A Good Cause

15th April 2020

I have known Steve Bennett for a few years now. He became a convert to the high fat low carb world (primal living and eating) and has set up Primal Living to promote this dietary message to the world, using his considerable financial muscle to do so.

In the midst of lockdown, he is running a series of youTUBE programmes, and interviews, discussing a number of topics, and from the resultant publicity he is hoping to gain donations to food banks – which are really struggling at the moment. He will match donations up to £100,000 to do this.

I hope you can watch some of the programmes. I hope you can donate, if you feel able. I am appearing on a couple of the shows. I think this is a very good cause. I support Steve Bennett and his team in the endeavour. Below is a slightly amended press release…

THE FOOD BANK SHOW – YouTube channel: The Primal Living.

Guests on the shows include politician Tom Watson and Dr Aseem Malhotra and Dr Malcolm Kendrick – amongst others (we are also waiting for conformation of singer Liam Payne – Liam is a huge supporter of food banks). The show will also be connecting live to the Trussell Trust, who with their army of amazing volunteers keep many of our food banks operational.

Every morning thereafter, we will be broadcasting live on youTUBE providing food and health advice. Steve Bennett The Food Bank Show host will be joined by doctors, medical experts and chefs, many of whom contributed to his latest health book FAT and Furious. Together – they will be taking your questions from around the country and additionally during the shows we will video link to food banks across the UK and discover new ways we can all help offer support.

With fast food chains closed, we want to seize this opportunity to reshape the eating habits of our nation and improve everyone’s health and whilst we are doing this together –  help feed those most in need during this crisis.

Join Steve and his family, as they put on a truly interactive show and please encourage everyone you care and love to join them too.

Further Info

  • We aim to generate as many donations to the Food Banks as possible. Steve Bennett is going to match donations up to the first £100,000.
  • People can donate via a text or a justgiving page.
  • The show has 3 aims;
    • Help viewers learn about how to eat healthily
    • Raise money for foodbanks, with our partnership with the Trussell Trust
    • Entertain people
  • 2% of UK families currently rely on food banks, but the virus has resulted in fewer donations and fewer volunteers being able to help.
  • After keeping social distance and washing hands, the next best thing we can do to help our immune and defences is to be metabolically healthy, this will be discussed at detail in the shows.
  • Most vulnerable are those with metabolic syndrome. In Italy while the average age of death was 81, the average person who died suffered from 2.7 underlying chronic medical conditions. Including High blood pressure, cancer, diabetes. Lowering blood pressure, reversing diabetes, high sugar levels, can happen quickly with the right advice and that is the message the doctors will be promoting.
  • In Wuhan, more than 60% of people who died, or had serious complications had high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.
  • UK over 60% adults are overweight or obese. Only 17.4% of American adults are metabolically healthy.

For more information contact:

Contact the Show Writers Nick.Davies@primalliving.com  or Poppy Hadkinson poppy@primalliving.com
Jack Bennett Show Producer JB3015@bath.ac.uk
The Show Host Steve Bennett Steve@tggc.com

27 thoughts on “A Good Cause

  1. JDPatten

    As one who was diagnosed with “pre”diabetes and switched completely to LCHF and lowered my A1C to perfectly normal levels, I’m all for this sort of thing.

  2. Bruce Miller

    With teh push towards “Vegan” diets and demonizing all animal-based food sources as loaded with toxins, hormones, etc. it will be refreshing to see an alternative view. I hope he can/does also comment on this.

    It should be a no brainer to donate.

  3. Martin Back

    Food Bank Show YouTube channel

    It would be nice if they indicate who the guests on the program are, or provide a list on a separate website with brief details of each episode. I won’t be watching live and haven’t the time to watch an hour of video I have little interest in.

    Also on the channel are the Fat and Furious videos. They tell you who the featured guest is, which is the way to do it. For instance, want to hear Dr Kendrick giving us the truth about causes heart disease? Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIPn4CLNMa4

    1. John Cherup

      After reading your book on statins I remember a line that states that one of the only benefits of taking statins might be the release of nitric oxide from the pill. I have recently read a book by Dr. Louis Ignarro (a winner of the Nobel prize in medicine) where he believes that taking L citrulline and L -Arginine concurrently to eliminate coronary heart disease. What is you’re take on this claim? Thanks for yore time and keep blogging to us all. John Cherup You’re cousin from across the pond

  4. fefil

    Just got this from dr Kendrick he mentions someone keto converted doing YT videos to raise money for food banks..


  5. John Goss

    This might be commonplace but i thought I would mention it anyway. I just came to this site using the Firefox browser (I usually use Yandex) and got this message:

    Visiting https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2020/04/15/a-good-cause/ is not advised with an icon of some traffic lights on amber

    Just thought I’d mention this. In fairness I have been trying to get rid of a persistent website that keeps pestering me and set up a child’s account to try and eliminate it. Not sure whether that is the reason. Though why a child should not be educated is beyond me.

  6. RI_Guy

    I’ve been reading your posts and going off on more tangential research since I suddenly learned in Oct 2018 that I needed an aortic valve (later learned bicuspid) replacement they decided to include a single LMA CABG. What I wish I”d know then what I know now.

    For this post though, while I’d like to help, we’re facing similar issues here in the US. One of the orgs that we’ve use, Farm Fresh RI (https://www.farmfreshri.org/programs/market-mobile/) has recently changed their policy…due to lock down, to include delivery to consumers, kitchens, charities etc.

    I’m sure there are other, similar type organizations across the UK and US.


  7. Soul

    I wish the food fund raising and teaching how to eat healthier all the best of success in the UK and elsewhere around the world.

    A wish I have, it would be helpful if it was taught that natural sunlight or artificial sunlight is a nutrient much needed for optimal health. I suspect if quality lighting was used, or more people were less fearful of being in sunshine, many instances of the cold and flu bug could be avoided. And while the answer doesn’t appear to be known, quality light exposure could have helped prevent the Wuhan virus’s spread I suspect.

  8. Göran Sjöberg

    Yes, this is the way to go!

    It is evident for most of us who have seriously tried the LCHF that it “works”.

    One thing is that you tend to lose all your extra kilos with or without (as in our own cases) intention. In corona times this seems to be a good starting point for people like us, 70+ with CVD and/or T2D issues. My belief is that skipping the carbs (especially the sugar parts) and most of all the vegetable oils improves your immune system immensely.

    The immune system is though a “tricky” issue so I don’t really understand the mechanisms involved. It is though well known that by ingesting large amounts of omega 6 oils, like sunflower oil, you can completely destroy your own immune system. (A “trick” successfully used in early kidney transplants but abandoned since the patients got cancer at alarming rates.)

    Since we converted ten years ago, when we realized that my wife was severely T2 diabetic she improved dramatically and immediately (in a couple of days!). Actually her T2D seems now to have completely disappeared, cured? Well, it looks like she nowadays can cheat a little on the carbs. (E.g., a shared cheese cake to round off our dinner at the restaurang the other day.) And in ten years we have both avoided all colds and flues except once in my case (due to severe cheating?).

    Our eating pattern is now in a narrow time window (6 – 8 hours a day) which may also be a key point. (Dr. Mercola and Dr. Jason Fung are here strong advocates of this kind of daily “fasting”.)

    Well, well, well!

    Big Pharma is not making any money on healthy people so we are ruining their market without doubt.

    “So, chase the healthy ones out of our BP-‘church’ or make them join our congregation by putting them on statins!”

    1. Jennifer

      Goran. Isn’t it good to see what is taking place regarding food banks. I seem to be making a few waves on the blog regarding my views on the dreaded C19 and ways of controlling it, so I will back off and concentrate on my views on diet, which I know coincide with yours. But in one respect I have changed . I have perfected the art and science of sour dough; in fact the whole process required to make healthy bread. My diabetes is so well controlled, and I was a bit apprehensive when considering reintroducing bread. But I am so pleased that my bread has no detrimental effect whatsoever. Real bread made by the long fermentation process seems to be the solution. I have a brilliant stone grinder to produce nice perfect whole grain organic rye and organic wheat flours….’wi nowt takken out’…all the lovely fresh husk and healthy oils, vitamins and minerals….just flour, water and salt, with active sour produced from rye flour and water alone, and hey presto….well, a bit longer than that…36 hours later in fact. perfection.

  9. Anna M

    Ha, ha, it may be true that fast food restaurants are closed, but I noted in my last two trips to the supermarket that all the basics are readily available, although the dairy is somewhat ravaged, but the frozen dinners and pizzas and ice cream shelves are just about empty.

  10. Geoff Arden

    thanks for this: I have now heard Paul Mason talk to Ivor, I think it was:

    and Ivor now talk to Dave Feldman; (for those of Dr K’s congregation who are LCHF enthusiasts);

    metabolic syndrome is standing out, as you so well document above: I wonder if this mention is just MSM reporting: (wondering if any medical journals are going to mention it);

    they will not be keen to do this: don’t want any spotlights zooming in on the marvellous advice that folks get: Roll up; roll up; want to get diabetes quickly? Want to really damage your health? well, follow our splendid advice: eat every couple of hours, and load up on carbs. Oh, and take these drugs too.

    So what I am trying to say: can anyone point to stuff where metabolic syndrome is mentioned please?

    1. jennifer

      Jerome, I have just stumbled on this message from Dr K,( trying to keep up with all the responses on recent blogs) and am delighted. Back to what is important, back to basics and back to a better health profile. I have been concerned for a while about the lack of quality in some food banks, but people mean well with their donations.

  11. chris c

    Great idea!

    However, just one problem – I may be wrong (it has been known to happen!) but isn’t it a legal requirement that all hospitals, care homes, schools, prisons etc. MUST follow the high carb low fat food pyramid, or plate, or whatever shape it is this week. Does this also apply to food banks?

    Slight improvement in the supermarket this week, more butter but still not my favourites President or Kerrygold, and Fairtrade 85% chocolate is back along with a few other previously missing items. Strangely fresh milk, even full fat, but no longlife, an odd decision since we are supposed to shop as seldom as possible. One of the veg shops is now only doing deliveries but the butchers are still full.


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