Covid19 – the final nail in coffin of medical research

28th June 2021

“The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time.” Edward Grey

Several years ago, I wrote a book called Doctoring Data. It was my attempt to help people navigate their way through medical headlines and medical data.

One of the main reasons I was stimulated to write it, is because I had become deeply concerned that science, especially medical science, had been almost fully taken over by commercial interests. With the end result that much of the data we were getting bombarded with was enormously biased, and thus corrupted. I wanted to show how some of this bias gets built in.

I was not alone in my concerns. As far back as 2005, John Ioannidis wrote the very highly cited paper ‘Why most Published Research Findings are False’. It has been downloaded and read by many, many, thousands of researchers over the years, so they can’t say they don’t know:

‘Moreover for many current scientific fields, claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias.’1

Marcia Angell, who edited the New England Journal of Medicine for twenty years, wrote the following. It is a quote I have used many times, in many different talks:

‘It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgement of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine.’

Peter Gotzsche, who set up the Nordic Cochrane Collaboration, and who was booted out of said Cochrane collaboration for questioning the HPV vaccine (used to prevent cervical cancer) wrote the book. ‘Deadly Medicine and Organised Crime. [How big pharma has corrupted healthcare]’.

The book cover states… ‘The main reason we take so many drugs is that drug companies don’t sell drugs, they sell lies about drugs… virtually everything we know about drugs is what the companies have chosen to tell us and our doctors… if you don’t believe the system is out of control, please e-mail me and explain why drugs are the third leading cause of death.’

Richard Smith edited the British Medical Journal (BMJ) for many years. He now writes a blog, amongst other things. A few years ago, he commented:

‘Twenty years ago this week, the statistician Doug Altman published an editorial in the BMJ arguing that much medical research was of poor quality and misleading. In his editorial entitled ‘The scandal of Poor Medical Research.’ Altman wrote that much research was seriously flawed through the use of inappropriate designs, unrepresentative sample, small sample, incorrect methods of analysis and faulty interpretation… Twenty years later, I feel that things are not better, but worse…

In 2002 I spent eight marvellous weeks in a 15th palazzo in Venice writing a book on medical journals, the major outlets for medical research, and the dismal conclusion that things were badly wrong with journals and the research they published. My confidence that ‘things can only get better’ has largely drained away.’

Essentially, medical research has inexorably turned into an industry. A very lucrative industry. Many medical journals now charge authors thousands of dollars to publish their research. This ensures that it is very difficult for any researcher, not supported by a university, or a pharmaceutical company, to afford to publish anything, unless they are independently wealthy.

The journals then have the cheek to claim copyright, and charge money to anyone who actually wants to read, or download the full paper. Fifty dollars for a few on-line pages! They then bill for reprints, they charge for advertising. Those who had the temerity to write the article get nothing – and nor do the peer reviewers.

It is all very profitable. Last time I looked the Return on Investment (profit) was thirty-five per-cent for the big publishing houses. It was Robert Maxwell who first saw this opportunity for money making.

Driven by financial imperative, the research itself has also, inevitably, become biased. He who pays the paper calls the tune. Pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers and suchlike. They can certainly afford the publication fees.

In addition to all the financial and peer-review pressure, if you dare swim against the approved mainstream views you will, very often, be ruthlessly attacked. As many people know, I am a critic of the cholesterol hypothesis, along with my band of brothers…we few, we happy few. In the 1970s, Kilmer McCully, who plays double bass in our band, was looking into a cause of cardiovascular disease that went against the mainstream view. This is what happened to him:

‘Thomas N. James, a cardiologist and president of the University of Texas Medical Branch who was also the president of the American Heart Association in 1979 and ’80, is even harsher [regarding the treatment of McCully]. ”It was worse than that – you couldn’t get ideas funded that went in other directions than cholesterol,” he says. ”You were intentionally discouraged from pursuing alternative questions. I’ve never dealt with a subject in my life that elicited such an immediate hostile response.

It took two years for McCully to find a new research job. His children were reaching college age; he and his wife refinanced their house and borrowed from her parents. McCully says that his job search developed a pattern: he would hear of an opening, go for interviews and then the process would grind to a stop. Finally, he heard rumors of what he calls ”poison phone calls” from Harvard. ”It smelled to high heaven,” he says.’

McCully says that when he was interviewed on Canadian television after he left Harvard, he received a call from the public-affairs director of Mass. General. ”He told me to shut up,” McCully recalls. ”He said he didn’t want the names of Harvard and Mass. General associated with my theories.’ 2

More recently, I was sent a link to an article outlining the attacks made on another researcher who published a paper which found that being overweight meant having a (slightly) lower risk of death than being of ‘normal weight. This, would never do:

‘A naïve researcher published a scientific article in a respectable journal. She thought her article was straightforward and defensible. It used only publicly available data, and her findings were consistent with much of the literature on the topic. Her coauthors included two distinguished statisticians.

To her surprise her publication was met with unusual attacks from some unexpected sources within the research community. These attacks were by and large not pursued through normal channels of scientific discussion. Her research became the target of an aggressive campaign that included insults, errors, misinformation, social media posts, behind-the-scenes gossip and maneuvers, and complaints to her employer.

The goal appeared to be to undermine and discredit her work. The controversy was something deliberately manufactured, and the attacks primarily consisted of repeated assertions of preconceived opinions. She learned first-hand the antagonism that could be provoked by inconvenient scientific findings. Guidelines and recommendations should be based on objective and unbiased data. Development of public health policy and clinical recommendations is complex and needs to be evidence-based rather than belief-based. This can be challenging when a hot-button topic is involved.’ 3

Those who lead the attacks on her were my very favourite researchers, Walter Willet and Frank Hu. Two eminent researchers from Harvard who I nickname Tweedledum and Tweedledummer. Harvard itself has become an institution, which, along with Oxford University, comes up a lot in tales of bullying and intimidation. Willet and Hu are internationally known for promoting vegetarian and vegan diets. Willet is a key figure in the EAT-Lancet initiative.

Where is science in all this? I feel the need to state, at this point, that I don’t mind attacks on ideas. I like robust debate. Science can only progress through a process of new hypotheses being proposed, being attacked, being refined and strengthened – or obliterated. But what we see now is not science. It is the obliteration of science itself:

‘Anyone who has been a scientist for more than 20 years will realize that there has been a progressive decline in the honesty of communications between scientists, between scientists and their institutions and the outside world.

Yet, real science must be an area where truth is the rule; or else the activity simply stops being scient and becomes something else: Zombie science. Zombie science is a science that is dead, but is artificially keep moving by a continual infusion of funding. From a distance Zombie science looks like the real thing, the surface features of a science are in place – white coats, laboratories, computer programming, PhDs, papers, conferences, prizes etc. But the Zombie is not interested in the pursuit of truth – its citations are externally-controlled and directed at non-scientific goals, and inside the Zombie everything is rotten…

Scientists are usually too careful and clever to risk telling outright lies, but instead they push the envelope of exaggeration, selectivity and distortion as far as possible. And tolerance for this kind of untruthfulness has greatly increased over recent years. So, it is now routine for scientists deliberately to ‘hype’ the significance of their status and performance and ‘spin’ the importance of their research.’ Bruce Charlton: Professor of Theoretical Medicine.

I was already pretty depressed with the direction that medical science was taking. Then COVID19 came along, the distortion and hype became so outrageous that I almost gave up trying to establish what was true, and was just made up nonsense.

For example, I stated, right at the start of the COVID19 pandemic, that vitamin D could be important in protecting against the virus. For having the audacity to say this, I was attacked by the fact checkers. Indeed, anyone promoting vitamin D to reduce the risk of COVID19 infection, was ruthlessly hounded.

 Guess what. Here from 17th June:

‘Hospitalized COVID-19 patients are far more likely to die or to end up in severe or critical condition if they are vitamin D-deficient, Israeli researchers have found.

In a study conducted in a Galilee hospital, 26 percent of vitamin D-deficient coronavirus patients died, while among other patients the figure was at 3%.

“This is a very, very significant discrepancy, which represents a big clue that starting the disease with very low vitamin D leads to increased mortality and more severity,” Dr. Amir Bashkin, endocrinologist and part of the research team, told The Times of Israel.’ 4

I also recommended vitamin C for those already in hospital. Again, I was attacked, as has everyone who has dared to mention COVID19 and vitamin C in the same sentence. Yet, we know that vitamin C is essential for the health and wellbeing of blood vessels, and the endothelial cells that line them. In severe infection the body burns through vitamin C, and people can become ‘scrobutic’ (the name given to severe lack of vitamin C).

Vitamin C is also known to have powerful anti-viral activity. It has been known for years. Here, from an article in 1996:

‘Over the years, it has become well recognized that ascorbate can bolster the natural defense mechanisms of the host and provide protection not only against infectious disease, but also against cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. The functions involved in ascorbate’s enhancement of host resistance to disease include its biosynthetic (hy-droxylating), antioxidant, and immunostimulatory activities. In addition, ascorbate exerts a direct antiviral action that may confer specific protection against viral disease. The vitamin has been found to inactivate a wide spectrum of viruses as well as suppress viral replication abd expression in infected cell.’ 5

I like quoting research on vitamins from way before COVID19 appeared, where people were simply looking at Vitamin C without the entire medico-industrial complex looking over their shoulder, ready to stamp out anything they don’t like. Despite a mass of evidence that Vitamin C has benefits against viral infection, it is a complete no-go area and no-one even dares to research it now. Facebook removes any content relating to Vitamin C and COVID19.

As of today, any criticism of the mainstream narrative is simply being removed. Those who dare to raise their heads above the parapet, have them chopped off:

‘Dr Francis Christian, practising surgeon and clinical professor of general surgery at the University of Saskatchewan, has been immediately suspended from all teaching and will be permanently removed from his role as of September.

Dr Christian has been a surgeon for more than 20 years and began working in Saskatoon in 2007. He was appointed Director of the Surgical Humanities Program and Director of Quality and Patient Safety in 2018 and co-founded the Surgical Humanities Program. Dr. Christian is also the Editor of the Journal of The Surgical Humanities.

On June 17th Dr Christian released a statement to over 200 of his colleagues, expressing concern over the lack of informed consent involved in Canada’s “Covid19 vaccination” program, especially regarding children.

To be clear, Dr Christian’s position is hardly an extreme one.

He believes the virus is real, he believes in vaccination as a general principle, he believes the elderly and vulnerable may benefit from the Covid “vaccine”… he simply doesn’t agree it should be used on children, and feels parents are not being given enough information for properly informed consent.6

When I wrote Doctoring Data, a few years ago, I included the following thoughts about the increasing censorship and punishment that was already very clearly out in the open:

…where does it end? Well, we know where it ends.

First, they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist

Then they came for the socialists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist

Then they came from the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist

Then they came for me, and there was no-one left to speak for me

Do you think this is a massive over-reaction? Do I really believe that we are heading for some form of totalitarian stated, where dissent against the medical ‘experts’ will be punishable by imprisonment? Well, yes, I do. We are already in a situation where doctors who fail to follow the dreaded ‘guidelines’ can be sued, or dragged in front the General Medical Council, and struck of. Thus losing their job and income…

Where next?

The lamps are not just going out all over Europe. They are going out, all over the world.





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967 thoughts on “Covid19 – the final nail in coffin of medical research

  1. Harry de Boer

    Merriam-Webster says it’s ‘scorbutic’.
    And a further example to show what little role science plays in ‘the art of medicine’, is Ignaz Semmelweis.

    1. Sara Holland

      Dr Kendrick, thank you so much for all you do in bringing some sanity into what’s becoming a dangerously insane world. I’ve read your books and blogs over he last year, and have found them to be both a comfort and a source of rage. Comforting to know that there is a medical professional with the courage to speak truth to power. Enraged at the thought of the terrible loss and suffering innocent people have gone through. When I think of my own dear grandfather who survived six years in the jungle of Burma during the war to end his says fretting over his cholesterol levels, too afraid to enjoy the pleasures of wholesome food with his family, despite his otherwise good health and high levels of physical activity. My mother too is spending her days in a care home, frail with Parkinson’s after her cholesterol fretting and statin treatment began in her late fifties. She had no heart attacks and had been and active and healthy woman, who’d dedicated her working career to the NHS as a HCA. It’s pitiful to see her now in her mid 80s confined this last year to an isolated and deteriorating existence in a care home.
      What has your profession done to this country?
      What does it continue to do?
      My daughter and her husband are both NHS medical staff, she is a nurse and her husband a Obstetrician in training. They both had ‘Covid’ early this year and having had the infection my daughter doesn’t want to have the Covid vaccination, she has done her research and feels it’s not for her, she is young, fit and healthy. If Covid vaccines are mandated she is seriously considering leaving nursing, a great loss for her and the NHS. I support her decision, I don’t want to take the Covid vaccine and nor do my fit and healthy young adult sons, and I resent the coercion and hatred being inflicted on us all. My son-in-law to my surprise, given his medical training, had the jabs and was quite unwell following both. He really only took it due to peer pressure from his seniors and colleagues and hadn’t really looked into it. What surprised me, was his lack of knowledge about immunity and infections. We have known for a long time that exposure to our childhood illness like chickenpox gave us immunity until old age, he wasn’t aware of this nor the concept of ‘chicken pox’ parties that were the norm when our kids were little. It wasn’t something that he’d learnt at medical school, in fact he’d been taught very little about immunity and vaccination other than a serious lecture about Andrew Wakefield.
      How did we get into it his sorry state of affairs? How did the Americans get themselves into a position where they give 72 vaccinations to children in childhood, 32 in the first year. Is this where we are heading. Repeated doses of vaccinations for childhood ailments like chickenpox, with all the potential risks and side effects from their ingredients?
      Where is this going to end?
      A growing list of mandated vaccines to keep the worker bees from taking the time to heal, rest and nurse our infants, is this what are medical professionals want for the nation or is the fear of being labelled an ‘anti-vaxxer’ going to be all it takes to keep them silent?
      I can honestly say I see what’s happening now as the end to our respected and trusted medical profession. Breaks your heart.

  2. sarah wright

    Wow – this is a terribly sad newsletter to read and it must have been a difficult one to write. People around me don’t believe this is going on. They think it’s all a conspiracy. I’ve worked with the media for over 20 years and I know there’s something afoot. There’s never been an absolute narrative in a story before. The lack of coverage of the marches, the monotone messaging, it’s all unprecedented in my working life.

    I’m grateful for your emails – it means I’m not alone in my rejection of this madness, but sometimes I feel like I’m holding back a tsunami and that can feel overwhelming, not to mention deeply upsetting, at times.

    Thank you for keeping me informed and arming me with the proof, it is MUCH appreciated.

    Keep going!



    1. Graham Stephens

      Well said Sarah, I’m with you 100%, and I know there are so many more in the same boat as people like ourselves. What next? mmmmmmhhh.

    2. Jan Dawe

      Yes, Sarah, I agree with you too. I have been researching health for quite a while and am aghast at the lack of knowledge about nutrition and the negative side effects of the drugs they pedal. This includes the whole medical establishment. Anything natural or cheap is deemed ineffective or seudoscience. There are good scientists and doctors out there but far an few between, Dr. Kendrick among them. It is so hard to find somebody that can truly help with a health malady these days. As for the whole Covid thing, well it is mind boggling as to what is going on and the more I learn about it the stranger it gets. Dark times indeed.

      1. David Bailey

        I agree, but I think the damage is unevenly spread across medicine. Really acute situations like broken bones and other emergencies, are no doubt handled well, but medicine that is meant to treat the patient long term is the most suspect.

        Visiting the doctor for a checkup when nothing is actually bothering you, is fraught with risk!

        1. Gary Ogden

          David Bailey: Yes, emergency medicine is very good, admirable. The great improvement in EM was motivated by military necessity. But most conventional medicine, particularly for chronic conditions, and medical education, are based upon “Rockefeller medicine.” Old John D. wanted a market for the sludge which remained after all the useful petroleum products were refined out of the crude oil. Thus the pharmaceutical industry was born. The Flexner Report heavily influenced the development of medical education, and thus medicine, for about a full century now. Homeopathy pushed to the sidelines.

        2. Martin Back

          The first time I ever visited the doctor for a routine checkup was when I turned 65. He put me on statins. I thought, what is a “statin”? That’s when I found Dr Kendrick and threw the script away.

          Visiting the doctor for a checkup is like daring him to find something wrong with you. Don’t worry, he will.

          1. Martin Back

            Needless to say, I don’t get routine checkups any more. I’ll only see a doctor if there’s something I’m worried about.

          2. Sasha

            My father, an MD himself with about 50 years of experience, almost never goes for any check ups. Whenever he’s asked why, his standard reply is: “Because they’re going to start digging and they will find something”.

  3. lorrainecleaver7

    This is the saddest and most honest post I’ve ever read about the sorry saga that is Covid. God bless you Dr Kendrick. God bless all the brave and principled doctors and scientists who speak out.

    I am lost for words after almost a year and a half of this madness.

    1. me oliveira

      It is not madness. It is a conscious crime. This type of criminals must die. Read:
      Alfred North Whitehead:
      >>> The absolute pacifist is a bad citizen; times come when force must be used to uphold right, justice and ideals.
      >>> Civilizations can only be understood by those who are civilized.
      Faith and Peace.

      1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

        No need for divisive identity labels of ideological capture.
        Force has a right place within law and the communication and upholding of lawful living.
        But always proportionate to the purpose of correcting and restoring of Law by which love and reason align true.
        Vengeance of guilt, fear and hate, set in grievance, is not the basis of Love or Law, but as a basis for reason or logic will operate the monster it seeks or purports to eradicate or kill.
        Thus a perverse love of hatred claims moral virtue and attacks corrective love as ‘weak’, unreal and debunked.
        Standing in integrity will seem to be ‘fighting’ or ‘resisting’ but the primary quality that supports us is love of truth. NOT the usurpation by personal vendetta that can be contagious as the hurt and hate of intolerable pain.
        The call for compassion is first for ourselves.
        Self-hate will seek a target to come back at us by unexpected ways.
        But a false love seeks to manipulate or mask over hidden hate.

        Everything born, must die.
        If we see ourself only in terms of death, we make a world of destruction.
        Love of peace is not conflict evasion as a specialness of self!

          1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            Yes I did.
            Do you mean vengeance?
            Hate MUST find a target. Or you are left holding its pain as your own result.
            The Fear Reset induces the blind to mask hate as virtue, as if to save themselves.
            Those who love to hate, must then hate to love, for love would undo their grievance and deprive them of claim to power.
            There are crimes to answer and facts to ascertain.
            Currently their are no courts or enforcement agencies willing to take such cases.
            But we shall see what transpires as the full extent of deceit comes to recognition of all who have participated in a corrupt system.
            Meanwhile your mind is being played with, such that – like those under hypnotic trance – your thoughts may not be your own.

          1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

            It was also a show trial. Deceit operates to mask in appearances of love, caring or justice. You may be-live such to be true because it is what is taught as history.
            Dying people often recognise the nature and value of love.
            But the living dead believe there is no love, for death is the power over love and life that they worship – as a world of destruction as their normal.

          2. huckebein

            Nuremberg is where we learned that the method of extermination at ‘Camp Belsen’ (Belzec) was not poison gas but electrocution: “special electrical appliances were built in for mass extermination of people. Under the pretext that the people were being led to the bath-house, the doomed were undressed and then driven to the building where the floor was electrified in a special way; there they were killed.”
            Nuremberg is also where we learned from Justice Robert Jackson that the Germans experimented with some type of bomb (possibly “atomic”) which they used upon “a small village [which] was provisionally erected, with temporary structures, and in it approximately 20,000 Jews were put. By means of this newly invented weapon of destruction, these 20,000 people were eradicated almost instantaneously, and in such a way that there was no trace left of them; that it developed, the explosive developed, temperatures of from 400° to 500° centigrade and destroyed them without leaving any trace at all.”
            And Nuremberg is of course where we learned that the Germans committed the Katyn Forest Massacre.

        1. jezhewitt

          Binra – I get it. But do you? On what planet do you think they’re going to see the error of their ways and lament? I’ll gladly put you in the position of compassionate judge but to put you there is going to take some justice fuelled swords. Something tells me they’ll either be no one left to judge or you’ll be composing your beautiful prose from the gulag. Some will use hate to fuel theirs and I won’t judge a hair on their body.

          We reap what we sow. I truly wish it wasn’t so.

      2. Ed Smith

        I totally agree Me O. A similar maxim – “all that’s required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” sometimes attributed to Edmund Burke is as apt, and along the same lines.
        Some of the old sayings seem to be regaining popularity. They’ve stood the test of time for a reason.

  4. David Grimes

    It appears that during the past year Vitamin D has died. It has been killed by officialdom, but there are signs of continuing life at the grass-roots. Its death has been aided by clinical and academic physicians, and the Royal College of Physicians has remained silent, despite being the shining light of medical-scientific progress for 500 years. Another light that is going out.

        1. Loretta D

          Paragraph 489 on Page 110 …..
          489.Where a product like a food or a herbal remedy makes ‘medicinal’ claims, i.e. it claims to help cure or mitigate a disease, it is regulated in the UK by the MHRA. Where a food product makes ‘health’ claims, i.e. it claims to benefit your health more generally, it is regulated by the DHSC in England, by the FSA in Wales and Northern Ireland, and by Food Standards Scotland in Scotland. Industry experts have highlighted that this patchwork of regulators creates additional costs and uncertainty for businesses. They would like to see the relevant functions brought together in a central regulatory body and a clearer UK landscape. We are mindful that this is a devolved matter, and we are not advocating the creation of a new quango, but we urge the Government to find a common sense solution which creates greater certainty for businesses by tackling the complexity of the current regulatory landscape

          I guess it will only be a matter of time.

    1. stephen Cook

      I received vit D free from the Government .Odd that my post did not pass go ,not fit the argument?

      1. lidoplace

        How much were you prescribed, probably a maintenance dose – better than nothing but not enough to raise levels

        1. stephen cook

          400 iu but it was not thrown at me. I read a piece in the press ,had to find the web site and apply ,with no result in January. Was mentioned again in March applied again and received. It should have been sent to all the extremely vulnerable and not just for those on line who happened to read about it by chance.

          1. Elliot

            the thing about 400 IU is that it is such an underdose that it will do nothing. Most people living in environments like the UK would need 7-8K units per day to get to a blood level (50 ng/ml) where their immune system could function to fight off viruses. Any decent researcher would know that 400 IU’s will do nothing. So sorry, your gov’t is playing with you.

        2. Janet Love

          Fauci admits to an oral daily dose of 5,000 IU of D3 per day. Yes, saw it in an interview with him , from 2020 if memory serves….
          From my understanding, it would take months at this rate to lift a sub-optimal person up to what is regarded as ‘Top of the desirable range’ . 10,000 IU is what I take for a couple of days per week, 5K for the rest. Plus Vit K2
          As a parallel aside, the US FDA has been reported as stomping on the availability/use of
          NAC, N-acetyl-cysteine, a popular supplement often used by fitness fanatics and body-builders, Apparantly, it was highly spoken-of in regard to TREATING…. “THAT” Flu. ….
          And let’s not mention ‘Lord Voldermort’ being used for ‘other’ than river blindness or scabies.

      2. David Bailey

        Oh but it does! The point about vitamin D is that it is freely available on the shelves of TESCO. If they had but told everyone to take this harmless supplement once a day, considerably fewer people would have got COVID – or died of COVID.

        By sending out that supplement, they acknowledged the benefit of D, but did the absolute minimum to ‘spoil’ their pandemic.

        To put this in a wider context, you should realise that in winter people north of about Birmingham can’t make enough vitamin D from sunlight, and of course, in a lockdown nobody can! I have seen it suggested that the only reason why COVID and flu are seasonal is that people run short of vitamin D in the winter months.

        I take vitamins C and D every morning. So far I have not had COVID, nor flu, nor any other infection since this crisis began.

        1. Roland Ayers

          Matt Hancock described people sunbathing in a park during the first lockdown as “incredibly selfish”. You’d have to be incredibly credulous to regard his views on health matters as credible.

          1. Prudence Kitten

            And I would describe Mr Hancock as either “incredibly ignorant” or “incredibly wicked” – most probably the latter.

          2. barovsky

            Or opportunistic and totally corrupted by power and hubris. Nobodies like Hancock don’t give a shit. He’s wealthy and immunised against the mass of people. He’ll move on, get a cushy do nothing job or retire to his country mansion.

        2. Andy

          I have been taking a vitamin C supplement for 4 years during which time I have not had a single cold instead of at least 2 a year.

        3. Madge Hirsch

          Actually in winter people north of MADRID cannot make enough vit D from sunlight. Vit D synthesis is only possible in most of the UK from early April to mid Sept.

        4. Mike Coker

          Where do you get this “North of Birmingham” stuff from? I live 40 miles north of Birmingham. Am i doomed?

          1. Mike Coker

            Please say you don’t mean that. What would you do without midland/northern peasants who say what they mean

          2. Jerome Savage

            New viral strain has just appeared – ‘coker variant” , appears to attack at random. Vit C ineffective. Best line of defense might be to ignore it B.I.O.N.

      3. tedhutchinson

        The FREE Vitamin d issued by the UK Gov was a waste of time and money.
        Most UK adults have 25(OH)D vitamin d levels between 25-75 nmol/l from winter through summer, In order to reduce covid severity humans require levels between 100–150nmol/l and generally that requires a high dose (10,000iu) of vitamin d3 daily for probably 4 weeks followed by a daily amount at least 5000iu daily to maintain a safe level throughout the year.
        This article although written for doctors is reasonably up to date and it’s easy enough for everyone else to understand.
        What every MD should know about vitamin D and the immune system

        1. Jerome Savage

          Thanks ted. Noted. Can I ask if there is a need for Vit D consumption in summer – assuming we are out and about in daytime with arms exposed ?

          1. LMS2

            People can still get VitD deficiency in summer if they don’t supplement their diet and don’t get enough sun exposure, and spend too much time indoors. It’s especially the case with women and girls with darker skin and whose clothing completely covers them up.
            There have been cases of mothers being accused of child abuse because their babies have suffered broken bones. One mother was charged with murder, until the pathologist carrying out the autopsy on the baby found the bones were easily breaking during the autopsy. That was due to the lack of Vitamin D in the mother and the breast milk she was feeding to the baby causing very brittle bones.

            A friend of mine was diagnosed with VitD deficiency last year, as she was feeling very tired all the time. She works in an office all week, and gets little sun exposure.
            I’ve been taking supplements for a couple of years, before CV19, which helped stop my hair falling out more than it should.

          2. Jerome Savage

            The first 6 or so sites I see recommend between 10 and 30 mins of mid day sun. No indication of the level of exposure required, eg swimsuit and horizontal or fully clothed & vertical. Nor is there any indication of how the benefits taper as we move away from midday.
            This is interesting –
            “common health recommendations given by authorities in many countries, that sun exposure should be avoided for three to five hours around noon and postponed to the afternoon, may be wrong and may even promote CMM”
            “study published in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has shown that just one 20-minute exposure to summer sun in Hawaii wearing a bathing suit produced between 15,000 and 20,000 IU of vitamin D3. 1. The best part is that you can’t “overdose” on vitamin D obtained from sunlight.”

          3. theasdgamer

            I believe that brittle bones are mostly caused by a protein deficiency, not a vitamin D deficiency. Kidney disease is associated with brittle bones, isn’t it?

        2. Ann P.

          Vitamin D3 needs to be taken with Vitamin K3 to aid absorption. Another benefit of this for older people is that these two vitamins, taken in conjunction with magnesium, also help to protect bones. (Far more important to take these than calcium supplements). Magnesium is often deficient – our food doesn’t always give us enough these days.

          1. Ann P.

            To barovsky: Yes, thanks for that! I was about to correct my typo – you beat me to it!

        3. Janet Love

          Thanks Ted, Fauci takes 5K daily, as do I, and a couple of days per week – double. Think my last test was in the vicinity of 170nmol/l GP was happy, and surprised.
          Paradoxically, Africans can have difficulty in maintaining a good level, as their darker colouration severely mitigates against natural production…
          The loss of lard, as a preferred cooking fat, – Thanks Ansell Keys ! – is another nail in the coffin of ‘background intake’

    2. Ian Roselman

      Fortunately we don’t need a prescription for vitamins. The makers of “dietary supplements” can sell their products provided they don’t describe them as medicines – they are not selling drugs. I think a great many of us are taking vitamins C and D without the approval of the establishment.

        1. Corinna Lennox-Kerr

          Years ago, a friend of my Father’s who was in the RAF during the last World War told us that there were always bowls of Vitamin C tablets on the dining tables and that everyone was encouraged to fill their pockets and take them regularly during the day/night. He said you rarely saw anyone with even a snuffle. It seems clear that there was a directive on the benefits of Vitamin C then which begs the question, “Why does the medical establishment diss the benefits of Vitamin C now?”

          1. Cedders

            There is at large in society an attitude that almost any change is for the good because the generations that came before us were ignorant. “Out with the old, in with the better. We know better, because we are better educated, know more, understand more.” Except that they don’t, they are victims of Dunning-Kruger syndrome – “at 18, s/he was amazed at how ignorant the parents were. At 21, s/he was amazed at how much they had learnt whilst they had been away studying.”
            Everywhere you look, you can see cases where good, well-designed systems are being replaced with alternatives whose benefits are unproven either theoretically or in practice. Medicine is not exempt from this – as well as the good doctors who wish to improve the care they can provide for their patients, there are those who wish to make a name for themselves (“leave a legacy”) by making changes (“introducing improvements”).
            Simple non-medical ideas such as “eat well, sleep well, exercise frequently” just aren’t sexy, let’s find a wonder drug that has the same effect. The latter also has the great benefit that it absolves one from having to assume any form of responsibility (or take any action) for their own well-being.

          2. AhNotepad

            The attitude is contained in the Mindspace document, where they say that to bring about change first disrupt the existing systems, then it is easier to get people to follow the “new” systems. Also a feature of “Common Purpose”. They use phrases which most people would think indicate change for the better, but which are no more than disruptors in order to get them to submit to the new authority.

        2. generalmarley4

          Would you tell me what the daily amount of Vit D should be taken. I’ve bn taking 1000mg. Thank you

          1. Gary Ogden

            generalmarley4: Vitamin D is dosed in either mcg (micrograms) or IU (international units). I take 125 mcg (5000 IU) daily in a capsule combined with vitamn K2 (50 mcg). Barovsky has posted a picture of the Now brand of this combination. I take the Solaray brand of the same thing. Both are good.

          2. AhNotepad

            Generalmarley4, I have seen only IU (international units) for vit D doses. 5,000 to 15,000 units witnessed a range considered ok for most people. I take 10,000IU a day. Look up David Grimes.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        “Fortunately we don’t need a prescription for vitamins”.


        Logically, that will be one of the next steps.

    3. Bev

      I’ve been following the YouTube channel of Dr John Campbell lately and he’s very big on recommending Vitamin D for Covid. (He’s a PhD not a medico which I only discovered recently).

      1. tedhutchinson

        Dr John Campbell is still basing his information on “Official” sources and so the amounts of vitamin d he is suggesting daily remain too low for safety and are unlikely to raise 25(OH)D much above 75nmol/l (30ng/ml)
        Population-wide vitamin D repletion to 50ng/ml (125nmol/l) 25OHD would suppress COVID-19 transmission well below the rate required for widespread infection – and likewise greatly reduce the chance of severe symptoms for the few who are infected. The same is true of influenza.
        For most UK adults more than 5000iu daily cholecalciferol is required.

        1. David

          Not apparently true. I know other people who say that they reach ~150 nmol/ltr by taking ~3,000 IU/day of D3, either all year or autumn to spring. I now take it all year because the UK ‘summer sun’ is pathetic.

          Fauci was reported in 2020 as taking 6,000 IU/day. He appears to have a rather low body mass. So his dose rate in terms of kg/kg is probably twice what I take and testing seems advisable.

          1. Madge Hirsch

            Absorption is very variable among individuals. On 3000iu a day I could not get into the adequate 30ng/mL range whereas my husband on the same dose managed 49ng/mL. What is measured is by the blood test actually calcifediol ( what is produced by the liver from cholecalciferol) . If your liver works suboptimally it might not be transforming the vit D to calcifediol very well.

          2. shirley3349

            Do not forget that the United Kingdom is well to the north of most of the USA. Where I live, approx. latitude 53 degrees north, is north of all of it, and also of much of Canada. Add to that, there are frequent cloudy days and the Atlantic ocean trying to empty itself onto us at intervals.

            If you want to keep your Vitamin D level up in the UK, supplement and do not rely on the sun.

            Saying that, despite a forecast of cloud and intermittent rain, we have just had a lovely summer afternoon in our garden.

        2. Eggs ‘n beer

          I don’t think it’s that simple. All the emphasis here is on absorption, not consumption. You may need vitamin D for many reasons. If you do need it for many reasons you’ll use more than someone who only has a couple of requirements.

        3. Lucy

          Can anyone tell me why Vit D would cause me palpitations ? I always end up stopping it after a month or so because of this. Many thanks.

          1. AhNotepad

            Could there be problem with the type of oil used, if you are using soft-gels?
   This is a long discussion with Ivor Cummins and Tucker Goodrich about seed oils and their many adverse effects. There is even mention of statins and how they got their false health benefit reputation.

          2. Lucy

            Hi, thanks for your reply and the link. The last vit d I tried was Betteryou spray 3000. I think it has a tiny amount of peppermint oil in it. I’ve tried several different types but always end up abandoning it because of the palpitations. I only eat beef dripping, lard and butter with a Low carb diet. I’ll just have to get out into the sun amap.

          3. AhNotepad

            Lucy, glad Gary’s and my replies were some use. From Tucker’s information, the beef dripping may be ok if it comes from grass fed and finished animals, the lard not so much. Pigs in the UK are fed on soy and grain concoctions as I understand, and the omega 6 oils concentrate in the fat, hence making the lard something to avoid. Butter tastes really good, is first class stuff, and just a tad expensive, but what price is ill health?

          4. Gary Ogden

            Lucy: I have no idea, but since vitamin D and vitamin A, along with vitamin K2, work synergistically in the metabolism, perhaps you have insufficient vitamin A uptake from foods? Contrary to popular belief, pre-formed vitamin A (retinol) is absent from plant foods. Only animal foods contain it. Organs, particularly liver, are the best source.

          5. Lucy

            Hi, many thanks for your reply. I think I did see a vit d, k2 combination spray so I might give that a try. It’s very odd getting palpitation as it happens every time after taking vit d for about 10 days, it does concern me so I stop taking it. Maybe it’s my bodies way of telling me I don’t need it maybe/

      2. robertL

        Bev, I have also followed Dr John – interesting not a medico – I have also not bought everything he says – he gets it wrong on a number of points.

    4. Christine Whitehead

      Very alive at grass roots David. Thanks to your work my vit d level is well above the level needed to help me stay safe. All my close friends as well. Thanks.


    Presumably this: “Then they came from the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist”
    should be this:
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist

    1. Prudence Kitten

      Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten, habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Kommunist.
      Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten, habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.
      Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten, habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.
      Als sie die Juden holten, habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Jude.
      Als sie mich holten, gab es keinen mehr, der protestieren konnte.

      – Martin Niemöller, Der Weg ins Freie, (F.M. Hellbach, Stuttgart, 1946)

      When the Nazis arrested the Communists, I said nothing; after all, I was not a Communist.
      When they locked up the Social Democrats, I said nothing; after all, I was not a Social Democrat.
      When they arrested the trade unionists, I said nothing; after all, I was not a trade unionist.
      When they arrested the Jews, I said nothing; after all, I was not a Jew.
      When they arrested me, there was no longer anyone who could protest.

      – translated by Bob Berkovitz ( Revealingly, often quoted without the first line (or even the first three lines).

      1. Eric

        Martin Niemöller started out as a staunch conservative and antisemite and only began to oppose the Nazis when they started coming after converted jews, for which he was locked up.

        The first time I came across his name was when it was said that James Comey was an ardent student of his theology. Another ambivalent figure.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          Very true, Eric. There are two important lessons from this:

          1. A person may hold repugnant opinions or do deplorable things, and yet sometimes make very true and useful statements.

          2. Probably no human being is all good or all bad. It is conceivable that even Dr Kendrick has the odd weakness, although if so I am unaware of it! 😎

          1. Jerome Savage

            Might be a suggestion of a weakness for a Single Malt Scotch Whisky – as opposed to Whiskey, which may be a bit of a miss out.

          2. Gary Ogden

            Jerome Savage: Can’t get whisky where I shop, so I settle for Tennessee sour mash whiskey. A sip in the evening is a very fine thing indeed. I consider it health food.

          3. Jerome Savage

            Jameson or Bush here, both whiskeys- the wicked whiskey hit on the palate- with just a nip is a way to finish the day. Draw it to a conclusion. My only experience of American whiskeys is that they can be sweet.

          4. Gary Ogden

            Jerome Savage: I don’t like the sweet ones, either. A nip at supper and a nip before bed and I sleep like a rock. Relaxing it is.

      2. shirley3349

        A quibble: I would translate “holten” throughout as rounded up. Verhaften, the usual word for to arrest, implies that the victim has actually done something.

  6. Christine

    Dear Dr Kendrick, I love your work and all you stand for. I trust you too. Thank you so much for this blog. As I read it through my heart begins to race and I feel utter despair. Not because of you, but because I fear that what you write is so true…… where do we go from here? I beg of you not to give up, but I fear “ they” will be coming for you……
    In love
    Christine x

  7. Arnold Slater

    Like all things follow the money,the total UK NHS budget is about £225 billion each year. Just a small slice of that budget for big Pharma companies boosts their profits. Big Pharma companies don’t want adverse publicity about their products or adverse peer reviewed articles,such would hit their bottom line.Such is the power they have in the market they can use that power to crush any dissent,possible by threatening to pull advertising revenue from journals who publish unfavorable articles .Science comes a poor second,its not about science anymore its about profit! I also remember hearing Matt Hancock claiming on the floor of the H of Commons that PHE had done a study on vitamin D and it had no effect on covid 19 mortality.He lied no study had been undertaken by the NHS.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      It is ironic that many people worry about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI), robots and the like.

      They do not realise that we have had AIs in our midst for over 200 years, single-mindedly and mercilessly pursuing their wholly inhuman aims.

      They are called corporations.

      (See Joel Bakan’s excellent book and film, “The Corporation”, which makes a compelling case that corporations behave in many respects exactly like human psychopaths).

      1. me oliveira

        Prudence Kitten, I do not know the author:
        L’intelligence artificielle ne sera jamais un match pour la stupidité normale.

        Only stupid people — hélas, most of the people — can fear AI.

        1. Harry de Boer

          We’ll be governed by A.I. before you know it. The vaccine passports are the foundation for it.
          They will evolve into social score credit cards through which your whole life can be controlled.
          Payments will only be possible using the card (digital money), and access to goods and locations can be blocked by the A.I. for any reason, mostly non-compliance with the regime.

        2. Prudence Kitten

          And what if AI is designed and – worse still – deployed by stupid people?

          I am a keen reader of science fiction, but one thing it teaches is that any technology can be used for harm.

          Have you read Jim Hogan’s “Two Faces of Tomorrow”?

        3. Cedders

          Smith’s Law states that we should never attribute to conspiracy anything which can be explained adequately by stupidity or incompetence.

          1. Fast Eddy

            Smith’s Law states that we should never attribute to conspiracy anything which can be explained adequately by stupidity or incompetence.

            Fast Eddy’s states that we should never attribute to stupidity or incompetence which can be explained by conspiracy.

            Not sure why people insist on quoting Smith as if that was some sort of unquestionable truth.

      2. LMS2

        When the world is run by psychopaths, the world goes mad.

        We appear to be governed and managed by a lot of amoral, self-interested psychopaths.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          Curiously, that is what our political and social system seems designed to encourage. As Plato pointed out, no sane person should want to be ruled by anyone who wants to be a ruler. Aristotle agreed that elections inevitably lead to plutocracy, because rich people simply buy votes – in one way or another.

          “A bureaucracy is very much like a cesspool, the really big chunks float to the top”.
          – Imhoff’s Law

  8. AhNotepad

    The attacks on anyone in the medical world who voices a view that doesn’t agree with the official narrative indicates we are heading back to the medieval times. The punishments today have already exceeded imprisonment, some those deemed guilty have been removed. Your view wasn’t an over-reaction.

  9. Mark

    What are we to make of the idea – surprisingly prevalent from my experience, that yes, there are all these fundamental, systemic problems of bias and corruption in medical research, and yet we must believe that they have not corrupted everything said about covid 19 and the vaccines?

    Seems pretty damned naive, to me.

    1. Cedders

      As we have seen, the more (apparently) serious the problem, the more action governments (especially authoritarian ones) take, and therefore the more difficult it is to voice dissent.
      There is very strong evidence in the minutes of the various SAGE meetings that the degree of fear displayed by the government caused the specialists not only to fail to explain the science to the government, but also to fail almost completely to challenge the hopelessly incorrect epidemiological model that the government built for itself.
      The big problem was that it was very difficult to find authoritative information which could be put forward as a sensible view of the situation. The possible sources of that information (I know a few) were staying very quiet, for fear that they might be scourged for daring to challenge the orthodoxy. After no more than 10 days of the lockdown there was enough authoritative data to determine that Covid-19 presents very little risk to the vast majority of the population, but is very dangerous to people who are over 70 or who have existing respiratory problems. By that time it was already too late to do or say anything which might have changed their minds.

      1. AhNotepad

        Cedders, science, information, facts, have never been relevant to the current tyrrany, except how they could be distorted so that the sheep will follow. This has been going on for decades, and more than a decade ago the Mindspace document was published which is no more than a psy-op, and an attack on the people of the UK and other countries, by their respective governments. It is now being morphed into the climate scam which (I think) the head of the IPCC said at the time that climate change was never about temperature, but about wealth distribution. Not what people might think being anything to do with sharing wealth among the whole population, but a power and money grab by the elites, and the rest subjected to slavery.

        This is not a theory, all of the above is verifyiable.

  10. Norman Pilon

    The situation is admittedly deeply depressing. But we need you to continue speaking the truth as you see it. Good information and analyses such as you provide is difficult to come by. Deeply appreciate what you do, Dr. Kendrick.

      1. Cedders

        That’s not good enough. A theory created in order to explain observed events can be measured objectively by how well it does or doesn’t explain those events. People and organisations who can’t or won’t do the analysis tend to dismiss anything they don’t like as conspiracy theory. Some of the stuff they reject may indeed be conspiracy theory (events were caused by people in positions of power acting in malicious ways), but some of it may by good theories which suffer from nothing worse than NIH (Not Invented Here).

  11. Eric Paul Justin

    “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship….To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic and have no place in a republic…….The constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.”

    — Dr Benjamin Rush, signer of the Constitution of the United States of America

    1. Cedders

      In the USA, medical freedom is such that in the vast majority of states, the medical practices and medical ethics committees and the medical regulators BY LAW have a majority of lay people. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The notion that all doctors are corrupt is patently absurd, but so is the idea that untrained and ignorant lay people can make good judgements on matters clinical.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        Why would you assume that every single lay person is untrained and ignorant of medical matters? I suppose you would rather the ethics committees be filled with pharmaceutical company representatives? Are you a doctor, because your arrogance that no-one except a doctor could possibly be qualified to sit on such a board suggests that. Or perhaps a surgeon? In my experience they are usually more arrogant than (non-surgical) doctors. Could you not consider the possibility that an intelligent person with a scientific background and an interest in ethics and people may be able to make judgments on ethics and medical practice with guidance from the medical members of the committee from the community viewpoint rather than a strictly medical one?

  12. steve cook

    Wait a mo ,I got a pack of free vitamin D from the Government as I was “ extremely vulnerable”.Would have been happier if it had included k2 but got no answer when asked why not .

    1. ShirkeyKate

      Well Steve, you can buy vitamin D at whatever strength you decide, and get one that contains K2 as well. It’s not expensive. You know it makes sense.

        1. Gary Ogden

          Dana: Leafy green vegetables are generally rich in vitamin K1, but this is converted to K2 by gut bacteria. Ruminants do this well, but humans not so well. Some cheeses contain good amounts of K2, and natto, made from fermented soybeans, is rich in it. I find it revolting, though, so I eat cheeses and supplement at 50 mcg K2 (MK-7) together with 5,000 IU D3 (cholecalciferol) from Solaray.

    1. theasdgamer

      Do not think that autism is necessarily a negative. Obsession can be a benefit. Sensitivity to light and sound, not so much. Nor the difficulty perceiving nonverbal social signals. Got a lemon, make lemonade.

      The problem is more with an inadequate upbringing to compensate for autistic weaknesses.

      I could list pages of things parents could do.

  13. Jean Humphreys

    Thank you Dr K.
    I am old and have not got many years left, but I rather wanted to look forward to the good thngs that would be happening when I am gone. Forget that. The line ends here. I have a daughter who has two children. Middle age and highly educated but naive. She has bought the store.” I know people who work in Whitehall, and even Parliament, and what they say is true.” Since when has that been a reason to trust them? She has had The Virus, she has an underactive thyroid – possibly Hashimotos – but of course she has had the jab. Of course she had the children vaccinated, and will send the girl for the HPV jab and both of them for the genetic modification when she can I think of all those little,not particularly valuable, things which have a story, and which have come down to me through the female line. Is there any point in cherishing them any longer? Oh and the children have “Autistic Spectrum” diagnoses.
    Excuse me. I am going to shut myself in my room and have a little cry.

    1. Jenny Mortell

      You’ll start me off welling up too Jean, I’m in a very similar situation, a brilliant surgeon son married to I’m sure an excellent dentist wife. I don’t know will their very bright children get the jabs, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I fear for the chances of my bloodline continuing.

      1. Jean Humphreys

        Thank you but sorry. God is the problem. Both husband and self brought up traditionally C of E but together became sceptic. We brought up out children think for themselves but could only do so much. This one was recruited for the C of E at uni and seems to have become so easily led, and sadly, rather preachy. I am just grateful that my dear solidly sensible Mother is no longer here to see what the world is coming to.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          I am sorry to have expressed myself badly, Jean, Actually I am agnostic verging on atheist (one can never be entirely sure about anything!)

          I used the words “God be with you” as a generic and popular expression of goodwill. I’ll be more careful in future. 😎

          1. Jean Humphreys

            No need for apologies – atheist/agnostic in this corner. Many years ago, in the Register Office in that bit of packing up at the end of the day aand one of the Registrars said “I’ve nothing against Christians …” “Me neither ” and we looked at each other and said “Are we allowed to say that?” The answer is not to worry too much and remember, it will all be the same in 100 years time. And those hostages to fortune that we launched – they will be cursing us as we curse the slavers and exploiters of back then.

        2. Anthony Oliver

          In what way is God the problem? I’m a Christian and here I am, unvaccinated, and unmedicated because I have for years informed myself in a way so many of my atheist friends haven’t. And I take 8,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day. I don’t wear a mask, Oh and I knew about the benefits of ivermectin in May 2020. Modern Science emerged from the Christian world view, but has become corrupted, in a time of unprecedented secularism.

          1. Jean Humphreys

            Modern science emerged from the christian world one Galileo at a time. End of.

          2. Jean Humphreys

            There are some people ( mostly men) who seem to think that they have a mission to lead us all to the promised land.There have been a lot of these latter day Moses in the churches, and as far as I can see there still are. If I were to attach myself to anything in that line, it would have to be the Society of Friends – unless I have misunderstood their principles.

          3. Eggs ‘n beer

            Not so. Here it’s all women dictators. In Qld, the Chief Health Officer (Chief Dictator, answerable to no-one, total control over the whole population, masks, lockdowns, quarantine, testing, whether you are allowed to work, register with me before you buy a loaf of bread or a bottle of wine) is female. So is the minister for health, and the premier. Ditto in NSW.

          4. Jean Humphreys

            Sorry – I am not really thinking about now – more about the churches as they have evolved through the centuries with little delights like the Inquisition, and various other ways of keeping the peasants in their sub-foot place. I could name some notable exceptions from way back and also in my lifetime, but the the feeling in the hierarchy is so strong, that they have the right – indeed, the duty – to supervise that it is hard to get out from under.
            Men or women in govt positions – one has to ask each individual why they want to be doing that?

          5. theasdgamer

            Who was instrumental in founding The Royal Academy? Robert Boyle?

            I have a book about him written by Rosemary Sargent–“The Diffident Naturalist.” I’ll have to re-read it. As I recall, Boyle’s theology influenced his philosophy and that influenced The Royal Academy (Boyle published “The Experimental Method,” which had great impact on the academy members), whose motto was “At No Man’s Word.” In other words, The Royal Academy eschewed eminence-based science and relied on experimental (empirical) evidence. (The Academy kept a book wherein all the witnesses of an experimental demonstration signed their names.)

            Boyle’s life overlapped with Galileo’s, so Galileo likely had an influence on Boyle. (I checked the book’s appendix and there were some entries about Boyle’s perception of Galileo.)

            Oh, I remember reading that Boyle felt that studying nature was his divine calling.

            Robert Hooke worked for Boyle and did a lot of the actual experiments credited to Boyle, I believe. Hooke was more of a scientific equal, although he was an employee.

            “God is a problem” because that is merely an extraneous gloss to the general discussion. In other words, the statement is irrelevant and is only due to someone’s temporary feelings. No need to even address it.

            But the question of the origins of science in the west is an interesting question. It has kept going, although it is under attack from academic & governmental medical authoritarians.. Presumably, they are not motivated by Christian beliefs, demonstrating that repression of science isn’t limited to Christian institutions, but is a general problem of the human condition.

        3. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          God has as much to do with organised religion as health has with ‘healthcare’.
          That is to say the mindset and organisation itself becomes an institutional ego or usurpation of original function to a narrative correctness that rues and filters living thought and action.
          Truth is not edited or corrupted by lies and deceit.
          Our awareness of truth can be.
          If you realise the import of this you can know truth is with you and not merely as a religious, ideological or conceptual construct. The words or lack of words are not the issue.
          If we invest in self-illusion, then the revealing of truth that heals, Sense in terms of true Reason is true understanding of truth made clear, obvious or recognisable. How many scientific studies are written with a view to transparency and accountability? (Or any other clique of insiders).

          A lot of what is happening is revealing what has been running beneath unseen throughout our lives, but at first as if a few fronting actors actually have the power to suddenly act in such ways and be obeyed. This is a systemic contraction by those who are its core ‘stakeholders’ in terms of money and influence.

          1. Anthony Oliver

            “One Galileo at a time…”. The thing is, the geocentric view was, at that time, supported by scientific observation. Galileo, in arguing for the heliocentric view, was using his intuition rather than firm evidence, which is something he had in common with the advocates of masks as a reasonable NPI. End of.

          2. theasdgamer

            Einstein showed that the geocentric view is denfensible, didn’t he? Of course, the math is far more complex than is the case with the heliocentric view.

            Then, over centuries, you have the problem with stars’ locations changing.

        1. Fast Eddy

          These 5 also apply to ‘god’… if such a thing exists … how did it come about?

          And why does god always need more money?

          I am thinking we are more likely to be avatars in a very sophisticated virtually reality game … but that brings us back around to who’s game … and who created all of that.

          Maybe the Great Reset refers to the imminent launch of Earth Game 2.0?

      1. Jean Humphreys

        Yes but she was too young to appreciate it fully first time round. Whereas OH and I are appreciating it even more since we have been treated to some episodes in recent weeks.

      2. Gary Ogden

        Eggs ‘n beer: By the way, thank you for the reference to Doctoring Data, p. 121 (I couldn’t find it). That whole chapter-“Challenges to the status quo are crushed-and how!”-is rich in essential information.

    2. Jane in France

      I haven’t been able to comment on this site for months, but Jean’s comment moved me to try again. I know exactly how Jean feels. My boys are aged 25 and 20 and though they listen to me, eat meat and saturated fat and don’t want the vaccine they will end up getting it. End up thinking that masks on faces and lockdowns from time to time are just what you have to put up with. Who would want grandchildren in such a world?

  14. Brian Jones

    Thanks, Dr. Kendrick. I totally agree with your post. So, who can we speak out to?
    How do we build a “wall” between Big Pharma (which is motivated moreso by profit than public health interests) and free-thinking, open debate in scientific research? It’s a big task..perhaps we need a major avalanche of influencers rising to support the end to totalitarianism. This is totalitarianism. I never would have believed we would see so much censorship in the so-called free, democratic countries of the Western world.
    Unlike a loud core of your readers on this blog, I believe the Covid-19 pandemic is a real public health threat. There may be lot of legitimate questions about the published data but so many deaths are not for nada. I have seen the pain up close: young and old dying from covid. At the same time, I DO NOT agree with stifling science and alternative ideas for solving this crisis.

    1. Thunkit

      I agree with you. I’m a crock and know Covid might well be curtains for me, but bright do I buy into the mainstream narrative. I will remain untreated by novel gene therapies masquerading as standard vaccines.

      1. barovsky

        I’m a ‘crock’ too, 76 in a couple of weeks and I caught the bug in December 2020, little in the way of symptoms until after 5 days, I didn’t feel very well. I had bacterial pneumonia in one lung, penicillin for 5 days and right as rain! Why? Well healthy diet, Vits D3/K2/C for the past 20 years and obviously a working immune system. So it seems the real affliction is FEAR itself, well known for its negative impact on the immune system.

        1. James DownUnder

          Absolutely ! FEAR has been the chief symptom of Fauci flu, nourished by a stupid and lazy compliant media…

  15. Sue Richardson

    I don’t know what to say. My heart goes out to you, and to those who are fighting alongside you. You have inspired so many people and helped us make some sense of all this, even though we can’t do much about personally. You have kept me balanced throughout the pandemic – and answered many many questions about health, cholesterol et al. And because of you my husband and I have been taking vitamin D. Keep soldiering on. Your wife has a good man there!

  16. Chrissie

    I gather Oxford University’s going to study the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 A Professor Chris Butler is in charge……. why am I fearful? This work will require full scrutiny. Remember the study into Hydroxychloroquine that had to be withdrawn from The Lancet?…..
    🤨 Look out.

    1. jill4535

      Chrissie, our local doctor is not allowed to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for any reason, even to those who have been taking it for many years. Special paperwork from a specialist is now required. If a doctor in Queensland prescribes ivermectin, he/she faces jail time. The emergency powers expire here, today. A few days ago some ‘cases’ were announced. We now have more restrictions. Oh, it is school holiday time now as well. Fancy that.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        And from 9th July it will be compulsory to register with the Queensland government every single time you want to buy a loaf of bread or a litre of milk. Or anything else.

          1. Eggs ‘n beer

            Like, they could care less! On a slightly positive note, perhaps you’ve highlighted the one area where they won’t interfere in our lives! Or deaths.

        1. Dana

          Actually, at Coles Northpoint, Toowoomba, Monday the 28th June, I had to use the QR code for entry; with no smart phone, had to sign in with personal details. Try telling the gatekeeper that this request is against Australian Privacy and Biosecurity Acts.

          1. Eggs ‘n beer

            I just told the equivalent at Target that it wasn’t compulsory until 9th July and marched past her. “Oh, ok” she said.

        2. Keith Bannerman

          Our dear Queensland government spends trillions to save a few OAP’s (like me) from Covi then enacts Vol Euthanasia laws so we can terminate ourselves !

          1. Eggs ‘n beer

            Indeed, the irony hasn’t evaded me either. Unfortunately the politicians only practice what they preach when it comes to pay rises. All other legislation is for thee, not for me ….

  17. Lynda

    Malcolm, I have followed you for years, bought and read your books, resisted statins suggested by GPs, enjoyed all your posts but this has got to be the saddest post I have read from you. It draws me to tears with the feeling of hopelessness. I’ve worked in the clinical research industry (stats) and now work in the NHS and have mixed feelings about both now. Many people around me do not believe this is going on and are rather unkind when I express my thoughts. They are so sure that the pharma companies, the government and the NHS would never lie or twist the truth. Interestingly, pre Covid, when investigations were carried out due to chest pains I had been suffering from showed that I had low VitD levels it was suggested that I take VitD supplements as it was thought useful for the prevention of respiratory infections. Keep up the excellent work, Malcolm, we appreciate all that you do.

        1. Jerome Savage

          By the time they are fined billions as is case of Pfizer & j& j – they may already hav accumulated a hundred + billion in sales- likely the fines written off as overheads – Why the CEO’s are not charged is a mystery – and the companies prevented from trading.

    1. theasdgamer

      “Mendelian randomization study not finding significant differences in COVID-19 outcomes based on vitamin D level. This study does not compare patients with deficiency/insuffiency/sufficiency, only providing ORs for increase in D levels. Authors note that their results do not apply to individuals with vitamin D deficiency.”

      1. Steve

        Genetics account for a tiny percentage of Vit D levels so mendelian randomization is basically an inappropriate study design.

  18. Carole Naylor

    And yet in the midst of all this, which I believe to be a correct summary of the situation, scientists across the world have been able to develop the vaccines that may help to get the virus under control. I have to believe that there are many many scientists out there for whom the science itself is paramount.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      Carole, you may have to believe that – and I can see why. But wouldn’t it be better if they had some concern for the patients as well?

      Dr Mengele and others were tried at Nuremberg for pursuing scientific inquiry with absolutely no concern for ethics or for the health (and lives) of their unwilling experimental subjects.

      I see something very similar going on today with those “vaccines” (which aren’t).

      As a cartoon I saw recently puts it: “Stop saying you did your research before you accepted the vaccine. You ARE the research”.

      1. robertL

        Absolutely: You are the Research!!!!!
        Frightened, uninformed, misinformed, coerced, blackmailed, scared, threatened.
        But Nuremberg Code ignored

      2. David

        ‘Very similar’? Really?
        If this is your knowledge of the WW2, makes me question the extent of your scientific understanding. Read some more about the history of the Third Reich, before you compare the two.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          David, I earned a degree in history from Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1969. I spent a good deal of the previous 8 years, and quite a lot of time since, studying the Third Reich and the surrounding history – without which the topic of the Nazis makes absolutely no sense.

          If there is a difference, it is that Dr Mengele’s victims were physically compelled to undergo his expriments. As he said, “Hier gibt as kein ‘warum'” (“Here there is no ‘why'”).

          Today, ordinary people are conned and fooled into walking voluntarily into the experiments – in which they are injected with substances the first trials of which may be complete in a few years from now.

          How many victims succumbed to Dr Mengele and his Japanese opposite numbers? Thousands. Today, there may be tens or hundreds of millions of victims. Does it make it any better that they believed they were safe, and doing the right thing? Or does that make it worse?

          1. barovsky

            Hmmm… I think there are two, fundamental differences between Mengele’s ‘experiments’ and the rollout of effectively untested ‘vaccines’.

            1. As you said, Mengele’s victims had no choice whatsoever! It was succumb of ‘go up the chimney’;
            2. Today, the ‘choice’ is moderated by social pressure to succumb instead, eg, last year’s NHS TV ad that told us if we don’t agree to ‘non-pharmaceutical interventions’, we’ll kill our grandmothers!

            I think also, the ‘choice’ is further ‘moderated’ by the idea that’s been promulgated by the ‘Nudge Unit’ that it’s our ‘social’ duty to conform and get the jab, in order to get things back to ‘normal’. Powerful stuff that the behavioural psychologists have been given a free hand by the state, to use on us! The upshot is, we gave the state ‘our permission’ to abrogate our civil rights for the ‘greater good. Goebbels would have been jealous!

          2. David

            I understand – The whole thing is the ‘experimental’ label. Lots of experimentation was done, up to and including Stage 3 (as I’m sure you know) and the vaccine was approved under emergency use authorization (EUA) by the EMA/FDA etc. When the EMA/FDA gives full approval for the vaccine, will you be first in line for the now approved shot? Somehow, I don’t think so.

            There are very few time when the ‘Nazi’ label makes sense, and this is not it. To call the doctors working on this ‘Mengele’ and ‘Nazis’ is both wrong and dangerous, and I would expect a historian (from Trinity College, Cambridge, no less!) to know that. Too much to ask?

          3. Eggs ‘n beer

            I disagree. These people have nothing on Mengele. Ok then, maybe you’re right. Nazi is too polite a term. This from a friend of mine of 25 years.

            “ Eggs, I spoke to my sister this morning she works in a nursing home in Browns Plains she said everyone that has had the jab in the nursing home their feet have gone black and they have died in a time frame of about 1 to 4 weeks”

            Me: “Everyone? Seriously? How many?”

            Him: “Everyone. Seriously. Didn’t ask, hang on”

            And he phoned me five minutes later “100”.

            This is murder. But it won’t get out. A friend, one of only 61 people (apparently) in Oz to suffer thrombocytopenia was told not to tell anyone to prevent vaccine hesitancy. Still not out of the woods, platelet count just dropped dangerously low again three weeks after the crash. AZ.

          4. David

            Do you think that ‘succumb or ‘go up the chimney’ is the same as ‘social pressure’?

          5. Eggs ‘n beer

            It’s a suburb of Brisbane, a sprawling city of c. 2.5m people. I have a cousin in a nursing home there. Seems to be a Mecca for nursing homes! But the media are either tightly controlled or totally on board with “the narrative”. This would never be reported. It’s never reported if a vaccinated person dies of Covid either. They just die. If they’re unvaccinated however, it’s made clear with a sneering tone. Sixteen news cases in Queensland today, and we’re in out tightest lockdown ever. The dempanic meter is having the safety valves screwed down. Test, stay at home, wear masks, social distance, don’t talk to anyone, isolate, quarantine, get vaccinated…… fear fear fear.

          6. David

            That’s the link I posted. I would be in fear if I though that the staff of nursing homes in Australia were incompetent…

    2. theasdgamer

      At the same time, those same scientists smeared effective, inexpensive antiviral treatments and restricted those antivirals from outpatient use where those antivirals might prevent hospitalization.

    3. Fast Eddy

      So … two decades on attempts to develop a vaccine for a closely related coronavirus… was cancelled because it was killing everything in sight… but within a year we magically have not 1 but multiple ‘safe and effective’ vaccines to deal with the Covid coronavirus.

      Nothing to see here… don’t bother to read this (btw – the only way to find this is to use a trick … you have to use the search filter on Google and search for a period pre Covid)

  19. Angel

    Dr. Kendrick, thank you again, so much. Yes, I am very depressed by the situation.
    Today, what has particularly brought me down was seeing the crowds at Wimbledon cheer endlessly for the person who ran the vaccine roll out (I believe that is correct, but I couldn’t bear to listen so turned it off quickly). It very unfortunately, reminded me of how the people in Germany must have felt before the 2nd World War, they simply felt they had to go with the flow, consciously or unconsciously. The fear of having a different point of view – like now. I hope this is not too much of a doom laden example.

    I can only say that your posts are invaluable.

    There is no other way forward other than to keep with your truth.

    1. jill4535

      I started to chat to a mother in a park, while we watched her young children having fun. She is German. She said the seniors in Germany are having a very hard time. This situation is bringing back terrible memories.

      1. Christina

        I just read an article from Doug Casey comparing the travel restrictions currently being imposed to those implemented in 1961 prior to the building of the Berlin wall. We here in France have become accustomed to requiring ‘papers’ for shopping, travelling outside your local area, going to work, being out after curfew, even walking the dog. Now I need tests, permits, papers, and a compelling reason to simply visit my family in England. How far we have fallen.

    2. Prudence Kitten

      Yes, Angel – I was watching onTV and was horrified to hear the mealy-mouthed lies and – still worse – the loud and prolonged applause that followed.

    3. Thunkit

      Your comment about pre-war Germany and the general fear of going against the flow prompts a book recommendation – Travels in the Third Reich by Julia Boyd. Well worth a read.

  20. mmec7

    Bravo Dr Kendrick – your integrity and honesty are my lodestar. One prays daily that you continue to be able to check the parapets and always come home to friends, family and adherents (personally) unscathed. Bless you for your inherent and continuing courage. With huge respect to you and to your family.

  21. Robert Dyson

    Eventually the truth will come out. I have taken a vit C & D supplement for years and feel I have benefitted from that, no common colds, rapid healing of minor injuries. What amazed me was that we know from surveys that many people are D deficient with people staying at home out of sunlight making that worse. It is cheap to make and safe at the 1000s IU doses, so what was to lose by promoting it?

    1. Stan Calderwood

      Follow the money… Sell expensive drugs – for life – not cheap natural Vitamins that we evolved with…

    2. Prudence Kitten

      I recommend taking K2 and magnesium too, and eating foods that supply adequate Vitamin A. Half a pound of liver a week is about right – don’t take too much. Those are synergistic with Vitamin D – and Vitamin C, as you say, helps with everything. I take 6-10 grams/day, in two spaced doses with water.

      I am not a doctor or a scientist and this is NOT medical advice – just a friendly desire to share what I think is beneficial.

      A very good book on nutrition is “The Perfect Health Guide” by Paul and Shou-ching Jaminet. It covers everything in one easily readable package.

      1. theasdgamer

        If you eat red meat and pork, your MG levels ought to be fine.

        I can’t stand liver. My nose says it’s toxic to me.

        I posted about vitamin D and sun over on Sebastian Rushworth’s blog.

  22. hugh scorgie

    Alarming indeed. It must be repeated that Hancock claimed to have commissioned VitD/Covid research and that it showed no impact, when in fact he hadn’t (Times Feb 2021)

  23. Marcia T

    Everyone – please check out the following people in the US who are speaking out about both the methods for dealing with covid – and the ensuing censorship: Dr. Bret Weinstein and his wife Dr. Heather Heying (both evolutionary biologists), Dr. Pierre Kory (emergency Dr. whose Senate testimony about steroid use was removed by YouTube), and Dr. Robert Malone – the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology who did a podcast with Bret Weinstein. And the notorious, infamous, wonderful Joe Rogan who did an emergency podcast about those very issues.
    Hmmm – why does autocorrect always change “covid” to cover? Naw . . . I can’t allow myself to be that paranoid!

  24. 1whatsgoingon

    Dear Dr Kendrick,
    I watched this interview between Robert Malone & Dr Phillip McMillan a few weeks back and it’s the most impactful thing alongside your posts that I’ve consumed. It’s 1.5 hours but I’d be very interested in your take on what is being said. Basically that we’re in the biggest genetic medical experiment in the history of humankind and the ramifications for our future heath are terrifying.

  25. Val

    Thankyou Dr K. . a voice of reason amongst a madding crowd . . . the topic has become increasingly difficult to discuss with anyone anymore, for fear of censure, ridicule, and judgement, as a medical professional too, it’s such a delicate tightrope to walk . I’m almost on the edge of giving in to go with the incessant flow . . . but posts like this, no matter how hopeless it feels, re -assure me that I’m not alone in questioning the science. Your posts are incredibly valuable.

    1. robertL

      Mr Chris,
      I believe that the fight back started some 5 odd years ago – and will soon escalate Hopefully.

      Somehow, the good will win!

  26. Paul Murphy

    I feel your pain – but may be a bit more optimistic than you. Some comments:

    1 – I regularly read – he’s a stats guy whose work on misuse of probability stats (especially p -values) is quite valuable.

    2 – Many years ago a post-grad I knew spent about a year looking at various forms of asthma and ended up writing what I thought was a clear and well researched article whose main claim was that the number of asthma diagnoses tended to go up sharply downwind of new wind power installations. The paper has never been published because it was made very clear to the author that research faculty are expected to bring in national science foundation monies and none would ever be forth coming if this thing saw print. More recently i had lunch with some people from what used to be Canada’s leading geophysics faculty – we discussed climate stuff: see for one outcome. Their funding had been coming mainly from the oil companies, but the unrelenting federal attack on that industry had led to those grants getting smaller and smaller – to the point that they were then doing nationally funded work on the geophysics of urban geography and sharing what used to be their building with town planners.

    3 – while it is true that the political mob is deeply ignorant of science and collectively has little regard for truth or right (e.g. consider the fun the Danish mask study authors had getting published or what happens to law firms representing American constitutional conservatives these days) it is also true that what i call Murphy’s second law (short form: the liklihood that some opinion is wrong increases exponentially with the number of people saying it) has a corollary: truth can’t be surpressed forever.

    A month ago Covid-19 was natural, HCQ was deadly, and the disease was far more dangerous to youth than the vaccine. All of those views are now rapidly disappearing from the uninformed (mainstream) media – and that’s the pattern.

    4 – there is a general pattern at work here: the mob takes over, the tumbrells roll, a few hide their opinions long enough and well enough to survive, and eventually the mob turns on itself and the sane emerge (often a generation or two later, but still!) vindicated.

    5 – or.. do not go quietly into that good night .. etc

  27. Jeannie

    A while ago, I saw a picture of a young woman holding up a handwritten sign at a freedom march. It read ~
    Sadly, it makes sense to me.
    Thank you Dr Kendrick for being an honest man and a true healer.

    1. AhNotepad

      Jeannie, that’s an excellent opening if you get called a conspiracy theorist. I would respond with questions. 1) Do you think the government cares about you? 2) do you think the media doesn’t lie? 3) Do you think pharmaceutical companies who make billions from sickness, want to cure you? The answers don’t matter, it will have planted the seeds of doubt.

      1. Jeannie

        AhNotepad, yes I agree, and I’ve engaged in conversations just as you describe ~ the young woman’s thoughtful banner has been well used in that regard, and hopefully seeds have indeed been planted.
        Over this past year, I’ve been shocked to have the slur of conspiracy theorist hurled at me a number of times, often by friends I’ve known for decades, and most of them with the same political views as mine. Yet my opinions re aspects of the pharmaceutical industry have remained unchanged throughout the years.
        My long quest for medical honesty and a ‘do no harm’ approach was previously considered nothing more than a bit quirky, and as someone who was damaged by medical misinformation, they may even have held some sympathy for me. But now I am suddenly a danger to society, and someone who can be vilified with the full support of all those in charge of this debacle. The power of the media knows no bounds.
        Thankfully, I have made some fantastic new friends this year via a local group, who all seem capable of critically thinking things through for themselves, and have proved a great support in these dark times.

  28. johnplatinumgoss

    I’ve read the blog-post. And also the comments. It is depressing. And you are largely talking to the converted. As to the “paper which found that being overweight meant having a (slightly) lower risk of death than being of ‘normal’ weight” I question, not because of my diet, but because of the logic. I would even have needed to see the proof had you stated it was a “paper which found that being (slightly) overweight meant having a lower risk of death than being of ‘normal’ weight”. Few, I suspect, would disagree that obesity is a danger to health.

    I suspect the reason you included this snippet was because you enjoy “robust debate”. Obesity, I know you never mentioned it, comes in the category of overweight. The author of the article criticised is entitled to her opinion and perhaps that is what you are saying as well as waving a red-flag at we vegetarian bulls.

    Otherwise I am in agreement. Debate is dead. Not just medical debate. All the universities are shut. The national curriculum discourages questioning. If it did not it would be called the national curricula. Learning by rote might be fine for multiplication tables (no longer needed because that practice has probably been superseded by calculators) but it was those who questioned the dogma, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton whose theses changed opinion.

    Today the lights are out all over the world. People’s rote opinions are propagated by the corporate-owned mainstream media. They want people’s lights to go out. There is no danger of enlightening others when people live in darkness. The one-eyed controllers rule in the land of the blind.

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      Why don’t you read the relevant part of DD? Page 121. With references. Obese (BMI 30-35) people have a (statistically insignificant) longer life span than normal weight (BMI 18.5-25) people. Overweights win handsomely, underweights lose. Lower lifespan than the fatties >35 BMI.

      1. johnplatinumgoss

        Sorry, I don’t have a copy. Perhaps I ought.

        Looking at your figures that seems to leave out a whole chunk of people from 26-30 BMI (which I have just about entered). And obese tends to leave out the chronically obese, those above 35 BMI which might tip the balance somewhat. But I’m just speculating since it is not an area of which I have taken much interest.

    2. AhNotepad

      The problem with overweight is it may be a symptom rather than the cause of health difficulties. It’s frequently put down to gluttony and sloth, but how does that arise if it is the case? Have a listen to, where Stephanie Seneff discusses the role of glyphosate.

    3. robertL

      … Copernicus, Galileo, Newton … and many others obviously.
      How about Martin Luther who called out the dictators and science deniers of his day.

  29. Chancery Stone

    By coincidence, I had just been reading about Christopher Daniel Duntsch, an American neurosurgeon who was SO inept he critically injured 33 out of 38 patients in only two years, finally being tried and jailed for it more than a year after he was struck off. During the time he was butchering people – and he WAS butchering them, possibly deliberately – he went from hospital to hospital and not ONE hospital saw fit to report him because they didn’t ‘have’ to. Instead they just got rid of him and let him go to another hospital to butcher someone else. It was only fellow surgeons pursuing him and pushing for him to be prosecuted that finally made a hospital report him. And this is not uncommon with (criminal) doctors and nurses as, ironically, Wikipedia will testify.

    I find it truly bizarre that hospitals, boards and even other doctors will go to great lengths to cover up or ignore doctors who kill people yet all a doctor has to do to bring the wrath of God down on him/herself is say something that contradicts current medical ideology. Basically, they are telling the public that they will protect any medical professional who mutilates or kills people but anyone who dares to disagree with their thinking is an immoral charlatan who MUST be struck off. And they wonder why people don’t trust Western medicine…

    1. theasdgamer

      I happen to know of an interventional radiologist whose mistakes cost a 23 yo woman an arm. This mistake caused a bunch of doctors to get him canned. The hospital had kept him around because he brought in a lot of business.

  30. JDPatten

    Randomized Controlled Trials as the exclusive Big Business club it’s become.
    What used to be the best scientific research tool has become For Profit Only. (Nevermind lives.)

    1. Barry Sharp

      This was a man against child debate. The Argentinian guy is a physical therapist who didn’t seem to care much about pragmatic approaches to clinical intervention. I wonder how he was selected to debate this issue?

  31. Joe

    Please Dr Kendrick, continue the fight, even if you’re being vilified. We all need you to go to bat for all of the people that can’t understand the nuances between true, honest research and sham research(research benefitting the drug companies).
    We need honesty and truth when it comes to medicine.
    Keep up the good fight, err, work!

  32. theasdgamer

    You can’t get knowledge without conversation and debate, and you can’t get conversation and debate without freedom of expression. E.g., the Soviet Union between 1928 and 1952 relied on Lysenkoism and persecuted advocates of Mendelian genetics, destroying conversation and debate in that part of science.

  33. Jennifer

    Many thanks, Dr Kendrick. I endorse the commendations here for your generous work. I am concerned that you are already being hounded by the establishment, particularly regarding your cholesterol stance, and lately your views regarding covid management.
    It is this magnificent blog, and a smattering of trustworthy commentators in the media, that helps me to ride the pandemic storm.
    I find the revelations of our corrupt political scene equates with that of the corrupt medical/research scene that you have highlighted here.
    And by the way, don’t you think Twatt Hancock ought to have gone to Specsavers….he might then have noticed the CCTV camera on the wall!

  34. robertL

    Thank You, Dr Kendrick.
    Is far too simple for the enormity of debt that we all owe you for the months and years of blogs analysing medical conditions and their potential causes – month after month about the subject you love. Nevertheless, this simple thank you comes with much and many appreciations from all of us.

    thank you.


  35. Georgina

    “….Over the past year, I’ve been researching and writing as much as I can to help you take control of your health, as fearmongering media and corrupt politicians have destroyed lives and livelihoods to establish global control of the world’s population, using the COVID-19 pandemic as their justification. Through it all, I have refused to succumb to these relentless attacks. I have been confident and willing to defend myself in the court of law. Unfortunately, threats have now become very personal and have intensified to the point I can no longer preserve much of the information and research I’ve provided to you thus far. So, effective immediately, much of the information on my website will be permanently removed.The CCDH has published a hit list naming me as one of the top 12 individuals responsible for 65% of vaccine “disinformation” on social media, and who therefore must be de-platformed and silenced for the public good….”
    Doctor Mercola, May 2021, the link to the full article is below:

  36. Steve

    I worked in research for over a decade and work on clinical trials now. Sadly, I find myself agreeing with everything being said here. I will say though Dr. Kendrick you are one of the few people I would argue is a true scientist because you examine data and critically analyze it rather just taking something decreed by an authority as gospel.

  37. Bill Sanderson

    A sombre commentary but true: all the cheap, easily-available medicines that could have combatted Covid19 were disparaged from the start, and how many died as a result of this wilful distortion of the truth about the virus?

    1. Christina

      Here in France the cheap treatments (hcq/ivermectin) were availability over the counter, but since early 2020 they are on prescription only and banned for off-label use. Doctors are being actively prevented from treating their patients.

  38. robertL

    As others have stated:
    Follow the Money.
    But it is more than that: Their money comes before your Health.
    Excepting your local medical advisor who knows you personally and calls you by your name – you, as a consumer of medical support, are just a cash machine – nobody cares for your health.

    Yet Good Health is Normal. (if that were not true God’s human “experiment” would have died eons ago).
    However, in my experience and from much reading, [There are many exceptions to the following particularly by medical support that calls you by your name and dedicated researchers – we know them as we reference them frequently in this blog] the focus by a lot of medical support is about applying medicines or other interventions to fix the condition with little attention to establishing Good Health (which prevents repeats: consider that the western world is largely overweight or obese).

    Consider this: we know that a strong immune system is the first line defence against any and all infections. How much and how often have we been informed educated by the medical authorities around the world how to and the importance of improving our immune system. IMO seldom to minimal and sometimes never. Yet our good Dr emphasises some of these above and has done so for many blogs back.

    Thank you.

  39. Eggs ‘n beer

    Scorbutic, not scrobutic. Same derivation as scurvy, which is the same disease. It’s called ascorbic acid because it takes you away from being scorbutic.

    I get my D from iHerb. California GOLD Nutrition brand, 90 softgels at 5,000iu for a couple of quid. One every two or three days in summer, a bit more in winter. I live in sunny Queensland so get plenty from the sun anyway BUT:

    As you get older, your D levels drop for some reason. As discussed previously in these blogs, it doesn’t matter one iota how good your immune system is, the T cells NEED vitamin D to produce the response to the virus. A brilliant immune system but no D is like a Ferrari without petrol. And older people, who have less D, comprise 97% of the dead.

    It isn’t a word yet, but the governments are carrying out ageicide against their populations. That’s one way of reducing the cost of pensions and the NHS I suppose.

    1. theasdgamer

      What is the impact of age on 1) vitamin D production in the skin and 2) vitamin D uptake from diet?

      Switching over to zinc…

      Zinc levels can be impacted by a diet high in cadmium, which you find in Tilapia and cod.

      “The most likely source of cadmium toxicity in humans is contaminated foods (ATSDR 2008). People who regularly consume shellfish and fish organ meats (liver and kidney) may have increased cadmium exposure (ATSDR 2008).”

      Click to access L2010CadmiumLR122010.pdf

      The human body doesn’t easily clear cadmium, which can lead to chronic cadmium poisoning and associated zinc deficiency. This will be an increased problem as people age and consume cadmium in foods. I’ve read of treatments that will clear cadmium.

    2. Fiona

      To everyone who has mentioned Vitamin D, to get the same benefit as from sunshine
      I believe we should be taking D3.

  40. Ollie

    In the 1930’s Goebbels ensured that every German household had a radio so that he could broadcast propaganda. Facebook et al fulfils the same function for pharma and other vested interests. We are through the looking glass indeed.
    Thank you Dr. Kendrick for your work enlightening us.

  41. Cookie Boy

    It is our system of government that is the problem, it can be so easily captured by special interest groups, it has to be broken down from the pyramid structure.

    When education turned from its role to teach people to think and into a money making scheme then the Wests fate was sealed.

    People who barley had enough brains to stand upright were now walking our of universities with degrees. It is policy to pass those who pay.

    Have a look at the guys and gals who head the major universities, million dollar salaries and designer bow ties?

    The West is definitely on the slide.

  42. Darag Rennie

    I always love your articles, Malcolm,

    SOme spelling if you want to correct them

    *Yet, real science must be an area where truth is the rule; or else the activity simply stops being scient and becomes something else: Zombie science. Zombie science is a science that is dead, but is artificially keep moving by a continual infusion of funding.*

    *Do I really believe that we are heading for some form of totalitarian stated, where dissent against the medical ‘experts’ will be punishable by imprisonment? Well, yes, I do. We are already in a situation where doctors who fail to follow the dreaded ‘guidelines’ can be sued, or dragged in front the General Medical Council, and struck of.*


    *Darag* +64 (0) 275 047 280 *Darag Rennie *

    *A Book About Life* *Light, Love, Laws & Lies *

    *About your health:* *Evolving Food Pyramids *

    On Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 5:27 AM Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 28th June 2021 “The lamps are going out all > over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time.” Edward Grey > Several years ago, I wrote a book called Doctoring Data. It was my attempt > to help people navigate their way through medical hea” >

  43. George

    NEVER in the history of global healthcare has SO much damage been done to SO many by SO few

    Actively suppressing cheap, safe & effective treatments for Covid-19 to promote mass deployment of experimental gene therapies is a crime against humanity

    1. Gary Ogden

      George: Agreed, but who will put the criminals on trial, when the criminals are the ones in charge?

  44. Daphne Rose Johnson

    Dear Dr. Kendrick, I am so pleased that `I receive your emails, its like reading some of my own thoughts. I am 79 and live in a retirement development (there is so much more to this story but this is not the time or the place) I am the only one here as far as I know who has not had their 2 jabs(I am not an antivaxxer but am just for the flu and this jab) and having heard about shedding by those who have had them I am a bit worried as I don’t know what dangers it may present to me. I was in very very close contact with my nephew at my brothers funeral in January and two days later he had covid symptoms and tested positive, I was tested and it was negative. This is one of the reasons I don’t believe all that we are hearing about it and think we are being brain washed. I take 1000mg of both vit D and C and have for a long long time and really believe that they do help, but is this dose enough as my vit D level tend to be low and I have to take it all the time. Your emails make me feel as if I am not alone and that I can continue to say no to something I think in the end will do more harm than good, but the pressure is on for me to have the jab and I must admit I am a little scared it will be forced on me. Kindest regards Daphne

    1. Chrissie

      Stay strong Daphne. You are not alone. Times are tough for those who wish to stand up for themselves and go against the flow.
      I just fell out with my daughter, and am feeling very low……. but we pick ourselves up and carry on. Thinking of you and sending love and strength 💖

      1. Daphne Rose Johnson

        Chrissie, I’m sorry you have fallen out with your daughter that is sad, I’m lucky that I have no family to put pressure on me, as now my brother is gone I will more than likely never see my nephew again, which doesn’t worry me in the least. It is uplifting to know there are people who are not following like sheep and I feel for my friends who have had it and hope nothing bad happens in the coming months. Thank you so much for your thoughts and I also send you healing thoughts. x

    2. AhNotepad

      Daphne, it won’t be forced on you if you just maintain your refusal. If others want to be part of the experiment it is up to them, though “experiment” is a rather grandiose term for attempted genocide. For vitamin D I take about 10,000iu a day, and about 10g of vitamin C. Might be worth watching to understand the dose required. It changes according to your circumstances. If you are well, not so much. If you are ill, maybe a lot, if you are very ill, a hell of a lot.

      1. Daphne Rose Johnson

        AhNotePad, thank you for your reply, I am certainly not taking enough by the sounds of it, but at the moment I will keep it as it is and as you say increase the dose if not well.

    3. robertL

      Daphne, the best is to get your Vit D3 levels tested – if you can.
      Generally you can take more than 1000iu per day safely. But better to get tested if you can.
      Other posts herein mention higher doses.
      I am not a medical doctor.

      1. Daphne Rose Johnson

        RobertL, thank you for your reply. At my last Vit D test was OK, but I do normally have very low readings, so it does look like the amount being taken at the moment is OK, but if necessary I will take higher.

  45. Rob (MD)

    Well you are in my opinion 😁 a member of the “dark intellectual web” – those who can articulate a cogent position on a “toxic” subject. You are not alone. Many voices are rising. Better late than never. Check out Brett Weinstein (dark horse) podcast with the eminent Pierre Kory for example. Many countries are using ivermectin. Deaths will be documented in nations duped by the “Pharmascam” and history will prove you right. Won’t change quick or much. But it will change and big Pharma will have more regulation, and more docs will throw away the journals and ignore the advomercials. Maybe more importantly more people will learn to think for themselves. Those that want to anyway

    1. Fast Eddy

      You might be underestimating the all expenses paid luxury ‘conferences’ that are tied to prescription volumes

  46. CK

    Thank you.

    Big Science has become evil and is not to be trusted anymore. It’s not just Big Pharma anymore- climate change hysteria and even Particle Physics have become corrupt.

    Here is an important article about the number of deaths from the vaccines (26,000 in the US). The author, who is a wealthy tech entrepeneur, was a big supporter of the vaccines until he found out about the high number of deaths and he now deeply regrets he got vaccinated as well as his 3 daughters:

    Dr. Peter McCullough claims the actual number of deaths in the US from the shots is 50,000!

  47. The Wizard

    The black hole we are heading into is a one way journey. The will be no return if the globalists et al get their plan fully implemented. God help us.
    I had to laugh after reading this junk science. If anyone would like to get some “hybrid vigor immunity” you know what to do!

    1. Brian Snellgrove

      Golly gosh these people need to be detained in a secure facility. It is clearly a bought and paid for site with no soul. Who is behind it. it is completely anonymous..

  48. Don

    Have any of you read that a court in Lisbon found that less than 1% of the “covid deaths” were actually verified as being caused by covid 19?

  49. LA_Bob

    Well, I learned two new things today. Dr Kendrick has a band and so does L. Amber O’Hearn.

    They ought to join forces and call themselves The Skeptic Underground.

  50. michaeltrumper

      Michael Trumper Intaver Institute Inc.O 403.692.2252M 403.827.4454mtrumper@intaver.comskype: michael_trumperSent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Dr. Malcolm KendrickSent: June 28, 2021 11:26 AMTo: michael.intaver@gmail.comSubject: [New post] Covid19 – the final nail in coffin of medical research Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: " 28th June 2021 "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time.” Edward Grey Several years ago, I wrote a book called Doctoring Data. It was my attempt to help people navigate their way through medical hea"

  51. Fast Eddy

    Do you think this is a massive over-reaction? Do I really believe that we are heading for some form of totalitarian stated, where dissent against the medical ‘experts’ will be punishable by imprisonment? Well, yes, I do. We are already in a situation where doctors who fail to follow the dreaded ‘guidelines’ can be sued, or dragged in front the General Medical Council, and struck of. Thus losing their job and income…

    Where next?

    The lamps are not just going out all over Europe. They are going out, all over the world.

    More questions … how do ‘They’ convince all leaders all countries to push for the Injection? and how do They get the entire MSM to dance to the same tune?

    The lights are going out… literally…. this is the only reason I can imagine might be behind this situation …

    But what’s most striking is that new discoveries aren’t even close to keeping pace with the loss of conventional resources. According to Rystad, the current resource replacement ratio for conventional resources is only 16 percent. In other words, only one barrel out of every six consumed is being replaced with new resources.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      For a glimpse of where the world may be heading, read C.J. Hopkins’ dystopian novel “Zone 23”. You may find much of it very distasteful – although I think it’s very well written and touching. But I have never seen a better knitting together of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s “1984”.

      Mr Hopkins’ Web site (which I enjoy as much as Dr Kendrick’s) is at

    2. theasdgamer

      If we didn’t have a huge reserve, the level of replacements might be concerning.

      Big oil hoped to be able to reduce exploration costs, anticipating a reduction in demand for oil because of the push for “green” energy. That hasn’t happened. Big oil will have to do more exploration and technological research.

  52. Fast Eddy

    Not that I think stopping ‘this’ is in our interests…

    But realistically… the only way that anyone could throw a wrench into the wheelworks would be if say the majority of the NHS doctors and nurses were to refuse to vaccinate … or even better walked off the job (for a few days to start… then a week… then longer if necessary — ER excluded).

    Clearly that is not going to happen because there appear to be many in the profession who have embraced CovIDIOCY… or who don’t care and just want to get paid to play.

    But also if anyone were to try to organize something like this …. I have zero doubt … the organizers would be designated as terrorists and arrested… and the vast majority (who are CovIDIOTS) would fully support these arrests.

    The military could turn the tables… but those chaps, like police, generally do what they are told.

    Anyway according to Bossche’s latest … it’s too late…. the needle is in .. the damage done

    What a bizarre situation — we’ve got billions being injected with an ‘experimental’ vaccine (that we are told by Bossche and Montagnier and Bridle … is going to unleash deadly variants) … and total censorship of proven, safe treatments.

    The End Game does appear to involve mass death…

  53. John Burgoine

    …..The final nail….. My wife (an 81 year old generally fit lady) was recently sent to a & e by her g.p. The reason: a rapid heart rate.  She was eventually kept in for a week with a heart “flutter”  In the middle of her stay she was being given her usual drugs but detected a change and asked about a couple.  One was aspirin for blood thinning and another was a statin.  Note at this point that we have refused statins after following Dr Kendrick for years and she already has a blood thinning drug as part of her daily treatment. She was told by the nurse (nursing assistant?) that this was the “protocol” (what ever that means) and she should take the meds.  She was really in no state to argue the point and so complied. Two days later she came down with the worst diarrhea she had ever experienced.  She stopped the statins, aspirin and one other drug as soon as she got home.

    That was three weeks ago and she has only just recovered.  Statins — the only change that was present.  At a later visit to see a cardiologist (same hospital) she was told that she  should not be given statins, they are not approved for people over 80 years and they would not improve her condition.

    I first became interest in the side effects of our drugs regime because of persistent and worsening eczema.  Of eight or so drugs to treat high blood pressure, gout and the heart rate five had “unusual” side effects which might cause skin irritation.  My belief is that combined the effect is likely to be much worse.  The consultant in the hospital asked to have a  copy of my spread sheet and I think the g.p might be listening.  Two of the drugs have been changed as a result and our eczema is improved. Message: read the bits of paper that come in the box and do not beleive the frequencies attributed to the drugs!

    John Burgoine B.Sc. Tech

    1. Prudence Kitten

      I think “the protocol” is a rigid procedure used by medical staff to avoid thought, evade responsibility, and defend their inept actions.

      Complying with the protocol should be seen as exactly the same as “only following orders”.

  54. Carole

    A very sobering article Malcolm. We are all being worn down by the propaganda we are being fed and the shutting down of free speech. I am hopeful the change of Health Minister will be just what we need in the UK!! Can I urge you to read Laura Dodsworth book – A state of fear. As the title suggests she is interested in the fear that has been induced in the public since January 2020. I found it very enlightening (especially the fact that she claims a lot of psychologists are more neurotic than average people!)

  55. Emperor

    A GP who resigned his ‘job for life’ as a partner with a Hampshire practice because of his doubts about Covid-19 vaccines has been suspended by NHS England for questioning coronavirus protocol.

    Dr Sam White received a letter on Friday informing him that he was suspended with immediate effect, which stops him practising as a doctor within the NHS. On Saturday he was telephoned by a senior clinical adviser to NHS England, who condescendingly called him ‘poppet’.

    In a soothing manner, she told him she was concerned for his welfare. ‘I’m worried about whether you’re well,’ she said, the undercurrent of the conversation being the suggestion that Dr White is suffering mental health issues.

    In fact, Dr White has never felt saner even though he has pressed the nuclear button on his professional life. The two main reasons for detonation involved the Covid-19 vaccine roll out, an initiative that he fundamentally disagrees with because vaccines are not needed if there’s an effective treatment; and the mandatory wearing of masks, a theme introduced by psychologists not scientists, which Stanford University research shows is nothing more than theatre.

  56. Ken Scott

    What Dr Kendrick has outlined here is also running riot within the climate change scientific world — groupthink, ridiculing and denunciation of skeptical voices; an influence-hungry top-down cartel of advocates insisting that ‘the science’ is settled. And not only that, that they have the drastic cure, which must be administered now just as we say.

    1. David Lonsdale

      I was leaving a hospital yesterday and the Therapist said by the time of our next appointment we may not have to wear masks. I said that I thought the masks did nothing anyway and she replied “You’re right, but we mustn’t say that!”

    2. Prudence Kitten

      Although each human being is equipped with a brain that functions more or less well, many of us much prefer to shut it down and follow their ape instincts.

      1. Comply with the troop’s behaviour at all costs. Apes perceived as alien tend to be killed.
      2. Seek and support a strong leader – be he or she ever so stupid, ignorant, or demonstrably wrong. Without a leader the troop are all likely to die.

      Hmmm… I think that’s about it.

  57. Eric

    Interesting story on homocysteine, followed up your link to the NYT McCully article, which was sort of a long read. Then tried to find the current status on homocysteine. Seems the link is acknowledged these days but as one of many causes. Is there support for it being the underlying cause that starts everything else?

    1. LA_Bob

      Hi, Eric,

      Here’s a 1997 interview with McCully after his “resurrection” (evidently heretics can make comebacks). He seemed to think of cholesterol and homocysteine as separate processes behind CVD.

      Also, Dr Kendrick likes to mention sickle cell disease as a distinct and colossal contributor to CVD. Here’s a paper that notes homocysteine is elevated in sickle cell disease, but so is folate and B12. McCully thinks, or at least thought, that low folate and B12 contributed to high homocysteine.

      So, homocysteine and sickle cell disease, connection? Beats me, of course.

  58. Jane Miners

    Oh Dr Kendrick you both give me hope and depress me at the same time!

    You give me hope that the minority of people such as yourself may by some miracle prevail in a world that to quote you “has gone stark raving bonkers”. But at the same time you depress me by showing what a dreadful pit medical research and science in general have fallen into.

    Many, many years ago I was given (yes education was free in that distant past) a schooling that taught me not only to learn “facts” but also to think and reason. I went on to do a science degree where that process of reasoning and challenging beliefs was reinforced. Basically, I was taught to recognise bull shit without having to put my foot in it and wallow around. When did our education system go so wrong that it now turns out people unable to think for themselves?

    The world is indeed being swept by a deadly pandemic, but it is not Covid it is something infinitely worse, something that turns brains to mush.

    I have seen more rational thinking and leadership ability from a headless chicken running around a farmyard than has been shown by the UK government, and indeed by most supposedly democratic governments around the world.

    A forecast of the progress of Covid that was as accurate, if not more accurate, than those produced by the “data modellers” would have been obtained by killing a chicken and studying its entrails. For the vegans amongst us I’d recommend Mystic Meg and her tea leaves. Both options would have been considerably more cost effective as well.

    Then how to best tackle Covid? Well we have been given innumerable masterclasses in how to take actions based at best on nothing more than “belief”. Didn’t the ancient Aztecs believe that drugging a young man, cutting open his chest and ripping out his beating heart would ensure good harvests? And most of their population was persuaded even without the benefit of social media!

    You risk your career and livelihood by trying to bring sense into a mad world. Thank you.

    Kindest regards,

    Jane Miners ________________________________

    1. robertL

      “And most of their population was persuaded even without the benefit of social media!”

      They were just so grateful it was not them this time – perhaps by cheering louder they will escape it next time. Death tends to focus the mind.

  59. Lucy

    Brilliant blog as usual and one that has really hit a nerve! But what do we do? We know that something is terribly wrong but do we just sit back and let it all happen? Do we just quietly hope to influence who we can and that is it? Or do we create an alternative? I don’t know what that alternative is but I think it has to involve buying up lots of land and creating our own sane country!

  60. gillpurple

    Scientific medical research going from bad to worse. Covid has presented fantastic opportunities for the junk science to increase, along with the stupendous profits. This is going to make the profits generated by the most profitable meds to date look like loose change in someone’s pocket. The best thing anyone who has a serious and/or ongoing medical condition, or a loved one who has, is do some research themselves and ask questions. Thank you for this very timely reminder, Malcolm.

  61. Tommo

    Re: The lamps are going out all over Europe

    Not so. Each time I read an alternative cvd article online I notice that there are links to other interesting articles and not enough time to read all of them. This link suggests that you pass The Light on when you’ve read it:

    Click to access The-Light-10-Final.pdf

    Let there be Light!

  62. Phil

    Thanks for the post Malcolm. Nothing has shocked or depressed me with regards covid-19 yet. Forty years ago I had a number of unconnected life experiences that led me to realise that there is a massive disconnect between what is happening around our world and how governments and the media either suppress or conveniently ignore important events in the evolution of the human race and our relationship to our planet. Thirty years ago, around one important global event, I realised that the UK government and all of the TV news stations and newspapers in the UK were treating the general public as if they had the cognitive ability of a ten year old. That was when I stopped paying attention to the media and started to read a lot. I still pay little attention to the TV news stations and newspapers in the UK and continue to read a lot. What I have seen unfold over the last eighteen months is unprecedented levels of gross scientific misconduct, suppression and censorship. I recently watched the long video interview below Dr Robert Malone as he is a data driven scientist and in my view correctly conservative with his current views until more data becomes available and is properly analysed. The discussion of data before the interview with Dr Malone is absolutely diabolical. However, with regards the discussion of Public Health England’s data there is a link to a counter argument below too that I was able to find and I thought was only fair to include. For those that want to skip to the interview with Dr Malone then proceed to the fifty second minute in the video:

    1. Jerome Savage

      We are now informed that dr malone has been removed from the mRNA VX Wikipedia page – 5 days following his voicing his concerns.

        1. Jerome Savage

          The founder of wiki has refered to its current bias in favour of so called liberal message

        1. Fast Eddy

          I suppose it never occurred to you that these ‘Fact Checker’ sites that miraculously appear and dominate search results for controversial topics … are themselves … fake?

          That you are being played?

          Inventor of mRNA technology removed from Wikipedia after he warned against taking COVID jabs

          Dr. Robert Malone is no longer recognized by Wikipedia as being the creator of the technology used in some COVID-19 vaccines.

          1. Ruth Baills

            Correct. I watched the whole interview and Robert Molone the inventor
            of the mRna stated his name was now removed from uTube and Wikipedia since he stated publicly the “vaccination program must stop”.

          2. David

            I know enough that there is never almost never ‘one inventor’.
            As Sasha says – Not even Malone says that he invented mRNA vaccines. Interesting that Malone contacted the website to provide them with patents. Do you think the invented the mRNA vaccine?

          3. David

            All the options have occurred to me – has it occurred to you that they are right? Or that Malone is wrong? Should having the Weinstein/Carlson stamp of approval make any difference?
            By the way, does Malone have an issue with the use of mRNA in general or with the spike protein? What does he say about the use of other vaccine technologies? Is he a supporter of the protein based Novavax vaccine (NVX-CoV2373)?
            It would be interesting to see Malone’s research backing up his statements.

        2. Sasha

          If I remember correctly the Dark Horse podcast where Dr Malone took part, he wasn’t claiming that he invented mRNA vaccines.

  63. Eric

    I can see why the NHS would try to maintain unified messaging, but is also a very centralized system. Here in Germany, with our famously distributed responsibilites, the STIKO (Federal advisory board for recommended vaccinations) still does not recommend vaccination for 12 – 17 year olds without comorbidities. When Karl Lauterbach, a former virologist turned a very vocal MP, started pushing for chaning this recommendation, the national association of pediatrists defended the STIKO. When we asked our pediatrist about vaccinating our teens in light of the looming delta variant and the new body of data from the US, she recommended waiting until fall and waiting for the STIKO to change its recommendation.

    At the same time, Christian Drosten of Charité in Berlin, who came up with the first functioning PCR test, has been one of the most prominent advisors to the government and started an immensely popular Coronavirus podcast, is now acknowleding that we don’t really know how delta will play out here and with sufficient vaccinations and natural immunity, may end up being a lab-epidemic (his words, not mine).

    As for sanctioning individual physicians, the local medical boards (there are several per state) ar famously loath to clamp down even on bad actors (and here I mean malpractice, untruthful advertising and unlawful billing), so anyone speaking up against the mainstream is safe unless they are caught writing mask exemptions without ever having seen or talked to the patients, and even that so far amounts to a slap on the wrist.

    So why is it we are not seeing any serious opposition from physicians and other scientists to the mask, distancing, partial lockdown and vaccination program if this is all an evil plot? Mind you, we have plenty of colorful people in telegram and youtube channels and public protests and a few attention starved self proclaimed experts in national TV talk shows. There are even a few physicians among these, but none that I would consider serious and rational (and I do consider Malcolm both serious and rational – but then he wasn’t into preaching homeopathy and earth rays before Covid conveniently came along).

    Lastly, to cover the money angle, yes, vaccination companies stand to earn big time once the current contracts run out. But what is in it for governments? They are paying for the lockdowns, paying for the vaccines, paying for sending vaccines abroad and have their hands full securing enough vaccines and convincing people to get vaccinated. Why would they go through this when they have neither money nor control to gain?

    1. Sasha

      The last few questions presuppose that governments act independently of financial interests that lobby them. I am not sure that’s the case. “Regulatory capture” is a real thing, I believe.

      1. theasdgamer

        The way it works in the US is that the lobbyists’ companies write laws and then give donations to political campaigns in order to garner support. The biggest companies can afford the fixed costs of regulation, while the medium-size companies have a larger burden as a percent of revenue. Laws are often aimed at the medium-sized companies.

        I am quite sure that pharma and the CDC are very much linked at the hip, financially speaking. Fauci is making money hand over fist from his patents which are used in making vaccines.

        1. Sasha

          I recently listened to an NPR interview with a journalist who investigated the whole Oxycontin saga, Purdue Pharma, and the Sackler family. According to him, the Sacklers, anticipating that Purdue will eventually be bankrupted by the states’ lawsuits, withdrew about 10 billion dollars from the company’s accounts and then successfully lobbied the courts to prevent states’ attorney generals from going after them personally.

          So what we have now is Oxycontin epidemic, about 500,000 dead from overdoses, probably millions addicted, a bankrupt company that used to make billions, and a family that gets to keep a large portion of those billions. Isn’t it a great system?

          Sorry for being cynical, but when US presidents go around the world lecturing others on how to behave, it makes me question the sense of the whole enterprise…

          1. Jerome Savage

            Much maligned mr Trump did recognize it as a serious issue. His criticism of the pharmaceutical company is there but needs to be actively sought out. Some recognition here.

        2. Eric

          Emer Cooke, head of the EMA that approves vaccines for the EU, used to work for pharma, and not that national regulators and advisory boards have been much more careful than EMA lately.

          Not sure how much Fauci makes from his patents or if he makes anything extra from Covid vaccines. Probably not nothing at all if the situation for US government employees is the same as it for employees in privatebenterprise. I work a lot with a US tech company, and their inventors literally get $1 for each application. I guess he is convinced of the job he is doing – else he would have retired long ago.

          1. Jerome Savage

            There are suggestions that lucrative book contracts and speaking engagements will follow the right person in the right place

          2. Gary Ogden

            Eric: Patent-holders who are U.S. federal employees are allowed to receive $150,000 per year in royalties from the licensees of their inventions created in U.S. labs funded by U.S. taxpayers. Two of the Gardasil inventors, employees of NIH, receive this sum each and every year. As for Fauci, I don’t know that he has any patents in his name. After all, he is neither a doctor nor a scientist, but a mere bureaucrat. He is the highest-paid employee in the federal government.

          3. Gary Ogden

            Sasha: Yes, he has an MD. But not all of those with MD’s are doctors. In my view, a doctor is one who treats patients or does research or both. Fauci is an administrator, directing a very large federal agency, and has been doing it 37 years. Running an agency, or most organizations, for that matter, is all politics (in the sense of expedient, crafty, unscrupulous, cunning, artful, and sometimes wise and sagacious). I even doubt he spends much time reading the scientific literature, as all conscientious scientists, including citizen scientists such as us, do.

          4. Gary Ogden

            barovsky: Thank you very much for that link. This is the smoking gun. CDC owns both the coronavirus patent and the coronavirus genome patent. They, and the NIH, created this monster, and only shipped it offshore to Wuhan when the political heat got too hot. A biological weapon created by the U.S. government. Not the first time they’ve gone to the dark side. Time for Nuremberg II.

          5. barovsky

            Gary: If only we could prove this!! And BTW, CDC also own the patent on the Ebola virus! I did have a link but I’m sure you can find it again (unless of course, it’s been sucked into the bit bucket).

          6. David

            You can’t patent (or own) the genome of a naturally according organism (including a virus), only an engineered organism. What patient from 2003 do mean?

    2. Eric

      Big pharma probably takes a back set to lobbying by finance and oil. What are finance and oil to gain from lockdowns or vaccines?

      Financing laws for election campaigns are vastly different between the US and most European countries, and as a result, big pharma has a harder stand here. Just look at prices of medications.

      And even in the US, where most politicians are in someone’s pocket, they still need to win elections (maybe after gaming the system a little), so they will commit to unpopular agendas only when there is a real need.

      What we have seen is that lockdowns, mask mandates, limits on gatherings and potential vaccine mandates are not loved anywhere. Most countries have at one time or another tried to avoid tightening restrictions or tried to relax them prematurely, which did not end well in most cases. We have also seen herd immunity not to happen when it was predicted.

      So I’d argue that there are special interests and that those in charge are stumbling, but I don’t really see an evil plot.

      1. Sasha

        I doubt that pharma lobbying is less than that of oil/gas or finance. There’s also lobbying, at least in the States, by health insurance companies, hospital trade groups, pharmacy managers, and others involved in US healthcare system. Which, by the way, is around 1.8 trillion dollars a year. Which makes it the largest business in the history of humanity. Warren Buffett recently described it as a “great tapeworm on the US economy”. It would logically follow that the largest sector of the economy accounts for the most money being injected into the political system.

      2. Jerome Savage

        Not sure what you mean by “take a back set” you mean “back seat”
        From wiki – re US
        “A 2020 study found that, from 1999 to 2018, the pharmaceutical industry and health product industry together spent $4.7 billion lobbying the United States federal government, an average of $233 million per year.”
        Confirmed here
        That was 2018.
        And according to this, it tops the list for lobbying largesse – by a long shot.

          1. Jerome savage

            Is “back set” an idiom or part thereof. If it is you will need to explain back set. Back SEAT seems more appropriate in the context of your statement.
            Suggesting an amalgam of other groups out lobbies pharma doesnt add anything to the argument. So I would argue with statement. Idiom – what idiom?

          2. Jerome savage

            And pharma IS top lobbyist – per the links that were attached. Have you a link indicating finance as top ?

          3. Eric

            Ok, I didn’t see my own typo. Back seat of course, as suggested by the link.

            You are right for the US according to some but not all sources*. I gave up trying to find numbers for the UK after about 10 minutes.

            When you look at the EU, neither pharma as a group nor individual companies even make it into the top 10. After looking at the company breakdown, chemical industry seems to mean just that and not pharma.



            *Taking into account non-industry or multi-industry lobbyists, according to the graph at the very end of the FAZ article, pharma is only #4 in the US after American Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Realtors, and Open Society Policy Center. Only when you lump in American Hospital and Blue Cross/Blue Shield do you get healthcare at #2. I would think that pharma and health insurers are somewhat mutually antagonistic?

          4. Jerome savage

            Your “facts” could be better than mine. Got some more facts.
            “Wouters found that a total of $64.3 billion was spent lobbying Congress and other federal agencies from 1999-2018, of which the pharmaceutical and health product industries spent the most: $4.7 billion, or 7.3% of total lobbying, for an average of $233 million per year.

            17 of the 20 highest spending organizations within these industries were biological or pharmaceutical product manufacturers or were in their trade associations, of which the top spender was the trade group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA; $422 million).”
            It does appear, on intital examination, that pharma is not the top spender in the EU.
            But there are concerns.

          5. theasdgamer


            Open Society? That’s Soros, isn’t it?

            Chamber of Commerce is spending money to allow illegal immigration for cheap labor.

            Not sure what the realtor interest is in federal spending–state level, certainly. Maybe your sources included state lobbying? (Pharma, to my knowledge, doesn’t lobby states.)

            Pharma and hospitals are in lock step. Even health insurers are pretty much in lock step. Hospital and insurance auditors hash money questions out.

  64. Raphael

    Well said. I support you all the way.

    Retired now but seen it all. There is no longer any ethics left in medicine!


    On Mon, 28 Jun 2021 at 18:25, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 28th June 2021 “The lamps are going out all > over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time.” Edward Grey > Several years ago, I wrote a book called Doctoring Data. It was my attempt > to help people navigate their way through medical hea” >

  65. Alan Richards

    I have some limited experience with university science and technology faculties publishing research which might be considered innovation. My impression is that this research has not been captured in the same way as big companies largely stay out of it. There are some governmental and NGO’s making R&D grants and venture capital investors looking for spin-outs.

  66. Dr Rick Hawkes

    I am a retired family physician and seen the ethics in medicine deteriorate progressively over the years. Medicine as part of science is supposed to be about a truth and for the benefit of patients. This has changed as more and more medical scientists try to produce more and more papers. However it is now driven by the profit for big pharma and the food industry that has to add more processes to food in order to add value, and push up profits and costs to the consumers, as with medicines produced.
    Keep up your head and hold it high!!
    I did not know about all the costs involved in producing a paper. Your exposé is revealing.
    I am staggered as to how few food products there are that are not processed and have additives in them. The average supermarket only has a tiny number of shelves with natural food.
    Well done in what you have written about publishing of medical research papers. Another shocker for us.
    There is little truth left in science, only profits to be made in any way possible.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      “The average supermarket only has a tiny number of shelves with natural food”.

      The safest thing to do is to develop the habit of visiting those aisles only. Buy food that used to be part of a living thing, and cook it yourself.

  67. Nigella P

    Very thought provoking article Dr K. I wonder whether we have over-medicalised life generally and this is the result. There is a notion nowadays that everything can be cured with a medicine and those things that can’t be, must be researched and researched until some kind of medical cure can be found. All the while many, many people live less healthy lives than they ever did previously and therefore ‘need’ more and more pharmaceutical interventions!

    We have increasingly sophisticated means of communicating with psychological nudges, not just from Governments but various commercial sectors, not to mention hugely influential and powerful media moguls.

    And, as I always say, critical thinking is not encouraged, let alone taught at schools. My two children have recently finished their journey through the secondary education system and at no point was any critical thinking welcome. They had to learn the content of the curriculum, no more, no less and the marking systems for GCSE’s and A levels is so prescriptive now, that there is very little room for any kind of freedom of thought. You have to answer exactly how the examiners want you to in order to maximise points and therefore grades.

    I think we now have a deadly combination of over-medicalisation, unhealthy lifestyles, immortal expectations and an unwillingness to accept criticism of anything – be that medical research, Government policy, education systems, commercial organisations and so on. Oh and I forgot ‘infantalisation’!!!!! There is a tendency to treat everyone like a gormless idiot or tiny child and sadly some medical professionals are very guilty of this. God forbid that you should have made an attempt to understand a condition you suffer from and question a prescribed medicine or proposed course of treatment that directly affects your own body. ( I do appreciate that this is not the case for all medics, and to them I am grateful.)

    Anyhow, this is a long winded way of saying I hear your frustration, disappointment and anger and share it.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      Exactly, Nigella.

      Our ancestors (and hence we) evolved to survive in difficult surroundings. Two or three millions years ago they came down from the trees, driven by – yes! – climate change. Surviving and finding food on the ground was a very different matter from up in the trees; hence the big brain, upright carriage, and ability to walk and run efficiently. Presently they domesticated fire and dogs, and began to eat principally meat and tubers. Not steak, though – the whole animal, guts, fat and all.

      What has changed since? They began eating grains and settled down in towns and villages. As Yuval Noah Harari puts it in “Sapiens”, “In those areas where human remains span the transition from hunter-gatherer societies to farmers, anthropologists have reported that both nutrition and health declined, rather than improved, with the adoption of agriculture”. It was this observation that led Jared Diamond to describe agriculture as ‘the worst mistake in the history of the human race’. Harari also remarks that, “We did not domesticate wheat. It domesticated us. The word ‘domesticate’ comes from the Latin domus, which means ‘house’. Who’s the one living in a house? Not the wheat. It’s the Sapiens”.

      Then science and modern medicine were invented, and people started to think of their bodies as like TV sets or cars – if any part broke, they wanted it repaired or replaced. They forgot that the primary responsibility for a person’s health is that person and their family.

      Ninety years ago, Dr Weston A. Price pointed out many of the deficiencies in the “civilised” life style – as did many other investigators of “primitive” peoples.

      1. Bad diet: grains, far too much refined sugar, vegetable and seed oils, not enough meat, fish and animal fat.

      2. Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals; hard to avoid due to industrial farming which exhausts the soil.

      3. Lack of exercise. The missing factor in almost all modern diets is energy expenditure. Our ancestors probably walked and ran at least 20 miles every day, as well as climbing, hunting, chopping wood, hauling water, etc. Hardly anyone nowadays does enough physical work – resulting in a chronic excess of calories eaten over calories expended. If they do restrict what they eat to balance the work they do, they become malnourished.

      4. Lack of sleep. Humans need (on average) at least eight hours per night – more for children and teenagers, and not necessarily less for the old. It should be peaceful and undisturbed – something hard to achieve nowadays.

      5. Pollution and drugs (legal and illegal). It is impossible to avoid ingesting a thousand potentially toxic substances, not to mention tobacco smoke and various farming chemicals. When people feel ill (unsurprisingly) they are often prescribed drugs that have serious harmful side effects.

      6. Aimlessness and demoralisation. In the primitive life, priorities are stark and simple. Stay safe, get enough to drink and eat, be a member in good standing of a group for protection and social coherence, have children and raise them. That’s about it. Today it’s hard to know what matters and what doesn’t, and people become very stressed and upset. Employment (necessary for most) seems almost designed specifically to maximise stress.

      1. Jerome savage

        PK A coherent piece. Do you think animal fat is preferable to, say the fat from avocados or coconut oil ?
        Also some might suggest that the explosion in world population coincided with agriculture development.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          I’m not sure whether animal fat is better in any way than avocado or coconut. The only possible difference might be if animal fats contain vitamins, etc. not found in avocado or coconut. There is an old idea about diet: since other mammals contain all the nutrients they need, why not get all the nutrients we need simply by eating the other animals?

          I think it is obvious that the population explosion began with the start of farming. Hunter gatherers are forced to limit their population, and they do so quite strictly – for example by exposing excess new-born babies to die. (This was normal practice even in classical Athens). Human population probably remained quite stable for a million years.

          Then, for whatever reason, people settled down and began farming. As Yuval Noah Hariri explains in “Sapiens”, runaway positive feedback immediately commenced. Grains and vegetables are an incomplete diet, so chronic deficiencies would have developed, making people perpetually hungry. Often, harvests would fail resulting in terrible famines. Last and worst, apart from a small force of soldiers and a few nobles, everyone would have to work all the hours they could simply to grow enough food. So women would have lots of children to increase the farm labour force – which increased the need for food. Soon wars began for land, and the remaining hunter-gatherers were exterminated as the farmers needed their land.

          And here we are.

          1. me oliveira

            Prudence Kitten.
            Couples also had children to have who could care for them in their old age.

  68. David Winter

    Thank you so much for this article. Scary, informative and a demonstrably sad state of scientific affairs. After your early COVID articles my wife and I boosted our vit.D and vit C intake 20 fold and your explanations are common sense made clear. Carry on carrying on !!

  69. Janice Willoughby

    June 29, 2021 In a quick read of the Jariwalla and Harakeh, 1996, publication that you cite above, Dr. Kendrick, I noted, on pp. 219-220:
    “In cases of severe viral illnesses such as infectious mononucleosis or pneumonia, the bowel-tolerance doses were found to approach 200 g per day.” (Cathcart, 1981)
    That’s a lot of C. I have read that mega-doses of C are given intravenously to hospital treatment of severe burns in at least one U.S. hospital. Steve Fowkes, in a YouTube talk, covered mega-doses, based on bowel-tolerance, an order of magnitude lower.

    The remarks c. pp. 219-220. in Jariwalla and Harakeh, 1996, which Dr. Kendrick links to, regarding bowel-tolerance dosing of Vitamin C, are well worth reading.

    Thanks again, Dr. Kendrick.

    1. barovsky

      If you read the VERY FIRST advice released by the Chinese physicians back in March 2020, one of the treatments for the severely ill was massive does of intravenous Vitamin C. That’s 15 MONTHS AGO!!! They released a short document (which I have, I just have to find it!). As for SAGE, well it’s meant to be independent but what a farce! It even has a so-called Brit Communist Party member on it whose advocating MASKS FOREVER, SOCIAL DISTANCING FOREVER! I’m utterly appalled by this and unless there’s a revolution to overthrow this utterly corrupt system, we’re doomed to live this nightmare effectively indefinitely.

      1. me oliveira

        barovsky, every communist that is up in the social scale — compared to his fellow people — is a millionaire.

    2. me oliveira

      Janice Willoughby, there are physicians and there are government officers.
      That’s all, folks.

  70. Paul Helman

    Thank you for another fine essay. I am again reminded
    of Psmith’s rejoinder “We court criticism but this
    Is simple abuse.”

    1. Gary Ogden

      Paul Helman: Ah, Psmith. What a character! “The p, I should add for your guidance, is silent, as in phthisis, psychic, and ptarmigan.”

          1. theasdgamer

            Humor is good for your health. If people are being bullies, gentle mocking helps you maintain your sanity. The more dire the subject, the more we need humor.

        1. me oliveira

          Humour soars to its clean heights in times of censorship. As I can certify from a country that had it for several decades. When censorship finished, we had, instead, lousy jokes.
          Well done!

          1. Jerome Savage

            I recall an anecdote from iron curtained Bulgaria – “capitalism is where man exploits man – socialism is vice versa”

          2. Martin Back

            My favourite Russian joke:
            Q: “Why are Russian cats communist when they are born but capitalist after ten days?”
            A: “After ten days kittens open their eyes.”

  71. Sarah O

    Thank you so much, Dr Kendrick. I fear you are right, but thank you for speaking truth anyway.

    We are sharing truth with others who will listen. Drip by drip is the key as too much information induces terror and cognitive dissonance (or something!) and people close down.

    It’s international and the WEF, UN, WHO, Pharma, Gates Foundation, banking, big business and I think nearly all our leaders are involved. Never trust anyone who says, “Build Back Better”! In addition to what’s been mentioned above, I think there’s a deliberate attempt to crash economies to establish a global digital currency. The money “printing” in the USA is extraordinary.

    I’m not sure the world has even seen deceit on this scale before; a powerful evil is at work. As a Christian, I’m wondering if Jesus is coming back soon, and I’m trying to gain strength from this. But these are scary times. Most of the church is asleep I’m sad to say – too trusting of our fellow humans!

    1. Carole

      Apparently one of the things the UK is good at is selling intellectual information in many forms. We have not only followed our behavioural psychologists as they have revved up the fear to ensure compliance in the UK but we sell these services overseas. Behavioural psychologists are only interested in changing behaviour. They certainly got 10/10 for doing that! Unfortunately it would appear they have overstepped the psychology ethics guidelines……! Using behavioural psychology in governments it would appear, is nothing new, we are just puppets dancing to their tune when we listen to the press, the news, social media. I am not letting the pharma companies off the hook or the great reset etc but I think we need to approach what is happening logically and understand how all parts are playing into the situation. As I said in an earlier post read Laura Dodsworths -the state of fear. It helped me get perspective and realise we are not in end times. Just times to reassess who and what we want for the future! Personally I do not want manipulation, coercion or anything similar. I no longer listen or read mainstream news!

  72. Steve

    I think the corruption of Science was made very clear, in the UK, at the start of this Covid fiasco with the bunch of c**ts that make up Sage – you couldn’t ask for a more incompetent, corrupt and dishonest group – a perfect reflection of the Tories.

    1. barovsky

      SAGE also has one Communist Party of Britain member! A ‘behavioral psychologist’ and multi-millionaire, who advocates masking FOREVER! She also wants to eradicate the flu completely! As a long time lefty, I’m appalled.

  73. Rodrigo

    Here is the latest progress report on the international court cases being brought by the Coronavirus Investigative Committee, headed of course by Reiner Fuellmich, bringing to light what Reiner describes as “The biggest crime against humanity, in the history of the world.”
    Essential viewing.

  74. Lynn Wright

    The only way to get the world out of this mess is for people, normal people like me, to start reading the old literature (Enders, Jenner, for example) carefully and begin to understand the folly of the infectious myth. Germ theory has actually never been proven. Read Rosenau and his experiments unable to show infectivity of Spanish Flu back in 1918. My mind was blown in 2020, so much supposition, correlation stated as causation, “infectivity” “proved” of polio by boring a hole in a monkey’s skull and pouring in the emulsified spinal and brain tissue of a child said to have died from this contagious disease. Guess what? The monkey died, from the polio virus!! Read of Bechamp and his rivalry with Pasteur. Terrain vs Germ theory. If Germ theory were true, we’d all be dead. Every plague and outbreak has a plausible reason to have occured w/o needing a virus/bacteria/germ. Polio and DDT, for one. Pollution and toxins (from govts. and large, powerful corporations) are responsible for so many deaths that are blamed on “germs” of some sort. By the time vaccines came on the market deaths had greatly fallen for so many diseases simply due to public sanitation, improved living conditions, better nutrition. If we don’t come to grips with the fact that we have been lied to and manipulated for hundreds of years, the powers-that-be will continue to use the fear of invisible enemies to control us, kill us, profit from us. My hope is the over-the-top lies and nonsense of this current scam and blatant contradictions are now so great, many will come to realize this farce.

    1. me oliveira

      Lynn Wright, I agree.
      My line of thought is that the great advances in health, where they happened in the World, came from:
      1. Safe water. Aqueducts had been used for millennia but chlorination started a healthier age.
      2. Wide streets that the Sun could sterilise. Houses with larger windows for light and for air renewal. Cats to kill mice.
      3. Sewage control through a net of underground drains.
      4. Better nutrition. Remember Pasteurized Milk.
      And so on. Doctors or antibiotics played a minor role.

    2. Martin Back

      Lynn, it is illogical to say there is no such thing as a germ then praise the benefits of public sanitation. Public goods like clean water are only clean and healthy because the so-called non-existent germs have been wiped out by chlorine.

  75. Chris Dirham

    Premeditated and planned crimes against humanity being carried out by the political world powers and big Pharma, their plans for depopulation are coming to fruition. If only more would rise up against them and stop believing the BS narrative.
    These are sad and worrying times, please keep up the exposure, god bless all you good doctors who are brave enough to speak out – you give me hope and courage too
    Keep up the good work Dr Kendrick


  76. Binra (@onemindinmany)

    Stefan Lanka’s testimony and research offers a critical perspective for the future of humanity at this time.
    A transcript of his recent interview:

    It isn’t just ‘covid’ we got wrong. There are fundamental errors that set our minds awry.

  77. James Charles

    “132:48 next slide please this is
    132:52 what source code v2 looks like and if
    132:54 and i will i will send you the video so
    132:55 you can show it
    132:57 of the side on the right shows it goes
    132:59 up and down and you can see the actual
    133:01 source corona
    133:02 cov2 virus uh with its spiked proteins
    133:06 in its corona shape i’ll send that to
    133:08 you so you can play that
    133:10 it’s it’s incredibly important because
    133:13 there are people out there that are
    133:14 actually of the opinion that
    133:16 sars cov2 doesn’t exist and has not been
    133:19 isolated
    133:20 these individuals not only have
    133:22 demonstrated they don’t understand
    133:23 viruses
    133:24 but they interfere with the with the
    133:26 serious discussion going on with this
    133:28 virus “

  78. Barbara Mcmahon

    Dr. Kendrick you have no idea how crucial your email updates are to us. When all around are losing their heads you are a beacon of light. Do not give up the good fight. You have changed our lives for the better as a good doctor should. Your
    books on the whole cholestrol myth put me on the right path & your studies , research etc.,
    have kept me & my family informed, healthy ,
    medication & vaccine free. I thank you.

  79. Jeremy May

    Thanks again Dr. Kendrick.
    It’s a brutal assessment and damning.
    You have your growing band of disciples here but you really need your own band of ‘fact-checkers’ and a huge PR machine.

    Nils Illigitimum Carburundum

  80. Nitram

    I totally understand the despair and frustration you have expressed in this article. We have all been there at one point, or another. Each autumn I collect a few acorns, conkers and sycamore seeds on my walks and plant them in pots. I am usually rewarded with healthy saplings the following year which will be planted for future generations. I know that eventually these saplings will (if they avoid disease and fauna and vandals) emerge as fine spreading trees with all they offer to the environment.
    Dare I suggest, that even when you despair of peoples avoidance, or ignorance of the truth, you take consolation in the fact that you are planting the seeds of truth.
    I will not live to see my saplings as mature trees just as you may not live to see your truths finally dawn on others.
    Console and strengthen your inner resolve in the knowledge that you are following in the footsteps of other esteemed scientists over the years.
    As one of your forebears, Galileo stated:
    ‘You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.’
    As a retired teacher who was often exasperated, my advice would be to persevere. The light flicks on a little later in some people.
    Keep up the good work!

  81. Sonia Hutton-Taylor

    As an ex doctor … and someone who has thus far chosen not to have the vaccine .. I agree with every word in this piece and I commend the author for shedding such clarity on the research quality /data/conclusions conundrum. I think it has immense bearing on how Covid has been handled.

    My feeling from the start of Covid is that whilst it can be fatal and damaging to vulnerable groups… as indeed normal flu can be (in a bad year 70,000 deaths attributed) ….. for well nourished , normal BMI and no health problems the Covid illness can range from a nasty bout of flu like illness through to no symptoms at all.

    Should that latter group have the vaccine?
    I think that’s the wrong question
    Should they have detailed information in terms they can understand in order to make the right choice for them? Yes.
    But… & here’s the rub… the NHS cannot ( or will not?) give 30 + million people a personal consultation to ensure informed consent.

    Yet without informed consent .. early warning signs that a serious reaction is underway are missed. The young mother who had a tennis ball sized bruise days before she died from a cerebral thrombosis … would under the normal circumstance of a clinical trial .. be well primed to look for odd symptoms and well followed up/ monitored.

    I don’t doubt the presence of long Covid in some people . However many viruses give ongoing symptoms .. it may be worse with Covid but why some get this and some do not is something to be investigated . It is not in my view a reason to take an unlicensed drug. A public health doctor might well have a different view and that’s ok.. we need debate.

    The bias I perceive is from multiple fronts ….
    The researchers want their vaccine to save humanity
    The pharma firms want everyone to need their vaccine
    The government either wants to cover up/ justify their knee jerk responses or they want to be seen as saving lives . And appear to be running a free speech quashing system.
    The populous ( the vast majority of whom would not understand what messenger RNA really did if you spent 30 minutes explaining it… not their fault… even A level biology students might struggle… oh and how many of the cabinet have biology A level ? … I think possibly none) have been fed scary and manipulated then media filtered ( also by people who do not have a biology A level and who are after a ‘story’ ) statistics. As a result of all this mass brainwashing has occurred with wildly inaccurate or skewed data to the point where even people I count as friends and who know me well have vehemently castigated me … for being informed and choosing NOT to have an unlicensed drug injected into my body. My choice my body I say …but no … I’m ‘not protecting them… others’ when the reality is they are now more of a danger to me . And there is more than a hint of desperation amongst friends that life must return to normal and that the vaccine will afford this. I think that too is a questionable conclusion.

    Right from the start I picked up on not joined up thinking’ in the rhetoric and saw discrepancies in the information being fed to us all. So .. right from the start I delved a little deeper . Outcome ? A choice to ‘observe and wait’. I’m still observing & waiting ….14 invitations from my GP surgery later.

    I am not an anti vaxxer… if I was 80 , morbidly obese or with severe asthma .. I would have had it by now.

    I too think the vaccine has its place. But I would not say everyone HAS to have it any more than I would say a flu vaccine ‘should‘ go to everyone.
    Chemotherapy might prolong a life but some choose not to have it. Would the government say they should have it I wonder?

    What I think we need to learn from Covid and the responses to it is that as a society we are poorly prepared for mass crises … this one having been the infective type. Had the pandemic been killing a high percentage of children then a different approach would be prudent. If there was an Ebola outbreak …different again.

    Some have paid a high price with Covid.
    Some are paying a high price with the vaccine and we are only six months in. The numbers so far suggest that for some groups the vaccine benefits far outweighs the risks of the vaccine .

    Comparing the two in a rational and statistical sound and meaningful way is in fact not easy . So I suspect it is not possible to say that the vaccine risk outweighs the risk of Covid in all groups.

    Am I a vaccine refusenik … avoider … no . I am a vaccine questioner. It may yet prove to be the right thing to have mass vaccination but I think the jury is out for the present

    1. me oliveira

      Sonia Hutton-Taylor,
      A long but useful bit of real data. As a MD I appreciated it and I thanks you.

        1. barovsky

          Re ‘Long Covid’: Excellent point! I note also in a something I read I think in the Guardian (Ugh!) that amongst the treatments for LC was “talking therapies”. Hmmm…..

  82. Barbara Stewart

    All the more reason to keep people hooked on junk food, inactivity and unhealthy substances. Keep the population sick enough, but functional enough to work, and they’ll be eternally grateful for medical and pharmaceutical interventions.

    Healthy people are just not good for business.

  83. smartdocuments

    Your work here and also in hart is crucial. Many people believe in you.

    Facebook, Twitter et al are not the places for reasonable and rational scientific debate. Although John Dee almanac seems to be doing ok on Facebook. Good to see both you and he in the Hart group.

  84. John J. Collins, DC

    Brilliant. Thank you Dr. K.
    So many rapidly-moving trends all synergizing.
    1-Healthcare (or medical-industrial complex) is now the largest sector of USA economy and getting that way in Europe too.
    2-We have Medicalism, i.e., The ‘Medicalization’ of seemingly every aspect of life.
    3-We have ‘scientism’, wherein one’s blind tribal loyalty to a ‘deity’ called science (noun), is more important than adherence to the principles of objectivity that underpin the scientific method (adjective)
    4-We have a trend to commoditize every aspect of healthcare wherein the diagnoses/conditions, the patients, the products (patented of course), the services and even the doctors (Malcom Kendrick excluded) all become standardized, interchangeable widgets! This commoditization/standardization allows the massively-capitalized entities/individuals to “scale up” or upsize everything up to mega-sized scale, thereby eliminating competition and funneling ever-more money to a smaller and smaller number of profiteers.
    5-Finally, we no longer have evidence-based medicine, but we have “eminence-based medicine”. Eminence-based medicine is where those who are deemed “eminent” get to dictate what is “evident”.
    This whole rise of medicalism and scientism seems similar to what I was taught about the Christian Church in the Middle Ages. So many parallels!

    1. Martin Back

      First we had evidence-based medicine.
      Then we had eminence-based medicine.
      Now we have affluence-based medicine. (Those with the money dictate the narrative.)

  85. Eggs ‘n beer

    If you’re fully vaccinated, and catch Covid, you’re over six and a half times more likely to die than if you’re unvaccinated.


      1. barovsky

        From the SPI-M-O report:

        SPI-M-O predicts that since vaccine administration has been so high in the oldest age groups, modelled in the report at “95% in the over 50-year olds,” these groups will account for the majority of hospitalizations and deaths in a third wave. In total, an estimated 9.5% of over 50-year olds will be vaccinated but “not protected against death… This is not the result of vaccines being ineffective, merely uptake being so high.”

        Eh? What does this mean? I think this crew are speaking gobbledegook!

        1. David Bailey


          I think it may mean that the vast majority of over 50’s have been vaccinated (not me!) and so because the vaccine isn’t 100% effective, if you look at hospitalisations, most of them will have been fully vaccinated!

          I.e. it is probably just an excuse for vaccines that appear useless, because they are not actually much use!

          1. barovsky

            Well I know that, that’s what it says (95%), that’s not what I was referring to. I repeat, it says:

            “is not the result of vaccines being ineffective, merely uptake being so high.”
            So, what connects the deaths with uptake being so high? If uptake is so high (95%), you would expect less deaths! That’s what I mean, it’s all bullshit!
            The other day, the BBC ran a comaprable story about the fact that almost 1/3rd of infections were amongst fully vaccinated and teling us that this was to be expected! In other words, they know that damn ‘vaccine’ doesn’t do what it says on the label, immunise you!

        2. Eggs ‘n beer

          Yes, either the marketing department has won a big victory over the statistics faculty, or …. they are telling us the truth.


          95% vaccinated. 9.5% of the 95% not protected against death. So, ~9% of over 50s are not protected, i.e. 9% will die, if they contract Covid. What is the risk of an unvaccinated person over 50% dying of Covid? I suspect it is so low that they won’t tell us. Anyway, the important thing is that they have told us that 9% of the over 50s will die when they catch Covid. You have been warned. Don’t claim ignorance!

          Here’s another wonderful piece of obfuscation:

          “Does this mean the vaccines are ineffective? Far from it,” the statisticians David Spiegelhalter and Anthony Masters said in an opinion piece published in The Observer newspaper on Sunday. “It’s what we would expect from an effective but imperfect vaccine.”

          1. barovsky

            Well I’m over 50 (almost 76), I caught the bug and I’m alive to tell the tale. Why? Well I suspect but can’t prove it obviously, I have a working immune system, take my VitD/K2, rarely exercise but eat a reasonably healthy diet. Okay, I came down with bacterial pneumonia in one lung (so they tell me) but a 5-day course of penicillin did the trick. BTW, the last time I caught the Flu was almost 46 years ago and I can’t remember the last time I had a cold.

            Interestingly, very rarely, I start to exhibit symptoms that could be the start of a cold or flu but they never last more than 2-3 days, so is this my immune system ‘kicking in’ and doing what it’s designed to do?

          2. Eggs ‘n beer

            Probably. I’m the same except 14 years younger and the symptoms last half a day at most. Thanks for sharing, your experience suggests I should shrug it off easily too if we’re ever allowed to catch it. Hopefully the Indian variant will take off in Oz, much less fatal and more infectious, and we can get back to normal.

          3. barovsky

            I should shrug it off easily too if we’re ever allowed to catch it.

            Odd that you should say that, as I waited almost a year to catch it! I knew the odds of dying from it were small as I’m not diabetic (apparently, being diabetic is THE one that has the best chance of the virus finishing you off). I mentioned elsewhere in this essential blog, that almost 46 years ago, I caught a very virulent form of influenza (the NYC strain that I’d never been exposed to) and I was sick, I mean really sick! I’ve never caught the flu since then! So, I think I’m absolutely certain that taking care of your immune system, not some money-making jab, is the best defence. I might add, catching covid is the next best defence against catching the bug again.

          4. Eggs ‘n beer

            Well, no surprise there! In the South African trial of the AZ, the only one with saline as the placebo, the trial had to be extended beyond its end date as not enough front line health workers, the only people involved in the trial, could catch the bloody thing! When, finally, they got the numbers it was Saline 20 – 19 Vaccine. i.e. no difference. Whereas in the other AZ trials the ACWY meningococcal placebo reduced the immunity of the recipients enough to ensure sufficient numbers were rapidly obtained. Which is where the 91% efficacy comes from.

          5. Jerome savage

            So either there are no proper protocols or they can easily be side stepped.

          6. barovsky

            Precisely! NICE, for example, doesn’t test drugs at all, it relies on submissions from the manufacturers, who decide what tests they’ve done to submit to NICE. It’s all a fix!

          7. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            NICE does not make decisions on which drugs can be prescribed in the UK. That is the MHRA. NICE makes decisions on whether or not the drug provides sufficient benefit vs. cost to justify prescribing it.

          8. barovsky

            I stand corrected, thanks, but does the MHRA test drugs then? I don’t think so, don’t they rely on the manufacturers?

          9. barovsky

            Dr Kendrick, have you seen this?


            Dr Sam White is a Hampshire-based General Practitioner (GP) focusing on functional and holistic medicine.

            In early 2021 Dr White resigned from a partnership in a medical practice, and last month he posted a video to social media explaining the reasoning behind his decision, citing “all the lies” circulating around the Covid “pandemic”. [The original was taken down, but there’s a full length re-upload here.]:

          10. Gary Ogden

            barovsky: It’s the same with the FDA. They do no drug testing, but rely on industry data. A large portion of their (FDA) operating funds come from industry fees they charge for rubber-stamping this tobacco science.

          11. AhNotepad

            E’n’B, Thanks for that little gem. A handy point when I get all these lethal injection enthusiasts to inform.

          12. theasdgamer

            I was fooled for about 5 minutes by the data that the 80+ y.o. vaccinated had lower rates of covid than the 50-80 y,o. unvaccinated group. Then I realized that the vaccinated were tested at Ct 28 and below and the unvaccinated group were tested at Ct 45.

            If you’re smelling something fishy, it’s not just you. So am I.

        3. John

          First, I thought the point of the vaccine was to prevent hospitalisation and death, not mild disease. Then, if they’d said 5% of the cohort would still end up in hospital, that would “make sense” with 95% protection – but 9.5%?? Where does that come from? Surely those who do catch it should only get mild disease, not end up in hospital. I think they are making excuses for an ineffective and possibly dangerous injection.

          1. barovsky

            “they said’, well they’ve said a lot of things, like it’s safe to use, that it’s been tested, that every death is a coincidence but globally, ‘coincidental deaths’ now run into the tens of thousands. That every serious injury is rare, but they now run into the hundreds of thousands (if not millions).

          2. Martin Back

            I worked that out with diagrams and arrows and much scratching of head. It’s easier with algebra.

            80% are vaccinated with a hospitalization rate of x
            20% are unvaccinated with a hospitalization rate of y

            Then from a population of 100, 80x + 20y will end up in hospital
            There will be 1 vaccinated for every 2 unvaccinated if 1/3 of patients are vaccinated.
            i.e. 80x/20y = 1/2
            80x = 10y [multiply both sides by 20y]
            y = 8x i.e. unvaccinated are 8 times more likely to end up in hospital than vaccinated..

            If we assume 90% were vaccinated, then 90x/10y = 1/2, 90x = 5y, y = 18, i.e. unvaccinated are 18 times more likely to end up in hospital.

        4. me oliveira

          barovsky, the most nearby entry I found related to you.
          The ‘black fungus’ is a fungal infection called, in English, Mucormycosis. It is found in very poor people all over the world. Malnourished. Imuno-incompetent.
          Thanks for your contributions.

        5. Martin Back

          95% vaccination seems very high. Assuming 80% of the age group are vaccinated, and they constitute 1/3 (33%) of the hospital population in that age group, then the unvaccinated are 8 times more likely to end up in hospital.

          The formula is 80/20 x 67/33 = 8.12

          If 95% are vaccinated and 1/3 of them in hospital, then the unvaxxed are 38 times more susceptible.

          1. Martin Back

            Check calculation: Assume 1000 population, 80% vaccinated.
            800 vaccinated @ 1% = 8 hospitalised
            200 unvaxxed @ 8% = 16 hospitalised
            Unvaccinated = 8/24 = 1/3 of the hospital population, QED

            Note we can only calculate the RATIO of hospitalisation on the numbers given.
            If we knew the hospital population we could calculate the actual figure.

            E.g., assume that 3 of our 1000 population were hospitalised, 1 vaccinated, 2 unvaxxed.
            Then vaccinated rate = 1/800 = 0.125%, unvaxxed rate = 2/200 = 1%, eight times more.

        1. Jerome Savage

          FOLLOWING NOTED – but no indication that the vaxed are 6.5 times more susceptible to our viral friend.
          “there is no evidence the Delta variant is anything but less deadly for anyone. But there is certainly no evidence that somehow the vaccine is a greater imperative because of this variant. India itself appears to have achieved herd immunity – with the WHO estimating infection rates between 60% and 75% in most places – with one-seventh the death rate of England, but with one-fourth the percentage of people who have receive one dose of the vaccine.”

          1. Eggs ‘n beer

            Table 4 in the link. 34/35521 (unvaccinated deaths and cases) is 6.6 times greater than 26/4087 (fully vaccinated deaths and cases).

        1. Bev

          In fact no covid deaths in Australia since early September 2020. It is winter now though and more would be expected as the vaccine rollout is not that great.

          1. Eggs ‘n beer

            There are no deaths because there is no Covid. Every case precipitates a lockdown of some sort. Three cases in Qld meant 4m people under lockdown during school holidays for maximum chaos and financial impact. The whole state, 5m people, (seven times the area of the UK) in a mask mandate for three weeks.

            Winter? Not here. It’s cooler than summer, but for a Lancashire lad, winter?

          2. Mike Coker

            I’m so so sad that a childish women hating prick like you comes from the same part of the world as me

          3. AhNotepad

            Mike , you are entitled to your opinion, but when it comes to attacking people on a personal level, it is best kept to yourself,

    1. theasdgamer

      Rates being 6x is only 6x more likely to die if the two groups are balanced numerically. If 70% are vaccinated, then it’s more like 2.5x.

      Still bonkers, isn’t it?

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        No, not correct. I didn’t say six and a half times more died, but that you’re six and a half times more likely to die.

    1. Loretta D

      Thank you, K Drok. I am always interested in good Vit D info and adding to my Vitamin D library.

  86. Loretta D

    Dear Dr Kendrick
    It was an emotional experience reading your newsletter tonight. I read 5 of the 6 links at the end but could not access the NYT article. I will search the net to see what I can read about Kilmer McCully. I don’t know what the answers are to this madness of egos and politicians. It is as if politicians the world over are mindless in their pursuit of keeping their jobs as the prize for the next election; and us the people of the public community we are the ‘herd’ to be rounded up at will, mustered, confined, tagged and branded. No one allowed to speak out on things such as health especially anything that challenges or has a solution within it. Nor can anyone with greater knowledge come to our defense for they too end up on the wrong side of ‘the party room’. No one it seems has a free voice any more. I privately shed tears often, at the loss of my liberties due to a sick and unhealthy society. I feel anger at those people who couldn’t give a damn for the crap they eat and drink that in more people than not leads them to an unhealthy metabolic state, including becoming obese and inflamed, that compromises the immune system. The lack of educational programs to address this is obvious, but I also think to try to develop programs to address this lack of education, would be to be damned as well.

  87. Clathrate

    Referring to Jean much earlier in the blog & other commentators – there are a number of us in the same boat. You can’t change what has happened but we can all continue to encourage all our loved ones to get plenty of Vitamins C & D if they don’t already.

    I’m staggered by the younger generation in large (from my sample of relatives and work colleagues) mainly having complete belief in the narrative & incapable of doing even the teeniest bit of research – although I cast back to my younger days and the belief that Weetabix & Shredded Wheat were the healthiest breakfasts in the world because that is what the guidelines ‘said’ (aside – now the majority of my weekly wheat consumption is two {cut down from 3 or 4} of my Mums Yorkshire puddings on Sundays).

    At least one of my children think that I’m a stark raving mad tinfoil hat nutter (the other just a nutter) – one saving grace is that they certainly take Vit C (in part it helps that I dish it out even though they both have decent jobs though with ‘lockdowns’ and them living away visits are now months apart) & I encourage and previously dished out Vit D in winter. All I’ve asked of them is to wait until Spring and observe what happens this Autumn / Winter and to take the jab if it is shown to be highly protective vs unjabbed – they have both sides of the family to compare (me & my parents + sister being non-jabbed, ex-wife & her parents + sister being jabbed) – the narrative, however, of doing your bit and protecting others combined with threats of restrictions for unjabbed is persuasive. Daughter remains unjabbed & I’ve provided enough evidence that she is waiting but has said that if she wants to travel & needs it for that, she will. Son – he might already have had it but I live in hope that he is still waiting (a saving grace is that he is an outdoors type & will be soaking in Vit D at present).

    I was on a call with an overseas European based Indian colleague & he mentioned that he was about to have his 1st jab. I asked if he knew which one (Pfizer) & he wanted to know which I’d had. He was incredulous that I’m waiting (I expect it will be an long wait, if ever [but I could be proven wrong]). Asking questioners whether it will prevent them catching or spreading the virus does the trick and I find it’s usually the ‘I need it to get back to normal’ type response.

    Sorry, another side story which I apologise is a repeat – my parents have listened & are waiting on the jab (I showed them the recent PHE table that showed deaths attributed to the ‘Delta’ variant vs 2x, 1x & unjabbed & it provides little reassurance for the jab). Dad was easy to convince – I got him off statins a few years back when I started researching {including a big thanks to Dr K} and realised that his memory loss and muscle weakness were statin induced (fast forward a few years and he is playing golf* twice a week in his 80’s whereas for the months on statins he couldn’t get round 18 holes and was going to give up + had to take a stick out walking). Mum was due to be 1st jabbed on a Monday with AZ but as she had been under the weather that weekend, I convinced her to cancel on the morning (quoting NHS advice). Mum is now in the wait camp of you can’t take it out but you can wait to have it injected (her younger, less healthy, jabbed siblings think she’s mad). I’m not of the opinion of you’re doomed if you have been jabbed (there are certainly red flags). My main concern is potential the effect on the younger generation and the unknown long term consequences on fertility (and I see great big red flags fluttering in a strong wind).

    * he played match play in a senior competition recently and said he played the worst player in the club. On asking how he got on, he replied that he was thrashed. I congratulated him on becoming the worst player in the club 🙂

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      Well, I think I’ve persuaded my kids (all in their 20s) not to take this jab. They do think I’m a tinfoilhat nutter not to subscribe to the govt spy software compulsory from 9th July if you want to buy anything in person. The boys pointed out that they can tell where I am at any time, anyway, through my phone. I asked how (knowing the answer) so he took my phone, touched a few screens and muttered that I’d turned off the GPS. Precisely, says I. The other son was incredulous. “How do you ever get anywhere?”.

      I just find it creepy that the government wants to know my every movement.

      1. David Bailey

        I use an ultra cheap Tesco phone which can’t run apps. It has several advantages:

        1) It won’t run the NHS app.

        2) It fits in a pocket better, and is chunkier so that it can withstand being sat on.

        3) It isn’t ‘smart’ and ‘smart’ things are best avoided – e.g smart meters, smart motorways, etc.

        4) It has a simpler interface as compared with a smart phone, and it doesn’t use touch screen technology.

        Smart devices are devices that others can fiddle with in unpredictable and secret ways.

        I think my family think similar things about me, but it helps to grow a thick skin.

        Of course, that definition also applies to my computer, which is why I don’t use online banking.

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          If you don’t have a smart phone the shop has to take your details and upload them to the govt manually.

          1. MarciaT

            So if everyone claimed no smart phone – or I didn’t bring it – maybe the shops would get tired of taking data and uploading it? Seems like an annoying but perhaps beneficial solution to me. . .

          2. Eggs ‘n beer

            At $13,000 a pop for each failure to prevent access to an unregistered person? I think not.

          3. Marcia T

            Eggs ‘n Beer – do you mean to say that one absolutely has to have proof of a vaccine before shopping in a store? All stores? Everyone? Are there no exceptions for any reason?

          4. Jerome savage

            Just been informed I cant share a room in care centre, with my 58 yr old D.Syndrome sister without the jab, through the window only. Good thing is she won’t be bothered. RoI.

          5. Eggs ‘n beer

            Not yet, because the app (CheckIn) doesn’t record your vaccine status. Yet. Because we haven’t had enough vaccines to jab everyone. Yet. Once we’ve reached a certain percentage and have enough in store to jab everyone then you can bet your bottom dollar your status will be recorded on the app. Of course, there’s absolutely no mention of this. It’s only a track and trace app atm. So they can force you to test and isolate or quarantine if you were in “close contact” with a known infected person.

            There are no exceptions.

          6. Marcia T

            Wow – guess I’m happy to be living in the states – as wild as it is here between no information and censorship of much of the relevant information – at least we haven’t gotten to those kinds of draconian measures. . . . . . Yet.

        2. sticky

          I’m totally in agreement, David.

          However, any mobile phone can be used as a bugging device, even when switched off.The best way of preventing this is to take out the battery.

          I bought a pouch for mine, which incorporates a Faraday cage. Unfortunately, this quickly flattens the battery, as the phone regularly searches for a signal, so its best use is as a means of isolating the switched-off device without having to remove the battery every time.

      2. Clathrate

        I have a couple of ~ 15 year old Nokia 1600’s which are great – you can make and receive calls, & likewise send and receive text messages, plus the battery lasts for yonks. I’ve looked online – you can still buy them & the cheapest I saw is twelve quid (I recollect paying twenty years ago). I do have a work smartphone (I selected the cheapest option but is still the equivalent of at least three dozen Nokia 1600’s) – I switch on GPS only if I want to use as a SatNav which is handy as it can warn of motorway delays which can then be avoided).

    2. Jerome Savage

      Thanks for that – which takes me to a golfer of very little ability who when asked how he got on at his most recent outing, said he did very well, he doubled his previous highest ever score
      “What did you get ?”
      ” 2 ” he replied.

  88. Leila

    Dear Dr Kendrick,

    I guess that when the world goes through any major change it will often get bad before it gets better. There has to be some kind of purging of the old way to embrace something new. Either way it looks like the way the medical system was going could no longer continue – it had to give somehow and this is the result. Even though it seems bleak it’s an opportunity for a new way of life, we just have to choose as a collective which way we want it to go.

    Take care


    1. Steve

      Leila, re. “it looks like the way the medical system was going could no longer continue”. What is important to remember is that the way the ‘medical system’ is is all part of an explicit agenda. Here in the UK the enemies of the NHS have been working for decades against it. And the enemies are primarily, but not exclusively, the Tories – and in the early days the BMA/Doctors. The objective, which is very nearly achieved, is privatisation. The weapons used have been underfunding, decentralisation, internal competition and uncontrolled, imposed bureaucracy. None of this is accidental.
      Your attitude of, oh well, that’s the way it is, we just have to put up with it, is wrong and gives a free pass to the underhand and criminal methods that have been used to get us where we are now.
      Where we are heading is a USA type system where only the rich can afford healthcare and where ordinary people literally die because they cannot afford the treatment or drugs for entirely, and easily, treatable conditions. If you don’t fight it this bleak future is inevitable.

        1. theasdgamer

          What we see in the Grand Plans ™ from the Left in pretty much every country is that they never deliver what they promise. There are _always_ hidden costs…higher taxes for the middle class…political corruption…loss of freedom…etc., etc., etc….

          Then, because the Right doesn’t like the hidden costs, the Right fights the plan. The Left then blames the Right for the cluster and the sheep believe the Left. Happens over and over.

          In the US, it seems that the public has the world’s record least trust in the media, so things might have a chance of improving here.

      1. Leila

        Hi Steve

        Sorry if it sounded like I had an oh well attitude about what’s happening, it’s not what I meant. Just that now as more and more of us are realising what is going on we don’t have to assume it will all end in darkness and if we keep on fighting we can swing it in the opposite direction for a brighter future

  89. Jerome Savage

    Not all studies are pro the big narrative.
    ” carbon dioxide mixes with fresh air and elevates the carbon dioxide content of inhaled air under the mask, and this was more pronounced in this study for younger children.This leads in turn to impairments attributable to hypercapnia. A recent review6 concluded that there was ample evidence for adverse effects of wearing such masks. We suggest that decision-makers weigh the hard evidence produced by these experimental measurements accordingly, which suggest that children should not be forced to wear masks.

    1. robertL

      Jerome – ABSOLUTELY – if only the idiots in charge could read intelligently and apply common sense (which is inordinately uncommon these days).

      1. barovsky

        The problem is, it has nothing to do with ‘common sense’, mask wearing is ALL about altering our behaviour and the mask is a signal, a sign that the ‘Nudge Unit’ has done its work and changed our behaviour. It makes no difference that masks are totally transparent to aerosol transmission of ANY virus, never mind SARS-COV-2 variety.

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          And yet, if only the lemmings would read too….

          My wife and I are the only maskless ones in the shops nowadays. We’ve only been challenged twice, both out of mere curiosity, and when we say we have a medical exemption the reaction is “really? That’s a new one on me. I didn’t know it was a thing!” There are 14 reasons not to wear a mask, medical being the most wide ranging.

          1. Jerome Savage

            Usual excuse given here is that you have
            “Oh – sorry to hear that”
            “Sorry, what is CS” ?
            ” Common sense”
            Tom woods the US commentator reported from Boston last week where he was pleasantly surprised by the absence of masks – in a “blue” state.
            The blue democrat states tend towards compliance compared with south red states.
            In a follow up blog he decried the awful controls, atmosphere and fear still prevailing in other countries.

          2. barovsky

            I don’t wear a mask, just wrap my kefir loosely around my face when on public transport or in some shops and so far, not a single challenge, except 2 ‘covid cops’ on the bus who asked me to move the ‘mask’ over my nose. The whole thing is a joke really, I don’t think anyone except total paranoids really believe they stop sub-microscopic particles, made all the more ridiculous by the latest findings on aerosols being the main transmission route, NOT water droplets! A fact of course that the ‘news’ conveniently fails to mention. It’s lies by omission.

  90. TFS

    10yrs+ ago I watched open mouthed as a man on life support in New Zealand (I believe), family members stepped in and forced the hospital to given him high dose Vitamin C via IV. He recovered, I believe from what was Sepsis.

    Step forward this year and Dr Pierre Kory whilst on the road to getting Ivermectin in the consciousness of everyday people has mentioned the use of high dose Vitamin C to treat patients with suprising effect for those with Vitamin C. Initially sckeptical about it being ‘too good to be true’.

    I think what he has seen has astounded even him

    1. Loretta

      Not sure if I understood your intended communication. But Dr Paul Marik is the ‘Godfather’ of the use of the iv VitC in C19 i think it is referred to as the Math+ protocol and yes Dr Kory is in that group.

      1. Gary Ogden

        Loretta: Also (Dr. Marik) IV-delivered high-dose vitamin C, in addition standard care, in sepsis, an apparently growing affliction.

  91. Nick79

    This goes way beyond the Nazi’s final solution, it is not hyperbole to say what governments are doing is nothing short of state-sanctioned genocide. Everyone involved, from the meglomanic billionaire control freaks, the regulatory authorities, the politicians and the medical practicioners that ave violated their Hypocratic oaths, all of them need to be charged for crimes against humanity. I have heard sufficient testimony from academic and medical experts and scientific papers to convince this is the greatest hoax perpetrated on a trusting, compliant society with a very sinister endgame. No-one can convince me the vaccines are safe, neither the mRNA or the AZ adenovirus vector, I have seen the official (under stated) vaccine adverse events data held in VAERS, the EudraVigilance (EMA) database and the UK’s own Yellow Card reporting system. Where is the UK’s academic communities moral integrity? They are all either actively involved through pseudoscience research to perpetuate this nonsense or else are compliant in their silence. I am not an anti-vaxxer, I have received vaccines all my 40+ years but this feels so wrong…..

  92. barovsky

    More grist for the mill:

    Profiled in this space two weeks ago, Weinstein and his wife Heather Heying — both biologists — host the podcast DarkHorse, which by any measure is among the more successful independent media operations in the country. They have two YouTube channels, a main channel featuring whole episodes and livestreams, and a “clips” channel featuring excerpts from those shows.

    Between the two channels, they’ve been flagged 11 times in the last month or so. Specifically, YouTube has honed in on two areas of discussion it believes promote “medical misinformation.” The first is the potential efficacy of the repurposed drug ivermectin as a Covid-19 treatment. The second is the third rail of third rails, i.e. the possible shortcomings of the mRNA vaccines produced by companies like Moderna and Pfizer.

        1. theasdgamer

          I read Greenwald and Taibbi on substack. They both are lefty writers who have been banned from lefty media for questioning the various narratives. So it seems to me that their main audience is other lefties. Plenty of right-wing sites say what they say already about lefty narratives, but they have credibility with other lefties.

          What other stuff gets censored besides covid info?

          1. Gary Ogden

            theasdgamer: I, too, read Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibi, and subscribe to both. I do this because they do good journalism. I am not a lefty or a righty, and I suspect the audience for both reflects a wide range of views. I also read Sharyl Attkisson. She does good journalism, too. And I subscribe to the Epoch times, one of the few good newspapers. I also read a little bit of Censored News, such as Zero Hedge.

          2. barovsky

            For example, stuff on Assange. Here’s something I did on searching that latest on Assange that without exception has not appeared in the MSM:

            A total of 8 actual news stories returned when I searched for Sigurdur Thordarson (who lied about Assange after being blackmailed by the FBI), none of them ‘mainstream’ and even then neither Media Lens nor FAIR or Stundin (the source!) were amongst them, using Google ‘search’, Ha! Surprisingly, one of them was WSWS! Then The Canary, News Ghana, The Reykavik Grapevine, Market Research Telecast, Sputnik News and Tablet Magazine. The rest were ALL in foreign languages.

            DuckDuckGo was even worse, returning only 7 actual news stories, but then it uses Google!

            Startpage also returned only 8 stories with only one of them being ‘mainstream’, MSN and the addition of Democracy Now!, Havana Times and RT

            Ecosia was little better, again with 8 hits with the addition of Radio Havana Cuba and Kayhan (an Iranian site)

            As far as the ‘average’ user of the Web (whoever that is) an almost total news blackout!




            There are others

          3. theasdgamer

            I had read of that news on right wing web sites like citizen press, gateway pundit and pjmedia. “Mainstream media” equals “pack of lies” in my book.

  93. Richard Stantiford

    Another excellent blog post Malcolm. Thanks although it’s truth is a rather depressing reminder of the current state of affairs.

  94. John E Midgley

    In this regard, it is extremely lucky that we, as a group trying to reset thinking on thyroid diagnosis and treatment, have retired doctors/scientists in the group whose papers now muster about 30. No-one therefore can attack us with any success re compromising our positions, but the alternative action of studied indifference is being successfully substituted for positive attacks. I came into science long ago with a starry-eyed belief in objective truth and the requirement to sccept it when discovered. My young self would despair that that idealism is long since dead – not however my still now old-fashioned belief – but in a huge part of the scientific/medical literature. Venality in getting papers published however poor they are, to continue grants and position in the institution is now the norm.

  95. Martin Back

    How’s this for a theory… We know that vaccinated people can get infected by the Covid virus. We know that the virus that infects a person is very likely the one that is best adapted to infecting that person. We know that the virus mutates and that the variants that are more infectious are more successful. So…

    Vaccinated people will develop variants that are more efficient at infecting vaccinated people.
    Unvaxxed people will develop variants that are more efficient at infecting unvaxxed people.
    Eventually the Covid virus will split into two distinct groupings — variants that prefer vaxxed people; and variants that prefer unvaxxed people.

  96. JDPatten

    ” In conclusion, we elucidated that while both moxidectin and ivermectin exhibit antiviral
    activity in Vero E6, they do not reduce SARS-CoV-2 replication in human airway-derived
    cell models. While immortalized cells lines such as Vero E6 may be useful in a primary
    screening of inhibitors, it is important to determine true relevance of the inhibitors in a
    biological relevant model. In humans, airway epithelium is the main target for SARS-CoV-2
    (de Melo et al., 2020; Leist et al., 2020) and therefore PBECs grown under ALI conditions,
    but not Vero cells, mimic crucial physiological properties similar to that found
    in vivo
    (Cao et
    al., 2020; Jia et al., 2005; Sims et al., 2008). We therefore advocate more rigorous antiviral
    drug testing in relevant systems prior to evaluating their efficacy in clinical trials.”

    No doubt these people did something wrong and undoubtedly someone(s) here will tell me all about it. Go.

    1. Gary Ogden

      JDPatten: There is a letter in today’s TrialSiteNews calling for the retraction of this paper (if what you’ve quoted is the one from the Journal of Infectious Diseases).

      1. theasdgamer


        Roman was an author in a hit piece on HCQ as well. There were no author disclosures in the JCID. Pharma is pulling out the stops.

        The major “medical” journals have become pharma journals. At least Doshi had some questions about the Pfizer vaccine efficacy study. I don’t recall Pfizer answering Doshi’s questions.

    2. theasdgamer

      Covid is primarily a coagulopathic disease and damage to the lungs is primarily from coagulopathy–not directly due to infection of lung tissue, Hence, the study is irrelevant. Straw man.

      Elevated D dimer levels ring a bell?

      Now show me a study where replication of SARS-COV-2 in endothelial cells isn’t inhibited by ivermectin and that will be strong evidence against it. Black swan.

      1. barovsky

        I’m still trying to figure out if the virus does anything, DIRECTLY. Allegedly I caught it and initially had no symptoms, aside from smell and taste but then had tests, x-ray and was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia in one lung. So where’s the SARS-COV-2? So the virus itself apears to do nothing (hence most are asympotomatic) but what it does do, is make one susceptible to OTHER diseases, IF you have the ‘right’ conditions eg, diabetes which weakens the immune system. Luckily, my immune system seems to have been strong enough (with antibiotics) to overcome, NOT the virus, but the pneumonia. Have I got this right?

        1. theasdgamer

          It looks to me like the virus damages endothelial vascular cells and this generates an immune response which might cause a severe drop in platelets as clots form. When vascular cells are damaged, clots form near the damage. When you get _a lot_ of capillaries damaged, the potential for widespread clotting is huge.

          1. barovsky

            When vascular cells are damaged, clots form near the damage. When you get _a lot_ of capillaries damaged, the potential for widespread clotting is huge.

            So, for example, if you’ve had a heart attack and had stents fitted, is there an increased risk following the jab (or 2)?

      2. JDPatten

        Show me a study, and one that replicates its findings, that this virus is inhibited by ivermectin. URL link, please.

      3. JDPatten

        So, what causes the coagulopathy? You don’t get coagulopathy because you’ve been naughty or some such. There are causes. In this case, it’s viral infection. Rampant platelets responding to endothelial infection causes breakdown in controlled coagulation. As I’ve described before, there is a cascade of serotonin as a result. The lungs, whose job it was, are no longer able to handle the excess serotonin and that excess goes systemic: Serotonin syndrome.
        We could handle the virus readily without anti-virals ($!) *if* serotonin did not go rogue causing more damage. Most of us, particularly the youngsters of us, have systems that ARE able. But for those who do go into serotonin toxicity, treat with anti-serotonin medication. Do it sooner rather than Late. Cheap. Easy. Quick. …D’oh.
        (Look up Serotonin syndrome. Find out just how neatly it fits the COVID-19 illness picture. Find out how scary it is that so few of those who could make a difference in so many lives are concerned about it. You?)

          1. JDPatten

            Powerful Evidence’s final comments:
            ” Our current study shows limits of no blind treatments, and a small cohort of patients. Prospective controlled studies are needed and the SAINT trial results are expected.

            Given that this is not a double-blind study and the sample size is small, it is not possible to reach a conclusion about the efficacy of ivermectin in treating COVID-19 in a geriatric clinical setting; further randomized studies are needed. ”

            Sure, there is a need for treatment and, sure, with the rapid onslaught of a novel and poorly understood pathogen, one would want to treat with one’s own seemingly logical choice of treatment without having to wait years for RCT results with no positive results guaranteed and $$$ spent.
            Good luck to us..

          2. theasdgamer

            Small cohort of _high risk_ patients is far better than a larger cohort of very low risk patients. The direction trending is constantly for benefit.

            RCT’s, it turns out, are no better than retrospectives at discovering evidence. They have different problems and are of benefit done on the same question.

            When it comes to antiviral evidence, on the pro-antiviral side you have a few high quality retrospectives and many moderate and low quality retrospectives.

            On the antiviral-skeptic side, you have several low-quality RCTs (low quality because of late treatment and toxic dosing).

            Advantage pro-antivirals.

            If the skeptics want to continue playing, they need to come up with some high-quality evidence.

            In the meantime, the best path looks to be antiviral treatment.

        1. Jerome savage

          Mayo clinic –
          “Serotonin syndrome symptoms usually occur within several hours of taking a new drug or increasing the dose.
          Signs and symptoms include:
          Agitation or restlessness
          Rapid heart rate and high blood pressure
          Dilated pupils
          Loss of muscle coordination or twitching muscles
          Muscle rigidity
          Heavy sweating
          Goose bumps”

          Nothing like our friend SARS2

          1. Jerome savage

            Nothing like the symptoms in this household which had 3 positive results – from the horses mouth.

    3. Martin Back

      Experience shows that people who take ivermectin tolerate Covid-19 infection better than people who don’t take ivermectin.

      If the quoted paper is correct, then ivermectin et al “do not reduce SARS-CoV-2 replication in human airway-derived cell models.”

      Conclusion: Ivermectin works by some other mechanism. Keep looking for it.

  97. Eric

    Interesting. Do we have any other country where opposition to Covid vaccines correlates this much with political affilation? While Covid has taken a larger toll among racially or economically disadvantaged, I wonder if this will reverse.

    Such resistance is particularly strong among Republicans: a Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Sunday found that 86% of Democrats but only 45% of Republicans have received at least one shot.

    The same poll found that a third of adults who had not had a shot said they would not or probably would not get one. Of those respondents, nearly three-quarters said officials like Fauci were exaggerating the risk posed by the Delta variant. A little more than three-quarters believed they had little or no risk of contracting Covid-19.

    1. theasdgamer

      Covid is more dangerous to people with low 25OHD levels, which tend to be the aged and minorities. African Americans tend to delay medical care because of the Tuskeegee experiments.

      “Racially disadvantaged” is a racist view of things, implying that some races have an advantage because of the color of their skin.

      Republicans tend to view the American nomenklatura with skepticism because of all the stories about the CDC’s screwups/malice and the CDC are tied to vaccines at the hip. Democrats like bureaucracy and most bureaucrats are Democrats.

      Defund the FBI and CIA.

      1. Eric

        Well, maybe I should have called a spade a spade. I think there is enough research to show that non-whites are somewhat disadvantaged in the US and elsewhere. If you really want to turn it around, whites have an advantage because of previlege, less agressive policing, better access to good schools, medical care, good jobs. But is it racist to point that out?

        1. barovsky

          Whites run the show, make the rules, decide what’s important, write the history, decide what to study and what NOT to study. Furthermore, they created the economy, stole the wealth that made it all possible and now they’ve executed the coup de grace, climate meltdown and ecological destruction.

          1. theasdgamer

            Whites run the show? Maybe some lefty elitists do. Do they run WHO?

            The billionaire black owner of BET is as woke as they go.

            Quit focusing on the color of people’s skin and focus on how politics are hurting people.

            Black income was rising and black families were doing well relative to whites until the ’60s hit with the victim mentality and government entitlements.

            There is no climate meltdown. Wealthy lefties are buying beachfront property all over the world. You’ve been scammed.

            The economy has been created by capitalism and lefty government entitlements. Capitalism is a mix of big corps, medium corps, small corps, and small business. I find big corps to be a _huge_ part of our problems. The rest are more of a mix.

            The government in the US is run by the nomenklatura. And they are _very_ diverse and mostly lefties.

            Looking at relative outcomes is exactly the wrong way to approach things. Looking at relative opportunity or lack thereof _due to government limitations_ is the correct way. And white men are specifically prevented from slots in medical school despite having superior credentials in the US. Because affirmative action. It has been that way for over a decade.

            Affirmative action is racist.

            If asians get accepted into Harvard because of their achievements, no problem. Their parents pay for tutoring for their children to do well on SATs and MCAT.

            I could get into gangs and drugs and how they suck out the life of minority communities, but that’s too big an elephant. Let’s just agree that middle class drug use ultimately harms minorities by hamstringing minority education and minority life goals.

        2. theasdgamer

          yes, it is racist to discriminate against people because of the color of their skin and it is racist to lock people into a victim mindset–that is the most disabling thing that the left does

      2. Sasha

        I don’t think it’s racist to point out health differences because of race. A black person in Chicago is racially disadvantaged as far as Vit D status. An Irishman in Australia is similarly disadvantaged for melanoma.

    2. Steve

      I wouldn’t take much notice of these polls. It’s a nice comfortable fluffy result for the likes of the Washington Post-ABC News liberals and the woke crowd.
      Next we’ll have a similar UK poll which shows all ‘anti-vaxxers’ voted Brexit.
      This is just the MSM following their fake agenda. SISO – Sh*te In, Sh*te out.

  98. Martin Back

    How difficult is it for a virus particle to get through the mucus that lines the airways?

    SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped virus ≈0.1 μm in diameter
    SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) by the numbers

    In the large airways lined by a pseudostratified epithelium, a thick mucus gel layer (up to 50 µm) accumulates from mucus transported from distal airways and additional mucins are produced by surface secretory cells and glands
    Airway Mucus Function and Dysfunction

    This implies that the Covid virus has to burrow through 50/0.1 i.e. 100 times its own length of mucus to get to the ACE2 receptors of the underlying cells. Equivalent to you or me swimming through more than150 meters of spit. Tough little buggers, they must be.

    But the authors add, “However, the pore size of the gel mesh is sufficiently large (approximately 500 nm) that it is readily penetrated by small viruses with hydrophilic capsids; this has implications for microbial infection and gene therapy.” Not sure what to make of this.

    1. barovsky

      Well the ‘droplet’ theory has beenshot down! It’s now accepted that it’s transmitted as an aerosol, which means pretty much nothing can stop it plus, it can gain entrance through the eyes and the ears apparently. I mean it stands to bloody reason that if the vast majority are masked up but the thing keeps on spreading, masks are all but useless!

  99. Susan

    Thank you for your courage in speaking out against the powers that be in this dark world … it’s folks like you that keep the rest of us somewhat sane! You are akin to the monks of Ireland who kept the written word alive during similar dark times. God bless you!

  100. Fast Eddy

    Interesting … Bossche and Montagnier warned this would happen because we are deploying leaky vaccines during a pandemic … and the MSM often let’s us know what’s coming next ….

    However the MSM is NOT going to inform us (as Team Bossche has) that the leaky vaccines are what will be the cause of the deadly variants when they emerge….

    Just a matter of time now until the Dying Phase begins… the mass extermination … the Extinction Event.

  101. David Bailey

    I am wondering what to make of the apparent sharp change in policy in the UK – no more masks except in hospitals, no more rules – and all while the number of ‘cases’ is rising, which would have been used as justification for another lockdown in darker times. Maybe Sajid David has been swayed by some information that has not been properly fact checked 🙂

    Is it possible that Hancock was the lynchpin holding this nonsense together in the UK? It is as though ministers have finally realised just counting numbers of positive PCR tests is nonsense.

    I know this is the exact opposite tone to Malcolm’s post, but I think the truth may be dawning in this country.

    Let’s hope the truth spreads to the rest of the world.

    1. barovsky

      Hmmm… the ‘left’ would say it’s the right, the right would say it’s ‘freedom’ reasserting itself. I say, it’s time that we were all told the truth about the bug and the so-called vaccine so people can decide for themselves. After all, as Dr Kendrick said, ages ago, except for the small minority who are genuinely at risk and can therefore be protected, the bug has a better than 99% survival rate!

      1. David Bailey

        I totally agree, but If there is a reset-21 plan of some sort, I guess this isn’t the way they were planning it – certainly The Guardian thinks it is a terrible idea!

        The government seems to be almost ready to ignore rising ‘case’ numbers, and I think that means that they – or our new health minister have rumbled some at least of the true story.

        Until Hancock’s fall from power, I was anticipating a return to a lockdown of some sort, in the middle of summer.

        1. barovsky

          I think what you can say is that everyone has completely lost the plot! There’s going to be one hell of a row! Swords will be drawn, heads will roll, careers will tumble (hopefully). The day of the ‘expert’ is over (thank goodness) and SAGE is once more, just a desert plant. Oh, and pretty much everything Dr Kendrick has written, since the beginning has essentially been correct (except for the stuff about Wuhan). Finally, SARS-COV-2 is jst another bug! Live with it!

        2. David

          It may be just a ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine. Also it may serve to prevent the anti-lockdown marches getting larger. Cynic, me …?

          Lockdown I assume returns in autumn. Most of the population has been brainwashed and believes it works. Only about 25% of us are old enough to have lived through Asian and Hong Kong flu 1957 and 1968 when we had a ‘normal’ public health policy and life went on.

          I haven’t believed a word I’ve read in the Guardian this century. A friend who stopped reading it 25 years ago – and explained to me its creeping bias – said that a friend of his who reads the Morning Star daily buys the Telegraph if the M.Star has sold out (!)

          Dr Vernon Coleman is on the verge of tears at what’s happening

          and seems as pessimistic as Dr Mike Yeadon.
          Regarding Yeadon’s comments, I still can’t see though why an industry that’s discovered a new ‘profit centre’ would want to do away with its highly profitable customers. Surely best to rely on people with chronic diseases living to 75-85 but needing constant medication, maybe from age 25-30?

          UK Column revealed that ‘free’ PCR tests seem to be a covert method to steal people’s genetic data without informed consent. I thought that was illegal, under all manner of laws, e.g. data protection, human rights? No, it seems that the state now owns you. 1984, Brave New World and The Shape of Things to Come are all happening at once.

          March 2020 = as historic a date as August 1914, just for different reasons? I don’t expect WWIII but why would any country bother if the CCP can infiltrate most of the west’s universities and corporations and especially ‘big tech’? The UK has been a ‘partner’ of the WEF for some time; the WEF doesn’t like individual freedom.

          Maybe our only hope is that the lab leak – probably a cockup? – panicked the people who want a centralised world government and want another $500 bn in their bank accounts into acting too early and it will slightly fall flat.

    2. sticky

      It’s so that the ‘virus’ will run riot, causing a great upsurge in cases and hospital admissions.

      Then they will say that it’s those selfish people who haven’t been ‘vaccinated’ who are to blame (putting others at risk).

      Better introduce compulsory ‘vaccination’.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      I am not a doctor and have no qualifications, so this is just for information.

      We take 8,000 iu of D3 (as liquid capsules, not solid pills). My wife takes 2 g Vitamin C in the form of two effervescent tablets in water (1 g each). I take 6-10 g daily – the same two effervescents, each accompanied by a level teaspoonful of powder in water. Twice daily to guard against any loose bowel effects – best with food too.

      We also take Vitamin K2 – 100 micrograms per day – and magnesium to provide 300 mg of elemental magnesium daily.

      Last but not least, 1/2 – 3/4 lb liver (any kind) per week, to supply Vitamin A. Some experts think it unwise to supplement Vitamin A in case toxicity builds up over time. If you dislike liver, there are alternatives such as dark chocolate.

    2. Prudence Kitten

      What you say you are taking is most certainly far better than nothing. As with many other things, there is probably a “diminishing returns” effect.

  102. Steve

    The UK Government’s reporting system for COVID vaccine adverse reactions from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency released their latest report today, July 1, 2021.

    They report a total of 1,403 deaths and 1,007,253 injuries recorded following the experimental COVID injections.

    And whilst you’ve been distracted by Hancock’s affair, PHE released a report, on the very same day, revealing 62% of alleged Covid deaths are people who’ve been vaccinated

    The majority of alleged Covid-19 deaths are significantly higher in people who have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, with the highest number of deaths occurring in people who are supposed to be fully vaccinated.

    Go figure …

    1. tonyP

      Steve, you should be careful when quoting statistics. Nowhere is there any data in the article you cite about the proportion of deaths in each group. Sure, there are more deaths amongst the vaccinated, but do they not constitute a much larger proportion of that group? The only valid figures would be deaths per 100,000 or some such appropriate number.

      1. Jerome Savage

        As a very basic rule of thumb, I’d have figured if 62% of cases are those who are vaxed and given that less than that population proportion are vaxed, then….!
        …. no ?

    2. Martin Back

      From the linked document, Table 4, Delta variant…
      Cases: Unvaccinated 976 Total 9571
      Deaths: Unvaccinated 38 Total 109
      IFR ratio Unvaccinated / Fully or Partly Vaccinated = 38/976 / (109-38)/(9571-976) = 0.039/0.0082 = 4.7
      i.e. Unvaccinated are 4.7 times more likely to die than those who have received at least one shot.

      1. Jerome savage

        Tempting to factor in non delta related side effects of the jab and non delta related associated deaths. But even then, the suggestec 1% reporting of vax injuries would skew the ststistics – lies, dambed lies and all that.

      2. AhNotepad

        Martin, it is difficult to make sense of the claims about who is more likely to die from what, however, the chance of a vaccinated or an unvaccinated one dying is the same, ie 1.

      3. Martin Back

        Note that the above figures only apply to over-50s with Delta, and presumably only those who were symptomatic when infected so they got a test. (Or maybe it’s only those who went to hospital. Not sure.)

        IFR for under-50s = 8/82458 = 0.0097%
        IFR for over-50s = 109/9571 = 1.14%

        Seeing that the average age of those dying is greater than the life expectancy, I guess Covid is nature’s way of telling you it’s time to go. ;o)

        1. Martin Back

          What I would love to see is
          IFR for unvaccinated + SOC [standard of care = hospital, oxygen, steroids etc if needed]
          IFR for unvaccinated + [IVM/HCQ/Whatever] + SOC

          1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            I was posted this by e-mail this morning.


            Data from Public Health England shows that people who are fully v@cc*inated are 9.9 times more likely to die from the COVID-19 Delta variant than unvaccinated people. (0.69% vs 0.07%)

            A story about this from the UK is posted here.

            The article notes:

            As per the above table we can see that of the 53,822 confirmed cases of the Delta Covid variant in people who are unvaccinated, 44 have sadly died. This accounts to 0.07% of confirmed cases in the people who are unvaccinated.

            However, of the 7,235 confirmed cases of the Delta Covid variant in people who had received both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine and were therefore fully vaccinated, 50 have sadly died. This accounts to 0.69% of confirmed cases in people who are fully vaccinated.

            This data, which again has been published by Public Health England, shows us that people who have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine have a 885.7% higher chance of dying due to the Delta Covid variant than people who are unvaccinated.

            Those who are interested could read the article?

            What is not clear is the ages of those vaccinated who died – I assume they were a lot older? I would need to do some digging.

          2. Carole

            Does PHE have an age breakdown for deaths because that is the argument I’m facing now. I can’t quite understand the argument- in my head your either vaccinated or not regardless of age…..Everyone trying to grip onto the belief that the vaccines work and they haven’t been hoodwinked.

          3. Fast Eddy

            Thanks for this … I have passed it on to a CovIDIOT who has been urging me to get Injected.

            I keep asking him what my upside is … he initially told me that I’d be able to travel out of NZ without quarantining… he doesn’t mention that any more.

            I do enjoy taunting him when long weekends approach asking ‘so are you heading off to Bali or maybe Thailand for a break?’ … knowing that this remains impossible due to a 3 week quarantine requirement on return to his home in HK.

            Not only is there zero upside… this is yet another potential downside of the Injection.

            Anyone who wants to send that fascinating article to CovIDIOTS anonymously … can use this

          4. Eggs ‘n beer

            Well, yes, sort of. As we know from DD, statistics can be twisted to mean anything.

            Yes, IF you are vaccinated AND catch Covid then you’re 885% more likely to die.

            But, the numbers of vaccinated who catch Covid are much lower than the unvaccinated. So we have to look at the populations of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. And Lo! the government do this for us:


            So for simplicity, half the population at the 21st June, were fully vaccinated. Let’s for a moment accept that, for the whole period covered by these results (1/2/21 to 21/6/21) half the population was fully vaccinated. And with 50 fully vaccinated dying, compared to 44 unvaccinated with equal populations; advantage the unvaccinated.

            Take into account that the first doses were administered in December, the average for the Feb to Jun period of fully vaccinated will be well below 50%. Game to the vaccinated.

            Then toss in the partially vaccinated, greatly reducing the unvaccinated total. Set; unvaccinated.

            So even when the data is adjusted for population sizes, you’re still more likely to die if you’ve been vaccinated, partially or fully, than if you’ve avoided the jab. Game, set and match to the sensible.

            Go Ash!! Maybe the J&J single jab is OK.

          5. AhNotepad

            But the vaccinated catch Covid only if they come into contact with an unvaccinated person.

          6. Martin Back

            From The Daily Expose

            This data, which has been published by Public Health England, shows us that people who have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine have a 70.1% higher chance of being hospitalised with the alleged Delta Covid variant than people who are unvaccinated.

            WRONG! They are assuming the totals given are from the entire UK population. They are not. They are only the people who attended emergency care and who had a positive test for the Delta variant. They could have gone to hospital for any reason. There is no requirement that their hospital attendance is Covid-related.

            Ref: PHE England report

            What Table 4 shows is that of the 58,822 unvaccinated who attended emergency care, 98% were under 50, i.e. most likely reason for going to hospital is accident, drugs, suicide, making stupid Tik-Tok videos, etc etc. 831 (1.4%) of the unvaccinated were held overnight.

            Of the 7,235 2-dose vaccinated who attended emergency care, 86% were over 50, i.e. most likely reason for going to hospital is stroke, heart attack, cancer etc etc. 190 (2.6%) of the 2-dose vaccinated were held overnight.

            This data, which again has been published by Public Health England, shows us that people who have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine have a 885.7% higher chance of dying due to the Delta Covid variant than people who are unvaccinated.

            WRONG! This is a shocking misrepresentation of the data, and a blatant use of relative not absolute percentages for exaggerated effect. It completely ignores the fact that the vast majority of unvaccinated who report to emergency care are under 50 and therefore far less likely to die of Covid. In fact, the same data shows that NOBODY WITH TWO DOSES OF VACCINE DIED IF THEY WERE UNDER 50. Only the over-50s died.

            Since the under-50 IFR among those reporting to emergency care is so low (8/82458 = 1 in 10,000 approx), and since their deaths are less likely to be Covid-related, it makes sense to compare only the over-50s

            Of the 3,546 over-50s who received two doses of vaccine and who reported to emergency care, 50 died (1.41%)
            Of the 976 over-50s wh