Doctoring Data

I am pleased to announce that my book is finally written and edited and available to buy, on-line at

The full, formal launch will not be until next year. But for those who cannot wait (hopefully several hundred million people), you can pre-order it now on a restricted print run. First come, first served as they say.

It has been a mighty effort to write, and I hope that people can both enjoy reading it, and feel that they have learned something by so doing. I am but your humble servant.

53 thoughts on “Doctoring Data

      1. Ash Simmonds

        That’s a tough one, same thing I’m trying to figure out for my own book(s) – probably 99% of the Kindle audience is used to the 1-click purchase and download which is really easy, how much effort is worthwhile for the 1%’ers who know how to operate technology?

  1. Chmeee

    Ok, I’ve ordered a copy and I’m looking forward to reading it. But what’s this about a ‘bonus’ ? I thought you Scots did not give anything away for free? I think we should be told… 🙂


      1. Mary Richard

        Dr. Kendrick,
        I have not been able to order the book so I think I will make an appointment to see a psychiatrist to get some anti-depressants to deal with the stress. Now, do you feel sorry for me yet?

        Mary Richard

        1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

          Mary. Sorry about that. Others have managed? I have no control over the systems I am afraid. I pass on problems when I can. The book will formally launch next year, when it should be very simple to order, as it will be available as Kindle, hard copy, through Amazon etc.

          1. Jennifer

            Well Dr K, like Mary and Jeff have mentioned, I too am unable to get round the ordering process….going round and round in ever decreasing circles….and, sorry to all the feminists out there….even resorted to the other half having a go! But to no avail.
            I do not know what the voucher code is, so eventually ignored it. After putting my details in three times as each new window requested, I have given up again…sorry.
            Any tips from those who have been successful?

          2. Jennifer

            Joy of Joys…all sorted….contacted publishers who are removing “voucher code”.
            I also changed over to my lap top to order…..methinks it didn’t like the i-pad or the mini i-pad!

          3. Jean

            For those that are having problems ordering, as I did, the thing that made it work was looking at the order form more closely. It asks for the house number on one line and the street on the next, so I had to split up the information that normally would go on one line.

      2. Mary Richard

        Dr. Kendrick,
        I just recalled that I had this problem when trying to order several copies of Statin Nation I directly from the producer rather than Amazon. Since it is available in British Pounds only at least for now, I was told to contact my credit card company to allow the transaction to go through. If your credit card is used in a place not normally tracked on your account(s), my bank at least, will call me or kick it back fearing fraud. That is a big deal in this world of cyber crime and identity theft. It may very well be just a matter of contacting your credit card company or making sure the seller has a paypal account, which is accepted worldwide. Those fees on Amazon or others are things we would like to avoid with our authors from whom we prefer to purchase. Hope this helps others. I am so anxious to read the book. The cover (pictorial) is so mesmerizing and attention grabbing, it works!!!

        Oh, I cancelled the Psychiatric appointment Dr. Kendrick! Feeling much better, thank you!

        Congrats again, Dr. Kendrick

      1. Retired Scientist (with real degrees and experience)

        I found the checkout thing to run me around in endless circles. I don’t have a voucher number, and left that blank. Maybe that is the thing. I’m just a private citizen, and I don’t issue voucher numbers on my purchases. Or Was I supposed to be issued a voucher number in the purchase process. I really would like to get the book. Maybe I will write a book on Internet Order Flubs, and trade that book for this one.

  2. Alastair McLoughlin

    Ordered the hardback copy. Look forward to receiving your pearls of wisdom….if they’re not available just send the book instead! Have a great Christmas!

  3. Professor Göran Sjöberg

    As on of your Swedish ‘anti-statin’ believers I put my order on your new book a few minutes ago.

    Talking about differences between Scots and Swedes I must admit that the whisky you are making, especially 10 year old Ardbeg which I am just now sipping and enjoying for the health of my heart, is outstripping the though reasonable ones we are making in Sweden. I am happy that you reopened the production facility of that excellent Ardbeg whisky.

    Though we seem to be ahead of you Scots when it comes the low carb high fat (LCHF) ‘revolution’.

    1. Mary Richard

      Professor, I have to agree on the LCHF. You Swedish have it right on the mark with that revolution. It has worked for this American lady and always will!!! Have to run…have hot butter on the stove!!

    2. Helen

      Professor Sjoberg, you are drinking my favourite single malt! I’ve been searching high and low for the 10 year old Ardbeg for ages. There’s nothing for it but a trip up the A68 and a rummage around some Scottish off-licences. The other Ardbeg ‘editions’, or whatever the correct phrase is, to my taste have never really compared. Happy drinking!

  4. Cstckdvd

    On 16 December the Bishop Hill blog, run by Andrew Montford who covers the sceptical view of climate change, under the heading “Academic Science: Not Fit for Purpose” began:

    “Richard Smith has another fascinating article about the way science has been practised in universities in recent decades, focusing particularly on The Big Fat Surprise, a book about the purported links between diet and health. It’s full of quotable stuff; so much so that I barely know where to begin, but this, almost at random, gives a flavour of the thing.”

    It went on to talk about Ancel Keys and his misrepresentation of evidence and ended with the following:

    “This all sounds very familiar. What you can see here is yet another example of academic science proving inadequate for informing public policy, serving up results that are half-baked, half-tested, and often already half refuted. When will politicians learn?”

    The comments that followed showed how much the followers of the blog knew about the subject and one recommended your last book:

    “It’s all detailed in this excellent book. The Great Cholesterol Con. The Truth about what really causes heart disease. Written by Dr Malcolm Kendrick. Everything in it has references to the relevant research, very little of which is known.”

    Your fame is reaching all areas – I hope your new book is just as successful!

    1. Flyinthesky

      The phenomenon leaves me in a state of continuous dismay, we have people willingly accepting the position expressed on this fine blog but refuse the identical perspective in other areas presented elsewhere. It all works the same.
      On the political front we have “ministers” who are not appointed on area expertise but on compllance to the desired message.
      This leads us to a situation whereby a minister has to secure the services of an “expert” these experts are appointed on the same terms, not to question the desired message, questioning it leads to villification and replacement, but to reinforce it.
      Owen Paterson was one of the latest casualties as environment secretary, he knew his onions but that wasn’t the issue, it doesn’t matter what you know or how right you are, if you’re off message you’re gone. The last thing that’s wanted is a minister who knows what he’s talking about. And it all works……………..the same.
      It doesn’t stop at ministers either, Margaret Thatcher, irrespective of personal opinion of her, once she finally realised what the eu was and what it’s intentions were she was outed in short order, off message.
      The bigger you make a controlling authority the more agenda driven and corrupt it becomes.
      England/UK/eu/WHO/UN, it’s all a game, we’re not players, mere pawns.
      Sorry Malcolm, a bit tangenital.

  5. Fergl100

    I would love to live in Sweden because of their grown up and almost unsentimental attitutude.

    I would like to know what to eat because I think it has a small but significant effect on health. I need a Scandinavian response. I have a big problem though, because I have CF and need lots of calories to survive but I also have cf related diabetes which causes a conflict. I need carbohydrate for calories but that can lead to spikes in sugar levels.

    I find myself craving fatty foods. Should I succumb? I have three children who rely on me so I need another 10 years. I .want to do the right thing but because I am stressing about everything that might be the very worst thing I could do.

    1. Anne

      I’m diabetic (atypical type 2, thin and not insulin resistant) though not Swedish – fat is your friend as it doesn’t raise blood glucose and will give you the calories you need. Fats as in fatty cuts of meat, preferably organically reared, fats as in oily fish, full fat dairy foods, and fats such as lard, butter and coconut oil are very suitable. Coconut oil is easy to digest as it’s mostly medium chain triglycerides which are absorbed very easily and quickly to give you energy. The Swedish diet for diabetes recommends high fat, low carb:

    2. Professor Göran Sjöberg

      Fergl 1000

      Yes- Sweden is a great country – almost as great as Scotland I would assume. (The difference might be the whisky.)

      If your interested in what is going on in our country relating to eating and health the following web site may be of help. There is a lot to read about diabetes on the Swedish site but don’t know how much is translated.

      Me and my severely type 2 diabetic wife are living strict on LCHF (“the fatter the better”) and are a catastrophy for Big Pharma and my guess is that if we continue to grow as the grass root movement, we are doing just now, they will soon start up the really hot grill (stake?) to put us all on.

  6. Jeff

    Congratulations Malcolm. I have ordered my copy; despite the best efforts of Columbus Books and their very tiresome website ordering process to frustrate the process. I look forward to a humour-filled and informative read.

    Please accept without obligation, express or implied, these best wishes for an environmentally safe, socially responsible, low stress, non addictive, and gender neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday as practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice (but with respect for the religious or secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or for their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all) and further for a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated onset of the generally accepted calendar year (including, but not limited to, the Christian calendar, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures). The preceding wishes are extended without regard to the race, creed, colour, age, physical ability, religious faith, choice of computer platform, or sexual preference of the wishee(s). (copied from

    Merry Christmas to you Malcolm. My best wishes for a productive and a happy new year to you and your family.


  7. Christine Whitehead

    Your book has arrived. I’ve just had a quick gallop through the first dozen pages. Thoroughly enjoying it, not laughed so much since Monty Python.

  8. Christine Whitehead

    Now up to Chapter 2. It’s a lot more than a good laugh. It’s very readable and very informative and I recommend it. Read it before you next visit a Doctor.

  9. michaellightfoot

    I am a fully convinced adherent of the statin conspiracy theory and the great cholesterol con, so am keen to get hold of a copy of Doctoring Data – but your website keeps throwing out my address in Malta with a syntax error, so I have been unable to progress beyond the checkout. I would be keen to support you and your publisher by buying direct, but, as things stand it looks like I’ll have to wait a wee while then revert the Book Depository.
    Any tips since I am keen to strike whilst the Data are Hot ?

  10. Karl Brandt

    Doctoring Data – A thoroughly enjoyable read!

    The title works on two levels. Get it?
    Spot on with all current topics.

    Seen a nice A & E doctor about three weeks ago because of double vision caused by a bout of the nastiest flu ever. “What, You are hypertensive and you are refusing to take blood pressure medication!!” This young doctor just could not believe it. A patient with the audacity to refuse blood pressure medication. “But the research shows that it reduces CVD and strokes beyond doubt”. Yeah right. Another indoctrinated young medic. There are just too many working so hard proselytising the merits of what is essentially Polypharmacy.

    Your book should be made compulsory reading for ALL clinical NHS staff.

    Thank You so much for all your efforts and time that has gone into this book. For a change it is easy to read and full of valuable facts. I hope you sell thousands, no millions of copies.

    Best Wishes
    Karl B.

  11. Pieter

    Will the ebook be available on Kobo devices? I’ve been anxiously waiting, but nothing yet…. Prefer reading on my e-ink reader, and Kindle version is not supported on my device.


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