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  1. james

    Never fails to amaze me. Doctors are not evil, they are not unconscientious, they are so often completely ignorant. They never got any training in what their best option in preventative healthcare is : good nutrition based on good science. As it is they are just medics in a war zone.

  2. Ash Simmonds

    I’ve been following Noakes since forever (well, since he came to the “dark side” of limiting carbohydrates) but it just sounds awkward when he says his knowledge is from reading X amount of books and X amount of studies.

    Trust me I’ve tried this approach, it doesn’t matter how many books or studies you’ve read, people will always crap on you. Here’s a fun one from a few months back by people I know personally and considered friends, in the end they were just “ok so where are your prestigious credentials from?” – there’s a bunch more to the convo that starts pages earlier but you can see the basics here: http://aussieexotics.com/forum/off-topic/food-glorious-food-1346.msg345065.html#msg345065

    TL;DR – his friend goes on statins, LDLs drop but she feels like shit, quits statins and feels better but her LDLs rise again so everone panics. I find it incredulous and provide science as to what’s happening – get mostly grief from folks asking what letters I have after my name etc…

    Not shitting on the vid, there’s loads of gems in there, one of my favourites which is almost exactly what I say to other people who ask how I go so long between meals: “I no longer have hunger … most of what people call ‘appetite’ is a food addiction.”

  3. Richard Gibbs

    I watched the whole video. He does say that he doesn’t expect the diet would work for everybody, but he is not offering any approach other than try it. Fine if it works, tough if it doesn’t. The Atkins approach didn’t work for my wife or one of my sons. I’m convinced that Dr. d’Adamo has a good approach to this problem by recognizing the genetic/epigenetic differences between people. This worked for my wife and son; they are both blood type A+ so it’s not surprising that Atkins didn’t work for them. Another son and I are O+, and follow a different program, which has worked for us.

    Malcolm, I would be interested in any feedback from you about that information I posted at http://drrggibbs.blogspot.com/

    1. Debbie

      Richard, I’m O+ and eliminating gluten, dairy, and starchy carbs allowed my body to shed 35 pounds of accumulated inflammation. I studied and tried the blood type diets, but didn’t have as much improvement as removing these inflammatory causing foods from my diet. I’m 60 years old and feel better than I’ve felt in 20 years.

      1. Richard Gibbs

        Did you mean you tried d’Adamo’s blood type diet? I actually follow his later genotype diet and don’t remember what he actually recommends on his blood type diet. The list of foods I have eliminated includes wheat, corn, rice (except basmati), dairy (except for some soft cheeses), and potatoes. I think his recommendations for the O diet also eliminates these, so I don’t see what the difference is in your diet.

  4. Eddie Mitchell

    I can assure any type two diabetic reading this comment, nothing comes close to controlling blood glucose numbers as a low carb diet (50 grams or less per day carbs) other than insulin. I went from HbA1c close to 12 at diagnosis to 5’s within three months. Trigs plummeted from 3 to 0.8 HDL up LDL down and 50lb weight loss. Most type two medications are useless and some have proved dangerous and been banned. My experience is typical and certainly not unusual. I know or know of hundreds of diabetics, who state the same findings. Check out most diabetes forums and almost all the good news and success stories have come by way of a drastic reduction in carbohydrates.

    The standard dietary advice from the NHS and DUK for diabetics has failed totally and this is evidenced by the annual NHS diabetes audits. 93% of type one diabetics never get to a safe HbA1c the stats for type two diabetics are also grim. Upon diagnosis, the NHS often issues a 24 page booklet called “Diabetes A Practical Guide For Patients” The booklet is supported by Takeda, the largest manufacturer of insulin in Japan. The diet information is the usual eat plenty of carbs with every meal recommendation. Lots of high carbohydrate food is the last thing diabetics need. Would a manufacturer of insulin have an interest in recommending low carbohydrate diets. Clearly the more people low carb the less insulin they require. Would an insulin manufacturer, sponsor a book that promoted a low carbohydrate diet for diabetics, and therefore lose sales and revenue?

    The great statin con is but the tip of the iceberg, compared to the monumental damage and destruction that has been perpetrated by big pharma and junk food companies. These outfits have committed massive fraud and have lied for so long they cannot be trusted. I trust Doctors Bernstein, Kendrick, Briffa, Wortman, Morrison, Clark et al. Blind faith, no, I can check my blood glucose with a meter, my blood pressure, my weight etc. and every set of blood tests tell me they are right.

    For many low carb high fat works and keeps on working.

    Kind regards Eddie

    Click to access nati-diab-audi-10-11-care-proc-rep-V4.pdf

    1. dearieme

      You are on entirely the wrong path when you blame “junk food companies”. These guys are capitalists – they’ll sell anything legal that the customer wants. They don’t really care whether she wants low fat or low carb: they’ll provide according to demand. The problem starts with crooked medical scientists – specifically Ancel Keys.

      The effective way for a crook to promulgate his doctrines is by taking over monopoly institutions – professional bodies, arms of government, or whatever. He needs to get control of something with the power of coercion. Keys, his cronies and his disciples achieved that.

      1. lowcarbdiabetic

        “You are on entirely the wrong path when you blame “junk food companies”. These guys are capitalists – they’ll sell anything legal that the customer wants. They don’t really care whether she wants low fat or low carb: they’ll provide according to demand.”

        Agreed, junk food will sell junk and don’t give a damn about the consequence for peoples health. It it turns a profit they will sell it.

        “The problem starts with crooked medical scientists – specifically Ancel Keys.”

        Agreed. Most scientists these days are bought and paid for by big pharma and junk food.

        Next question.

        Kind regards Eddie

      2. james

        Not quite. Natural products, without any processing do not generate a lot of money.Although I completely agree that money is the driver and if you can get your enterprise aided and abetted with the help of crooked scientists, you’v got a winning combination

    2. Lisa

      My hypoglycemic daughter….2 years trying to follow (religiously) what the medical community was screaming at us; “Increase your carbs and sustain it with protein!”….finally, a wonderful friend told us to go Primal. Day one….feels “good” for the first time in 2 years! (I’m not kidding when I say that. EVERY day of her 16 year old life was, “mom, I don’t feel good”….and passing out during sporting events, etc.) We have seen the light. Hubby dropped 17 lbs. in 7 weeks. I’ve dropped 10. It’s effortless once you get going. All 5 of my family, with all different blood types, are thriving on this diet! I love it! 🙂

  5. Robert Park

    This is a road that I have frequently travelled probably since the information hit the fan around 1958 when Dr Richard Mackarness wrote the book ‘Eat Fat and Grow Thin’. On each occasion when on the diet I rapidly lost weight but once fighting fit the diet would be abandoned. In this current advanced stage to life whenever I returned to the diet I suffered severely from constipation so had to abandon it. More lately I discovered that probiotics help and currently I am reviewing the situation and may again return to it. Whilst on the diet my thought processes were alert when I also felt fit and healthy.

  6. Sue Richardson

    Speaking as a non medical, person of mere average intelligence, I thought Prof Noakes’ talk was a brilliant ‘advert’ for low carb/cholesterol myth/anti statins etc. He so obviously felt fantastic on it, and having been sceptical initially, he was all the more compelling. Must look up his book! Great link.

    1. sundancer55

      People really need to learn about the proper mediterranean diet. It isn’t what most of those foodie bloggers are telling you so forget what they are saying. Here’s a guy who really went to the effort to find out by going to the mediterranean countries to find out from the elderly who were able to provide him with information. This is the best description of the Mediterranean Diet you’ll ever see: http://www.tendergrassfedmeat.com/2010/10/05/call-it-medical-not-mediterranean/

  7. Sue Richardson

    Having watched Tim Noakes speaking, I watched parts 1 and 2 of ‘The Heart of the MAtter’ which I shamefully hadn’t watched yet. I also the extra footing by Dr Michael Eades, which was on his blog. Actually, the footage not included was almost more interesting than that which was, if that’s possible. My comment after watching is: what is WRONG with the scientists? I really would like to know. Pharma companies are transparent – they want our money. But what is it with the scientists? I thought they were in it for knowledge and progress and enlightenment. Does anyone have an answer?

    1. Kevin O'Connell

      Scientists want money too and their employers want grants and are encouraged (stick more than carrot) to ‘collaborate” with industry…

  8. Michelle Hough

    I have a smile on my face since I eliminated all refined foods, grains, potatoes and sugar. I have been following this way of eating since June. I am 50 next month and I feel fantastic. People tell me I look fantastic. It’s not just the weight loss. I have a zest for life.
    I want to shout it from the rooftops because it has changed my life.
    I cannot believe the mental difference this has made to me. I have struggled throughout my life with bouts of depression and a total lack of energy. I lost a good job because of it. My weight has yo yo’d along with my will power and self esteem.
    The difference now is that I want to move. My body makes me! I now have the energy to do it.
    I don’t see food in the same way. I am not hungry. It’s just not on my mind anymore whereas in the past it was all I could think of.
    I am so grateful for people like Dr Kendrick, Gary Taubes and Dr John Briffa for making the science available. I am totally convinced that we need to feed our bodies correctly to get them to work and stay healthy. I shall continue to spread the word and support those in the field doing their best to get the message out there.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      I know. You could rephrase this as, LDL does not cause heart disease – unless you have FH i.e very high LDL. Go figure. I shall try hard to believe in impossible things for the next week. I may succeed. If so, I shall let you know.

      1. Richard Gibbs

        I watched Dr. Sanjay Gupta “discuss” this on CNN this morning; it was more like “roll over and play dead” – not a dissenting word! Then I got to watch Dr. Steven Nissen “explain” it all. I found Gupta’s Facebook page and posted a link to the Catalyst program. Given that he recently did a one hour program endorsing medical marijuana, maybe he’s contrarian enough to think about it. (Not holding my breath.)

  9. Jon

    Hello Doctor
    We live in Cape Town (prof Noaks). My wife has gall bladder removed, wondering how she would handle the “fats” Tim speaks about.
    Jon Hide

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