19 thoughts on “Bohemian Polypharmacy

  1. Jennifer

    This video was made for me, I am sure!
    Here I am tonight, back in Germany where we started married life 46 years ago! And, just as I was then, aged 19, on NO meds, ( no, I didn’t even take the socially inflicted contraceptive pill then and naturally don’t need it now! ) I am feeling on top of the world, compared to the previous 10 years of inflicted dismal poly pharmacy! Get the message out there, Dr Kendrick!! Our generation has been conned, well and truly. But it is not too late to reverse the trend, we just need to make the move away from the influence if the immoral, but legalised, drug barons, for that is what they are!!!!

  2. Jon

    Doctors are automatons in a pharmaceutical road show. Patients applaud a clever pill pusher…before they sadly wilt away

  3. Jennie

    Hi Malcolm
    Noticed in the video the mention of Multivitimins, and I presume all supplements.
    What are your thoughts on these? Are some necessary to ensure continued good health?
    My husband and I are taking no prescribed medications at all, despite the fact I know I have high cholesterol. No statins here! My husband is 20 years my senior and is as fit as a butchers dog!! Still working and travelling all over the world teaching and lecturing.
    He had both knees replaced some 9 years ago and we both take glucosamine as well as a few other supplements, carefully selected after reading relevant articles, and discussing with nutritionalists.
    Do you think we are wasting our money? I think you get caught up taking them, as well as eating a very well balanced diet, and get nervous about stopping them!
    Loved the video !
    Keep up the brilliant work you do!


  4. vjadams2014

    Absolutely brilliant – though I have to say, the original always makes me cry, and so did this! I want my GP to see it…in fact I want everybody over the age of 60 to see it.

  5. Suzanne Looms

    Dear Video Watcher, If you are on antibiotics, please DO NOT stop if you ‘don’t feel better by tomorrow’ as suggested by the film. Please DO complete the course. Stopping antibiotics could make your health much worse. eg I’ve seen people stop antibiotics mid course because their chest infection ‘was now better’ and end up with pneumonia.

    1. Flyinthesky

      The key is awareness, the greatest danger from discontinuing a course is not the individual but the bacterium only part eliminated and becomes a danger, through resistance by tolerance, to everyone else.
      Steroid cessation can have fatal results depending on dose and duration but the key element again is awareness, the problem is we have been willing to contract out our awareness and responsibility to those with a vested interest and those taught and influenced by vested interest.
      Most of the big pharma’ companies are often the only ones that know anything any about a specific given condition but their brief is not to cure it but monetise the control of it.
      I’m convinced that if you found a blanket unpatentable cure for cancer, for example two teaspoons of vineagar and an asprin a day for a month, made up cure, you would either be incognito and very wealthy or dead by the weekend and yes I am that cynical.

  6. Mark John

    I was thinking about this video all morning and the role of doctors.

    So, let’s say that the pointless “pill” pushing stops. All the pointless “testing” stops. The statins (for the vast, vast, vast majority) stops. The repeat prescriptions going on for years and years without review stop and the guidelines eased. What will doctors in the modern health service do? Will they become naturopaths?

    This is a serious question!

  7. David

    Excellent video. As a pre-socialmedia geriatric, how do we go about getting it to go “viral” on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc? Have only recently discovered blogs and this one is excellent. Thank you Dr K.

  8. laurip

    Awesome. Makes me feel so glad i left my former doctor who wanted to test me for *anything* every 6 months. I question why she was so desparate to find a treatable issue. Currently, at 50, I am still on no meds and have no immediate health issues.

  9. rhod tibbles

    Brilliant……. unless you really need medication putting drugs into your system is bound to impact on your body’s ability to repair itself . I’ve just been for knee replacement surgery assessments – I’m 65 and the nurse said I was in the fortunate minority whose BMI and weight and general health were excellent. Part of the reason is a positive attitude , always having goals and most important, not taking medication unless absolutely necessary…. I will take essential pain relief post-op but that is all…and… our GP’s know our position on statins very clearly. Although my wife has ‘high’ cholesterol, she has resisted statins with my support but keeps getting the standard heart attack ‘threats’.. it is tantamount to bullying…. in all other ways she is totally fit – having just done 12 4 hour hikes in Costa Rica, I think we know if we are fit or not – with a combined age of 130….. do you think we are doing the right thing….. answers on a postcard… !!!!’


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