COVID19: Taking Stock

24th April 2021

What has happened with COVID19 has happened. All around the world Governments and their advisors have blundered about, all claiming they did absolutely the right thing. Maybe a bit slow in locking down here and there.

However, essentially, it is very clear that the COVID narrative has been written. It has been written by those in charge, who have far too much to lose if it is found to be nonsense. So, it is not going to change.

What was the narrative? I have never seen it formally written down, but I think it is pretty much as follows:

  • COVID19 is a new, mutated coronavirus, that is far deadlier than influenza. With an infection fatality rate of around 1%*.
  • In the UK, around 500,000 people were going to die from it. Around 2.5 million in the USA, unless action was taken.
  • It was going to overwhelm health services unless drastic action was taken. Therefore, even more people would die if we just let it run its course.
  • The agreed action was lockdown, which has now been demonstrated to be highly effective at lowering the rate of infection in all countries.
  • Masks are highly effective at reducing spread.
  • More generally, PPE is highly effective at reducing spread.
  • It can be spread by asymptomatic people to almost the same extent as those with symptoms.
  • It is spread by droplets, not aerosols, which is why masks are so important.
  • Herd immunity is not possible through allowing people to become infected naturally.
  • There would be far greater damage to the economy if we allowed it to spread unchecked, than would ever be caused by lockdown.
  • Virtually everyone recorded as dying of COVID19 has died of COVID19 – not with COVID19 – or from something else altogether.
  • Vaccination provides stronger immunity than catching the disease, overcoming it, and building up natural immunity.
  • Remdesivir is effective at controlling symptoms and saving lives.
  • Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin D, Ivermectin, Vitamin C are all completely useless and damaging and should not be given to anyone. Doctors prescribing them should be (and have been) struck off.
  • Steroids can dampen down the immune response and reduce mortality.

*No agreement on where it actually originated. However, China and the WHO have told us it couldn’t possibly, in any way, have been due to ‘gain of function’ research in a lab in Wuhan – so that’s been cleared up then. I am fully satisfied, and you should be too.

I have not referenced any of this, because you will all have seen these messages repeated… repeatedly. In one form or another.

How much of this is likely correct? Some of it? None of it?

I think there are two things on that list that I fully agree with. COVID19 is a new, mutated, coronavirus that is more deadly than (most forms) of influenza – in the elderly at least.

I don’t think anyone is yet arguing that COVID19 has been, or will be, deadly than Spanish flu. Whether or not the Russian flu of the 1890s was worse? Maybe.

The other major influenza epidemics of 1957 and 1967/8 were pretty bad, just as bad, possibly worse?

There were, again probably, fewer overall deaths, but the world’s population was only a half of what it is now. The figures on deaths are almost impossible to make sense of anyway.

The other thing I agree with is that steroids are effective in reducing mortality. If given at the right time. As for the rest of it? I think it is pretty much wall to wall nonsense from start to finish.

I believe that the images from China, with people apparently dropping dead in the streets, spooked almost everyone. Then, when Italy was first hit, there were the images of overwhelmed hospitals filling our television screens. At which point the glass was smashed and we hit the ‘we’re all going to die’ red button. Fear was unleashed.

It certainly all happened very suddenly. On March the 26th Anthony Fauci stated the following in the New England Journal of Medicine:

” If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.” 1

In the UK, on the 19th of March 2020, we had the following statement from the Advisory Committee of Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP):

COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK”.

“The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

“The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

“The need to have a national, coordinated response remains, but this is being met by the government’s COVID-19 response.2

However, the doomsters had already managed to grab the narrative, and all attempts at scientific discussion were blown away. Fauci rapidly and completely changed his mind. COVID19 was, in fact, absolutely deadly and we must do absolutely everything possible to control it. At which point no-one else dared say anything else. Within a week the UK began, what is now called, Lockdown. An enormous, world altering decision had been made.

I find it slightly weird that, on March the 16th, Sir Patrick Vallance was recommending lockdown. Three days before this, the Advisory Committee of Dangerous Pathogens decreed that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as a high consequence infectious disease. Make your minds up guys.

Anyway, at some point in late March 2020, across the world the narrative had spread across the world like an iron curtain. There was to be no dissent from the party line. In the UK the BBC turned into the communications department for the Government, with health correspondents telling the public what they now needed to do. No longer reporting…instructing.

There was not, and has not been, the slightest attempt by the mainstream media to ask any serious questions about lockdown, or any other aspect of the actions taken. The opposition parties have all been falling over themselves to push more, ever tighter lockdowns, more punishment of offenders.

A ten-year jail sentence for making a mistake filling in a COVID questionnaire form. Yes, that is in place, although I very doubt anyone is ever going to be prosecuted for it. UK parliamentary democracy has been replaced by a dictatorship. No parliamentary scrutiny – at all.

In another sinister development, various agencies and fact checkers sprang into action. If you dared to question the narrative, you were subjected to the modern-day equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition. Accounts suspended, posts removed, access denied. Attacks raining down. At least you didn’t get burned at the stake – only your reputation went up in flames.

In stark contrast, a company called Surgisphere managed to publish an article in the Lancet, no less, claiming that hydroxychloroquine was useless. Which suited the narrative. It turned out they had simply made up their figures. In addition, they were closely financially connected with the pharmaceutical company that makes Remdesivir 3.

Where were the fact checkers on this …yes, completely silent, as they have been about anything in support of the narrative. On the other hand, dare to question the validity of, say, mask wearing, and they are down on you like a ton of bricks.

Levels of censorship like this have never been seen before in the West. Ever. Even the President of the US was being censored – by unelected and faceless individuals. Whatever you may have thought of The Donald, the office of President should command respect and it should have been several steps too far to shut him down.

In amongst all this censorship, where is the truth? Where are the facts? I am finding it very difficult to know. I consider myself pretty good at finding out what is going on, digging down to the truth. Analysing papers, sifting the evidence and suchlike. Helping others make sense of data. It’s kind of my thing.

Unfortunately, when I look to the voices on ‘the other side’ for balance they seem to have gone just as mad in the opposite directions. ‘Vaccination will kill hundreds of millions, women will be made sterile, it will drive the virus to mutate into a deadly, deadly, deadly, killer.’ Look, I am perfectly willing to accept that these vaccines were rushed through and may cause some significant health problems – some deaths. Which have already happened. But nothing destroys credibility faster than screaming blue bloody murder.

In my last blog I commented on a strategy known as OODA. Observe, orientate, decide, act. I have done a lot of observing. As for orientating. My current orientation is that everything we see around us has led from one error. As often happens.

The decision to lockdown was so massive, that it became impossible to question. If it was the wrong decision, all of those involved in making it would inevitably be held responsible for economic chaos, hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths, massive job losses and unprecedented social upheaval.

‘What was your legacy Boris’.

‘Well, harrumph, I made millions of people unemployed. In addition, by terrifying the public, I caused tens of thousands to stop attending hospital, who died unnecessarily. I blew four hundred billion, or thereabouts. I crushed personal freedoms. I prevented cancer diagnoses and treatments, and increased waiting lists by years – so people continued to suffer for years to come.’

‘Yes, but apart from that. How was lockdown?’

‘Well, to be quite frank, it achieved bugger all. Anyway, do you like my hairstyle. It does make people think I’m a bloody good chap.’

Can’t quite see anyone admitting to having made the greatest mistake in the history of the world. So now, everything is directed to the cause of ensuring that lockdown was seen to be the best thing to do, the only possible action that could have been taken. We had to the stop the infection spreading or everything would have been worse.

Anything, or any country, that does not follow that narrative has been attacked or explained away. For example, Sweden didn’t lockdown as much as the UK, or most other countries in Europe, and their actions have been ruthlessly attacked from all sides. They could not possibly be seen to have done better – than anyone. They have actually done far worse…look how badly it is going in Sweden… say what?

Standing in direct contradiction, but never commented on, it is simultaneously stated that they actually did lockdown. In fact, because the Swedes are so naturally law abiding, they locked themselves down. Suddenly everyone was a world leading expert on Swedish psychology.

Japan didn’t lock down. Ah, but they all wear masks, and don’t interact in the same way. Belarus didn’t lock down. Ah, but we don’t believe their figures. But we do believe the Chinese figures?

A randomised controlled study from Denmark showing that masks don’t really work was dismissed as useless and stripped apart by the Fact Checkers…. Studies from the US demonstrated that states that locked down tightly did no better than those that didn’t…. Oh, it was population density, atmospheric pressure, ethnic make-up, temperature. Throw whatever made-up evidence free explanation you like into the air.

This is the scientific equivalent of a fighter plane releasing chaff into the air to confuse and misdirect an incoming missile. You no longer have one target, you have thousands.

It is something I have been battled against in my cardiovascular research. Attack the ‘cholesterol hypothesis’ and it disintegrates into hundreds of different pieces in front your eyes. HDL, LDL, particle number, small dense LDL, light fluffy LDL, dyslipidaemia…. On and on it goes. A lifetime can be fully wasted examining each piece of chaff in minute detail. My advice, don’t bother, just learn to recognise chaff when you see it.

Which all gets us where?

Where, is that nothing is going to alter the direction of the narrative right now. It has the support of everyone in positions of power, almost everywhere around the world. Science is being bent to fit the narrative, and you can see it happening, if you know what to look for. Recently Boris Johnson stated that vaccination hasn’t really made any difference to falling rates in the UK, lockdown did the heavy lifting.

Why is he saying this? Because the pro-lockdowners are building the narrative fortress higher and higher to protect it from the inevitable future attacks. The likes of Imperial College London, and Neil Ferguson, who have massive responsibility for lockdown, can see there are now more and more scientists who are readying the evidence against lockdown. And it is starting to look strong.

A battle will be fought, and the pro-lockdowners are trying to get politicians to nail their colours fully to the lockdown side. They know that politicians around the world will happily throw all the pro-lockdown scientists to the wolves the moment it begins to look politically expedient. ‘They made us do it. We just followed their advice. Boo Hoo, it wasn’t my fault. Don’t be nasty to me.

Yes, we have realpolitik in place. Maybe we should call it realscientik. Neil Ferguson, and his ilk, pressed the emergency red button. It is a button they have been itching to press for years, decades. It is the ‘Here is the infection that is going to kill us all’ button. That infection may turn up at some point. COVID19 isn’t it. The button should never have been pressed.

The truth about the actions taken, and the true effectiveness of lockdown, and the damage of lockdown. This will not emerge for many years. By which time, the likes of Boris and Angela and Emmanuel, and Scott and Jacinda will be long gone, and won’t care. In my opinion there should be a reckoning. However, there won’t be.




691 thoughts on “COVID19: Taking Stock

  1. james

    Brilliant as always, thank you for keeping your sanity, while I feel like I am losing mine. Your cool, rational approach always helps.

    1. Stephen Carr

      This rather over hyped situation has come at the right time, it seems, for “The Political Elite” and “Globalists” and “Word governments” who are using it as a vehicle to push their agenda which is “The UN Agenda 30” !

      1. Peter Downey

        Yes, Stephen. I don’t know who first coined the phrase ‘new normal’ but if it wasn’t one of those demanding climate change yesterday, it certainly help mobilize them when they heard it.
        Johnson is, I strongly believe opposed to lockdown. But expediency trumps principal with him every time.
        It has been the likes of Guardian columnists that have dragged this along. Like a campaign for mask wearing over a 2 months period last year that used as their weapon ‘male toxicity’.
        There will not be (at least in many of our life times) a reckoning. Indeed with our acquiescence and appeasement we have been nearly as culpable as those who have been responsible. And the lie and the game will probably continue in some form for a long time to come.
        There was only ever one solution – and that was to hit the streets in large numbers. But we didn’t.
        Johnson, Hancock and Ferguson will be shocked at how easily we have been in giving up our freedoms.
        It bodes ill for the future.

        1. Millie Vile

          Some did, but the media refused to cover them because it didn’t suit the agenda. Tomorrow will be the 2 week mark from the huge protest in London so theoretically people should be dropping like flies by this weekend

          1. Peter Downey

            Hi, Millie. Yes. But not in large numbers. The numbers we saw, for example, over Iraq.
            I think even the BBC would have had difficulty ignoring a protest of that magnitude.

            On second thoughts, strike out that last sentence.

        2. Rosie

          There were approx one million of us on the streets of London end of last month.

          Another huge London freedom march this Saturday the 29th May——–intending for two million this time. Will you join us???

          1. Fast Eddy

            I suspect it’s already too late …. if Bossche and Montagnier are correct…. with over a billion injected …. the state is set for the deadly Marek’s-style variants to emerge…

            The trap has already been sprung…. but they’ll keep injecting as one would empty an entire clip from an AK-47 into a bad guy… just to make sure.

            Failure is not an option.

    2. Jan Roman

      Well, I agree with your skepticism, but the Danish study about masks was indeed useless. It was a typical medical study testing if a medication, in this case a mask, will prevent a patient from getting sick. However, in an epidemic like this the goal of wearing a mask is similar to why the surgeon wears a mask. To not pass on your disease to others. Does one need to wear a mask if one doesn’t have symptoms? I don’t know. In Asia people wear masks if they are sick. We go to work and and spread the seasonal flu.

      1. Serge Petelin

        The good Dr. here tho seems to have interpreted the Danish study to explicitly conclude that the masks are useless per se. Rather than moderately useful, as it was “15-20%” protection to wearers.
        “The study’s findings “should not be used to conclude that a recommendation for everyone to wear masks in the community would not be effective in reducing SARS-CoV-2 infections, because the trial did not test the role of masks in source control of SARS-CoV-2 infection,” the authors wrote.”

        Does Dr Kendrick wear a face mask whilst operating?
        Does he offer an opinion whether the masks are effective in inhibiting C19 transmissions from the wearer?

  2. andy

    But now we have the government is saying we must be injected..perhaps regularly, for ever more.
    And young people too..though we were told young people didnt even get covid. And now some sorts of the rushed-through injections are causing deaths ..even a 2 year old in Viginia now. But is any of the above just more fake news and poor statistics. I have no idea.
    And I suspect you Dr K don’t too.
    We are blind people struggling in a dark maze of nothingness.

  3. Terry

    All very true with the extremely slight possibility that the current row with Cummings could just possibly lead to an early exit for Bozo with a slim possibility that he might be replaced with someone with at least a slight regard for the truth about all this covid fascism.

    1. Stephanie

      Don’t hold your breath hoping for someone with more integrity than Boris coming along, he managed to sack all those with any integrity in his party at the start of his reign, when they voted differently to the way in which he dictated.

        1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          Gove is the Man! – did you see the release of Him unmasked with a room full of masked and frightened vassals – inc Netanyahu? /Sarcasm alert!
          Securitised narrative doesn’t actually need even the ‘truth’ that Malcolm accepts of a new virus POSED as THE presumed cause of a new-ish condition/version of what is usually called flu. Or at least given hypersensitive focus, funding and reaction.

          Where we accept as true becomes the ground we build on and the frame in which we think – or are permitted to think.
          The only truth I see is the ‘securitised’ narrative. The purpose of which are clearly operating in alignment and support of the banking cartels and their core corporate sectors and fronts that COULD starve the thing of fuel and simply choke it of the capacity to run.
          Ironically the average person sees financial loss resulting from ‘dread disease’ as PROOF it must be real, but the fact is the largest redistribution of wealth (and control) in human history.

          Its all down the the way we ‘think’ as a symptom of what is permitted to run as ‘thinking’ or ‘incentivised’ as a new ‘normal’ way to think. Orwell offered some insight on such ‘thinking’ that everyone then ‘thought’ they understood.
          It seems that warnings operate to prepare the target to passively accept as if inevitable.

          Integrity running on a mistaken or misidentified premise will go forth and multiply its errors systemically as corruption of the whole. Any aspect of which becomes too big to fail if calling fundamentals into question.

          We cling to masking illusions, while sacrificing a living truth to its cause.

    2. Steve

      The Bozo, Cumming spat is an entirely manufactured thing to distract from the continuing lies, corruption and incompetence. Don’t fall for it, keep your eyes on the target.

    3. David

      If you examine the current row it seems that Boris was less convinced about Covid than his Cabinet. He was anti-lockdown. His replacement will be worse.

    4. Peter Downey

      What hope there, Terry? I’ve just spoilt my postal vote. Not one candidate is against. At least, I think so, as none of them mentioning it – well, I might have missed the odd sentence.

    1. Christel Picciano

      My 33 yr old grandmother died in 1918. Per her death certificate: The CAUSE OF DEATH – Labor Pneumonia, Contributory- Influenza. Imagine if today’s death certificates were as factual, The CAUSE OF DEATH: old age, end stage renal failure or cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart attack, respiratory failure etc

  4. Kim Millhouse

    Many many years ago I bought your statin damage crisis book. I witnessed my partner experience severe muscle damage, some of which was reversed by Co enzyme Q10. I love your sensible reasoning about many subjects. I tried getting a couple of GP ‘s I know to read books I gave them and they replied yes very interesting but we have guidelines to follow and HAVE to prescribe statins. We have targets to achieve!

    I gave into pressure and had the Astra Zeneca vaccine… much against my instincts. I had read much about MRNA Pfizer and moderna and was sufficiently concerned, that I wouldn’t have had them. People think I’m crazy to have doubts.

    I had healthy levels of D: 100 (supplemented by 4000ius daily) zinc, am white, eat well, and not overweight. I never even have a flu jab, trusting my excellent immunity. Yet I had it, fearful that life would be difficult, regarding travel and no strong reason not to.

    My question is, have YOU, a person I trust, had the vaccine? What are your thoughts on MRNA vaccines? I’d love to know, if you would share.. Thank you.

    On Sat, 24 Apr 2021, 08:01 Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: “24th April 2021 What has happened with > COVID19 has happened. All around the world Governments and their advisors > have blundered about, all claiming they did absolutely the right thing. > Maybe a bit slow in locking down here and there. However, essentiall” >

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      In the post the morning I received yet another missive from the General Medical Council. A complaint from a doctor stating that I should be stuck off. I have had more than one. Thus far, the GMC has decided to take no action. Were I to start discussing vaccines in any depth that would most certainly be the end of my medical career. You are just going to have to guess what I truly think about mRNA technology.

      1. christinepike

        Please do whatever you need to to protect yourself and your career, Dr. Kendrick. We need you to be on the inside, with access to the data. It’s appreciated that you may have to be circumspect in what you say sometimes. Thank you for your blog – it’s a tiny sliver of sanity in a world gone mad!

      2. AhNotepad

        That doctor should probably be retrained to remove the brainwashing. They should also note they may be complicit in the deception that is being done by governments. Ref

      3. Jerry Sims

        Unfortunately Malcom great swathes of the medical profession have been duped by all of this and have bought into the narrative. I have no doubt for those working in intensive care this has been a more than trying time – however, this is not unusual by any means during the viral season. I recall all too well the Winter workload during my junior doctor days on the medical and admission wards and frankly what I seen in the last year does not compare. Any doctor of my age will readily agree.

        1. Eric R

          As was said when doctors, residents and nurses talked about hard it was when they were busy : “Thanks for doing your job!”

          Okay, residents didn’t usually get to say that.

      4. Larry Dahlgren

        It’s a sad reality that we are in; that we don’t allow discussion about vaccines and threaten those who dare to point at contrary scientific studies, be they RCT’s or observational studies. I understand your position Dr. Kendrick and am very thankful that I am not in the same position. I dream of the day when public debates on important issues (especially medical issues) are once again permitted in good scientific fashion. For now, I will drift in the ether of caution (as I always have), instead focussing on prevention through healthy lifestyle – taught to me by MY researched choice of experts, not those who are imposed on us by the government – and trusting that that ever-maligned natural defence system, my immune system, will take care of me as much as possible.

        1. Yuri

          – You can call mr Goldman to the phone?
          – He is not at home
          – He is at work?
          – No
          – He didn’t go out for a while?
          – No
          – Did I understand you correctly?
          – Yes

      5. Don

        Truly a shame. Corporations have teamed with government on a massive, world wide scale. They WILL make the trains run on time, even if it takes changing the time by edict. Stragglers like us, pointing out what time it really is, will be run over. I don’t have much to spare, but I would kick in a few bucks (American slang, what do you Brits say, quid?) to help you if you lose your position.

      6. WJ

        I find this astonishing.

        Medical ethics demand that patients be fully informed of the merits and demerits of ANY treatment…….and that a patient’s ‘informed consent’ to any treatment is absolutely required.

        How can it be that you might be threatened by the GMC for espousing basic medical ethics?

        How can it be that the GMC would entertain an irrational complaint from a doctor who is clearly ignorant of his profession’s ethics.

        There’s a lot of it about – I spoke to my GP about taking the vaccine, as I believe I could easily have T-cell immunity having lived many years in HK, including the 2003 SARS outbreak [which I now believe also involved broad asymptomatic infection].

        She told me to take it – I am in my fifties and 50lbs over-weight. I mentioned both efficacy and risks to her……..she said, ‘These drug companies wouldn’t run the risk of being sued if things went wrong’.

        Is it credible that an experienced GP would not know that Big Pharma has been given both civil and criminal immunity from prosecution?

        Please keep up the good work Dr. K.

      7. John Robert

        Dear Dr Kendrick,

        Based on your viewpoints one could readily assume you are skeptical of the technology and therefore understandably happy to forgo the vaccine, preferring instead to maintain your healthy lifestyle and supplements to support your natural defences (all the while avoiding any unnecessary risks of course).

        Yet you have stated that you have had the jab and it’s follow up. So I am curious – this surely means you believe in the technology and the efficacy of the vaccine and that you think the risks of catching covid are high enough to warrant administration?

        Forgive me if I am wrong, however I and I am sure most of your followers, would like to know, if you have had the jab – then are you recommending others do so?


        1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

          On the Internet, I recommend very little. Especially when it comes to vaccines – where I recommend nothing. In my world there is the General Medical Council that sits and watches and waits to see if any doctor requires re-education or excommunication, after first admitting to their sinful activity of course. I have explained before that to work as a doctor in the NHS, without being vaccinated, would be virtually impossible. Especially in my main role of looking after elderly people in hospital and community. Therefore I was impracticable for me not to get vaccinated.

          As a general rule, I believe that we should all be free to make our own decisions about what we decide to do – having first weighed up the pros and cons. I know you want me to say yes, or no, but that is not going to happen.

          1. Fast Eddy

            End of the day … as I have said to a couple of mates who are not captured by CovIDIOCY but have had the vax for various reasons…. if there is something sinister going down here… it does not matter if you have had the vax or not … we are all done for.

            In fact the vaxxed may be the smart ones… if it allows them to avoid this x 10000000

            I keep thinking about how the PMO in Canada stated in The Leak that ‘it’s best for everyone’…

            If they are putting us down… they have a very good reason for doing so… who wants to be around to watch the Beast come roaring out from behind the curtain

            Anyone interested in learning more about the Beast — I can recommend this Almost finished that then I am onto

            Trying to work up the rationale for getting jabbed 🙂

          2. Mr Chris

            Dear Malcolm
            A very canny reply, every word weighed. People who follow you should note that you do not reply in an off hand manner and use that fact to evaluate your medical musings.

          3. Jeremy May

            This post is rather hidden way back in the thread, it’s only by chance I happened upon it.
            I did note your comment a while ago on another thread that you had received the vaccine (first dose I think). From memory, you explained your reasoning, similar to above. Considered choice but with reservations.
            I chose to have a vaccine for the sole reason that it may lessen my symptoms if I catch covid. Being somewhat vulnerable I wanted any advantage going to see as much of our grandkids as possible.
            I’m due my second Pfiser next week and the thought of it makes me cringe. My Mrs had already had her second, soI really have no choice now. I do feel to be part of a huge dystopian experiment.
            Had I been fit and under 50 I would have refused.
            I think that vaccinating anyone healthy under, say, 40, is plain crazy, until we know more about the long-term effects. And as for vaccinating children?!

            The overwhelming disappointment throughout this pandemic has been the shutting down of rational debate and the brutal power of the establishment’s propaganda machine.

          4. Mr Chris

            at the risk of disapproval from the seven or eight zealots who seem to make up the majority of the commenters on this board at the moment, I will explain my reasoning for being vaccinated:
            1 we are both over 80 and therefore in peak risk group. it seems wrong to put others in our age group potentially at risk by not being vaccinated.
            2 my family before vaccination kept at a certain distance because of the risks to us.
            my ophtalmologue is dead, a friend is dead, another friend was in a coma for two months and is now in a wheel chair, my son has developed AF since Covid. Do I go on?
            3 I live in a small university town, the students observation of the rules is in the lower quartile of 0, I don’t want to be queuing in a shop with spreaders.
            4 I like to travel and go to France five or six times a year. Non vaccinated will be required to have two tests and isolate, at 200 euros a pop that will be quite expensive. I also think a vaccine passport will be required for plane travel.

            I have a question, I need to change my car, but I read in a post on here that the plan is for the vaccinated to keel over after six to nine months. Does this make a purchase unwise in my case?
            Asking for a friend.

          5. Fast Eddy

            I think it’s fantastic that you have been vaccinated! More power to you!!!

            If I was old and going to pieces (and let’s face it… everyone is going to pieces after 80 — most after 50… many after 20)… I’d not only take the vaccine… I’d eat pizza and ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner… I’d smoke crack… and shoot heroin, snort coke (to wake up in the morning) and chase that with whiskey (if I felt in the mood)… I’d even stop washing fruit and vegetables — at that point in life who really gives a shit eh?

            So now that you are safe from zealots like me [you know — those who are in perfect health — who don’t smoke… drink minimally… eat healthy food… exercise vigorously regularly] who refuse to be injected with an experimental ‘vaccine’ you should sit smugly in your throne and look down upon the unvaxxed imbeciles.

            Superiority feels so good – doesn’t it!

            BTW – did I mention that a nurse at my clinic told me that the ‘vaccine’ will not stop me from getting covid — or passing it on to other people including broken down 80 year olds?

            The NZ Ministry of Health website stated that as well — but they have now removed that from the FAQs (I have copied it and can post it again here if you like…)

            Let’s take stock — I am healthy and fit — so I am about as likely to die from Covid as I am to win the lottery…. The vaccine does not stop me from getting covid… plenty of people have died/been maimed after taking the ‘vaccine’…. I have to quarantine in just about every country I visit if I leave NZ … and I have to spent 2 weeks in a prison cell upon return (if I can find one)….

            So guess what — I won’t be taking the vaccine mate. Why? Because there is ZERO upside… and unknown (and possibly fatal) downside.

            Word of advice …. tell your family to keep away from you — they can still infect you with the dreaded Covid Flu!!!

            As for your dreams of a wonderful vacation in France… good luck with that…. the place will still be swarming with Covid because the vaccine does not stop covid…. If you decide to risk it … (and if it is even permitted come summer…. ) I am sure you will have a fantastic time at the mostly empty restaurants and venues with you face diaper…

            And heaven forbid they go into yet another extended lockdown while you are there… because your travel insurance will not cover the cost of your hotel and food should you get trapped for an extended ‘vacation’….

            Woody Allen has a couple of very good movies based on France… might be wiser (and SAFER!) to lock yourself down and watch those …. it’s very dangerous to travel — since you can still contract covid and who knows what….


            Yours Truly,

            Team Anti-Vaxx Zealots

      8. Dan Anderson

        I do believe you will be set upon. You can’t hide. My unsolicited free advice, worth every penny, as they say, is to stop making even honest declarations and only ask questions. Seek answers, don’t offer answers. Provoke questioning. Entrenched enemies pointing fingers at a skeptical questioner is self-defeating.

        Align with no one, but stand alone so to be judged alone, without prejudice. There is no strength in numbers in this case, just weight of association.

        The KISS principle applies — keep it simple. Instead of long well thought out well connected posts, have many concise, pointed postings.

        Don’t be martyred. “They” are out to get you. Don’t feed the predators. IF you are right, then they are wrong, is their thinking. Don’t claim to be right or accuse others of being wrong. In a defensive mode, take away their target. Question and let their answers reveal truth or flaws. When a question is not answered, question why? Every answer will yield yet another question? Protect yourself.

        1. barovsky

          I thnk you’ve got it wrong Dan. For the most part, that’s exactly what Dr Kendrick has done, ask questions but sometimes the answer is in the question.

    2. Mary F Dyer

      Kim, I hear you loud and clear, ie, the dilemma over taking the vaccine. So many are caving who have doubts. I will not give in, even tho I may not be able to fly, travel, etc. How dare they do this to us – it is NOT a vaccine, it has been given “emergency authorization”, NOT approved by the FDA, etc. A sad state of affairs. Thanks to Dr. Malcolm for the voice of sanity.

      1. fluffygingercat

        I am not having the second experimental mRNA jab and was coerced into having the first as peiple were ‘concerned’ for me. Apart from worries about Antibody Dependent Enhancement, the ‘news’ that innoculation would be mandatory for events and some jobs was taken up by Care Uk the next day and now the general public expect medical staff to have it. A young patient was also peturbed as they were in events and said she knew who was allowed to attend (this was a couple of weeks ago). I’m lucky and have f2f patients who have led me to Klaus Schwab’s books, Covid-19 the great reset sounds like a constitution, it’s the ‘what’ and Shaping the future of the 4th Industrial Revolution is the ‘how’ a human/biotech hybrid nightmare, it really does sound like Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. It’s pretty face is the Green save the planet agenda.

      1. fluffygingercat

        Me too – im just a warning for others not to cave, hopefully my already prior infection (my O2 sats were low 90% sfor half a year may have given me my own immunity to cope with the synthetic version.

    3. 186NO

      “Targets to achieve”
      Ummm, smacks of selling practice; since when have Doctors shrugged off their Hippocratic mantel for the lust for filthy lucre?

      Big problem with induced “targets” is the forced tactics adopted by GPs to “achieve” them – and it lays them wide opening to a “misspelling” type class action for putting top down induced targets for proper health advice. I wonder if their GMC lifetime indemnity will be subtly revised in view of the “non vaccine” vaccine administered by them; they can hardly say that they have got informed consent when the full trials of ALL “vaccines” are still underway.

    4. JDPatten

      Kim Millhouse,
      Your answer was under “What Is An Anti-Vaxxer?”:

      “Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author
      March 14, 2021 at 12:03 pm

      I have had the vaccine, the Pfizer one. The first dose, and I am due the second at the end of this month. I weighed up the benefits vs the risks. Not the medical benefits vs. risks. I have been surrounded by Covid19 since the start of the pandemic and over thirty patients that I attended to (mask-less at the start) died of (probably) Covid19. I have been coughed on by mask less Covid positive nurses, with symptoms. I spend a month or so, attending patients in nursing homes. My daughter arrived home with anosmia and symptoms last year and proceeded to cough all round the house.

      I was at Geneva airport for five hours, early March 2020 from whence the virus spread across Europe – probably. In short, this virus doesn’t like me. Or, for whatever reason, my immune system has squashed it flat. So, I didn’t get vaccinated because I fear getting Covid19. I got vaccinated because of the pressure in the NHS, and having to do lateral flow tests every two days if not vaccinated. Not being able to visit patients in nursing homes and, in effect, not being able to do my job. Also, as you can imagine, life becomes uncomfortable for healthcare staff who refuse vaccination.

      I figured that I was pretty unlikely to get a serious adverse effect from the vaccine. So, I went ahead.

      My situation, however, is not the same as for everyone else. If your chances of dying from Covid19 are very slight- which is the case for any healthy person under, about, seventy. I (personally) would not take the vaccine for ‘self’ protection. For those over seventy, or those with underlying conditions, I (personally) probably would. However, I absolutely support anyone’s decision on this matter, and I vehemently oppose vaccine passports, or any other form of coercion to force people to be vaccinated.”

    5. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      If you persist in taking actions because you have no strong reason not to, I am sure you will find strong reasons to re-evaluate your behaviour – and the basis for such.
      I suggest you had strong reasons to take the gene therapy injection, and have not allowed yourself to uncover what they are as they seem to be simply social compliance in conflict aversion.
      I met a nurse today who has been involved with mRNA gene therapy for years and meets adverse results as an insider. Its a shot in the dark – but fear has a way of running in darkness that is denied by a light of transparency and true account.
      So as you have had this, I would not now add more fear to what is already a fear-defined or fear-guided act.
      Why do we override our ‘instincts’?
      The ability of fear to temporarily (or more frequently) steal our mind, is part of what I call a human dissociation or split mind running under a masking narrative continuity.
      I prefer ‘intuition’ where you chose instinct, and also use the term discernment.
      heart and mind function as one, unless fear stamps a mind of trauma – that then reiterates as patterns of conditioned response.

      Repenting or a mistake in the sense I mean it, is a true release of its basis, regardless the habit patterns or symptoms that persist. There’s no process of technique for Decision, but the unwillingness to see the true nature of the choice may perpetuate indecision and conflict as ‘normal’, and push this out onto various external scenarios.

      Life operates a homeostasis and symbiotic relational interactions that a dissociated thinking cannot begin to appreciate. Methinks we anthropomorphise everything as props to our fear, and then react to it as true. This makes our drama the centre of All Things, rather than the Gift of Awareness of Existence. One cant get through to the dramatically possessed. They only use you as a prop… But you can extend a love of life and share and strengthen it, as the conditions connected heart and mind as one. Fear of Life or Truth MUST immunise itself against loss of its mask. That is what it ‘does’ – even if in the final analysis it was all much ado about nothing.

    6. Christel Picciano

      My brother’s mother in-law went on statins and within 6 months became an arthritic cripple with numerous replacement surgeries. In the end they took her off the statins and had her sprinkle oatmeal over her food.
      I took a nutrition college course, we reviewed a study about lowering cholesterol. The groups: low-fat diet, exercising, wine drinking, high fiber diet. The high fiber diet group had the most substantial cholesterol reduction.

  5. Linda Randell

    Wonderful- a balanced, and I believe, truthful account of what’s gone on. I was a doubter from the beginning, simply because it didn’t make sense to lockdown healthy people. Then I heard that a local funeral director was having to deal with distressed relatives who had had to argue with doctors about what was put on their loved ones death certificates. I heard of two people who had filled in the form online in order to have a COVID test, hadn’t gone through with it, but received the news a week later that they had tested positive! This was happening a year ago. I would like to see justice done but I won’t hold my breath! I have struggled with stress but your emails have helped me enormously. Thank you!

  6. Prudence Kitten

    It seems to me that monumental decisions like this, with catastrophic consequences, are the result of allowing medicine and science to be bureaucratised. The NHS, which was a marvellous idea in its way, suffered from that Achilles heel: everything became concentrated into one huge blob under government control and supervision. Hospitals became huge, processes appeared everywhere, accompanied by brigades of managers and administrators (what’s the difference?); doctors and nurses became low-level employees, on a par with clerks or bricklayers.

    Gradually all the important decisions began to be made by administrators – many of whom have absolutely no medical training. The most important decisions gravitated to government – politicians or Sir Humphrey.

    To restore the integrity and humanity of medicine and science, “all” we have to do is disband the vast monoliths and set individual doctors and scientists free to treat patients, or do research, as they see fit.

    All the managers and administrators should be fired. If they wish they can apply for jobs in the new dispensation, but those will be low-paid jobs reporting to doctors and nurses – who will make the decisions. Obviously only a minority will wish to undertake such tasks, leaving their colleagues free to work uninterrupted.

    Perhaps all funding of research by industry should be forbidden by law. But that leaves government as the main source of bounty. Oh well, I can’t solve all humanity’s problems today.

    1. DevonshireDozer

      Nice idea, but it’s too late. Based on my own contact with the NHS over the past couple of years, I don’t think most younger British trained doctors (under the age of about 50) are capable of doing it. They are now ‘Health Care Professionals’ with a certain job grade, pay & package but work as small cogs in a big machine. Younger East European trained staff seemed to be much more switched on, thought for themselves & took responsibility.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        Ironic to think that Chinese doctors and scientists (for example) may have more independence and openness of mind than Western ones.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        Yes; if you recall, Sir Humphrey always has a glib, superficially convincing answer to every question. But as soon as real knowledge of anything (except perhaps the Latin and Greek classics or opera) is required, he flounders. He is actually proud of never having learned anything about maths, science, technology, or even languages. Actual work is left to the lower orders.

    2. Jerome Savage

      “Gradually all the important decisions began to be made by administrators”
      and with no medical background – very true.
      I also witnessed at first hand, the attitude of administrators many years ago towards frontline staff, nurses in particular who were described as trouble – in frequent off guard moments. I suspect the UK would be no different.

    3. David Bailey

      I think we are witnessing the decay of science in general – medical science in this case. Science seems to have become less and less reliable, as demonstrated in this paper:

      I felt the start of this many years ago when I did science, but it has undoubtedly got far worse over time. So much of modern cience is no longer about truth, but about producing papers that are ‘on message’. I am sure that people are at work right now ‘proving’ that lockdowns were essential, and I am equally sure that gratifying amounts of money will flow into the authors’ bank accounts in some suitably opaque way.

      In the medical arena, this tells it all:

      Billions of dollars were paid in fines imposed on Big Pharama, but nobody went to jail, even though many lives were lost as a result of those crimes. If senior executives knew that they might go to jail for the deceptions they initiate, the result would be transformational.

      1. theasdgamer

        Isn’t there a little good news for science? The Danish mask study? The retracted Lancet article about HCQ? The retracted mask mandate study of Kansas?

        Surely, a thumb is on the scale, but let’s not give up.

          1. theasdgamer


            I was part of an internet group that examined the Mehra study. My contribution was noting that the data covered a period of time where the standard of care changed greatly–from Dec. 2019 to May 2020. Lumping data from Dec. with data from May is a gross mistake, in my opinion. That had no direct impact on the retraction, of course. Time _was_ a key reason to doubt the data because it’s difficult to believe that all that data could be gathered in such a short time frame from so many hospitals all over the world.

      2. Prudence Kitten

        David, I think part of it is that science gradually ceased to be a vocation – something done out of love and commitment, because it seems so important – and became a meal ticket for most scientists. This happened as the numbers of scientists exploded; as Kingsley Amis said about higher education, “More means worse”.

        The hundreds of thousands of scientists needed funding and plausible work to do. The answer was found in funding by corporations and governments, which of course demanded “value for money”. Instead of a disinterested search for truth, science became a rather grubby pursuit of ways to make money or exert power. As each scientist was required to produce a quota of papers every year, the number of papers exploded. But fewer and fewer were replicated to check their findings, because funders saw replicating an experiment as a waste of money.

      3. Chrissie

        Thank you for the link David. Anyone seen any reports on yesterday’s March in London ( 24 April 2021)? Censorship is real, widespread and very scary.

        1. jeanirvin

          Russia Today have a report with videos. I know a lot of people on Twitter who went and have posted video.

    4. Anto Coates

      As so often in the past year, Monty Python said it best. Watch the first scene of The Meaning of Life with the surgeons scrambling to accommodate the know-nothing hospital administrator and “the machine that goes ‘bing!’”

  7. Chrissie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have given my spirits a lift this morning. But what do we do in the face of all the censorship? And now that fear is well entrenched in society, it’s hard to undo all the harm. Apathy and a willingness to follow the rules without looking deeper I find alarming too.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      “But what do we do in the face of all the censorship?”

      As John Gilmore said 27 years ago (1993), “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it”.

      We can do likewise. If you and the people whose writing you value are censored on social media, stop using those platforms. Talk directly to family and friends. Use private Web sites like Dr Kendrick’s – although in Dr Kendrick’s case we must be careful to write nothing in our comments that could be used against him in his professional capacity.

      And as David Hume wisely observed in the 1740s,

      “Nothing appears more surprising to those, who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye, than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few; and the implicit submission, with which men resign their own sentiments and passions to those of their rulers. When we enquire by what means this wonder is effected, we shall find, that, as Force is always on the side of the governed, the governors have nothing to support them but opinion. It is therefore, on opinion only that government is founded; and this maxim extends to the most despotic and most military governments, as well as to the most free and most popular”.
      – David Hume, “Essays, Moral, Political, and Literary. Essay 4 : Of The First Principles of Government”

      For a start, I recommend:

      UK Column
      Lockdown Sceptics
      Dr No
      Off Guardian
      C. J. Hopkins
      The Saker
      Michel Hudson
      Andrei Martyanov
      Dmitry Orlov
      Media Lens
      A Swiss Doctor Writes
      John Helmer
      Rob Slane
      Craig Murray
      Caitlin Johnstone
      South Front
      Architects for Social Housing (Deals with many topics)
      Charlie Spedding Careful: look past the “pinned” top article
      Vanessa Beeley
      Eva Bartlett
      The Vaccine Reaction
      Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
      William M Briggs, Statistician to the Stars!

      I could go on… but those will do for a start. Two important notes:

      1. I have given all URLs in the https format, which is more secure. But some Web sites don’t yet support it. If you get a message, just delete the “s” to turn https into http.

      2. You will find that many of these sources are highly opinionated, and they trend to disagree with one another – sometimes violently. Don’t be discouraged: variety of opinion is the sign of free discussion! You can tell the mainstream media because its messages are identical to those of government. No one, probably, is right about everything (except me of course).

      1. Jerome Savage

        “easiness with which the many are governed by the few; and the implicit submission” – feudalism has never gone away. The notion that peasants can go about their business while a lord of the battlefield can oversee and “protect” the small offen hungry small farmer has its roots not just in Norman times but also beyond.

      2. Chrissie

        Thank you Prudence. I also find the open letters from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance very informative, balanced and well researched. They give me hope too. Thank you.

      3. David Bailey

        I’d just like to add that I don’t use social media, and I think it will help if as few people use social media as absolutely necessary. Internet censorship operates mainly at the level of Facebook etc, and if people start to leave their platforms, they will feel the pain as their advertising revenues fall.

  8. Jean Humphreys

    It saddens me so much that I should be forced to spend my last few years (I must have only single figures left) in this half life with prats feeding me b***s**t. I am accustomed to the powerful lying to me. The medical profession has pretty much lost its right to be called a profession now. I know that any one doctor can only be as good as the information he has been given, but it would be good if a few more of these chappies would get into the habit of some mild questioning, and thinking for themselves.

    1. Tracy

      I was thinking that asking questions always gets me into trouble – and I can see that if you are a professional who wishes to keep his/her position, you have to stop asking questions – or at least stop offering solid answers to those questions publicly. Witch-hunting didn’t end in the middle ages!

      1. me oliveira

        In my old mind I know that several professions are doomed. No one will gave any credit to these: Medical doctor, Scientist, Researcher, Specialist [mainly Specialist of the speciality], Operational, Politician, Lawler.
        Thieves are exception because more than 80% of people desire to be.

    2. Prudence Kitten

      Jean, may I suggest “the consolations of philosophy”? If government and corporations make public life intolerable, we all have inestimably precious and inexhaustible resources – both within ourselves and in the treasury of literature, art and music. When tired of Boris Johnson (which in my case is “immediately”) we can relax with Plato, Lao-tse, the Bible or – according to taste – Bertrand Russell and Wittgenstein. History and literature are vast. Mathematics is a delightful pastime; contrary to what you may have been taught at school, it is more an art than a science and contains much that is beautiful.

      Siddartha Gautama, the (latest) Buddha, is said to have advised:
      “Hold firm to the truth as a lamp and a refuge, and do not look for a refuge in anything outside yourselves. A man becomes his own lamp and refuge by constantly looking on his body, feelings, perceptions, moods and ideas in such a way that he conquers the cravings and depressions of ordinary men and is always strenuous, self-possessed and collected in mind”.

      He also said:
      “Within this fathom-long body was the means whereby time and space first came into your consciousness, and within this fathom-long body is the means whereby you can pass beyond time and space and find the end of the world and Deathlessness. For, friends, these things are not without you; they are within”.

      That advice is not to be taken on trust or as an item of faith. The Buddha said so explicitly, very often. He told his followers to believe and trust their own experience; he could only advise.

      1. Jean Humphreys

        Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I can relate to all of the advice, , and these things are a great help when I get too exercised by the way the b8sr8rds have treated me. I can only disagree with one thing you said – I was taught maths by a gifted teacher, who was also the head of the school. She worked very hard at trying to help me see the beauty, but I could only perform, never love!

        1. Prudence Kitten

          Jean, I think I understand how you feel about maths. I allowed myself to be discouraged from studying it at senior school, and have regretted that ever since.

          May I recommend this short, very approachable and affordable book?

          “A Mathematician’s Lament: How School Cheats Us Out of Our Most Fascinating and Imaginative Art Form”

          “A brilliant research mathematician reveals math to be a creative art form on par with painting, poetry, and sculpture, and rejects the standard anxiety-producing teaching methods used in most schools today. Witty and accessible, Paul Lockhart’s controversial approach will provoke spirited debate among educators and parents alike, altering the way we think about math forever.

          “Paul Lockhart is the author of Arithmetic, Measurement, and A Mathematician’s Lament. He has taught mathematics at Brown University, University of California, Santa Cruz, and to K-12 level students at St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York”.

          1. Prudence Kitten

            Afraid not, adsgamer. It looks intriguing, but a little out of my current price range! I’ll keep an eye out on Alibris…

      2. Anto Coates

        Hi Prudence. Enjoyed your comment. I have been thinking recently about trying to reexplore mathematics as an adult, after losing the impetus as soon as calculus was introduced at high school. Any recommendations on books or where to start?

        1. Prudence Kitten

          A good start is Paul Lockhart’s “A Mathematician’s Lament” (briefly described in my last comment). The Amazon comments – at least, the great majority of them – give a good idea of what you get for your money.

          The difficulty is that people do vary a lot in their tolerance for maths and their intuitive grasp of mathematical ideas. So a book that one person will love may seem a bit hard for someone else, or far too simplistic for a third.

          I don’t think you can go far wrong with anything by John Allen Paulos or Ian Stewart. Another reliable author is W.W. Sawyer. Look at Amazon for descriptions and reader reviews, which can give you some hints as to content and style.

          One of my favourites was “Mathematics and the Imagination” by Kasner and Newman. A great advantage of math is that it doesn’t go out of date – at least, only in parts and quite slowly if at all. “A Mathematician’s Apology” by G.H. Hardy has a great reputation, although Hardy flourished a century ago.

          Last but not least, the mathematical prodigy Daniel Tammet has written a couple of books. I have his “Thinking in Numbers”, which is very accessible; flicking through it you see hardly any numbers or symbols!

          These few recommendations hardly scratch the surface. Jump in; the water is lovely!

          1. Gary Ogden

            Prudence Kitten: Thanks! A few from my collection: (for sports-lovers) “Newton at the Bat,” edited by Eric W. Schrier and William F. Allman; “The Art of the Infinite,” by Robert Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan; “The Great Mathematicians,” by Herbert Westren Turnbull; “Men of Mathematics,” by E.T. Bell; “Amusements in Mathematics,” by H. E. Dudeny; “Archimedes Revenge,” by Paul Hoffman; “Math Charmers,” by Alfred S. Posamentier; “Math E Magic,” by Royal Vale Heath; and “Mathematics and Measurement,” by O. A. W. Dilke.

          2. Jean Humphreys

            All these recommendations! I am 73, and regard myself as still learning, but I somehow don’t think I shall be going any further into maths. I am happy to juggle the numbers – in the bookshop I used to annoy the buyer by not using a calculator to work out a discount – but nowadays I am more interested in yarns and textiles, and the sums are for sensible things like pattern placement and stitch count. On a forum I contributed to my motto was “Shut up: I’m counting”

          3. Anto Coates

            Thanks Prudence. Appreciate the recommendation. Will start there!

            I was always a talented student with a gift for arithmetic, but somehow got left behind by poor teaching (I think, if memory serves) as basic algebra turned into more abstract formulae. As with many men, I think I’ll be a better student later in life. Looking forward to it, anyway.

          4. Prudence Kitten

            Thanks for your suggestions, Gary – they all look good.

            Anto, after being put off maths at about 14, I took an Open University course many years later and was delighted (and amazed) to get a distinction in pure maths. Of course once you get past the narrow gateway of A-Level, maths opens out into splendid vistas. Group theory, for example, is so intuitive and visual that it hardly seems to have anything in common with long division or Euclid.

    3. andrew

      Hi Jean: looks like “medical profession” is actually a “prescribing profession” if they believe that the only approved cure is a patented molecule with a high NNT and many undesirable effects on the whole system. Need to update the definition of “medicine”.

  9. Mike

    Excellent article…sums up exactly what I have been thinking but don’t have the ability to express so clearly and eloquently. Thanks for this.

  10. Mr Chris

    Thank you for a very balanced summary of where we are. There is so much crap posted reported analysed diffused that I have given up trying to understand. I haven’t been infected, I know people who died of it, with it, I know people who have caught it etc.
    I try to follow to a minimum, and am probably brain washed since I have been vaccinated…
    By the way a man in the market told me that there are nano chips in the vaccine and that « they » know if I pay cash or with a bank card, so now you know.

    1. Martin Back

      Geert Vanden Bossche fans should read what experts like Dr Mike Yeadon and Dr Knut Wittkowski think of his theories. (They are not complimentary.)

      Put plainly: I do not believe immune escape mutants are at all likely to have clinical consequences but the most important thing is that even if escape happened, it would represent a threat to an individual, NOT to the community.

      I do not understand how our Belgian colleague accommodates that concept, which has been demonstrated empirically in scores of convalescing people as well as those who’s immunity was conferred through vaccination. — Mike Yeardon

      1. Fast Eddy

        One thing in favour of Bossche is that he is a vaccine developer — Yeadon is not.

        End of the day, nobody is certain about what exactly the vaccines will do to people … but both sides surely agree — when you vaccinate healthy young people with an experiment — there is sinister intent.

        Dr Byram Bridle
        Byram Bridle

        Dr. Byram Bridle is an Associate Professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph. His research program focuses on the development and optimization of vaccines for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancers. In March of this year he and two of his colleagues were commissioned by the government of Ontario to engineer several potential vaccine candidates to provide protective immunity against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), which is the causative agent of the coronavirus disease that emerged in 2019 (COVID-19).

        In collaboration with the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba, one of the vaccine candidates proved effective in protecting hamsters from COVID-19. This resulted in a contract being established with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to develop a manufacturing process for the vaccine. A second contract has been established with the NRC to advance a second-generation CVODI-19 vaccine into the translational research pipeline. Dr. Bridle has also co-authored a series of lay articles in The Conversation to provide information to the lay public about the immunological aspects of COVID-19 and the development of vaccines.

        His thought
        EMAIL 1
        Although Geert gets there by a slightly different route, we both end up at the same conclusion: that current design of the vaccines and the way they are being rolled out creates risk of the emergence of immunoevasive variants.

        EMAIL 2
        I don’t agree 100% with some of the minutiae of the scientific arguments, but that is a moot point.

        I long ago drew a similar conclusion via a slightly different route through immunological and virological principles.

        In short, I agree with the big picture argument being made.

        I haven’t been so bold as to draw conclusions that are as ‘strong’, but I can’t disagree at all with Geert’s take-home message.

        He is a respected scientist and has published many papers in well-respected journals. I can guarantee that he knows what he is talking about. I do think there is a high probability of our vaccine rollouts driving the emergence of dangerous variants.

        1. Doug from Canada

          If the vaccines are 94 and 95 % effective as advertised then this may come to pass but if they are only 1.1 and 0.7% as I pointed out in the comments from the previous post then the odds are slim that this will drive super variants.

          While that may be good news for mankind it will be another knife in the back of those who argue for proper scientific evidence.

          Evidence for the failed vaccine will be a sharp rise in vaccinated COVID hospitalizations.

          This will give rise to two consequences, first the unvaccinated will be blamed and then more rounds of vaccines will be rolled out targeting all age groups.

          I pray the vaccines efficacy is as advertised (doubtful) and that super variants don’t occur.

        2. Martin Reynolds

          I thought Yeadon WAS involved in developing vaccines at one time.I seem to recall that he mentioned that he had worked on the RNA vaccine ten years ago or so, and stated that there were problems getting the vaccine inside the cells.Either you are perhaps mistaken on that one small point or my memory is playing tricks on me.

  11. DevonshireDozer

    This is an excellent piece. It is helpful to those of us who are sceptics as a synopsis of the story so far.

    There are, or course, many other consequences. For myself, I am left with no faith at all in the windbags in Westminster. Nor do I trust the wormtongues in Whitehall. Their cousins in local government are of the same ilk. I do not trust the police. They have shown themselves – and the (lower paid) local authority thug legions – to be no more than enforcers for their political masters. “Just following orders” is now an acceptable excuse, unlike at the Nuremberg war trials. Peel must be spinning in his grave.

    But the thing that saddens me most is my complete loss of faith in the ‘Great British Public’. By my own observations, about 80% of the GBP are now too stupid to take seriously. Neighbours, family, friends & acquaintances have been polarised into the majority ‘believers’ and minority ‘healthy sceptics’ – and I can’t shake off the labels. The BBC & the rest of the MSM have a lot to answer for.

    Years ago, I read Carl Sagan’s last book published in 1996 (The Demon-Haunted World – Science As a Candle in the Dark) from which many of his predictions and fears seem to have come true. I could fill a screen with relevant Carl Sagan quotes, but I’ll pick just one that expresses my own concerns the best:

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

    It’s now clear that with 80% of the population bamboozled, the rest of us have to suffer from observance of their religion. The climate change racket was simply a rehearsal – or maybe that’ll be back soon with another click of the ratchet.

    We live in perilous times.

    1. jeanirvin

      I totally agree! I, too, have seen my eyes opened and have lost faith. I am amazed and appalled at how the British people have responded to all this. No-one seems to see the bulls**t. I’m afraid they just don;t want to. Even worse, fiddle around with thier football amd they are all up in arms!! Words fail me!

    2. David Bailey

      I am a bit less pessimistic, in that I think ‘working class’ people are more sceptical than those of us who are supposedly more learned. Our window cleaner seems to know the essence of this scam – including what happens if you adjust the number of PCR cycles in the tests.

      Most of us here are inevitably ‘middle class’ so we tend to know people who don’t seem to see the folly of what has happened and don’t feel the pain of losing their business on the high street.

      1. AhNotepad

        Sorry David, I’m only working class, so BBC is too high brow for me. Yesterday on Radio4 they referred to the 35,000 study for pregnant women, All safe, roll up and get your jab, no problems. Funny that when you look at the MHRA site for which I posted a reference earlier, the adverse effects seem to be much worse. I wonder why. Never mind, the MHRA must be wrong as the CDC thinks the 35,000 study is ok.

    3. tonyP

      Sorry, Devonshire Dozer, I do not agree. Leave climate change matters out of this – they are in a different sphere of human activity and require urgent attention, which seems to be on the horizon.

      1. Harry de Boer

        Climate changes, as the temperature of oceans increases the equillibrium partial pressure of CO2 increases, i.e. there will be more CO2 in the atmosphere. Whether one likes it or not.
        The narrative that we are all doomed because CO2 increases is of the same magnitude as a lie as the covid-19 lie.

        1. anna m

          Then again, there are those of us who see the climate change narrative as part of the same agenda, so to me it is relevant.

          1. Fast Eddy

            Yes – I believe this is all connected… it started with The Limits to Growth story 50 years ago…

          2. Jerome Savage

            Possibly so – but the wandering minstrel takes hold, liable to lose us along the way.

      2. Fast Eddy

        If we assume our activities are dramatically impacting the climate negatively, what urgent policies should be implement that will save the day?

    4. 186NO

      I totally agree, 1 million percent. With honourable exceptions, parts of the medial profession are NIECE apparatchiks – witness the scientifically stunning decision to reduce the measurement for allegedly “high” Cholesterol levels and the coercion those gullible GPs into putting patient’s individual data into a spreadsheet to determine whether a pharmacological intervention must be prescribed; ” But Mr Patient, your Lipid level is “HIGH” therefore I must put you into the Satin Spreadsheet, which tells me that your BMI is far too high, otherwise I won’t get paid, and you MUST take these wonderful pills” – Mr Patient then says ” but Mr GP I am 185cm, big thighs from sport and cycling, strong gluts from 40 years of being a fast bowler, skier, cyclist and large shoulders to boot – no paunch to speak of, core strong – do these not suggest you have to factor them in because, as we know, muscle weighs heavier than fat?” GP says NO!! , we have to reduce your cholesterol ” But Mr GP, you have not asked me about my diet and exercise regime – “My spreadsheet does not need this information” – ” But Mr GP, if I have the perfect, NIECE approved diet of vegetables, legumes, fruit, little or no saturated fat, no red meat, only poultry and fish and very low in carbs, minimal alcohol, no added sugar , salt and no cheese or butter, what will you do with my medication if my Cholesterol level goes ….up?”

      “MR GP” gets very angry at this point and I tell him to stuff his spreadsheet just south of his Prostate gland.

      I fear for my kids with all this garbage threatening their existence.

    5. fluffygingercat

      The Green agenda is the boast of the 4th industrial revolution its on the website with a gleeful video of ‘in the future nobody will own anything and everyone will be happy’. Matt Hancock has a particular interest in it, what could posibly go wrong?

  12. Ian Hayward

    I’ve always found your take on things to be frank and honest. Given the failings you have outlined, what do you think SHOULD have been done?

  13. Peter Williams

    I have just forwarded your excellent summary to my MP. Fortunately he is on our side (Desmond Swayne) and there’s a 50/50 chance he may a) read it and b) promote it within the parliamentary anti lockdown group. Wouldn’t it be impactful if all MPs received the same.

    As Dr. Kendrick suggests the muppets that lead us will build walls to protect themselves. To make progress we need imaginative heads to devise ways to allow those in charge to retreat from their disastrous decisions without egg on their faces. It’s not justice, but it may speed up our return to a more normal human existence.

  14. thinkersplayground


    Thanks for posting—I agree with everything you’ve written.

    Something that is missing from the discussion though, is the way that politicians all seem to be using the same phrases. It’s not just “build back better”; there was a video (long since deleted) on YouTube which showed dozens of world leaders, from Netanyahu to Ardern, saying the exact same things in April 2020. Some entity was directing them all.

    I’m not sure if this was something as benign as the WHO sending out advisory info to world leaders, and they used it because they didn’t have any better ideas themselves; or whether it’s something more sinister.

    1. Mike Coker

      Maybe it’s the giant shapeshifting green lizards that secretly control the world that telling those politicians what to do.
      Maybe humans taste better with a soupcon of antibodies from the jab.
      Ring David Yikes urgently for the real story

          1. Jean Humphreys

            Is “Here we go” a football chant? To me it was the little thing my Mother muttered as my Father put his foot in the stirrup to canter off one one of his high horses. He had quite a few. I am so glad he is not having to save the world from this present situation!

      1. Harry de Boer

        No you’re wrong. It’s worse. It’s the Annunaki who came back to visit earth, witness the published UFO encounters, to see what happened after they had given the Egyptians, 20 thousand years ago, some of their agricultural and engineering knowledge.
        They had expected us all to be under one government in order to prevent thermonuclear disasters from occurring and have ordered all governments in the world to fall in line and accelerate the establishment of one New World Order under one World Government, or else…
        And they are not allowed to let us, the populus, know.
        So now we are in the bio-security and surveillance state, not to be ever let out, and we have to behave in a socially responsible way because that will increase our social score.
        That’s what’s behind is. Ok?

    2. theasdgamer

      Ihren questione ist verboten. Eet mahst nawt bee alllout!

      Everyone talks the same and uses the exact same words and phrases nowadays. Do not look behind the curtain. There must be something wrong with you. (nothing to see here, move along, move along)

      Conspiracy theory! Conspiracy theory!

      [Pilot to bombardier] Flak heating up. We are over the target.

  15. Misa

    An excellent summary of our predicament.

    My current orientation is that everything we see around us has led from one error. As often happens.
    The decision to lockdown was so massive, that it became impossible to question.

    I suspect that behind this decision and, indeed, behind both ‘sides’ in this dreadful debate was one misapplied concept: herd immunity. Remember, it was government/SAGE scientists who presented this ‘option’ in the first place.

    Yet none of the influenza epidemics you mention could possibly have been brought to an end by herd immunity: each returned in subsequent years. This raises the question of why any of the 20th century epidemics of influenza ended. It wasn’t herd immunity, it wasn’t NPI’s, it wasn’t vaccines…and yet each time they burnt out long before attacking even a majority of the population. If we can answer this then maybe…just maybe the logic of lockdown might be broken.

  16. 186NO

    Hear hear Dr K, in spades. I also sense there is a tide of fear engulfing ……..the politicos who have known for some time their game is up, but they cannot change course because they will have to own up to the biggest political, societal and cultural f**k up in 1000 years and it is all about ( their) face saving, in the manner adopted routinely by despots like Lenin, Stalin, the Nazis , Mao, the current criminals of the CCP, and dare say it in some part Uncle Sam; so they are now adopting the wholly unconvincing tactic of backing ….their own decisions in the face of a tide of real world evidence that has holed their “ship” many times below the waterline. Not since the era of Goebbels have we seen such breathtaking hypocrisy, blatant lies and totalitarian massaging of the message; however I fear greatly that the fear ridden gullible will swallow this, HL&S. Count me out. I have felt for some time that political parties in the UK – as they have existed for 100+ years – are in large part dead and we are entering, no sorry firmly in an era of instability with new “parties” for want of a better word being formed, accelerated by the internet and the curse of social media; we are I believe several decades behind some of our European neighbours and we will have ballot papers several pages long in due course. I am now , officially, an anarchist in the strict sense of the word. This leaves me in a deep quandary – against which box do I put my “X” – who on earth, representing the shameful so called mainstream parties, is worthy of that? Are we so comfortable in this somnambulant country that we cannot organise a “revolution”….answers on a postcard to….

  17. Rosie S

    What about Long Covid? I know a number of people who have this. They are seriously debilitated. They had no underlying conditions – two are in their mid 40’s – were highly active and fit before. Another, in her 50s, had the AstraZeneca vaccine and her symptoms are gone. The others not.


    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Yes, long Covid is a thing. But long influenza has been a thing for many decades. The research thus far suggests that after about six months, all but a very small percentage have recovered. You also have to set this against long-cancer not diagnosed. Long heart operations that were postponed. Long stuck in a house with an abusive partner. Long agony with arthritis waiting for an operation. Long lost your job, possibly forever. This is not, and never has been, a zero sum game. There is a massive opportunity cost associated with lockdown.

      1. David Bailey

        My partner had an agonising knee over the lockdown, and she was waiting for the telephone appointment that would have lead to the wait for a scan which would have presumably lead to the wait for a knee replacement op.

        I persuaded her to go to acupuncture – despite her extreme scepticism – because I have had success that way, and now she is back going on bike rides and walking in the hills with me.

        If you ever tire of exploring the CVD scandal, I reckon that the treatment of osteoarthritis contains another huge scandal to explore!

          1. David Bailey

            Yes, and however it works, I don’t think it is placebo. My partner clearly wasn’t expecting anything useful from it – and neither was I when I first tried it for my problems.

            The story they tell about skeletal problems is very interesting. According to them, most back or joint problems are really caused by muscles that don’t relax enough when not needed, or which supply a cumulative force on a joint that is slightly off-centre. Back pain and sciatica are likewise caused by muscles not relaxing when they should.

            This means that the whole industry of joint and back pain operations is unnecessary if there is no gross physical damage – e.g. from a bad fall – his explanation, not my extrapolation.

            My acupuncturist explained that most scans on painful joints show ‘general wear and tear’, but scans done on pain free joints also show general wear and tear!

            Thus for skeletal problems, they have a conventional explanation for what they do – the needles relax the muscles so that they behave themselves better. They also recommend some stretching exercises to lengthen the relevant muscles slightly.

            My impression is that acupuncture for other problems is much harder to explain conventionally, but if something else needs fixing, my starting point will be to ask them if they can do anything. If they can’t help, or it doesn’t work, I’ll go to the GP!

          2. Gary Ogden

            David Bailey: Indeed. In my case, strengthening the core muscles, stretching, and especially posture training completely eliminated the lower back pain I had in my 40’s. I can bend for long periods of time weeding with no discomfort. Bending properly is especially important for back health.

        1. me oliveira

          There is a point that most doctors will not accept; that faith, to believe, is the most important key to cure. I can’t do more than tell you what I’ve seen.

          1. Sasha

            Not sure if you are suggesting that acupuncture effects have to do with belief but if you are, I am fairly certain you’re incorrect.

        2. Aileen

          “if you ever tire of exploring the CVD scandal …” – I’m hazy about the details but a year or two ago on this blog Soul related how a relative was heading for a hip replacement operation but was persuaded to give up.statins, initially temporarily and found the hip replacement to be no longer necessary.

          From the start of the covid debacle I have been thinking that, while there are clearly many tragedies occuring because of the lack of access to conventional healthcare, the flip side is that there must also be those (how many we will never know) who have benefited from the very same lack of access.

          1. Aileen

            Sorry, should have quoted David’s sentence in full for my comment to make sense: “if you ever tire of exploring the CVD scandal, I reckon that the treatment of osteoarthritis contains another huge scandal to explore!” I was trying to say that perhaps sometimes the two are linked.

        3. Lazlo13

          There is definitely a lot of wrong information regarding osteoarthritis. As a physio I often have a lot of success at reducing “arthritic pain” with triggerpoint massage or needling as well. Diet plays a huge part. I found out I had OA changes and cartilage loss in my left knee at the age of 25 and struggled for a few years to be positive about this diagnosis (was told by orthopaedic surgeon that I was to give up all my sport and that was about all the information he had for me – devastating to hear when sport was the reason I lived at the time). Anyway I’ve been looking into OA since and there is a lot of info out there – using natural anti-inflammatory supplements (turmeric for example), stretching routines (yoga), strengthening (weight training/resistance exercises) are just a few ways to help. I get quite frustrated with GPs who class any pain in older people as arthritic and leave them to put up with it, when often it can be referred pain from trigger points and a few sessions really reduces their pain. But don’t get me started on that!

          1. jeanirvin

            I have found that a lowcarb, whole food diet has definitely reduced my arthritic pain to almost nothing. Gluten free helps but the ‘gluten free products’ are full of sugar and not good so I just avoid starch and sugar.

          2. Gary Ogden

            jeanirvin: Agreed. I have almost no osteoarthritic pain. other than occasional short-term twinges on my strenuous hikes, which resolve quickly.

        4. Linda Binns

          I stopped eating carbs and seed oils 2 years ago, reversed my Type 2 diabetes of 14 years and cured my chronic osteoarthritis. Sometimes we have to take a step away from the stock advice given by our Health Care Professionals and the medication they insist is necessary for us.

      2. cavenewt

        Let’s not forget chronic Lyme disease, which the CDC refuses to acknowledge is a thing. One is tempted to suspect insurance lobbyists.

      3. John Graham

        Viral Parkinsonism – Jang et al, Biochim Biophys Acta. 2009 July ; 1792(7): 714–721. doi:10.1016/j.bbadis.2008.08.001

        Parkinson’s disease is a debilitating neurological disorder characterized that affects 1-2% of the adult population over 55 years of age. For the vast majority of cases, the etiology of this disorder is unknown, although it is generally accepted that there is a genetic susceptibility to any number of environmental agents. One such agent may be viruses. It has been shown that numerous viruses can enter the nervous system, i.e. they are neurotropic, and induce a number of encephalopathies. One of the secondary consequences of these encephalopathies can be parkinsonism, that is both transient as well as permanent. One of the most highlighted and controversial cases of viral parkinsonism is that which followed the 1918 influenza outbreak and the subsequent induction of von Economo’s encephalopathy. In this review, we discuss the neurological sequelae of infection by influenza virus as well as that of other viruses known to induce parkinsonism including Coxsackie, Japanese encephalitis B, St. Louis, West Nile and HIV viruses.

    2. Eric R

      According to recent WSJ article, in the US 50% of people claiming Long COVID were never tested and 25% of the rest were tested but were negative. So what are we calling Long COVID?

      1. Emperor

        They probably had a common cold, or perhaps a mild flu, but they were incredibly stressed out because they thought they had Covid and did not want to go to the doc to get test because they were so afraid they had Covid they didn’t want it confirmed. Because if they had Covid their brains were going to explode, because the BBC told them that’s what would happen to them.

        I have a friend who believed he had Covid (early days of the pandemic) and he told me he was not going to get tested. He said he lay in bed thinking he was about to die (even though he was experiencing symptoms associated with a cold)

        As we know, extreme anxiety is hard on your health. The constant media barrage of Covid garbage weighs on believers.

  18. Philip Stowell

    And is it true that Gates has said that this is only Pandemic 1, having announced it at that exercise in Oct 2019?

  19. crisscross767

    How Experimental Military Vaccines Killed Millions During 1918 Spanish Flu
    April 23, 2021

    History tells us that the Spanish Flu in 1918 killed between 50-100 million people. It was considered as the most horrifying disease by medical and pharmaceutical sources. It is a wartime myth still being perpetuated to coverup the experimental military vaccines which killed millions during the Spanish Flu.

    ………….So, Spain was ‘scapegoated’ as the source and hence the name ‘Spanish Flu’ was coined.

    A massive military vaccination experiment was conducted in Fort Riley, Kansas – where the first “Spanish Flu” case was reported.

    For the first time the pharmaceutical industry got the supply of human test subjects which was sponsored by Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

    The US military supplied a pool of 6 million men as test subjects for the vaccination experiments.

    WW1 U.S. soldiers were given 14 – 25 untested, experimental vaccines within days of each other, which triggered intensified cases of ALL the diseases at once.

    The doctors called it a new disease and proceeded to suppress the symptoms with additional drugs or vaccines. …………….

    1. AhNotepad

      Thank you crisscross, we have history repeating itself, but people prefer to believe the governments actually care about people.

  20. Val . . . Health professional

    Thanks for another re – assuring post to offer some clarity on the global nonsense we find ourselves in . . .. . please don’t stop searching for the truth . . you are a beacon of light Dr K

  21. Martin Back

    Politicians will say, “We followed the science.” Actually, they didn’t. They followed certain scientists who said one thing, and they ignored other scientists who said another thing, all based on the same information.

    They need to explain why they chose one party over another, and why they never seemed to review their decisions as new information came in and circumstances changed.

    For me, one of the greatest crimes, here in South Africa anyway, is the utter refusal to consider cheap and safe medications like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which held promise as a treatment for Covid-19, to the extent of threatening doctors with prosecution if they so much as dared to try them. The potential benefit was so great, and potential harm so small, that a large-scale definitive trial should have been undertaken as soon as news got out that they might be helpful. Instead we are still treating patients in hospitals while we wait for the mass rollout of vaccines. How many lives might have been saved in the intervening months?

    1. ellifeld

      there’s a simple answer to that, if there were alternatives to vaccines, then they have to be used, you cannot jump to the vaccine. At least that’s the way it is in the US. Of course what the WHO and drug industry did was to concoct a false drug trial showing HCQ was ineffective and even possibly dangerous.

    2. Steve

      In the UK, the banning of ivermectin alone and refusal to even discuss it probably cost 20,000 lives over the 20/21 winter.

  22. Rose

    I’m not sure I could have read any other account that aligns so perfectly with my thoughts. Inside I scream whilst struggling to come to terms with the relentless power of the propaganda machine. I work on the front line and am constantly amazed that the vast majority of my co-workers don’t recognise the gaping holes in the narrative. Thank goodness for straight forward common sense narratives like this. It gives me hope… Thank you Dr K

  23. Jerome Savage

    Thanks Dr Kendrick. (a narrative with a hint of hope). Very much in line with the thoughts of Dr. David Crowe the Canadian virologist who tried to explain the “all set & ready to go” mentality in the WHO, well rehearsed & just waiting to be sprung from its lair.
    There is another element at force and that is the genuine belief among the greens who see economic & population growth as unsustainable. When Joni Mitchell sang “Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?
    They paved paradise
    Put up a parking lot” – back in the 60’s, she might hav been having a go at the business developer who has recently been shut down in the US. David Attenborough appearing at WEF maintained that momentum.

  24. AhNotepad

    Thank you for the post. It is relatively easy to work out the real story from the narrative:

    COVID19 is just a coronavirus, nothing much to see, no deadlier than influenza. With an infection fatality rate of much less than 1%.
    In the UK, no more people were going to die from it than from an annual flu, but we won’t do flu screening, so you won’t know what’s going on. Likewise for the USA, nothing to worry about.
    It was going to overwhelm health services because they are overwhelmed every year as we’ve pared them to the bone.
    The agreed action was lockdown, which lowers the resilience of the population, so they are so scared of their own shadows they will do anything we suggest.
    Masks do nothing except make people look silly, and make them think there is something to be scared of.
    More generally, PPE is highly ineffective at reducing spread, as we don’t really know how spread occurs.
    It can’t be spread by healthy (asymptomatic) people (China study of 9,899,828 people) to almost the same extent as those with symptoms, but our tests are able to tell us anything we want to keep people scared..
    We don’t know what it is spread by which is why masks are so important to keep you scared, as even an N95 mask will let through particles five times bigger than the claimed virus.
    Herd immunity is possible through allowing people to become infected naturally.
    There would be no damage to the economy if we allowed it to spread unchecked, so we will cause the damage by lockdown.
    We’ve little idea what anybody dies from in general, so we’ll fix the tests to keep you all fooled.
    Vaccination provides stronger immunity for the manufacturers and their agents, so it doesn’t matter what it does to patients.
    Remdesivir is our pretence at controlling symptoms and saving lives.
    Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin D, Ivermectin, Vitamin C are almost completely harmless and should be given to everyone in the very early stages.
    Steroids can dampen down the immune response and reduce mortality, bit ironic when we claim the vaccine stimulates the immune system, but actually suppresses it so the whatever it is we make can get into cells to cause these effects:

    For Pfizer

    For Astrazeneca

    Click to access COVID-19_AstraZeneca_Vaccine_Analysis_Print__2_.pdf

    For Moderna

    Click to access COVID-19_Moderna_vaccine_analysis_print.pdf

    For others

    Click to access COVID-19_vaccine_brand_unspecified_analysis_print__1_.pdf

    And a list of descriptions

  25. Anna

    UK Column has been right all along. Watch the independent news programmes on the website at 1pm on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and afterwards on demand. Also on odysee and Bitchute. It has been taken down by Youtube and Vimeo at the moment – for telling the truth about Covid-19.

  26. BK

    Thank you sir for this clear, concise article about the crazy world we inhabit. Yours is a calmer voice than I usually hear when discussing Covid. I hope you will be able to share information soon about whether the rushed vaccine was another national experiment on the regular people. There is very high pressure to get the vaccine.

  27. Sergey

    Thank you, Dr Kendrick, for your posts.
    What is quite disturbing in all this — “who is not with us, is against us” paradigm. That reminds me of the social plague of the 20th century — fascism. And “green passes” will easily be transformed into “true Aryan mark”, or, most probably, refusal of vaccination or mask-wearing into the yellow star. I afraid, that this is what is going on — not just one mistake and incorrect way of actions.

  28. VeryVer

    Thanks Malcolm, hang in there.

    The most dangerous thing about governments is their absolute terror of “taking the blame.” For anything. That’s why governments try so hard to never actually do anything. What if it goes wrong? (And it will.) Someone may have to take the blame. (But who?) Someone might get fired. (Oh, no!) God forbid, the peasants may even burn down the palace. Probably 99% of government activities revolve around making sure no one can be blamed for screwing up the one thing that they actually managed to do.

    So governments work very hard to appear to be doing things, but actually mostly just talk about things. And we elect leaders who are very good at talking about things, but incapable of real effective actions because there isn’t actually very many people around who know how to make effective decisions. Our society since WW2 is mostly a “communication” society. Plus, what kind of person wants to be in charge of a country, but not actually make any effective changes? Any person who prefers to “get things done” is going to pull put their hair working in government.
    I think the primary benefit of government is to slow down the number of bad decisions made by our leaders.

    The COVID nightmare pushed all these cowardly, ineffective charlatans into their most hated and feared position — having to act. So they acted, looking to each other for support. They used lockdowns and I think almost immediately, they knew lockdowns were a mistake. But they couldn’t be sure. And they couldn’t admit it. And not used to making real, important, decisions, out “leaders” are also not used to mistakes, accepting blame, or changing course. All politicians know how to do is keep pushing the mistake harder, until it somehow stops being a mistake. They been trying to figure out how to slowly back away from their catastrophic decisions for a year. So here we are now. And the politicians are stuck — if the vaccines work, then maybe lockdowns were a mistake, but if they don’t work, they have to continue the lockdowns, and they don’t want to do that either.

    In the States, “the vaccine will save us,” is the current narrative. The vaccines HAVE to work. They MUST work. We MUST all take them. They have to get to some number of vaccinated so they can declare that we’ve “won.” Maybe 75% or so? They can’t ditch the vaccines and also ditch the lockdowns, because that would mean that we never needed to do anything in the first place. (“So look guys, the vaccines are soooooo not working out, but we know you hate masks and lockdowns which didn’t really work either, so let’s just forget about the whole covid thing, ok? Sorry about the bother. Have a nice day.)

    Of course our FDA reinstates the J&J vaccine. What’s a few strokes between friends? They HAVE to say it’s ok to use. They can’t back off of the need for vaccinations without backing off of the whole narrative. And everything they’ve been doing for the last year is supporting the narrative. Reality be damned.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        It looks as though someone is voting down every single one of David Bailey’s comments – no matter how reasonable or positive (like this one).

        I wish people would not do that. This is a discussion forum, not a children’s playground. Vote on each comment according to its merits as you see them.

        1. AhNotepad

          I’m lucky, on my iPad I don’t see any up or down votes. They are a divisive and unnecessary gadget. It would be better for them to be removed if possible.

          1. Gary Ogden

            AhNotepad: My MacBook screen has no buttons at all. What a ridiculous thing to vote on comments!

          2. AhNotepad

            Indeed, as useful as scientific consensus.
            I vote we have no vote-buttons for comments.

  29. Debrah L Roemisch

    I read your book “Doctoring Data” and was impressed with it, I and my sister were trying to get our mom off of statin drugs. however your response to the pandemic is very disappointing and disheartening. It is hard to believe that anyone with a modicum of common sense would advocate against the use of masks. I know several people who have lived in Japan and S Korea where mask wearing was a part of health culture for many decades. As flu and cold rates have gone way down, it makes sense to keep encouraging the use of masks whenever anyone feels the least bit ill, and on public transportation. I know I will wear a mask every time I fly in the future!

    1. David Bailey

      There seems to be very little evidence that masks actually achieve anything (other than spread panic). Indeed, if you read the book by Dr Hope-Simpson (or just read summaries of what he wrote), you will find the remarkable fact that experiments back at the time of the Spanish flu failed to demonstrate transmission of the disease even when this was attempted deliberately! I recently read that others tried the same experiment with the same result.

      1. theasdgamer

        There was a MIT study about indoor aerosols that came out recently. Masks will do nothing about aerosols except increase them. The increase happens when droplets are aerosolized by friction and expansion into a new space (it’s a quantum physics thing).

        Friction occurs with mask fibers, skin, air, dust, etc. This causes water droplets to evaporate, which leaves aerosolized virus behind.

      1. LA_Bob


        Great tweet! Good old Flip-Flop-Fauci!

        For added amusement, check out Dr Kendrick’s first link above by Dr Fauci. It’s from the NEJM, written with H Clifford Land and Robert Redfield, former Director of the CDC.


        Regarding possible treatments, they write,

        “Among [investigational therapies] are the antiviral medication lopinavir–ritonavir, interferon-1β, the RNA polymerase inhibitor remdesivir, chloroquine, and a variety of traditional Chinese medicine products.”

        1. Jerome Savage

          Should “hydroxy” prefix anything in there ? Or would that be saying a lot more than the script allows ?

    2. theasdgamer

      Dr. Kendrick,

      See what panic-mongering about covid has led to? Neurotic individuals who follow the science eminence, not science? Germophobia? Antisocial distancing? Behavior reminiscent of autism? (This I write, being on the spectrum myself.)

      No smiles, no hugs, no warmth allowed by the covid official propagandistas. Only cold-hearted solitude, separation, and social weirdness. But the propagandistas are _very smart people_ and know all about health!!!!! Someone should weep for them. I have no tears left.

      I will be going out country dancing tonight unmasked with my unmasked friends and enjoying myself. We will be in each other’s faces for hours. I will see lots of smiles and receive lots of hugs and shake hands with men and chat and dance with many women. Oh, noes!!!!! (Been doing this every week for months.)

      Thus, for me, a little escape from the covid-nazi-imposed depressing weirdness.

      Enjoy your weekend everybody!

  30. Dan Henderer

    Spot on as ever, Doc. Keep up the good work – your concise, beautiful logic is a fresh breath of truth in a world of lies and propaganda. Thanks so much!

  31. jduffydo

    I thought Dr Kendrick was knowledgeable re this plandemic. From what I have read he is duped as well. I have written several Atty that can be viewed in Newswithviews. I believe they are correct to the best of my understanding.
    Dr. Ure

    1. jduffydo

      I am sorry. I misread the article and did not realize he was stating what is being stated by the system as his thoughts. I stand corrected and agree with him.
      Dr. Ure

      1. David Bailey

        I too was misled at one point into thinking Dr Kendrick had reversed his views! I think it is always important to remember that people may scan-read something and miss the fact that a case is being put forward in order to destroy it!

  32. jduffydo

    I invite you to read the articles I have written. They can be found on News With Views. I also have some articles on my site I just had a wonderful interview with Andreas Kalcker regarding chlorine dioxide solution. It seems this is a gigantic answer to eliminating many pathogens including any viruses. His site is Any comments will be welcomed. All contact information is on my site.
    Dr. Ure

  33. LizinOregon

    I am a long-time reader and try to read your Covid pieces with an open mind even though I am not convinced. Apologies if I missed it, but you don’t seem to address the fact that hospitals are being overwhelmed where it is spreading out of control. Even if that is due to our choice to make healthcare a profit center, it is still the reality of the moment.

    1. Jerome Savage

      Links to where :hospitals are being overwhelmed where it is spreading out of control” would be nice. Like I said before, in MNOTW the pandemic is on the radio & TV. Some observers testify that there wad less overcrowding than usual in the flu season. Having said that, it appears that NY did have a season on a par with the very worst flu sessions. There are probably others but out media will never NEVER draw attention to where it’s not so bad or where it’s not an issue nor to good rates of recovery.

    2. David Bailey


      You should read some of Dr Kendrick’s early posts about COVID in which he described how he saw at first hand the confusion that hospital managers were creating – such as sending ill patients back to care homes – where the infection obviously spread, and moving nurses around between COVID wards and other wards.

      A long way back someone also posted a video from a nurse in NY, describing similar behaviour.

    3. theasdgamer

      Lol, not in my back yard. We average 0.006% covid cases per day in my county and our moving average is 0.00003% covid deaths per day. My county is large. Hospitals are operating normally.

      But thanks for the panic mongering. Haven’t seen that much lately.

    4. Fast Eddy

      Dr K has responded to his in an earlier article — if hospitals have been very full then that is just what normally happens during winter flu season… particularly when there is a bad flu in circulation… nothing new here

      He has also cited data that indicates the NHS has slashed ICU beds dramatically in the past decade (while the population has increased)… I think he also mentioned that hospitals are short staff because if someone tests + for Covid (using these flawed PCR tests) then they MUST isolate – along with others who have been in contact with them.

      But feel free to ignore all context … and focus on the Horrifying Headlines.

    5. Mike C

      I don’t wish to seem rude but your comment about hospitals being overwhelmed (they certainly are in parts of India if the news is at all reliable) seems to suggest that you think that lockdowns or the lesser restrictions would be effective in preventing the bug ‘spreading out of control’.

      I do not think that lockdowns have been or can be effective. Epidemics always have come and gone in waves. This one is quite nasty but lockdowns are not an effective or viable solution. As with all public health interventions we need to see a change in the trend of numbers to decide if it is effective. I have not observed any such effect in death numbers reported in England and Wales (it’s too big a task for me to look beyond my own countries).

    6. theasdgamer

      If overwhelming hospitals and reducing patient deaths were truly a concern, public health “experts” would be advocating early treatment with antivirals.

    7. Doug from Canada

      “Hospitals being overrun”

      COVID isolation areas are a subset area from the rest of the hospital. I’ve been in an emergency ward recently, business as usual. I’ve been in a specialist ward as well, business as usual.

      In Ontario we have almost 400 hospitals and we’re being ‘overrun’ with 851 cases in ICU. We have 15,000,000 people in Ontario and we can’t handle 851 cases ???????

      Be careful of the narrative that is being spun.

      In Ontario in 1995 they closed down 25% of the hospitals in metro Toronto (and elsewhere in the province) and closed 15% of the beds. Since then the population has increased from 10 million to 15 million.

      It is not the case that COVID is overwhelming the system, it’s more that COVID is the straw that broke the underfunded camels back, and it isn’t a very big straw, but of course it’s this current government’s party that caused this underfunded mess in the first place, so it’s an ’emergency’.

  34. Cees Mul

    A message from the Netherlands – carbon copy here. Same fear mongering, perhaps even worse, Thanks for the common sense approach. Just wondering how this logic can reach the skulls of the Boris Johnsons of this world.

  35. cavenewt

    I admit, I started out following the mainstream on masking and lockdowns, but then people I respect in other subjects, like you and Hyperlipid Peter, started displaying skepticism. I’ve pretty much come around to your way of thinking and I totally agree with everything in this article except one statement:

    “Even the President of the US was being censored – by unelected and faceless individuals. Whatever you may have thought of The Donald, the office of President should command respect and it should have been several steps too far to shut him down.”

    I live in the US so that person was in charge of my country. I don’t believe we have to respect someone who is acting in 100% self-interest. Any accurate statements he may have made were for the same reason that a stopped clock is occasionally right. Respect the office, yes, but the respect for the person must be earned. That said, I firmly believe that a large part of the reason Fauci is so popular is because he managed to not kowtow. I was skeptical of him and the CDC from before, based on experience with Lyme disease.

    That aside, I really appreciated your observation that “Unfortunately, when I look to the voices on ‘the other side’ for balance they seem to have gone just as mad in the opposite directions.” Today we’ve been conditioned to operate in complete polarization—if you’re not with us, you’re against us. Anybody even attempting to dip their toe in the gray area is accused of being on the other side, of being a nutjob conspiracist (of which we do have an embarrassing surfeit).

    In the meantime Science is held up as the epitome of truth, and the average person has no idea that there is good science, and there is bad science. As long as it wears a white coat, it must be true. The governments doubling down on lockdowns are just like governments doubling down on dietary recommendations.

    1. David Bailey

      I disagree with you profoundly regarding President Trump. Perhaps now that you can see how the media are not impartially reporting what is going on regarding COVID, you can begin to understand that they were also misinforming you about President Trump. For example, for years the media reported falsely that he somehow collaborated with Russia to win the 2016 election.

      Censorship is a way of hiding the truth. The media did not hide what President Trump was saying because it was somehow too awful to listen to – but because they wanted to hide the truth. Now that same censorship is used to conceal the fact that people would be well advised to take Vitamin D to protect against COVID, to hide discussions about the safety of vaccines being pushed on the entire population, to obliterate discussion about alternative therapies for COVID, etc.

      If I were a US citizen, I would have voted for Trump in 2016 and in 2020 – primarily because he didn’t pull the West into another pointless war.

      Avoiding war, is the number one public health issue.

      1. theasdgamer

        Here’s to playing off your public health excuse to ramble.

        Ironically, the best way to avoid war is to prepare for it. That requires materiel and training and some veteran experience. But how do you get veterans without occasionally sending them into battle? And how do you justify spending on materiel and training without battles?

        Little wars help prevent big wars.

        The nazis and the Japanese had crack troops because they prepared for war. The nazis prepared in Spain and the Japanese prepared in China. The US and western Europe did not prepare and were caught flat footed. French tanks were superior to nazi tanks, but were not used effectively because the commanding generals had no experience using them.

        There was one American general who was prepared–George Patton. And Patton revolutionized aerial combat support by improving communication between the air and ground force commanders so that airpower could be brought to bear at battalion level.

        Who knew that Patton was such a public health figure?

          1. Sasha

            David, pseudo sceptics will tell you that animals, like people, respond to empathy and that approaching them with care is what accounts for the healing effects rather than sticking needles in them. I don’t believe in that explanation, though. I had seen limping dogs run around after just one acupuncture session. No amount of empathy can be responsible for that, IMO. Animals and children respond to acupuncture very quickly, interestingly enough…

        1. David Bailey


          I hope you wrote that tongue in cheek, because fighting wars in other people’s countries just to tune up your military is an extraordinarily brutal strategy. Anyway, I’ll refrain from saying more because clearly Malcolm does not want our discussion to drift too far away from COVID.

        1. Gary Ogden

          Andrew Larwood: I don’t think it is Fauci himself whose name is on the patents, but both CDC and NIH scientists own dozens of vaccine patents, including for Gardasil, and are allowed to receive, in addition to their government salary, up to $150,000 per year in royalties from the sales of these vaccines, half of the production of which are bought by CDC. Fauci, after all, is not a scientist, but a career bureaucrat (37 years now).

          1. Gary Ogden

            Andrew Larwood: They pay no mind to conflicts of interest in our federal government, nor in universities. We are witnessing the collapse of Western Civilization, as those who have power and authority no longer live by any sort of normal moral code. The media cares not a whit, either.

          2. Mike Coker

            After reading an anti- semitic, homophobic pro-nazi rant on your blog, i wonder where you draw the line I wonder if the silence from your usual commenters is going to be deafening ?

          3. Sasha

            I wasn’t going to say anything about that post even though I disagree with it. But I also don’t know how reasonable it is to expect Dr Kendrick to read and approve or delete every post that goes through his blog.

          4. Mike Coker

            I think Dr Kendrick reads and replies to want he wants to
            He didn’t reply to my comments about neo nazis because it didn’t suit him tio

          5. Andrew Larwood

            Not sure which blog you’re referring to as I can’t recall having  an anti- semitic, homophobic pro-nazi rant or ever making any racist, sexual or politically extremist comments.

  36. dearieme

    I remember an early blog post, doc, where you commented that death certificates were being completed when nobody knew the (principal?) cause of death. Some, you told us, would write in Covid and on the same evidence – or lack of it – others would write in a different cause of death.

    Is that still the state of play?

    1. jill4535

      A person posted on Facebook that at her hospital the default cause of death in the certificate was Covid. Busy doctors sometimes forgot to change it.

    2. Mike C

      I know your question was for Dr Kendrick but I’d like to offer this:
      The rules concerning doctors completing the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death changed in Feb 2020. From then on the doctor who completes the form does not have to have attended the deceased before death – provided they put in an ‘acceptable’ cause. I expect this will have encouraged some to take shortcuts through the process.

      Click to access guidance-for-doctors-completing-medical-certificates-of-cause-of-death-covid-19.pdf

  37. Sasha

    I keep asking myself: if “gain of function research” story has any truth to it, what was that research for? And if it’s true that funding was cut in the States, how did it come about that such important, cutting edge research was transferred to China? Aren’t US and China supposed to be economic and political rivals?

    1. Gary Ogden

      Sasha: Indeed, we are supposed to be “economic and political rivals,” and we are, but those who have funded he “gain of function” research seem not to have any particular political loyalties. Fauci, of course, was involved, but there is a rather shady operation (NGO) involved, who is funded by the Pentagon, among others. I can’t remember the name of the principal officer of this NGO, but he was the only American representative among the WHO delegation who recently “investigated” the origin of the ‘Rona virus. A cesspool it is. Cesspit, I believe, is the term in the UK.

    2. Prudence Kitten

      “I keep asking myself: if “gain of function research” story has any truth to it, what was that research for?”

      1. Like Mount Everest, “because it’s there”.
      2. Money. People get funding for such projects.
      3. Prestige. People get ahead, get promoted, get chairs, and get publicity through “big achievements” – even if their consequences are terrible.
      4. Possibly governments want to prepare biological weapons “just in case”. (See “because it’s there”, “because we can”, etc.)

    3. Jeremy

      Here you go Sasha. All about Gain of function and why, and a whole lot more . Totally mind blowing. He’s a Doctor and a Lawyer. The most informative presentation yet.

      1. David Bailey

        Thanks Jeremy,

        A lot of that was over my head, but I still got a lot out of it. Here are a few highlights:

        1) There is a detailed trace of the steps leading up to COVID-19 (i.e. it was a man-made virus) and there are people admitting (in effect) on camera in video inserts to having done that research! There is also a long list of the grant from US agencies that facilitated that research.

        2) Hydroxychloroquine on its own is 84% effective. In combination with other ordinary drugs (not remdesivir) it can be close to 100% effective. Even those who did not seem to be cured by hydroxychloroquine on its own, seem to do better in hospital if they have had it – notably, President Trump, who self-medicated with the drug before he was admitted into hospital did extremely well and was out in a few days.

        3) Most/all of the harm caused by COVID-19 comes from the spike protein, which is exactly the protein that the ‘vaccines’ cause to be expressed in the body’s cells.

        4) There is a real possibility that m-RNA will get incorporated into DNA via reverse transcriptase.

  38. Richard Williams

    Useful summary although the conspiracy theory is all too easily dismissed. The government response makes little sense against the 2011 pandemic plan and WHO/UK statements that Covid did not have pandemic status. Why the U turn?
    Either sooner or later, perhaps much later, the truth and the motives will out. So many lives ended and ruined. So many lives already lost and young lives soon to be wrecked by the DNA therapy aka vaccine. And all allegedly against a disease that is fatal for a tiny proportion of people.
    In due course, the Books will be opened. Then justice will be done.

  39. Fast Eddy

    ‘There was not, and has not been, the slightest attempt by the mainstream media to ask any serious questions about lockdown, or any other aspect of the actions taken. The opposition parties have all been falling over themselves to push more, ever tighter lockdowns, more punishment of offenders.’

    Let’s think about this.

    There are hundreds of experts in the field of virology including the former head of respiratory at Pfizer (Mike Yeadon) as well as top scientists at Oxford, Stanford and Harvard medical schools (Great Barrington) who are offering a way out of the mess.

    I do not buy the ‘governments made a colossal mistake so they are doubling and tripling down on the lockdowns’. No way in hell they would refuse to change course…. it’s very simple – point to Sweden and say ‘we were acting to protect everyone because the scientists told us this was Spanish Flu 2.0… but now we see that Sweden has no worse without locking down … so we will adopt Focused Protection … fewer people actually die because the at risk are protected… and voila — the governments in democratic countries are feted as heroes and re-elected in landslides.

    Then we have people like Carrie Lam in Hong Kong. She was quite ok with sending triads to beat the shit out of women at a subway stop to try to intimidate protesters not so long ago. The majority of HKers would beat her to death (or at least stand by and applaud) if she were to try to walk down the street to the hair salon.

    Do we think she (and other junta leaders) give a damn what the people think? She could completely open up the city with a single edict … and no matter what happened… the people would continue to despise her… but there is NOTHING they could do about it.

    Yet she stays on the bus… along with every other leader.

    And where is the MSM here? I know a little bit about the advertising industry and believe you me — Horror Headlines that cause your clients to collapse and/or slash advertising budgets (see airlines, hotels, etc…) are NOT good for business… Everyone is reeling under this onslaught of negativity and lockdown.

    So why is the MSM not providing a platform for the eminent scientists Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, and Dr. Martin Kulldorff… who are offering a path out of hell?

    I sent a CovIDIOT a resent interview with Yeadon — he refused to watch it because it was on Bitchute… as I pointed out I am sure he’d prefer to be on Hard Talk… or even Youtube… but apparently they won’t have him. He is the former chief scientist respiratory at Pfizer… not a crack pot shouting ‘repent – the world is ending’ on a busy street corner (maybe it’s time for Hard Talk to have that guy on … not so sure about the repent component though)

    But nope — the best scientists who over salvation (no need to repent) are shunted off to Bitchute. The MSM owners are pleased with shutting the world down … to save politicians face.

    And what about the thousands upon thousands of CEOs and billionaires around the world who remain silent… surely behind the scenes they would be doing as they always do — lobbying politicians to get what they want. And they always get what they want…. do they want more lockdowns? I don’t think so. But not a peep – so it seems.

    Not only does the MSM not offer oxygen to expert dissenters… the ATTACK them. They ridicule them…

    And then there is Sweden … the MSM could easily turn the tide if instead of running horror headlines day after day …. they trotted out the Sweden Story…. How easy it would be to overlay deaths per capita with the UK and demonstrate that lockdowns are useless?

    Why not trot out the deaths per capita chart that shows Sweden to be outside of the top 20… in spite of no lockdowns and masks….

    Public opinion could easily be awoken from this nightmare of fear — and they’d rage against the machine and demand lockdowns end….

    But nope – Sweden is a ‘disaster’….. can’t do what Sweden has done… that’s a grave mistake they have made…

    Let’s get to the Punchline. The ‘vaccines’ …

    We have a number of very serious men who have jeopardized their careers by making very ominous predictions… these are men who have families to feed… one does not put one’s family (and career) at risk — unless they are damn sure of what they are saying.

    I’ve only noticed one doctor refusing to administer the vaccines… and he’s been suspended (Ireland)… so clearly few are willing to make a stand … even though they know these vaccines are at best experimental.

    Other than the fact that these vaccines are less than a year in the making … so not thoroughly tested (I think they have been in the making for many years… but that’s me)… the primary cause for concern is the goal of vaccinating 8B people — with something that won’t stop them from contracting Covid — and for a disease that will manifest as a mild flu or cold in the vast majority of these 8B.

    Yeadon and Bossche are asking themselves ‘now why in the hell would we do that’ …. Not only that… they have penned letters to the WHO asking why. And they are not getting answers.

    And this leads them to conclude there is something sinister at play. It is difficult not to reach that same conclusion — nothing about the Covid narrative or response makes sense…. and then we have this injection that has not been tested thoroughly … being rammed into 8 billion people as fast as possible.

    I’ve put forward a rationale along with a suggested end game. (peak oil >>> eliminate all humans to pre-empt horrific suffering and extinction).

    Bossche and Yeadon believe these vaccines involve depopulation … they probably have not thought through the depopulation theory and do not realize that randomly killing billions or even hundreds of millions would collapse BAU and result it total chaos (you cannot put humpty back together…)

    So they have not connected the dot this is an all or none proposition — its either extinction or chaos leading to extinction … there is no middle ground.

    They are unlikely to go to that dark corner (it’s too big)… so they will never get to the point of asking ‘why would our leaders drive all 8B of us over the cliff’…. So they will never recognize that peak oil is the driver of what is happening .. because most people are unaware that oil has peaked… and even if they are aware – they would believe we can still transition to renewables before the oil story goes critical…

    What I have outlined may be wrong — but I believe it is a far more valid hypothesis than the one that suggests world leaders painted themselves into a corner and are willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces…

    Perhaps some might be willing to do that … but why would the money men — and the MSM — allow them to do that?

    We are without a doubt committing suicide. No way that would be permitted.

    The conclusion has to be that this is a plan … most people will refuse to accept this … they will prefer to chalk this up to incompetence, stupidity, venality, re-election etc…

    Because to accept this is a plan is to accept that we die — and that our families die.

    That is just too big for most people… they will not allow their minds to wander into the graveyard at night.

    So they will feebly attempt to propose alternative reasons.. even though they know… none of what they are proposing is backed up by logic…

    The only plan that can be supported with logic … is the CEP. Compassionate Extinction.

    Everything points to that.

    More than happy to entertain challenges to the logic of the CEP…. simply dismissing it is not an argument.

  40. The Wizard

    A perfect summation of the Covid dystopia we find ourselves in. It is now set in stone and will enter the historical record as reinforced concrete. This would never have been allowed to happen if the sheeple were not so dumbed down and obedient; they are a cult and enslaved but they know it not.
    One is reminded of Goethe
    “None are so hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.”
    — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  41. Gary Ogden

    Thank you, Dr. Kendrick. A reckoning, indeed, we should have. A second Nuremberg trial, especially for what they have done to the children. Here in California everyone I talk to, regardless of political party, is totally fed up with what our governor has done. And we have a few brave and intelligent voices from some of our governors. Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, said this week that the lockdowns were “. . .a huge mistake. We wanted to mitigate the damage. Now, in hindsight, the 15 days to slow the spread and the 30–it didn’t work.” Florida’s response was not nearly as draconian as in states ruled by incompetent sociopath’s, such as California, New York, and Michigan.

  42. Gary Ogden

    Forgot to check the box. Tired from a lovely hike today in God’s country among mostly free American faces.

  43. Fast Eddy

    Let’s debate … shall we?

    I have demonstrated that conventional oil peaked in 2005 and shale (the only growing source of oil) peaked in 2019…

    In 2005, the United States Department of Energy published a report titled Peaking of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation, & Risk Management.[156] Known as the Hirsch report, it stated, “The peaking of world oil production presents the U.S. and the world with an unprecedented risk management problem. As peaking is approached, liquid fuel prices and price volatility will increase dramatically, and, without timely mitigation, the economic, social, and political costs will be unprecedented.

    The price of oil has indeed been extremely volatile in recent years…..spiking to $147 just before GFC…

    ‘economic, social and political costs will be unprecedented’ as in the global economy will collapse soon after peak oil strikes…. here’s what that looks like — except that when you have a total collapse you have no food – electricity – petrol – medicine – security — FOREVER

    Feel free to challenge on any of this — but keep in mind I have been studying this for over 10 years now … so I come well armed…

    Question: If you ran the world and you know the end game of uncontrolled collapse due to peak oil — would result in a situation far worse than Bosnia — with no possible way of surviving…

    What would you do?

  44. Jeremy

    A long watch, but one of the best Covid videos if seen – and I’ve seen many.
    Once it gets going it’s incredible.

    You wouldn’t go near the mRNA once this explanation of what it is, and what it isn’t, becomes clear

    Please share before it is removed.

    1. AhNotepad

      Jeremy, thank you for this. I agree it it is the best info yet IMO. Anyone who thinks there is not conspiracy in what’s going on will never believe it if this doesn’t change their mind.

      1. Gary Ogden

        Jeremy: Also thank you from me. He has put it all together. The clotting disorder is an actual effect of the vaccines. The mice were all dead within a week, which is a year and a half in human terms.

    2. AhNotepad

      At 1:45:00 or thereabouts, there is a comment about the importance of having social contact to improve recovery. NHS and other “public health” “experts” who promote isolation should take note, lest they be found guilty of inhumane practices.

    3. Fast Eddy

      34 minute it really takes off… the scientists were knowingly creating the virus… what he seems to not understand is the why… he probably is unaware that oil peaked in 2019… so is unable to connect the dots and realize — we are being put down

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        Is what they ‘create’ as virus transmitted only by needle or test swab etc?
        The belief in contagion can effect contagion as ‘hysteria’ which has many instances of operating outside all apparent rational checks or balances.

        I note I can have some ‘reaction’ to fear narratives but effectively parse them as not addressed to who I am and so they don’t run. So if there is a subtle communication of toxic states, fears or mutational adaptations, (via viral transmission or other means) this may not mean it has to run on and replicate in our own mind and body. We may be ‘immune’ or resilient to what is not part of who we are. Just as we don’t pick up Klingon radio stations (hopefully 😉
        There can be a tipping point where a system.cell/self either heals or enters a cycle of degradation and deterioration and death.

  45. Fast Eddy

    Dr. Ryan Cole is the CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent labs in the State of Idaho. Dr. Cole is a Mayo Clinic trained Board Certified Pathologist. He is Board Certified in anatomic and clinical pathology. He has expertise in immunology and virology and also has subspecialty expertise in skin pathology. He has seen over 350,000 patients in his career, and has done over 100,000 Covid tests in the past year. Dr Cole talks about the science and data relating to public health measures that we may have been missing, and what treatments should be available to everybody.

  46. brian jones

    How do you explain that there were more “excess deaths” in the United States in 2020 than during 1918, the year of the Spanish Flu?? That happened despite the lockdown. Without a lockdown, my guess is it could have been worse, but we will never know.
    In both the US and UK, the death rate last year was 17% above normal.

    1. Steve

      1918 Vs 2020.
      Dry Tinder, see graph ?
      Population differences – have graphs been normalised for population growth ?
      Just an idea, may be wrong ?

    2. theasdgamer

      What is “people failing to get medical treatment because of a fear of being quarantined in the hospital and dying while being separated from their loved ones” for 400, Alex?

      Increased suicides and other lockdown-created harms led to excess mortality.

  47. Andy

    “that COVID19 has been, or will be, deadly than Spanish flu.” I think this should read “more deadly”. Dr Kendrick you obviously were not wearing a mask when you typed your blog post. Masks have been proven to reduce grammar issues as well as preventing the spread of all diseases. Mistakes like this are all the evidence needed that 10 years in prison is perfectly fine as a punishment for making an error on a form.

  48. brian j

    How do you explain that there were more “excess deaths” in the United States in 2020 than during 1918, the year of the Spanish Flu?? That happened despite the lockdown. Without a lockdown, my guess is it could have been worse, but we will never know.
    In both the US and UK, the death rate last year was 17% above normal.

      1. brian jones

        If you don’t want to read the evidence, you will keep living in a fake world! New York Times is about as fact-based reporting as you will find.

          1. brian

            I guess you deserve a sarc tag for your snarky comment. Sick of selfish people denying reality! Get a grip; covid kills.

          2. AhNotepad

            So does tuberculosis, and a hell of a lot more than covid does. What sort of grip do you suggest? 🤔

          3. Jerome Savage

            So do “foreign objects”.
            In receipt of a comment that states -“In 2020, 287 people died putting foreign objects in their anus” thst’s in the US. My point is, many things kill. Lockdowns kill.

          4. Fast Eddy

            Wow that’s amazing considering only around 100 children in America have died of Covid… we need a vaccine to prevent deaths from foreign objects in the bunghole! Perhaps Pfizer can come up with something and we can vaccinate 8B people because you never know when you might want to insert a foreign object in your bung.

            Beavis will be pleased when the vaccine releases 🙂

          5. Fast Eddy

            Technically most people who die when they have Covid die because they are very old (average is around 80) and/or are already very sick with at least one co-morbidity.

            Just 388 people under the age of 60 with no underlying health conditions have died of coronavirus in England, NHS data has revealed.


            So YES – Covid can kill you — but if you are under 60 and healthy… you have a better chance of winning a lottery prize than you do of dying from covid….

            I suspect more people die trying to cross the street in traffic…. if so then we should lock everyone down so they don’t cross the street ever — or just force them to stay on their side of the street – forever.


            I can imagine your head turning red and purple and steam coming out of your ears as you read this…. and I am … smiling 🙂 (tee hee)

            Funny how logic and facts anger some people.

        1. Gary Ogden

          brian jones: The New York Times which brought us “Caliphate?” This was the story of the fake Canadian jihadist murderer. Which brought us the fake fire-extingusher bashing of Capitol police officer Sidnick? With a bit of research, I could write a page or two of examples of the New York times publishing falsehoods and stories made up out of thin air. They may have once done journalism, but they no longer do.

          1. brian jones

            Gary: for sure, the NYT, like all media, has gotten stories wrong in its past, but that is far from the norm: they are among the few, rigorous, trustworthy newspapers we have left that actually do the work to find the truth and in an era of fake news, MAGA, bluster and plain BS all over the internet they are a dose of sanity. If you take the time to read the stories I cite, they are fact-based reporting on data and interviews with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and a long list of scientists and government offices around the world.

            Ahnotedpad/Jerome: A 17% increase in the death rate year over year in the US and UK was obviously not due to tuberculosis or anal objects.
            FYI: “Get a grip” means take hold of reality!

          2. Fast Eddy

            This is coming from someone who 15 years ago thought the NYT was a fantastic newspaper.

            Then I came to my senses and realized that ALL MSM exists to tell me what to think… and the NYT is one of the worst of the lot. They NYT demographic is well-educated liberals… so it has to be more clever than the low brow media that just uses Sledgehammer PR.

            The NYT will publish some actual truths including exposes on issues to build credibility – then it uses that credibility to spew propaganda and lies.

            I came to my senses on this when I was reading an article that stated ‘America has a long track record of supporting the fight for democracy around the world’…. I nearly spit up my morning coffee as I thought of how America has supported an endless list of dictators in dozens of countries over the years — and trained militaries to hunt down torture and kill those involved in seeking democracy for their countries.

            Not that I have a problem with that … I am no longer a fan of the NTY… I avoid the MSM for the most part… and I am no longer a liberal.

            I should have read when I was in uni — I would have pulled my head out of DelusiSTAN earlier

            Don’t think there is a Ministry of Truth controlling the lies? Watch this:

            I know it’s difficult to change your mind on this — we’ve all been undergoing indoctrination since kindergarten … undoing that is difficult

          3. Gary Ogden

            brian jones: The CDC simply cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Read “Vaccine Whistleblower,” by Kevin Barry, Esq.

          4. Jerome Savage

            I did note previously that NY did appear to suffer disproportionately. Looking at European & other stats there is no significant change in death outcomes. (Maybe UK) Assuming your 17% is correct, how much might this be attributed to the effects of lockdown? Eg missed, cancelled & delayed treatments, moving infected patients in among vulnerables?
            I hav many many links indicating human cost of medical opportunities lost – how about misdiagnoses as 19 fever took hold? – I posted several credible links regarding increase in self harm (and beyond) and the stats where I reside do NOT indicate pandemic either in the biblical sense or any other sense. So forgive me I sound pi$$ed off with the media’s clarion cry aided and abetted by vested interests.

        2. Fast Eddy

          New York Times is about as fact-based reporting as you will find.

          Surely this is meant to be sarcasm…

          1. brian jones

            Fast Eddy, you and the wierdos that try to deny covid realities are a testament to the old saying “ignorance is bliss”…. I guess you’re waiting for Trump to come out with his Fake News Network. Fool!

            I don’t know why I waste my time debating covidiots in this comment section, so I will move on.

          2. Fast Eddy

            Please do.

            But before you scurry off back to your hole, might I recommend Huff and Democracy Now… where’s Rachael Madow these days — she’d be right up your alley…

            And every good DelusiSTANI needs one of these to bang on while humming Kumbaya…

          3. theasdgamer

            Lol, the New York Times pushed the bogus Russia Collusion story, now totally debunked, for three years. The NYT pushed other bogus anti-Trump stories, also debunked, like the debunked, fraudulent Pee Dossier.


            But the NYT doesn’t limit its fake reporting to Trump–it is a source of fake stories on many topics. The bogus, debunked Covington Kids story (the NYT issued a correction), the bogus, debunked Duke lacrosse team rape story. the bogus, debunked hydroxychloroquine-is-dangerous story, the 1619 Project fraud, Jayson Blair…the list goes on and on.

            Then there was the suppression of stories about Jewish genocide during WW2 by the Times.

            The NYT is part of the democrat propaganda machine, fraudulently posing as independent media.

          4. Fast Eddy

            Exactly. I imagine after reading this post… our NYT fans… decided to Leave the Building… and seek the friendly confines of the Huffington Post message boards…. ‘there there… you poor thing… stay away from those nasty people over there on Dr K’s site…. would you like a coffee — it’s organic, fair trade… flown in from the other side of the world just this morning!’

    1. Henry Smith

      The “Pandemic’s” hidden toll:
      My mother, 89, has developed cataracts. She has been put on the NHS waiting list – it is 60 weeks long. In the meantime, reading is difficult and driving not possible. The Government/NHS probably hope she’ll be dead before she is treated. Disgusting or what ?
      Elsewhere in the world:
      Russia and Cuba have eye treatment planes that provide support to third world countries, Indian doctors provide free treatment to the poor and manage 500 operations per day !
      In the UK we have over-paid surgeons who probably perform no more than half a dozen operations per day (?) and probably only work for the NHS part time. Correct me if I’m wrong.
      What a state the UK is in, and CV19 has made it many times worse.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        A family member of mine had an NHS cataract operation two years ago. She had to wait about four months after the diagnosis and the decision to operate. A consultation, a pre-op “rehearsal” for measurements, etc., and the operation itself took place within the month of March.

        We arrived at the hospital a little early and waited for a few minutes with other patients. The operation took 2 hours, but she was able to walk around immediately.

        We were both very impressed with the standard of care and hygiene, the painlessness of the op, and above all the thoughtfulness and kindness of the staff – the NHS at its best.

        I very much doubt if it would be wise to try to speed up such operations. Getting it absolutely right is first, last and foremost. There is no need to wait until a cataract is seriously affecting vision to remove it. As it is replaced by an artificial lens, it can be removed at any time after first diagnosis.

        1. Henry Smith

          So, based on your experience, we could hypothesize:
          Cataract Treatment: Pre Covid – around 4 Months. Post Covid – around 14 Months.
          (Private treatment, around 1 to 2 months – about £3,000 – carried out by NHS Surgeon)
          Since the majority of Cataract sufferers, I assume, are pensioners, how many will die before being treated ?

          1. Prudence Kitten

            Quite true, Henry. I was suggesting that there is little scope for NHS surgeons and nurses to speed up cataract ops by working harder or longer hours. (Unless of course extra staff and facilities are added).

            The ridiculous government panic measures have wrecked a lot of things, and on top of years of pointless reorgs and cost cuts have set the NHS back catastrophically.

    2. Tim Fallon

      This article makes no sense.
      Why would governments that have done nothing but promote fear in relation to covid19 not use all these claimed deaths to bolster their case and justify their actions?

      1. Prudence Kitten

        Evidently, Tim, you are one of the small minority who understand that politicians are not in the business out of altruism or love of humanity.

        Do remember that maybe 99 percent of your fellow citizens not only do not understand that, but will fight to the death to avoid believing it.

    3. ellifeld

      the bottom line as far as I’m concerned is that the average age of death with covid is roughly 79. Life expectancy in the US is 79. In addition those who have died have had 2 or more comorbidities. In essence sick elderly people (40-50% have died in nursing homes) are dying. That doesn’t seem to be unusual does it?

      When you count everything as covid, no flu, no pneumonia, anyone testing positive from an unreliable PCR test and dying within 28 days will be considered a covid death even if they are 95 and barely breathing, hospitals being reimbursed for covid deaths and not other diseases, – what you’ll get is a large covid number, like 500K. But the NY Times apparently can’t suss that out. Maybe the drug industry pays for their advertising.

      1. Gary Ogden

        ellifeld: Your last point bears amplification. In the U.S. the media is on life support. The internet has destroyed their business model: advertising, along with subscriptions, pays the bills. The bulk of traditional advertising dollars have moved on line, so the media is left with, primarily, ad revenue from the pharmaceutical industry. They have gobs of cash to throw around. My criticism of the New York Times applies to virtually all the print and broadcast media, including Fox. I pay no attention to them, although I do like Tucker Carlson. There are some really good people still doing journalism. Two I read regularly are Glenn Greenwald, who is from the traditional liberal side and Sharyl Attkisson, more center-right, as well as Children’s Health Defense. RFK, Jr. is also a truth-teller. I also get Lockdown Skeptics in my inbox each morning, but don’t read much of it, as I find it baffling. We truly are two nations separated by a common language.

    4. Doug from Canada

      Brian J:

      “How do you explain ‘excessive deaths’? You download the datasets and do your OWN research:

      In Canada Year over Year % increase in all cause mortality from 2020 as compared to the 10 year average is up ~ 50%. (13,225 increase in 2020 vs. 10 year trend of 6275 per year increase)

      But when you graph the ACTUAL mortality numbers 2020 was EXACTLY on trend for the last 10 years, in other words NO increase in expected mortality over the long term trend.

      I’m not saying covid isn’t killing people but do your own research please and bring back the actual trend values.

  49. Ruth Baills

    Thank you once again Dr Malcolm Kendrick for the truth of it all. Love reading your thought provoking blogs.

  50. Tim Fallon

    Boris Johnson is far and away the most effective Tory Prime Minister we have ever seen.
    Boris convinvced Parliament to give him the powers of a dictator with the ability to direct taxpayers cash into the pocket of whomsoever he chose with zero scrutiny or accountability.
    Boris has been able to steal vastly more money from the UK taxpayer in far shorter a time than any of his predecessors.
    Colossal sums of money has been directed into the pockets of Tory donours and the Tories chums for track and trace systems that were not needed and never functioned, for PCR and antigen tests that are wildly inaccurate and for the real money shot the gene therapy dressed up as a vaccine.
    Now once they get their global vaccine passport in place big pharma in conjunction with government will be able to control us all.
    They will be able to demand we take whatever injections they dictate if we want our vaccine passport to remain valid so that we may operate in society. Think of the guaranteed revenue this gives pharma, think of the control this affords government.
    If we all must submit to injections every year then the government could just make sure that those people that are ‘problematic’ get an injection that will prevent them being a problem any more.
    They have robbed us blind and are about to impose a biosecurity state from which there will be no escape.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      “Colossal sums of money has been directed into the pockets of Tory [donors]…”

      Good point, Tim. And they get a vast amount of interest on their relatively tiny investments. Give the Tories a million or so, profit to the tune of hundreds of millions or even billions.

      It’s a form of money laundering that pays millions percent interest.

  51. Mary F Dyer

    Your post rings true to me. But being in USA, I should not comment. Therefore, I will substitute the name Joe Biden in place of Boris, and there we go!!!!

  52. Archie Robertson

    On Tuesday 20th April, 140 people in a “vaccinodrome” in Épernay, France, received a shot of saline solution instead of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine. The mainstream media are baffled as to how this could have happened. We wonder who this fake batch was intended for, and what celebrities have been injected with the REAL vaccine… by accident!


    Dear Dr.Kendrick,

    as one of your followers, I came across the article attached.

    Maybe you want to check this and comment

    Tx a lot for all your great articles – all the best!

    Hans Harter

    Von: Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Gesendet: Samstag, 24. April 2021 08:58 An: Betreff: [New post] COVID19: Taking Stock

    Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: “24th April 2021 What has happened with COVID19 has happened. All around the world Governments and their advisors have blundered about, all claiming they did absolutely the right thing. Maybe a bit slow in locking down here and there. However, essentiall”

  54. Gary Ogden

    Sasha: The interview Jeremy posted has the information about gain-of-function research I was trying to recall. It is biological-weapons research (which has never ceased in the U.S.), funded by among other cabinet departments, Defense, Health and Human Services, Interior, and subdivisions of these (such as Fauci’s NIAID), the grant money laundered through an outfit called EcoHealth Alliance, which is run by Peter Daszak, to the labs of Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina at Chappell Hill, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Covid 19 is a chimera, a manmade virus.

    1. Fast Eddy

      That is the best presentation I have yet seen on this massive false flag operation. It is a must watch.

    2. Sasha

      Gary: my question remains: if it’s bioweapons research, why would US transfer it to a Chinese lab? Seems very unlikely.

        1. Sasha

          As far as I know, major military powers all have BW research. I should say: “as far as I have read…” because I don’t really KNOW. There’s even a book written about American BW research on Three Miles Island (I think that’s what the island is called). That book also says that BW research is highly classified, as to be expected.

          That’s why the explanation Gary cites just doesn’t seem very plausible to me.

      1. Gary Ogden

        Sasha: Nothing really makes sense in this saga. Why would the Pentagon, the major funder of this, enable the Chinese Communist Party to have this technology? Makes no sense, but the evidence is clear in black and white. Peter Daszak was both the facilitator of this technology transfer and the sole American representative the CCP allowed into China to do the sham investigation of the viral origin. We will never know, though. This was a CIA operation, and they are very good at hiding their tracks. They have deep claws into the media and all aspects of the civilian government. The current administration hasn’t the brains to see the dangers posed by the CCP.

  55. Cookie Boy

    One thing that has been obvious since this scamdemic kicked off, our governments are inept at running any sort of program and cities are a good way to spread disease.

    100 years ago the then population knew how to isolate and design purpose built facilities to house contagious people, now we outsource this responsibility to private business.

    As for cities, their very design make the containment of a rampant virus impossible, maybe a redesign of cities is needed.

  56. Fast Eddy

    The following was copied from the New Zealand Ministry of Health site a few weeks ago:

    If a person is vaccinated against COVID-19, will they still be able to spread the virus to susceptible people?

    An ideal vaccine will stop everyone from carrying the infection as well as protecting them from becoming seriously ill. It is currently unclear whether the vaccine only protects against symptomatic and severe disease, or if it can also stop all infection, including asymptomatic infection (i.e. showing no symptoms).

    If the vaccine is only able to stop the symptoms of the disease, but unable to stop the virus from infecting us and reproducing, then the virus may still be able to be spread.

    It has now been removed

  57. Lynn Wright

    “COVID19 is a new, mutated, coronavirus that is more deadly than (most forms) of influenza.” I respectfully disagree, Show me proof of isolation, purification, characterization and pathogenicity of SARs CoV-2. No one has done this. FOI requests to health institutions and governments the world over asking for proof of virus isolation have come up empty handed. The emporer has no clothes. It hasn’t been proven to exist let alone be infectious or deadly.

    1. theasdgamer

      Respectfully, virus isolation is not required for evidence of viral existence.

      No one has ever isolated or even seen X-rays. We have only seen some images which supposedly came from X-rays.

      No one has ever isolated electrons, protons, or neutrons. We have only observed indirect effects, if, in fact, those effects are due to electrons, protons, or neutrons. Somehow physicists have created steel-cutting tools and fantastic weapons like particle-beam cannons out of these non-existing, invisible things.

      How would I test for the existence of SARS-COV-2? Here’s my method.

      1. Obtain a sample of RNA allegedly from the virus. The viral RNA has been isolated and purified. And somehow it manages to reproduce. We aren’t sure how. Ditto the spike protein and other enzymes that the alleged virus manages to get manufactured. And we can isolate and purify all these things. But maybe something besides a virus does this.

      2. Get a culture of Vero cells and verify with 20 different PCR runs at Ct 42 that there is no viral RNA in them.

      3. Dilute the sample of allegedly-viral RNA to less than RNA/ml and use it to infect a Vero cell culture and let that process for four days, then run through PCR 20 times at Ct 42 to verify that the RNA hasn’t multiplied somehow in the culture. Let’s assume it hasn’t.

      4. Get a nasal swab previously obtained from an allegedly covid patient with mild symptoms whose covid has later progressed to moderate stage and has tested positive on PCR with Ct set to 24. Make sure that the sample doesn’t test positive on PCR with Ct 27.

      5. Wash that swab with distilled water and from the wash test a small sample on PCR with Ct set to 27. It should be negative. You can dilute it until you get a negative result on PCR with Ct set to 27.

      6. Use your wash to infect a culture of Vero cells. Test immediately on PCR at Ct 27. Your result should be negative. Let the virus culture for four days, then test on PCR at Ct 24. If you get a positive result, you have proved the existence of the virus.

      I would be terribly surprised if something like this hasn’t been done already.

  58. john barr

    Hi Malcolm
    As usual, a very true and succinct summing-up of the world we now live in.
    As a GP in Australia, I find it sad that in our practice of probably 30 doctors, the only ones wearing masks are some of the younger ones, whose risk from covid [I refuse to give it a capital C] is minimal.
    What is more frightening is the fact that they seem to have no idea of the actual risk figures for them. They are completely brainwashed. Even the medical rags start their articles by referring to “the deadly virus”. If it was Ebola, I could understand, but something with an IFR of possibly 0.02%’…..?
    It is interesting that a lot of my patients who are elderly, and therefore at higher risk, are those with a healthy scepticism of the rubbish put out on every available news platform.
    I suspect that the general population knows that the mainstream narrative is basically bolloocks.

    I have had my first dose of the AZ vaccine, but in my case it is because I fear I won’t be allowed to travel, in the future without it. I was travelling all over Europe and UK between September 2019 and November 2020, in all those terrible coviddy areas, and had no symptoms at any time.

    I would like to check my antibody levels and my T cell status, but the stupidity here is that I could then be labelled as covid positive, and forced to self-isolate for 10 days. This despite the fact that the morons in charge do admit that having antibodies confers immunity. The level of stupidity and completely idiotic statements flying around is what is truly terrifying, unlike the new terrifying mutant strains popping up.
    If the GMC is like AHPRA, our regulatory body here, you will be treated as guilty, and it will be up to you to prove your innocence, a position completely the opposite of anything found in the normal laws of our countries.

    I am sure we could crowd-fund any costs involved in your defence. Please keep up the good work. The GP suggesting you be struck off deserves to be at least investigated for dementia.

    1. jeanirvin

      John Barr – Surely an antibody test won’t get you labelled as covid positive. I had an antbody test and just got an email confirming it. Private antibody tests are available.

      1. john barr

        The level of stupidity here has to be seen to be believed. I know it proves my immunity, but it is seen here as something positive and covid so is regarded as dangerous

    2. Fast Eddy

      ‘I have had my first dose of the AZ vaccine, but in my case it is because I fear I won’t be allowed to travel, in the future without it.’

      I know quite a few people who have had the jabs because they want to travel… and they are pushing me to get the jab.

      My response is: I would consider the jab but only after I am 100% certain that I can get on a plane and at both ends of the trip — walk off — and not into any sort of quarantine or isolation.

      At present that is not possible — and it does not look like it will be possible anytime soon… so I am not going to risk a near term bad side-effect (and there are plenty who have gotten very sick and died from the jabs)….

      I am not concerned about the long term effects because I believe Bossche, Yeadon, and Fleming when they state this is a bioweapon… so I do not believe there is a long term to worry about.

      That response generally leaves them speechless… the only one who responded so far said he wanted to take the jab asap just in case it’s not available when things do open up.

      Uh… okay.

    3. Prudence Kitten

      “It is interesting that a lot of my patients who are elderly, and therefore at higher risk, are those with a healthy scepticism of the rubbish put out on every available news platform”.

      As a healthy 72-year-old, Dr Barr, I couldn’t agree more. As I have pointed out more than once, I was an undergraduate during the 1968 flu “pandemic” and no one even noticed it. There is not a single mention of flu in my family papers from that period, which are quite substantial.

    4. theasdgamer

      As far as the young doctors go, I think that we are experiencing “The Stepford Wives” comingled with “The Body Snatchers”.

      Thankfully, not all millennials and younger are such utter idiots. I danced with young women of those generations last Saturday who were barefaced.

      It really is very strange that being normal and not wearing a mask is now an act of resistance.

    1. brian jones

      Richard Fleming, a felon convicted of health care fraud who has been debarred by the US Food and Drug Administration.
      Good stuff, Fast Eddy! Not.

      1. Fast Eddy

        I have already seen information on that… and here’s what I asked myself when I read that:

        If Dr Malcolm Kendrick had a conviction for a criminal offence… would I refuse to participate on this blog?

        What if I found that Bossche – or Yeadon – had a criminal conviction in their past? Would I dismiss their opinions on Covid?

        Of course not. That would make me an idiot.

        Moving from prison to a PhD
        Nature spoke to three US researchers who have built academic careers after they were released.

        I am sure there are many more brilliant men with criminal convictions.

        Think before you hit Post Comment. It will save you intellectual embarrassment.

        1. brian

          Do you also follow Qanon, Fast Eddy? Could this virus really be the result of pedophiles and their Satanist desires? Is the New York Times the instrument of the devil? It’s a shame that such a great health care voice such as Dr. Kendrick has had his blog hijacked by right-wing nuts.

          1. Jerome Savage

            Inevitable comment – but probably generated by the incredible times we live in and people struggling for sense.

          2. Fast Eddy

            Brian – you have me all wrong. I despise the Fox crowd almost as much as I despise the NYT liberal crowd. The reason I despise the liberals more is because of their holier than thou attitude. The Fox crowd are just a bunch of simple bumpkins…

            Both groups are equally stupid + ignorant and being run around by their noses. I have complete disdain for the lot of you.

            I am a man of facts… of logic… think Spock … on Steroids.

            I do enjoy Dr K’s articles as I respect facts and logic and the ability to see through the Matrix.

            I also enjoy reading the comments of a number of the regular contributors. The DelusiSTANIS are mostly white noise… you get used to ignoring them

        2. fluffygingercat

          It’s a stock knee jerk reaction from the unthinking, unfortunately. As this is the word for word response on my family watts app chat that was given me. I think it was AhNotepad who uploaded this, initially and i watched with horrror (Ivor Cummins discussed this in episode 110 where he states to Igor that this is technology we have had for years, banned in America yet funded in Wuhan).

          Anyway Fast Eddy, thanks for this link too.

  59. Steve

    The threat by the GMC to doctors who use their independent judgment and express their opinion is in contrast to the complete silence over the overdosing of patients who were in the experimental half of the RCT for HCQ run by the Oxford and WHO teams. Both found that the drug had adverse effects and in the case of the team lead by Prof Horby, who is chairman of NERVTAG, the dose was 5 times the upper limit given in the British National Formulary and marked as hazardous in overdose.

    My wife is a senior researcher and pharmacologist and was shocked that not one peer review pointed out this was unethical. But then, she is also dependent on the money from pharma to keep her job and could not make a complaint herself. Perhaps, if the GMC tries to strike a doctor off, that doctor could make a complaint in the direction of the medical establishment. The same one that took 12 years to acknowledge the use of antibiotics to treat stomach ulcers and did not even teach trainee doctors in medical schools about the latest techniques.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Well, thus far the GMC has said that they are taking no action against me. Whilst I am no fan of them, to say the least, they do not seem to feel that it is their role to hunt down and strike off doctors who hold non-mainstream views. If they did, I would be long gone. But, in the end, they may feel the need to attack, if they get enough complaints.

      1. David Bailey

        Congratulations for that!

        Maybe you should offer short courses to other dissenting doctors, helping them to stay just inside the line!

        How free are you to, for example, advise patients against getting vaccinated?

        Hopefully you are hard to attack because everything you write is so meticulously referenced, and by now you are so well known:)

      2. theasdgamer

        Do you have any physician friends who could write to the GMC in your support? Something like “Dr. Kendrick really goes the extra mile for his patients and his cases consistently seem to have a minimal presence in the weekly M & M meetings compared with other physicians. I wish more of my colleagues were like Dr. Kendrick.”

    2. Prudence Kitten

      “…the dose was 5 times the upper limit given in the British National Formulary and marked as hazardous in overdose”.

      I was amazed that there was no criminal prosecution. If a member of my family were given 5 times the upper limit of a potentially dangerous drug – and then died – I would not rest until those responsible were in the dock.

  60. tc

    I keep hearing that asymptomatic people can spread this virus.
    Where is the evidence for this?
    Does this happen for ANY other virus/disease?
    In my opinion this is one of the biggest ‘levers’ the government are using to control the population, and make them scared shitless.
    If you’re ill stay at home, ‘so you don’t spread your germs’ – I think everyone agrees with this – but when this all kicked of last March and I kept hearing on the news that ‘maybe’ even healthy asymptomatic people can spread this! Holy cow – who in there right mind would not ‘obay’ the government’s lockdown in fear of killing gran!

    1. Jean Humphreys

      Of course asymptomatic people can spread the virus – and any other viruses, bacteria and fungi the happen to be carrying at any one time. Did you not know that the largest amount of the black dirt in the London Underground is shed human skin cells – probably some rat as well. I am sure there must be plenty of pathogens among that dust. It is not so much who is spreading it, it is more the people who have the bad luck to get a large consignment in one go, and/or the equally bad luck to be poorly equipped to fight it with an immune system working well.

      1. Steve

        I’m not sure there is any proof of your ‘of course’ statement regarding CV19 ?
        If you’re asymptomatic you probably don’t have enough of the virus to be infectious, PCR may detect it but that is meaningless.

        1. Jean Humphreys

          Of course I don’t have data to back up my “of course”. What I am trying to express is that asymptomatic people can and do spread viruses, bacteria, fungi, and nasty little other things that haven’t even got a name. We are not an intact, non-shedding population of individual persons, but walk around in a miasma of our own production. If nothing else, we all give off smells.
          It is not significant. Should we all be wrapped in clingfilm? It is not what we shed, but what we may pick up that causes the diseases.

    2. theasdgamer


      There was a big study done of Wuhan covid patients–10 million–that saw no evidence of asymptomatic spreaders.

      For spreaders to be asymptomatic, they would have to be somehow to be immune to the effects of SARS-COV-2, which actually causes a lot of cell damage as it exits. From all the pathology reports which I have read, the bulk of the damage from covid is coagulopathic. To be spreading the quantity of virus needed to infect others would do a great deal of damage to the person spreading and there would be symptoms.

      1. tc

        Thank you, yes this was my understanding – in order to spread the virus (probably most virus’) you need to be shedding a large amount of said virus, which would make the host symptomatic.

        Interesting about the Wuhan study.

        Anecdotally the most worry/fear I hear from my circle of friends and family – is being asymptomatic and infecting someone vulnerable!

      2. David Bailey

        I am a bit puzzled because I do remember there was the concept of silent spreaders of typhoid (back at the time of the big Aberdeen typhoid outbreak). Was this concept always faulty, or is it a real possibility with bacterial diseases, or what?

        1. theasdgamer

          It’s theoretically possible that bacteria can live symbiotically in humans. It’s also possible that viruses can exit host cells without causing much cell damage. But that isn’t the case for SARS-COV-2.

          1. Prudence Kitten

            “But that isn’t the case for SARS-COV-2”.

            How can you possibly know that? You may be aware of many cases in which the virus has caused damage. But any cases in which it doesn’t would by definition escape attention.

            There may be many more people with significant amounts of the virus in their bodies who never fall ill; and still more who do not transmit.

          2. theasdgamer

            The Wuhan study debunked the canard of asymptomatic transmission. There was no transmission by asymptomatic, PCR-positive people. And we _know_ that SARS-COV-2 causes massive cell damage when it exits the cell, so any active case would be symptomatic. Possibly SARS-COV-2 lies dormant and is somehow activated. And we now know that SARS-COV-2 reverse-transcribed RNA has been inserted into human DNA in a few individuals who show positive PCR results without active infections or viral culturing. If people neither transmit nor show symptoms, what reason is there to believe that they are carrying any virus?

        2. theasdgamer

          It’s also possible that Typhoid Mary wasn’t actually infected herself, but kept a source of typhoid in a cooking ingredient (which typhoid contamination was not known to her or to the investigators) which she used in her cooking.

  61. yorkerodda

    Thank you Dr Malcome and your writings!
    I am
    a farmer’s son
    a Biology Teacher,
    a student of Botany and Zoology (for the sake of truth I should say I was a student of a little Botany and Zoology 40+ years ago).
    It was the lessons I learnt and taught in Eccology that opened my mind to see how everything in Nature has a purpose and a place.
    I am confident that God made you and me.
    God made Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses …. and when we try to help Him out we often make things worse.
    I hope you enjoy this video. Every truth I reference in the notes and/or back up with an example.

  62. Covid Schmovid

    Very sound analysis.
    I have to say, you didn’t go as far as you could have done in some areas, but in a climate where deceit has become usual, stating a case like this has many downsides for someone in your position.
    Well done for saying this. It needs to be said, and people need to see people like you saying it.
    All the best.

  63. Olivia

    I have never understood why it is widely believed there will be another Spanish flu. 1918 was a time of great upheaval and poor nutrition and lack of hygiene. People were already malnourished even before the war. It makes sense that there was a very large vulnerable population and it’s not surprising that growing children were the primary target.

  64. Nigella P

    I am not a scientist but my specialist area at university in my Modern History & Politics degree (a good few years ago now) was the rise of Nazi Germany. I was and continue to be amazed at how easily the Nazis rose to power in a fairly normal economically advanced country for its time. Even having gone through what happened with a fine historical toothcomb, in my heart I couldn’t really understand how it came to pass with so little dissent.

    Now I know – FEAR! I had never fully comprehended what a powerful motivator fear was but now I have witnessed that for myself in the world’s so called oldest democracy, Great Britain. I have watch us surrender in days to imprisonment in our own homes and an Executive Dictatorship literally overnight, all because of fear.

    Dr K is absolutely 100% right, the narrative is now set and there will be no backtracking without one hell of a struggle, as to backtrack is to admit mistakes and far, far too many people are invested in the decisions that were taken.

    Critical thinking went out the window and in many cases is still fluttering out there somewhere. Those who dare to question or wonder or dissent in any way are either attacked as though they are actual murderers wanting people to die or are dismissed into the crazy conspiracy theory corner!

    I cannot think for a better reason than this recent crisis for critical thinking to appear as a subject taught at schools, along with cookery, personal finance and parenting as compulsory subjects in all senior schools. We are turning out people incapable of managing their own lives and thinking about anything in a dispassionate and analytical way.

    1. Martin Back

      I also wondered why the German people, probably the most educated and cultivated nation in Europe at the time, could behave the way they did in the time of the Nazis. IMO two conditions are necessary:
      A) Give them a persuasive reason why they should do what you want them to do; and
      B) Threaten them with punishment if they don’t.

      When they opened the Stasi files they discovered that something like 1/3 of the population had reported on their neighbors to the Stasi. It just goes to show — the average person is not a hero, he is a snitch.

    2. Fast Eddy

      Even the most highly educated, successful people (are they critical thinkers or just the best at performing circus magic tricks?) are taking the hook….

      You have to understand PR …. it can convince the vast majority of people that a circle is a square. Repetition and Fear are two of the key tools that they use.

      I have shown this to a number of very highly educated people and asked ‘Find Sweden’

      I may as well ask my dog the question – I get the same response

    3. Sasha

      Wasn’t Germany in economic and political shambles after the peace treaty of WWI? Also, if I am not mistaken, the Communists almost won in Germany before the Nazis did. Which, to my mind, is indicative of how badly Germany was doing. When a country is in the dumps, anything but the status quo will do.

      1. Jerome Savage

        Yes. The infamous wheelbarrows of notes to buy a loaf of bread are part & parcel of 20th century European history in the hen weimar republic.

      2. Nigella P

        Sasha, Germany did recover economically after WW1 but was badly hit by the economic collapse in the 1930s, as were a great many other countries – most of which didn’t become totalitarian states.

        Fast Eddy, I think PR is too soft a word here. I would say that the Nazis were effective users of propaganda and I do believe that we have seen that and are still seeing that from our own media and possibly state messaging too.

  65. Eric Richardson

    Hydroxychloroquine was shown highly effective at preventing serious complications, hospitalizations and deaths last Spring, when US deaths stood at around 10,000. US NIH had evidence to support since 2005.

    Ivermectin was thought to be effective then too. Certainly known by late summer when US deaths were in the 80,000 range. WHO recently noted its effectiveness to be 80-90% in preventing hospitalizations and deaths when given early.

    MAb’s like Regeneron known to have similar effects since before used on Trump and about that time they were made ‘free’ to anyone over 65 and anyone over 55 w/co-morbidity. US deaths due to COVID stops around 250k.

    In US EUA for vaccines is illegal if there’s effective treatment.

    A rough lowball estimate is 400,000 preventable deaths in the US to push a cell hacking mRNA vaccine into usage and a narrative for it to be given annually to everyone in the world, is not biannually or quarterly.

    COVID figures besides being inflated also conflate two flu seasons and a summer surge.

    Final note: the lockdown narrative was to prevent millions of deaths in the short term.
    It was to ‘flatten the curve’ and not overwhelm the healthcare facilities, which are by design meant to operate near capacity and are nearly overwhelmed every flu season. But the area under the curve is the same even if it’s flattened. The predicted deaths should have happened just more slowly, but even after conflating two normal seasons and a summer surge for respiratory viruses, and inflating the numbers,* we are still nowhere near the predictions.

    *In the US, hospitals were paid $13,000 extra for every COVID diagnosis and an additional $39,000 extra for every COVID patient in the ICU. PCR positive at about 40 cycles is not a diagnosis.

  66. Mike Doherty

    Whilst I agree with many of your points, I am left wondering what you would advise if you were in charge of the Covid crisis afflicting India at the moment. More vaccines? – probably; but lockdown – could that not help them in their awful situation?

    1. Jerome Savage

      Mike – maybe this shouldn’t be, but why did this trigger the cynical side of my brain (as if there was anything else left at this stage), why do I expect someone to step forward & apply a reality stamp and why do I immediately assume that big media are at it again?
      (Have i been brainwashed? OMG)

    2. Steve

      One of the false narratives that is spread is that there is no way of protecting yourself from this Flu bug, that is false. Personal hygiene, vitamin D, etc. all can help.
      The fatalist approach of Lockdowns, masks and social distancing have been proven to be useless. And, personally, I’m not convinced that the vaccines are as great as they are portrayed.
      India has an enormous problem with over population (Delhi: 20+ Million), hygiene (defecating in the streets is common), pollution and poverty – it’s a perfect environment for any bugs. But, it’s important to remember when talking about the large number of absolute deaths that the population is nearly 1.4 Billion. So comparisons need to factor that in.
      It’s probably also relevant to consider the proportions of national budget that are spent on Defence against the proportions spent on public health and infrastructure.
      Yes it’s really terrible for them but was a lot of it preventable, will things change ?

    3. David Bailey


      I don’t think Malcolm is going to answer your question, but I would quote Dr Kendrick’s oft-stated view that a big mistake is to assume that “something has to be done”. I think the whole world would have been better off if much less had been done. I think I’d remove the lockdown – which is probably killing a lot of people in India – and simply ask people to be careful not to spread the disease – for example by voluntarily avoiding large crowds and by staying at home if they feel unwell.

      The vaccines are really more like genetic engineering tools, and are almost certainly best avoided.

    4. Penny

      I read that India had recorded 200,000 Covid deaths out of a population of 1.36 billion – is that a crisis?

      1. Gary Ogden

        Penny: That is a mortality rate of 0.00147. Probably a significant percentage of these from malnutrition, as they are unable to work to put food on the table, and how many from the untested, liability-free vaccines? I have not seen any of the fear porn about India, but some of the photographs published are from a 2020 gas explosion, and not the ‘Rona. We do know that the PM Modi is in the pocket of Klaus Schwab and the WEF.

  67. carolynmetcalfe

    What a sane voice in a crazy world you are.

    On Sat, 24 Apr 2021 at 08:57, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: “24th April 2021 What has happened with > COVID19 has happened. All around the world Governments and their advisors > have blundered about, all claiming they did absolutely the right thing. > Maybe a bit slow in locking down here and there. However, essentiall” >

    1. yorkerodda

      Thank you David! There seems to be a war between truth and deception. I am reminded of the story of a mother watching a squad of army recruits and saying “only my son is in step!

  68. Ken MacKillop

    Hi Dr. Kendrick,
    It’ helps one’s sanity to be able to read well written analysis and opinion by others, in the face of massive group-think and similar knee-jerk, behavior by mobs. A few of the things that the current runaway hyperbole and fraud has caused me to recognize or conclude are:
    1. Antivirals are basically (by definition) cytotoxins which MDs attempt to titrate in such a way as to not quite kill a patient. But of course it can never be tested for any case whether any benefit has occurred. I doubt it in the vast majority of cases. And of course a metabolically healthy individual should never consider taking such a cytotoxin. Evolution has taken care to make our intracellular and extracellular host defenses massively potent against viruses.
    What is a protease inhibitor? It inhibits those basic pathways that allow cells to live — to produce energy for themselves continuously,, and to stably maintain and repair their morphology. and to support reproduction at many levels. That is metabolism — that is life.
    2. India, I am hearing from the press, is only now experiencing a surge of CoVID. I do know that India has not historically had much of any impact from flu-like illnesses. But they were convinced to lock down. Johan Geisecke warned them NOT to do this very early on. But eventually the pol’s chickened out and caved in. And now there has likely been enough time with too little sun exposure even in India, due only to the lockdowns.
    The body is full of negative feedbacks. Everywhere regulatory negative feedbacks. If there is plenty of hepatic storage of vit D the lymphocytes utilize it very aggressively and potently, maintaining a powerful AMPs host defense response. Once it is depleted genetic expression in lymphocytes downregulates the AMPs defense to conserve vit D. AMPs is particularly important in lower lung where the role of many leukocytes is limited due to the nature and function of these special epithelial tissues.
    MDs and big pharma love to think that they can “inhibit” what are the high evolved regulatory negative feedbacks of the most powerful species on earth. It didn’t get that way for no reason. What a disaster. Think “checkpoint inhibitors” and other ridiculous pharma language indicating a total cluelessness with respect to biology. These are analog phenomena, existing on a continuum — not digital. There is no gating, as in digital logic and Afghanistan. Cancer immunotherapies, like antivirals, are alien toxins which disrupt and inhibit the negative feedbacks and regulation of our evolved biology. Not a good thing — indeed, a very bad and dangerous thing.
    3. Massively widespread human desire for paternalism, in the form usually of bureaucracies (think the US Fed and other central banks around the world, the various administrative or “deep” states around the world, and so forth — all 100% parasitic and incompetent and self-serving miscreants run amuck and vastly over-powerful) has exhibited only the last time in the malfeasance of “leaders” with respect to this SARS variant created in a human cell culture in a lab in Wuhan because so many people in the world are wasting time on useless enterprises to be paid grant money by governments who steal it from productive hard-working people.
    I could go on for a long time. But I will quit now I guess.

    1. Mike Coker

      This blog should now be called The Fast (Eddy) Show.Eddy, take up gardening, get out more.By now you’ve said it all and then some

        1. Mike Coker

          Welcome back> I’ve really missed you’
          As for the Four Horsemen, the screaming and strong smell of sulphur will give us a clue

    2. theasdgamer

      Almost all medications prescribed by physicians are basically poisons prescribed in small enough doses to generate a benefit/harm ratio in favor of the patient. It’s not only antivirals and protease inhibitors. The body’s own immune defenses against viruses are cytotoxic to infected cells and sometimes to uninfected cells.

      Some antivirals like HCQ and ivermectin might be cytotoxic in the long term, but not in the short term.

      I have just read about high levels of free intracellular zinc being implicated in dementia. if HCQ were truly a zinc ionophore, that would argue against using HCQ prophylactically. And I’d think that we’d see a dementia signal in rheumatic patients who take HCQ.

      Possibly HCQ only works as an ionophore to get zinc into endosomes and if there’s SARS in the endosome, the virus will open up the endosome near the nucleus and free both virus and zinc from the endosome.

  69. Ken MacKillop

    P.S. I guess I should add:
    4. Most of the press of the Western world (at least) seem to naturally select for the weakest, least independent and free thinking elements of society, and those most totally avaricious for, and dependent upon, paternalism and conformism in every respect. Of course, there are some exceptional journalists who buck this predominant trend or characteristic. There always have been. And while the courage of such exceptional journalists has to be admired, these people are also deserving of pity — tragic figures, really.
    Most of the press are vicious (just like bureaucrats) in their attacks on anything and anyone that threatens their paternalistic and conformist ideal.
    These personality traits are as alien to me as any could be to anyone. I am completely devoid of these instincts. So much so that it has taken me many, many decades of observation of others to understand their behavior much at all.
    How this relates to this minor pandemic should hopefully be clear.

  70. theasdgamer

    I went over to Dr. Doshi’s blog where he discusses one of the vaccine studies and looked at a comment by The Scrutinizer who said that PCR Ct didn’t matter. Excuse me?

    Let’s assume that influenza PCR is being run at Ct 27 and covid PCR is being run at Ct 37. (This is a very reasonable assumption.) Then, assuming equal distribution of influenza and covid cases in the population, the chance of a covid diagnosis being accurate based on PCR is 1/(2^10), which is about 0.1%.

    If clinicians can’t distinguish influenza from mild covid based on ILI symptoms, then diagnosis has to rely on something else–and the go to is PCR. But PCR is subject to severe systematic error–it can only say that someone has been exposed to SARS-COV-2 and cannot positively link the results of a PCR test to a current infection. That link can be made based on belief, but not on science.

    Oh, but wait, there’s prevalence. Covid is much more prevalent than influenza. Unfortunately, the prevalence statistics are subject to the same systematic error from PCR.

    Medical researchers are massively fooling themselves. Or else they don’t want to point out that the Emperor has no clothes because it might hurt their career or they hope to further their careers by extolling the Emperor’s non-existent clothes. Maybe some of them are really incompetent. Probably a combination of all of the above.

    Now, I don’t know medical methodology. However, I can recognize systematic error from my basic science training. And I can recognize that some medical professionals like Dr. Kendrick and Dr. Heneghan _do_ point out systematic error. But I am amazed that Dr. Doshi doesn’t point out some of the basic problems with the vaccine efficacy studies like the impact of false negatives at arm assignment and the lack of viral culturing to give a confidence interval for both false negatives and false positives.

    Finally, I am very glad that Dr. Kendrick takes the time to research journal articles in depth and comment on them here while practicing medicine and having a family.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      ” But I am amazed that Dr. Doshi doesn’t point out some of the basic problems with the vaccine efficacy studies like the impact of false negatives at arm assignment and the lack of viral culturing to give a confidence interval for both false negatives and false positives”.

      I am afraid that 21st century “Western” culture “doesn’t do math”. And apparently quite a lot of doctors and scientists don’t either.

      1. theasdgamer

        I can no longer entertain the theory that so many people working in scientific disciplines are merely incompetent. And they must be either clowns or monsters. Draw your own conclusions.

        1. David Bailey

          I think nearly everyone bends to a greater or lesser extent as they see corruption in science.
          Honestly, you can’t work in science without seeing some examples of this and deciding to keep quiet.

          It is far, far easier to talk about such things after retirement.

          People aren’t monsters for not wanting to destroy their careers on a point of principle – they damn well shouldn’t have to do that. I mean think of the nurses who chose to stand up and describe what was going on in the hospitals. None of them got the support they needed, and I’ll bet some are without a job now.

          1. theasdgamer

            There are subtle ways to push against The Big Lie for health care workers. Sometimes it’s giving people a platform to expose it. Sometimes it’s anonymous funding of the opposition to The Big Lie. Sometimes it’s commenting anonymously. Sometimes it’s doing research. Sometimes it’s treating patients with antivirals. Sometimes it’s going out in public and not wearing a face diaper and telling mask-nazis that you have a health condition.

            Sometimes it’s resigning from news organizations or hospitals. Dr.Kyle-Sidell resigned from a hospital that was causing ventilator-induced lung injuries with its protocol. Sometimes you might be willing to take the risk and have a backup plan. Zelenko was forced to stop treating a community and Gold was fired.

            But if you simply go along, you might not be a leading monster, but you are still a monster. And if you go along, it’s so easy to convince yourself that you are doing the right thing and end up encouraging the lemmings to dive off the cliff.

            Someone named Bonhoeffer wrote a book about this. He was hanged by the nazis.

          2. Fast Eddy

            The most I think you can do without potentially ending your career — is to do as Dr K indicates he is doing — fully informing a patient who wants the vaccine of what the downsides are for each specific patient… and the upsides…. for young/ healthy people I do not believe there are any upsides.

            I walked into a clinic yesterday (my clinic refuses to answer my questions and does not have a clinician call me back as promised) and was told 1. there are no long term tests – this is experimental and 2. the vaccines do no stop you from getting covid or passing it — so I cannot see how quarantine travel will be allowed in or out of NZ.

            They confirmed what I already knew — and I left it with thanks – when that changes give me a call and I will consider the vax….

            I took away registration forms and when I returned home called my previous clinic and informed that we are done — I do not want another email or call from you — remove me from your patient list. They didn’t protest at all… understandable as in 3 years of living in this town I’ve not visited them for medical treatment.

            There is currently ZERO upside for me to take this vaccine. The same goes for the vast majority of people — yet they take it — no doubt because they are NOT informed of the downsides… and they are playing Russian Roulette with their health.

            Fear and propaganda turn the brain to much…. and now they are getting ready to vax their children.


          3. crisscross767

            The Phony “Pastors” Who Opposed Hitler

            By Mike King

            “……….Bonhoeffer returned to Germany in 1935 where he resumed subversive activities within the now “persecuted” Confessing Church. Though he was monitored and hassled by the Gestapo, the Marxist Minister was never arrested. In June of 1939, knowing that war was about to be imposed upon Germany, the traitor left for the United States – the very nation whose president, Franklin Demono Rosenfeld, was secretly acting as the main instigator of the coming bloodbath. But after just two weeks, he returned to Germany to resume treasonous activities which would continue through wartime, culminating with his arrest and execution for being part of the extended ring that had attempted to assassinate Hitler on July 20, 1944. Hitler survived, but three officers and a stenographer lost their lives that day. Had the assassination succeeded, Germany would have been plunged into an bloody civil war whilst the rapacious and murdering aggressor Allies menaced the nation from the outside. So much for Bonhoeffer’s storied “pacifism.” He was hanged on April 8th, 1945.

            Like Niemöller, Bonhoeffer is still widely quoted and revered by many deluded Christians of all denominations – and still puffed-up by the anti-Christian New York Times (here) as well as both the Christian and Jewish-run worlds of book-publishing. That tells you EVERYTHING!

            Oh, and one more thing. There is evidence to suggest that the never-married Bonhoeffer was a queer. (here)


          4. ellifeld

            I don’t know why you posted that but it seems pretty clear it’s an antisemitic, pro Nazi rant. Your link even lead to a site that called Hitler the ‘great one’. Really? Wow, I’m speechless. I don’t know how this discussion veered into your post, but your post should be removed. Maybe you should go also.

          5. Jerome Savage

            Agreed – an uncomfortable read, but if that was removed we would be left unaware of certain attitudes out there. The epistle of the infamous billionaire is also uncomfortable, but enjoys free reign, gets promoted through offloading of excess wealth to pivotal media channels – and no bother!!

          6. AhNotepad

            There’s nothing like tolerance and allowing free speech is there? And that’s nothing like it.

          7. ellifeld

            Am I interpreting your comment correctly in that I was inhibiting ‘free speech” by calling out a homophobic, pro Nazi, anti Semitic comment? Or maybe I’m missing what you said.

          8. Mike Coker

            I asked Dr Kendrick why he would allow such stuff on his site but there was no reply
            i assumed the silence of his followers would be deafening. I got that right The people on this blog are too right wing for my taste and yours too i hope
            i need to find a health blog with ordinary , decent contributors

          9. Gary Ogden

            Mike Coker: What is your definition of a right-winger? I don’t consider myself a right-winger, a left-winger, or any other type of winger. I am disgusted with both political parties. I trust honest science. I am imbued with the hallowed American values of liberty, respect for privacy and treating others with basic human dignity. I am as appalled at Trump, over the warp speed program, as I am with Biden and Obama for promoting it. Politics really has no place in this, the best medical blog. We really are at war with the very wealthy, who wish to monitor and control every aspect of our lives, and we should work together to expose and prosecute them. I welcome comments from anyone with knowledge of this despicable program, and there are many of them. I pay no attention to comments from those who shed no light. Don’t even read them.

          10. Mike Coker

            I’m pleased you’ve commented about this. I’ve always enjoyed your comments ( the non-political ones) about health and walking in the mountains of California. Who wouldn’t love that?
            By right wing i mean ignoring an ugly neo nazi rant in the name of free speech
            My grandad and maybe yours didn’t fight to stop those arseholes speaking, but to stop them forcing their awfulness on the whole world

          11. Gary Ogden

            Mike Coker: Thanks. I think we’re on the same page. My lengthy comment wouldn’t post, and I can’t reconstruct it, but I’ll say I’m both terrified and hopeful for the future. Nothing we can do about it anyway.

          1. theasdgamer

            Do you mean Jews? Israel receives a lot of criticism. And various Jews headed up the news networks once upon a time and controlled Hollywood.

            ABC, CBS, NBC, and Hollywood have little power any more.

            The biggest problem in the States are Deep State and China’s influence in the States. And that influence is exemplified in the China Tyrants–Biden/Harris.

            Marc Elias, Chuck Schumer, and Bernie Sanders are Jewish, but Andrew Cuomo, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Jimmy Carter, Pelosi, Obama, AOC, etc. are not.

            For every Jew who’s not a Christian, I can show you ten Christians who are not Christians.

            What was that about not being allowed to criticize someone?

    2. theasdgamer

      I realize that I ought to have defined “systematic error.” Systematic error is error that can be detected and ought to be corrected for to the extent that it is possible to do so. Systematic error stands in contrast to random error.

      A failure to tare a scale is an example of a systematic error that ought to be corrected for.

  71. theasdgamer

    Back when the Theory of Phlogiston was the dominant theory, the more nearly correct oxidation group was comprised of people considered inexperienced, foreign, and cranks.

    Lavoisier and younger chemists led the oxidation theory group while the older scientists (Priestley, Pott, Rouelle) controlled the phlogiston group and the scientific conversation. Priestley performed an experiment where oxidation occurred in a closed vessel and weighed the vessel with contents before and after oxidation and found that weight was conserved. Phlogiston was thought to have negative weight which is driven off when heated, so the weight conservation was a blow to the phlogiston theory. Priestley actually discovered oxygen, but never accepted oxidation theory, ironically. His death also led to the death of the theory of phlogiston.

    So, being thought of as a crank doesn’t necessarily mean you are wrong, although neither does it mean that your ideas are necessarily correct. It takes discussion, experimentation, and analysis to ferret out the actual truth. (I’m sure that Doshi thinks that I am a crank about the systematic error produced by relatively (to influenza) overcycled PCR and my insistence on viral culturing to obtain a confidence interval. I rely on Raoult and Heneghan for my argument–and they are not lightweights, but are very cognizant of systematic error.)

    1. theasdgamer

      Correction: Priestley did experiments with mice and oxygen generation with green plants and heated mercuric oxide in sealed vessels. Lavoisier and Lomonsov experimented with metal oxidation in a sealed vessel.

  72. me oliveira

    I’m not mad yet. But in any case the Occident [West] is trying hard with the all know and unknown dark and filthy tricks.
    People in the UK (and elsewhere) lost all liberty. Orwell is remembered by its capacity to write all the bad things man can do against other man.

    > > > Freedom is the right to be different; equality is its prohibition.[1]
    > > > The absolute pacifist is a bad citizen; times come when force must be used to uphold right, justice and ideals.[2]

    I consider that about 80% of humans are stupid: a kind of annoyance that has neither treatment nor cure. Another 10% are ignorant; for example, in Maths is the type of person who can’t count past 10 unless he quit shoes.
    Everywhere, twice per century appear two [three] men who can do the wrong things go right, stopping the journey to barbarity.

    > > > Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.[3]
    > > > Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.[4]

    World wide, there are thousands of bastards. Exceeding my taste and dreams.
    There are people who write against other people and not against others ideas.
    UK has learned to repress people following the example from the [recent or old] History.
    There are a lot of idiots who think they can ‘save the planet’ when they do not know even how to save themselves.

    > > > Animals can and should be treated humanely not because they are humane but because we are.[5]

    [1] Nicolás Gómez Dávila
    [2] Alfred North Whitehead
    [3] Clive Staples Lewis
    [4] Elbert Hubbard
    [5] Mona Charen

  73. theasdgamer

    Consider vaccine efficacy trials. If a significant portion of the vaccine arm are PCR-false-negative at recruitment, their symptoms will be masked by the vaccine and there will be uncertainty about whether the vaccine or the antibodies produced by the infection will be responsible for a lack of a symptom which will mean a tick in the “success” column. So, potentially, the vaccine is being carried to some degree by covid infections.

    There ought to be exclusion based on positive viral culturing at assignment or possibly removal based on culture results.

    PCR-false-negatives shouldn’t be a problem for the placebo arm at recruitment.

    Doshi considered the issue of PCR-false-negatives after trial beginning and his reasoning looks sound when he discusses that issue.

    Now let’s consider the issue of exclusion of people from the trial based on PCR-false-positives. (Here I use “PCR-false-positives” to mean people who test positive for viral RNA without having culturable virus.) Excluding people from the trial’s placebo arm based on PCR-false-positives causes a distortion in the trial as the erroneous exclusion introduces researcher bias into the trial. Such people ought to be included in the trial because they represent part of the population that would show immunity to covid and removing them inflates the novel infection percent in the placebo arm which inflates the trials’ efficacy.

    Excluding people from the trial’s vaccine arm based on PCR-false-positives masks the impact of vaccines on people who may have already had covid.

    So the researchers ought to have cultured virus–at least in sampling numbers so that they could estimate confidence intervals.

    1. theasdgamer


      I wrote: “Excluding people from the trial’s vaccine arm based on PCR-false-positives masks the impact of vaccines on people who may have already had covid.”

      I meant to write: “Excluding people from the trial’s vaccine arm based on PCR-positives (either real or false) masks the impact of vaccines on people who have already had covid.

    2. Eggs ‘n beer

      Please don’t talk about efficacy. It is not a thing. It’s definition is purely to give credence to vaccination statistics, it has no relevance to vaccine effectiveness or anything in the real world. Discussing efficacy is merely giving the vaccine companies oxygen.

  74. Jerome Savage

    Is the india story up to scrutiny ?
    Link below indicates India’s incredible population – 23 times that of the UK, the poor health system and the worst air pollution in the world. Some speculation as to why its “unseasonal”.
    “It hasn’t escaped people’s attention that one novel factor is the nationwide vaccine programme rollout, beginning in January and accelerating during March. Is this a further example of the post-vaccine infection spike seen in the various trials and population studies, possibly caused by temporary suppression of the immune system?”
    Last week a Yale professor from their School of Public Health, noted that 60% of new v19 cases are pre vaxed.
    Dr. Harvey Risch, “Clinicians have told me that more than half of the new COVID cases they’re treating are people who have been vaccinated.”
    And ivor hard noses his way into the figures with typical disregard for the crisis line, 100 attributed deaths per million he notes compared with 1,800 attributed in UK.

  75. Fast Eddy

    My clinic would not respond to my question re long term studies of Covid vaccines…

    So I dropped by another one… long story short the nurse said she cannot see how we will be allowed to travel internationally without quarantines at least on the NZ side BECAUSE the vaccines do NOT stop you from contracting or spreading the Covid virus. She seemed very keen to volunteer this and delivered it with slight mockery in her voice… (I think I’m in love!)

    I thanked her for her response and asked the receptionist for registration forms.

    Funny how the NZ Ministry of Health removed that info from their site… now why would they do that??? Oh right – they want as many CovIDIOTS as possible to take the lethal injection.

  76. Prudence Kitten

    ‘QAnon Is Using a Security Researcher’s Death From Diabetes to Spread Anti-Vax Content’

    Software security expert Dan Kaminski died at the age of 42, two weeks after being vaccinated against Covid-19. (I haven’t been able to find which vaccine it was).

    Kaminski was jubilant about getting vaccinated, and his family are now said to be angry that some people have asked whether his death had anything to do with the vaccine.

    Apparently they KNOW that there was no connection – although how they can be so certain seems unclear.

    Apparently Kaminski was so sick that he had recently been in hospital. But if he was so sick with diabetes – he is said to have died of diabetic ketoacidosis – why would they have vaccinated him?

    1. theasdgamer

      QAnon was a disinformation/conservative-brand-attack op by Deep State against conservatives where truths, half-truths, and lies were mingled.

      Many conservatives fell for the QAnon operation and it hurt the conservative brand in the US. The story about pedophilia was certainly true and Epstein was involved and there was certainly blackmail and coercion going on involving videotapes with minors. Pedophilia, coercion, and blackmail happen in the halls of power pretty much everywhere.

      The stories about various plans for Trump to take power were obvious hoaxes.

  77. Gary Ogden

    Off topic, but as nutty as anything else: Sheffield University in the UK is now cancelling Newton. This comes after Oxford has cancelled sheet music, since it was written by old, dead white men, and we can’t have that.

    1. David Bailey

      Is it off-topic I wonder? I mean it is another example of the sheer madness that seems to have infected every area of public life.

      Ten years ago, I don’t think anyone could have sold a novel containing the craziness that is now commonplace – unless perhaps the craziness was ultimately revealed to have a physical cause of some sort – low doses of psilocybin entering the food chain – something like that!

  78. jduffydo

    Be sure to look at Andreas I made a video with him the other day that came out well. I will put it on my web site but for now if you send me an email request I will forward it to you. What he is working with will help kill many pathogens
    Dr. Ure

  79. AhNotepad

    Interesting I have had no email notifications for the posts today (April 28) my first wordpress problem.

    I’ll tick the boxes again.

    1. Jerome Savage

      AHN Happened me about 18 mths ago. Lately introduced an old email address to the play – and hey presto !!

  80. nb

    Excellent summary of the chronology. Thanks for sending your essay.

    On Sat, Apr 24, 2021 at 2:59 AM Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: “24th April 2021 What has happened with > COVID19 has happened. All around the world Governments and their advisors > have blundered about, all claiming they did absolutely the right thing. > Maybe a bit slow in locking down here and there. However, essentiall” >

  81. Russ

    Dr Kendrick,

    Thank you for your excellent article and for providing a head’s-up on Dr Rushworth’s book. I have since purchased it and read it in its entirety.

    On Zuckerberg’s platform, to explain my continued Covid stance, I’ve been posting snippets from your posts, Dr Vernon Colemans’, Dr Rushworth’s book, etc. As can be imagined, I’ve received a varying number of responses.

    Recently, when I quoted the flu statistics and linked to the sources (from above), a good friend of mine, who works as a Senior Biomedical Scientist for the NHS, pointed out that the one glaring omission from the posts is that:

    “In the figures you quote for deaths etc miss one HUGELY important mitigation. The figures you give do not take into account that there was no lockdown in previous years for flu. Furthermore it’s pretty obvious that the measures taken to prevent the spread of one virus will naturally prevent the spread of others so it is entirely unsurprising that flu has barely been seen this year. As I have stated before, had we let covid run free, the figures would be way higher and the NHS would have had to routinely judge who would live and who they would not treat. Nobody should have that as a job.” [sic].

    I would be very interested in your comment/response to this.

    Thank you.

    1. AhNotepad

      How does your commenter explain the lack of flu in places that didn’t lockdown, and how does he explain the information from crisscross who said the samples of supposedly SARS-Cov2 all turned out to be influenza A or B, and confirmed by other labs? The figures banded about over the last year are questionable, if we are being polite.

      1. shirley3349

        Dr Claus Köhnlein, the Kiel based physician, who is the co-author of Virus-Wahn, Virus Mania (poor translation) in English, gave the following account in an interview with a young woman with long hair,
        ?Margaret somebody, which is still available on YouTube subtitled in various languages, but not in English:
        A patient consulted him over a year ago, thinking he might have Covid-19. Dr Köhnlein told him this was very unlikely, he probably had influenza. He therefore tested him for influenza and the result confirmed he was suffering from influenza A. He did not test him for Covid-19 as well, because he felt the PCR test was too unreliable. The man was sent home to recover, which he did. All subsequent patients who wanted a firm diagnosis were treated in much the same way, according to their clinical signs and symptoms.

      2. Russ

        @Ahnotepad — Thanks for your comment, but would you please elaborate on the places in the UK that didn’t lockdown?

        A UK national, I live in Thailand and now follow ‘this’ debacle from afar. As such, excuse if I’ve missed something but I thought the whole of the UK was locked down? If it wasn’t, then I’d appreciate your clarification with this (preferably with links to verifiable and sources).

        Moreover, he doesn’t mention the information from Crisscross as, likely, because I never referenced it in my original post (a post where I copied and pasted from Dr Vernon Coleman’s article, and he never mentioned it–in neither that particular post nor previous posts that I saw). However, I would be most grateful if you could shortcut me to the information you refer to.

        I appreciate your assistance here — many thanks,


    2. David Bailey

      I think the truth is that lockdowns are very ineffective. The basic problem is that everyone has to go and buy food from supermarkets! Whatever the social distancing rules, it is clear that those places should represent a risk if anywhere does.

      Moreover, in the first lockdown, most of us shopped without masks – they were not made compulsory until July last year, by which time there was practically no COVID or flu.

      1. Russ

        Re: supermarkets, this has been a part of my argument since the beginning. I don’t know if you’re commenting /replying to my earlier post (the thread doesn’t make this obvious), but I live in Thailand. Even so, I haven’t heard of 1 single supermarket anywhere in the world being closed down though being a hotbed of Covid.

        Mentioning this before has attracted the usual ridicule about how people need to eat, how it’d create a panic, etc.

        Yet only a couple of months ago, in a fresh market in Bangkok, there was indeed an outbreak of Covid (or so they said – I have no way of verifying it).

        The response from the authorities?

        They closed the market instantly, tried to track the spread, placed the area on lockdown, and so on and so forth.

        Yet not one Tesco or Sainsbury or Asda or… never.

    3. Ekondig G

      Coming in rather late here, a French post from Reinfo Covid talks about the “Sentinelles” network’s 2020 figures, which I found rather surprising, and ought to be made more known.
      The page here: States that the Sentinelles network is the only group (in France) that actually researches which virus is responsible for flu-like symptoms. (As you well know, PCR testing looks for one thing only, and cannot inform on any other virus that might be in a test sample.) Various viruses are looked for, including influenzavirus, rhinovirus, syncitial respiratory virus, metapneumovirus. Observed: January to mid-March 2020 60% of “Infection Respiratoire Aigüe” (acute respiratory infections) were due to influenzavirus, not SARS-CoV-2. Mid-March to December 2020 16% of acute respiratory infections were SARS-CoV-2. January to March 2021 11% of acute respiratory infections were SARS-CoV-2.
      Dr Louis Fouché is a doctor working as an anaesthetist in Marseille (hospital La Conception) and has co-founded the site “Reinfo Covid” ( I don’t know how good his English is, but most French doctors are capable of speaking in English when necessary. I would hope Dr Fouché will make available the study, as we need more than just statements to give credence to it. The sentinelles site has a good amount of information, but I was not able to see exactly how the Reinfo Covid team put it all together. This is their site: most of which is also available in English.
      N.B. the Sentinelles network is well respected in France, and was set up in the ’80s among French GPs, who regularly send in data and samples. The goal was to give an early warning of epidemic outbreaks. That’s why they always analyse the samples, so as to be in the position of warning about an epidemic and also which virus is the cause.

      1. Mr Chris

        Thank you for that. It looks a very good site. Not very informative on moon landings, and lacking some of the c**phone sees on other sites

  82. Rob Butlin

    What’s happening in India and Brazil? Are the deaths fake or is that the price one pays for herd immunity?

    1. Fast Eddy

      It’s amazing the power the PR Team has over perceptions…

      But if you learn to reject the MSM (because it lies – always — well except for the sports scores…) you will be set free:

      Now maybe if India would lock down hard like the UK … they could get their data points up there with the UK … and millions would die from Covid!

      Now you can either get angry with me for blowing up your mirage… or you can thank me.

  83. crisscross767

    Bombshell: Australian Government Website Authorizes COVID-19 Vaccine – Refers To It As “Poison”

    Blurting out the truth in their confusion is what is going on here. The Western Australian government’s website provides an authorization under the Public Health Act of 2016 to authorize to supply or administer a “poison,” which they identify as SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Vaccine.

    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: COVID Was Created To Scare World To Take Injection That Will Kill Them (Video)
    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: How The Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working In 3-6 Months
    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: How The Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working In 3-6 Months
    Bombshell: Moderna Chief Medical Officer Admits mRNA Alters DNA

    The following was published on March 10 2021.
    Here’s a link to the page so you can see for yourself.
    Here’s a backup if it gets

    Here’s a screenshot……………

  84. crisscross767

    Video: “Blood Clots and Beyond”
    By Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, April 29 2021

    In February, 2021, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. and a number of his colleagues warned the European Medicines Agency about the potential danger of blood clots and cerebral vein thrombosis in millions of people receiving experimental gene-based injections. Since then, two of the four injections have been suspended or recalled in Europe and the United States for just that reason.

  85. Fast Eddy

    I’ve read Mein Kampf … and Lords of Finance… and other books and lectures about WW1 and the aftermath…

    It’s not difficult to understand why Hitler was enraged…the stab in the back was real.

    Imagine if the coloured people of the UK sold out the country in exchange for a ‘promised land’… you lost WW1 because of it… and the UK was left a failed state…

    There are plenty of ‘Hitler’ types in the UK who would without a doubt be beating the drums to exterminate every non-white in the country.

    Not saying any of this is justified… but given the right circumstances….

    1. Stevie Boy

      Off topic and straying near objectionable material; However, given the behavior of our government let’s try a thought experiment.
      If the Nazis had won WW2 and invaded the UK, who at this point in time would be members of parliament ? Who would be members of the Police ? Who would be in the Armed Forces ?
      Would it be the same people who are currently doing the job or do people think there is a a different group of people who would step forward to work for the Nazis ?

    2. David Bailey

      Fast Eddy,

      Certainly I think history is a bit like a pendulum. Xenophobia ultimately breeds remorse, and remorse taken too far breeds more xenophobia. Sexual repression ultimately breeds greater freedom, and if that is permitted to go too far, it brings more sexual repression.

      Every movement should dissolve itself when its job is done, not push on and on, ignoring the rising tide of protest.

    1. David Bailey

      Occasionally I have woken with a mild sore throat and always gargled with a mouthwash. So far I have been free of respiratory (or other) disease for the whole COVID period.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        I have found that sore throats are a thing of the past since I began following Dr Linus Pauling’s recommendation to take Vitamin C every day. As he suggests, I take about 5 grams twice daily; I find that one 1 gram effervescent tablet together with a teaspoonful of ascorbic acid powder works well, as the effervescence helps the powder to dissove.

        I do still get runny noses, sneezes and coughs. Just no sore throats, which I used to find much the worst part of an infection. (The only part thta actually hurts).

  86. Dr. John H

    Latest Reported Covid Vax Data:

    US: 3,544 Dead 118,902 Injuries
    EU: 8,430 Dead 354,177 Injuries
    UK: 1,047 Dead 725,079 Injuries

    TOTAL 13,021 Dead 1,198,158 Injuries

    Less than 1% of reactions are typically reported in the US, so multiply by 100 to get a more accurate estimate.
    I assume it is similar in the UK and EU.

    The “vaccines” provide no health benefit, and only cause harm.
    The long term toll of death and disability is expected to be orders of magnitude higher.

    1. Shaun Clark

      Hi Irene,

      I also note a down vote in my comment. Ha! Its so funny, some folk are terrified of HP. This is quite ignorant. HP is actually a key (probably THE key ingredient in mitochondrial [ROS] metabolic respiration). Yes, it is powerful stuff but in moderation just fine. Its an over the counter item from most chemists/pharmacies. I’ve posted much of this protocol on Dr K’s blog before and some folk went apoplectic over HP. There are many good HP references online. Some, sadly blocked. So it goes in today’s mad, mad world. What a shame.

      Anyway, in a mug of warm water, dilute:

      1. 1 level tsp of sea salt

      2. 1/4 tsp of sodium carbonate/washing soda (1/2 tsp [to acceptance] if suffering from any upper airway infection). Sodium carbonate and not sodium bicarbonate is key, but for kids it might be best to start with bicarbonate. If for a stubborn infection get Neti Pot bottle. The clever and inexpensive blue Neti bottles are best!

      3. A few drops (…to acceptance) of 3% hydrogen peroxide (from the chemist, but I use 6% food grade)

      Before doing this protocol I sometimes wash my nose out with soapy water too (other doctors posts have mentioned using kids shampoo, but soap is better than a detergent). I also now clean my teeth with this too. My teeth feel great!

      So, snort up mix your nose 2/3 times and then gently expel 2/3 times. Job done. I’ve been doing this for 4-years after a very, very bad upper airway (Rhinitis) infection. I had tried with bicarbonate prior. It’s truly the biz. It sorts everything. Sleep, and everyday nasal breathing (not by mouth) is also bliss. Promise. Covid, flu? Forget it. I do this routinely about 3-times a day. As the saying goes, keep your nose clean and all will be fine and dandy in life! I have also a new nebulizer (summer 2020), but since doing this protocol I have never had the need to use it. Interestingly, since UK lockdown in Nov/Dec I noticed (when putting on my glasses in the bathroom), that I have actually had about 6 virus/nasal infections. How do I know? Well, looking in the bathroom mirror, at the base of my nose (and seemingly nowhere else!), it turns pure white, along with some very slight fizzing! At times, I have had some sniffles (well it does also get cold in winter!), but they only last a day or so. This is so easy and simple kids can do it. Never ever do this protocol without salt. Never.

      All the best.

      1. Irene Wood

        Hi Shaun,
        Thanks so much for sharing your detailed protocol. I have and use a netti pot when I feel sinus reactions, typically in the Spring due to pollen as I love to garden that time of year. Other than that I don’t have sinus/nasal problems.
        However, a few years ago I developed a weird hive rash and was diagnosed by an immunologist using some rapid test of a nasal swab (!!!) as having a “raging sinusitis” – even though I had no nasal or sinus symptoms. For this I was prescribed prednisone(steriod) and an antibiotic. I found the diagnoses, rush to prescriptions, and answers to my many questions as weird and unconvincing. Subsequently fixing my diet and taking supplements particularly Vits D, C , E together with zinc, quercetin and Mg solved the hives after 5 years of suffering.
        I can also vouch for nebulizer treatments as we used them successfully for my late mother who suffered from COPD and a susceptibility to pneumonia. If done regularly as soon as symptoms started she would be protected from serious illness.
        So am in the process of setting up a home clinic for hubby and I of such remedies should we be denied medical service in the future! ( A disturbing but realistic prediction unfortunately).
        Your protocol goes on the list!

      1. David Bailey

        Did you have the vaccine because you were required to do so to continue as a doctor, or was this your free choice, based on the evidence as you see it?

      2. JDPatten

        Thanks for your perspective.
        And, sorry. “Dr Kendrick” it is! Just trying to be less formal is all.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          I suspect that Dr Kendrick would not object to being called simply “Malcolm”, although I prefer (usually) to give people their titles.

          It’s “Dr Malcolm” that might lead others to think that is his surname.

  87. James McCosh

    Does the contrast between the current state of Covid in the UK and India constitute evidence?

  88. Maria Ziarra

    In Greece, a few days ago, an amendment. in an already existing law was passed giving full immunity to the government and the members of the group of specialists who advise the government about covid 19. So, they won’t be prosecuted for anything wrongdoing during the “pandemic” . Also, the doctors have asked the same from the government.

    1. AhNotepad

      Maria, these types of government acts may appear to give the corrupt bu***rs immunity, as is done in the UK, but it is also possible, if their evil plan fails, that the acts will be declared unlawful, and then all those who were complicit could be found guilty of genocidal crimes.

    2. Prudence Kitten

      Certain groups of war criminals might also have believed that they had legal immunity. But after they lost a war, they nevertheless found themselves at the end of a rope. Legal or illegal? Moral or immoral? You tell me.

  89. Dr. John H

    I just finished watching this outstanding documentary about Chlorine Dioxide (aka MMS) which is one of the most powerful medicines on the planet. It has been used to successfully treat thousands of Covid cases as well as HIV, cancer, autism, autoimmune diseases, and much, much more!

    Highly Recommend:

    1. David Bailey


      I must admit I am very sceptical, on the other hand, you seem to be a reliable poster here!

      The videos don’t seem to tell me much – the one I watched was a series of shots of someone’s ear, showing an ‘incurable’ infection disappearing.

      I actually made this gas in my chemistry set many, many years ago. It smelled extremely pungent, and I assumed it would be very corrosive to my lungs (because it is a strong oxidising agent) so I was very cautious with it – and clearly survived!

      Since by that time I had a polio leg, did I miss a trick – could I have fixed it if I’d been less cautious?

    2. AhNotepad

      Dr. John H, interesting video. A question comes to ming though, if it is a biocide, why does it cure maladies but does not destroy all the microbes on which we depend for life?

      1. JDPatten

        You presume it does not?
        Many of us who were treated with life saving antibiotics and many of us who were given them for our annoying colds (malpractice!) are now having to cope with much of our unique personal commensal bacteria population rendered extinct. Life-long symbiosis is disrupted.

    3. Dr. John H

      It does seem odd that it would work so well. I’ve been trying it myself, and I have to say it is one of the most amazing things I have ever tried – and I try a lot of things! I am really impressed with how strongly I feel the benefit mentally & emotionally. It is quite remarkable that it does not harm our microbiome- and actually benefits it. I’m very sensitive, so I can tell right away when something isn’t right. I also don’t like drugs or other harsh products. Kerri Rivera has used it to reverse autism in over 1,000 children – that says a lot right there. If something can reverse autism, then it will likely help a whole lot of other things. She has a very involved protocol for treating autism, and some parents were afraid to include the use of chlorine dioxide for their autistic kids, and none of those kids got better – even though they did everything else in the protocol. It’s safe & cheap and you won’t know what it could help until you try it. I also have a hunch it could help undo the damage from the covid vax’s, in addition to being an exceptionally effective prevention & treatment.

      This is a remarkable short video (4 min.) showing the effects of chlorine dioxide in the blood:

      Jim Humbles book is the “How To” guide (paperback):

      Kerri Rivera book “Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism”:

      MMS Forum:

      1. Fast Eddy

        This is what will (maybe) happen to those with the vaxx…

        And those things are going to come after those of us without the vaxx…

  90. KennieG

    This is really ironic: “A randomised controlled study from Denmark showing that masks don’t really work was dismissed as useless and stripped apart by the Fact Checkers….”

    So I am just wondering about what it means to be a skeptic. I am pretty sure it doesn’t mean that you should only scrutinize information that conflicts with your dogma. Isn’t an analysis of this Dutch study with proper scrutiny a good thing?

    When I saw this paper, my first thought was that despite evidence that masks might be useful during this pandemic, that perhaps this real world data would show that the application of this practice is not useful. I was open to any valid conclusion that this paper had to offer. Now to be clear, I didn’t look at the title and abstract only, I read the paper including the methods. Apart from the limited power of this study (admitted by the authors), it was not designed with any understanding of infectious disease. Masks were only worn outside of the home during a time when most didn’t wear masks. If you are living with 1,2, 3 or more other people who are not wearing masks outside of the home, your risk of infection is heavily tied to your cohabitants risk. I searched through the methods of this paper hoping that they had not made such a basic error, but there were no criteria for the masked cohort to be either sole occupants of a residence or that their cohabitants were also wearing masks. Bear in mind, as stated in the study, this analysis was done at a time when most persons were not wearing masks.

    As an analogy, if you had a patient with a sexually transmitted disease and you were sure that she/he only had one sexual partner, would you conclude that monogamy does not reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted disease? If someone raised the notion that your patient’s partner might not be monogamous and participating in risky behaviour that elevated your patient’s risk, would you be annoyed at this “fact checker”.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      OK, attack the paper. Then find any single randomised control demonstrating that masks do work. It is p to those who believe masks work to disprove the null hypothesis. It is not up to me to accept that they do work (the null hypothesis being that they do), then disprove that as a null hypothesis. That, and your argument, is the opposite of science

      1. Prudence Kitten

        While I completely agree with you, Dr Kendrick, I think there is a psychological tendency on the part of many people to invert things and take the theory that masks are effective as the null hypothesis.

        It’s a kind of “begging the question”, where they start by assuming that masks must work – because “it’s obvious”, or “it’s just plain common sense”.

        To my mind, science consists mainly of refusing to accept what seems to be “obvious” or “plain common sense” without subjecting it to experimental tests – in important matters, at least. After all, it once seemed obvious that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

      2. KennieG

        The Covid 19 pandemic has been a serious threat to public health. There are many papers that study the ability of surgical masks to filter out droplets containing viral material. Perhaps you should have a look at the Nature paper (see link below) that addresses this with human volunteers with known infections wearing or not wearing surgical masks. They analyzed viral genomes in droplets and aerosols from the exhaled breath of these volunteers with and without mask wearing. The masks effectively reduced the ability to detect viral genomes for a coronavirus (cold type, not sars-cov2), influenza and rhinovirus. When they studied aerosol sized particles, the mask also reduced the detection of viral genomes of coronavirus, but not influenza and rhinovrius.

        One technical limitation of this study was the inability to measure infectious virus in the droplet/aerosol fractions although they did some infectivity study. This limitation would only reduce the perceived efficacy of masks.

        So this seems like a pretty promising study. Real world RCT studies are very difficult to conduct given that this is an infectious disease. There are many other studies showing in more artificial settings that masks have the potential to be effective, but this study relied on infected volunteers who put on their surgical masks without assistance, although with instructions.

        In the middle of a pandemic with a need for public health measures, to reduce transmission, wearing masks is prudent advice even if offends the sensibilities of libertarians. My behaviour to reduce transmission of Sars-Cov2 is less about reducing my risk as it is about lowering societal risk.

        ( )

        1. Jerome Savage

          Sorry Kennie,
          I have difficulty in accepting the description of this as a pandemic – not in the traditional sense, not even in the new 2010 revised sense and certainly not in the biblical sense. And Sweden etc etc., no. 21 in Europe for connected deaths etc etc., no lockdown, no masking etc etc.
          Not exactly much ado about nothing but – a hard sell !

        2. Eggs ‘n beer

          Congratulations on being wealthy enough to be able to afford all those surgical masks! The recommended maximum period between changes is 4hrs, unless it is removed for ANY reason in which case it must be discarded. This includes eating, drinking and talking to deaf people. Of course being the meticulous person you are, you will be changing your mask every thirty minutes anyway, because that was the protocol for the study. You have no data for mask efficacy over 30 minutes.

          Or, you could look at mask effectiveness. Which is totally different from efficacy. Large scale experiments on mask effectiveness against Covid are now available, and the answer is that they are not effective.

          Oops. It shows a (statistically insignificant) negative correlation. Wear masks = increased cases and deaths.

          1. AhNotepad

            E&B, thank you for dragging the facts out of the propaganda. It illustrates that once reputable publications cannot be trusted to critically examine articles before publishing. I will read the article, but now with a more critical eye.

            Another example of the facts not conforming to the propaganda,,29444368,29ccca42&mid=DM867172&rid=1151062333&p1=71c5f5c55c49a9fae9a62065ff9021060e3595348ea73af671b4ffa68bcd3a44&p2=20180916, though this was done with mathematical models. Don’t you just love it? However, the propaganda was formed with models as a justification.

          2. KennieG

            I am speechless with your response and the link to the correlation graphs! I didn’t see a reference for that information. Twitter?

            The link you sent shows the problem of social media scientists who believe that they can glimpse into any complex technical area without any real knowledge and completely convince themselves that they know better than the consensus of experts. Social media has taken the Dunning Kruger effect to an extreme.

            If you check the link below from the CDC, you will see data that supports a role of mask mandates in reducing the burden of Covid infections. It looks at Covid cases in Kansas counties over time, before and after a July3rd mask mandate. What is important, is that even with a state wide mask mandate, each county was able to adopt or overrule this mandate.

            First notice that the counties with highest per capita Covid cases were the most likely to adopt a mask mandate on July 3rd. This highlights the critical flaw in the data in the chart (real or not) that you highlighted in your message. This is the problem of endogeneity, where public health measures are implemented because of the severity of the public health risk. Often, you can find a correlation between public health measures and the extent of the public health threats that are targeted. This in no way supports the argument that the public health measures are ineffective. In the graph found in the link below, counties with mask mandates have a higher incidence of Covid 19 cases at all times during the study. A simpleton looking at this data would declare that masks don’t work, but someone who understands public health policy and data analysis is able to give an informed opinion. Looking at this same graph, you can see the decline in Covid 19 cases in the counties with mask mandates, while the incidence continues to increase in the non-mask mandated counties.

            If you were to actually look at the peer reviewed literature, you will find many analyses that show some benefits of masks, sometimes with only marginal benefits as low as 10%. You will also find studies that were inconclusive and unable to show benefits of wearing masks. The data in this area is not crystal clear, but there are enough studies to warrant the use of masks in certain situations during this pandemic.

            At some point in time, you have to wonder about all of the dogma found on social media.
            1. Masks don’t work.
            2. Lockdowns don’t work
            3. Sweden achieved herd immunity in the summer of 2020.
            4. India achieved herd immunity in 2020
            5. Covid 19 is seasonal.
            6. The IFR of Covid 19 is less than 0.15%

            These are dogmatic statements pushed on social media that rely on very selective subsets of data, ignoring vast amounts of conflicting data and the consensus of experts. Very often some of this dogma is backed by medical doctors or scientists, but most often they are not specialists in infectious disease.

            If you look hard enough, you can find proper specialists who are so emotional about this pandemic that they seem to put their brain into hibernation. The most simple example of this was a scientist, Dr. Byram Bridle from Canada, who posted a video showing that multiple layers of surgical masks do nothing to prevent the passage of aerosols. First he showed a man breathing outside, presumably in the cold Canadian winter, to demonstrate the clouds of “aerosols” expelled from his mouth. At this point you should be pretty skeptical! Next, he showed that breathing through 3 or 4 layers of masks, he could still fog up his glasses with “aerosols”. This Byram Bridle is an actual virologist/immunologist with good training and a legitimate research program. The problem is of course, that if you removed the whole politicizing of masks in this video, and asked anyone over the age of 10 what might explain this phenomena, they would tell you the science, namely condensation. This highly trained scientist, who seems to have a good research program, was so convinced in his mind that masks don’t work, that he forgot the most basic science of evapouration and condensation, and created his own pseudoscience video. It would seem that he does not know about water vapour (discrete molecules of water that are smaller in size than molecular oxygen) and how water vapour condenses in cooler air or on cooler surfaces. To be honest, I feel sorry for this chap as this video has immortalized a moment of profound stupidity. Nevertheless, this video was retweeted by many, including engineers and doctors. All people who should have known better, but because they are so engrained that they will accept any “science” that agrees with their dogma. On the other hand, any evidence contrary to their dogma is just plainly ignored.


          3. Eggs ‘n beer

            Thank you for your reply. I must admit, that CDC graph is pretty damning. Proof positive, by your lights, that masks are not only useless, but actually increase infections (as per my graphs). Note the dotted line cut-off, which is after the 3rd July implementation date. Move that back four plots, to the Jun 29th-July 5th plot, and the mandated group is at 6.5/100,000. One day later, Jun 30th-July 6th, and the average has leapt to 15. That is one hell of an increase in the seven day moving average!! Then, over the next six days the SDMA for the mandated group continues into orbit to 25/100,000. And then you have the temerity to claim that the subsequent decline is due to the masks? At the end of the data period the gap between mandated and non-mandated is precisely the same as the Jun 29th-Jul 5th gap. In the meantime the mandated group has had a huge number of additional cases. Talk about social media data analysts and the Dunning-Kruger effect ……

            Speaking of which, social media scientist I am not. My degree was in chemical engineering, we design filters, and the processes to manufacture them. Particle dynamics, mass transfer, gas concentrations, etc.etc.

            But you don’t address the other issues I raised. The study only covered half an hour; so you change your mask every thirty minutes? Btw, here’s the link for the data:


    2. theasdgamer

      Do masks protect the mask wearer or those people not wearing masks?

      N95 and surgical masks aerosolize viruses by causing droplets to evaporate. (This is based on my very rusty physics training.) It has been established for covid that the main mode of viral transmission is aerosols. Not droplets. Not fecal contamination. Aerosols.

      As to the cohabitant issue, both mask wearers and control group were subject to cohabitants. Maybe the study was underpowered. Certainly it showed no major benefit from wearing masks, so any benefit would be small. The Danish mask study also opened the possibility that wearing masks leads to more infections.

      If you know of a well-designed study involving people and transmission (not involving machines and not relying solely on PCR) that shows a benefit from masking, please link it.

      In other news, my county’s mask mandate has expired and we will know in a week if cases have increased.

      I don’t have confidence in studies that use PCR without culturing viruses unless they are only studying nucleic acids. Using PCR to study disease transmission or viral loading without culturing viruses is major and obvious research error.

      1. KennieG

        Sorry, there is no evidence that PPE masks aerosolize droplets. I have seen this circulate on social media and it conflates two separate findings. First air expelled from cloth masks contains increased amounts of small particles. The authors of the cited paper concluded that these small particles are fibres from the cloth fabric, not generated aerosols. The second finding does relate to physics and a method for generating aerosols by passing liquid through mesh. There is no reason to believe that this occurs with PPE masks and no peer reviewed studies showing this phenomena. If you know of such a study, please reply.

        The cohabitant issue in this study reduces the sensitivity of the analysis. It has been published that transmission in the home is a major factor in the spread of Covid19 and hence a major risk. Wearing masks only outside of the home fails to eliminate a major avenue of transmission.

        As far as preferring viral cultures over PCR analysis, it really depends on your conclusions. The PCR detection of viral nucleic acids does not in anyway infer infectious virus, I agree with you that this is a limitation of the assay, but it is only a research error if the results are interpreted incorrectly. The rapidity, sensitivity and specificity of the PCR test (when done properly) makes it a very useful test for tracking disease prevalence. Although the specificity of this assay, when done properly should be 99,9% (as shown in New Zealand ( ) false positives could be an issue when used extensively in populations with a very low incidence of disease.

        If you are looking for a study that show masks to be highly effective in preventing Covid 19, I wouldn’t expect you to find one. If you do search the peer reviewed literature, there are many studies that show a benefit to wearing masks. You will also find studies that are inconclusive as well, so it is muddy waters. This report from the CDC that I linked in another reply shows some reasonable evidence of mask reducing Covid 19 burdens by looking at the incidence of Covid 19 before and after a Kansas state mask mandate that was observed in some counties (the ones with the highest incidence of Covid 19) and not observed by other counties (the ones with the lowest incidence of Covid 19). The data looks quite interesting.

        1. theasdgamer

          KennieG, was the mask study around particles looking at air going through the mask or around the mask (as in jets towards the ears)? Some PPE masks, even when properly fitted, allow jets towards the ears.

          The notion of jets producing aerosolized virus is based on my physics training and was my (somewhat) expert opinion and not based on a study. I found a study where particle size was looked at in the context of social distancing and the evaporation of water from particles was considered. Particles below 30 micron radius underwent total aerosolization in a fraction of a second. Those above 100 microns fell to the ground too quickly to become infectious. Those in the 30-100 micron range took 1+ seconds to aerosolize. It really happens quite rapidly, as I expected. Add in friction and expansion into a large space and the time for droplets to aerosolize shrinks further.

          Once the virus is aerosolized, trying to filter it with a PPE mask is like trying to keep out mosquitos with a chain link fence. The virus has a diameter of 0.12 microns while the pore in PPE masks can be as large as 1 micron and as small as 0.1 microns. PPE masks might filter out 10% of viruses, max. And that’s with minimum breathability.

          As regards the CDC data, that has been debunked. A study using that data was published and retracted two weeks later after infections spiked in the counties with mask mandates. The study was premature.

    1. andrew

      theasdgamer, bit of useful information. This could explain how the vaccine causes serious reactions. The mRNA instructs cells to produce spike proteins. The immune system destroys any cell presenting a spike protein. Therefore any endothelial or epithelial cell could be eliminated by the immune cells. Result could be holes in blood vessels causing coagulation or leaks.
      Second dose would be more effective in creating adverse reactions.

      1. theasdgamer

        My working hypothesis about the spike protein/antigen complex is that it causes thrombotic events in capillaries, which ends up restricting blood flow and therefore restricting oxygenation of the tissues. With coronaviruses that cause colds, we don’t seem to see that with their spike proteins. Maybe the covid virus accelerates thrombosis somehow. Maybe it’s chemically “sticky”.

        1. Gary Ogden

          theasdgamer: And there is emerging evidence that it is the spike protein itself which is causal in the severe adverse reactions to the vaccines, all four of them (little has been published about Sputnik V or the Chinese vaccines.

    2. David Bailey

      And of course everyone who has been vaccinated (not me) will be making that protein – possibly indefinitely if some of the RNA gets converted to DNA by reverse transcriptase.

      Another thought occurs to me. We all emit exosomes, which are normally considered harmless, but if those contain the gene for the spike protein, maybe they won’t be so harmless.

  91. JDPatten

    Considering that:
    • Communicability is mainly through shared breath (droplets; aerosol). (Has that failed to be proven?)
    • My pregnant daughter-in-law has been particularly susceptible to bad outcome. (Has that failed to be proven?)
    • I refused to be subjected to isolation from my son, my d-i-l, and my 2 year grandchild for the duration.
    • I Used a well fitting N95 mask whenever visiting. (N95s are electrostatically charged to capture virus-sized particles that simple filtration (Most masks!) cannot. (Has that failed to be proven?)
    • Those ubiquitous cloth masks are a joke, as well as the ways they’re generally worn. (No need to be proven. Obvious.)
    • Wearing the N95 has been no big deal.

    I therefore have devoted myself to the null in this particular case and feel quite comfortable with the choice.

    Being now well past my second jab, I no longer mask with family. I now use a comfortable cloth mask only when my limited social circle prefers it.

    Perhaps all of that is not Science, but given the Unknowns and emotionally based arguments that have plagued everyone over the last year+, I have no misgivings going the conservative, “unscientific” way that I have.

    1. theasdgamer

      Being that I prefer to be with people acting normally instead of being a weirdo and masking around my family, I don’t wear masks. Ever. And covid was no big deal.

      I’m glad I don’t live my life in fear and I resist the emotional manipulations of the public health authorities to try to turn me into a sheep and pressure me into vaxxing.

      But I support your right to live as you see fit.

    2. Fast Eddy

      My take on masks:

      – My understanding is that any face covering is acceptable — there are no minimum requirements such as N95… a bank robber’s bandana covering the face is sufficient. Taping a baby diaper over your face is sufficient. (as per the law).

      This pretty much says it all … doesn’t it? But I will continue anyways….

      – let’s take a look at what people working in virus labs wear

      – let’s take a look at what nurses were in a covid ward

      – ‘The first thing to understand is that coronavirus can spread through the eyes — just as it does through the mouth or nose. When someone who has coronavirus coughs or
      talks, virus particles can spray from their mouth or nose into your face. You are likely to breathe
      these tiny droplets in through your mouth or nose. But the droplets can also enter your body
      through your eyes.”

      Let’s repeat that for those who missed it the first time:

      ‘The first thing to understand is that coronavirus can spread through the eyes — just as it does through the mouth or nose. When someone who has coronavirus coughs or
      talks, virus particles can spray from their mouth or nose into your face. You are likely to breathe
      these tiny droplets in through your mouth or nose. But the droplets can also enter your body
      through your eyes.”


      1. Masks are for the most part ineffective at protecting you from covid. If you have a mask on and someone blasts a sneeze or coughs where you are — the mask will not help you. The aerosols will pass through and around the mask.

      2. Where I could see a mask being of some use is if a person is infected with covid and is sneezing and coughing. The mask would likely reduce the distance that the aerosols are spreading … (but spread they will and get onto surfaces…) However how many people wandering around outside if they are sick… most will be home in bed… anyone who ventures out in that state risks being stoned to death.

      3. The coup de grace for masks is the fact that even if they were effective at stopping the virus from getting into your mouth and nose… they are USELESS at stopping the virus from entering your eyes if you encounter aerosols. And any time your touch something then touch your eyes you risk infecting yourself.

      If you are sick with Covid (or the flu… or a cold) and you want to slightly reduce the spread of your disease, feel free to diaper up. Or better still… get into bed… drink fluids… rest… and watch

      If you are not sick you are fooling yourself if you think a mask is going to protect you. So skip those medical masks and if you are forced to cover your face, use a simple cloth mask that does not make you feel like you are being water boarded all day long.

      1. theasdgamer

        It’s abundantly clear that masks only inhibit the spread of droplets–not of aerosols. Viruses are basically the size of large molecules and the logic of quantum physics governs their diffusion and dispersal.

        If you are showing symptoms, isolation is the only solution to avoid spread.

      2. JDPatten

        Per Dr. Kendrick:
        “… as with everything to do with Covid, the data are being distorted/manipulated/censored to suit whatever narrative people have.”

        1. Gary Ogden

          JDPatten: And the injuries from the vaccines are being ignored, other than thrombosis with thrombotic cytopenia. Last week’s Highwire interviewed three female health care workers who suffered serious neurological effects from their first dose (two from the Moderna and one from the Pfizer). Seizures and constant shaking. They cannot work; the doctors have no idea how to treat it and run for the hills at the mention of a vaccine connection; they say it’s all in their head; the insurance companies won’t cover the mounting medical bills; they are not eligible for workman’s comp or unemployment. This is what our dastardly criminal government is doing to its citizens. And now the bandwagon is being rolled out for mandates for college students, who have essentially zero risk from the ‘Rona. But keep your head in the sand if you wish. As for me, I’m sick and tired of this medical cartel raking in the billions for a completely unnecessary medical procedure. It is time for a second Nuremberg trial.

          1. JDPatten

            Consider this surprisingly even-headed appraisal of the “Science” around this whole issue. It comes from an Establishment physician, but I hope you’ll give it its due.

      3. theasdgamer

        _A guideline to limit indoor airborne transmission of COVID-19_

        “Airborne transmission arises through the inhalation of aerosol droplets exhaled by an infected person and is now thought to be the primary transmission route of COVID-19.”

        …unfortunately, these engineers don’t realize how unlikely it is that viruses will be captured by droplets because droplets will evaporate rather quickly…the smaller the size, the faster the rate of water evaporation…and, of course, the bigger the droplet, the more likely gravity will take it to the ground…

        “The Six-Foot Rule is a social distancing recommendation by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based on the assumption that the primary vector of pathogen transmission is the large drops ejected from the most vigorous exhalation events, coughing and sneezing”

        …ok, this is what the engineers are destroying…

        “Finally, we consider the additional risk associated with respiratory jets, which may be considerable when face masks are not being worn.”

        …depends on the kinds of face masks…do the face masks allow respiratory jets towards the ears…those jets towards the ears will aerosolize virus very quickly, although there may be less droplet content in those jets…

        Do N95 masks protect ourselves or others? Do N95 masks allow unfiltered respiratory jets when people exhale?

        Do we even want to live our lives masked around others?

    3. Eggs ‘n beer

      Well, here is an undistorted view of N95 mask wearing; undistorted because it was issued prior to Covid;

      Click to access 3m-particulate-respirator-n95-8210-8110s-user-instructions.pdf

      Do not use for gases and vapors, oil aerosols,…..

      Use Instructions
      1. Failure to follow all instructions and limitations on the use of this respirator and/or failure to wear this respirator during all times of exposure can reduce respirator effectiveness and may result in sickness or death.

      As the virus is contained in a lipid, it is an oil aerosol. So why are you wearing an N95 mask?

      1. Gary Ogden

        Eggs ‘n’ beer: I buy these by the box for use in the wood shop. They are very good at blocking particulate matter, mainly sawdust. But I can only wear them for the brief period I am creating dust. Then I step outside and rip the thing off, going back in when the dust has settled. I also use one when putting diatomaceous earth in the pool filter. But for viruses? Ridiculous.

      2. theasdgamer

        Thanks for bringing up the chemistry issues which bear on masking and viruses. The spike protein might be polar (I don’t know if it is), in which case there would be a small electrical charge on the lipid shell of viruses. If so, then a mask’s electrical charge might cause some attraction of viruses to the mask. Viruses are so tiny that I would not expect a steady state to ever occur, so the mask’s effectiveness would depend on the mask’s long-term stability and “rechargability.”

        It all hinges on whether the spike protein is polar or not. If non-polar, then possibly hydrogen-bonding between mask and virus would occur, but I haven’t worked out the long-term effectiveness of N95 masks in that case. I would expect the effectiveness to be markedly reduced from the previous best case.

      1. LA_Bob

        The rationale is to keep you A-F-R-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-I-D!!!!! Unvaccinated people and “variants” lurk everywhere!

  92. Prudence Kitten

    Please excuse me for posting the following link to a short paper with which I expect Dr Kendrick is thoroughly familiar. It is a real “gem”, and I hope you will agree that it repays a few minutes of your time.

    Even if only for Dr Ioannidis’ beautifully ironic coinage “eminence-based medicine” – a perfect description of what has happened to us since March 2020.

    “Evidence-Based Medicine Has Been Hijacked”; A Report to David Sackett
    John P.A. Ioannidis
    Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
    Received Date:7 February 2016 Accepted Date:18 February 2016

    Click to access PIIS0895435616001475.pdf

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Sackett (who I met a few times) and Ioannidis (who I have never met) are always worth reading. Unfortunately Sackett is now dead. It is certainly true that Evidence Based Medicine – a lovely idea in theory – has been twisted through one hundred and eighty degrees, and is now used as a marketing and propaganda tool. I gave up on EBM in 2002. I wish I hadn’t had to do so. I now hack my way through scientific data searching for the truth, which can be very hard to find.

      1. Fast Eddy

        Ioannidis blew up Theranos … wonderful!

        Again …. with that ridiculous multi-billion dollar scam… we can see how easy it is to convince people a circle is a square…

        A good PR Team… is worth its weight … in BitCON. Tee hee hee…

      2. me oliveira

        Since the begining of humanity, the care of other people (Medicine) has been always performed, based on the evidence available on each epoch.
        Doctors who did not follow that were (and are) lyers, thiefs and criminals.
        I’m with you.

  93. Irene Wood

    Dr Kendrick
    I am having difficulty posting to your site.
    I wanted to know if you could comment on Dr Mike Yeadon statements regarding asymptomatic people infecting others with covid. He basically says that it is impossible to have a respiratory virus in your body at the concentration needed to infect someone else and for you not to be feeling symptoms. He says this concept was “invented” in 2019.
    Is this true? I thought an asymptomatic person infected with covid and capable of infecting others was the same as a carrier (like typhoid Mary).

    If this post makes it I will try to send the link of the Yeadon interview. For some reason several attempts to post it have failed.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Well, this one came through thanks. I am not sure about asymptomatic spread. I never like to say impossible – a word that can come back to haunt you in science. It does seem that it is very unlikely that asymptomatic people can spread Covid, but as with everything to do with Covid, the data are being distorted/manipulated/censored to suit whatever narrative people have.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        Perhaps the question should be refined to ask, “How often and how seriously can asymptomatic people infect others?”

        The words “infect” and “infection” have been horribly mangled in the past year. Previously, they meant infection to the extent of becoming distinctly ill. But the introduction of PCR and other “tests” (actually not tests) changed the rules so that anyone in whose body a trace of possibly related RNA could be found was deemed “infected” and hence a “case”.

        Although I am not a doctor or a scientist, I have read enough to know that all human beings carry around not only several pounds of bacteria but perhaps thousands of different viruses. Yet the only one that seems to matter now is SARS-CoV-2!

        An asymptomatic person can no doubt pass on the SARS-CoV-2 virus to others; but the important question is, can they transmit the virus in sufficient quantities to harm an otherwise healthy person? It seems most unlikely.

      2. Gary Ogden

        Dr. Kendrick: Even symptomatic people don’t spread infectious diseases to the majority of whom they come into contact. It is just so much more complex than A = B. It is clear to me that the best defense against any serious infectious disease is to pursue optimal metabolic health through lifestyle decisions. The medical industry would not be pleased, though, if population health improved.

      3. Irene Wood

        Thanks – altho’ I definitely cannot post the link. Search Last American Vagabond Yeadon Interview and it should come up. Interviewer is Taylor Hudak. Topic at 17 mins in.

      4. theasdgamer

        Dr. Kendrick, some people (cough–JD Patten–cough) might read your statement about data manipulation as being equally significant on both sides of controversial issues around covid.

        Bias exists in all of us and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. But degree of bias matters and so does our intellectual honesty and how we let bias affect our words and actions. When people see their science narrative as a SJW issue, it’s easy to get carried away and let our bias rage unchecked. And when people see their financial interests in line with pharma, it’s easy to let one’s judgment be colored by perceived personal benefit.

        It appears to me, in line with your post, that the media/pop science thumb is very heavy on the scales of evidence (covid narrative) on the side of public health officials and pharma, whereas those of us in opposition have to struggle to even get our ideas noticed. So it’s quite difficult for those of us in the opposition to get any traction with data manipulation and mostly we’re just pointing out the data manipulation by the pharma contingent.

  94. Fast Eddy

    Relevance: for those who think your masters cannot pull off a massive hoax like Covid….

    I ask… what’s up with Don????

    I’d go to the moon, but we don’t have that technology anymore – NASA Astronaut Don Pettit

    Donald Pettit
    American chemical engineer
    Donald Roy Pettit is an American chemical engineer and a NASA astronaut. He is a veteran of two long-duration stays aboard the International Space Station, one space shuttle mission and a six-week expedition to find meteorites in Antarctica. As of 2018, at age 64, he is NASA’s oldest active astronaut.

    1. David Bailey

      One of my frustrations of following the COVID saga is that the medical services all over the world seems to be making the same stupid mistakes. Then it suddenly occurred to me that whenever the NHS persistently makes a stupid mistake, it is a mistake that favours Big Pharma it isn’t just a COVID thing, Think about their other mistakes:

      Big Pharma wants to sell anti-cholesterol treatments of one sort or another so very few doctors actually challenge the evidence that cholesterol (of whatever type) is a risk factor.

      Hardly anyone challenges the fact that the value of a cancer treatment is measured by looking at the time for which the patient stays alive after the cancer is detected. There is no adjustment for the fact that a cancer detected by screening is detected far earlier in its development. The value of early detection to Big Pharma is obvious – they sell more expensive cancer drugs – even if the patient ultimately dies on the same date after suffering more unpleasant treatment.

      There is no attempt to put T2D patients on a low carb diet – because Big Pharma would lose out.

      There is no serious effort to look at the psychological effect of constantly bombarding people with medical scare stories. If you read a newspaper online, you could spend all day on these, and then probably end up consuming additional Pig Pharma treatments one way or another.

      There is no effort to stop giving patients in hospice care drugs that are clearly useless in their situation, and hard to deliver – like statins (as Dr K reported some time back).

      I am sure most of you could pile on example after example to that list.

      If you look at all those issues, we tend to think of most of them as mistakes, but if you assume that the NHS is here to sell us as much of Big Pharma’s products as possible, then you have to admit, they are doing a splendid job!

    2. JDPatten

      Again, from Dr. Kendrick:
      “…as with everything to do with Covid, the data are being distorted/manipulated/censored to suit whatever narrative people have.”

      1. Jerome Savage

        “Whatever narrative people have” or whatever narrative people find convenient. A career enhancing or financially rewarding narrative cannot be overlooked as having the upper hand in any debate.

        RETIRED PROFESSOR JOHN LEE – no longer has the incentive to sell a narrative. (not that he might ever have had – he quite possibly always based his narrative on proper test outcomes – but we might assume his opinion on the current state of affairs is free of bias. Somebody described this as brilliant – which feeds a mindset which is unfortunate.


        At about 24 minutes he advises that there are 18mil. viruses exhaled with each breath. They are 1,000th of 1,000th of a mm in size.
        So, a face mask is like the open sky for our viral thingamies, is it not ?

          1. theasdgamer

            If those masks are so comfortable, I assume that you never take them off. Because breathing while wearing them is just like being barefaced. So comfortable. Amirite?

          2. Jerome Savage

            Surely given the 10mil viruses with each exhalation, assuming we dont disagree on that point with the good professor, the only mask that can be effective is one that prevents the escape of any or all exhaled breath.

  95. Fast Eddy

    Coronavirus: quarantined Hong Kong residents question why vaccination made no difference

    Some among the 1,027 sent to a government facility last week express dismay no exemptions have been made for those with two jabs, negative test

    Others have complained about arrangements at Penny’s Bay, suggesting home quarantine would have been an easier, most cost-effective option

    And here I am wondering why an astronaut says ‘we don’t have the technology to go to the moon’ … cuz it was lost hahahahahahaa

    1. me oliveira

      Several decades ago the plans to launch Saturn disappeared during some clean-up at NASA. That’s why there are no more rocket to launch a Moon trip.

      1. Fast Eddy

        Ya and I believe it was 7 crates of moon landing stuff was ‘lost’… and all the tapes were erased…

        Only the biggest event in the history of civilization … how careless of them!!!!

        Of course if you don’t have all the plans or the original film or anything else… then it’s impossible for anyone to examine them… and … well you know….!

        Keep in mind we used to have computers that were 10x more powerful than a Cray that were the size of a calculator .. in 1968…. we had far more advanced rocket ships back then too …. We’ve gone backwards every single year since!!!

    1. Philip Thackray


      We have a local starling that mimics other birds just like a mocking bird (which we also have plenty of). The starlings are known to be good mimics although not as good nor as common as the mocking bird.

      Phil in PA, USA

      1. shirley3349

        We used to have a starling who sang the first few bars of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G minor, copied from an LP record I once gave my husband. It became a bit much after a while, like it was stuck in the groove.

  96. Don

    Off topic, but I don’t get email notifications from this site. I would love to follow along in the conversation but it’s nearly impossible. I have to wade through hundreds of comments to find mine to see if anyone replied. Can anyone help me with this? I am using aol mail which is ancient. If that is the problem I have other email addresses. Thanks!

    1. AhNotepad

      Don, I had the same problem a week or two back. The suggestion was to sign up with a new email address. This worked, but all the wordpress subscriptions (50+) on the email address stopped notifying. I think it is wordpress’s problem, but it will never get fixed.

    2. Prudence Kitten

      Try searching the page for “Don”. The quotation marks should make the search specific for the initial capital.

    3. Fast Eddy

      I don’t get notifications on my primary email from Word Press sites… they don’t got to junk mail so I have no idea where they end up … probably in the same place where a few dozen pairs of my sunglasses and thousands of ball point pens are accumulating….

      I set up a gmail account… that solved the problem

    4. Jerome Savage

      To find any name or word, hit the 3 vertical dots – usually top right, hit “find in page”, enter the required word – a vertical panel appears at right highlighting the location of each such item. Hitting any of those lines (mine are in orange) brings you to the entry on the piece.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        Depending of course on which Web browser you are using. I use Firefox, so it’s three horizontal lines and the search box appears bottom left.

        1. LA_Bob

          Don, I also use Firefox. Ctrl-F will also open the little search box Prudence mentions. I use it all the time on this blog, mostly to look for the latest posts based on date. Entering “May 5” (without the quotes) will land in turn on each comment dated May 5, including your latest. Hope that helps.

        2. me oliveira

          Another one: If you had access to Google, go to Advanced Search. It costs several ‘trials & errors’ to understand the idiosyncrasies, bur with patience you’ll discover everything (I hope). Use English words.

  97. Fast Eddy

    Reinforcing the Compassionate Extinction Plan theory… (peak oil >>> imminent collapse >>> face ripping time >>> extinction … Instead of that we get the gift of Covid >>>> ‘vaccines’ (lethal injections) >>>> which extinct us so we don’t have to rip faces off)

    We have this fine article:

    Shale binge has spoiled US reserves, top investor warns. Financial Times.

    A fracking binge in the American shale industry has permanently damaged the country’s oil and gas reserves, threatening hopes for a production recovery and US energy independence, according to one of the sector’s top investors.

    Wil VanLoh, chief executive of Quantum Energy Partners, a private equity firm that through its portfolio companies is the biggest US driller after ExxonMobil, said too much fracking had “sterilised a lot of the reservoir in North America”.

    “That’s the dirty secret about shale,” Mr VanLoh told the Financial Times, noting wells had often been drilled too closely to one another. “What we’ve done for the last five years is we’ve drilled the heart out of the watermelon.”

    Soaring shale production in recent years took US crude output to 13m barrels a day this year and brought a rise in oil exports, allowing President Donald Trump to proclaim an era of “American energy dominance”.

    Total US oil reserves have more than doubled since the start of the century as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and horizontal drilling unleashed reserves previously considered out of reach.

    But the pandemic-induced crash, which sent US crude prices to less than zero in April, has devastated a shale patch that was already out of favor with Wall Street for its failure to generate profits, even while it made the country the world’s biggest oil and gas producer.

    The number of operating rigs has collapsed by more than 60% since the start of the year. US output is now about 11m barrels a day, according to the US Energy Information Administration, or 15% less than the peak.

    “Even if we wanted to, I don’t think we could get much above 13m” barrels a day, Mr VanLoh said. “I don’t think it’s physically possible, because we’ve messed up so much reservoir. I would argue that what the US was touting three or four years ago, in theoretical deliverability, is nowhere close to what we think it is now.”

    He said operators had carried out “massive fracks” that created “artificial, permanent porosity”, inadvertently reducing the pressure in reservoirs and therefore the available oil.

    The comments will cause alarm in the shale patch, given the crucial role of investors such as QEP in financing the onshore American oil business.

    Read More (Copied from the Financial Times)

    There you have it … conventional oil peaked around 2005… and the shale ‘revolution’…. is now ending…

    Next up — total collapse and ripping off faces —- (now class… remember – Bosnia is not total collapse… they had some food.. some electricity.. some petrol… total global collapse would be far worse)

    Hopefully these vaccines will kick and and do whatever it is they are purposed to do… and we don’t have to rip faces off….

    I suspect we are on borrowed time … the organizers of the CEP are expecting the End Game any week now… only question is will be a Bossche Outcome … or a Bhakdi – Yeadon Outcome.

    1. Fast Eddy

      This is another good article on this topic…

      How the World’s Energy Problem Has Been Hidden

      We live in a world where words are very carefully chosen. Companies hire public relations firms to give just the right “spin” to what they are saying. Politicians make statements which suggest that everything is going well. Newspapers would like their advertisers to be happy; they certainly won’t suggest that the automobile you purchase today may be of no use to you in five years.

      I believe that what has happened in recent years is that the “truth” has become very dark. We live in a finite world; we are rapidly approaching limits of many kinds. For example, there is not enough fresh water for everyone, including agriculture and businesses. This inadequate water supply is now tipping over into inadequate food supply in quite a few places because irrigation requires fresh water. This problem is, in a sense, an energy problem, because adding more irrigation requires more energy supplies used for digging deeper wells or making desalination plants. We are reaching energy scarcity issues not too different from those of World War I, World War II and the Depression Era between the wars.

      We now live in a strange world filled with half-truths, not too different from the world of the 1930s. US newspapers leave out the many stories that could be written about rising food insecurity around the world, and even in the US. We see more reports of conflicts among countries and increasing gaps between the rich and the poor, but no one explains that such changes are to be expected when energy consumption per capita starts falling too low.

      The majority of people seem to believe that all of these problems can be fixed simply by increasingly taxing the rich and using the proceeds to help the poor. They also believe that the biggest problem we are facing is climate change. Very few are even aware of the food scarcity problems occurring in many parts of the world already.

      1. David Bailey

        I’d like to debate that, and partially agree with you, but I fear it would take us way too far off-topic. OTH, if Malcolm jumps into the discussion, I will too!

  98. Eggs ‘n beer

    My yahoo account has just ceased receiving them. Again, don’t know where they are going. Of course it would be conspiracy theory to suggest that WordPress have blocked it, except that the only post that DID sneak through was a spam post from famoushabib advertising a currency trading account ….

  99. crisscross767

    Globalist Banker Predicted Scam-demic And Genocide Of The Useless YEARS AGO!

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H.L. Mencken

    “To plunder, to slaughter, to steal, these things they misname empire; and where they make a wilderness, they call it peace”. – Tacitus

    Join the gap –