COVID19 – the end of scientific discussion?

24th May 2021

I haven’t written a blog for a while. Instead, I have been sorting out two complaints about my blog made to the General Medical Council. Also, a complaint from NHS England, and two irate phone calls from other doctors, informing me I shouldn’t make any negative comments about vaccines.

For those in other countries, who don’t know about such things, doctors in the UK are ruled by many different organisations, all of whom feel able to make judgement and hand down various sanctions. The deadliest of them, the ‘Spanish Inquisition’ if you like, is the General Medical Council (GMC) who can strike you off the medical register and stop you working as a doctor. They have great power, with no oversight.

Prior to this, I had been phoned by, and attacked by, two journalists and a couple of fact-checking organisations that have sprung up which can decide your guilt or innocence with regard to any information about COVID19. Of course, no-one can check the fact-checkers. They are the self-appointed guardians of ‘truth.’ quis custodiet ipsos custodes – indeed. (Who guards the guardians?)

In truth they have not scared me off, just greatly annoyed me. The problem is that if they really decide to hunt you down, then you are wiped from the system. Dr Mercola, for example, is having to remove information from his site in great haste. Once wiped from the internet, it becomes very difficult for anyone to read anything you write or listen to anything you say. A major problem if this is how one makes a living.

I was removed from Wikipedia a couple of years ago, but I do have a couple of insulting pages on Rational W ( to take their place. Edited and controlled by – who knows?

I think it is the extreme wing of the Vegan party who decided to write my history, and thoughts, on rational Wikipedia. I say this because a large number of other people I know who are critical of the diet-heart hypothesis, those who dared to suggest that eating animal products is perfectly healthy, were also obliterated from Wikipedia at pretty much the same time.

I did rather like the idea of Wikipedia when it started, but it has been taken over by people, some may say zealots, with their own agendas. This is particularly true of a few scientific areas I am particularly interested in. Diet, heart disease and COVID19.

Frustratingly, there is nothing you can do if Wikipedia decides to wipe you out. There is no appeal. Those who have gained the power to edit Wikipedia are answerable to no-one. They rule their little empires with absolute power. They are, of course, exactly the sort of people who should have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with science. Their minds were made up years ago. They have agendas, they are the anti-science, anti-scientist brigade.

The main purpose of science is to question and attack. To subject ideas to the greatest scrutiny.  Those who decide to shut down and stifle debate … whatever they may believe themselves to be doing, they are in fact traitors to the cause of science. Stranglers of the enlightenment, assassins of progress.

They are not alone, and things have got far worse, in the last year or so. Science has taken a terrible battering with COVID19, I have always known that dissent against a widely held scientific hypothesis is difficult.

Just trying to get published is a nightmare. The peer-review system is one of the many weapons used against innovative thinking. ‘Let’s see what the current experts think of this new idea which threatens to overturn everything they have researched and taught over the last thirty years, and have built their reputations on… I wonder if they will like it, and approve it?’

Experts certainly create a formidable barrier to change. As described by David Sackett (a founding father of evidence-based medicine) in his article ‘The sins of expertness and a proposal for redemption.

‘….It then dawned on me that experts like me commit two sins that retard the advance of science and harm the young. Firstly, adding our prestige to our opinions gives the latter far greater persuasive power than they deserve on scientific grounds alone. Whether through deference, fear, or respect, others tend not to challenge them, and progress towards the truth is impaired in the presence of an expert.

The second sin of expertness is committed on grant applications and manuscripts that challenge the current expert consensus. Reviewers face the unavoidable temptation to accept or reject new evidence and ideas, not on the basis of their scientific merit, but on the extent to which they agree or disagree with the public positions taken by experts on these matters.’ 1

And his proposal:

‘But there are still far more experts around than is healthy for the advancement of science. Because their voluntary retirement does not seem to be any more frequent in 2000 than it was in 1980, I repeat my proposal that the retirement of experts be made compulsory at the point of their academic promotion and tenure.’

Expertise is great. ‘Experts’… well, that is a completely different matter. We certainly have a few formidable ones kicking about with COVID19. In the UK we have the great and good of the SAGE committee made up of – who knows? – chosen for whatever reasons. They wield enormous power, and never disagree on anything. In the US we have Fauci and the CDC. Ditto.

In the background we have the WHO … who can tell you what way the wind is blowing if nothing else. They remind me of Groucho Marx’s famous comment. ‘These are my principles. And you if you don’t like them…. I have others.’ However, we at the WHO would like to make it clear that nothing about COVID19 has anything to do with China, in any way. Can we have more money please?

Anyway, where are we with COVID19, and science?

In my opinion COVID19 succeeded in breaking my last vestiges of faith in medical scientific research. I cannot believe anything I read. I accept no mainstream facts or figures.

We are told such utter nonsense. For example, the ‘fact. that vaccination protects against COVID19 more effectively than having had the disease itself… This is just utter nonsense.

We were told that COVID19 was spread by touching contaminated surfaces… Really? We were told it spread though droplets, not aerosols. Which is the most complete garbage. We were told that everyone has to wear a mask. We were told it could easily be passed on by asymptomatic people. Based on nothing at all. I could go on.

Yet, no-one seems remotely bothered by any of this utter nonsense. The public seem to lap it up, and attack anyone who questions the current narrative. I feel that I am clinging onto a dying religion. The religion of Francis Bacon and the enlightenment.

Baconian method, methodical observation of facts as a means of studying and interpreting natural phenomena. This essentially empirical method was formulated early in the 17th century by Francis Bacon, an English philosopher, as a scientific substitute for the prevailing systems of thought, which, to his mind, relied all too often on fanciful guessing and the mere citing of authorities to establish truths of science.

After first dismissing all prejudices and preconceptions, Bacon’s method, as explained in Novum Organum (1620; “New Instrument”), consisted of three main steps: first, a description of facts; second, a tabulation, or classification, of those facts into three categories—instances of the presence of the characteristic under investigation, instances of its absence, or instances of its presence in varying degrees; third, the rejection of whatever appears, in the light of these tables, not to be connected with the phenomenon under investigation and the determination of what is connected with it.2

This way of thinking it seems, lasted from 1620 to 2020. Four hundred years of immense scientific progress. The age of enlightenment. We are moving back to the prevailing systems of thought… on fanciful guessing and the mere citing of authorities to establish truths of science.

The Dark Ages are returning.



658 thoughts on “COVID19 – the end of scientific discussion?

    1. theasdgamer

      If it were only a corruption problem…unfortunately, tyrannical Rationalism is in play…allied with Pharma…tyrannical Rationalism was exemplified by socialism in the USSR. Lots of play on fear in order to gain acquiescence. Bullying was justified by fear of capitalist warmongers, running dog lackeys, counter-revolutionaries and the like, threatening the workers’ paradise. Of course, their paradise went to hell. Tyranny tends to do that, including in 2021.

      1. Tarl

        It was tyrannical but Soviet communism was not rationalism and neither is the current version of communism. In both cases, what drives decisions is political ideology, which is the opposite of rationalism. Yes, the Soviets pretended that they were “scientific” and communists today pretend to “follow the science” and be “critical thinkers” but this is just ideological zealots wearing the skin suit of dead science in order to appropriate its prestige.

        1. Sasha

          Interestingly enough, since in Soviet times Medicine wasn’t profit driven, Soviet doctors were allowed to pursue avenues of medical inquiry that aren’t done in the West. It would from time to time be interrupted by Ideological witch hunts like an attempt to ban genetics or a desire to rebrand Chinese acupuncture as “reflexotherapy” but, overall, Soviet medical practices were more eclectic and, at times, more daring, in my opinion.

          1. Peter Adler

            i would beg to differ: health care in communist countries stunk … i i spent almost half of my life there, i speak from experience … and, so far as the research, it wasn’t all roses, either …

        2. theasdgamer

          Rationalism _is_ an ideology. It sits atop Modernism and gave rise to Political Science and Marxism. The USSR was reliant on Marxism, Political science, Modernism, and Rationalism.

          Marx saw his work as scientific–the science of politics–which he saw as inevitable progress based on the natural order. The linear thought of Rationalism combined with Hegelian dynamics resulted in Marxism. In Rationalism, development of science is forced according to natural principles. Physics leads to Chemistry, which leads to Biology, which leads to Psychology and Sociology, which leads to Political Science, which leads to Marxism. Essentially, Rationalism holds that everything can be reduced to Physics first principles. Kuhn showed that this view does not match what we know of the history of science and Feyerabend showed that Rationalism must fail because science cannot be reduced to any particular method.

          Popper attacked Marx’s claims of having a “scientific basis.” I have discussed elsewhere the problems with the word “science,” which primarily has rhetorical usage and meaning. E.g., “My ideas are scientific and my opponent’s ideas are pseudo-science.”

          1. Tarl

            Rationalism is a methodology not an ideology. Marxism attempted to borrow the mantle and prestige of rationalism, but was itself irrational both in theory and in practice.

          2. theasdgamer

            Rationalism elevated a particular method by claiming that that method was The Scientific Method and therefore that no other method was used by science. Therefore Rationalism is an epistemological ideology. Of course, actually science ignored Rationalism by and large. Rationalism mostly had an impact on philosophy and on education where it used rhetoric about “pseudo-science” to attack those it considered heretics. Rationalists wouldn’t know science from sausage.

      2. David

        An excellent read on this subject is ‘A State of Fear’. It never was about COVID. It was always about CONTROL. COVID is the means to CONTROL

        1. Paula

          I’ve ordered this book by Laura Dodsworth and I’m looking forward to reading it. Apparently it is in high demand and on its third print run. Always been interested in behavioural economics and ‘nudge’ but now I need to find out how it all went so bad. For those wanting a preview Laura has done a couple of really interesting interviews, one with the Planet Normal podcast and another with Ivor Cummins!-how-the-government:f
          Well worth a look – this is the innoculation we need – against fear.

    2. Peter Adler

      Thank you, Dr. Kendrick, for standing up to the criminal clique that wants to control the world and is doing whatever it can to achieve its inhuman objective.

      1. Fast Eddy

        They already control the world — as evidenced by the fact that they are controlling the vast majority of people who are buying the covid lie completely — and not opposing the endless lockdowns. Most people fully support lockdowns because they are ‘necessary’

        As a number of virologists have emphatically stated — these vaccines are purposed to create deadly variants — and these deadly variants will be ‘bio-weapons’

        Now why would ‘they’ want to create bio-weapons?

        The Big Picture is peak oil. And we are beyond that….(check North Sea oil – it’s down 2/3s…). America’s Saudi Arabia – shale — has also peaked… so many fields have peaked….

        Once peak oil is surpassed the end of civilization follows. Starvation – Disease – Violence… and ultimately extinction.

        If the end game is extinction — why not end life before the suffering begins?

        Covid is most definitely made in a lab and released on purpose. It is being used to scare 8B people into taking a vaccine that will exterminate all of us.

        The vaccine is a gesture of kindness. It’s not dissimilar to putting down a dog that is suffering … but doing it just before the serious suffering begins.

        Fauci is vilified wrongly. He is doing a very difficult job. How would you like to be the front man for a project that involves killing 8B people?

        It must be so difficult having to get in front of the cameras and lie about this. But at the end of the day — he and every single leader on the planet who is helping execute this act of kindness — know that there is no other choice.

        You either kill 8B people in a compassionate manner — or they kill (and eat) each other as they fight to stay alive.

        All options would have been examined years ago. And the Covid Plan (Compassionate Extinction Plan) would have been determined to be the best option.

        1. Jerome Savage

          My fuel consumption reduced by 50% or more during the lockdown – without really trying.
          It appears that you discount the proposition put forward by Thomas Gold that oil supply is endless and not a fossil fuel.
          And you appear not to be cognisant of the laws of supply & demand.

          1. Doug Aberdeen

            You seem to believe that your personal fuel consumption is more important than that of civilisation as a whole, which has hardly dropped at all from pre-covid levels.

            “oil supply is endless and not a fossil fuel.” and the Earth truly is flat.

            “And you appear not to be cognisant of the laws of supply & demand.”
            I am not too sure you are. We are approaching the ‘Seneca Cliff’ of global oil production, whereby oil production is going to collapse because all the easy, cheap to produce oil has almost gone. Then there is the minor issue that most of the big oil companies are trying to avoid bankruptcy because they need oil prices at over $100/barrel to develop the remaining smaller / offshore / lower quality / more polluted fields but receiving much less, whilst the economy needs much lower oil prices.

            The global economy and financial system is on its knees and cannot cope with higher oil prices. Seems to me that people in general can only take so much reality, and they would rather not know about the end of oil, and all that that implies.

          2. Fast Eddy

            Technically … we will never come close to running out of oil.

            What will happen (is happening) is that the oil that remains cannot be extracted because it is economically not viable to do so.

            Shale has lost $300B on a trillion dollar investment. The only way shale was able to happen is because the costs were offset by remaining lower cost conventional oil + low interest rates.

            Recall $147 oil in 2007 – soon after we had GFC. What happened was we ran into a supply-demand mismatch. When demand outstrips supply prices take off.

            Shale was a stop gap measure to mitigate this mismatch.

            But when shale peaked in 2019…. the PTB were facing a similar problem as in 2007 — but this time there was no alternative oil source…. total oil peaked.

            The PTB then proceeded to launch Covid — and used that as an excuse to reduce our oil burn…. (can’t reduce too much or we collapse)….

            That has bought them time – to roll out what I refer to as the CEP – Compassionate Extinction Plan. Which of course involves the injections and killing everyone before civilization collapses.

            I would note that most OECD countries have injected their at-risk populations… so if they were to unlock now – almost nobody would die (the injections are 95% effective… so we are told)…

            But instead we are seeing lockdown extensions — and new lockdowns — hmmmm…

            The MSM is not asking why — nor are opposition politicians…


          3. Sasha

            I don’t know about the rest of the world but United States is gradually opening up. Moscow has been open for a while and the rest of Russia as well. In my opinion, this extinction plan is a figment of your imagination but only time will tell…

          4. Fast Eddy

            A couple of thoughts on this…

            Many countries have been ‘gradually opening up’ … only to be slammed shut again… all you need is another wave of fake PCR tests and ‘the dreaded variants’ and…..

            The US has a high percentage of CovIDIOTS already injected …. pretty much everyone who is willing to be injected has been… if Team Bossche is correct … there are more than enough people with the leaky injection in them in the US to contribute to the emergence of Devil Covid(s)… perhaps it is also better if you allow the CovIDIOTS to interact with each other so that the variants have a better chance to mix and match and breed and achieve Marek’s Status?

            Impossible to know what the strategy is … but one thing I do know with 100% certainty… these injections are not purposed to keep people safe… there is sinister intent.

            If they were about stopping death — they’d be given only to at-risk individuals… and certainly not children.

          5. Sasha

            There’s a difference in thinking that children are being injected because some people are incompetent, scared or greedy versus thinking that they’re being injected because Bill Gates has decided that you shouldn’t live anymore.

          6. Fast Eddy

            I’ve made my position clear a few times on this …. Bill Gates may have a hand in this … but it’s a benevolent hand… consider that just about every leader on the planet from dictators to snowflakes (Arden/Trudeau) are no pushing back… nor is the MSM… nor are business leaders…

            Seems the are convinced there is a good reason to kill all of us. (see peak oil)

          7. Jerome Savage

            Respnse to Doug Aberdeen on June 1, 2021
            My fuel consumption reduction is indicative of what can easily be achieved.
            Flat earth comment is kick to touch effort we presume. I admit I dont know enough about his theory but if it can be kicked to touch so be it using logic & rational discussion so be it.
            The capitalist system with endless growth & profits is a model that could never last. But scarcity is usually matched by higher prices generating an attraction towards increased production, exploration or alternative sources of energy be it solar (I hav currently scalding hot water) or simply reduced consumption and greater efficiencies.

        2. AhNotepad

          Why is this cannibal killing not happening in areas where there is real famine, and people are starving? Or is it happening and not broadcast on MSM?

          1. Jerome Savage

            In the irish famine, the curious well heeled in their tours of affected areas noted the wretched cowering in cabins, forlorn & waiting to be taken. One million died, in huts, in fields and in the notorious workhouses, some of fever, some on the roadside with grass and such in their mouths.
            Not commonly known but the famine was preceded by a storm of apparently hurricane force that devastated boats, buildings and crops in 1839, known as “an gaoth mór” – the big wind, which rendered the rural population ill prepared for the subsequent crop devastation from blight.
            Climate change you might argue is not new – however there are no reports of cannibalism.

        3. fsy

          Two questions immediately present themselves:
          1)How could anyone think they have the authority to make such a decision?
          2)Are they included?
          The obvious answer to #2 makes it clear that they don’t care at all about #1, and that this is pure mass murder that makes Hitler, Stalin and Mao all look like complete amateurs.

        4. Will

          Nothing so noble…
          There’s plenty gas & oil too, for that matter. It’s death is contrived and not one of extinction.
          I fear what you’re seeing is motivated by no more than greed and fear. There’s no kindness in it.

          1. Fast Eddy

            But there isn’t:

            All in all, this year has seen new discoveries of nearly 8 billion barrels of oil equivalent, compared to 10 billion barrels of oil equivalent discovered last year.

            But what’s most striking is that new discoveries aren’t even close to keeping pace with the loss of conventional resources. According to Rystad, the current resource replacement ratio for conventional resources is only 16 percent. In other words, only one barrel out of every six consumed is being replaced with new resources.


            Jul 12, 2020 – Shale boss says US has passed peak oil. Parsley Energy CEO: ‘I don’t think I’ll see 13m barrels a day again in my lifetime’.

   – He said operators had carried out “massive fracks” that created “artificial, permanent porosity”, inadvertently reducing the pressure in reservoirs and therefore the available oil.
            The comments will cause alarm in the shale patch, given the crucial role of investors such as QEP in financing the onshore American oil business.


      2. Tish Farrell

        Adding my heartfelt thanks to Peter Adler’s. There are healers and there are medical practitioners. I count you a healer Dr. Kendrick. For one thing your posts have helped to stop me being driven mad by the endless false narratives.

      3. Milan Bukvic

        It’s interesting that when you look at Death’s per million population ( that the USA has 1,831, UK 1,873, Italy, 2088, France, 1,672, However, looking at East/South East Asia which is densely populated and arguably with less efficient healthcare in some countries you have 1/10 of the number of deaths. Who can explain this? Philippines 188 (111M), Indonesia 183 (276M), Japan 102 (126M), Malaysia 83 (32M), South Korea 38 (51M) Hong Kong 28 (7.5M) , Thailand 14 (70M), Singapore 6 (6M), Taiwan 5 (24M), China: 3 (1,439M), Vietnam 0.5 (98M). The total population of each country is shown in parentheses.

        1. Roland Ayers

          Less aged populations, cross-immunity from SARs and MERs, better metabolic health, possibly climatic factors. With this whole thing being so politicalised, people like to look for policy factors, but they don’t correlate.

        2. Gary Ogden

          Milan Bukvic: It is indeed interesting. Part of the explanation, at least in the U.S., is a gross inflation of the numbers. According to the CDC, only 5% of those officially listed as Covid deaths were previously healthy people, so it is conceivable that the death rate per million here is closer to 90, in the same ballpark as those Asian countries. Part of it also may reflect the percentage of the population with obesity and/or T2 diabetes, which is surely much lower in those countries.

        3. Ali

          The crazy thing is that many of the people in those countries are probably a darn sight healthier than we are in the West. Not only have they already been exposed to most pathogens which has built up their immune systems from birth, in general they consume diets with little to no nutrient devoid or denatured processed, refined, pasteurised, homogenised or generally mucked-about-with (pseudo) food. Few walk around with teeth full of mercury that binds with sulphur & breaks its other important sulphur conversions or affinities in the body. Many have never had vaccines or other immune busting protocols or drugs, such as antibiotics. Many also do hard, physical work that helps them sweat out toxins.

          For all our health advances in the West, we are a very sick society – & getting sicker by the minute.

        4. Ian Partington

          Mine is a guess: possibly population-wide immunity due to exposure to earlier respiratory viruses, such as Sars. Also less preponderance of “Western” conditions such as diabetes and obesity, which weaken immune systems.

    3. Daphne

      I took a quick look at the “Rational Wiki” you referenced. On the wiki talk page, “they” refer to people who follow your blog as “his army of nut jobs”. Frankly, I’m done interacting with these censorious types and resisted the temptation to post anything on that wiki. The best thing we can all do is ignore them.

      Personally, I’m pleased with your emphasis on maintaining health through proper nutrition. If that makes me a “nut job”, so be it. Thanks for being so outspoken about the covid madness. I know professionals who speak out about it are assaulted from all directions. As you say, science has died, to be replaced by the new religion of “scientism”. We are living through the new Dark Ages.

      1. kalochorio

        ‘Nut Jobs’? For daring to read an alternative opinion? So, in order not to be defined as a nut job, one has to fully accept opinions and theories (presented as facts) from just one source, and suspend evaluation and critical thinking. The science is settled, there is no debate. I wish life were so easy, unfortunately I can’t stop my brain from working no matter how hard I try.

        1. Frankie

          I liked your comment. I don’t always agree on what Dr Kendrick says either but I like it that he questions things and tries to back it with science and not anecdotes. I follow most of the advice on cholesterol from Kendrick but follow a whole food plant based diet which he doesn’t agree on and sometimes makes derogatory comments about vegans, but hey I can take that because we must question everyone. We get it wrong sometimes and sometimes we get it right.
          I at the moment think I’ve got it right with the cholesterol thing and the whole food plant based diet. It works for me but I have an open mind and will not castigate you for giving me your opinion and offering me device. We are in great danger of not standing up for ourselves. Malcom Kendrick does this and I say chapeau to you Malcolm.

          1. Ali

            That’s exactly why I prefer to distance myself from the ‘vegan’ label & just say that I consume a Whole Food Plant Based diet. There is often a huge chasm between the two. Plant-based (especially very low fat) works heaps better for me too, having faithfully persevered with
            High Fat Low Carb for over 8 years until my struggling digestion finally refused to digest animal protein, regardless of what I tried, and sent my insulin resistance into orbit! Not even heaps of insulin would get my blood sugar down. It was exceedingly scary.

            Within 4 weeks on the very low fat plant-based regime I not only had started to lose some of the extra weight I’d gained on HFLC, but my insulin sensitivity returned & I had to cut my insulin intake by more than half. HFLC did not even attempt to reverse my Diabetes, far from it, it merely maintained it by keeping my sugar intake very low. I’ve gone from needing 50+ insulin units plus Metformin on HFLC, to just 10-15 units & no Metformin (& it’s still dropping) on very low/no fat Plant Based, despite eating heaps of potatoes every day (SpudFit). And the weight I’ve been struggling to lose for 50 years is finally melting away.

            Having bought the T-shirt when it comes to HFLC, I’ve experienced both sides – and have learned to my cost that it’s fats that drive insulin resistance. I loved HFLC because it gave me permission to indulge my love of fatty foods – but it did me absolutely no favours in the long run…..and I’m not alone. I know of so many others who have also developed issues over time on the HFLC regime.

    4. Dave

      There’s a group of us that are on the same page as you and many others I might add, however we are attacked, verbally and ridiculed for questioning the corruption, sorry narrative?? If you are an independent logical free thinker there is only one conclusion, we are being lied to and manipulated and anyone that swims against the tide is shut down and their voice doesn’t get heard. Hopefully one day soon the truth will out. Keep up the crusade keep the faith.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        The lies from Fauci are cascading from FOI emails. Not only was he in favour of gain of function, he funded the Wuhan Institute research into it. The lies about the vaccines are becoming more apparent too, about their safety, efficacy, effectiveness, especially their safety, or lack thereof. The lies about how dangerous the virus really is will be the next to go. Australian experts, many of them, are questioning the hysterical reaction to the latest “outbreak”. Of note, the ground zero case was in the community for a month before the infections began to be noticed.

        I really think that the Indian variant could be the beginning of the end. Not particularly infectious but doesn’t seem to be so dangerous. The UK had its first Covid death free day this week, even though the variant has been active there for weeks. Hopefully it’s as contagious and as deadly as a common cold virus and will give immunity against the other variants for those who don’t already have it.

  1. docdavem

    Amen Malcolm – as a fellow GP I too have now fully given up on any belief whatsoever in what we have been told literally about anything. It is pretty sad when you feel most of your job is to protect your patients from the mainstream medical advice….
    For those that are interested and can still stomach Facebook do look up JohnDeesAlmanac- he is a former consultant analyst for the NHS and boy is he unearthing some dirt -you might be interested to know that the daily totals for PCR testing have had negative numbers inputted for 18 days in 2021 (has to be deliberate and presumably is being done to increase the reported rate of positive results…)

    1. Andrew Makin

      Sorry: not able to follow the comment on PCR tests. Would you unpack the train of thought for me?

    2. peter Downey

      If you didn’t know this, you’d be forgiven. Because mainstream media hasn’t felt fit to mention it.
      As is the case of with Dr. Bossche. I can understand they may disagree but, really, not to mention it?
      And the attacks on him have been downright lies or ludicrous ‘He says he’s not an anti-vaxxer, so he must be, because why would you feel the need to say your not if you aren’t?’ (not direct quote).

      Thanks, Doctor, for the Facebook link.

      1. Maju

        The chairman of the Western Basque College of Biology, J.A. Etxebarria, has also been very vocal about the (ab-)use of covid tests the way they are being used (incorrectly, it seems, but technical issues I have some difficulty discerning). I was skeptical of such claims at first (I have generally good and justified faith on genetic testing technology) but I became persuaded eventually, more so when (very scientifically) the late President of Tanzania (J. Mafuguli) had some random non-human samples subject to testing that gave positive results and were fruit and animal material.

        Re. Etxebarria’s videos (in Spanish):

  2. luryjeta

    Don’t let them ******* get you down! We need you to help keep us sane with your brilliant facts and writing. Those who criticise you are the weak ones who are probably scared deep down inside if they only dared to look.

    1. Henry Longstop

      So you can avoid having to be polite by using asterisks, for future reference the playground ‘Latin’ rendition of the phrase is ”Nils Carborundum Illegitimum”.

  3. Graham

    For those of us who can still think.
    Please don’t give up.
    Where will the world be if people like yourself don’t encourage sensible debate.

  4. Linda Randell

    Well, we know, some of us, that what you are saying is the truth. I am astonished at how many friends are not questioning the official line. But I have friends who are on my wavelength which is wonderful. ‘We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.’ ‘ And gentlemen in England now abed, will think themselves accurs’d they were not here.’ Shakespeare knew a thing or two in my opinion. Hang on in there everyone and follow lawyer Reiner Fuellmich.

  5. rgardn60

    I feel your despair. Please don’t give in, in the face of these onslaughts, there are thousands of us who rely on the work you do to keep us informed in a rational fashion. Stay cool and clear-headed and keep the faith. Who else is going to “bring home the Bacon”?

  6. jeanirvin

    I feel very much the saem about what I read about or hear on the mainstream media and I am very depressed at times at how unquestioning the British public has become.

    1. gillpurple


      Spot on about the public. Part of the problem is that the governments official strategy of scaring the public has, unfortunately, worked well enough with enough people to make those who do protest look like people who have taken leave of their senses. Facilitated by parts of the press by either not reporting or labelling protesters as anti- vaxxers, conspiracy theorists etc.

      Fear impairs cognitive functioning and it is very hard to unscare people where a mass campaign has been purposefully inflicted on the entire nation. One of my friends is a retired medical scientist and she has only just come out of her absolute terror – in spite of having many contacts still in medicine who do not accept the official line.

      It is unethical to use scare as a deliberate intervention/tactic and I wonder if any of the psychologists involved in advising the government/shaping the response to Covid ever pointed this out or were they simply ignored. Which is what this government appears to do every time someone comes up with something important but which inconveniently contradicts part of their narrative or might get in the way of exploiting the pandemic financially.

  7. Smy

    The WHO published
    Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza in October 2019 why did the world not follow it?

  8. SETI-Edmondson

    This (from wiki! 😦 ):
    A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. . . . An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: it rarely happens that Saul becomes Paul. What does happen is that its opponents gradually die out, and that the growing generation is familiarized with the ideas from the beginning: another instance of the fact that the future lies with the youth.
    — Max Planck, Scientific autobiography, 1950, p. 33, 97
    Informally, this is often paraphrased as “Science progresses one funeral at a time”.

    1. Daphne

      I also thought of Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions from the 1970s. Kuhn basically proposed that scientific orthodoxy only dies as each generation of scientists raised on that orthodoxy dies off. That is a gross oversimplification of Kuhn’s work, but the book is worth reading in light of current events.

  9. Sarah

    Thank you for all that you do…there are I believe a slowly growing group of those of us who are ‘awake’. I am a lay person not a medic, (although with the huge quantities of information, blogs, papers etc., I have read I suspect I may be a little more ahead of the curve than my GP!) and I have found it immensely frustrating and sad to see and hear so many people go about their lives not questioning the MSM and all the ridiculous contradictory advice pushed on us. PLEASE don’t give up the fight…I believe our health and our personal freedoms are in grave danger right now and we need soldiers like you at the front!

  10. Geoff Broughton

    I would say that you have hit the nail right on the head. I also believe that this is your most succinct description of the ‘COVID’ phenomenon. The so called disease of ‘death’ has its most serious tentacles spreading through out and out propaganda from the state in collusion with, well, lets not get into that one! Death by propaganda is its most serious result, as it is destroying peoples ability to think and effectively stay alive, and aware of reality. To explain further one simply needs to re-read this your most damning of articles. Superb analysis Dr Malcolm – thanks once more from one of your most ardent of followers.

  11. Eggs ‘n beer

    And the CDC have changed the definition of Covid as it relates to post-vaccination cases. Ct threshold <29 (i.e. 28 and below) plus must be hospitalised or dead.

    Click to access Information-for-laboratories-COVID-vaccine-breakthrough-case-investigation.pdf

    Apply that retrospectively and there would have been no “pandemic”. Apply it now, and the case numbers for the vaccinated make the vaccines look incredibly effective.

    Meanwhile, the utterly hypocritical Premier and CMO of Queensland have refused to take the jab so far. And even when we see the inevitable photo-op of them being syringed, after 14 months of lies and deceptions I won’t believe it contains anything other than saline.

    1. Tony Barry

      Thanks for posting that, wow incredible. So for those who weren’t vaccinated we looked for it with a fine tooth comb, for those who have been vaccinated they lowered the limit! Gross hypocrisy.

    2. paule6833014c97

      Surely this is a criterion only for selecting those samples which are to be fully sequenced. I’m with you in criticising the abuse of the pcr process, but please don’t overegg the point with incorrect inferences.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        You need to read that in conjunction with the link above it. WordPress has treated two links differently. The link makes it clear that the methodology has changed, the (undated) printed part relates to the change in the threshold. Together they ensure the reported data for vaccine cases will be infinitesimal compared to non-vaccinated cases, where the anything goes criteria still apply.

  12. David Grimes

    Malcolm Excellent as usual. Suppression of truth in our times.

    From the FDA website : “For FDA to issue an EUA, there must be no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the candidate product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition.” EUA is Emergency Use Authorisation. And so for the vaccines to be authorised for use at the end of 2020, all knowledge of other treatments/preventions had to be suppressed, There we have it.

    Your reference to Francis Bacon is timely. The Age of Enlightenment is being closed. In my Blog posts I have drawn attention to Pascal’s Wager, William of Ockham (common thread), and the more recent Sir Austin Bradford Hill. All powerful and undeniable, but conveniently ignored.

    Keep up the good work David Grimes


    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Thanks David. I am considering whether to wind it up, or change tack a bit. I am close to not bothering about continuing as a doctor in the NHS, so they can what they will.

      1. David Bailey

        Please stay!

        You are obviously an enormous problem to the powers that be, because you have perfected the art of staying within their rules in name but not in spirit. Just think of the sigh of relief they would emit if you gave up. Their next task would be to make up some fake evidence that you left because you had realised you were wrong, etc etc.

        One of my trump cards when talking to people is to explain how there is an NHS doctor in Macclesfield who blogs about COVID raising all the same points that I raise.

        I can’t be the only person who does that – you don’t realise how much boost you give to the forces of sanity.

      2. Jennifer

        Thankyou for your blog today. I am so sorry things have come to this state of affairs, for you personally as a conscientious contributor to our National Health Service, and for myself observing the lies and deceit we have been subjected to over the last 18 months. As to myself complying to the ever changing ‘rules and regulations’, I must say I feel compelled to follow them, not because I agree, but out of fear of the consequences of non-compliance. After a life time of politely speaking my mind professionally and standing up for my patients, I am dismayed to admit such weakness.

      3. Jane Claber

        I wouldn’t blame you Dr K; one can only take so much persecution. The NHS will blunder on without you, but your readers will be bereft.

      4. Anna

        Note what happened to Sarah Myhill: 43 GMC complaints about her and when she reached retirement age she tried to deregister and they won’t let her – trying to keep open the opportunity of winning one, just one case against her!

        And see Tucker Carlson’s excellent interview with eminent American Dr Peter McCullough:

        1. Jan Dawe

          Yes, Anna, that was an excellent interview and had a lot of information. I am in Australia and they are ramping up the sweet carrots on sticks to get people vaccinated. They are also talking about travel documents, meaning you have to have a bill of health, as in vaccinated or no travel. They are even thinking of having a vaccine passport for interstate travel within the country. They are repeating the same nonsense – these vaccines are very safe so just get your jab! I have signed a petition to stop mandatory vaccine passport within Australia. Tyranny reigns here. As soon as one person tests positive they lock down the city or parts of the state that this occurred. Also ramp up the fear – you will die if you get Covid.

      5. David Winter

        So, it has come to this eh?….I hope not because you are invaluable to your patients and the wider public. It seems that in so many sections of life we are being denied democratic thoughts and actions and being “controlled” by a pseudo intelligencer with vested interest. And..yet another “expert” talking head…

      6. barbod2014angusbelle

        Wish you were my doctor. So few have open minds to anything once they qualify.
        I am a substitute patient in a major teaching hospital and I find myself questioning some of the teaching staff about their pre held beliefs. Few are willing to change the way things have been taught for the last 50 or 60 years.
        As for Covid, well I despair that so many medics are completely taken in by government propaganda and 24/7 onslaught by MSM.
        Keep up the good work sir.

      7. JANE DEAN

        Dr Kendrick, you must not give up. I have been in Health Care over 50 years and run a charitable hyperbaric oxygen chamber. I have been vilified by the Care Quality Commission, Advertising Standards, letters to local newspapers etc. I have argued breathing oxygen under pressure in a chamber is a safe place to be. We are not considered ‘mainstream’ so close and bolt the door. We have to keep fighting for the future health of our children and grandchildren.

      8. Shell

        Thanks for all your articles and blogs, Dr Kendrick.

        Have you heard of the doctor who has also been hounded by GMC? Here’s a link to an excellent article by Sally Beck about her…

        Please don’t give up, somehow we have to win this… but as others say here, we need more people like you standing up to the tyranny. Reiner Fuellmich and James Delingpole had a great chat on James’ podcast about how we cannot give up… we must not…

      9. Dan Henderer

        Malcolm, if you don’t read my comment below about joining patreon, perhaps you will see this reply. Please do this and many will support you. Also maybe look into migrating, if possible, to a red state in the US. They will defend their beef! I suggest Montana or Wyoming. We are moving to Montana to escape the West coast. Love to have you as my doc in Billings, MT 😉

        1. Daphne

          As an American living in the UK, that may very well be a good suggestion. Dr Kendrick may find it easier to emigrate to the US than many people because of his medical credentials. Plus there are many states where free thinkers are more welcome. Florida and Texas are also possibilities, if the climate in Montana and Wyoming are too harsh. I’m certainly leaving the door open to returning to the US myself.

      10. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        If there is a common situation for the living, it is to align more clearly and be whole in who we are so as to be free of the baggage of who we are not, and its attendant burdens.
        I trust that you align as YOU will – in the way that you recognise and appreciate being, regardless the persecutions or threats that would contract you to a corporate servitude.
        The NHS is only masking cover ID for a PPP.
        Even before covid I saw doctors soon to be replaced by robots/screens/apps and etc – except upper tier personalised servicing of the wealthy. Health is freedom and responsibility. Sickness is being served and serviced.

      11. JDPatten

        Dr. Kendrick,
        I take your comment to mean that you’re thinking of quitting doctoring and the NHS, to use the saved time and effort pursuing scientific thought and spending more time writing. Writing here. Still.

        Is that not so?

          1. David Bailey

            Malcolm, I think that your views carry a lot more clout with ‘ordinary people’, coming from a GP. That goes for all the medical issues you discuss.

        1. Fast Eddy

          I wonder how the Gestapo would react if there were no more ‘offensive’ Covid articles by the blog owner… and instead this became a platform where concerned persons posted ‘offensive’ comments….

          The blog author might consider posting ridiculous press releases (MSM articles) from the Ministry of Truth … that we could hack apart and ridicule…

          The blog author might assume a pseudonym and participating anonymously in the hacking and slashing… I’d recommend making use of a VPN such as which could be used when posting the anonymous comments … making it difficult to connect the author to those comments…

          That said … this plan has been hatched with cooperation from the highest levels of all governments… so I will assume that they have ways of thwarting VPN anonymity…. so this may be futile…

          I suppose if Bossche and Montagnier are correct this is all moot — there must be a method to the madness… and an End Game coming soon…. so it probably does not matter what one does at this point… this ship is going down.

          My goal has always been to remain solvent as Peak Oil dug its claws into my face…. I’ve been able to do that along with a decent buffer… one does want to have the means to organize a few good bottles of single malt… to be consumed just prior to heading for the deep dark cold water.

          Alas… I fear that as this ‘Devil Covid’ think strikes… we’ll all be so sick that those bottles will go unopened.

          Let’s go back in time and use the Google search by time…. I am filtering 2000 – 2018…. and this is what I found:

          Leaky Vaccines Enhance Spread of Deadlier Chicken Viruses

      12. Mark

        Dr Kendrick, I really feel for being forced to even question whether you should stay in the NHS. On the other hand there must be a growing minority who would not trust the NHS template for dealing with chronic disease – I would have a real dilemma if one of my family developed a serious illness. Many would actively seek out someone like you working outside who knows the mainstream treatment but was able to think for himself

    2. Trish C

      Here in New Zealand the government has just been taken to court to challenge the legality of the vaccine rollout in this country. The plaintiffs argued that the rollout breached S23 of the Medicines Act, wherein it states that an emergency use medication could only be authorised for use for a limited number of patients. The plaintiffs argued that the entire population of New Zealand over the age of 16 was not a “limited number of patients” and the judge agreed, thereby coming to the conclusion that the government’s actions were “problematic” i.e. unlawful. However, she did not go further than this, other than to reject the call for an order to stop the vaccine rollout. And the NZ government’s response? To immediately (and I mean immediate – it was the very next day!) change the law so that their actions would no longer be unlawful. It beggars belief.

        1. Daphne

          As a “boomer” myself, I would rather call it “authoritarianism” or “totalitarianism”. “Socialism” is a kneejerk American response. Us Americans are taught to chant “socialism” from birth. Being specific is more accurate.

  13. Alison

    Bravo. Beautifully expressed.

    There are a lot of people like myself, non-scientists, who hope for a transformation of science to a discipline which encourages free thought and speculation and is based on facts and not profit, reputation and vested interests.

    Thank you.

  14. Quentin Michael

    There are many parallels with shutting down enquiry into climate change. Christopher Booker’s “Groupthink” makes some sense of it.

    Global Warming: A Case Study in Groupthink: How science can shed new light on the most important ‘non-debate’ of our time: Volume 28 (GWPF Reports)
    by Amazon

    1. John Bowman

      The parallels between ‘the science’, role of experts, bullying of any who disagree, silencing of dissent, strict control of what people may hear/read, the same political and vested interests are too apparent with the current panicdemic to be coincidence. In my view the last 20 years of climate ‘science’ and its High Priests and media stooges, the telling us what to eat, how much to drink, and what our waist measurement should be, what light bulbs we could have, etc was the proving ground for what worked best to manipulate people and how susceptible/gullible/easily panicked they are.

      Operation CoVid was, I suppose, the logical end-run, an all out final assault on Human Rights and Human dignity, Human malleability to reach the ultimate goal – the Great Reset, unbridled power and authority of a new aristocracy over the Masses, is now cleared for lift-off.

      1. Gary Ogden

        John Bowman: Except it will not succeed in the way the oligarchs have planned; merely cause great misery among many. There are factions within the oligarchy whose interests are antithetical, such as commercial banks and central banks (the banksters are at the heart of this).

  15. Fast Eddy

    Thanks for a very sobering article.

    On the bright side (!!!)…. this obscene situation cannot go on for much longer… as both Bossche and Montagnier state (and they claim many others with expertise in this area agree – but who are unwilling to speak publicly — not that it matters because how does one ‘go public’ when the MSM refuses to listen) that the vaccines are fostering variants… and that these variants will mutate to the point where they become bio-weapons… and it seems they will exterminate us.

    It’s what one does … when one is running out of oil… (did anyone actually think the BBC and CNN would run headlines ‘OIL HAS PEAKED – DOOMSDAY IMMINENT’)

    One also cannot allow anyone in a position of authority to gain traction with a counter narrative. They must be threatened… ridiculed … silenced (in no particular order)…

    One would want to eschew the scientific method because facts and logic make lying very difficult – and it pisses off the PR Team.

    If GVB and Montagnier are correct then we have no doubt already crossed the Rubicon… there are over a billion people with the jab… and apparently each one of them is a potential breeding ground for Devil Covid (or whatever they will call the evil offspring)…

    Which of the billion + will deliver the deviant? Tomorrow – next week – June? Exciting times.

    BTW – GVB has indicated on his Linkedin profile that he is dedicated all of his time to researching the Covid/vaccines issue…. now that’s walking the walk!

    Although I suspect he’d have difficulty getting a job manning the counter at a pharmacy given that his vaccine views are toxic.

    Perhaps Mike Yeadon might join forces with Bossche and fund his research … word is that he sold his biotech company for around USD1 billion … surely he had a solid piece of equity in that business.. and has a little loose change to spare.

    That said, one does not really want to get on the radar of these folks who are running this operation … these are the same people ramming the ‘vaccines’ into children… and there is no stopping them.

    And they should not be stopped. 8B people without electricity, food, medicine, petrol or security… would be a very bad outcome. God speed Matt Hancock… (even though you are a wanker)

    1. Olski

      I struggle with GVB’s opinions simply because he is allowed to air them, critical as they are of the current jabs, while others raising concerns (e.g Yeadon) are systematically censored. Why is GVB allowed free speech while others are not?

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        Good cop bad cop both seek to use your mind to induce you to incriminate yourself.
        Its all very clever.
        Masking a private agenda as ‘concern’, can take opportunity from the current terrain of vaccine fear, so as to divert it to consent to a biotech state via a seemingly salvatory ruse relative to those who care not for ‘covid’ but are fearful of medical tyranny enforced at the end of a needle.

        Both cops are heavily invested in genetics as a reset based on a virological definition of life – particularly non compliant humans.

        I have every reason to hold both as highly flawed theories that are nonetheless heavily invested in; financially, reputationally and as means of control over minds and funding.

        Human thinking can generate private realities that are in conflict with truth – that these are unworkable is part of the opportunity to explore and experience and grow.
        We can also paint ourselves into a corner from which ultimately only death can save or release us. This used to be stated as the wages of sin. Private reality set at war on truth is where all that is true is sacrificed to save the idol, model, system, control-narrative – etc.
        When anything gets over top heavy it arrives at its flipping point.
        We do not control reality, only perceptions, and even then in way where we set up a tale that then wags the dog.

      2. Fast Eddy

        They are both censored. Not a single MSM outlet will host either of them.

        And then there is Luc Montagnard – the heaviest hitter of all Surely if someone of this stature states that these vaccines are creating variants he should be getting major air time….

        Even the National Enquirer and Jerry Springer don’t acknowledge him.

        I think you need to consider that the vast majority of people are not seeing what people here are seeing – they do not touch alt media. It ‘has no credibility’…. In fact if someone appears on the likes of Bitchute or Global Research… they are immediately dismissed… even if they have a Nobel Prize!

        You’d think it would be the other way around — given how frequently the MSM has lied to the masses (WMD anyone) But nope…. the MSM is their trusted source (noticed how many of the outlets now have a link to ‘why you should trust _________’

        I am sure if I spent 15 minutes on Reuters I could find half a dozen stories that are outright PR/lies.

    2. Roland Ayers

      Yeadon differs considerably with Bossche’s views on variants, pointing out how similar they all are to each other, and expressing the view that they are highly unlikely to evolve into anything substantially different.

    3. rtj1211

      There is an alternative scenario and that is that bioweapons created in a lab are actually very deadly under lab conditions but they become less transmissible than more benign variants in the wild and, as a result, are fairly soon overwhelmed by more benign versions.

      1. Roland Ayers

        That would certainly make sense with a lab-created virus, whether or not it was created as a bioweapon. If SARs CoV-2 was intended as a bioweapon, it’s turned out to be a pretty lousy one, with its distinct lack of capacity to kill healthy young people. Great psycho-weapon though.

  16. giampaolominetti

    Dr Kendrick,
    Thanks for the update. Awful situation. Hold on.
    I would include Galileo Galilei and his “Il Saggiatore” (The Assayer), at just about the same time in history as Bacon, as the founder of the scientific method.

  17. John

    Not just in scientific thought either. It looks as though many politicians would like a return to the dark ages socially and economically also, so they can do what they like without having to consider democracy

  18. Joanne McCormack

    I support you in what you do,Malcolm, and would stand up in front of the GMC and say so. Most people are blinded by “science” and you are not. We need sensible debate. We need all sides of the argument. In my opinion, you do not tell people what to do or what to think, but point out incongruity, expose unimpressive statistics, and call out bad behaviour. Why shouldn’t you? You’re careful and you do your own fact checking.
    Then it is up to your reader, having taken on board everything they have read, seen and heard, to do what they want.

  19. gillpurple

    Malcolm, I am very sorry to hear that complaints have/are being made against you – not only for the huge amount of time this will have taken up but also the stress caused to you. This demonstrates that the crucial and necessary abilities to question and keep an open mind when presented with something different from the “official” fear based narrative on Covid (now just about set in stone) are being undermined and disregarded. Judgemental attacks have become the norm. That is the real scarey stuff.

    Thank you for updating us on what’s going on.

  20. Arnold Slater

    You must not deviate from the Government line.You must not question the Government.You must not research whether what you are told is the truth.You must not think for your self.Well I personally am going to do my own research,read as much as I can from proper medical/science sources and make my own decisions.We are not in an totalitarian State yet.On Covid-19,I have read and listened to Professor Doloros Cahill, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi,and Dr Michael Yeadon, people I consider to be unbiased experts,and guess what they are speaking more sense than Matt Hancock.So I shall not be taking an experimental gene therapy, still undergoing stage 3 trials,its called informed consent.My decision,my body, if it goes wrong and I die of Covid-19,so be it,i will not seek treatment from the NHS,I will take my chances at home.I have informed my next of kin to that effect.Thank you Dr Kendrick please keep blogging,when the going gets tough the tough get going.

  21. Andrew Denney

    Sir Malcolm, there are non so blind as those that will not see. As a layman I find the covid BS is driving me mad, I can only imagine what it’s doing to you. Eventually those that stand up for what is right, however difficult it may be and whatever criticisms they are subjected to, are remembered, the hand ringers and lie down giver uppers are not. Chaimberlain or Churchill? Spell check doesn’t even know Nevilles name.

  22. Mark

    “Let us suppose, therefore, that the government is entirely at one with the people, and never thinks of exerting any power of coercion unless in agreement with what it conceives to be their voice. But I deny the right of the people to exercise such coercion, either by themselves or by their government. The power itself is illegitimate. The best government has no more title to it than the worst. It is as noxious, or more noxious, when exerted in accordance with public opinion, than when in or opposition to it. If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind. Were an opinion a personal possession of no value except to the owner; if to be obstructed in the enjoyment of it were simply a private injury, it would make some difference whether the injury was inflicted only on a few persons or on many. But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.”

    J.S.Mill On Liberty
    Published 1859
    Chapter II – Of the liberty of thought and discussion

  23. Fast Eddy

    Canada could see a resurgence of COVID-19 cases even if the country manages to fully vaccinate a majority of its population, according to experts.

    University of Saskatchewan epidemiologist Nazeem Muhajarine told Global News on Friday that the possibility of new or existing variants of COVID-19 spreading throughout Canada could lead to a possible resurgence in new cases.

    As an example, Muhajarine pointed to the small East African island nation of Seychelles which had at least 60 per cent of its population fully vaccinated with either the Sinopharm or AstraZeneca vaccines.

    With the majority of that country’s population having already had two shots, the island nation decided to open its borders to tourism — an industry it heavily relied on. That opening, according Muhajarine, eventually resulted in another surge of the virus that was “driven by variants.”

    “So you know, we are seeing these cases of countries seeing a resurgence of the virus, and they in fact have lots of people fully vaccinated — and we will see that too, we will see that going forward,” he said.

    Oh — so Bossche and Montagnier are correct — the vaccines are creating variants….

    1. Jan Dawe

      Fast Eddy, they will blame the unvaccinated for it, never the vaccine. They will say all these unvaccinated people are causing the variants and that if every single one was vaccinated there wouldn’t be any variants. Dead wrong, of course, but they are insane and uneducated and unfortunately will not listen to any dissenters no matter how expert they are, as we have seen already with Dr Bakdi and Dr mike Yeardon who are now getting censored for telling the truth.

  24. Kevin McCarthy

    Unfortunately we are long past believing that this is a very bad dream and that sanity will return. It seems to have been lost forever. Thank you for your bravery and courage Malcolm. You are a hero. Keep shining your light on and calling out these anti science dictators.

  25. Henry Longstop

    It’s well known that complaints to the GMC by entrenched interests are designed primarily to wear the plaintive down by tying them up in extremely time consuming, stressful, and sometimes expensive, rebuttal. Hence your apology for not blogging recently.

    Though you sound weary, and a little chastened, and your usual terrible jokes are more muted, please don’t give up. Your readers recognise your strength, which is that not only are you on the ‘inside’ (for now), but you have the intelligence, training, bloody mindedness, and caution, to speak Truth to Power.
    Let them prove you wrong in what you say. If you are not confident in what you say, then don’t say it.
    Remember you are now a marked man and we need you functional.

  26. Ross Valentine

    Good morning Dr Kendrick.

    I am responding to congratulate you on your great blogs and to offer you my support in your efforts. I really hope you can continue in spite of the horrendous opposition you must face, and will continue to face. People like me who prefer to make up our own minds and have refused the vaccinations are enormously strengthened to know that we are not alone. It feels very bleak and at times frankly frightening. So thanks for your work and your courage.

    Best wishes

    Ross Valentine

    On Mon, 24 May 2021, 09:59 Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 24th May 2021 I haven’t written a blog for > a while. Instead, I have been sorting out two complaints about my blog made > to the General Medical Council. Also, a complaint from NHS England, and two > irate phone calls from other doctors, informing me I sho” >

  27. Leah

    I feel for you, you must feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall!. Keep up the good fight, there are plenty of us that really need and appreciate your expertise and rationale.

  28. gaylewalker22

    These are definitely worrying times for free speech and the ability to raise an alternative point of view……unfortunately I’ve found it is not just the non-scientist do-gooders who won’t open their minds.

    Many of my university peers and lecturers with whom I am still in contact, are proving to be the most resistant to discussing new or different ideas, let alone being open-minded to reviewing new data. They are pompous, arrogant and sarcastically rude in their instant dismissal.

    And I find Vegans are some of the angriest and aggressive people that I have come across – even though they claim those characteristics to be the preserve of “meat-eaters”.

    Having previously worked for many years in medical education and communications for the pharmaceutical industry (primarily nutrition and cardiovascular diseases) – I, more than many people, have seen multiple strategies and tactics employed, and as a result, I have personally become more aware and open-minded than most people….. many of whom are naive enough to disbelieve the tactics that can be used.

    Many people I talk to personally encourage me to start my own blog – but when simple, even banal posts on my Facebook page are censored I wonder whether it is indeed possible in the current environment.

    So keep up your work – There are undoubtedly many unqualified people trying to spread clearly ridiculous rumours and dis-information, which doesn’t help – but it appears they are the same type of people who are monitoring and censoring those who have the right qualifications.

    Regards Gayle Walker


    1. Prudence Kitten

      “Many people I talk to personally encourage me to start my own blog – but when simple, even banal posts on my Facebook page are censored I wonder whether it is indeed possible in the current environment”.

      In fact, Gayle, you have much more control over your own blog and what you say in it. Unfortunately it does entail a good deal of routine work – unless you have friends who are willing to do system management, security, moderation, etc.

      The huge monolithic corporations like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Wikipedia are a very large part of the problem. Our first step should be to avoid them entirely. (And I am aware that Wikipedia is ostensibly a voluntary organisation that does not make a profit. However I would be willing to bet that quite a few Wikipedia editors make a nice living from writing stuff that rich people like to see, and suppressing stuff that they dislike).

      1. me oliveira

        Prudence Kitten,
        Elbert Hubbard (1856–1915):
        > Editor is a person employed by a newspaper, whose business it is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to see that the chaff is printed.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          Oh, we’re certainly on the same page!

          You cannot hope
          to bribe or twist,
          thank God!
          the British journalist.

          But, seeing what
          the man will do
          unbribed, there’s
          no occasion to.
          – Humbert Wolfe, ‘The Uncelestial City’, 1930

  29. Ollie Crotty

    You are a man that would rather light a candle than curse the dark. Thanks for your enlightenment in these dark times.

  30. Mike S.

    Thank you Dr Kendrick for all you do. Whatever happens, you’ve made an immense difference in my life.
    Thank you!

  31. Bill sanderson

    William Blake wrote that ‘Opposition is true friendship’, and we can see that in a world where no opposition is allowed, the ‘opposers’ MUST be the enemy of the ruling consensus. You’ve written of a frightening development in science where all theories must be questioned, but questioning isn’t permitted. A new mad world indeed. I hope that you prevail against the attacks that have been made on you.

  32. lorrainecleaver7

    Good to see you’re still fighting the good fight Malcolm.

    I feel some compassion for the swathes of unquestioning public because for many they’ve not had many dealings with how science and medicine works against the majority. This is not my first Rodeo as you know and so, when Covid reared it’s collapsing body on the ‘leaked’ clips of CPP controlled Wuhan, I knew instinctively something was afoot. Been a very tough year but pleased to say my 99 year old grandmother is still refusing the jab and still doing great. And best of all, when I told my GP I was ‘pausing’ my jab status until it’s completed the trials, he was in total agreement saying we cannot possibly know the long term effects, if any, at this point. My immediate family hold the same position and I’d wager there is a substantial minority refusing EUA medical treatments.

    I like long pauses and am more than happy with Quercetin, N Acetyl Cysteine, D, C, Zinc and Magnesium.

  33. Annie Potter

    Dear Malcolm Kendrick
    I’ve heard you talk. I’ve read your books. I read your blog. Please please please keep supplying me with the reassurance your words bring.
    I’m a nurse with 40+ years experience of working in an organisation gridlocked into its own delusions. It’s really hard to resist the pressure to comply and acquiesce to its dogma. I’m sure you understand.
    You are keeping me sane and clear about the decisions I make for my health and that of my loved ones.
    I fear greatly for the future – living, as we do, in a time & place where our lives & communities can and have been so damaged and distorted by the groundswell of authoritarian mistakes allowed to run amok by tremendous fear scandalously provoked by those very ‘authorities’.
    I really appreciate your output. If you need any strength to keep going, it’s coming (virtually; ethereally!) from me and my very healthy family!
    Annie Potter, RN.

    1. Jennifer

      Annie, I proudly started as a student Radiographer in the NHS in 1965, and changed over to Nursing in 1983. No doubt I ruffled a few feathers before retiring, but I never felt unable to air my views. What our present day NHS professionals must be enduring doesn’t bear thinking about. If voicing an educated opinion carries the threat of dismissal, where do we go from here?

  34. andy

    Indeed the dark ages are returning and with them is fakery in news and statistics, a rising antisemitism; a sinister powerful government and firm control of what you may say or cite the first few things that come to mind. But I take huge heart from those like you who question, and lead a thoughtful response. My comment asking “why are we are injecting youngsters when they dont get Covid?” was deleted this morning in the Daily Mail. But in fairness, most other media do not allow comments at all, on their sites. Its only a matter of time Doc till this site doesn’t allow such comments as yours.

    1. Fast Eddy

      Another positive.. we know have definitive proof that man has never left low earth orbit… so has never walked on the moon.

      So science is not completely dead!!!

    1. Fast Eddy

      He is wasting his time… here in NZ a lawyer challenged the emergency use law for the vaccine and won the case which would mean that only high risk people would get the jab…

      So what is the government doing?

      Yep – they are changing the law!!!!

      The government will urgently change the law to ensure the Covid-19 vaccine rollout is legal following a High Court decision today.

      Resistance … is FUTILE.

  35. steve479

    I have extensively researched the HPV vaccine adverse reactions over the last 10 years since my healthy 12 year old daughter had life threatening and life changing reactions. I had my eyes opened when I found that the MHRA and other health agencies provided totally different responses when asked Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests or Parliamentary Questions (with lots of help from a lady in the House of Lords). Manufacturer’s own data was also much more helpful than national and international health agencies. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the USA has also been useful as has the WHO Global Database of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) at, albeit very untransparent compared with VAERS, which is very transparent. Both MHRA and Vigiaccess acknowledge just 2-10% of ADRs are reported, whereas peer-reviewed research articles indicate only 1% of adverse vaccine reactions are reported to VAERS. I am convinced that this 1% of reporting for vaccine adverse reactions would also be an over-estimate for the MHRA Yellow Card reporting and Vigiaccess. My own daughter was seen by 27 doctors before eventually one said “I suppose we had better raise a Yellow Card”. I now represent over 650 similarly affected families here in the UK as the Vice Chair of the UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID). All of our families have similarly injured daughters, and now also sons, and most are treated terribly by the NHS “it must be a coincidence, it can’t be the vaccine because it is SAFE & EFFECTIVE and has undergone extensive clinical trials.” I explain that so have at least 20 other vaccines in the UK that have subsequently been withdrawn from teh market due to excessive serious adverse reactions when rolled out. For the HPV vaccine it isn’t even effective at reducing cervical cancer since young UK ladies in the 20-24 age group (highly vaccinated cohort) have seen an increase of 94% in diagnoses of cervical cancer. Older generations who missed out on mass vaccination continue to benefit from a reduction in cases since they tend to continue to rely on effective Pap screening. This is published by Cancer Research UK on their website – although they have now grouped the 20-24 year olds with the 0-19 year olds to hide the huge increase! This phenomena has occured in all countries that have introduced HPV vaccine – joint research of governments own statistics with French consultants Gerard & Nilcole Delepine has confirmed this which is published in their book ‘Gardasil. Faith and propaganda versus hard evidence’.
    My research, involving emminent doctors and scientists around the world and thousands of affected families, including those whose children have died, indicate that the HPV vaccine caused more deaths and ADRs than all other vaccines – until experimental Covid-19 vaccines arrived. In just 4 months more deaths and ADRs have been reported than all of the other vaccines combined during all of the decades that the VAERS and Yellow Card reporting systems have been operating. Yellow Cards are reporting 1,180 deaths and over 820,000 ADRs, some might be a coincidence but the reporting rate is only around 1%. WHO ADRs reported on Vigiacess are nearing 10,000 deaths in 862,301 reports and again the reporting rate is only around 1%.
    The public around the world have been brainwashed by the mainstream media, fed by the WHO and governments manipulated by Big Pharma. Boris made a usual presentation at 5pm on Tuesday a couple of weeks ago. He was asked “now that we have feed-back on adverse reactions to the vaccines and some hospitalisations, how are we assessing the situationand taking appropriate action?” His reponse was bemusing, something along the lines “I’m not sure, have there been any ADRs, I suppose there must have been, but I hope not, I will ask the nurse to answer”. He was accompanied by a leading, enthusiastic nurse who replied “of course we collect and analyse the ADR reports each week to ensure everything is OK and going to plan”!
    Everybody needs to open their eyes and do their own serious research and not just believe the mainstream media and government brainwashing. The truth must prevail – thank you Dr Kendrick for being so brave..

  36. Sophie Tredor

    Thank you, thank you! Scary to think you might be going away. If not you then who? God bless you always.

  37. Richard Williams

    You’re a brave GP, like the American Front Line Doctors, fighting for truth to prevail. The UK authorities and it seems, most of the uninformed public, don’t care about truth. I know the hand of evil, the same hand that directed the Nazis. The next stage is the digital I. D., and how to keep a job without one. We must remember those famous words “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.”

  38. 9markshaw1

    My frustration is summed up in your excellent article Dr Kendrick. Please don’t underestimate how important your contribution is in these dark times – not only to myself but to all I relay your views to.

      1. Bewildered Spider

        Use Opera a search engine with VPN, also Duck Duck Go and Swiss Cows which doesn’t track you.

  39. Barbara Pigden

    I’m reminded of the Martin Niemoller quote ” First they came for………etc.”

    Mainstream experts are being hounded and denigrated for daring to challenge the Covid narrative.

    We must all stand up and support those being persecuted

  40. Comlabs UK

    Carl Sagan (25 years ago):

    “The scientific way of thinking is at once imaginative and disciplined. This is central to its success.

    Science invites us to let the facts in, even when they don’t conform to our preconceptions. It counsels us to carry alternative hypotheses in our heads and see which best fit the facts. It urges on us a delicate balance between no-holds-barred openness to new ideas, however heretical, and the most rigorous sceptical scrutiny of everything – new ideas and established wisdom.

    This kind of thinking is also an essential tool for a democracy in an age of change. ”

    (Demon Haunted World – p27)

  41. Julie

    George Orwell – ‘During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act’. Please keep going, Dr Kendrick.

  42. Mr Chris

    Hello Malcolm
    I totally agree which is why I would beg you to do something that seems impossible, try to keep a balance of views on your blogs.
    How? You will ask. I wish I knew.
    One question, how long do the antibodies generated by having had COVID last? I have seen a figure of three months, but from the little I know, that would seem unlike infection by many other viruses.

    1. ShirleyKate

      Hello Mr Chris, I hope you are well? If you’re looking for a balanced view in these comments, it might take a while. Plenty of assertions of what’s been wrong but few (none?) of any other options. I wish Doctor Kendrick would outline an alternative of how this emergency could have been better dealt with.

      1. Jerome Savage

        Shirley kate
        Without wishing to appear flippant,
        a commentator on this page writes “am more than happy with Quercetin, N Acetyl Cysteine, D, C, Zinc and Magnesium” presumably as an immune system boost.
        We might also mention treatment with iIvermectin and or hydroxychloroquine, the need to avoid compromised persons coming in to contact with the vulnerable, eg care home packing.
        And also maybe impossible, but very important, look out for vested profiteering and carpet bagging.

      2. Paula

        There is no need for Malcolm or any of his readers to provide an alternative for how this emergency could have been better dealt with – it is already in existence, published ten years ago and openly available on the UK official government website. It is the 2011 pandemic preparedness strategy, linked here for your convenience
        All they needed to do was implement it. This was informed by years of planning by experts in the field and endorsed by the WHO. It might surprise people to learn that there are no lockdowns, no border restrictions, no masks in the community, no quaranting of the healthy. Why? Because 10 years ago there was no evidence to support these measures and the government were happy to say so. As Malcolm has already touched on, that is the biggest tragedy of all – that plan was thrown in the bin so that we could conduct the biggest, most disastrous public health experiment in living memory. And they have the gall to refer to people like Malcolm as reckless.

        1. rgardn60

          Fair point. But I, too, feel there is a different tone to Dr. Kendrick’s blogs on this issue. I have always found his other writing to be so positive that it is disappointing to find his blogs about this to have no positive aspect. On heart/cholesterol he is critical of the official position but then gives useful advice and alternative ideas that are positive. It is the tone of these blogs that is different. I sympathise because he is clearly at the end of his tether with the situation and I wouldn’t want to lose his input.

    2. Her outdoors

      Listen to Dr Mike Yeadon talking on this, lifelong as far as anyone can tell… and why wouldn’t it be?

    3. Sasha

      I am not sure anyone can tell you for certain. Just today I was talking to a lady. She and her husband (both MDs) initially tested positive for antibodies in August of 2020. It was a surprise to them since neither of them had any overt signs of Covid. 6 months later they retested and antibodies were still present.

      1. Gary Ogden

        Sasha: The latest ad hoc propaganda from the CDC is to question whether natural immunity lasts as long as vaccine-induced immunity (they are urging everyone, whether recovered or not, to get the jab). A patent absurdity, since the “clinical trials” are not designed to assess immunity, and there is not, and won’t be, any active surveillance system to answer this question. Yet the CDC is happy to agree that natural immunity to measles is lifelong. Well, maybe not happy, but they do admit it.

        1. Sasha

          Gary: I am yet to hear a coherent explanation on why vaccine induced immunity is superior to naturally induced immunity. Until that happens, I will continue to believe that, similarly to measles, naturally induced immunity is superior to vaccines.

          I know people who had covid, then got vaccinated, and still continue to wear masks…

          1. Gary Ogden

            Sasha: And you won’t hear any. This mess has been one ad hoc hypothesis after another, like the heart disease industry. The CDC simply cannot be trusted, so tied to industry interests that they are. They use weasel words to distract, to avoid examining evidence contrary to industry interests. Natural immunity simply must be superior. Millions of years of evolution and the intermingling of human populations have led to the development of a robust immune system as we, and all other life forms, exist in a vast sea of microbes, all the time, face mask or not. We cannot survive without them, without these microbes. Good metabolic health is the key to swimming in this sea successfully. This comes from good-quality food, clean water and air, sun exposure, and good social relationships. Medicine has finally gone completely off the rails with this godawful mess politicians and bureaucrats have created. In my opinion the damage they have done to social relationships alone is worse than any viral risk, and putting the fear of God into an entire generation of children warrants a criminal tribunal.

          2. Sasha

            Gary: I don’t know if a tribunal is coming. From my observation, so many people are asking for more medicines, not less…

    1. Prudence Kitten

      May I recommend Harry Frankfurt’s classic little book “On Bullshit”?

      He defines “bullshit” as worse than lies, in that a liar knows the truth and deliberately avoids it; whereas a bullshitter really doesn’t care whether what he says is true or false.

      His only concern is “will it advance my cause?”

      There is a lot of it about these days.

  43. Catherine

    I support what your are doing and do dies my aunt who is the editor of Catholictruthscotland website, newsletter and blog.


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  44. Denise

    Thankyou for your articles. It keeps me thinking straight about Covid, governments and powerful institutions who want to control the population. Unfortunately it is hard to think for oneself and easier to let others think for us. Don’t give up please.

  45. Allan Knowles

    Many thanks for your insight.

    Maybe we are going back to the Dark Ages when dissent was met with torture and burning at the stake in extreme cases. It does feel that any dissent from what is perceived as correct is met with being pilloried and shut down, not debated.

  46. Trevor Law

    Your observation that we entering a new dark age chimes exactly with my own thoughts. I guess the big questions are: why is this happening? why is it happening now? can anything be done to stop it?

    1. Bewildered Spider

      Peter Turchin is worth a read for some thoughts on that, as well as investigating energy depletion; see also the writings of John Michael Greer on Dark Age America and Italian chemist Ugo Bardi on the Seneca Effect, also Gail Tverbrg at Our Finite World. Basically we are coming up against hard limits in resources which is leading to energy, environmental, economic and social pressures and as we are a globalised economy the effects are felt everywhere. It’s good to see the links and draw the threads together. For real red pill stuff read Dimitry Orlov the Petrochemical Pandemic -which is on Subscribestar or Patreon. I’m not advocating all their opinions but none of them are ‘mainstream’ Happy Reading

      1. Bev

        Yes, Bewildered Spider, you’ve hit it in one. With global oil production peaking in November 1918, we’re now heading into a period of energy decline. Other resources too, are finite and non-renewable and will eventually decline. The Powers That Be are acutely aware of this and there are no solutions other than that we will all have to live more simply and consume less by choice or wait till it is forced upon us by circumstances. Those in power will do anything to retain it. The COVID debacle is just an example. I applaud the references you’ve given and there are many more.

        1. Fast Eddy

          Interestingly … nearly a decade ago I began this journey with a google search trying to determine if a no growth economy was feasible … and that landed me on this outstanding site — where I learned that a no growth economy is referred to as a steady state economy

          As I have posted previously, I believe covid is man made and released on purpose… and it is a response to peak oil.

          The global economy has been put into a de-growth mode … work from home … reduced travel etc… are all targeting oil consumption …. if we do not reduce then we get skyrocketing fuel costs and that tears the economy to pieces

          According to the OECD Economics Department and the International Monetary Fund Research Department, a sustained $10 per barrel increase in oil prices from $25 to $35 would result in the OECD as a whole losing 0.4% of GDP in the first and second years of higher prices.

          Imagine the impact of $200 oil… and that is what you get when oil peaks… it just keeps going up till the engine blows….and then it collapses and there will be no oil because BAU has exploded.

          The PTB are playing goldilocks … too much activity and oil prices take off… too little and we hit stall speed and collapse (like riding too slowly on a bicycle… you tip over)

          But this is a temporary situation … the PTB can only maintain this ‘hibernation’ for so long… eventually something will bust… and the ball of yarn unravels… how long is difficult to say…

          It does seem that this is the determinant… if shale production collapses that pulls many millions of barrels of supply out of the system … and that would starve the global economy of oxygen… killing it

          Shale binge has spoiled US reserves, top investor warns. Financial Times.

          He said operators had carried out “massive fracks” that created “artificial, permanent porosity”, inadvertently reducing the pressure in reservoirs and therefore the available oil.
          The comments will cause alarm in the shale patch, given the crucial role of investors such as QEP in financing the onshore American oil business.

          So what is the end game?

          Let’s be frank here. We need cheap plentiful oil otherwise civilization ends. BAU is not possible without growth.

          So we are on borrowed time right now. Civilization is about to end – permanently.

          We are being exterminated – to head off suffering on a level never before seen in the history of the planet.

      1. Fast Eddy

        And here we have an excellent example of how, when faced with logic and facts, people react badly.

        Dr K has clearly experienced similar with respect to his position on statins.

        Mockery does not bother me. In fact I expect it. It’s what one does when one is unable to present a coherent argument.

        I am most amused by your inferred intellectual superiority.

        I prefer facts and logic. Logic and facts.

        Mockery is akin to throwing a pebble at a battle tank.

        1. theasdgamer

          Mockery is amazingly effective against people who have abandoned logic and science. They are relying on feelings and superstition and following the herd–you know, the Social Justice Warrior types.

          Those kind of people are immune to arguments based on logic and science.

          1. Gary Ogden

            theasdgamer: Plus it’s a lot of fun and an opportunity for creative thinking and writing.

          2. Fast Eddy

            yes… and I am still awaiting the logical rebuttal to my theory that Covid and the Vaccines are a response to the fact that oil is well past peak now.

            That will not be forthcoming because it cannot be forthcoming. Peak oil is fact.

            Nobody will have a go at this… in fact it’s ignored .. kinda like Sweden’s success with Covid is ignored…

            What amazes me is that there are so many ‘great thinkers’ on this blog … yet the best anyone can come up with is ‘their’ evil’… or ‘they’re corrupt’ or they ‘want to chip us and control us’ or ‘big pharma wants to make money’

            ‘We need to fight back!!!!’

            Yep… every leader on the planet is on board with a, b or c…. and every MSM outlet is dancing to the tune.

            Good luck with ‘fighting back’ You are drop in the ocean… and you are up against a massive PR Machine … so believe you me – I know a little about PR — and you will not win that battle. They are laughing at Yeadon and GVB… this is Mike Tyson vs Pee Wee Herman

            So where does that leave you? Ahhh…. revolution???? Ok – who’s first to pick up a gun???

            The anti-terrorist special forces would be on you within 5 minutes… with the complicity of your neighbours who would rush to the first to call 911 and report you.

            Now why would ‘they’ want to unleash the ‘unthinkable’… a ‘bioweapon’ on all of us? Why would ‘they’ destroy lives with these endless lockdowns? Why would they smash millions of business?

            What’s the end game? I’ve provided a theory that is backed by logic and fact….

            If you think I am wrong feel free to explain why — or better yet…. let’s have your theory.

            Otherwise this all yelping about ‘how evil the NHS and Boris are’ gets a repetitive… and boring.

  47. fiona walsh

    What a nightmare dealing with malicious complaints! I’m sorry they’re doing their best to pick off goodies like you 1 by 1 – it must be a real kick in the teeth after being brave (unlike most of your “bonus-yes please – no, no side effects” colleagues) and taking care of people like us who want to hear the alternative viewpoint. I’m sorry that we can’t help you the way that you’ve been helping us. Anyway, thank God for you!

  48. J.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who never comments, but always heaves a great sigh of relief when your newsletter pops into the inbox. A moment of sanity in this idiotic place the world has become. Thank you. “Sterkte”, as we say in Dutch (wishing you the strength to cope with it all).

    1. Susao

      I also do not comment, and I am very grateful when I find a new blog post by this very fine doctor. Dr. Malcolm, I have been reading your blog for many years, and would miss you terribly. Be well my friend.

  49. Rainer

    dear Dr. Kendrick, thanks for your comments – they helped me in knowing there are some more like me – doutbting!!
    Unfortunately I think the game has been lost – Germany will play and is playing a devastating role in the world. It´s all working like 1933…. all same opinion and who is different ist bad… or worse.
    And there is an efficient system in hands of some mad people.
    Not recognized by most people: since May 2020 the government is allowed to use militar in the country (internally) against their people … which has been practically ruled out after the experiences with Hitler.
    We have them back again – and I say very clearly: this is ONLY my Opinion.
    Rainer Raff

  50. Jean Humphreys

    Thank you so much. If we didn’t have your wise and measured words, what would we have? How much longer are they going to be able to play this out? I now realise what lockdown was for – it was so we couldn’t see the lack of people dropping dead in shop doorways. The sanitation teams must have blessed the overtime they earned for clearing away all those not-corpses.
    It is fine for OH and I – both well retired, and coping well. And getting out and about exactly as much as we want or need to.
    What I don’t want to hear is that you have been seiously inconvenienced simply for telling truths, and reminding me that I do have a brain.

  51. JohnC

    “Science” as in the scientific method as described by Richard Feynman has been diminishing for the past 30 years in certain fields. The science being settled, and anyone who dares to disagree is frowned upon, David Bellamy was effectively sacked by the BBC because of his “errant” views on climate change.
    The SARS-CoV-2/CoViD19 has similarly become a victim of the science is settled, listen to the experts.
    The responses to both of these have been based on computer models. Computer models are all well and good but if they fail to hindcast or real data is not used to modify the models then the decisions made are themselves flawed. This is the basis of the scientific method.

    Fortunately, I have retired and do not have the sword of the NMC hanging over me. Replace the Inquisition that threatened Copernicus and Galileo with a fitness to practice hearing at the NMC/GMC/HCPC.
    I would urge you, Dr. Kendrick, to continue with this blog as it is a beacon of sanity in the night, be it CVD, diabetes or SARS-CoV-2.

    1. theasdgamer

      tldr: There is no single scientific method and philosophy _can_ help liberty.

      Well, I am published on “the scientific method” and in physics, so I _may_ have some useful thoughts. In physics there is not one single “scientific method”, but _many_ scientific methods. Stellar astronomy relies on simple observation using various parts of the e-m spectrum. It also includes computer modelling, which is a totally different method. I did research based on testing an hypothesis, in classical optics. Other people theorized about quantum mechanics and did no hypothesis testing. As part of my work in graduate school I had to derive the Second Law of Thermodynamics from quantum mechanical first principles. (And I still never got my quantum mechanic’s license. ta-dum) I don’t recall ever having read of any physicist having done a RCT. But I only used to read physics journals, so maybe one was published elsewhere. So this RCT business is a little new to me.

      I am not a mathematician, but I am fairly certain that mathematicians do little hypothesis testing in their work.

      I am no biologist, but I wonder whether their discovery of new species of cockroaches requires any hypothesizing.

      Early on, physics and chemistry had great success in discovering knowledge and this built up the reputation of science, so you had passers-by wanting to glom on to the original hard sciences–mathematicians, psychologists, sociologists, economists, and the like. So there was confusion about What Science Is. Then research funding got thrown into the works and everybody and his brother wanted in. Then the Rationalists in Philosophy of Science and Political Science came up with their plan to Modernize everything. We were supposed to Do What We Were Told Because It Was Science! Thank God for Kuhn and Feyerabend who took down the Rationalists and gave us some space to enjoy liberty for a bit. Philosophers of Science protected us to some degree from the tyranny of the early Rationalists. But people want power to dictate what others do and the threat of neo-Rationalists is always lurking.

      For further reading: “Science in a Free Society” by Paul K. Feyerabend (It’s a short, non-technical essay.)

  52. lingulella

    How quickly might things change when the dam breaks?

    There are many brave souls trying to get the truths out, but you have to seek them out because even when they have worked out how to circumvent the ‘fact’ checkers and avoid censorship, they have no prominence in search algorithms. One such is Dr Sam Bailey – still putting out youtube videos but also on – from whom I learned (among other things) that there is a huge financial prize being offered for a purified SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    Elsewhere many cash-strapped health authorities are employing various cheap anti-virals and preventing Covid infections in their countries, but this is being actively concealed from richer countries where the influence of those who are heavily invested in the vaccines control the media message.

    But if the message is getting out in those third world and developing countries, surely it cannot be concealed here for much longer?

  53. Steve

    The bastards are out to get, and close down, ‘anyone’ who doesn’t follow the mainstream narrative, ie. is not a lemming.
    Another blog I follow is Craig Murray’s. He has just been sentenced to Prison for eight months for supposed contempt of court in the Alex Salmond case. His crime wasn’t contempt but speaking out about corruption in Scotland and the SNP, Oh, and supporting Julian Assange. The bastards are out to get him.
    The Covid Regimes worldwide are operating a divide and conquer policy – you’re either with them or against them. No middle ground, no discussion, no logic, no science.
    Dr K, you need to make sure you and your family are protected and be under no illusion they will happily destroy you if you wont kow-tow to the fake narrative.

    1. me oliveira

      you have my total agreement. Dr. K. care of you and yours. Criminals have a particular mind.

    2. Prudence Kitten

      If it had not been for Mr Murray’s blog, virtually no one in the entire world would have heard the case for the defence in either the Assange or the Salmond case. The mainstream media issued a continuous stream of biased, prejudicial libel against both defendants.

      Now Mr Murray has been sentenced to prison essentially for letting a little light and fresh air into the fetid dungeons of the Scots “justice system”, as it is laughingly called.

      Henry VIII or Charles I would have loved it.

  54. Prudence Kitten

    I am sorry to have to say this, but I am powerfully reminded of some words written by the American science fiction novelist (and naval officer and engineer) Robert A. Heinlein about 50 years ago.

    “Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded – here and there, now and then – are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

    “This is known as ‘bad luck'”.

    – Robert A. Heinlein, “The Notebooks of Lazarus Long”, in “Time Enough for Love”.

    1. me oliveira

      Prudence Kitten,
      I profoundly respect R. A. Heinlein. The notebooks are full of Science for Humanity. Let me join one of the best sentences:
      A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects!

  55. Craig E

    I am so sorry to hear you have had to go through this Dr Kendrick. I have been following your blog religiously since 2013 and although I don’t comment very often, and you don’t know me from a bar a soap, I almost feel like I know you. Your blog and books are compelling reading.

    Suffice to say you have been an inspiration to me….and as the comments are revealing…many others.

  56. Mark Christopher Wilson

    Another superb post, Dr. Kendrick. We are all indebted to you. It’s disgraceful you are treated in this way and I would personally like to get the fact-checkers and Wikepedia Magisters and stuff them in a bin with a couple of wolverines.

  57. Sue M-C

    Thank you! I have followed your blog throughout this craziness and am always so encouraged by your candid, informative words and common sense. For those of us aiming to keep the faith against the rebuttals, criticism and naivety of those around us, you and others putting your neck on the line to get the reality of this situation out there is beyond value. Don’t let them grind you down ! Please don’t give up!
    Many many thanks to you

  58. Ken Scott

    Dr Kendrick, today is my 61st birthday. Your blog post today was a quality ‘present’ that I enjoyed with a good mug of coffee this morning. Thank you. Separately, I would be interested to know what you and other commenters on here make of this remarkable interview (link below), in which lawyer Reiner Fuellmich is promising to use class action law suits against the political-medical governing cartel over the scandalous use of PCR tests as the foundation for all the mayhem we’ve suffered in the last 15 months or so. It’s a mind-boggling interview with profound implications. Separately, again, never give up. As Churchill said, “when you’re going through Hell, keep going”.

    1. Emperor

      Didn’t Churchill also say something about letting Indians starve by the million because they breed like rabbits anyway?

      Image if someone said that in this day and age!

  59. theasdgamer

    Is it any surprise that physicians have become the tools of repression? A physician I know has told me that some other physicians in his group bullied him for not having taken a vaxx.

    Intelligence and a medical school education are no guarantee that one has the tool of critical thinking and a love for liberty. Doyle and Mills must be turning in their graves.

    1. Neil Upton

      I have a list of Covid heroes, those that have kept me sane over the last year, and yes you are on it Malcolm. I know conspiracy is the response of the faithful, to those who question and doubt ,but there has to be a conspiracy ,this behaviour can’t be the independent misinterpretation of the events.
      I was taken by surprise when I discovered the favoured public health spokesperson of the Scottish government is an anthropologist and has no medical qualification and a SAGE member favoured by the media is a Psychologist and lifelong member of the Communist Party of GB.
      SAGE members tend to be anonymous except for the infamous Neil Ferguson (physicist) so it is difficult to identify conflicts of interest. Conflicts of interest ie departmental donations could explain a lot of what has gone on.

    1. Tim

      You will find that much of what we were taught about WW2 (including the most terrible part) turns out to be propaganda. All you need is a willingness to listen to the dissidents who poiint to the actual evidence and what it proves.
      We are adrift in a sea of lies, our history, banking, medicine, politics, all of it consists of layer upon layer of fossilized shit.

  60. Don

    My two cents: For a long time now, the Western elite have believed, “If only we could rid man of these childish superstitions of Christianity, we could enter a new, glorious age.” So they set about smashing all the institutions of Christianity and now they are smashing all the moral norms of Christianity. The problem is, man is a superstitious beast (even the elite are still human), and we have simply substituted new superstitions. It’s the old Chesterton saw that when you cease to believe in God, you don’t believe in nothing, you believe in anything. We are entering a new dark age because power has been centralised as it was in the old dark ages, not because of any particular beliefs. Any time power is concentrated a dark age will result.

  61. 103agency

    Brilliant. I do think we are indeed clinging on to a dying religion. We live in a post-trust world. I just scrolled down the list of experts in SAGE, and other related committees as published by Took me several minute just for SAGE. How can they possibly make a decision? They can’t. So one or two loud-mouths call the shops. Ferguson I presume. And there are still people who have not given consent for their details to be published. Who are they, and what are they trying to hide? Bizarre. Then you read the published papers about vaccines and it’s all based on complete guesswork with estimates varying between 24% and 96% effectiveness for existing vaccines against new variants. Why don’t they just say, “Sorry folks, we don’t know very much. So until we do, carry on as normal and accept that life comes with risks. If you want to risk a vaccine, up to you. Just don’t sue us if anything goes wrong.” I’d be fine with that. Keep up the good work Malcolm. Ignore the Wikipedos.

    ashley slater building brands with words

    86a East Dulwich Road London SE22 9AT +44 779 669 5336

  62. Heidi D.

    There is no end of mis-information and general incorrectness floating around in the ether of the wonderweb, yet nobody feels the need to take it all down, or castigate those who post such nonsense….. which tells me that you are being hounded for attempting to shed light on the darkness that is C-19 and all the associated fear-mongering. And, more importantly, that your theories are correct!

    Unfortunately, your truth doesn’t fit with the nonsense that we’re being fed and you are encouraging folks to be fool-hardy and, heaven-forbid, think for themselves and question “facts.”

    Keep up the good work!!!

    1. andy

      I was sent a simple list of the numbers of both cremations and burials in Cornwall over the past five years. It would appear that there have been no more no less than in other years. A list of all UK regions would show if there has actually been undue mass deaths. No-one seems able to, or wants to do that. Rather, there is a plethora of single statistics which are mostly meaningless.

  63. anglosvizzera

    It’s all true – and thank you for speaking out. Things are very strange now…this may seem like my mind has actually flipped, but having heard about the “magnetic vaccination site” and dismissing it as being too unbelievable (like with “worms in masks”), Mark from “Not on the Beeb” decided to look into it for himself – here’s the video. The bit at 19:05 is particularly interesting as it shows that the magnet flips over before it “sticks”, implying that whatever is there has a magnetic force of its own. At the end, they dismiss the idea that it’s a “chip” of any sort (which is only what the “fact-checkers” seem obsessed with) but what is it? He’s done some research into the possibilities, spoken to Dolores Cahill I believe, and is going to post another video about that today. What is going on?

    This interview with Reiner Fuellmich and Professor Vanessa Schmidt-Krüger points out that the ingredients in the Pfizer vaccine include 3 times more of the mRNA than is necessary. Why would they waste it by injecting 3 times too much?

    1. Her outdoors

      Thanks for the Dr Vanessa link, bluntly it’s gob smacking to read… the depth of idiocy and lack of care for the human race. Science doesn’t come into it. How many are going to die an early death, many have already. I reckon a few billion… How do we who are left survive that, if the UK population is, say, 20million?

        1. Prudence Kitten

          I agree, but what are the opinions of you and me against so many?

          About 1900 the governments of the world should have agreed to do what they could to limit population increase. Instead, they staged a series of devastatingly destructive wars, which served further to enrich those who already had far too much.

          As you may be aware, the past year’s antics have transferred several trillion dollars from the world’s poor to the super-rich.

          And the world is still full of half-smart people who point to the “empty” fields and forests and claim that there is plenty of room for more people. Living in towns, of course. None of them have the slightest inkling of how many acres of farmland it takes to feed a single family.

          1. Prudence Kitten

            In 1945, thanks to superhuman efforts, the UK was wholly self-sufficient in food. Today, it imports half of its food.

            What happens if the countries that export their food to us decide to stop doing so?

            That would be a REAL health crisis, with millions starving to death.

          2. Eggs ‘n beer

            Rubbish! Just look at the average shopper in Tesco. The country can easily survive on half rations.

            Long story cut short, my uncle was watching ciné film of streets in Chester c. 1962. “‘Have you noticed, there aren’t any fat people”. Absolutely true. Far fewer cars, zero fatties.

          3. Prudence Kitten

            Eggs’n’Beer, your reply doesn’t make sense to me.

            So there are fat people in Tesco, and they load up their trolleys with items they don’t need and that may be unhealthy. Are you seriously suggesting that they could survive on half the calories they currently get?

            As for those lean people long ago, as you yourself point out they were lean because they took more exercise – not because they ate less. Actually, they probably ate more healthy basic foods such as meat and vegetables.

            As the Jaminets explain in “The Perfect Health Diet”, the greatest single problem of nutrition is how to get all the nutrients the body needs without getting too many calories. That can be done to a certain extent by avoiding empty calories such as sugar; but to do it properly, you need to approach the exercise output of hunter-gatherers. Which would mean, at the least, walking about 20 miles every day plus some hard weight-lifting.

          4. Andrew Makin

            Oh dear. The “calories in, calories out” model. It’s not about calories. Nor can you exercise away the excess weight you carry. As Dr Malhotra says, “You can’t outrun a bad diet”.

            The people in Tesco referred to (a sweepingly description but we know what we mean) are indeed loading up with unhealthy food that will contribute to weight gain refined grains, seed oils, and especially sugar in all its forms.

            Healthy food is far less likely to do so. Unhealthy food stimulates overeating; the hunter gatherers are healthy food when they were hungry, and stopped when they were full. zThere’s the fundamental difference.

          5. Eggs ‘n beer

            And all those addictive food groups that you have just described Tescoperson loading up on are full of what? Empty calories. I stand by my original comment. Well, slightly modified – we can cut our food intake by a third, on average. Which means that Tescopeople at the heavier end of the scale need to cut by more. Please note that I didn’t use the word ‘calories’ in my original post; I’m aware of the issue.

            A decade ago once you were a couple of hours north of Brisbane you would drive for hours and see nothing but sugar cane fields, mills and cute little narrow gauge railways (for moving the cane to the mills). Now it’s in the process of being replaced by other crops, notably macadamia nuts. Replacing bad energy source with good. There is some hope.

          6. Andrew Makin

            The calorie argument is completely discredited, and the “3500 per lb” likewise. There is no basis for these numbers. Check with Zoe Harcombe, who has researched it more than you or I.

  64. Jude Fossett

    Sad, scary and unfortunately very true. It is heartening however that you remain resilient against bullying and I am grateful for your perpetual candour.

  65. Shaun Clark

    Doctor K, Luv it! In my own small world I have been through a few of these life challenges, and I count the Covid vaccine pressures as another such event and, as tough as it is, I just know you will come through this a stronger person. Your evident strength of character has also helped me, and 1,000’s of others, be yet strong. Thank you

  66. RobinH

    You have so many good supporters making their heartfelt and intelligent and knowledgeable comments on your inimitable blog that I have never made one myself. But now, as you are being attacked so irresponsibly and viciously, I want to emerge to give my support. I have read all your books, your blog – all repeatedly – and think of of your work as my vaccination against covid and other medications. Fortunately, there are others who are coming forward with skills in analysis of the current situation and if it comes to it I shall have to rely on them. But I shall feel it a very great loss, a personal one, if you feel you must withdraw. A huge debt of thanks.

  67. Frank Holmes

    Hello there,Please circulate this link far and wide – if you believe this DOC. this doesn’t cause you any inconvenience.Thank you,Baldrick. 24.05.2021, 09:58, “Dr. Malcolm Kendrick” <>:Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 24th May 2021 I haven’t written a blog for a while. Instead, I have been sorting out two complaints about my blog made to the General Medical Council. Also, a complaint from NHS England, and two irate phone calls from other doctors, informing me I sho”

  68. Carol A Parker


    No. The public isn’t lapping it up…at least not a good portion of us. The liberals are lapping it up and taking advantage of this. I on my part ALWAYS made them chase me down to force me to wear a mask to which I argued it was stupid and made no sense, and here, would you like a package of kool-aid to drink?? No matter what, don’t stop!! C

    It IS all about Love. Carol ATMortillaro Parker 307.690.3888


  69. Ian Partington

    Dear Doctor M. I share your sheer frustration and despair. The dark forces of governmental psy-ops ( including all of those “informative” tv and radio ads) allied to mass media mouth-pieces ( yes, I mean you, Dr. Hillary!) and spineless/ ignorant politicians has sent us all down this cul-de-sac to hell. Now several friends of mine, all medical professionals, have decided that this has gone on too long: their solution? “Just give me the jab so I can get on with my life” ! They have been ground down and are now willing to sell-out. I will not join them. I will not be a guinea-pig in this experimental charade.
    Stay strong, Doc. We WILL overcome, but it just might take a long period of suffering. DO NOT LET THE B’S GET YOU DOWN. X

    1. t

      ‘Now several friends of mine, all medical professionals, have decided that this has gone on too long: their solution? “Just give me the jab so I can get on with my life” !’
      Don’t they understand that this never ends?
      First you get the covif original jab, then this autmn it will be the curry flavoured covid jab, who knows what they will make up for next year, we will be like pin cushions if Boris has his way.

  70. Matthaeus Handkoch

    One of the best (if not the best) summations of the current madness overtaking the world. This article should be required reading for all…

    If only “first, do no harm” actually was followed and meant something…

  71. Will

    I for one, one of many, unequivocally support you. I have been a laboratory scientist for 30 years and I have yet to read anything you published that I found fault with and applaud you for the being the shining light of truth that you are. Do not waver, do not falter for you know the harder they press you only proves how right you are in your standing strong against this out of control tyrannical response to Covid by politicians, CDC, WHO and Fauci.

  72. Joanna Benson

    ‘Science sans conscience n’est que ruine de l’ame.’ I had to write my final dissertation on this quote by Rabelais some years ago. It is particularly apt these days.

  73. Tim

    Dear Malcolm
    I want to thank you for being one of the small band of medical professionals with enough sense and integrity to ask the questions that needed to be asked.
    I would like to recommend that you read the book ‘Virus Mania- How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense.
    In summary just about everything that modern virology holds to be true is demonstrably false and only exists to give big pharma an opportunity to sell vaccines and antivirals and make massive profits.
    The truth about virology will give you a whole additional set of reasons to despair of modern medicine.
    But as the Russians say ‘Better to be slapped by the truth than kissed by a lie’

  74. Penny

    This is sobering reading, Dr Kendrick. Your input in these strange times is immensely important and I respect you for your willingness to publish them. Is there anything that your readers can do to assist you? Wither regards and respect, Penny

  75. Stephen Easton

    Dr Kendrick,

    I am sorry to hear that you have been attacked in the ways you describe. We are definitely moving back to a pre Enlightenment era.

    I am not a scientist but I learned scientific and statistical method. Very little of what we are being told right now is being validated by true empirical analysis. I too believe almost nothing that the Establishment tells me. There is an all pervasive group think in place.

    The root cause seems to be that the population got petrified in March 2020. Governments and advisers then got petrified too that they would be blamed for deaths. This was aided and abetted by professional doomsayers in the media and public health communities. The Chinese lock downs then coincided with the natural fall away of the viral Gompertz Curve and were hailed as a solution. That occasioned the stupid policies we have inflicted on ourselves since. But it was an unscientific confusion of correlation with causation. The same fallacy has continued and the narrative has become embedded in people’s consciousness, fed by government doubling down on it to justify the measures they took previously.

    There are now deep vested interests that want to keep this going – just like arms manufacturers in war. Ivor Cummins describes this feedback loop on a recent video and I think he nails it. The narrative has also very successfully shifted the burden of proof away from the interventions needing even to be justified. This all creates fertile grounds for non evidence based approaches.

    One day we will all wake up. I am sure of it. It is just a question of how long this takes. But when that moment comes I would hate to be in the shoes of the people who have led all this. Deep down, they sense that this is an edifice that could easily crumble. Hence why raw power is being mobilized against those who dare to dissent.

    Keep up the good work.


  76. ShirleyKate

    Doctor Kendrick, I have read your books and trust your opinions, especially on cholesterol. I’ve read all your posts about the Covid19 emergency. You don’t support most of the official response, and you give convincing reasons why not. But have you ever said what you would have done instead? What would have been a better way of dealing with this world emergency? I’m not being facetious or sarcastic Doctor, but what should we have done differently? What could we have done?

    1. a

      A starting point would be a close investigation of total daily deaths, and comparison to any other year. The photogrpahers of lorry loads of dead bodies being driven away at midnight in Italy have blood on their hands I believe.

    2. me oliveira

      ShirleyKate, I would not move a finger.

      There is a pandemic of only RT-PCR that has no value for diagnosis of any infectious disease. See the first lines of the paper inside the kits.

      After more than 15 months, there are no «new» corona description, isolation, culture, and so on. Nor treatment…

      Few intelligent people correctly ruled this is not a viral pandemic and in their countries there is no plague. No country has numbers to show that an year of excessive deaths had occurred.

      Sorry, but you ignore the abject differences among Cv policies in the West.
      Keep calm.

      1. ShirleyKate

        I am calm, me oliveira. I simply asked Doctor Kendrick a simple question. He will reply soon I’m sure.

  77. Peter Ford

    Don’t give them the satisfaction, Malcolm. Your NHS status makes you an almost unique voice. Your calm appraisal of evidence and refusal to stop questioning orthodoxies have enlightened and encouraged many. For a morale booster join me at next Saturday’s Million Man March in London. It will be a hugely uplifting experience. You’ll get lots of hugs!

  78. Yvonne van Eck-Remmers

    Dear Malcolm, please keep up your good work and don’t let them get you down. These are such scary times… But the louder the fools scream that you are wrong, the sillier they will look when the future will prove that you were right. You are not alone, in a lot of countries the “experts” are trying to hide the truth. Some are ignorant, some are making money in the process, it’s horrifying… But I am very sorry that they are making it personal and that they are coming after you. But the truth will come out, please keep fighting!
    And please let us know if we can support you in any way…

  79. Dan Henderet

    I live in Oregon US, perhaps the most progressive State here – at least the authorities vie for that coveted place it seems. My Wife and I are buying a home in Montana to “migrate” to soon. So we understand the nuttiness and feel for you there. Consider opening a patreon account and your readers will support you I believe – at least I would as I consider you my primary doctor in a sense (got more help from you than any of my GP’s over the years). You will stay strong I know, as you have character, which you spineless attackers lack. Keep up the good fight – I look forward always to your blogs posts and books.

  80. Paul Paszt

    You have a following of people who trust and believe in you and what you say.

    I suggest creating a new peer-review entity, with a clearly stated purpose, which utilizes time-tested, scientifically accepted guidelines to assess the validity of statements/ claims/ results/ conclusions/ etc.

    Although I called it peer-review, it would be more “balanced”-review, as the reviewers would be made up not only of peers, but other disciplines (i.e. statisticians, fact-reviewers, etc.), such that a 360-degree assessment is made.

    Start with smaller items, using the same guidelines, in the same way, for each review. This will help make the entity more credible, therefore more resistant to “integrity attacks”.

    Work out the operating bugs on these smaller items, then move on to bigger items as the entity gains acceptance.

    It is important to identify where in the guidelines, the items failed to follow, and the reasons those guidelines are so important to be followed. (Both yourself and Dr. Rushworth use this “easy to understand” approach). This will help educate the readers so they too, can make informed decisions.

    This takes time and money, so utilize your current followers to help create the entity, get it on a Web site and manage it. (I believe you would be amazed at the talent available to you by your followers.)

    Just a thought … keep up the good work!

    Paul Paszt, Ontario, Canada

  81. Pip Waller

    Sorry to hear youve been a target,but sadly not surprised as you are one of the few sane medical voices at the moment.
    Thabks for all that you do

  82. Chuffer

    Long time reader of blog and your books. Like your approach but whether you continue is for you and yours to decide. Just this last weekend there was an interview in the Guardian with a writer who said that a journalists job was not to tell people what to think but to tell them what to think about. I think this is relevant to where we are with COVID where we are not to question anything that we are told by experts. Brings to mind Don Henley of the Eagles who in one of his solo songs is disparaging about experts..”.I am an expert because I say I am”. I miss your heart related posts, don’t think you ever really got them finished. Maybe one day, but at least in that area I do think there is some traction as the Diet Heart approach is being widely argued against by enough people to make some changes in how people can choose to approach it.

  83. Neill

    Dr Kendrick – like many here I have followed your writing and your blog for a long time. It is saddening but not surprising to hear what is happening to you. I hope you are able to carry on with the work you do either through this blog or in other ways. Thank you for all the effort you put into this. It’s an invaluable resource.

  84. Rachel Chandler

    Dr Kendrick. Please keep going in your own sweet way. If they manage to shut you up I will know that the new dark ages are truly upon us. Regardless of our expertise, we must all keep voicing our opinions and sharing our knowledge in whatever way we can. To all those on this site I say: stay strong; question everything; support freedom of speech, and never give up.

  85. Nigella P

    Dr K, I am so sorry to read of all the issues you are dealing with. I’m not a GP being attacked but I do feel silenced. On the rare occasions, I question the Government Covid 19 propaganda (and I do not use that word loosely), the response from seemingly educated and rational people is that I am advocating mass murder!

    Once again, I believe that critical thinking needs to be a subject all of its own at school. I have a sibling who is a GP and everything I hear from them leads me to believe that critical thinking was not welcome at Medical School nor in the medical profession these days at all. Unwavering adherence to NICE guidelines is all that can be considered, regardless of whether or not it is in the best medical interests of a patient (the woeful guidance & treatment for people with thyroid issues being my most well-researched point about this).

    I have realised I am more liberal than I had previously thought, for I now very firmly believe that people should be provided with information and then make their own choices, with only the lightest of touches to prevent the utterly stupid from causing harm to others.

    Anyhow, my musings aside, I sincerely hope that all of the flack doesn’t get you down. Your consideration of health issues is so helpful and I always feel better informed after reading your blog posts.

  86. Neel

    Dr Kendrick – like many here I have followed your writing and your blog for a long time. It is saddening but not surprising to hear what is happening to you. I hope you are able to carry on with the work you do either through this blog or in other ways. Thank you for all the effort you put into this. It’s an invaluable resource.

  87. Kevin Frechette

    Hello Dr. Kendrick,

    If you want to change course, please advocate for the care and treatment of the Elderly in Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

    My 87 yo Dad, fell out of bed and broke his back a little over a year ago and spent 6 months in the Hospital during lockdown. My Dad had everything, heart disease, diabetes, COPD and a slow growing tumor in his colon. He had exerienced some mini strokes (from being on a diuretic for too long) and had short term memory loss but had all of his long term memories. He had a stay in the Hospital the previous year and picked up C-Diff from the dirty Hospital. The C-Diff numbers have always been high in our Facility but only when a severe outbreak occurs.

    For the first 3 months that he was in, my Mother was the only one allowed to visit for a single visit of an hour once a week. She is fiesty and kept at the nurses to keep him clean and treated well. They would park him in a wheelchair and leave him all day in a dirty diaper facing a wall. I got a couple of visits in place of my mom and could barely talk to my dad because he was developing dementia from the isolateion. All this time, the management was pestering my mom to have him moved to a LTC facility because he wasn’t getting any medical treatment but needed nursing care.

    My mom was able to find an advocate in his cancer doctor who got him assigned as Palliative. That gave us daily visits and a dedicated nursing staff for a few weeks at the end. I had just retired and was able to visit my dad daily. With the daily visits from my mom, myself and my disabled sister, we were able to bring him around mentally, make sure he was fed and eating and kept clean. My Dad ended up passing at the end of September after getting a blood infection that was antibiotic resistant. He didn’t die of cancer, or heart disease, or diabletes but DIRTY HOSPITAL.

    In Canada, during the first wave of the lockdown our army had to deal with several failed LTC homes after the staff stopped coming to work. They found dead bodies everywhere with most of the deaths from neglect, dehydration and malnutrition. These facilites have one doctor that never goes on site and only one registered nurse on duty. These places are run by management and psw staff that has no medical training. The hospital isn’t much better which has more nurses but the patients are mostly cared for by psw’s. The Elderly are still locked down in these facilities with little or no family contact for now over a year. This treatment is criminal.

    Please, as a Doctor start making your rounds in the Hospital. Check that your patients are being cared for. That means checking thier bums for bedsores and seeing that they are eating. All this money on tests, and vaccines and everthing is being done to battle COVID but through all this nothing has been done to improve the treatment of the Elderly. The money needed for basic nursing care and cleaning has been squandered.

    Start calling out your peers and advocate a change to stop predating on the Elderly.


    Kevin Frechette

  88. Gary Ogden

    Thank you, Dr. Kendrick. Always the voice of sanity in a world awash in propaganda. Here in the U.S. the narrative has begun to crumble. Tucker Carlson, our most popular TV personality, has joined our team, and shown that if any one person is responsible for this mess it is Fauci. We are fortunate to have a federal system, and some states, Florida being the best example, have gotten rid of all the nonsense. Meanwhile, here in California, the state has hired people to knock on doors to help make jab appointments! We told the knocker that we would never take it because it is quackery. He said he agreed! He’s just trying to put food on the table, and unlike many, with extended unemployment benefits disinclining them to actually find a job, is willing to work for his supper. But they’ve come to the end of the easy pickings with the jab. 38% of Americans have now had both jabs. A significant percentage never went back for the second, and most of the rest, I suspect, would run for the hills rather than subject themselves to this insanity, this untested and clearly dangerous and unnecessary experimental medical procedure.

  89. Chancery Stone

    Anyone can edit Wikipedia, you literally just need an account, but, of course, in practice it is governed quite stringently by group consensus. Despite having being in the middle of flame wars myself, and having been banned time without number (I have a permanent ban from Amazon, on both sides of the Atlantic), I have yet to understand fully how group consensus works. It is definitely something to do with the internet age, which has somehow enabled people to go global in their acceptance of ideas. It is also somehow built on a framework of soundbites, and it is often literally a race to who gets to the soundbite first. So, in the case of Covid, whoever was first to start screaming ‘The mask, the mask!’ more or less trademarked Covid and how it should be handled.

    Of course, money is a big influencer, in as far as if you have a lot of money to throw at promoting an idea then you’re off to a head start, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. There is some kind of osmosis goes on through populations now, and because there is so much trial by media/popular opinion everybody lives in abject fear of running with the wrong herd. In effect, modern life has taken the human fear of being a social outcast and amplified it a million-fold. Now it’s not just your village you have to fear banishing you, but a whole continent – or two.

    What you’re experiencing right now is the horrible sensation of being an outcast from your own village. No matter how argumentative you are (as I am) or how much of a contrarian (ditto), it always hurts and you begin to doubt what you are doing, if not your very self. It’s ugly and there’s no escaping it, unless you shut up and kowtow to the silencing. I hope you don’t, but I wouldn’t judge you or anyone else who did. It’s tough and VERY often feels utterly futile. Best of luck with everything and just know you really are not alone – you’re just one of a very necessary and special minority. The kings need their court jesters, even if they don’t know it!

  90. Caroline H

    Thank you for standing up for scientific enquiry. The situation is very frustrating for many of us and you are a shining light of reason. Solidarity.

  91. John Patchett

    As a trained scientist myself (Dr of Biological Sciences..retired), I must say that some of absolute bunkum we have been presented with these past twelve months, has made me almost ashamed to call myself a qualified scientist. The debunking of Herd Immunity at the very start of all of this, and then the reigniting of the theory when the vaccines were ready to use, astounded me. As did the dismissal of long held immunity theory and to say, like you pointed out, that the vaccine offers greater immunity, than infection and recovery from the actual virus itself, was an absolutely astounding piece of bunkum. I could go on and on about PCR, efficacy or not of masks, dodgy algorithms, but what is the point.
    All I can say is that if I had presented such wholly poor and ridiculously unsupported evidence at my PhD viva, I would have been laughed out of the examination room, by the examiners and told to stop wasting their time.
    You are right Malcolm, Science is at a crossroads and I fear it is about to take a retrogressive route.

    1. Fast Eddy

      Or perhaps there is something bigger at play?

      Similarly rule of law has been shown the door. Here in NZ the government, when faced with a loss that would limit to roll out of the vaccine to only the at-risk populations… has indicated they will just change the law to ensure broad roll out… ensuring everyone gets the jab (including children).

      This is what countries run by corrupt bozos do…. they just change laws or make them up as they go along…

  92. Sarah G

    Thank you for all you do, Dr Kendrick. I’ve bought 4 copies of your book Doctoring Data, one for me and one for each of my children, so that they can learn how to think not what to think. It should be compulsory reading for all science undergrads and all scientists. Well I can dream…

  93. Pip Waller

    2 things,
    1. Would it be helpful to write to anyone about valuing your knowledge and opinions?
    2. I already read Doctoring data which is fabulous. This blog spurred me on to buy 3 of your other books. Plesse keep up the good work. You are a needed voice of sanity in a bonkers world

  94. dearieme

    How did our Rolls Royce civil service come to choose the assortment of duds and crooks who serve on SAGE?

  95. Elaine Wilson

    Dr Kendrick, Thank – you for your wisdom and sanity in these terrible times .
    I wish you well, but be dread the thought of not having your blogs to give us hope .

  96. William Mitchell

    As soon as people start calling you names you know you have won the argument. Its always the refuge of people unable to sustain a debate. You just need a couple of Rowies to restore your resolve!!

      1. Mr Chris

        My big discovery this weekend is Bowmore, especially the 200#
        Unfortunately samples only

  97. gojam

    You’re in good company; Luc Montagnier is a nobel prize winner in 2008 for his discovery HIV, h is now raising the issue of “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE) and noting that mortality rates rise following mass vaccination. All very concerning.

    I only have this link to this short video with subtitles

  98. Hilary Wilson

    In the middle ages if one disagreed with those in authority and said for instance that the earth was not flat they cut off your head. Now they just cut off your funding!!

  99. Frankie

    Dr Kendrick, Please don’t give up. You are obviously a good man, and the world needs good men more than ever.

      1. Fast Eddy

        I’d like to get myself a similar page… how does one go about getting a membership in this club????

        ‘Malcolm Kendrick is a GP, conspiracy theorist author, cholesterol denialist’

      2. Clathrate

        Wow, I read the entry and that is impressive. Anyone with similar entry / description and I would take notice. As Eddy observes – how do we get in the club. Saying that, we can all ignore the attacks – apparently I have been told that I’m a conspiracy theorist and tinfoil hat nutter. I have convinced both parents in their 80’s to wait at least until Spring 2022 before even considering the jab – they now have the arguments against others (my Dad plays golf with 3 vaccinated mates who keep asking him when he is going to get it – even though one of them ended up with ‘blotches’ all over his legs which was a coincidence & nothing to do with the jab). Likewise a sister who would ‘blindly’ follow orders but told me tonight that she thinks that she will never get it.

    1. LA_Bob

      “Well I’ve just edited it. I await to see what happens.”

      You may now go see what happened.

      “Malcolm Kendrick is a GP, conspiracy theorist author, cholesterol denialist and low-carb diet advocate. He is best known for his controversial claim that high blood cholesterol does not increase the risk of heart disease.

      “Kendrick dislikes the medical community and argues against the use of statins.[3][4][5] Kendrick is associated with the pseudoscientific Institute for Natural Healing and writes articles for the RT network. He is a leading figure in the cholesterol denialist movement….Kendrick endorses a low-carb, high-fat diet (LCHF). He has defended the Atkins diet.[17]”

      The Atkins Diet! Dear God, is there no bottom to the evil of this Kendrick fellow????

  100. Catherine Gowthorpe

    Dear Dr Kendrick
    I’ve been reading your blog assiduously for a long time, but haven’t commented till now. I’m sorry you are getting so much stick over your views. Just wanted to say that I’m another person who very much values what you do. You are a rare, and very much valued, voice of sanity.

  101. Laura

    Dear Dr Kendrick. Thank you very much for your fantastic blog and your efforts to detail what is happening in science right now. I have had a long and enjoyable career working in healthcare research (although not currently practising). However I have watched in astonishment at how, over the past year, evidence based medicine has been cast to the wayside in favour of dogma and almost cult like beliefs. The censorship of anyone not speaking the popular narrative is the thing that scares me the most. How did we get here, and what kind of a society are we living in? It certainly does not feel like a free society anymore. We must keep fighting for truth in science. Your blog’s help me to understand that I am not alone in my concerns.

  102. Martin Back

    Dr Kendrick, here’s someone who agrees with you on science, Alan Savory, ecologist:

    “What is science? people talk glibly about science. What is science? People are coming out of the university with a master’s degree or a PhD. You take them into the field and they– they literally don’t believe *anything* unless there’s a peer-reviewed paper. It’s the only thing they accept. And you say to them, but, let’s observe, let’s *think*, let’s discuss. They don’t do it. It’s just, “Is it in a peer-reviewed paper or not?” That’s their view of science. I think it’s pathetic.

    “Gone into universities as bright young people, they come out of them brain-dead, not even knowing what science means. They think it means peer-reviewed papers, etc. No. That’s academia. And if a paper is peer-reviewed, it means everybody thought the same. Therefore they approved it. And an unintended consequence is that when new knowledge emerges — new scientific insights — they can never, ever be peer-reviewed. So we’re blocking all new advances in science that are big advances. If you look at the breakthroughs in science, almost always they don’t come from the centre of that profession, they come from the fringe. The finest candle-makers in the world couldn’t even *think* of electric lights. They don’t come from within. They often come from outside the bricks.

    “We’re going to kill ourselves because of stupidity.”

    1. Gary Ogden

      Martin Back: Thanks. Alan Savory is one of my great heroes. In November, 2015, I had the great pleasure to hear him speak about the profound insights and revelations he had from experience, from just this sort of observation and thinking, concerning the web of relationships between grazing herds, predatory pressure, and the grasslands, after a career of doing everything wrong regarding wildlife. A beautiful symphony, each utterly dependent on all of them to thrive and survive. Brilliant man, and his insights are being applied all over the world in restoring grasslands-40% of the arable land on Earth, and the majority degraded by human folly. The evil forces against this are Bill Gates and the state of Oregon, who wish to eliminate grazing agriculture to produce fake meat.

  103. Mike Yeadon

    Dear Malcolm, I agree we have regressed to preenlightenment times. I find it frightening, as it is my view that everything we’re being told about the virus is a lie.
    That the sane set of lies are being told everywhere simultaneously can only be the result of some degree of coordination. Some of the deceptions require other pieces in order to make it work, speaking to planning. Planning & international coordination with a view to frighten & confuse? Sounds like a conspiracy. Nothing theoretical about it.
    If rationality is not available, what is left?
    I cling to faith that this fraud cannot be maintained indefinitely.
    Please keep commenting even if only to point out the depths of the deceipt.
    Mike Yeadon

    1. Stephen

      I used to think that a conspiracy theory was too fantastic to be true.

      But, I reluctantly have to agree with you.

      No other explanation really works.

    2. Darag Rennie

      Mike, I believe you meant ‘same set of lies’, not ‘sane set of lies’. Thanks to you for being so vocal too. It’s a hugely uncertain time and if we are to wake enough people up we need to keep calling the lies out. I’ve been wondering how long it would take, if the media actually reported the truth, to achieve that?

    3. Fast Eddy

      Yes of course this is coordinated — every government is on the vaccine bandwagon… nearly every MSM outlet…

      Anyone with a whiff of gravitas who rocks the boat… is ridiculed, censored or ignored.

      How does one convince such a broad group of people — from democratically elected leaders to brutal dictators — to play ball?

      Surely paying them is not the answer. Surely some would not accept the payment — some would push back?

      How do you convince them to execute a plan that appears to involve a mass cull — or perhaps extinction of humans? (I cannot see a cull working – you end up with total collapse if you cull because you kill many who are crucial in ensuring BAU continues to operate)

      What do THEY KNOW – that we have not been told?

      The Limits to Growth study predicted we’d run into big problems around 2008. And of course we had GFC that year.

      Here’s a paper from Tim Morgan arguing that the end of cheap to produce oil and the response to this conundrum caused GFC

      Oil his $147/barrel in the months prior to GFC… that was because conventional oil peaked around 2005…

      Of course shale came to the rescue — and BAU staggered on for over a decade… but shale was always a short term play due to rapid depletion rates…

      And not only did shale peak in 2019 (possibly 2018) it appears that we are on the precipice of a catastrophic collapse:

      Shale binge has spoiled US reserves, top investor warns. Financial Times.

      He said operators had carried out “massive fracks” that created “artificial, permanent porosity”, inadvertently reducing the pressure in reservoirs and therefore the available oil.
      The comments will cause alarm in the shale patch, given the crucial role of investors such as QEP in financing the onshore American oil business.

      Shale was never Saudi Arabia… it lost $300 on an investment of $1 trillion. It was civilization’s last gasp…

      Or as Art Berman oil geologist has said — it’s oil’s retirement party — it’s like sucking beer dregs out of the carpet.

      And now it’s ending – and there is nothing else….

      The people who are censoring and lying — are doing this for a reason – a good reason.

      They are putting the global economy on ice — if we burn oil at 2018 levels the price will quickly surge into the hundreds of dollars and we’ll get an uncontrolled collapse of the economy.

      That will result in no electricity, no petrol, no food, no security – violence – disease – rape — cannibalism.

      They KNOW this. Leaders of the world have been briefed on this.

      They are killing us off before collapse hits. They are pre-empting mass suffering.

      There is no surviving collapse — anyone who makes it through has 4000 spent fuel ponds that will spew radiation for centuries.

      So Covid is cover to ensure people take the vaccines… the vaccines are going to breed ‘Devil Covid’ (similar to the situation with Marek’s – only worse because they are doing this in the midst of a pandemic)….

      And just about everyone will get sick and die… many others will quarantine in their homes and starve to death … and those who are remote including doomsday preppers and primitive tribes… they’ll last a little longer… but the radiation plumes will spread… and they’ll be exterminated as well.

      I know this is very difficult for most to accept. But at the end of the day, it is the right thing to do.

      Imagine this – but without food electricity petrol medicine running water:

      1. Don

        Hard to swallow. First, no one KNOWS the future. Second, surely some, maybe most (since they have very little faith in God) of the elite that know this would commit suicide rather than face the horror you envision. I don’t see this happening. Third, faced with certain death, nuclear power would have been ramped up, rather than dumping mass amounts of money in solar and wind boondoggles. People generally want to extend their life as long as they can. If switching to nuclear gave them another 50 years you can bet they’d take it. Fourth, people are generally greedy and if the elite knew oil was gone they would have snatched it up for themselves and ended consumer use years ago, by military force if necessary.

        1. Fast Eddy

          Nuclear power has many issues but the key ones are it is no fungible like oil and cost.

          We have not run out of oil — that will never happen — we have not been finding any cheap to extract oil for many years now. Even when oil was priced over $100 we did not discover much…there is no point in looking with the energy return is too low.

          Think of it this way — in the past you used 1 barrel of oil to extract 100. So you had 99 free barrels to operate the global economy.

          Shale oil has a negative nett return — i.e. they lost 300B on 1 trillion invested… that means it is nett negative on energy return.

          However if we average out shale + cheap conventional reserves — and we throw in massive stimulus including near 0 interest rates — we can stagger along … as we have since 2008.

          However all good things must end — at some point the math does not work — conventional continues to decline (Ghawar numbers are top secret but we can extrapolate from anecdotal comments about increasing water cuts to generate enough pressure to keep pumping – see Twilight in the Desert – a great book) — and as I have posted shale is basically on its last legs… we pumped the sweet spots and there are massive pressure declines being experienced across the plays… so the high hanging fruit is stranded.

          Nuclear simply does not generate a significant enough return on energy (particularly if you factor in the massive costs of an accident as well as the decommissioning costs – all absorbed by governments)…. it is at best another version of shale in that if offset with other cheap energy (such as coal)… it helps extend what is a very precarious balance.

          Keep in mind upwards of 40% of oil is used for non-energy purposes … e.g. plastics.

          Again – we are not out of oil — there is plenty left — if oil could be priced at say $300/barrel.

          But money is simple a proxy for oil — so $300 oil has no return. That is why it would destroy the global economy and end civilization.

          The people who run the show know all of this and much more — they know which fields are in massive decline — with specifics that we are not privy to.

          There is no alternative to cheap to produce oil. Period.

          We have been fed a heap of PR about solar and wind — recall Japan was going to be energy independent mining energy from sea water? — all BS. The purpose of this massive PR campaign has been to convince people that we will be transitioned off of oil ‘soon’.

          And here we are — at the absolute peak — and those who understand this know that nobody makes out alive.

          If extinction is guaranteed… then why not try to mitigate the epic suffering that comes with the end of civilization? Why not use a leaky vaccine to create a deadly virus and kill everyone?

          It makes total sense.

          If you knew with certainty that in one month’s time … you were going to lose electricity permanently… all shops would close permanently…. the police and military and your government would cease to operate….. and desperate, hungry, violent men would be off the leash — and going house to house looking for food…. and women….

          (I suggest reading A People’s Tragedy – during the famine in Russia in 1921-22… children were hunted and eaten … this was widespread… read the Rape of Nanking…. horrific tales of rape and murder)….

          Would you not choose to shield your family from this? Would you not opt for suicide?

          Think long and hard… you are going to die in a month no matter what you do…. do you want your wife and children raped — and eaten? Or ….

          The men who are running the Covid /Vaccine operation … are in your position — they have all the data… they know what is headed our way. And they have made the RIGHT decision….

          I highly recommend this research paper — it opened my eyes to what caused the GFC … and it explains why there is no way out of peak oil… and I’ve been on a lengthy bucket list ever since.

          Click to access Perfect-Storm-LR.pdf

          1. Sasha

            Fast Eddy, I am curious if you are willing to put a date on your prophesies of doom. And if they don’t materialize by that date, what would be your course of action?

          2. Fast Eddy

            I am not a virologist.

            Bossche and Montagnier are the virologists who are stating that deploying a leaky vaccine during a pandemic will create a ‘bioweapon’…. you will need to ask them (Bossche has indicated within months)… Of course they cannot know exactly… because it is impossible to know when the moment of conception that produces the ‘Devil’ will occur…. apparently they are more prolific than rabbits … reproducing every 10 hours or so.

            Ask Trudeau?


  104. Mary F Dyer

    Dear Dr. K, your post is enlightening – please keep on keeping on, for all of us. I’m so very distressed that you are having issues with the “overseers”. They are trying to cancel you. Know that multitudes are strengthened by you. Of course, that is what “they” don’t want.

  105. Joe Geare

    Dr Kendrick
    You wrote,”….Yet, no-one seems remotely bothered by any of this utter nonsense.”
    I am very very bothered and have been depressed for a whole year by this cr*p! I have a degree in Chinese Medicine but have no other credentials to add weight to my revelations of these lies, my thoughts and fears go unheard and are dismissed by being just another American…another dumb lemming that believes what we’re told. Not me!
    For me, a light appeared when I spoke with a friend who said, “we just have to go underground…”
    To me, this represented a way out. Maybe not the most enlightened way, but one that I can live with for this unprecedented time we’re now in. I’m not willing to be put on the list of subversives so I’ll be ‘underground’, telling truth to whomever is led my way.
    Thank you for your boldness!

  106. Sue Richardson

    I have almost zero knowledge of science and I dont follow data easily. But I have some knowledge of people and intuitively know who I can trust. I have totally lost any semblance of trust in anything I see or hear in the MSM, and anything on the internet. Makes it a bit problematic, to work out what is right and what is wrong, but I do trust a few people and Dr Kendrick is top of my list. Thank goodness for them. They are brave men. I can’t do much to help, but I can pray that truth will prevail and that he and others like him will be vindicated.

  107. JDPatten

    Using the Randomized Controlled Trial, double-blinded and placebo controlled with large numbers of subjects, is the best way medical researchers can answer the questions they ask of Reality. Designed strictly according to scientific protocol, the RCT will provide answers that are more likely to be true than not. The researcher’s cognitive bias, premature personal conclusions, desires or $ are restricted by a good RCT, though never fully eliminated. ( Murphy was an optimist. 🙂 )

    Ah, but. Thinking up the questions to examine – that’s the quagmire. There’s no clear guidance.
    Try formulating questions WITHOUT PERSONAL INPUT. Use previous answers as clues to the most deeply delving, the most insightful questions.
    And then get it funded – even if it doesn’t involve a shiny new $$ pill cure.
    That’s as it should be.

    But then –
    What do you do when faced with a dire novel situation?
    The desperate patient is looking you back in the eye and you have no RCT – designed, funded, recruited, or waiting for results – to treat him with.
    What do you do?
    No, really. What do you do?

    1. theasdgamer

      I tried giving placebos to photons in my research, but they refused to take them. And blinding anything was impossible in my classical optics research.

      Experimental physics is very difficult because of all the necessary controls that must be applied. And even then, it mostly never works in the field anyway. lol

      Experimental design is quite difficult. Good experimental design is even harder to do.

      When I was defending my thesis, I was asked three questions and my answer was consistent. “I don’t know, but I’ll get back to you after I think about it.” I thought I had failed, but it turns out that that was the answer that the reviewers were looking for. My jaw dropped.

      In any research project, there are things that can be picked at. Hopefully you overlook mole hills, not mountains.

    2. Eggs ‘n beer

      There are always parallels. Plenty of parallels for the Covid issue. Nothing new under the sun. Did you have a dire novel situation in mind?

    3. theasdgamer

      You go with the best empirically-based evidence available. If the best is anecdotal reports from experts, you go with that. If cohort studies, you go with that. If RCTs come along and show no benefit, you go with that. But you had better not be fooled by poorly-designed RCTs.

  108. Noel Thomas

    Excellent once again.
    The amount of ad hominem abuse I have cheerfully accepted over the years is very little by your standards. The difficulty I used to have, wondering how such professional colleagues, allegedly compassionate docs etc, could be so ignorant and so rude, was made understandable when I read “The Master and his Emissary ” by McGilchrist. Maybe as CPSnow wrote of another milieu, we do have two ( or more ) cultures. If that is not a misnomer.

  109. Hannahjan1

    Yet another fantastic article Dr. Kendrick!! However I too feel your despair. I am exasperated by this last year. My family, friends, work colleagues all seem to accept everything without question. There is no outrage, no opposition to anything just blind acceptance. I am a pharmacist and I feel like I am the only one who thinks like this. What do we do?

  110. Ed Little

    I’m struggling to say something worthwhile that hasn’t already been said, but it’s rather selfish to just keep reading your blogs, nodding in agreement, and then saying nothing.
    What you write is extremely important. It makes a significant minority of people realise they’re neither mad nor completely ignorant for questioning the narrative.
    Things have often felt very dark over the last year or so, and impossible to fathom no matter how much I’ve questioned myself. Reading the thoughts of those who’ve dedicated so much of their lives to science and medicine, and still have the courage to stand apart from much of what has gone on, is very encouraging, and so, thank you.
    As I see it, Occam’s Razor essentially says that all things being equal, the simplest explanation for any given phenomenon is usually the correct one. Consequently I’ve stopped trying to make sense of the endless dismantling of so many basic truths in medical science I’d previously thought it reasonable to rely upon and concluded that the overwhelming stench of corruption, agendas, vested interests and arse-covering is palpable only because it’s real.
    I don’t see why anyone should be surprised by this: human beings are eminently corruptible as history tells us repeatedly. It’s arguably more pervasive now. Personally I think it is, and that this is primarily due to the power and influence of technology.
    In essence though, all the same old bastards who populate Dante’s Circles in Hell are still there in one guise or another. I like to imagine that if there’s a Heaven, and he’s in it, he’s busily scribbling away, creating a few more circles and drafting a 21st century update.

    1. Fast Eddy

      One would imagine … that once vaccination uptake is significant … and unlikely to go any higher as people resist…. the best course of action if you want to breed Devil Covid variants… would be to allow vaccinated people to mingle….

  111. Heidi Seagle

    i totally understand your feelings/thoughts but please don’t give up on all the ‘public’. there are a good number of us doing our best to distinguish between msm nonsense and real hard data and the people that are trying to put that out and put things straight …. as well as standing up for real science and our human rights by getting involved in ‘the resistance’ in all sorts of ways. we need more people but ‘the public’ isn’t one uniform block, .. thanks, heidi


  112. Tony McKenna

    Thank you Dr Kendrick,
    As an avid consumer of your books and blogs and very occasional contributor, I wish you well whatever your decision.
    If you decide that enough is enough, then God bless and at least we will have all the information and introductions you have given us.
    If you feel you have more fight in you still, then how can we help?
    Would 500 monthly subscriptions be enough to give you a platform?
    Is it conceivable to become a private doctor outside of the NHS.
    I have not seen a doctor for five years but I understand that remote consultations are all the rage. I would place more value on being on your list albeit 50 miles away than on an NHS list round the corner.
    All the best

    Tony McKenna

    1. Gary Ogden

      Tony McKenna: A monthly subscription would be fine with me. I have three already, and they don’t break the bank. But then they would accuse Dr. Kendrick of attempting to profit from his sensible writing.

  113. Martin Back

    All pandemics come to an end, even this one. I reckon by the end of the year we will be looking around and wondering, what was all the fuss about? In the meantime maybe you should lie low, Dr Kendrick. It’s not worth risking your career by continuing to speak out. Many others have taken up the cudgels and they are not in the same vulnerable position as yourself. You have already done far more than most in the medical profession to shine an objective and clear-thinking light on the current “crisis”.

    1. Gary Ogden

      Martin Back: The forces driving this will never let it go away. Only the people refusing to comply will put a stop to it. One concern I have, and it is just conjecture, is what will happen in the coming flu season (which you are at the beginning of) to the vaccinated? It seems plausible to me that they will be more susceptible to serious viral infectious diseases, since their immune function has been altered.

    2. Nigella P

      You are absolutely right, they do – but I am now anxious that every virus that pops up anywhere in the world will bring us all to a grinding halt again.

      A mighty experiment has been conducted and the subjects have complied and the experiment has shown that we are very easy to manipulate and essentially happy to imprison ourselves for extended periods of time. No guns at our heads, no death threats, just fear and peer pressure was sufficient! Deeply concerning for the future in my opinion, but I very much hope my anxieties are misplaced.

  114. abamji

    I have found myself in the same strange situation. As a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians it is somewhat alerming to find that emails to the President are being treated as spam, though I have had emails to others disappear into thin air for a while. Get put on a list of suspects, and you are beginning to appreciate the no-platforming concept.

    For some years I have likened myself to Cassandra, (the prophetess whose fate was that she would always predict correctly but would never be believed) or to Galileo before the Inquisition with his mad theory that the world went round the sun. Eventually the truth will out, whether it be with Covid or cholesterol. The one thing that one can predict with certainty is that the majority of those proved to be wrong will never apologise. The chutzpah of some of these folk, who in medical or scientific terms are illiterate, is extraordinary. I cannot wait for D. Cummings to give evidence at the Health Select Committee but fear his inquisitors will not have sufficient knowledge to land a knockout blow as he ties himself in knots.

    Keep going, Malcolm; you are not alone.

  115. TheWorstIsYetToCome

    I hope many will realise now that its now time to look after yourself and your own family as best as possible. The world will no longer listen to reason. Leave the world behind in its sesspool of lies. Learn to grow your own veg and move well out of the cities. Get right with your maker. If you want to know more of who actually rules the world – then this is well worth the 5 hour viewing time. Excuse the pun but it is literally eye opening.

    1. Emperor

      Good luck with that. You will be found by the hungry hordes.

      And when you won’t share, because there is never enough, it will get ugly.

  116. Cato

    When they said the goal was to vaccinate everybody, my BS detector went into three-alarm mode. One-size-fits-all for the planet isn’t medical science; it is politics, to what end we do not know.

    They’re going to burn you at the stake for your dissent, so you may as well go full-on heretic.

    I hope you can indeed get your new book published and distributed; it may very well become a samizdat ePub that circles what is left of the “open” web, which they’ll no doubt brand the dark web.

  117. CrossCat

    Malcolm I have been following you for years with your logical thoughts on heart disease and very much appreciate all that you have written in your blogs. I had never been to a protest before a couple of weeks ago and I hear there is rather a big one planned in London this Saturday 29th! A Stand in the Park on Sundays 10-11am is also a way to find like minded people.

  118. Trust Me I'm Not a Doctor

    There has been quite a bit of critical and questioning work, it’s just that the media and the politicians and the big biz selects what is convenient.
    Example of questioning work which I am working through would be this

    Also about to work through some stuff in International Immunology, which is a bit above my pay grade.

  119. Darag Rennie

    Malcolm, it’s a sad time when you realise no one is listening to the science. We saw that happen in medicine when we shifted to fat as the culprit in the ’70’s. I didn’t wake up from that till 2010. Since then I’ve seen the same happen in climate, race and anything else you care to mention. But the real kicker has indeed been the COVID debacle. Never has it been so obvious, blatant and furious. This is where we need to focus on the real problem because if we don’t find that there is no way we can find the real solution. I think it lies with the bid for centralisation of control. Those behind the set up of the UN and its organisations. I can’t quite believe it’s simply an opportunistic power grab by a few folk like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. I believe they are just front men for a deeper organisation of power. You could be forgiven for believing that Sauron is alive and at working incessantly in Middle Earth to set us all against each other to weaken people and economies for the great takeover.

  120. Simon Tilley

    Dear Dr Kendrick
    Thank you again for your insight into the madness that surrounds us. The intimidation you are suffering seems prevalent. I understand Dr Vernon Coleman has been similarly attacked for standing up to what is becoming a type of medical fascism. What concerns me with the numbers of deaths and injuries stacking up post vaccination is how will this lunacy be brought to and end. Perhaps once they disgracefully commence vaccinated the young and they begin dying these elites will have nowhere to hide.
    The public can only be fooled for so long.

    1. Fast Eddy

      I suspect we are already past the point of no return. When Bossche first came out with the bio-weapon thesis he predicted problems would start to arise within a couple of months… and we are approaching the second month .. and problems are arising.

      I doubt they needed to vaccine all 8B of us for their plan to be successful… we’re over a billion now … surely that is enough to foster the creation of deadly variants?

      Now we wait…..

      1. theasdgamer

        Variants will be those left after the vaccines eliminate the original line. No reason to think that the variants will be deadlier than the original line. In fact, they are likelier to be less deadly because the deadlier variants tend to not be passed on because the host dies and isn’t around other people much when ill.

        1. Roland Ayers

          Wouldn’t newer, more transmissible, typically less deadly variants, out-compete older ones anyway, whether or not vaccines eliminate the original line?

  121. Jon Tilley

    In the 18th Century anything and everything was used to control public opinion, including the capital offence of treason, which could be invoked for discussing issues with friends.
    Today the perceived enemy is Covid and the same principle applies, they will censor, arrest, remove, control, manipulate and lie to ‘the people’ just to stop any discussion against the ‘correct’ view. But, I wouldn’t worry too much, the battle lines are drawn and I don’t think there will be too much swapping sides now.
    Today a customer asked why I wasn’t having the vaccine and I was absolutely honest – because ‘I know four people who have had strokes and my next door neighbour had a heart attack within three weeks of having the vaccine’. ‘Oh’ came the reply.
    If Sage are right we can all remain silent and get on with our lives, but if they are wrong, which everyone with a brain knows to be the case, there is trouble ahead. As you see so often on YouTube comments – the Nuremberg trials 2. Hancock, Whitty, Johnson and the majority of Sage need to be seen to be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced for crimes against society.

    1. andy

      That’s well written Jon. It’s true the brainwashed are hardly worth talking to …regurgitating the news at 10 over the bar. My own stance is not to get involved in the purility of their obsessions.. but to do so if they start any virtue signalling by way of shaming me into indicating I agree with their take on it all. I have found that faced with overwhelming evidence of the deceit they can actually become rather traumatised…showing that in their hearts they are simply afraid.

  122. crisscross767

    200 Indian Villagers Jump Into Saryu River To Avoid Forceful COVID-19 Vaccination
    by GreatGameIndia

    When the Health Department team arrived at the Sisoda village in Uttar Pradesh to vaccinate them, the villagers ran to the shore. When the team surrounded them at the shore almost 200 villagers jumped into the river Saryu to escape forceful COVID-19 vaccination.

    There is so much awareness about the adverse events from vaccine and post-vaccination deaths in this village that when the Health Department team arrived here for vaccination, about 200 villagers ran away and reached the shore of river Saryu.

    When the Health Department team got information that the villagers were out of the village towards the river, they went to convince them.

    Seeing the team coming towards them, the villagers could not find a way to escape and jumped into the Saryu river to avoid getting vaccinated forcefully.

  123. susan mosson

    Dear Dr. Kendrick I think you are doing an excellent job! please keep it up. I am not not at all surprised by what you say anyone in their right mind would say the same. I can understand any frustration and anger I feel it too but must be worse for you and anyone else working in the NHS. When nothing adds up we need to think outside the box and question why? I could mention many things esp. conflict of interest concerning scientific advice to the government! This has all been predicted many moons ago but was hoping not to see it in my lifetime or for my children and grandchildren but here we are in a damn mess! The majority of the public have been brain washed to be full of fear which makes them comply very easily. I have no answer but do follow the UK Column who do loads of research and are very level headed. I also follow Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who is presenting a case to the courts entitled ” The greatest crime against humanity” I hope with every breath I take that he is successful. Sending you my best wishes and lots of love I applaud your bravery and commitment to the cause of truth and may it win through this madness that has enveloped the globe xxxx

  124. Lynn Wright

    “…no-one seems remotely bothered by any of this utter nonsense.” I, for one, am greatly bothered. For some 15 months now. Scientific method has been relegated to the rubbish bin. Independent and dependent variables. Prove particle X (independent) causes Y disease (dependent). Not done. SARS CoV-2 not isolated (60 institutions sent FOI requests for proof of an isolated virus particle have been returned with “nothing found”). No independent variable found to study, manipulate and vary to see if it causes Y (Covid-19) disease. It is all one big scam.

  125. Clathrate

    Thank you for the blog Dr Kendrick and thank you to all the commentators (many I’ve read, though some I’ve skimmed only) that I am heartened the minority is not so small.
    I avoid commenting too much. I have never worn a mask (at work we have to walk through a communal building to get to the office & I wrap a scarf around my face in the communal part only). Side story is that, last week, a colleague (PhD, albeit I suffer the same fate, who I would say is head and shoulders above me in knowledge & academically (caveat not common sense) said that it took him a month to recover from his first shot (don’t know which one).
    I had my 2nd ever comment last week re. masking: when a guard at Aldi (not seen him before) who wasn’t at the door (but popped up when I got to the eggs), asked if I had a face mask – I replied by asking why I needed one & he walked off.
    I have got back into a once a week car share with a colleague – he has had his first shot, I’m waiting (Phase 3 trials, etc.). The good thing is that neither of us care either way about what the other has done & which is the way it should be.
    We can all do our bit in our small ways (as per some of the comments above). Dr Kendrick is doing more than a small job as are a number of others (I’ve got my Dad watching Dr Vernon’s brand new tube videos – he looks forwards to the old man in a chair, through the old man is a decade younger).
    Even though there may be 100’s of comments in this current blog, which is but a raindrop in the ocean (Mother Teresa?), we are splashing onto & influencing others.
    I have convinced both my 80’s parents to delay Maxime at least until Spring 2022 when independent & anecdotal data becomes available to scrutinise (aside – I got my Dad off statins a few years back and whoa & behold he regained cognitive plus muscle function).

    1. Simon

      Well done for getting your dad off statins!

      My dad, after 2 heart attacks, had been getting worse on statins (and many other pills). A few years back he got recommended to a more natural practitioner who dramatically reduced his pills, got rid of the statins, and got him taking daily exercise (just walking etc.). An enormous improvement in his health! My dad even admitted it. But him & my mum are so indoctrinated into the one-pill-for-one-ailment culture that they started giving excuses for not travelling every month to this doctor, and slowly slipped back into the pill culture, and of course his health went downhill again.

      For me I was lucky. After a few painful weeks on statins, I saw Dr Kendrick’s “The Cholesterol Con” book recommended, read it over a weekend, and threw away the rest of my initial 3 month statin supply. That was 15 years ago. He has my utmost thanks for that. Also too for his early recommendations for Vitamin D and for the dosage levels (much higher than what we had been using). Me and my kids have been taking good size daily doses of Vit D (3,000 iU) for over a year now and barely a cold between any of us.

      I still cling to the hope that this medical tyranny will soon collapse in on itself. That might well be very soon. Then it’ll be like the Stasti, where apparently over a million were in its service, but now no ‘Ossie’ will ever admit that they were.

      1. Clathrate

        Thanks Her Outdoors. I have been researching shedding & have a number of notes to type up. I’m prepared to take the chance – likewise, my parents have gone away on holiday this week in the UK as life is too short. Badminton restarted tonight & there were 20 of us indoors mixing on 4 courts. I don’t give a monkeys who has / hasn’t had covid, been vaccinated or anything else. The hardest part is remembering not to shake hands after each game. It is mostly touching rackets but some of us are OK fist bumping.
        Thanks Simon. Sorry about your parents but good on you for ditching. Must admit that I don’t take Vit D as I try to get out in the sun as much as feasible in the summer to ‘bank’ enough for the winter. Never had Vit D measured before but as it was offered through work (as part of ‘wellness’) – I had mine at the end of March & I was marginally above the minimum I wanted to be and not as high as I’d have preferred – I now know that next winter I’ll start taking supplements in the New Year until the UK sun becomes strong / high enough again in April. I have bought my parents loads of Vit D and have been getting them to take 10,000 IU throughout winter (and if Dr David Grimes happens to read this comment – I have your book ‘Vitamin D and Cholesterol’, a fantastic read {as are all three books of Dr Kendrick}).
        As to your hoping that the medical tyranny will soon collapse in on itself, I can’t see it. I observe highly intelligent people that, in the course of work, will challenge anything and everything but yet with coronavirus, masks, ‘rules’, vaccines, etc., believe everything that they are told and don’t seem to question anything. I’m also shocked by the younger generation – I mentor a couple of 20 year olds, neither of whom has been in the office for 14 months, sticking to working from home, and despair. I try to encourage them to research things for themselves but the mainstream narrative predominates.

  126. Caroline Scott

    Thank you. So refreshing to hear honesty and an acknowledgment of how far from the bounds of science we have stepped. I see the same depraved and dishonest and fearful commentary here in Australia and I lament the loss of any reasonable and coherent debate.
    Alas science, debate, freedom of thought – I miss you dearly, adieu, I truly hope my grandchildren get to meet you in the future

  127. David MacPhail

    The spelling says it all.

    Def: to teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

    Def: to teach a group of medical professionals to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

    Who is the Indoctorinator?

  128. Dr Ro Pankratz

    All hail Big Pharma! The power of money has trumped the power of truth. Is anything new under the sun?

  129. huckebein

    Dr. Kendrick,

    As I say to my friends, Wikipedia is a great place to quickly find answers about basic geography, basket weaving or perhaps other “non-controversial” subjects… But for very important and “controversial” subjects and issues including your area of concern, public health – forget it. You will never get the truth. Truth is not Wiki’s purpose for existing.

    In case you hadn’t heard… our borders are wide open and we are accepting refugees and immigrants from almost anywhere… (Either way, no one knows what’s going on here anyway) You’re welcome to come over to the New World and be an American (while we still have a Constitution) and freedom of speech. Just something to think about.

    Cholesterol “denialism”. Never heard that before. Too funny.

  130. Fast Eddy

    More on leaky vaccines… re-watching the Montagnier interview and he is asked ‘should we be vaccinating during a pandemic’ and responds ‘it’s unthinkable’…

    Bossche warns that doing so will create a ‘bio-weapon’

    I will assume that the Marek’s vaccine was not deployed during a raging pandemic of that disease… given doing so is ‘unthinkable’…

    So what does ‘unthinkable’ mean…. do we get a ‘Marek’s’ outcome — with the difference being the new virus that is unleashed with these Covid vaccines… kill both the unvaccinated as well as the vaccinated?

    This chicken vaccine makes its virus more dangerous
    Science Jul 27, 2015 3:01 PM EDT

    The deadliest strains of viruses often take care of themselves — they flare up and then die out. This is because they are so good at destroying cells and causing illness that they ultimately kill their host before they have time to spread.

    But a chicken virus that represents one of the deadliest germs in history breaks from this conventional wisdom, thanks to an inadvertent effect from a vaccine. Chickens vaccinated against Marek’s disease rarely get sick. But the vaccine does not prevent them from spreading Marek’s to unvaccinated birds.

    “With the hottest strains, every unvaccinated bird dies within 10 days. There is no human virus that is that hot. Ebola, for example, doesn’t kill everything in 10 days.”
    In fact, rather than stop fowl from spreading the virus, the vaccine allows the disease to spread faster and longer than it normally would, a new study finds. The scientists now believe that this vaccine has helped this chicken virus become uniquely virulent. (Note: it only harms fowl). The study was published on Monday in the journal PLOS Biology.

    This is the first time that this virus-boosting phenomenon, known as the imperfect vaccine hypothesis, has been observed experimentally.

    The reason this is a problem for Marek’s disease is because the vaccine is “leaky.” A leaky vaccine is one that keeps a microbe from doing serious harm to its host, but doesn’t stop the disease from replicating and spreading to another individual. On the other hand, a “perfect” vaccine is one that sets up lifelong immunity that never wanes and blocks both infection and transmission.

    1. elizabethhart

      Fast Eddy, re “Leaky Vaccines Enhance Spread of Deadlier Chicken Viruses”, you’re referring to the Andrew Read et al study published in 2015. 
      See my email to Andrew Read in January this year, and his response via this link: 
      Could Covid-19 vaccines facilitate virulent variants

      Click to access could-covid-19-vaccines-facilitate-virulent-variants-prof-andrew-read.pdf

      Michael Yeadon has commented on this forum – Michael, what do you think about this, also in light of Geert Vanden Bossche?

      1. Fast Eddy

        In his most recent interview Luc Montagnier responds to a question ‘Should we be vaccinating during a pandemic’ with ‘It’s unthinkable’

        I also reference Bridle :

        Byram Bridle

        Dr. Byram Bridle is an Associate Professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph. His research program focuses on the development and optimization of vaccines for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancers. In March of this year he and two of his colleagues were commissioned by the government of Ontario to engineer several potential vaccine candidates to provide protective immunity against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), which is the causative agent of the coronavirus disease that emerged in 2019 (COVID-19).

        In collaboration with the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba, one of the vaccine candidates proved effective in protecting hamsters from COVID-19. This resulted in a contract being established with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to develop a manufacturing process for the vaccine. A second contract has been established with the NRC to advance a second-generation CVODI-19 vaccine into the translational research pipeline. Dr. Bridle has also co-authored a series of lay articles in The Conversation to provide information to the lay public about the immunological aspects of COVID-19 and the development of vaccines.

        His thought
        EMAIL 1
        Although Geert gets there by a slightly different route, we both end up at the same conclusion: that current design of the vaccines and the way they are being rolled out creates risk of the emergence of immunoevasive variants.

        EMAIL 2
        I don’t agree 100% with some of the minutiae of the scientific arguments, but that is a moot point.

        I long ago drew a similar conclusion via a slightly different route through immunological and virological principles.

        In short, I agree with the big picture argument being made.

        I haven’t been so bold as to draw conclusions that are as ‘strong’, but I can’t disagree at all with Geert’s take-home message.

        He is a respected scientist and has published many papers in well-respected journals. I can guarantee that he knows what he is talking about. I do think there is a high probability of our vaccine rollouts driving the emergence of dangerous variants.

        In fact, I just initiated intense communications with my local health unit because they have just started a series of vaccination clinics and are not following the protocols approved by Health Canada (our regulatory agency).

        In fact, Canada has unwisely chosen to be a ‘leader’ in extending the interval between the two doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to four months! There is no precedent in the world and no empirical data to back-up the decision. It was based on epidemiological modeling that had to incorporate several ‘assumptions’. All they focused on was theoretical effects on the immune system. They failed to consider effects on the virus.

        Canada’s rationale is that it is better to get twice as many people with sub-optimal immunity for an extended period of time rather than maximal immunity in half the people. This is akin to having an outbreak of a dangerous bacterium but not enough antibiotics to go around. If one were to choose to administer the antibiotics for half the recommended # of days but to twice as many people, most scientists would agree that this would be an ideal scenario to promote the emergence of dangerous antibiotic-resistant variants. Physicians tell their patients to complete their antibiotic regimen, even when they start feeling much better part way in. To cut the treatment short = potentiation of risk of driving antibiotic resistance.

        So why are we doing this in the context of SARS-CoV-2?!? The vaccine rollouts are already being done in a way that will drive the emergence of what we call ‘antigenic variants’; these are versions of the virus that have incorporated sufficient mutations to allow the target antigen (in this case, the spike protein) to change enough in structure as to become unrecognizable by the highly specific antibodies and T cells that were induced by the vaccines.

        Specifically, the vaccines are being rolled out very slowly and are being distributed here and there (i.e. in piecemeal fashion). This means that vaccinated people will be intermingling with unvaccinated individuals. The latter can serve as a reservoir in the which the virus will have lots of time to incorporate random mutations and ‘test’ its ability to infect vaccinated people. If the latter happens, it would be result of an immuno-evasive variant emerging.

        Adding unvalidated uses of the existing vaccines will only accelerate progress to this point. If a variant emerges that can bypass the immunity conferred by all current vaccines, we will be back to ‘square one’ and all our lockdowns for the past year will have been of zero net benefit.

        We already have clear evidence this can happen: the Novavax, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca vaccines have all performed much poorer against the South African variant; AstraZeneca’s provides very little protection against it.

        Importantly, the authors of this paper conclude that the way to avoid this is to maximize immunity as quickly as possible. Indeed, if vaccines are used in this way, an outbreak can be stopped in its tracks and there would be insufficient time and reservoir populations would be too small to support emergence of variants.

        However, the authors are dreaming if they think our global vaccine rollout can be done in this proper way. It will never be fast enough. Everything we are doing in the vaccine rollout, in fact, is potentiating the emergence of variants.

        It upsets me because public health officials are, in essence, driving the emergence of new variants that put you and me, and our families, friends and colleagues at risk of having to deal with potentially more dangerous version of this virus.

        Personally, I would like to have much broader immunity than what the current vaccines induce. Broader immunity = less chance that a variant can evade it (because they can’t change too many components and maintain fitness).

        By the way, the virology side of this is that coronaviruses naturally mutate over time. They employ an error-prone polymerase that randomly incorporates mutations when they copy their genetic material. This is a strategy that helps them adapt to new environmental pressures; such as narrowly-focused immunological pressure (and weak immunity caused by massive delays in administering second doses of vaccines).

        An additional note: Some have argued that the emergence of partially immunoevasive mutants of SARS-CoV-2 prior to the rollout of vaccines invalidates the idea of vaccines potentiating this effect. However, one could argue that this observation actually supports the idea. The extended global lockdowns dramatically slowed progress towards natural immunity. Time and slow development of herd immunity = potentiation of immunoevasive mutants.

        1. Martin Back

          I don’t agree with this line of argument.

          Consider this: people’s immune systems vary in efficacy. One virus might kill an older or co-morbid person, but the EXACT SAME virus might not even be felt by a younger, healthier person. In other words, the younger, healthier person could be incubating a virus that could kill someone with a lesser immune system. The younger, healthier person is in the exact same position as someone with a leaky vaccine.

          Since you can’t kill off or isolate all the young, healthy people, you have to accept that a killer virus may evolve, irrespective of how many people you have vaccinated. So given the current leaky vaccines, there’s no reason to suppose that a swift rollout of universal vaccination will make any difference to the emergence of a killer virus.

          My understanding of the Vanden Bossche article is that it is a promotional argument for his concept of “novel and fully synthetic vaccines, the latter aim to prime ‘Natural Killer’ cells that universally target vulnerable pathogen specific epitopes across a broad spectrum of different pathogen strains and host specific MHC allotypes.”
          (Quoted passage from

      2. elizabethhart

        Re the ‘leaky vaccines’ paper:
        Here’s the abstract:

        Could some vaccines drive the evolution of more virulent pathogens? Conventional wisdom is that natural selection will remove highly lethal pathogens if host death greatly reduces transmission. Vaccines that keep hosts alive but still allow transmission could thus allow very virulent strains to circulate in a population. Here we show experimentally that immunization of chickens against Marek’s disease virus enhances the fitness of more virulent strains, making it possible for hyperpathogenic strains to transmit. Immunity elicited by direct vaccination or by maternal vaccination prolongs host survival but does not prevent infection, viral replication or transmission, thus extending the infectious periods of strains otherwise too lethal to persist. Our data show that anti-disease vaccines that do not prevent transmission can create conditions that promote the emergence of pathogen strains that cause more severe disease in unvaccinated hosts.

        Re: Here we show experimentally that immunization of chickens against Marek’s disease virus enhances the fitness of more virulent strains, making it possible for hyperpathogenic strains to transmit. Immunity elicited by direct vaccination or by maternal vaccination prolongs host survival but does not prevent infection, viral replication or transmission, thus extending the infectious periods of strains otherwise too lethal to persist.

        Is this true? About Marek’s disease and chickens?

        1. elizabethhart

          Ok, I’m a layperson and claim no expertise at all in this area, apart from asking questions.
          But this bizzo with the chickens and Marek’s disease is important I think.
          So, either it’s plausible, and the Marek’s vaccine could “promote the emergence of pathogen strains that cause more severe disease in unvaccinated hosts”.
          Or, it’s not true at all, it’s a beat-up to create a massive chicken vaccine market.
          So which is it?
          Keeping in mind it’s generally presumed that viruses evolve to become less lethal?
          But isn’t that in a situation where the virus has transmitted naturally among people, i.e. a lot of people wouldn’t have been adversely affected anyway, and the virus would eventually die out? And the more infectious the virus, the quicker it spreads, and it’s usually less lethal, i.e. as compared to ebola which kills quickly, and doesn’t have much time to spread?
          But if you mass vaccinate, i.e. a very unnatural intervention, this throws the whole natural spread out of whack?
          And what might happen then?
          I’m just speaking off the top of my head here, so apologies if incorrect terminology etc.

        2. Fast Eddy

          Can Marek’s Disease Be Cured?

          Unfortunately, if your chicken contracts Marek’s Disease, there is no cure or treatment. If your chicken has come into contact with Marek’s Disease, you may have an infected bird on your hands without even knowing it.

          If we tie this together with the assertions from Team Bossche… as I have suggested… deploying a leaky vaccine DURING a pandemic is different from vaccinating young chickens with a leak vaccine when there is no Marek’s pandemic….

          Bossche has stated that the issue with vaccinating during a pandemic is that the virus engages in a survival of the fittest race and more deadly variants are likely to emerge.

          So I am thinking that both the unvaxxed and the vaxxed will be put down by the deadly variants… because the vax will offer zero protection to the CovIDIOTS.

          Is this what Montagnier is referring to when he says ‘it is unthinkable to vaccinate in the midst of a pandemic’

          It is unthinkable… because to think this… is to acknowledge the Compassionate Extinction Plan.

          A small request… just as the symptoms begin to kick in … contact the Nobel Prize folks… and put in a good word for Fast Eddy

    2. me oliveira

      Fast Eddy,
      My basic rule: Every form of Life cares for its life.
      Any parasite who kills hosts quickly has its normal plan to survive.
      Any parasite who kills hosts slowly has its normal plan to survive.
      Peace. Slowly…

      1. Fast Eddy

        Perhaps not one that was manufactured in a lab, released, then attacked with a leaky vaccine …that strengthens it and breeds a Frankenstein virus (or many Frankenstein viruses) … that do not operate by the rules… because the rules do not apply to the Freak Show that we are creating.

        ‘Bioweapon’ ‘Unthinkable’ Hmmm….. strong words.

  131. Fast Eddy

    Similar situation in Canada:

    “Listen, I’m in the game here and you cannot imagine how petrified – I’m using that word advisedly – how petrified physicians are in this country of their regulatory bodies, so-called colleges of physicians and surgeons. They have the ability to take away your livelihood by a click of the finger.

    “It’s like the star chamber of the middle ages, you’re guilty until proven innocent, you have to fund your own defence and they have a history of winning or bankrupting you along the way. So the typical physician shuts up.

    “It’s not just the colleges who may censor you, it’s the institutions in which you work who can deny you privileges. At least with the college there is the chance to contest the decision. With institutions that award you privileges to operate for example, they have a hotline directly to the ministries and it wouldn’t be recorded, it would just be “get this guy” click. And you’re done. You’re done. You don’t operate any more.

  132. Fast Eddy

    NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is investigating the reasons behind why many people scheduled for a Covid-19 vaccine over the weekend apparently failed to show. The SSE Hydro, located in the west of Glasgow, administers at least 4,000 doses a day with the ability to vaccinate as many as 10,000 people per day.

    Well you have to force people to show up by threatening them with being fired. Get with the program!!!!

  133. Christine Cahalin

    Dear Dr Kendrick. Thank you again for all your dedication, insights and honesty, especially in this crazy world. Reading all the replies causes me to think also of Dr Andy Wakefield who was struck off and is still discredited, but who is doing excellent work in film in USA supporting children damaged by vaccinations and spreading the word through different means. He is inspirational. Also the USA Paediatrician, Dr Paul Thomas who is currently suspended for daring to listen to parents and grant their wishes within the childhood vaccination programme there. I would hate you to be subjected to the same process, although those two have emerged even stronger. I am sure you will be guided by your heart and your intuition, and whatever you do you will be unable to help yourself but continue in your scientific work and in communicating with us about health issues and more. Please take care of yourself and I hope you feel strengthened and supported by this great community who love and value your work so much. All my very best wishes.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        Perfect post, because I was just about to post “Well, Dr K., you may well have achieved critical mass. 281 replies in 24 hours is way more than you’ve ever got. As there are probably a minimum of ten lurkers per poster, you must be approaching going viral (no pun intended).”

        Keep it up. I’m pushing your blog as much as possible.

      2. Jennifer

        Dr Kendrick, of course the decision is yours alone, as to the direction your life takes as a result of the problems being thrown at you, and I am pleased there has been such positivity directed to you from contributors to this blog.
        The NHS needs good professionals like you, and my wish would be that the sooner our NHS is allowed to be managed by professional medics of all categories, as they see fit, the better. The public are struggling with what they consider ‘minor’ conditions, being made to feel greedy by taking up GPs’ time. In the last week, I have had two people ask me about problems that I felt needed professional advice…..I suspected a fracture of the scaphoid for one , and sinusitis for the other. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no expert, but both individuals needed much persuasion by me, without alarming them, to seek the professional help I knew they needed; attention needed to prevent potentially awful outcomes if left unattended. The first stoic considered his ‘hurty’ wrist was trivial and the other thought the dreadful face aches would only be dealt with via a phone call. That is not what we want from our NHS, is it? Neither had the knowledge to diagnose their conditions, or realise the implications of non-treatment, because all their lives they have depended on visiting their GP for attention. They do not have life-threatening conditions, but neither are they time-wasters, as the politicians would have us believe.
        We need to reclaim our Health Service.

      3. Jerome Savage

        I wouldn’t say I depend on your words but I certainky look forward to and appreciate your vision, insight & matter of fact approach (tough science let’s say).
        Trying to make sense of children wearing masks is not easy, so we try to look at, very simply- the big picture – your blog is a crucial part of my (possibly our) collective awakening/awareness.

  134. Patricia Brown

    I’ve thought for a while that there is something wrong with the initial education of doctors in medical schools and, more recently, with the selection of applicants by post code and family background more or less regardless of their school leaving exam results (see the document from the Medical Schools Council Selection Alliance “Indicators of Good Practice in Contextual Admissions” of 2018. Speak to anyone who has had their intelligent and sharp witted child rejected without cause given. Smart parents and schools now direct potential candidates for medical school to biomedical science courses or something similar so that if they still want to practice as doctors they can switch later after their first degree. Obviously obedience and inherent reluctance to rock the establishment boat is now what is wanted in medics in the UK’s national health service.

    1. Steve

      Without going off piste too much. I don’t think it’s just the education of the medical profession that is a cause for concern.
      In my experience, online and personally, it seems that an awful lot of supposed highly educated people (obviously does not apply to politicians) are buying into the false narratives spread by the establishment. Engineers and Scientists also seem to be prone to the misinformation agenda.
      Maybe this is a result of the dumbing down of education over the last four decades ? Maybe there is too much time spent on specialists areas and not enough time given to a wide and varied general education ?
      Everyone has a degree now. Not because everyone is intelligent, but because the education system is designed to dish out ‘degrees’ rather than educate.

  135. Rob

    Just keep going … don’t let the buggers get you down …

    Anyway, maybe writing books and doing a blog is now more socially useful than being an NHS GP.

    I’ve become totally disillusioned with the NHS, a trend which accelerated over the past 15 months. I was already uneasy that GPs were now it seems paid to do certain tests and paid if I took certain drugs as a result of the test. WTF?

  136. Jeremy May

    Dr K. Thanks for what you do.

    There are a couple of potential ironies brewing here.
    First, the best way for you to stay true to your beliefs and help people is for you to give up being a GP (either hounded out or by choice). Though this is quite possible, it’s almost too ludicrous to comprehend.
    Second, I note that ‘What causes heart disease’ is imminent. Is stress a cause? If it is please don’t put yourself at risk and prove your own theory.

    I sincerely hope that neither of the above happens. I’m sure your patients need you and we ‘disciples’ certainly welcome your honesty and sanity.
    (Best of luck with the book)

    1. Tish

      Yes Jeremy. Lots happens when the fight or flight emergency kicks in or a panic attack arises. Not least is the increase in clotting factors to help mend the wounds inflicted by the tiger. I think we may overstress diet because it’s perhaps the easiest thing to act on. Dr Michael Mosley has just done a programme on Radio 4 (Sun. 23 May. ‘Just One Thing. Take A Breath’) that explains how slowly breathing in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 6 or even just focusing on your breathing can profoundly affect your heart rate and entire autonomic nervous system and body. A neuroscientist tells him it’s better than any pharmaceutical intervention. But not much money to be made from breathing, eh! No wonder it’s virtues are downplayed.

  137. Martin Back

    Hand the pandemic over to the Army to handle, or draft Hancock, Whitty, SAGE,et al

    Armed Forces Act 2006
    (5) A person to whom this subsection applies commits an offence if, without reasonable excuse, he intentionally communicates with a person who is … a relevant civilian, and the communication is likely to cause that person to become despondent or alarmed.
    …any sentence of imprisonment imposed in respect of the offence may be for life.

  138. Iona Farley

    Dear Dr Malcolm Kendrick

    I am sorry but not surprised to hear that you are under attack. It seems all right minded, thinking people are now conspiracy theorists and whack jobs.
    I include myself in this and want to reassure you and encourage you that people are waking up. It’s taken time but the more people I speak to the more folks are coming to the conclusion that it’s all about another agenda. Many of them aren’t awake enough to realise they don’t need a vaccine but we can keep trying.

    Please please keep up the good work. Many of us have been so grateful this year to hear the small calm voices of the few above the barrage of utter nonsense that is sewed forth daily.

    If nothing else more and more people have turned off their TV’s and radios and are enjoying a good book and some healthier pursuits. I think very few people are listening to any of it anymore.

    Thank you for standing up and having the courage of your convictions and the knowledge to back it up.

    Iona Farley

  139. Don

    This is off topic, but I’m always curious when people receive down votes on their comments. Up votes are easy to understand, but you would think the down voters would counter with their opinion and perhaps start a lively and enlightening debate. I always wonder, what did I say to prompt them? I’m like everyone else here searching for truth. Do I think I’ve I found it and my opinion should outweigh other’s? A firm no! I invite all the down voters to stick around and debate. I might learn something.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      I agree, Don. I think it’s symptomatic of our times. Even in the comments on Dr Kendrick’s blog, you see people advancing rather odd or unlikely ideas. Then others pounce on anything they can disagree with. It’s like the feuding rebel groups in “Life of Brian”.

      If I happen to write anything that someone dislikes, a certain kind of person may start a private vendetta which involves systematically voting down all my comments – even if they just say that “2 + 2 = 4”.

      It would be better if we all exchanged views soberly and respectfully, and accepted that others will often disagree with what looks obvious to us.

      The only really important thing we should be thinking about is supporting Dr Kendrick and other reasonable, open-minded doctors and scientists – and lay people, too. Squabbling and petty grievances are a luxury we can’t afford.

      1. theasdgamer

        Lol @ “pouncing”…well, aren’t we supposed to be testing ideas? Downvoting instead of putting forth an argument seems like a big part of the problem.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          Yes – it makes more sense to explain why one disagrees than to give a downvote which usually just amounts to a “Boo!”.

          Reasoned disagreement can start a discussion from which everyone learns.

      2. Gary Ogden

        Prudence Kitten: Indeed. Treating one another with basic human dignity and respect, especially when in disagreement, is both a sign of respect for Dr. Kendrick, and an indication of character.

    2. Fast Eddy

      For every upvote on a comment ‘keep the blog going’… there would be a million people quite happy to see Dr K burned at the stake.

      And every single one of them would think burning witches was ridiculous.

  140. smartdocuments

    Take it as a compliment. The closer to the truth you get the more they will want to shut you up. You thought me that.

    You are one of my heroes, alongside Tim Noakes who was eventually fully vindicated.

    I look forwards to your posts, I missed them recently. Glad to get this.

  141. smartdocuments


    You taught us that as you get closer to the truth and the heart of things they will try to shut you down more and more, so take it as a compliment.

    You are one of my medical heroes. It’s you and Tom noakes actually. He also had a hit of trouble but was vindicated in the end.

    I have missed your articles in recent weeks so it’s good to see you back.

    Best wishes

  142. me oliveira

    To all who read this blog;

    Robert Anson Heinlein [Lazarus Long] wrote,
    Money is the sincerest of all flattery. Women love to be flattered. So do men.

  143. scottishfashion

    Thanks so much Dr Kendrick for speaking out against this tyranny! It helps to reassure us laypeople that we are not losing our minds!! I for one am done with listening to government sponsored ‘experts’.

  144. rakey64

    It’s all about control and depopulation, why are so many falling for the lies and deceptions? Fear will kill more as they fall for taking the poison to save their life. Very sad and disturbing times we live in. I for one will NEVER fall to my knees and take the injection, I will fight standing, which means I will most likely die standing as well, so be it, I am no coward!

  145. Michael Howard

    Good to read such a common sense criticism of the present situation. A lot of us out here sense the inconsistencies/contradictions from the politicians.
    What worries me is the consequences in terms of psychological, economic and medical issues that will flow from lockdowns etc. And the shutting-down of scientific opinion outside the ‘received’ view.
    Also, ignoring of the same outcomes (in terms of hospital admissions/deaths) from lockdowns/no lockdowns around the world which is now obviously
    Well done for speaking for us, thank you.

  146. JDPatten

    Picking apart the Wuhan thing: “Fact-checking” on one side, the other, and the middle.
    Even. If. One. Can’t.
    It seems that John Dough and his neighbor are scrambling to get their facts (read that as personal agendas) out there in the public eye just so that they can say – if they were accidentally fact-alligned… or not – “I was right… and first!”, adding to their Expert credentials (read that as self-aggrandizement, political advancement, $).

    1. theasdgamer

      I’m fairly certain that politics are behind this change. Fauci is trying to get out in front of the problem and blame China. Likely he has powerful protection now and that protection is looking to put the squeeze on China.

  147. Christine Cahalin

    Dear Dr Kendrick- Just to let you know I have just forwarded the letter from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance re The Role of UK Doctors in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, to my local MP. Just trying my best…….. also to your readers – I wonder if they have all found – a very interesting platform. All my very best wishes.

  148. LA_Bob

    Dr Kendrick,

    There are rants and there are rants, and as rants go, this one is thoughtful, ironic, and morose.

    The Dark Ages are not returning. They never went away. Powerful people have positions to protect. When their interests align with science, things work. Otherwise, science is pushed aside. That is as it has always been.

    We scratch our heads over the fates of Galileo, Semmelweiss, and many others. How could people have been so blind? Turn on the TV today and learn little has changed.

    When I first read this post yesterday (May 24), I had Rochelle Walensky’s “sense of impending doom” over your future. Reading it again today (May 25), I see your measured defiance and willingness to persevere one way or another. Whatever you decide to do, know that most here are ready to support you. You give a great deal and ask for so little. Nothing, in fact.

    1. lorrainecleaver7

      Hear, Hear! Whatever you need Dr K, we will gladly support that, be it crowdfunding, petitions, letters to the GMC FTP nonsense that may appear if the vexatious complainents get their way. We owe you.

  149. Patrick Nerney

    I’ve been a GP for 45 years and have seen many changes in practice. Some good, some bad and some unbelievably bad. Evidence base medicine(EBM) is an example of the latter. It started (we thought) as a movement to liberate us all from expert opinion derived from limited personal experience. It has been hijacked by vested interests – primarily drug manufacturers and their bought, medical expert underlings – to control medical practice to generate maximum profit, at any cost to the public good . The strait jacket of so called expert guidelines that younger doctors find themselves in is deplorable. In this grim vista Dr Kendrick you are a star.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      Dr Ioannidis, who usually plays it pretty straight, has referred to “eminence-based medicine”.

      Rather good, I thought. Describes the way things are done in Britain these days.

      1. Martin Back

        These days it’s more “affluence-based medicine”.

        Those with the money control research via grants, and practice via advertising and promotion.

  150. A. Nurse

    Dear Dr Kendrick,
    No doubt, it’s a sair fecht, but a worthy one.
    Please don’t underestimate the positive influence you have on people.

  151. sibsis

    I hope you won’t give up sharing the truth! There seems to be absolutely no logic involved in all the “scientific” slurry we must wade through every day poured out by the Corona Inquisition

  152. Richard Brinton

    Thank you Malcolm for the courage to speak up! There are only some who do that.
    There’s a new book just out this month which also does it, from a true medical scientific viewpoint, not influenced by BigPharma or Politics, called:
    “What Covid-19 Can Teach Us: Meeting the virus with fear or informed common sense?” by Dr Thomas Hardtmuth. I highly recommend it.
    Hardtmuth concludes in his book: “Let us be open for a genuine and fair discussion – it is after all the very foundation of all healthy human culture.”
    It is this that is at risk.

  153. Cookie Boy

    Its very strange the times we live in, most experts seem to be idiot savants now days, the great Universal man is dead.

    In Melbourne we have another Wuhan flu outbreak, call me cynical but this outbreak is hot on the heels of a PR campaign trying to get a reluctant populace to take the jab?

    We are now definitely in a phase of humanity where Morlocks take control.

  154. CK

    Big Science is now Evil! Since the 1980s, most fields (e.g. biomedical research, climatology and even particle physics) have become increasingly corrupt and now scientists only care about funding. If you look at nowadays, the headlines are ridiculous and depressing. COVID-19 is BIG BUSINESS and scientists are ecstatic over all of the COVID-19 funding going their way.

  155. Alan Nott

    Hi Malcolm, I have been told by a couple of Doctors here in Australia, of the very same control mechanism. Agreement with a patients point of view on vaccination and the whole Covid scam, will get them struck off for 12 months if not permanently, and this affects their livelihood for themselves and family. Obviously to me it is part of the new world reset, run by the ever warring skull cap wearers from the Middle East which infests nearly every government in the world (most obvious in the US) I for one appreciate your honesty and your books, but unfortunately that won’t pay your bills Good Luck with fighting the bastards (Rumpoles’- they who shall not be named) Best regards, Alan Nott

    1. David Bailey

      Remember that Malcolm has been “Fighting the Bastards” for years. I encountered him back in 2013 when he was fighting the statin madness. He knows how to fight without technically breaking the rules, and is clearly a very tough nut to crack.

      1. Jennifer

        David Bailey. I too joined this blog in 2013, and received information which quite honestly changed my life around. I had become an utter wreck after consuming many medications, primarily statins, over a long period. Dr Kendick and responders to his blog gave me the knowledge, and courage, to climb back to good health. I trust his judgement implicitly.

        1. barovsky

          Well as my (Jewish) mum used to say to me, ‘Jews are just Arabs on horseback’. Nott’s comment could apply equally to Jew or Arab, so take your pick of scapegoats.

          1. crisscross767

            “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.


            “But there are many rulers in these days who call themselves “Christian”, who arrogantly assume that their power is limited by no one, not even by God, and they surround themselves with flatterers who adore them as gods upon Earth”

            aclu (Anti Christian Lawyers Union)

            The ACLU is always proclaiming separation of state and church

            William Penn – “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by Tyrants.” and the people said, “We have no God but Caesar”

            Acts 5.29 “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.”

          2. barovsky

            Leigh, don’t you get it? It’s a joke, Jews and Arabs, at least Middle Eastern and North Africans, are both Semitic. I give up.

          3. Gary Ogden

            barovsky: You are correct. The term “semitic” is a linguistic identifier, for Hebrew-, Arabic-, and Aramaic-speakers. So it would apply to most of the people of North Africa and the Middle East, but given the ancient enmity in the region between Jews and non-Jews, still very much alive and deadly today, your joke was in questionable taste. I have both Israeli and Palestinian friends, and I like and respect them all, but the horrors today in the Middle East (and Indian subcontinent) are to a great extent due to the colossal stupidity and legacy of the British colonizers, and between Israel and the Palestinians due to the U.S. picking a winner (Israel) and sending them $Billions in weaponry. Makes me weep. The victims are mainly the innocent.

  156. Roland Ayers

    Who guards the guardians? Possibly whoever funds them, although I’m sure they also have their own sincerely-held biases. Expect the factchecking to become more rigorous and biased, as the groundwork is laid for a covid child vaccination programme. Those who are convinced children are in mortal danger from covid, plus those who are convinced children to be lethal asymptomatic super-spreading bio-weapons lead the charge. On the other side are parents who feel their children to at risk of possibly fatal harm from the government programme. A culture war over children. It’s not going to be pretty.

    12-15 year-olds are first in line. Young people at the age of forming their own independent view of the world. What if they take a different view of this matter to that of their parents? Malcolm, I don’t know if you deal with this age group in your work, but if so it would be interesting to know how those sort conflicts get handled. Or do teenagers just do as they’re told on medical matters, however rebellious they may seem?

  157. peter Downey

    Listening to Dominic Cummings before the Parliamentary Committee. He talks of groupthink. It’s ironic really because the committee and its questions reflected just that wonderfully. Every question was geared to the assumption that lockdown was correct. The only question was how well was it managed – was it early enough/was it stringent enough?
    Even Rebecca Long-Bailey, on the left of the Labour Party seemed unaware of the catastrophic effects of lockdown on the poor and young.
    Depressing realy.

    1. Martin Back

      I watched a couple of clips of his testimony and was thinking, like The Dude, “That’s just, like, your opinion, man.” His degree is in ancient and modern history. I hardly think that qualifies him as a medical expert.

      One thing I will agree with — the old age homes were woefully unprotected.

      In fact, I think that’s the most important aspect of this pandemic, namely, just how strongly stratified the risk profile is. Older, obese, and diabetic people are vastly more at risk than younger and healthier people. Once that was understood, government policy should have shifted to protecting the vulnerable and letting the rest get on with life.

      The inquiry seems to be based on the idea that the risk was equal across the entire population, which is patently wrong.

  158. barovsky

    [Apologies, I inadvertantly posted these comments to another posting by Dr Kendrick but feel they really belong here:]

    Dr Kendrick, a book I read years ago, comes to mind as it directly addresses the latest Inquisition: ‘Against Method’ by Paul Feyerabend (Verso Books, Third Edition, 1980).

    He uses Galileo’s ‘run-in’ with the Catholic church to illustrate his argument:

    “No theory ever agrees with all the facts in its domain, yet it is not always the theory that is to blame. Facts are constituted by older ideologies, and a clash between facts and theories may be a proof of progress. It is also a first step in our attempt to find the principles implicit in familiar observational notions.”

    Consider now the invention, elaboration and use of theories which are inconsistent, not just with other theories, but even with experiments, facts, observations we may start by pointing out that no single theory ever agrees with all the known facts in its domain.


    Thus the Copernican view at the time of Galileo was inconsistent facts so plain and obvious that Galileo had to call it ‘surely false’. P.55

      1. barovsky

        Yes, wasn’t he just! When I first read it, all those years ago, I was struck by the Galileo example, that Galileo knew he was right but he couldn’t damn well prove it! The proof didn’t exist, so he had to INVENT it.

  159. barovsky

    Ditto, this one:

    Dear Dr Kendrick,
    This is the description of his followup book, ‘Science in a free society’, apt don’t you think?

    ‘No study in the philosophy of science created such controversy in the seventies as Paul Feyerabend’s Against Method. In this work, Feyerabend reviews that controversy, and extends his critique beyond the problem of scientific rules and methods, to the social function and direction of science today. In the first part of the book, he launches a sustained and irreverent attack on the prestige of science in the West. The lofty authority of the ‘expert’ claimed by scientists is, he argues, incompatible with any genuine democracy, and often merely serves to conceal entrenched prejudices and divided opinions with the scientific community itself. Feyerabend insists that these can and should be subjected to the arbitration of the lay population, whose closes interests they constantly affect as struggles over atomic energy programs so powerfully attest. Calling for far greater diversity in the content of education to facilitate democratic decisions over such issues, Feyerabend recounts the origin and development of his own ideas successively engaged by Brecht, Ehrenhaft, Popper, Mill and Lakatos in a spirited intellectual self-portrait. Science in a Free Society is a striking intervention into one of the most topical debates in contemporary culture and politics.’

    So, 50 years later, corporate capitalism has hurled us back to the time of Galileo!

  160. Steve

    “The Tories are going to sell your NHS medical records. And you have a deadline to opt out by.”
    from 1 July, NHS Digital has announced that “data may be shared from the GP medical records about… any living patient registered at a GP practice in England when the collection started”
    NHS Digital states that it will start sharing data on 1 July. But if you don’t want the government to share your data, you need to opt out by 23 JUNE.
    More info and a link to the opt out form can be found here:

    1. barovsky

      Steve, I’d already opted out of the data sharing in 2014 but along comes the NHS/GCHQ and rewrites it, all over again! So, I went to the NHSDigital site (Medconfidential is an excellent source on this) and tried to opt out (again) of the latest info grab. It took 7 attempts! As per usual with most things NHSDigital (eg ‘Test & Trace’, they lost mine, in fact I never saw it). I wrote to them explaining the problems but got no reply.

  161. Irene McCabe

    Dr Kendrick

    Thank You for being a light that helps guide us through these dark and insane times

    Thank You for your courage, honesty , compassion and quest for TRUTH

    It’s so refreshing to observe a doctor who has freed himself of any potential God Complex or Ego and believes in true science , true medicine , and true healing

    You are a credit to society and we are all in your debt

    Thank You Again 🙏🙏🙏

  162. Tish

    You don’t want your future dinner table full of plants that have never seen soil or the outdoors?
    Here you go:

    Robin Harford’s book: ‘Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland’. His website (above) has a photo identification guide that goes with the book. He’s good on safety. (He warns against picking cow parsley unless you are very knowledgeable because it resembles hemlock!)

    So walks with an extra purpose?

  163. Sue Richardson

    I was listening to Planet Normal podcast yesterday, and there was an interview with Laura Dodsworth who has written a book about the UK government’s ’weaponisation of fear’ over the pandemic. She talks about the government’s behaviour ‘unethical’ use of behavioural psychology. It’s called The State of Fear, and it looks worth getting before it’s banned!

  164. colinbannon

    You mention Mercola having to pull information on his site, but I think that is a bit self serving – for one thing it seemed hard to work out what the pressure really was. Also Mercola’s provided daily alarmist nonsense which would be far better for ‘attack’. I has the temerity to challenge just two schoolboy errors of theirs and so they banned my from their site. Personally I just think they love to pull the victim card – “They try to silence me, but We wont allow it” and shamelessly play to their audience. Well done for sticking your head above the parapet, but in doing so you have to expect the odd shot.

      1. theasdgamer

        If you have any kind of influence, as you do due to your blog, you will incur enmity from those who are envious or feel threatened by what you say. Kind of like how Didier Raoult has incurred enmity because of his influence. (He’s also one to get into a scrap, but it seems that people with influence tend to gain enemies just because they have influence.)

        1. JDPatten

          Yeah. Across the board. Any influencer you can name. (Fauci gets a good bit of enmity.) Do not use the enmity score as a measure of worth, tempting as that might be.

          1. theasdgamer

            If you have any kind of skill, you will provoke envy, just as influence provokes enmity.

            There’s a useful book by Robert Greene: “The 48 Laws of Power.” I don’t know if you’ve seen it.

  165. Eric

    From today’s guardian newsfeed. Apparently, the two vector vaccines send spike protein into the nucleus (the guardian says, but it is not in the abstract), where it gets spliced, expelled and can wreak havoc in the bloodstream.
    The preprint is here:
    From the abstract:
    Here, we present data that may explain these severe side effects which have been attributed to adenoviral vaccines. According to our results, transcription of wildtype and codon-optimized Spike open reading frames enables alternative splice events that lead to C-terminal truncated, soluble Spike protein variants. These soluble Spike variants may initiate severe side effects when binding to ACE2-expressing endothelial cells in blood vessels. In analogy to the thromboembolic events caused by Spike protein encoded by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we termed the underlying disease mechanism the “Vaccine-Induced Covid-19 Mimicry” syndrome (VIC19M syndrome).

    Guardian arcticle:

    Scientists in Germany claim to have solved the cause of the rare blood clotting events linked to the Oxford/AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines and believe the jabs could be fixed to prevent the reaction altogether, the FT (paywall) reports.

    Rolf Marschalek, a professor at Goethe university in Frankfurt who has been leading research into the rare condition since March, said his research showed that the problem lies with the adenovirus vectors that both vaccines use to deliver the spike protein of the virus into the body.

    In a preprint paper published today, the scientists wrote that the delivery mechanism means the vaccines send the spike protein into the cell nucleus as opposed to the cytosol fluid found inside the cell where the virus normally produces proteins.

    According to Marschalek’s research, once inside the cell nucleus, certain parts of the spike protein splice, creating mutant versions, which are unable to bind to the cell membrane where important immunisation takes place; instead, the floating mutant proteins are secreted by cells into the body, which is what triggers blood clots in roughly one in 100,000 people.

    In contrast, with mRNA-based vaccines, such as the BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna jabs, the spike’s genetic material is delivered to the cell fluid and it never enters the nucleus. Marschalek told the FT that when virus genes are in the nucleus they can create “some problems”.

    He believes there is a “way out” if the vaccine developers can adapt the sequence of the spike protein to prevent splicing.

    You can read the FT’s exclusive story here.

    1. LA_Bob


      Thanks for the great news. Now maybe they can resolve the “rare” and “mild” myocarditis-in-young-people vaccination problem.

  166. KennieG

    It seems like we have been living with Covid 19 for far too long, but are you aware that this was a new virus appearing in humans just 18 or so months ago? Witnessing changes in the science knowledge of Covid 19 is a good thing, not something to mock. You call for scientific discourse, but you reject that our understanding of Covid 19 should have ever evolved. Upon a first glance at this virus, scientists should have had all the answers? The fact that our knowledge of this virus has changed, including important routes of transmission, is a testimony to scientific discourse and the proper progression of science.

    The immense amount of research on this virus in the last 18 months has been breathtaking. A new virus emerged and our understanding of its infection routes were pieced together, a dissection of our immune response to this virus published, the genome of the virus was sequenced, and understanding of the function of many of its gene products including immune evasion genes and to top it all off effective safe vaccines have been developed. Now I have really baited you on that last sentence, because I know that your ideology dictates that vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but I actually understand this area of research and I do not base my science on ideology. In fact, my biggest concern was that vaccines might not be efficacious, but also possibly exacerbate infections. The data is here, and I was wrong. The pace of research on this virus has proceeded so rapidly, that discussion of the science will continue for years.

    As far as immunity from vaccines being better than the virus infection, why is this nonsense? Do you have data on this? Do you understand the function of all of the ORFs of the virus including immune evasion genes and understand how they interact with the host immune system? Do you understand the adjuvants used in the vaccines and how they boost immunogenicity? You probably know very little of this, but based on your ideology you dismiss this possibility. What has happened to scientific discussion! For the record, I am not saying that vaccines will offer better protection that a natural Covid 19 infection, but I have no data or reason to assume one way or another. What I can say is that immunity acquired through a vaccine does not lead to virus spread and pose a risk to unvaccinated or vaccine non-responders.

    Science is in no way dead. Scientific literacy in the public is suffering from a plague of misinformation from social media. Most scientists that I know, who actually understand science, are confounded by how pseudoscience has reached so many people. Social media platforms have their algorithms to reinforce information, real or false, onto their readers ultimately convincing them that their world, even when based on misinformation, is the real truth. This is based on our tendency to believe social truths (to believe what people in your circle believe) rather than evidence based truths. This is what social media does, it creates a tight circle of social truths that are never challenged but always reinforced. I fear this social media plague will be far worse than this pandemic.

    1. David Bailey

      KennieG said,

      ” What I can say is that immunity acquired through a vaccine does not lead to virus spread and pose a risk to unvaccinated or vaccine non-responders.”

      True, but it does lead to a serious risk that the fragment of DNA that codes for the spike protein will end up in at least some people’s genome. Given enough ‘booster’ shots and that might read everyone’s genome.

      The quality of science is not really measured by the sheer volume of bumf generated.

    2. Eggs ‘n beer

      Thank you, Kennie, for continuing the comedy show. I’m not sure why I’m addressing this to you, as you clearly haven’t been following the papers published by the BMJ, NEJM, Lancet etc. as linked on this blog. So you probably won’t read this anyway. But, never one to give up, here we go.

      Yes, all the answers were there well before 2020. We already deal with four coronaviruses every day. We know the impact of coronaviruses on a population totally lacking in immunity. But we also knew very early on that at least 20%, and maybe 50%, of the population had immunity to this new one. Subsequent research using fresh blood samples from never-infected people puts this naturally acquired immunity at 81%. Which is why the infection rates are so low.

      You don’t have enough data to declare that the vaccines are effective. Perhaps you don’t know the difference between effective and efficacy. Oh, wait, you claim this is your area of expertise. Rather embarrassing for you.

      Safety? Definitely not, depending on your age and co-morbidities. Definitely not safe for young healthy people where the risks exceed the benefits.

      Immunity from the virus better than vaccines? Of course! Natural, virus stimulated immunity provided protection against 44 out of 45 variants, and partial protection against the 45th. Also look up Makary, from Johns Hopkins, for his latest comments including the insanity of the WHO saying that herd immunity can ONLY be obtained through vaccination.

      Adjuvants? Which Covid vaccines have adjuvants? Oh dear …..

      Science, or rather pseudoscience, is plagued by people with bits of paper that leads themselves to proclaim themselves as experts, which excuses them from having to take any notice of data. After all, as an expert, they just “know”. No need to bother with any new research.

      No, I’m not bothering to re-supply the links. If you are really interested, it’s easy enough to search my posts for them.

      1. Ian Partington

        Eggs- cellent work! I’d love you to take over the Downing St. press conferences from the Brothers Grimm!

      2. David Bailey

        “Adjuvants? Which Covid vaccines have adjuvants? Oh dear ”

        I also wondered about that, because these ‘vaccines’ work by causing human cells to produce the toxic spike protein, which then activates the immune system – presumably after any adjuvants have been flushed out of the body.

    3. AhNotepad.

      Since the SARS Cov 2 is only 20% different from SARS Cov 1, then the “scientists” did have most of the answers. Those who were infected with SARS Cov 1 had immunity to SARS Cov 2. To say SARS Cov 2 is “a novel virus” which has never before been seen is disingenuous. All viruses have ancestors, and this one is no different.

    4. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Months after recovery from mild COVID-19, when antibody levels in the blood have declined, immune cells in bone marrow remain ready to pump out new antibodies against the coronavirus, researchers reported in Nature.
      By Reuters Staff

      (Reuters) – Months after recovery from mild COVID-19, when antibody levels in the blood have declined, immune cells in bone marrow remain ready to pump out new antibodies against the coronavirus, researchers reported in Nature.

      Upon infection, short-lived immune cells are generated quickly to secrete an early wave of protective antibodies. As the immune cells die out, antibody levels decline. But a pool of these immune cells, called long-lived plasma cells, is held in reserve after infection. Most of them migrate to the bone marrow, explained coauthor Ali Ellebedy of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis in email to Reuters.

      Ellebedy’s team obtained bone marrow samples from 19 patients seven months after the onset of mild COVID-19. Fifteen had long-lived plasma cells secreting antibodies against the coronavirus. Five of the 15 had second bone marrow biopsies 11 months after symptom onset and all still had long-lived plasma cells secreting antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.

      Ellebedy, in a statement, noted that these cells are “just sitting in the bone marrow and secreting antibodies. They have been doing that ever since the infection resolved, and they will continue doing that indefinitely… These cells will live and produce antibodies for the rest of people’s lives.”

      It is not clear yet whether the same results would be seen in survivors of moderate to severe COVID-19, the authors said.

      SOURCE: Nature, online 24 May 2021.

      1. LA_Bob

        There are many, many things I have learned during this pandemic. One of them is that immunology is complex. Very, very much so. And only fractionally understood. All the talk has been about antibodies. I have learned that immunity neither begins nor ends with antibodies. Way more to it than that.

        1. Gary Ogden

          LA_Bob: Yes, immune system function is enormously complex and endlessly fascinating, to me anyway.

        2. Prudence Kitten

          When do you see the partially-sighted trying to lead the blind? When there is money and prestige in appearing to lead.

    5. theasdgamer

      If covid is a new virus, why do so many people have prior immunity to it and why is its mortality so low? Compared with ebola or SARS or MERS, covid is a bad flu. Those were actually new viruses.

      Sorry to have to say this, but you are a very credulous, unscientific person. You need to develop some critical thinking skills. Science isn’t merely what some “authorities” say it is–it is the research done regarding the natural world around us. That research is far from settled about things you think are settled.

      How do you know that the vaccines are safe and effective? Do you think you are God who can see the future? And why don’t you bother with VAERS data which is empirical evidence that Something Is Not Quite Right? And why is it that deaths started declining in the US back in late December, ahead of the vaccination program? And since PCR is unreliable for clinical research involving viral transmission, there is no way to know if vaccines are effective without culturing the virus.

      Your nonsense about pseudo-science was refuted back in the 1980s by a fellow named Feyerabend. Why don’t you move into modern times?

      You have so said much rubbish here,

      Malcom, this person is a troll and won’t engage.

    6. theasdgamer

      As regards immune response–you get a more diverse, robust response to an actual viral infection than to just the spike protein (the nucleocapsid protein, for example).

    7. Sasha

      What about the rate of adverse events from vaccination? If a 50-year old with no co-morbidities asked you whether they should get vaccinated for Covid, would you be able to give them a risk/benefit ratio? And what would you base your numbers on?

    8. Jerome Savage

      A lusty opinion piece, this for example is worth fleshing out; – “The pace of research on this virus has proceeded so rapidly, that discussion of the science will continue for years”
      Supporting this one assertion, (one example,) will take effort & time but needs backing up with good research – no ?

  167. Fast Eddy

    MORE Flagrant Data Manipulation from the CDC

    New report is further evidence the CDC is deliberately hiding post-vaccine “breakthrough cases”

    Part one is here

    This is not ‘bad science’….. it’s not ‘dark ages science’

    The science is excellent — this is LYING.

    Why would ‘they’ blatantly lie?

  168. Loretta

    Hang in there Malcolm. Many like me, need people with greater knowledge, like you, for a voice to be heard.

  169. Emperor

    ”We are currently recruiting and we explicitly will not employ anyone who has been vaccinated. If you walk into our offices wearing a mask, we also won’t employ you. We want people who can demonstrate that they can do their own research, look at the data and make the right decision.”

    This is an excellent way to weed out idiots.

  170. AhNotepad

    A comment I found posted elsewhere yesterday:

    May 26, 2021
    I’ve just posted this on the other post, but it’s incredibly important I feel. Please read these excerpts from a chapter detailing the logic of the New World Order in Bill Cooper’s 1989 book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’. It’ll blow your mind. The power elites were warned by leading intellectuals that over population could result in the possible extinction of the human race.

    “They were told that the only things that could stop these predicted events would be severe cutbacks of the human population, the cessation or retardation of technological and economic growth, the elimination of meat in the human diet, strict control of future reproduction, a total commitment to preserving the environment….

    It was determined that an immediate attack on the problem would involve two points of intervention. The first was to lower the birth rate and the second was to increase the death rate.

    The chief recommendation was to develop a microbe which would attack the autoimmune system and thus render the development of a vaccine impossible…The microbe would be used against the general population and would be introduced by VACCINE! ..The cure will be administered to the survivors when it is decided enough people have died. The cure will be announced as newly developed when it has in fact existed from the beginning.”

    FROM 1989! .

  171. Suzanne Cummins

    Never forget, Dr Kendrick, that there is still a huge cohort of sane people who will follow truth-seekers wherever they go. I’m glad to have found you. Thank you for your clear voice in an increasingly dystopian world.

  172. Ivan Paton

    Hi Dr. Malcom,

    I have been reading your blog posts for over a year – and remember some of your frustration – e.g. ‘the mad billionaire that wanted to vaccinate the whole planet.’ And I can see by your latest post you are feeling really frustrated.

    First let me stop and say well done to you, and that I think there are many thousands of people who are grateful for your courage in speaking up against the massive disinformation campaign that has been foisted on the world by the Bill Gates-WHO-CCP-Democrats-World Economc Forum-EU-UN alliance.

    This campaign is literally World War 3 – this political and business alliance of the world’s elites who have been waging war on humanity to seize power through trying to force each of the steps on us all – lockdown, set the vaccine agenda in place, wait for the vaccines, vaccinate everyone – and then force everyone to get digital passports masquerading as vaccine passports. It has been about 1. slowing down the worlds economy 2. forcing a system of global surveillance and censorship 3. genocide by lockdowns, virus deaths, vaccines etc…reducing population for the climate change lunatics.

    And now the World Health Organization, backed by the lunatics in the G20-EU alliance, are trying to grab even greater power over the world, without even admitting to any of its liability in messing up the world – because it was intentional. If you haven’t seen it already, and chances are you haven’t – read the article below about the WHO power grab.

    What we have seen play out since the day the WHO called a pandemic is a neo-Marxist agenda, that has decimated societies, public health, and economies across the globe. That was always their intention from day one. This has been in the planning for a long time.

    And that is why I am calling it World War 3 – it is bioterrorism and psychological warfare on a global scale masquerading as a health crisis. And when they realized that their scary virus wasn’t really that dangerous they have brutally waged their war with misinfomation masquerading as facts, calling truth misinformation – and by using the global multinatioal liberal media companies and Big Tech they have successfully silenced their critics and kept the majority of the public in a state of fear and compliance.

    There is a long fight ahead – but many people are stepping up to fight.

    And your fight against misinformation, like many in your profession across the globe, is what has enlightened people like me, and MILLIONS OF OTHERS – who are FIGHTING BACK.

    If you are watching the Republican-Democrat conflict in the United States – you might have already noticed that the Republican governors and senators are fighting back, and developing real backbone. This conflict is making them strong while their opposition the Democrats are all corrupt weaklings bought and paid for and acting act a script.

    Keep doing what you do – voices LIKE YOURS – are very important.

    Keep up your great work. Because you are helping people to have the backbone, and the knowledge to fight back.

    There is a dark winter ahead of us – but we will come out of it in the end, because the world is filled with wonderful people of honesty, integrity and science – JUST LIKE YOU!!!

    best regards as always

    Ivan M. Paton


    1. Fast Eddy

      And your fight against misinformation, like many in your profession across the globe, is what has enlightened people like me, and MILLIONS OF OTHERS – who are FIGHTING BACK.

      And how are you fighting back? I see the Melbourne has gone into another lockdown… but I am not seeing hordes taking to the streets to oppose this decision…

      I am looking at Ontario Canada where there is now a plan to maybe re-open in July. We all know that this will be pushed back again… or they may open a crack then slam it tight the minute the infections inevitably rise (as this things do when vaccines don’t stop people from contracting covid)

      Are the streets of Toronto filled with anti-vaxxers and anti-lockdowners? Nope.

      The silent majority is doing what they are told – staying home — wearing masks — getting vaxxed — and snitching on anyone who dares to threaten their safety by pushing back on the lie.

      And the medical profession? Nah …. similarly most of them are just following orders… giving jabs on demand …. at best a small percentage are explaining to patients the risks … but almost none are refusing to administer the injections.

      I don’t blame them for not wanting to blow up their careers. Because most of them do not believe Yeadon or Bossche (who differ on the method but agree on the end game) when they say the vaccines are a death trap … if they did then their careers would be the least of their worries…

      And then what? How is this working out for Mike and Geert? 99.999999% of the world has never heard of them.

      Resistance is … so obviously… futile

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        Maybe not hordes, but a fair number for such short notice. And of course you aren’t seeing this. C’mon, you’re not that naïve! You have to know exactly where to look to find out that a protest will occur, and ditto to see the results. MSM won’t tell you.

        What I am pleasantly surprised at is how quickly narratives are reversing. The Wuhan lab is no becoming a mainstream talking point, history is being revised at many media organisations and Twitter/fb are removing content bans. Even Fauci’s funding of the Wuhan Institute isn’t getting the fact checkers’s knickers in a twist! Imagine the furore if twelve months ago anyone had suggested Fauci was funding gain of function research into coronaviruses at the WIV.

  173. Fast Eddy

    OMG! Is this one of the quarantine camps we were told did not exist?

    No booze, no sunbathing, lots of Vegemite: Welcome to quarantine at Howard Springs, NT

    In Australia’s northern quarantine camp, a disused construction workers’ hostel outside Darwin, the rooms are basic and the food is, well, institutional. But the fresh air, eucalyptus trees, blue skies and wind on your skin are sources of joy.

    Native green parrots chirrup as they swoop by. Geckos cling to the veranda ceiling. The blinding sun reminds you that you are home.

    Reaching Australia is difficult during the coronavirus pandemic and, for many, can take months. People at the camp in Howard Springs feel lucky. Few complain about the rubbery pillows, uncomfortable beds, limited furnishings or soggy sandwiches in a centre that politicians call the “gold standard”.

    To endure 14 days of quarantine, I ordered treats from the local supermarket: a jar of Vegemite, the ultimate childhood comfort food for Australians, and a pack of Vita-Weats, the tooth-jarring crackers that Australians use to administer the black, salty breakfast spread. I acquired bitter Australian tea to make a strong, dark brew.

    Getting here from Moscow took four days, including three in special pre-flight quarantine in a Frankfurt airport hotel to take a coronavirus test from the centre approved by Qantas, the Australian carrier.

    The sprawling, fenced camp known as the Northern Territory Centre for National Resilience once housed 3500 construction workers in squat prefab units that Australians call “dongas”. They have grey linoleum floors and walls, harsh fluorescent lighting, battered Venetian blinds and fire-engine-red furniture. The feeling is part trailer camp, part hospital, part prison.

    Teams wearing personal protective gear and wheeling carts deliver food once a day about 5pm and leave it on the baking veranda step. (Although they might forget you.)

    Nurses rap sharply on the door for random early-morning temperature checks or coronavirus tests. Police and soldiers patrol, occasionally shouting at people to put on masks. And there is a 39-page booklet of rules and procedures. All this, for the price of a good hotel room.

    The rules are detailed: no alcohol, no care parcels, no restaurant deliveries, no balls, no sunbathing, no metal silverware, no scissors or sharp implements, no cooking in the kettle, no putting food waste into the hand basin (who does that, anyway?), no electrical appliances, no stepping off your balcony except for rubbish disposal and three allotted weekly laundry spots, no skateboards or inline skates, no swimming or playing in the drains when it rains, no noise after 9.30pm.

    Bags are searched and people can be fined if they don’t wear masks outside. Supermarket orders are allowed.

  174. Tish

    Well I’ve been parading my KEEP BRITAIN FREE T-shirt around our busy tourist abode – shopping road and long Sandy beach. Plenty of people sitting enjoying the sun and sea. Did they take any notice of my message? They did not! Barely a glance.

    I think the slogan could have a mixed meaning. It could mean “ Keep Britain Free of Covid” or “Keep foreigners out”. Quelle horreur! It doesn’t help that I’m a 71 year old woman and most 71 year old women have the opposite view to mine, so that is what might be inferred. (I might be expected to be respectable.) Also, the ‘Keep Britain’ letters are a bit small and the slogan is only on the front of the shirt and not on the back.

    So my T-shirt is about to become rags.

    It makes any success I had with my I LOVE CHOLESTEROL T-shirts seem much greater.

    Any slogan ideas for Covid that would fit well on T-shirts?

  175. lingulella

    What I find most chilling is the attitude of doctors when presented with patients suffering from, by now surely well known, symptoms of post-‘vaccination’ i.e. spike protein serious damage. My niece (second dose ChAd vaccine) has been lined up for blood tests for everything apart from anything that might help while she is in serious muscular pain, extreme fatigue, and debilitating headache.
    If someone presented after a road crash with multiple fractures and obvious contusions, any doctor suggesting bed rest and paracetamol would be struck off – but that is effectively what is happening in our ‘wonderful’ NHS under current political leadership.

    1. Her outdoors

      Check out he gives ideas of what to do post vax.
      Glycine amino acid as that pathway is adversely affected. Avoid glyphosate so go organic as it affects the glycine pathway too. Nebulising with hydrogen peroxide saline and iodine as per Dr Bernstein and Dr Levy, both on Dr Mercola’s website. Seramin and shikimic acid, in pine needles, star anise and fennel, is mentioned by Dr Judy Mikovits who knows what she’s talking about. Vitamin C, D and zinc.
      Radionics practitioners, herbalists and homeopaths are worth approaching. A mushroom essence made from Algae Maze Polypore, Cerrena unicolor or homeopathically will help but you need a real specialist for that, although you could use it radionically and closely observe response.
      Healers have for the most part had to walk away as the auric damage is so serious that it’s impossible to repair or return to a healthy structure. There’s a depth of cold to the energy field that is unpleasant.
      Perhaps you don’t want to hear this but it’s sadly how things are.
      I wish you well.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        Homeopathically the cure for Covid is arsenic 30. I think we’ll have marketing issues with that. Cure for the vaccinosis? Almost certainly several different remedies, depending on the side effects. Like any vaccine, the side effects are far more difficult to treat than the disease.

    2. Sasha

      Anecdotally, there has been an uptick in thrombotic events following Covid vaccinations. So, that’s one of the things that should probably be ruled out.

  176. barovsky

    Dear Dr Kendrick,
    Firstly, there are a few of us in the insane asylum, who still have their (tattered) wits about them and we’re here for you. You’re a brave man to take on the Cabinet Office’ ‘Nudge Unit’ and the combined forces of Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Media.

    Hancock says that:
    “…vaccination is “severing” the link between COVID-19 cases, hospital admissions, and deaths but it was too early to commit to England’s next easing of lockdown measures due on 21 June.”

    But given that the vaccine (more strictly, the inoculation) actually doesn’t stop infection or reinfection (so-called breakthrough infections), is anyone keeping count of the number of people inoculated who are catching the bug again? This could mean, as I predicted last year, that the ‘off again, on again’ madness of lockdowns could go on forever, it’s already approaching 18 months!

    I’m not sure what ‘severing the link’ means, is this more newsspeak?

  177. Martin Back

    Highly educated people partake of this lockdown insanity. We are currently experiencing what looks like the beginnings of a third wave and waiting for the government’s response. A professor of epidemiology or infectious diseases or something (didn’t catch it exactly), but anyway he is someone the government consults with, was interviewed on the radio about the possibility of increased restrictions.

    The Eastern Cape is one of our worst-hit provinces. The professor said something along the lines of, “When they imposed a strict lockdown in Eastern Cape, it took six weeks for it to take effect, so I’d prefer to lockdown now sooner rather than later.”

    I wanted to scream that the incubation period of Covid is six days, so you should start seeing the effect of the lockdown after six days, not six weeks. If you have to wait six weeks it means the virus has run its course and finally started running out of new people to infect. The lockdown had nothing to do with it.

    I pointed this out to the talk show host in a Whatsapp, but predictably got no response. People are afraid to think for themselves, or too scared to depart from the party line even if they think it’s nonsense.

  178. Fast Eddy

    Most people seem to think that the world economy is going through a temporary disruption, caused by a novel coronavirus. As soon as COVID-19 goes away, they expect the economy will be back to normal. I think that this assessment is overly optimistic. The way I see the situation, the world economy was already having severe growth problems, caused indirectly by resource problems, even before COVID-19 hit.

    In a growing world economy, a person might expect that workers would be getting richer, so that they could afford an increasing quantity of goods and services. What we really see is something very different. The number of new automobiles sold was falling in many major countries long before COVID-19 hit, even as population was generally rising. Clearly, something was seriously wrong.

    As I see the situation, the world has a resource problem. Resources of many kinds, including fresh water, energy products, and minerals of many kinds were becoming more difficult (and expensive) to extract, even before 2020. Substitution might have worked if the problem were only one or two resources, but not with several major resources. Cutting back was the only answer.

    Thus, the shutdowns for COVID-19 came at a convenient time, allowing economies that were already doing poorly to shut down. Needless to say, there was no world leader who was willing to explain this hidden issue to the world population. Instead, world leaders used standardized code words such as “we need to move to renewables” or “we need to reduce carbon use by 2050 to prevent climate change.” Unfortunately, the ability to move to alternatives in this time frame is simply an illusion, allowing world leaders to avoid mentioning the serious resource issues that the world economy is really facing.

    1. andy

      We had borrowed and printed money to give ourselves ability to buy even more stuff for several years, increasingly on a precarious knife-edge of brinksmanship. We know it cannot last yet the outcome is so awful we print more again. Suddenly comes Covid and we are not even working for a year. We consume but no longer produce…funding it with impossible amounts of further debt. The amounts are so large now, and given so freely and with no particular end in sight. My own feeling is that they are deliberately degrading the currency now.
      The result will be so draconian that no further objections will be tolerated and dictatorship, by violence, will be our ( possibly well-deserved) desserts.

      1. Fast Eddy

        Yes Gail has been involved in this discussion for many years… she is brilliant.. and dedicated.

        As mentioned, my discovery of her blog was serendipitous … I was struggling with the concept of a no-growth / de-growth scenario … and a google search landed me on ourfiniteworld.

        A handful of the most brilliant people on the planet participating on OFW… Tim Groves, Xabier, Robert Firth come to mind — there are others. The Covid lie is the tip of the iceberg…

        As there are on Dr K’s blog.

    1. barovsky

      The End?
      I’ve asked this question here once already but could this jump in (some of the) ‘cases’ be the result of the ‘vaccine’ itself? As someone else pointed out, administering the ‘vaccine’ in the middle of the ‘pandemic’ surely just muddies the waters? We know that the ‘vaccine’ doesn’t stop a person getting infected, or infecting others, the drug companies themselves say this. This just points to a situation of pretty much permanent lockdown, release, lockdown, release ad infinitum! Is this the objective?

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        I don’t know. But a similar thing happened in the Seychelles earlier this month. A country with a higher vaccination rate than the UK or Israel, but it briefly had a higher case rate (per capita) than India. We’ll never know what happens in the US now they count vaccinated COVIDSafe differently to the unvaccinated.

        Meanwhile in locked down Victoria, with around 15,000 close contacts, the highly transmissible Indian double variant, with an incubation period of just over a day, has managed to infect five more people. You’ve got more chance of winning in the lottery ……

        1. barovsky

          Eggs — So how do you explain the jump in the Seychelles, the ‘Indian Variant’? It came after pretty much the entire population had been ‘vaccinated’.

          1. Eggs ‘n beer

            As I say, I don’t know. There are several options. Firstly, it could, as you say, be a new variant, which is not affected by whatever immunity is stimulated by the jab. It could be an escape variant, which might be said to have been caused by the virus. It’s definitely the case that people’s immunity may have been compromised by the jab rendering them more susceptible to the virus – so one could also blame the virus for the infections (plenty of studies on vaccine compromised immunity). It could be shedding of spike proteins, if that really occurs.

            The data isn’t available to us, if it’s available at all. Infections and cases tend to be reported by country, or in some instances by state (e.g. India, USA). What I found interesting was that when you looked at state data, or even county data, in the US (thanks KennieG) that it became clear that lockdowns and masks were, if not totally ineffective, making the situation worse. So we need more than a couple of countries, or defined areas, with the issue to be able to form a conclusion. And we will have to form that conclusion by ourselves, as I can’t see any government admitting that there is a systemic problem with vaccines.

          2. barovsky


            It’s definitely the case that people’s immunity may have been compromised by the jab rendering them more susceptible to the virus – so one could also blame the virus for the infections (plenty of studies on vaccine compromised immunity). It could be shedding of spike proteins, if that really occurs.

            Or, it could be that the ‘vaccine’ doesn’t actually protect one at all, but merely (and hopefully) ameliorate the symptoms, else why would the ‘vaccine’ makers not give a guarantee on either the issue of protection or, which seems to me to be the most important factor, not prevent infection?

          3. Eggs ‘n beer

            Absolutely. Although the Pfizer and Moderna ones claim a reduction in infections in their saline placebo trials. AZ’s only saline trial, in South Africa, indicated that the vaccine is useless. A bit of a lottery, it seems. A shot in the dark, rather than a shot in the arm.

          4. Eggs 'n beer

            Nice find! And here’s another, for US states from March. Not quite as sciencey in presentation as Delépine’s, but identical results.


            We know that in the Seychelles for their recent spike one third of those who tested positive (yes, I know, whatever that means!) in the week to 8th May had been fully vaccinated. How many had been partially vaccinated? Why isn’t the vaccine working? “Variants” is the official explanation in most cases, but I doubt that they have the data to back that up – and it’s strange how the variants seem to target high vaccination areas. I doubt that the vaccine could be responsible for allowing the propagation of breakthroughs so quickly so simultaneously.

            More importantly, why does the vaccine seem to be causing cases? And this has led to the ultimate in dystopian government behaviour in several countries, Nepal and the Seychelles for certain, plus from memory Thailand – almost compulsory vaccination, which is implicated in causing Covid, has triggered further draconian lockdowns resulting in starvation, as they can’t go shopping. While the vaccinations continue.

            Meanwhile in Victoria, that ultra contagious 18-second-exposure-and-you’re-dead B.1617.2 variant of which there are 15,000 “close” contacts managed to infect another four (4, quatre, vier, lau, fjórir) people. Hang in there you Cabbage Farmers, only four more days of total lockdown to go and then you’ll be safe again. p.s. don’t forget you can risk getting the virus legally if you feel the need to nip out and get the vaccine.

  179. Martin Back

    Dr Kendrick, regarding your assertion: “We were told that COVID19 was spread by touching contaminated surfaces… Really?”

    I would like to refer you to an article from May last year (my bold)

    Now, scientists at the University of KwaZulu-Natal have published a detailed reconstruction of how the virus spread from ward to ward and between patients, doctors, and nurses, based on floor maps of the hospital, analyses of staff and patient movements, and viral genomes. Their 37-page analysis, posted on the university’s website on 22 May, is the most extensive study of any hospital outbreak of COVID-19 so far. It suggests all of the cases originated from a single introduction, and that patients rarely infected other patients. Instead, the virus was mostly carried around the hospital by staff and on the surfaces of medical equipment.

    “It’s a remarkable story and testimony to the virus’ capacity to spread through a facility if appropriate controls are not in place,” says Michael Klompas, an infectious disease specialist at Harvard Medical School who was not involved in the study.

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      “We think in the main it’s likely” (to have spread by surface contact) is not scientific proof. It’s not even science. There is nothing in that article which indicates that transmission was by surface contact, merely the three consecutive conditional opinions. Everything in the article says they don’t know.

      Why post such nonsense?

  180. Karen Holmwood

    Thank you so much for continuing to fight for science and the scientific method. If the GMC stops you practicing it will be a travesty.

  181. Angel

    Thank you for speaking your mind and for all you say and stand for. I so hope you do not give up as your voice is invaluable. I have always been interested in my health and taking responsibility for myself and thinking for myself (in most areas of my life). It is not always an easy path but independent thought is vital. If we stand up against this incredibly low and stagnant ‘follow like sheep, head in the sand’ energy, with as many voices as possible – and be awake – we will ultimately make a difference to our future and the planet.
    Some of the professionals/politicians are weak because they are only protecting their positions – (whether they are aware of it or not) – by not allowing free speech. It is so depressing to hear all the radio presenters dumbing down people who ring in with a different point of view. We simply have to believe in our truth and live it.

  182. The Dim Appear

    Thanks for another interesting blog post. I’m sorry to hear that you are being attacked, it must be very frustrating and tiring for them.

    I caught a brief interview with the MP Meg Hillier the other day who was discussing the findings of the Public Accounts Committee regarding the take up of electric vehicles in the UK. It may have just been the editing by the news organization but the main points were that the high purchase cost of the vehicles, the lack of charging points and the high cost of charging away from home needed to be addressed to achieve 2030 government targets of banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

    There was no mention of the availability of the raw materials needed to manufacture the batteries and no mention of the capacity to generate the electricity required to charge the vehicles and the ability of the electrical grid to transmit the power to homes and businesses.

    There was also no mention of the demand that will need to be met when homes and businesses will have to switch from gas to electricity for heating, water heating and cooking. This will all be in competition for electricity with the end of liquid fuels for cars. Perhaps smart meters will be used to balance demand for electricity and secure the stability of the grid by simply turning off supply to homes and businesses deemed not to be priorities? A £5-£10K cost for new electric boilers may mean that people simply are unable to heat their homes or do so in a costly fashion which will reduce demand for electricity. Also electricity is approximately four times more expensive than gas per kw/h to purchase at a retail level.

    I also saw a report by the IEA that there could be almost 230m electric vehicles on roads around the world by 2030. That’s vehicles for the US sorted then.

    We’ve all gotten used to new strains of COVID being named after countries and counties so the next logical step for the virus will be to be named after towns, streets or even postal sectors. Perhaps, when it is mandatory to carry your smart phone everywhere for vaccination passports, the government can use their new emergency alert system currently being tested to instruct people to go home immediately and isolate if a rise in cases is detected in an area. Or to turn around if you are travelling into a high COVID cases area.

    If vaccination passports require regular covid test results to be attached it will probably transpire that people will have to pay for these tests themselves at some point if they want to participate in their lives, you know to work and eat etc. The mandatory purchase of these tests should result in demand for non essential items and activities being reduced which will have a positive impact on man made climate change.

    With the high cost of cars, the cost to charge them and the future hassle of travelling brought about by COVID perhaps very few people will have cars? Buses and cycle lanes are being talked about a lot lately.

    For all but the very special it could be that the time of owning your own vehicle is definitely über.

  183. David Bailey

    Perhaps a little of the real truth is finally escaping into the mainstream press.

    You can register with the Daily Telegraph for free for a short time.

    The article mentions “gain of function research”, so how long will it be before they unearth (or perhaps dare to publish) the contracts signed by various US agencies to pay for that research?

    I’m probably hoping for too much, but it would be absolutely splendid to see the whole story unearthed for all to see. Then heads might roll – possibly literally.

    1. Gary Ogden

      David Bailey: The documents have been unearthed. The largest funder of the GoF research was the Pentagon, through Peter Daszak’s Ecohealth Alliance. Other federal agencies, such as Fauci’s NIAID, the State Department, even Interior, contributed as well. The whole seamy story was presented on the Highwire two or three weeks ago, and Senator Rand Paul grilled Fauci about it recently in a Senate hearing. But heads will not roll; they never do any more. A commission will be established that is designed to fail, just as the Warren Commission (JFK assassination), and the 9/11 Commission were.

    2. barovsky

      So if this is true, then is it the US or the Chinese? Seems to me that if the US paid for this research into ‘gain of function’, then the Chinese institute is nothing more than a contractor for the US government!

      And the more I think about it, why would the US pay for such research to its competitor (as the US govt describes China)? It simply doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, its Fauci’s CDC that has financed the Wuhan institute. Frankly, I think the story stinks.

        1. Gary Ogden

          barovsky: And around the time Trump was inaugurated, in early 2017, he predicted a surprise infectious outbreak coming soon. Prescient he is.

  184. never2lat8

    I think it may be time to build a ship – we could call it the Mayflower 3. I’ve seen enough people on Dr Kendrick’s blog to realise there would be enough expertise in various fields to make a go of it. Location anyone?

    The people that have looked for the truth have found it by now. The rest have swallowed the media BS or just don’t care. I don’t think they can be rescued.

    “We’re not retreating, we’re just advancing in a different direction.”

    1. Mark Wilson

      I would certainly sail on such a ship. Truth is all I’m concerned with. Truth is the most important gift, after God’s grace, that we have. Truth IS God, if you read Our Lord in St. John’s Gospel.