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25th July 2020

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Why the scaremongering about COVID?

This week we were told that, in the UK at least, anyone who had a positive COVID test who then died – of anything – would be recorded as dying of COVID. No matter when they die.

Which means that someone could have been tested positive in March, with no symptoms of COVID at all, who then died in July. They would be recorded, in the official figures, as dying of COVID. Even if the were hit by a bus.

Even more weird is the fact that there does not seem to be any time limit to this. So, you could test positive in March 2020, then die in March 2040, and still be recorded as dying of COVID. I doubt this will happen, but it could.

To be honest I have known something very strange has been going on with the UK data for some time. In that, the UK has not provided any figures on how many people have recovered from COVID. In almost all countries, figures are provided on the total number of cased, the total number of deaths, the number of active cases and the number who have recovered.

In the US for example, there have been just over three and a half million cases, a hundred and forty thousand deaths and one point seven million people have officially recovered. In the UK, there have been nearly three hundred thousand cases, forty-five thousand deaths – and no recorded recoveries.

In short, in the UK, you cannot ever recover from COVID. Once you’ve got it, that’s it, you’ve got it. This anomaly has been reported on before. Here for instance, from the Guardian in June.

‘Britain is an outlier internationally in not reporting the number of people who have recovered from Covid-19 alongside statistics on deaths and numbers of identified cases.’ 1

Why would anyone want to do this? You would think the Government would be pulling out all the stops to decrease the number of recorded COVID deaths. Especially as the UK is sitting in a pretty dismal place on the international comparison charts. Why deliberately inflate your figures.

However, it is not just the UK that is hyping up COVID deaths. A reader of my blog sent me an analysis of the WHO advice on death certification, which seems accurate. In his analysis:

  1. If you die of anything and they suspect you might have it, with no tests and perhaps just because everyone else is assumed to have it, then COVID-19 goes on the death certificate as primary cause of death. Broadly speaking… unless the patient dies of something that is sudden and cannot be a long-term comorbidity.
  2. If you have the same symptoms as flu or pneumonia you must be put down as COVID19 and not due to an influenza type illness.
  3. Any certificates that are in any way erroneous with regard to the above must be recoded to conform.
  4. Any COVID-19 codes that are wrong should not be fixed in any circumstances

To me looks like a recipe for systematic over inflation of death counts, designed to disallow or circumvent clinical judgement 2.

In the US Dr Scott Jensen, who is a physician, and a member of the Minnesota senate, has been notified by the board of medical practice in Minnesota that he is being investigated for public statements he has made.

Essentially, he is being accused of spreading misinformation about the completion of death certificates, and the overestimation of deaths from COVID-19. Also, that he has been comparing COVID-19 to influenza, in terms of how serious it is. This is considered ‘reckless advice’.

For pointing out the over-reporting of COVID-19 deaths and daring to claim that COVID-19 is no worse than a bad flu season, he could be struck off the medical register. You can see Dr Jensen discussing this YouTube 3.

So, it seems that, around the world the same things are being seen. A seemingly coordinated attempt to vastly over-inflate the number of deaths caused by COVID-19, and to drive home how deadly it is.

For example, a few days ago, a new story hit the headlines in the UK, warning of hundreds of thousands of deaths this winter.

‘The UK could see about 120,000 new coronavirus deaths in a second wave of infections this winter, scientists say.

Asked to model a “reasonable” worst-case scenario, they suggest a range between 24,500 and 251,000 of virus-related deaths in hospitals alone, peaking in January and February.’ 4

Where did this come from? It was a model, using exactly the same assumptions as that created by Prof Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London in March. The one that warned of five hundred thousand deaths in the UK. Only out by a factor of ten. Probably far more, because many of the deaths recorded as due to COVID have been, simply, wrong.

How certain was their prediction of 120,000 deaths? Professor Stephen Holgate, who chaired the report then said. ‘This is not a prediction – but it is a possibility.’ A possibility… Perhaps it should be published in the Journal of possibility-based medicine. A journal where you simply make up facts, then see how many people run around in sheer terror.

What is now happening is extremely disturbing. COVID has certainly been a serious disease, but the flu epidemics of 1957 and 1967 were just as bad, if not worse, with regard to total fatalities. They were both over a million, and COVID has a long way to go to match that 5

In addition, in those epidemics far more younger people died. With COVID, if you are under fifteen, the chance of dying of COVID is around one in two million, which is three times less than the chance of being struck by lightning 6.

Across Europe, the excess in deaths has simply disappeared 7. There is no increased mortality anywhere to be seen. Whilst we are told about outbreaks of COVID deaths in various cities, the rate of new infection in these ‘outbreaks’ is less than one in a thousand. Which is not really an outbreak at all.

Despite this, mask wearing is to be mandatory. When COVID-19 took off, no-one was wearing a mask in my unit, unless they were helping a patient, and there was no social distancing between staff. Now the trust has decreed masks must be worn at all time, and social distancing is being ruthlessly enforced. A bell now rings, and we must wipe of all surfaces in front of us…

The reality is that COVID-19 has all but gone in the UK and Europe. The slow, but inexorable rise in deaths in the UK is being driven by the fact that anyone who has ever had a positive COVID-19 test, who dies, is recorded as dying of COVID.

Yet, as COVID-19 disappears, mask wearing and social distancing is being enforced as never before, and the prospect of a deadly second wave is being waved like a black shroud, with warnings of hundreds of thousands of deaths to come.

A biomedical scientist in the UK sent me an e-mail two days ago, about the testing they had done.

‘In the week 9th – 16th July we carried out 2800 PCR tests (across three different platforms: mainly on the Hologic Panther, but some on the Cepheid GeneXpert and Biomerieux BioFire) and had only 4 positives. These 4 positives were all patients who had previously tested positive. We had NO new cases, and after checking back a few weeks, the only positives we have had have been from repeat swabs from these same 4 patients – they were almost acting like QC samples to ensure that our tests were actually working properly!

Two thousand eight hundred tests and none positive. This scientist contacted other laboratories, and they were seeing the same things. I have contacted a couple of nearby NHS Pathology Labs and they reported the same findings as us: zero or near zero new cases for several weeks.’

What on earth is going on?








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    1. Puddleglum

      I’m finding it hard to see who benefits. Obviously the people producing vaccines will BUT they are rushing out vaccines left, right and centre. History suggests that this is not a good idea and there will be a number of people who (like with the poll tax) just quietly disappear.

      Is it about social control and turning us into sheep? Possibly, although is that worth crippling what was a thriving ecconomic culture.

      Perhaps the writing was on the wall for that culture – environmentally, the planet cannot sustain it and we are facing a mass extinction. Yup! I’ve got it! All explained now. It’s all about power and control in a world where the environment has collapsed and there are far fewer people and animals.

      Nothing to see here people. Move along and put your mask back on while you are at it.

      1. Judith Fossett

        What you suspect coincides with the gates foundation. M gates trip to Africa whereby she herself talks about the huge birthrate and over population and vaccination and birth control. The world is in a pretty precarious position with these wealthy individuals who are behaving like God. I am unsure how this massive wrong can be righted.

      2. Tom Welsh

        “I’m finding it hard to see who benefits”.

        The answers to that would fill a fat book. But to keep it simple, the two dominant motives in today’s world are money and power. If you don’t understand, that reflects well on you. You may be one of nature’s innocents, with decent humane values.

        Those who fuss about the virus, those who get paid huge amounts to treat patients, and especially those who might be paid literally billions to make and sell vaccines, will get huge amounts of money. In the USA hospitals get paid $19,000 for every Covid-19 diagnosis, and $39,000 for everyone put on a ventilator. And the federal government pays states between $30,000 and $480,000 for *each* Covid-19 diagnosis.

        As for power, just look around you at the world. Everywhere citizens are humbly and quietly accepting limitations of their freedom that normally would provoke violent revolution. Just imagine if a government, in normal times, ordered all citizens to stay in their houses except for brief exercise and shopping intervals – or to cover their faces like women in Saudi Arabia. How many soldiers would it take to enforce that? But just threaten people with a deadly, insidious, invisible menace, and they lock themselves up voluntarily! No power-hungry politician, civil servant, spook or military leader could resist such a temptation.

        1. Glenn

          And the face mask mandates are another way to stoke the fear fire so everyone is aware of it all of the time and more afraid.

    2. AhNotepad

      Trish, common sense is not relevant, nor is any real or imaginary infection. It is suppression and control being exerted to reset the system, and make fat cats fatter.

    3. Patrick Healy

      Doctor dear Doctor!
      Thank you for shedding some light on this Wuhan Flu nonsense.
      You ask “what is going on?
      I know your speciality is living up to your oath of trying to cure the sick and you try and ignore politics, but this has nothing to do with medicine.
      It is about the New World Order, Global Warming, and eugenics tied up with the Rev Malthus debunked theories which are alive and well in places like the UN and the G8 and the Bilderberg Group.
      Last but not least is a concerted effort to finally destroy an American President, as all other efforts have so far failed.
      These are not hairbrained conspiracy theories.
      Any one who is still in possession of an open mind, and is prepared to do some basic (non fake news) research can verify my observations with a little effort.
      Nil desperundum.

        1. Cón Ó Brolcháin

          Problem is science is hard and very specialized. You can’t wake up one day and decide to fly a plane for example, you need training and a lot of it, same with science, there is so much technical knowledge needed and this takes time and work That’s why PhDs take at least 3 years if you’re lucky. Medical training takes 7 years or more. To become a medical consultant you also need a PhD generally. For example, a lot of medical research relies heavily on statistics and to tell valid research from BS you have to really know statistics and what things like p-values mean and watching a YouTube video doesn’t hack it,

          That’s my 5 cents worth.

          1. Cón Ó Brolcháin

            You did have to reach back to the 17th century for that example and that’s the problem. Science & technology have become so complex and specialised that it’s not possible to do this anymore. The days of the gentleman scientist are over. Science is just too large a field and too complex. For example here’s a random PhD thesis title “Statics and dynamics of weakly coupled antiferromagnetic spin-1/2 ladders in a magnetic field”. What does that mean, I haven’t a clue despite being ‘indoctrinated in my Ivory Tower’.

            There is a real problem here and I think the education system leaves people ill equipped to deal with the modern complex world. For example, we recently had a senior person in the NHS in England unable to understand what 1 in 1400 meant.

          2. David Baileyandy

            Hi Con: I don’t do scientific research. I read research done by scientists and watch UTube to get a balanced perspective of interesting topics. Things to watch out for; conflict of interest, purpose of study, confounding factors, wrong conclusions, hidden agendas, statistical trickery, and groupthink.

        2. Beverly

          Janet, the guy who wrote the article sounds like my dad when I was a kid; “You are a child, therefore you know nothing – I am an adult, therefore I know everything”….
          The writer is saying, in a very patronising manner in my humble opinion; ‘Scientists understand everything – if you are not a scientist how dare you assume to understand anything’.

    4. Marjorie Daw

      The answer to, “what the hell is going on,” is that influential, power hungry sociopath billionaires want complete control of the masses with the aim of creating a “New World Order.”
      Bill and Melinda Gates fund research on a vaccine tattoo that has a person’s vaccination history imbedded into it. This is not science fiction. It’s already being tested. Unless you are vaccinated you can be cast out of society; not permitted even to enter a supermarket to buy groceries, or take public transportation. This is “The Great Reset,” “The New World Order.” The masses better wake up soon. The truth is hiding in plain sight for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

    5. John Dunn

      Hi Dr. Kendrick,
      How many death certificates have you signed where Covid-19 had no direct or indirect cause for the death and yet you were made to enter Covid-19 as the cause of death?

      1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

        No one has made me enter anything. I can still write what I want. So far the death certificate police have not been in touch. No joke. There are doctors who screen death certificates.

    1. Marlene Jenkin

      I have read that giving us faulty data ‘they’ hope we will not search for the truth as we will be frozen with fear. All part of creating the fear/control that will have us begging for a poorly tested vaccine – making trillions for BG & BP.

      Now we hear daily we must have the Influenza vaccine to prevent overloading the NHS – ummm ! I have read that the ‘flu vaccine can exacerbate Covid symptoms and also create a positive PCR test !!

      I cannot help thinking that perhaps they are thinking it was a ‘flu virus after all. I am also concerned about the new legislation that has slipped through regarding access to our homes and removal of people suspected of Covid – including children.

      Read up on the WHO and the UN from way back to learn of their global plans. Nothing is what it seems or for the good of our health. Apologies for lack of links. At 73 I am on the last lap – it is for the grandchildren I have concerns about The Reset.

      Keep up the VitD levels – VitC – Zinc !! Our immune systems have become challenged with the onslaught of vaccines creating artificial immunity – time to reclaim it ….

    2. Tish

      The emperor is still wearing no clothes and hardly anyone is noticing. The crowd eventually laughed in the fairy tale but this current debacle is no laughing matter. We seem to need FAR more than a small child in the crowd to point out the absurdity.

      Shakespeare’s Richard III famously said that he was “so far in blood that sin will pluck on sin”.
      It seems there are plenty wielding influence who could say the same about themselves, but of course, they won’t.

      I’m so sick of people I am thinking of becoming a hermit.

  1. jeanirvin

    I can’t work out who benefits from this, either. I can only imagine that Bill Gates realy believes he has a mission to save the world by vaccination. Heaven help us!

  2. christopher sivewright

    Imagine you think there’s a possibility of war with someone. You know the enemy has two main weapons of attack: military and biological. You know what military defenses you have and these are in place. Defending against biological warfare is a lot more difficult but one step you can take is prepare the public so when the biological weapon is used, the effect is minimised as the citizens are already wearing masks, washing hands, socially distancing themselves.
    In years to come you will be praised for having schooled your population to prepare for war, a war that was yet to come but one they thought was actually happening at the time.

    1. AhNotepad

      You cannot keep people in a state of permanent terror that something is about to happen, without the stress caused exacts its own toll.

      1. Patrick Healy

        Sorry, have you not noticed the fake news bbc wall to wall coverage of the fake global warming scam these past 15 years?
        That is an example of “keeping the people in a state of permanent terror”
        Would you not agree?

        1. AhNotepad

          Patrick, it may have been an attempt at permanent terror, but most people seemed to have carried on as usual, with a bit of virtue signalling, such as “supporting” extinction rebellion, or buying a new electric car (both empty and pointless gestures). As a result most people weren’t bothered too much.

          Now they are being brainwashed such that if I walk towards someone, they will almost leap sideways to give excessive clearance, or even cross the road to effect anti-social distancing. I think in future I will point out to them how anti-social their actions are.

          In the UK we have a predicted population for 2025 of 15,000,000.

        2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          The separation-device operates to mask the fear without undoing it, and so a bubble of control is maintained around a narrative that shifts and changes – but always to evade questioning or disclosing the core of control set over fear.

          So the ego or masked sense of self, operates a self contradiction of fear seeking protection and a protection racket of fear and threat applied to everything and anything that keeps you listening to it – for such is the only life it has. It thus speaks to you as IF the only life you have. Its lack of substance underlies your lack of faith or trust in your existence – and so while there may be periods of success in keeping fear from conscious awareness, they are punctuated by reminders that ‘re-prime the pump’ or reset the narrative, such as to defend against disclosure of what the mask is made to hide, and hide in.

          The internalisation of narrative beliefs, ‘becomes us’ – for the masking structure of whatever strategies are acted out, becomes invisible in social reinforcement as normal.
          Any behaviours can thus be trained or conditioned to become normal. But that does not make them natural or aligned with who we are. The contradiction of social demands and conditioned compliance with who we are is itself a source of fear, for the ‘world’ we take as our ‘reality’ is a bubble that disintegrates or is transformed by awareness in truth – in which a wholeness of being reveals incongruity of thought, perception and response.

          The willing alignment to a re-evaluation of self and world is a healing of the mind and of our relationships with ourselves and our world. But in a ‘normal’ that defends against true messengers in fear of change as pain of loss, the pressure of denials demands ever more resources and indeed sacrifice of the living, to maintain a face of ‘control’ that masks over trauma revisited. For the ‘patterns’ of our personal and social adaptations are sets of learned behaviours, much of which was in our formative experience – prior to the development of the mind of self-reflective reasoning or choice.

          The obvious and unmasked use of fear as ‘protection’ against fear becomes unworkable. It cannot hold allegiance or believability, and the nature of the device becomes more starkly revealed as coercive deceit in which we are more invested than we think. The emotion-backed coercive mind can terrorise, to set a lie over truth, but cannot make it true.

          Truth requires nothing be added or taken away to be itself.
          Separation from truth is a self-contradiction running in compelling emulation ‘as if’ its exposure is our damnation or utter undoing. But passing through fears demonstrates such fear is unfounded, while reinforcing investment in protecting them from awareness buys delay at cost of true fulfilment now.

          As a collective ‘breakdown’ we are experiencing something like the fall of the tower of Babel.
          The mind and world fragment into polarised compartments of broken communication.
          If a Temple should fall, its lack of foundation is revealed. That we can engage somewhat gracefully in a process of change contrasts with, kicking and screaming all the way. But how we arrive at acceptance is not a determining of truth so much as willingness to re-evaluate our priorities in the fact of lack of support for our old thinking, perception and response – which runs ‘subconsciously’ as if to escape the leading edge of freedom to be the expression of a true fulfilment. For we have all experienced pain of a world that betrays us and sought never to allow such again into a heart – withdrawn and withholding from life as ‘protection’ from fear at our core.

  3. Robert Dyson

    An exercise in public manipulation. The invisible threat that you have to trust others to know what to do.

  4. Tom Welsh

    “This week we were told that, in the UK at least, anyone who had a positive COVID test who then died – of anything – would be recorded as dying of COVID. No matter when they die”.

    At least that explains why, for several months now, the “Recovered” column in Worldometer’s Covid-19 stats page has shown “N/A” for the UK (and some other countries).

    If everyone who tests positive is counted as a “Covid-19” death when they die, no one can ever recover. See “Why no-one can ever recover from COVID-19 in England – a statistical anomaly”

    Is this the first disease ever known from which no one can recover? It’s a great British breakthrough!

    1. andy

      Hi Tom: re no recovery from COVID
      This is a reasonable assumption from people familiar with vampires. To prevent further infection the living dead have to be treated with a wooden stake, good as dead anyways. For covid-19 victims the equivalent will be a vaccine. The virus has to be eliminated .

      Perhaps the virus is attempting to form a symbiotic relationship with homo sapiens. Lockdowns have shown what can be done in reducing CO2 levels and carbon usage to prevent a climate change disaster. By culling the unhealthy, the QUALLIES of younger and healthier populations is increased. Mutual survival benefit for both species. How a simple bit or RNA can accomplish this boggles my mind.

      1. Gary Ogden

        andy: We must also bear in mind that no SARS virus has been shown to exist, neither the first one nor the current one. Neither has ever been isolated; both are known only from RNA fragments. Dr. Andrew Kauffman explains this on the most recent HighWire. Worth a watch.

        1. andy

          Hi Gary; does a covid virus exist?
          There are pictures of the nasty critters everywhere. Neurologically there may be
          very little difference between a real virus and an imaginary one when one is terrified. High stress levels generated by the media will create additional virus associated symptoms.

          Masks are now the prime focus in order to stop the accelerating viral spread. Hardly any new deaths in my town but testing is finding more cases. The mask is the only means left to maintain the fear factor.

          1. Patrick Healy


            If you really need to ask
            Why I will not wear a mask
            It’s because I’m one of those
            Who the Marxist laws oppose
            Which will have us all kowtow
            To the nation of the Lao
            While our leaders lay supine
            With space where was a spine
            They lie down before the beast
            Subjugated by the East
            Not a chance they’ll ever learn
            To ignore the Cominterm
            To me it is a puzzle
            Why humans wear a muzzle
            We were told by Dr Faux chu
            That masks didn’t stop the flu
            Which was just two months ago
            Now we’re told it isn’t so
            It really is farcical
            Seeing Ecclesiastical
            Total capitulation
            To forced emaskulation.

            Patrick Healy

      1. Steve B

        If you subtract the number of deaths from total cases you don’t have the number recovered but the number who may or may not die in the future of covid19.
        That’s not hard either is it ?

  5. colinbannon

    There is a government inertia, late lockdown, late relaxation, not enough testing, then too much. Everything being done late and badly. By the winter, when there may or may not be more cases and fatalities, we will have used up good will in the community if further measures are needed. Why not save the use of masks till then?

    The worry for me is corruption and stupidity in the centre; we need local government and local health protection teams to do the work, not chums in Serco or Capita. It bodes ill for the next inevitable spillover pandemic. As to the economy, we are slowly returning to our poisonous consumptive ways, working hard to destroy the future.

    I had hoped that the pandemic would give us the kick up the backside we needed to move towards a less health destroying economy. Are we all missing the point – business as usual is driving us to a truly ugly future.

    1. AhNotepad

      colinbannon, the problem with local control is people could be inflicted with lunatic emperors like Gavin Newsom. Power crazed nutters, or if they are not, they are puppets doing the bidding of power crazed nutters. There is one in Bedford, a mayor (or perhaps mare) who wants to keep lockdown, presumably until live people turn to corpses. Then it will br their fault as they must have failed to comply.

  6. Craig E

    Sadly there’s not much we can do other than keep plugging away and hope that our voices won’t be in a vacuum.

    In Melbourne masks are compulsory and they are in lockdown. The numbers aren’t dropping so the Government blames the people for not complying.

    They are also trying to scare the wits out of young people…saying that young people can suffer from Covid before announcing a 30 year old is in intensive care. Gee golly gosh…ONE person. How about they state the truth…which is young people suffer way worse outcomes from seasonal flu than from Covid.

    And how about we focus on the 8 suicides on average that occur daily in Australia (likely heaps more now). Leading cause of death for 15-44 year olds.

    We are going to be a trillion dollars in debt ‘saving’ a few thousand 80 year olds with co-morbidities from Covid. Meanwhile young people are dying from cancer, middle aged people are dying from heart disease in vastly greater numbers.

    Oh, and our Health Minister is now ‘very confident’ that a vaccine is just round the corner…likely we’ll have to have a ‘shot’ every 6 months to ‘keep us safe’

    1. Bev

      And since the 2nd lockdown and now compulsory face masks, my local pharmacy in Melbourne has stopped selling individual face masks and will only sell in boxes of 20 for $20. Someone is making money out of this. Time to break out the sewing machine and make my own.

    2. Tom Welsh

      “The numbers aren’t dropping so the Government blames the people for not complying”.

      Craig, this is a perfect example of how a certain type of person always behaves. Thomas Sowell explains the syndrome in his books “The Vision of The Anointed” and “Intellectuals and Society”.

      In brief, people who consider themselves intellectuals and “thought leaders” believe that they understand everything and the great mass of other people don’t. Sowell calls these people “The Anointed”, because they behave as if they had somehow been put in charge by God.

      From time to time The Anointed get a Big Idea. Such as that “eating animal fat makes you fat and will kill you”, or that “cholesterol is deadly”. Or that “Covid-19 will kill us all unless we hide in our cellars and wear masks”.

      So, if they have the power, The Anointed force everyone to behave in whatever ways The Anointed think best.

      When the result is to make matters much worse, The Anointed have only one reaction: the ordinary people didn’t do what they were told properly, or they didn’t do enough of it, or someone is deliberately sabotaging the program. So they double down – over and over again.

      Their blind spot is that they can never imagine even for a moment that they might be wrong.

      For a brilliantly funny and devastating overview of Sowell’s thoughts, have a look at Tom Naughton’s blog, e.g

      Tom refers to The Anointed quite often, so you will find many amusing and insightful references if you search.

      1. Craig E

        Thanks Tom good points. They seem to accord with the way the Victorian Government has been approaching this. So far I think they’ve blamed families, ethnic groups, security guards having sex with returned travellers, workers, young people, parties. Mind you, the biggest mass gathering in Melbourne during the whole pandemic (BLM protests) apparently led to no outbreaks. I wonder how that could be

  7. Jean Humphreys

    This is getting so scary – it is as though we are living in a novel,written by some pathetic twit, who wants a world where he is taken seriously.
    What scares me most is what sanctions they might be cooking up.

      1. Sasha

        I think the same about “Contagion”. I wouldn’t be surprised if I learned that it’s whole script was ghost-written by a pharma rep.

  8. Tom Welsh

    “Perhaps it should be published in the Journal of possibility-based medicine. A journal where you simply make up facts, then see how many people run around in sheer terror”.

    Simply glorious! No matter how long or hard I try, I can never measure up to Dr Kendrick’s marvellous blend of intelligence and cynical wit.

    Although for those who follow politics and security news, there is a close parallel with the accusation that the British government has levelled against, e.g. Russia in the “Skripal case”.

    That calls for an “Institute of Highly Likely Security Outrages”.

    Our rulers have firmly grasped that the vast majority of citizens are completely uninterested in hard facts and figures, mathematics of any sort, or proofs. Instead, they lazily and passively accept whatever they glean from headlines, vague accusations and gaseous generalisations.

    George Orwell’s crisp essay “Politics and the English Language” (1946) explains the sort of verbiage that government and other authority figures regularly resort to. E.g.

    “The inflated style itself is a kind of euphemism. A mass of Latin words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outline and covering up all the details. The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink. In our age there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics’. All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred, and schizophrenia. When the general atmosphere is bad, language must suffer”.

  9. S Stewart

    Dear Dr. Kendrick

    You probably already know this but there are ICD-10 codes for COVID, one for people who are diagnosed with it and one for people who were suspected to have it but it wasn’t proven [perhaps due to an overwhelmed health care system in which they died in the US when tests simply were not available, which is still the case in some areas.]. Why on earth would you think and promote that there is some insidious conspiracy to inflate COVID numbers in the middle of a pandemic, instead of thinking that maybe mistakes were and are made [by you as well] every day but people are doing the best they can in an unprecedented time? I would think that rigorous data analysis after the fact will ferret out such disparities and account for them. In the meantime, perhaps it’s best to just wear a fucking mask in public for a while, hey?

    Please review these documents, if you wish–they do not seem like the ravings of a wild eyed bunch of rogue scientists to me.

    Click to access COVID-19-guidelines-final.pdf

    Click to access vsrg03-508.pdf


    On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 4:19 AM Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: “25th July 2020 This was first published on > > Why the scaremongering about COVID? This week we were told that, in the UK > at least, anyone who had a positive COVID test who then” >

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Rigorous data analysis after the fact…. How are they going to do that? A death certificate is a death certificate. You cannot change them once they have been accepted by the coroner. I am afraid that statement is simply meaningless. You also say, ‘perhaps its best to just wear a fucking mask in public for a while..hey.’ Nicely put, well reasoned argument. If you had spent four months in a COVID hot environment with no PPE available, as I did, I would accept your ignorant and insulting comments. This comment I have approved, I wouldn’t bother trying to post anything else unless or until, you apologise.

      1. Robert Dyson

        My view is the government messed up big both medically and economically. What’s happening now is just cover for that. People will forget timing, so it will be – we did provide the biggest extra funding for the NHS, we did order millions of PPE kit, we did tell people to wear masks, we did protect care homes, we did devise a world beating test & trace system, we did build Nightingale hospitals as fast as China, etc. And of course our brilliant scientists are developing a vaccine before anyone else.

      2. anna mulqueen

        It is obvious he either didn’t read your article or has a reading comprehension problem. The issues you mention have nothing to do with mistakes.

      3. Harry de Boer


        About the face masks: We alraedy seem to know that the by far dominant route of infection is through aerosols coming from within the longs. Only when together with a SYMPTOMATIC covid patient for a sufficient length of time (anything more than 15 minutes?) in a confined space with limited or no ventilation a healthy person’s innate immune system can be overwhelmed (in 25% of the healthy persons) and (s)he will become sick with covid-19.

        In a room the constant exhalation of this patient will accumulate aerosols with virus attached which will float through the air and distribute throughout the whole room.
        Inside a regular face mask will not provide enough protection and therefore is useless.

        Outside the virus will immediately dilute and the concentration will drop to below the level from which a normal person would get sick. Therefore outside social distancing (I call it anti-socil distancing) nor wearing a mask are needed for normal healthy people.

        From the Technical Lead Scientist Dr Maria van Kerkhove at the WHO we know that it is extremely rare that an asymptomatic infected person transmits the virus to others, so the only way to prevent transmission inside is to keep those persons in the outside.
        This can be done by measuring everybody’s temperature at the entrance of any building or establishment and refusing entry to any people with fever.

        That’s basically all that’s needed to stop the epidemic by sufficiently suppressing the R-number.

        Any person that is less confident about its own state of health best stay home or ‘just take the jab’.

        Health care personnel can profylactically take 1 tablet 200 mg hydroxychloroquine per week.

        OTC cures:
        – Quercetine + Zinc which blocks the RNA dependent RNA polymerase inside the cell,
        – Bromhexine hydrochloride which blocks the PMRSS2 protein on the cell’s exterior to which the virus needs to bind in order to get entry.

        1. KJE

          Would asymptomatic people have a fever? Also, the instructions on the infrared thermometer I have for work says that the person must be inside for 30 mins before taking temp and the thermometer must also be at the same ambient temp as the room the person is in for 10 mins, and the person must not have been physically active, or eat or drink, or shower for 10 mins before taking a reading (mind you it also says “remove hat and hair”?!). It mustn’t be used outdoors or when someone is sweating or wearing face makeup. So, really, temperature taking unless done with a regular under-the- tongue thermometer is not really going to give an accurate reading. I think that wearing a mask could also cause an increased reading by reducing oxygen and therefore increasing heart rate and core temp to compensate. So, best of luck with the temp taking.

          1. Tom Welsh

            KJE, you remind me of the occasions when I visited my GP and he remarked that my temperature and pulse were high.

            He didn’t know that I had walked 2 miles in about 25 minutes to get to the appointment.

    2. IMoz

      Yup, face masks have been mandatory in Spain for the past three weeks with LEOs enforcing that rule rather zealosly, what did the UK government do to people returning from Spain as of today?..

      Also, literally all research, including RCTs prior to COVID-19 unequivocally determined masks a damp squib and some were even starting to question the rationale for the use of masks in surgical theatres, yet a few choice CCS from China turned the tide when the demand for the Chinese exports fell due to world-wide lockdowns, with p-values like 0.911, or 0.511, or casually mentioning “oseltamivir phosphate” taken by subjects and then not adjusting odds ratios for that.

  10. Crawford Thomson

    Does this now mean that “flu” is about to disappear? Vaccinate the total population against “flu”
    and everyone can only get Covid-19 thus making the flu vaccine 100% efficient. How much more
    absurd can all this become?

  11. Tom Welsh

    “You would think the Government would be pulling out all the stops to decrease the number of recorded COVID deaths. Especially as the UK is sitting in a pretty dismal place on the international comparison charts. Why deliberately inflate your figures”.

    The government is not particularly worried about looking bad for these reasons; it can always blame China, or point out that the USA (that glorious city on a hill, that embodiment of perfection) has had a lot more “cases” and “deaths”.

    Having ordered the lockdown and other totalitarian measures, the vital thing to the government is to convince citizens that those decisions were right and justified. Therefore the authorities must double down, quadruple down, etc. As the Germans put it, “Wer ‘A’ sagt, muss ‘B’ sagen” – “Who says ‘A’ must say ‘B'”. They are committed to a course of action, and in their view the direction is immaterial: all that matters is to run as fast as possible.

    I am sure that they are already salivating in the anticipation of October, with the likely arrival of seasonal flu. As Dr Kendrick points out, the obstacles to declaring flu, pneumonia, TB, etc. deaths as “Covid-19” have been removed. So the materials for a very fine “second wave” are to hand.

    The other motive, of course, is that the hoax “pandemic” gives the authorities a unique opportunity to carry out a coup d’etat that would be impossible in normal circumstances. When else, and for what other reasons, would the government be able to confine all British citizens to their homes except for a brief exercise period and essential shopping? I can’t think of any other way they could have got away with it.

    Most of the British people are thoroughly terrified and about as robustly independent as a flock of scared sheep. No ambitious politician could possibly neglect the chance of vastly increasing his powers.

    What Napoleon and Hitler failed to do, an invisible agent akin to a flu virus has made to look childishly easy.

  12. Jeremy May

    What indeed is going on.
    Reporting on this ‘pandemic’ right from the early days has been frustratingly vague (or inaccurate). Except when the media are trying to frighten us to death with photos screen-shotted from a Dean Kootz book. What I mean is the use of the words like ‘could’ or ‘possible’ or ‘may’ when referring to scenarios, usually worst case. These words, and similar ones, allow the writer / broadcater to basically say what they want. Then they are re-printed and soon become lore.

  13. Tom Welsh

    A few days ago Professor Carl Heneghan had an article in “The Spectator” entitled “How many Covid diagnoses are false positives?”

    I strongly urge everyone to read it while they can. It explains the technical issues of test sensitivity and test specificity, and concludes with this shocking statement:

    “At very low prevalence, the proportion of people with infection falls and the numbers of falsely misdiagnosed increases. If Covid-19 completely disappears, then of our 10,000, no one will be infected. If you have followed the reasoning so far, you will have worked out this means that ten people would still be wrongly diagnosed as positive and the official data would show a national Covid-19 prevalence of 0.1 per cent. This is why understanding the accuracy of tests in the population that they are applied to matters: going off current testing practices and results, Covid-19 might never be shown to disappear”.

    Now turn to and scroll down to the graphs of daily new “cases” and daily new “deaths” in the UK. Just a steady dribble, trailing along the bottom. The eye suggests that the roughly normal curves should have reached zero by about the end of May. Yet we continue with an alleged 700 or so cases and 100 or fewer deaths every day… on and on and on… until the sanctuary of October-November and heavy new reinforcements from seasonal respiratory viruses.

    1. Patrick Healy

      Very good. I wonder if you could remind me of some other little event of minor significance which is due to occur in America in November?
      You see I am passed the three score and ten (plus VAT) and my memory is fading – but I seem to remember something about a local election or something…….. damn memory!

  14. Adamsson

    This is not just in the UK, in florida co morbidities have included gun shot wounds to the head and high speed motorcycle crash

  15. Lucy Seton-Watson

    Dear Malcolm, Your contributions are so important in the heart disease field. Please come to your senses and stop posting on the Russia Today site before you lose ALL credibility.

    Please, just stop.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Lucy, I have written nothing that I do not believe, that has been published on RT. They have edited nothing. They have been nothing but supportive. Any attempt to change anything I write, for purposes other than rubbish writing, and I am off.

      1. KJE

        Well said. And anyway, the Russians are better capitalists than we are now, so we do not have to be scared of them. I thought it was the Chinese we were supposed to be scared of these days.

    2. David Bailey


      I disagree with you – if RT will provide the truth, and British media will lie to us, it is perfectly OK to use them.

      I think the situation between Russia and the UK seems to be reversing – we are becoming a censored, society, while they are moving in the opposite direction.

      @Malcolm I think it is only PHE who are using that crazy method to decide who died of COVID, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland use different criteria, and their current death numbers are very low.

      1. Steve B

        David Bailey
        ” I think that the situation between Russia and the UK seems to be reversing – we are becoming a censored society, while they are moving in the opposite direction.”
        I wonder how many opposition politicians and journalists in Russia would agree with that last bit ?
        Not a lot.
        Give it 10 to 20 years and Russia will probably be a totalitarian state and the cold war will be back on big time
        Meanwhile independent Scotland and Wales will be doing very well on EU subsidies ( a big screw you England from Barnier and pals.
        LIttle old England will be an offshore territory of the USA, both countries owned and at the mercy of corporations and their extreme capitalism.
        And you think the EU was bad !! Of course all this might never happen. China might buy the country, and at least we’ll all have jobs as tour guides
        Maybe we’ll all be emigrating to Mars by then and fighting a war of independence against the fascist Earthlings

          1. Steve B

            If all our “democraticallly elected” politicians have been bought and are owned by big business, and people still vote for them , which they will, then why change anything.
            Though admittedly, a plutocracy ruling behind a facade of democracy sounds a lot like totalitarianism – a cabal instead of one tyrant.

    3. Tom Welsh

      Lucy, Dr Kendrick writes strictly about medicine and medical science. That has nothing at all to do with politics.

      Althogh I find RT a very fair, impartial source of news.

    4. 005lesfrenes

      Lucy – Is it possible that you are STILL afraid of the Commies under the bed? I think it is you who needs to come to your senses, having the cheek to post such an insulting comment. I think it is only you who feels Dr. K is losing credibility, while the rest of us are ever grateful to him for putting himself out there in the way that he does.

    5. Janice

      Lose all credibility to whom? Malcolm doesn’t lose credibility to me, and in publishing Malcolm’s posts RT has scored browny points.

      Please, just speak for yourself.

    6. David

      Lucy – – –
      In my experience of many years, RT is FAR more accurate and reliable than ANY of the mainstream media in the UK. The Guardian and the BBC in particular are grievously biased and inaccurate. I fear you’ve been swallowed up by the mainstream propaganda . . .

      1. Steve B

        Don’t believe any of that RT loving bs.
        One commenter even said that RT does programmes critical of Putin. Ho ho
        RT does nothing but under mine the west. If they did programmes about Russian interferences in Afghanistan or Chechnia instead of endlless stuff about American nastiness in Vietnam, then i would have more respect for them

          1. Gary Ogden

            Cón Ó Brocháin: Of course RT is biased, as are all other news outlets, and people for that matter. This why it is a good thing to have a functional brain, to evaluate information. Opposition political speech is dangerous in Russia, and many other places. Do you expect RT to engage in political opposition? I have watched several RT broadcasts, of topics the Western press buries, and I appreciate them doing so, as I appreciate what they have published of Dr. Kendrick.

      1. Håkan

        Big Government and Big Pharma have the supposed fix, they would gain from a bigger threat. That would be Occamish to suspect.

      2. David Bailey

        There are several possibilities.

        Bill Gates wants to sell a lot of vaccine to this country, and he had already showered the Fergoid with cash.

        Another possibility is that currency speculators can make money by driving currencies down. I don’t know the details, because such things do not interest me, but I understand that it is possible.

        Politics seems to have entered an anarchist phase, in which disrupting our way of life is seen as good in itself. Thus the Democrats in the US have their “Defund the Police” concept, and don’t stop increasingly violent and destructive actions in the cities they control. The “Climate Change” scare with its “Decarbonising” our electricity supply can also be understood from that angle.

        BTW, Malcolm, have you thought of offering your articles to the Daily Telegraph? They seem keen to probe the COVID story a bit more intensely.

        1. Steve swales

          The Telegraph has its own agenda in this, and that is to protect their relationship with Boris, their star columnist. The only purpose of any Telegraph investigation will be to ensure that the fingers point away from Number 10.

        2. Cón Ó Brolcháin

          I’ve never understood this stuff about Bill Gates. He’s the same age as me but considerably richer and your thoughts at this age are to do with your latest blood test results, blood pressure, and other health issues rather than world dominance and dastardly plots.

          1. KJE

            Really? Rich people are different and the super rich are even more different – I went to school with a lot of them. And I’m less concerned about blood pressure than the state of the world even though I’m the same age as BG.

          2. Sasha

            I am curious in which way the super rich are very different? Because I also doubt that Bill Gates is motivated by money.

          3. Gary Ogden

            Sasha: That is correct. He is motivated by ideology. The ideology of Eugenics. There is no longer an official eugenics society in the U.S., but there was until the ’60’s, and his his father was a member of the board. The National Socialist Party in Germany in the ’30’s and 40’s derived their ideas of racial purification from the American Eugenics Society. Margaret Sanger was another prominent member of this group. She is now being “cancelled” by her champions of the Left (Planned Parenthood, of which she was one of the founders) because she approved of breeding only by the elites among the white population. It only took them a few decades to figure this out. We really are in a fix, in very dangerous territory, as medical fascism seems poised to sweep the world.

      3. James DownUnder

        Follow the “money”, and I put quote marks around that word because the REAL currency is…. POWER. Yes, money is a legitimate goal, but it’s main function is as a Tool. Problem is, there’s more than one Bad Actor oppurtunistically making hay while everyone is distracted by Fear and Panic. – And the media….
        In no particular order and by no means exhaustive,,, Try Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Billionaires, Bigger Political Parties…. Biggest Bankers. The OdD Secret Society and/or Organized Crime.
        Knock yourself out !

      4. Rod Salter

        If we listen to Prof Shoshana Zuboff at Harvard …main players must be the digital information industries. The big money is in collecting info on our behaviour, beliefs, vulnerabilities etc. Potentially the most lucrative source is info on our health. They’ve been trying to find ways of getting this for a long time….with tracing apps and mandatory vaccines looming, it’s Christmas for Google, Facebook and co. Wouldn’t it be naive to think these huge behemoths are not hand in hand with pharma?
        Of course we must also focus on the influence of the deadly Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with their heavy involvement in just about all vaccine research programmes.
        We should never lose sight of the age old question….Who benefits.

      5. Harry de Boer

        The only reason we have something that looks like democracy is the middle class and the power it had. Social security because of the organized power of the working class.
        China has shown that through elaborate information gathering, control of the narratives and issuing of ‘privileges’ such as travel based on social scoring, the people of the world can be controlled again, if not just fooled all the time.

        So the elites called and want their serfs back.

        Democracy and freedom are merely glitches in history and every democracy until now has ended in tyranny. (Of course, otherwise it would have continued to be.) So it’s time for a new dictatorship. And now that the elites around the world are well organized it will be a worldwide phenomenon: the ‘new world order’.

      6. Alan Goater

        Its being done by those who already have the power; they require more. Its hard to identify who out of the current crop of politicians has the necessary security clearance to actually understand what they are doing and for whom but all we can do for now is resist oppression as it comes and make common cause as much as possible.

  16. barbod2014angusbelle

    Thank you for this very informative article. I ha e been saying these things for about 5 months now and have been branded  a conspiracy theorist, sworn at, told I am putting peoples lives at risk and what do I know as I am not medically qualified. I work as a substitute patient at Ninewells hospital, Dundee.  I have spoken to several people, doctors, nurses and those in the labs and very few consider this to be nearly as bad as reported by government or the press. I was told about the way the deaths were recorded March. My partner and I both believe we had a mild case of this before last Christmas,  as do a number of others we know.  Some of the symptoms didn’t quite fit flu. I refused to change my way of life throughout this lockdown.  My partner is a baker so had no choice as an essential worker.  We continued to visit my daughter which means a 30 mile round trip.  I think the idea of terrifying the nation, especially older people is disgraceful,  and it appears that the majority of deaths of older people were accompanied by other comorbidities. If mask wearing was going to be a factor to prevent this disease we should have been asked to wear them from the beginning.  I see no.point whatsoever now. I refuse to wear a mask, I will continue to do so.  No-one has challenged me but if they do I will likely say I am exempt.  They cannot ask about my, or anyone else’s medical conditions, nor can the police.  I doubt they will anyway. I am a 70 year old female.  I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, and 4 other autoimmune diseases and am diagnosed bi-polar and with anxiety. Apparently this puts me in a high risk group.  Personally I don’t feel high risk nor do many of my friends.  We keep fit and as healthy as we can.  We don’t inhabit the surgery waiting room  but we do get out and about in the fresh air as much as possible.  I do not allow any doctor to give me any drug that I have not researched throughly first.  Consequently I take only lyothironine and a  very low dose of pregabalin which is the only drug which helps my pain in the morning.  I do not have flu ‘jabs’  nor will I be having any vaccines that are rushed through to prevent covid.  I do take some vitamins to keep my  blood results at optimal levels for me, but am very careful to check any fillers that are in anything I take,  too many side effects with some brands. My apologies for the length of this reply but this is the first article I have read that appears to me to make sense.  Plus I read most of your articles and I respect your opinions.  Thank you for being a  voice of reason in this increasingly bizarre world. With great respect Mrs Barbara  Boden

    1. VL

      Barbara I’m also a “Conspiracy theorist” because I “know” things but have no evidence. People only need to read articles such as Dr K’s latest to start wondering what’s going on yet most round me prefer to believe the BBC and government spew. You stick to your guns and I’m going to check out the thyroid med you mentioned as I take thyroxine! (And pregabilin)

      1. Marlene Jenkin

        Liothyronine is T3 and the Active thyroid hormone needed in every cell of our body. Another global scandal. When I was diagnosed with Hashimotos back in 2005 I began learning/reading as much as possible that was thyroid related. You soon discover that Big Pharma has a role to play and those charged with our care have little or no understanding. So it prepared me well for digging deeper into this present plan !

        If you are in the UK T3 is not prescribed often and the battle can take years. Most of us buy on-line. I recently returned from Greece where I could buy it OTC for just over a euro. Here in the UK the NHS was being ripped off to over £250 for similar. Endless petitions and campaigns involving government took place to no avail. No wonder the NHS is financially challenged – PPE and the millions wasted – springs to mind.

        I am on Thyroid UK – a forum on HealthUnlicked. So much information and guidance about tests – results – supplements and more.

        1. 005lesfrenes

          I can recommend the website TPAUK for all things Thyroid that the mainstream medicine does not address. I first heard about it from none other than our very dear Dr. Kendrick!

        2. Penny

          It’s not just the excessive amount paid for T3 in the UK, which wastes money which could be used by the nhs more profitably, but that prescriptions for T3 are stopped because of cost and patients become very ill. This in turn costs money treating all the symptoms but not fixing the problem, which is impaired conversion of T4 to T3. Diagnosis of hypothyroidism needs to change from reliance on tsh readings, which are of little value, to using what Dr Durrant-Peatfield would describe as ‘the mark one eyeball’, listening to the patient and T3 testing. If a patient complains of extreme tiredness, weight gain, loss of hair, aching limbs; ‘brain fog’, and headaches saying that their tsh is ‘in the normal range’ and therefore they need an antidepressant is really awful. Are those keep hypothyroid by this ignorance more at risk of Covid-19?

          I have to buy my T3 privately as my GP stopped my prescription without notice telling me that I am not hypothyroid at all; my tsh has always been ‘in range’ even when I could barely stand from extreme tiredness. My worry is that, if admitted to hospital, I would not be given any T3 as it is not on my records that I need this hormone to stay alive. (A member of TUK has posted that her husband died in hospital because they did not have any liquid T3 to give him.)

          Apologies for the deviation but this is something that I feel very strongly about having suffered because of this issue for over 3 decades.

          1. Marlene E JENKIN

            I hear you Penny – I was once a patient of Dr P after a Hashimotos diagnosis back in 2005 in Crete. Once my poor conversion was pointed out to my GP in Crete she gave me a prescription for T3 – and I was able to buy it OTC for not much over a euro ! It then became prescription only but I could still buy OTC with the prescription ! I am now back in the UK and like you buy Tiromel on-line.

            I have been a TUK member since 2011 so have learnt a great deal from others who know more then me ! – a bit like here 🙂

          2. Marlene Jenkin

            Great news ! Am wondering if you have read about Norfolk and Waverly CCG ? Two members of TUK battled for 3 years for the re-instatement of T3. This is a very recent event. Now we wait and see if prescribing does take place …

    2. AhNotepad

      Barbara, please don’t apologise, your post was not too long. I found it engaging and comfortably read all of it (not something I can say for all posts).

      If someone says I am putting lives at risk, I ask how am I doing that? If they get stroppy and say I should be doing this, that or the other I ask how does that work? If they continue aggressively I would say “hang on, you have told me I am putting lives at risk. You appear to know more about it that I do, so I am just trying to learn something from you.”

      That should fix the problem.

  17. gillpurple

    Lots of money to be made from pushing the flu vaccine and keeping people scared – the over 50’s and some children. I just wonder if there are some significant connections between some pharmaceutical companies and some influential people in WHO. Thank you for another good blog on coronavirus.

  18. KJH

    There is also the problem with the Covid-19 public testing. The methodology used means the results are always inflated and the disease can never be defeated:
    Let’s assume 0.1% of the population is infected. [Actually, it’s around 0.04%*]
    Thus, if 10,000 random people go for a test. Just 10 people will actually have it.
    The test gives two numbers: A positive (sensitivity) and a negative (specificity).
    The accuracy of the positive testing is 80% thus 8 of those 10 will be correctly identified and 2 will walk away with a false negative.
    The accuracy of negative testing is 99.9% then 10 of the 10,000 will show a false positive.
    A total of 18 positives of which 8 are correct (44%)
    That’s why it’s less than 50% accurate.

    Secondly, if and when the virus goes away:
    Then of 10,000 people tested none will actually be infected.
    There will be none identified and no false negatives.
    But the test will still show 10 false positives or a 0.1% prevalence.
    And the testing will falsely show that the disease will never go away.
    *Thanks to Professor Carl Heneghan, director of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

  19. Steve B

    Those in charge are trying to frighten people into accepting enforced mass vaccination without a murmur
    It’s for our own good of course, and very good for some bank accounts.

  20. James R. Grit

    Dear Mr. Kendrick,

    We are all confused. You ask: “Yet, as COVID-19 disappears, mask wearing and social distancing is being enforced as never before, and the prospect of a deadly second wave is being waved like a black shroud, with warnings of hundreds of thousands of deaths to come.”

    Why? Could there be a purpose to this (without resorting to conspiracy thinking?)? I have become convinced that we are dealing with a “data-pandemic” – an epidemic that is not symptom driven but “test-driven”. The goal of the continued scare must be to push us all in Europe towards mass-vaccination and the mandatory vaccin-passport. This is the policy of the WHO to which many countries have subcribed (also the Netherlands, my country). The artificial data-wave is supposed to keep us mesmerized. B.t.w. the WHO-policies can all be found online.

    Do you read German? I must recommend the articles written on:

    More important for your immediate knowledge on Covid-19 are probably the findings of the extra-parlementairy research committee of German jurists going on right now. Please follow the proceedings at:
    (much is translated into English… Their aim: “We want to investigate why the federal and state governments have imposed unprecedented restrictions and what consequences they had for people. We support scientific studies in this field.”)


    drs. James R. Grit

  21. Mike C

    If lockdown is lifted without imposing some token restrictions instead (eg mask wearing), then people will realize that the lockdown had relatively litlle effect. If that happens people will get even more angry and governments around the world will fall.

    More than ever we need to focus on all-cause mortality rates and not Covid-19 diagnoses.

    1. Mike Smith

      But even the all cause mortality cases will be skewed going forward as people will stage 2 or 3 cancer will be at stage 3 or 4 by the time normal services resume. Not to mention suicide rates as a result of this madness and many other conditions.

    2. Tish

      I’m sure you are right Mike.

      Meanwhile we are taken for simpletons, and in so many cases behave like them. Many well educated people are silenced through fear of reprisals. Who can blame them for not wanting to have a career ended after years of study and experience, and one’s family made to suffer. Others are controlled by public opinion which becomes more and more powerful with every acquiescence. Plenty, of course, are controlled by carefully orchestrated fear.

      Hardly anyone seems to focus on the abject selfishness of older people who expect the young to suffer for them, and fail to recognise that a healthy population is one where the young provide a lot of immunity by combatting infections well. People everywhere putting themselves first. If you don’t take other opinions seriously you don’t have to feel guilty about them.

      Populations are controlled naturally by war and pestilence. We have been fortunate not to have had a war in recent times. Idle hands make mischief. Lots of people wanting to be sergeant majors regardless. Competitive games like football and rugby just aren’t enough for them.

      If the governments of the world have honourable motives, why can’t they share them with us? Why can’t we all be allowed to get involved in this wonderful new world?

    3. Mike S

      And, since much of the population would trade in some of their freedom and responsibility for safety, they’ll go along. This isn’t anything new, 1 Samuel 8:19-20: ” Nevertheless, the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel, and they said, “No, but there shall be a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations, that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles.”

  22. anne

    Dear Doctor Kendrick- please publish your postings on The facts need to be heard and you have been the voice of reason throughout this “crisis”. Many thanks.

  23. John Stone

    We should also not forget the swine flu fiasco of 2009 and the crude attempts to hype the number of cases which I recorded in a series of articles:
    Peter Doshi also wrote how the criteria for announcing a pandemic had been manipulated by the WHO:
    Last year I also showed that Public Health England kept two sets of measles data and the inflated set had been used in losing the UK its apparently precious WHO measles free status:
    Perhaps the most egregious case however was when “health chiefs” in March 2013 told the the South West Wales Evening Post that they had 432 cases of measles in Swansea when several weeks later (at the beginning of May) they had actually only single confirmed case for the entire month.

    We are evidently dealing with people who concern themselves with creating panic for whatever purpose, and have no standards of truth.

    More about the WHO and faked measles totals:

  24. KJE

    I keep trying to work out how even rich politicians can benefit from economic destruction for no good reason, but I’m not getting it.

    1. Jerome Savage

      They have a built in immune system independent of the economy.

    2. Tom Welsh

      Others have frequently asked about the relationships between power and money. As far as I know they are more or less interchangeable; in any case rich people and powerful people are usually hand in glove.

      When the economy is stopped for months, millions of people are impoverished and many, many businesses fail. Their property goes up for sale, and the wealthy can pick it up for pennies on the pound. They then invest the money in land, gold, or other highly durable property so that, weh hyperinflation comes, it will not reduce their wealth. On the contrary, with all those who depend on fiat money being rendered penniless overnight, it will make them relatively far richer.

      1. USAagainstCommies

        This is absolutely correct! This is about the global currency reset, politicians all over the world are using it for control and greed, the wealthy see it and are selling paper assets for real tangible assets. Same thing happened in 2008. When will the masses wake up and see this for what it really is?

    3. Janet

      I don’t know really either but we are modest investors and our holdings are back where they were before. As I am sure the wealthy and corporations are as well. However, the average joe who works for a living is hurting big time. We are retired. My son’s in laws work was destroyed and he and my daughter and grandson see a much grimmer future. The wealthy and corporations pay little tax here in USA so they aren’t hurting. I believe the financial sector and Wall Street have no real connection to the regular citizens economy. They don’t give a hoot. And they do not suffer the consequences. Corporations can up sticks and squat in another country with a better deal. Rich can jet away to some corner in the world with other wealthy. Lastly, just who is in power in the world. Getting clearer to me though.

  25. Mike Smith

    They need to keep the hysteria going to justify the mandatory vaccines that the gates foundation has invested so much money into. So long as we can keep the number of deaths active of covid we are still deep in the pandemic. I’m looking towards next year which will see heart and cancer deaths sky rocket as a result of Covid. I wonder how many of these deaths will also be tagged as Covid Deaths ? There is a dark plan in play now – It is conspiracy theory time. “They” want a shift from a capitalist system to a socialist system. Already things are being placed – You now don’t need the usual planning permission to convert high street shops into residential accommodation (aka Death of the High Street). Mass unemployment will lead to high crime and violent acts towards each other. We’re already seeing this being stoked now by the BLM movement, a Marxist organisation hiding behind the fluffy notion that Black Lives Matter – of course black lives matter, all lives matter but who in their right mind wants to defund the police and bring forth the anarchy and chaos? “They” do. Covid Act and 5g gives the government the right to spy on the people (notice the Covid app that has now been hard coded in your android and iPhone ? Yep its there). With the high street gone, cash will shortly follow. “They” can see exactly what you are spending and everything about you.
    We have reached the point now where we need to start making a stand. Having said that I have just left my local sainsburys where everyone was wearing a mask (apart from me). It took exactly 4 months for the Establishment to take control of the world. The number of stares that I received was unreal. I’m sure it wont be long before they government sets up a telephone number whereby you can report of any offenders. All sounds very CCP doesnt it, oh wait a minute isn’t that where the whole thing started from ?

    1. KJE

      Where is the covid app, I can’t find it on my phone. What’s it called and where is it shown? is it an app or a service?

      1. JohnC

        It’s only on the latest releases of iOS, if you have an iPhone more than 2 years old then it won’t be there. If you go into Settings, Privacy, Health then it should be listed there if it’s installed. If it’s installed then you should be able to select it and alter the privacy settings including disabling the app.

        1. KJE

          Mine’s Android and is way older than that – that’s my work phone. Even my “new” personal Android phone is at nearly three years old. Do you know where it is on Android?

      2. Karen F

        I think you’re referring to the latest update that made the phone capable of running a COVID tracking app if you choose to install it. Supposedly each state is going to develop it’s own. Then there’s Civic Technologies app, whose CEO said, “If you’re part of a society where the majority of the people want everyone to be vaccinated, and you don’t want to be part of that society change countries, move somewhere else.” My understanding is that he’s not originally from here, so I wish he’d go back to where he came from.

        Anyway, finding the update in settings is next to impossible without a road map of where to look for it. It’s buried in the settings.

        Here’s info on the app and turning the settings on and off for an iphone:

        Here’s for the android:

      3. Mike Smith

        On Android phones, you would click on settings (the gear icon) and then Google Settings. Mine is listed as COVID-19 exposure notifications (currently set to off). only the notification to me are switched off – I have no doubt that the governments are still using their new powers to access my data. Certainly since the installation of this software many people have noticed their battery life has been shortened throughout the day so perhaps this software is busy spying on us. Hello 1984

        1. KJE

          There is no Settings>Google Settings on my Android phones – I have Wireless and Networks, Personalisation, Device, Personal, Accounts, System. There’s a Google Settings app, but that has no “COVID-19 exposure notifications”, it’s same Google account settings as I see on the PC.

    1. VL

      Thanks Mike Smith. Is there another way to find a link to this video. Can’t find on his site. I’d really like to share 😁

        1. Göran Sjöberg

          Great exposure by Dr. Coleman as always!

          The Covid hoax is so evident to anyone who care to make just the most superficial scratch on the surface of the official scaremongering. So you may wonder how the establishment can get away with their “story”.

          In Sweden BTW I have seen just a very few “weird looking” people wearing a mask during all this crisis. Still at restaurants ‘social distances’ are encouraged by clear marks on the floor. And at popular stores like the ‘Systembolaget’, where wine and liquors are sold, employees at the entrance door are letting people in in “batches” to avoid overcrowding inside.

  26. comlabs2019Nick


    This is a potentially VERY serious issue. If true, the motivation of ‘the system’ in this happening will be somewhere on a scale from “Totally deliberate for an ulterior purpose” to “Complete incompetence”.

    So accuracy and avoiding overstatement are critically important.

    You claim:

    “This week we were told that, in the UK at least, anyone who had a positive COVID test who then died – of anything – would be recorded as dying of COVID. No matter when they die.”

    For your own credibility’s sake, and the those of your readers who really prefer to examine primary sources, PLEASE give a reference for this claim…



    1. anglosvizzera

      Hi Nick

      This was in the MSM recently and that Matt Hancock has launched an enquiry – on BBC site, here, for example:

      And the link in the article to the government’s website has this paragraph:

      “On 17 July, the Secretary of State asked Public Health England (PHE) to urgently review the way daily death statistics are currently reported. We’re pausing the publication of the daily figure while this review takes place.”

    2. Simon C

      Hasn’t it been all over the news and Hancock has ordered an enquiry into it?

      It does make you wonder: in who’s interest is it that covid deaths are artificially inflated? That things must look worse than they are? Incompetence or machiavellian machinations?

      It emerged that something similarly sinister was/is happening in America too.

    3. dcfl51

      Nick, the source is Prof Yoon K Loke and Prof Carl Heneghan. You can see their article here.
      It is Public Health England who are using the flawed way of recording whether a death is a covid-19 death. I can confirm that the figures used by worldometers in their international covid-19 statistics are provided by Public Health England. It is these statistics which make the UK look so bad in comparison to other countries. The figures regarding the UK are dominated by the figures for England as it is in England that most of the UK population lives.

    4. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      The reference from this claim comes from the CEBM, but the article can no longer be accessed – links don’t work. However, if you want a secondary source, written by the author Professor Carl Heneghan, from the Centre for Evidecne Based Medicine in Oxofrd, it can be found here

      It is certainly not my credibility that is at stake on this issue, or any other. I think you will find that I have never been found to claim something [based on research] that has later found to be wrong, or inaccurately quoted, and I have claimed many things. This story appeared on the BBC, and Matt Hancock has asked for a review into the matter. It is not a secret anymore.

      1. Tom Welsh (a real thing) says that “ is DOWN for everyone. It is not just you. The server is not responding…”

        Perhaps word has got around and their server has been hit by so many requests that it cannot respond. That is very common on the Web, with over 1 billion users all of whom can potentially choose to hit one page at once.

        In this case it’s probably only a few thousand (or tens of thousands) but sheer overload is the most likely explanation. Shutting down the site by trickery now would be shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, sired a whole brood of foals, and joined a circus.

      2. comlabs2019


        I originally wrote hastily and badly stated my point.

        My context is that despite spending prodigious amounts of time reading up on Covid news every day, I did not actually spot this item in the news. Mea culpa.

        I personally have the highest respect for your research. I frequently recommend you to other researchers and often to doctor friends …

        You are a gold standard ‘black swan’ finder! I personally agree with your scepticism of the cholesterol/sat fat narratives. It is precisely because you have referenced material so well that I was surprised.

        At the same time (as you know all too well from Wikipedia!) there are plenty of people on the wider net who can successfully pigeonhole critics of the established view as ‘conspiracy theory author’.

        You will not be able to silence them. I know you feel they are not worth trying to tackle. But your perspective is so valuable on all this **** that I would still urge you to take all possible steps to make it as difficult for them to keep up their narrative.

        Maintaining a reputation for carefully referencing all primary data for your assertions is essential – even if something has ‘been all over the news’.

        So (in less haste) I would say:

        ‘Thanks for yet more black swans. Please ensure that such important ones become part of future search trails for people checking your facts by including the references’

        Thank you again for your work.


      3. Tom Welsh

        “The reference from this claim comes from the CEBM, but the article can no longer be accessed – links don’t work”.

        Although the link was definitely inaccessible for some hours, I can confirm that it has been back again for a good while. No doubt the glitch was due to a rush of people following the link.

    5. Jeff Cable

      Hello Nick; Find any evidence of this crime against ordinary people in the UK and I will be the first to campaign for your immediate installation as Prime Minister. Before I left my NHS job at the end of March (lack of PPE and being 72 are the principle reasons why I am no longer working) and there were only 3 confirmed and 72 awaiting testing cases in the hospital. I and the other staff in the department were present at a meeting of all of the clinicians providing acute trauma orthopaedic services. All clinicians were ordered by the hospital management to ascribe EVERY death to COVID-19 regardless of primary cause. That is the corroborating reference you seek. Ask yourself who had instructed these managerial incompetents (who normally would run from any substantive decision making) to forcefully insist that every hospital clinician would lie deliberately when completing death certificates. Do you not see what would be the effect of that if that ‘instruction’ was to be repeated across the nation?

    6. Martin Back

      The claim is from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. Here’s another quote from the same article:

      “In summary, PHE’s [Public Health England’s] definition of the daily death figures means that everyone who has ever had COVID at any time must die with COVID too. So, the COVID death toll in Britain up to July 2020 will eventually exceed 290k, if the follow-up of every test-positive patient is of long enough duration.”

      1. LA_Bob

        Martin Back,

        The article you cite describes the “over-exaggeration of COVID-associated deaths” as a “statistical flaw” which needs to be corrected. For others commenting here, I don’t see a conspiracy to overstate the impact of the pandemic, just an unsurprising bureaucratic screw-up. Of course, such screw-ups take on lives of their own (“The evil men do lives after them.”). And, of course, the unintentional overstatement may be a welcome screw-up to those who believe lock-downs are good things.

        The practice is certainly contrary to the clear wording of the WHO recommendation in Dr Kendrick’s second reference:

        “A death due to COVID-19 is defined for surveillance purposes as a death resulting from a clinically compatible illness ,in a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case, unless there is a clear alternative cause of death that cannot be related to COVID disease (e.g. trauma).”

        This is a management problem, and management problems are a big part of why conservative thinkers distrust big government. And why we — the collective “we” — don’t know near as much about COVID-19 as we otherwise would.

      2. Steve-R

        If anyone who has had a SARS-CoC-2 infection still has it when they die then Luc Montagnier is right – the virus has the HIV property of being impossible to clear from your body.

        1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          What is being called the virus – hiv or covid – BELONGS to us, and is not an ‘alien will’ hijacking us while separated, locked down, and lockstepped into doing to ourselves exactly what an actual enemy could never achieve.

          You can consider that life is an infection that the mind must recoil from in identification with dead or fixed ideas that allow predictability and control as long as life can be suppressed. It has its ‘life’ as a private mind of control to which any intimacy of being is dangerous.

          Now we are getting close!

          The reversal of the mind in recoil from its own Source and Nature is a dissociation set against overwhelming conflict or fear. Waking the mind will reopen what it has been invoked to keep a lid on and look away from at all costs – and so can evoke psychotic reactions in re-triggering an underlying separation trauma.

          Reacting against shadow fears does not align us in truth. The willingness to rest the mind of its driven and circular questioning allows truth to align or centre us. the pain and burden of mental and emotional conflict can induce the shutdown of willingness to know anything – excepting not having to meet it – and this is easily led for it is in spirit defeated, or dis-spirited and has no purpose or will of its own except to seek to mask or hide from intolerable fear.

          The idea of eradicating evils is the way to give them power, hide and protect them and make a self on their death or banishing – and yet nothing is ever really got rid of that is part of us and will always be seeking to regain light of acceptance. The idea of facing, and owning an error as the freedom to repent of it and realign in truth is not demonising and attacking the error as if to vindicate and persist the self-in-error! But that is what runs as deceit by which we mask in virtue without being intimately one with or connected to the qualities we claim to protect.

          And as is evident to many here, virtue masking or signalling is a blind and aggressive assertion that overrides and evades all and any dialogue, relationship or process of growing trust.
          The ‘evil’ forces us to do things that include lesser evils – but for an ultimate good.
          The virus forces us… no it doesnt!. Nor does CO2 – excepting we WANT the pretext for such agenda regardless we know it is simply a leverage or expediency. This is the idea that people must be forced to accept their own good. The Eugenicists couldn’t understand why we didn’t want it openly – and so they have regrouped as a covert or masking of innumerable fronting organisations to effect financial, media and corporate – including global medical – control.
          This ratchets up regulatory structures that are pervasive and plausibly operating as trade, health and safety regs that are used to effect a top down canopy that denies life, light and movement to the micro-economy below.

          The idea of innate guilt or infected threat, demanding sacrifice of individual rights and freedoms – and therefore a convivial society in free association, is far older than virology/ But it operates the same archetype.

  27. David Bailey

    On the bright side, I must say that I last visited a supermarket on Thursday, and I would say well over half the people were not wearing masks. Since it is reasonable to assume that almost everyone knew this rule was bing phased in on Friday, it is remarkable that so few seemed concerned to take this step.

    The Telegraph reported that the police have said they have no intention of enforcing the mask requirements, and that supermarkets do not see it as their duty to do so either. I will be visiting a supermarket shortly and I consider it to be my patriotic duty not to wear a mask.

    1. KJE

      On Thursday, about 5% pf people were wearing masks in our indoor shopping centre, so it seems that the majority didn’t feel it necessary. On Friday, I counted 6 people without one, including me. Only one “comedy/non-standard” mask and two bandannas, so (considering that I didn’t go round every shop), about 98% mask wearing even though I suspect most of them didn’t think it was necessary 24 hours earlier. Lots of very dodgy mask hygiene, including lots of fiddling and adjustments from someone in a nurse’s uniform. So no logic there.

      1. David Bailey

        I made my trip, and I was also very sorry to discover that almost everyone was wearing a mask in Tesco. On the other hand, I wasn’t challenged, so I will try to continue my protest. Some small shops had notices in their windows telling customers to wear masks – which was not promising.

        On the other hand, I bumped into my next door neighbour as I got back and we got talking. He feels very much the same as I do.

        1. Peggy Sue

          Yet to see anybody at all without a mask in supermarkets around here since last Friday.
          I don’t personally think they are necessary and but have reluctantly started wearing one, purely because I don’t want any aggravation. Call me a sheeple if you like but I’m only little and there are a lot of large, shouty types in my town.
          I think that’s how a lot of people feel – just get the indoor errand done and get back out as quickly as possible.

  28. tonykerstein

    I’m glad I didn’t listen to the doom mongers. If I did I’ll still be cowering in terror in my house, putting on weight (great for a diabetic) and unable to walk properly. I did listen to Boris when he told us to start going to pubs. Been three times so far, and I always wore a mask when I went to a shop or supermarket or on the public transport. I had to keep my excursions secret at first but now I have the last laugh, although it’s true I don’t work in the NHS, that would have been different.

  29. Martin Back

    It’s easy to see why Covid patient numbers are exaggerated in the US.

    Jensen said, “Hospital administrators might well want to see COVID-19 attached to a discharge summary or a death certificate. Why? Because if it’s a straightforward, garden-variety pneumonia that a person is admitted to the hospital for – if they’re Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it’s COVID-19 pneumonia, then it’s $13,000, and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.”

    This explains the behavior observed by the whistle-blowing nurse, namely, Covid-free patients were placed with Covid-positive patients, and got infected; and hospitals were quick to intubate and apply “do not resuscitate” despite knowing death would shortly follow. Rapid turnover = more money per month. —

    This also explains the hostility to the HCQ-zinc-antibiotic protocol. Most people who get this treatment early from their GPs will recover without needing a hospital stay. This is very bad news to hospital administrators who are prevented from performing profitable elective surgeries like stents and knee replacements etc, so naturally they will denigrate the efficacy of the protocol.

    But why would Britain exaggerate Covid deaths? Have to admit, I’m baffled. Perhaps something to do with the proposed American access to the NHS?

  30. anglosvizzera

    Maybe vaccine manufacturers had already got an mRNA vaccine ready to try out (a supposedly novel, cheaper and faster to produce vaccine) and needed this ‘pandemic’ in order to justify trying it out on a large scale. That may explain why they appear to have got it ready so quickly? Who will benefit? The pharma companies, anyone investing in them, the ‘philanthropists’ who funded the research etc. Certainly not the general public though…

    Did anyone else see in MSM that mandatory glove-wearing is now being discussed?!

  31. Steve-R

    n=1 here.

    Wore my mask for shopping this morning: After 20 minutes – bit of a headache and fuzzy feeling, at the till after 35 minutes – kept getting my pin wrong, had to take a few deep breaths before getting it right.

    Why do I wear the mask? knowing that there are many studies that prove they are ineffective. Probably the wearing deprives my brain of oxygen and increases CO2 making me a low-functioning human. Think I will stop now, all the shop keepers are behind ‘spittle-screens’ anyway and I will carry a hanky just in case I need to sneeze – just like I did before this scare.

    Thinking about the hanky thing, ?Do cultures that have the spitting-habit rather than the hanky-habit have higher incidence of serious Covid-19 disease?

  32. Frederica Huxley

    What is a ‘recovered case’? Many self reports of positive cases where there has not been a full recovery, indeed where people have been left with profound organ damage. Not that this is unusual after viral infections.

    1. Terry Wright

      Hi Frederica; “people have been left with profound organ damage.” this seems to have assumed urban myth status: so many regurgitate it; the media endlessly dispenses it. Please show some evidence of this.

      1. Steve-R

        This should be an easy matter to disprove.
        If it is true then there will be many more patients in our cash-strapped NHS, raising the base level of bed occupancy before another winter.
        If it is false then there will be no change.
        I doubt that there is enough capacity in the NHS to maintain a pretence that empty beds are actually full of organ damaged people and therefore not available to real patients.

        Maybe we need more whistleblowers.

      2. KJE

        And if there are people with long lasting damage, how do we know that it wasn’t the result of poor treatment – being put in a ventilator inappropriately, or given quite dangerous anti-viral drugs, for example? The NHS seems pretty poor at treatment, in general, as it won’t listen to or try anything that wasn’t invented or retested by the NHS.

      3. Cón Ó Brolcháin

        There is a lot of evidence for what’s being called Long Covid with long term damage to the heart, eyes, brain etc. There is also long term fatigue being recorded as well as PTSD. This is what also happened with Spanish Flu in the 1920s where people died, often of cardiac problems, years after contracting the virus. If you want a specific high profile case of Long Covid look at the experiences of the children’s author Michael Rosen. Being in ITU may be partly a cause of these symptoms but you wouldn’t be in ITU if you didn’t have CV-19.

          1. Cón Ó Brolcháin

            So you’re adopting the Doubting Thomas approach, if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Is that correct? So by your logic, the planet Neptune came into existence in 1846 when it was first observed. Better rewrite those astronomy text books. I guess you have your doubts about gravity too. Though stuff to see.

            Lots of things are first discovered by their effects before understanding the mechanism or by observation:- The Higgs Boson for example. In the field of diseases, read about John Snow’s famous map of Cholera in the East end of London in1854 that showed how cholera was being spread long before it was fully understood.

            Exactly the same is true of Spanish Flu, there was clearly some new disease that behaved like a flu but killed young people. Many things were understood about the disease before a pathogen was observed.

          2. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            The basic concept, which you seem to be struggling with, is that the planet Vulcan was searched for because the orbit of Mercury did not fit with classical Newtonian physics. Therefore it was assumed that there must be another, not yet discovered planet, orbiting closer to the sun. As it turned out, there was not. In short, observed phenomenon may, or may not, prove a hypothesis.

          3. AhNotepad

            Is this the “ad hominem” attack, or the Channel 4 Kathy Newman approach to enquiry? You should have read, and then thrown away the first paragraph.

          4. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            You assume ONE cause of one disease – this is a classic error but a lucrative one – unless you are on the paying side of the account.
            We live in an era of a scientific imperialist mindset in which it doesn’t officially exist until science discovers it. Anyone discovering facts against the invested model is ignored or actively walled out.
            How may particle colliders does it take to change a light bulb?
            An always bigger one – spare us a few billion buddy!

            Pellagra was indeed known by its effects, and yet against all odds and as a result of great determination by a dedicated few, the viral superstition of hysteria and hate had to concede to acknowledge niacin deficiency – while natives knew to soak corn in lime without ever discovering ‘chemistry’. There are ways of knowing that science hasn’t discovered yet – not least because it seeks to usurp, eradicate and replace anything aive with a mechanism.

            Its quite something see a wikipedia entry for a disease that shows the cause in clear definite and unequivocal terms. Scurvy was another, that only took about a century or so for authorities to bother to to implement – different lime for the limeys though!

      4. fairweather

        @Terry Wright, perhaps look at some of the new and alarmingly large ‘Long Covid’ groups that have been set up on social media by people who have had the virus, and are experiencing appalling health problems now they are virus-free. A friend’s two adult children, in their 40s and formerly in excellent health, are struggling to cope with life and work after contractiing Covid in March. They spend every evening and all weekend sleeping. A prominent UK medic, whose name will not come to me – probably because it has been severely impaired ever since I began suffering from Post-Viral Syndrome some 40 years ago – has described his own struggle to recover in a couple of UK papers, detailing an alarming array of neurological problems. He regrets having been sceptical in the past about folks like myself. No doubt Google will identify him for you.

        1. AhNotepad

          fairweather, many pathogens can cause permanent damage to tissues, This applies to viruses, but what if dealing with the virus weakens the system, and then something else causes the damage? One major cause of damage is root canal fillings. The bacteria that live there are particularly unpleasant

          1. fairweather

            Well, yes, but I don’t know of other widespread viruses that attack haemoglobin, or lead to – by whatever means – the peculiar constellations of symptoms we’re seeing in these groups.

  33. Jan Asena

    I would like to put forward a theory (not evidence based) that the people in positions of control are waiting for the Covid-19 vaccine to come out. If the hugely ignorant public (evidence based) are kept in a state of terror then mandatory vaccines will be the next step. Follow the money.

  34. Lisa

    I guess I will be the lone dissenting voice. But when I hear: “Yet, as COVID-19 disappears, mask wearing and social distancing is being enforced as never before” it sounds to me at least possible – logical – to conclude that masks and distancing are keeping the virus at bay post-lockdown and if those policies are discontinued, it will come back. I believe that is the situation in the part of the US where I live. First, lockdowns slowed transmission, and since then masks and distancing have kept the virus in check as we slowly reopen. How do I know the virus was not just dying out anyhow? Because places around the US that for political reasons refuse to mandate masks and distancing are doing worse.

    I live in NJ. My kids (in their 20s) and my sister live in NYC. If you saw footage in March/April of patients on gurneys waiting in hallways, refrigerator trucks taking hospital morgue overflow, that was not fake news. NYC and northern NJ hospitals were overwhelmed. People we know got sick, some died at home. I worry about undercounts. My kids know a number of young people who got very sick in March (and tested positive for covid) who still have trouble with shortness of breath months later – 28 year olds who can’t walk up stairs and have other residual problems.

    A crazy thing in the US is that there are states where hospital ICUs are full, yet the governor won’t allow local officials to mandate masks. I guess we’ll see if the virus goes away anyway. Or maybe we won’t since recently even Trump, who has since March refused to don a mask and insisted that the virus would disappear on its own very soon, finally did a photo op wearing one.

    I am a huge fan of your work, Dr Kendrick, but i really think you’re wrong on this one. I think our mask & distancing policies are what’s keeping us from enduring a rerun of March/April as we return to a more normal life.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      Lisa, I haven’t said anything for, or against, masks or social distancing. So, I think you may be inferring things from what you think I have written, that I have not written. I do believe that lockdown, overall, has been a complete unmitigated, zero-evidence based nonsense. That is a rather broader issue.

      1. Dr. John H


        Have your read Denis Rancourt’s paper?

        He states:
        “Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles.”

        He makes a very solid case, which I can find no fault with, and I have tried to.

        The CDC has concluded the same thing, though they did not include N95 masks in their study.

        Do you have an opinion on this yet, or are you still thinking about it?

        1. Jerome Savage

          Norwegian Institute of Public Health, said that even in the best case, with medical masks which prevent 40 percent of infections, 200,000 people would have to wear them to prevent just one new infection per week. 
          This, it said, meant that the likely negative impacts outweighed any benefits “in the current epidemiological situation”. 

      2. Lisa

        Dr Kendrick, I am glad to hear that. I hope that means you favor masks and social distancing.

        As for lockdowns, never say never. By the time NYC was locked down mid-March (incrementally), I doubt anything else would have worked. I know some countries have kept the virus in check without ever locking down – using masks, distancing, testing, and tracing. Could the US have done that? In theory. But while the virus was spreading through the city to the point where testing, tracing, & isolating would be impossible, the president was saying the virus was a blip and would disappear fast, there were almost no tests to be had (early CDC tests were slow in coming and flawed), and the US Surgeon General was instructing citizens not to wear masks. I blame Trump (he could have learned from Wuhan, Italy, Spain, S Korea, etc.), but it’s also true that acting for the common good has never been as popular a concept in America as in Asia. Even now, in states where masks and social distancing have been mandated as part of re-opening, governors are being sued, gun-toting customers are refusing to comply, etc, Also, many Americans in the Trump era think all news is fake, so they refuse to do anything preventative till they are personally affected, and by then community spread is too extensive for containment via testing, tracing & isolating.

        Anyway, I never meant to imply you were opposed to masks and distancing (rereading my comment I can see why you thought so). And I agree that the instructions on death certificates you discuss sound insane. I do think there was under-counting in the NYC metro area early on – the three people (aged 60, 66, 70) I know who died at home this spring with symptoms that are on the covid 19 list were not counted. Maybe now, the public health people are over-correcting. I can see how making public health policy would be challenging mid-pandemic – as you said, science is about questions – but people expect public health recommendations to be right all the time.

        The other thing I reacted to (against) in your column was the defense of comparisons to flu. I know this is anecdotal, but I am 65 and in my lifetime have never known anyone under 80 who died of flu; nor have I known any healthy young people to get flu and continue to experience disabling symptoms for 4 months (so far). Maybe it will turn out my daughters’ friends are all outliers, but I gather this virus is more contagious than flu, so “rare” could be a lot of people.

        Dr Kendrick, I keep hoping you will write something about the blood clots they’ve been finding in a number of patients with covid 19. Any chance of that?

        1. AhNotepad

          Lisa, no one will ever know what actions had what effect. It is all speculation and belief. Even where it might be possible to find some observable facts, such as the numbers of infections, and recovered cases, the figures are unreliable and possibly distorted by exaggeration.

          1. Lisa

            So you just throw up your hands? Science is only worth doing when you have a lab, lots of money and time, and can do endless experiments till you reach absolute certainty? I don’t agree. Even with labs, researchers get stuff wrong all the time and old ideas get thrown out, new ones ushered in. A pandemic overwhelming your hospitals requires a public policy, but it is formulated on the fly – so parts will be wrong and the thinking will keep evolving. In NYC in March, they told people not to come to the hospital till they had breathing problems – but after a while, they realized that people with covid 19 can have severely depleted oxygen levels without knowing it – so they started telling people to monitor their oxygen at home and come in if if the number dipped too low, no matter how they were feeling. When people did that, fewer ended up on ventilators. Progress!

          2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            We are in a era where the managing of ‘perceptions’ of safety or trust or indeed anything – is given more resources than relating and responding to what is in fact happening.

            There are particular processes that are opportunistic to feed off of this, such as PR firms, ‘thought leaders’ (sic) computer modellers, and those who use all such means to generate and manipulate perceptions for their own private agenda.

            If many are still operating as if the world is what is seems to be or is said to be, then there is an undercurrent or underbelly to ‘the world’ that is too fearful NOT to be masked out. Yet it is actually happening and is arguably more dangerous to keep hidden than to educate and address.

            However, I feel to say that love runs beneath appearances – even if negative distortions operate as guards to effectively maintain a ‘lockdown planet’.

            I met a woman who could imaging going out in public without mascara round her eyes. I have not lived in her shoes, but her predicament was unimaginable to me. But there is a difference in exercising and respecting freedom to use what works for you, and accusing or denying others their freedom when it doesn’t meet imposed demands and conditions without which you say you feel too afraid or unsafe to function.
            Fear is fundamentally inner conflict that is usually immediately associated with diversions or externals that can lock in the conflict – and not always wrongly.
            Reality is negotiated on the basis of truly shared commonality – otherwise masked hate and fear denies reality to truth by giving priority to fantasy. What could possibly go right?

        2. JDPatten

          A reasonable voice asking for knowledge. Here, here.

          About clotting: I put this up a while ago. Perhaps you saw it?
          Perhaps Dr. Kendrick could make sense of it for us.

          1. JDPatten

            Or, perhaps not.
            But, it’s about platelets, the endothelium, clotting, and inflammation – his interests.
            Why not, Doc?

    2. David Bailey


      The problem is that if someone fails a COVID-19 test they say they have a COVID-19 case – at term which would normally imply that the person was also showing symptoms.

      We don’t know whether those tests ever show up false positives -but most tests are imperfect.

      It is only fairly recently that viruses can be tested for directly like this. It needs a fairly delicate procedure known as a PCR test, and with widespread testing, even the slightest imperfection in the test will produce lots of false positives, which will be reported as cases of COVID-19, which in turn will drive many people crazy with fear.

      1. JohnC

        The other issue is that the PCR test can detect complete viruses but will show positive if there is any viral debris.
        The inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, said that “PCR detects a very small segment of the nucleic acid which is part of a virus itself. The specific fragment detected is determined by the somewhat arbitrary choice of DNA primers used which become the ends of the amplified fragment”.
        Therefore a positive test by itself is somewhat meaningless, if you are symptomatic then you don’t need a test, if you’re asymptomatic then are you infectious and is the positive test from random viral debris?

      2. Bart Merwede

        Dear David,

        don’t be misleaded by their smokescreen jargon. There are no false positives because the tests do not test for a virus but for presence of RNA that is in everybody. if they would put the cutoff level of PCR cycles high enough, everybody would test positieve!

      3. Lisa

        I don’t understand your first sentence. It sounds like you’re saying the UK health service labels anyone who tests negative a “covid case.” Really? So every person who takes a covid test is recorded as having covid 19, regardless of the results?

        The thing that drove people crazy with fear in NYC was not test numbers – it was talking to friends & relatives who were sick or who are medical workers; hearing about deaths of people they knew; seeing city hospitals overwhelmed and morgues overflowing. Nobody in NYC (except the odd celebrity athlete) could get tested unless severely short of breath – people with symptoms like high fever, chills, bad cough, etc. were told to stay home – there were definitely no symptom-less people testing positive OR negative.

        Now, in July, people with symptoms/known exposure can get tested. (We’ll see if that lasts – Trump isn’t happy with the proposed funding for testing.) But I have not seen discussion of positives counted as negatives or of false positives. You seem to imply PCR tests are only vulnerable to mistakes in one direction – false positives. But depending on how tests are developed, the sensitivity trade-off could go in the other direction. I have seen articles about false negatives, estimating 30%. (Even leaving aside sensitivity, it’s easy to imagine a test that involves inserting a swab painfully far up someone’s nose in search of virus might yield some false negatives.)

        I don’t get the feeling anyone is scaring Americans unduly. The virus is highly contagious. Many people doing “essential” jobs in American grocery stores and hospitals are people of color – hence more vulnerable to becoming severe illness/death. Some of them live in situations where it’s harder to avoid transmitting virus to family members. When the less vulnerable are not careful, they infect the vulnerable. I wish Americans would get a bit more fear-crazed – at least enough to follow the preventative guidelines.

        1. KJE

          Failing a test means a bad outcome for the test taker. Therefore, failing CV19 test means getting a positive result and being unable to go out or go to work and earn a proper living for 2 weeks. So getting a positive result, even if you are healthy and have no symptoms makes you a case as you failed the test that lets you go and live a normal life.

          1. Lisa

            Oh, I am glad to hear that explanation, thanks. But I don’t agree that people who have the virus but mild/no symptoms should lead a normal life. I think they should take extraordinary measures to avoid spreading the virus at all because every infection they cause adds risk for the many people who are vulnerable to severe illness/death – older people, people with chronic illnesses, people of color, and so on.

        2. KJE

          I don’t see any evidence that it is highly contagious. The same workers have been working in our local supermarkets throughout and none have been off. I asked a cashier in one a few weeks ago and she said no one had caught it. The guys in our local takeaway have dark skins and have not been ill although the shop has been open throughout. Even the 90+ year olds in my street haven’t had it. No one I know had had it – if it was highly contagious I’d expect at least one client or friend or relative to have been ill. I keep seeing that statement but no facts to back it up.

          1. Lisa

            Maybe you don’t have community spread yet. Do you live in a city? All I can tell you is what happened where i live.

            In the winter, New Yorkers read about the virus in Wuhan, and then in Italy, and most didn’t think it would be a big deal in the US. After all, that never happened with SARS or ebola. Then in March people started getting sick and dying – more and more people. Now it is under control in New York because of measures we took, but I see the same thing happening in other regions of the US – people saw the virus hit New York but think it won’t hit their community. Till it does.

          2. KJE

            I live in a big town – it’s not a city as it doesn’t have a cathedral – but it is between two other cities. In 2018, the population was 202,500. We have deaths and cases nearby but no deaths in the current month in nearby city (which actually has a smaller population than our town). Testing at Nissan seems to be causing the problems of producing cases. I can’t find death rates for our town but there were 3.5 cases (how can you have .5 of a case?). More testing = more cases but not more deaths.

          3. Sasha

            Philadelphia is a big city and only 100 miles south of New York. As far as I know, based on reports from people who are in hospitals daily, nothing of that sort happened here. Can you explain why?

          4. Lisa

            Probably because Philly got the virus later. NYC is an international travel hub much bigger than Philly. The virus arrived there first and no one realized it was spreading so nothing was done to contain it. Philly didn’t have that many cases before it locked down, so it never got so bad.

            Towns closer to NYC also got hit early and hard. Several northern NJ towns had thousands of cases while southern NJ towns didn’t get the virus till everything was locked down – they eventually got some cases, but nothing like northern NJ. (Fleeing New Yorkers probably carried the virus to some NJ towns but airbnb hosts soon started refusing people from NYC.). Commuter towns in southern Connecticut (near NYC) were also slammed early while northern CT (including New Haven, Hartford, and other cities) watched and locked down before the virus was widespread in their area.

            Lockdowns clearly inhibit spread, for obvious reasons. Anyone following the data from NY/NJ/CT last spring saw that happen in real time. Maybe the same protection could be achieved without lockdowns via mask and distancing policies plus testing/tracing/isolating but only if those are implemented (with good compliance) before there has been a lot of community spread.

          5. AhNotepad

            Lockdowns clearly inhibit spread, for obvious reasons.

            Do they? The reasons why, even if they do, are not obvious.

          6. Sasha

            I will have to look further into this explanation. I will talk to the docs I know and will post back if I find anything that contradicts your hypothesis. And will post if I find information that supports your hypothesis.

          7. Lisa

            KJE, I should have asked: Were the people you mention (who have not caught the virus) wearing masks? Have there been any measures taken to curb the virus in your town? Limits on gatherings, social distancing, testing/tracing/isolating, lockdowns? Or is everyone out leading normal life – going to gatherings, hanging out with friends, hugging people, eating at restaurants, etc. with no constraints? Any measures taken to slow the spread, by definition, will reduce the virus’s contagiousness.

            Last winter, travelers brought covid 19 to NYC at a time when nobody was taking precautions except maybe some extra hand-washing. It was winter so everyone was indoors mostly, taking packed subways to work, going to bars and parties and out to eat, hanging out with friends, and so on. Under those conditions, covid 19 spread very fast. Of course the virus doesn’t spread as efficiently if most people wear masks, limit gatherings, social distance, isolate positive cases, and stay home as much as possible.

          8. KJE

            1) “Were the people you mention (who have not caught the virus) wearing masks?” No. Not until mandated in shops and on public transport this month
            2) ” Have there been any measures taken to curb the virus in your town?” English regulations, sometimes observed, sometimes not. It’s actually almost impossible to know from day to day what the regulations are – our govt is very bad at telling people. I still have no idea what is open and what isn’t, or who you are allowed to associate with
            3) “is everyone out leading normal life – going to gatherings, hanging out with friends, hugging people, eating at restaurants” Now they mostly are, since things have opened and have been for most of this month. Most people round here have been chatting to neighbours even when lockdown was on. Most people are at least semi-compliant with mask regulations on public transport and in shops (but that’s only been for a week or so). I don’t know many people rich enough to eat in restaurants regularly unless you mean Pizza Hut.

            Since essential businesses were never closed, all the plumbers, car mechanics and electricians etc as well as many shop and takeaway assistants have been going to work throughout. Our industrial estate (mostly transport and car mechanics) has been busy throughout. Since we were allowed to go out to exercise, all of a sudden everyone had an invisible dog to walk and so we were all in the streets and parks etc – and , of course we come into contact with far more people than usual while queuing to get into a shop or navigating past such a queue. Of course, some people would rather be run over than come within 2m of someone else. And the economy has been destroyed. But I find it interesting that charts of deaths show exactly the same pattern regardless of lockdown or not – and that there’s a huge peak in every European country that occurs directly after lockdown started. That suggests to me that lockdown makes it worse, not better. Most deaths have been in care homes and other closed indoor environments, which suggest that staying in is the last thing you want to do. Fresh air and sunshine is what we need (shame it’s raining)

          9. Steve-R

            A peak of serious Covid-19 cases immediately after lockdown were entirely predictable, given that people became isolated from medical services by instruction, ‘stiff upper lip’ and all that nonsense. Many would have soldiered on with early symptoms expecting that their isolation would magically make them better, or at least protect their relatives.
            The problem is that it was known very early on that the disease was bi-phasic (cannot remember where I read it sorry) a point being made forcibly now by the American Frontline Doctors as well as Didier Raoult, meaning that it is a disease that, if caught early with well understood drugs treatments, does not develop into the more dangerous, more difficult to treat, second phase.
            So, by telling people to stay at home with the inevitable consequence that many in the early stage of the disease would not seek medical help until they had passed into the second phase, according to Raoult roughly 6 days after symptoms, rising death rates resulted. The same will apply with symptomatic people being now told to self-isolate for 10 days – deaths will increase because treatment will not be sought. The cynic in me thinks that they weren’t killing enough with the 7 days isolation so have moved to 10 just to be sure enough people die to keep the fear levels up.
            Added to this flawed practice is the shameful attempts to rubbish the proven efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and the disgraceful behaviour of social media to prevent the public even seeing that a treatment is available.
            From the Swedish experience I do not think that lockdown with hydroxychloroquine has resulted in the same levels of deaths per million as lockdown without hydroxychloroquine. I read today that after hydroxychloroquine use was stopped in Sweden during lockdown death rates increased 4-fold.

            Finally, is anyone wondering why the NHS bulk purchased Hydroxychloroquine sulphate long before the lockdown. Did they expect it would become unavailable for patients for the small number of cases where is is the drug of choice? If so, it is out of patent, why not manufacture it in the UK. Or has it been reserved for when our ‘masters’ like Cummings get symptoms and sod the old and vulnerable as he was reported to have said?
            I would like to think that someone in the NHS knew at that stage that Hydroxychloroquine sulphate would be a solution to Covid-19 for many cases, if I am right, who stopped it being made available to ordinary people and what was the justification for so many avoidable deaths.

          10. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            Right at the start, in mid February, I asked our trust to stock up with Hydroxychloroquine. I was told we could not have any, it was all going to the main tertiary centres. Where, I presume, the most ill patients were going to end up.

          11. KJE

            I tend to agree, but I thought Sweden didn’t have a lockdown. NHS treatment – for those who even got it – seems to have been very poor and too late, with no lessons learned from other countries. Not enough people have died so now the govt need to lockdown more cities so more people die and less UC and pensions will need to be paid out. Wonderful.

    3. johnplatinumgoss

      Lisa, viruses run their course. Coronaviruses have been with us for decades, perhaps since the beginning of human existence, in one state or another. The common-cold is of the Coronavidae family. There was a SARS-CoV pandemic 2002-2003 but nobody had to social distance and nobody had to wear face masks. Something very disturbing is going on of which SARS-COV2 is a distraction. The fear factor it has created is much worse than anything it can do to a healthy person.

      1. Lisa

        Well, there are doctors and nurses in my extended family who would not agree with you. So you think the healthy middle-aged people I know who died with covid symptoms last spring – and the 28 yr olds still suffering months after getting sick – that is typical of coronaviruses? I am not talking about media accounts. I am talking about people I or my family members personally know.

        Btw, SARS was nowhere near as contagious so not comparable at all.

        1. AhNotepad

          You seem to know a disproportionate number of people who have died of corona virus. Did they really die of that, or was there something else? Most people don’t know anyone who got sick, let alone died of it, but died of other problems.

          1. Lisa

            Talk to New Yorkers. Many know people who got sick. My sister knows several who got sick and recovered, one who died. My daughter knows a number who got sick – most of whom are not yet recovered – and nobody who died. Of the deaths I mentioned, the individual I knew best was a healthy 60 year old with no other problems. One of the others did have another health problem. I don’t know about the third person. But all three were working full time and leading normal lives before they died at home during this pandemic.

            People sometimes say “But all those people had underlying problems!” as if that means those people should not be counted as covid deaths. There are many people in their 60s and up who have other chronic health issues yet lead rich, full lives with normal or near-normal life expectancy – but if they get covid 19, they are much more likely than healthy people to be severely ill/permanently disabled – or to die. I don’t think it’s too much to ask of people who were lucky enough to be born with excellent health to wear a mask when they have to be closer than 6 feet to other people, so that those who were born less lucky are protected.

          2. AhNotepad

            And their sickness was caused by? How do you know? What was their underlying health? Did they have nutrient deficiencies?

          3. Sasha

            Majority of complicating factors that lead to Covid deaths aren’t inborn but acquired. So “those who were born less lucky” doesn’t apply here, I think.

    4. KJE

      Figures for deaths are basically the same everywhere, regardless of lockdowns and so in. Sweden (who admit they cared very badly for their elderly), S Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan. As fars as I can see, all lockdowns and mask wearing do (unless there is sever air pollution) is undermine health, exacerbate fear and stress and cause economic devastation – which in turn destroys more lives. No evidence that I can see that a mask has saved one life, but there is evidence that masks have damaged or ended lives. Viruses don’t really go away, we just get largely immune to them as they mutate into less virulent forms, or perhaps they get incorporated into the genome. The longer we try to prevent the spread of the relatively benign variants, the longer the virulent forms will last. Better to have good treatments and learn from other countries’ successes (are you listening, NHS?)

      1. Lisa

        I disagree with pretty much everything you say, but I think you have made up your mind so no point arguing (it takes too long!). But I do have one question. You say: “No evidence that I can see that a mask has saved one life, but there is evidence that masks have damaged or ended lives.” Can you elaborate on that? I am curious because of course anyone for whom wearing a mask is literally dangerous is exempt from the mandates, so you must be talking about something else. What “evidence” is there of people being damaged and even dying because of masks?

        1. Gary Ogden

          Lisa: Children traumatized. Children have zero risk from this. This is abuse. What future do we have when the children have been made to fear their fellow human beings?

        2. Sasha

          I think there’s pretty solid evidence that wearing a mask for long periods of time decreases oxygen saturation levels. Do you disagree with that?

          1. Lisa

            I haven’t studied the subject so can’t present any data but I have spoken with doctors and nurses with asthma who have not had problems wearing masks for long periods. And anyone with health problems that would be affected by mask use is exempt from the mandate.

          2. Sasha

            Steve, here’s a link:


            Their conclusion: “In healthy healthcare workers, FFR did not impose any important physiological burden during 1 hour of use, at realistic clinical work rates, but the FFR dead-space carbon dioxide and oxygen levels were significantly above and below, respectively, the ambient workplace standards, and elevated PCO2 is a possibility. Exhalation valve did not significantly ameliorate the FFR’s PCO2 impact.”

            They were assessing N95 masks which are different from disposable masks that most people wear but even with disposable masks, if you go to any workplace where “essential workers” are made to wear them for hours and especially if they have to perform physical work, you will see that people are constantly pulling down on them to expose their nose, at least. You can’t breathe as well with the mask on.

          3. Steve B

            I’m only a working class oik Can you tell me what that means in plain English
            Masks bad or masks good?

        3. anna m

          I have heard of a couple of cases, maybe in China, where children were exercising hard with a mask on and died. I don’t get why they wouldn’t just faint and recover…don’t know if this is true. But I think exercising and that includes working hard, is not supposed to be done with a mask on and I think people need to know this.

          1. KJE

            If you can’t look them up for yourself:
            and plenty from US newspapers that aren’t available in the UK

          2. Lisa

            Isn’t it kind of ironic that the people who say covid 19 is so *harmless* that all the preventative measures are unnecessary also think masks are so *dangerous* that nobody should have to wear them? Even though covid 19 has killed 640,000/sickened millions while masks …

          3. AhNotepad

            You presumably have a reference to support your statement. It looks rather unlikely that masks are needed

            Most masks and cloths (then made into masks) are polyester Is it good to breathe?

            This must of course, be rubbish as it doesn’t support the commercial and political push to make everyone obey the dictates. Perhaps you could provide government risk assessment regarding wearing masks. You may call it ironic, but a few months ago the WHO was saying masks would not benefit healthy people.

          4. KJE

            And also, I think that anyone who wants to wear a mask should wear one, but no one should be forced to. And those that do, should be aware of possible adverse effects as well as possible benefits. Some people seem to assume that some saying that masks should not be mandatory is the same as them saying that mask should not be worn by anyone. It is not.

          5. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            The disease conditions that effect about 0.1% of the population in terms of fatality – and that as primarily of the very old with co-morbidities – may not be cause by virus, but the assumption that all that is propagandised and attributed to the ‘neovel virus’ becomes implanted in the public mind. The intent to use overall death count as a meaningful statistic without comparison to the average of normal deaths in other years is blatant manipulation by deceit.
            The above link uses official data and professional and expert testimony to set out a sane and proportionate account of an epidemic called covid19 – that is in overall terms comparable to a normal or bad flu season – yet many much worse years have been recorded that did not attract or be given such media focus or martial laws under medical mandates.
            The principle danger of masks is of compounding a false narrative as an illusion of safety while the actual threat persists unseen and unaddressed. While you may claim little or no damage results from mandating fear of life, relationship and conviviality, you can only do as as the voice for mandatory control that takes it authority from such fear.
            The precautionary principle – properly applied – is NOT to introduce novel products, protocols or procedures until it can be clearly demonstrated that they do no harm – or that the good far exceed the harm. Where there is risk there needs to be freedom of information and informed decision – not mandatory compliance.
            The regulatory capture by which to lock down and deny human beings our essential human right and freedom of association, as if the make them safe while choking a global economy of life support such as to put millions if not billions into poverty, chaos, degradation and dependency under totalitarian conditions – is an extension of the corporate and financial capture of regulatory institutions – including media, politicians and scientific institutions such as to effect a private coup of governance as a whole system under pretence of public -private partnership.

            Coercing face covering as a mandate of socially shamed obligation LOCKS IN the fear that is manufactured by design to a profiled and targeted population. But the fear OF the population must belong to those who choose to deceive so as to subject or discard your fellow human beings for a sense of control over the living.

            The cartel of corporately directed state mandate extends into every area of life such as to make us cover our faces in preparation to state mandate to override any freedoms as to what is put into or done to our bodies. This in itself is a form of terrorism.

            The freedom to wear a mask as an informed decision is not contested – any more than to wear an amulet. The capacity to distort the sharing of information is the lockstepping of the muzzled media and a muppet political class who deliver absurd scripts as post truth manipulative deceit!

            Cognitive dissonance set in fear of exposure must seek to censor and ban a freedom to question.
            It is you who and who scripts you that are trapped or locked into your own masking agenda and your claim to moral superiority is a sham.

            Cherry picking ‘covid’ while ignoring and subsuming all else is a desperate attempt to persist a focus in false flagged fear. Don’t mask your fear. Face and own what is yours so as to release what doesn’t belong to you – and that includes the arrogant ignorance of the intent to possess and control life. But by providing such a transparent example, you serve to make informed choice more obvious.
            It is up to you what you accept and replicate as your own belief and experience. No one can ‘hijack’ or change your mind without your agreement at some level. But that you choose is your full consequence. You are not just ‘following orders’.

          6. KJE

            Trouble is, you can’t prove that a mask saved anyone. Since most people have no symptoms or mild symptoms, and others seem to be protected by T-cells, you can’t prove that a mask was helpful at all. It is impossible to say with certainty that “John wore a mask and didn’t get CV therefore the mask saved him (and his family)” as it’s just as easy to say, “Well, James didn’t wear a mask and didn’t get CV, nor did his family”. No one can tell whether either of them would have got it under different circumstances. But you can prove that a youngster died with hypoxia as a contributing cause while wearing a mask. I never wear red or pink and I haven’t had CV – perhaps that’s protective – perhaps the virus is attracted to bright colours … (that’s me being facetious in case you didn’t realise). Lots of people in China wear mask because of air pollution – lots of people in China died of CV … Fewer people seem to have died of CV than cancer or TB, and we didn’t find it necessary to ruin our economies previously for flu with a similar death rate – so why the hysteria now?

          7. Lisa

            If there is enough evidence to convince medical professionals (I am not a doctor) that running in masks is a danger to children, then amend the rules. Children should not wear masks while running (or doing comparable exertion). If people wear masks when closer than 6 feet to other people EXCEPT while running (or doing comparable exertion), we will keep the virus in check.

            I read some of your links and say mostly (rare) associations, not causation. For ex, the runner with the collapsed lung … my husband is also tall & thin and has had a spontaneous collapsed lung back before covid 19 so no mask – his doc told him that is not uncommon in people with his build – indeed the doc in the article you linked to mentions the guy had that build. So who knows. Another link: the driver who crashed. He was not following the mask mandate, which (in the US at least) says nothing about wearing masks when alone – and he was wearing an N95, which comes with directions and lots of warning labels all over the package noting that if you misuse it, it can be extremely dangerous. Of course doctors and nurses wear N95s safely all the time. Do you accept masks in that context? In any case, if non-medical personnel were told not to use N95s, that would be fine, too (in the US that happened – we saved all N95s for medical workers because they needed them).

            From what I have seen, before covid 19 there was not a lot of science proving masks work – nor was there science showing they didn’t work. Nobody had done much research. Here is the kind of thing they are finding now that they are looking into it:

            This article might interest you. It discusses how masks lower viral load/severity of disease – I was intrigued by the idea of preventing *symptomatic* cases via masks. Cruise ships are not controlled experiments but close to it. “Particularly compelling, Dr. Gandhi said, is the data from cruise ships, which pack big groups of people into close quarters. More than 80 percent of those infected aboard Japan’s Diamond Princess in February — before masking had become common practice — came down with symptoms, she noted. But on another vessel that left Argentina in March, and on which all passengers were issued surgical masks after someone onboard came down with a fever, the level of symptomatic cases was below 20 percent.”

            Of course, if you don’t believe the death tolls because there have been some errors in recording, and/or you don’t believe that some who survive are seriously impaired because you don’t know anyone who has had that happen, and/or you don’t think we should take preventative measures because only old people and those with other health problems are severely affected and they don’t count, then I doubt I can convince you to wear a mask so …

          8. KJE

            I haven’t found enough decent studies to convince me either way – too much politics. I think anyone who wants to wear a mask should do so. At this time of year in the UK, air humidity is too high for there to be much airborne risk – and we don’t do aircon in big way like they do in some other countries, so wearing masks in Summer is a bit silly. We need to save it for the real flu season. But i still want to know why Chinese people get flu and CV19 if they wear masks all time and why Sweden has fewer deaths than the UK relative to population. I also worry about all the pollution from discarded masks and the risk to those who have to pick them up and dispose of them

          9. AhNotepad

            Masks, muzzles, face nappies are to engender fear and to force control. You wear a mask if you want to, but it is not for you to force others to use them, even with questionable “studies” that purport to show some possible benefit.

          10. JDPatten

            It seems there can be a greater fear of having one’s confirmation bias shaken than of the very real risk of severe illness of… others.
            Or even of oneself!
            You are a beacon in this shallow fog of high opinion.
            Thank you.

          11. anna m

            Thank you KJE. Good God, I didn’t realize they were that insane in China as to expect the kids to run with masks on.

          12. KJE

            And someone sent me a picture of a gym (not sure where – probably UK) that is insisting that its members wear masks while lifting weights and doing cardio – don’t go there.

    5. Martin Back

      Lisa, you are not a lone voice. I too believe in masks. It is undeniable that countries which masked-up early have far better numbers than countries that didn’t. Even someone so virulently anti-mask as AhNotepad who comments here admits that masks trap some virus particles. He won’t wear a mask because he doesn’t want to breathe his own viruses in again; but he is happy to breathe them over you and me. (frowny face)

      I know masks leak like sieves, at least the cheap ones I wear do. But they do make a small difference, and that small difference makes a remarkable difference to the total numbers infected, because of the exponential nature of the virus spread in the early stages.

      This became apparent to me when I tried to make a simple model of a viral infection on a spreadsheet. My first run, where I took a wild guess as to infectivity, ended with twelve times the population of the earth dying off. Oops! Playing around with the numbers I came to realize that the difference between a catastrophe and a mild infection was only a couple of decimal points’ difference in infectivity.

      It’s a percentage game. You can tip the odds in your favour a little bit by self-isolating, washing hands, wearing a mask etc, but so much infection is due to random chance that I doubt you can make more than a five or ten percent difference to your chances, as an individual. But the results for society as a whole of everyone being careful and minimizing their risk are dramatic. You can see it if you run the models. That’s one of the reasons there are such such huge discrepancies in the Covid experience of the various nations.

      1. IMoz

        No randomised controlled study support your assertion, or “belief,” as you put it, and that’s the problem: for you it’s a matter of religion (“belief”), for men of science it’s a question of science (“evidence”).

      2. JDPatten

        That makes three of us. At least. There might well be more of us that are simply keeping their own counsel. Deniers of mask efficacy, after all, can be quite overbearing.

        I had been prudent when sweeping out my old barn a few years ago and still have a very few unused N95s left from that. Dusty hundred and sixty year-old manure caked between floor-boards; leavings of the bats that have been roosting there all along. That’s not to breathe!
        Neither is invisible people-breath that probably isn’t – but might be – laced with The Virus. I didn’t have to think hard before determining that I should view myself, as well as my grown children – everyone – as unknowing innocent symptom-free shedders of disease.
        Masks all ’round. Yes.
        Besides, the common cold has no chance either. A side benefit not to discount. My son and his little family and Grampa (me) were constantly ill with some cold bug or other before COVID masking. Day care, ya know? No illnesses since masking for half a year. True of everyone I know.

        1. KJE

          Which countries? Obviously not India or Pakistan. Belarus? Hong Kong? S Korea? Taiwan? Which? And did you adjust for good treatments, demographics etc, since the only stat we can really trust is the death rate (you can adjust the number of positives by tweaking the testing)? I saw someone smoking an actual cigarette through a mask yesterday, so I’m really not sure that they block anything unless virus particles are much bigger than smoke, which they might be. Could be a healthier way to smoke, though.

        2. KJE

          It is common sense to wear an industrial-type mask when sanding or sweeping very dusty environments or when carrying out certain other fume-generating procedures. The one time I didn’t when clearing an old barn over 40 years ago, I got pneumonia (fungal or bacterial, I forget). However, since I started looking after my immune system and diet, I’ve rarely had a cold. I’ve never had flu. So it isn’t just down to masks. I bet lot of people have been de-stressed by not having to go to jobs they dislike (which would improve immunity) – of course the stress will increase again when the furlough scheme ends and many end up on UC.

        3. Steve-R

          There is a ‘use it or lose it’ function involved in the regular visitation of a grandson/granddaughter though.
          I am quite looking forward to my regular infection with whatever he picks up in nursery this autumn.
          I the same way I am anxious that I am probably losing the regular immune stimulus that I must have had in the days when I would browse the local shopping centre – frankly vaccination is not only no substitute for the huge variety of pathogens that my fellow tribe members share but likely comes with hidden side effects from e.g. nano anhydrous aluminium hydroxyphosphate sulphate, SIV, non-human coronaviruses, XMRV etc etc.

          1. AhNotepad

            Steve-R, I am quite happy to encounter infections as they go around. It’s reputed shopping trolley handles are covered in opportunist bugs. Fine. I collect one from the car park in Tesco, where it has been left by the previous contaminated user. At the door I am asked If I want it cleaned, well there’s no point now, I have all the bugs. Funny I don’t get sick, and I’m not wearing a mask as I am exempt (note to do-gooders) so why is this deadly virus not in fact that deadly?

      3. AhNotepad

        People may believe in masks, and they believe in many other things too. The belief does not have to be supported by facts for their belief to exist. However, belief is not always enough, sometimes facts are inconvenient.

        1. IMoz

          They’re far too enthusiastic about N95. N95 requirement is 95% of 300+ nanometre particle filtration, and even though Particulate Filtration Efficiency does test 100nm particle penetration, even 3M expressly say in their literature that PFE is not a protection performance metric and they only warrant 0.3 micron efficiency 😉

      4. AhNotepad

        Martin, I find it offensive you should say I am happy to breath viruses over you or anyone else who shares your faith base belief in masks. (Ad hominem attacks indicate a weak case). I do not go around purposely breathing at people. If you think you will not be exposed inside a building to, eventually, all the air therein, perhaps it would be worth remembering that you can smell various aromas such as bread (where there is a bakery) and the fish counter. These are a couple of examples that would tell any reasonable thinking person that masks don’t do much. The mask wearers are for the most part emitting as many viruses, but are just virtue signalling by donning what amounts to an ineffective fashion accessory.

      5. anna m

        I’d really like to see a better analysis of this. There are a lot of variables that influence how a country does. A lot of countries are in sunny climes that don’t have much trouble. If there weren’t so much obvious lying, it would be easier to assess. I think that the current increase in cases in the US is almost certainly nonsense, to put it kindly.

      6. Tom Welsh

        “… because of the exponential nature of the virus spread in the early stages…”

        Oh dear, you have torpedoed yourself below the waterline.

        No real infection ever spreads exponentially, even in the early stages. See Andrew Mather passim, and many other competent statisticians.

        1. Martin Back

          From a strictly mathematical point of view, you’re right. But when the authorities say “Cases are doubling every X days”, that’s exponential growth. In the early stages it does resemble exponential growth, good enough for government work as they say.

    1. JohnC

      Further to my post above. Dr. Kendrick was referred to as a conspiracy theorist author; when asked for the sources for that assertion, the single word reply was “Wikipedia”.

      1. Martin Back

        The source is RationalWiki, not Wikipedia. I see someone by the username of Johns keeps Dr Kendrick’s page up to date. Johns appears to be someone with nothing better to do than make changes on RationalWiki. He seems to average about twenty a day on a range of pages. There is no information on his qualifications. Go to his username page and there is a video of Muslims head-banging to death metal(?!)

        If people want to believe an anonymous person on the internet rather than a qualified and practicing doctor with books and scientific publications to his name, I suppose one can’t stop them.

        1. Sasha

          I think a lot of times it’s not just one person but a number of persons editing under the same name. That’s how one “editor” can manage a bunch of posts in a single day. Astroturfing at its best, I suppose.

        2. Tom Welsh

          “Johns appears to be someone with nothing better to do than make changes on RationalWiki”.

          Let’s not forget 77th Brigade and 6th Division. UK taxpayers’ money is funding thousands of people to sit at computers doing exactly what you describe.

  35. Cón Ó Brolcháin

    The UK comprises 4 countries which approach Covid-19 in different ways. Specifically Scotland and Northern Ireland do publish Recovered Case numbers. Please do not mistake England for the UK.

  36. Linda Ashdown

    Brilliant article, I so appreciate you sending it. Thank you for being the voice of reason in a world of utter madness!

    Best regards

    Linda Ashdown

    Sent from my iPad

  37. Christine Hudson

    Interesting article with a link to the official memo which is also written in English
    The take away fact is “The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, said that even in the best case, with medical masks which prevent 40 percent of infections, 200,000 people would have to wear them to prevent just one new infection per week.” I presume that the figure would be much higher with “face coverings”. The worrying aspect about the new face covering legislation is that Matt Hancock has six months before he has to review the ruling!

  38. Karen F

    A journalist was going through the death stats in Florida and found a few COViD deaths that were a little questionable. She found co-morbidities of: fatal motorcycle accident, gun shot to the head, 77 y.o with end stage parkinson’s disease, 90 year old who fell, fx a hip, then died. The medical examiner said that it’s possible that COViD caused the crash that killed the motorcyclist. And they wonder why we don’t take The Authorities seriously.

  39. Josie Oldrich

    Dr Kendrick, i really do feel that you need to go back to basics. You seem to have been recycling your own rhetoric for so long that you have lost track of how to represent things without spin.

    Just one example – from the very start, models were used. These were MODELS. With highly variable suggested outcomes, depending on various factors, both known and unknown (Including human error). This was clearly communicated. Yet, to make your point, you quote just one or two extreme figures, without any recognition of all the factors, and the fact the world has moved on a very long way since then. But still, you hark back to the same outdated and cherry picked figures. I assume this is so you can repeat the same opinions over and over again, without adjusting to new information as it arrives – except to hold the new info up against the outdated old info, and mock.

    That was just one example of your spinning prose. There are many others in this piece.

    Presumably, your intention is entertainment? You certainly achieve that.
    The reality of the situation is obviously much more complex, and subtle, and variable, depending on area and situation different measures used. But I suppose if you went to the effort of researching that, you would have to discuss in a balanced way, while unable to communicate in broad dumbed down brush strokes, and finishing with a hanging ? would offer more challenge.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      We locked down on the basis of models. The figures in these models have not changed, despite new evidence coming on. I don’t think I have repeated the same opinions at any time, perhaps you would give me a concrete example of when I have done this?

    2. Jeff Cable

      Is there a point to your needlessly unseemly and vitriolic rant? Perhaps I would try to understand your viewpoint were you able to state your credentials, so that I would know that I was dealing with a knowledgeable and intelligent person, rather than a dumbed down person who likes the sound of their own voice and wants to see their own warped opinions in print. I would strongly advise you to stop flinging mud as your principle debating technique. The denizens of this forum all deserve better than the ignorant drivel which you have penned and submitted as a supposedly rational argument. The point you sought to make is pure sophistry. You proceed to set up your straw-man argument so that you could knock it down again. My imprecation to you, Josie Oldrich, is you could usefully spend some time making the effort to research the issues raised here by Dr Kendrick. Possibly you would then be able to discuss the matters in a balanced way. More light and less heat is required. For what it is worth, opinions are never worth arguing and frequently, not even worth the time it takes to read or listen to them.

    3. David Bailey


      Beyond a certain point, “models with highly variable outcomes” tell us nothing at all. I could produce one – sure to be valid – the lower limit would be no further deaths, and the upper limit would be that everyone dies.

      If you present a model like that to a politician, they might choose the lower limit, or the upper limit. It would be better to simply say “we don’t know”, but an academic would lose credibility if he said that.

  40. johnplatinumgoss

    What on earth is going on indeed! Why are all the television stations all over the world (including RT) going along with this need to mask? Both the Russian State Bank and RT are owned 100% by the Russian government. I can’t get my head round why nearly all RT’s video-footage shows people wearing masks. It is the same in this country. One refreshing exception was this morning’s “The Travel Show” on BBC 1. But that was before most people get up. Anyway I don’t see more than 50% wearing masks in the streets nor anywhere like 100% shops except on TV. A message, an unhealthy message, is being driven home.

  41. dearieme

    The definitional madness was not a UK phenomenon, though, it is/was specifically English. That, I understand, is how the problem was recognised – the English data stubbornly refused to fall as low as the Scottish so somebody realised that an artefact was biasing the English data.

    Mr Hancock found out about the problem by stumbling across it on an Oxford blog. So much for our Rolls Royce civil service briefing the Secretary of State for Health. So much for the zealots of Public Health England.

    Now, the big one: “What on earth is going on?” Buggered if I know. But when I had an appointment at our local World Famous Teaching Hospital about six weeks ago, many of the nurses crossing the concourse were neither wearing masks nor social distancing. One of the nurses treating me implied that the emergency was over. A friend whose wife works there tells me that, in fact, they’ve had remarkably few COVID patients throughout the emergency.

    It’s worth asking: when our rulers lie to us about something what is it that they’re trying to hide? Often, in the past few decades, it’s been some embarrassing data on racial differences. But that surely can’t be the explanation here; that there have been racial differences in death rates is no secret and anyway it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. So what are They hiding? Or are They just confused panic-mongers trying to cover up their folly?

    By “They” I don’t mean only the government, but our whole ruling class – our useless MPs, ignorant and excitable journalists, mathematical modelling charlatans, pompous, foolish “scientists”, and, I dare say, vain and cocksure medical men. How can so many people have been so certain in their opinions about a virus about which so little was known? And why did so few people pipe up about all the health, personal, social, and economic costs of a lockdown?

    1. Tom Welsh

      How did we arrive at a state of affairs in which vital medical decisions are made by politicians?

      Am I right in thinking that, without the NHS, that would not be possible? The NHS gives the government a hierarchical command structure with which it can control what individual doctors and nurses do. Back in the 1930s, a government could not have done that kind of thing.

      Moreover, NHS administrators and managers are exactly the kind of people through whom politicians like to operate. (As are CxOs of large companies). The politicians own them, and can threaten them with dismissal. The administrators don’t know much about medicine or patients, and care less. And the administrators have absolute power over the doctors and nurses.

    2. Jeremy May

      Dear Dearieme
      Well said.
      In particular your last paragraph.
      Ref: your last sentence, the ‘in hindsight’ brigade have been mobilized.
      Kind regards
      A non-member of the ruling class

  42. Dana

    Reporting of recoveries, at least in my part of the world (Alberta, Canada) is just as flawed. Recovered is based on the assumption that a confirmed case is recovered 14 days after the specimen collected date. There is no follow-up with the patients, yet these numbers are stated as fact instead of conjecture.

  43. JDPatten

    Dr Kendrick,
    How are you now and for the future determining what to put on the death certificates that you sign?
    This must be considerably problematical considering that there are no reasonably reliable and timely COVID-19 tests of any sort.

      1. Gary Ogden

        JDPatten: I think he is probably doing what he has always done, and what all good doctors do: Evaluate the evidence. When faced with ambiguity, make the most reasonable educated guess.

        1. JDPatten

          Thank you, Gary.
          I’ll presume that, if the good doctor doesn’t correct you, he doesn’t mind your words in his mouth. He’s as busy as we can’t imagine, I’m sure.

          Death certificates have been a problem for a long time. My father died of “heart attack”, whereas he actually died in 1973 of a stroke brought about by a few years of untreated atrial fibrillation. If I’d known that, I might have avoided similar problems myself.

          I just want to know, a bit more specifically and directly, what an honest rational doctor does in the current confused context when accuracy and specificity might matter all the more.

          It’s what this post is about, no?

  44. Terry Wright

    Bruce Hollis is a well recognised figure in Vit D research;

    in the first 10mins into this video, he talks about the enormous attempts to stop them investigating using 4000 IU of Vit D for research; (5yrs ago): the screechers were saying it would cause cancer; extraordinary how folks try to steer the narrative; madness is around every corner. This study was on prostate cancer and showed benefits. worth watching.

  45. Sarah

    My mother tested negative for covid and they still put covid-19 on her death certificate. She died from untreated heart failure but because the doctor said her symptoms were ‘covid like’ that is why its on there. Its criminal and our government and the nhs need to be brought to bear on this.

  46. John Halgren

    Do you reimburse medical facilities at a higher rate for Covid pts than other ILI pts? That’s the case in the US. I’d bet my mother that the inflated rates of Covid deaths in NY were driven by the reimbursement rates. Their IFR simply does not match up to anyone else. They are WAY out there and the money is the only driver I can find.

  47. The Wizard

    This is Project Fear. The Sheeple must continue to be fearful and socially engineered. The vaccine(s) are the immediate near term goal. The doom and gloom merchants are continually pushing the “second wave” and in recent weeks there have been “reports” of other viruses discovered with “plague potential”. This is being very carefully stage managed across the globe with the MSM and the internet giants in full lockstep.

    There WILL be a second wave, it is quite simply a necessary step in the overall strategy. It will be easy. Come October when the inevitable annual flu infections begin, these will be labelled SARS-Cov2. Without it the plan falters and then stutters and then fails. The puppet masters are too far into this to stop now. I would not be surprised if we are told the virus has now mutated and is even more deadly and vicious. Perhaps a new plague can be introduced as well.

    The overwhelming majority of Brits will comply with whatever nonsense comes from No.10. It is what we do and have always done “for Queen and country”. The muzzled zombies will be fighting over who gets the vaccine(s) first. It has been suggested that we will have to get multiple shots per year to remain protected. We will do this without question. The vaccine will be mandatory without actually being mandated. Anybody refusing will be barred from shops, schools, surgeries/hospitals, public transport, hotels and restaurants etc. Employers will be “encouraged” to make vaccination a condition of new/continued employment to ensure that their workplaces are “Covid-19 Secure”. Everybody will be expected to have a Covi-Pass or similar to gain entry to ANY establishment. Sensors will automatically screen the public at the entrance. Today it is “no mask, no entry” tomorrow it will be “no vax, no entry”.

    If all this sounds like the ramblings of someone whose drink has been spiked; had I told you a year ago that we would ALL be in lockdown, required to socially distance and wear masks, I would have sounded like someone whose drink had been spiked.

    Finally, have a look at the smirking Bill and Melinda in this short clip

    1. Jerome Savage

      Sorty – but I wish you wouldn’t call yourself the Wizard – it just takes away from your post, suits those who think the place is full of conspiracy nuts.

  48. Binra (@onemindinmany)

    What is going on?
    If you want some sense of who – then have a look at World Economic Forum
    Somewhere in that lot are multi-level plans for every segment of the covid constellation that each open as sub constellations.

    The intent is a global reset to a new ‘order’. Look at Boris’s inaugural UN speech, and the idea of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Reich?).

    How much of control is in fact a psyop or capture and manipulation by deceit?
    I posted a link but it is not where I would seek for truth or understanding.
    There is an aspect of human consciousness that is psycho-pathological or cognitively dissonant. It cannot see or recognise or share in the truth of life but only operates within the realm or range of fear and control.

    We all respond to this global event in different ways and many are still in deep denial. Not of the ‘virus’ but of the global Coup – which is through our minds as well as our institutions.
    Put it another way and see that without such a retrenching in fear and control, the whole house of cards could not be kept under control, and part of that control is the mainstreamed media feed that really does work like a ‘matrix’ or virtual displacement reality for being effectively predated upon, or milked as captive revenue streams and proxy support under false pretences.

    Undoing deceit is fundamentally engaging in self-honesty. We mask not only to others, but to ourselves – but WHO told you you were naked?
    There is a realm of inner responsibility to our lives regardless the conditions we meet.
    The mind capture of deceit depends on emotionally invested reaction to its baited framing.
    If you love truth, remember the truth of love is a coherent sense of shared recognition in worth. Not masking in virtue – or in the posturing of coercive control as power.

  49. Lynn Wright

    My take on this giant mess. No new virus. RT-PCR which is not a diagnostic test but a manufacturing technique used to replicate DNA is co-opted and used to find a virus that has never been isolated, purified nor proven to be pathogenic by testing on non-human primates. RT-PCR Inventor and 1993 Nobel Prize recipient in Chemistry, Kary Mullis (died Aug. 2019) must be turning over in his grave. He warned against its use to diagnose, he could see it coming. With the wave of a wand early in 2020, Prof. Drosten (Germany) takes a few snippets of (presumably) SARS 1 DNA from GenBank (not from a patient, or any human being), creates what he considers the appropriate probes and primers for the RT-PCR to detect this novel virus, announces an arbitrary number of replicating cycles to be used during this polymerase chain reaction and, voila, you have a test for snippets of RNA (DNA that has been enzymatically changed to DNA for use by the RT-PCR, which is another problem with this “test”) that may or may not show infection by a viral pathogen. Run the swabbed sample through 60 cycles instead of the usual 35-37 and the whole world would likely test positive. Covid-19 is political, a weapon used to wield intense fear the world over, crush economies, unseat politicians, destroy the middle-class, remove freedoms, liberties, civil rights, create servitude and compliance of the masses, make billions from the sale of rushed-to-market highly risky vaccines. Billionaires are already getting richer since this whole charade started. Some say this is also an effort to depopulate the globe. Not sure about that. Google Gates and Eugenics. Look in to Event 201 and the meeting in Rwanda last August hosted by the Aspen Institute where the plans for tracking and tracing (H.R. 6666 proposed by Bobby Rush of Illinois) were planned. This looks like an evil from-the-top power and money grab of immense proportions. I am fearful, not of a supposed “novel virus” that is 99.7% survivable, but of losing everything I love about America. I fear we are raising a generation of germophobes. I am fearful our children will have no chance of a healthy, productive, free life before them. I am fearful of vaccine mandates, loss of medical freedoms and informed consent. I am fearful of being tracked and traced, surveilled 24/7. Of a cashless society where the government (possibly One World) can stop my ability to buy food if I have been “bad”, didn’t wear my mask, broke quarantine because I was at a party where someone tested positive on that useless RT-PCR or committed some other violation of the “New Rules of Life” post 2019. I see Nazi Germany ahead if we don’t wake up to the fact we are being played,. Don’t try to make sense of any of this, it is lies upon lies.

    1. Harry de Boer

      We can’t say the virus isn’t there because Dr Kendrick saw many patients affected by it.
      So I do believe it’s real, even if it’s not been purified, but present in the numbers that we are made to believe, no, I don’t believe that.
      Maybe it’s more something like: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
      Then it could also have been purposefully manufactured and released, in purpose or not, in the general population.

      1. Tom Welsh

        “We can’t say the virus isn’t there because Dr Kendrick saw many patients affected by it”.

        Dr Kendrick certainly saw many patients affected – and some killed – by *something*. You cannot be sure that the cause was a virus. And if the cause was a virus, there is no certainty that it was a coronavirus. The evidence for the existence of SARS-COV-2 is rather sketchy, because the means of isolating, identifying and studying all viruses are very primitive.

        ‘An astronomer, a physicist and a mathematician are on a train in Scotland. The astronomer looks out of the window, sees a black sheep standing in a field, and remarks, “How odd. All the sheep in Scotland are black!” “No, no, no!” says the physicist. “Only some Scottish sheep are black.” The mathematician rolls his eyes at his companions’ muddled thinking and says, “In Scotland, there is at least one sheep, at least one side of which appears to be black from here some of the time’.

      2. Lynn Wright

        “…saw many patients affected by it”. By what exactly? Another assumption, illness caused by a novel virus that looks like many other illnesses. Very similar symptoms to numerous other respiratory diseases. It was once assumed the sun revolved around the earth. Sure looks that way to me. Germ vs Terrain theory. A few excellent books to read are “Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense” and “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life”. It truly is mind-boggling and turns the world upside-down to consider that germ theory is incorrect, that Pasteur had it all wrong. Bechamp had it right, it is the terrain or milieu that determines health or disease. What we call pathogenic germs, bacteria, fungi, etc. are just nature’s way of resolving issues such as dead cells, poisons, ridding the body of toxic substances. Viruses just might be exosomes, produced endogenously when the body is poisoned, possibly by something unseen such as electricity/radio waves/EMFs. radar/4G/5G, etc. All non-native radiation affects us on a cellular basis. Add this to our increasingly toxic world, the sea of chemicals we live in, breathe and eat, and you have the human body hanging on to dear life, using tremendous energy to keep our internal house clean, so to speak. These exosomes look like viruses (or rather, vice versa) and appear to be the cause of disease. But what if they are the clean-up crew? Consider that this clean-up crew might also act as messengers, in ways that make them appear contagious. It might just be a survival of the species, evolutionary adaptation to alert those around us, “Beware, we are being poisoned!” This tells the neighboring human body/bodies it is time to ramp up the same defenses, also express these same particles/viruses/exosomes thus making you able to withstand the onslaught. It is a purging of sorts. If not this, how do we rid ourselves of infection, poisons, etc? Fever, coughing, sneezing, pus, pox, diarrhea, rash, etc. Stress on the liver and kidneys to detox. Trees are known to do this, deliver messages to those nearby, even from one sealed greenhouse to another. “We are being attacked!” is cried out (Through the roots? Through unseen particles in the air? Some sort of vibrational energy?) as the beetles invade and polyphenols and other chemicals to ward off the bugs are immediately produced to ward them off. Trees in a separate greenhouse also exhibit this phenomenon, they begin to produce the same chemicals to ward off the bugs – even though no beetles are in their greenhouse. Fascinating stuff!

        1. andy

          Hi Lynn; much to learn about viruses
          The theory is that healthy cells are not affected by covid-19. This would explain why young people are immune and old people suffer. Too many old stressed cells become dysfunctional and send out distress signals (cytokines) to the immune system, but it cannot cope with the load and symptoms appear. A virus (?) is just another stressor, but gets all the blame.

          Next step is to identify all the stressors that accumulate with age.

  50. JohnQPublic

    This is a very excellent question, Dr. Kendrick, why the scaremongering about COVID?

    Here is the US, I read an article last night and it is obvious the CDC had their plan in place to boost the infection and death numbers by abandoning the medical standard that has served well for 17 years. Everyone reading these comments should read the article themselves at this link: The CDC abandoned the industry standard, Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting, Revision 2003, and replaced it with new guidelines for COVID19 only, but keeping the Revision 2003 for everything else.

    After reading the article, you will realize that the COVID19 deaths are in reality slightly less than 10% of what they are, (140,000 deaths should really be 13,720), significantly less mortal than pneumonia and even the flu. The CDC’s published document on May 20 COVID19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios says the case fatality rate is 0.4%, and you can calculate the infection fatality rate at 0.26%, even using the inflated mortality figures. The Physicians for Informed Consent compared the 0.26% IFR to the 1918-1919 flu pandemic at 2.25%, 1957 – 1960 flu pandemic at 0.28%, and three others flu seasons at no higher than 0.14% IFR. Take the COVID19 IFR of 0.26% multiplied by 9.8% and you get the true IFR of 0.025% when using the Revision 2003 handbook. We have all been lied to.

  51. Bart Merwede

    Dear Malcolm,

    You are asking: What on earth is going on?

    There is only one answer: SARS-CoV-2 does not exist, and the test only test for non-specific RNA that exists in higher amounts in a small fraction of the population.

    This explains:

    -> How people previously tested positive still test positive when retested after some time.
    -> Why manufacturers are saying the tests are not for diagnosis.
    -> Why the WHO is saying the tests are not validated.
    -> Why 80% of positive tested people have no symptoms.
    -> Why nobody has ever been able to purify the virus in the peer “reviewed” literature.
    -> Why the average age of people dying of COVID is the average age of people dying.
    -> Why all government instititions are inflating the numbers, they can’t create the illusion of an epidemic without it
    -> Why nobody has managed to succesfully create a working and safe vaccine for SARS-CoV-1, because it also does not exist.
    -> Why no research clearly shows any benefit of wearing face masks.
    -> Why there are still people alive in Japan and Sweden.
    -> Why there have not been any COVID peaks after the BLM demonstrations everywhere.
    -> and so on.

    If anyone disagrees with me, he or she is kindly requested to find a single study (1 is enough for me) that proves SARS-CoV-2 exists.

    I wish them godspeed an good morrow.



    1. Steve-R

      I am not in a position to agree or disagree with you, but something is maiming and/or killing people in unusual ways – just read back through what the good Doctor has written of his own experiences with quite lucid oxygen insufficient elderly patients dying in front of him, ok one minute, gone the next.

      1. David Bailey

        Well the alternative explanation for the disease associated with AIDS is interesting.

        It has seemingly never been isolated, nor has it been proven to cause AIDS:

        Here is the the guy who got the Nobel Prize for the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) writing about the AIDS issue:

        According to the alternative theory, or at least one version of it, many of the people had a leaky guts because of various practices that they used prior to anal sex. Their guts leaked all sorts of things, including fungi.

        When the anti viral drugs came along for AIDS, they just happened to be effective anti-fungal agents (but awfully toxic). This improved the condition of the patients and was taken as further evidence that HIV caused AIDS

        Also, as Henry Bauer points out, the AIDS test is also somewhat dubious. For example pregnant women, or people newly recovered from flu are more likely to test positive than others. Non-white people are also more likely to give a positive test than white people.

        As with Dr Kendrick’s work, everything is carefully documented, so it is worth a read, just to get an idea of just how muddled medical science can become when it comes to viruses.

        1. Bart Merwede

          HIV indeed does not exist. The people in the west died mainly by recreational drugs and too much antibiotics, in africa and south america of poverty, malnutrition lack of sanitation and clean water.

          In both cases: antiviral drugs

        2. Martin Back

          The virus that causes AIDS was isolated independently by Luc Montagnier in France and Robert Gallo in the US, back in the 1980s already. They were looking for a virus because only a virus transmitted by bodily fluids could explain the pattern of disease that had been observed. Infected semen deposited anally or vaginally, infected blood acquired via transfusion or sharing needles, infected clotting factor to treat hemophiliacs, all are known vectors of HIV. Use condoms, clean needles, and tested blood, and you won’t get HIV. Drug use has nothing to do with it, except possibly to weaken your immune system, just as obesity makes you more prone to get Covid but is not a cause of it.

          Please stop trotting out Duesberg’s long-discredited “gay plague” theories.

          1. David Bailey


            This is not about blaming gays for what happened, any more than we blame mountain climbers because they sometimes injure or kill themselves.

            I would suggest you visit Henry Bauer’s website to read the information her has collected. I would say that story has the same qualities as the cholesterol causes heart attacks myth – i.e. the evidence seems to point to something else. For example, Henry Bauer points out that the disease doesn’t spread geographically in the way you would expect . Above all, AIDS simply hasn’t done anything like the damage that you would expect a disease with a ten year incubation period, passed on by sex, to do to the human population. Karry Mullis, Henry Bauer, and other senior scientists are of the same opinion.

            To be clear, I am not putting this theory in any active sense, just putting together strands of medical facts that seem suggestive.

          2. Melanie

            Luc Montagnier, given the Nobel Prize in 2008 for discovering and isolating the HIV Virus only to come along three years later with his Water Memory discovery giving a possibly mechanism as to how Homeopathy can work.
            Big Pharma must both love and hate this man in equal measure.

          3. Gary Ogden

            Martin Back: Correct that Luc Montagnier isolated HIV, and he won the Nobel Prize for it. Not correct that Robert Gallo did the same. Janine Roberts tells the story of this well in “Fear of the Invisible.”

          4. Bart Merwede

            Luc montagnier never isolated and purified hiv.

            AIDS exists, it is a clinical definition, just like COVID-19

            HIV does not exists, just like SARS-CoV-2 does not exist

            as I said before: prove it!,

          5. AhNotepad

            Bart, it is obvious SARS-Cov-2 does exist, as wearing a mask protects you and others against infection. This is a smart virus as it knows not to sneak through the enormous gaps between the fibres in the mask. Anyone who has been wearing a mask and tested positive has not been sufficiently compliant.

      2. Tom Welsh

        As I have said before, Steve, if one is old and sick then possibly that is the best way to go. Certainly preferable to months of agony with cancer – and of course thanks to the do-gooder politicians, no chance of being put out of one’s misery as a horse, dog or cat would automatically be.

        Dr Kendrick (I think) has said that a heart attack is a relatively good death – if quick.

        But to go “out like a light” with no warning, and just quickly slip away – an easier death could hardly be imagined.

        Always provided one is already near the point of death.

      3. Bart Merwede

        Dear Steve, people are dying for all kinds of different reasons. Unfortunately with all these government al institutions refusing to let doctors to their own proper assessment, nobody will ever know why.

          1. Jerome Savage

            Thanks Anne Marie
            Much of that is gobbly gook to me but the following extract is or may be relevant- ” Full-genome comparison of the isolate revealed >99.99% identity with two previously sequenced genomes available at GenBank (MN988668 and NC_045512) for SARS-CoV-2 from Wuhan, China, and >99.9% with seven additional sequences”
            Obviously the 0.01% and the 0.1% makes a difference.
            No ?

          2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            ‘Matter’ collected from a patient ‘tested’ with RT-PCR for coronavirus is sequenced to ‘find the whole genome?

            Is this not circular reasoning?

            The matter originally collected for the novel discovery was not isolated or purified to formally identify forms of virus specific to any disease symptomology – but fragments of RNA were genetically ‘identified’ and modelled to reconstitute the ‘whole virus’ (no claim to causality in the original Wuhan study).

            And so what exactly the matter can be is anybodies guess.
            But lets run with the idea of it as a basis to choke the world economy and precipitate unprecedented global chaos as the insider opportunity to make the world new – in its own image.

            But back to your linked study. This is the ‘matter’ that is ‘tested’ for – with ranges of tolerance that are far wider than the DNA match of chimps and humans.

            Now the ‘matter’ has been ‘matched’ to discover the whole sequenced genome of a virus in one Nepalese patient sample.

            The expansion of the virological model to the genetic model, is in process of extricating itself from a mess of unsupporting empirical data – but in the meanwhile has to save the appearances. At least until the deal is done and dusted.

            ‘Post-truth science’ can adjust the models by resetting parameters so as to convict anything or eradicate it. Its language is arcane, elitist and impenetrable.

            Conceit often means an extended rhetorical device, summed up in a short phrase, that refers to a situation which either does not exist, or exists rarely, but is needed for the plot.

            Conceit also operates as vanity, narcissism, self-love, self-admiration, self-adulation, self-regard, egotism, egoism, egocentricity, egomania; pride, arrogance, hubris, boastfulness, cockiness, self-importance, immodesty; self-satisfaction, smugness, complacency.

          3. AnnMarie Oliveira

            Thank you very much. I understand this now – it gives them leverage. Like all these kids going back to school and then amplifying the test to 60 cycles instead of the usual 35-37 and more kids test positive and they can say I told you so – we should not have started back so soon. Then it becomes a Political Weapon.

    2. David Bailey


      I do hope you stick around to argue this case, because it sort of rings true to me. There is also a resemblance to the claims about AIDS. Hopefully Dr Kendrick will offer his opinion too – but he may feel constrained to be more cautious, because if this is the truth it will be vigorously denied.

      Is there some way to confirm that this virus has not been isolated? There is this claim, but is it what it claims?

      Clearly an internet article is not a peer reviewed publication, and that article doesn’t link to a paper, and neither of his links supplies a link to a paper.

      There is the other question of course, as to what so many people, (some of whom were treated by Dr Kendrick himself), actually died of. Surely they didn’t all die from panic and the effects of ventilation? If they were actually dying of something else, are there plausible possibilities?

      1. Bart Merwede

        Hi David, this indeed is not a scientific paper. They show a picture of an electronmicrograph, but those are just particles that look like viruses, we can only know if they have been purified and biochemically characterized. Also, we need control experiments with samples from healthy patients.

    3. Gary Ogden

      Bart Merwede: According to Dr. Andrew Kauffman, neither the first nor the current SARS virus has ever been isolated. Both are known only from an RNA fragment. He contacted the authors of the paper identifying the current one to confirm this, and they replied in the affirmative. He explains this in Del Bigtree’s interview on the most recent HighWire. We simply do not know if the cause of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 is viral or not.

      1. David Bailey


        Clearly a lot of people did die earlier this year, and I wonder if someone with medical training can speculate as to what that might be if it was not COVID-19. I am guessing that once he COVID-19 test came up positive, doctors looked no further.

        Is there something that could have produced the same symptoms?

          1. Tom Welsh

            Steve-R, read (again, if necessary).

            And Dr Kendrick reminded us 3 month ago:

            “In the end, all severe infections can cause damage to the endothelium. This, in turn triggers blood clots. In sepsis the thing that usually kills people is disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), leading to organ failure, and death. With bacterial infections, this is usually due to the release of exotoxins (toxic waste products excreted from the bacteria). These hit the endothelium and strip it off, causing clots to form on the areas of damage. With viral infections, often the viruses directly damage the endothelial cells and start to kill them. Same end effect with both. This is why I recommend vitamin C. This can help to protect the endothelium as they battle against the infectious agent and/or exotoxins. I also recommend using anticoagulants with severe bacterial and viral infections, as these can reduce the amount of clotting.

            “It is no surprise to find people dying of major blood clotting problems with Covid. IN fact, it would be a surprise if they did not.

            “The best cocktail in sepsis (apart from the antibiotics) is high dose vitamin C, thiamine, and a corticosteriod (to reduce the cytokine storm). Some doctors in the US are using this to combat Covid, with what seems to be good results. None of this will be done in the UK where doctors will continue to use the weapons used in all previous wars to fight this new enemy. Don’t ever try anything different. It might work”.


        1. Gary Ogden

          David Bailey: I do not know what to make of the information we have been given about this. The fact that it takes mainly the elderly who are in poor metabolic health is a clue that it isn’t a typical respiratory virus. Statistics on excess deaths would be another clue about what is happening. It is a mystery. Here in the U.S. states are incentivized to inflate case numbers by receiving cash payments from the Federal government for each case, and it appears that fraudulent reporting of case numbers has become widespread.

          1. andy

            Hi Gary&David; bias confirmation what covid-19 is about

            Hyperglycemia, hydroxychloroquine, and the COVID‐19 pandemic
            (1) Aberrant glycosylation of SARS‐CoV‐2, ACE2, and various immunoregulatory proteins such as the Fc gamma receptor may impact the severity of COVID‐19 disease.

            (2) Hyperglycemia, and not simply diabetes, may increase glycosylation of these proteins and lead to more severe COVID‐19 disease.

            (3) Agents that block glycosylation may blunt the severity of COVID‐19.”

  52. anonym

    I have one question. Is it possible that the virus has learned to falsify the tests so that we lower our guard and then it can hit us good?

    I was told that it was a very bad thing to try to read minds and attribute ill intentions to people. But viruses are not people (they do not pay taxes, the are not allowed to vote and they do not want to marry, therefore they are not people). Am I allowed to be racist against microbes, correct?

    It is impossible that technicians or machines are lying to us, and human errors tend to cancel out each other. Our Leaders have never lied to us before, and they are not going to start now. Journalists are commanded by the Law to only tell the truth and not mislead people. In spite of all these TURTHS (everything is true these days, in case you have not noticed), COVID-19 is still haunting us. The only logical, evidence based explanation is that this SARS virus is much smarter than us. Much, much smarter.

    Where am I wrong?

    1. andy

      Hi anonym: re virus smarter than us
      There is a small segment of society whose ambition is to dominate and accumulate wealth. These people lobby governments to achieve their goal of world domination. Politicians generally are a spineless lot and will be corrupted by the super rich. A virus is only interested in survival by reproduction with no ambition to kill its host. If a person happens to die the principal cause could be due to believing stuff like; cholesterol is bad, saturated fat is bad, vegetable oils are good, meat is bad, and there is a pill that will fix whatever ails you.

      A virus does not have a brain like us humans, possibly working with quantum computing. Maybe that is their secret to survival. Our brains are plastic and can be massaged into anything that suits the governing class. Antidote is to expose the methods used to control the governed.

      1. Tom Welsh

        This year I have learned, to my deep regret, that there are rocks that are smarter than some of us.

    2. David Bailey


      Evolution by natural selection can’t work by anticipating something. Each step has to have immediate advantage to the organism 9in order to be selected).

      Thus, I would say this is not possible.

      1. andy

        Hi David; re viral evolution
        The hypothetical viruses can sense a defensive mechanism in the host and then mutate to counter the defensive mechanism, or they might mutate into oblivion.

        1. David Bailey

          Viruses have no sense organs, and aren’t properly speaking, alive. So if what you say is true, I guess it implies some non-standard extension of current scientific understanding.

          The point is, the vast majority of virus particles that mutate, will propagate no further, but a tiny proportion will.

          I agree, if science is *seriously wrong* in this area, Anonym’s theory may be correct.

        2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          @andy – viruses have no ability to hijack or mutate but are assigned this as a narrative because they are assigned motives and mind (by our own). Viruses are produced by living cells and in generating them, may package them to target only specific receptors in other specific cells, and replicate modified versions of what was received from other cells. the idea that cells are symbiotic cannot get through a lockdown mind in its own skull and cross bones. But like cells, selves have to balance inner and outer conditions to maintain the integrity and function of existence as a cell/self.
          Consider the cell’s response to toxicity or depleted nutrient supply with the whole body of which it shares functional existence as a detox, or re-routing of needs for vital functions that sacrifice peripheral functions. Consider life as Intelligence and our mind as a liable hijacker or spanner in the works.
          We don’t have to ‘infect’ another with invisible germs to induce them to replicate false thinking in their own mind. The importance of our narrative definitions is such that a global monopolism has set itself on the capacity to profile, target and manipulate them.

      2. Tom Welsh

        Much is not (yet) understood about the detailed mechanisms of evolution.

        How did the human eye evolve if every single mutation had to confer immediate advantage?

        Yet we know it did.

        1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          Did that knowledge come all at once or did our capacity to understand it grow slowly bit by bit over millions of years?

          You just cant use the words ‘I believe it did’. 😉
          You are welcome to believe in multiple iterations of blindness en route to seeing.
          I am very open to evolution as a part of an unfolding wholeness – but not as a magical eraser for pervading intelligence – which is not IN the body or brain or genes – bit they are witnesses!

          Does a narrative accounting for observed and investigated facts succeed because it is true or because it can be weaponised and marketised by vested interests? The survival is of what fits the terrain.
          However workability in its true sense reveals narrative illusions to be unworkable. The balancing of all points within a relational system is the shifting of the system as a whole. We wont see that while we take only fragments of matter and seek to model our way back to the germ of life.
          Innate intelligence is natural to everything unfolding from one, rather than something coming from nothing. The zero point is the hub or fulcrum to expressed polarities. From the perspective of polarised identity it is a zero, but in extended ad aligned identification or recognition, one is one – without a second.

  53. James Grit

    You all seem to be living on an island – mentally , I mean. Are you not aware that your British situation is very, very similar to what happens in The Netherlands (my country), and in Germany, and in Belgium, and in France, and etc…?? Why? Many countries are commited to EU and WHO policies. Your government cannot (and will not) change corona policy on its own. Think wider!

    1. Bart Merwede

      Dear James,

      It is the institutions advising the government that are all financially tied to WHO and pharma. The problem however is that we cannot doing anything against it because our legal system (i am also dutch) is corrupt (see result of viruswaanzin court case where the government won the case even though they lied to the judge)

      1. James Grit

        True, I fear, but my point is rather that “alternatively inclined persons” of diverse countries should meet and learn from each other whatever we can. And possibly even act together if necessary. Being Dutch I am glad to be able to understand, read and write in several languages and I try to “cross-inform” Germans, British etc.

        Our governments have had a head-start in working together … the opposition should unite as well, as much as possible, I think.

        1. David Bailey


          I think the point is, that these medical scams happen because most people do not realise the extent to which science has become corrupted.

          People are still going to the doctors because of high cholesterol, and being prescribed statins – solving a non-problem with a pretty toxic chemical. From conversations I have had, many discard them if they start to feel the side effects, but others struggle on – convinced that they can only stay alive if they continue to take their daily statin. However, as with this issue, what can anyone do until there is widespread public recognition that the medical advice is tainted?

        2. Bart Merwede

          perhaps that would work if the people in charge would be honest, but they are not, they are corrupt. A you might know, we even have police causing riots and apprehending people fort bringing strawberries to their parents.

  54. Norman

    As per past comments, it would be great to find a route other than Russia Today to get these invaluable comments published. I know that RT may not alter articles but there’s a general suspicion among people that it automatically does.

    Spectator, BBC R4 Inside Health, Private Eye as I suggested before .. even the FT …?

    Carl Heneghan from CEBM seems to contribute to Inside Health. Of course it doesn’t mean that they’d welcome you, even with a similar message.

    I’m sorry that it’s been so difficult to get ‘mainstream media’ interested.

    1. Tom Welsh

      RT is an excellent vehicle for publication. The figures for its TV audiences are impressive:

      “RT has a total weekly audience of 100 million viewers in 47 of the 100+ countries where RT broadcasts are available, according to a survey on TV news consumption by Ipsos, a leading audience research firm. RT enjoys its largest regional audience in Europe, with 43 million weekly viewers in 15 European countries. In the US, RT has a weekly audience of 11 million”.

      It also seems to have a wide and diverse Web readership.

      As far as I know (and I have been reading RT daily for years) it is accurate, objective and reliable. Possibly its selection of topics may reflect some agenda. But I think it is the other way round: most Westerners are so conditioned by the ingrained bias of their mainstream media that RT’s honest, fair coverage seems to them to be biased the other way.

      For instance, Russiagate has been thoroughly exploded. Yet the Western media and politicians go on pretending it is still a live issue. RT realistically assumes its readers know that Russia does not toruble itself with Western politics. The following cartoon sums matters up quite well.

        1. David Bailey

          Yes, that comic is spot on. Does anyone else notice how, whenever ‘Russian interference’ is discussed, the media talk about everything except exactly what was actually done. As far as I can make out, all they did was target some information at particular voters (if that). If that information was correct, well why shouldn’t they expose it. If it was false why not explain why.

        2. Tom Welsh

          I found the comic strip on Craig Murray’s blog. In fact, although Craig has strong political views and Dr Kendrick seems to steer clear of politics, they are both highly intelligent, sceptical and witty Scots.

          My kind of people.

      1. Sasha

        I think it’s naive to assume that “Russia doesn’t trouble itself with Western politics”. All major powers trouble themselves with other powers’ politics, in my opinion. It has been going on for centuries, why would it change now?

        1. Tom Welsh

          Of course the Russian government keeps itself apprised of what is going on in the West. If for no other reason, because several Western governments have carried out acts of extreme hostility against Russia and the USSR. And the USA, UK, France and Israel are thermonuclear powers (as well as having financial, biological and chemical weapons ready for use).

          However, Russia and China seem intelligent enough to keep well clear while the West destroys itself.

          1. Sasha

            Yeah, I don’t think the Russian government just “keeps itself appraised” of what’s going on in the West. I believe that, given a chance, it will try to influence events in the West just like the West (and US in particular) actively tries to influence events in Russia through “NGOs”. The same goes for China. I think that old, powerful cultures have narratives that constitute the core of their identities. And narratives battle each other for supremacy that’s just what narratives do.

            The problem with the current state of affairs in the West, as I see it, is that to a certain extent it lost faith in its own narrative. Which is a shame, as far as I am concerned, because the West has contributed and continues to contribute so much to who we are as humans.

          2. Tom Welsh

            Sasha, there is a big difference.

            The West keeps trying to “influence” (i.e. destroy) Russia, because it is desperate to get hold of all the natural and built resources of the world’s largest country, and finds the Russian government gets in the way.

            But Russia and China have nothing to gain by “influencing” the West. It is unthinkingly and unreasoningly hastile to them, for the same reason a lion is hostile to a zebra. Their best course is to stay well clear while the West destroys itself, which shouldn’t take long now. Russia has nothing to gain by having Biden president instead of Trump, or vice versa. Mr Putin has often explained publicly that presidents come and presidents go, but Washington’s policies never change.

            According to Noam Chomsky’s definitions, Washington still does regards Russia as “communist”.

            Chomsky explains that when Washington talks of “democratic” governments, it means those that accept and obey all orders from the USA unquestioningly, and thus run their countries in the interests of the US super-rich and their corporations.

            When Washington talks of “communist” governments, it means those that rule in the interests of their own nation and people.

            Hence Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, etc. are all “communist” – by Washington’s definition.

          3. Sasha

            Tom, I assure you that Russia is no zebra. A bear, maybe, but definitely not a zebra. Zebras don’t end up with territories the size of Russia. Superpowers are what they are and they do what they do. That applies to all superpowers, not just Russia.

          4. Jerome Savage

            Put simply, we wash our dirty laundry in public, Russia & China do anything but.

          5. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            I accept that you (still?) currently believe this of the ‘West’ but $$$$$$$$$$$$ control operates ‘incentivised democracies’, politicians and their ‘free press’ (!) – along with institutional and corporate science. Often by subtle design – and through the nature of unenlightened and misguided self interest.

            We in the West – and its colonial extensions, operate a self-specialness or exceptionalism masking in ‘virtue’ that is served by arbitrary associations and comparisons that become programmed by distorted media worldwide.

            It works by framing any expression of appreciation or validation of the ‘other’ as an act of aligning in intent to undermine the Moral Right and Necessity of the ruling establishment – that masks as national for national ‘security’ but behind all appearances the ‘controlling class’ are more consolidated in their operating over and against their populations that in any turf wars – many of which are set up to drive the ‘economy’.

            So I offer that our narrative models of our world have long been superseded and what we presume to be going on, runs as a ‘mainstreamed legacy mind-management system – currently being ‘reset’.

            I look for the signs of humanity as distinct from masking in manipulative idea, image and form.
            It takes one to know one – and that is the danger of fixating on the evils of others.
            What would it feel like to be the target of a nominally US led global dictate – such that you are ‘profiled’ to be leveraged and undermined by every kind of trick and deceit? I suggest we are having this experience now as our own exports come home.

            The US don’t interfere with elections – by definition they CANT – because they are defending ‘Democracy’. This pattern is no less obvious in the cancel culture of virtue signalling.
            At root I see possession and control running under guilt and fear that then frames and drives it.
            My intuition is that everyone has both strengths and liabilities or indeed virtues and vices – but that real relationships call forth the former – while manipulative use of relationships the latter.
            How honest can we afford to be under a blame culture? Or – can we afford to support and participate in a blame culture? To Be or to pretend not to be – that is the question.

            I don’t expect RT to give me news on Russia. But I appreciate that for whatever reason, it gives a platform for many worthy but denied voices – often from our own establishment – who are effectively muzzled by the lockstep media. For our dirty washing must NOT be allowed into the public mind – unless pre-framed to serve insider interests as damage control, or setting up a new narrative or reinforcing an existing guilt, fear and hate basis to leverage and capture moral indignation, emotional sympathies, and always, the insinuation of lack, weakness, vulnerability, lack of protection, and especially now – existential guilt to fuel human self-hatred.
            Why is an active life-denying global terror threat receiving such support and so little challenge?
            Is it because there is an unspoken hate seeking vindication?
            A malevolence masked in ‘virtue’ as in ‘humans are a virus on the CAP ‘P’ planet.
            When all along it is false thinking that covers our dirty washing and hollows us out to a grotesque parody of what it is to be Human and share it.
            “And WHO told you to ‘Doctor the Data’? sayeth the Lord”.
            Its all coming out in the wash.

          6. Jerome Savage

            Binra – that besides, have we forgotten Tibet, the Uighars and Falun Gong re China and hundreds of millions effectively incarcerated behind the iron Curtain up to the break up of the Warsaw pact ?

          7. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            Who cared a jot about Tibet at the time?
            And is the USSR to be equated with the Russian Federation?
            Are Germans likewise tied to their past?
            A lot of the world map was red and in some ways the British mercantile dominance allied itself with a pivot to the West as a global transnational cartel – that is to say global monopolism cares as much for its host as a parasite. And power elites of a feather flock together in common interests regardless turf wars or even conflicts set up to drive developments or structure their societies accordingly. In this way power or rather control – consolidates while presenting multi fronted appearances that ostensibly operate for humanitarian ends.
            I have often seen someone given a voice on RT who deserved a voice on their native media and were walled out. You can call this Russian Propaganda, but as Dr Kendrick states they have not edited his input.
            I think the lie is meant to leak but only they can find it who are willing to cross a line within themselves that is putting a willingness for truth before prejudice and of course staying alert.
            I look for honesty in another – whatever their packaging or background. And it takes one to know one. So it wont work to look for only what is wrong with another so as to gather information to use against them and fear everything else as deceit or heresy.
            Coercion and deceit have no boundaries and in my view the Russian and Chinese revolutions were both supported and enabled with western support as was Hitlers rise to power. These may seem extraordinary claims but to business interest realpolitik is about profits, assets, resources and the protection of such along with their denial to rivals, who may find common interest in monopolising a market instead of competing.
            While Big Pharma competes for patents, they all operate together to lock out rival models of approaches to health and are arguably operating in lockstep to lock out any capacity to undermine their ‘business model’ while consolidating it a to biotech Security State – globally extended and operating through regulatory structures that sideline and replace traditional social and moral institutions. Debt-based money being replaced by social credits set against built in debits. The rules are top down centrally dictated with regional variations with no user access.
            But you may still be allowed to vote on Strictly.

          8. Jerome Savage

            Binra- Dr Kendrick’s tolerance for this peripheral stuff is admirable. I wont be coming back to this but just want to say that you appear to be stuck in an anti western mindset while adopting a blinkered view of the Russias and Chinas of this world. They can do no wrong while we can do no right. Nuff said.

          9. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            You take that from me but it isn’t my intent. I don’t find the comparison of nations particularly helpful or relevant in a globalist world that is destroying much of the world economy and cancelling western cultural values.
            I align with human rights and responsibilities and humanity as a whole.
            And for decisions to be arrived at through transparency and accountability of communication – not a top down dictate.
            The conversation came from RT giving a platform to the likes of Dr Kendrick.
            Contrary to much propaganda I see our own state as captured or in collusion with financial and corporate interests. Yet you talk of the West as if it is the same as the old normal?
            Everything has changed and it will not go back to what it was.

    2. David Bailey

      Russia in no longer a communist nation, and the reason why RT is deprecated by the West, is not that it disseminated false news, but that it disseminates inconvenient news. Malcolm’s news is very inconvenient to a lot of people!

        1. KJE

          If you are being picky, the USSR was state capitalist – not communist or socialist. A dearth of the “to each according to his need” bit and not a lot of the “from each according to his ability”.

          1. Sasha

            It’s true, but I think any state that has income tax is a capitalist state. The difference is that Western states allow other, “smaller”, capitalists to coexist with the state. Soviet Union did not.

  55. Eric Joell

    Thanks for an insightful article as usual.
    Reading the comments I see lots about NWO etc.
    I think it may be simpler than that. The politicians world wide have an unprecedented opportunity to loot the fiscal coffers with virtually zero parliamentary oversight or investigation by journalists or TV networks.
    They have printed billions in every currency, stock markets are back to virtually normal.
    Populations are being subjugated, kept in the dark about the real situation of overall mortality and deaths per age group.
    It’s just about impossible to reverse this except by denying to COVID statistics and that would now be politically suicidal.
    Our freedom of movement and personal choice has been completely taken away.
    Unfortunately the vast majority of voters just go with the flow and accept what the governments of the world say.

  56. Göran Sjöberg


    It doesn’t matter where I look into the medical world I today find the scams everywhere – the Covid hysteria being the latest.

    During the last twenty years I have turned from a believer in the medical practices to a stout sceptic.

    It started with my own serous MI when I realized the futility of CABG and refused for my own part.

    Then I happened to look into the cancer issue and not least by reading Prof. Thomas Seyfrieds book “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” I stopped believing in the standard cancer treatments.

    Then I took a deep dive into the T2D and found that eating carbs was not a great idea to say the least and that T2D could be reversed if you turned into a strict ketogenic diet. The carb protocol advocated by the medical establishment is in my eyes tantamount to ‘genocide’ with 500 000 000 T2D in the world. The prosecution of LCHF advocates like Prof Noakes in South Africa is a shame and in Sweden of Dr. Annika Dahlqvist who was one of the first of the advocates and who was properly chased by the medical boards.

    And then we have psychiatry where Prof Peter C. Gøtzsche has paid a high personal price for “telling the truth” about the the dangers of over medication.

    Just now I am reading “Dissolving Illusions” by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and not much is left of my former belief in vaccination.

    And it goes on and on – the corruption and the medical greed is overwhelming with little interest for the true health of the sick.

    1. Tom Welsh

      Sadly, Goran, it’s not just medicine where the excessive love of money has wrought terrible harm. The rot has spread throughout Western societies. Sometimes it seems that everything except money, power and celebrity has been forgotten or deliberately excluded.

      Honour… Wisdom… Love… Charity… Education… Kindness… Manners… Religion….

      Even ordinary common decency increasingly seems to label one as a leftover from the Middle Ages.

      Machiavelli has won.

      I have cited this statement before, but I think it can’t be repeated too often.

      “As the sociologist Georg Simmel wrote over a century ago, if you make money the center of your value system, then finally you have no value system, because money is not a value”.

      – Morris Berman, “The Moral Order”, Counterpunch 8-10 February 2013.

      1. Tom Welsh

        Alas and dammit, the name is “Machiavelli”.

        Moderator, would you possibly be kind enough to make the change and delete this comment? Or if you’re too busy, just leave everything as it is.

  57. John Stone

    One of the manifold layers in this story is the deeply held belief of health officials that they are entitled to deceive and embroider to get people to do exactly what they want – and no doubt it is tempting if you think that life and health depend on it (a charitable explanation) but the corollary of this is that it distorts policy. Mostly, in the past it has just distorted health policy (which is dangerous enough) but this time it has distorted all policy. The purpose of the state has become to defend us all against a single nebulous disease.

  58. Harry de Boer

    “…around the world…”
    This describes quite clearly what is going on: a conspiracy!

    “…he could be struck off the medical register…”
    I am amazed by the complacency that the medical community is showing in response to the continuous harassment by all the dishonest and fraudulent medical boards, governors, social media and etc.
    Don’t the doctors realise how much power they have?
    Once united the doctors will be able to put a swift end to this fake-news harassment nonsense.

    If only ONE loses his license or registration over this unholy manipulation of the narrative, then the whole community should return their licenses and registrations. This will make it illegal for them to operate, preventing them of being accused of striking and will send a wave of shock-and-awe through the world, laying bare the enormous fraud playing out to the public, and will force any board, governor, regulator, government on their knees.
    No doctors no health care (well, ok… disease business?).

    “What on earth is going on?” Agenda 21, that is what’s going on.
    The mayor of Chicago has revealed that in order to effectuate the desired changes you put people in place, and I quote, “…who pledged allowance to the New World Order…”, you know, that one thing that Bush, Blair, Brown and countless others have announced.

    This putting in place of these people has gone on for some time now and this is the result, a coordinated action to ‘eradicate infectious diseases’ by mass, and compulsory at that, vaccinations, to guarantee everyone a happy and healthy life.

    On of the top philanthropists, who has been giving loads of money to media, universities (yes, also BBC, Ferguson’s institute) stands to gain a fortune from this by the way, something in the order of hundreds of billions of dollars, if only we would accept that vaccine. Well, keeping everybody in a fear frenzy ‘until there is a vaccine’ would of course further this course.
    And getting your freedoms back once you’ve accepted the vaccine makes it also much easier.

    This is China, and it’s coming… No, it’s already here.

    1. Tom Welsh

      “Once united the doctors will be able to put a swift end to this fake-news harassment nonsense”.

      While some doctors are brave enough to tell the truth as they see it, and “damn the torpedoes”, probably a large majority are content to accept the falsehoods being manufactured wholesale.

      Big Pharma has greased a LOT of palms to the tune of billions, in the process considerably raising the standard of living of a lot of doctors’ and scientists’ families.

      Those who profit thereby will not be keen to rock the boat and fall off the gravy train. (That isn’t necessarily a mixed metaphor – it could be a boat train).

  59. Leigh Gold

    There is a strange stench in the air. Is it male bovine excrement? Sniff, sniff…yes it is! Is it emanating from Big Pharma boardrooms? ‘Why yes, Holmes, I do believe you’re right’. ‘Elementary my dear Watson’. ‘Prey tell me Holmes, where can I buy shares?’…………

  60. Martin Back

    I wasn’t aware that that false negative results were quite common. Many asymptomatic infected may not be identified by the PCR test. From

    Beware of False Negatives in Diagnostic Testing of COVID-19

    “One of the most common ways to diagnose COVID-19 is the reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction test (RT-PCR), which uses a sample from a person’s nasal passages to detect particles from the SARS-CoV2 virus, which causes COVID-19.

    “These tests have played a critical role in our nation’s response to the pandemic. But, while they are important, researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that the chance of a false negative result — when the virus is not detected in a person who actually is, or recently has been, infected — is greater than 1 in 5 and, at times, far higher. The researchers caution that the test’s ability to detect the virus may not always yield accurate results, and timing of the test seems to matter greatly in the accuracy.

    “In the report on the findings published May 13 in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, the researchers found that the probability of a false negative result decreases from 100% on Day 1, meaning highly likely to be a false negative, to 67% on Day 4, meaning still very likely to have a false negative result. The false negative rate decreased to 20% on Day 8 (three days after a person begins experiencing symptoms). They also found that on the day a person started experiencing actual symptoms of illness, the average false negative rate was 38%. In addition, the false negative rate began to increase again from 21% on Day 9 to 66% on Day 21.

    “The study, which analyzed seven previously published studies on RT-PCR performance, adds to evidence that caution should be used in the interpretation of negative test results, particularly for individuals likely to have been exposed or who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19.”

    1. David Bailey


      I searched through your link, and I didn’t see any reference to false positive tests (only false negatives). I wonder if this item has rolled off the bottom of the list, or been deliberately deleted. A false positive rate would, of course, render screening into a farce.

      1. Martin Back

        David, they didn’t mention false positives because they were discussing the results of investigating false negatives. There is no rule that says you have to also discuss false positives. No conspiracy alert is necessary.

    2. KJE

      But … but … if you have no symptoms and test negative,. why would anyone assume that you had a disease and that the test was a false negative? Logic says that if you have no symptoms and test positive, it’s more likely to be false positive. Does not compute. It’s like saying, for example, “if you have no symptoms of tetanus and test negative for tetanus, you probably have it anyway and will die horribly.”

      1. Martin Back

        KJE, there are various tests for the virus. The accurate ones are expensive. The PCR test is cheaper but not so accurate. So they were testing the performance of the PCR test against more accurate tests. It is important to know just how accurate your test really is.

        If you are symptom-free and test negative, how confident are we that you are truly negative? This situation arises in test and trace operations. If you test negative, how confident are we you are truly negative and don’t need to be quarantined or contacts traced? If there is high uncertainty in the results, the only safe option is strict lockdown.

        1. KJE

          Really, if I’m healthy, I don’t care what I test – I haven’t seen any study showing that healthy people (even those with positive tests aka asymptomatic) can spread the virus. We are talking about a disease which is mild in most people and doesn’t merit the extreme measures we’ve been seeing. It doesn’t even seem to be particularly infectious. Better to let it spread naturally, cure the sick and get herd immunity as it won’t go away and we can’t mange with a totally destroyed economy. Of course, if you are already unemployed or retired, being quarantined wouldn’t make any difference to your finances. Furlough will end soon, after which I suspect fewer people of working age will be in favour of lockdowns and business closures.

          1. Steve-R

            It would be useful to nail down whether it is ‘not particularly infectious’ or just being defeated by mucosal IgA and T cells in those with a strong immune system.
            Because, we are told that the particular novelty of this betacoronavirus lies in the spike and spike-priming changes from SARS-1, that make it highly efficient at entering cells.
            If it is, in fact, highly infectious then it must also be highly amenable to defeat by our first line of immune defences, something that fits with the demographic least affected by Covid-19 being those with the strongest immune systems and vice versa.
            But, being highly infectious does not necessarily equate with being highly replicative (is that a word?), in other words a virus that easily infects a cell but does not rapidly replicate can be more easily defeated than one that infects easily and replicates rapidly. Fortunately this virus seems to replicate slowly enough to be defeated by a strong mucosal IgA / T Cell response and it is the imbalance (again) with damage > repair – infection > defeat of the virus – that leads to hospitalisations. Anything, therefore, that slows the replication – such as intracellular zinc – will allow the immune system to regain the upper hand. But as Didier Raoult points out it becomes far harder the longer after infection (I think 6 days post symptoms) for the tide to be turned by his protocol because of the exponential increase in the viral load.

        2. David Bailey

          Sorry, my response to your original comment was because I read what you had written a little too fast.

          The problem remains however, how exactly do you test the test to make sure it does not throw up false positives?

          1. KJE

            My feeling is, that if you treat the symptoms effectively, there’s no need for a test. How is it helpful to anyone except those who like drawing graphs? If you are ill, whether it is a type of flu, a bad cold or CV19, it makes sense not to spread it around, but you don’t need a test to tell you that. And you get paid or not paid the same regardless of why are off sick. When I was a child, if you had flu symptoms you got a nasal and throat swab done. Not any more – it just gets treated. Of course, the NHS would have to give up on its “not invented here” attitude and start using effective treatments.

          1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            It may, or may not. Personally I think that it does. I would fully agree, however, that PCR tests an unable to prove this – on way or another. They merely multiply DNA fragments millions of times until something is shown. Kary Mullis long argued that PCR was not a diagnostic test. He should know, he invented it.

          2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            I would qualify that so as to be more open to communication.
            PCR Tests are for fragments of code that are supposed to be a ‘close’ match with what has been modelled from samples taken from a Wuhan patient or two – but which could be anything.
            There is no solid proof of having isolated and identified the cause of the disease of that or those patients.

            They make movies like this; Man walks, approaches horse, seen riding horse here, there and shown arriving, dismounts, ties horse to rail (sort of). The continuity of the story is in the viewer.
            Movies are run on our minds and interestingly are often non linear these days.
            PR narratives are also run on our minds – a few props – a hazmat suit – some body bags and lots of spiky balls! The thing is – once emotionally invested, you are IN – or rather, have been take in.

        3. AhNotepad

          As there is great uncertainty about the results, then the only solution is permanent lockdown, forever. That sounds like a good idea.

          1. Martin Back

            I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but if it doesn’t say /s, it’s not sarcasm.

    3. Bart Merwede

      false positive and false negative are jargon words that act as a smokescreen to cover the truth, which is that the RNA they test for does not come from a virus.

  61. Martin Back

    The resistance to HCQ-based therapy is shaping up to be an international scandal. (My bold):

    “As professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, I have authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications and currently hold senior positions on the editorial boards of several leading journals. I am usually accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines. As a result, tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.

    I am referring, of course, to the medication hydroxychloroquine. When this inexpensive oral medication is given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, it has shown to be highly effective, especially when given in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and the nutritional supplement zinc”

    1. Terry Wright

      thanks Martin; when one reads about “azithromycin”, it would seem to be having a beneficial effect, if it is having one, by reducing inflammation; as HOCQ seems to work. I leave readers to google on this topic themselves. Traditionally we have thought of “inflammation” as the process of the body gathering “warriors” to fight the invasion. When you have heightened inflammation all the time, as so many obese and diabetics souls do, the “warriors” seem to start smashing up what they are meant to defend.

      If we can think of “resistance” than immunity, our goal should be bolstering the mucosa of nose, lungs and gut; to keep invaders out; to defeat them on the beaches. We need good resistance.

    2. 005lesfrenes

      James – In March I wrote, on Dr. K’s first blog on the subject, about Hydroxychloroquine with azythromycin and zinc as an effective treatment. Why? Because where I live, in Israel, doctors used this combination from the outset due to its efficacy in stopping all symptoms in five days. Five months later, and tens of thousands of deaths in the UK, (or is it only in England and Wales?) and the jury in your country is still out. Why I mention this is that our total deaths to date from COVID-19 is circa 450, of mainly very elderly people with co-morbidities (population over 9 million). Our government is equally stupid and vicious as yours by imposing lockdowns, masks, wrecking businesses and livelihoods, etc., however, the doctors appear to do what’s right, and the ministry for health is not stopping them, but keeping it very quiet. How much “evidence” does the medical profession in the UK need? Or perhaps the media, which is controlled by the likes of Murdoch and Gates, has the upper hand and no one dares to notice that the king is naked.

  62. Tom Welsh

    And now:

    “UK media: COVID-19 ‘disappearing’ so fast Oxford vaccine has 50% chance of working”.

    Apparently the hard-working vaccine researchers are likely to be frustrated because, by the time they have a vaccine ready to test, they won’t be able to find enough people who have the virus to test the vaccine on! Even Private Eye at its best couldn’t have made that up.

    What a tricky little blighter this virus is! Maybe its underlying plan all along was to bankrupt us by faking us out.

  63. James

    This is remarkable timing.
    I was coming on here to ask where one could obtain hydroxychloroquine, I understood it was available over the counter, but there seems to be so much mis-information about, and then I see Martin Black’s post.
    I’m a 70 year old working photographer with a chronic lung condition and one stent!
    I want to get back to work.
    It seems the best way forward is to have as robust an immune system as you can manage.
    So I’m taking high dose Vit C, was taking Vit D but not enough… thanks Bob for the info’
    I’m doing the sunshine and plenty of exercise.
    And I don’t want to be scared witless into wasting my remaining time by imposing self isolation.
    So any help from readers of the Blog with Hydroxychloroquine would be appreciated.

    This isn’t a request to you for help Dr Kendrick, fully appreciate you are not allowed to give out advice like this

    Must say another riveting Post, although I was never a fan of conspiracy theories, I’ve changed my mind, the evidence of underhand practice in the media is too overwhelming. Thanks to following you for the last three years, I realise you have to question everything the authorities tell you… depressing but true.

    Thanks again Doc – wonderfully enlightening Blog

    1. KJE

      I managed to order HCQ at an extortionate price (also a suitable antibiotic) online. Now I’ll need to see if it ever arrives. Same place as I buy my asthma inhalers since I gave up on the NHS. Just search the web and join pharmacyreviewer forum to check if the ones you find are OK

    2. Terry Wright

      James: we wish you the best of health as can create it. Please understand that HOCQ dampens down an inflammatory response by the body: some imagine it “kills viruses”: no, it holds back your defences; this seems to be because so many folks now have heightened inflammatory compounds in their system all the time. To keep yourself well, I would suggest you reduce the heightened inflammatory agents: read about ditching sugar and starches from what you eat:

      It is estimated perhaps 1 in 2500 persons in the UK may have the rona virus on them. So you can visit 60 pubs, with 40 persons in each, before meeting one. You probably breathe in 2-4 billion viruses a day; rather than think of “immune”, think of having good resistance.

      1. James

        Thanks Terry, we have changed our diet to low carb, healthy fats, but I will certainly check out the Diet Doctor

          1. James

            Thanks Gary – there’s certainly no shortage of reading material on this blog. I remember when life seemed to be so simple… I was probably about twelve.

      2. James

        Meant to add thank you for your thoughtful reply, I’ll check out and think about the advice and your opinion on how HOCQ works – My first reply was a bit too swift! Sorry

      3. Steve-R

        So, this is why Didier Raoult says it is extremely important to start treatment before day 6 as after that the replication rate is exponential?
        And there was me believing all those people who read the research over the last 75 years of use telling me that it is an antiviral that both prevents cellular access and replication of a virus in the cell….Possibly aided and abetted by the zinc ionophore properties it has.
        Interestingly Quercetin is something you probably eat every day – you would be hard pressed to avoid it – it acts very similarly to Hydroxychloroquine so presumably I need to go on a carefully constructed exclusion diet so as not to let that “hold back my defences”?

        Sorry, but I chose to believe someone who runs a major Institute and has successfully treated hundreds of patients and has a much lower fatality rate than e.g. standard UK hospitals (in fact than any hospital not following his protocol), rather than someone (like me) who chooses to comment on here.

        1. James

          Steve-R Thanks – Didier Raoult’s work first caught my attention, then other countries who were following the Hydroxychloroquine protocol. Then it’s rubbished, then it’s back on the agenda. The fact it was rubbished made me even more interested in finding out more about it. If it’s been safely used for Donkey’s years surely it’s worth a try?
          I checked out NHS on line for advice, one of their suggestions – if you caught the virus was take a spoonful of honey… but don’t give it to children.
          I was looking for something a bit more substantial.
          KJE suggests I can get it online, but what’s the dosage and how do you do the zinc?

          Maybe it’s just easier to be taken ill in France… near Dr Raoult

          1. KJE

            I wrote down the protocol for HCQ that I found online. I am not a medical professional, so do your own research. It said 200mg HCQ twice a day, plus 500mg antibiotic and 220mg zinc sulphate once a day for 5 days

          2. Steve-R

            I have stocked up on Quercetin 500mg (Nature’s Best) and Zinc Picolinate 40mg (Miracle Greens) which I shall take one of each from Autumn and double the dose if I think if have a SARS-CoV-2 infection.
            I also take 4gm slow release Vit C (Lindens) and 10,000IU vit D (Swanson) and 1gm Magnesiun threonate daily. I will increase both all of these should an infection occur. [The vitamin C recycles the zinc ionophore Quercetin – allegedly].
            I hope to avoid a visit to the NHS on the understanding that the definition of a healthy patient is one who is yet to be examined by a doctor. At nearly 70 I am approaching 12 years without ‘routine’ testing for various pharmaceutical products I refused to take for high BP, and thank the NHS every day for prescribing a statin and the resulting side effects that lead me eventually to the Good Doctor Kendrick’s books and this blog.

          3. anna m

            If I lived within driving distance of a country where you could buy over counter, I’d go. Those dose I believe – but continue to check – is one pill of 200 mg twice daily for 5 days. The preventive dose is only one pill every week to two weeks. Zinc is easy to buy as a supplement and mine is 30 mg, which you take once daily.

  64. David

    There must be a growing body of doctors and medical professionals who feel demoralised and angry by being coerced into going along with the false reporting of these C19 deaths and the apparent shambolic ever changing advice given out.

    After 911 NIST released their analysis for the reasons the towers fell.

    A large group of architects and engineers formed Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to counter the official report.

    I can well understand that many would be putting their careers in jeopardy if a body of medical professionals formed a similar group re: C19. There would be an inevitable back-lash from those in power pushing this agenda. That group though, would receive enormous support and respect from the awakening masses.

    1. Martin Back

      I’m an engineer and I can assure you that the 9/11 Truthers are a bunch of fruitcakes. Planes flew into the towers, the jet fuel ignited, the flames weakened the structure, and they collapsed. No need for pre-planted explosives and a massive conspiracy of silence. It happened just like you saw on TV.

      …but then, I would say that, wouldn’t I? ;o)

      1. David Bailey

        Martin, I totally agree,

        With a hot fire burning for considerable time, the steel core of the building would weaken, and once it started to go, it would be unstoppable – no need for a conspiracy theory to explain what happened.

      2. Gary Ogden

        Martin Back: WTC building 7. No planes hit this structure. It pancaked down in precisely the same fashion as the other two. I suspect you have not read the evidence, calling those who question the official narrative “fruitcakes.” The School of Engineering at the University of Alaska has published a paper on this very same anomaly.

        1. Martin Back

          Gary, WTC7 was badly damaged by debris and caught fire. Because it housed large generators and diesel tanks for New York’s emergency contingency planning, there was plenty of fuel. The sprinklers came on, but once the water in the roof tanks had been used up, the sprinklers stopped because the water mains that were supposed to supply them had been damaged by the falling towers. Because it was so badly damaged, and so dangerous to enter, FDNY decided to let it burn itself out, and it collapsed like the other two buildings after some hours.

        2. Steve-R

          I rather suspect that 911 was the first time that powerful interests found that they really could fool all of the people all of the time and ‘blow smoke up the World’s ass’ as they say over the pond. But now, strangely unreported, the majority of Europeans ‘know’ it was an ‘inside job’.

          It is being tried again here with this faux Pandemic. Will it again take a decade before we all ‘know’ we have been taken for schmucks?

  65. Nick Turner

    When visiting a shop without your face mask, it would be useful to have a video demonstration of why standard masks don’t work to show to your critics or tormentors. I have linked to the second tweeted video previously but have included it for completeness. The two videos are here:

    and here:

    Since all you need on your mobile phone are the videos, they can be extracted and saved from the tweets by using this website:

    1. Martin Back

      I think the masks work fantastically. They are keeping their little cloud of viruses to themselves. Good. Anyway, it’s only half the story. What about breathing in?

      1. AhNotepad

        Martin, I agree most types of masks do work fantastically. The way they supposedly stop viruses is, indeed, a fantasy.

        1. Nick Turner

          That first Twitter link no longer shows the featured video. I saved it but, unless Dr Kendrick can embed it in the thread, I cannot see a way to make it available for others to see. I have found the (longer) original YouTube version of the second link, titled ‘Let’s see if these masks hold in coughing using vaping’ here:

          In it, the experimenter also demonstrates the effectivenes of a second type of mask.

          I cannot find an original YouTube version for the first link.

          Martin: As for demonstrating the breathing-in effectiveness of a mask, that is more difficult. Maybe a non-lethal toxic gas would do – tear gas or pepper spray (but keep your eyes closed!).

          1. Nick Turner

            Dr Kendrick:
            I don’t know what has happened but the video above does not have the URL that I posted. I always copy what i have posted and paste it into a file for future reference. Can you fix it? The link was (delete the * to activate):


  66. kuukelikyy

    During the Iraq war a high rank US official was asked:

    How do you inform the public?

    “We use the mushroom method: keep’em in the dark and feed’em with shit!”

    After 9/11 restrictions Marilyn Manson was asked about the reaction of the public:

    “Well, keep’em afraid and they’ll keep on consuming!”

    Thank you for your work,

    Tuulikki Kyytsönen Medical Translator

    Dr. Malcolm Kendrick schrieb am Sa., 25. Juli 2020, 10:18:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: “25th July 2020 This was first published on > > Why the scaremongering about COVID? This week we were told that, in the UK > at least, anyone who had a positive COVID test who then” >

  67. IMoz

    Just waiting for this to materialise:

    “The rates of all infection outcomes were highest in the cloth mask arm, with the rate of ILI statistically significantly higher in the cloth mask arm (relative risk (RR)=13.00, 95% CI 1.69 to 100.07) compared with the medical mask arm. Cloth masks also had significantly higher rates of ILI compared with the control arm. An analysis by mask use showed ILI (RR=6.64, 95% CI 1.45 to 28.65) and laboratory-confirmed virus (RR=1.72, 95% CI 1.01 to 2.94) were significantly higher in the cloth masks group compared with the medical masks group. Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97% and medical masks 44%”

  68. Bob Dobbs

    There’s an awful lot of people need to figure out the why before they accept the what. I understand this but I’d suggest you treat it as an emergency and act accordingly. For example, if you need to call the emergency services because someone needs urgent help then understanding why its happening does not stop you grasping what is happening and making the right choice.

    1. Steve-R

      While you are probably right at that extreme, many of us on here are deeply concerned that what we have been told from day one does not fit with any facts that can be established with sufficient scientific rigour.
      And because we are seeing the World economy being extremely damaged to the point that deaths from starvation and the diseases of poverty will likely be many times more than even Prof Fergusson’s modelling anticipated, without any scientific justification after the first month of the ‘pandemic‘’s emergence in Wuhan, we are rightly demanding answers.
      My perspective is that effective treatment of the infection has been available since early April, and I want to know why this has not been disseminated on the principle of ‘Best Practice’ and employed to enable us all to get back to what we were doing in before January.

  69. Jimmy Christian

    Agreed. The recoveries MUST be published — after all, it’s the active cases, not the total number since history began, that is important. Failure to do this is disgraceful. Speaking of which….

    There’s a lot of hoo-hah about testing. Here’s the message. “If you have any symptoms, you must stay home. The only thing you can do is get tested.” OK here’s what’s wrong with that message. If you’re staying home, you can’t go out and get tested, at least not without risking spreading the disease while you go through the exercise. Secondly, the message says that regardless of the test, you’re given absolutely no information about how you can actually help yourself while you wait for the result.

    With all the popup testing centers, there’s a substantial risk of aerosols and pluming as people walk up, drive up, wait in droves for their swabs. The particles could spread to testers’ PPE, circulate in the areas where the tests are taking place. Asymptomatic people may be superspreaders, and the more people are told to get tested, the more chance more of these asymptomatic folks could be spreading it about. It’s not about the number of tests being run — it’s about how the process is being orchestrated. And masks will help.

    Here’s what SHOULD be done.

    If you have symptoms of a cold, flu, or Covid, you need to do whatever you can to prevent that illness from getting worse, either for yourself, or for your loved ones. One thing that MAY work is povidone/iodine nasal spray (it’s called Betadine Cold Defense, and is formulated with iota-carrageenan). It’s been clinically proven against the common cold. What it could well do is knock the virus on its head and prevent one from succumbing AND from spreading it about. It is effectively a disinfectant, not an antiviral, thus is a medical device. Look at Ebay sources — Malaysia — and then look at the infection/recovery data from Malaysia. Hardly anyone there sick…

    There will be those who say “we have no evidence it will work against Covid” but that is disingenuous. It’s like saying “I don’t like broccoli. I’ve never had broccoli, so how could I say I like it?” Saying you have no evidence might well mean you haven’t actually looked for it yet, or you’re issuing a disclaimer to protect yourself if someone else makes the suggestion. It also might mean you haven’t had the time to look for it yet, or that the data isn’t in. I’m all in favor of RCTs but millions of sick people don’t really want to wait months and months for a few thousand, some who get a treatment, some who get a placebo, to see if there is a statistically significant difference, while they decline over a two week period. They need to be helped now, and a simple, safe, nasal disinfectant might be the way to go. Look it up…

  70. Melanie

    Imagine how easily the fear could have been dampened if the Government, or the Media, someone, anyone, would just publish the “Cases vs Tests” on a daily basis. Instead we get screaming headlines such as this

    (The actual figures were 1.0 to 1.7 cases per day in a city with a population of 227,417)

    Anyway here are the national figures…..
    Not an easy figure to find through the usual channels. One has to go digging around Our World In Data and then it takes some. It’s almost as if…..nevermind.

    Percentage Cases vs Tests, currently 0.5% (Yes, this is cases)

    Also, number of Cases vs Tests should anyone think this is from a small base

    I’m not sure who I’m most angry with, the Government, the Media or the vast majority of the population who don’t seem to possess the slightest ability for critical thinking, or even a mild curiosity as to what the actual state of play is.

    I’ve often thought the only way some people are going to get on with the business of life, would be if their government told them it was now “OK”. These figures would go someway to doing that and they could publish these figures at any time. That they don’t suggests other motives are at play.

  71. Melanie

    A lot of people have genuine and valid concerns about the forthcoming C-19 vaccine, being rushed and thus possibly not tested to the usual standards e.g. challenge tested.

    I am also starting to get concerned about the forthcoming expanded winter flu vaccination programme.

    Back in early March this comment on BMJ was posted. Link here
    Rapid Response:
    Flu shots and the risk of coronavirus infections

    John Watkins is right; we need to think beyond containment, but he overlooks the possibility that seasonal flu shots are potential contributors to the current outbreak. (BMJ 2020;398:m810—February 28)….A randomized placebo-controlled trial in children showed that flu shots increased fivefold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of noninfluenza viruses, including coronaviruses. (Cowling et al, Clin Infect Dis 2012;54:1778) From Table 3, vaccine recipients had 20 noninfluenza virus-positive ARIs and 19 virus-negative ARIs; non-recipients had 3 noninfluenza virus-positive ARIs and 14 virus-negative ARIs. These figures yield an odds ratio of 4.91 (CI 1.04 to8.14).

    Such an observation may seem counterintuitive, but it is possible that influenza vaccines alter our immune systems non-specifically to increase susceptibility to other infections; this has been observed with DTP and other vaccines. (Benn et al, Trends in Immunology, May 2013) There are other immune mechanisms that might also explain the observation.

    To investigate this possibility, a case-control study is in order as we study and care for the victims of covid-19. Influenza vaccines have become sacred cows in some quarters, but they shouldn’t be.

    ALLAN S. CUNNINGHAM 2 March 2020
    Should we be alarmed if the above has any merit? Does it have merit? (I’ve not read Doctoring Data, so apologies for not being able to fully interpret this information).

    I’m also curious as to why this years recommended recipients include the under 7’s. As a layman I would not expect the under 7’s to be particularly ‘at risk’.

    If anyone can shed any light on this it would be appreciated

  72. Richard Mitchell

    I really don’t recognise this conspiracy.
    As A GP practicing in England I have written quite a few death certificates over the last few months. I have not been advised to put CV 19 on certificates unless there was a real expectation that this was indeed the cause of death!
    I am not sure who started this tale or how. Are you suggesting that all the GPs in the country are colluding to falsify medical certification of death??

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      That must be another conspiracy. Because that has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog. Perhaps you could re-read it and point out the bit where I said doctors in the UK are being advised to put COVID on death certificates. Good luck

      1. Cón Ó Brolcháin

        Perhaps your first sentence might lead to this conclusion “This week we were told that, in the UK at least, anyone who had a positive COVID test who then died – of anything – would be recorded as dying of COVID. No matter when they die.”
        What the NHS guidelines actually say is that if COVID was believed to be a cause of death then this should be recorded. Your car crash analogy is misleading and untrue as are your lazy and misguided swipes at modelling.

          1. Cón Ó Brolcháin

            Nice try. . However you’re accusing your fellow professionals of unethical behaviour, that is falsifying a death certificate. Perhaps the BMA might have an opinion on this as it seems to violate the Hippocratic Oath. Perhaps you could reference the NHS directly to clear up what is or is not being said.

          2. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            I have not accused anyone of falsifying a death certificate. May I ask how many death certificates you have completed? You may also be interested to know that there is no such thing as violating the Hippocratic oath. No doctor in the UK has sworn that oath for many, many years – if, indeed, ever. In addition the BMA is the doctors trade union, who would tend to support doctors. The organisation that would be interested in falsification of medical data would be the General Medical Council. Just helping you to get a few facts straight.

          3. Cón Ó Brolcháin

            The BMA’s current guidance on Death Certificates for England says this “In those cases where the doctor is confident on medical grounds that a particular cause of death is likely then that should be entered on the MCCD. COVID-19 is an acceptable direct or underlying cause of death for the purposes of completing the MCCD, even without the results of a positive test, and it is important that likely COVID-19 deaths are reported as such via the registrar”
            The advice for NI & Scotland is a little different. The key proviso is that where the doctor is confident of the cause of death this is used. Seems eminently sensible and is compatible with the NHS guidelines.

          4. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            The BMA has no official status in this area. They are the doctors trade union. What matters is what the coroner will accept. Or not accept. I do not know exactly what their guidance has been. If you are going to start talking about the guidance doctors in England have to follow you need to understand the organisations what there legal status is and which of them has statutory authority. The BMA is not one of them

          5. Cón Ó Brolcháin

            The WHO guidelines which you reference from your Blog explicitly says this

            “ Note: Persons with COVID-19 may die due to other conditions such as myocardial infarction.. Such cases are not deaths due to COVID-19 and should NOT be certified as such.”

            So, NHS England, the WHO, and the BMA do not back you up.

        1. JohnC

          PHE conflates data from two different databases to produce its death numbers as the following example shows.

          Joe Bloggs is a healthy 75 year old who was tested for SARS-COV-2 on the 30th June and found to be positive.

          John Smith is also 75 years old and was tested on the same day as Joe and was also tested positive.

          John became very ill and was admitted to ITU, where, unfortunately, he died on 23rd July of acute respiratory failure and MI. The ITU physician put CoViD19 on the death certificate as a contributory cause.

          Joe was knocked over by a speeding car and was admitted to ITU on 22nd July, where it was shown he was unfortunately brain dead on 23rd July and life support terminated. Cause of death on certificate was traumatic brain injury.

          PHE is ready to publish its daily figures for CoViD19 deaths for the 23rd July.
          First of all the death database is accessed for names of people who died on 23rd July, including both John and Joe.
          Secondly the test result database is accessed, both John and Joe are flagged as testing positive.
          The number of CoViD19 related deaths is incremented by 2 as both joe and John died on the same day after testing positive, when only one, John, actually died from a CoViD19 precipitated condition.
          The certificates are correct but the assertion by PHE is not.

      2. Richard Mitchell

        Malcolm, I quote-“Which means that someone could have been tested positive in March, with no symptoms of COVID at all, who then died in July. They would be recorded, in the official figures, as dying of COVID. Even if the were hit by a bus.”
        As I understand it the official figures take into account the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.
        If they were hit by a bus I , personally would not put CV19 on the certificate if someone were hit by a bus (although I accept that in this particular instance the coroner would be the one decreeing the CoD)
        I am absolutely ready to accept that I may have misread this episode of your blog-busy, busy!
        But it does seem to have encouraged some other conspiracy theorists…

  73. JDPatten

    “Life is too short”

    So, that’s the best you’re gonna get here on COVID-19.
    Why bother?

      1. JDPatten

        Dr Kendrick,
        Why are we not able to read about what COVID-19 actually IS? About exactly how it’s transmitted? About what works to avoid it? What doesn’t work? How to treat if it’s contracted? (Hyroxychloroquine: YES or NO?) ((Maybe treatments being worked out for COVID would be effective on annual variable influenza??)) How to avoid long-term resulting disabilities or that short-term disability of death?
        Would anti-platelet treatment be effective for coagulopathy? Is that even a thing??.
        Nursing along the array of dross theories presented by commenters does not answer substantive questions.
        Perhaps you have no really substantive answers? Yet??
        Did I miss something? Perhaps a concise review is in order??

        1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

          I believe that COVID-19 exists. It is a coronavirus. How does it spread? Probably though multiple routes. Beyond that, I don’t think anyone knows much, for sure. I am planning on a summary blog in the near future. Probably more questions than answers. The central conundrum here is that people really, really, want answers. For that, they look to medicine. Medicine is all about answers, science is all about questions. I am never sure how to balance the endless tension that exists between them. Especially in the midst of a mass worldwide panic.

          1. David Bailey


            I don’t envy your position in all this, you are quite exposed, and anyone can come on here and spout a totally crackpot theory – including maybe me – and then people blame you!

            I would be perfectly happy if you simply didn’t post any of my posts if you feel they are wrong, or too unlikely to be true. Applied to everyone, perhaps that is the best way to keep this discussion on track, and to keep your sanity!

            Above all, please realise that your efforts are greatly appreciated by practically everyone here!

          2. JDPatten

            Dr Kendrick.
            Thanks very much for your considered answer.

            I’ve felt all along on this COVID trip that little was definitively known about it; indeed, that not much could be known in such a short time.

            Given that, it’s seems mighty presumptuous on the part of far too many people having unwarranted deeply held BELIEFS and presenting them aggressively as FACTS.
            There’s a lot of negativity in the mood here.

            I was hoping that you were in a position to provide us with some positivity in the way of knowledge or, at least, likelihoods. As it turns out, you seem to be scrupulously honest, withholding notions that might be pounced on and made more of than would be warranted.

        2. AhNotepad

          The internet has many articles on all the subjects you mention, and others such as “vaccines are safe and effective”, and masks that will protect you against the virus, and that also allow you to magnanimously protect other people from your diseases. Wikipedia, BBC and The Guardian are your friends (to name but three).

          1. Jeff Cable

            Sadly, your three named information sources may no longer be truthful. I used to read the Guardian regularly during the 60s when it used to employ literate journalists who valued truth. Now it is little more than a virtue signalling rag which indulges the converted by preaching the latest fashionable party line. (it is probable that it gave Greta Thunberg fantastic coverage) Last July, the circulation of The Guardian was an Audit Bureau of Circulations verified 130,484 copies. In my living memory the best circulation of The Guardian was around 495,000 copies. ONS numbers from mid 2018 suggest that the UK population was around 66.4 million. The Guardian does not appear to be speaking to more than 32.62% of that 2018 number of people after the ONS derived decimal point. It must follow that its editorial viewpoint is hardly representative of the UK. This may appear to be a non-sequitur but with this insignificant circulation of UK readers, The Guardian is probably out of touch with the lives and views of around 66 million people who live in the UK.

            Wikipedia is riddled with holes and while it appears (at first blush) to be encyclopaedic in scope; the veracity of it as a source of information is not assured. When researching anything at all which requires accuracy, I would never choose Wikipedia as the goto source of information. It takes far more effort to understand an issue than reading someone else’s words and then regurgitating them as facts. Given the ease with which one can edit Wikipedia pages, I would never want to suggest to a research worker that Wikipedia is a valid information source. It may guide you to appropriate information sources but the obverse of that coin is that it may not.

            Your third source, Auntie, has declined hugely. When working in many different countries, I always used carried a radio that was capable of tuning in to the BBC world service. I don’t listen to that source anymore and neither do I waste my time paying for a TV licence. The BBC is no longer a reliable source of information and I suspect that it has indulged in far more than just a little promotion of government views in recent times. During the years of Tony Blair’s government, we were starting to see the uncritical broadcasting of the Orwellian-like Ministry of Truth propaganda. Now, who knows? I no longer put any trust in the information being broadcast by the BBC. It is merely a simulacrum of a journalistic endeavour. I have somewhat cynically adopted the position of believing nothing of what I hear and only half of what I see. Sad times AhNotepad; sad times that I never imagined I would ever see in the UK.

          2. AhNotepad

            Jeff, sorry, my earlier post was tongue in cheek. The references were for the benefit of those that want their beliefs supported, rather than research objective information. For slightly more truthful information, look at sites run by “quacks” or “deniers” or similar derogatory terms.

    1. Gary Ogden

      JDPatten: Dr. Kendrick is telling us something very important here. You clearly have a searching intelligence. Read between the lines.

    2. Tom Welsh

      “So, that’s the best you’re gonna get here on COVID-19.
      Why bother?”

      I don’t wish to be unnecessarily rude, but… don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      1. anna m

        In light of the several previous posts on covid, one of which did go into detail on Dr.Kendrick’s idea of a protocol, I found that post beyond rude. Really quite nasty.

  74. Pauline

    This is exactly what happened to my husband. He was at home with in diagnosed endocarditis for 10 days and two separate paramedic crews and a doctor sent by NHS111 all told me not to send him into hospital as he would go into a Covid ward because of his fever. Eventually he became so ill he had to be admitted. He wasn’t put on a Covid ward he was kept in a private room until he was diagnosed and then put on the heart ward with only three other people in it. He died two weeks later unvisited and on his own. Would he still be alive today if he was admitted to hospital earlier.? I’ll never know.

    1. Jeremy May

      That’s heartbreaking Pauline, my sincere sympathy to you.
      It’s a dreadful question to be left with. Sadly, I fear, not by any means unique.

    2. Terry Wright

      Pauline: I am very sorry to hear of your grievous loss. It is so awful to hear of relatives not being able to be with their loved ones when they are ill; the inhumanity of our madness.

    3. anna m

      Wow. Just wow. And exactly the sort of thing that various dissenting voices, such as Dr. Kendrick here have warned about. This is collateral damage of the lockdown.

  75. Tish

    It is easy to see why so many of us following this blog are sceptical regarding Covid19. It is easy to mistrust governments who have been misleading people over cholesterol for 50 years or so. If more people realised what we know to be true, that –

    Cholesterol is vital to every body cell
    The more of it we eat, the less our bodies will have to make but they will still need to make a lot more than we eat
    It repairs body damage so is naturally present in abundance in damaged blood vessels as in other damaged tissue. (Thank goodness it’s there)
    Reducing cholesterol levels with statins will interfere with the supply that the body seeks to maintain and leave people vulnerable. Will they have enough to make vitamin D and other hormones, cell membranes, bile, cell structures….?

    – wouldn’t they be sceptical of government actions too?

    Why would any sane person want to reduce such an important substance? People in the know have kept quiet. Despicable behaviour had been afoot for a long time before Covid19, and don’t we just know it! Maybe it prepared us just a little for this so-called pandemic. What a pity the cholesterol con is not better realised. We need more Malcolms.

  76. Dr No

    Over-counting of covid-19 deaths especially are inevitable given the guidelines, which make no sense, especially the ‘once covid, always a covid’ requirement. With a few exceptions (eg exposure to asbestos and then dying decades later from an asbestos related tumour), cause of death is counted as what the patient died from at the time of death, not some bizarre historical antecedent, so the requirements for covid-19 are starkly and radically different. So we legitimately ask why do this, and the only available answer appears to be covid-19 mortality inflation. Why on earth do that?

    The answers are not obvious, so let’s consider the old standby, ‘follow the money’ (as one earlier commenter here did). That may lead somewhere, for anything covid-19 related (drugs, vaccines, PPE etc), but frankly it seems a bit far fetched. Instead, mortality inflation seems to be another manifestation of what we might call Ferguson’s Folly: use fear to create disruption. Why PHE/the government should want to do this is not at all clear.

    Whatever the drivers, there is nonetheless a pattern emerging of the antecedents of a more totalitarian state. It is important to state that Dr No does not present this as a conspiracy by government theory (could a govt that has ‘eat out to fill out’ one day and then a mega anti-obesity strategy the next ever manage to concoct a conspiracy?), more an observation that the government is sleepwalking into this state. Rather than repeat the material here, Dr No takes the liberty of linking to his most recent post:

    Immediate past Dr No posts cover facemasks and the (lack of) evidence for their effectiveness. Despite all the shrill calls to the contrary, this has not changed. But forcing people to wear masks does have an effect: it keeps covid-19, and fear of it, in the forefront of peoples minds. Why on earth do this? There continue to be more questions than answers…

    Dr No

      1. Dr No

        Dr No has asked himself the same question, and all he got back was a habit once entered into is a hard one from which to escape!

  77. Bart Merwede

    if EM did not exist, we thus
    have no proof if there ever was a spanish flu. Maybe the 1st world war is a better explanation of high death rates. I also heard about mass vaccination as a possible cause, who knows.

      1. Tom Welsh

        “Mass vaccination did not exist in 1922 by the way”.

        That’s funny; it did in 1777, when George Washington ordered all soldiers of his Continental Army vaccinated, except for those who had already survived smallpox.


        “With increased demand for smallpox vaccination during the nineteenth century, vaccination days–early mass vaccination campaigns–were conducted over time-limited periods to rapidly and efficiently protect maximum numbers of susceptible persons”.

      2. Gary Ogden

        Cón Ó Brolcháin: Not true. The troops mustered in Ft. Riley Kansas to be deployed in WWI were given a Rockefeller Institute experimental meningitis vaccine produced in horse serum. Large quantities of this vaccine were also sent to several European countries. It is pure speculation to attribute the large number of deaths in this period to influenza when most of the autopsy reports give bacterial pneumonia as the cause of death.

          1. Gary Ogden

            Frederica Huxley: Interesting, but quite a leap from finding a viral genome in tissue to showing it to be causal of anything. It is an assumption unsupported by any evidence in this article. I cannot take it on faith alone.

        1. Cón Ó Brolcháin

          Spanish Flu had a very characteristic terminal phase known as Heliotrope Cyanosis which didn’t get recorded on death certificates but was widely reported and known about. The patient turned grey. This was unique to Spanish Flu. You knew if your loved one entered this phase it was Spanish Flu even if something else was recorded on the official records such as bronchial pneumonia or exhaustion or car crash.

          The vaccine theory just doesn’t fit any facts about Spanish Flu and has been totally discredited.

          1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            Well you are copypasting without research now.
            Cyanosis is very characteristic bluish or lavender ‘heliotropic – as in light purple hued appearance due to lack of oxygen in the blood arising from a number of conditions.

            Aspirin was prescribed and taken by the hanful
            Worth a read for wider implications.
            Bayer and Monsanto and aspirin as a wonder cure!
            What could have possibly gone right?

            Narratives of assertive certainty are proscriptive rather than communicative.
            Case closed, settled science, nothing to see here, etc.
            More like what we ‘should think’ rather than what genuine enquiry would discover.
            So cover stories operate close off communication and to save face, along with corporate and institutional profit and credibility.
            Pharmaceutical corporations are routinely fined millions if not billions for ongoing fraud – but have yet to be ‘discredited’. To the contrary, they set the narratives by which to discredit genuine enquiry and train the doctors as pharma techs though I predict the poor will soon have a robotised dispenser in place of Dr. Meatware, and only the wealthy will receive the personalised biotech innovations of a Gated Global Biosecurity State.

            The general populace is to be enlisted in the New Army, in terms of also losing any rights over the use of their body for experimental medical vaccines and toxic exposures. And the army is to be replaced with robotics and mercenaries. Its a public-private ‘partnership’ that underlies the ‘paramount concern’ and unprecedented undermining of global life support.

            Perhaps they are right… the few older people who know the difference are sidelined and ignored to die off, while the new ones will never know any different – especially when selectively bred and trained for purpose.

          2. Cón Ó Brolcháin

            You say ‘Well you are copypasting without research now.’ I’m not defending a PhD now so I don’t have to pretend this is original work but from a source I trust. Everyone has to trust in things they use, you’re using a multilayered software stack at the moment and you just trust it works it seems, you can’t check every one of the millions of lines of code in the stack. You have to trust it.

            Now as it happens I have researched Spanish Flu especially as it affected Ireland. I have 4 death certificates of family members who died of it and a fifth who died 5 years later. The oldest who died directly from the disease was 6. If you go to Glassnevin cemetery in Dublin you can read page after page of deaths of young healthy people. Contemporary newspapers across the country mention the same symptoms and patterns of spread. The stories of what happened have been passed on to the present day. There are also people still living who have been interviewed and provide first hand accounts of the terrible scenes they witnessed first hand.

            Aspirin was taken because the doctors didn’t know what to do but Asprin was a problem because of The German Plot. Cyanide was also prescribed because the doctors just didn’t know what to do, There’s no sinister plot here just desperate people.

          3. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            I agree that there was definitely a flu epidemic at the end of WW1. Why was it so deadly? Why did it kill young healthy people. So much unlike COVID that seem to kill, almost entirely, elderly unwell people. I suspect we will never know, but I believe that the treatments given at the time made things far, far, worse. Vast doses of aspirin, for example.

          4. Cón Ó Brolcháin

            Well it wouldn’t be the first time doctors killed their patients. I recall reading in one of your books that 6 week bedrest was prescribed for a heart attack case at one time.

            Aspirin wasn’t used a lot because it was expensive due to the German Plot. Only people who could afford it got aspirin. Instead, whiskey (or whisky),poteen (strong alcohol from potatoes), quinine, strychnine, opium and many other things were tried as well as prayer but nothing worked. Aspirin was used to treat the terrible headaches that were also a common symptom. The poor were hardest hit so the poor diet, climate, and living conditions were factors. Picking out aspirin as a cause is to ignore all the other factors and evidence.

            Nobody knew what was happening but like John Snow’s cholera map there were clues as to the cause. The poor, especially in the cities were hardest hit. Probably the very people who couldn’t afford aspirin.

          5. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            I generally resonate with what you share but ‘the battle’ metaphor jars.
            That cells die or disintegrate and are broken down to recycle their elements or eliminate from the body is no different in principle than this moment giving way to the next, but the present is not being devoured – though we are free to see it that way if we cling on to a past in fear of future.
            Balance is part of health but clearly a constant disequilibrium always moving in or out of balance – which can be perhaps equated with stress as serving new growth and rest serving its reintegration. It can also be seen in terms of energy flow that shows up a various symptoms when blocked for all parts or functions are part of the whole and any block can become a fulcrum of inertia – just as a back pain can be ‘protected’ by an armouring of tensions around it. A need for more blood to bring nutrient and remove and recycle or eliminate toxicity or dead cells generates inflammation. There is something functional going on that we can interfere with in fear of the body and life.
            Biologists who are not under corporate virological constraint find exosomes to perform extracellular messaging for specific functions – some of which have been observed – such as encapsulating and eliminating toxins.
            Humankind through such agency as Billy Gates et al, is set on an Internment of Things as a closed systemic control – or at least intend to close down most of what is human to fit us to a bio-technocratic system of controls rather than freedom of choice as a growth experience. But this are seeking to replicate what Life already Is and does but under patent – excepting the ‘communication system’ of life is open and creative in its interactions through seemingly closed systems such as cells and selves.
            I have no doubt for myself of a field of a greater communication of which we are individual expressions, but whether viruses or extracellular messengers are in fact the medium of transference is unclear to me. I am more attracted to the idea of resonant sympathy – such that a vibrating frequency will set off a like reaction in any resonant match and the energetic connection will replicate as physical, or biological expressions. Regardless anyone’s resonance with this idea – the documented cases of mass hysteria can certainly include physical symptoms.
            There are reasons for why medical orthodoxy disregards or discards anything directly indicative of psychic-emotional disturbance as a causal factor – apart from ‘stress’, and why most ‘patients’ want almost any ‘official diagnosis’ so as to not have to live the fear they are mad or suffer the exclusion of not being taken seriously. There was also the old term ‘malingering’ that Illich used for all conditions that had some strategic but often unconscious partial resolution to an unbearable or intolerable situation. But I don’t believe we can truly find causes that are exclusively out there. But that doesn’t mean I feel not to deal with a situation at the level of the current perception and belief. If we give all power to the ‘threat’ – we will likewise have to give it to the ‘solution’ – and have no free awareness to question our original premise.
            By the time we wake up – if ever we do – the use of our reaction has been already implemented – in this case as the shoe-horning of a huge and radical raft of prepared regulatory structure that is seeming stumbled into by buffoons and jackasses running on script.

    1. AhNotepad

      Ferguson had the numbers, New York had the numbers, Newsome had the numbers, and many others. They have consistently used them to misinform.

    2. KJE

      Or is it that people who get their flu and pneumonia shots are more likely to look after their general health, eat a better diet and take exercise? Perhaps they are also richer and better able to stimulate their mental health. I know for the pneumonia jab the study said it adjusted for “sex, race, birth cohort, education, smoking and genetic risk” but that says nothing about diet, blood sugar, exercise, degree of mental stimulation and wealth. it seems to be a relatively benign one that I would have considered getting before CV19 – but I’m now too scared to get it in case I get an unsafe CV19 jab at the same time or a forced test.

      1. Sasha

        So, was it an observational study? If it was, what was the difference (in relative risk increase) between jabbers and non-jabbers? Sorry, my in-built bias is that it’s probably nonsense so I didn’t follow the link. Thanks

    3. Tom Welsh

      “Surprising, isn’t it? But they seem to have the numbers”.

      If I were responsible for selling billions of vaccinations representing a revenue stream of well over $100 billion a year, I would have the numbers too. My staff of scientists, statisticians and PR specialists would come up with them or repidly become unemployed and unemployable.

      Scott Adams makes the point well in this strip:

    4. Bart Merwede

      Hi JD, this is a news report from CNN. I suggesto you buy ‘doctoring data’ Malcolm’s book. You would perhaps understand why not to trust this type of information.

      1. JDPatten

        Sure, but this is true of all “messengers”.
        Be safe in your mind-warren: shoot them all. No messages to fret you.

  78. peter downey

    I read this in the Independent
    “previously highly effective lockdown, having been implemented late, has been relaxed in too much of a hurry” (my underline).

    This from a so called quality newspaper. So enmeshed in this little drama is the writer of this piece that he or she fails to see what’s been going on as a result.

    Cancer & other illnesses: Professor Mark Lawler “We felt the worst case scenario, there could be 35,000 excess deaths’ this year. Though he feels it more likely to be half that.

    Economy: Govt borrowing between March and June = 127.09 billion, a record, double the whole of the last tax year.
    Jobs lost since lockdown started = 650,000 (will be worse when furlough finishes)
    It’s been estimated that 30,000 pubs and restaurants will not reopen – in other words have gone bust.

    Children under 5 are losing vital time in nurseries. Some/many will not open their doors again (i.e. another economic disaster).

    School, College, University. Students and parents frightened (in my opinion beyond reason).

    Domestic violence – this from April, so, not as if it’s something we’ve only just found out.

    Depression and Suicide:

    You’ll notice some of these links are from the Guardian and the BBC, news outlets that are constantly, like the Independent, warning us not to come out of lockdown; who are telling us, like the Independent, of the benefits it has accrued.
    Newsnight for example has an almost daily section on negative issues because of lock down.

    I’m sure people can add further to this list of covid collateral damage?

    1. Gary Ogden

      Terry Wright: A 2,000% return on investment for vaccines. No wonder he loves them so much! Warms the heart.

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        Note that any investment bubble is also used as a trap for fake promises seeking massive investment for ‘too good to be true’ returns.
        When Radio first started commercialising there were firms that ‘set up’ just to attract investment, and scarper or fold with no returns.
        Self-interest operates a bandwagon effect when not truly centred – because a lack of self is always looking outside itself for reinforcement. So the whole shebang really can run on self-illusion.

      2. shirley3349

        To be fair to the man in the video, I don’t think he meant to imply that he will pocket the whole return on his investment personally. He was putting a price on the benefit he thought the whole world would get, including his cut, if any. After all, it’s small change to him.
        That said: I still believe he is heavily deluded about the whole vaccination issue, especially the ratio of possible benefits to possible risks, and his readiness to put billions of people at risk for such benefits.
        For myself, only complete, legally-mandated, publication of all the trial data and full disclosure of serious adverse reactions when in use, coupled with complete freedom to refuse to take part, might now persuade me to accept any new vaccines.
        Anyway, if people really are so desperate for this vaccine, it will be several years before they get round to me!

        1. Jerome Savage

          How to win friends and influence people – get with me or be left behind. I have largesse and I make largesse.

  79. JohnC

    It doesn’t really matter the how or why the situation has been allowed to get to where it is or who is responsible. What really matters is how can the situation be reversed?
    Spain has had a spike and so people have to self isolate for 14 days on return, why?

    SARS-CoV-2 is not going anywhere fast, are we going to stay in this situation forever?

    Are we putting too much faith in the PCR testing, a test that was never designed for the role it’s being used for?

    Someone is going to have to take the bull by the horns and say “ENOUGH, the lockdown ends NOW.”

    I work in a healthcare setting in the part of Leicester that has a high “infection” rate, and my daughter in law, who has rheumatoid arthritis and is a paediatrician, looks on me as a plague carrier, as do my elderly parents in law.
    Will there be detrimental effects to the immune system?

    What can we, as represented in these comments, do?

    I have had to ration my exposure to the news because it is making me angry and despondent because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a state of suspended animation.

    My organisation sent an email saying that those employees who had been shielding and are now returning to work will be given the option to wear a red armband. Those that continued to work have been told to ensure that “social distancing” of 6 feet is strictly observed whenever a person wearing a red band is met. I don’t feel comfortable with this as there seems to be overtones from Nazi Germany, identifying a group of people to avoid, with another group like lepers from medieval England ringing their bell and shouting “unclean”.

    1. KJE

      Indeed, why not just go straight for the yellow star, brown square and pink triangle. Obviously no one ever recovers …

  80. Tish

    If you tested positive for a Heaf test at school or a Mantoux tuberculin test you were not give the BCG vaccine. It was deemed to be unnecessary and that it could lead to an overreaction, at least locally.
    I wonder if this applies to other vaccines and if there are any risks to having a vaccine for something to which you have some immunity. If so, what would it mean for boosters too? (I myself had a severe reaction to a tetanus booster.)
    I am not wishing to scaremonger. I would just like to know. Does anyone have some information please?

    1. KJE

      Was the Heaf test the pickle fork one for TB? I had to have BCG but my “twin” – in my class and exact same age as me was positive and didn’t. However, every year I tested as allergic to flu jab and didn’t have to have it. They tested every child with asthma, hayfever or an allergy to eggs or feathers. I wonder why that is no longer done?

      1. Gary Ogden

        KJE: It is no longer done because of the 2,000% return on investment vaccines bring. It is the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in the U.S. which has made the pharmaceutical industry rich and enormously powerful. Watch “1986, The Act.”

        1. Marlene Jenkin

          Had the Heaf Test followed by the BCG back in the late 50’s. I became unwell in the late 60’s. Eventually I went into hospital where ileo-caecal TB was diagnosed. 5 operations and 22 weeks later I emerged enabling me to look the various Docs in the eye – so it was all in my head then ? Crohns then diagnosed and so the surgeries continued.

          As you can imagine – I am not too keen on vaccines !!

  81. anglosvizzera

    Has anyone else seen this “Whitecoat Medical Summit” from yesterday in Washington DC? A group of frontline medical doctors speak out about why the economy, schools etc should be opened up again with people deciding for themselves whether to wear masks and so on. They are making it public that the hydroxychloroquine/zinc/erythromycin treatment is 100% successful and safe if given early enough:


    1. Gary Ogden

      anglosvizzera: It only took them eight hours to entirely censor this. I haven’t yet found it, other than the short clip of the Nigerian-trained Houston doctor.

      1. anglosvizzera

        I accidentally posted the wrong thing – but when I tried to post the link to the bitchute version, it wouldn’t work. I tried again just now but somehow there’s a ‘bot’ stopping it on here!!

        Instead you can watch the entire conference here – it’s fascinating!

        1. Gary Ogden

          anglosvizzera: This link, too, has been blocked. We have become a fascist state in the U.S. when medical doctors sharing their knowledge of healing the sick, in our nation’s Capitol, are censored.

          1. Sasha

            Gary: thank you. It’s very good. I have been hearing similar stories anecdotally from docs I know and they are in ORs and ICUs every day. And now this video confirms what I had been hearing. The craziest thing is censorship by big Tech.

            There’s lots of talk on this site by some commentators about “crazy conspiracy theories”. I don’t understand how one can watch a video like this and not become a little bit of a conspiracy theorist.

          2. anglosvizzera

            Yes, censored already. Luckily I downloaded the video for future reference…in case the HCQ protocol actually proves to have been a missed opportunity!

  82. Gary Ogden

    This is good. Nigerian-trained Houston doctor excoriating the medical establishment in Washington, D.C. for disparaging HCQ+zinc+antibiotic as a cure:

    1. barovsky

      I just posted this fantastic video on ‘my’ Youtube channel and it was immediately removed/censored/banned!

      As you may know, our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow – and don’t allow – on YouTube. Your video A Doctor speaks out on HCQ was flagged to us for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines and we’ve removed it from YouTube.

      And here’s why:

      YouTube does not allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities’ medical information about COVID-19, including on methods to prevent, treat, or diagnose COVID-19 and means of transmission of COVID-19. Learn more here

    2. Tom Welsh

      Dr. Immanuel’s passionate indignation is extremely compelling. As are her facts and figures.

      One minute of listening to her should cure anyone of racism. She is obviously a very superior human being in every way.

  83. Jeff Cable

    Thanks AhNotepad. I had my sarcasm filter turned off. You certainly have no need to say sorry to me. I am just pond life and feed at the bottom of the pond, where I hope I wont be noticed. I sometimes put my head above water just to moan. :)))

  84. David McAlonan

    After a few verbal scathings on various media, I’ve been very wary lately about posting anything anywhere. However, as we career unwittingly down this super-highway of Machiavellian perversion, a couple of further thoughts make me unable to resist posing a few questions and digging out some points to ponder.
    It’s clear that a large percentage of contributors to this blog appreciate Dr Kendrick’s material: it is in my opinion, honest, informed, and concise. The majority of contributors also concur that data have/are being manipulated to suit the ‘relevant’ agenda. Likewise, many have supplied valid proof via research, proven online sources, and any number of academic studies. But the worrying thing for me, ( and I do not wish to sound selfish), is that I’m not scared of this virus or whatever it is, ( I just think it’s another of many corona viruses that have to exist), I’m simply angry at how we are being played. But most of all, I’m angrier that a large percentage of global populations ARE’NT angry…they ARE scared and/or content to be blithely shafted.

    I know that the Holmesian theory about eliminating the impossible etc., is deeply flawed, but when you stand back and look at the big picture, albeit through a very murky, governmental smokescreen, what do you see? Declining cases, but then again an odd surge,( possibly caused by more testing?), but for sure, very low overall deaths, and here in the UK, non-publication of recoveries. So, what is the real reason for maintaining the impetus of something that is obviously now failing? Back to can only be the old Soviet handbook where almost identical tactics were fielded in the USSR as those being used here today. It’s a considerable insult that the powers-that-be couldn’t be bothered to come up with something more imaginitive. So, the govt. behavioural insight team and the sage quango sidekicks are successfully keeping the fear and confusion momemtum on a steady roll. The whole paradigm of how policy and governments continually shape-shifts is impossible to investigate, but we all know it’s wrong and we’re helpless to stop it.

    Which leads to my major concern, ( I’m not even going into NWO, Bill and Melinda, Fauci, vacccines, billions et al), but I see the same commentary from the campaigners for truth, and I’m as guilty as anyone else.. I keep seeing those words ‘You must speak out now before it’s too late’, and ‘take back the freedom they are destroying’, etc… all admirable sentiments but seemingly impossible to implement. We all know that the last silver bullet was fired when the EU and other nefarious, global organisations and dynasties were malformed. I wish someone had the definitive solution, but I’m just about smart enough to know the limits of my naivete.

    Almost rantover time. The one most violently evident truth that this crisis showcases is what could be seen as a fundamental human weakness. I estimate that there are a number of people out there who are perfectly willing to remain oblivious, for varying reasons and to certain degrees. There are those who are terrified and at levels of despair. There are other ‘categories’ too, and I’m not going the ovine route, but the 2 main polarised schools of thought appear to be the proponents who see justice in their beliefs that we are being globally subjugated at terrible cost by some elite entity. Irreversibly. The second major group are content to label the former as conspiracy theorists and other related generalisations and they assume, rightly or wrongly, that everything will soon be back to normal. They mean normal, not the ‘new normal’, which again, is an insult. So, I’m all-in now…..In the last 5-6 months, I have followed this tragic saga whilst fighting anger, depression, and hopelessness, and the one diamond that I’ve failed to uncover? I have seen NO example, instance, or demonstration of anybody within the 2 main protagonist groups, CHANGING their minds. This is regardless of new evidence or education that has continually challenged the system but the longer it continues, the stronger flawed beliefs will grow. That model is a perfect weapon for the bad guys. They are making attrition look as innocent as the unconditional love of a new-born puppy.

    Apologies for what was originally going to be a calm paragraph.

    1. David Bailey

      Thanks David,

      If I can shed a tiny ray of optimism to what you have said, sice the latest arbitrary ruling was brought in, I have been into two supermarkets and one takeaway without wearing mask. I was treated courteously by everyone. The police have already indicated that they do not intend to actively enforce this measure, and I intend to keep going. I’d recommend others to do so too.

      Every time I do it, it becomes easier.

      That way, hopefully others will join us and the lunatics running this nonsense will realise they have reached the limits of their power to command.

  85. JohnC

    We now have the prime minister saying that a second wave is probably underway in parts of Europe. Is this laying the foundations for a further lockdown?

      1. David Bailey

        Do, please continue to go without a mask. I am managing to do it, even though deliberately breaking the law goes against my grain. I would wear a mask in a surgery, or in small shops if asked. So far, nobody has said anything.

        I hope that others will see us and join us. We need to resist this deliberately induced panic.

        1. anna m

          David Bailey,

          Is it really a law? People think it is. Governors have emergency powers, mayors too I think, so it is unclear but these mandates are not laws. For that we need a state senate to enact it. Our state senates are not even meeting. They apparently do not consider themselves essential services. Some of the governor or mayor mandates are very petty and inconsistent. My favorite is where in California you could go in the water but not lie on the sand, and on the other coast you can be on the sand but not get in the water. And I may very well have that backwards but who cares. All put forth by petty tyrants whose emergency powers have gone to their heads.

  86. Bart Merwede

    dear Con, the planet neptune has been proven to exist because it is still there. The spanish flu couldn’t have been proven to exist when they invented the EM because it wasn’t there anymore, so nobody couldn’t or can’t ever prove it ever existed.

    You can still BELIEVE in it, if you want, all up to you.

    1. Martin Back

      They have exhumed bodies from permafrost of buried victims of the Spanish Flu, and sequenced its genome.

  87. Jerome Savage

    So many are pi$$ed off with the world’s hyper reaction, stoked by god knows who or what. Suspicion is now entrenched and fear is real. Hard to chill but just to show it needn’t be like that, my Aussie cycling acquaintance has landed in Zagreb & has blogged her blog. I dont think this is unsuitable for this blog as it represents one way out of the pressure so many presently experience. I know the feeling she feels and it’s good to get a reminder. Suggestion is that there is life beyond the current hyped up headlines. From her blog yesterday – “ate a dinner entirely comprised of things from the hostel free food shelf and corn pinched from a field this morning. Now I’m drinking €1/ltr wine from a pint glass on the window ledge of my Zagreb dorm paid for with expiring airmiles as it thunders and pours outside. Rarely have I known such exquisite travel happiness”. The need to live life, despite the storm outside, is crucial.

    1. David Bailey


      Can you elaborate a bit?

      Which ‘side’ do you come down on now? I mean, I know that someone could reel out a series of studies that prove that cholesterol and saturated fat are bad for you – but having read Dr. K’s books, I know how much deviousness goes into those studies.

      In any case, I suppose most people like me, who have started taking D supplements, are doing so to avoid infection.