces illness. Throughout our lives we experience illness from time to time, but almost everybody recovers, the immune response providing the development of future protection from that particular microbe. If anyone gives a precise number of virions for an illness to occur, I say it is time to buy them a tinfoil hat.

        1. Steve

          Gary. It’s evolution in action. Those who have adverse reactions and die are culled from the gene pool, those who survive have natural immunity and win the right to breed the new generations. Harsh, but that is how it has worked for millions of years.
          I guess, one could argue that vaccinations are interfering with evolution and weakening the gene pool !

  57. elizabethhart

    Can you belieeeeeve this?!?! I just look on in stunned amazement… From an article in The Telegraph today: Exclusive: Vaccine won’t free you from self-isolation, says Government (probably behind paywall):

    A Government source said: “People who get vaccinated will have to stick to the same rules as everyone else because we don’t know if it stops people being carriers and passing the virus on to others.
    “It will take a long time to work out what effect on transmission the vaccine will have.
    “We will have to be at a point where a sizeable portion of the population has been vaccinated before we have that evidence.”

    Possibly the entire world is going to be used in this experiment with these rushed vaccines…breathtaking…

    And they’re planning to completely screw up people’s natural response to this virus, eventually vaccinating all and sundry with a vaccine for which they have no idea of the outcome. But wait, there’s more… So the ultimate plan is to vaccinate everyone, people won’t be able to operate in society without a vaccine. And that’s two doses at first, and probably revaccination at least every year thereafter. So bugger up natural immunity, and then they probably won’t be able to supply the vaccine anyway.

    Because now they have supply problems, again from The Telegraph: Supply fears hit coronavirus vaccine amid warning over initial 800,000 doses – NHS staff lose priority as problem is highlighted, despite initial hopes of 10 million shots by the end of 2020.

    And…surprise…”NHS staff lose priority”… Could this possibly be because NHS staff might be saying no bloody way are they having this fast-tracked experimental vaccine? Oh to be a fly on the wall…

    So the care homes have been bumped back up the list, staff and residents. And if the old residents die after the vax, well they’ll just say they were probably going to die anyway, ‘correlation is not causation’. Could be the same thing with ‘Covid’ actually…

    And in an interesting aside to all this, business travellers and performing artists “are to be exempted from quarantine in a bid to help revive the economy”. That’s in another Telegraph article. So we’re going to have different classes of people, some with special privileges.

    This diabolical shambles just keeps on giving, and giving.

    The Bill Gates led UK Boris Johnson government, the Keir Starmer ‘opposition’, the disastrous unelected ‘SAGE’, Neil Ferguson/Imperial College London, and the pharmaceutical industry, are ruining the UK with the ridiculous, ill-targeted and disproportionate response to the coronavirus. The problem is, the UK is taking the rest of the world with them down this road to ruin.

    When is there going to be major pushback against this incredible situation?!?!?!?

    1. Gary Ogden

      elizabethhart: Echoes of Goebbels and the Brown Shirts. I’m as astonished as you are with this descent into madness in the UK. Pharma must be even more powerful there than in the U.S. Here the distribution is a military operation where if anything could go wrong, it will. So in the UK they’re prioritizing the survivors among the elderly for extinction from this highly experimental and untested treatment? And we won’t know it it is any good until gazillions have been jabbed? Are there none in the UK government with more than a few functioning brain cells?

        1. Steve B

          You are always demanding proof of anything so are you claiming that it is true that the population is going to decrease by 75% or is it just more bs

          1. AhNotepad

            You say I demand proof, I say I ask for references. I posted earlier with no reference, as I suspected someone would ask. Asking for a reference is reasonable, suggesting most things you don’t agree with is bullshit. shows a less than scientific interest imo.

            So here it is, this is the link to the current forecast page on deagel.com. The first column of the data is population increase or decrease. They have changed the format since I last looked, but the green lines are population increases, and the red are decreases. The figres in that column are the expected number in 2025, not the amount of increase or decrease.
            There is a disclaimer at the bottom which was not there previously. How accurate it is I don’t know, but it makes interesting reading.

            For comment on the changes you can read https://www.algora.com/Algora_blog/2020/04/10/deagel-makes-mysterious-changes-to-2025-population-forecast-for-america-as-bill-gates-launches-gran-d-challenge-the-holy-grail-of-influenza-research-and-b

    2. theasdgamer

      You know, if health authorities would bother to do cell culture sampling along with pcr tests, then upper and lower limits on infection numbers could be published.

      The failure to do so implies more bad faith on the part of the health authorities.

      Now they are pushing immunity passports and vaccinations. smh

    3. Steve

      So thanks to this seasonal Flu outbreak – AKA “The Pandemic”, we have:
      – Social distancing, with no evidence it works;
      – Masks, with no evidence they work;
      – Lockdown, with no evidence it works;
      – Testing that is inappropriate and uncontrolled and results in false infection data;
      – Infection modelling that has been shown to be wrong provided by people with
      a record of modelling failures;
      – and now, an untested, dubious Vaccine that doesn’t protect or control infections.[1]
      And still we have no freedoms, or return to normality, possibly for another year !!!

      The vaccine now being rolled out is “so safe” that the drug companies have negotiated legal immunity for adverse reactions, the government is training, non medical, people to deliver the vaccine and to handle any reactions and people who experience reactions will only be given compensation up to a maximum of £120k, [2].

      [1] https://www.rt.com/news/508636-pfizer-vaccine-transmission-covid/
      [2] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9016851/British-Government-compensate-people-suffer-extreme-Covid-19-vaccine-effects.html

      Is there any limit to this Government’s lies and incompetence ?

  58. elizabethhart

    With the push from Boris Johnson and Kier Starmer to shut down dissent about vaccination policy via draconian legislation*, it seems The Telegraph is capitulating and preventing people from commenting on pertinent articles.

    For example, these articles on The Telegraph, which previously allowed comments, now have the message: This conversation is currently closed to new comments

    – Exclusive: Vaccine won’t free you from self-isolation, says Government
    – Criticism of UK’s vaccine approval is because other regulators are playing catch-up, Jonathan Van Tam says

    * See for example: Covid-19: Boris Johnson vows to combat vaccine ‘disinformation’. BBC: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-55160246

      1. Martin Back

        Presumably there has to be a little bit of infection to kick the immune system into action. If it can shut the infection down in a few hours with no symptoms, that’s good enough, IMO.

        1. Joe Dopelle

          The key distinction (which the authorities and the MSM have done their level best to conceal this year) is between “infection” and sickness.

          Until this year, it was always well understood that a disease is considered present only when the patient is actually sick.

          Now they have started labelling anyone who registers positive on the deeply inadequate tests as “a case”.

          Not only does infection not necessarily imply sickness – the immune system needs a certain level of infection to detect a new pathogen and get ready to defeat it. That is the basic principle of inoculation.

      2. Ray

        Hello to all DOCTORS,

        A Hypothesis only, please comment (Peer Review)

        The operation of the immune system and its control of Pathogens and Foreign bodies etc.

        This system is dynamic and therefore requires frequent updates to its data set. In itself it cannot prevent infections, but it can attenuate them to relative insignificance, thus giving rise to Mild Symptoms or usually unnoticeable effects, however it always updates the data set.

        In order to keep abreast of the real World situation it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that frequent exposure to any possible threat is carried out, this exposure must be in the background as a continual “Low Noise Level”, as a sudden burst could overload the data acquisition system and produce damaging or disastrous effects.

        In a typical population these requirements will be met by normal social and environmental interactions. In exceptional circumstances, such as radical medical interventions, eg. transplant surgery, the immune system will be put in a Sleep mode and be unable to react to external threats. In order to regain normal function the system must be “Gently” introduced to the real World.

        Examples of this system at work (or not) are many, but the disastrous fate of the Inca civilisation caused by the Spanish Conquest springs to mind. The lesson of this is that if in a case of forced isolation, as presently in New Zealand, the population will become vulnerable to rest of the World pathogens, a way out being Vaccination which although attempting to mimic the natural immunological update process can never be a good as the Real thing.

        If this Hypothesis is correct then it follows that the present limitation of Social mixing (Euphemism or Oxymoron “Social Distancing”) is a total disaster, and that “Hug To Save A Life” should be the real message.

        1. Jerome Savage

          Can it be explained why exposure to another civilisation’s germs only affected serious harm one way ? Europeans were affected by malaria etc but managed to conquer half the world without effective medication or vaccines ? It appears the Inca could never have done so.

        2. Eric

          Well, what really got me during our lockdown in spring (both parents working from home and only once or twice a week venturing for groceries while wearing masks, both teenage kids doing tele/home schooling) was how many ordinary bugs (sniffle, light fever) we managed to pick up. And when schools opened, one kid had two longer lasting colds.

          Other families were reporting the same thing, that they didn’t really understand where they were picking up the bugs with minimized contacts and masks, but they were.

          I agree that while all that distancing may have driven down other infections (the flu season stopped cold in Germany in April), they may come back with a vengeance.

      3. Steve

        IMO – I am not a Doctor – if anyone wants to mimic what the, so called vaccine, will do without the side effects, then I suggest you do what you would do with any other form of the flu:
        1. take some paracetamol and retire to bed until you feel better;
        2. If you have underlying health issues go to A&E.
        Simples ?

        1. AhNotepad

          IMO anti-inflammatory drugs such as acetaminophen or Neurophen should be avoided, they screw up your system. Far better is large quantities of vitamin C. Look up the case of the guy in New Zealand who survived because his family fought to get vitamin C prescribed. I can’t remember the link, but it will do people good to do a bit of fingerwork.

          1. JDPatten

            Acetaminophen is not anti-inflammatory.
            Perhaps you’re thinking of ibuprofen? –– in which case, yes, that and other NSAIDs will screw up your system.

        2. Rob Leeson

          I am not a Doctor but the problem is most doctors won`t treat covid flu and the only NHS drugs that are provided for flu, oseltamivir and zanamivir will not stop flu from progressing to Pneumonia especially in the elderly. I personally will as soon as symptoms occur take 2 tabs of Praquenil with a pinch of zinc sulphate and a short course of doxycycline. The science tells me this works.

    1. David Bailey

      This will, of course, lower the creditbility of the media to most people. I don’t often look at The Guardian, but when I do, I see that comment is blocked for all important discussions. Does that help that paper get its message across – of course it doesn’t, and every time you open it, you find it is pleading with people to give it money!

      Did people in Eastern Europe believe their press – of course they didn’t – and that fact comes from someone who was born there and left in 1968.

      1. Steve B

        I apologise if i have got this wrong but ” someone who was born there and left in 1968″ makes me think you might be Hungarian My Hungarian relatives are very pro EU whish doesn’t sound like you

        Again, sorry if i have got this wrong

  59. Eric

    This is probably not the right place, but maybe Malcolm will write a new blog now that one vaccine has been approved in the UK and others likely will be.

    The concept of mRNA sounds beautiful. However, the one question that I have not seen answered: what happens if somebody already has aquired immunity and then receives mRNA, prompting his cells to churn out spike proteins. Will his immune system go into overdrive and start attacking cells while they shed those proteins?

    1. David Bailey

      I’d too would like to know a lot more about this vaccine. One thing I’d like to understand is how long cells will continue to pump out spike protein? I mean m-RNA is fairly fragile – hence the dry ice storage – so how come this is supposed to work for any time at all?

      And yes, as you point out, Eric – isn’t there a danger of an on-going immune reaction starting up?

    2. Joe Dopelle

      “The concept of mRNA sounds beautiful”.

      I would rephrase that slightly: “The concept of mRNA sounds clever”.

      Unfortunately, in medicine as in everything else safety-critical, cleverness is often a danger sign. It means that even its advocates may not fully understand the possible consequences.

  60. David Evans

    A few statistics on total death rates in England & Wales and Sweden:

    England and Wales
    Daily Total Death Rate 5 year average = 1,457
    2020 Daily Total Death Rate up to 8 November = 1,551
    94 a day increase
    Urban Population = 84%

    Daily Total Death Rate 5 year average = 249
    2020 Daily Total Death Rate up to 27 November = 257
    Virtually same as 5 year average
    Urban Population = 88%

    So in the UK the government is trying to take away almost all our human rights, freedoms and liberties, when the total death rate is almost normal.

    Sweden who have had a much more relaxed view of covid restrictions have virtually the same death rate as their 5 year average.


    1. Eric

      You wrote statistics, but shouldn’t you normalize to the population? England + Wales have almost 6 times the population, so the numbers are really very much comparable.

      Or are you trying to say they have the same situation in Sweden and are not taking as many freedoms away? Well, they have changed course now and have closed all kinds of venues and allow only meetings of up to 8 people. Surprisingly, even Stockholm, which Dr. Rusworth said had reached herd immunity by summer, is now overrun with serious cases.

      1. Jerome Savage

        November CFR for Sweden at 0.73% is a fraction of that for April & May at 15.1 & 10.72% respectively.
        November Covid associated deaths per overall deaths are at 12.29% compared with 33 & 23% for same 2 months. But cumulative cases hav almost doubled during the month of November to 261,085. It now appears that Sweden is on target to have its highest death rate at least in last 10 years, possibly up to 2% higher than 2018, assuming the recent upward trend continues.
        The now regretted care home related policy will have had an impact on these stats. Lessons have have apparently been learned.
        And again there are indications that ethnic communities suffer most with 40% Somali representation on initial victims recorded.

    1. AhNotepad

      I looked him up, https://www.businesscloud.co.uk/news/chairman-of-lord-draysons-medical-ai-group-steps-down/. So he stepped down from that position. Do I think he now has no conflict of interest? No. It does not mention relinquishing any shareholding, and from his blunt dismissal of the ability of the human immune system to deal with virus “attacks” he still has a very strong interest in a pharmaceutical solution.

      The human immune system has done very well up to now, imo.

      1. Tish

        But what do you think of his apparent senior citizen moment when he lets the cat out of the bag with “these vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilise a population” !!!! ?

        This must be watched to the end everyone!

        1. AhNotepad

          The vaccines won’t completely sterilise a population, that’s probably true, just the reproductive bits. Having said that, the reproduction rate could do with being a bit lower. There is a limited amount of space, and every bit taken by a human means something else loses out.

          1. Adrian S.

            Shouldn’t we all have a say in that rather than being pushed towards that end with lies, deception and lockdown murder?

      2. Tish

        This might of course be what he was referring to:

        But the WHO and other organisations have been working on infertility vaccines for some time, both for males and females it seems.


  61. Steve

    Here’s a good one.
    Vaccination Certificates By The Back Door? Found at: https://lockdownsceptics.org
    “… the service specification states that GPs are NOT to record the vaccination on the patient’s GP electronic clinical record system. Instead it is to be recorded on “Pinnacle”, a system used by pharmacists”
    “.. the data are to be used “for a variety of different purposes”. Does this mean vaccination certificates? I suspect many patients would not be happy about this and would be under the impression if their GP was administering the vaccines the information would be recorded in their confidential medical record.”
    Dominic Cummings data collection agenda remains.
    From the same site:
    “The Government response given on September 11th was hardly reassuring, coming with an ominous “however”.
    >There are currently no plans to introduce a Covid-19 vaccine in a way that penalises
    > those who do not take up the vaccine. HOWEVER, the Government will carefully consider
    > all options to improve vaccination rates, should that be necessary.”

    1. Frango Asado

      “…GPs are NOT to record the vaccination on the patient’s GP electronic clinical record system”.

      That is so that no one can infer a causal relationship between a person’s being vaccinated and their subsequent death or serious illness.

      Dr Vernon Coleman, who tends to know his onions as far as the medical system is concerned, says in one of his books that this system has always been followed – deliberately.

      It would be awful if anyone were able to draw up tables and graphs showing the relationship between vaccinations and their ill effects.

      1. Gary Ogden

        Frango Asado: The CDC most certainly knows the prevalence of vaccine injury in the U.S. through a data-collection system called the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD). The figures are a closely-guarded secret, but we do know that HHS contracted with Harvard University to determine the rate of vaccine adverse events among the patients of a Massachusetts health insurance company called Harvard Pilgrim. They discovered that 2.6% (1 out of 38) of vaccine administrations produce a reportable adverse event. When they notified HHS of their preliminary findings, HHS stopped returning their calls. Children’s Health Defense has an article about this. This rapid vaccine rollout will not end well in the UK or anywhere else, but we can expect any negative consequences to be swept under the rug.

  62. Steve

    Also, found this, at : https://lockdownsceptics.org
    “… a letter to the BMJ in June 2019 from Dr Jacob Puliyel, a paediatrician in Delhi, who warns that the WHO’s new vaccine assessment system, adopted in 2013, would no longer pick up rare side-effects such as the narcolepsy that occurred with the swine flu vaccine.
    In the new causality assessment, only reactions that have previously been acknowledged in epidemiological studies to be caused by the vaccine, are classified as a vaccine-product–related-reactions. Reactions observed for the first time during post-marketing surveillance (Phase 4 clinical trial) are not considered as ‘consistent with causal association with vaccine’. All new serious adverse reactions are labelled as coincidental events ‘inconsistent with causal association,’ or ‘unclassifiable’ and the association with vaccine is not acknowledged. It has, in effect, made phase 4 trials redundant.”

    1. Martin Back

      “Individuals may not be protected until at least 7 days after their second dose of the vaccine.”

      Does this mean that the lockdown only ends seven days after everyone over the age of 16 has had their two shots of the vaccine?

  63. con

    Pandemic. Millions exposed to the virus. 99% did not die, therefore had or now have natural immunity. So why does everyone need to be vaccinated?

    1. Gary Ogden

      con: Right you are. Nobody needs to be vaccinated for the ‘Rona. The protocol for the clinical trials does not address disease severity or transmission, but only the reduction of mild symptoms. I’m not making this up. But like many things in this world, vast sums depend on its deployment and widespread adoption.

  64. The Dim Appear

    I’m not anti vaccinations, I just have an interest in how they work.

    I was watching the news the other day and a guest was explaining to noddies like me how these mRNA vaccines work. I can’t remember it verbatim but it was something like this…the vaccine is a recipe which is injected into the muscles. This recipe causes the cells to produce the desired virus and then the antibodies needed to kill the virus. Is this about right?

    Other questions I have, which are not covid related if anyone can answer them, are: –

    1) Can the recipe only be delivered by syringe or could it be inhaled, injested or absorbed through the skin?
    2) Could a recipe be devised such that the cells would create a virus for which the body was unable to create the antibodies to kill it, such as HIV etc?
    3) As far as we know can these recipies only be stored at minus 70C or can they exist at room temperature?

    Many thanks.

    1. JohnC

      1) intramuscular injection – upper arm
      2) for HIV, unlikely as I believe the virus doesn’t trigger an immune response
      3) the Pfizer needs to be transported at -70, once defrosted it is stable at normal refrigerator temperatures for 5 days. The other vaccines can be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures.

      I have a couple of questions of my own:
      1) As the Pfizer vaccine has been authorised for use but has not been licensed, does this mean that it has to be individually prescribed?
      2) if the answer to 1) is yes then how can anyone other than prescribing clinicians administer the injection, could it be by patient specific directions or patient group directions?p

  65. theasdgamer

    So, apparently the CDC estimates about 7:1 infections to confirmed cases (pcr positives, etc.) and concluded that 53 million Americans have been infected. That was based on old numbers. Someone else used the CDC ratio with new numbers to estimate that 100 million Americans have been infected with rona. In two weeks it will be 200 million and after that new cases should decline continuously.

    It will take a LOT of propaganda to convince people to take the vaccine.

  66. David

    Dr Peter Attia had an interview with a US vaccine expert: https://peterattiamd.com/pauloffit/. He’s very informative and knowledgeable of the reality … sadly many people only seem to have a distant relationship with it.

    As the programme had invited listeners to contribute, I asked More or Less (BBC R4) – which has suddenly gone into ‘Vaccinate the World’ mode – if there will be any double-blind trials featuring 1) vaccines and/or 2) vitamin D.

    They could I’d have thought study some interesting combinations: 1) alone, 2) alone and 1+2) combined, with dummy pills and an ‘irritant’ saline solution to do the blinding as well as possible.

    Vitamin D is of course cheap as chips. It’s also a lot healthier than chips for recovering diabetics on a LC diet.

    Of course, there was not even a reply. Silly me.

  67. Tish

    Another former Supreme Court Judge, but South African:

    What does one make of it all?
    Here’s some advice from Shakespeare:

    Jog on, jog on, the footpath way
    And merrily hent the stile-a;
    A merry heart goes all the day
    Your sad tires in a mile-a 🎵🎶🎵

    From The Winter’s Tale

  68. Sue Richardson

    Getting back to the interview, I posted a comment on Ivor’s blog but forgot to on this. As an Ordinary Person with no medical training whatsoever but a reasonable amount of discernment and common sense, I thought your chat with Ivor was a breath of fresh air. After all the stuff we hear on the TV (if you can cope with it) and what we read in the news (if we can be bothered), it was a relief to be able to watch and say “Now that makes sense to me”. The part where you both became speechless at the same time was just what a lot of us feel. Sometimes you just feel like spluttering. I think one of you should be Prime Minister and the other Minister of Health. No?

    1. Rodrigo

      I think that’s exactly how most of us feel Sue. The problem is they both have a long forgotten quality called integrity that barrs them from entering politics. Dishonesty, deception and corruption are essential in the job description with cruelty being desirable. Similar qualities are required for senior health officials.

      1. Sue Richardson

        Thats true Rodrigo. What was I thinking? Wouldn’t trust most of our politicians as far as I could throw them. Malcolm and Ivor are worth listening to, and what’s more they are believable,unlike the politicians.

  69. thepeoplesfiend

    Picking up on your your comments on the once vilified benefits of encouraging heart attack patients to be a little bit active, Dr K, is it possible some the lockdown heart attack deaths might be due to inactivity? People who didn’t have the best of cardiovascular health, and didn’t do anything they would have consciously thought of as exercise, but who pre-lockdown, did get out and about to work and socialise. Furloughed/working from home, and not getting out in the evenings, might they have vegetated to death?

    1. Jillm

      We don’t know anyone who has tested positive. However, we lost a friend who couldn’t tolerate the restrictions. We tried, but not hard enough. Stress and uncertainty kill.

  70. Jeremy May

    I wonder whether, beginning in a month’s time, if they will include a:
    ‘People who died within 28 days of having the vaccine’.

    Bearing in mind that:
    1. The people who are being vaccinated first are the (very) elderly.
    2. The daily ‘within 28 days of a positive test’ figure is decreasing rapidly. (189 yesterday)

  71. Martin Back

    I just noticed something in the official UK document “1REG 174 INFORMATION FOR UK HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS” — assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/941452/Information_for_healthcare_professionals.pdf
    “In Study 2, a total of 21,720 participants 16 years of age or older received at least one dose of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b
    Out of these, at the time of the analysis,19,067 (9531 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 and 9536 placebo) were evaluated for safety 2 months after the second dose of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2”

    I.e. they gave 21,720 participants at least one dose of vaccine, but only followed up on 9,531 or just under 44% of them. This seems an awfully low percentage. I would expect them to follow up on all or nearly all of them. It begs the question, what happened to the other 66%?

    On another blog someone from Canada said she heard that more than half the participants couldn’t be traced for follow up. I didn’t believe it when I first read it, but now that looks likely.

    FFS, people could be dropping dead from the vaccine and no one knows about it. Colour me worried.

    1. AhNotepad

      Martin, if they followed up 44%, but left out 66%, they were probably moonlighting from counting in the US elections, as somehow they had got 110% of the volunteers.

  72. peter Downey

    Excellent. But as I feared, you both show clearly, debate is over. It was over a long, long time ago. Debate hits me as a value only in Samuel Beckett’s terms
    “You must go on. I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”
    The only way to end this quickly is for large numbers to hit the streets. We have seen protests in the hundreds and low thousands but it needs to be bigger. I’m not hopeful.

  73. Jeremy May

    Here’s a UK headline this morning:
    “UK regulator dismisses Bell’s palsy fears over Pfizer vaccine after report reveals four cases of face paralysis in 22,000 people in the US – but the condition happens JUST as often in the
    general population.”
    That’s 0.018% (isn’t it? My maths not so hot. 4 / 22000 x 100?)

    8th December 2020 – coronavirus.data.gov.uk
    Number of ‘cases’ 12,200.
    Population 66,000.000
    Percentage of ‘cases’ / population. WAIT FOR IT!!!! 0.018% !!!!

    Now there’s a thing!

    1. AhNotepad

      Were the cases in the vaccine arm, or the placebo arm. If the UK regulator (would that be the MHRA? The same MHRA that received £980,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? (It might have been. $)) is correct the cases should theoretically be evenly distributed.

  74. sheilataylor8242

    Thank you, that was interesting and informative. I would have pointed some people I know in this direction, had Ivor Cummins not used the unfortunate term ‘dry wood’, or tinder? (can’t remember!). I know some people who have heard him use that term before, and just will not look past it 😦

    1. Jerome Savage

      He also described an abundance of nursing home patients as “stock”.
      True engineer and refusing to use any terms that might be associated with emotion. I think it allows a separation of his work and his instinct – maybe overly clinical in approach. This blog is largely but not exclusively inhabited by civilisations, for want of a better word. Some may find this a little brutal.

      1. AhNotepad

        JS, not so clear cut. Ivor frequently uses “sadly passed”, when the fact is “died”. I have been accused of being brutal and insensitive for failing to use euphemisms, but they are not helpful in many cases.

        1. Jerome Savage

          AHN – whatever terms he uses are incidental, do not bother me in the slightest. He comes to a very clear conclusion, using a professional approach, that lockdowns are completely and absolutely useless. Just dont recall him spelling out the damage that lockdowns cause. So lockdowns are neutral in terms of effectiveness in slowing the spread of China virus but its clear to anyone with 1 brain cell that there is a massive negative effect.
          BTW think you hav me sold on the idea that MSM is bunkum & I’d say misleading.

          1. Paula Ingram

            Well, I’ll take Ivor’s straight talking over Matt Hancock’s fake blubbing any day. It occurred to me that it is partly our inability to talk frankly about death that got us into this mess in the first place. Remember the absolute outrage that greeted use of the term ‘herd immunity’ back in March, rapidly followed by total shutdown? Apparently the term is still considered toxic in government circles. Although of course it used to be perfectly acceptable to talk about herd immunity resulting from a vaccine. And apparently it is fine to call loudly for policies that will literally kill people as long as you claim to be ‘saving lives’ (and squeeze out a few crocodile tears while you’re doing it).

  75. elizabethhart

    What is going on in Sweden…? There seems to be a lot of negative press saying the Swedish ‘light touch’ experiment has failed… See for example this article in The Guardian: Swedes’ support for anti-lockdown stance slips amid rising Covid deaths. 4 December 2020.

    But looking at this Statista graph re number of deaths in Sweden from 2010 to 2020, it doesn’t look like Sweden is on track to have a dramatically high number of overall deaths in 2020: https://www.statista.com/statistics/525353/sweden-number-of-deaths/

    Similarly, EUROMOMO doesn’t look too grim for Sweden: https://www.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps/#z-scores-by-country

    I can’t see that it’s justifiable to suggest the Swedish light touch approach has failed, what’s really going on?

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Anyone any country, anything that goes against the official narrative is attacked ruthlessly. If Sweden did as well, or better than countries that locked-down fully, this suggests all this lockdown was pointless nonsense. Too many people have too much to lose if this is the case.

      1. elizabethhart

        Hmmm, it’s the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven who is beating up the fear, with Anders Tegnell maybe being sidelined?

        Lofven is falling into line with other European ‘leaders’, I guess they couldn’t bear Sweden being a ‘control’ group? Fascinating though that Sweden was out there on its own for a while.

        However, do the following grim headlines really stand up with the statistics?

        – How Sweden is being forced to abandon its failing Covid-19 strategy. NewStatesmen, 14 December 2020
        – Sweden nears all-time high of COVID-19 cases in hospital. Reuters, 15 December 2020
        – Sweden has recorded its deadliest November since the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918. SBS News, 15 December 2020

      2. elizabethhart

        Another interesting thing to consider is Anders Tegnell’s CV, see this link: https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/sites/default/files/media/en/aboutus/governance/af/Documents/Curriculum%20vitae%20-%20Anders%20Tegnell.pdf

        Tegnell seems to be a very rare bird indeed, it looks like he’s actually a specialist in monitoring disease and associated matters. Importantly, it doesn’t appear he has worked on vaccine clinical trials, i.e. is not conflicted by associations with industry… (Although he was employed by the WHO earlier in his career – in my view the WHO is seriously tainted now, it’s a front for industry.)

        Tegnell’s experience puts him in a different category to people influential on infectious disease public health policy in countries such as the UK and Australia. For example, in the UK, there is the government Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation which is chaired by Andrew Pollard, who is also the chief investigator on the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine trials. And he has been involved in other vaccine trials, e.g. the Bexsero meningococcal B vaccine, a vaccine product which was originally rejected by the JCVI for the taxpayer-funded schedule in the UK, and then added to the schedule after Pollard became Chair of the JCVI.

        Similarly in Australia, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation is colonised by members who are also associated with the vaccine industry via their involvement with vaccine clinical trials and/or industry conferences etc.

        So you can see the conflict here… The UK and Australia have groups committed to promoting vaccine products, it seems vaccines are usually seen as the solution to disease outbreaks…but is this really ideal? In the case of SARS-CoV-2 for instance, a virus which doesn’t appear to be a serious problem for most people, it seems to me mass vaccination is not the right course of action…

      3. elizabethhart

        Ahhhhh… I get it now. Sweden is being pulled into line with the rest of the EU…to get those vaccines rolled out…

        The Local reports: Coronavirus: Sweden set to start vaccinations on December 27th: https://www.thelocal.se/20201217/coronavirus-sweden-set-to-start-vaccinations-on-december-27th
        Some quotes:

        Sweden, like other EU states, is currently waiting for the European Medicines Agency to give the green light to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which is expected to come next week.
        The plan is for delivery to get under way on Christmas Eve, and for all member countries to start vaccinating on December 27th, although Sweden’s vaccine coordinator Richard Bergström told Swedish public radio broadcaster SR on Thursday that vaccinations in Sweden could start as early as Boxing Day, December 26th.
        In total, around 2.6 million Swedes belong to risk groups for the coronavirus, including people aged over 70 and those with certain pre-existing conditions.
        These people would be next in line for the vaccine after the first three priority groups, followed by the rest of the general population. The vaccine will be free and voluntary.

        Sweden’s first three priority groups, announced earlier this month, will be:
        1. People who live in elderly care homes or receive at-home care, primarily those aged over 70
        2. Healthcare and care workers who have close contact with vulnerable people
        3. Other adults who share a household with people receiving at-home care

        At the moment there is no information about whether there will be a priority list for the rest of the population, and what this would look like if so. It is Sweden’s 21 regions’ responsibility to carry out vaccinations, so there may be slight differences around the country based on what best suits the local demographic and operating capacity.
        Sweden has also, as part of the EU, signed agreements with pharmaceutical companies Astra Zeneca, Moderna, CureVac and Janssen (which is part of Johnson & Johnson) and plans to make a coronavirus vaccine available to all adults who live in Sweden, as well as under-18s who belong to another risk group, in the first six months of 2021.

      4. elizabethhart

        In regards to Sweden, also see this interview on UnHerd: Swedish Professor: we are headed for disaster: https://unherd.com/thepost/swedish-professor-we-are-headed-for-disaster/

        Freddie Sayers interviews Fredrik Elgh, a professor of virology at Umea University. He’s “been one of the most outspoken critics of the Swedish response to Covid-19, calling for more dramatic action as early as March 2nd…”

        Not a fan of Anders Tegnell or Johan Giesecke apparently…

        And he wants to “install a very tough lockdown for four weeks. First two weeks of lockdown so you get rid of the contagion from the streets and the shops and everywhere, then another two weeks to make sure that spread within families comes down to as near zero as possible.”

        Freddie Sayers summarises: I put it to him that what that practically means is on-off lockdowns all the way until the vaccine has been very widely distributed. “Yes, it might be like that. That’s probably what we are going to see in the other European countries… and we just have to do that… Look at our curve – where is it going? We cannot accept that… The current measures are not enough. If we go on like this, week after week, waiting for the curve to come down, we will be in a disastrous situation.”

        How does this looming ‘disastrous situation’ fit with the Swedish Statista statistics and Euromomo, which don’t look too bad compared to other countries such as Italy, Spain, France and the UK?

    2. Her outdoors

      Have a look at the PANDA FB group and the founder was interviewed this morning UK time by Dan Astin-Gregory. Scientists putting the data together…. and it doesn’t shine a good light on governments. As I understand it Sweden followed the WHO guidelines at the start and were surprised no-one else did. Not that I’m a supporter of WHO.

      1. elizabethhart

        Thanks for your tips Her outdoors, very useful…

        I wasn’t aware that the PANDA group had been formed – people on the Scientific Advisory Board are: Sucharit Bhakdi, Jay Bhattacharya, Sunetra Gupta, Martin Kulldorff, Michael Levitt, and Mike Yeadon. Here’s the link to the website: https://pandata.org/

        A founding partner of PANDA is Nick Hudson, he’s in the facebook interview with Dan Astin-Gregory, which is an hour long and very well worth watching: https://www.facebook.com/danjgregory/videos/10158943315957402/

        Nick Hudson is a private equity investor, which made my COI antenna quiver…but he seems genuine. He’s South African, and his interest was motivated by concern about the potential long-term effects of COVID-19 on South Africa, and the cost to South African livelihoods.

        It was great to watch the candid and thoughtful discussion between Nick Hudson and Dan Astin-Gregory, an oasis of reason in the current appalling shambles that is the grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted response to the coronavirus.

    3. AhNotepad

      We cannot have people thinking the truth, or thinking anything. We have Matt Hancock, Gavin Newsom, Anthony Fauci, and others who are protecting us. https://youtu.be/_O9ltm_Gml0 We must listen and stop thinking for ourselves. We keep getting things wrong, so this misthinking has to stop.

    4. Rob UK

      Interesting that EUROMOMO link, look at Greece, they used Hydroxychloroquine at the very start of Covid, the UK banned it, I have my stash though.

      1. Gary Ogden

        Rob UK: and Greece has a very low mortality rate from the ‘Rona because most of the elderly are cared for by their families. This is a disease of for-profit nursing homes and morons running governments.

    5. elizabethhart

      Also look at these statistics: Number of coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in Sweden in 2020, by age groups (as of December 8, 2020): https://www.statista.com/statistics/1107913/number-of-coronavirus-deaths-in-sweden-by-age-groups/

      9 years and younger – 3
      10-19 years – 1
      20-29 years – 12
      30-39 years – 22
      40-49 years – 53
      50-59 years – 179
      60-69 years – 470
      70-79 years – 1,528
      80-90 years – 3,058
      90 years and older – 1,970

      Out of a total of 7,296 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Sweden over the past 10 months, 5,028 deaths were in people aged over 80 years. 6,556 deaths were in people aged over 70 years. 470 deaths in the age group 60-69 years. 270 deaths in 0-59 years.

      This is in a country which has annual deaths of around 90 odd thousand, in a population of around 10.4 million. So deaths attributed to COVID-19 in 2020 have to be seen in that context.

      And another major thing to consider is the reliability of the COVID-19 diagnosis, given PCR testing is so questionable.

      Really, if there is a similar pattern of deaths across ages in other countries, how on earth has the idea of mass vaccination for this virus gotten off the ground?!?!? It’s ridiculous!!!

      We desperately need independent and thorough analysis of all the ‘cases’ and deaths attributed to COVID-19 around the world.

  76. AhNotepad

    No need to be fearful folks, Matthew Hancockup says the vaccine is safe and effective.

    Solicited serious adverse events — 10-fold increase on second dose in ederly, compared to 3.6-fold for those under 55

    Among the 18-55 year-old participants, there were 370 solicited serious adverse events (SSAEs) in the vaccinated group and 73 in the unvaccinated. Of the vaccinated, 18% experienced SSAEs; in the placebo group, only 3% did, implying that SSAEs can be expected at a rate five times greater in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated.”

    So, safe as houses then.

  77. elizabethhart

    The University of Queensland/CSL coronavirus vaccine “has been abandoned after trial participants returned false positive HIV test results”.

    For another perspective also see: CSL (ASX:CSL) share price on watch after terminating COVID-19 vaccine trial: https://www.fool.com.au/2020/12/11/csl-asxcsl-share-price-on-watch-after-terminating-covid-19-vaccine-trial/

  78. elizabethhart

    Re the roll-out of the Pfizer vaccine in the UK – what sort of informative process will people go through before vaccination, i.e. so that they can make an informed decision about whether to consent to the vaccination intervention?

    Will people be informed of the risks/benefits, e.g. in regards to age, and also unknowns about these fast-tracked and still experimental vaccine products?

    Will people be informed the vaccine manufacturer is protected from liability?

    What are the responsibilities of the vaccinator in this regard, i.e. doctors, nurses, or ‘volunteer vaccinators’? Consider ‘informed consent’ in regards to the Mongomery case, see for example Montgomery and informed consent: where are we now? On The BMJ: https://www.bmj.com/content/357/bmj.j2224

    For instance: The ruling overturned a previous decision by the House of Lords,2 which had been law since at least the mid 1980s.3 It established that, rather than being a matter for clinical judgment to be assessed by professional medical opinion, a patient should be told whatever they want to know, not what the doctor thinks they should be told. (My emphasis.)

    This should also be relevant to vaccine medical interventions?

    Also to be considered in light of the fact doctors, nurses and ‘volunteer vaccinators’ are not ‘experts in vaccination’, so they must be very careful about using their authority in pressing vaccine products on healthy people, who might not be at too much risk of the disease being vaccinated against…

    1. Her outdoors

      Hi, not seen any consent form yet, others may know. Have a look at the Medical Health Alliance webpage. They have an excellent consent form that they are suggesting is what should be used, alongside other helpful documents. It does have gaps – it doesn’t list ingredients cos they don’t know either.
      As far as I know the list of ingredients hasn’t been released? Listen to the Richie Allen radio show also on podomatic. Last night’s show focused on Eire and also the Catholic church… saying it’s ok to have the vaccine even though it’s been developed on aborted foetuses (has it? I don’t know but they seem to know?) Recall the CC stance on abortion? Really? So it’s ok if the foetus is from a non Catholic then?
      Also the Pope has signed up with big business (usual suspects) to push forward that the needs of society are greater than the rights of the individual. Oh yeah???
      Also look for the Santa Claus NHS abusive video we’ve just paid for and been subjected to by our lords and masters. Words fail me.
      We live in dangerous times. Governed by narcissistic psychopaths who by definition have no morals, conscience or capacity to learn and reflect. And zero medical knowledge or understanding. Politicians playing medics and medics playing politics. Domestic abuse including violence.
      Hopefully this is of help.

    2. Gary Ogden

      elizabethhart: As far as I know, the trials of the Pfizer vaccine have not been published. All that I have seen are press releases. The protocol is ludicrous. This will not end well, but those shoving it down our throats will never be punished.

  79. theasdgamer

    I know that I’m preaching to the choir, but the conclusion is devastating to the pcr-cultists:


    Complete live viruses are necessary for transmission, not the fragments identified by PCR. Prospective routine testing of reference and culture specimens and their relationship to symptoms, signs and patient co-factors should be used to define the reliability of PCR for assessing infectious potential. Those with high cycle threshold are unlikely to have infectious potential.”

    (click on pdf to read the full article)


  80. elizabethhart

    For consideration, this statement by Robert Booy, an Australian academic specialising in infectious diseases, made in an interview with Peta Credlin on Sky News in Australia, around 28 February 2020: (Statement made around 1.15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEJ3GvcJrRQ )

    “Well, this coronavirus is probably going to infect at least 10 or 20 percent of people. But if it gets out of control in Australia it could go up to 50 or more percent. It’s not going to get to everybody. Some people will have some immunity. Some people will just be, spatially unlikely to contact the virus. So the great majority of people, I think, will not catch it. Furthermore, those that do catch it, a good 80 to 90 percent, will have no more symptoms than that of a common cold or a viral bronchitis. It’s only the five to ten percent of people who get it more severely might need to see their GP, and then maybe a half or third of them might need to go to hospital. So it is nasty, because so many people are going to get it, but the great majority will not get it severely.”

    1. AhNotepad

      Better than some statements, but still full of could, probably,, might, nasty. I prefer Mike Yeadon who says the epidemic was over by May or June, there is no second wave in places where people had the virus, we will now live with it, just as we live with millions of other viruses.

      If people took Ivermectin, they wouldn’t need a hospital.

      The NNT for the vaccine is currently 256. So to benefit 1 patient, you have to expose 256 to potential harm.

      The UK PHE document of 2015 listed SARS-cov2 as a notifiable disease in prisons.

    2. elizabethhart

      Note the date…around 28 February 2020…

      From that statement, the coronavirus didn’t sound too serious did it?

      But also around that time Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison “activated Australia’s emergency response plan to contain the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus which has now spread to at least 47 countries. The Prime Minister says the recent global pandemic is very much upon us.”

      Scott Morrison: “So while the WHO is yet to declare the nature of the coronavirus and its move towards a pandemic phase, we believe that the risk of a global pandemic is very much upon us and as a result, as a Government, we need to take the steps necessary to prepare for such a pandemic.”

      So Scott Morrison called the pandemic before the WHO…interesting don’t you think?

      Ref: Deputy Chief Medical Officer’s interview on ABC Radio National about coronavirus (COVID-19): https://www.health.gov.au/news/deputy-chief-medical-officers-interview-on-abc-radio-national-about-coronavirus-covid-19

  81. AhNotepad

    Lockdown Sceptics has another interesting article:

    Professor Eric Caumes is part and parcel of the fear game around COVID-19, favouring France’s second lockdown that became effective at the end of October and promising a “third wave” of infections and disease if “barrier gestures” are not observed and people do not limit the amount of family dining together at Christmas.

    He has clearly stated that he will take a COVID-19 vaccine as long as it is not an RNA vaccine like those being distributed in the United Kingdom now. RNA vaccines are expected to start in France in January with the residents of care homes for the elderly.

    Caumes has voiced concerns regarding these vaccines. He complained earlier about the lack of available scientific data from their results and side effects, saying he would never blindly trust the vaccine industry merely on their press releases

    On Wednesday, Caumes went much further in an interview he gave to the French daily Le Parisien. After seeing a report on the Pfizer vaccine from the American Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday evening, the data used by Pfizer to obtain marketing authorization turned out to be a shock.

    Caumes measured his words, saying, “As I read the 53 pages, something struck me. I have never seen such a high frequency of adverse events for a vaccine.Apart from minor injection reactions such as local redness and pain, other side effects occur at relatively high rates, especially in young people and after the second dose. Take the example of fever. It can occur transiently after an injection; it is classic. But here, 15.8% of 18 to 55 year-olds had a fever of 38 degrees Celsius or higher within seven days after the second injection. And 45% had to take medication for fever or pain. 55% had headaches and 62% were tired. No, really, that’s much too much, perhaps there’s a problem… ” Caumes said.

  82. elizabethhart

    Interesting article in The Guardian today (which is in a philanthropic partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which supports the Guardian’s global development site… )

    Backers of ‘herd immunity’ shouldn’t have been allowed near Boris Johnson, authored by Alan McNally, a professor in microbial genomics.

    Some quotes from the article:

    On 21 September, Prof Chris Whitty and Prof Sir Patrick Vallance held a public briefing where they presented worst-case scenario figures for Covid cases and deaths into autumn and winter if no action was taken. The briefing was widely criticised as scaremongering, but the projected figures of 50,000 cases and 200 deaths per day has proved to be largely correct, with 45,000 cases and 450 deaths per day in October-November. The same day, Sage set out in an official document that a circuit breaker “should be considered for immediate introduction”.

    A report in the Sunday Times over the weekend suggests that the decision not to impose a circuit-breaker lockdown was influenced by a meeting involving the prime minister, the chancellor and three proponents of a “herd immunity” approach to managing the virus: Prof Sunetra Gupta and Prof Carl Heneghan of the University of Oxford and Prof Anders Tegnell, the Swedish epidemiologist who has masterminded Sweden’s catastrophic Covid control policy (in the last month, Sweden has reported 1,400 Covid deaths, while neighbours Norway and Finland, both of which have roughly half its population, reported 100 and 80 respectively). The delay in imposing national restrictions resulted in an estimated 1.3 million extra Covid infections.

    Read more at this link: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/dec/14/herd-immunity-boris-johnson-coronavirus

    1. AhNotepad

      I cannot understand those in the government and political circles who peddle the information they do. As Mike Yeadon said, they know it is wrong, and if they don’t know it is wrong, they are incompetent, so should resign. As for Halfcock, the average garden gnome has greater intellect. Halfcock is crowing about a trivial mutation, well, there have been thousands, so which one is he picking? Since SARS Cov-3 was known about in 2007, why all the deceit and lies?

      PS What has happened, people seem to have gone into blog-lockdown, are they unwell or has the virus vanished?

      1. Carole

        What is there left to say? I think there is a weariness around that nobody is listening anymore to anything. Rules and regulations have been accepted – not liked or believed that they work, but a belief we are powerless -what does the ordinary person do? Most of my friends point out the ridiculousness of restrictions but continue to do as they are told. I’m no longer sharing my thoughts and opinions with friends and family as I’m sick of ill informed responses from them and their belief I’ve become some weirdo that believes lies and rumours and anything from flat earth philosophy to nanoparticle injection to global reset to Armageddon and the end of the civilised world. If they don’t want to read science but rather believe what they are fed by the media I’m not going to change their views now. How long do I need to wait until I can say I told you so? I’ve decided head down is my best plan although I do struggle when conversation turns to vaccine as the cure and ‘end it all’ scenario. My 85 year old mother thinks she will be invincible once she’s had it and is planning to party ASAP after having it. I hope and pray she doesn’t have any side effects! TBH if she ends her days being sociable and happy I don’t care what bug finishes her off- pneumonia, flu, rona ….because something will get her in the end and spending most of 2020 on her own has been a nightmare.

        1. Sue Richardson

          I know just how you feel Carole. I’ve given up discussing this completely with some people I know. They won’t even entertain anything unless Boris and Co says it is so. As as they really don’t have a clue and have abandoned proper science, it makes one sigh at the very least.

  83. elizabethhart

    Consider this editorial on The BMJ, co-authored by Fiona Godlee: Covid-19: Christmas relaxation will overwhelm services: https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4847
    A quote from the article:
    To protect the NHS, the UK government must abandon plans for household mixing
    Since the UK’s first lockdown in March, the government has had one (perhaps only one) consistent message—protect the NHS. Now, with the number of hospital patients with covid-19 again on the rise, and a third wave almost inevitable, the New Year is likely to see NHS trusts facing a stark choice: be overwhelmed or stop most elective and non-urgent work. Rather than lifting restrictions over Christmas as currently planned, the UK should follow the more cautious examples of Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

    What do you think about this? Personally, I am OVER people calling to “protect the NHS” – the NHS is supposed to protect the people!

    The BMJ editorial supports the ongoing restrictions in people’s lives. This has been going on for months. Members of families are separated from each other. Elderly people are isolated. People’s free movement and association is restricted. People are pressed to wear masks. The medical/scientific establishment is insisting on huge upheaval in our societies, and causing who knows how much long-term damage in response to this virus – how do we make them accountable for this, and demand a more proportionate and targeted response?

    What is the NHS for? If respiratory illnesses in elderly people are a major problem in the community, then the NHS has to adapt and respond to this need. It’s ridiculous to continue to put society and the economy on hold. The NHS has to adapt.

    It appears most people aren’t troubled by this virus, and to interfere with these people’s natural immune systems, particularly young people, and subject them to what is likely to be an annual coronavirus vaccination, maybe even six monthly, it’s UNETHICAL.

    To fast-track still experimental vaccine products and press these upon potentially the entire community, with threats of restrictions for those who refuse to be vaccinated, is absolutely WRONG.

    How do we deal with this, global mass coronavirus vaccination is WRONG.

    1. Paul Goode

      Elizabeth. All I can say is I categorically agree with everything you have said. Covid 19 is another seasonal flu virus and now endemic not a pandemic. I am fed up with the sympathy for the NHS. They contributed to thousands of deaths when they sent the elderly back into Care Homes who were ill prepared to cope. In addition they were issuing DNR notices on the sick elderly and that may still be happening now. In contrast, nurses lined the corridor to clap the first recipient of the vaccine. That was an ill judged publicity stunt. It pains me to say it but the NHS has become a huge burden, costing thousands of lives and livelihoods because they cannot cope. Corruption and conflicts of interest are at the heart of this horror story.

      1. elizabethhart

        Agree Paul, I’m fed up with the sympathy for the NHS too, it’s not fit for purpose. Respiratory illnesses come round every year, why are they not prepared?

        Meanwhile, how much money and resources has been squandered this year on dodgy coronavirus testing, and the more than 200 coronavirus vaccine candidates[1], money and resources that should have been spent on finding effective treatments and preventatives for the vulnerable.

        A Telegraph report in November said “Around 30,000 NHS staff are either off with Covid-19 or having to self-isolate”.[2] How many of these people were actually sick? Just think about the disruption dodgy PCR testing has caused!

        The whole thing is a diabolical shambles, not least of which is the assault on civil liberties.

        I so want accountability…

        1. Peter McIntyre et al. COVID-19 vaccines – are we there yet? Australian Prescriber, 17 December 2020: https://www.nps.org.au/australian-prescriber/articles/covid-19-vaccines-are-we-there-yet
        2. Around 30,000 NHS staff either off sick with Covid-19 or in isolation, chief warns. The Telegraph, 5 November 2020.

    1. AhNotepad

      I looked in the list of interests at Mr Whitty. From various postings I have seen, it seemed his working group received a substantial grant from Gates & Missus, nothing is mentioned about that. Why the secrecy?

  84. Sue Richardson

    Can anyone explain to me, because I just don’t get it – why does the government keep keep locking everything down in spite of the fact that it is apparently not having any affect? Even they can see it. Also what is the truth about the death rate, covid v flu. Today the news said categorically that covid deaths are overwhelmingly higher than flu deaths. Not what Ivor Cummins, Dr K and many others say, and I absolutely believe them rather than the government. But how can the government tell such lies and get away with it? Is it their aim to return to medieval days where there were two groups – rich and powerful and everyone else? Jobs and businesses are disappearing and without them people will be totally dependent on those with power and money. Nobles and serfs again? Or is that too ridiculous?

    1. AhNotepad

      Sue, look at Tom Woods and ukcolumn. Videos are on youtube. There is lots. The idea is to screw up society. Klaus Schaub is another one.

    2. janetgrovesart

      Sue – yes, depressing, is t it? My own opinion, for what it’s worth, is that ‘they’ have made such a pig’s ear of it all that they don’t know how to get out of it without admitting that they got it wrong. Clearly, lockdowns don’t work, they just delay and that delay early in the year was simply tragic. Surely it rocked up during last Winter’s colds/flu season and we all know what happens to that in the Spring and Summer.
      I really feel it’s a case of incompetence rather than conspiracy. They’re too dim and self-centred to do conspiracy.

    3. Rodrigo

      Hi Sue. I think the following may provide an inkling. Note Ivor Cummins response which does lend worrying credibility. It’s a dark story made worse by the gullibility and compliance of so many.

      For analyses with a different focus, it’s worth following Tom Cowan MD. His recent discussion with Jon Rappoport re C19, a virus that’s never been isolated, is amusingly insightful.

      1. Sue Richardson

        Yes. I fear there is more to this matter than a bunch of stupid and/or power drunk politicians. Still, bad things have happened before in history and when there seemed to be no hope, something totally unexpected happened and thwarted the plans of the Bad People. It could happen again. We mustn’t despair.

    4. jeanirvin

      If you go to the Office of National Statistics (ons.gov.uk) you can find the total deaths for each year by month. Since July total deaths each month have been less than last year.

        1. Jerome Savage

          Minister’s misery missiles & plague of putrid propaganda has harmed physychologically & socially, repercussions to last a generation.
          But this family’s Christmas will not be altered.

          1. AhNotepad

            Jerome, ours was altered a bit because of other peoples fears, but we still went visiting on Christmas Day. ho, ho, ho ☃️☃️☃️😹 and as far as I know I’m still not dead.

  85. elizabethhart

    Crikey…so what do you think about this, from the UK Telegraph today:

    Tier 4 restrictions for ‘couple of months’ until vaccine rollout complete, Matt Hancock suggests

    Tier 4 restrictions may be in place for a “couple of months”, the Health Secretary has said, because keeping the new coronavirus variant under control until the vaccine is rolled out will be “very difficult”.
    In England, Boris Johnson effectively cancelled Christmas for almost 18 million people in London, south-eastern and eastern England as the region was put into a new two-week lockdown from Sunday.
    Matt Hancock said infections in the areas placed under Tier 4 have “absolutely rocketed in the last few days”.
    “Essentially we have got to get that vaccine rolled out to keep people safe. Given how much faster this new variant spreads it is going to be very difficult to keep it under control until we have the vaccine rolled out,” he told Sky News’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday programme.
    Mr Hancock added that people can catch the new variant more easily from a “small amount” of the virus.
    “It is an enormous challenge, until we can get the vaccine rolled out to protect people. This is what we face over the next couple of months,” he said.

    1. janetgrovesart

      Hi Elizabeth- feel free to call me stupid by all means, but how the hell is this vaccine going to work on a ‘new variant?’ To my mind, a new variant implies that it isn’t the same as the original. Surely that’s what happens with influenza every year, hence the annual rollout of a new influenza vaccine (which I declined this year)
      Also I don’t know if I would need to accept the vaccine if I’ve already had the infection. If having the infection doesn’t afford me protection via my immune system how the hell is a vaccine going to work…..just wondering.
      By the way, I hope that everyone involved in this truly WONDERFUL blog site has as jolly a Christmas as is possible given the hideous circumstances.
      So…. HAPPY CHRISTMAS to our wonderful Malcolm Kendrick and all his followers 🥳🎄🍷

      1. elizabethhart

        Hi janetgrovesart, don’t ask me, I’m bewildered by the whole situation!
        Have you ever seen such a shambles?
        Consider the dosing error with the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine…I mean…HELLO! What if it was twice the dose rather than half? Oooops…
        And then they suggest combining the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, to ‘boost efficacy’, have a play around with that idea.
        And now they’re suggesting just giving one dose of Pfizer vaccine rather than two, to facilitate an ‘aggressive’ rollout, and vaccinate more people. Or…are they worried about side effects after the second dose…?
        They seem to be in panic mode, going off in tangents.
        And will these vaccines prevent transmission?
        What is the duration of ‘immunity’, such as it is?
        Are they planning to revaccinate every year or more often for life? Any idea of the long-term cumulative consequences of that vaccine load? On top of all the other vaccines on the schedule?
        What’s the real bizzo on antibodies, T cells etc?
        Are there many people who won’t even be affected by the virus at all, and we shouldn’t be putting in place mass vaccination?
        Are there any independent and objective infectious diseases specialists in viruses, who actually have a clue about immunity etc? Or is it all in the hands of ‘epidemiologists’ and ‘behavioural scientists’?
        It’s mind-boggling what is going on, how these vaccine products are being fast-tracked into the community.
        Oh, and there’s also the human challenge trial, goody.
        ‘Unintended consequences’ anyone? (Or intended…)
        And there’s apparently more than 200 ‘COVID-19’ vaccine products in development, seems like anyone can pop up and develop a vaccine product…the pot of gold beckons…
        Who knows what is going on in laboratories, who is managing ethical oversight of this massive experiment?
        The whole thing is a SHAMBLES.
        All the testing of people without symptoms, causing upheaval everywhere, with people who aren’t sick being quarantined, and all the disruption that causes, including when it’s health care workers.
        Are they interested in finding effective treatments? Doesn’t seem like it to me, as that would upset the real plan to get lucrative vaccine products in place, for the entire world population, year after year.
        It’s completely mad…but so many are on this out of control gravy train…

  86. elizabethhart

    Brazil’s Supreme Court Rules Against Covid Anti-Vaxxers:

    – Justices back mandatory shots and penalties for holdouts
    – Bolsonaro says he won’t get vaccine, nobody should be forced

    Bolsonaro has promised to make all Covid-19 shots approved by the health regulator available to the public, but at the same time has raised prospects of an ineffective mass inoculation campaign by discouraging Brazilians from participating in it.

    “Nobody can force anybody to take the vaccine,” he said at an event in the northeastern state of Bahia after the court’s decision. “We’re dealing with lives, where is our freedom?”

    Bolsonaro later added that the court’s decision may end up being “innocuous” because the government will hardly have vaccines for all of the country’s 210 million people by the end of 2021.

    Interesting to see where this goes…

  87. elizabethhart

    For those who might be interested to follow my correspondence with the Royal Society and British Academy re their COVID-19 vaccine deployment report, which discusses ‘anti-vaccination groups’, and calls for criminal prosecution for spreading ‘misinformation’, here’s the link to my recent follow-up email: The vast conflicted network influencing coronavirus vaccination policy: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/the-vast-conflicted-network-influencing-coronavirus-vaccination-policy.pdf


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