A book on COVID by Sebastian Rushworth

8th April 2021

Early on in the COVID19 saga I came in contact with Sebastian Rushworth. He was, and is, working as an emergency care doctor in Sweden. It seemed we shared very similar ideas about what was going on. It was fascinating as he was working in Sweden, which has been attacked from all sides, for following WHO advice on the best actions to take in a pandemic.

Sweden did not fully lockdown, most schools remained open, as did bars and restaurants etc. As a result of this everyone died… Start again. As a result of this Sweden suffered around the average number of deaths (per head of population) in Europe.

European countries, above a certain size, that have done worse than Sweden, so far, include:

  1. Czechia
  2. Hungary
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Belgium
  6. North Macedonia
  7. Slovenia
  8. Slovakia
  9. Italy
  10. UK
  11. Portugal
  12. Spain
  13. Peru
  14. Croatia
  15. Poland
  16. France
  17. Lithuania

(NB: I left out micro-countries’ such as Gibraltar, San Marino, Andorra etc.)

You would think, from the howls of anguish that Sweden was now a smoking ruin, with hospitals full of the dead and dying. Which serves them bloody well right. They should have done what every other country did.

Anyway, it was interesting to link up with Sebastian to get a first-hand account of what was going on. You hear so much rubbish from the mainstream media, that it is difficult to know what is really going on. We live in a scary, censored world. Patrolled by self-appointed fact-checking dementors.

Sebastian has his own website at https://sebastianrushworth.com/ which I recommend as a good place for sensible thinking.

Now he has written a book. I should know, because he asked me to write the foreword for it, which I gladly did. It isn’t long, it is very readable, and you will learn a lot if you read it. It covers:

  • How Dangerous is COVID
  • Are the tests effective?
  • Does lockdown work?
  • Why did Sweden have more deaths than Norway?
  • Do face masks stop the virus?
  • Are the vaccines safe and effective?

I recommend it to everyone, and you can find a link to it on his website.

351 thoughts on “A book on COVID by Sebastian Rushworth

  1. karenwatcher

    Thank you for the heads up, although I fear it will raise my blood pressure at how inept our own Government has been with all the disinformation it has shovelled out in an attempt to forever change our lives.

    1. ybfruitandveg

      Thank you Dr, K. for the info. Dr. R.’s book is very informative and it is good to know his website link. I await your missives like someone lost in the wilderness awaits to be rescued. You manage to make one laugh, even when addressing the most grave of topics: your second para. had me fall about laughing. Thanks to you and Ivor for being bastions of sanity in this very strange and confused world :):)

  2. Jeanie

    Thank you for the recommendation, I always download a sample of books to my kindle and if I like what I read then I buy it.Good tip for us penny pinching pensioners lol.stay well Dr K

  3. Bill Sanderson

    I read both your posts and if I can’t yet persuade Lockdown Fanatics of the massive damage these measures have done to our countries I can replace their insanity with your cool and level-headed fact-checking. Many thanks.

  4. Marlene E JENKIN

    An informative read ! Kindle version available too. Is it still about the virus ? Is it still about the v@xxine ? I fear being left behind without doing as I am told. We need a Guide Book on how to navigate the next year !

    1. Jeannette

      I downloaded it free on Kindle Unlimited, but will probably buy it for a friend as well.

      But the other day I was in a Zoom meeting and the subject came up. I burst out to the effect that some people die of flu too, and the whole COVID fuss was ridiculous. Then someone said about a family member who was in Intensive Care for 4 months with COVID and nearly died. OOPS! The facts are still true, but for someone who has lost, or nearly lost, a loved one it isn’t exactly helpful.

      1. AhNotepad

        crisscross claimed to have worked in a lb where they tested 1500 suspected covid samples, to find none were covid, all were influenza type A or B. Other labs confirmed the results, so that brings into question what did people really die from when a covid diagnosis is used, often for political purposes.

      2. Jerome Savage

        Given the testing system which was not meant for diagnostics according to the inventor, we cannot be sure of any so called positive test results.

    1. Gary Ogden

      dearieme: Peru has apparently pulled up stakes and relocated to Europe. I wish them the best, but I’ll stay right where I am.

    1. Harry de Boer

      If you take the age standardized all cause death rate of the UK and look at the 30 years from 1990 to 2020, you’ll see that only in 10 years has the death rate been lower than in 2020.
      More or less the same in the Netherlands and in France.
      There is no pandemic. We don’t need any measures at all.

  5. Martin Back

    I read the sample chapter on Amazon. Dr Rushworth says there are really only two epidemiological strategies: herd immunity or eradication.

    What about containment? You can either contain the virus to stop it getting out (e.g. Ebola); or contain yourself to stop the virus getting in (e.g. New Zealand.)

    1. lingulella

      Ebola is out, it certainly hasn’t been contained.

      Yes if NZ can cut itself off from the rest of the world, not just human can be vectors so a big plexiglass dome will be needed to keep birds out and sea-mammals too, then maybe.

      But neither of these things are remotely possible.

  6. Mr Chris

    Thank you Malcolm, I bought the book and started reading it on Kindle. He sounds very l8e you, what can be more positive than that

  7. Jan

    Love the HP ref… oh if only I had a wand… will def check out Sebastians book…. This blog helps keep me sane ( thank you) in what seems to be a more insane world by the min. If I wanted to change my gender… no problem, if I don’t want a vaccine…. well you said it all in the antI fax blog.
    Keep the flame burning 🔥

  8. Fran Leigh

    Another excellent book that discusses viruses in general as well as many diseases (root cause of illness) connected with poor dental care written by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD; “Rapid Virus Recovery” – inexpensive & very effective therapies to treat viruses one of which is HP (Hydrogen Peroxide) Nebulization. Dr Levy’s book is over 300 pages and a wealth of information. Includes over 600 citations from peer-reviewed journals. E-book is a free download: https://rvr.medfoxpub.com/

    1. Prudence Kitten

      And dental infections are closely linked to eating refined carbohydrates. See the classic “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Dr Weston A. Price.

      Published in 1939 (from memory) that is astonishingly the last word. It has been buried by the “food-like substance”, industrial farming, pharmaceutical, dental and medical industries.

      Bottom line: people eating their aboriginal diets (whatever those are) simply to not get dental caries, gum disease, or any other mouth infections.

      I tested this several years ago by cutting out all grains. On my next three or four dental check-ups the dentist gave me a clean bill of health, and eventually told me the hygienist wasn’t needed either. The tartar that had dogged me all my life simply vanished.

      I now brush my teeth gently once a day, but I am sure that if I stopped doing so it would not affect my health – only perhaps my social life.

      1. Gary Ogden

        Prudence Kitten: Thanks. NPD is essential reading for anyone who wants good health! 1939 is correct.

      2. AhNotepad

        I can add another n=1 study to the plaque reduction. I cut out most carbohydrates, and all wheat products a few years ago. No significant tartar build up, and I can still feel gaps between my bottom front teeth. What little does form I can scratch away with a finger nail.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          I haven’t gone to the dentist – even for a checkup – for several years. (Apart from several recent visits for him to fix a crown that he fitted long ago).

        2. Bruce Berry

          Same here – no refined carbs. Dental hygienist was impressed with my gum condition and lack of tartar. Wanted to know how often I brushed – I said “never- but I floss sometimes”. She had zero further interest in why my plaque level was so low.

      3. Eleanor somerset

        Phytic acid in grains is one of the biggest causes of tooth decay.
        Its tragic and evil what happened to the Aborigines of Australia. Their life expectancy is now low and diabetes/ heart disease high .

  9. Hazel Rank-Broadley

    I tried to buy Dr Rushworth’s book for Kindle but it appears to be blocked. Very disappointed Regards Hazel Rank – Broadley

    1. Eric

      Maybe due to regional copyright settings. We have to “migrate” our account to the US to buy kindle books that haven’t yet been published in Europe, so this might be the reverse.

      Haven’t looked at the book but spent some time on his blog a few months ago. I don’t think he’s come up with a good explanation why, with supposed herd immunity far along, Stockholm and then the whole country had a huge surge late large year and still have incidence rates that are 2-3x higher than in Central and Southern Europe.

    2. Fran Leigh

      I bought the Kindle version yesterday 4/8/21 & it was added to my library instantly. Maybe try again?

  10. Peter Ford

    Sebastian Rushworth will be seen as one of the heroes of the whole sorry Covid 19 saga, when many years from now independent historians look at the Great Panic of 2020-21 and scratch their heads. God forbid we get an inquiry any time soon. It can only cement existing deranged readings of the situation, paving the way for endless repetitions. .

  11. Ahnotepad

    Thank you for promoting this. Unfortunately the fact checkers will probably put it in the misinformation category.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      “Unfortunately the fact checkers will probably put it in the misinformation category”.

      Of course.

      How else would we know that it’s worth reading?

    1. AhNotepad

      How can you know what would have happened if they hadn’t “locked down”? There is no control sample in any of this tyranny, so statements that “lockdowns” work are meaningless. See Tom Woods’ book “Your Facebook Friends are Wrong About Lockdowns”.

    2. jill4535

      I am an Australian. We don’t know anyone who has tested positive for Covid. However, we lost a friend who couldn’t tolerate the restrictions.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        “We don’t know anyone who has tested positive for Covid”.

        And even “testing positive for Covid” doesn’t mean anything, since the tests are sloppily carried out, often by hatsily “trained” amateurs, and in any case the inventor of PCR – Kary Mullis – explicitly stated that it is unsuitable for use as a diagnostic test.

        Oh, and it is certainly meaningless at cycle thresholds above 30. (Whereas almost all the tests done last year, and more recently in many places, used CTs of 40 and over – 1,000 times more sensitive).

        And all the manufacturers print on their packaging that PCR is not a diagnostic test.

    3. Darko Mulej

      Well, even if lockdown had worked for Australia in New Zealand there are some questions that are usually swept under the rug:
      What is/was the price? Was it worth? Surely governmnents have provided that kind of analysis?
      What is exit strategy? Vaccination? Deaths and other side effects from vaccination on combined population 30 million will not be negligible.
      Vaccination passport?

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        The governments are basking in their glory of containing/eliminating the virus. There is no consideration of the costs of so doing. There is no exit strategy. There is no concept of what happens when we finally have to open borders and get hit with 45 (and counting) variants simultaneously. The vague indications are that when enough people are injected with chemical cocktails that border restrictions may be relaxed (definition of “relaxed” in this context required) even though the chemical cocktails don’t prevent you from infection or dying. The Covid passports are already mandated for restaurants/pubs/cafes through the compulsory govt. app Check In. Whilst vaccination status is not stored there yet, it will only be a matter of time. As is the stated intention to expand it to hardware stores, sports venues and possibly shopping centres. The Aussie PM had to walk back his statement that the vaccines will be compulsory to “as compulsory as we can make them” (this from Mr No jab-No play at child centres), to say nothing about the utter débacle of “the best vaccine in the world being made right here in Australia” now not advised for the under-50s. And no alternative available until next year.

        I’m thinking of starting a Catch Covid Campaign. T shirts would have

        Live Again

        on the front, and

        Vitamin D
        will set you free

        on the back, with BMJ, NEJM and Lancet web links to various papers on immunity after catching it, innate immunity prior to catching it, vitamin D as essential to fighting it.

        It’s the only way out.

        I saw a stat that in the US 78% of deaths were in fat people. Which I thought was encouraging, for me at any rate. But then I remembered that 78% of Americans are fat anyway, so it didn’t mean much …

        1. AhNotepad

          Governments are basking in the glory of having fooled so many people to give away their liberties while begging that the rest of the liberties are removed too.

  12. Stephanie

    Hi Dr Kendrick
    I follow all your blogs and I have been especially interested in the pandemic, however there are a few things that trouble me somewhat,
    1. Are the medical professionals, who have been involved in the TV programmes and news reports about just how bad the pandemic has been, all lying about the severity of the disease ? If so why would they do that ?
    2. Are the scenes of overwhelmed hospitals a result of years of underfunding of the NHS or have they been genuinely overwhelmed by the current pandemic ?
    3. Are the reports of long covid and the subsequent illnesses following covid, affecting people to a greater or lesser degree than that which you would normally expect from annual seasonal flu ?
    I want to believe that this pandemic has been blown up out of all proportion but the evidence being presented is instilling a sense of doubt.
    I need some reassurance.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      “Are the medical professionals, who have been involved in the TV programmes and news reports about just how bad the pandemic has been, all lying about the severity of the disease ? If so why would they do that?”

      There is a good deal of lying, yes. Like the nurse at a London hospital who told the media that her hospital had “wards full” of children sick with Covid. It turned out they had never had more than 3 children at a time “sick with Covid” – although in fact children do not seem to get “sick with Covid” at all, so it may have been something else. Maybe they have tiny, tiny wards (two thirds of a child in each?)!

      As to motive, that is very simple. The corporations that are behind the panic stand to make huge profits; they exert a great deal of control over governments, and governments over health services and hospitals. Doctors who exercise their own expert judgment are warned that they will be fired if they don’t fall into line. A year ago Dr Kendrick himself was recommending hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19, but as I understand it doctors were forbidden to prescribe it! Several papers that have been used as “evidence” by the authorities have been thoroughly discredited – some withdrawn, others not.

      As the great Dr Jonathan Swift, author of “Gulliver’s Travels”, remarked, “It often happens that, if a lie be believed only for an hour, it has done its work, and there is no further occasion for it”. We have been seeing a great deal of that recently.

      The bottom line is that among doctors and scientists, as with everyone, some are strictly principled and stick to the truth and what they think is right; while others have more pliable consciences and can justify to themselves doing whatever it takes to keep their jobs, curry favour with their bosses and the sources of money, gain prestige, and earn more. Everyone (almost) likes a chair or a plum government job. Everyone (almost) likes to be interviewed by national media and given a respectful hearing.

      “Are the scenes of overwhelmed hospitals a result of years of underfunding of the NHS or have they been genuinely overwhelmed by the current pandemic?”

      The years of underfunding, resulting as I believe in a reduction of beds by almost half, has not helped. But as far as I know British hospitals have not been any busier since January 2020 than at any comparable earlier time. As in everything related to Covid-19, you have to look carefully at the details. A hospital that has decided to test all its staff and send home anyone who tests positive will be chronically understaffed – even though the tests are virtually meaningless.

      There have been many reports from NHS employees (anonymous, of course) that their wards or hospitals were almost empty.

      “Are the reports of long covid and the subsequent illnesses following covid, affecting people to a greater or lesser degree than that which you would normally expect from annual seasonal flu?”

      This question is somewhat shrouded in mystery, as the stories have mostly been anonymous or isolated, and as far as I know there are no reliable figures. What is certain is that none of those symptoms are entirely new. All the features of “long Covid” have been known for decades, as many viral diseases have lingering after-effects. Lay people think they new and terrible, because they have never taken the trouble to learn about “old” diseases such as flu, pneumonia, TB, etc.

      To my mind, it’s interesting that the countries hit hardest by Covid-19 have been the most “advanced”, richest, and most industrialised, while those that have got off lightly have been the closest to nature. Obvious suspects are crowding, poor hygiene, pollution and malnutrition. In the UK and USA, sadly, many people are severely malnourished because they followed government nutrition guidelines.

      Two articles I think you might find helpful:

      “The Glyphosate COVID-19 Connection”

      “Big Pharma is Playing God in a High Stakes Game”

    2. lingulella

      If you want reassurance, just try asking any of those questions in a ‘comments’ section on one of our national newspapers.
      If they censor you as much as they have been censoring me over the last 12 months then you know that they are hiding the reality from the great unwashed.
      Practically everything that we are being told is simply lies, take masks wearing and social distancing for example, dig around and you will not find any research that supports the wearing of ‘face coverings’ i.e. surgical/cloth masks (even N95 masks only stop 95% of particles 5 times larger than the virions), and the only social distancing I can find evidence for is the 30 feet that the Porton Down Common Cold Unit required of volunteers exercising outside the facility when transmission of colds was being studied.
      I don’t think doctors are lying when recounting their personal experience, but how can we tell how big the problem is if we only hear from doctors in the ‘busy’ hospitals? And yes, whatever this virus is, people are dying in ‘novel’ ways from it as Dr. Kendrick reported last year when (I think) he said it looked like a blood disease – as we are now finding with the platelet ‘disorder’ ChAdOx vaccine is reported to cause in rare cases of ‘coincidence’, although the same disorder is caused by the Pfizer vaccine.
      When/if you try to get answers on a national platform you might add a 4th, ‘why has every effort been made to prevent the use in the UK of treatments such as vitamins C and D3, Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin, despite their successful use elsewhere?’, and a 5th, ‘why have we not been told who is most at risk of serious illness or death should they contract the virus?’ considering that the ONS data clearly demonstrates that this constitutes a very select demographic who could have been shielded without the immense damage inflicted on the economy that we must all rely on to provide the financing of the NHS.

    3. David Bailey


      Those are all good questions, and as a non-medical person, I can only offer a few observations.

      I was scared in the early days visiting a supermarket and seeing so many people at close range. I pitied the staff who had to stay in that environment for a full shift day after day. Almost nobody was wearing a mask, (these only became compulsory last July). After a few weeks my fear of shopping started to subside, and I asked one or two of the staff how bad it had been for them. The answer came back that nobody had fallen ill – so there had been no deaths!

      It has been pointed out that the hospitals regularly say they are running out of ICU beds – they have done for years. The Daily Telegraph investigated that, and it turns out that pre-COVID they would temporarily equip some ordinary beds with the equipment needed for ICU.

      I know two people who died in hospital well before COVID even started. Both of them died of an ancillary infection – never even identified. One of them had been treated with many rounds of chemo, and was too ill to handle an infection as well. The other was hanging on after suffering sepsis. In both cases no effort was made to help them fight that infection since it was considered kinder to let nature take its course. I understand this is a common end-of-life scenario. Whether they treat such people now, or just let them die, their deaths will be added to the official COVID death toll. I would imagine they were encouraged to treat at least some of those people to create the scenes of overload that you refer to.

      There is another potential factor to consider. I suspect that once a patient tests positive for COVID (and remember PCR tests are capable of giving false positive results), few if any other tests are done. This may well result in treatable conditions being missed.

    4. theasdgamer


      You are missing an important question. “Why are only medical professionals pushing the approved narrative selected for interviws on TV programmes?” Why aren’t any of the hordes of medical professionals like Dr. Kendrick or Dr. Rushworth being interviewed?

      None of the 16,000 medical professional signatories to The Great Barrington Declaration have been interviewed and why is that?

      Why is only one side (the officially “approved” side) being presented?

      Why aren’t the public, published machinations of SPI-B and SAGE being discussed on TV programmes?

      Why are medically-licensed critics (and there are many) of government interventions being silenced on social media?

      1. Fast Eddy

        Yes a very good question – how do you convince a fair number of experts and all governments across the planet to execute a plan to force their populations to be injected with an experimental vaccine that most of them have no need for?

        The only way to get consensus (and there is consensus) is because they believe what they are doing is the right thing. The experts who are recommending these policies have been chosen to help with executing the plan and have been made aware of some (maybe all) of the details of the plan and they are acting as spokespersons. Senior politicians are also aware of the details and rationale for the plan.

        So what could possibly convince these people to commit ‘evil’ on a scale far grander than that of the Nazi’s or the likes of Genghis Khan?

        What do they fear?

        Mike Yeadon is correct – they are murdering billions. He believes it’s about depopulation but actually it’s extreme depopulation – it’s extinction.

        This is what peak oil looks like.

      2. JDPatten

        Concerning Great Barrington:

        1. theasdgamer

          So much wrong with Backhaus’s thinking…he ignores evidence of harm from lockdowns…last I checked, suicides were up 75% and divorces 50%…drug Od’s were up 13%…harm due to people failing to seek health care is incalculable but almost certainly significant and major…

          1. Jerome Savage

            And in Oz. Disturbing rise in mental issues – Nov. 2020
            There are plenty other articles but although I now depend more & more on non MSM for info, even MSM cant ignore some collateral damage – sort of damage never factored in to an model of course.

          2. KidPsych


            Early data shows suicide rates fell nearly 6% in 2020 — the biggest annual decline in four decades.


            The drop in the divorce rate is likely to continue in 2020, despite the pandemic. When COVID-19 hit America in March, early signs suggested that the pandemic may have expedited divorces because of lockdown-related stress. However, new survey data finds that the pandemic has actually brought some couples closer to each other. According to data from the American Family Survey, a majority of married Americans (58%) say that the pandemic has made them appreciate their spouse more and half agree that their commitment to marriage has deepened. Moreover, initial data from some states suggests that divorce filings have indeed declined. It is likely that divorce may increase a bit after COVID-19 because of the pent-up demands, but the overall decline in divorce appears to be a consistent trend.

          3. theasdgamer


            Cool prophecy, but some divorce statistics are being lost because of lockdowns.

            In the meantime, foreclosures are way up with more coming when the moratorium lifts on others, which is a leading indicator of divorce.

            And unemployment boomed early because of lockdowns in the US. That is a leading indicator of foreclosure and divorce. The workforce participation rate is way down-even among those under 30.

            I see a future for you in cosmetology–painting lipstick on pigs.

    1. Mr Chris

      Look at this, from Amazon yesterday
      Bonjour Christopher,
      Merci encore pour votre achat sur notre site. L’article suivant sera envoyé sur votre appareil grâce à la connexion sans fil et sera stocké dans Votre bibliothèque Kindle.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        Isn’t French beautiful! The same familiar tedious commercial message, but it sounds like literature! 😎

  13. Karen Vestre

    Thank you for speaking up. The general public has been frightened into going along with a tactic that is causing and will continue to cause untold numbers of people to lose all sense of freedom and personal choice because they don’t know enough to question the narrative.

  14. Kåre Nordby

    Why not compare Sweden with other Nordic countries?
    Sweden: Deaths: 13.578. Population: 10,2 mill.
    Denmark: 2.435 / 5,8 mill.
    Finland: 862 / 5,5 mill.
    Norway: 683 / 5,3 mill.

    Are Norway (and Finland/Denmark) black swans/paradox in your argument?
    (That lockdown activities does not work).

    Best Regards from Norway
    Kåre Nordby

    PS. I am great fan of you and Ivor Cummings regarding LCHF science.

    1. David

      You’ve got this wrong. Lockdowns deviate from the norm, it is up to you to prove they do work, and you can’t do that by pitting three Nordic countries against the rest of Europe.

        1. theasdgamer

          Dr. Kendrick,

          I wonder how difficult it is to work out the more useful null hypotheses. Should we be discussing how to test hypotheses and how to come up with hypotheses to test?

          I know that it seems obvious to me, but not so much to other people, what the null hypothesis is. If I have to explain it, it’s quite difficult work even though the logic can be worked out. This has happened to me quite frequently and causes me to think that my brain is uniquely wired.

          When you read articles in medical journals, do you make it a point to always read the section on limitations?

          The data from RECOVERY has now been posted and the article doesn’t have a section on limitations, which is disturbing.

          The baseline data from RECOVERY showed a mean of 9 days post symptom onset (5-13 days) for the HCQ section. Very late, considering that the average viral peak for covid occurs three days post symptom onset and early treatment for covid is usually considered to be four days or less. RECOVERY found a grey goose, not a black swan.

          Here’s the link to RECOVERY article and data:


          Click to access nejmoa2022926_appendix.pdf

      1. Sasha

        But wouldn’t the numbers listed above show that the null was not proved?

        If the null is that lockdowns don’t make a difference, wouldn’t we need to have similar mortality numbers for Nordic countries before we could say that the null was proven?

    2. Roland Ayers

      If you look at deaths over decades, there are more pronounced ups and downs in Sweden than in the other Nordic countries; flu has been worse some years than others. There is an Ivor Cummins video online somewhere with a graph showing this (if it hasn’t been censored). The winter just prior to the pandemic had been a particularly light one, so there were a lot of susceptible folk available.

      Also, restrictions in those other Nordics were relatively light compared to elsewhere in Europe, and the Norwegian Prime Minister expressed regret in having closed schools.

      To make a case that this ‘neighbour argument’ is, in the context of a global pandemic, anything more than cherry-picking in the first place, you have to demonstrate shared borders to be highly significant. Looking at the situation globally, no correlation between lockdown severity and deaths can be discerned.

      This is not to say Sweden got everything right. It made the same mistake as certain other countries in transferring elderly patients from hospitals to care homes, spreading infection to the very places you want it least. A panic-mistake driven by the dodgy mathematical modeling predicting health service collapse. Unlike in certain other countries, the Swedish authorities at least had the decency to apologise. There was also a failure to address vitamin D deficiency in some immigrant communities.

  15. victor last

    Thank you Malcolm, I have followed Sebastian’s blogs and read his book. A very measured and balanced report of the past year, with a good insight into the Swedish experience from the frontline, and comparative analysis of the outcomes of measures adopted elsewhere. There is still such a desperate need for Doctors in General Practice to adopt the principles of Dr Peter McCullough so forcefully made in this briefing by him to the Governing Health Board in Texas. https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/censored-dr-peter-mccullough-md-testifies-how-successful-home-treatments-for-covid-makes-experimental-vaccines-unnecessary/

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Of course what he says is true. I have tried to ask the question of a number of doctors. How many patients did we prevent dying because of admission into ICU with, or without, intubation. Or, to be less positive, how many patients potentially died because we intubated them, and ventilated them, which caused severe damage to their lungs and (effectively) killed them. There are no answers to this. question, or many others, regarding treatment.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        “Or, to be less positive, how many patients potentially died because we intubated them, and ventilated them, which caused severe damage to their lungs and (effectively) killed them”.

        There certainly won’t be much enthusiasm for that question.

        I am reminded of a slightly cynical old remark, to the effect that the essence of government is that it provides a giant network for diffusing and avoiding accountability. Governments can commit huge and ghastly atrocities, but no individual is ever responsible.

    2. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      If you are attempting the disprove the null hypothesis you cannot pick and choose the countries to suit your argument. That is the exact opposite of science I am afraid. ‘Oh, these data don’t fit, so I am ignoring them. I like these data much better.’ Question. ‘What is a Nordic country, and why should they be the only ones that you compare against each other.’

      1. Harry de Boer

        During ‘covid discussions’ I’m regularly confronted with the argument that Sweden should not be compared to all of Europe rather than to the other Nordic countries as it is also one.
        And then it goes: ‘Sweden did very bad by not locking down because they have many more deaths than the other Nordic countries.

        But you cannot compare all Nordic countries to each other because the severity of the flu seasons is not the same every year in every Nordic country. The previous ‘pre-covid’ flu season was much milder in Sweden compared to the other Nordic countries. So it could already have been expected that the 2019/2020 season would be more severe in Sweden than in the other Nordic countries. Which is exactly what happened. A part of the people that died in Sweden would have died in the previous season if it’s severity had been comparable to that of the other Nordic countries.

      2. Kåre Nordby

        Did Albert Einstein say: “”No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong”? Or, did he?
        If the null hypothesis is: “Lock down activities don’t work”, can you use Sweden as “evidence” for that? Didn’t you cherrypick as well in this article? Sweden against some of the European countries, and Europa against rest of the world? My be, you can…

        My conclusion so far, after reading all your articles and seen the videos with Ivor Commins:
        “Do lock down activities work?” : We don’t know
        “Do lock down activities not work?” : We don’t know.

        1. Fast Eddy

          Lockdowns work fabulously if you want to destroy your economy and throw people into despair.

          Plenty of countries are not locking down … can anyone identify a single country in the world where the health care system has imploded because they didn’t lock down… show me the photos of people dying on the streets for want of care

          And btw – Toronto was in serious lockdown —- when the third wave hit them — the response? Lockdown even harder.

          End of the day this covid story is a mass of lies. Anyone who cannot grasp that…. is lacking in intelligence. And trying to explain this to someone – who has not worked it out for themselves… is like trying to explain advanced math to a 4 year old

        2. LA_Bob

          My issue with “lockdowns” (which are never precisely defined) is that there are still lots of people who have to work in contact with lots of other people. Grocery workers, large retail (in the USA, think Walmart or Target), police, fire, medical staff, and so on. The expectation is masks and distancing protect them.

          I know a woman who works on a food processing assembly line. Despite double-masks, face shield, boots, gloves, and frequent hand-washing, she still caught COVID last December and tells me other workers have been out with it as well. This tells me the typical safety measures for people spending prolonged times under indoor work condition is not worth much. It does not “prove” lockdowns don’t work, but it certainly makes them look useless.

          We haven’t had true lockdowns, where everyone is “confined to quarters”. Our modern society cannot function this way.

          Just seems like folly to think we can control the transmission of a respiratory virus.

          1. Gary Ogden

            LA_Bob: Folly it is indeed. I shop at Walmart every week. and nobody, neither employees nor customers, ever say a word about my free American face. This is why I shop there, even though it is a much farther drive. They began a nationwide face-diaper mandate last summer, but the pushback was so enormous, they rescinded it after a few weeks. Eleven U.S. states never had face-diaper mandates, and eight more have since rescinded theirs. Enough already.

          2. LA_Bob

            Hi, Gary,

            You must not be in California, at least not in Los Angeles County. I can’t get away with that here. Masks are required in stores, period. Actually, they’re required in all public settings, indoors or out. Nice that they fit neatly under one’s chin.

          3. Gary Ogden

            LA_Bob: Central California. My county is represented in both the legislature and Congress by Republicans, so we don’t have that leftist lunacy like LA and San Fransisco. What a horror show LA has become, with a fully tyrannical mayor and school superintendent. Around here I see fewer and fewer people wearing the damn things, and I just waltz right in. They may say something about face diapers being required, but don’t enforce it, and the Karen stores, like Trader Joe’s, I no longer give my business to. I suspect most of California, outside the coastal areas is over this nonsense.

      3. theasdgamer

        We _know_ that lockdown activities cause economic and sociological harm. We don’t know if they have any epidemiological benefit.

        This is not a tough call.

      4. Sasha

        Could an answer be: “Because their demographics and cultural characteristics make for a more like to like comparison”?

          1. Sasha

            Based on what I heard Sweden has a higher percentage of dark skinned residents than other countries but I would assume that economy of Sweden is similar to those of other Nordic countries. Are you saying this is not so? If there are significant economic differences, what are they and how are they contributing to differences in mortality, in your opinion?

          2. theasdgamer

            From what I have read, Sweden had a major high tech labor shortage and imported workers to fill labor gaps. Norway had a labor shortage in unskilled labor and filled those gaps with labor from eastern Europe. I am far from an expert on nordic economies, but this is what I have read in the popular media.

        1. Jerome Savage

          I posted a link here months ago which indicated that the Somali population which accounts for s small overall proportion of the suffered disproportionately.
          There are many reports supporting this narrative. Following seems particularly concerning.

          1. Sasha

            I suppose it would make sense if living there impacts their Vitamin D status and if low Vitamin D contributes to susceptibility to viral infections…

  16. Gary Ogden

    Thanks, Dr. Kendrick. Dr. Rushworth has been an additional, refreshing voice of sanity in this madness.

  17. Cookie Boy

    It seems the Wuhan flu saga is unwinding quickly, Australia now has doubts about it’s preferred jab and many are now looking down their spectacles at the media.

    This scamdemic has exposed one thing and one thing only, the quality of mainstream media.

    Maybe Trump is correct when he labeled them fake news?

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Yes, the mainstream media has become the propaganda arm of the WHO and various Governments. The BBC health correspondent is now telling people what they should do. (sIc) ‘People must continue to wear masks and social distance’. It is not the job of the BBC to tell people what do to. That is a complete obliteration of their role, which is to dig into stories, look for alternative views and criticise the Govt. Not to disseminate propaganda

      1. Roland Ayers

        At the same time, the WHO isn’t a monolith. Those few little flashes of honesty we’ve been getting occasionally from a few WHO representatives make me curious. How big is the WHO and what sort of power struggles go on within it? It was Bruce Aylward who told the world to abandon its pandemic preparation in favour of the CCP experiment. He refused to acknowledge that Taiwan had done different or was anything other than simply a part of China. How well regarded is he within the WHO?

      2. lingulella

        The Guardian still says ‘Comment is Free, but Facts are Sacred’ something I now feel promotes hollow laughter, and should be rewritten as ‘Comment is censored, and only Facts that fit the narrative are sacred’

      3. theasdgamer

        The new journalism would say that they have evolved and that they have an ethical duty to advance the truth (which equals the official narrative).

        The new journalists don’t even know that they are propagandists.

      4. Harry de Boer

        After WW2, in the Netherlands a propagandist for the Nazi regime was tried and executed. Looks like a great idea for the current situation.

  18. Harry de Boer

    I didn’t read the book, but I think I know the answers. 🙂

    How Dangerous is COVID — not so
    Are the tests effective? — not so
    Does lockdown work? — no
    Why did Sweden have more deaths than Norway? — mild previous flu season
    Do face masks stop the virus? — no
    Are the vaccines safe and effective? — not so

  19. cathbaillie

    Hi Dr. Malcolm Kendrick – I really, really appreciate all your efforts to keep us safe, and I will certainly take your advice and buy this book.

    Yours sincerely,

    Catherine Baillie

    P. S – The Cholesterol Con is probably one of the most important books written in the 21st century…

    1. David Bailey

      Also Sweden had taken in a very large number of immigrants. These people would have been badly nourished for a while, and they would be well advised to take vitamin D, but I’ll bet they weren’t.

  20. Liz

    How I have preserved my sanity over the last year: a blanket ban on mainstream media. Listening to thinkers and intellectuals on longform podcasts e.g. Bret Weinstein, Ivor Cummins. Food Lies, Ian McGilchrist.
    Malcolm Kendrick.
    My garden.
    Daily meditation with Sam Harris’s Waking Up app.
    Finally, sick of being so isolated I took on wwoofers!, volunteers for organic gardening. Young minds that are not closed, young and strong.
    I went full keto with intermittent fasting. I have lost 4 stone and feel bullet proof. I didn’t do it because of fear of covid, it’s just my diabetes was drifting.
    I have become much closer to my son via whats app.
    So I’m happier than I was at the beginning of last year. Covid has actually been very good for me, because I refused to follow the politics of fear.
    Still got shouted at in the supermarket for not socially distancing though!

    1. Jeanie

      Well done re the weight loss Liz.I just can’t get my head round that at the moment been too busy paying out good money trying to get medical care while my gps are still bloody hiding behind closed doors.Glad your feeling happier good for you.

    2. theasdgamer

      Along with meditations, I enjoy medication–as in Four Roses Small Batch. Very soothing and enjoyable neat.

      Sorry you had to endure an outburst from a neurotic covidiot (but I repeat myself).

  21. JDPatten

    “Six months ago, Sebastian Rushworth wrote a blog post titled How bad is covid really? (A Swedish doctor’s perspective). Employed by a large hospital in the emergency department, he described how
    Covid hit Stockholm like a storm in mid-March…Practically everyone who was tested had covid, regardless of what the presenting symtom [sic] was. People came in with a nose bleed and they had covid. They came in with stomach pain and they had covid.
    Then, after a few months, all the covid patients disappeared. It is now four months since the start of the pandemic, and I haven’t seen a single covid patient in over a month.
    The remainder of Rushworth’s post contains several statements that might be disputed. But let us examine this pair:
    #1 – “Sweden ripped the metaphorical band-aid off quickly and got the epidemic over and done with in a short amount of time.”
    #2  – “covid is over in Sweden.” [bold added]
    In fact, Sweden did well during the summer months, as did many other countries. Afterward, COVID deaths rose sharply there, as elsewhere. COVID wasn’t over in Sweden six months ago, and it isn’t over now.
    His blog post also contained this proclamation:
    # 3 – “Covid has at present killed less than 6000 in Sweden. It is very unlikely that the number of dead will go above 7,000.” [bold added]
    In fact, Sweden crossed that very unlikely threshold back in November. As of today, 11,939 Swedes have officially perished.
    Rushworth wasn’t merely slightly mistaken. More people have died since he wrote that blog post than had died up until that point.
    I’m sure Rushworth is a competent physician who saves people’s lives every week. But being in the trenches gives us no special ability to predict the future. When he’s reporting what’s happening in his hospital here and now, he deserves careful consideration.
    But when he speculates about the future, when he utters grand conclusions about which society-wide measures work and which don’t, he is as likely as everyone else to be spectacularly wrong.
    The world first heard about a new, highly infectious virus in China on the last day of 2019. Thirteen weeks later that virus had spread to every nation on the planet.
    Predictions that public health officials made about this virus were wrong. Predictions by doctors in the thick of things have also been wrong. This should make all of us extra humble, and extra careful with our words. It should remind us to be perpetually skeptical.
    The About page on Rushworth’s blog says he graduated from medical school in January 2020. A seasoned physician he is not. On that same page, he says: “My goal is to counter the misinformation by getting correct, scientifically sound, evidence based information out to as many people as possible.”
    The COVID era is chock-a-block with people who claim to be countering misinformation, yet become inadvertent purveyors of it themselves.”
    Written by Donna Laframboise Feb 3, 2021
    Donna Laframboise is an investigative journalist based in Port Dover, Canada. She is a former columnist, editorial board member, and feature writer for Canada’s National Post newspaper. Her work has appeared in venues as diverse as the Wall Street Journal and VancouverDesi.
    Donna is the author of two books about the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Described by Germany’s Der Spiegel as the IPCC’s “sharpest critic,” she has testified before a committee of the British House of Commons, and addressed audiences in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, and Scotland.

    1. Mr Chris

      You are right as often. How many times have we read that Covid is over, or that it does not exist, or that it can be cured by X.
      I am always surprised how people venture to get egg on their face.

      1. AhNotepad

        It’s only kept going by malicious politicians who use “tests” to support their fear mongering. How many times do you have to be reminded the intention of SAGE and SPI-B was to ensure “people feel sufficiently personally threatened”? That’s their own words.

    2. David

      Thank you for this post it reminded me of the early days. I had commented in the Dear Old Guardian that the only way to have figures to compare with earlier outbreaks of flu would have been if we had the system in Sweden where they tested everyone. Of course “Sweden” set off alarms in the tiny minds of the censors and the comment didn’t last.

      Having said that, you have no idea what the real mortality figures are.

    3. AhNotepad

      And what was the test used to find all those tested had SARS Cov 2? would it have been the notoriously accurate PCR test? where you adjust the number of cycles to get the result you want? Nah, it must have been something else.

      1. Jerome Savage

        Agreed AHN
        It’s almost as if we should move on from that & forget it. But of course we should not ignore this crucial weakness, a boggy foundation to the entire disturbing covid structure and world paralysis.

    4. theasdgamer

      Looking at the panic mongering in The Post, it appears that being associated with it doesn’t add to anyone’s reputation.

      Sweden experienced covid first in Stockholm. The rest of the country was unlikely to avoid it. The 11,000 mortality figure for Sweden was predictable if one assumed that covid would hit everywhere and that antivirals would not be used to treat high risk patients early.

      The harms caused by lockdowns have been predicted accurately by many professionals and professional propagandists like Laframboise have studiously avoided discussing them.

      Rushworth isn’t perfect, but he’s a dam sight better than anyone at the CDC or NHS at figuring things out. There is no substitute for sound critical thinking.

      The smart money is that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin work in the case of high risk patients when treated early. The evidence for it is from some high quality observational studies.

      Let’s consider the evidence using an analogy.

      Let’s say we are looking for a black swan. The anti group says that some pictures of dark grey waterfowl have been found in repositories of waterfowl art. The pro group points out that the question isn’t about waterfowl generally, but swans specifically. Also, it seems that some of the images have been altered and that some images supposedly grey waterfowl are actually brightly colored, but taken with a black-white film so they _appear_ to be grey.

      Back to HCQ. Some of the supposedly “early” treatment cases were actually late because the medications were delivered and there was a lag between order and delivery of a couple of days or more. These were randomised clinical trials. They were also underpowered. So no black swans.

      All the evidence against HCQ is from studies of _late_ treatment. Grey waterfowl, but not black swans.

      1. Mr Chris

        Dear ASD
        I think you have to believe something, or else one becomes neurotic..
        A. Friend of mine was in an induced coma for 2 months, my ophthalmic surgeon died after contracting it, my son has increased AF afterwards, another friend died. Is all this illusion, how do you expect me to know?

        1. theasdgamer

          You believe what you know. And what you know isn’t necessarily based on what we ourselves have seen, but on what others have seen, with careful checking because witnesses often lie.

          We know that the PCR tests are dodgy because they are being run at high cycle thresholds with no viral culturing to get an idea of a range where we have a 95% confidence level. So we _know_ that there is a high degree of uncertainty in covid statistics.

          We know that early covid is virtually indistinguishable from flu.

          We know that moderate covid often is distinguishable from flu by invisible hypoxia.

          We know that doctors in the UK in some places were being told to mark all deaths as covid even if only suspected.

          We know that the CDC was having doctors mark people as covid deaths without any clinical confirmation–merely because they had contact with another person suspected of having covid.

          We _know_ that public health officials are refusing to culture virus and this leads us to strongly suspect them of malfeasance.

          I think that my basis for making judgments based on what i _know_ is sound and there is no “neurosis” involved.

          If we accept covid statistics without taking into account the underlying uncertainty and probability of malfeasance of public health officials, we have failed to do our due diligence.

          1. theasdgamer

            Perhaps the clarity is that there is a lot of uncertainty and that those who could reduce the uncertainty choose not to do so.

            And the clarity is that we should not blindly accept official statistics.

            Maybe Sweden had more covid deaths than Dr. Rushworth predicted…and maybe not. We just don’t know if the additional deaths were actually due to covid.

            One thing I do know…in my county, official statistics show that covid deaths began declining before hospitalizations began declining and before the vaccines were rolled out. And even before a new early treatment of monoclonal antibodies began to be given.

            There are many reasons to mistrust official statistics.

            Be certain of what you know and what you do not know. Know your level of uncertainty. That helps somewhat with clarity and critical thinking.

        2. The Enormous

          Seasonal flu kills 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide each year, according to a new estimate that’s higher than the previous one of 250,000 to 500,000 deaths a year.

          The new figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other groups were published Dec. 13 in The Lancet medical journal.

          1. AhNotepad

            according to a new estimate

            i.e. we are spitting in the wind again, and holding up a wet finger, and it looks like the best thing will be left hand down a bit.

            estimates, beliefs, experts fear that, models, predictions, all are religious chants, and as far as diseases go, mean nothing, except provide a tool for the tyrants to raise the fear level.

  22. Steve

    Series of interviews with Dr Mike Yeadon:
    “… normally when you make a vaccine, you create a kind of dead version of the thing you’re trying to protect against… That means you’d have to have some of it [the coronavirus], wouldn’t you?
    No one’s got any, it seems … it must exist, surely … they couldn’t really have fooled the whole world for a year without actually having a bucket of this stuff, surely? But oddly enough, you ask around and no one’s got any. I’m not alleging it’s not there, I’m just observing that despite all of this time, no one seems to have any. ”

    1. David Bailey


      I heard that comment as well, and it got me wondering if you could create a fully virtual pandemic.

      COVID was sequenced remarkably soon after the panic began, and maybe that was done purely inside a computer.

      Using a PCR test with too many cycles, you could get obviously some positive readings, but would there be any correlation between people falling ill and them testing positive for a non-existent virus? Would anybody notice in the panic?

      Plenty of people have commented on the fact that the symptoms overlap with other viral infections – so I’m just hoping a few more knowledgeable people will comment here.

      The way Mike said that, it sounded to me like he had come to the ultimate conclusion!

      1. theasdgamer

        In my opinion, Gates and Co. were prepared for a pandemic and so was SPI-B. As far as I know, SARS-COV-2 was released accidentally from the Wuhan lab. SPI-B drove the narrative in the media and Fauci was playing catch up and cover up because of his role in funding the Wuhan lab.

        The poisoning of the well against early treatment with any and all antivirals was driven by Fauci and Bright. Remdesevir was allowed for “compassionate use” where it couldn’t be effective and alleviate the panic. The media pushed the panic with nonsense about asymptomatic super spreaders and stories about occasional young victims of covid and alleged shortages of respirators. The media also suppressed any counter-arguments to the official SPI-B narrative.

        I suspect that Fauci struck some sort of deal in March with SAGE and got on board with the SPI-B narrative. Fauci was likely promised that vaccines would be protected in the media which would enable him to reap millions from use of his patents in making vaccines. Otherwise Fauci would have become a target.

        Once the CDC was on board, every government followed suit.

        Trump is a germophobe and was easily manipulated by Fauci and his cohorts to support antisocial distancing and masking and a shutdown. Hence all the gestapo nontherapeutic interventions.

        There is some potential to expose all this in court and get damages from pharma and maybe a Nuremburg-type trial of various actors, including those at SPI-B. Reinhard Fuilmich is pursuing this avenue.

  23. Binra (@onemindinmany)

    By the time the first layer of deceit was uncovered it had done all that was required of it.
    We simply cannot understand the pretext for such leverage of regulatory and funding structures in terms of its own narratives.

    We have to allow critical awareness of question of the predicates in which, by which and of which our thinking operates.

    The use of narratives to set ‘guidances’ regulatory structure and enforcements, follows on from that of their use as a cover story or diversionary principle.

    The onus of proof is on the claim. Particularly when used as a pretext for unprecedented financial, political and social controls. I am not satisfied with anything being pushed as official narrative and note that denial of real discussion and debate reveals a securitised narrative – set outside the range ‘consumer interference’.

  24. Fast Eddy

    I give you … humans!

    ‘The Juice’ – petrol lemonade that cures Aids etc…

    ‘The Vaccine’ created in less than a year cures Covid hahahaha

  25. Steve

    Maybe in, say, 10 years time all the lockdown sceptics and anti-vaxxers (the sane few) will look around and say whatever happened to all those stupid people ? they all appear to have died or become sterile and the world population is now down to two billion. Just daydreaming …

  26. theasdgamer

    Mr. Chris brings up an interesting topic–neuroses around covid. He wonders how you can avoid becoming neurotic if you refuse to accept the official case numbers.

    I brought this up to a doctor I know and the doctor suggested that Mr. Chris had things exactly backwards–it’s the people who accept the official narrative who become neurotic. Let’s call them “covidiots.”

    1. Covidiots become germophobes.

    2. Covidiots become antisocial.

    3. Covidiots fear going out in public without a mask.

    4. Covidiots fear being around other people who aren’t masked.

    5. Covidiots fear asymptomatic spread, for which there is no scientific evidence.

    6. Covidiots believe official case numbers, which ignore the science published by Heneghan et. al.

    Covidiots are characterised by fear of other people and germophobia and blind acceptance of official narratives. Yet those of us who aren’t covidiots are suspected of being neurotic.


    1. Prudence Kitten

      To take just the first point – that people who accept the official line become “germophobes” – that is undoubtedly true, and the cause of great harm. But it can easily be explained in simple terms.

      1. Most people, regardless of any education they have had, persist in believing a completely false theory: that germs are hostile things outside the human body, and that the main job of hygiene and medicine is to keep them out – destroying them if necessary.

      2. That false belief plays right into the goals of the marketing industry, which wishes to make people buy disinfectants, antiseptics, and all manner of products that ostensibly “kill germs” or at least keep them out of the body, thus preserving the sanctity of “our precious bodily fluids”. Literally billions of dollars every year are spent on such products.

      While disinfectants and antiseptics certainly have a useful role to play, it is hopelessly deluded to believe thta a respiratory virus can be defeated by spraying streets and public areas with gallons of toxic chemicals.

      As we probably all know, every human body contains literally kilos of bacteria, as well as fungi and unknown quantities of viruses. It is estimated that most healthy people already have thousands of different viruses inside them – and in this the human body differs little from the rest of the biosphere, which is stacked high with millions of tons of viruses.

      Yet most of survive and live to a ripe old age!

      1. theasdgamer

        A lot is a question of context, isn’t it? Certain bacteria in a healthy bowel might be disastrous if they make their way to the lungs.

        There is clearly a lot of research to be done on the importance of flora as it contributes to health.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          That is consistent with what I said, asdgamer. If the body is healthy and working properly, bowel bacteria will not make their way to the lungs.

          If you eat grains – and especially modern dwarf wheat – your bowels will become permeable, and their contents will be liable to turn up anywhere in the body.

          1. theasdgamer

            Can you point to studies showing that E. coli are causing lung damage in much of the population? If the bowels are really so permeable, we should see LOTS of this conjectured phenomenon.

  27. KennieG

    I am just wondering why I would believe something written by Sebastion Rushworth. He did state in the fall that “So, to conclude: Covid is over in Sweden. We have herd immunity. Most likely, many other parts of the world do too, including England, Italy, and parts of the US, like New York.” Of course, like most grifters, he changed his tune once cases and deaths resumed in Sweden with declaration that Covid 19 is highly seasonal. I would love to hear how seasonality of Sars-Cov2 is helping out the poor people in Brazil. But then again, if you take the appropriately cherry picked snapshots of the right countries in this pandemic at the right time, you can “prove” that Covid 19 is seasonal in any way you choose, at least to the standard demanded by social media.

    You see, a true scientist, or a true sceptic, would never declare that herd immunity has been achieved herd without real scientific evidence and likewise, they wouldn’t declare that Covd 19 is behaving seasonally without more evidence. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Covid 19 does begin to pattern as a seasonal respiratory infection, and perhaps in some locations with a low burden of disease and population behaviours that reduce transmission, a seasonal effect may influence the numbers of cases. The point is that declaring these opinions as fact is dangerous for public health.

    My prediction for this pandemic is that vaccination will end this pandemic and bring things back to normal, but of course, I fully expect that on social media we will hear the all too common pseudoscience talking points that the virus was going away anyways. This nonsense has been suggested for measles and even smallpox, and there is a wealth of data showing how false these ideas truly are. And please, don’t quote me social media studies that argue otherwise, I prefer the peer reviewed literature…it is unequivocal in this regard.

    I am fed up with all of the false science circulating on social media. I am appalled that physicians and scientists are “learning” about this pandemic on social media rather than from experts.
    Too many tweets or social media posts are based on lies, pseudoscience, false data, misinterpretation of published research or the use of false comparisons that may even be based on real data or published research. While peer reviewed research can be wrong, it does meet some standards of evidence and is eventually self-correcting. There is no standard of evidence for theories circulating on social media. This is why so many “patriots” stormed the Capitol building in the US; they had their “truths” from social media.

    1. AhNotepad.

      KennieG, I think you will be disappointed if you expect gene therapy jabs will end this “pandemic”, which never was a pandemic. It’s only called that because the WHO changed the definition. Unless most people stop complying and believing the narrative, this is going to end REALLY badly.

      1. KennieG

        Wow! Don’t know anything about gene therapy or vaccines do you? Let me guess, another social media trained pseudoscientist. I suppose that you understand that two of the vaccines are mRNA based. If you know anything about science you would also know that Sars-Cov2 is an RNA virus. The big difference is that delivering mRNA as a vaccine is very inefficient although still efficient enough to be successful. Sars-Cov2 is much more efficient at getting into cells and unlike the mRNA vaccines, they replicate large amounts of viral genomic and viral mRNAs.

        Now you may think that infection with a virus is some sort of gene therapy. For RNA viruses, this is actually very unlikely, with exception to retroviruses which are RNA viruses that efficiently enter you cells, convert their RNA to DNA and integrate into you DNA. Relevant human retroviruses are of course HIV, HTLV1 and HTLV2. So if you are thinking RNA and gene therapy, it is the two HTLV viruses which are key. They cause certain forms of leukemia, but fortunately, they are not highly infectious and endemic only at low levels in highly restricted parts of the world.

        So the reason that mRNA vaccines or most other RNA viruses are not gene therapy, is because our genes are DNA, not RNA. Generally, our cells do not have enzymes that convert RNA to DNA. I say generally, because the enzyme that converts RNA to DNA (reverse transcriptase) is encoded in our genomes due to infection of our evolutionary ancestors by things like retroviruses. The good news is that the portions of DNA that encode these enzymes are silenced in somatic cells. During embryogenesis, at a brief period of time where embryonic cells undergo global demethylation of our DNA, these reverse transcriptases can be detected within these early cells. I believe that in some cancers, there can also be some reactivation of these same genes, but I am not entirely sure of this without looking back into this literature. Now importantly, even in the embryo with some possible reactivation of reverse transcriptase, no significant amounts of RNA gets converted into DNA and integrated into our genomes. In fact, throughout our evolutionary history as a species there have only been about 20,000 pseudogenes identified (pseudogenes, or at least processed pseudogenes are thought to have arisen by this reverse transcriptase mechanism). In addition, most of these pseudogenes are derived from the RNA of genes that are highly expressed during that narrow time in embryogenesis when global demethylation occurs. If you are thinking housekeeping genes, especially ribosomal protein genes are likely candidates for the evolutionary appearance of pseudogenes, you would be correct.

        So if you believe that mRNA vaccines are gene therapy, you are horribly wrong, unless you would like to enlighten me about the science that might allow this. Please, no tinfoil hat social media based evidence, show me peer reviewed research.

        1. Jerome Savage

          The “Tin foil hat” insult is passé. Mask wearing might do the trick. I hear a lot of complaints about graduates coming in with poor literacy skills, capable only of wooden & token problem solving. Let’s hope that doesnt extend to the medical profession. Oh wait !
          Imagine how far a virologist without proper training could move hospital to hospital or consultancy to consultancy before an eagle eyed forensic analyst might spot incompetence – or worse.

        2. AhNotepad

          You can just spend 2 1/2 hours looking at Richard Fleming’s video can’t you? You can dream up a few more insults then. Or is name calling the new scientific way? 🤪

    2. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Conflating the storming of the Capitol building with allowing scientific debate is an interesting stretch. It appears that you are in the ‘my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with facts’ camp.

      I have spent decides listening to those who are certain of their positions, and looking at the history of those who have fixed themselves into certain ways of thing. My position is, and always will be, that ‘Eminence based medicine’ is no way to progress. True science is always challenging, and should attempt to upset the status quo. On the other hand, accepting the ‘facts’ agreed upon by the mainstream is a sure and certain way of ensuring there can be no progress.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        All humans tend to think in certain ways. One standard pattern is to see some events, and generalise from them that “X is always accompanied by Y” (or whatever).

        At that point we see a hugely important divergence. Some people (for all matters of importance) accept their generalisations tentatively and provisionally, and do what they can to test them by experiment. They are the scientists and scientifically-minded, who – as Richard Feynman taught us – would far rather refute their own theories than inflict them on the rest of us. Those who, if someone else refutes their theory, feel real gratitude. They value the truth more highly then their own success, prestige, or wealth.

        Most of us, unfortunately, are not so honest. We make broad generalisations and, if they appeal to us or seem to be in our interests, we push them as hard as we can. The extreme examples of that attitude are politicians, religious leaders, and businessmen. Some of them may seriously believe that their own “internal reality” must correspond to external reality; others actually don’t care at all about truth or falsehood, evaluating everything strictly in terms of how much advantage it confers on them.

      2. KennieG

        Nice job of projection! Unlike you, I do not have libertarian views that shape my search for “facts”. You are more of a contrarian than a skeptic. You set a very high bar for accepting “mainstream science” but you really don’t mind trolling the gutter for opinions that match your own. You see, I don’t have such a selective confirmation bias. When I read a blog that suggests vaccines like those for measles or even smallpox may have been ineffective vaccines because these viruses were already “weakened”, I know this is not based on any true facts due to both my education and the published literature. This is pseudoscience not skepticism. On the other hand, when I read in the media that only 31 or 32 vaccinated persons are on hospital due to Covid 19, I don’t leap and accept this as evidence of how great the Covid vaccines must be. Isolated data like this is meaningless. Whether I agree or disagree with information that I read, I always do look at published facts before forming an opinion.

        I suspect in your case, the offense to your libertarian views imposed by lockdowns, mask mandates or vaccination makes it imperative for you to seek out “facts” to dismiss virtually any public health measures. In contrast, I don’t like lockdowns, mask mandates or the need for more vaccines, but I am also aware of the risks this virus presents to our society and health care system. I am not in a personal panic about the pandemic and after receiving a Covid 19 vaccine, my biggest relief was not for my personal safety, but rather that I am less likely to ever contribute to the spread of this virus.

        I also viewed an interview you gave that was linked on your blog some time ago. In one short segment, you explained how the mRNA vaccines worked. Your description went well, but then, in a typical passive aggressive moment, you cast some doubt on the science behind these vaccines because the spike protein, once translated somehow gets magically transported to the cell surface. You declared yourself an expert in how things get to the cell surface and made it clear this is very complicated and not understood. So again, the difference between you and I is that I would never present myself as an “expert” on how things get to the cell surface, but from the top of my head, I can tell you the following. Indeed the mRNA is translated to make protein, but by design the first 20 or so amino acids are based on a known signal sequence. Once these amino acids are translated and emerge from the ribosome, they bind to a complex called SRP (signal recognition protein) which arrests any further translation. Translation of the mRNA only resumes when the ribosome with the SRP protein binds to DP (docking protein) on the rough endoplasmic reticulum. The amino acids encoding the signal sequence can be cleaved from the protein by the signal peptidase, but this is not always the case. One other caveat is that the signal sequence does not have to be at the N-terminus and in fact the location of the signal sequence in some ways defines the class of the membrane protein. I digress. At this point, translation resumes with the translating protein being extruded into the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum. If like the mRNA for the vaccines, the ORF also encodes a membrane anchor sequence (usually a stretch of hydrophobic amino acids followed by a highly charged sequence amino acids) the protein is not secreted but rather it leads to the protein being an integral membrane protein. Now I skipped a lot of detail about core and complex glycosylation in the Golgi and some of the proteins involved in forming the vesicles that bud from the Golgi complex and eventually lead to fusion the the cell membrane, but the details of that are a bit foggy in my mind. So you see a difference? You are a self proclaimed expert on this process whereas I freely admit that I am not an expert in this field and yet it seems that you know very little about this and it appear that I know quite a bit. I will tell you however, that although I know the basics of this process, there is an awful lot more detail on how this amazing process works that I don’t know. Maybe I will have to dwelve into the literature again to read peer reviewed papers that further delineate the state of knowledge in this field. I should also add the Walter Blobel won the Nobel prize for his work on delineating this process. More interestingly, this research was born out of a controversy between Blobel’s laboratory and that of WIckner’s laboratory. There was a prolonged “war” between these two in the literature over quite a few years, that in the end resulted in some superb research discoveries. In the end, Blobel was not the winner and Wickener the loser as they both followed the existing data as best they could. In the end, science and knowledge was the winner. This is how science works. Sadly it is not the same for social media.

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          “ When I read a blog that suggests vaccines like those for measles or even smallpox may have been ineffective vaccines because these viruses were already “weakened”, I know this is not based on any true facts due to both my education and the published literature.”

          I rather fear that your education is so deficient even to the extent of illiteracy (you could have dictated that post …) as there are plenty of published facts demonstrating what you “know” not to be true. Such as UK and US government statistics clearly showing that the death rate for measles had declined by 95% between 1915 and 1958. The measles vaccine was introduced in 1963.

          1. KennieG

            OK, a response I expected. One doesn’t measure the prevalence of virus infection by counting deaths. You would be correct that in developed nations with good healthcare, the death rate for measles did plummet. This was due to good health care practices and management of the pneumonia that led to death. It was not due a lower incidence of measles infections. I had measles as a kid as did all of my brothers and most of my friends in the early 60s. Most children did not escape measles infection however, due to good health care, and perhaps overall better health, most but not all children recovered.

            It is great to quote scientific studies, but they have to be relevant to the argument. Please look at published studies on the incidence (not death) of measles infections just prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine. The data is very clear. Now if I had argued that the mortality from measles infection remained unchanged until a vaccine was developed, then you would have had a true point, but that is not what I said. Accuracy in science is quite important.

            In general this is a real problem with social media driven science. It is filled with partial truths that relate to published studies. The problem is that all too often, the studies conclusions are misinterpreted to mean something completely different. Using graphs of measles deaths to show that the measles virus had largely disappeared is one such misinterpretation.

          2. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            Surely it matters not what the prevalence, actually incidence, of any infection may be. What matters is morbidity and mortality. If there is none of either, the infection rate is completely unimportant.

          3. Sasha

            I don’t think anyone is claiming that incidence of measles declined before vaccine introduction. What people are claiming (correctly based on what I read) is that morbidly and mortality from measles declined dramatically before vaccine introduction. And it wasn’t primarily because of better “management of pneumonia”, as you say, but because of better nutritional status of those who contracted measles. Thus, majority of people developed lifelong immunity through natural infection. There’s also some published research (out of Japan, I think) which proposes that getting infected with measles may provide benefits later in life.

          4. Gary Ogden

            Sasha: Indeed. GreenMedInfo has a list of published papers about the benefits of having had measles, including the one from Japan ( of >100,000 men and women), which showed that those who had had both measles and mumps had significantly lower rates of CVD.

          5. Eggs ‘n beer

            The effects of the measles virus were obviously weakened as the deaths plummeted by 95% prior to the introduction of the vaccine. But now you leave scientific credibility behind with your “This was due to good health care practices and management of the pneumonia that led to death.” assertion as a fact, rather than theory. It could have been due to increased innate immunity over that period of time, resulting in a more effective response to the disease. Dr K has dealt with the morbidity/mortality issue – but we know that the cold coronaviruses were deadly to populations with no prior exposure to them, yet are now benign for everyone. But I don’t see you calling for vaccines against the common cold, a disease so prevalent that many people suffer several times a year from it.

          6. KennieG

            Just in reply to DR. Kendrick’s post. From a public health point of view, it is always mortality and morbidity that is important. As far as the measles vaccine is concerned, the efficacy of this vaccine can be seen in both the dramatic reduction of incidence of measles and the dramatic reduction of mortality and morbidity. In the US, prior to vaccination, even after non-vaccine measures had reduced mortality, annually there were still 400-500 deaths of infants, 48,000 hospitalizations and several thousand cases of encephalitis. Post-vaccination in the USA there are usually no anual deaths from measles. A pretty effective vaccine!

            I don’t let my political views get in the way of the facts.

        2. Fast Eddy

          ‘ but I am also aware of the risks this virus presents to our society and health care system.’

          Risk? You mean the worst case scenario as in what would happen if a country did not lock down or put on face diapers?


          The 2017-2018 influenza epidemic is sending people to hospitals and urgent-care centers in every state, and medical centers are responding with extraordinary measures: asking staff to work overtime, setting up triage tents, restricting friends and family visits and canceling elective surgeries, to name a few.

          “We are pretty much at capacity, and the volume is certainly different from previous flu seasons,” says Dr. Alfred Tallia, professor and chair of family medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey. “I’ve been in practice for 30 years, and it’s been a good 15 or 20 years since I’ve seen a flu-related illness scenario like we’ve had this year.”


          America went Sweden… the health care system did not collapse…

    3. Jerome Savage

      Pandemic – we read about it, it’s on the news, much grinding & gnashing of teeth, analysis, stats. Looks like there is a separate universe out there that doesnt affect this neck of the woods. Long may that separation continue. (Except for the bloody masks)

    4. theasdgamer

      “I am fed up with all of the false science circulating on social media. I am appalled that physicians and scientists are “learning” about this pandemic on social media rather than from experts.”

      Who are the experts? The public health authorities who push false statistics and ignore science? It’s like they’ve never heard of Carl Heneghan.

      Science does not proceed smoothly, but with great argumentation and hypothesizing and some occasional experimentation and fraud. Good research gets banned until an editor at a tiny journal has the fortitude to publish it. Funding gets withdrawn from competent scientists and given to those who cherry pick data. It eventually gets found out, mostly, but that sometimes takes decades.

      The mask controversy is still unsettled science, but politicians posing as public health officials have pretended that the science is settled and imposed dictatorial mandates on the public. On you and me.

      They will do similarly with vaccine passports unless we fight back.

      Physicians and scientists are generally prevented from speaking unless they follow the official narrative. Science needs debate and politicians in the media and at social media companies are stifling debate with their “fact checking.” Those who don’t follow the official narrative usually post their arguments on blogs like Dr. K. does.

          1. AhNotepad

            Thanks for that link. It will take me a while to read it, and it should be mandatory reading for all the lying politicians and talking heads.

      1. KennieG

        I had a quick glance at the preprint of Carl Heneghan and I think most experts would be aware of this type of research. There is nothing surprising in this analysis. You see, the PCR test is the best test we have for Covid 19. It likely gives many false negatives due to poor sampling and very few false positives. The problem with social media analysis is that often the test is not properly understood. I don’t think you will find any expert that would argue that a positive PCR test indicates someone who was infectious at the time of sampling. All it indicates is that someone has been exposed to the virus and has the viral RNA in their swab sample. Is it early in the infection before sufficient virus is being shed to make the individual infectious? Is it late in the infection when you are measuring residual viral RNA or RNA from virus particles that are bound and neutralized by the patients antibodies? This test does not answer these questions and in the absence of a better test, we have to use this test with an understanding of its true meaning. All the test means is that you have been exposed to the virus and hence you have a much higher chance of being infectious. Are you infectious, were you infectious, will you become infectious…this test cannot address this.

        Similarly, on early studies on the Diamond Princess, the detection of viral RNA weeks after the passengers had departed does no address whether infectious virus was still present. It likely wasn’t, and the PCR assay was merely detecting residual RNA. While I don’t expect the public to understand how this test works and what it really means, public health experts are very aware of both the limitations and true meaning of these tests.

        1. Jerome Savage

          The degree to which it is not dependable is the question. We all know it has drawbacks- how significant are these drawbacks? …especially as they are being used to close down huge chunks of society and possibly leading to misleading and therefore dangerous interpretations. Misdiagnoses can kill, can they not ?

        2. theasdgamer

          Public health “experts” are involved in mandating NTIs (masking, social distancing, lockdowns) based on rates of discoveries of positive results which may not reflect anything current and only past exposure. It’s abominable. Don’t you think that it would be helpful to do some sampling with viral culturing like Heneghan suggested? That would establish a confidence interval.

          And what of viral panels that return positive for covid because of high Ct (but not due to a current infection) and false negative for flu because of far lower Ct where the infection is current (but we don’t know that)? How should this be reported to public health authorities? I see a lot of room for public health authorities to be misinformed and misinforming both the public and political authorities.

          Then there are the “experts” commenting on Doshi’s Jan. letter about the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines who don’t seem to have thought about the impact of false negatives on arm assignment at recruitment. Someone infected with covid who got a false negative test and received the vaxx, then showed mild symptoms, might attribute the syptoms to the vaxx and not get tested. And even if tested, that person may still return a negative result–and the likelihood of a negative would be impacted by divergence from day 3 post symptom onset. The Hopkins study found a nadir of 20% at day 3 post symptom onset.

          And some of the “experts” think that false negatives are around 5%. It’s very strange.

    5. Steve

      Extreme and random examples of ‘the facts’ being right:
      – 10 Billion flies cannot be wrong, eat sh*t ?
      – The cliff is this way, said the lemming ?
      – School grades are so much better now than 50 years ago because our education system is so much better ?
      – Boris Johnson said the NHS is not for sale, so no need to worry ?
      – Keir Starmer is a socialist ?

    6. David Bailey


      “I am fed up with all of the false science circulating on social media. ”

      This isn’t social media, in case you hadn’t noticed! A lot of the discussion here does relate to published, peer-reviewed research.

      Most of the contributions are thoughtful, yours is something of an exception because it is a rant.

    7. theasdgamer


      And speaking of “truths”, where was the storming, exactly? It seems that most of those who walked through the Capitol were let in by police. And there is the question of Antifa involvement in the whole mess and whether patriots were merely useful idiots.

      Where do you get your “truths?”

      Oh, from the propagandist “news” media, I see.

  28. lingulella

    Has anyone successfully imported ivermectin tablets into the UK without customs intercepting them?
    I think that it could be permitted if a kindly GP wrote a private prescription, but I am still to try that route.

    1. alisonfletch

      Yes, I found a couple of sites and ordered through happyfamilypharmacy.com with no problem. Cost an arm and a leg though. Could a GP or a hospital not prescribe ivermectin in Britain (in the unlikely event you contracted Covid 19 seriously enough to require it)? I caught it before it was on the news (Dec 2019) and amongst the many things I tried to relieve my multiple symptoms was snorting salty water up my nose! Seemed to do the trick along with vits,TCP, antibiotics and the kitchen sink! My husband was fine, so it doesn’t get everybody.

        1. alisonfletch

          Well in my case, an arm and a leg were priced at the following:
          3mg × 8 tablet $ 35.95 $ 4.49 Per pill
          3mg × 14 tablet $ 55.95 $ 4.00 Per pill
          3mg × 20 tablet $ 69.95 $ 3.50 Per pill

    2. AhNotepad

      Ivermectin is used extensively in the veterinary world. you can buy anti parasite treatments containing ivermectin on ebay.

    3. Jean Humphreys

      I may be out of date, but back when OH reared birds, and the farmer next door kept sheep, Ivermectin was the anthelmintic (wormer) and was purchased at the agricultural merchant. I believe dosage was calculated on body weight. No prescription was needed. Of course it may have been declared a banned drug by now, as with HCQ – if that wasn’t a perverse action, I don’t know what is.

  29. TFS

    Off Topic:

    Mr Kendrick.

    Is there any chance of running your eyes over the subject of Ivermectin?

    This came into focus, from this testimony from Pierre Cory, MD before a senate hearing in late 2020. His presentation starts at 28mins

    Also this.

  30. Fast Eddy

    “So in the long term perspective the efficiencies of our current vaccines will keep degrading as the virus mutates till we exhaust our capacity to practically produce the booster shots on a global scale[36].”

    Is SARS-CoV-2 Spike glycoprotein impairing macrophage function via α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors?

    “The S2 subunit is even more highly conserved with one striking feature, the biosynthesis of a furin cleavage site that aids the transmissibility of the virus. This is particularly intriguing because the cleavage of S1/S2 subunits is not even necessary for its biosynthesis [22]. So why did that happen? Why increase the chances for cleavage of a site that is not necessary in the first place? This suggests that the S1 residue still has a few tricks up its sleeve and these come into effect post binding with the transmembrane pentameric glycoprotein receptor ACE2.”

    The antibody conundrum

    “The viral load a COVID-19 host faces is comparable to that of a simultaneous attack by multiple viruses due to the mutations observed in the spike protein.”

    “This is why one antibody may work against a few strands but is ineffective in neutralizing the others, thereby reducing the overall efficacy of our vaccines.”

    “There is no generic antibody capable of neutralizing all of the mutated spike proteins, yet the only way to develop long-term protective immunity against this virus is with an antibody.”

    “The human body is capable of generating a diverse antibody population required to handle immense viral loads, provided that the immune system is intact. Kaneko et al. (2020) observed low but diverse antibody production in COVID-19 cases [30]. This can be explained as with the onset of SARS-CoV-2 infection, the immune system starts to dysregulate leading to B-cell lymphopenia. An increase in proinflammatory cytokines is accompanied by an increase in TNF-α, which inhibits the differentiation of active CD4+ T cells into BCL6+ GC-TFH cells (that aid with B cell antibody production) subsequently resulting in a loss of germinal centers. Naturally, the antibodies formed are insufficient, leaving us susceptible to reinfection, assuming that the patient has recovered from the first infection [30].”


  31. Emperor

    Off to the death camps we go. Pregnant women, children too! We have space for everyone!

    Israeli pediatricians plan to issue call for parents to vaccinate under-16s

    Israeli Pediatric Association waiting for regulators to approve shot for those aged 12-15, arguing it is safe and effective; Pfizer has asked for US authorization

    “There must be a recognition that we do not understand everything about the virus, the vaccine against it and that the first commandment of medicine is ‘first do no harm,’” the doctors said.


    1. AhNotepad

      Emperor, you must remember this is a deadly disease, for which there is only one treatment that will be effective for every person on the planet, er, unless you are stinking rich, in which case the virus will not cause an infection as it is wealth-phobic. HCQ, Ivermectin, vitamins, nutrition, none of these will work against such a deadly disease, only the vaccine, any vaccine that is not a vaccine will do, and you can mix and match varieties, just so long as you get a needle in your arm. There are no adverse effects, only coincidences. These have occurred because people were not following the rules,

      https://youtu.be/VJH5YcibUwY Is by ukcolumn.org and explains the rest of the plan.

    1. shirley3349

      A member of my Israeli daughter-in-law’s large, extended family in Israel, a middle-aged man, recently died following the Covid-19 vaccination. Her mother, who has had the jabs, seems to be OK. Her brother, who is refusing to have it, cannot work or go shopping, even for food, without it.

  32. Shaun Clark

    The father-in-law (of Ghanaian extraction), of my eldest daughter (a headmistress in London, and pregnant with her second child due in July) is currently (10:45 Tuesday 13th April) on the operating table for a blood clot on the brain, a week after having his second AZ jab. Needless to say my thoughts on the vaccines are well known, but the effects of this within the families could be terrible. However, I would hope to post some positive news ASAP.

    1. me oliveira

      Shaun Clark,
      I am ready for good news from you. Surgeons, Vascular or Neurological, are good at this type job.

      1. Shaun Clark

        Hi me oliveira, Yes, better news, and also sorry for the late update, but with a new grandchild for me as well life is kinda hectic. Anyway, the Op went well. He had lost all feeling below the waist due to the clot, but it has come back after the Op. He has a drain in, and so it’s a wait and see as much as anything. There was a good article in the UK Guardian re clots https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/apr/13/how-uk-doctor-marie-scully-blood-clotting-link-astrazeneca-covid-jab-university-college-london-hospital soon after, and I really do think the GP practice should have picked up on the issue! He was suffering for a week after the jab.

  33. JDPatten

    Put this in your perspective. It looks bad for Sweden. So, pull it apart.

    1. Garth Lane

      Well if Sweden had developed a nice degree of herd immunity, starting to vaccinate would be a certain way to get infections (and deaths) up again – if there is any truth in the suspicious spikes in countries in the window immediately post vaccination.

      I find it amazing how people will always find a statistic to show that Sweden did the wrong thing even though age adjusted mortality shows no meaningful difference from prior years

      I don’t think 13 excess deaths per 100,000 is anything to write home about. Isn’t it funny that the United Kingdom is near the bottom of that chart but has had 100 deaths per 100,000 or roughly 10 times the mortality.

      I’m looking forward to governments scaling up the PCR test for the common cold. Then we can track infections per million of population and deaths within 28 days of a positive test.

    2. theasdgamer

      One week is nothing…data reporting takes time and different countries are more timely than others.

      Ding is a clown.

      Looks like Stockholm is experiencing a resurgence…maybe of false positives with no symptoms.

      Did you see my post about a study that provides an explanation for asymptomatic false positives?

  34. theasdgamer

    I’ll try the nice guy approach and see how effective it is.

    Please let me know if you are either uncertain about any of the following propositions or believe any of them to be wrong.

    1. The mean for max viral load in covid patients is three days post symptom onset.

    2. The mean for viral clearance in covid patients is eight days post symptom onset.

    3. Viral culturing is necessary to establish viral clearance because PCR tests only detect viral RNA which may be remnants of an infection for which live viruses have already been cleared.

    4. Early treatment must be given within four days of symptom onset to be effective for covid antivirals.

    5. Hydroxychloroquine is a zinc ionophore.

    6. Hydroxychloroquine has been shown to be effective against covid when given early.

    7. Hydroxychloroquine/zinc is more effective than just hydroxychloroquine because many people have some level of zinc deficiency.

    8. Hydroxychloroquine is not dangerous for most people.

    Thanks for playing. 😊

  35. Fast Eddy

    There are those who question my theory that Covid and the vaccines are part of a plan to exterminate humans … because we have peaked on oil and civilization is about to collapse…

    I refer to this as The Compassionate Extinction Plan (CEP)

    I am asked ‘why would our leaders want to kill all of us?’

    I recommend reading this … but keep in mind …this is not quite hell .. they still had some food, petrol and medicine…because the entire world was not collapsed… and this was temporary … what we are facing is PERMANENT.

    I also recommend getting the vaccine… it’s a way out of hell….

    I give you ….. (polite applause?)

    One Year in Hell

    I am from Bosnia. You know, between 1992 and 1995, it was hell. For one year, I lived and survived in a city with 6,000 people without water, electricity, gasoline, medical help, civil defense, distribution service, any kind of traditional service or centralized rule.

    Our city was blockaded by the army; and for one year, life in the city turned into total crap. We had no army, no police. We only had armed groups; those armed protected their homes and families.

    When it all started, some of us were better prepared. But most of the neighbors’ families had enough food only for a few days. Some had pistols; a few had AK-47s or shotguns.

    After a month or two, gangs started operating, destroying everything. Hospitals, for example, turned into slaughterhouses. There was no more police. About 80 percent of the hospital staff were gone. I got lucky. My family at the time was fairly large (15 people in a large house, six pistols, three AKs), and we survived (most of us, at least).

    The Americans dropped MREs every 10 days to help blockaded cities. This was never enough. Some — very few — had gardens. It took three months for the first rumors to spread of men dying from hunger and cold. We removed all the doors, the window frames from abandoned houses, ripped up the floors and burned the furniture for heat. Many died from diseases, especially from the water (two from my own family). We drank mostly rainwater, ate pigeons and even rats.

    Money soon became worthless. We returned to an exchange. For a tin can of tushonka (think Soviet spam), you could have a woman. (It is hard to speak of it, but it is true.) Most of the women who sold themselves were desperate mothers.

    Read More https://www.quora.com/What-would-the-world-be-like-if-society-collapsed

    Shocking… huh? That’s because I have just stripped off your normalcy bias….

    1. theasdgamer

      If you are a rural farmer, no need for the vax, even assuming peak oil.

      People have been talking about peak oil being here for decades, but technological advances keep making liars of us.

      The latest is fracking and the US is the new Saudi Arabia of oil production.

      1. Fast Eddy

        US Oil Production Has Already Passed Its Peak, Occidental Says

        America’s oil production will never again reach the record 13 million barrels a day set earlier this year, just before the pandemic devastated global demand, according to Occidental Petroleum Corp.

        “It’s just going to be too difficult to replace the 2 million barrels a day of production that we’ve lost, and then to further grow beyond that,” CEO Vicki Hollub said Oct. 14 at the Energy Intelligence Forum.

        Occidental is one of the biggest producers in the U.S. shale industry.


        Shale boss says US has passed peak oil | Financial Times https://www.ft.com › content
        12/07/2020 — Shale boss says US has passed peak oil. Parsley Energy CEO: ‘I don’t think I’ll see 13m barrels a day again in my lifetime’. Parsley’s …

        Peak Shale: How U.S. Oil Output Went From Explosive to …https://www.bloomberg.com › news › articles › peak-sh… 14/10/2019 — America’s shale boom got the world accustomed to soaring production. Now growth has slowed, and a cloud has formed over the industry.

    2. me oliveira

      Fast Eddy,
      A man who suffered and survived that hell you told us, is a Man.
      I believe in God [the God men discovered some 6000 to 8000 years ago]. It is very difficult to believe in a God. I truly appreciate all Man because they are a simple prove of God’s existence.
      All I can say is the old ‘God will care of you’.
      Thanks for the memories you reported.

      1. Fast Eddy

        Key References:


        All in all, this year has seen new discoveries of nearly 8 billion barrels of oil equivalent, compared to 10 billion barrels of oil equivalent discovered last year.

        But what’s most striking is that new discoveries aren’t even close to keeping pace with the loss of conventional resources.
        According to Rystad, the current resource replacement ratio for conventional resources is only 16 percent. In other words, only one barrel out of every six consumed is being replaced with new resources.

        So not only has our pace of discovery declined, but discoveries are also in much more challenging geological venues and typically offshore, which means it could take many years just to bring new resources online.


        Shale boss says US has passed peak oil | Financial Times Conventional oil production peaked in 2005 – we then urgently began busting up rocks and steaming out the dregs. Shale peaked in 2019.

        The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one, and growth in output (and in the global population) since the Industrial Revolution has resulted from the harnessing of ever-greater quantities of energy. But the critical relationship between energy production and the energy cost of extraction is now deteriorating so rapidly that the economy as we have known it for more than two centuries is beginning to unravel https://ftalphaville-cdn.ft.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Perfect-Storm-LR.pdf

        “The global economy was facing the worst collapse since the second world war as coronavirus began to strike in March, well before the height of the crisis, according to the latest Brookings-FT tracking index. “The index comes as the IMF prepares to hold virtual spring meetings this week, when it will release forecasts showing the deepest contraction for the global economy since the 1930s great depression. https://www.ft.com/content/9ac5eb8e-4167-4a54-9b39-dab48c29ac6c

        Oil Gluts – do NOT indicate we have found more oil. We just pumped what’s left too fast.

        1. Jerome Savage

          China built 50 new coal burning power stations last year by all accounts – other countries also got involved, Germany built 1.
          My solar panels work fine, constant hot water (warm in mid winter)

          1. Fast Eddy

            Study: China’s New Coal Power Plant Capacity in 2020 More Than 3 Times Rest of World’s

            SHANGHAI – China put 38.4 gigawatts (GW) of new coal-fired power capacity into operation in 2020, according to new international research, more than three times the amount built elsewhere around the world and potentially undermining its short-term climate goals.

            The country won praise last year after President Xi Jinping pledged to make the country “carbon neutral” by 2060. But regulators have since come under fire for failing to properly control the coal power sector, a major source of climate-warming greenhouse gas.

            Including decommissions, China’s coal-fired fleet capacity rose by a net 29.8 GW in 2020, even as the rest of the world made cuts of 17.2 GW, according to research released on Wednesday by Global Energy Monitor (GEM), a U.S. think tank, and the Helsinki-based Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA).


          2. Jerome Savage

            So plenty of extra energy including coal but also solar, wind and maybe wave. Market forces will take care of supply of oil and its use.

          1. Fast Eddy

            There are massive amounts of oil in Venezuela and Alberta … and elsewhere…

            The problem is… the cost to extract the oil is too high:

            According to the OECD Economics Department and the International Monetary Fund Research Department, a sustained $10 per barrel increase in oil prices from $25 to $35 would result in the OECD as a whole losing 0.4% of GDP in the first and second years of higher prices. http://www.iea.org/textbase/npsum/high_oil04sum.pdf

            Did you see my reference indicating that shale has never made a single cent? In fact aggregate losses are USD300 billion.

            But we extracted it despite the losses because without shale the price of would shoot into the stratosphere and collapse the global economy.

            So we have some low cost reserves offsetting the price of high cost shale… combined with gargantuan stimulus (e.g. zero and sometimes negative interest rates) massaging the global economy… and keeping the train on the tracks (since 2008).

            But — we pick the low hanging fruit first — and we extract the easiest (yet still costly) shale oil first… and as the CEO of Occidental Petroleum clearly states — we will NEVER see 13M barrels again…

            And as Art Berman that gnarly oil geologist who has worked for the big boys for decades says … shale was oil’s retirement party … it’s the sucking of beer dregs out of the carpet….

            So sorry to inform you but you’ve been played… shale peaked in 2019 (some say 2018)…

            Did you think the MSM was going to one day run a headline:


            Of course they would not — that would set off immediate panic and despair (Elon is nowhere near completing our transition off of fossil fuels!!!)…

            Nope – instead you will get headlines like the silly one you posted.. we will hear about how Venezuela has more oil that Saudi (if only they could get their act together!!!)… a tip of the hat to Alberta…

            I leave you with this:

            If there is so much economically extractable oil remaining… why have we been desperately drilling miles beneath the ocean for oil … blowing up rock and sucking it out … and last but not least… steaming the goop out of sand?

            Think about that….

        2. theasdgamer

          “Some estimates range from 30 to 50 years based on factors like current production levels, known proved oil reserves, and population growth (along with what we use oil for), whilst some put oil reserves as being much higher when taking into consideration future recoverable oil reserve estimates (the US is an example of a country that may have significant future recoverable oil reserves)”

          “Overall, we see according to some data that proven oil reserves have actually increased from 2008 to 2017”


          If you are an oil company with 50 years of oil reserves, it’s difficult to justify spending much money on oil exploration. It’s a few companies which begin to run out of oil that spend much on oil exploration and they are usually smaller companies.

          Technology improves both oil production _and_ oil discovery.

          1. theasdgamer

            Not really. As I said before, no sense spending money on exploration if your proven reserves are high. But cost of production is certainly a big factor. We would probably see a reduction in plastics before anything else if oil were to get scarce.

          2. Fast Eddy

            A rather glaring fault in your logic…

            If reserves are so immense… then why are we drilling for oil miles beneath the ocean … steaming oil out of sand in Alberta … and losing 300 billion dollars exploding shale rock and sucking out the dregs?

    3. The Dim Appear

      Fast Eddy,

      I read your posts with interest.

      Given what you said about your experience in Bosnia, who would you say were the winners/losers during and after that period?

      I wonder if your posts put people’s minds into the same state as that achieved with the techniques governments used recently to create fear/compliance over COVID? Maybe they should utilize what you are saying here and then offer a less terrifying solution.

      I doubt what you are saying will come to pass and I offer a more palatable outcome if what you are suggesting about energy is true: –

      Governments one way or another make it impossible for people to live without a vaccine and a vaccine passport which will be held on smart phones. Initially people would only be required to be scanned in at sporting events, theaters and movies etc. This will be extended pretty quickly to any business premises you enter.

      Cashless will mean three things. Firstly, once everyone has to scan in everywhere notes and coins can be removed from circulation as people can just use mobiles to make electronic payments – you’ll already have to carry your mobile. Universal Basic Income can they be introduced to sweeten the pill and prepare minds for having less. Secondly, cash be reduced in the system via taxation and engineered bank failures and bail-ins, crushing demand in the economy. Finally, money will no longer exist (money will still be necessary in electronic form for a while to incentivize the people who sell the ideas about viruses, vaccines or whatever else is required) as governments will determine what you may eat to maintain health and what you need to live, perhaps even where you may live and work.

      Control of food will be the logical next step after prohibition of private transport, travel in general and non essential consumer items.

      In this outcome people’s life experiences will be roughly the same for the vast majority, although some elites will find that not all elites are created equal and some will find out they aren’t really elite at all.

      Having said all that there is plenty appearing in the media at the moment to suggest vaccine passports won’t be introduced, so things will be going back to normal soon anyway.

        1. Fast Eddy

          There is not recourse — legal or otherwise.

          This morning I called Chris Hipkin’s office (Mr Covid in the NZ govt) as well as the PR guy for Medsafe (approves vaccines in NZ)…. both refused to answer questions about long term studies and why they are recommending healthy people take this vaccine.

          They just run me round in circles — call Medsafe… but Medsafe won’t answer… ask your doctor … he won’t answer… email us your questions .. you don’t answer then when I do … call Medsafe…

          I could initiate some sort of legal action but others are already doing that including the German lawyer … I might struggle to find a firm willing to take this on … and even if I could – it would be throwing money down a rat hole..

          Let’s revisit this paragraph from the Leak out of Canada (and btw Canada is launching UBI shortly … exactly on the time line indicated in the Leak)…

          The other reason I am doing this is because roughly 30% of the committee members are not pleased with the direction this will take Canada, but our opinions have been ignored and they plan on moving forward toward their goals. They have also made it very clear that nothing will stop the planned outcomes.

          Whatever this is … it is a DONE DEAL. Every government in every single country is on board.

          Legal action and protests are like water off a duck’s back… any attempt to challenge the plan with violence — will be met with the brute force of the police and military WITH the full support and cooperation of the legions of CovIDIOTS who will call the hotline to report anyone who dares to oppose the Plan.

          All that remains is to see what the End Game is….

      1. Fast Eddy

        Actually…I have never been to Bosnia .. that is the first hand account of someone who lived through the war there.

        But I am a huge fan of strife and have holidayed in a few very cool places including Haiti just after the quake, Yemen as the war kicked off and Egypt and Hong Kong during the riots. Nothing like plumes of tear gas and rounds of rubber bullets to get the adrenaline flowing!

        In your Brave New Utopia … you fail to explain how all of this works when we are in the process of running down our oil reserves (6 burned for every 1 found … if you applied that formula to your bank balance you’d be broke in no time!)

        The issue we face is that we can’t dramatically reduce our burn rate (as you might reduce your spending of your banked cash)… because the system required eternal growth to function.

        Don’t think so? Remember what happened when growth reversed in 2008? If you are old enough – remember what a recession was like…. scary stuff…

        If growth permanently stops then the system implodes.. and unfortunately we do not get that Utopia.. we get Global Bosnia — but with no food, electricity, or petrol whatsoever.

        But don’t take my esteemed word for it (for who am I) … instead I refer you to the brilliant David Korowicz

        Trade-Off Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion: a study in global systemic collapse. https://www.feasta.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Trade_Off_Korowicz.pdf

        Joseph Tainter also has something to say on this issue

        The Collapse of Complex Societies https://www.amazon.com.au/Collapse-Complex-Societies-Joseph-Tainter/dp/052138673X

        Or better still… don’t pull the curtain back… because there is no ‘unknowing’ once you know… and it can lead to epic despair…

        I am immune to this despair even though I know what I am observing (and experiencing) right this very minute is the collapse of civilization … actually it’s more a controlled demolition .. collapse is so messy … starvation, violence, disease etc…

        Collapse is what would have happened last year had the people in charge not foisted Covid on us… and the vaccines… which will put us all down … and save us from starvation, violence, disease, etc… (did I mention there are 4000 spent fuel ponds that will simmer then boil and…. when BAU vapourizes???)

        Yes I am immune to the despair you might feel if you peak behind the curtain… because I see humans as a horrifying aberration of nature.. a cancer on the planet… a heinous species that revels in torture and mass murder… where the prosperity of the leading nations is built upon pillaging and inflicting horrendous suffering on the less Machiavellian nations..

        In short… the sooner we are gone … the better. Then the Earth and the species that call it home can be returned to a state of ‘nature’.

        No more tractors, computers, EVs, solar panels, coal-fired plants, pesticides, Walmarts, Alexa, plastic, aircraft, automobiles, smog, no more Justin, Paris, Kim… and so on …

        Ted Kaczynski and Greta should also be pleased with what is imminent.

        Total collapse of civilization and the extinction of what I refer to as The Borg.

        I am greatly amused that The Borg is actually murdering itself…. there is no stopping the self-destruct… it is hell bent on the mission at hand.

        As we know — you can line up the greatest minds in medicine and have them explain to The Borg that it is killing itself… but The Borg will not listen … it will stare back at you with that dumb look … and march past to the clinic … children in tow… and jostle to the front of the line to receive the lethal injection …

        For The Borg understands what Peak Oil represents… it is the End of the Line…. and better to self-exterminate … than suffer Global Bosnia on Steroids.

        Tick tock…. make the most of what’s left….

        I highly recommend a bottle or two of this to celebrate (or drown sorrows) … it’s better than whiskey that sells for twice the price…

        Sadly very difficult to locate these days….. https://www.whiskygalore.co.nz/products/nikka-taketsuru-pure-malt-43

  36. AhNotepad

    Mick Jagger doesn’t seem to agree with the tyranny: (from Lockdown Sceptics newsletter). I can’t quite get a picture of what it’s trying to say

    A number of famous musicians have nailed their colours to the good ship lockdown sceptics in the past 12 months, including Van Morrison and Eric Clapton, but none quite as illustrious as the latest addition to our ranks: Sir Mick Jagger. The Rolling Stones frontman has released a song today called “Eazy Sleazy“, a collaboration with David Grohl of the Foo Fighters. “It’s a song that I wrote about coming out of lockdown, with some much needed optimism,” says Jagger.

    If you watch this YouTube version of the song, complete with the lyrics, you’ll find a number of anti-lockdown messages:

    We took it on the chin
    The numbers were so grim
    Bossed around by pricks
    Stiffen upper lips

    Pacing in the yard
    You’re trying to take the Mick
    You must think I’m really thick
    Looking at the graphs
    With a magnifying glass
    Cancel all the tours
    Football’s fake applause

    No more travel brochures
    Virtual premiers
    I’ve got nothing left to wear

    Looking out from these prison walls
    You got to rob Peter if you’re paying Paul
    But it’s easy, easy
    Everything’s going to get really freaky
    Alright, on the night

    Soon it’ll be a memory you’re trying to remember to forget…

    That’s a pretty mask
    But never take a chance
    Tik Tok stupid dance
    Took a Samba class

    I landed on my ass
    Trying to write a tune
    You better hook me up to Zoom
    See my poncey books
    Teach myself to cook
    Way too much TV
    It’s lobotomising me

    Think I’ve put on weight
    I’ll have another drink
    Then I’ll clean the kitchen sink

    We’ll escape from these prison walls
    Open the windows and open the doors
    But it’s easy, easy
    Everything’s going to get really freaky
    Alright, on the night
    It’s gonna be a garden of earthly delights
    Yeah it’s easy, sleazy
    Everything’s smooth and greasy

    Easy, believe me
    It’ll only be a memory you’re trying to remember to forget

    However, lest you think Jagger has become a full-blown conspiracy theorist, there’s a swipe at some of the crazier fringes of lockdown scepticism in the final verse:

    Shooting the vaccine
    Bill Gates is in my blood stream
    It’s mind control
    The earth is flat and cold
    It’s never warming up
    The Arctic’s turned to slush
    The second’s coming late
    And there’s aliens in the deep state

      1. AhNotepad

        Aileen, thanks for the link. It seems like the wanderings of a chronically drug affected mind. I can well believe he is fully vaccinated, but does heroin count? It seems not alot of thought wasput into a message, but more a way of making money to add to the already huge pile.

  37. AhNotepad

    If you think, you should be labelled a domestic terrorists, says Richard Pan, California senator and pusher of vaccines, backed up by Peter Hotex, er, pusher of vaccines.

    This is from Mercola’s site and will tell you why you are such a bad person who is intent on killing anybody and everybody. Funny that, I know very few people who have been ill over the past year, and have never met one.


  38. theasdgamer

    No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more Mr. Cle-e-e-ean.

    Someone was looking for a mechanism to explain the asymptomatic covid phenomenon. It turns out that viral RNA might be transcribed into cellular DNA, despite what you were told in graduate microbiology class. I was wrong about that and it’s a big deal.

    “SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome”

    More questions…

    What if viral RNA makes its way into stem cells?

    What if viral RNA makes its way into germ cells?

    What about stabilized vaccine RNA?

    I see more rheumatologists in the future and a greater need for hydroxychloroquine.

  39. theasdgamer

    Ok, let’s discuss the RECOVERY Trial of Hydroxychloroquine now that they have bothered to publish baseline data.

    What was the baseline for the hydroxychloroquine arm for beginning treatment? A mean of 9 days post symptom onset? Lots on oxygen at baseline.

    So, what is the mean time to viral peak? 3 days? And what is the mean time to viral clearance? 8 days?

    Should high risk people be given antivirals as soon as possible? Or should they wait until after they have cleared the virus?

    Oh, but maybe they haven’t cleared the virus after 9 days. Let’s be sure to give the virus plenty of time to do its coagulopathic damage so that we can poison the well against hydroxychloroquine.

    In the best case, the folks in this NHS drama are clowns. Worst case, they are monsters.

  40. Ferret M. Weasel

    Vaccine Focus at Expense of Therapeutics Killed Up To 85% — Peter McCullough MD Testifies to HHS Committee

    “… when doctors treat patients early, who are over age 50 with medical problems, with a sequence multi-drug approach… There’s an 85% reduction in hospitalizations and death.”

    “You can’t beat natural immunity. You can’t vaccinate on top of it and make it better. There’s no scientific, clinical or safety rationale for ever vaccinating a COVID recovered patient.”

    “People under 50, who fundamentally have no health risks. There’s no scientific rationale for them to ever become vaccinated.”


  41. Anthony Klineberg

    He’s been qualified just over 12 months (Sebastian) … not exactly the voice of experience methinks 🤔 so I’m not sure what gives him exclusivity on wisdom??
    However I’ll purchase his book and give it a little read, because as Mark Twain said ( amongst many other things ), and I paraphrase here .. ‘when you find you yourself agreeing with everyone else, and doing what everyone else is doing, it’s probably wise to take pause and have a rethink’ !
    Thanks for the recommendation maestro

  42. Fast Eddy

    Best thing I’ve read in a LONG time!

    Jab-erwacky (or, Why Are People So Crazy about Being Guinea Pigs?)

    About twelve hours ago I passed a sort of personal milestone: I found, and read, an ecstatic Facebook post from the twentieth person I know who has received a dose of one of those experimental drugs the U.S. government, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars of our money, is trying to persuade us to turn loose on our immune systems.
    Yes – I’ve been keeping count of those weird effusions of relief and self-congratulation from the latest dupes of the coronavirus coup. To be honest, they baffle me. And infuriate me.

    At first, I couldn’t believe that anyone would boast of turning himself into a human guinea pig, without getting a cent in compensation, just to add to the profits of a corporate camorra. Then I couldn’t believe I’d find five such posts on Facebook. Then I bet myself that I’d never encounter ten of them.

    Well, now I’ve seen twenty.

    Twenty separate people bragging about handing themselves over to the biggest, and perhaps the most dangerous, medical scam of my lifetime.
    So what’s next? Will people I know start making breathless Facebook posts each time they swallow arsenic or snort some airplane glue? Are they going to brag publicly about wading through chemical dumps? Am I supposed to applaud them if they do?

    Or are these indiscreet posters trying to convince me – by lending their voices to the media hysteria about vaccines that aren’t vaccines, for an emergency that isn’t an emergency – that if we let a gang of drug pushers play with our cell structure, we’ll find ourselves somehow on the short road to paradise?

    If that’s what they’re up to, they’re going to have to do a lot more convincing.

    Because the whole thing is nuts.

    To begin with, as of this writing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have already recorded 1,909 American souls for whom these “vaccines” really were tickets to paradise – in more prosaic language, to the morgue. When glossing over this fact, my Facebook “friends” have a numerical paradox on their hands.

    Think back to March 9 of last year, when the national coronavirus death toll officially stood at twenty-six – that’s right, twenty-six – and the whole chorus of coronavirus propagandists was screaming “emergency” and demanding that we acquiesce in the quashing of the Bill of Rights and the suspension of representative democracy in four-fifths of our states. Yet now, we’re supposed to shrug off a mortality figure more than seventy times that size – while Big Pharma is raking in billions from the indiscriminate use of scantily-tested experimental drugs?

    And that’s not all. Even a cursory glance behind the curtain of vaccine propaganda reveals more than enough to give any rational person pause.

    First, it’s an open secret that vaccines for respiratory viruses have never been a success; the United States is among the few countries where they are actively promoted, and this is largely due to the influence of the vaccine manufacturers, who successfully pressured the CDC to change its system for counting flu-related deaths in 2004 in order to raise public fears about respiratory viruses.

    (A CDC official virtually admitted this in a public interview ten years later.) Vaccines have never played more than a marginal role in stemming viral epidemics, and there’s no evidence that COVID19 will be any different.
    Second, the mantra that COVID19 vaccines will hasten the development of “herd immunity” (a phrase the propagandists once reviled, but began to celebrate once they realized it could be used to turn bigger profits for drug makers) presupposes that the vaccines prevent transmission of the virus.

    But they don’t; the Food and Drug Administration has specifically denied, with respect to each of the drugs in question, any “evidence that the vaccine prevents transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from person to person.” So these drugs will play no role in slowing the epidemic, let alone stopping it.
    This fact also gives the lie to the propagandists’ virtue-signaling to the effect that a “vaccinated” person no longer poses a health risk to others. Since there’s no evidence that these drugs prevent transmission of the virus, the truth is that they’re of no public value whatsoever; if they work at all, they benefit only the person who has been vaccinated (allegedly by reducing the severity of his symptoms upon infection).

    In a word, the whole COVID vaccine-promotion bandwagon is built on a lie; in fact, it’s misleading even to call these drugs “vaccines” in the first place. Unlike every one of the vaccinations governments have mandated for over a century, a COVID19 vaccination offers no public protection of any kind. There is no legitimate rationale for requiring it, nor for using public money to promote it.

    More https://off-guardian.org/2021/04/06/jab-erwacky-or-why-are-people-so-crazy-about-being-guinea-pigs/

  43. Son of Sam 2.0

    Covid-19: European court backs mandatory child vaccinations

    ECHR ruled banning unvaccinated children from schools could be regarded as ‘necessary in a democratic society’

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has backed rules in the Czech Republic banning unvaccinated children from schools in a judgment that may have broader implications for the debate about mandatory jabs against Covid-19.

    Judges decided by a vote of sixteen to one that excluding unvaccinated children was permissible as a “protective” measure for other classmates rather than a “punitive” one against the few not immunised.

    “The objective has to be that every child is protected against serious diseases, through vaccination or by virtue of herd immunity,” the Strasbourg, France-based court said on Thursday. “The Czech health policy could, therefore, be said to be consistent with the best interests of the children who were its focus.”

    The ruling could become political fodder as societies argue whether vaccination against the coronavirus should be mandated by law, and whether children should receive a vaccine.


      1. Jerome Savage

        Analysis of data over the last year suggests that our viral friend is flu + 1 for over 80’s with underlying conditions (probably serious such) and flu -1 for kids.
        Otherwise its flu.

  44. Sasha

    I am curious if anyone with good understanding of statistics could comment on this:

    I looked up 2020 mortality figures on http://www.cdc.gov. CDC says that in 2020 there were approximately 15.9% more deaths recorded in the United States as compared to 2019. There is some increase in deaths year to year built in but almost 16% increase is a big jump. CDC attributes it to the effects of the pandemic.

    As has been said before, death is the hardest metric and can’t be argued with. I wonder how those numbers square with much of what’s being said on here about the mild effects of this pandemic.

    I might be wrong, of course, since I have very little understanding of statistics. I am hoping someone more knowledgeable could comment.

    1. theasdgamer

      There seems to have been excess deaths in 2020 compared with the 5 year average, but the difficulty is attributing the cause. 209,000 deaths attributed to covid, but 360,000 excess deaths.

      1. Covid?

      2. Lockdowns (includes suicides and drug-related deaths)?

      3. Failure to seek health care?

      4. Iatrogenic ventilator-induced lung injury?

      5. All of the above?

    2. Garth Lane


      The number of deaths in any county is dependent on the population health, and the age and gender structure of the population. There is also a seasonal effect on mortality which can be caused by extreme temperature or by seasonally active viruses such as flu (or in this case SARS-COV2)

      The number of deaths is also a statistical variable which is subject to normal statistical volatility or variance.

      Going back to flu: There are years where flu is more virulent (or apparently more virulent) as a mild winter season with relatively low numbers of deaths is often followed by a year where more deaths occur simply because more vulnerable people survived the previous year or years. There are also years where the flu virus changes dominant forms (eg H1N1 and H3N2 for example). When a new significantly different virus comes along there will be an accumulation of people who don’t have or no longer have effective immunity and more people will die.

      The following study takes a careful age and sex adjusted mortality approach

      As you can see there, a careful analysis shows that the excess US mortality in 2020 was 12.9%. Comparison to 2019 exaggerates the impact because 2019 was a light mortality year.

      The question then is a relative one – is an excess mortality of 12.9% (or equivalently 1,320 per million or 1.32 per 1000) significantly worse than a significant flu pandemic.
      A good comparison can be found at

      So the excess death rate is certainly greater than previous flu pandemics in the modern era, however there are also several things to note:
      1) Flu pandemics kill a substantial number of younger people
      2) The average age of death is over 80 for covid-19
      3) We have had significantly mild flu seasons in 2019 and 2020 and the number of elderly people and people with co-morbidities had built up substantially in Western nations
      4) The US population was suffering from a severe obesity problem and has a substantial number of people with severe vitamin D deficiencies

      The effects of this pandemic are mild for healthy and young people. An interesting question would have been – What impact would a flu pandemic have had given the issues in 3) and 4) above?

      There have been a number of commentaries about how effective treatments have been ignored, how effective prophylaxis has been ignored and how medical treatments such as intubation have been overused

      1. Jerome Savage

        Might it have been significant – the movement of infected persons in to care homes – particularly controversial in NY and lost / delayed treatments, ie opportunities missed to deliver the usual standard of treatments to other patients ?

      2. Sasha

        Garth, thank you for your response. I will read the links provided. What I find strange about this virus is that I know at least two people in excellent health who had it really bad. Double pneumonia, ICU, etc. While their relatives with multiple comorbidities and polypharmacy had it mild. Overall, I know probably over 30 people who had it and majority of them had mild symptoms. On the other hand, I am not sure whether most of those with mild symptoms would even have a flu in a regular year. So, in my opinion, it’s an unusual virus.

  45. Doug from Canada

    Canada posts its mortality data online so I pulled the recordset for all causes for the last 10 years and ran the numbers (I ignore case count as the only real outcome that counts is life or death):

    Overall we had a 13,225 increase in all cause mortality in 2020 but the average increase in mortality per year is about 6275, except 2019 where the increase is only 255 over the previous year. So is 2020’s 13,225 a combination of the expected increase and the missing 2019 increase? who knows.

    I looked at 8 causes for death and found that 2020 was the ONLY year over the previous 6 that saw a DECLINE in mortality. I averaged out the years (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015) and compared that number to 2020 over the following 7 causes:

    Malignant neoplasms – down 7021 deaths in 2020
    Influenza – down 2012 deaths in 2020
    Diseases of the heart – down 6526 deaths in 2020
    Diabetes mellitus – down 566 deaths in 2020
    Chronic lower respiratory – down 2250 deaths in 2020
    Cerebrovascular – down 1559 deaths in 2020
    Alzheimer – down 1265 deaths in 2020.
    Nephritis – increase of 177 in 2020
    Total decline of 21022

    Not one single disease in the previous 5 years saw a year over year decline and yet we have 7 in one year. Why? Who knows? Did they die of COVID instead? or more accurately WITH COVID?

    So then I looked at the official COVID deaths by age group and compared it to 2018 flu season:
    Age – Overall Absolute % COVID death – Overall Absolute 2018 % Flu death
    0-19 – 0.000086% – 0.00052%
    20-29 – 0.00074% – 0.00027%
    30-39 – 0.0016% – 0.00076%
    40-49 – 0.0041% – 0.0019%
    50-59 – 0.012% – 0.0052%
    60-69 – 0.039% – 0.012%
    70-79 – 0.15% – 0.041%
    >80 – 4.88% – 1.9% (Canadian life expectancy is 81.1 years)

    In Canada the 1918 Spanish Flu had an annual death rate of 0.32%, COVID is 0.063% and the 2018 flu season was 0.023%

    Funny thing though, if you remove the 80 age group from the overall COVID death percentage it then drops to 0.0199%. almost even with the 2018 flu season. Except if you do the same to the flu numbers they drop to 0.0006%. What does this mean? Don’t get a respiratory illness if you are over 80.

    This is NOT a pandemic.

    Insanity – Doing the same LOCKDOWN over and over again and expecting different results.

    Our premier just announce another 6 week lockdown. I’m beginning to wish his brother hadn’t died.

    1. Doug from Canada

      So to answer my own question since April 2020, in Canada (from the College of Physicians and Surgeons Of British Columbia):

      1. Recording COVID-19 on the medical certificate of cause of death

      COVID-19 should be recorded on the medical certificate of cause of death for all decedents where the disease caused, or is assumed to have caused, or contributed to death.

      2. Terminology

      The use of official terminology, as recommended by the World Health Organization (i.e. COVID-19) should be used for all certification of this cause of death.
      As there are many types of coronaviruses it is recommended not to use “coronavirus” in place of COVID-19. This will help to reduce uncertainty for coding and monitoring these deaths which may lead to underreporting.

      3. Chain of events

      Due to the public health importance of COVID-19, when it is thought to have caused or contributed to death it should be recorded in Part I of the medical certificate of cause of death.

      4. Co-morbidities

      There is increasing evidence that people with existing chronic conditions or compromised immune systems due to disability are at greater risk of death due to COVID-19. Chronic conditions may be non-communicable diseases such as coronary artery disease, COPD, and diabetes or disabilities. If the decedent had existing chronic conditions, such as those listed above, these should be listed in Part II of the medical certificate of cause of death.

      Other significant conditions contributing to death but not related to the disease or conditions causing it:

      Coronary artery disease
      Type 2 diabetes

      To Sum:
      “where the disease caused, or is assumed to have caused, or contributed to death” = COVID
      “not to use “coronavirus” in place of COVID-19” = COVID
      “If the decedent had existing chronic conditions, such as those listed above, these should be listed in Part II ” therefor part I = COVID

      So from my previous post:
      “Malignant neoplasms – down 7021 deaths in 2020
      Influenza – down 2012 deaths in 2020
      Diseases of the heart – down 6526 deaths in 2020
      Diabetes mellitus – down 566 deaths in 2020
      Chronic lower respiratory – down 2250 deaths in 2020
      Cerebrovascular – down 1559 deaths in 2020
      Alzheimer – down 1265 deaths in 2020.
      Nephritis – increase of 177 in 2020
      Total decline of 21022

      Not one single disease in the previous 5 years saw a year over year decline and yet we have 7 in one year. Why? Who knows? Did they die of COVID instead? or more accurately WITH COVID?”

      Well now we know don’t we. They dies WITH COVID, not FROM

      lies, lies and more lies.

      1. theasdgamer

        Let us not forget that US covid deaths count both those diagnosed with covid (and possibly died from a motorcycle wreck) and those who dies presumed to have contracted covid.

        It’s called “inflation.” Reminds me of the 1970s under Jimmy Carter. Second worst president in US history.

          1. theasdgamer

            Obama was very competent–unfortunately, his competence was aimed at reducing American influence and power, which makes him the worst American president. Dubya was mediocre and the Great Recession was due to policies that had accumulated over the years, including massive fraud in the ratings system and a SJW mentality that encouraged it.

          2. Gary Ogden

            theasdgamer: Agreed. Who was the second worst? Surely Truman and Wilson are near the top of the list.

          3. theasdgamer

            Carter gets my vote for second worst. Carter destroyed the military (no training or replacement parts) and made America a laughingstock with the Iranian hostage mess. Carter also caused inflation to shoot to record levels.

          4. Gary Ogden

            theasdgamer: You had said originally that Carter was the third worst, which is why I asked.

  46. LA_Bob

    Sasha said, “I might be wrong, of course, since I have very little understanding of statistics. I am hoping someone more knowledgeable could comment.”

    I am not that “someone more knowledgeable” you seek. I refer you to Dr Kendrick’s many posts on the subject.

    For the record, I don’t believe COVID is a “nothing burger”. Neither do I believe it has been a “plandemic”.

    I do believe the political response to COVID has been far in excess of its population-level seriousness. I have no confidence that response has helped mitigate COVID much, if at all. I think it’s an illusion that we — the collective “we” — have the knowledge, wisdom, and wherewithal to “manage” and control a viral epidemic.

    In the United States, we’ve lost several hundred thousand lives to COVID. We have no idea how real that number is. It’s pretty clear the number is far below a truly catastrophic level, such as tens of millions of lives lost.

    I think the Great Barrington Declaration would have been a more effective approach. It would not have been a “perfect” approach. With the state of science and the political, social, and organizational realities, there is no “perfect” approach, if you define such an approach to be that no one must ever suffer and die from a viral infection.

    1. Jerome Savage

      Can we remind ourselves that the CDC did posit last summer that 94% of covid attributed fatalities had on average 2.6 cormorbidities.

        1. Jerome Savage

          And how many of the 5% were false positives, victims of accidents, heart attacks etc ? Its actually sad how this has developed in to a hyped up frenzy of ridiculous repotting.

          1. Gary Ogden

            Jerome Savage: The most damaging hoax (that coronaviruses are a real threat to healthy people) ever perpetrated. The only reason we have these completely ridiculous and fraudulent numbers (600,000 or so) is that, last April, CDC changed the protocol for completing death certificates. They did this illegally. There is a process, which involves other federal agencies, and includes a public comment period. They did none of this. Then, to add insult (actually death) to injury, Medicare (our hospitalization insurance for the 65+) incentivized hospitals to diagnose any upper respiratory infection as the ‘Rona by tripling the reimbursement. In the hospitals in the poorer parts of New York they had podiatrists, and any other doctor who showed up, treating these people. Many were intubated, which promptly killed most of them. The ones who survived this incompetence were shipped off to nursing homes, who had no choice but to accept them. Then the governor hid about 40% of the nursing home deaths from HHS. For Bill Gates it is clearly malice. For most of the rest it is incompetence and clinging to political power. I must say you folks in the mother country surely have it worse. With a federal system, like we have here, states have a lot of latitude to do things differently. All the states which did not lock down did as well or better than those who did.

          2. AhNotepad

            Jerome, I think you meant to say “reporting”, but your computer actually has it more correct, as a lot of what is reported appears to have been “repotted”

    2. Sasha

      LA Bob: I also don’t think the current Covid situation is “just another flu”. 16% rise in total mortality compared to 2019 (if CDC numbers are correct) is significant. Some of that rise may be contributed to population growth, effects of lockdowns, and “dry tinder”, as they call it, from previous years that saw low mortality. But I don’t think it can account for the rise of 16%.

      I know a lot of people who got Covid. For most of them it was fairly uneventful, even though they probably wouldn’t have gotten a flu in a “normal” flu year. For some of them it was quite severe and interestingly enough they were the healthiest people in their demographic group.

      1. LA_Bob

        “For some of them it was quite severe and interestingly enough they were the healthiest people in their demographic group.”

        Hmmm. This might just be damning with faint praise, if you get my drift.

        My best guess is people don’t have to have frank morbidities to be metabolically unhealthy. If you’re familiar with the late Dr Joseph Kraft’s five-hour glucose tolerance test with insulin assay, you know there are many people with “normal blood sugar” whose bodies are working quite hard to keep it that way. I mean excess and prolonged insulin secretion. And never mind the slender type II diabetic with “normal” fasting blood glucose who has gone undiagnosed for several years as they fly well under the conventional radar.

        I certainly think it’s possible for a healthy person, regardless of demographics, to contract severe COVID. I just think it’s probably pretty rare, not worth the socioeconomic damage of “lockdowns”. Biology / physiology / immunology is complex. We flatter ourselves with our “understanding” of it.

        1. Sasha

          LA Bob: all true and I am not defending lockdowns, I also think they were poorly designed and implemented. But when I see an 80 year old on 12-13 meds go through a mild infection while a 35 year old full of muscle dies from organ failure after multiple embolisms in arteries supplying intestines and kidneys (this was told to me by a doc), it makes me curious as to the nature of this virus.

          1. Sasha


            A late reply to the quote you gave but, based on my experience in treating a couple of covid “long-haulers”, it’s not that their immune system gets swamped. It actually goes into overdrive, I think that’s why I saw a few people who were quite robust before covid, experience much worse symptoms than their more fragile relatives.

            My experience is quite limited, it’s based only on a few cases.

      2. Fast Eddy

        It’s not just another flu… but it’s not as bad as this flu:

        Hospitals Overwhelmed by Flu Patients Are Treating Them in Tents

        he 2017-2018 influenza epidemic is sending people to hospitals and urgent-care centers in every state, and medical centers are responding with extraordinary measures: asking staff to work overtime, setting up triage tents, restricting friends and family visits and canceling elective surgeries, to name a few.

        “We are pretty much at capacity, and the volume is certainly different from previous flu seasons,” says Dr. Alfred Tallia, professor and chair of family medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey. “I’ve been in practice for 30 years, and it’s been a good 15 or 20 years since I’ve seen a flu-related illness scenario like we’ve had this year.”


        And they actually used the tent hospitals rather than set up Potemkin Tent Villages to scare people into accepting lethal injections (vaccines)

        They also did not label your cause of death as flu — if you had a sniffle the month before you had a deadly heart attack. So the deaths are real deaths as in these people actually died FROM the flu.

  47. Dan Henderer

    Dr Kendrick,
    Will buy a paperback copy to read and share. I consider you my primary doctor as you have been more help to my bodily health than my GP. I’m 53, very active and fit, and don’t plan on taking these new fangled “vaccines” as there is no point in my doing so. The propaganda here is so powerful people don’t know what to say when I tell em I won’t be taking any of them. They are really dumbstruck. I have many reasons but the one that ends the conversation is when I tell em my doc don’t recommend it. Not really any answer to that. I haven’t asked my GP about it yet but I think he would likely agree with your view. I know he thinks the authorities’ response and masks are mindless. Best, one of your US patients 😉

    1. theasdgamer

      I’m sure that the push for “clean energy” and “alternative fuels” and the chance for political corruption (“smash and grab”) based on these things has nothing to do with prognostication about the future of fossil fuels.

      1. Fast Eddy

        If you are suggesting that ‘renewable energy’ and EVs are nothing more than attempts to ensure the cattle do not panic over the depletion of what are obviously finite resources… then I 100% agree.

        I also see Elon Musk as the Messiah-designate tasked with convincing the cattle that there is life after oil — he offers two Utopias — one is the Green Option … the second is Life on Mars…(or some other planet that we are going to find at some point that has trees)

        The fake moon landings are part of the mirage

        The PR Team has done a fantastic job — most people are exhibiting zero awareness of the fact that we are well past peak oil (and about to be exterminated).

        The PTB will wring every last minute out of the lemon.

        1. theasdgamer

          No, alternative fuels and clean energy and carbon footprint taxes are merely an excuse for more corruption by public officials who will pass laws implementing them. They can squeeze donations from large corporations and plunder medium corporations. Smash and grab.

          Obama bought beachfront property in Martha’s Vineyard (2019) and in Hawaii (2020).

          The democrats know that climate change is a scam.

          We currently have somewhere between 50 and 80 years of oil reserves. It’s actually up from the 1970’s with much higher oil consumption now.

          1. Fast Eddy

            Yes of course it’s a scam… the PTB allocated budget to the scam because it serves a purpose in the Matrix… it convinces the cattle that the critical finite energy source known as oil… is of no concern… we will transition to ‘renewable’ energy… (nothing renewable about a solar panel… unless we can get them to grow on trees)

            I suspect it went down like this. Al Gore gets a call from the PR Team and is asked to perform a public service by being the front man for renewable energy. He says – what’s in it for me?

            He uses some of the cash he generated from his renewable energy ventures to buy a mega mansion at sea level… and a private jet… which he flies on to … global warming conferences

            It’s really funny … actually…

  48. Fast Eddy

    Global Covid Cases Hit Weekly Record Despite Vaccination

    More people were diagnosed with Covid-19 during the past seven days than any other week since the start of the pandemic — topping 5.2 million globally — with the worst outbreaks accelerating in many countries that are ill-equipped to deal with them.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      “More people were diagnosed with Covid-19 during the past seven days than any other week since the start of the pandemic…”

      That sounds unlikely. Didn’t you nean “More people had positive PCR tests for Covid-19 during the past seven days than any other week since the start of the pandemic…”?

      Which is less worrying, since

      1. A positive PCR test doesn’t mean anything at all.

      2. The more tests are done, the more positive results there will be.

      1. Fast Eddy

        Yes of course… did anyone see the video of the NHS nurse who resigned — and is claiming on many of the days of the pandemic they had more staff than patients in the covid wards?

        Her friends in other hospitals informed him they were experiencing similar — but none of them are of course willing to go on record — they don’t want to lose their careers.

        Similarly Mike Yeadon states in the video I posted that many scientists in his field share his views… but they are unwilling to go public because they will lose research grants – he has already been dumped from the boards of a few pharma companies because his views make life difficult for these companies… he calls these people cowards. Yes he has a point – but as we can see — there is no turning this juggernaut … so may as well dance while the music plays and turn away.

  49. David Bailey

    My Father Christmas theory of COVID-19

    As a young child, I believed in Father Christmas without question, however, as I got a bit older I came to feel that the story must be a bit more prosaic than it is portrayed. Maybe there were multiple FC’s who drove round the night before, and maybe some money had to change hands at some point. I have a younger brother, so I suppose my parents kept the myth going a bit longer than they otherwise might.

    When I was finally told that FC was a myth, and that Mum and Dad simply went to shops to buy the stuff that went into our stockings, I remember feeling staggered – I’d come to believe in my rationalised version of FC and it was hard to believe FC was total make-believe.

    Is it possible that COVID-19 is analogous to FC – it never existed except for a genetic sequence inside a computer? Mike Yeadon seemed to be hinting at the possibility that the virus did not exist when he said, pointedly, that he could not find any of his researcher friends who had actually handled the virus.

    Since most here seem to take it for granted that there is some degree of bluff about this pandemic, does this ultimate explanation work.

    A small group of insiders got the WHO to change their criterion for a pandemic, and then they waited for an outbreak of some respiratory virus to take place somewhere in the world. It happened in Wuhan. The fact that there was a virus research lab there, and a market where people sold exotic meats only added to the story they were concocting.

    They then muscled in with their tests and declared the disease outbreak to be caused by a novel Coronavirus. This quite possibly meant that a lot of people were not treated for whatever was really making them sick, but that just made the crisis bigger.

    After that, there was a nasty infection of something or other in Italy, so they went there and tested them with the same dodgy tests.

    Over time the idea that the virus was real and dangerous became so ingrained that even when last winter there were essentially no flu victims last winter, nobody in charge smelled a rat.

    Now their scam can run and run, new variants will need new lockdowns and new vaccines, etc etc.

    I would love to know if anyone here knows of some strong evidence to refute (or even support) this theory.

    1. theasdgamer

      1. Pathology reports show significant divergence between covid and flu.

      2. Invisible hypoxia is a new symptom. It only occurs with moderate covid and has never been reported for flu.

      The scam is in the numbers.

      1. David Bailey

        Maybe that ends my FC theory, but might it be that doctors find themselves treating kinds of people they never treated before. For example, people terminally ill with cancer? Might they not show signs such as you describe.

        There is obviously most certainly a scam in the numbers.

        1. theasdgamer

          The pathology reports show a 900% increase in coagulopathic damage over flu. And doctors report patients who are not in a lot of breathing distress who can joke with an O2 saturation of 80%, which is extremely unusual. That is because carbon dioxide diffuses in tissue more readily than oxygen. And it is strongly suspected that that is due to coagulopathic damage to the capillaries.

      2. David Bailey


        Here is hopefully a better response to what you wrote. If COVID doesn’t really exist, but appears to do because of the testing process (false positives) then it will seem to take on the characteristics of every disease it gets muddled with – probably mainly flu, but also pneumonia, COPD, etc. Overall the data will not seem to match anything pre-existing.

        The evil beauty of a virtual virus is that it will generate a multitude of contradictory data. Some doctors will find they can cure every case of COVID with some drug, while others will find the drug doesn’t work, studies with vitamin D will vary again for the same reason.

        Also, a virtual virus is totally under control – its numbers can be increased or decreased at the click of a mouse (as we know) – it does exactly what its masters want.

        Does any of that sound familiar?

        1. theasdgamer

          I have already mentioned a couple of distinct _physical_ characteristics for covid. No amount of mouse clicking will change those things. There is no muddling as far as those two characteristics are concerned.

          There is only muddling in the numbers.

  50. Fast Eddy

    From 2015:

    There is a theoretical expectation that some types of vaccines could prompt the evolution of more virulent (“hotter”) pathogens. This idea follows from the notion that natural selection removes pathogen strains that are so “hot” that they kill their hosts and, therefore, themselves. Vaccines that let the hosts survive but do not prevent the spread of the pathogen relax this selection, allowing the evolution of hotter pathogens to occur. This type of vaccine is often called a leaky vaccine. When vaccines prevent transmission, as is the case for nearly all vaccines used in humans, this type of evolution towards increased virulence is blocked.

    But when vaccines leak, allowing at least some pathogen transmission, they could create the ecological conditions that would allow hot strains to emerge and persist. This theory proved highly controversial when it was first proposed over a decade ago, but here we report experiments with Marek’s disease virus in poultry that show that modern commercial leaky vaccines can have precisely this effect: they allow the onward transmission of strains otherwise too lethal to persist.

    Thus, the use of leaky vaccines can facilitate the evolution of pathogen strains that put unvaccinated hosts at greater risk of severe disease. The future challenge is to identify whether there are other types of vaccines used in animals and humans that might also generate these evolutionary risks.


    This aligns with Bossche’s theory …. however one major difference — Bossche mentions we have never deployed leaky vaccines during a pandemic.

    Might the game plan be as follows:

    1. Vaccinate as many as possible to create a massive breeding pool for Covid to encourage as many deadly variants as possible.

    2. Inevitably, as with Marek’s, a horrifically deadly variant of Covid emerges (Devil Covid – The Nightmare Scenario) … perhaps more than one version of Devils’ Covid is created given these vaccines are being administered globally … and new strains will be occurring in different places…

    3. The Devil Covid(s) kill all unvaxxed… but as they spread and the vaccines have no effect on the new mutations or the mutations inbound from other locations .. the vaccinated perish

    Let’s hope that if this is the plan it works… otherwise we’ll be facing this sort of situation only 1000x worse https://www.quora.com/What-would-the-world-be-like-if-society-collapsed

    1. Doug from Canada

      Its worse than that, because if all countries adopted the WHO reporting requirements for death certificate ALL coronavirus deaths are marked down as COVID.

      Therefor when the vaccinated start dying from other harmless coronaviruses they will assume a new super variant of COVID has emerged instead of attributing the increases in death to the vaccine.

      You should all contact your government and get them to change the reporting requirements, specifically:

      “2. Terminology

      The use of official terminology, as recommended by the World Health Organization (i.e. COVID-19) should be used for all certification of this cause of death.
      As there are many types of coronaviruses it is recommended not to use “coronavirus” in place of COVID-19. This will help to reduce uncertainty for coding and monitoring these deaths which may lead to underreporting.”

      1. Fast Eddy

        When I ask a CovIDIOT why is it that anyone who dies having tested + for Covid (even if they were never sick) who dies within a month is listed as a Covid death (UK is 60 days I believe).

        No response. It’s not a ‘conspiracy’ — because it’s acknowledged….

        As for contacting the government hahahahahahahahahhaha…. been there done that … spoke to the Senior PR Guy (Luke) at the Ministry of Health (Medsafe)…. he sent me boiler plate BS in response to 5 very specific questions.

        When I followed with a call he kept saying ‘please send your questions to….’ And I said I already did that and you didn’t respond… over and over and over like a dog chasing its tail…

        If Mike Yeadon cannot get a response… then most definitely I will not get one…

        I don’t expect or even want one…. all I want is for them to know I know …. my final emails to Chris Hipkins office (his aide Rebecca read it) and Luke… was prefaced with the subject: I know what you are up to…. then a brief summary of the CEP…. Oh and as Luke is on the press side of things … I asked him if he thought I deserved a Pulitzer for figuring out the game plan…

        Of course no response

    2. AhNotepad

      All vaccines can cause evolution of more virulent pathogens, or pathogens to which there is less community immunity. This is covered by Andrew Wakefield in his series of lectures https://youtu.be/Rv4qUymig9M where the measles caused the virus to morph. Into something different.

      1. Fast Eddy

        It would be useful if he would also include a graph demonstrating total infections of polio pre and post vaccine…. deaths are not the only outcome … disability is also a symptom of polio.

        Did the polio vaccine dramatically reduce infections…. or were they also headed towards zero pre-vaccine?

        1. David Bailey

          As someone who actually had polio, I’d also like to comment on the treatment that was available back then. My polio was in my right leg, which became extremely weak beneath the knee (and still is). The consultant recommended an ‘iron leg’ to stabilise the leg, and a raise of an inch to straighten me up.

          Very fortunately, my mother limited the raise to half an inch, and refused the iron leg (both brave things to do) – she told me afterwards that she realised that the weight of the device would have prevented me from joining in with the other children. As a result, I learned to walk, and run, and cycle on that leg by putting all my weight on my heel.

          The result is that I can still walk distances in the countryside, and cycle pretty well too. My right heel goes on the cycle peddle. That will still take me over 20 miles, even at 71. Asymmetric shoe wear is a problem, and in recent years I have kept osteoarthritis at bay with acupuncture.

          Sometimes common sense is better than anything medical professionals can suggest.

      1. Fast Eddy

        Yes but as Bossche indicates, the issue is deploying a leaky vaccine during a pandemic… we have never done that before… and it is likely to have catastrophic consequences…

        Dr Byram Bridle
        Byram Bridle

        Dr. Byram Bridle is an Associate Professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph. His research program focuses on the development and optimization of vaccines for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancers. In March of this year he and two of his colleagues were commissioned by the government of Ontario to engineer several potential vaccine candidates to provide protective immunity against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), which is the causative agent of the coronavirus disease that emerged in 2019 (COVID-19).

        In collaboration with the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba, one of the vaccine candidates proved effective in protecting hamsters from COVID-19. This resulted in a contract being established with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to develop a manufacturing process for the vaccine. A second contract has been established with the NRC to advance a second-generation CVODI-19 vaccine into the translational research pipeline. Dr. Bridle has also co-authored a series of lay articles in The Conversation to provide information to the lay public about the immunological aspects of COVID-19 and the development of vaccines.

        His thought
        EMAIL 1
        Although Geert gets there by a slightly different route, we both end up at the same conclusion: that current design of the vaccines and the way they are being rolled out creates risk of the emergence of immunoevasive variants.

        EMAIL 2
        I don’t agree 100% with some of the minutiae of the scientific arguments, but that is a moot point.

        I long ago drew a similar conclusion via a slightly different route through immunological and virological principles.

        In short, I agree with the big picture argument being made.

        I haven’t been so bold as to draw conclusions that are as ‘strong’, but I can’t disagree at all with Geert’s take-home message.

        He is a respected scientist and has published many papers in well-respected journals. I can guarantee that he knows what he is talking about. I do think there is a high probability of our vaccine rollouts driving the emergence of dangerous variants.

          1. Fast Eddy

            That is a question for Mr Bossche… and the experts.

            Here’s the thing… even top experts in the field are feeling their way in a dark room on this … they have no idea what this ‘virus’ actually is —- in fact Yeadon and others have said it has not been isolated…

            Then we have the ‘vaccines’… without a doubt these are not new… they were developed years before Covid hit. Of course they were — because we know this race was lost … so how did they suddenly overcome these problems https://www.wired.com/2003/05/feds-race-to-make-sars-vaccine/

            It surely would take a team of scientists with funding some time to determine with any certainty what these ‘vaccines’ are purposed for. There is no funding… therefore nobody is going to dig deep… and I suspect if someone who had the cash to do this (like Mike Yeadon) it would be difficult to find a team to work on the project — that would be a no-no… and possibly end careers (not that it matters because if Bossche is right … one’s career ending is missing the big picture)

            Yeadon in a recent interview says he has been dropped from the boards of various companies… they cannot be seen to be associated with him and his ‘unacceptable opinions’. He went off that reservation when he suggested the vaccines are purposed for depopulation.

            I feel for Bossche… unlike Yeadon I doubt he’s sitting on a pile a huge pile of cash… yet he has probably ruined his career by referring to the vaccines as ‘bioweapons’… nobody will touch him now.

            The fact that he is willing to risk his career speaks to the level of conviction he has regarding the ultimate purpose of these vaccines.

            That is a very ominous signal.

        1. David Bailey

          Surely those flu vaccines were deployed at times when the number of cases was large (avoiding quibbles over the definition of a pandemic) and those vaccines weren’t that effective – so they should have encouraged more virulent strains.

          1. Fast Eddy

            Again .. Bossche states that we have never deployed a leaky vaccine in the midst of a pandemic … specifically because of the risks involved.

            So that question needs to be addressed to him. He can be contacted via Linkedin.

            My only thought is that flu vaccines are not widely distributed — and I think they are usually offered before the winter flu season?

            With these covid vaccines I just read that over 1 billion people have now received at least one jab….

            And to reiterate — we have no idea what these vaccines are purposed for … but we can assume that because they are being given to healthy people including children — who’s risk of severe symptoms from covid is approaching 0 — there is something sinister involved.

            There is no way in hell governments would approve an experimental vaccine and give it to people who are not at risk — because there is zero upside… and unknown downside….

            These vaccines are fully tests — of course they are… the question is — for what purpose?

        2. theasdgamer

          I have a modest proposal. Maybe we can get the media to ramp up panic and hopelessness and issue everyone a gun and bullets with instructions on how to use them to minimize pain from suicide and murder (can’t leave the children parentless, can we?).

    3. me oliveira

      Fast Eddy, @ April 20
      I think that any form of Life always does its best to survive. From ancestral forms to those we consider more advanced. Some forms of Life seems lacking intelligence as they destroy [kill] the species they infect to survive in a short time. We, humans, do not understand their ‘policies’. As we don’t understand plaque tectonics, volcanos and earthquakes. I think if humans exist for about 1M years they know how to survive.
      Good for you as I appreciate your mind.

  51. Doug from Canada

    A new study from: School of Public Health and Health Systems, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2L3G1, Canada;

    Titled: Outcome Reporting Bias in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Clinical Trials

    Shows the absolute vaccine outcomes as:
    Pfizer = 0.7% (95% CI 0.59% to 0.83%) p<0.000
    Moderna = 1.1% (95% CI 0.97% to 1.32%) p<0.000

    and not the
    Pfizer = 95.1%
    Moderna = 94.1%


    1. theasdgamer

      For comparison–treatment v. vaccine–Zelenko’s results showed 82% relative reduction in hospitalization for covid in high-risk patients (Mar–May) v. community control using his cocktail and about a 12% absolute reduction.

  52. Fast Eddy

    This is excellent …

    He mostly has it correct… including a conclusion that we are likely to go extinct … (he calls that a worst case scenario … I call that the holy grail)

    Some issues:

    1. He fails to recognize that spent fuel ponds GUARANTEE our extinction.

    2. He fails to recognize that Covid is cover for a plan (CEP) to terminate our species to pre-empt epic suffering.

    3. He fails to understand that we are right now on the cusp of extinction. We do not have decades ahead of us….

    Otherwise … bravo… well done… here’s his book https://www.readblip.com/

      1. Fast Eddy

        Off the top of my head… here’s a short list of people I know who have had the shots:

        – former chairman of a major global investment bank (now chairman of a smaller bank).
        – a managing director at Goldman Sachs
        – a partner in law firm
        – the director of wealth management at a major bank
        – the CEO of a firm that supports tech infrastructure of many financial firms in Hong Kong
        – Malcolm

        Not exactly useless feeders…

        In fact, I don’t know of anyone who has said they will refuse the jab. It seems that the more educated are the most keen on getting the jab… some are being coerced (no jab no work) but many of these high fliers no doubt believe their lives are very precious and need to be protected at all costs… you generally do not get to such exalted status unless you completely buy into the system… so they also trust the system and do what they are told.

        So I don’t think this is a cull of idiots. And random calling would set this off

        Trade-Off Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion:
        a study in global systemic collapse.

        Click to access Trade_Off_Korowicz.pdf

        I like those t-shirts though … very good of the CovIDIOTS to identify themselves… so I can avoid them

  53. Fast Eddy

    Childcare worker sacked for refusing flu vaccine loses legal appeal

    A childcare worker who was sacked for refusing to get vaccinated because she had a “conscientious objection” has lost a legal claim to get her job back.


    WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is trying to overcome diminishing demand for COVID-19 shots by offering businesses a tax incentive to give employees paid leave to get vaccinated. The move comes as the United States is set to meet President Joe Biden’s goal of administering 200 million coronavirus doses in his first 100 days in office.


    And now for a bit of humour!

    Yale public health professor suggests 60% of new COVID-19 patients have received vaccine


  54. JDPatten

    Viet Nam : “Only” 35 dead – from COVID.
    How did they do their counting?
    did their counter-measures actually work??

    1. theasdgamer

      How reliable is Vietnam’s public health reporting? How does it measure covid? _Very_ low tests per million pop. 27,000. Compare with China’s 112,000. [raised eyebrow]

      Vietnam’s median age is about 32 y.o. Young. Compare with 41 for Sweden and 20 for Kenya.

      We don’t know the actual number of covid cases and deaths in Vietnam. Nor do we know what the future holds for Vietnam as regards covid. What do we know for certain?

      Vietnam’s economic growth _plunged_ from 7% in 2019 to 2.x% in 2020.

  55. theasdgamer

    How did Utah do in 2020?

    Unemployment in Dec 2020 was 3.3% GDP fell about 1.5% in 2020, which was a drop from 4% in 2019.


    679 deaths/million (6th lowest…Hawaii, Vermont, Alaska, and Maine were the top 4…Hawaii locked down and quarantined and killed its tourism…Alaska had no tourism to speak of in 2020…Vermont and Maine didn’t have much tourism in 2020)

    Confirmed case fatality rate of 0.55 (only Alaska was lower and its tests per million figure was about double Utah’s number)

    Tests per million 1,400,000 (about 20th)


    Was there something unique about Utah? It’s a big tourism state–even in 2020. Tourist attractions are parks and the Mormon Temple in SLC. Lots of mountains. Leisure/hospitality economy only dropped by about 8%. Utah never locked down or closed borders or mandated travel quarantines. Minimal restrictions.

    Oh, the Utah state health dept. website suggests using hydroxychloroquine and zinc to treat covid.

    Remember that 0.55% confirmed case fatality rate figure?

    Is the penny dropping yet?

  56. Tish

    I’ve bought 3 copies of Sebastian’s book from Book Depository, to avoid Amazon. It’s a good read which is well presented and doesn’t get extreme enough to put off those straddling the fence (one would hope).

    My mother did eventually die at her care home from the stroke that she had within 48 hours of the AsraZeneca vaccine. NOBODY even mentioned the Yellow Card system. What a joke the system is too. I filled in a wishy-washy form on line and heard nothing back. I had to ask Mum’s GP to fill one in himself and he agreed to. But it wasn’t automatic and everyone tells me that the stroke was probably just a coincidence. “She was 97 after all” they tell me. It was a catch 22. Questions on the form ask about diagnoses and medicines. The answers are optional so I left them blank. What 97 year old hasn’t been diagnosed with something they can use to vindicate the vaccine? I’m sure just being 97 will be enough for them.

    Despite refusing the vaccine I was allowed to see Mum in the residential care home after taking a test, donning a mask and going into the building via the back entrance to avoid seeing any of the other residents. She was in a semi-comatose state with a bit of a right-sided hemiplegia and was not reacting to people. Once in her room I ripped down the mask, put my face up to hers, spoke to her, cuddled her, and kissed her loudly. How could anyone have done otherwise? She took my hand and kissed it.

    I’ve informed the crematorium that my husband and I are exempt from mask wearing at the funeral. How popular we shall be but who cares.

  57. Son of Sam 2.0

    The Israeli Health Ministry has raised concerns that there could be a link between the Pfizer Covid vaccine and heart complications, particularly among younger men. There are currently 62 recorded cases in Israel of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, which occurred in the days after vaccination. Pfizer responded saying it has not seen similar reports in other countries where the vaccine has been rolled out, though this could be because few other countries have vaccinated as many young people as Israel.


    And they complain about ‘long covid’ as if there is no such thing as ‘long flu’

  58. Shaun Clark

    Basically, any half-arsed vaccine offers zero protection against infection of vital spread merely the potential of some reduced individual symptoms, and so has, in effect, just created a proxy army of free-running asymptomatic ‘Superspreaders’. As otherwise, natural mediated immune cell protection has not been affected by narrow-target half-arsed vaccines.


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