Ninety per cent

10th November 2020

‘Ladies and gentlemen, roll-up, roll-up, roll-up. My new product, just brought to the market this very day, prevents ninety per-cent, yes ninety per-cent of all known things happening to you. Yes, a remarkable ninety per cent. Not sixty per cent, not seventy per cent, no…not even eighty per cent. But ninety of your finest American per cent – of things’.

‘What is a thing, madam? What a very good question, and by the way your child is a most beautiful young girl, is she not. And your hair, someone did a most fantastic job on that. You must have paid a fortune for such magnificent styling… you sir.’

‘You are asking how much it costs. Cost sir, now cost doesn’t come into it. I can promise that I will never make a penny from selling this product, this year…. Not a penny, as I promise on my mother’s grave sir, my mother’s grave.’

‘Lady at the back there what was that …you say that my mother is still alive, you met her for coffee last week. Gracious, she does get about doesn’t she.’

‘Back to you sir. Cost, this product .. it does have to be kept at a very low temperature, so valuable is it sir. The cost of the refrigeration unit. Now, that is pricey sir very pricey.  Pricey indeed.

‘How pricey sir. I can tell you are a very clever man, there is no way I could fool you, is there. But pricey sir…made by top scientists, and they do not come cheap, no they do not. I wish with all my heart it were otherwise, but you cannot buy the product without the refrigeration. It would not make sense otherwise, would it sir. But you know, my good fellow, how can anyone quibble about the costs of keeping this remarkable product cold, when it will prevent ninety per cent….of things.’

‘But do not simply take my word for it. No. Here is a young lady who was injected with this product just the other day. Yes, just the other day. And do you know what… Well, don’t listen to me. Here she is…. big round of applause for this very brave young lady. Now Miss Fauci, for that is your name is it not… yes it is. You were injected with this very product seven days ago and what has happened to you?’

Miss Fauci: ‘Nothing.’

‘Yes, absolutely nothing happened to young Miss Fauci. Nothing at all. When you think of all the things that could have happened, and yet none of them did, did they. Well, this is remarkable, truly remarkable. No fevers, no loss of smell, no cough….?’

Miss Fauci: ‘Yes, nothing at all.’

‘Ladies and gentlemen, can you believe it. Nothing happened to this young lady at all after seven whole days.’

‘What was that madam, nothing happened to you either. Goodness me, you have been lucky haven’t you. You must be one of the lucky ten per cent. Here, have a free PCR swab to celebrate. Yes, keep it madam, its yours. Your day just got even better. Yes, have two, one could be positive, the other negative, we never really know do we. Ha, ha… my little joke.’

‘You sir, you still want to know what a thing is. Goodness me, you’re not one of those anti-product protestors are you. Our products undergo the most rigorous testing for safety, the most rigorous. How many, why, at least thirty people sir. We are not one of those fly-by-night organisations.’

‘You still want more information on things? Have I not just told you everything you could possibly need to know sir? Our product can prevent ninety per cent of things. If that is not enough to convince you sir, then I have not idea what else I can say.

‘Roll up, roll up. Only twenty billion for you, Mr Johnson – you know a bargain when you see one, don’t you. You’re certainly no mug, are you.’

539 thoughts on “Ninety per cent

    1. huckebein

      If you were China – the Chinese Communist Party that is – and the current US president had been giving you a hard time for the last 4 years and the next 4 looked even icier if he were re-elected…
      Of course it’s hard to screw with someone’s very ‘rigorously secure’ electoral process…
      I mean it’s not like a special situation might come about where the standard system of registered voters showing up in person to vote could be altered (subverted…) – even at “the last minute” so to speak – by an unprecedented authorization (a blizzard. if you will..) of mail-in voting …with ballots sent out to every address where a voter may have once been – living or dead…
      I mean, for that you’d have to have a situation “happen” where a large percentage of the electorate would either be justifiably fearful about going to the polls in person – or at least be able to say they were… and then you’d have to have a counting process where the ballots are not looked at “too” closely… and the losing side is told after just a few days to “Accept the outcome – Never mind who voted” or whether things add up at all…
      Plus, that president – the one up for re-election – would have to have most of the mainstream nedia in his own country opposed to him, perhaps privately or even openly “hostile” to him as well …badgering him to concede while ignoring the ever-growing number of verified reports of fraudulent ballots, illegally cast votes…

      Nah… Never happen.

      “Come on, man!”

      1. Patrick Healy

        Great entertainment on here.
        Just to demonstrate how twisted this poor old world is, this miracle just happened to be ratified by the Pope right after the U.S. election – not a day before.
        Then on Tuesday a gentleman called Albert Bourla the CEO of Pfizer sold 132,506 company shares at $41-94 totalling $5-6 million This is perfectly legal under current regulations and covered by his contract.
        Anyone uncharitable enough on here to question this should go and wash their mouth out with soap.- so there.!

        1. huckebein

          “Hunter Biden: What was he doing in Ukraine and China?”
          I wonder what special qualifications the younger Biden had that got him on the board of a Chinese company. Just coincidence that his dad was US Vice President at the time?
          With the current president it’s pretty clear his trade positions throughout and finally his criticism of the “China-virus” can’t make the CCP very happy. See : “China–United States trade war”

      2. torcuatogemini

        “the standard system of registered voters showing up in person to vote”
        LOL! What century do you live in? Are you aware that there are even states (Washington, Oregon, Colorado) where the only option is to vote by mail? Big-scale fraud was so non-existent that even Red Texas couldn’t find any and now they are offering a $1 million reward for anyone who does.
        But yeah, the genius Democrats managed to rig the election in such a way to make Biden win by a margin smaller than all the polls had predicted, while at the same time not taking the Senate and losing seats in the House. Makes total sense.

  1. Peter Lehmann MD

    Yes. I read through the protocol in its entirety as well as the press release. No idea if we were preventing serious cases or mild cases. No information on the cycle threshold of the Cepheid PCR test being used, etc. etc etc. but IT’S A MIRACLE

    1. Jmes DownUnder

      Dr Lehmann, you should know you’re NOT supposed to read through that middle – morass, a.k.a. ‘Trial Protocol’…. and certainly not closely enough to …. heaven forbid – QUESTION anything therein…. Goodness gracious ! – You might conclude that the Trial is designed to succeed.

  2. Peter williams

    “And the timingSir, isn’t it fantastic we managed to coincide our 90%er just when we are about to get a new president! No, no we just got lucky.”

    1. superquag

      Yes Sir, but wait, – there’s more! For all our vaccine customers we have these beautiful wood-handled Steak Knives! Come back in 3 or 4 months for another government-funded jab. And TWO knives !!!!

      1. shirley3349

        Thinking of the London street markets of my youth, I rather miss the more ribald comments from the audience, and the presence of the look-out so the seller has time to clear out before the cops arrive!

  3. delaney02

    Yes. I read through the protocol in its entirety as well as the press release. No idea if we were preventing serious cases or mild cases. No information on the cycle threshold of the Cepheid PCR test being used, etc. etc etc. but IT’S A MIRACLE.

    Would love to know if they are also testing for rhinovirus as a confounder, as it seems to be on the rise worldwide

  4. Leifur

    Thank you! The worldwide news of p f i z e r s 90% ….
    Beutifully displayed as a stagework by Dr Malcolm.
    The stagework is worldwide of the mainstream media news as a saint about to enter and solve all problems.
    Bravo Dr Malcolm !

  5. Marjorie Daw

    If you get injected with the product, wear a mask, socially distance, stay at home and wash your hands, you can prevent 100% of things.

      1. KJE

        Perhaps they all wore burkas as well as or instead of surgical masks. No, they all wore blindfolds, were banned from using mirrors and had to cover their faces in anaesthetic gel and have the amsks applied or not by another person … No. It was observational not an RCT.

  6. Frederica Huxley

    How many doses of unusable Tamiflu did the government get landed with? Alas, I can see it happening all over again. I searched the press releases for any mention of safety, let alone what the vaunted “90%” refers to.

    1. Beverly Lockwood

      Aaah…Tamiflu. Now there’s a blast from the past. I was working in a department that dealt with health at the time. Swine flu. What a farce. They (whoever ‘They’ are) have managed keep the c0v!d farce going for much longer. I get the feeling ‘They’ are now fed up with the slowly, slowly catchee monkee game and have at last gone for the ‘money shot’.

  7. A. American

    Can’t get any better…just perfect.

    Just wish I could call the local Sheriff when the medicine show rolls into town.

    1. Bronwen

      When they mandate it, the sheriff will come on his own. No, he’ll come with his posse.
      This will be the first revolution led by people with grey hair and real, old-fashioned immune systems. And old-fashioned DNA.

  8. Mike smith

    20 billion is a drop in the little pond. 100 billion for operation get everyone’s dna, erm moonshot and a couple of trillion in debt and millions out of work and a bankrupt economy.

    I am confused though. The vaccine is supposedly 90% effective but my own immune system is 99.98% effective ?

      1. Frango Asado

        Which is logical, as all vaccines do is to give the immune system a bit of a nudge and humbly request it to get to work.

        A vaccine is nothing more than an office boy carrying a message.

        1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          “…nothing more than an office boy carrying a message”
          Ha! – That’s my definition of a virus.

          A toxic shock – ie a poison administered to shock an immune response – is part of your office boy – called an adjuvant – it is usually aluminium, but along with it other neurotoxins such as formaldehyde. The lists are not hard to find. Then there are the other ingredients that cannot altogether be filtered out – such as come in from the passaging of viral strains through various animals or cell cultures.

          By all means take the vaccines that you consider necessary or beneficial to your health, but even a cursory research would reveal that ‘nothing more than an office boy carrying a message’ is nothing more than a justification for never looking. And indeed you can say, ‘why should I look’ when the trillion dollar scientific research establishment has already looked for me?’

          I haven’t looked at this particular vaccine – but the new era is moving away from passaging to effect the intentional hijacking of an otherwise boundaried and defended cell so as to replicate the required antibodies. Put a spanner in the works – via the office boy or the army corps.

          1. Jerome Savage

            Vaccines are being promoted now without aluminium or mercury. I hav no idea how credible these claims are.

          2. Martin Back

            The CDC publishes a list of vaccines and their ingredients. Search for Pink Book-Appendix B-Vaccines – CDC

            In the pdf around page 8 search for aluminum and it will highlight the aluminium ingredient. Some have it, some not. For instance, the flu shot contains no aluminium from any manufacturer (but may have thimerosal).

            Two typical entries:

            Human Papillomavirus (HPV) (Gardasil 9)
            amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, sodium chloride, L-histidine, polysorbate 80, sodium borate, yeast protein

            Influenza (Afluria) Quadrivalent
            sodium chloride, monobasic sodium phosphate, dibasic sodium phosphate, monobasic potassium phosphate, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium taurodeoxycholate, ovalbumin, sucrose, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B, betapropiolactone, hydrocortisone thimerosal (multi-dose vials)

          3. anglosvizzera

            This website is useful for checking vaccine ingredients. It also show the “equivalent” in aluminium content from aluminium adjuvants. I calculated that the UK schedule has 4.03mg aluminium injected into a typical child by the time they’ve had the Gardasil vaccine…which isn’t an insignificant amount, considering it’s injected straight into the body and not ingested, the latter giving the body half a chance of excreting it again.

    1. cdandre2010

      I’m pretty sure i know how you arrive at the 99.98% rate for self-immunity but please confirm it for me. Assuming it has something to do with observed infection fatality rates of 0.02%?…

          1. AhNotepad

            Undine2006, 1) I would be surprised if these filters removed fluoride, 2) it is a poorly functioning site as I got a message “The user has made toomany requests in a given amount of time”.

    1. Joe Dopelle

      And you can fool all of the people some of the time (quite a lot of the time, as it turns out).

      And… as the politician’s punch line goes, “That’s good enough for me!”

  9. Jay Williams

    And furthermore, if anything should maybe perhaps go wrong, which we don’t believe for a moment it will, then we cannot POSSIBLY accept any liability whatsoever for any adverse events, suffering or death which may result.
    But … don’t let that put you off folks – it really is a bargain, once in a lifetime opportunity to make sure (well, 90% sure) that no thing happens to you!

    1. Joe Dopelle


      Anyone see any possible inconsistency between these two statements:

      1. Vaccines are perfectly safe and effective, and cannot possibly ever do any harm.

      2. Vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued for damages if their products do harm.

  10. crisscross767

    EFFICACY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    the ability, especially of a medicine or a method of achieving something, to produce the intended result: They recently ran a series of tests to measure the efficacy of the drug.

    ……..According to a press release issued by the two companies, 38,955 trial volunteers had received a second dose of either vaccine or placebo as of November 8. An interim analysis of 94 individuals conducted by an independent data monitoring committee (DMC) found that the vaccine efficacy rate was above 90% 7 days after the second dose. This means that protection was achieved 28 days after the first vaccine dose………….

    So, did about 10% catch a cold?


    Antibodies in Recovered COVID-19 Patients Fade Quickly, Study Says

    “Antibody levels in the blood of coronavirus patients drop quickly after the body clears the virus, according to a new study published in mBio, an open access journal of the American Society for Microbiology.

    …………The research team analyzed blood samples from 31 people recovering from COVID-19 and measured antibodies at 1-month intervals. Overall, the immunoglobulins that neutralize the virus dropped about 6 to 10 weeks after symptoms began. The ability of the antibodies to neutralize the virus also fell during that time…………

    Vaccines to prevent corona viruses appear to be useless.

      1. anglosvizzera

        I think you’ll need a warranty that lasts far longer than 30 days…if the swine flu vaccine is anything to compare it with…

    1. Harry de Boer

      Decreasing number of antibodies is quite normal after most viral infections. Memory cells can ramp up the production rapidly after a subsequent infection.

    2. Joe Dopelle

      Yes, isn’t it wonderful> The perfect product!

      No one can tell whether it’s needed, or when. No one can tell whether it has done any good.

      It costs a huge amount.

      And if it kills you, you have no recourse.

  11. LutesRule10

    I didn’t know the Guardian was the informal PR firm for Pfizer. The article below shows what good little corporate Pfizer citizens they are.
    And they weighed in again today with this gem:
    I love good investigative journalism, don’t you? If swallowing a press release whole and regurgitating it unquestioningly is considered good investigative journalism, then this is a magnificent example.
    Next Guardian news flash: The Easter Bunny is real. Do not question its existence!

    1. gillpurple

      Investigative journalism is, with a few exceptions, as dead as the parrot in Monty Python’s. That’s how the government have managed to get away with some of the nonsense they’ve been peddling (and important information they’ve omitted) which has supported their narrative of fear.

    2. Harry de Boer

      You must have missed the large Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donation to The Guardian for ‘some unrelated matter’. Undubitably not published in The Guardian.

      1. AhNotepad

        Tinkerbell AND EVERYBODY ELSE, be careful when posting or forwarding links. The link you posted contains a faceache identity link


        Remove the part above before using the link, or forwarding it.
        The bit below is all that’s needed, though I don’t know if “?” Is significant.

        If you send the “fbclid” and subsequent characters, this is sent to the 77th brigade and other places so tyrants can see the distribution of the informaion. This applies on blogs, facebook or emails, so YOU ARE BEING TRACKED.

        This is explained on ukcolumn broadcast today 11/11/20

        1. Martin Back

          You can delete the question mark plus everything after it and the link will still work.

          The information tells them how you found the link so they can build up a picture of what leads to what and optimize their algorithms, and also enables them to allocate fractions of a penny commission for attracting your attention so you see any adverts. Let them weep at the failure of their nefarious tracking schemes.

          1. Jerome Savage

            Re your comment Nov. 12, 2020 at 8:07 am
            “thimerosal” is still mercury – is it not ?

          2. Gary Ogden

            Jerome Savage: Thimerosal is ~49% mercury. All multi-dose vials of the various flu vaccines produced in the U.S. contain, as I recall, 25 mcg per dose. If the vial is not properly shaken between jabs, the last few have a whopping big dose. The great majority of those lots of vaccines produced each year (at least 70% of the production run) are packaged in multi-dose vials.

        2. helens939

          Good tip. I saw that in relation to the MHRA Tender they put out in relation to AI software to record data about adverse events expected with COVID Vaccine.

        3. Jennifer

          AhNotepad. Thankyou. I do not recall this item in the Guardian, which I bought daily for the best part of 50 years.
          If the blog is closed down, I will be denied the likes of your prompt. My current worry is the potential threat to free speech/expression in UK.

  12. Trish C

    43,538 in the trial. Half given the placebo, half the vaccine. 94 infections in total, 85 in the placebo arm and 9 in the active arm. So that means 21684 in the placebo arm and 21760 in the active arm avoided infection. How is this convincing? Surely these differences are not significantly different?

    1. Trish C

      And I forgot to say – isn’t it more conceivable that this demonstrates evidence of community immunity in the populations in which the trial participants were going about these daily lives rather than evidence of vaccine efficacy?

    2. Trish C

      And I forgot to say – isn’t this looking more like evidence of some level of immunity in the populations in which the trial participants were going about their daily lives rather than evidence of the efficacy of the vaccine?

    3. Jerome Savage

      Trish – On the good Doctor’s previous blog –
      Simon on November 10, 2020 at 9:18 am
      Calculated an “absolute difference” of risk of only 0.35% – which statistically carries no significance.

      1. Simon

        Thanks for the reference 🙂 Looks like I was paying attention at the back of Dr Kendrick’s classes

        This YouTube video of a presentation he made on “Doctoring Data” explains wonderfully well how the Pfizers of the world conjure up 90% from practically zero

        And ultimately the conclusion is all that we need to know; i.e. if I take this drug/vaccine, will I live longer? And if there is a significant difference, are the side effects worse?

    4. Terry Wright

      Trish: we should cough a little at the mention of “placebo” for vaccine injections:

      …….. the “placebo” for a vaccine; contains all the ingredients of the vaccine; minus the viral remnants; so you get …. the aluminium, the mercury …… all the good stuff ……..

      ……. only drug trials are tedious; and do the “inactive” placebo: …….. how restraining that is ….

        1. Gary Ogden

          Steve-R: In response to legal action taken by ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network), Pfizer was forced to use a true saline placebo, for possibly the first time in the history of vaccine trials.

          1. Phillip Sothern

            Hi Gary.
            I understood from the ICAN Legal Action, that the Saline Placebo was only (legally) required in the USA. In the rest of the world it was Placebo Business as usual.

          2. Steve-R

            So, will we know whether something other than saline was used in the other countries outside the USA? And if yes whether any of the cases in the placebo arm were also in those countries.
            I guess the latitude the volunteer lived in is also of relevance to the study, D3 levels and all that.

    5. Harry de Boer

      So if I calculate correctly, 94-9=85 infections have been avoided in a treatment group of size 21,769 (you said ‘half’), or 100% * 85 / 21,769 = 0.39% effectivity and only 1 month warranty.

      And for this the Dutch Secretary of Health and *cough ‘Care’ says that ‘certain restrictions may apply longer to unvaccinated people’.

      And how is this mRNA vaccine different from inducing an auto-immune disease by definition?
      (Your body producing proteins that trigger the immune system into a response.)

      1. Martin Back

        They aren’t allowed to deliberately infect people. That is against medical ethics. “First do no harm.” So they recruit thousands and turn them loose and wait for them to get infected in the natural course of events.

        You might remember after the first wave there was a fear there was not enough virus around to properly test a vaccine. The second wave has come as a godsend to them.

    1. Harry de Boer

      If the Korean health authorities say the flu-shot is especially needed in times of covid-19, and the American army says that 36% of people who got a flu shot have more severe course of covid-19, then maybe we can infer what are the intentions of these ‘authorities’?

      1. Madge Hirsch

        This is inaccurate. The Amerucan study on veterans which found that those who got flu jabs were more likely to catch corona viruses was done before SARS COV2 appeared and refers to the corona viruses that produce RTIs like the common cold- it may be extrapolated to covid 19 but not with certainty.

        1. AhNotepad

          Madge, so it was done before 2007 was it? When SARS Cov-2 and SARS Cov-3 were both identified. I’ll see if I can find the link.

    1. Jennifer

      Bob. I think a little bit of comic relief is perfectly acceptable. It does not diminish the worry we are all enduring, and normal discussion will resume as it always does on this informative blog. We are being inundated on an hourly basis with contradictory info and eye-popping data, and Dr K has put into words the very topics that me and the family bat to and fro on our Skype calls. Most of us can see right through the numpties and their apparent accumulations of wealth obtained from the taxpayer. Suggestions of how to get out of this health and financial chaos is most welcome, please.
      Who doesn’t love Spitting Image? Yet many of us roared with laughter at the extremely dangerous situation the world is entering now that Trumpy Bumpy is resisting the outcome of the US election.
      I do not know which country you live in, Bob, but the BBC current affairs comedy shows are the highlight of the week in our house, along with a quick visit to the local Coop for fresh cream!

      1. Gary Ogden

        Jennifer: The outcome of the U.S. election is not yet known (and won’t be until January 6th, when Congress tallies the Electoral College votes). but it is clear that a Biden presidency would be disastrous for those of us who prefer to examine evidence and make our own medical decisions. The media has no authority to call a presidential election. In some U.S. states this was apparently a “Chicago-style” election.

        1. Jennifer

          Gary, even if I am being premature…I am more than prepared to wait to have it confirmed that Trump is the loser. I reckon you and I see the world through opposite sides of the political lens.
          I have exceeded my responses for this blog today, especially as this is a medical blog. Trump has lost, and the sooner he admits it, the better for us. My concerns now centre around the political situation in UK, which is very worrying.

          1. Gary Ogden

            Jennifer: I, too, am deeply concerned about the UK (and Australia and New Zealand and France and Spain). I don’t see reality through any sort of political lens, and I don’t consider ideology or political party when I vote. I am a one-issue voter. That issue being the vaccine religion, the censorship of the reality of vaccine injury and the removal of liability from manufacturers, and vaccine mandates. Trump is clearly aware of these issues, and virtually all Democrats ignore or deny them. So Trump is an easy choice for me. And I like him. That the political class hates him is a plus, in my view.

          2. Jerome Savage

            Jennifer I also found him unlikable & irritating but thats irrelevant. The campaign against him from day one has been an onslaught and much of it false. I would also like someone to explain how 130,000 missing ballots can suddenly appear that are 100% Biden.

          3. anna m


            Trump most certainly did not lose, and will not lose if justice and evidence prevail. You may hate him, but we all should not want US elections to turn into an obvious fraud with no future confidence in our elections.
            If you do not see the fraud, it means you are in an information bubble of your own choosing.

  13. Craig E

    A very famous Dr wrote:

    “These things will not bite you, they want to have fun
    Then, out of the box came Thing 2 and Thing 1”

    These two things must have been in the 10 per cent….

  14. spamhelper

    Keeping it cool isn’t a problem, assuming you can just use liquid nitrogen, which is cheap and simple.
    Taking it from liquid nitrogen temperatures up to an injectable temperature without degrading it, now that is going to be a technically challenging and very expensive problem.

  15. Penny

    My OH has just said that the government are trying to make it a criminal offence to criticise vaccines; surely this cannot be true. Is he exaggerating or is he incorrect? It seems appalling to me, surely one should research and debate if there is disagreement. (By the way he thinks that this site is a ‘fringe’ element and totally untrustworthy and that I am naive and gullible to read it.)

    I am very sceptical of the claims of a new vaccine to prevent this coronavirus, it is being rushed through without, imho, proper long-term testing for safety and scrutiny of results. If the 2017/18 ‘flu. season peaked at 140,000 deaths (I think that was what Ivor Cummins stated) why wasn’t there this drastic reaction then? We have never had a 90% effective ‘flu. vaccine before so what is different now? I am happy to be corrected.

      1. AhNotepad

        Mike C, from the link ,

        Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden and Health Secretary Matt Hancock have agreed with social media platforms new measures to limit the spread of vaccine misinformation and disinformation and help people find the information they need about any COVID-19 vaccine.”.

        Is that the same Matt Handcock who many months ago claimed the government had achieved 100,000 tests in whatever time, when most of the tests were counted when they were put in the post, let alone received or analysed. Matthew Handcock is synonymous with misinformation, are they going to take him down?

        1. Madge Hirsch

          The same Matt Hancock who lied about vitamin D in the Commons saying trials had shown it was useless for covid when not trials had actually been done.

    1. AhNotepad

      Penny, this is definitely a fringe site. All the government sites trot out the narrative, this one questions it. The government have answers that can’t be questioned, so they must be right. They never misinform, so if you watch and look closely at the graphs of “cases” and deaths against masks and lockdowns, you can see how truthful and accurate governments are.

      1. Joe Dopelle

        Actually, classic fascism as practiced by Mussolini was defined as a partnership between the state and corporations.

        “Public/private partnership” is very nearly synonymous with fascism.

        The words used to describe something do matter a lot.

        That’s why, when the Americans conducted a Blitzkrieg campaign in Iraq, they called it “Shock and Awe”. Personally, I prefer Blitzkrieg (“Lightning war”) which is shorter, more accurate and more striking.

        1. Gary Ogden

          ellifeld: The CDC has decided not to publish the number of influenza deaths for the 2020-2021 flu season. All ‘Rona all the time. You can’t make this stuff up!

          1. Ken Garoo

            An interactive graphical display of WHO flu specimen submission figures in a time window of choice. Two observations – i) 2009 introduced a massive change of reporting levels and ii) submission all but ceased from week 16, 2020 onwards, even in comparison to the pre-2009 ‘Big Bang’ levels.


          2. Gary Ogden

            Ken Garoo: Thank you for that. Influenza has been vanquished world wide! Time to pop the champagne corks.

          3. Jerome Savage

            Gary, appeard not to be an option to reply to comments at tail end of multiple comments, but maybe for a reason.
            In response to yours Nov. 18, 2020 at 3:27 am thanks for that.
            Can we say aluminium is no longer part of the cocktail ?

  16. Stephanie

    I heard earlier today that healthcare workers in care homes would be close to the top of the list of those to be vaccinated.
    I don’t recall hearing that hospital doctors and GP’s will be getting vaccinated at the start of the programme despite them being likely to come into contact with covid patients. Apologies if I have missed that piece of information otherwise I would ask the question… What do they know that we don’t ?

      1. mand Season

        If the world were suspicious of the vaccine, the politicians would have to take it first and very visibly. The world isn’t wary of it, though, so they don’t need to bother reassuring the world how safe it is.

    1. anglosvizzera

      According to the Daily Mail: “After care homes are inoculated, NHS staff and everyone over the age of 80 will be second in line. Those over 75 will be next in the queue, followed by over-70s, over-65s and high-risk adults under 65 with diseases such as cancer.

      “They will be followed by moderate risk adults under 65 – including diabetics and asthmatics. Over-60s will be next, with over-55s and over-50s the final priority groups. The general population will be last to get their hands on a jab and the JCVI says they will be prioritised based on age or underlying conditions.”

        1. Ken Garoo

          Matthew Hancock is more than welcome to have my jab. Such an important and prestigious individual needs all jabs he can get.

    1. Dan Anderson

      I read 8% and that the CEO of P…..legally sold 5.6 million in stock after it rose today. Looks like insider trading, but not, and seems to me to betting the stock is not going to keep rising, which suggests the possibility the CEO knows something other than the 90%.

      1. Joe Dopelle

        Dan, the legal definition of “insider trading” (in practice) is the use of privileged knowledge to make money *when done by an OUTSIDER*.

      2. ellifeld

        The stock went down yesterday, so the rally only lasted 1 day. The 10% number was not at the end of the day, but at midday. I’d have to back and look but I think it rose higher than 10% at some point.

    2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      During the initial rollout of then new Radio stations, there was such an investment drive in the New Thing – that bogus companies set up to take the money and disappear.
      While the Pharma Corps are not going to do a runner, they can attract taxpayer funding, inflate market value based on false promises that then evaporate under plausible deniability and require further ‘boosting’. Meanwhile the B&M Gates money comes with strings attached, while the tax-payers purse strings are cut.

  17. Carole

    Thank you Malcolm I look forward to your posts and this one didn’t disappoint!!
    It is so sad that the general public are completely taken in by the ‘news’ and are ready to roll up a sleeve as soon as they can.
    I had assumed that the volunteers on the trial would be exposed to concentrated Covid clouds to ensure exposure and therefore reaction or not with and without the vaccination. I suppose subjecting people to essentially gas chambers is not ethical these days…!
    I fail to understand the relevance of letting them continue in their normal community and anticipating they would come into contact with Covid. I’ve been out and about since March and have had no symptoms. Perhaps I should walk around without my mask and a badge saying ‘participating in infection trial’ If I don’t catch anything in 7 days could I claim 100% effectiveness of me and my immunity!

  18. elizabethhart

    In The Telegraph, Sarah Knapton reports “It should be made a criminal offence to spread anti-vaxx myths and the public should report offenders, the Royal Society and British Academy have said amid concerns that baseless fears over a coronavirus vaccine will damage uptake”.

    Who defines what is an ‘anti-vaxx myth’?

    The Royal Society and British Academy apparently say “It should be made a criminal offence to spread anti-vaxx myths”. What sort of criminal offence are they thinking of? With what penalty?

    Will it be a criminal offence to question coronavirus vaccination? Will such questions be censored?

    This coronavirus appears to not be a threat to most people under 70 years, why has there been such a disproportionate response to this virus, grossly disrupting global economies and societies? Why is there a mad rush for vaccine products? Is this the appropriate response to this virus? Has there been any ethical consideration on this matter?

    As far as I can see, Sarah Knapton didn’t provide a link to The Royal Society and The British Academy report in her article. It’s titled ‘COVID-19 vaccine deployment: Behaviour, ethics, misinformation and policy strategies’:

    Those interested in such things should check out Appendix 4 to see who was involved in preparing this report.

    Professor Melinda Mills is the lead author. She’s the director of the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science at the University of Oxford. She doesn’t appear to have any expertise in immunology, viruses or vaccines.

    As a matter of interest, the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science has received £10 million from The Leverhulme Trust, a charitable incorporated organisation initiated by a bequest from Lord Leverhulme. “A committed philanthropist from the beginning, on his death in 1925 Lord Leverhulme left a share of his holdings in his company to provide for specific trades charities, and to offer ‘scholarships for… research and education’. The Leverhulme Trust was established to undertake these charitable aims. In 1930, Lever Brothers merged with Margarine Unie to form Unilever – one of the world’s major multinational companies – and the shares held by the Leverhulme Trust became shares in Unilever PLC.”

    It’s interesting to note that Unilever is a donor to Gavi The Vaccine Alliance. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledged US$750 million to set up Gavi in 1999.

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a key Gavi partner in vaccine market shaping.

    References accessible on the internet:
    – Sarah Knapton. Spreading anti-vaxx myths ‘should be made a criminal offence’. The Telegraph, 10 November 2020
    – About Melinda Mills
    – About the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science
    – Leverhulme Trust – History of the Trust
    – Unilever profile on Gavi The Vaccine Alliance
    – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Gavi The Vaccine Alliance

    1. Dan Anderson

      The key word is MYTHS in “Spreading anti-vaxx myths” or in other words, but able to provide evidence for anti-vaxx claims.

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        Myths are narrative devices.
        We use story or narrative frameworks to make observed data meaningful as human experience.
        Science is an anti-mythic myth – as if we can be eradicated from the acceptance and appreciation of Significance, to reveal truth as an objective and blind control system.
        Excepting even this is a myth.
        We cannot eradicate the subjective, but only bring it to a conscious responsibility so as to make conscious choices to the best of our ability.

        For better and for worse mythic archetypes underlie the human psyche. A surface attention can mask them over – but as with all this shit, denied fears remain active as ‘unconscious bias’ that frames our sense of self and survival in the stories that protect the mask.

        I see the mask disintegrating and again for better and for worse, those who hide in it to run loveless agenda have no ‘where’ to escape to, and like cornered rats are dangerous – and so resort to open coercion and outrageous deceit to keep their mind share of support.

        So I decry the loss of the positive meaning of myth – for people’s held their whole culture – that is how to survive and hold together amidst change and challenge – in oral traditions held in the living generations. We now have an Internet of information that is effectively outsourced to those who effectively own and control the Internet.

        Such the the President of the USA can be censored.
        (But then is he the fool to use twitter to bypass MSMedia and set himself up to be denied a voice?).

        The setting of selective narratives as effectively above scientific revision is the assigning of ‘divine status’ to stop-gap or fig-leaf solutions whose shadow then passes down the generations as an always growing toxic debt.

    2. Trish C

      And how ironical is this quote from that article “These groups are very skilled. They feed on fear, that little grain of truth, and they amplify it.” She could have been referring to most governments around the world…..

    3. mand Season

      I wonder if someone in a higher risk group refusing to be given the vaccine would count as spreading myths. If modelling behaviour is accepted as a method of teaching, then logically it would. Oh boy, I was already looking forward to a long haul resisting a lot of pressure to have the jab…

  19. Sue Richards9n

    You can’t fool us – we know where you’re going with that Thing. But do the scientists know where they’re going? That is the question. I’d guess the answer would be – to the Bank.

  20. paul helman

    I recall that in that penetrating drama “The Bank Dick”
    Og Oggilby observes that he was ” A perfect fool ” to have acted on his future father in law’s advice.
    Responding Egbert Souse points out “Og my boy there is nothing in this world that is perfect!”.
    However ninety percent is close. Of course it needs to be delivered in refrigerated Zeppalines but let us not quibble.

  21. KJE

    Excellent. I even read it with the mental vopices of Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams. But 90% of what and how can you tell, that’s the real question …

  22. Astrogeezer

    But did you know that this amazing ‘thing’ can only be removed from deep freeze 4 times? Then it becomes as useful as a set of
    soup chopsticks. Ah, but my invention is guaranteed to work every single time AND it’s is as cheap as chips (unless you want to enrole me as an anti-virus government PR consultant for a mere 60,000 quid). The secret is to inflate my special rubber thing (also known as a balloon), creep up on unsuspecting guinea pig volunteers, and burst the rubber thing with a huge bang. The shock of the explosion will, in all likelihood, reduce the .participant into a quivering jelly, thereby removing the virus at a stroke (if it doesn’t cause a stroke to the poor hapless volunteer). 50% of the volunteering participants in the 3rd stage of the testing procedure will be given a placebo. In these cases, no balloons will be used, just a whispered “boo”. The first roll-out will be in Liverpool, where Mr Hancock has been invited to administer the sure-fired cure. We wish him God speed and a speedy recovery…….

  23. Chancery Stone

    Doesn’t matter anyway. We’re going to keep having ‘waves’ – what are we on now, the threat of Wave 3, or is it Wave 4? And The Vaccine “isn’t a cure-all”, so we’ll still need lockdown and masks, and, and, and…. But hey, I’m sure The Vaccine will help us through Wave 19 or maybe 20, which will be “worrying new research” about how it attacks the eyebrows and leaves people with paralysed facial expressions, but I’m sure they’ll find a vaccine for that – by the time we get to Wave 32, and counting…..

    1. ShirleyKate

      In one of his blogs quite a few weeks ago Doctor Kendrick used the phrase ‘It’s over’ about Covid 19. Is that still the case? I trust Doctor Kendrick on his opinions about statins, healthy fats etc and I trusted him when he said ‘it’s over’. I don’t have TV or read newspapers so I don’t know much. Tell me someone, is this thing over or not?

      1. Frango Asado

        Until someone qualified replies to your question, Shirley Kate, let me do my best.

        “Is this thing over or not?” Well, to the extent that it was ever “not over”, it is “over”.

        This is a virus which kills about as many of the total population as a severe flu epidemic. But whereas flu tends to affect all ages, Covid-19 is almost trivial except for the old and/or sick. It is often said by those who should know that those under 18 simply do not become ill – ever – and the risk of dying for those under about 60 is equivalent to that of dying in a traffic accident.

        The only people who are seriously threatened are those over 70 or 75, especially if they are already suffering from some serious illness. Obesity and age is a bad combination; also diabetes and age.

        There are virtually no unique signs or symptoms, so you can’t tell by those whether a person has Covid-19, flu, a bad cold, TB or pneumonia.

        And the tests are almost useless. If they say you don’t have the virus, that is probably correct (but not for sure). But if they say you are “positive”, they are quite likely to be wrong.

        1. ShirkeyKate

          Thank you Frango. I’m not overweight nor do I have ‘underlying health issues’ (wtf?) but I turned 80 last July and am not comforted by your statistics, So I’m gonna start lying about my age – although having a 62-year-old daughter doesn’t allow much scope there. Just trying to continue the lighthearted note set by Doctor K.

          1. Frango Asado

            Caution is wise. But I have a strong impression that neither age nor sickness is sufficient alone to be a likely victim. A healthy older person may well be OK, although obviously there is no limit to how sick a younger person can be.

            The figures from Italy, for example, showed that almost all who died (supposedly) of the virus were both over 70 and already seriously ill – many in more than one way.

      2. ellifeld

        it’s over in a scientific way, not political. There’s something called a Gomper’s curve that shows this pandemic is over. In other words there was a peak several months ago of deaths. Since then we have had mostly cases, not deaths. There will be a slight peak not anything like the first one, in the next month or so because of various factors, low vitamin D, people going inside again, conflating COVID with the flu, etc.

    2. Ken Garoo

      If we manage to get to Wave 42, I think we will finally have identified the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.

  24. johnplatinumgoss

    Over 90% was the success rate of one of the flu vaccines in 1998 of which they are now using a variant in schools. The more years people were vaccinated the less successful the vaccine became. That was in the days when vaccines were tested before people got them. I’ve had a go at Hancock in this blog-piece. Quite clearly the taxpayers’ money he is lavishing on clinics is a bribe – but testing it on the elderly first, especially since the virus is almost over is reckless!

  25. Gary Ogden

    Happy days are here again–my comments are finally posting again after three months in darkness! Many thanks, Dr. Kendrick, for all you’ve written since August.

  26. CarolR

    Brilliant as always, Malcolm. Some very good comments here and I would like these companies to tell us about the SAFETY of the vaccine both short and long term. Ha! Ha! That doesn’t seem to be a priority does it? And the answer is….they don’t know.
    BTW, if hand sanitizer (alcohol) and soap kill the virus, couldn’t we just keep washing our hands with soap and have a glass of whisky instead??? 100%!

    1. Frango Asado

      “I would like these companies to tell us about the SAFETY of the vaccine both short and long term”.

      Why would they care, since you won’t be allowed to sue them anyway?

  27. Bev

    Stick to what you know, Dr K. Comedy ain’t your thing. I come here for good, reliable medical information. I go to Monty Python for comedy. Seriously, that post did nothing for me, Sorry. There’s more interesting stuff in the comments.

    1. AhNotepasd

      There’s more interesting stuff in the comments.

      The comments would not be there if were not for the original post

    2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      Oh dear I am probably over three drinks and still driving!

      Doctor Malcolm Kendrick is very qualified to read the ‘news’, statistics and conclusions and deliver an understandable version for others not in the med-speak and math-speak to understand.
      That he chose to do so without deigning to give it such attention is itself indicative of its character or lack of worth.
      In times of tyranny, truth finds the ‘fool’ to speak truth before the king.
      Our pharma kings are naked.
      There is no exit strategy for them, but our subjugation.

      I recognise that different people laugh for different reasons.
      Some laugh at shamed scapegoats getting reviled and ridiculed.
      Others at the recognition of pompous self-aggrandisements that pontificate as if they are not utterly transparent to their folly.
      If those entrusted with power are going to criminalise dissent anyway, they also leave no place to stand in integrity, and if not now, then never.
      There is ALSO interesting stuff in the comments.

      Even if you are a die hard vaccine believer, this whole shenanigan should activate every kind of hazard-alert.
      If you have to change your career Dr K – writing comedy is a string in your bow.
      If playing by all the rules cannot achieve any real change – why not enjoy bringing an honest response to current fruitcakes.

      1. Jean Humphreys

        “Each to their own as the old woman said when she kissed the cow” – so said my next door neighbour. Anyone who even tries to give us a modest chuckle is to be welcomed, in these days.
        Monty Python was supposed to be comedy??! I never knew that one.

  28. Angie

    That was poetic and reminiscent of the movie Rainmaker. Are you playing Bill Starbuck ?
    Say it turns out to have the 90% efficacy, wouldn’t it be more effective to give the vaccine to everyone else rather than the more COVID19 vulnerable people first to reduce the risk of infecting them? I guess that with only 90% efficacy we would not reach herd immunity.

    1. janetgrovesart

      And I’m thinking…maybe vaccinating care home residents first is a jolly good, absolutely spiffing idea, what! They can be our experimental guinea pigs, what! If this largely untested vaccine brings about horrible side effects, well, at least we’ll know before giving it to the NHS staff the public so desperately needs and other useful members of society, like, er…politicians.
      Oh dear, I have become so cynical in my old age. COVID vaccine? They’ll have to catch me first.
      By the way, thank you, Dr. K. for making me laugh. You are a man of many talents.

        1. LA_Bob

          How convenient it is! If an elderly care home resident dies with COVID, it is proof they died of COVID. If the resident dies after the vaccine, well don’t blame me if they were old and ill!

          You may be treading so perilously close to the truth here you could be subject to arrest for spreading “disinformation.”

      1. Jennifer

        janetgrovesart. I totally agree with your interpretation. Following Prof. Van-Tam’s response as to whether he will have the vaccine himself?…he applies the “Mum” test….his mother is in her late 70s and he has advised her to accept the treatment. Reminds me of how I used to preach to student Nurses ” treat the old biddy in the bath, as though she were your granny” Such a meaningless, and possibly dangerous thing to say, if I think about it all these years on. And my GP reassured me several years ago that taking HRT and statins was exactly what their mother took. I was not convinced, and never took the HRT, and ultimately stopped the statins following severe, but unacknowledged side effects . I often wonder how mummy is doing on her regime?
        It is about on the level of the car salesman who always has a close relative who is delighted with the new car he is trying to flog us!
        Oh yes, Prof Van-Tam is being hailed as the perfect story teller that we can all understand. Well, now into my 70s, I can spin a few canny analogies.

  29. Martin Back

    90%!!! WOW!!!! That’s nearly as good as vitamin D!!!!!!

    The Results: Near Abolition of ICU Risk

    The results are absolutely stunning. 50% of the control group (13 people) required admission to the ICU. Only 2% of those in the vitamin D group (one person) required admission to the ICU.

    Expressed as relative risk, vitamin D reduced the risk of ICU admission 25-fold. Put another way, it eliminated 96% of the risk of ICU admission. Expressed as an odds ratio, which is a less intuitive concept but is often used in statistics because it gives an estimate of the effect of the treatment that would be constant across scenarios with different levels of risk, vitamin D reduced the odds of ICU admission by 98%. Either way, vitamin D practically abolished the need for ICU admission.

  30. Carol Waugh

    We have no idea what is in the vaccines. Will there be different recipes for targeted population groups? What is certain is that COVID19 has been a very useful tool for controlling people.

    1. Frango Asado

      It was an entirely different vaccine of course, but the following extract from “A Plague of Corruption” by Dr Judy Mikovits and Dr Kent Heckenlively is enlightening. (Sorry it’s so long, but I wanted to include the whole list).

      “I think one of the major problems with vaccines is that they’re grown in animal tissues and we don’t know what viruses and pathogens are coming back in the needle. A recent inquiry in December 2018 by the Italian lab, Corvela, on the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine Priorix Terta highlights troubling problems that our technology can now uncover but that few seem to have the courage to investigate. Translated from the Italian, the report finds:

      “We have continued the investigation, both chemical and biological, on the Priox Tetra, quadrivalent against measles, rubella, mumps, and varicella. We have found . . . proteobacteria and nematoda worms, 10 other viruses through ssRNA, Microviridae (bacterial or phage viruses) and numerous retroviruses including endogenous human and avian retroviruses, avian viruses, human immunodeficiency and immunodeficiency virus of monkeys (fragments that if inserted into the database detect fragments of HIV and SIV), murine virus, horse infectious anemia virus, lymphoproliferative disease virus, Rous sarcoma virus, alphaendornavirus, hepatitis B virus, and yeast virus…

      “If you eliminate the animal tissue, that leaves aborted human fetal tissue, and I think there are significant moral and scientific issues with what happens on a genetic level when you inject human tissue into the bloodstream. Then you get to the issue of chemicals in the vaccines, like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, and a host of others, and it begins to look like a witch’s brew that would only be given to children in some demented fairy tale”.

    2. Patrick Healy

      Well Carol you can be sure that one of the constituents is provided by that wonderful American “charity” Planned Parenthood which Joe Biden finds so essential – if you get my drift.

  31. elizabethhart

    FYI, see my recent email to Boris Johnson, sent 11 November 2020. Also accessible via this link:

    Dear Prime Minister

    Why has there been such a disproportionate and ill-targeted response to the coronavirus, grossly disrupting global economies and societies?
    Much remains unknown about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including the immune response. Why is there a mad rush for coronavirus vaccine products? This is a massive global experiment underway.
    I fear we are heading towards disaster with this ‘warp speed’ vaccination plan.
    What about the ethical considerations of implementing vaccine products which could seriously impact on people’s natural defences against this virus and others?
    Is it ethical to deny people their opportunity for a natural response to this virus, and to plan to make them dependent on what might be very questionable ‘vaccine-induced immunity’ of unknown duration and adverse effects? Is the aim to make people dependent on the vaccine industry?
    This could be a ‘crime against humanity’ in the making.
    Consider this admission by Heidi Larson, Director of The Vaccine Confidence Project, during the WHO Global Vaccine Safety Summit late last year, i.e.
    “We’ve shifted the human population…to dependency on vaccine-induced immunity…We’re in a very fragile state now. We have developed a world that is dependent on vaccinations”.
    This is a very alarming statement by Professor Larson, particularly with the prospect of other epidemics emerging in the future. We have to learn to deal with epidemics and illnesses as they emerge, it’s not feasible to lockdown the world and plan to vaccinate the global population against every threat. Where has this bizarre and increasingly dystopian response come from?
    Prime Minister, there has been a ‘vaccine’ mindset on this from the beginning, at the cost of considering effective treatments for the vulnerable and sick, and simple preventatives such as vitamin D.
    Why has the response to this virus been so ill-targeted and disproportionate?
    We need an investigation into conflicts of interest in this area of public health policy, including the influence of the World Health Organisation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Gavi Vaccine Alliance, and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).
    The international community must be assured that independent and objective thinkers are carefully considering the way ahead.
    Please see my referenced rapid responses on The BMJ:
    – Is it ethical to impede access to natural immunity? The case of SARS-CoV2. 25 March 2020.
    – Looking at Sweden, COVID-19 and vitamin D… 13 July 2020.
    – Is it ethical to vaccinate children to protect the elderly? 5 August 2020.
    – Why do we need a vaccine for Covid-19? 1 September 2020.
    – SARS-CoV-2 virus – disproportionate and ill-targeted response. 5 October 2020.
    – Covid-19 – “much to gain, by taking vitamin D supplements…” 5 October 2020.
    Elizabeth Hart
    Independent person investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

          1. elizabethhart

            Hi Lesley and Aileen, haven’t gotten round to circulating my letter to Boris Johnson to other UK MPs yet, but will do so soon.
            Sent a letter today to the Premier of South Australia…apparently we have a ‘second wave’ happening, and some restrictions are being re-imposed. I’m asking for transparency for ‘cases’ and deaths, we sorely need an objective and independent investigation of all the statistics being reported around the world.
            Sharing my email for info, think we all need to be asking these questions…

            Dear Mr Marshall, I request the SA Government provide more detail for the coronavirus cases and deaths reported in South Australia:
            What exactly is the definition of a ‘case’? Does it range from someone with a positive test result and no symptoms, to serious illness in ICU? In which case we need a breakdown to properly understand the seriousness of ‘cases’. According to the TGA “The reliability of COVID-19 tests is uncertain due to the limited evidence base” – what does this mean for the quality of testing in South Australia, testing which is resulting in restrictions being imposed?
            According to the dashboard today, two patients are in hospital. On what basis are people in hospital? What is their age, and do they have co-morbidities?
            The dashboard notes there have been four deaths in South Australia. What age were the people who died with the coronavirus, and did they have comorbidities? We need this information to understand the risks.
            It’s important to have this information clarified because the current ramping up of restrictions is causing a great deal of fear in the community – is the entire community at risk? Restrictions are also going to disrupt freedom of movement and association, and the operation of businesses, particularly tourism, hospitality and gyms, we must have the evidence being used to justify these restrictions.
            Information on restrictions published on the ABC advises people to wear a mask where physical distancing isn’t possible. What evidence is the SA Government using to recommend the use of masks?
            To summarise Mr Marshall, I request answers to the following questions:
            1. What exactly is the definition of a ‘case’? Does it range from someone with a positive test result and no symptoms, to serious illness in ICU? In which case we need a breakdown to properly understand the seriousness of ‘cases’. According to the TGA “The reliability of COVID-19 tests is uncertain due to the limited evidence base” – what does this mean for the quality of testing in South Australia?
            2. On what basis are people in hospital? What is their age, and do they have co-morbidities?
            3. What age were the people who died with the coronavirus, and did they have comorbidities?
            4. What is the evidence being used to justify the wearing of masks? Please provide openly accessible sources on the dashboard.
            I look forward to your response.

      1. elizabethhart

        Hi Lesley, I did start circulating my email to Boris Johnson to other MPs, but received automatic replies about how busy they are re COVID etc, so looked like a waste of time.
        And what’s the point really, because the politicians are yielding to the ‘experts’, e.g. SAGE and others.
        Rather than write to politicians, who generally fob people off with form letter responses, I’m writing to academic gatekeepers now, e.g. the Royal Society and British Academy, see this email re conflicts of interest:

        They won’t be keen to respond of course, but might rattle a few cages by raising some matters…

  32. Martin Back

    I know we love to hate the pharmaceutical industry for selling us expensive stuff we don’t need based on dubious statistics, but actually the industry is in trouble. Basically, it is a victim of its own success. Current drugs are already so good that it has become very difficult and expensive to develop better drugs that will replace them before patents expire and the generic manufacturers take over.

    We should not be sur­prised by this. All in­dus­tries and busi­ness mod­els fol­low the Law of Di­min­ish­ing Re­turns, and many in­dus­tries have come and gone through his­to­ry. In fact, the Phar­ma in­dus­try it­self sprout­ed out from the ter­mi­nal de­cline of the chem­i­cals and dye in­dus­try as it was slow­ly com­modi­tized. Out of the ash­es grows the new.

    And there­in lies the on­ly re­al hope for the phar­ma in­dus­try — or at least the com­pa­nies and hun­dreds of thou­sands of peo­ple work­ing with­in it.

    Just as the phar­ma in­dus­try evolved from the chem­i­cals in­dus­try, and the bio­phar­ma in­dus­try has evolved from the phar­ma in­dus­try, the phar­ma and bio­phar­ma in­dus­tries to­geth­er will evolve in­to some­thing quite dif­fer­ent, most like­ly con­tin­u­ing the his­toric trend of in­creas­ing com­plex­i­ty to­wards more com­plex bi­o­log­i­cal so­lu­tions to press­ing health­care prob­lems, such as cell & gene ther­a­py, tis­sue en­gi­neer­ing and re­gen­er­a­tive med­i­cine:

    1. ellifeld

      Many of the newer drugs have been ‘me too’ drugs all along. That is they are no different than the original ones. This has been going on for years and will continue. If the drug companies collapse, which won’t happen in my lifetime, it might be a good thing. They are way too powerful as evidenced by this pandemic, the cholesterol nonsense, the amount of deaths and injuries from medications, the control of media, governments, med schools, associations, etc.

    2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      My pressing healthcare problem is Big Brother’s boot!

      The Many are subjected to a narrative successfully implanted, nurtured and fed upon.
      Rockefeller didn’t invent medical fraud, but he and his ‘philanthropic’ pals made it official as an effectively protected monopoly.
      You don’t need to hate pharma to hold them as untrustworthy.
      Hatred is toxic to the loving and renders cynical and easily susceptible or gullible to being fooled by what you want to be true.
      But have you awareness of the ongoing fraud persistently being found, tried and fined millions for – by the pharma cartel? (Effectively a slap on the wrist as the cost of doing business).
      Pharma did not ‘evolve’. They were generated out of noble lies founded in ancient fears.

      It could be said that a mind set in necessary lies evolves ever more complex means to obfuscate its toxic debt, before leveraging a new basis for the same core agenda as if a ‘reset’. Before a true Reset can renew a true spirit of human endeavour.
      Vaccinating is the idea of doing to yourself before getting hit so as to usurp and replace life with your own version. The use of this as a leveraging of mass sacrifice is the farming of such beliefs by a high priesthood. Medicalising life to invalidate health. Criminalising life to invalidate freedom.

      You are correct that the ability to maintain such a racket – be it pharma or banking or any other form of induced and controlled dependency, is becoming unworkable – in its own terms.
      Perhaps they could retrain in the performing arts or hospitality sector?

  33. Kate Whiteley

    Well I’m not rushing to get this vaccine but my partner, who is 80, says he will asap. I would rather wait and see as a vaccine that has been “rushed out” doesn’t excite me. It will give a lot of people hope though and mentally, in these rather gloomy times, hope is s valuable commodity.

  34. Rodrigo

    I’m confused. Is this the buy one get one free version or the one with free genetic modification or the one where you have to drive 30miles for an eye test?

  35. Paul Goode

    Link below gives full details of the Pfizer vaccine trial, timelines etc. Phase 3 completion is set to Nov 2022. Hancock’s declaration that GP’s should be ready to roll out the vaccine in less than 6 weeks time is foolhardy and or utter lies (again). I will take my chances with the virus. Thanks again Malcolm for a lighthearted spin on this never ending circus.

  36. Jeremy May

    Yackety yackey yackety. It’s all very well us here congratulating Dr K. but we need to get the message out there. But how?? Anything even semi-official will be culled, we need a populist voice. Our mouthpiece needs to be people or organisations who are listened to and worshipped by the majority (brain-dead). So, a couple of ideas who can push our message……..

    12-year-old female Australian nutrition experts who spread their message from a beach on the Gold Coast. We would supply anti-vax bikinis stating no pricks.
    Get Trump to back it. (Better be quick)
    Bake the Message into a Masterchef cake.
    Give an anti-vax T-shirt to the 300,000 ‘celebrities’ who weekly get voted off any number of fabricated reality shows. Message front, centre during whiny interviews.
    Tell Greta Thunberg the vaccine melts the ice caps.

  37. David Cockburn

    Thanks Dr Kendrick for putting this wild claim of 90% into perspective. We all want to be optimistic but Pfizer has a track record of false claims and although it generally pleads guilty and settles FDA legal actions it does so after having made profits from the offending drug far beyond the multimillion pound settlements. All the drug companies do this it is a game and a very profitable one. The published figures are easy to find if you look. I hope we see a great improvement to the medical and economic problems come earlier than we expected but like many of you I will be waiting to surf on the second wave of approved vaccines while watching the sharks have a nibble at far more than 10% of those who do not mind risking the first.

  38. gazzer69

    Just watched the presentation on how the vaccine (s) will be tested and approved, and how safety is all important. 30 minutes allowed for reporters to question the panel…not one asked ‘would this vaccine be compulsory?’ What an indictment of low quality journalism.

    Also slipped in by the Government, a bill allowing retention of fingerprints and DNA of everyone in UK.

    (The Coronavirus (Retention of Fingerprints and DNA Profiles in the Interests of National Security) (No. 2) Regulations 2020)

  39. Nigella P

    Hmmm, this is going to be interesting. My children, trapped in their universities, having crappy online tuition that they could get from OU for £3k per annum, rather than a uni for £9k say they want some company to offer a vaccine that all the nervous nellies can have so that life can return to some semblance of normality. I’m sure that a lot of business owners must feel the same way. They don’t care if it is snake oil or saline, they just want something that will make everyone shut about Covid19.

    Personally, I’m astonished that there is actually talk of using a vaccine on real people in December but we are generally gullible, as Dr K’s very entertaining post shows. Every day the diet and beauty industry play on general gullibility to make enormous sums of money from our desire to believe that their products can make us thin & beautiful!!!!!

    1. Joe Dopelle

      “…having crappy online tuition that they could get from OU for £3k per annum…”

      That’s quite unfair to the OU, whose online tuition is exceptionally good. (Mainly becuse they have been doing it for 50 years).

      1. Nigella P

        I didn’t mean to unintentionally imply that the OU tuition was crappy. The OU are experts in online tuition, most universities in the UK are not.

    2. anglosvizzera

      Just wanted to point out that the OU full-time degree courses don’t qualify for the student loan unless the student has some genuine reason for not being able to attend a “brick” university…so even that isn’t an option for many!

        1. anglosvizzera

          I know about this as my daughter has just signed up for an OU course.

          The link you provided goes to the part-time course, which I had already said IS eligible for a loan. But – the FULL-TIME courses are not, unless you have some kind of medical reason for not being able to attend a “brick” university.

          My daughter and I both had confirmation from the OU themselves and Student Finance regarding this.

    3. AhNotepad

      Nigella. “………general gullibility to make enormous sums of money from our desire to believe that their products can make us thin & beautiful!!!!!

      They worked for me 😂

    4. Her who's still indoors

      Hello, perhaps a little research on the origins of ‘snake oil’ would help you? I use snake oil regularly and prefer it over pretty much anything western so called traditional medicine can offer. 🙏

  40. Martin Back

    Sebastian Rushworth, M.D. discusses a Lancet article. (He is a practicing physician in Stockholm, Sweden. His main interests are evidence based medicine, medical ethics, and medical history.) It was an observational study looking at correlations between various national factors and Covid deaths. Note that vitamin D status was not looked at.

    “The factors that most strongly predicted the number of people who died of covid in a country were rate of obesity, average age, and level of income disparity. Each percentage point increase in the rate of obesity resulted in a 12% increase in covid deaths. Each additional average year of age in the population increased covid deaths by 10% . On the opposite end of the spectrum, each point in the direction of greater equality on the gini-coefficient (a scale used to determine how evenly resources are distributed across a population) resulted in a 12% decrease in covid deaths. All these results were statistically significant.

    Another factor that had an effect that was significant, but more weakly so, was smoking. Each percentage point increase in the number of smokers in a population was correlated with a 3% decrease in covid deaths.

    The authors found no correlation whatsoever between severity of lockdown and number of covid deaths. And they didn’t find any correlation between border closures and covid deaths either. And there was no correlation between mass testing and covid deaths either, for that matter.”

    1. a

      I think it is high time we stopped pretending that any of this nonsense has anything to do with public health or science. There is obviously an agenda.

      1. AhNotepad

        Er, some of us haven’t been pretending. We just get slapped down and are accused of misinformation at best, even on this blog.

  41. Tish

    Indeed Jeremy!
    A good start would be to succeed in educating people about the testing falsehoods. Then their suspicions should grow for the vaccines and all other THINGS. They would become aware that our country is not a cosy civilised place just because we’ve avoided another war here. They might even take notice of the cholesterol con and all.
    But for this to happen the media has to wake up and acknowledge its guilt. They are the important people, the ones that matter such a lot.

  42. David Bailey


    Sorry but I guess I am not feeling very light-hearted about the current situation.
    I suspect this is an announcement that will be used to justify a longer lockdown, leaving the country utterly ruined at the end of it.

    From what I have read, this isn’t a vaccine in the conventional sense, but something that uses a genetic engineering trick to insert a gene for the spike protein directly into the human genome – into our DNA. I’d really appreciate reading either a confirmation or plausible counter-argument from you – indeed I was waiting for you to respond with all your usual detail.

    I mean, might this not end up causing auto-immune diseases because all sorts of tissues would start expressing the spike protein gene?

    Also, would young people given this vaccine end up with this in their germ cells?

    1. AhNotepad

      David, none of the present situation is conventional, accurate or relevant. Claire Edwards was arrested, presumably for misinformation, but far more truthful than the pathetic utterances of the UK health Secretary hancock, so why is he not sectioned?

      1. David Bailey


        What do you make of Claire Edwards’ statement?

        What makes me suspicious, is her use of very naive scientific language. Thus she repeatedly refers to the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This gives me the impression that she, or whoever wrote it, didn’t know that electromagnetic radiation can mean anything from all types of radio waves, through heat energy and light, to hard gamma radiation.

        Presumably she means the frequencies used for 5G, but if so, why not say so?

    2. Steve-R

      This is an explainer of the different type of vaccine and delivery systems.
      I think I get it, and the toss up is between two mRNA delivery systems, a chimpanzee adenovirus vectored one like the AstraZeneca virus and a lipid shelled nano mRNA encapsulated one like the Pfizer one.
      It is thought that there are fewer hiccups possible with the encapsulated type than with the adenovirus type as even though the adenovirus is from chimps there could be cross immunity and delivery system will fail.
      On the other hand I would be grateful if anyone could explain to me how the lipid shell encapsulated mRNA gets into the cell to highjack its production mechanisms to produce SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins and how those then express on the cell surface. This sounds like an area that needs careful study – perhaps by those researching exosomes – because there could be implications long term for cell signalling.
      Thank you in advance ‘team’.

      NB it is still highly suspicious that this spike protein based method could get off the ground so quickly after the disease appeared and before whole-virus isolating and sequencing to enable careful selection of targets that wouldn’t risk auto-immune as a long term unintended consequence.

        1. Gary Ogden

          Steve-R: The paper you linked to begins, “mRNA vaccines elicit a potent immune response. . . ,” and ends with, “. . .and as needed, can be codelivered with adjuvants.” This doesn’t make a great deal of sense, since the entire purpose of adjuvants is to elicit a potent immune response to vaccines too weak to do so by themselves. In which case this combination may produce a super-duper, ultra-massive immune response, I suppose. In any case, as far as I know no mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed, so this scenario is entirely speculative. I stand by my prediction that the mRNA ‘Rona vaccines will be a spectacular failure. But not until they do great damage to the guinea pigs upon whom they are inflicted.

  43. Tish

    Anger is warranted, but so is humour because it’s getting more and more like Alice in Wonderland:
    “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

  44. gill.waters01

    Dear Dr Kendrick

    Just ninety percent? Can we not be one hundred percent certain of the uncertainty of all things Covid and the potential to market a very lucrative solution?

    Your blog is fantastic and I guess we should not roll up, roll up any time soon – and certainly not roll-up our sleeves just yet.

    In a world where there is free flow of misinformation, please continue to keep us informed. Just as soon as you are prepared to have your vaccine, we will all follow …

      1. Martin Back

        You could ask them for data. Although I imagine if they see the name “Kendrick” they might flee in terror rather than be helpful.
        Pfizer will provide access to individual de-identified participant data and related study documents (e.g. protocol, Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP), Clinical Study Report (CSR)) upon request from qualified researchers, and subject to certain criteria, conditions, and exceptions. Further details on Pfizer’s data sharing criteria and process for requesting access can be found at:

        Incidentally, I note from the same website one of their trial sites is at Karl Bremer hospital here in Cape Town. I have asked our local radio station to try and get some information on how the trials went.

        1. Steve

          Ha, so when they said all the participants were healthy people, what they meant was healthy people who just happened to be in Hospital ?

      2. Kevin O'Connell

        I (Moderna) will see your (Pfizer) 90% and raise you 4.5%. Who will see* my 94.5%?
        *Poker sense. obviously, you’re not going to see my hand (data).

    1. Joe Dopelle

      That article from “The Hill” is a fine example of completely vacuous cheerleading based on the prospects of lucrative sales. It contains not the slightest shred of medical or scientific evidence. It couldn’t, because there is none.

      Given a choice, I will be standing beside Dr Kendrick crying out that the Emperor has no clothes; not among those admiring how beautiful, costly and finely crafted those clothes are.

      Wikipedia describes “The Hill” thus:

      ‘The Hill is an American news website, based in Washington, D.C. which began as a newspaper publisher in 1994.[2][4] It is owned by Capitol Hill Publishing, which is owned by News Communications, Inc.

      ‘Focusing on politics, policy, business and international relations, The Hill coverage includes the U.S. Congress, the presidency, and election campaigns.[5] On its website, The Hill describes its output as “nonpartisan reporting on the inner workings of Congress and the nexus of politics and business”‘.

      Hardly a reliable source for medical or scientific information.

      1. JDPatten

        Shoot the messenger??
        Even the egregious FOX concedes. (Politics only as metaphor.)
        This is far from done. Lets talk about news when there’s actual real-world news.

  45. Dr. John H

    Big Pharma insider, Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP has become a whistleblower on the COVID lies:

    “There are in & around our government many guilty men. I wish them all poor sleep, a restlessness which will never leave them, an inability to look themselves directly in the mirror, that hollow feeling when they lift a grandchild”

      1. Dr. John H

        Wow! I posted a link in both previous posts to Dr. Yeadon’s twitter page, and both times wordpress deleted/censored it!

        Go to twitter and search for “Yardley Yeadon”.

        1. AhNotepad

          For simpletons like me, it’s really difficult trying to read twitter comments to make up a comprehensive picture. If I hadn’t heard podcasts of Mike Yeadon I couldn’t tell what his position is. Is that what any politician who was attempting to be more informed would see as well? If so, I think twitter is a total waste of time.

  46. helens939

    Might be snake oil but more worrying that the Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency have put out a tender for AI software to record adverse events expected with Covid19 vaccine.

    1. Joe Dopelle

      I’d be more confident if there were the least sign of natural intelligence.

      You do not put out a requirement for an AI application. Because AI is a means to and end, not an end in itself. Software experts will decide whether an AI approach is useful or not.

      And by the way, there is no such thing as “artificial intelligence”. It’s a marketing slogan, which is used to flog some fairly basic software such as rule-based systems. There are also learning systems, but they have distinct limitations and must be adopted with great care and full awareness of their potential downside.

  47. Tish

    On a positive note: our plumber has just said that he goes into a lot of houses and finds a very significant number of people who are doubting what is going on. Let’s hope the false test results don’t change their views.

    I’ll shut up now as I think I’ve had my day’s blog allowance😔

    1. AhNotepad

      Tish, I find that too, people think it’s a bit far fetched, then they sometimes go on about they are being careful and keeping their distance and wearing a mask. Sometimes it seems they are not doing their own thinking.

      1. Tish

        Yes, AhN. It’s understandable that working people who are supporting families will think hard about the consequences to them of whistle blowing or even speaking out against what is happening. (Our plumber was told by a member of the public that it would be seen to that he’d lose future work for working during the initial lockup.) But retired people are not in this category and I find it all the more shameful that they won’t think for themselves. As a group, we the retired, seem pathetic and selfish. What has happened to logic? What has education to say about our shortage of it?

        1. AhNotepad.

          If we could have the name of “the member of the public” we could suggest they looked at the history of WW2 and found out what happened to collaborators.

  48. Steve

    The rather large elephant in the room remains, “how much will this cost the NHS Budget ?”
    10 Million doses, initially, for the UK (300M for the EU). Then there’s the cost of storage, distribution, actual inoculation, staffing, ….
    North of £150 Million I would guess.

    1. Frango Asado

      On the other hand, if you are the health minister or an NHS administrator, it is certainly the easiest way to go. None of that boring old listening to symptoms, diagnosis, prescribing, seeing patients over and over (or, God forbid, even house calls!), hospital admission, tests, operations, convalescence and so on.

      No – just give everyone a shot in the arm and then go and play golf. If they get sick they must be malingering, as the vaccine infallibly cures all ills. And if they die, well at least no one can blame the vaccine.

      Literally: no one is allowed to blame the vaccine; and if they do, you can ignore them. Because you are legally exempt.

  49. Martin Back

    One problem with using saline solution as the placebo is it becomes easy to spot who got the vaccine — they are the ones who complain of soreness in the arm, itchiness, slight fever etc. So is it really a blinded RCT?

    Trials are being carried out at 154 different locations, mostly in the US but a few in other parts of the world as well. Presumably local laboratories are used to do the RT-PCR tests. You have to wonder how many positive tests are actually false positives. Or how many testers see a wink from the researcher and give the placebo sample 40 cycles instead of 35 to boost the apparent effectiveness of the vaccine.

    1. Joe Dopelle

      Following up your observation, Martin, I wonder whether the concept of a “placebo” can even be applied to vaccine trials.

      Traditionally, medicines are tested on patients who are actually sick. A medicine that seems to help most patients get better is considered to have done well. Placebo can be used in such cases, as it should make the patient neither better nor worse.

      With vaccines, two important things are different.

      1. The subjects (not really patients) are not sick at all. The object of a vaccine is to prevent healthy people from becoming ill at some indefinite time in the future. Therefore the success of a vaccine is hard to evaluate.

      2. A traditional placebo, as Martin points out, cannot serve its purpose in a vaccine trial as its lack of immediate side-effects is fairly obvious.

      Using a different potentially harmful vaccine formula instead of a placebo serves no useful purpose and instead exposes subjects to additional risk of harm.

  50. Hamish Soutar

    Am I right to suspect that Pfizer have announced a phase II result by selecting a subset of early phase III data chosen specifically to give the desired result? Sorry, I have no evidence of this as Pfizer haven’t published it. Guess I’m wrong then.

    1. AhNotepad

      JDP you make frequent demands for a blog tailored to your subject requirements. Perhaps you need to look or specialist providers to avoid the continued disappointments. It would be less stressful surely?

    2. Joe Dopelle

      Dr Kendrick does not work for us. He posts his excellent and instructive articles free, gratis and for nothing out of the kindness of his bountiful heart.

      I think we should appreciate his work and not look a gift horse in the mouth.

      1. JDPatten

        This particular gift was the easy left-handed dismissive theater that I referred to above, played, it seems, for a particular audience.
        The good doctor’s intellectual pursuits are far more rewarding than his artistic ones – – – except, perhaps to the anti-pretty-much-everything following he seems to have accreted. A particularly exclusive group.

        So, now, thumb me down if you like. I’ll be proud, in these circumstances, to rack up a huge number.

        1. Gary Ogden

          JDPatten: Truth is just as likely to be found in humor as in ordinary prose or the driest of scientific tomes. What Dr. Kendrick has written here is just a truthful as everything else he has written over the years. Lewis Carroll? Great truth there. P.G. Wodehouse? Same. George Carlin? Ditto. Scott Adams? Also. Monty Python? Yup. An exceedingly small list, but you get the drift. What on Earth does “against everything” mean? If it means being against being taken for fools by dangerously incompetent governments, count me in. This blog post is a delightful breath of fresh air.

          1. JDPatten

            Hi Gary,
            I was worried about you and those California fires. Y’OK?

            By Malcolm’s own admission, there are no data whatsoever to go on. To “go on” meaning what? Make decisions concerning reliability? Unreliability? It works both ways.
            Wait for the data. (Agitate for getting it if need be!)
            Examine the data.
            Only then decide accordingly.
            This “90%” has been dismissed as bogus out-of-hand. Not like the good Dr. in his usual clear approach. Sure, humor has its place. Perhaps – even likely – the “90%” claim comes from hubris, but we don’t know that yet. This concerning time is too precariously balanced to laugh at. Yet.

            How many commenters here might you characterize as basically positive in outlook as opposed to being entrenched in a reactionary negativity – perhaps without even realizing it.
            Go through the comments. Categorize for yourself.
            Categorize yourself.

          2. Gary Ogden

            JDPatten: Seems the fires are under control as the weather has cooled and they have burned themselves out. We were largely unaffected here except for weeks of thick smoke. The largest of them, and the largest in California history, took my former home (wish I’d never sold it, as my heart is still in the Sierra Nevada), and the local general store, which had stood since 1903. While periodic fire is a normal and essential part of most ecosystems, these catastrophic fires are not normal at all, and are the result of more than a century of forest mismanagement, allowing the massive buildup of fuels. As for categories, I try my best to resist them, but I often forget that humility is as essential as skepticism, and confirmation bias an ever-present danger to understanding what is likely true and what is not. Must keep kicking myself in the butt to remind me of that. This comment thread, and all the others on Dr. Kendrick’s blog, are a great help. It is mostly discourse of a fruitful nature, which has become uncommon in today’s world.

          3. Gary Ogden

            JDPatten: Yes, indeed. We’ve seen all of this this year. I would say we’ve done way to much “don’t just stand there, do something,” and not nearly enough “don’t just do something, stand there.” I think we’ve invested far too much authority in institutional control over medical decisions by bureaucrats with MD’s and PhD’s (and far worse, politicians), and not enough in actual working doctors who treat patients. Most of them we can and should trust. But we must do our own research, as everyone here has done.

  51. Ken Garoo

    I found this article about covid vaccines in Israel highly intrguing.

    Sputnik V to Be First COVID-19 Vaccine Presented for Registration in Israel

    “Since we know that all [Russian] trials are being conducted in a correct manner, per the standards, we have requested all information on the vaccine to present it to the Israeli Health Ministry to register the vaccine in Israel. The Russian Sputnik V vaccine is the first vaccine to be presented for registration in Israel”, Rotstein said.

    Ah, but what about the other vaccine trials? Are they not being conducted in the correct manner? Maybe the UK sould sign up. I bet it is less costly and no less efficacious.

  52. Jeremy

    I would urge you all to listen to this interview:

    “Professor Bhakdi is a Thai-German specialist in microbiology and co-author of Corona, False Alarm?: Facts and Figures.”

    1. Frango Asado

      A really superb interview. Professor Bhakdi is very soft-spoken and polite – he is also well into his 70s, although he doesn’t look it – but even he sometimes gets angry when talking about the iniquitous things that governments have done.

    2. David Cockburn
      Bhakdi is correct with his summary of roughly how viruses and vaccines work but he underestimates the death rate of this new virus – if you open the above link and scroll to the green box which is an excel spreadsheet – open the spreadsheet and click on the page at the bottom marked weekly deaths 2020. When doctors issue a death certificate they are obediently totalled up here by civil servants and you will see that in April the weekly death rate doubled for for four weeks running when compared to the weekly average rates for the previous five years. These were obviously mostly Covid. This rate then subsided during the summer as expected during lockdown and increased when opening up until the most recent week ended 23rd October when the rate increased by about 1,000 per week and will continue to show a rise until the current lockdown kicks in. These figures are more informative on the progress of the virus rather than bogus testing and vaccine data.
      The NHS is being protected by government at all costs, these costs have included old peoples deaths and economic disaster. It has understandably been the only option to avoid chaos and civil unrest but has been unpopular. Testing is useless as there is no proper isolation and contact tracing. The virus is out of control and is only affected by stop go lockdowns. Over the next year or so vaccines though mostly ineffective will encourage a return to normal behaviour and tolerance of the inevitable higher death rate. So relax and if fit and healthy and under 65 count your blessings.

      1. KJE

        I don’t agree with your analysis or conclusions. You say “as expected during lockdown”. Surely it’s the fact that it was Summer and there were changes in air humidity (and vit D) levels that should have made us expect a reduction. Esp since stats show that there is no correlation between lockdowns (or any other non-medical interventions) and number of actual illnesses. I don’t think the “numbers” started to rise until the govt encourage mass testing of people with no symptoms, although you’d expect them to rise at the start of the usual flu season – happens every year. Yes, I think govt will keep on doing totally ineffective stop-go lockdowns until there are no small independent businesses left and unemployment is over 5 million – then the other lot will get voted in and do the same thing again until we become a third world country. The best way to stop “cases” would be to stop testing people without symptoms who don’t need to be in hospital, and to improve general immunity with good diet and vit D – why is it “safer” to eat a junk food takeaway than a good home-cooked meal with friends? The best way to lower the number of deaths would be to use good treatment protocols like MATH+ and so on. I don’t think the virus is “out of control” or any different from any other flu type illness in degree of spread. I don’t think that current policy is or will prevent civil unrest as more and more businesses are destroyed – and the NHS is supposed to protect us, not the other way round. I think it’s a ploy to show the NHS as ineffective so more health care can be privatised. Viruses don’t go away (except possibly smallpox) and we just have to learn to live with them

  53. The Common Man

    X = Money.

    The things I do for X.

    X marks the spot.

    Sometimes, X is used to mark other spots different than the real spot.

    Sometimes, the Map where X is to be put is broken. Electronic things tend to break down easily. I use too many unreliable electronic things. I do it for X.

    I am the Common Man. I breath X. I eat X. I dream X. I will do and not do anything for X.

    I, the Common Man, know what is coming. It is a moral tragedy. I hope it is only moral and does not involve physical pain or death.

    I see an old lady living alone with a cat. She depends on her pension. She has no use for the Product because it will not teach any sort of defence to her immune system. She will be threatened with the revoking of her pension if she does not “willingly” accept the intervention. You see, she must accept freely the intervention, or it would look bad.

    It does not matter whether this is legal or not. Law does not exist in an “emergency”. Along with the law I, the Common Man, have also thrown away reason, common sense, proportion, logic, science, human rights. All these old spooks are impeding progress.

    I must do anything to achieve progress or I will not get X.

    The product will be used no matter what. If something goes wrong, in any sense of the word, it will be my fault. Who is not guilty? Politicians, Bankers, Owners of Insurance companies, Finance people in general, Medical doctors, academics, Ph.D.’s of the Biosciences, Philosophers and Intellectuals, Scientists in general, Judges, Legislators, Attorneys, Defense Lawyers, Policemen, Journos. Anyone with any degree of responsibility will not have any responsibility. Whatever happens. All will be my responsibility. I am the Common Man, I have no voice, I have no choice, but I take solace in the existence of X.

    I am not being coerced. I am not being abused. This is normal. This is fine. Everything is great. It was my fault from the start. Before it started it was already my fault.

    I am so guilty of everything.

    Thank you, my Dear Gods, for saving me.

    I am so stupid, and evil and bass.

    I, the Common Man, am a great sinner. I am totally different from the Leaders, who are incapable of doing anything wrong. If they were not perfect, they would not be Leaders. They would be just like me, a mere Human Being, full of errors and vices.

    My Dear Gods, what would be of me if not four your gracious protection!

    Just in time!

    I do not deserve this good you are making.

    Thank you all. You had no obligation to help me, and yet, I will receive your salvation. Thank you!

    Please, bring more X and take as much X from me as you need. Help yourselves. Not a problem at all.

    What a great Year to be alive!

  54. thepeoplesfiend

    It would seem our immune systems wasted thousands of years worth of time evolving the ability to see off viruses. Six months would have been sufficient. The rest of the time should have been spent evolving the ability to issue press releases.

  55. Eric

    Am I the only one feeling that this blog is becoming a self-contained echo chamber? One should think that we would want to seriously discuss gaps and alternative explanations of the data and stories that have become public, but that is not what this is about any longer.

      1. Eric

        Thank you for underscoring my point. Now how long have you been a here? I don’t recall ever having seen you post before Rona came along.

          1. Eric

            Well, I thought it a bit rich to ask me to let myself out if he hasn’t been here long or posted much. Had something of a takeover.

        1. paul

          You are undermining yourself here.

          If posts are made in bad faith, refute them.

          Do not judge by frequency, but by pertinence.

    1. David Bailey


      It always gets my back up when people criticise others in such an oblique way that nobody quite knows what the issue is.

      Perhaps you should choose a piece of relevant data and show us all how to analyse it better.

    2. LA_Bob

      I’d like to say a word in defense of Eric.

      Eric provides an “inconvenient” perspective (inconvenient for people who disagree). He presents it politely and supports it with evidence. Isn’t that what we should expect from people?

      I generally believe the current approach to the COVID pandemic is wrong, which puts me on the side of the Great Barrington Declaration, Malcolm Kendrick, Petro Dobromylskyj (“Peter” of the Hyperlipid blog), Lockdown Sceptics, and a host of other thinkers. But, even if I had real expertise in the medical field, I would not imagine for a moment that I know it all, because I don’t.

      Since I don’t seem to have metabolic syndrome, it is easy for me to believe I’m unlikely to catch a bad case of COVID. And since I haven’t caught any case of COVID so far, it’s a little too easy for me to feel smug. But, I can also be of two minds, and I confess I felt a little weird back in March (before the lockdowns and mandates) walking through a store unmasked while many around me were all covered up.

      So, I can’t understand being hard on Eric. Remember, at some point he might just find the critical paper or piece of news that makes the open-minded among us say, “Oh, damn, that’s not good.”

      1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

        Yes, I really appreciate the comments of people who are critical of my position and who question other views put forward. I most certainly do not want an echo-chamber. So, please do not get put off Eric.

        1. Jennifer

          Dr Kendrick. I don’t see this blog as an echo chamber. People use ‘echo chamber’ as a derogatory description for views that disagree with their point of view. However, there does seem to be a number of antivaxxers airing their views here, even before Covid. .Will that put this blog at risk if laws come into effect that may interpret such views as bad science?

          1. AhNotepad

            People use antivaxxer as a derogatory term for people who are pro-immune system support, despite the pro vax lobby being more of a voodoo cult. Vaccines are designed to hyper-stimulate the immune system, and in doing so can cause damage. This is ok though, as vaccines are safe and effective.

          2. Jennifer

            AhNotepad. I presume to be neither pro nor anti vaccines, and as such I am a strong believer in some (e.g.measles) and a sceptic of some( e.g. Influenza). I like to consider issues from all sides, which this blog provides. The point I was asking Dr Kendrick concerns whether any new laws, as being considered in UK at the moment, would shut down the blog, and then we would all be losers.

          3. thepeoplesfiend

            A study purporting to demonstrate statin side effects to be 90% in the pretty little heads of those suffering from them is now making headlines. So watch out Doctor K, statin sceptics could be next in line for the censorship-in-the-name-fact-checking treatment. As such, I intend to read widely on the topic, to get a range of views while I still can, before only the official line is available.

    3. paul

      I wouldn’t worry too much, I made one of quarterly comments about a year ago, and a self appointed blogleiter demanded me to me to explain my right to do so.

      As the original post was fashioned around the film ’12 angry men’ I chose to recall the extreme persecution of one of the actors and his recollections.
      As the author of this blog seems to have a 90% clinical/10% discussion of the problems of dissidence, I thought it appropriate.

      As far as I know, the blogleiter’s complaints were overlooked.

      We all run into these people, but they are irrelevant compared to the majority of thoughtful people that contribute here.

      1. Mr Chris

        Paul, Éric
        The expansion of the number of replies and the influx of new commenters, mean that I don’t find there is a payoff in reading every comment in full. My strategy is to look who wrote it and read the first three lines. There is lot of echo chamber, and axe grinding. Nobody obliges me to participate, so I don’t.

    4. Eric

      Well, I’m glad we got that discussion started. While there is at least a little signal to be found in the noise of comments to other blog articles, my feeling was that in this particular comment thread, there was close to zero discussion about facts and scientific theories going on, which prompted me to write about the echo chamber.

      I wish that “inconvenient” data posted in other threads would give rise to more serious discussion, because this is what is needed to refine theories or discard them and come up with new ones.

      The most glaring discrepancy that needs explanation is why we keep seeing those surges in places that should by all rights have herd immunity. I used Dr. Sebastian Rushworths assertion that Stockholm should be immune but is now seeing a huge increase in cases (not just PCR, but also hospitalizations).

      Maybe this example is even more compelling:

      Nearly 50% of Tokyo employees hat aquired antibodies by end of August, but Tokyo is seeing a second wave right now. Why?

      1. Mr Chris

        Good questions. The answer that was used is that the second surge was because more tests were done, but if hospitalisations have equalled or passed the spring figures, this cannot be so. As for your remark about discussions and comments, yes I agree but see no solution, since there is clearly gold in the dross

        1. Jan

          Just saying, positive tests could be false so is it really the second wave we are being asked to accept? Looking hard to see the data for the vaccine claims but on the trials web site looks like they are still recruiting so just how many people did get the vaccine? How many a placebo and what type e.g. true placebo or another vaccine?
          Still can’t understand why a carer can see a resident close up but relatives can’t. And as for the impact on the environment of so much more plastics waste. We have gone mad at work with PPE, changing PPE, even when all pts negative. Oh but the protection of the magic plastic pinny…. I saw a cartoon doing the rounds, this xmas kill a turkey and invite 40 people to the funeral. It is all so sad, really. So much heartache for so many hardworking people who have lost jobs.

  56. Astrogeezer

    Looks like a two horse race. British (and proud of it!) AstraZeneca and those German Pfizer ‘things’ (boo!). We all know British is best don’t we? So let’s all hope AstraZeneca wins. It’s cheaper, more of it, doesn’t need deep freezing, supports our Oxford University, works better (ha ha ha) and there’s no UK government backhanders (not much there isn’t!). Why, we should all be grateful to Boris, Matt, Cummings, Vallance, The man-who-never-blinks Whitty (now there’s a misnomer if ever there was one) and all those other good folks looking after our health interests without any thought for themselves (snigger, snigger). Suspicious? Who me? Smell a rat? What ever gave you that idea?.

  57. Paul Goode

    It is hard to believe that the government intend to start a mass rollout of the Covid vaccine before Christmas. Take a look at the history of Pfizer, including the many lawsuits and subsequent claims for injury as a result of taking their patented drugs. Have a look at the link below.

    What could possibly go wrong!?

  58. le pierre

    It’s rubbish like that which can give this invaluable web site a bad name. If I were in charge, I would excise this sort of BS.

    1. AhNotepad

      le pierre, excellent authoritarian attitude. Unfortunately you are not in charge, so you will have to deal with the stress of gnashing teeth caused by the frustration of not being in control.

    2. Joe Dopelle

      For a start – rubbish like what? You don’t say whether you are speaking of the article itself or one of the 350 other comments.

      I find it hard to believe you could be referring to the article. It’s very funny; it’s wickedly satirical; and (last but not least) it was written by Dr Kendrick, who owns the blog and is your virtual host. Good manners alone should forbid your describing his work in such disparaging terms.

  59. Martin Back

    Kevin McKernan has done PCR for 25 years. In a twitter thread he says the following:

    PCR doesn’t count infectious virus. It counts RNA molecules which can be from live or dead virus.

    Initial infections contain lots of live virus but as you clear the virus the Live-dead ratio shifts more towards the dead.

    Jaafar et al. showed that Cqs after 33 were mostly dead.

    Due to many diff qPCR tests in the market , one cannot simply lift Jaafar et al equation onto your test but its an important data point.

    The majority of the time a patient is qPCR positive (<40Cq) is the tail end of the disease where the virus is shedding and more dead than alive RNA.

    These poor folks are quarantined, track & traced, medical privacy violated, constitution nullified and shamed from society. But this creates a lot more testing volume!

      1. Gary Ogden

        AhNotepad: Yup. I found it funny as hell, but to each his own. I think Dr. Kendrick does have a wicked sense of humor. Rather the opposite of Angus McCallister.

        1. Joe Dopelle

          One of the reasons it is so funny is that it contains a heavy payload of truth. We resent being tricked, deceived and exploited; and to see those who do it being mocked feels really, really good.

        2. Joe Dopelle

          Dr Kendrick’s style of wit is called “pawky” in Scotland. “Drily humorous; sardonic”. Those who don’t understand irony may find it confusing.

          (I think “pawky” may derive from Spanish “poco” meaning “little”, implying dry or mild humour that isn’t obvious).

  60. crisscross767

    UK: Leaked documents

    Leaked emails seen by Good Law Project reveal that the Government suppressed an official report showing that one million rapid antibody tests it purchased from Abingdon Health were not fit for purpose.

    The purchase of these tests has been shrouded in mystery, but what we’ve uncovered from the leaked emails lays bare serious failings in Government procurement…

    The Government supported the creation of the UK Rapid Test Consortium (UK-RTC) back in April. The idea was that the companies and institutions involved, including Abingdon Health, would create a rapid antibody test. On 2nd June, Government awarded a contract worth £10million to Abingdon Health for the materials needed to produce the test. On 14th August, they handed Abingdon another contract worth a staggering £75million.

    But in choosing to spend these vast sums, Government seems to have ignored widely held concerns that these tests were not fit for purpose. The £75million contract was awarded without competition and on the basis of profoundly flawed research………………..

    1. Martin Back

      “The first 4 COVID-19 vaccine developers with published clinical trial data all used either a non–replicating adenovirus or mRNA platform. The US government is betting on some of these new technologies. Under the auspices of its Operation Warp Speed vaccine development initiative, it has already purchased hundreds of millions of doses of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, mRNA-1273, BNT162b2, and an investigational non–replicating viral vector vaccine in early trials from Johnson & Johnson–owned Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, as well as other candidates. Doses should be standing by if or when any of these are approved.”

      One wonders how many hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine will sit in warehouses unused because they failed their trials. I hope they get destroyed in a safe manner. I really hope they don’t get sold off in bulk to unscrupulous middlemen who in turn resell them to impoverished or corrupt countries.

  61. elizabethhart

    See this report about Sweden in The Guardian:

    Swedish surge in Covid cases dashes immunity hopes

    Odd how Sweden is reportedly more pessimistic during this ‘second wave’, given their outlier status previously?

    Consider Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven saying Sweden risked “more people getting sick, more people dying, more overworked people in the healthcare sector, more postponed operations … We need everybody to follow the recommendations. Every decision we take matters.”

    Wonder if Sebastian Rushworth can give us any feedback?

    Also, there still seems to be much uncertainly about defining ‘immunity’?

    Seems to be a lot even ‘the experts’ don’t know? Surprising really in this day and age…

    1. Jeremy May

      She’s reiterating what others have said about the bulldozer manner the vaccine is being shoved out and it’s dangerous lack of testing. Plus echoing the near worthless efficacy of the testing procedure. She has a nutty spell mid-interview involving God and The Devil but overall, very informative.

  62. theasdgamer

    Could the doctor please inform us how to distinguish flu from covid based on clinical presentation and also explain about flu tests v. covid tests?

    1. Jerome Savage

      On 2nd June Dr K noted
      “”COVID-19 does nothing unique – it just does more of it. The idea of a virus causing and inflammatory response, followed by DIC is not new. Influenza A has also been shown to do this. As highlighted in the article ‘Aberrant coagulation causes a hyper-inflammatory response in severe influenza pneumonia.’
      ‘Influenza A virus (IAV) infects the respiratory tract in humans and causes significant morbidity and mortality worldwide each year. Aggressive inflammation, known as a cytokine storm, is thought to cause most of the damage in the lungs during IAV infection”
      and there is more where that came from.

    2. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      You cannot tell clinically. There are some x-ray appearances that seem to point to Covid-19 as the underlying cause of the pneumonia. But I am not entirely certain how ‘covid specific’ they are.

      1. theasdgamer

        I ask this question all over with never a straight answer. Carloads of confusion from a mere seed of uncertainty. Similar to the uncertainty spread by the lack of specifications of Ct cycle numbers by public health authorities. I don’t think that even they can be this incompetent. Uncertainty is by design.

    3. JohnC

      From my somewhat narrow experience:
      Influenza affects all age groups and show symptoms.
      SARS-COV-2 affects the older populations symptomatically, younger populations tend to have milder or zero symptoms.
      The CoViD19 symptoms of temperature, cough and loss of taste/sense of smell are not very specific, individually the specificity is low, combinations have a higher specificity but I would guess no more than 50%, and that may be generous.

      A person presenting with temperature, feeling tired, aching all over, feeling generally unwell could be either SARS-COV-2 or influenza or it could be Epstein Barr virus (glandular fever) or …. ( check patient history for pulmonary TB and malaria)

      A persistent dry cough may point to CoViD19, but not necessarily.
      Raised heart rate > 90 but 129 alarm bells ring
      Raised respiration rate >20 but 25 alarm bells ring
      Oxygen Saturations >95% (acceptable); >90% (concern unless COPD); 38.5 or <36 alarm bells ring
      Alarm bells for sepsis irrespective of cause.

      Other alarm bells are unexplained, spontaneous bruising may be due to clotting malfunction.
      Coughing up blood.

      Any rashes.

      Abnormal chest sounds could indicate pneumonia, this might need to be confirmed with X-ray.
      There are specific signs on a chest X-ray for CoViD19.

      If CoViD19 is suspected then a confirmatory test is indicated, possibly an RT-PCR but preferably one of the latest 15 minute tests as these look not for RNA as the PCR test does but for specific antigens of the virus.

      Not everything is CoViD19 and it cannot be assumed to be. Unfortunately everyone seems to see CoViD19 everywhere.

      1. jeanirvin

        A comprehensive list, John C, but I would take issue with the assertion that younger people can have Covid but have no symptoms. I think they suffer from testing in that case, not Covid.

        1. JohnC

          Just to clarify my thoughts, a younger person without symptoms may be infected with SARS-COV-2 but doesn’t have CoViD19.
          A younger person with mild symptoms may be infected with SARS-COV-2 and may or may not have CoViD19.
          For the latter case even a positive RT-PCR test cannot rule in CoViD19.
          Correlation in this case does not mean causation.

  63. jeanirvin

    I am confused. If there are 43,538 people in the trial, half with the vaccine and half with the placebo and 94 of them get Covid a 90% success rate would seem to me that roughly 85 (90% of 94)in the placebo arm and 9 (10% of 94) in the vaccine arm were infected. This means that 21,685 people in the placebo arm and 21,759 in the vaccine arm were not infected, or ‘protected’. Those figures don’t look remotely significant to me!

    1. Jerome Savage

      Courtesy of Simon in previous blog Nov 10th at 9.18pm
      43,538 participants
      * 94 confirmed covid-19 cases
      * so “90% effective” is maybe 85 in the placebo group and 9 in the vaccine group

      now for the real-world absolute differences using those estimated numbers above:
      * 99.61% chance of not testing +ve for covid-19 in the placebo group
      * 99.96% chance of not testing +ve for covid-19 in the vaccine group
      * therefore an absolute difference of only 0.35%

      1. Fergus Glencross

        Jerome. I dont think that works does it? Why is the chance of getting a negative result a better parameter than positive infections?

        1. Jerome Savage

          Simon was looking at the statistics. Correct me if I’m wrong but you might be questioning immune quality, contrived V natural ?

    2. Steve-R

      I think it goes like this.
      If a very large number of people are exposed to the virus then the number x who get enough virus and are susceptible enough to develop Covid in any random 50% will be statistically the same as the number y who similarly get Covid out of the other 50%.
      Then, given that an identical number in each 50% arm of the study were equally infected, the lower number in the vaccine arm of the study shows the efficacy in reducing the development of infection to disease.
      Frankly, I don’t think that the 150 total cases they will draw the line at gives anything like sufficient information to judge efficacy in all the groups of people we already know to be differently affected by the virus in the development of the disease. At the very least trials should have been conducted by age and ethnicity, as well as sex, but also given the huge numbers by diabetes and obesity. Too many groups lumped together make the analysis practically meaningless.

      1. jeanirvin

        Thank you, Steve. I have read that even young, fairly fit people are excluded from the trials if they have any other conditions so we are only looking at how the vaccine affects the fit and healthy. As you say, it would be useful if the cohort could be expanded but that would take time and this is a race!

  64. elizabethhart

    The Australian COVID-19 Vaccination Policy has been launched today, see:

    Some quotes from the report for info:

    While the Australian Government strongly supports immunisation and will run a strong campaign to encourage vaccination, it is not mandatory and individuals may choose not to vaccinate. There may however, be circumstances where the Australian Government and other governments may introduce border entry or re-entry requirements that are conditional on proof of vaccination.
    Preliminary priority population groups
    The three priority groups identified by ATAGI are:
    • Those who are at increased risk of exposure and hence being infected with and transmitting SARS-CoV-2 to others at risk of severe disease or are in a setting with high transmission potential. This includes health and aged care workers; other care workers, including disability support workers; and people in other settings where the risk of virus transmission is increased, which may include quarantine workers.
    • Those who have an increased risk, relative to others, of developing severe disease or outcomes from COVID-19 including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, older people and people with underlying select medical conditions.
    • Those working in services critical to societal functioning including select essential services personnel and other key occupations required for societal functioning.
    ATAGI, in consultation with the Science and Industry Technical Advisory Group, will finalise the population prioritisation prior to the implementation plans being finalised and agreed by the Commonwealth. The prioritisation will consider the health risk to and the transmission risk of the particular population groups including those working in services critical to societal functioning.

    1. Simon

      The Nuremberg Code should prevent forced, compulsory vaccinations. However this shows that it may end up being vaccination by stealth, shall we say.

      * no covid vax, can’t travel out of the country (or enter back in)
      * no covid vax, no govt. benefits
      * no covid vax, children barred from school
      * no covid vax, can’t go to the theatre (this last one came up due to some announcements from TicketMaster, which turn out not to be 100% accurate; however we can see where this is probably all leading)

        1. Steve-R

          Legally this is a vaccine mandate and should be argued in court. EUAs are not a licence to compel people to take experimental medical interventions that by definition may not be of any net benefit either to society or the individual.

      1. Jerome Savage

        David & Elizabeth – a game reserve guide in South Africa spoke to me many years ago about taking a tour to Botswana, but neglected his anti malaria treatment. He nearly died. Besides vaccines for rabies, hepatitis etc would there be an inconsiderable risk in travelling to such places without the necessary shots. This is how the general public see vaccines. No one but no one will ever criticize such treatments – or am I wrong ?

        1. David Bailey


          Nobody sane wants to criticise all vaccines or all medicines, but taking a barely tested vaccine for a disease that is normally relatively mild doesn’t seem like a good bet – particularly when tens of billions hang on the vaccine, and the government had to waive all liability in order to make the purchase.

          1. Jerome Savage

            David – those would be my thoughts too. But risk associated with industrial style vaccination is not to any extent considered by the general public, as of yet.

      2. Steve-R

        Not sure if it is the same in the UK but in the USA, if a medicine/vaccine has been granted an Emergency Use Authorisation then it cannot be mandated, not having gone through the full trial process.
        So hopefully, since we slavishly follow the USA, you won’t be forced to vaccinate or be vaccinated.

        1. AhNotepad

          My understanding is the current anti-social measures that most people think are law, and can protect them, are intended to put them into a frame of mind where they will beg for the vaccine, expecting to get back to normal.

          1. Steve-R

            I’m fairly sure that is the is the intention, but it is not ethical to cut short trials which might reveal evidence of harm that would have changed the decision to give consent.
            My concern is not so much with the fools who are prepared to risk their long term health for a slightly shorter bout of mild Covid, but with those like my teacher children who, in the absence of adherence to the Nuremberg Code, will be forced to take part in a medical experiment by politicians who do not understand …… much of anything apparently.

    2. Eggs ‘n beer

      And yet, the vaccine test groups have deliberately excluded those at an increased risk of developing severe disease or outcomes …. on healthy <55 y/o were eleigible. So the vaccine is totally untested on the old and co-morbid, and the chances of any ATSIC volunteers in any of the trials is exceedingly remote.

      As an aside, do you know if Jeannette Young, Queensland’s CHO, is a medical doctor? I can see that she has an honorary doctorate from Griffith Uni, and apparently graduated with a medical degree. But she seems to have ceased the clinical practice element after three weeks before moving interstate to take up an administrative rôle. She keeps her private life and qualifications very quiet on the net, which is fine for you and me but for a public servant on $622,000 p.a. in 2018 more transparency is required.

      1. Peggy Sue

        My understanding is that there are two age groups in phase 3. 18-55 and 55-85 (plus maybe 16-18).
        I also thought that 40% of phase 3 participants were in the older age group.
        So no, the vaccine won’t have been tested in the over 85’s for obvious reasons but this won’t mean they can’t have the vaccine ( although there will be contraindications just like any other vaccine).
        The study protocol is available online but maybe I have misunderstood.

  65. theasdgamer

    My family (3 generations) was traveling and sharing adjoining hotel rooms. My daughter works in hospitals and is always exposed to covid. All except the baby developed URTI symptoms which ranged from mild fatigue to occasional cough to nausea/vomiting, low-grade fever, severe headache, & cough. We all recovered in a couple of days–even my wife, who had the worst symptoms. Since the baby showed no symptoms, we think we probably had covid. Twice.

    We treated with 1000 units vitamin C, 1000 (2000 for me) units vitamin D, 50 mg zinc, and elderberry concentrate (qid) within 24 hours of symptom onset. Whatever it was, that treatment seemed to work. No swabs–why bother? If it wasn’t covid, that treatment still worked.

    Oh, yeah, my RN wife was skeptical initially and slow to take the treatment, but was eager to take it the second go round. She was cleared of symptoms 8 hours after taking the treatment the second time. Maybe her more competent immune system was a factor, Idk. Vitamin C, D, and zinc deficiencies seem to lead to less competent immune systems.

    So, maybe children being immune to covid can help us figure out what’s going on. And maybe if we just manage to avoid dietary deficiencies, our immune systems will benefit and large problems may become small.

  66. crisscross767

    November 13, 2020

    The Pandemic Thriller Movie “Songbird” Will Be Pure Predictive Programming

    Taking place in 2024, the upcoming movie “Songbird” is about a mutated COVID-23, massive quarantine camps, and a high-tech police state that uses smartphones to control people. Can we still call this “entertainment”?

    Read more…

    1. Joe Dopelle

      That might depend on how many people pay to watch it. I certainly shan’t.

      But the appetite for being hoodwinked and frightened seems to be insatiable.

  67. crisscross767

    Not only do drugmakers make huge profits from vaccines, but they continue to profit from the illnesses they cause.

    If vaccines weren’t harmful to health, why would pharmaceutical companies be exempt from liability?

    This goose has been laying a golden egg for more than a century, at an indescribable toll in human suffering.

    Now they want to make vaccinations – not one but regular shots — a condition for participation in society and freedom.

    “The practice of medicine may not be the world’s oldest profession, but it is often seen to be operating on much the same principles.” – Eustace Mullins

    Eustace Mullins 1923-2010 excerpt from his book “Murder by Injection”

    The practice of immunization goes directly against the discovery of modern holistic medical experts that the body has a natural immune defense against illness. The Church of Modern Medicine claims that we can only be absolved from the peril of infection by the Holy Water of vaccination, injecting into the system a foreign body of infection, which will then perform a Medical Miracle, and will confer life-long immunity, hence the term, “immunization.” The greatest heresy any physician can commit is to voice publicly any doubt of any one of the Four Holy Waters, but the most deeply entrenched in modern medical practice is undoubtedly the numerous vaccination programs. They are also the most consistently profitable operations of the Medical Monopoly. Yet one physician, Dr. Henry R. Bybee, of Norfolk, Virginia, has publicly stated, “My honest opinion is that vaccine is the cause of more disease and suffering than anything I could name. I believe that such diseases as cancer, syphilis, cold sores and many other disease conditions are the direct results of vaccination. Yet, in the state of Virginia, and in many other states, parents are compelled to submit their children to this procedure while the medical profession not only receives its pay for this service, but also makes splendid and prospective patients for the future.” (p.79) —

  68. The Dim Appear

    I’m surprised at how much discussion there is on the internet and in the media now about the PCR tests being unreliable for determining if someone has covid. These aren’t people who are conspiracy theorists either, but trained professionals. I have no idea if the PCR test is unreliable as I’m just a lay person but the arguments are compelling to me.

    I’m most surprised though that what I consider the right wing media are the only ones I’ve seen questioning it and they are quite loud about it. Given the UK government are righties not lefties I can’t believe they are unaware of this, yet they ignore it and continue to march on to vaccinations.

    I haven’t heard a peep out of the left regarding these PCR tests or questioning vaccinations, in fact as far as I can see they demand more restrictions, more testing and tracing, more of everything that is against freedom, choice and livelihoods in my opinion. Contrast that with Boris being called freedom loving, hating to do what he is having to do, against lockdowns and Rishi Sunak being against going in to more debt for furlough schemes etc. They wanted the tier system not lockdowns. Labour wanted a circuit breaker.

    I suspect the unreliabilty or not of the PCR test will seep further in to the mainstream through famous people questioning them for example. Surely there will come a point where enough people will stop and ask what is happening, why are futures and livelihoods being destroyed, lives lost if this test may be unreliable?

    Should this point arrive I think the Labour Party are finished as a political force in the UK. It doesn’t matter that Boris Johnson implemented all these restrictions, people will remember it was Labour who pushed for harder and faster. Boris tried dragging his feet, delaying restrictions etc. Besides he was only following the science, or is it now the data, or chicken entrails, or just reading the tea leaves, I forget what the latest is.

    All of this debt has got to be repaid somehow, so I expect more austerity to come and maybe selling off the NHS and other things I can’t imagine. Perhaps, unknowingly, people when clapping the NHS every Wednesday were saying thanks and goodbye to the free at point of use system.

    The red wall fell so there’s no need to take prisoners at the next election which may come soon if Boris decides to step down and go and earn some proper money again. With Boris gone, his advisor gone and perhaps his health side kick out of the picture there’ll be no one in the government to blame for what covid did, just Labour.

    Will Labour be lead in to oblivion by Keir Starmer whose namesake created them?

    1. KJE

      Everyone seems to be “a leftie” now – even the Tories seem to take some of their policies from the Greens. From the point of view of the broad left (Labour etc), unemployed people, low end employees and intellectuals tend to vote Labour, so getting rid of the self-employed and small businesses who are harder to control (no Unions etc) in favour of unemployment and public sector workers (esp if it can be blamed on the Tories) is an ideal way to get elected next time. Of course, they can’t get rid of all the tradesmen, but hey, they do what they can. From the point of view of the hard left – the more p ssed off people get, the more likely they are to overthrow the ruling class and man the barricades. Sadly, most people are too compliant and learning to be even more so, but that suits both the fascists and the communists. Can’t really blame Boris (well, you can), he studied Classics and most of the heroes weren’t big on planning: Odysseus, Aeneas, Paris, even Menelaus. Just get stuck in, go with the flow, try not to annoy the gods and, oops (forgot to listen to the soothsayers)!

    2. JohnC

      With regards to the PCR test.
      It is actually called RT-PCR.
      RT stands for Reverse Transcriptase This part of the process converts a piece of RNA into a length of DNA.
      The PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction.
      The DNA from the first reaction is extended and a fluorescent dye added. Each step doubles the number of DNA strands.
      If there are 10 steps then there will be 1024 DNA strands
      After 20 steps there are 1024 * 1024 DNA strands (over 1 million)
      After 30 steps there are over 1 billion DNA strands
      After 40 steps there are over 1 trillion DNA strands
      The current test uses 45 steps leading to 32 trillion DNA strands.
      Somewhere in this sequence there is enough fluorescent dye to be visible, this is considered a positive result.
      Bear in mind this is for each piece of RNA.
      What isn’t known or measurable is how much virus is needed to infect a person or how much is needed to make a person infectious.
      There is a suggestion that 25 – 30 steps are needed. Therefore 40-50 steps will give a positive result for a single piece of RNA.
      The mistake is that the test isn’t calibrated. What should happen is that a person with CoViD19 symptoms provides a swabbed sample. This is then placed into the RT-PCR test system and the number of steps required to produce a positive result noted. This should be repeated and then an additional 2-4 steps performed. This then becomes the number of steps for the standard test. Positive result is infected and presumed infectious, negative means not infected.

  69. Martin Back

    90% effective against what? The New York Times points out that,because the trials are stopped after a small number of Covid cases (150-160), and the bar for a case is set low e.g. mild cough plus positive PCR test, and most cases are mild cases, you are really only proving the vaccine for mild cases. Whereas we the public don’t mind getting a mild dose of Covid, it’s the life-threatening and debilitating infections we want to avoid. But most people who get dangerous infections are old and/or sick, and they aren’t part of the vaccine trials. So is the vaccine as wonderful as it’s made out to be? Methinks still to be demonstrated.

    “You would want to protect against the worst cases.

    “But that’s not how the companies testing three of the leading coronavirus vaccine candidates, Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose U.S. trial is on hold, are approaching the problem.

    “According to the protocols for their studies, which they released late last week, a vaccine could meet the companies’ benchmark for success if it lowered the risk of mild Covid-19, but was never shown to reduce moderate or severe forms of the disease, or the risk of hospitalization, admissions to the intensive care unit or death.”

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      Well, that last paragraph is a twisted pseudo-analysis if ever there was one!

      They talk about the vaccine lowering the risk. Compared to what? Compared to the placebo arm of the study, of course. But what if the placebo increases your risk of getting mild covid? As in the 28 y/o Brazilian doctor who died of it, after receiving a meningitis vaccine as the placebo in the AZ trial. That gives them the numbers they want (more instances in the placebo arm) which is not, however, the result they are claiming.

      Still don’t know what the Pfizer placebo is. The only emails I can send to Pfizer get standard donotreply thank you for your interest responses.

        1. Her who's still indoors

          Saline placebo at Pfizer. Del Bigtree took court action to ensure they used saline in the USA. His organisation is icandecide. Find him on bitchute.
          As far as I can find out, happy to be corrected, the ‘saline placebo rule’ doesn’t apply elsewhere.
          If different placebos have been used in the 6 countries (is USA one of the 6?) are the results still all lumped together?

      1. Her who's still indoors

        Hi, my understanding having followed a thread on here is that Del Bigtree’s organisation, icandecide took on Pfizer and compelled them to use saline as the placebo in the USA. Not sure if the 6 countries in the trial included USA and the placebo used elsewhere? If not the same placebo then surely USA data would have to be excluded from the results? Ergo the same placebo has to be used throughout? There must be a website that shows the protocol used and approved by the powers that be in this and all vaccine trials? Age, sex, ethnicity, locality, previous vaccine history, blood type etc etc were these all included in the process? I wonder.

        1. Eggs 'n beer

          Interesting find. That would explain why the Brazilian and UK arms of the AZ trial use the meningitis vaccine, but the US one is using saline. Meaningful comparisons between the two sets of trials won’t exist. Or maybe they’ll just aggregate all results to get one they like.

  70. theasdgamer

    Start with confusion…straw man of late treatment studies…add in unreasonable fear of an antiviral…add lots of media hyping of the fear and straw man…generate lots of fear and confusion…

    Repeat with overcycling of PCR tests to generate more confusion and uncertainty…add in flu season…subtract reporting flu statistics…hype the fall URTI new cases…generate more fear and confusion.

    Mix incidental deaths with covid to deaths caused by covid to generate higher death numbers and more fear. In the US, subsized reporting of incidental covid deaths and leverage US numbers to spread fear worldwide.

  71. Steve

    General Question.
    I read a report recently, somewhere, implying that there was a correlation between deaths from Seasonal Flu and when the Seasonal Flu Vaccine was administered – specifically in care homes.
    Is there any ‘truth’ in this, and have any studies been carried out in this area ?

    I’m aware that ‘some’ people do indeed have a bad reaction to flu vaccines and, my thinking is, if the person having the reaction was aged and in care then it could be fatal.

      1. Steve

        My point would be: is the spike in deaths from seasonal flu caused by the flu or, in part, by the administration of the vaccine ?

        1. ellifeld

          I get your point but that’s probably impossible to suss out. My feeling is that seasonal means lower vitamin D levels, which have been shown to strengthen our immune systems. I’m sure Dr Kendricks has written about this. If not there’s many other places to find substantial information.

        2. Gary Ogden

          Steve: The flu vaccine surely plays some role in flu deaths, but I would suspect a relatively small role. Normally, at least in the U.S., influenza deaths are few in number, ranging from hundreds to a few thousand per year. But in 2013 CDC made flu and pneumonia deaths into a single category, giving the appearance that influenza is far more deadly than it actually is. It is clear that the flu vaccine has minimal prophylactic value, but is certainly dangerous for some, as it represents about two thirds of the cases now compensated in the U.S. in vaccine court. Both WHO and CDC have stopped counting flu deaths for this flu season (as CDC did during the Great Swine Flu Terror of 2009).

          1. Jerome Savage

            Thanks Gary Unable to respond to your response November 18, 2020 at 3:27 am.
            You make valuable & clinically dispassionate comments. This is important.

          2. Gary Ogden

            Jerome Savage: Thanks. Yes, sometimes it isn’t possible to reply to comments, as they sometimes come in a completely different format. It is a mystery to me why this is so!

        3. AhNotepad

          Steve, that is one of the few instances of a good question, I think it will be difficult to get an answer as the vaccination proponents would say the unvaccinated died because they were not vaccinated, and the vaccinated died of something other than vaccine.

  72. Steve-R

    Not sure if anyone has already posted the news in the Guardian that Matt Hancock has finally asked for information on Vitamin D supplementation with a view to provide prophylactic supplies to the vulnerable.

    At last……

  73. elizabethhart

    Apparently elderly people are now expecting the world should stop to protect them from coronavirus. Really?!?!? Ok, not all elderly people are like this, but certainly many are. I’m astonished and hugely disappointed at their self-centred attitudes, i.e. presuming that the community can go on hold, not just for weeks, not just for months, but possibly years!!!

    Consider this letter in the UK Telegraph, from Doreen Chambers of New Malden, Surrey (14 November 2020):

    SIR – The first to get the vaccine should be health care workers in hospitals and homes, followed by younger people, either students or those going to work.

    The younger generation are the ones spreading Covid-19 either by working, travelling or socialising, not those of my generation who follow the rules and generally keep away from people.

    I am wary of having the vaccine yet, as it has not been tested long enough.

    I mean…WOW! What a self-centred attitude! I’d make a guess that Doreen is comfortably off, and well ensconced at home in leafy Surrey, i.e. ‘I’m alright Jack’.

    Doreen blames the younger generation for spreading Covid-19, for having the temerity to work, travel or socialise, for actually daring to live their lives, what evil people they are…

    And Doreen expects that health care workers and younger people should get the vaccine first because she’s “wary of having the vaccine yet, as it has not been tested long enough”.

    So Doreen reckons they should experiment on the health care workers and younger people, rather than the older people who are actually the ones experiencing the problems of the virus. Doom the health care workers and younger people to an experimental vaccination that is likely to be pressed upon them every year, for a virus that isn’t a problem for most of them.

    Doreen of Surrey…what a piece of work…you take my breath away.

    I reckon older people need to think about the future, because when the young people wake up to this rotten mess that is being created, things could get tricky…

    1. AhNotepad

      I wonder if Doreen Chambers is real.

      The younger generation are the ones spreading Covid-19 either by working, travelling or socialising, not those of my generation who follow the rules and generally keep away from people.

      This is straight from the book of fact free voodoo. If reference had been made to someone who knows what they’re talking about, Mike Yeadon, all this “spreading” finished monthe ago.

    2. KJE

      Well, she might be self-centred but she’s only repeating what the media and govt are telling her. People aren’t following the rules, therefore we need a lockdown; lots of cases among students and children; students seeing each other and having parties – not obeying the rules, so we need a lockdown. Most people aren’t motivated or educated enough to look for actual evidence or apply logic to the regulations and statements, so of course this woman believes that she is stopping the virus by wearing an old chiffon scarf across her face tied on with a price or string (or whatever) and only going to the shops once a week and not seeing her friends except in the street. She’s getting a pension so doesn’t need to go to work (and therefore doesn’t consider all the people whose jobs have been lost) – she’s heard of furlough and thinks everyone gets it, but would be the first to complain if a plumber wouldn’t come out to fix her heating. That’s how most people are and why we can so easily lose our civil liberties

  74. elizabethhart

    See tweet from Mike Yeadon, the testing has to stop:
    Talking to German & Swiss scientists last 48h convinced all of us that mass PCR testing was seriously error-prone & the prime cause of societal damage now. Please would you retweet this logical string?
    And ask your followers to retweet, too?
    Thank you.

    1. Steve

      PCR is not so much error prone as totally the wrong tool for the job – it was never intended as a flu detector. It’s an ‘amplifier’ that facilitates the detection of very, very small amounts of DNA.
      The real problem lies with the people misusing this technology to fit their agenda.
      As the sayings go: “A bad workman always blames his tools”, and “A fool with a tool is still a fool”.

      1. JohnC

        This is from a court case in Portugal concerning the isolation of four people in the Azores.
        (Taken from the lockdown sceptics website)

        “The court’s main points are as follows:

        A medical diagnosis is a medical act that only a physician is legally qualified to undertake and for which such physician will be solely and entirely responsible. No other person or institution, including government agencies or the courts, has such an authority. It is not up to the Azores Regional Health Authority to declare someone ill, or a health hazard. Only a physician can do that. No one can be declared ill or a health hazard by decree or law, nor as the automatic, administrative consequence of the outcome of a laboratory test, no matter which.
        From the above, the court concludes that “if carried out with no prior medical observation of the patient, with no participation of a physician certified by the Ordem dos Médicos who would have assessed symptoms and requested the tests/exams deemed necessary, any act of diagnosis, or any act of public health vigilance (such as determining whether a viral infection or a high risk of exposure exist, which the aforementioned concepts subsume) will violate [a number of laws and regulations] and may configure a crime of usurpação de funções [unlawful practice of a profession] in the case said acts are carried out or dictated by someone devoid of the capacity to do so, i.e., by someone who is not a certified physician [to practice medicine in Portugal a degree is not enough, you need to be accepted as qualified to practice medicine by undergoing examination with the Ordem dos Médicos, roughly our equivalent of the UK’s Royal College of Physicians].”
        In addition, the court rules that the Azores Health Authority violated article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, as it failed to provide evidence that the informed consent mandated by said Declaration had been given by the PCR-tested persons who had complained against the forced quarantine measures imposed on them.
        From the facts presented to the court, it concluded that no evidentiary proof or even indication existed that the four persons in question had been seen by a doctor, either before or after undertaking the test.
        The above would suffice to deem the forced quarantine of the four persons unlawful. The court thought it necessary, however, to add some very interesting considerations about the PCR tests:

        “Based on the currently available scientific evidence this test [the RT-PCR test] is in and of itself unable to determine beyond reasonable doubt that positivity in fact corresponds to infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, for several reasons, among which two are paramount (to which one would need to add the issue of the gold standard, which, due to that issue’s specificity, will not be considered here): the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used; the test’s reliability depends on the viral load present.”
        Citing Jaafar et al. (2020;, the court concludes that “if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is <3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.” The court further notes that the cycle threshold used for the PCR tests currently being made in Portugal is unknown [N.B. – I know from acquaintances that in at least some Portuguese labs the threshold is 35 cycles].
        Citing Surkova et al. (2020;, the court further states that any diagnostic test must be interpreted in the context of the actual probability of disease as assessed prior to the undertaking of the test itself, and expresses the opinion that “in the current epidemiological landscape of the United Kingdom, the likelihood is increasing that Covid 19 tests are returning false positives, with major implications for individuals, the health system and society.”
        The court’s summary of the case to rule against the Regional Health Authority’s appeal reads as follows:

        “Given how much scientific doubt exists — as voiced by experts, i.e., those who matter — about the reliability of the PCR tests, given the lack of information concerning the tests’ analytical parameters, and in the absence of a physician’s diagnosis supporting the existence of infection or risk, there is no way this court would ever be able to determine whether C was indeed a carrier of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or whether A, B and D had been at a high risk of exposure to it.””

    2. Eric

      I have posted before about the QC and round robins that have been done end were published in peer reviewed papers. The test can disguish between amplified noise and a manifest infection. Also, false positives are extremely unlikely if dual target testing is performed.

      But all this aside, if the surge in “cases” were a mirage, how do you explain ICUs filling up and bodies piling up again? In France, as of last week, 1 in 4 deaths was due to Covid. This can’t all be terminally ill people who happened do die with rather than from Covid. And these serious cases and deaths follow the surge in PCR-confirmed infections with a certain delay.

      1. Martin Back

        The second wave deaths could be people who should have got preventative medical attention but didn’t because of fear and lockdowns. Now they are dying.

        Mike Yeadon points out that “viruses don’t do waves”. So either another virus is doing the rounds, or there has been a population behavior change recently which has increased R.

      2. Eggs ‘n beer

        Perhaps because they didn’t follow the Swedish route of allowing the virus to run its course. Deaths are also lower in France in this second wave, not by very much, certainly not as good as Sweden. But that’s to be expected with lockdowns. They just postpone the inevitable. Pretending that temporary isolation is a fix is ridiculous. The virus can’t be eliminated now, efforts would be best directed to learning to live with it rather than believing we can eradicate it. Unfortunately in Oz and NZ we’re still in total panic mode, 17 cases in SA and state borders are closing within hours.

        1. AhNotepad

          According to Mike Yeadon, and others, there is no second wave with a virus. Do you have information that says otherwise?

          1. Eggs 'n beer

            Almost all the worldometer charts have death charts like the one for France:


            First wave, second wave. I’ve gone for the death charts as they are probably more consistently wrong while the scope for excess wrongness on the cases charts (which also usually show wav 1 and wave 2) through number of tests varying with time is much greater.

            Why would anyone deny these charts? Similar charts exist for the 1918 epidemic.

          2. AhNotepad

            It all depends on the cause of death. That deaths are increasing now is normal for this time of year. There is an agenda promoted by the WEF to make the most of this covid virus situation, and facts and accuracy is not high on their list.

          3. Eggs ‘n beer

            Thanks for the link. As I started watching, it occurred to me that the death wave couldn’t be more reliable than the cases wave, as of course if you had a false positive test and died you would have died of COVID! Silly me.

            Good video though. Totally logical, and thus ignorable by the authorities. My daughter is awaiting the results of a PCR test (in Australia). Expect fireworks if it comes back +ve!!

        2. KJE

          I also wonder how many of the hospitalisations are actually for other seasonal respiratory ailments – that we get every year at this time. There doesn’t seem to be any separate reporting on flu and other types of pneumonia and I’m sure I read somewhere the the number of deaths was about usual for the time of year. I’m sure queuing outside supermarkets in the rain isn’t good for people either – there’s always a queue of around 20 outside M&S food even when there’s no one outside other shops. Perhaps people who would have got colds and flu are getting cv19 instead (or at least testing positive for it)

      3. Jerome Savage

        77,300 recorded deaths in sweden to 6th November. Bit of the old extrapolating, divide by 311 & X 365 to model projected deaths to end of year = 90,721. Again, despite the April spike nothing remarkable.
        Since 2010, there are 5 other Swedish years with higher death rates than our projected rate, 2015, 2016, 2012, 2017 & 2018 while our modelling for 2020 indicates a death toll just 234 above 2010.
        Daily death rates for the 1st 10 days of November associated with CV19 were approx 15 / day compared with 82 in April & 2 in September.
        Examination of flu casualties could be worth a look.

      4. Martingale

        “how do you explain ICUs filling up and bodies piling up again? In France, as of last week, 1 in 4 deaths was due to Covid.”
        The explanation of ICUs in France filling up is quite simple: the number is dimensionned to cope with an average number needed. So every time there’s a demand that’s more than average, there’s saturation. Every Winter in France, for the past several years it’s been the same story: saturation, protests by the medical personnel, and nothing done to increase capacity for the following year. Contrast that with Germany, which has capacity dimensionned, not for average need, but to cope with an epidemic or catastrophe.
        As for 1 in 4 deaths due to Covid, we’re again in the “death from Covid” or “death with Covid” question. Looking at all cause mortality, current mortality here in France, although somewhat more than average, is nowhere near when the epidemic took place between February and mid-April, and it’s quite probable that a proportion of these excess deaths are collateral damage from the lock-downs and restrictions. Also, the official French figures for ‘flu are quite surprising, as apparently there were only 88 deaths in the whole of France in March, and 0 (zero) since then – that’s simply not credible.

        1. AhNoteapd

          The claims of numbers of covid deaths is either from assessment of what it was, or the results of testing. The testing has a dreadful reputation, yet still people go on about testing and cases. This is the type of misinformation that should be stopped. It is autumn, and coming into winter (as it always does), and respiratory problems always increase in the northern hemisphere.

  75. Steve

    As per my previous posting regarding the cost of this vaccine.
    “Israel signs $237mn contract with Pfizer for 8 million doses of Covid vaccine”, Ref.

    We can extrapolate from this:
    – the UK would have to pay Pfizer approx £225 Million for its 10 million doses.
    – the EU would have to pay £6.7 Billion for its 300 million does.
    This doesn’t include infrastructure and delivery costs.

  76. Ray

    Replying to Elizabeth—

    You have expressed concern, rightly so, at the attitude of some of our elderly citizens expecting the rest of society to Lockdown etc, etc, in order to protect them from a perceived deadly threat.

    Well, I tick a few of those boxes, as far as age is concerned, BUT I have from the beginning of this “Panic” been totally opposed to the measures that have been put in place by what I’m beginning to see as a corrupt administration.

    OK, I’m 78 Calendar years old and a citizen of the UK. I’m reasonably financially endowed, mortgage free etc. Married, my Wife also of the same Calendar age, she still does a part time job – she, like me, likes to engage in the community. I had a Zero Hours contract with my employer of the last 40 years till last March – they wished to retain me for my knowledge of critical legacy systems. I resigned as it seemed that people of my age are no longer required in society! A view evidently promoted by the health adviser to President elect Biden – WHAT! he’s 77! —— ( My employers wanted me to carry on.)

    OK, so how does the Lockdown impact me? Well for starters I strongly object to being told that I should avoid contact with my Children & Grandchildren. The statement of the so called Health Minister that a Xmas visit may KILL Grandma totally incensed me. It has also given arise to stress in my immediate family. A son works for the Royal Society, we’re at loggerheads!

    According to the expected age of death calculator on the .gov.UK web site I have another 10 years left & 2.5% possibility of getting a telegram (WhatsApp) from their? Majesty. OK, so every year of Lockdown is reducing a fair proportion of that estimate, sorry I wish to LIVE my life, and please let me determine my own Risk Assessment – after all I had to do that as a function of my employment for the last 50 years.

    Medically I’m of the opinion that the immune system needs to be continually “exercised” with exposure to pathogens – moderately so! So locking people in is going to reduce the immune function for lack of contact, deprivation of vitamin D and for some, a decline into depression. I respect my immune system, which has been developed for millennia, I need it to protect me, please let it visit the “gym” and spar with all those “Nasties”!

    On Vit’ D many ignorant people have stated you have all you need from the Sun. Number 1 they seem to have no idea of the seasons effect on UV. Secondly, I have nowhere seen mention of the “Elephant in the Room”, namely skin cancer. For years now governments worldwide have been advising to avoid exposure and smother any exposed skin with factor 50 ! So goodbye Vit’ D. OK cancer is a risk, I actually asked a dermatologist on the best response to this risk and was told NOT to avoid all exposure but exercise common-sense and DON’T change your way of life. Perhaps experts should also give this advice for Covid?

    A more general comment.
    Today I looked at the latest YouTube video from Ivor Cummins and then at a recent one from Dr. John Campbell. Well I thought Dr John was on our side, but now I’ve cancelled him. He’s totally gone on to the absolute disaster great plague senario. OK he promotes Vit’ D, but 100% +++ Masks EVERYWHERE & second Mega Wave of Corona ??? We may (WILL) all die if not Masked! On the other hand Ivor gives a well researched and pragmatic view with proper statistical analysis. So to Dr John, an expletive, SWEDEN.

    1. AhNotepad

      Ray, I also object to being told that I should avoid contact with my children & grandchildren. So I ignore it and carry on visiting.

      The one who us really killing people is the health secretary with his stupid edicts.

    2. Mr Chris

      Cant usually bother to comment but your comment struck a chord. I am three years in advance of you. I too wonder why there is not more concentration on boosting the immune system, and advising the atriskers how to live healthy lives, exercise real food fresh air and social contact. As for vitamin D, there is a simple app available to tell you when it is naturally available. Where I live I think that is in March 2021. Of course boosting your immune system involves advising supplements and and vitamins, two words largely anathema to a lot of the medical profession.
      Lastly, one way of resting or trying to be healthy is reading this blog.

    3. JohnC

      I no longer watch John Campbell for a couple of reasons, him not questioning the current rules and the fact that he uses the handle Dr. John Campbell. It’s not that he’s not entitled to use Dr. but it makes him look as though he’s a physician to the general public thus increasing his gravitas as an expert. He has a PhD and is a former nurse.

      1. anglosvizzera

        I’m with you regarding “Dr” John Campbell – I soon realised he wasn’t a medical doctor when listening to him speaking…I’m sure he’s educated more than most average people but he didn’t come across as medically qualified

      2. anglosvizzera

        I’m with you regarding “Dr” John Campbell – I soon realised he wasn’t a medical doctor when listening to him speaking…I’m sure he’s educated more than most average people but he didn’t come across as a medically qualified doctor

  77. LA_Bob

    “In the population we studied, 24% died but only 4% had a cytokine storm,” Mudd said. “Most people who died of COVID-19 died without a cytokine storm. Severe flu is more inflammatory than severe COVID-19. So what’s causing their lungs to fail? We still don’t know. We’re trying to find out.”

    Interesting piece of news reported in Medical Xpress. “Study: Respiratory failure in COVID-19 usually not driven by cytokine storm”. (H/T: Instapundit).

    This comment really belongs on the “How does Covid kill people?” post, but that post is ancient in today’s terms, and no one would read it, other than Dr Kendrick.

    Is Diverse Intravascular Coagulation distinct from cytokine storm? No mention of DIC in the article, so I wonder.

    1. theasdgamer

      Iirc, SARS-COV-2 can attack cells via the ACE2, TMPRSS, and the Neuropilin-1 receptors. Alveolar cells are attacked primarily via the TMPRSS receptor, but adding ACE2 causes more infection, obviously, which is the case for alveolar cells. Yet the damage caused by covid doesn’t seem to be primarily due to inflammation, as your article mentioned, so any alveolar cell death caused by covid can’t be major. So I think that looking at things that damage alveoli directly is a rabbit trail.

      Dr. Kendrick is onto something by focusing on microemboli. They damage blood vessels, especially capillaries and the smaller vessels, which leads to hypoxemia in the tissues, which is a known problem in moderate and severe covid. This hypoxemia can lead to systemic organ failure, which, iirc, is one of the major causes of death of covid patients. (I’d have to look at some pathology reports/papers to verify.)

      I don’t know if the microemboli will be affected much by heparin. I suspect that the clots that damage capillaries are exceedingly tiny and may simply be aggregation of two or three RBCs bound by the SARS-2 virus which can attach to RBCs via the CD157 protein and to each other.

      1. LA_Bob


        Thanks for your response. I don’t doubt that Dr Kendrick was onto something when he discussed microemboli. But, go back and read the post I linked.

        “This endothelial damage then triggers a widespread ‘inflammatory’ response that triggers the development of blood clots – not just in the lungs – but also everywhere else in the body. The endothelial damage is, in effect, the body attacking itself, through an immune response – the so-called ‘cytokine storm’. Some of the resulting clots that result are small, some big. This overall process is known as Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC).”

        Dr Kendrick specifically linked DIC to the cytokine storm. The study authors said cytokine storm is not found in most patients who succumb to COVID. So, what causes the lung damage? What is going on?

        Your post suggests you might have significant morbidity and death from endothelial damage in the absence of mass inflammation. Of course, if you can look at pathology reports, the doctors in the article should be able to as well. And if what you say is correct, there shouldn’t be any mystery, should there?

        1. theasdgamer

          The clots cause hypoxemia which leads to systemic organ failure, irrespective of whether or not cytokine storm occurs. That’s my understanding at present. Anticipating what I presume is your follow up question, I would expect that the heterogeneity of covid progression has to do with the heterogeneity of competent immune systems in the population, what with 40% of American adults having some degree of vitamin D deficiency and older man having some degree of zinc deficiency.

  78. LA_Bob

    Trying again. Messed up my first attempt. A preview function would be nice.

    “In the population we studied, 24% died but only 4% had a cytokine storm,” Mudd said. “Most people who died of COVID-19 died without a cytokine storm. Severe flu is more inflammatory than severe COVID-19. So what’s causing their lungs to fail? We still don’t know. We’re trying to find out.”

    Interesting piece of news reported in Medical Xpress. “Study: Respiratory failure in COVID-19 usually not driven by cytokine storm”. (H/T: Instapundit).

    This comment really belongs on the “How does Covid kill people?” post, but that post is ancient in today’s terms, and no one would read it, other than Dr Kendrick.

    Is Diverse Intravascular Coagulation distinct from cytokine storm? No mention of DIC in the article, so I wonder.

    1. Her who's still indoors

      If you read Stephen Harrod Buhner and Matthew Wood and their professional organisations website – daren’t name it cos when I do my post are never approved – you will learn huge amounts about what happens to the lungs and how to help.
      The Chinese use tongue diagnosis for Covid, I’ve seen the photos, distinct unmissable characteristics way beyond any costly lab tests. I guess using our senses and track down symptoms in diagnosis is old school now, way too cheap.

  79. David Bailey


    From time to time, I would go to this list of all your blog posts:

    Unfortunately this lo longer exists, and i wonder if there is any other way of getting this information – otherwise all your valuable work is out there on the internet, but inaccessible!

    Just using your site, I cannot go further back than the entry entitled, “Cholesterol lowering has no impact”. I’d wanted to access the blog where you described the issues over what is put into placebo pills.

  80. elizabethhart

    Here we go, the start of the push for coronavirus vaccination for children…to protect the elderly…

    COVID-19 vaccines could go to children first to protect the elderly

    Lots to think about here, including re conflicts of interest etc…

    Also for reference my BMJ rapid response published on 5 August 2020:

    Is it ethical to vaccinate children to protect the elderly? | The BMJ

  81. elizabethhart

    Will Malcolm’s blog get the axe?

    Who defines what is ‘anti-vax’?

    Are we to be forbidden from questioning vaccine products and vaccination policy?

    Coronavirus vaccine: Labour calls for emergency censorship laws for anti-vax content

    COVID-19: Labour spokesman calls anti-vax content ‘garbage’ after demand for emergency social media law

    1. Penny

      I find this very worrying. People who question the safety or efficacy of the COVID vaccine are labelled as ‘anti-vax’ but this is not necessarily the case, they may be concerned that a vaccine is being rushed through trials and the populace forcibly vaccinated one way or another. Can this really be happening in the UK?

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        They are probably panicking because the number of people degenerating into anti-vaxxers seems to be rising rapidly. Even rabid vaccinators like a neighbour whose son had severe (but unreported) neurological side effects a couple of days after receiving the cervical cancer vaccine is
        a) researching and questioning the track taken to rush a covid vaccine through; and
        b) not going to let her younger son have the cervical cancer one.
        Add a hairdresser (GCSE failed level of education) and an electricity meter reader to the vaccine-choice brigade, and the cohort is moving away from the middle class moron brigade to encompass a wider population.

    2. elizabethhart

      If you have access to the UK Telegraph, check out these articles:

      – Matt Hancock refuses to rule out making coronavirus vaccine mandatory, 16 November 2020.
      – People are being infected by anti-vaxx lies – and that should be made illegal, 16 November 2020.
      – Businesses must join the fight against the anti-vaxxers, 16 November 2020.

      Also see this article about Bill Gates’ mate Warren Buffett:
      Buffett bets on big pharma and bails on banks – Berkshire Hathaway takes new stakes in Pfizer and Merck and increases its stake in AbbVie and Bristol-Myers Squibb, 17 November 2020

  82. Jeremy May

    I advocate (because of reading this bog and other informed writing) a level-headed, non-lockdown, sensible reaction to what we all face. I believe personal responsibility is the answer to keep both ourselves. loved ones and others safe. There is still a nasty virus (though diminishing / diminished) circulating out there and recklessness will cost lives. One question is, can we trust other people with our lives?

    This morning we will stand outside our house to pay our respects as a neighbour’s funeral cortege leaves our avenue. He was elderly and not in the best of health. For the past 8 months or so he has missed his mates and their regular get-togethers having lived as a virtual reclusive unit with his wife and son. He possibly envisaged the scenario of never laughing with his pals again. So a couple of weeks ago they had a four-man card school. Tragically two of them are now dead, of covid, and the other two scraped through havng been very ill.

    It’s so difficult. These guys gambled and lost. But who has the right to tell 4 octagenarians how to behave. Our neighbours wife of 60 years is bereft and his son feels guilty as hell.

    1. Steve

      You have to ask, what’s the point of life if you cannot spend time with your loved ones ?
      Maybe time that the ‘establishment’ started treating the citizens like grown ups.

        1. Jerome Savage

          AHN – Love the term – “virus gonna virus”, brilliant Americanism, apt cos it appears that, despite the precautions, infections gonna infect no matter what, (well maybe unless you hav a good immune system – good Vit D levels etc)
          and from the same Tom
          “Never mind the countless lives lost by lockdown itself, a point I’ve made again and again. Those lives don’t seem to count for some reason”
          for some reason! ?

    2. AhNotepad

      Unfortunately almost everybody who gets ill nowadays is struck down by covid. Flu no longer kills anybody, sepsis likewise, heart attacks diminished and so it goes on. There is no interest in establishing the cause of death anymore, consequently it is not possible to be sure someone died of covid. Why should guilt be heaped on his relatives on the basis of unsubstantiated pronouncements? It could easily have been something else, to which weeks of isolation could have increased susceptibility.

      1. Jeremy May

        Thanks, I’ll pass on your kind comments to his widow. I’ll also point out perhaps that those new knees he had ten years ago were, frankly, hardly worth the investment.
        However accurate or not the main-stream theories and solutions, please leave the cold-steel beliefs tucked away occasionally and allow us a little of the human side eh?

        1. AhNotepad

          I was pointing out the facts of the situation as I saw it without getting involved in the emotional side. That you take issue with this is probably because you expected some palliative response, There was really no need for your tone of response. Sometimes things happen which we do not like to happen, but to allow people to feel guilty when it was not of their doing, is the thing that should be addressed. I had made no comment about knees, and to bring that up in such a way is not helpful. They were not my words, they were yours and presumably said for your own purposes.

    3. Jerome Savage

      Sorry to hear. Does this sad event suggest 1 was assymptomatic but still infectious or else positive tho not with significant symptoms ?

    4. David Bailey

      So four elderly people got together to play cards, and got COVID.

      That must mean that at least one of them already had the disease – so whatever they were doing to protect themselves prior to the game of cards, wasn’t very effective!

  83. Astrogeezer

    Please enlighten me. Anybody. What is the point of a vaccine to produce antibodies to fight Covid infection when Bojo, who today boasts he’s “full of antibodies” and “fit as a butcher’s dog”, is self isolating because he was “pinged” by track and trace. Has anybody else spotted the obvious mistake? Does anybody else smell the stench of BS? Help, I’m drowning in it and can’t swim……

    1. JohnC

      Exactly. This seems to be a case of misapplied logic.
      I have had CoViD19
      I have antibodies
      I have been in contact with someone who tested positive and had symptoms
      Therefore I must self isolate for 14 days just in case.
      The logical follow up to this is
      You develop antibodies by any means including vaccination
      You come into contact with someone who tests positive
      Therefore you must self isolate for 14 days.

      You can guarantee that vaccination status or antibody status will not be known to track and trace, and you will be pinged if you have contact with someone who tests positive.
      There is no obvious escape from this cul de sac.

    2. Steve

      This is very convenient for Bozo, equivalent to hiding in a fridge. Cummings has gone and so there are lot’s of awkward questions, what better time to ‘isolate’ ? Or am I a cynic ?

  84. JohnC

    Please can someone explain under what circumstances a notifiable disease has to be reported?
    Is it for a confirmed medical diagnosis?
    E.G. for measles it is temperature plus rash, for campylobacter it’s a positive identification of the bacteria in a faecal sample.
    The reason I’m asking is that the official report for the week ending 8th November for notifications of CoViD19 for the whole of England and Wales was 117

    Click to access NOIDS-weekly-report-week45-2020.pdf

    1. KJE

      Well, that might be a good thing for all the people who have CFS/ME/Fibro for other reasons – as long as the solution isn’t GET and CBT

    2. Eggs ‘n beer

      Although my first thought about 60,000 cases of Long Covid pales into insignificance compared to 60,000,000 cases of Totally fed up with Covid cow pats, this comment summed it up for me:

      “ Dave Haddock 16 November, 2020 1:14 pm
      So we know it definitely exists, how to diagnose, and have proven treatments?

      We have staff surplus to requirements elsewhere, with nothing else to do such as Covid vaccination clinics, or managing the backlog of referrals and postponed procedures?

      We have surplus NHS funding to spare?

      Or is this just a bit of crowd pleasing bollox?”

  85. Janet Love

    Alas, I’ve found yet another “propaganda” web-site disguising itself under a cloak of Reason’ (shades of French Revolution & aftermath !!!)

    Well, it is according to this entry in another place….
    “Propaganda site” on Nov. 16 :-

    Sigh, looks like Kendrick / Rushworth / Ivor Cummins and their ilk are the few totally trustworthy sources. 🙂

    1. AhNotepad

      “Swiss Policy Research is also providing information regarding the Coronavirus with mixed facts and misinformation. In this article, Facts about Covid-19, […from swrps…]there is the use of several poor sources to support their claims such as the Daily Mail, Off-Guardian, Sputnik, and Youtube videos. Further, this list of so-called facts also contains unproven conspiracy theories such as this: �NSA wholesaler Edward Snowden warns that the �coronavirus crisis� will be used for the massive and continuous expansion of global surveillance. The well-known virologist Pablo Goldschmidt speaks of �global media terror� and �totalitarian measures.� Leading British virologist, Professor John Oxford, talks about a �media epidemic.� They further state �More than 500 scientists have warned of �unprecedented public oversight� using problematic �contact tracking� applications. In some countries, such �contact tracking� is already carried out directly by secret services. In several parts of the world, the population is already monitored by drones and is facing excessive police supervision.� While any of these may one day turn out to be true, there is zero evidence at this time to support these claims and hence they are unproven conspiracy theories.”

      Yeah, right, we all know Snowdon was a fraud, that’s why the US government was found guilty if illegal surveillance. We know the UK contact tracing is world class, oven read, fat as a butcher’s dog, and full of beans and antibodies. So is FAKE NEWS. Doh!

  86. Garth_L

    Today we have the media getting excited about the nocebo effect (relating to statins) using a massive trial of 60 people with a very dubious design. So now based on this milestone study no-one has side-effects when taking snake-oil
    I can just see that being used in this context too, “nothing to worry about, its just a nocebo effect, you don’t have severe debilitating auto-immune disease – take some paracetamol and see me in the morning”

      1. Garth_L


        A comment from someone supportive of the approach

        “All kinds of innate immune cells are being activated by the mRNA,’ said Prof. Bekeredjian-Ding. ‘This primes the immune system to get prepared for an endangering pathogen and thus the type of immune response that is triggered is very strong.’

        There is still a lot of work to be done to understand this response, the length of the protection it could give and whether there are any downsides.”


        Also on the same cautionary note:

        It would seem logical that triggering an extreme immune response, sending the body into a state of hyper-immune activity could lead to an increase in auto-immune type disease.

        It is interesting that the side-effects in a minority of people (3 or 4 out of 45 is still significant) in the small-scale initial trials reached moderate levels with severe fever and exhaustion. Monitoring of these cases would need to stretch for a long period before we know for sure. What we do need to be careful of is labelling people who potentially end up with auto-immune symptoms as suffering from “yuppie-flu”

        1. Jerome Savage

          Thank you Garth.
          Along the same lines, a very interesting contribution to these pages some time ago, which implied that the absence of parasitic worms in the human body of today has resulted in a more active & possibly over active immune system as the parasite could only survive by introducing anti immune agents or compounds to the natural human immune system. At least that’s how I read it.
          More than 1 study linking AI to statins.

          Let’s say, I find this interesting.

    1. Her who's still indoors

      And the source of this scientific wonderment? Imperial College London…. marvellous reputation, recommended as a source of accuracy.
      As a therapist working on the outer fringes of reality…if my community produced such hopeless research nonsense….quite!
      Anyone else sick of the pandering (should I say falling over and licking the shoes?) to the ‘medical’ salesmen and the narcissistic madmen ‘running’ the country? Legislation to stop debate, a very sensible way to go. Delusional grandiosity abounds…..who will burst their bubble? My money’s on the lawyers, thanks to Del Bigtree and his Informed Consent action, icandecide and the person on here who first mentioned it.
      Blessings one and all.

    2. ShirkeyKate

      ‘ … and see me in the morning.’ Not at my GP’s surgery. You’ll wait 3 weeks for an appointment, then he/she will have no idea who you are as they haven’t bothered to read your notes. Before you’ve got to the end of your story they’ve already begun scribbling a prescription. That’s in normal times (remember them?) I’m sure they’re more caring now!

  87. Ray

    Replying to LA_Bob:

    Interesting information. I came across something from China months ago hypothesising about Inter-vascular coagulation and a possible therapy using HCQ. I cannot find the link off hand, however here are a couple of relevant links which may help –

    As an aside I’m an advocate of Nose Breathing. I can remember Mum telling me to breath through the nose as it helped prevent the “Sniffles” – that would be about 70 years ago !!

    Last march Covid came along and I remembered her advice. Since then I have learnt that it may indeed be a life saver as it injects Nitric Oxide in your breath thus improving lung function & helping to reduce coagulation.
    Another strategy we followed against colds etc was to Gargle at the first signs of a cough. Traditionally we used a mouth wash / antiseptic that still exists today – rebranded as a dental hygiene / Prefect Teeth product. Now I use a product sold as an antiseptic. My Wife hates the smell, but it reminds me & others of my favourite “Peaty” Whisky!!! Any guesses ?

    Wonder why Gargling hasn’t been recommended as helpful like Hand Washing? Perhaps its ‘elf & Safety – You can choke, what’s the CFR of choking?

    1. ellifeld

      Nothing wrong with gargling, it certainly makes as much sense as washing your hands. But how about nasal washing? Neti pots? I came across an article several months ago that suggested the reason why Thailand and countries around there had low infections is that they tend to nasal wash. Makes a bit of sense also.

  88. Gary Ogden

    Well now, Moderna/NIH has kicked Pfizer to the pavement. Science by press release continues, as Moderna has announced their vaccine 94.5% effective. Warms the heart, it does.

    1. AhNotepad

      Gay, Moderna has not kicked Pfizer’s product to the pavement. They are complementary, so you need to get both. If there are more vaccines in coming months, you will need to get them as well.

      1. Gary Ogden

        AhNotepad: Oh, my! I didn’t know. If we get all six (or are there more?), do we get >540% efficacy? That would be miraculous. No need for doctors any more, nor hospitals, public health departments, WHO, CDC, etc. The gubmint could give us all a massive tax reduction. What’s not to like about that?

        1. AhNotepad

          Gary, everything you say is correct, except for the tax reduction. Apparently a massive AI data handling system is needed to cope with the expected number of adverse reactions, so this will negate the cost benefit of vaccine protection. I smell a 🐀

      1. JDPatten

        It’s good to be noticed, though what you cite appears more to be straight-through sarcasm than doggerel. There’s no dramatic progression.
        Come to think of it, taken as written, Ah might not have a bad idea: complementary vaccination, providing fine tuning of various aspects of immunity.
        Check back from the future. See if this becomes protocol. In which case, congratulate Ah!
        (BTW, the name is JDPATTEN)

    1. Boulderite

      Very interesting article. (For years, I’ve used vitamin B1 as a cure for nightmares. Seems to work.)

      I used to be able to buy B1 at Ralphs Supermarket and Walgreens Pharmacy. Not anymore. I think it disappeared from these stores about 12 to 18 months ago. (Coincidence?)

  89. crisscross767

    Dr. Fauci Warns US Likely To Cancel Christmas, Hints That Masks & Social Distancing Are Here To Stay

    As angst about the spoiled Thanksgiving holiday simmers, Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged Sunday during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” that American families should probably prepare to skip Christmas dinner, too.

    Read the post

  90. Her who's still indoors

    A study shows a ‘peak’ of Covid19 cases in Italy in September 2019, and no one had noticed.
    This hints that Covid19 was circulating even earlier, as the study used blood samples from a lung cancer patient screening trial that had begun in September 2019.
    “This study shows an unexpected very early circulation of SARS-CoV-2 among asymptomatic individuals in Italy several months before the first patient was identified, and clarifies the onset and spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Finding SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in asymptomatic people before the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy may reshape the history of pandemic.”

    1. Roger A

      Its quite possible that C19 was also infecting the UK population at the same time because all cause mortality from early September 2019 up to the end of December was significantly greater than the five year average.
      Further, at the same time we are currently experiencing a spike of C19 deaths, deaths attributed to respiratory disease is significantly lower, by 4,800, than the five year average.

  91. Carole

    In my new hobby learning about virology and immunology……! I thought to question the role of tonsils and adenoids in our immunity. On a simple google search it pulled up a paper from 2018 which found (although I didn’t dig deeper into the paper than reading the abstract so please correct my ignorance) that people who had undergone removal of said bits of anatomy were more likely to suffer from flu and I believe pneumonia 0-30 years later.
    I am probably being too simplistic as I am a total newcomer to this hobby but Has anyone looked at the incidence of this with the current situation??

      1. Ray

        Are tonsils/adenoids removed or left.

        Always heard that it was better not to remove them as they reduce the number of infections.
        Many years ago there was a “Fashion” to do this to your kids. Naturally if there are repeated frequent infections it may be the only solution?

        Worry more about those who have unfortunately lost their spleen due to a accident.

    1. Kevin O'Connell

      A few days ago, I posted “I (Moderna) will see your (Pfizer) 90% and raise you 4.5%. Who will see* my 94.5%?
      *Poker sense. obviously, you’re not going to see my hand (data).”
      Today, there is an update from Pfizer, ‘raising’ the stakes by 0.5%. Having reviewed the ‘data’, they have produced new PR claiming 95% effectiveness, just a fraction ahead of Moderna. Now it’s Moderna’s turn to review their ‘data’ and raise again.
      Presumably, this will end with one, or both of them claiming an effectiveness of 100+%

  92. Gary Ogden

    You can’t make this stuff up: There really is a “Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas.” I don’t know why I find this hilarious, but I can’t stop laughing this morning!

  93. Jan

    NVIC conference 2020.
    Am still viewing the presentations from this conference. Really interesting, well worth the $£. My xmas pressie to myself. So much info. I can’t seem to post the link sorry.
    MK has a slot also.
    Would def recommend.

  94. Gary Ogden

    As if we didn’t already have enough bad news: King Canute’s sumptuous silken burial clothes have been stolen.

  95. hullchiro

    Hi Malcom, I am 75years old and I am way past being a grumpy old man, I am ducking LIVID!!!! Thanks a million for your posts. They have helped keep me relatively sane but I must admit there is a body of people who would refute that. I tend to hang out with like minded people and I think there are a lot more people that agree with you and are just as mad. I love you Malcom, in a blokey sort of way, as I know the sacrifices you are making and appreciate it. In gratitude Ken

    On Wed, 11 Nov 2020 at 06:43, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 10th November 2020 ‘Ladies and gentlemen, > roll-up, roll-up, roll-up. My new product, just brought to the market this > very day, prevents ninety per-cent, yes ninety per-cent of all known things > happening to you. Yes, a remarkable ninety per cent. ” >

  96. Carole

    This probably isn’t the place to write this but I have no other outlet or discussion vehicle available.
    We are now 3 months into the vaccination campaign with millions of people having taken up the governments offer of one of 2 supposed safe and effective drugs against the worldwide virus. My friends are now rolling up their sleeves and proudly announcing they are vaccinated. (I think one may even be knitting a badge of honour for all concerned!) I suddenly find myself , normally compliant, standing my ground and soon to face the decision of saying no thanks against the tidal wave of compliance, a very uncomfortable place to be with public opinion so pro vaccine, pro protecting the nhs, pro doing as we are told. I find myself feeling like a conscientious objector. Will I have to wear a white feather? Perhaps I should and be proud. I am struggling against the tide of scientists know best with my decision to say my body is healthy and needs no additional support AND I’m prepared to take the risk of my decision in the face of peer pressure to the contrary. I could not live with my own irritation, frustration and anger if in the future I developed an auto immune disease or similar possibly due to the vaccine. I work with people debilitated by MS RA, and the like and even the remotest possibility that I am opening myself to a future like that keeps me strong against the pressure to protect myself from being ill from this virus, even with it’s possible longer term effects. I would rather take the odds of that than the unknown possibilities from a vaccine.
    How are other people feeling?
    When will they stop?- I don’t want my 24 year old child vaccinated with life changing possibilities for them but they seem to be sucked into the campaign as much as my 86 year old mother. Mine is a very lonely place.

    1. Peter williams

      You are not alone Carole. Stay strong, boost your immune system and relay on the most sophisticated machine in our world. Your own body.

    2. anglosvizzera

      You’re certainly not alone, Carole. My husband and I, in our early 60s, and some of our friends – as well as my eldest sister and my children, are in no way going to have any of these vaccines! Like you, plenty of people we know, and other family members, are proudly announcing they’ve been jabbed and, fortunately, so far there haven’t been any nasty surprises (yet). We really appreciated the advice from Dr K and others regarding nutritional supplements etc and are relying on that to keep us healthy. As it is, we’ve been taking nutritional supplements including higher dose vitamin D (ie higher than the NHS suggests at 2500iu a day) and our levels, when tested in the Autumn were good. I’ve now started taking 10,000iu twice a week as well and will be checking levels again any time now. We’ve never had the flu vaccine – and never had flu, even though I worked in an NHS hospital and in a GP practice, and in schools and all the places you’d expect to pick up this sort of thing – and we rarely get colds either. I did have a cold in December 2019 which was unusual for me, but had been shut in a room with a woman who was coughing and sneezing all over the place (and made me 2 cups of tea!) so presumably the viral load was too high! But my husband didn’t get it – and mine was gone after a couple of days.

      Being a “vaccine sceptic” is a lonely place, more so these days – I’ve been one for years for various reasons, and had the support of a group of friends I made back in the 90s, many of whom I’m still mostly in contact with. I do sometimes wonder if madness will prevail and that “they” will try and coerce us into having it, but if it means our never travelling abroad again, then so be it!

    3. Paula

      Carole, any place is a good place as far as I’m concerned! There is something deeply suspicious about the dual belief that vaccines are a miracle that everyone will want and at the same time a ‘duty’ we have to the wider community, a duty that has to be coerced by denying people the ability to go about their daily business. It literally can’t be both. I suspect that most people would calculate it the way you do if they had access to balanced information. What I find very interesting is the number of experts who are quite comfortable with vaccination but have doubts about this one, and I am certain that if it were not for the ‘exceptional circumstances’ created by the coronavirus act, we would not be looking to vaccine even under 65s, let alone under 50s. I am also particularly disturbed at the campaigns encouraging young people who have almost nothing to fear from covid to get excited about the vaccine without doing any cost/benefit analysis. These links are Margaret McCartney talking about the flu vaccine a few years ago – they make very interesting reading and immediately raise the question of what she might say about the covid vaccine. I’ve not heard her speak on the subject and somehow I don’t think we will…..

    4. Jacqueline Defelice

      My world too Carole. Thanks for your post. I too am bucking the trend. My line manager called me on Friday to say this was my last chance to get the vaccine through my work (front line). I declined. Thank you but no thank you. It plays on my mind as I’m bucking the trend but currently we have freedom of choice and time will tell if we’ve made the right decision. On a personal level it’s the right decision but there’s a little niggle of concern due to public excitement about the vaccine yet supported in part from these posts. I do tend to go against ‘ the norm’ and like to research as much as possible and question ‘things”.

      1. AhNotepad

        Jacqueline, if you were in the UK, or indeed anywhere in Europe, your line manager is acting against an agreement of the Council of Europe (this is not the EU). The agreement was that there should be no coercion and only informed consent to medical procedures are acceptable. Though not law, any government who wanted to ignore the agreement would expose them to hostile actions. (Hopefully).

        See ukcolumn’s broadcast on 8th February.

    5. Eggs ‘n beer

      No, you’re not alone. And I’ve lived with people with MS and RA my whole life (mother and sister respectively). None of our kids or grandkids have been vaccinated, neither was I. But my sister received the rubella vaccine prior to puberty, shortly before the RA issues started ….. no link, of course.

  97. Paul Goode

    Carole. I have total understanding of how you are feeling, a lonely voice in the midst of total hysteria. The coordinated global message promoting fear that has been eagerly distributed by the mass media. You only have to walk around and witness the sea of masks and people eager to avoid passing you in fear of catching the dreaded virus. Covid 19 has been a serious infection but does not warrant the hysteria and draconian measures that are destroying everything that make us human! The fear propaganda will continue until they have achieved their main objective of mass vaccination. Every time it appears that the measures can be relaxed a new orchestrated fear message is released, new variants pop up on queue to keep us under the stairs. Although you feel lonely in your stance against the vaccines there are many people out there who share your concerns. For once, the mass public have believed the government propaganda and the fear of dying has convinced them that the vaccine is their only salvation. When you consider the track record of Drug companies, particularly Pfizer, the abbreviated trial period of the vaccines and the fact that mRNA technology is an experimental treatment, that ‘salvation’ is dubious to say the very least. I have not seen any official reports of vaccine adverse reactions for the U.K. for good reason, probably but the USA data makes grim reading. There have been significant numbers severely affected within a short period after the vaccination and sadly many have died. I doubt they will pin the blame on the vaccines but it is clear that many people, not always senior in age have been damaged or worse. If you haven’t ever followed Dr Mercola’s publications, take a look at his vaccine messages. Stand firm on your beliefs, I think you will be proved to be very wise.


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