COVID – What have we learned?

25th August 2020

We have learned that people who are asymptomatic can, cannot, can, cannot, can, cannot, can… spread the virus.

That the accuracy of PCR antigen testing is brilliant, useless, brilliant, useless, brilliant, useless.

That false positive tests are impossible, common, impossible, common, impossible, common.

That facemasks are useless, necessary, useless, necessary, useless… absolutely necessary.

We also know that some people are, are not, are, are not are, naturally immune. In addition, we know that having had COVID means that you can, cannot, can, cannot, can cannot – maybe you can, frankly who knows, get it again. I think Kurt Vonnegut Junior put it best:

“We do, doodley do, doodley do, doodely do,
What we must, muddily must, muddily must, muddily must;
Muddily do, muddily do, muddily do, muddily do,
Until we bust, bodily bust, bodily bust, bodily bust.”

I like to think I have some expertise in reading medical research papers, then trying to work out what they really mean, rather than what they say they mean. I even gritted my teeth and wrote the book “Doctoring Data” in order to help people understand the endless games and manipulations that are played with research studies.

I analysed the power of money to distort research findings, in ways such that black can be magically turned into white.

Of course, distortion is not just driven by money. This is only one of the factors that lays its heavy hand upon research. There are many others. The immense power of an idea to set thoughts in concrete, previous public statements made and fearing loss of authority if you change your mind. Status, power, political games, etc.

Just to look at an example of actions not (obviously) driven by money. On the back of COVID, Bill Gates seems determined to be remembered as the man who vaccinated the world. It will be his enduring legacy. He probably knows that his Microsoft empire will simply be a sub-paragraph in an MBA hypothesis in a hundred years. On the other hand, worldwide vaccination will secure him a place in history.

Although I understand many of the forces at work to distort research, and how the manipulates are carried out, when it comes to COVID I have almost given up. Almost everyone seems to have an agenda, twisting and turning meaning this way and that.

In many cases, the end result seems to be a determined effort to inflate the mortality figures, or paint COVID as the evillest virus ever. I suspect the vaccine manufacturers have a major role to play in this.

Just to give one reasonably well-known example of this. In England, if you ever had a positive test for COVID, and then died, you were added to the COVID death statistics. Whatever killed you, however long after you had a positive test you died of COVID.

This has recently been changed. Primarily because it was so patently ridiculous that even Matt Hancock (UK health secretary) was no longer able to confirm that this was absolutely the correct thing to do. Although it seems he had no idea it was happening in the first place.

Despite this change, we still have the situation in the UK, where you can never, officially recover from COVID – which is equally mad. Once you’ve got it, you’ve got it. I suspect this will be quietly changed at some point – maybe it has been, and I didn’t notice.

On the other hand, other very strange things took place, in the opposite direction. Right at the start of the pandemic, the UK Govt changed COVID to an infection no longer considered of high consequence

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.1

Yes, the 19th of March. The UK went into lockdown on the 16th of March [Error, this should be the 23rd march], and three days later COVID was no longer a high consequence disease. The only disease in history which has required lockdown, including the obliteration of many basic human rights, and the trashing of the entire economy. Yet it is not a disease of high consequence?

This happened virtually unremarked. Very quietly, you could almost say sneakily. What on earth went on here? My guess is this was done to stop healthcare workers suing the NHS if they contracted COVID at work – as almost no medical staff had adequate PPE. There may be other reasons, but I struggle to think what they may be.

Wherever you looked there was confusion, and statistical manipulation, and then we moved onto the hydroxychloroquine saga. At the very start of the pandemic I wrote a blog suggesting hydroxychloroquine could be helpful. This was based on earlier research demonstrating this drug could hamper viral entry into cells and, once within the cell, could impede viral entry into the nucleus. I even tried to get my trust to stockpile some of the drug – no chance there. Hydroxy-what?

Little did I know the massive storm that would erupt around this drug. A drug that has been around for decades. It is available over the counter in many countries and is, I think, the most widely used drug in India. It is primarily an anti-malarial drug – as it helps to prevent entry of the malaria parasite into cells and can hamper it breaking down haemoglobin, thus destroying red blood cells.

It is also used as an anti-inflammatory in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), where it is extraordinarily safe (in the correct doses). It has been looked at as a possible anti-viral for many years. Earlier this year, I was reading various papers about it. Such as this one ‘Effects of chloroquine on viral infections: an old drug against today’s diseases.’

Chloroquine is a 9-aminoquinoline known since 1934. Apart from its well-known antimalarial effects, the drug has interesting biochemical properties that might be applied against some viral infections. Chloroquine exerts direct antiviral effects, inhibiting pH-dependent steps of the replication of several viruses including members of the flaviviruses, retroviruses, and coronaviruses. Its best-studied effects are those against HIV replication, which are being tested in clinical trials. Moreover, chloroquine has immunomodulatory effects, suppressing the production/release of tumour necrosis factor α and interleukin 6, which mediate the inflammatory complications of several viral diseases’.2

[Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are essentially the same drug, when it comes to efficacy/activity, but hydroxychloroquine has less side-effects. ‘Hydroxy’ means an OH group has been added to the basic compound]

I have to say I didn’t bother to read anything from 2020. It was clear that commercial interests were already heavily contaminating this area.

Which meant that, in order to get a handle on untainted data, I went back to calmer research papers from another era. Anyway, having read around the area, it seemed that hydroxychloroquine might do some good. It was certainly pretty safe, and we had nothing else at the time. Thus, I recommended that it might be used.

Then, the distorting engine was switched to full power. Driven by two main fuel types. Type one was money. Companies with anti-viral agents, such as remdesivir, did not want a ‘cheap as chips’ drug being used. No sirree, they wanted massively expensive (and almost entirely useless) anti-virals to be used instead.

This resulted in a study published in the Lancet, no less, slamming hydroxychloroquine through the floor. It turns out the study was almost entirely fabricated, by researchers strongly associated with various companies who, surprise, surprise, make anti-virals.

The other fuel type was the hybrid money/vaccine. If hydroxychloroquine (plus zinc and azithromycin) works, then there was great concern this would lower uptake of any vaccine that was developed. In addition, it would not be possible to impose emergency vaccine laws, which would make the manufacture of any vaccine far quicker and easier.

Such laws, in the US, are known as Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA). If enacted, these laws mean that a vaccine does not have to be tested for safety and efficacy before use. Just whack it out there, untested. Also, there is no possibility of suing a vaccine manufacturer if it turns out the vaccine caused serious problems.

In the US, UK, and several other countries, complete legal protection against vaccine damage is already enshrined in the law, so nothing changes here.

However, there is still a requirement to carry out at least some research on efficacy and safety. The EUA would remove this barrier. Just get it out there, no questions asked, none possible.

Depending on your view of the ethical standards of those companies manufacturing such vaccines, you would either welcome this move, or feel deeply disturbed. I would be in the latter camp. No way I am taking an active medication that has not been tested for either safety or efficacy.

Whatever camp you are in, there are vast fortunes to be made from developing the first vaccine for COVID-19. If all barriers to immediate uptake are removed, we have a goldrush on our hands. No need to prove your vaccine works, no need to demonstrate it is safe, no chance of being sued. Billions of dollars to be made. What could possibly go wrong?

Which takes us back to that pesky drug, hydroxychloroquine. Does it work, does it not? It seems we will never be allowed to know. Recently the Food and Drug Administration in the US, removed authorisation for its use. Even in a hospital, such as he Henry Ford in Detroit, that appeared to be getting impressive results:

‘”The U.S. Food and Drug Administration informed us that it would not grant our request for an emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine for a segment of COVID-19 patients meeting very specific criteria,” said Dr. Adnan Munkarah, Henry Ford’s executive vice president and chief clinical officer, in a statement’ 3

All other trials around the world have also being stopped by the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Orhanisation and the UK health authorities.

This, remember, is a drug that has been taken by, literally, billions of people. It is considered safe enough to buy over the counter, yet now it is so dangerous that it cannot even be used for research purposes. Of course, you can still take it if you have rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, malaria – or suchlike – where it remains perfectly safe and is also known to reduce inflammation (a major problem with COVID).

At a stroke discussion, or research, has become virtually impossible, as noted by the Henry Ford hospital in Detroit.

‘Last week, Henry Ford issued an open letter about its study, saying, “the political climate that has persisted has made any objective discussion about this drug impossible.”

The health system said in the letter that it will no longer comment outside the medical community on the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat novel coronavirus.’

So, what have we learned? We have learned that medical science is not a pure thing – not in the slightest. We have also learned that the world of research has not come together to conquer COVID, it has split apart.

Those wanting to make money, have distorted and damaged research for their own ends. Those who want to vaccinate the world, forever, have seen a door open to the promised land. Those who wanted lockdown, are inflating the numbers of those killed. Democrats in the US are using COVID as a stick to beat Donald Trump. It is all a bloody horrible mess.

It is said that the first casualty of war is the truth. Never has this been more certain that with COVID. In this case, first we killed the truth, then we killed science, then we beat inconvenient facts to death with a club. It is all extraordinarily depressing.




360 thoughts on “COVID – What have we learned?

    1. chrisatstrad

      So lock down came after covid was listed a a disease of less than significant consequence. makes no sense at all exceptr that vested inerests played a huge part and lets no forget the other algorithm – the ferguson doomsday scenario with bodies in the streets based on mad cow disease infectivity and morbidity

      1. carol

        Tucker Carlson, said the WHO are now saying that even after the world has been vaccinated things can’t go back to normal, because this lockdown is about global warming.

          1. Janet Love

            One of the most intelligent US journalists I’ve heard for a long time…
            Yes, it IS only ALL about social control, thus placing it squarely in the Humanistic/communist camp.

      2. Rob

        What have I learned, (1) That all RNA FLU type viruses need a low ph in which to replicate, HCQ Alklanises the cell which stops or slows viral replication. (2) zinc will stop or slow down the replication of RNA virus`s through inhibition of RNA polymerase but cannot enter the cell without help, HCQ is that help as it is a zinc ionophore which opens a gate to allow zinc to enter the cell.
        (3) The elderly are the worst hit, it is suggested that around 40% of the elderly are zinc deficient therefor zinc supplementation is vital. (4) HCQ is safe, or it was until President Trump suggested it may be useful against covid, it is a WHO essential drug. I have acquired Plaquenil (HCQ), Droxycycline (antibiotic) and zinc sulphate. In the UK HCQ is banned for off label use, you can at present buy the drug online from the EU for malaria but not covid.

        If I contract covid I will use the Zelenco protocol but with doxycycline, I will use this same protocol possibly without droxycycline for common Flu. This anti HCQ revolves around money, trillions of it, if HCQ+zinc kills covid it also kills ALL RNA flu type viruses, no more yearly hit or miss flu vaccines. For an in depth discussion with study links visit Don`t take this drug combo without researching it.

        1. Harry de Boer

          Someone suggested lower melatonine levels in elderly is associated with worse covid outcomes. Of course, because melatonine is lower in elderly people.
          Francesoir in an article that I listed below ( suggests it’s the increased amount of TMPRSS2 protease in elderly and immune compromised (and overweights?) helps cleave the ACE2 and facilitates covid.

          1. Rob

            No zinc, (1) if the virus gets into the cell it does not appear to be able to replicate with increased levels of zinc present within the cell. (2) HCQ highers the ph within the cell this also slows or stops viral replication, HCQ + zinc is the combination used by Dr Zelenko. If the virus cannot be stopped from entering the cell it can be stopped from replicating.

    2. derektmcglynnyahoocom

      Dr Kendrick, thanks for confirming what I thought happened re: Hydroxichloroquine. It was pretty obvious.

  1. Jeremy May

    Being manipulated is an awful feeling. Frankly it’s abuse, nothing less.
    Anyway, hasn’t Mr Putin got the vaccine sorted? Charging round with his syringe, Vlad the Impaler.
    Dear oh dear.

      1. AB

        Well, the line since mid-July would seem to be that lockdown is a process not a single-date event and that process started on 16 March when Matt Hancock ‘advised’ against unnecessary social contact / travel. It seems it’s never too soon to rewrite history.

  2. Simon Collery

    Excellent blog post, as always, thank you. I think you’ve used the word ‘virus’ instead of ‘vaccine’ here:

    “which would make the manufacture of any virus far quicker and easier”

  3. John Stone

    I believe lockdown in the UK did not actually come into force until after the PHE pronouncement on 19 March – I think it was a Thursday while considerations went on over the weekend and officially came into force on 23 March not 16 March. Kamran Abbasi alleged in the BMJ that it was because it enabled the government to lower the legal standard of care, which is an interesting and sinister hypothesis.

    1. John Stone

      So, according to this CNN report the government began consideration of lockdown at least on 18 March, a day before the virus was quietly pronounced to be harmless by PHE. The assessment was apparently independently made by PHE and the three other national bodies (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland together) but obviously it was skulduggery of some sort, and it is something which any inquiry should investigate exhaustively. I fully expect any inquiry to remain largely useless and a cover-up but they may find it hard to ignore this weird point.

  4. Jean Humphreys

    It is indeed depressing.
    The thing that I would like to know is where can I lay my hands on a course of hydroxychloroqine, plus a sot of zinc and the antibiotic? I would like to be prepared – though I think I would have ha the dam thing by now if I was going to!

      1. Harry de Boer

        First I would try to get Ivermectin. The combination Ivermectin, doxycyclin + zinc has been shown to be at least as successful as the HCQ+ cocktail. Quercetin seems a bit less effective.

    1. KJE

      I bought some online – it came from Singapore – just search the web. I won’t mention name in a public place in case they get closed down.But the people United will never be defeated and after the rain you get a Clear Sky.

    2. Rob

      Jean Humphreys, email me at Doxycycline is slightly safer I believe, but equally as effective, get that online from UK for malaria prophylaxis NOT covid, zinc sulphate from amazon, Zinc Sulphate 200mg (45mg elemental Zinc) – 90 Tablets, I take half a tab per day, Praquenil (HCQ) email me. Rob.

  5. Padaruski Says

    Brilliant! Posted and Shared in our FB group and pinned to the Top! The group is called March on Holyrood – Saving Scotland. Best In haste Paddy


  6. Andrew Denney

    Thanks so much Dr Kendrick for getting the truth out. More great factual ( unfortunately) info of the disgrace that covid has turned into because of greed and ignorance. Most are too scared or lazy to work out the truth and big pharma fills its pockets as a result. We need this info on MSM, shame that the BBC & Sky are only interested in continuing this crazy scare story.

    1. Linda Colback

      Good reply. No issue at all, except for my ‘pet gripe’ which I pick over whenever, wherever, I see it. Apologies in advance: there is no ‘truth’, as such, with the exception of a couple of aspects of pure maths [my Prof. long ago told me what they were, I’ve forgotten]: formal logic tries its best! Our lives are constructed, both scientifically and especially socially, where ‘Truth’ is… hmm, which is why we so need people like Dr Kendrick to keep us informed.

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        Post truth – resulting from the belief there is no truth – makes its own.
        Hence such a world as Dr WHO regulates.
        (See article above).
        Truth is not IN the world – but the recognition of a true result, a true answer to a question or a true observation. However when truth is used as a weapon, or to mask in, it is no longer truth – but taking the name or form of virtue our of its true or living context.
        If our lives are constructs – then there are no lives and fitting human assets into systems is simply managing data. Yet of course we have social constructs of our world through which we operate the human realm of (coded) communication and contractual exchange – much of which occurs without any conscious evaluation.

        I have learned
        That covid-19 is not a disease but a system of certification of vaccination status.
        That Biosecurity is the new normal.
        That all our bases have been captured.
        That psyops depend on invested identity.
        That no one can see anything that their world depends on their not seeing.
        That virus is not the cause of disease.
        That fear and control are the flip side of each other.
        That love is the basis from which to remain free of vengeance.
        That viral fear can be falsely flagged to anything and almost everything can be assigned to or attributed to the Russians, the Virus, the global warming, the old white male privilege, or thinking off message.

        Depression is a compression in which to seek a qualitative process of reflective awareness rather than active struggle. From such willingness an inspiration or movement of being rises as a fresh moment of connected heart and mind in expression. It isn’t manufactured or distorted and inspired trust as a true sense of who we are in this situation or relationship. Attempts to possess truth are already grasping the past.

  7. Ben

    Great post Dr Kendrick! It is a mess and it is so obvious that big-pharma is set to make billions off COVID19 despite the fact that the pandemic is all but gone now. Death rates, ICU, and hospital admissions all falling to minimal rates, so the focus is now on case numbers instead to keep the fear going and ensure the payday still arrives.

  8. JohnC

    I am getting a headache from hitting my head against a brick wall trying to instill some common sense into the discussion, but are then accused of being an armchair crank.

    1. Peter Whitehead

      I’ve attached a pillow to the kitchen wall. It hurts a lot less after doing it for months now. A punchbag with a picture of Neil Ferguson is an excellent addition!

  9. FW

    Here is a link to an excellent lecture given by Dr Lee Merritt, amplifying most of the issues mentioned above, and including an in-depth examination of why masks can’t possibly work. In particular the last 15 minutes gives a fascinating take on how populations are being progressively controlled and softened up for worse to come. Singing from the same hymn sheet as Dr K, grim and convincing. Highly recommended.

  10. Jennifer

    So, due to Covid, is BJ actually taking sickness retirement in 6 month’s time, or not.? Or are the rumour mongers telling us the truth or not? Or are we being fed fairy stories to keep us quietly living in hope that there is a god? Or not. I suspect!
    Sarcasm was never my strong point.

  11. JDPatten

    How disheartening this analysis is!
    Can you not cite any positive humanity in all this??
    Is there no one who is striving to forge a way through this miasma of human nature?
    How about this guy:

    Or this one:
    Or this one:

    Or this one:

    These may be minor players, but they’re striving with honesty.
    Otherwise, we’re in a maelstrom of cynicism that can only take us down lower than the actual misguided and faulty science.

  12. chrisatstrad

    lets not forget the Ferguson algorithm assumptions based on mad cow disease everyone-equally infectious and equalised age morbidity risk when Diamond Princess info and Wuhan findings were already available. A bit like seeing the way along a path as the mist clears then instead of visual guidance using an old map to guide you that takes you into the swamp

      1. KJE

        So they did rubbish job with the data then. And don’t try to tell me that the partial lockdown made an difference to spread as data from other countries suggests that countries that locked down actually had a worse death rate than those that didn’t and, in US states that basically did nothing have done better than those that went for masks and lockdown. So whatever data was used, if the data was good, the modelling was poor. Why are you so desperate to prove what time and experience has shown to be nonsense? Imperial made a really had mistake, which made the government make a really bad mistake so we will soon be in a huge recession without having, as far as anyone can tell, saved any lives.

        1. Jerome Savage

          Why is he so “desperate to prove…. ” Good Q. Columbia journalist review might be worth checking. Largesse spillover – maybe not but an irresistible read.

          Quote “As philanthropists increasingly fill in the funding gaps at news organizations—a role that is almost certain to expand in the media downturn following the coronavirus pandemic—an underexamined worry is how this will affect the ways newsrooms report on their benefactors. Nowhere does this concern loom larger than with the Gates Foundation, a leading donor to newsrooms and a frequent subject of favorable news coverage.
          I recently examined nearly twenty thousand charitable grants the Gates Foundation had made through the end of June and found more than $250 million going toward journalism. Recipients included news operations like the BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, and the Center for Investigative Reporting; charitable organizations affiliated with news outlets, like BBC Media Action and the New York Times’ Neediest Cases Fund; media companies such as Participant, whose documentary Waiting for “Superman” supports Gates’s agenda on charter schools; journalistic organizations such as the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the National Press Foundation, and the International Center for Journalists; and a variety of other groups creating news content or working on journalism, such as the Leo Burnett Company, an ad agency that Gates commissioned to create a “news site” to promote the success of aid groups. In some cases, recipients say they distributed part of the funding as subgrants to other journalistic organizations—which makes it difficult to see the full picture of Gates’s funding into the fourth estate”
          Thank God I dont see Dr Kendrick’s name in that.

        2. watchingthestream

          I am trying to get to the facts and painting this as attempting to defend anyone is wrong. I wasn’t going to make any more comments on this blog as everyone seems so angry, but I couldn’t help myself when BSE was mentioned. BSE is nothing like COVID, cows got it from their feed, not from other cattle. Incidentally it is now basically eradicated in the world. The claim that the base model was BSE is just plain wrong. The claim that age data was not used is just plain wrong.

          1. Mr Chris

            You are right everybody on this blog is so angry, anyone who speaks out in a contrarian manner is dumped upon. I find your comments on Ferguson and his model informative, so please continue.

          1. AhNotepad

            wts, the UK lockdown policy was linked to the output of Neil Ferguson, who has been funded at times by a Mr. W. Gates. There was no peer review, and the costs were not discussed with other modellers. It’s not hindsight, it’s negligence in a lack of critical thinking before embarking on a reckless agenda. Prof Robert Endres (of Imperial College, no less) has a thing or two that you should research.

  13. Steve B

    I live on a small island. Where do i hide from the Vaccinators’ Goon Squads ?
    It seems we are so powerless and helpless.The enemy is so powerful because billions of people think BG and the pharmaceutical companies are our saviours.

    1. Harry de Boer

      Maybe you can dig a hidden basement and hide?
      But then next time you go to a store for food you’ll be required to have your nano-tatto scanned to see whether you’re up-to-date with the COMPLETE vaccine schedule, including the untested DNA-altering vaccine from Gates et. al.

      So yeah, it is depressing, only because we didn’t revolt earlier.

    2. anna m

      I never imagined that when totalitarianism came, it would be possible due to half the population being in favor of it.

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        Terrorism operates from a base of support in the community. Otherwise it would be starved out, and left without support.
        The way in which such support is gained and given can be deceptive.
        State terrorism is a puppet or captured state by global financial and corporate interests that regulates and manipulates the community or social narratives in such a way as to starve out a free awareness and support for either open questioning or active challenge to the imposing of a control agenda.

        The outrage and indeed grief, within our current narrative identity also blocks our capacity to recognise what is happening – except in reactive terms.
        Though I can write to what lies beneath, it is unlikely to be recognisable within our current reaction. The need NOT to know operates below the level or surface awareness that we call ‘conscious or waking’ life.
        If NOT knowing is believed to save your life – then whatever masking narrative is set to limit against (fear of) total loss is invested with all the power fear gives it.
        When we are identified in fear-reactive defences we are running on deep patterns of survival strategy (that I associate with separation trauma).

        This post continues on

      2. Sasha

        Isn’t that how totalitarianism usually comes? Half of the population in favor is actually below the historical norm. In Stalin’s Soviet Union or Nazi Germany the numbers were higher.

    3. Steve-R

      Unfortunately a couple of incidents of certifiable people using guns against members of the herd, sorry the public, have been used to run campaigns against the private ownership of guns in the UK.
      So we are now defenceless against an overweening State determined to subject us to groundless ‘protection for our own good’.
      I’m not sure I would want to go the Whole NRA, but as a protection against personal threats it would be nice if the one threatening me doubted for a moment that they could do so without immediate consequences to their own safety.
      Somebody once said that; “ Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” and that is pretty well where most of the UK is right now as a result of this manufactured pandemic.

      1. Jerome Savage

        Sorry Steve – that’s so American. There is no tradition of gun ownership here except for paid up members of duck shooting clubs. Thatz the way we want and thats the way it will stay. That argument does not belong on a Medical blog. Looks like any loony with any spite can get an machine gun in the US. Maybe not but thatz how it looks here and NRA are like the pharma harmacists lobbying the Senate with their big lobbying budgets (aka bribes). No thanks.

        1. Jerome Savage

          Dont go there. Nobody wants more guns here – like NOBODY. It’s a US argument. My 27 year old son with Irish Driver licence & passport was not FREE to get a beer in Tucson but reckons he could hav bought a gun round the corner. And was not FREE to drive at a reasonably high speed in the desert. No guns here – period.

          1. anna m

            That is very confusing. I’m sure foreigners buy alcohol in all countries the world over. Was it the only place he tried? I have certainly never heard this. What is a reasonably high speed? There are different speed limits, but on the open desert would usually be 65 or 70. Most people go 5 over without worry. And frankly, meeting highway patrol out there wouldn’t be all that common. So no guns in Ireland?

        2. Jerome Savage

          Sorry anna. This is not the place for a totally peripheral and unrelated argument. He was actually refused in 3 bars but got one in a pizza restaurant. I said duck shooting clubs and the like. No more. I wont be coming back to this. If I was a sceptic, I would suggest that your motivation for bringing this up might be an effort by the NRA pushing for a new market in Europe – cos the US is saturated.

          1. Don

            Thankfully, Dr. Kendrick allows all manner of topics to be debated here as long as it remains civil. And I have seen him step in when it doesn’t. I think he is more than capable of determining what shall be discussed on his blog.
            There was a logic to Steve’s bringing up of guns and I saw nothing offensive about it. But, of course, I am just a lowly American, steeped in gun culture.

        3. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          The issue of defence is predicated upon what is being attacked. I can see an armed population would be treated differently by an overwhelming disparity of force. I don’t see that the gun defends against a global mindf..k that has captured the minds of institutions, governments and corporations – not without the use of the gun. Dominant technology – including but not only weaponry – underlies the dominant cultural developments that persist as the divide between rich and poor, that is expressing itself now as programmers, tools and lab rats.

          Deceit is the attack on the mind’s integrity. Not unlike the idea of a pathological virus.
          The already deceived protect invested illusions against the truth – and spread them – but only to the susceptible.

          Though I find peace in my heart I am not against the use of force where it it needed.
          But forceful communications can be direct, to the point, and unambiguous in assertion of natural rights.

          The people of the USA have been fed a dream of exceptionalism or self-specialness as a tool for a parasitic transnational corporate intent to work through. Is it going to pivot to the East – having laid to waste – or is it working a more global destruction?

          The virus is not a gun – but it has been used to bring down the global economy and radically restructure society to collectivised control systems, while holding the world hostage.

          1. anna m

            Very good Binra. I do think you have one thing a bit wrong. American exceptionalism is really a very small part of the narrative and is the one used by the neocons, yes, who to some extent roped in the conservatives, but the big mind-frack going on now is not about that at all and has roped in a very different group. Are you in Europe?

          2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            Yes I am in England. There are many aspects to exceptionalism. I was not intending to assign self-specialness specifically or particularly to the people of the USA – so much as the narratives fed to them by social programming – and yes the conditions are very different from when the American Dream seemed possible or believable.
            Dreams turn to nightmare – not just in the USA – but your situation looks more primed for armed civil strife than anywhere else.
            Something I read recently talked of the need to draw out the venom of the hate that is in the human heart – because it is also a poison in those who hold it – as well as those who are targeted. I don’t feel to go too far off topic of ‘what have we learned?’
            I have learned that covid reactive destruction is part of destroying Western Civilisation – such as we can claim the term.

  14. Gwen the Leo

    Thank you Malcolm as always. It’s been so disheartening to see that any Doctor who dares to speak out in social media about the truths that are being manipulated in all of this have been silenced and their social media account closed down. The flak they have taken is terrible. The worldwide Cabal have been honing their finest skills in manipulation and fear mongering. As a fellow Scot I would say that we don’t need to look too far from home.

  15. Malcolm Pryce

    Great post yet again.

    James Corbett of
    Has done some great documentaries on Bill Gates:

    ‘Things won’t go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world.’

    ‘You know, if we have, you know, one in 10,000 side effects, that’s, you know, way more— 700,000—you know, people who will suffer from that. … And that actual decision of, “OK, let’s go and give this vaccine to the entire world,” ah, governments will have to be involved because there will be some risk and indemnification needed before that can be decided on.’

    So only 700,000 people damaged by side effects? Sounds good to me.

    1. Donna Black

      Yes, James Corbett is a superb researcher and has been proved correct about the new world order. Really depressingly I believe he’s also right about what’s coming next. Well, they’ve already identified who is essential and who is non-sustainable.

    2. Jerome Savage

      Bill thinks 2 doses per year and maybe more for the elderly. The following interview with Norah O’Donnell of CBSN will reassure us all that everything will be ok.

    3. Harry de Boer

      That man (?) has given the whole world a virus-laden Windows, and now he wants to give the whole world a virus-laden vaccine.
      No thanks.

  16. Dave

    I don’t think there’s anything particularly sinister about the reclassification of covid-19 as non-HCID. The same page you referenced [1] says: “HCIDs, including viral haemorrhagic fevers (VHFs), are rare in the UK. When cases do occur, they tend to be sporadic and are typically associated with recent travel to an area where the infection is known to be endemic or where an outbreak is occurring. None of the HCIDs listed above are endemic in the UK, and the known animal reservoirs are not found in the UK.” so it seems they would need to adjust the whole scheme to accomodate covid-19. They also say: “Once an HCID has been confirmed by appropriate laboratory testing, cases in England should be transferred rapidly to a designated HCID Treatment Centre. Occasionally, highly probable cases may be moved to an HCID Treatment Centre before laboratory results are available.” which clearly became a practical impossibility for covid-19 very early on.

    I would suppose they reclassified it technically because it no longer met the criterion “typically has a high case-fatality rate” but I think in reality they need to add another criterion to the list to qualify as an HCID: “is not endemic, epidemic or pandemic in the UK”, since such diseases clearly need different treatment to HCIDs that are dealt with in a few specialist units.

    So I think the usual incompetence in drafting is sufficient to explain the observations, rather than requiring any conspiracy or indeed intent of any kind.

    Now by contrast the subject of hydroxychloroquine quite clearly has been influenced by deliberate and malign influences on all sides.

    1. dearieme

      Well said, Dave. There’s quite enough to fret at without indulging in a bogus scare about that reclassification.

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        I appreciate the need to limit fear and fretting – but the blatant incongruity of this government web page – I saw it the day after it went up – was starkly schizophrenic.
        My sense was that the legal advisers always seek to ensure indemnity against future claims.
        The scare story operates the narrative under which to effect regulatory capture. As soon as this is set, the story is rolled back – but without publicity. So there is a recognisable insider ‘science’ and mainstreamed narrative of regulations of absurd laws and guidances that are often NOT legally binding and therefore the government is not liable for closing the schools (as was asserted within Simon Dolan’s case).
        The use of narrative devices and manipulations seeks to hack the democratic ideal. Look around you. People are induced to consent to their own enslavement and destruction by others who seek to gain or profit thereby. If some of those others believe that they save the world by doing so – they will serve as rank and file for ‘soft wars’ by deceit that are no less destructive than battlefields and blanket bombing.
        The corruptions that effect our destruction target key institutions and vectors of influence. I prefer to uncover the underlying fears than project evil conspiracies – but I also see the new economic corporatism as a parasitic infection that operates anti-life agenda in allegiance to a blind ‘god’ of control set as power or priority over all else.

    1. Jennifer

      M.McRae. I was in such a hurry to give you a thumbs-up, I touched thumbs-down, and can’t reverse my error. I would refine your sentence to read ‘corrupt’ politicians. There are some good and honest ones.

      1. Steve-R

        If you mis-thumb just keep clicking on the one you meant to give the thumb to and after a number of clicks it will move your choice to the right place. Learned this out of frustratedly angry clicking.

        1. Jennifer

          John. But they do exist. Problem is the baddies get all the publicity, and the goodies don’t make good stories on the telly or in newspaper headlines. I speak from personal experience of trying to get positive stories out to the public.

  17. Iman

    To play devil’s advocate here. I know you have a gig with VT which is Russian backed, right? So no reason why you do not mention the fact that it is actually Russia that has pushed out a vaccine so fast it cannot have been tested while the others are still currently being properly tested? I know there are trials here in South Africa. BTW, here in South Africa there are recovery numbers given and it looks like officially we see 86%. I do agree with you that the truth has long died here but I think one must not forget that early on it was unclear how bad COVID would be. The problem really started with enforced lockdowns. Once you go that way any government will find it hard to retreat and say oops it was actually not necessary. The economic damage is just too big then. As far as chloroquine is concerned I think in part we can thank D Trump for poisoning that well. He is globally so despised that anything he supports the world will turn against. It wasn’t just the money imo. A fine mess the world finds itself in today.

    1. Rob

      Jean Humphreys, email me at Doxycycline is slightly safer I believe, but equally as effective, get that online from UK for malaria prophylaxis NOT covid, zinc sulphate from amazon, Zinc Sulphate 200mg (45mg elemental Zinc) – 90 Tablets, I take half a tab per day, Praquenil (HCQ) email me. Rob.

    2. Rob

      Iman “He is globally so despised that anything he supports the world will turn against.” You read to many MSM headlines, Without President Trump HCQ would never have seen the light of day. I was following CQ from the early days, the link was clear, Africa used CQ for malaria and had few covid deaths, this led me to Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis, these two groups took HCQ for decades, No reported covid deaths, then came the French study, then President Trump. Go to worldometer and check this out for yourself. Where ever CQ/HCQ has been used on a continuous basis there have been few covid deaths. Uganda is an example, so is Nigeria..

    3. anna m

      So because he is despised they smear him constantly – even when he tried to do someting good – and then you say it is his fault?

  18. David Grimes

    Wonderful post. The destruction of medical science by big money. So many of our medical-scientific leaders must know all about this and are keeping very quiet. The conspiracy was leaked unwittingly in the Guardian on 24-08-2020 but the BBC:
    “The BBC is playing a critical role in countering misinformation during the Covid-19 pandemic, which international health chiefs believe could influence the take-up of any vaccine.”
    There is also mention of a “pandemic of disinformation on social media.”
    So here we have it. Central control of the media. Hydroxychloroquine and Vitamin D are big in social media, and are obviously the main targets as “fake news”, hence their absence from radio, television, newspapers, medical journals. A deafening silence, and the book written by David Anderson and me on Vitamin D Deficiency and Covid-19 has been blocked by Amazon and Boko.
    Disinformation is anything that promotes what might be an alternative to vaccines, such as immunity optimisation by vitamin D.
    Obviously panic stations in government now that the increase of “cases”, inevitable when lockdown was lifted, has not been matched by serious illness, hospital admissions, or deaths. Deaths in particular are stubbornly low in the UK and most of Europe, hospital beds empty, and ventilators unused.
    Who decides what is “fake news”? WHO?
    WHO is of course funded by Bill Gates and BIgPharma, with governments making voluntary contributions. He who pays the piper calls the tunes. MegaBucks to be made out of vaccines.

    1. Phil Woodsford

      I just ordered your book. I sent a complaint to PHE as they sent out an information sheet at my work that had the usual ‘no evidence to suggest that vitamin d has any role reducing symptoms of or preventing COVID’. I was sure this was poor advice to give out in the middle of a pandemic heading into winter. I read over and over again the importance of vitamin d and the immune system. Thank you.

    2. Chris Sedgbeer

      Can you post a link to the Guardian article you mention? I’m a bit concerned about the Gates/Guardian link.

  19. jeanirvin

    It is all very depressing and confusing, too. I have been trying to interpret the UK government guidelines on opening village halls and on amateur music making. I believe they have been deliberately made confusing to keep us all locked in. I cannot believe that intelligent people could produce the messy documents I have been reading unless they intended to confuse.

    1. Jennifer

      Jean, the u-turns being made by this government are seriously making us dizzy. And the level of double-speak in government guidelines is so ambiguous that I question whether the authors ever passed GCSE English. Membership of The Magic Circle, more likely though, as they do a good job of flumixing the public.

    2. Christine Hudson

      I am the secretary of our local wind band in Rossendale. Our rehearsal venue is the local church hall. They have done quite a lot groundwork and put in place excellent measures to allow the community users to return. I have based our band`s return on the interpretation given by Making Music. We have measured out 2 metre spaces for each musician and have enough room for all those who wish to return next week. I have written a risk assessment with relevant mitigations and feel we are fine to start rehearsing again. I have looked for information about playing wind instruments and found a very good study from Vienna University. They found that some instruments like trumpets give out virtually no aerosol emissions. Most give out up to 50 cm around the nose and mouth. The worst offender are flutes at about 75 cm carry. We feel these are well mitigated by the 2 metre distancing. I have about 20 players keen to return – so watch this space!

      1. jeanirvin

        Good luck from me, too. My husband and I are in charge of uniform for the Ashbourne Town Band in Derbyshire and I am vice chairman. At the moment the band are playing outside. The hall they practice in is not open but, if enough players are interested, we will research that. I am also chair of our local village hall committee and we have had enquiries so are getting ready to open.

      2. Nigella P

        Please keep us posted Christine. My son is at a Conservatoire, keen to play his trumpet in various bands and ensembles and is really worried that he’ll never be able to play with another human being again unless they are 2M apart!!!!!!

      3. superquag

        Can anyone find the “science” of the ‘2 metre rule’ ? DownUnder here it’s only 1.5 metres…. Perchance our Pseudo-Scientific Sources are more,,,, social. 😉
        Or was it plucked out of the air, as suggested in the Preface to the whistle-blowing book ‘Undercover Epicentre Nurse’ ?

        1. AhNotepad

          superquag, there is no science for the distance, masks, frequent handwashing, or any other media led displacement behaviour.

        2. Christine Hudson

          I believe the figure was plucked out of the air. In fact back in April Robert Dingwall from Nervtag said there is no science behind it. When playing instruments was first discussed it was going to be 3 metres so things have improved!

  20. merrilie2015

    Thank you Dr. Kendrick once again for an extremely interesting post. Sadly you are right and I find the facts are even more depressing than the virus itself. I fail to understand how a useful safe drug can be banned from use/trials just so the big companies can fleece the world for something that may not be as good as the tried and tested drugs that are already available, and worst senario may not even work at all!
    Please keep on posting and someone sometime might even listen.

  21. abamji

    More good stuff, but somehow I doubt that antimalarials will be terribly effective, even if they are effective, and it certainly isn’t clear when one should start them.

    However… it’s not the virus that’s the problem, but the cytokine storm it provokes. That’s what kills people. The sad fact is that other things cause cytokine storms and have been known about for years, to the extent that tests to see their development exist and treatments that work exist also. There is even a textbook on the syndrome (Cron & Behrens, 2019). By my estimation if we had uncoupled SARS-CoV-2 from CSS when I first suggested it (end of April) we would have stopped 10,000 deaths. Like Malcolm my messages have gone unanswered. There are two UK possibilities – offer to give evidence to the Commons Health & Social Care Select Committee and/or to the new All-Party Parliamentary group on coronavirus. I have done the latter and am working on the former. The wrong experts are advising; send in the clinicians who actually know what to do with sick patients!

    1. Harry de Boer

      If you give hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin and zinc at the onset of symptoms there will be no cytokine storm and you’ll test negative in 5 days.

      1. Rob

        No zinc, (1) if the virus gets into the cell it does not appear to be able to replicate with increased levels of zinc present within the cell. (2) HCQ highers the ph within the cell this also slows or stops viral replication, HCQ + zinc is the combination used by Dr Zelenko. If the virus cannot be stopped from entering the cell it can be stopped from replicating.

    2. anna m


      I disagree about the effectiveness of HCQ, and it is known that you should start it early, but your larger point I agree with. Their is a terrible antihuman agenda here and it does not include giving voice to clinicians who are actually having success! They are not interested in success.

  22. Mike Smith

    So Matt Hancock is asleep at the wheel with no real idea of whats going on. Pritti Patel is equally asleep at the wheel with no clue about immigrants flooding over in their 1000’s and being put up in 4 star hotels (at taxpayers expense) in her own constituency. Bojo the clown has just come back from holiday or was it sick leave and is unaware of whats going on and is considering stepping down, no doubt after he’s fluffed up Brexit and kicked it down the road another 18 months. Who the heck (really rude word changed here) is actually in charge ?
    …Meanwhile my own GP’s surgery will only accept emergency appointments on the day which as you would imagine end up with them all being taken by 8:05 and only providing you aren’t showing ANY covid symptoms. How does a person get to see a GP ? God forbid anyone get cancer or a serious heart problem right now – you’re going to die. At a time when we need our medical profession they are not there unless its for covid – its as if no other condition exists other than covid. Meanwhile hospitals are empty in readiness for the second wave (which aint coming)

    I found myself watching a David Icke video on you tube the other day, he is someone who under normal circumstances I would consider barking mad but I found myself agreeing with him.

    The world has literally gone mad. Is it time to storm parliament ?

    1. JohnC

      I work in an out of hours/urgent care centre and we are seeing patients face to face after being referred by their GP surgery ( not necessarily the GP but the receptionists).

    2. Chancery Stone

      “no clue about immigrants flooding over in their 1000’s and being put up in 4 star hotels (at taxpayers expense) in her own constituency”

      What does that have to do with Covid? Immigrants have ZERO to do with Covid. It wasn’t created by them or spread by them and they are not impacting on it now, so why bring it up at all? It is not only irrelevant, but actively helping to spread all the govt BS designed to deflect the public’s attention from the way they have cocked up everything they have done in the last year. Covid is racist enough, there is no need for you to encourage it.

    3. Jennifer

      Mike, I notice that there are thumbs down on responses that stray into expressing anti government criticisms, such as yours today. But you are telling it as it is for you. How can someone disagree with your experience? Totally illogical, but that’s the way some minds function these days.

      1. AhNotepad

        Jennifer, thumbs are a PITA. It encourages more extreme views if there are too many thumbs up, and it is not helpful. Sometimes I don’t see any thumbs, other times they’re there. IMO it would be better if they were never there.

  23. Phil woodsford

    The same ID medic I challenged about the IC modelling being wrong (he was most excited about the modelling when it was first published) also completely dismissed hydroxychoroquine.

  24. Martin

    If the WHO told the world to shut down the planet the first time they new this virus was out there it would have dissapeared in three weeks. No one moves anywhere; every one stayed where they were. But instead I think that governments were worried about the financial situation it would cause and basically shut them up. Now they have got it far worse because they would not shut down all people movement on the planet!

    1. KJE

      It basically did pretty much disappear in not much over 3 weeks – after killing off the old and expensive. The phenomenon is called Summer. Sadly, that didn’t suit the powers that be so they they’ve been hyping it ever since and making the poor poorer and the rich richer. They’ll need a few slaves left to service them but most of us are dispensable and annoying.

    2. Peter Whitehead

      I doubt it would’ve disappeared.
      In 1969 the Antarctic Survey team had been isolated for 17 weeks when an Influenza type outbreak occured! If 17 weeks doesn’t do it then 3 certainly isn’t.

  25. Robert Dyson

    Roughly what I have been telling friends for months. Good to have you on the same side. The UK government was unprepared and messed up big at the beginning on PPE & care homes after ignoring the pandemic preparedness exercise. Now it just just does things for the sake of doing them in order to cover that up. Trashing PHE and then putting Dido Harding in charge of a new body proves how corrupt this gang is.

  26. Antony Sanderson

    Great blog-piece Malcolm . . . depressing as it is.
    On the vexed question of the politicisation of hydroxychloroquine as an anti-viral medication: This, chloroquine and quinine (apparently lysosomotropic compounds) have over the the years been used as anti-virals. Even Anthony Fauci in 2005 noted . . . “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.” He has since pulled back on this, no doubt realizing that one potential target for hydroxychloroquine, both as a CHEAP prophylactic and a treatment, is FLU.

    However, the cousin Quinine has something of a history in the treatment of flu . . .
    In a piece from Bath University they present newspaper cuttings written at the time of THE ‘SPANISH’ INFLUENZA EPIDEMIC 1918-19 in Lincolnshire.

    Click to access researching-the-spanish-influenza-epidemic-1918-19-slides.pdf

    On slide 3 . . .
    Note the prophylactic use of quinine amongst the dockers.

    The rest of the slides describe approaches to mitigating catching that resonate loudly with present ones . . but all couched in a “grown-up” language – a far cry from the media sensationalist panic that we have been inflected with in recent months.

  27. nottmphysiocolonics

    Hello Dr Kendrick

    Thank you for this.

    I thought you might like to know that I shared your post in my Facebook community and Facebook blocked it saying ‘The post goes against our Community standards on misinformation that can cause physical harm.’

    Kind regards.

    Linda Booth

    Sent from my iPhone


  28. Dave

    Keep up the good work…..would appear the virus is on the wane is severity terms…….gotta keep us all at fear level 10 though…..its all about the vaccine don’t you know….

  29. LA_Bob

    Great if a sad and weighty summary. As to what have we learned, my first thought was, Nothing.

    Your answer was better. ” We have learned that medical science is not a pure thing – not in the slightest.”. But, truly, only some of us learned that. And many of us suspected it already. After cholesterol, AIDS, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and more what else is there to conclude?

    Your point about power and legacy is important. Many say, follow the money. I say, that will lead you to the power issue, because money flows to power. Money is a given when power is gained.

    Wonderful, terrible post. You are preaching to the choir. The choir sings back, but the band plays on.

  30. JDPatten

    Learning. It’s an ongoing process. We ain’t nearly done with squeezing knowledge out of this thing yet.
    What we’re learning about the heart and COVID:
    Cardiac arrhythmias are caused directly by the infection of the myocardium by COVID-19 – – and a variety of other associated factors, such as, uh, COVID treatment.

    1. Jerome Savage

      JD – Good to feature inevitable contradictory reports. My maturing cynicism will query if the numerous negative side effects attributed to HCQ treatment as referred to, can be avoided by ensuring the treatment is delivered at the onset of the condition rather than in its later stages and if the doses given excessive. That was the criticism levelled at the two infamous reports recently published, one of which was withdrawn from the Lancet as we all know and the other was seen to be reckless in the use of excess HCQ dose levels administered in the trials. And then of course, who is funding the study? Though no competing interests are declared. Elsewhere in these pages the Swiss experience is recorded as favouring HCQ treatment, asserting that without it the death rate is 4 times higher. Morocco, Egypt and Turkey have also been associated with HCQ as a successful treatment – apparently.

      1. Harry de Boer

        The RECOVERY study protocol that you undoubtedly are referring to here, involved a HCQ intake that at the intake of the last tablet of HCQ would lead to an accumulated blood level of HCQ that you would obtain with a one-time dose of 8 tablets, which is considered absolutely lethal.

    2. LA_Bob

      Hi, JD.

      At the start of his post, Dr Kendrick did a fine job pointing out what is so / not so / so / not so, etc regarding aspects of COVID-19.

      We can do exactly the same thing with HCQ. For example, see

      (Reader brainunwashed cites the Harvey Risch interview as well).

      The study you cite notes the arrhythmic effects of CQ and HCQ tend to be dose dependent. Makes sense to this layman.

      What I’d really like to see is a study to determine if HCQ, used in the manner Dr Risch discusses, helps reduce the instance of long-term arrhythmias from the direct effects of Sars-Cov-2. And other “long-hauler” effects as well.

      I completely agree with you there is much yet to learn, keeping in mind that “…medical science is not a pure thing – not in the slightest.”

  31. Helen Adderley

    Hopefully you have seen what has happened in Switzerland where they were using hydroxychloriquin with great success prior to the “research reports” and then the WHO’s advising it should not be used. They stopped it’s use and the Swiss saw their death figures rise by FOUR TIMES. Then, when the papers were shown to be fraudulent, then began using the drug once again to treat patients with COVID19 and their death figures returned to the low numbers they had first seen.
    An excellent demonstration of the the beneficial use of hydroxychloroquin. There’s just one problem. How many people died unnecessarily because of these appalling political games? We will probably never know.

  32. languagelearner2017

    Hello Dr. Kendrick, This may be if no interest, in which case, ignore… On December 13th, I sat next to a passenger on a Thameslink train who coughed, dryly and incessantly; I was concerned for my husband, who was sitting opposite and has CLL.He is on ‘watch and wait’; a viral infection could tip him over. In the event, on Tuesday December 17th, I was suddenly seized by what felt like a throat obstruction, and by midnight I was burning up. A few hours later, the cough started, I could no longer smell nor taste, and my lungs felt peculiar. I won’t bore you with the saga of progress (I still have breathing issues)… What was great was that my husband had no symptoms. He is taking ezythromycin, as part of management of his condition. Rationally speaking, I may not have had Covid19, but even though I was very careful to stay away from my husband for seven days, it still seems odd that he did not contract whatever the virus was… Kind regards, Linda Johns

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    1. LA_Bob

      I watched this on Monday from the Trump Twitter link. I don’t often listen to Levin. As smart as he is (and he is indeed smart), his rants grate on my nerves. But, he can do a heck of a thoughtful interview, and he does it here. Way better than the CNN interview of Risch, which was just rude and argumentative. Challenge an interviewee, yes, but at least let them finish their thoughts.

  33. Barry Sharp

    You may be interested in something I read in an interview by Sputnik Germany with Dmitry Orlov.
    Orlov: The Sputnik V vaccine for coronavirus was developed in the Soviet Union in the 80s, and has now been repurposed, basically given a different payload, to develop immunity against the coronavirus.  
    There are many similar examples of technology being put to good use to save human lives, and a lot of that was done as public policy as opposed to commercial, privatized medicine, which is what, for example, the Americans are trying to do, rather unsuccessfully.
    Q: So the next question, and I would ask one more thing regarding the Sputnik V vaccine. You said it was already developed in the Soviet Union. It is now reshaped, or a new version, but the formula is older, from Soviet times?  
    A: Yes, the technique. It uses the adenovirus, a modified version of it that lacks the ability to replicate within the human body. The vaccine uses the adenovirus as the delivery vehicle. That’s most of what this technology is, and it’s proven, effective, etc.. And the payload is a little bit of the coronavirus genome that’s been chopped out specifically. It’s the bit that generates the spike protein that allows the virus to penetrate human cells. And so the adenovirus is introduced into the body, penetrates cells and releases its payload. The cells then produce the protein—at this point it doesn’t have very much to do with the coronavirus itself except for this one spike protein. That protein then reacts with the immune system and antibodies are generated, which is the end result of the whole process. And since the adenovirus lacks the ability to replicate, it just gets flushed out of the system. So the only new ingredient is the spike protein. It’s not toxic on its own; it doesn’t do anything on its own, really, except trigger an immune response, because the body doesn’t recognize it, which is what it has to do. So that’s the reason that the Russians were able to do this so quickly, and so successfully. Because it’s basically reuse of an existing technique with a slight modification.  

  34. John Duffy

    Dr. Kendrick you are a beacon of light in a dark time. I share your sense of depression, for me it borders on despair. Government incompetence in every phase of this pandemic; the deliberate and morally abhorrent treatment of the elderly in Care homes; the millions wasted on unusable PPE sourced through cronyism – based contracts with no one made accountable; the farce of testing-should we? shouldn’t we ? ; the unreliability of a test whose inventor emphasised that it should NOT be used to test for infectious diseases but just as a marker of viruses – any or many different viruses’ RNA; the potential health disaster of thousands of missed operations and diagnostic tests which are placing lives in danger every second; an inept Prime Minister leading a bunch of incompetent fools and absolutely no one who can see the big picture or assume judicious control over an admittedly unprecedented catastrophe. When the true history of this period is written it will be unpublishable as far too many truths will be buried along with the forty five thousand plus poor souls who succumbed to the virus – or did they? Maybe bureaucratic chicanery should be the new designation for mortality but doesn’t have the convenient ring of Cov 19. Thanks for your sterling work Dr. Kendrick. With people like yourself still calling out the lies and skullduggery maybe there is a little raft of hope for us all to cling to in this tempest tossed time.

    1. Harry de Boer

      It’s difficult to decide what’s worse. Being naive and getting depressed by the fear for covid, or knowing what’s going on and getting depressed by the propaganda and misinformation targeted successfully at the worldwide population.

      1. KJE

        Well, at least I know that I might as well spend what money I’ve got left as I’ll be killed off within 5 years. No point saving for a rainy day. Perhaps, I’ll try to build up serious debt as there’s nothing anyone can do it get it back if I’m dead.

  35. Adam

    Well, good or bad…depending on your point of view your not on the Kevin Bass Quack list the last time I looked! Yiu must try harder 😉

  36. One Spanish reader

    If money is everything they want, then all the vaccines could be just saline (half-normal for those who fear “full potency” NaCl). Hoy many Placebo/Nocebo cases would occur? Only a Magician would know.
    There is, I reckon, more than just money. This is democide. Many people see it, few dare to call it. Maybe if I put the blinders on, they tiger will just disappear. Yes, that must be what many told themselves in the thirties, and in the forties, and in the fifties, etcetera.
    Very depressing. On bright side, we still have whiskey, gin, whisky, wine and plenty of time to run to the hills. Exactly one week. Just read an introductory book on basic survival, and something about Fabius Cunctator’s techniques and strategies, and you are set for the rest of your life.
    I have learned lots from Ivor Cummins. What a great comunicator!
    I also have learned that many people I thought stood for Human Rights are now lower than roaches and rats. Cowardice is the worst strategy in the short, middle and long term. They may soon find out that whatever they were protecting –their fame, their money, their position– was not worth it. Poor devils. But I think they shall overcome this great disaster and live many decades drenched in shame they have earned.
    Anyway, Doctor Kendrick, it has been a pleasure to read you all these years. Blessings and good luck!

    1. KJE

      I suspect that when we see Bojo or Gates rolling up their sleeves with a smile to demonstrate safety, it will be saline. For the rest of us, it’ll be a lot nastier. How else to get a massive population reduction in 5 years?

  37. Jillm

    Thank you Dr Kendrick. The Covid story reminds me of the “weapons of mass destruction” story. Officially, Queensland has recorded 6 deaths. Our borders are closed. We don’t know anyone who is sick. However, we lost our friend because he couldn’t tolerate the restrictions.

    1. Trish C

      The situation is Australia is just crazy, and from across The Ditch I feel for you. It’s pretty nuts here in NZ too. Closed borders, families unable to be together in times of grief, constantly on edge about what restrictions our governments are going to impose on us at any moment without any possibility of recourse. How could this have happened 😦

      1. Harry de Boer

        Look back at all the small steps with which the governments took away just a little bit of our freedoms at a time and we never revolted. That’s how it has been able to happen, because we didn’t act, and we won’t act still.
        We will just sit down, obey, and in a few years try our best to increase our social score in order to be able to fly and visit our family members. Just like the Chinese now.
        It’s game over, no more play time.

  38. Lynn Wright

    We must expose Germ Theory for the lie it is. Bechamp was right, it is Terrain. The entire field of virology needs to be re-examined. The techniques used to “isolate” and “prove” the existence of viruses has nothing at all to do with the natural world. Just read some of the papers, bodily fluids taken from an infected person, cultured on different types of non-human cell mediums, stained, fixatives used then the resulting goo injected into test animals at huge doses. Even then some don’t show signs of disease but most do after the invasion of foreign proteins and lab chemical toxins. The virus hunters throw up their hands with glee, “See! It’s a virus!” Using infectious disease is a fantastic and effective way to control, dominate and manipulate the population. Unless and until we stop the perpetuation of Germ Theory we are doomed for whatever the next unseen bogeyman is that comes down the pike. Used for whatever purposes the govt. or industry or the big money / globalist guys have in mind. That’s why none of this makes sense, there is no new virus. The RT-PCR as a diagnostic tool is a known joke. I have come to consider that what we are seeing is our increasingly toxic world, perhaps further disruption of earth’s electromagnetic fields (read The Invisible Rainbow) and our sicker than ever population, low Vit D, obese, diabetic, reacting to these various insults. Our bodies trying to detoxify, rid ourselves of damaged cells and poisons. The clean-up crew is working.

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        David Icke does not inspire me but nor will I join in your comment – which is completely ok if owned as your personal view or even what a mainstream media will weaponise to leverage such an already set narrative in some of the public mind – so as to say – ‘nothing to see here folks’.
        I wrote a little on this today (I was there yesterday) on
        #2 and #3.

  39. Charles Green

    You need to investigate and if true alert the country of the scandal that I am increasingly hearing that patients in care homes with what is increasingly standard DNR instructions were left to die in utter agony from Covid with no proper palitif care or end of life medicine (aka legal euthanasia when the body is packing in.) People seem largely unaware of the end of life process which is available and entitles their nearest and dearest to a far less painful death and whilst morbid the last week’s extortionate home fees to be paid by the NHS. GP’s in my areas are refusing to see the suffering elderly in care homes other than via Skype or zoom leaving overworked nurses and care staff to carry out care usually carried out by Drs.
    What is going on we are all going to end up there during.

    Sorry off-topic and you may have covered but just hearing, when are the lawsuits going to start on the homes who took the grim reaper’s pounds and watched their dear residents who were paying over £1k a week die through their greed

    1. AhNotepad

      Charles, such alerts have been on this blog for months, but people prefer to watch the BBC News and believe the government.

      Distrust the government.
      Avoid the mass media.
      Fight the lies.

    2. David Bailey


      I have to say that I suspect the truth is that many people in care homes are in such poor condition that any passing virus (even one with no name) can kill them (I am not a medical doctor).

      I tend to think that a DNR notice saves people very close to death from one or more resuscitations that are almost certainly pretty painful, after which the inevitable happens.

      We will all be at the end of life sooner or later, I for one would not want to linger there for long.

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        If you are not careful you will allow your CURRENT thinking to colour the freedoms and choices or rights of others.
        I am in favour of the freedom to MY right to issue a Do Not Resuscitate notice on MY medical record – of my own volition. I am not in favour of a euthanasia program to kill off people who are effectively de-personed by being old and dependent – running no doubt under slogans of concern.
        This is a very fraught arena – because keeping people alive who are looking for their ‘way out’ can be a selfish and blind imposition by the ‘sympathetic’ who mistake their own projections for compassion or the staff who can be litigated and even imprisoned for relational discretion within the shared experience of both clinical experience and compassionate commitment – if they deviate from legally defined standard of care – which can and very often operate a blind and uncaring mechanism running counter to a human caring relationship – which has ‘life; as its root and context, rather than state mandated regulatory instruments of control.
        Life is more than serving corporate utility. For some, there is a process of release of ‘control’ to an inner acceptance while alive. Fear of death can be also seen as fear of loss of face, story, and control. This runs socially as an avoidance of such a process of true acceptance while alive – as if engaging in self-evasive fear of loss of face set in ‘control’ is what life is, and only perhaps recognising a deeper quality of love as our being, within the process of release.
        Replacement of love of life with systems of control, ‘faced’ over with slogans of ‘concern’, and militated by the protections due unto Life! – is a Mass Bubble of unreality set in denial of fears, guilt and hates, and thus ruled by them.
        Without a fundamental basis for communication that inspires trust, there is no basis or capacity to align in life, health, or functional integrative society. People dream of being ‘the one in control’ and may get a hit out of seeming to have their moment but it is no substitute for life.
        That everything is going ‘out of control’ is in my view directly as a result of ‘over-control’. One taking over a presumption to control any kind of problem, the seeming power cannot then release it. It ratchets up – rarely down – to generates crisis – or ‘end-times’ on one level of another.

  40. Padaruski Says

    Wow. A powerful commentary from a brilliant honest Doctor whose best selling books are truly worth buying. We need more senior medical staff of the calibre of Dr Kendrick! The truth of science and medical care are still paramount to our best outspoken Cardiologist in the UK. We need more senior NHS Doctors to speak out like this. Brilliant, witty, investigative, powerful sad and authoritative. Why are government ministers not listening to our best staff?

  41. Robin Micheli

    Whatever your thoughts about hydroxychloroqine (i’m quite open to your arguments, Dr. Kendrick), or the bumbling incompetence and outright corruption of the medical and political establishments (agreed), Trump’s handling of this virus has been abominable. He’s a mass murderer, and Democrats have every right to use it as a stick to beat him with.

    1. KJE

      No more of a mass murderer than NHS policy towards the elderly and less so than most US presidents as he hasn’t declared war on anyone (which might make him the best president in a long time *shudder*)

    2. AhNotepad

      Robin, Trump has his faults, but things would have been a lot worse if these things who claim they are democrats were in charge. How do I know this? I don’t, but your statement that he is a mass murderer is no more valid. Life would be a lot safer without the virologist/infectios disease specialist F****

    3. anna m

      Like most people who post such comments, I doubt you will respond or be back. Just hit and run. I am tired of that trope and I expect you to tell us just why he bungled it and how. What should he haven done?

    4. shirley3349

      The problem is, that nasty, possibly downright evil, people sometimes get things just right and that good, kind, well-intentioned people sometimes get things terribly wrong. Hence the importance of not judging an argument primarily from the person who makes it, though where the pros and cons are finely balanced, this is bound to be an influence.

    5. David Bailey

      Frankly, I can’t see what he did wrong when you bear in mind that shutting down an economy also kills a lot of people in a variety of ways. He had an impossible balancing act to perform. It is very, very hard to believe that Biden would do better, but hopefully he won’t get the chance.

    1. AhNotepad

      Bart, I don’t dispute what you say about the virus not existing, but I have a problem with generating a model in my head that I can understand. This probably is a result of being brought up with the germ theory, however false it may be.

          1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            I have read that since WW2, open challenge to ‘germ theory’ within the medical profession is effectively penalised or walled out. Power is revealed by what we are not allowed to openly speak of or question.
            Settled Science (sic) or institutional consensus is a very dangerous basis from which to operate – because it effectively generates dogma of belief set outside the realm or right to question – regardless the evidence or empirical anomalies – that have to be ignored, smeared or ridiculed – or covered and fudged over by ridiculous or absurd theories given funding and protection BECAUSE they are protecting the funding of a model that serves private agenda over the common good.
            Dr Cowan has very steady and clear intent to address certain underlying issues without getting into emotionally reactive conjecture. He also operates outside mainstream allopathic ‘standard of care’ and so has more freedom to offer critical perspectives – as does Dr Andrew Kaufman – who also offers very calm and clear critical perspective upon many fundamental beliefs that are deeply embedded in our current systems, institutions and corporate investments.
            The ability to question ‘reality’ or the desire to truly understand, is part of who and what we are.
            The polarising of defensive controls and the exploration of the More of who and what we are is part of our self-consciousness. We have to integrate what we uncover to our sense of self and world as part of reintegration to a new perspective. Growing pains!

        1. AhNotepad

          BB, a link to a very long video about failing postulates. Where does it talk about a model of how viruses work in a way not involving the germ theory?

        2. Jerome Savage

          The first 45 minutes of this is remarkable. After that much is conjecture. His research is comprehensive, his delivery strong and his message is logical. Has he fallen out of favour with the medical authorities ? Maybe the medical Galileo of our times.

      1. Bart Merwede

        dear ahnotepad,

        I understand. The idea sounds absurd, but if you read the research and see hoe it is done you can not conclude otherwise. It is difficult to accept because most of the world believes otherwise and so much is being published on this belief. But we do need to discuss wether or not it actually exists because if not, then every thing that is being done is nonsense.

        That is why I am repeating it here at nauseum. Hoping that there will be more discussions about it.

        I might even succeed in getting dr. Malcolm to research the issue and write about it in one of his next blogs.

        1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          Malcolm has already stated on this blog that he believes it probably exists – but exactly what ‘it’ is might be more fruitful than whether there is a novel ‘it’.

          The world at large has in any case invested in the novel virus as blitzed – by reaction to it as real. There is a case that if no media attention had been give in such a novel way via the Wuhan back stories, and Italian breakdown of service – along with as I say the extreme reactions of how to ‘treat’ other human beings, nothing really would have shown up – except perhaps in medical journals of strange new immune dysfunctional symptoms in an extremely small group of mostly end of life patients.

          But ‘it’ is given one name – shock-headlined globally as nothing ever before in the history of our kind. But is also given an extremely vague ‘clinical’ set of conditions that includes NO disease through to dying under a bus (that was not entirely in jest) – but clinically in general, sharing the same symptoms as colds and flu – which are not specifically virally tested for the flu stats that are themselves inflated from a range of post respiratory disease complications. And being called ‘novel’ serves both the narrative for making up any possible story of deadly contagion against a defenceless population, and the ability to mutate or shift the goalposts at will.

          It has been defined genetically by means that are extremely specialised and arcane. Fragments of otherwise unidentified biological matter taken from a very few at Wuhan, were ‘identified’ and reconstituted using computer modelling – to determine what the full virus must be.
          RT-PCR tests are then used to seek for any trace of supposedly unique fragments to this ‘signature’ – but which may be anything – and which may be in such trace quantity as to not indicate a viral load of any disease condition – including infection – and which as I understand are only required to match by 80% or so with the ‘original’ definition.

          I also understand there are patents that limit and control access and use of the ‘virus’ and that the researching of coronavirus under ‘gain of function’ – which is a cover term for biological agents as weapons, ostensibly developed so as to have defences against their use by enemies.
          That field of research also links to the injection of coronavirus or other fragments of foreign proteins that can generate cross reactive immune dysfunction. It is also understood that where flu vaccinations suppress a particular strain of influenza – more respiratory infections occur with other vectors of association – including coronavirus strains – which until Sars-1 were considered under ‘colds’.

          The Medical system is presumed to operate as self-correcting science on behalf of the human good. This belief is nonetheless deeply cherished by those who have invested their faith in it, and masked in by those who profit by compliance. The global directives of a centrally operating dictate are linked to global incentives and disincentives within a network of fronted expressions of private self interest set over – and at expense of the whole.

          Regardless any pretence to ‘the science’ – the situation is one of regulatory capture along with the mindshare of a fearfully ungrounded or dissociated population – who are effectively in a state of shock in various patterns of strategic coping that mask over rather than be overwhelmed.

          The novel virus told us through novel means that it was coming again – and everything is being stretched out in delay until the conditions for a ‘second wave’ allow it to be rolled out.

          Nothing I wrote in this sketch really addressed or acknowledged our resilience and immunity to toxic exposures and stresses – given the fundamental conditions that support and sustain life that are within and part of our being alive. There are deep lessons that may be learned from such fundamental errors, but the intent of the error is the usurping and replacement of biology by technological interventions at cellular level. But this is not other than an expression of ‘thinking’ given priority over a Life itself – rather than serving the expression and embodiment of life as shared being. Biology seen through the mind of war against life is pathological because the mind or ‘thinking’ through which we ‘see’ is pathological. But when we are reacting from such ‘thinking’ we cannot see it or question it – because it operates our self and world – with all the emotional intensity of our investment.

          Hence – no matter what you currently think you believe, pausing from reaction allows the possibility for noticing what our reactive mind actually does believe. NOW we are in a position to bring curiosity or enquiry as to whether it is in fact true, or worthy of acting from as true.
          After the fact of reaction, we have already consented to a choice we were unaware of making – and thus unable to recognise our own results as a basis from which to make better choices.

          1. Bart Merwede

            dear binra,

            I don’t think we should publish scientific papers that believe something exists and then publish 10,000x more papers based on tests that also believe that this tests something that we believe exists, creating an avalanche of research build upon a belief system.

            We should first prove something exists, then prove it causes disease, then prove how it is transferred then prove that a test is valid for infection or immunity.

            nothing is proven at the moment, we have thousands of research papers in “acknowledged” journals that are based on nothing, a belief system.

            But these researchers, and journal editors, they know it, and they do not stop perpetuating this lie.

            And the whole world has turned insane.

            there is no virus

          2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            Of course you have your own acceptance – but so do others.
            So you, or even you and I could have ideas about what should happen, or shouldn’t happen but will they be accepted and aligned in as true?
            There are many questioning the narratives that have led us to an insanity – and there are many who are so invested in them that they cant or wont.
            What you are addressing has been going on all the time throughout my life but for the most part I was unaware even if intuitively distrustful.
            What is new is the global mobilisation of a ‘medical’ mandate in concert with a whole raft of social and economic change.

            Regardless the claim to have discovered a new virus – there was no claim to it being proved the cause of any disease. As with making a movie, some props are provided, along with a narrative associations. The story runs in your mind.
            “Something is happening – but you don’t know what it is”

            You could as well say any number of things we take as fact are unproven.
            But yes, there is insanity running, normalised. If you can see it, there must be at least a spark of sanity in you, and though perhaps challenging – would you rather go back to ignorance?

            I have never ‘woken’ anyone to anything they were not already in the willingness of uncovering.
            There are lots of things under one narrative here. respiratory sickness – whatever that Really is or does, happens and can lead to or be part of further complications for a number of reasons.

            There is genetic information that is of a cellular symbiosis (life) operating in ways we do not understand not least because we are insane and perceive insanely rather than uncover a total loss of face.

      2. David Bailey

        Yes, I would really appreciate it if you could spell out how to replace the ‘germ theory’. I do know that there is a claim that the polio virus is benign but an outbreak coincided with the heavy use of poisons such as DDT – which I don’t rule out, because we did have a corn field behind the house, but I can’t see how such a model can be carried over to other infections that are presumed to be caused by a virus.

        I can also understand the possibility that the CV19 virus does not exist – since it has never been properly isolated.

  42. Robin Whittle

    It seems that HCQ has been sidelined unreasonably and is effective, at least in the early stages of COVID-19. However, it is no solution to the problem of humanity living safely with this virus which frequently causes serious harm and death. We can’t all be taking HCQ continually.

    Nor is the current “wisdom” a solution: deadly, unsustainable, totalitatarian lockdowns until herd immunity develops from direct infection or from vaccines. Such immunity is likely to be short lived. The suffering, harm and death of getting to 70% so infection rates is intolerable. People dream of the cavalry riding over the hill to save the day: boffins with billions of vaccine doses and a bevy of hypodermic-equipped nurses in tow. However, even if it is possible – which is not yet assured – this would take years and need to be repeated frequently.

    Attempts to eradicate the virus with travel bans and tracing are untenable. Even if they succeeded they would leave entire countries full of people vulnerable to infection if a single person or contaminated item gets through quarantine and starts up more infections.

    SARS-CoV-2 only causes serious symptoms in people whose immune systems are weak and/or dysregulated. Low vitamin D levels are the most important, easily correctable, cause of this weakness and dysregulation – overly-agressive, self-destructive, hyper-inflammatory responses leading to “cytokine storm” destruction of epithelial cells and consequent hypercoagulative state of the blood, which causes most of the harm and death in COVID-19 patients.

    There are several other reasons for such weakness and dysregulation, including especially obesity (itself partly caused by and causing low vitamin D levels). Inadequate omega 3 fatty acids, boron, vitamin C, zinc and probably iron also contribute to this. An important, and difficult to resolve, cause of immune system dysregulation is that our immune systems evolved to cope with our ancestors’ helminths (intestinal worms) which secrete compounds which downmodulate several immune responses. Now, without helminths, some aspects of our immune system (with considerable genetic variation between individuals) is overly aggressive, pro-inflammatory and so drives numerous diseases, including Crohn’s disease, sepsis, osteoarthritis, neurodegeneration (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.) and asthma.

    The drop in UK daily new cases coincides with the summer rise in vitamin D – with a month or two delay from the 21 December UVB peak due to 25OHD (25 hydroxy-vitamin D) storage in the blood.

    Mother Nature’s crossover study is now entering a deadly new phase for the UK and other countries far north of the equator as vitamin D levels drop towards their winter nadir and daily new cases rise, inexorably, despite lockdowns and a generally small proportion of previously infected people having some immunity.

    To the best of our knowledge, our ancestors’ 25OHD levels were in the 40 to 60ng/ml range (100 to 150nmol/L). 46ng/ml is the average of (115nmol/L) of Maasai pastoralists and Hadzabe hunter-gatherers: .

    25OHD is an essential input for the autocrine (inside the cell) signalling systems of many cell types, especially those of the immune system. 40 to 60ng/ml is recommended in recent research: Immunologic Effects of Vitamin D on Human Health and Disease Nipith Charoenngam, Michael F. Holick .

    Average 25OHD levels for whites in the UK are about 16ng/ml coming out of winter and 24ng/ml in August. For BAME people they are much lower, 11/ng/ml January and 14ng/ml in August. UK government policy is that 10ng/ml (25nmol/L) is replete.

    There’s little D3 in food or multivitamins. High elevation sun exposure is not available to many people, and causes skin damage and cancer risk. Average weight people need 0.125mg (5,000IU) supplemental vitamin D3 a day to attain, on average, 50ng/ml. Obese people need two or three times this. Yet the UK government recommends 0.01mg (400IU) D3 a day for adults, and states that any intake above 0.1mg (4,000IU) a day is dangerous. This advice is way out of step with research in recent decades – and it is harming and killing UK people in numerous ways, since low vitamin D drives a host of chronic and acute illnesses.

    If all adults took 0.125 to 0.3mg (for the obese) D3 a day (it can be taken weekly or fortnightly), with equivalent amounts according to bodyweight, for babies, children and adolescents, then general health would be vastly improved. (Kawasaki disease only happens to children with very low vitamin D: .) Very few people who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 would have severe symptoms. Good, healthy, 40 to 60ng/ml levels will probably somewhat reduce the chance of being infected for any given viral insult.

    However, the most dramatic impact of most people being vitamin D replete would be that if they are infected, they will have very mild or no symptoms and the number of viruses they shed will be dramatically reduced.

    The summer lull in COVID-19 new cases and the rise in recent weeks and months can only be explained by a generally very much lower level of shedding by those who are infected, which dramatically reduces the number of people they infect.

    0.125mg is a gram every 22 years. Pharma grade D3 costs USD$2,500 a kilogram. So, for 0.125mg (5,000IU) a day, the ex-factory cost is 12 US cents a year = UKP0.09. It just needs to be packaged in 26 or 52 fortnightly or weekly capsules. There is no risk in this. There would be profound health benefits even if COVID-19 was not a consideration. Doctors have generally vastly overly-cautious ideas about toxicity, which may only be a problem with 25OHD levels above 150ng/ml (375nmol/L) which are only attainable over months with extremely high intakes, far beyond what is needed to get to 40 to 60ng/ml. With these levels, there would be almost no trouble with flu transmission or serious symptoms, and it wouldn’t matter if SARS-CoV2 mutates to evade the immunity elicited by a vaccine.

    1. David Bailey


      I wonder if you are doing justice to the herd immunity concept. As I understand it, viruses evolve in the direction of less severe symptoms – because that sway they spread more efficiently. Assuming these weaker strains still leave a victim with immunity, it is possible to get a population immune as a result of catching a weaker strain – rather like many vaccines work!

      1. Steve-R

        In our crowded society that no longer applies.
        All a virus has to do is to reproduce and move on to the next host before that host dies.
        If people were sparse and didn’t come into contact on a daily basis then a virus would die out quickly if it killed within a day.
        Since people are everywhere and come into contact very frequently a virus that kills within a day would still spread widely and be at no risk of dying out.
        There is therefore no reason to expect that this virus would weaken in its pathogenicity, rather than strengthen. There is plenty of headroom in pathogenicity increase before there is any evolutionary pressure on the virus to change to a weaker strain.

        It may be argued that this virus is already of very low pathogenicity as wherever we look we seem to find evidence of infection without obvious disease, so no evolutionary pressure to become even weaker.

        In fact, it may be that asymptomatic positive testers are actually an ideal host that does not die but harbours a low level of viral infection, kept at a low level by a strong immune system, and becomes infectious when for various reasons the immune system doesn’t keep up… e.g. when D3 levels dip deep into winter or when you have a seasonal flu jab that causes ‘interference‘, just as happens with circulating seasonal flu.

        1. David Bailey

          Is it that you are reporting actual data indicating viruses do not evolve as they supposedly did in the past, or is this just a theory.

          I mean, I would have thought that even if the symptoms only keep you at home, that would reduce the virus’ ability to spread to others.

      2. Robin Whittle

        Hi David,

        As far as I know the variants of SARS-CoV-2 do not differ significantly in the strength of their symptoms. If you find otherwise, please let me know. It would be tricky to evolve to shed the same number of viruses or more while having fewer ill-effects on the person, at least which reduce the person’r proclivity to mix with others. Of course evolving to make the person sneeze or cough more would help the virus spread, if it didn’t make people stay at home more.

        If the drop in daily infections over summer was only due to herd immunity, plus a constant and continuing level of lockdown, then why are the rates going up now, in multiple countries, including Canada, as vitamin D levels drop?

        The graph I linked to can be configured to show whatever countries you like. I wrote a fuller account of the above message, with some graphics, at the 5th comment to this article:

        1. David Bailey

          I think the increased rates of infection are artificial – simply the result of more testing with the added possibility of false positives.
          I have seen suggestions of COVID strains of varying strength of symptoms – but as Malcolm is saying – there is such a blizzard of conflicting reports, that might not mean anything.

          1. Robin Whittle

            Hi David, I don’t want to repeat here what I wrote in that Quillette comment, but please read what I wrote there about the bathtub curves of Canada, UK, France, Germany and Netherlands and see these curves for yourself:


            and a separate one for Austria, Ireland and Switzerlan, which have higher peaks, which would make the others look smaller if it was plotted with them:


            Belgium’s curve is similar but has dropped a lot in the last month – I don’t know why. Please also see what I wrote about other countries having different curves for a variety of reasons.

            The Irish rate of 22 new cases per day per million people is 6 to 10 times higher than what it was 1 to 2 months ago. I agree that higher testing rates and people getting sick of lockdowns – and I guess some loosening of lockdowns – are also factors. However, according to my understanding of the hypothesis that herd immunity was achieved months ago, we shouldn’t see any such upswings.

            I suggest summer vitamin D levels explain a significant part of the multiple summer-correlated bathtub curve phenomena we see here. To the extent that my hypothesis is true, this is the early days of the upswing and we will see it much more clearly in the coming months.

            If that happens, then it could be an “I told you so.” moment – but this is people getting ill with some of them being harmed and killed. To the extent that my hypothesis is true, then none of this needs to happen at all, since it is much easier, cheaper, safer for everyone to supplement with D3 than to suffer like this, have lockdowns, vaccines etc. The extra D3 would have profound health benefits anyway, even if COVID-19 wasn’t a concern:

    2. Robin Whittle

      2020-08-28: Important qualification to the above. It is possible that the upswing in daily “new cases” is partly or wholly caused by increased used of antibody tests in the last month or two. The original PCR tests detected viral RNA and so indicated current or recent (weeks) infection. Assuming no false positives, antibody tests are positive for people who were previously infected. A positive antibody test for a person who was not previously PCR tested, or who was and tested negative, may be counted as a “new case” even though their infection may have been months ago.

      For this pattern to significantly add to the “new cases” count, significant numbers of such people – who are presumably no longer symptomatic, and who may never have had more than mild symptoms – would need to be presenting for an antibody test. To the extent that antibody tests are widely deployed for such people and the results counted in this way, the rise in “daily new cases” does not generally represent people who were infected in the last week or so.

      This explanation is advanced by biochemical engineer Ivor Cummings, better known as the Fat Emperor in this 2020-08-12 video: Crucial Viewing – to truly understand our current Viral Issue #Casedemic . He points to graphs of rising new cases with no matching rise in deaths. Thanks Marjorie Daw, above, who linked to this video.

      I am unsure to what extent this explains the upswing. If summer vitamin D levels did suppress transmission significantly, such as by reducing viral shedding, then the coming months will show this, because genuinely new cases will rise inexorably as average vitamin D levels drop, unless there is a return to extreme lockdowns. While some extra vitamin D supplementation is presumably occurring now, it is not enough to protect entire populations from winter declines in vitamin D levels.

    3. Simon C

      I’ve been hammering the powers that be about vitamin d for months but nobody cares. You’re considered a quack for raising such matters. They’d rather buy 360 million doses of a non existent vaccine.

      Patrick Vallance ordered a review of vitamin d, the outcome of which recommended vitamin d supplementation. This review was published in July with very little fanfare and nothing has been actioned to this day.

      1. Robin Whittle

        Patrick Valance is one of the many people I have written to. It is rare to get a reply because these people are very busy and most probably don’t take to the idea they might find something valuable in links to and discussion of research articles curated by an electronic technician.

        Can you provide a link to that report? There was the dull and avoidant NICE report at about the same time, critiqued by Dr David Grimes: .

        The trouble is that in the UK, the government recommends really low repletion levels, such as 10ng/ml (25nmol/L) when the best research shows we need at least 40ng/ml for immune system autocrine signalling to work – see my website. They also recommend pathetically low supplement quantities, such as 0.01mg (400IU) which is less than a tenth of what average weight people need to attain, on average (there is a lot of individual varaition) 40 to 60ng/ml.

  43. janecnorman

    People in France are much better informed about the merits of hydroxychloroquine because here we have Professor Didier Raoult, head of the biggest infectious diseases clinic in France, former member of the scientific council round Macron (till he marched out slamming the door because all the other members were far too cosy with pharmaceutical companies – it was all about consensus not science). He is never invited onto the radio but has his own youtube channel and has become a covid star. Some of his videos have over a million views, including his three-hour long hearing in front of rather a hostile parliamentary committee. I would post some of them with subtitles if I knew how to do it. He explains exactly how HCQ works in the case of covid and exactly how the disease progresses. He believes in the efficacy of the PCR test. In Marseilles that was what they did – they tested, isolated and treated with HCQ plus antibiotic. As a result, they have had more or less the same number of overall deaths as usual – slightly more than in 2018, slightly fewer than in 2017, if I remember rightly. The Paris region on the other hand has had 40 per cent more deaths than last year. According to Raoult, that can’t be because there were more cases and is all down to the treatment patients received in hospital. Yet the scientific council prohibited GPs from prescribing HCQ, even though it had been freely available previously, because there hadn’t been tests to prove its efficacy compared to other treatments! He demolishes the infamous study in the Lancet which declared HCQ killed 30 per cent of patients. He also thinks lockdown is a medieval way of dealing with an epidemic in the age of modern medicine.

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      I think that HCQ has benefits in the early stages. I think Raoult is a good man, and a brave man. Our leaders are stuck fighting the previous war, with the previous weapons, relying on experts who are thirty years out of date. They cling on with fierce determination to their wrong ideas.

      1. AhNotepad

        Hmmm,.nothing changes quickly. It is a similar attitude of sending the British soldiers “over the top” in the trenches in France in WW1. Lyons led by donkeys, very similar today.

      2. David Bailey

        “Our leaders are stuck fighting the previous war, with the previous weapons, relying on experts who are thirty years out of date”

        Well except for lockdowns – that seems to have become the rage because it was done in China – I am not aware that lockdowns have ever been used before.

        I suspect lockdowns are aimed at wrecking the economy before the US elections. We are just collateral damage.

        1. Janet Love

          YES. Only the Chinese mind could think that far ahead… of the decadent, money-hungry, narcissism permeating our “civilisation”.
          Our leaders need to read ‘The Art of War’ ..

  44. Carole

    Thank you for once again writing things as they are!
    I am not a great intellectual mind. I believe generally that people are good and well meaning so I don’t easily jump to conspiracy theories and I believe I have a good measure of what used to be called common sense. I evaluate the situation I am in and work out my response. It has stood me in good stead raising 4 healthy children and coping in some extreme situations of our own making!
    I tell you all this because I would credit myself with no more than a normal persons view on our current situation. My common sense view has been saying for weeks- why are we not reporting how many people are hospitalised with the Covid-19 virus. Deaths are no longer high and who cares how many people are testing positive if they are not being hospitalised? Lockdown was started so the health service could cope. Now it would seem it can no longer cope with normal everyday stuff because the organisation machine behind the nhs can’t work out how to proceed with protective measures in place.
    Everywhere there is fear. Fear not of the virus but of doing something we are not allowed to do. Go into a shop without a mask. Invite friends into my home for tea and cake. Go on holiday to a place with rising cases. Having to quarantine because of being caught in a country with rising cases. Stay overnight with family who are ill or just lonely. Getting a service business back up and running providing adequate protection. Fear. Fear is everywhere and yet hospital admissions are low. Fear of the predicted second wave- how can we predict something like this? Why is October/ November going to be the return date? This is a time when people in UK start to normally wear coats gloves and scarves across their faces because it’s cold, and traditionally stay in their houses more, why Should this be the time for increasing numbers?
    Common sense tells me this is the biggest nonsense ever and until someone in a position of power stands their ground and says no more pointless forecasting by media and celebrates the flat death curve or admission curve and is prepared to take the flak from risk adverse fearful people we are doomed to what I can only describe as the biggest psychology study ever. There have been dictators and war mongers in the past who have convinced their followers to do atrocities but they were limited, through lack of communication, to relatively small numbers whereas this is no longer the case.
    Rather than reporting the evidence surely it is time to act on it? How? I don’t know please point me in the direction of riots.Com

  45. AM

    Dear Dr Kendrick,
    I have watched the lecture from Dr. Lee Merritt posted by FW at 3:21 yesterday and was particularly interested in her argument that Masks cannot possibly filter out the coronavirus as the particles are only 0.12microns in size and even N95 masks are only effective to particles of 0.3microns.
    However, the counter argument is that coronavirus particles are not ejected in isolation, they are attached to droplets and are thus trapped by any type of face covering.
    Both arguments are persuasive, so Dr. K, do we know what the truth is here?

      1. JDPatten

        Dr. Kendrick,
        That seems rather tenuous. This issue is not a fringe religious tenet.
        Please, can you give us something to appeal more to the intellect?

        1. AhNotepad

          Well I gave you the paper the other day by Arthur Firstenberg, and Malcolm commented on it. As I recall you then took a swipe complaining you didn’t find the comment acceptable.

        2. Steve-R

          I’m afraid that it will prove to have been just that, in time.

          If you have no evidence, or cannot parse the evidence that exists, then the best you can do is ‘believe’.

          There are simply too many variables in the argument as to whether masks work to come to any firm conclusion;

          First there is no such unique thing as ‘mask’, just as there is no such unique thing as ‘wearer’

          then you have ‘wearer’ susceptibility, and ‘wearer’ susceptibility to particular particle sizes range and particle type,

          And all this before you get into the fitting of, care of, and use of ‘masks’, metabolism/exercise dependent oxygen demand, and contamination with bacterial pathogens.

          1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            It is not up to those who think masks don’t work to prove it. It is up to those who think that masks do work to disprove the null hypothesis. [The null hypothesis being that there is no difference between the two things: ‘mask’ and no mask] Of course you have to be careful what outcome you choose to measure. Number of droplets in the air may well be reduced by wearing a mask. However, this is a surrogate end-point which may, or may not, relate to the risk of infection.

            If you are going to demand that the entire world wears masks, this is a major intervention (one that could do harm in different ways). In my world you cannot do this before you have evidence that it actually provides some benefit. Such proof currently does not exist.

            Many things that seemed to be a great idea e.g. bed rest following a heart attack, turned out to be an absolute disaster for reasons that were not understood at the time.

            At all times follow the Dr Kendrick central philosophy. ‘Don’t just do something, stand there.’ [and think] Which is the hardest thing in the world to do. Especially if you are a politician.

          2. AhNotepad

            N95 masks have to be fitted to the user. The users need to be shown how to use them, and they have to be replaced at frequent intervals. They are not a realistic device for general use.

          3. Mr Chris

            Sure you will interested to learn that masks are now obligatory in Paris in the streets even when cycling skateboarding running etc

          4. AhNotepad

            They may be obligatory, but they are pointless for disease suppression, they are useful for social suppression in this plandemic.

          5. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            The viral fear is strong enough to quagmire the minds of many in the complexities of its shifting narratives, and the masking regulation keeps viral fear ‘alive’ in those who have to be kept on message to bring in the ‘second wave’. While from natural cycles I do not see this as the first was not so different from any other year, I see their stated intentions, which may have more to back them up than simply relying on hypnosis and PR.
            Quite apart from pipeline covid cell-violating DNA vaccines, flu vaccines may be as trustworthy and reliable as Dr Fauci’s advice. Many people are deeply invested into compliance with global ‘Medical’ advice, fewer openly distrust of not just the ‘messengers’ but the model.
            Quantity of mindshare to a branded narrative serves group-think, but a qualitative consciousness is integrative as a biodiverse union of shared purpose. Groupthink uses the term ‘common purpose’ but like its use of language as a weapon, is tooled to a loveless agenda – masked in virtue by setting against targeted hates, fears and threats.
            Beneath the layers of masking is who we truly and humanly are. Hatred of humanity is an artefact of the mask and is fuelling destructive agenda under identity set in grievance or vengeance that WANTS to bring down what it has been led to believe is the cause of our problems.

            There is a fairy tale of a simple but at the time dramatic fear that in being fended, set of a chain of defences that became defended and hidden Terror.
            Periodically we are brought to a ‘double your money or open the box’ moment (Old TV show reference) – excepting we have to double our investment of adjustment to sacrifice of life as normal social expectation and requirement rather than face our fears – which include social exclusion. But how ‘normal’ do you want to be!
            What does it profit to gain a mask of social acceptance if it costs the Soul of living?

          6. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            I was told that in the London Night Blitz the people were demoralised by not being able to ‘fight back’ and that the ack ack guns that were set up were primarily a PR prop for morale that had almost nil effect on the bombers. Along with collecting iron pots, railings etc to make spitfires – A pile of which is still rusting away somewhere off Sheerness.
            Stories can be told to the children to placate them. And also to terrorise them to compliance.
            I posted a link to a raft of studies on surgical masks as either not effective or as counter-productive. Don’t let the EMF issue detract from the studies themselves.


            The power of belief is what all of our reactions embody. Perhaps we think our reactions are to reality and anyone who doesn’t jump in line has a belief-problem! But our reactions always faithfully reveal our beliefs to our noticing if we are no dead set in protecting them from query or challenge.

            For all that there can be more going on than I know. I could imagine all kinds of scenarios in which to lie to people is seen as the kindest way to protect them – when what is REALLY being protected from is too disturbing to disclose – but that is also subjective. There are cases of people who kill their family first to spare them the pain of being left by a suicidal father. We are capable of taking on pain that is NOT our fault as well as taking over the lives of others who are NOT the extension of our own subjective mythological constructs.

            I feel accepting what is truly ours enables releasing what is not – and vice versa. How does this word ‘truly’ become an active recognition rather than just more ‘thinking’? Perhaps as a result of no longer being able to keep a false sense of self and world running as believable or tolerable.
            If not as I had believed then ‘What?’.
            Then are we trying to regain any kind of ‘normal’ at whatever cost, or are we awake enough within the disturbance to abide it and find the willingness for what truly works or serves and aligns purpose in life – not just for my distress but for us all? Of course we can see that we can be both and shift in and out of both in ways that can increase conflict and in a sense cancel each other out – not unlike the dieter who operates a split identity as a battle of wills rather than aligning in what they truly want consistently.

          7. anna m

            Also, the N95 cannot be worn by a person with a beard. Also they are even more obstructive to breathing and definitely reduce oxygen levels. Requiring them for exercise is really going to backfire. Actually, if you really want a mask that protects against virus, you’ll need to use plastic.

        3. David Bailey


          “That seems rather tenuous. This issue is not a fringe religious tenet.
          Please, can you give us something to appeal more to the intellect”

          Given the contents of Malcolm’s latest blog, what else is possible – we have been fed a storm of ‘research’, some of which was definitely phoney, such as the hydroxychloroquine study that eventually had to be retracted.

          I’d rather have the opinion of an experienced man without an axe to grind than 1000 studies funded by those with multi-billion dollar axes in constant need of grinding.

      2. Dr. John H

        I went back and forth on the mask issue for some time. Now, I am solidly in the camp that they don’t work for respiratory viruses (They do for other things). There is solid science that proves it.

        All RCTs with verified outcomes ever done say masks don’t work, without exception (1).
        CDC says masks don’t work, nor does hand washing or surface cleaning (2).
        WHO says no direct evidence masks that masks work (3).


    1. Yet another long winded opinion you can skip

      Regardless of the particle size vs. pore size arguments, we must realize of a macroscopic effect: the few places where there is not mandatory mask-wearing have not seen more infected, more ill, more ICU cases, more dead. Also, in those places where there is compulsory mask-wearing almost no one wears it properly or ever changes it, much less knows how to dispose of it carefully. Not only that, but cotton masks or makeshift masks do not block anything, even with polyester lining, which is unfortunate. Most likely, we can safely assume that most people have become infected, and may (or may not) have developed natural immunity, without any sickness symptoms at all. It is possible that some of those individuals have such a powerful immune system that they were never infectious to others.

      I think that many people in the Western countries where already infected before the event 201 reunion took place, which could mean (perhaps, and bear in mind that I am not sure about my own deductions) that all these months have been part of the “exercise”, the “drill”, or the “simulation”.

      Contact tracing, mask wearing, hand washing, social (not personal, physical or corporeal) distancing are, in my opinion, all completely absurd requirements, as experience has proved. Also, the idea of the virus being in every surface you can think of, being about to infect people, and the implicit idea that politicians, who know nothing about anything at all, must protect us from any infection, and that they are capable of performing such a feat through something as mercurial as fines, threats of imprisonment or forcing people to buy certain products, are both completely contrary to how the real world works, and as such, experience can only show them utterly unachievable.

      A case of control-freakism.

      To try to do impossible things and then feeling frustrated because one has not accomplished them is a very intense sign that one has been conned, scammed, defrauded, fooled, cheated, swindled and brainwashed. The sooner one sees this, the better chance one has to overcome anger and regain clear thinking, which is a feature of the human makeup that has proven useful to survive dangerous situations, believe it or not. I know it is not trendy right now, but clear thinking is positioned to do an unexpected comeback one of these decades.

      On the other hand, it is easier to be one little fish in a huge bank of fish and get eaten by the big whale along with thousands of your siblings. Many people seem to be choosing that path getting reincarnated early in life, and that is how they put everyone else’s life at the same or greater risk than any kind of contagious illness. Following wrong Government orders should be punishable by law. Perhaps not. Who knows. Not me. I am just rambling nonsense here. Why are you even reading this comment? I am so disappointed right now.

    2. Harry de Boer

      The water in those droplets evaporates in milliseconds. Your inhalation then pulls the virus particles through the mask in the same way as a mosquito flies through an interlink fence.

  46. Jeff Cable

    I was unable to understand the HCID decision and my questions were met with blank stares. According to the UK government; HCID definitions states:

    acute infectious disease
    typically has a high case-fatality rate
    may not have effective prophylaxis or treatment
    often difficult to recognise and detect rapidly
    ability to spread in the community and within healthcare settings
    requires an enhanced individual, population and system response to ensure it is managed effectively, efficiently and safely

    The lies about we were told COVID-19 would fit it into every category for definition as an HCID.

    A telling paragraph follows, verbatim:
    “Cases of COVID-19 are no longer managed by HCID treatment centres only. All healthcare workers managing possible and confirmed cases should follow the updated national infection and prevention (IPC) guidance for COVID-19”

    It would appear from that statement that only HCID treatment centres were permitted to manage COVID-19 cases. This may have been a part of the rationale for changing its status. Clearly the centres that were set up to manage HCID conditions could easily be overwhelmed if there are only a few of them. Presumably the change in HCID status was to permit more places to treat cases and remain within the rules.

    The picture of the UK government’s conduct which emerges is one of too little, too late and a knee jerk reaction led by those with vested interests in the outcome, all of which precluded keeping people healthy or safe. Added to that is the comprehensive economical damage, job losses, industrial damage and the appearance of doing something (Nightingale hospitals?). With the constant lies, disinformation and contradiction from all official sources, followed by the herding of the population like sheep… the phrase ‘going to hell in a hand-basket’ comes to mind.

    Your blog is a bright beacon, Malcolm, and hopefully the whole of the medical profession will follow your lead. How will we (the experimented upon) stand up to the bovine faecal matter that is broadcast from the Ministry of Truth as important information, but in reality is a mere sop to the masses everyday. This pandemic and the global reactions to it underline the immediate need for a crucial imperative. One that removes the control of scientific information from out of the grubby hands of Elsevier and other research publication managers and puts it firmly in the hands of the general public. I should not have to pay £40 to carry out research on any particular paper which makes outlandish claims.

      1. AhNotepad

        There you go. Even Cinderella had to be home before midnight. Let’s hope this virus doesn’t find a way to migrate using emails.

          1. Jennifer

            Shirley, I laughed at your response as it seemed to be aimed at me, until I realised it was meant for Dr Kendrick.
            Me? I worked up to, and paid into pension contributions at G Grade. Due to moving to the other end of the country, I took temporary work at D grade. Very shortly afterwards I was retired, and got paid out at the lower grade. It has increased to a mighty £2.87p per day now for my efforts. Any government ministers can be forgiven for thinking that £13 is adequate compensation for plebs, as they obviously think £2.87 for a professional Nurse’s pension is acceptable. Oh why could I not be in the House of Lords? Over £300 PER DAY…TAX FREE ‘Attendance Allowance’. I love the terminology ‘Attendance Allowance” applied to the old duffers. It would suit me fine to join them snoozing on the red leather benches…..I would even agree to pay tax on it.

    1. KJE

      Sadly, far too far away and involves expensive train journeys when I’ve had no income for the best part of 5 months

      1. anna m

        You know, I think that part of their plan is to impoverish people to make it harder to protest, harder to get enough donations to run info sites or legal action, and to pile on restrictions on freedom of movement for the same reasons.

  47. Philip

    “This, remember, is a drug that has been taken by, literally, billions of people. It is considered safe enough to buy over the counter, yet now it is so dangerous that it cannot even be used for research purposes. Of course, you can still take it if you have rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, malaria – or suchlike – where it remains perfectly safe and is also known to reduce inflammation (a major problem with COVID).” Does anyone know the respective doses when used for RA, malaria, SLE etc, versus what’s being propsoed to tackle Covid?

  48. James

    “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it”
    Mark Twain

    A friend recently gave me that quote.
    I thought that’s funny, and very Mark Twain and it’s of its time, but it doesn’t apply to us now; not with all our sophistication and knowledge. We have control of the levers of power like no previous generations, it was hard won but we now have democratic government.

    But then Covid19 brought it home to me – the quote is absolutely right.

    They don’t care about the people’s right to vote as long as they control the Media.

    I was shocked to see Dr Richard Bartlett’s video removed where he talked about having great success using Budesonide with a nebulizer to treat Covi19.

    And then Hydoxychloroquine is rubbished and removed from the discussion.

    I think the Plandemic film on Dr Mercola’s website has been discussed before, it shows how the Media has been taken over, how we are told what is true and what is mis-information and how we are manipulated into believing what they want us to believe.

    What is happening is unbelievable.

    But then a couple of days ago I met someone who takes down ‘miss-information’ like Hydroxycloroquine from the web. They sincerely believe they are protecting the public and working hard for the common good.

    Lord help us.

    1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      The ability of the wish to set the definition for evils – such as threats that set the call for action in defence – as ‘the good’ (including the means of diagnosing, testing and treating), is like having access to the source code on which we all depend and run as a socially cohesive order.

      It used to be understood that naming was ‘spelling’ – but we really are operating under the spell of our own investment and adaptation to narratives in which fear and control deny a true significance of shared worth and meaning. I hold the latter to be the practical expression of a true ‘Good’ – while the narrative capture to lovelessness and fear seeks to mask in the seeming ‘good’ set against the perceived ‘evil’ or threat – that actively supports and persists fear – repackaged as control’ agenda, under some sense of having mitigated, protected themselves from or escaped a greater terror – against which a bubble of a life must lockstep to armour against and deny – even eradicate!

      If surviving as a bubbled and lock-stepped and masked data-unit or asset within a biosecurity state is not worthy of adaptation and allegiance – even with helicopter money and a relocation to screened virtuality – then our bubble itself has to be re-evaluated. And this is what we normally take to be our self. If in some other ways than the one you met, I also have invested identity in mistaken allegiance to presumed ‘good’ – then no one will be able to tell me or get through – unless perhaps they find me in true sense of shared appreciation in which a shared willingness allows some unselfconscious honesty in which some recognition can stir – without triggering the complex of defences that is running ‘autonomously’ or subconsciously. This means I have to get past or through my own – at least to a moment of true willingness. Life can just happen. Control is not what it seems.

    2. anna m

      That is why Q says the media is the enemy of the people. I believe we should be going after them as a priority. Although Obama made domestic propaganda legal, I still think there might be ways to hold them legally accountable. They should not be able to lie so freely without consequences.
      And Malcolm X said in the 60’s that the media is the most powerful institution in the world. It’s way more consolidated now!

  49. JohnC

    May I ask a possibly naive question but can someone tell me why people are so frightened and what of?
    My daughter in law has rheumatoid arthritis treated with steroids, she is 38. She was supposed to start a new job in May, that was put back until August.
    She’s been working from home but has started to go into work.
    I am a nurse practitioner in Leicester and my other sons fiancée is an ITU nurse.
    My daughter in law has been petrified of letting us near her for fear of us being infected to the point of upsetting all of us.
    She is a consultant paediatrician and is also petrified of seeing patients face to face.
    My wife has been working from home and they want her to return to work, she works at our local university and the students are due back in September/October. She is also petrified of going back to work and encountering the students. The measures the university have put in place seem to me to be ridiculously over the top, but are following government guidelines.
    Something has got to be done, we cannot go on like this. Christmas will effectively banned this year as will new year/Hogmanay.

      1. KJE

        But aren’t the frightened ones the nice compliant serfs? Not like the stroppy ones who won’t wear masks or do what they are told – surely those are the ones they want to kill off?

    1. KJE

      What beats me is why people are petrified now but they weren’t in February and March when there was a reason to worry. Have all these people really been sitting indoors for nearly 6 months without even shopping or going for a walk? You’d think those who were intelligent or educated enough to work in medicine or education would have more sense and be able to evaluate risk, but apparently not.

      1. anna m

        They didn’t become afraid until they were clearly told to, and they won’t stop until they are given express permission.

  50. Roger

    Thank you as always your comments make a lot of sense. I, like many I suspect, appreciate the good work that you do Malcolm.

  51. Ruth Baills

    I needed a good laugh thank you Dr Malcolm Kendrick, but of cause it is also very sad and a blithe on society as we know it. 😦

  52. Terry Wright

    don’t these people realise that this is being done “to protect them”: that everyone else is madly virtue-signallling by mindlessly parroting “protect the elderly”: ” protect the elderly”:

    this shows we need to re-double our efforts; lock them up with no contact; for months on end; (for their own good of course); if in an old-persons home, they must be locked in their rooms, 24hrs a day; to protect them; food should be passed to them through hatches: no human contact whatsover; only by those means can we show much we care, and how much compassion we have.

    1. Carole

      Figures taken from the article in the express re suicide rates : Latest figures show an increase for males aged 80 to 84 years from 9.1 deaths per 100,000 in 2017 (65 deaths) to 17.2 deaths per 100,000 in 2018 (126 deaths).

      If these were figures linked to coronavirus something serious would be happening….possibly they need the opposite of lockdown? Would that be freedom to socialise to keep them well?

  53. elizabethhart

    In Australia, 572 deaths have been attributed to COVID-19 over the past seven months. These deaths are mainly in people over 80 years. Australia’s population is 25.5 million.
    485 of these deaths are in Victoria, which is in Stage 4 lockdown. Victoria’s population is 6.59 million.
    Every day the deaths and ‘cases’ are gravely intoned..
    For example, today’s figures:
    “The state has recorded 113 new cases of coronavirus and 23 deaths overnight, 22 of which are linked to aged care settings.
    The deaths include a man in his 60s, one woman and four men in their 70s, six women and three men in their 80s and five women and three men in their 90s.“
    No information on comorbidities is provided.
    See: Victoria coronavirus cases rise by 113 as state records 23 further COVID-19 deaths , ABC News

    1. Carole

      Is this herd mentality at play? Everyone else around the world is talking about it and posting deaths perhaps we In Australia need to as well or we will be out of the gang! Not allowed to play anymore! Is this number statistically relevant? (Obviously if it were my family member it would be very relevant)

    1. AhNotepad

      It was probably checked by the BG funded fact checkers, but from
      Cloth face coverings are most likely to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus when they are widely used by people in public settings. And countries that required face masks, testing, isolation and social distancing early in the pandemic have successfully slowed the spread of the virus.

      I see “are most likely” as a good indicator that there is little or no scientific rigour, more just an editorial opinion type article. Perhaps they should read Arthur Firstenberg’s piece on the no masks in operating theatres before they start coming with such statements.

      1. Jerome Savage

        AHN Excellent point. I made the mistake of saying it’s a study. It’s not. It refers to CDC & WHO advice. The latter by many many accounts is corrupt & funded by vested interests (doesnt mean to say they can’t be correct some of the time but we take a step or 2 back on release of another of their profundities). Tucker Carlson in a video shared on this page ascertains that the CDC has stepped back from any contention that the mask has any benefit. So the Mayo clinic INMHO lacks credibility, on mature reflection.

  54. elizabethhart

    “Australia’s National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce says hydroxychloroquine “is potentially harmful and no more effective than standard care in treating patients with COVID-19”. “We therefore recommend that hydroxychloroquine should not be used.”
    The recommendation was based on nine randomised trials.“

    Medico rejects virus claims by Liberal MP

    1. AhNotepad

      They seem to have got nine RCTs done bloody quickly. We’re not even nine months in yet, how the hell do they recruit and collect and analyse data so fast? Unless they are of course using the gates funded fact checkers.

        1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          I have never understood the readiness and willingness of anyone who knows anything of love and life to use the word ‘scum’ for other people. It speaks to me of a hatred that would readily consent to erase or eradicate undesirables – which as I understand is part of the nature of the problem – not the answer.
          While I have seen a lot of youtube censoring – it is incredibly leaky, patchy and inconsistent.
          So it could be other things than it seems.
          Part of the internet is the ability to shock test responses – to anything as a basis to then systemically manipulate or marketise and weaponise outcomes – perhaps to the highest bidder.
          It is also known that banning things is PR for their promotion.
          I do not mean that there is not a narrative control being dictated and to some degree enforced – but so far the threats are much greater than the actuality in what I have so far seen. As compared to death squads, disappearances, torture and systemic genocides that are on record in our collective recent past. That may of course change at any moment – but I don’t want to die of fear or what hasn’t actually occurred.
          While there is life – I feel to stay open and with what is.
          How would you express your feeling if you owned them instead of assigning all the power to faceless algorithms set by faceless employees of faceless organisations that front for faceless financial and geopolitical interests? Yes I know we know some of the fronting players – but beneath the surface is a tedious morass of obfuscation. And yes I would prefer to see criminal actions brought to trial, true account and justice seen to be done.

          I wonder if ‘they’ are concerned about a passive-submissive lack of pushback!
          A flat battery does not power anything. If there is nothing left to divide what is ruling to do?
          In setting the radar so low as to allow no life under it, they will kill the goose that lays the golden egg for they do not create wealth but only steal it to prop up a scam. the Biosecurity state of a the fourth Industrial revolution is a trap – not a source of power and protection for the worth and value of living – but a racket set in fear of facing fear, locking us into guilt and blame so that we police and protect our own slavery or means of degradation and destruction.

          But the ‘they’ are many things that seem to operate a single agenda – as did the tower of Babel, and the promise of globalism (for world order) may be itself a false lure to an unexpected and unavoidable destruction. I haven’t seen the foundations for a TRUE order in any of their PR – which masks in virtue while incentivising profits upon false premises. It would appear the slate has to be wiped – Jehovah-style – to make a better world. I don’t share that view – but I understand the temptation to deny what we hate rather than open to relationship because I also suffer the human experience.

      1. mmec7

        Yes removed by the law of mandatory censorship ! Sad, just as I had wanted to share it as well… But perhaps is available via another link ? At least I had got to see it –

          1. mmec7

            Still removed by the law of mandatory censorship ! The fact that there are alternatives, is a given – ‘mandatory censorship’ is not acceptable. End of.

          2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            What do you mean – how does that translate? Do you boycott all corporations and institutions that censor?
            I cry foul on the censorship as corporo-poltical weapon. If there are rules they should be clear and equally applied. But I see a public-private partnership running a corp-cov predation on the public. We’ve been abandoned from ‘above’.

  55. Nigella P

    Brilliant and thought provoking article Dr K, thank you as ever.

    My view on masks, as a commuter, is that they may have some benefit. This is purely based on the gross behaviour I have witnessed day in day out during my working commuting life. I have watched so many people cough without covering their mouths, sneeze without making any attempt to cover their nose and watched people with runny noses wipe their snot on their fingers and then touch handrails, seats and everything around them. Foulest of all, are the “hawkers” – those who clear their throats and then cough up a ball of phlegm onto the train platform or just outside the station. An utter lack of manners and courtesy to fellow commuters, usually in densely packed trains and tubes. My commonsense view is that masks must provide some kind of protection against all the germs and viruses these disgusting people expel as they cough, sneeze and snot over everyone else in the winter months.

    Anyhow, I appreciate that is just one layperson’s opinion with anecdotal evidence and it does not mean that I think masks in other areas are of any benefit and I’m entirely happy to be disagreed with!

    1. AhNotepad

      We’ve lived with diseases for millennia before the new fashion accessory cae about n the form of a mask. There is talk by certain groups that masks reduce the likely risk of infection, and they cite the number of cases would have been far worse if we did not have masks. Any evidence is hard to find. There is some information indicating faith in masks may be misplaced.

  56. Tish

    I’ve been wearing my KEEP BRITAIN FREE T-shirt this morning in our popular holiday village with its long beach. I am not encouraged, I’m afraid. Yes, there were some people in their 30s and 40s who appreciated it and, interestingly, they were all slim. (This is like the reaction I got when I wore a I LOVE CHOLESTEROL T-shirt.)
    Most people gave no reaction at all this morning. It is as though they don’t get the relevance, not seeing any threat of the loss of freedom. Were they to have understood the relevance there perhaps might have been a few hostile looks, but no, nothing. Admittedly the message on the shirt doesn’t spell it out, nothing about lockdown, etc.
    This place has its usual number of overweight people again. Earlier on in the season I saw lots of slim people here on the beach on holiday and it was encouraging. But I think the balance might have changed again simply because many overweight people were frightened to come and mix then.

  57. Jennifer

    Anna, that is an awful thought. After nearly 6 months of staying at home except for essential hospital appointments, and 3 excursions, by car, to a quiet supermarket, we are getting quite introverted and fearful. We are well able to afford anything we need. Our cupboards and wardrobes are sufficiently full. Our way of life has been perfected after 53 years of working together, and managing well. But what of the rest of society? Our peer group are in the same situation as us; baby boomers who have had it good. But what about our generations of offspring? Our adult children don’t qualify for any government help, due to the type of work they followed after school. Their offspring are young adults setting out on life, each one of them unable to get financial help. None have been frivolous, just sensible, but I can’t see any of them having savings to fall back on. And our savings won’t share out very far, but we will do what we can. We haven’t even been able to enjoy our great grandchildren, to give us hope!
    What direction is this government taking us? We are so sad looking at our family and close neighbours, as well as the national and international picture. Where is the leadership we have paid for? Certainly feels like totalitarianism to me.

    1. AhNotepad

      If they’re not too far away, get out and visit your grand children as we continued to do. The risks are tiny, but the benefits for the grand children seeing something of a normal existence are enormous. They have their life to live, we done that, and now we just have to take our chances, The alternative is the grand children have little in the way of a life, and we still end up taking our chances.

      1. Jennifer

        AhNotepad. I appreciate your response, as you are quite right. In fact close family members have indeed made a long journey this very week to rectify the 6 month void imposed on them to visit grandchildren. The pictures of joy sent to us are heart warming. However, they now feel they will have to keep away from us for a good while in case they pose a threat to us on their return. Such is the fear engendered in us, illogical as we feel it is.
        And who can afford the risk of huge fines if they breach quarantine rules?

        1. AhNotepad

          Jennfer, the blunt way of putting it is your relatives are being ridiculous. The risks to you are no more than on any other visit on previous few years, ok may be a tiny bit more, but we are all nearer switch-off time every passing minute. You are more at risk of a lightning strike or anaphylactic shock from a bee sting than rona virus. Which country are you in, and what are the “rules” you refer to?

          In the UK the “rules” are merely guidance and though the thugs will try and impose their will, in general it is not legally enforcable.

  58. Bruce

    Just listened to Radio 4 excellent “more or less” shooting Trumps 35% reduction theory down in flames and I could imagine Dr Malcolm shouting “yes,Yes” at the radio !

    1. Terry Wright

      “I could imagine Dr Malcolm shouting “yes,Yes” at the radio”

      well Bruce; if that keeps you happy; then we are all very glad for you.

      “Radio 4 excellent” …. I thought those 2 phrases were oxymorons: pray, is not the BBC largely fake news?

      1. jeanirvin

        Terry, Bruce is referring to a Radio 4 programme – More or Less – which delves into statistics and shows up the fake news. Worth a listen.

  59. Tish

    From day one of this so-called pandemic my husband and I have had no fear whatsoever. Absolutely none. The measures seemed immediately ridiculous and all evidence following them continued to sustain our view. We have never wavered or doubted ourselves because we have seen the deliberate and disgusting fear-engendering and controlling behaviour of the government and because we know of the sickening and pathological greed and desire for control of individuals and pharmaceutical companies.

    The lockdown has had an awful effect on my very elderly mother in a care home and has denied us proper access to her but apart from that we have continued to live our lives as we did before, except for seeing others freely because they chose to stay behind closed doors. We have twice had to cancel our bookings to France and the Continent but that does not and will not keep us at home.

    I shopped on line for our food and other provisions before the virus because I can read ingredients and reviews and make comparisons easily. My habits have not changed and this avoids mingling with ridiculous people in masks doing social distancing dances.

    I have changed though. I have grown in confidence. It has made me a more self-reliant person. Most of the world‘s population now appears ridiculous to me and I shall not seek its judgement. I shall always remember its stupidity, weakness and sheeplike behaviour. Why would I trust it rather than my own judgement and intuition. This is not arrogance, but learning, and I wished I had known more about human nature before I reached my three score years and ten. Yes, I am grateful to this virus for educating me about the world, something that history never quite did for me. I am now a liberated and entirely free woman whatever restrictions they try to impose.

      1. nmartinez1938

        We, have been dumbed down by not only what we have read, seen, or heard of devices that have been used to bring us to this day – our foods and water sources are contaminated with toxins that destroy our God given abilities to see through this darkest of hours – but the day breaking dawn will come, and sooner than we think…

    1. jeanirvin

      Great attitude, Tish. I think we have also learned from this experience and I will endeavour to be a free woman, too!

  60. gazzer69

    What have we learned about Covid? Well; That it’s now safe to go back to work.
    Or is it?

    ‘It’s safe to go to work’ say’s our fearless leader……

    If it’s safe…why is everyone wearing masks?
    If it’s safe, why is everyone social distancing?
    If it’s safe, why is everyone being tested for something less dangerous than ‘Flu?
    If it’s safe, why are school children wearing masks?
    If it’s safe, why are people being locked in their homes for going abroad?
    Lies, Lies and more damned lies from this inept government following some now ‘not so hidden’ agenda.

    Except I for one, will not be joining in……

    1. David Bailey

      If the lockdown was just to flatten the curve, why are some places locked down months later with far fewer patients being treated in hospitals for COVID?

      If it was safe to shop without a mask back in March, why is it compulsory to wear them now?

      If people are catching this virus now, but not becoming ill, isn’t that good news – more people will be immune, and presumably the virus has weakened.

      Why aren’t the authors of the fake hydroxychloroquine paper, which eventually had to be retracted from the Lancet not being prosecuted?

      Why is the public not advised to take a Vitamin D, when an RAF doctor told me that he and his colleagues were advised to take it?

      If the number of COVID tests doubles, wouldn’t any sane person expect the number of positives to double? Why are people being re-locked down because of this?

      What the hell is going on?

        1. David Bailey

          The point is that when one particular study came out favouring the use of vitamin D, the response was, “that is very interesting and it may help researchers to come up with a cure, but people should not just start taking vitamin D!

          This response was so start, and so silly since vitamin D is available on the open shelves at chemists or supermarkets.

  61. Clathrate

    ‘Those who want to vaccinate the world, forever, have seen a door to the promised land.’
    ‘It is said that the first casualty of war is the truth.’

    The BBC website and news channel (Sat 29 Aug) seems to have deliberately decided not to notice anything much happening in London or Berlin today – next time round, the London organisers need to link it to a BLM or rainbow protest & then the BBC will be all over it. Telegraph online seems to have the same blind spot though the Mail online does report London while also discrediting it by emphasising on conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers.

    Short story – speaking with my mum and sister today about this and G-ill B-ates & sidekick (+ fingers in pies and various funding of all sorts of institutions including stuffing (Sage) members). Re. the top two lines, there is a perception that Billy Boy’s vaccinations will save us all from the plauge (I’m over half way through ‘Plauge of Corruption’) and everything the BBC tells us is the truth (at least my mum has heeded my previous advice and doesn’t get the flu shot and as my sister is {mostly} vegan she now knows that vaccines aren’t vegan friendly).

    We can all be reminded of Mother Teresa – ‘We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop’.

    1. anna m

      So noting that in many countries the reportings of the media, the corruption in the medical journals and the parallel imbecilic/illogical mandates from the officials, are people here thinking about how obviously linked the “decision makers” of the world are and wondering why the various countries seem to have so little independence? Are we dealing with a megalith?

      1. Jerome Savage

        Top medical bods (TMB’s) in each country attend WHO conferences, come back with heads full of the WHO mission statement etc sponsored by vested interests like yer man, Bill. They then advise the respective health ministers who apply conference message as policy unless they or the TMB can think for themselves.

      2. shirley3349

        I have, Anna, never heard megalith used figuratively in the UK, so I presumed you meant what we call a monolith, which google defines as “a large, impersonal, political, corporate or social structure regarded as indivisible and slow to change”. Both are of course large stones, but I rather like your usage, which emphasises the size rather than the singleness of the thing, and suggest my own variation, i.e. a megamonolith, to include both ideas.

        1. anna m

          Ha, ha, I like it! And yes, I did mean monolith…I think. I have ancient and alternative history as a hobby and megaliths are a big topic. Interesting, the world indivisible – since I am suggesting it spans many countries. Invisible, too.

  62. Steve-R

    Has anyone here had cause to use H2O2 in a nebuliser for upper/lower respiratory tract infections? Mercola notes that studies of H2O2 were an early casualty of Big Parma control of the narrative –;e8249d75.2004

    If it is a good option, because it is unlikely a 70 y.o. ending up with a SARS-CoV-2 infection in an NHS hospital will be a priority – more likely a DNR and shoved off to a care home – then I will make sure I have the necessary.

    It is annoying that we have to find our own individual precautions, but the Government‘s approach to the coming ‘seasonal’ diseases time of year doesn’t fill me with confidence that we are ‘all in it together’, more like ‘every man for himself’.

    1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      We are in it together – but you have to choose what ‘it’ is.
      Life as a call to re-educate and heal hearts minds and bodies?
      I’m in it – and if others don’t know they are in it yet is is because they are only in it for themself.
      But self-responsibility is something others cannot do for us – nor really take from us.
      We have become soft, entitled and easily managed and manipulated.
      But as you imply, being euthanised to save the ‘NHS’ (sic) is not what you signed up for.
      I’ve used a simple nebuliser with a dilution of hydrogen peroxide – also with dilution of Lugol’s iodine with a tickly dry cough and it did not develop further. But I am a sample of one on a very few occasions. There are other substances also that could be possibly benign and at least not harmful. Its a variant of taking in by steam infusion and seemed worth having to hand.
      Not feeding fear is the most critical factor in times of pharma framed voodoo – but that doesn’t mean blind indifference or vain arrogance. As Malcolm also says – don’t just do something – stand there – at least long enough to ensure a measured response rather than set fears in motion that are then invested in and difficult to be woken up from – even with sane statistics.

    2. mmec7

      I read the Mercola article, and being asthmatic + COPD, I do have a bit of equipment – that I never use, as the ‘medication’ does not pass my judgement to so use ! Like the Mercola approach, will ensure requisite supplies, plus the few alternative, i.e. frankincense (good stuff), and ‘lady in waiting’…… waiting to down em with strength, purpose and determination –

    3. anna m

      I haven’t Steve, although I nebulize with something similar. I would definitely spend a few bucks and be prepared. It likely would work on colds and flus so you’d have something good to shorten them. Since I have a nebulizer and H202 on hand, I plan to consider it if needed. The doc in the interview has been doing it for many years, not just with covid.
      Dr.Mercola also indicated that Quercitin with zinc might be a good substitute for hydroxy, which might be hard to get. And they would be compatible approaches.
      It’s funny that when I try to tell my brainwashed friends that the good news is we probably have already got a couple of easy and available treatments so we can all stop being so afraid, they don’t seem to want to hear it.

  63. Jerome Savage

    Breaking news in the US appears to be on many media sources.
    Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.
    CDC: Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics
    The figure of 9,210 deaths to date in the US actually caused by CV19 is being widely touted, presumably 6% of the 180,000 odd deaths recorded.

        1. Dr. John H

          Very interesting Jerome! I can’t really make heads or tails from that chart. It doesn’t tell us if their comorbidity or COVID was the primary cause of death. I think this chart of excess deaths from all causes can give us a rough estimate of the COVID influence.

          Does anyone have any idea of how accurate the CDC excess death chart numbers are?

          Of course, we all know that the vast majority of COVID deaths were preventable.

          1. Dr. John H

            It’s confusing to me, as it’s clear the CDC encourages over reporting of COVID deaths, yet the reported excess deaths is even greater than COVID deaths. What is the truth here??

            Another explanation of massive over reporting from Children’s Health Defense:

            “Had the CDC used its industry standard, Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting Revision 2003, as it has for all other causes of death for the last 17 years, the COVID-19 fatality count would be approximately 90.2% lower than it currently is.”


          2. Jerome Savage

            Dr John, – forensic analyst I am not, I like a quiet normal life, so the the CDC figures are not a pleasant landscape to try and negotiate but I did find the following from Nature magazine -.
            “According to data from more than 30 countries for which estimates of excess deaths are available (see ‘Terrible toll’), there were nearly 600,000 more deaths than would normally be predicted in these nations for the period between the onset of the pandemic and the end of July (413,041 of those were officially attributed to COVID-19).”
            “It cannot distinguish between those who are dying of the disease and those who succumb to other factors related to the pandemic, such as disruptions to regular health care, which can delay treatments or mean that people do not seek medical care”

          3. Dr. John H

            This article makes even more sense to me:

            When they took out the comorbidity factors that were clearly not related to COVID deaths, they found that US COVID deaths are “more likely to be around 50,000 according to Berenson, which is a typical flu season (not even a “bad” flu season).”

            “And if we include denying patients hydroxychloroquine which many doctors have reported a 100% success rate, then almost 100% of the deaths attributed to COVID are “iatrogenic” causes.”

            I tried posting this link twice before, but my entire post was immediately deleted. I assume this is from a robo censor.

            Here is the link again:


            Remove the & symbols. If it goes through this time, then I think my previous posts were deleted from censorship, and not a technical malfunction.

          4. Jerome Savage

            Dr John H
            I think it’s worth repeating here. In the recent CDC release covering mortality and causes thereof, the following is an extract from their sheet –
            “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.”
            And worth repeating, again from their own very recent publication “For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death”
            This is where the eidely referred figure of 9,210 US deaths actually related to CV19 comes from – being the 6% percentage of the 153,000 deaths recorded as CV19. (I couldn’t find this latter 153k figure on the CDC site so just divided 9,210 by 0.06. I erred in stating earlier that recorded CV19 deaths recorded – at that time – were in excess of 184,000)
            The Nature article suggests that world wide deaths are higher than might have been expected in 30 countries surveyed by 600,000. Again sorry for repeating this, but the Nature article notes “disruptions to regular health care, which can delay treatments or mean that people do not seek medical care”, implying that some of the excess deaths may be not be directly caused by CV19. Something we would be very much aware of and which Dr K has noted in earlier posts.

    1. Fergus Glencross

      Jerome. This is misinformation. The 6% of death certificates are wrongly filled in. It should be 0%. Covid will have been the cause of the death but repiratory distress, stopping breathing or heart attack, heart stopping will be the final cause.

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        Why do you assign ‘covid’ as the cause of death? As if that is the only contender?
        Cessation of vital organs is always the ‘final cause’ so the assignment of cause of death is more of an indication of the pathway – ie Pneumonial infection – though this is itself an effect of any number of ’causes’.
        Because ‘covid’ as a single assignment is being used to justify reactions that are more destructive to life and health than any other ‘health decision’ ever made, I feel it important to consider keeping to facts rather than being drawn into a narrative that like a snowball, grows every time it is rolled out.

        The fact that stands out is the gross misrepresentation of false, fraudulent and hysteria-inducing misinformation that operates momentarily to ratchet regulatory structures and enforcement – and is then released – but the regulations remain. This is a persistent tactic and takes the conversation from the details of what the disease is or isn’t, does or doesn’t, to a recognition of the use of deceits to implement social and political changes without overt consent.
        When the goal is given priority over the means of its achievement, all and any means become ‘just’ or morally justifiable to those who identify or align in support of the goal – or indeed the various tributary narratives that support the goal.

        The idea of world domination used to seem to me the stuff of fantasy – but someone is kneeling on our global life support system across a wide ranging capacity to actually do so.

  64. nmartinez1938

    It is no mystery – freedom of speech that is factual, historically, scientifically validated, God’s word inspired, is no longer sanctioned or protected by any human agency that I personally know of (or that I can afford, associate with, or expect to come to my defence, or that of anyone else; So! I no longer address COVID anything in any of its evil manifestation or forms, human, social, or otherwise corrupt multiple, endless endeavours. / Viruses Dead End And Much More, for the remainder of this year “GOES SILENT” – It’s all there, been there for years, truths that will defeat the DESIGNER LAB KILLER VIRUSES (DLKV) already released presently, years ago, and yet (soon) to be rolled out.

    Happy garlic eating, sunshine bathing, high vitamin C intake, vitamin D, NSS10ppm (and only 10ppm, Papaya leaf extract, and all the other such natural alternatives that still saves lives of those who value Nature’s Way of defeating the ‘man/woman-made’ EVILS we face today.

    Beyond my blog – I share one on one with close contacts; and endure their sneers in most cases. I will return 1 January 2021 and expect and pray to survive until New Years, my most celebrated holiday, six months prior to my 13 June 82nd birthday….. Love all humanity, in dire need of heavenly cleansing; now!

  65. The Dim Appear

    A bird wakes up in the morning, has a little sing then flies off as free as a bird (assuming he isn’t in a cage) looking for that first juicy worm of the day.

    A man wakes up in the morning and he is free to do what he is told he may do.

    Which would you rather be?

  66. Robin Whittle

    In case anyone thinks they can reliably predict where this shutdown business is going, please see this video of a pregnant woman being handcuffed and arrested, in her home, with all electronic devices in the home confiscated, for making a Facebook post encouraging people to attend a demonstration against lockdown:

    This is in Ballarat, a regional city in Victoria, Australia. It is not under the same extreme lockdowns, with nightly curfew and 5km radius 1 hour exercise limitations as Melbourne. There people carry paper permits to enable them to travel to work.

    If everyone took vitamin D supplements bodyweight equivalent to 0.125mg (5000IU) a day (with up to 2 or 3 times this for obese people) then the average 25OHD vitamin D blood level would be about 50ng/ml. This is about the same, as best we know, as the levels of our ancestors instead of the 5 to sometimes (summer) 30ngm/ml levels commonly found in many countries. Multiple research articles attest to the 40 to 60ng/ml range being necessary for good health, including especially immune system health. Immunologic Effects of Vitamin D on Human Health and Disease

    This is a gram every 22 years, and pharma grade D3 costs about USD$2.50 a gram ex-factory in 1kg lots.

    If vitamin D levels were like this, then only very rarely would anyone have severe symptoms from COVID-19, or influenza. General health would be greatly improved. So there would be no need for lockdowns or vaccines for these particular diseases. The rate of spread would be very much lower too, since with these levels of vitamin D, symptoms would be rarer than today and average viral shedding would be greatly reduced.

    Please see Karl Pfleger’s article Low Vitamin D Worsens COVID-19 and my pages .

    If you are in the northern hemisphere and think herd immunity is protecting you, the drop in new cases and deaths which began a few months ago may be largely due to summer vitamin D levels, which are now beginning to drop towards their late winter nadir.

  67. JDPatten

    How close have any one of you gotten to The Virus – and known it?
    Got stories?

    My little granddaughter was in day care the day before her carer came down with a fever. That carer was tested three days (past the weekend) later, still in fever. Results two days after that: positive.
    Grandma and Grandpa (we) had visited – masked and somewhat distanced – as usual, on that weekend Sunday. Granddaughter sneezed on Grandma.

    Waiting . . .

    1. David Bailey

      Unless you are very old or have co-morbidities, I wouldn’t worry! How long do you have to stay in quarantine, and is there any help getting food ordered to the house etc.

        1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          Maybe all those who had ‘it’ personally are dead and unable to respond?
          Or do not even know they had ‘it’?

          I know of some who are sure that they had ‘it’ (even before Wuhan).
          I know of one whose death, (septicaemia after breaking a leg in a fall), was attributed to ‘it’.

          I don’t doubt that people experience sickness from all kinds of causes.
          Including sickness that effects our capacity to test and evaluate our reality.
          Managed ‘reality’ is not the power its cracked up to be.

  68. helens939

    Great article. All very interesting stuff which actually fills me with hope. Needs some mention of all these Behavioural and Modelling Sub Groups which feed into SAGE. Awful stuff, especially in regard to social distancing. Keep the peasants down material.

  69. LA_Bob

    This NYT article purports to explain how a positive PCR test may not be very positive after all.

    If I understand correctly, the PCR test is run iteratively until they “amplify” what they’re looking for enough to find it. Or they run out of iterations — called “test cycles” — first. From the article:

    The PCR test amplifies genetic matter from the virus in cycles; the fewer cycles required, the greater the amount of virus, or viral load, in the sample. The greater the viral load, the more likely the patient is to be contagious.

    This number of amplification cycles needed to find the virus, called the cycle threshold, is never included in the results sent to doctors and coronavirus patients, although it could tell them how infectious the patients are.

    The test threshold is typically 37 to 40 cycles.

    Any test with a cycle threshold above 35 is too sensitive, agreed Juliet Morrison, a virologist at the University of California, Riverside. “I’m shocked that people would think that 40 could represent a positive,” she said.

    Shocked, SHOCKED, she says. We’re finding this out just now???

    So, about 90% of the “positives” are most likely to be very weak positives. Very little virus or virus fragments. People who are not (now) either significantly infected or infectious. Yet we’re basing case counts in the US on a binary, either-or condition. You either have it or you don’t.

    This is truly news to me. I knew nothing about how PCR assessed “viral load” even if I first heard about it in the 1990’s with respect to HIV. I’m sure Dr Kendrick knew this. Six months or so into the “pandemic”, the NYT is only now telling the public that “positive” may not be what it seems. Kudos to anyone else here who knew this.

    It just really, really, really underscores what garbage the numbers are regarding Sars-Cov-2 infections.

    1. samanthaharris

      Surely it’s worse than this even? The PCR was never designed for use with swab tests. It was never tested for efficiency in this area. It is designed for use with sputum samples.

      1. AhNotepad

        Samantha, who cares? Matt Halfcock wants 100,000 tests a day, and is prepared to include the results even if the tests get lost in the post, and if that lie doesn’t work there are more being made up all the time. It doesn’t matter as long as they can keep the case count rising so they can inflict even more of their tyranny. Also remember Halfcock is a serial promiser, he rarely delivers.

        1. samanthaharris

          hmm.. well, I care, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered commenting. I feel that an administration which prides itself on adhering to the science should at least adhere to the science. But yes, who else does care? I mean why would they be using the virus to lockdown areas of the country? yeah who cares eh?

          1. AhNotepad

            Samantha, I was not being intentionally disrespectful to you, far from it. I was making the point that the politicians in charge of the lockdowns and all the unfounded restrictions which are supposedly going to control, or even defeat the virus, have no understanding of science. They aren’t following “The Science” they are chanting mantras and attempting to increase confusion in the population. A look at will show the scheme unravelled.

      2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test – who expressly stated it was unfit for purpose as a diagnostic tool, shared a Nobel prize for it if I recall. He became one of many AIDS sceptics who challenged a 2 billion dollar narrative.
        He must have cared for people, and for truth.
        I don’t think its just the money. There are control or if you prefer ‘security’ agendas that protect their assets and projects.

        The intent to recondition or retrain humanity doesn’t care for people or for truth – but used the mask of a paramount concern to hide callous disregard – at best.

        The thing called covid is so full of holes from the get go – but so what? – its the choke hold being operated that leverages media, politics,and the world economy.

        When the ‘West’ plunders other peoples, it buys or installs puppet dictators to keep the people down while ensuring supply of assets or resources. Now the ‘West’ is being destroyed in its own coin?

  70. The Dim Appear

    There was an article in the Independent I think it was the other day about major changes underway in society with regards to conspiracy theories. And it was suggested the EU were going to begin cracking down on these things.

    While I agree that theories about there not being a virus and it being caused by certain technology are baseless I don’t understand why people can’t be left to make up their own minds about these things.

    If people go around causing criminal damage based on nonsense then that should be dealt with appropriately.

    Will the EU be issuing a list of conspiracy theories it is acceptable for people to discuss? I thought investigative journalists would sniff out conspiracies as part of their work, will they now no longer be allowed to do this?

    What is wrong with discussing things in an open and calm manner no matter how ridiculous they appear? If the EU or whoever decides statins will make people live for over 100 years if they start giving them to new borns will saying they don’t cause you to end up in the clink?

    Are we heading in to a post democratic time where nothing can be questioned?

  71. Jean Maston

     Hello Dr Kendrick

    I’m replying only to ask if you have any thoughts on the possible relationship between statin treatment and severity of covid 19 infections. I’m completely convinced by all you have written so well on statins over the years. And much less convinced by the idea being proposed that statins might be a good candidate for reducing the severity of the illness.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best wishes

    Jean Maston


  72. Catherine

    My aunt has put her video on her blog and website, note that you feature it it. It would’ve good if you made a comment.


    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

    1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      Comments are turned off on the video at youtube.
      Are we free?

      I reflected on some of what came up in me from watching the video.

      Are we free?
      A fundamental tenet of Christian witness is Free Will as our very creation – which becomes confused with our birth. Freedom does not belong or apply to the body – but the mind can limit and equate itself to the body in attempt to possess and control the symptoms rather than align in true Cause.
      So that freedom ‘to be who we are’, can be masked over and ‘locked’ into or lost sight of to vain deceits or false thinking – is our ‘Adversary’ – though in truth I feel it an innate adversity proceeding from conflicted roots, and not a created living being – if I can shift out of materia medica to use such terms. We can give life to fear and suffer and die from the belief. This becomes our new normal, and witnesses to a greater love than masked virtue have to be denied – at cost of further sacrifice and limitation, such as to lose all hope of healing to victim management systems that seek to ‘understand’ how life works, but only in order to usurp and replace it with something ‘safer’ to a convicted identity in control – set in place of a true relational and therefore free responsibility to meet the need.

      The idea of the deceiver is not new, and Jesus in the idiom of his time (and translation) said…
      continued at:

  73. fizzylill

    Is there a similar opinion here in the U.K.
    Do doctors in other countries follow the same line of thinking?
    How about UK doctors – do they share the same concerns and will they speak out in the same way?


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