I have not been silenced

3rd September 2021

Thank you to the many people who have e-mailed me recently and asked if I have been silenced. I have not. I have had letters from Public Health England and the General Medical Council, informing me that I was under investigation for daring to question anything about COVID19, particularly vaccines.

The good news is the investigations ended up nowhere, and were closed down. I have also had irate phone calls from doctors, telling me that I must not question vaccination and suchlike. This has been somewhat wearing and has caused me to remain silent for a while and think about things.

However, I do know how to play the medical regulations game. Don’t make a statement you cannot reference from a peer-reviewed journal. Don’t give direct advice to people over the internet. Provide facts, and do not make statements such as ‘vaccines are killing thousands of people.’ Or suchlike.

Not that I ever would. My self-appointed role within the COVID19 mayhem, was to search for the truth – as far as it could be found – and to attempt to provide useful information for those who wish to read my blog.

The main reason for prolonged silence, and introspection, is that I am not sure I can find the truth. I do not know if it can be found anymore. Today I am unsure what represents a fact, and what has simply been made up. A sad and scary state of affairs.

This is not just true of the mainstream and the mainstream media, which has simply decided to parrot all Government and WHO statements without any critical engagement…or thought. For example, the BBC intones that ‘In the last day, fifty people died within twenty-eight days of a positive COVID19 test…’ Or a hundred, or six. What the hell is this supposed to mean? It means nothing, it is the very definition of scientific meaninglessness.

Especially when it seems that very nearly a half of those admitted to hospital with COVID19 were not admitted to hospital with COVID19. They were admitted with something else entirely, then had a positive test whilst in hospital. In short, they were not admitted to hospital with COVID19, and almost certainly did not die of COVID19. They died with a positive COVID19 test. With, not of.

But the misinformation is equally a problem for those on the other side. Claims are made for the benefits of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine that simply do not stand up to scrutiny. Yes, I believe both drugs may provide some benefit, but not the claimed 90% reduction in deaths that I have seen trumpeted.

So, I have given up on COVID19. It is a complete mess, and I feel that, without being certain of the ground under my feet, I have nothing to contribute. I too am in danger of starting to make statements that are not true.

However, before leaving the area entirely, I would like to make clear some of the things I currently believe to be true, and what I do not believe to be true. If this is of any assistance to anyone. Very little is referenced, because I can very easily find a contradictory reference to any reference I provide. For each fact, there is an equal and opposite fact.

1: SARS-CoV2 exists

Many people have stated, probably correctly, that the SARS-CoV2 virus has never been fully isolated. Whatever exactly that means. Have Koch’s postulates been met? [see a bit later on] I think for viruses, Koch’s postulates are very rarely, if ever, met. Does it matter, not really.

Despite this gap I believe that SARS-CoV2 truly is a ‘new’ virus that did not exist before. So, it must have mutated somewhere, or been mutated somewhere, from another coronavirus… probably. Although it seems that SARS-CoV2 does not mutate. Instead, it creates variants which, somehow or other, is a completely different process to a mutation! I have found that language in this area means little, and words are simply twisted to suit a particular narrative.

I feel it is most likely this mutation occurred within a laboratory in Wuhan during gain of function research. But I don’t suppose we will ever know. It seems unlikely to be something that the Chinese authorities are ever going to admit… ever. As a general rule, the more fervently, and angrily, the Chinese state denies something – the more likely it is to be true.

This is a special case of a general rule that I modestly call the ‘Kendrick reverse meaning law.’ Which developed from P.G. Wodehouse’s observation that ‘When an Englishman says ‘trust me’ it is time to start counting the spoons.

This reverse meaning was seen clearly when Matt Hancock (UK Health Secretary at the time) stated that ‘Right from the start we’ve tried to throw a ring of steel around our care homes.’ Which actually meant that ‘Right from the start we threw care homes under a bus.’ Unless, what he actually meant was that the ring of steel was put up to stop care home residents escaping. ‘Halt, who goes there….’ Sound of heavy machine gun fire, whistles screeching, attack dogs baying at the leash. ‘Go for the Zimmer frames, that should bring them down.’

2: SARS-CoV2 is generally more deadly than influenza

Of course, SARS-CoV2 is most certainly not deadlier than the influenza epidemic of 1918-19. Which is estimated to have wiped out 2% of the entire world’s population. It is probably not more deadly than the 1957 epidemic, or the 1967 influenza epidemic. But it seems more deadly than anything in the last forty years, or so. So, a bit more deadly than most influenzas that sweep through humanity every year, or so. Give or take.

Currently, SARS-CoV2 is reckoned to have killed four and half million people across the Globe. Which is 0.07% of the world’s population. However, there is an immediate problem here. With influenza, we count for one year, then start again the next year. With COVID19 we have just kept on counting, adding this year figures to last years, and so on!

Eventually, therefore, assuming COVID19 comes and goes like the flu, and we just keep on counting without end, it will end up killing a hundred million. Making it the deadliest virus ever. Far worse than any influenza? At the current rate this will take another thirty years, or so. Within one thousand six hundred and sixty-six years it will have killed everyone. Of course, there will have been a few billion replacement humans created during that time.

What is far more important is to know the infection fatality rate (IFR)? That is, what percentage of those infected with SARS-CoV2 will die? This, I am afraid, we are never going to know, as the definition of what the word ‘infected’ means has flipped this way and that and can never be pinned down.

Does it mean a positive test? Does it mean a positive test plus symptoms? [Which used to be called a ‘case’] Does it mean something else. What does infected actually mean…

Here, I defer to the Master – Lewis Carroll:

‘When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master – – that’s all.”

Accepting that no-one will define what COVID19 infection actually means, I believe the infection fatality rate is, (using previous used definitions) settling at around 0.15%. At least it was last time I looked. This was never enough to justify the panicked actions that have taken place around the globe. Never.

3: The figures make no sense – and never will

One of the central problems here, form which all other problems flow, is that the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test is the test against which the PCR test itself is tested. We have nothing better. So, we are completely reliant on it being accurate. However, we cannot know how accurate it truly is, because there is no test against which to compare it.

I mentioned Koch’s postulates earlier. These are the tests which can prove if a ‘micro-organism’ is actually causing the disease. The ultimate gold standard:

  • The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
  • The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
  • The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
  • The microorganism must be re-isolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

And good luck with all of that. The truth is that these postulates can work for bacteria, but not really for viruses. Because it is very difficult to meet them. I am not sure if they have ever been truly met for any virus.

On the matter of finding out if the virus is truly present, in anyone diagnosed with COVID19, here is a letter that was published in the BMJ in October last year

‘We are told that the virus is everywhere – in the air, in our breath, on fomites, trapped in masks – yet public health authorities seem not to be in possession of any cultivable clinical samples of the offending pathogen.

In March 2020, the World Health Organisation instructed authorities not to look for a virus but to rely instead on a genome test, the RT-PCR, which is not specific for SARS-CoV-2 (1) (2).

A Freedom of Information request to Public Health England about cultivable clinical samples or direct evidence of viral isolation has no information and refers to the proxy RT-PCR test, quoting Eurosurveillance (3).

Eurosurveillance states: “Virus detection by reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) from respiratory samples is widely used to diagnose and monitor SARS-CoV-2 infection and, increasingly, to infer infectivity of an individual. However, RT-PCR does not distinguish between infectious and non-infectious virus. Propagating virus from clinical samples confirms the presence of infectious virus but is not widely available (and) requires biosafety level 3 facilities” (4).

The CDC admits that, “no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available”, and used a genetically modified human lung alveolar adenocarcinoma cell culture to, “mimic clinical specimen”(5).

It appears, therefore, that we have public health bodies without clinical samples, a test which is non-specific and does not distinguish between infectivity and non-infectivity, a requirement for biosafety level 3 facilities to even look for a virus, yet we are led to believe that it is up all our noses.

So, where is the virus?’

(1) https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/10665-331501

(2) https://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m2420/rr-5

(3) https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/679566/response/1625332/attach/ht…

(4) https://www.eurosurveillance.org/content/10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2020.25.32…

(5) https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download 1

After reading this, do I still think SARS-CoV2 exists? Yes, I do. I firmly believe that I watched people dying of it, from it. They died in a way I have never seen people do so before, and I have seen a lot of people die. They seemed quite well, then suddenly their oxygen sats dropped like a stone – they still seemed okay otherwise – then they died. The end.

Very strange, and rather disturbing. I started slipping an oxygen saturation monitor onto my finger from time to time. Just in case. 99% is my average reading, if you are interested. It never dropped.

However, getting back to the testing. If you truly want to confirm the presence of a virus in a sample, you need to send it to biosafety level 3 facilities to isolate it, grow it (not really the correct word for a virus), and suchlike. This is never done in the clinical setting.

You could argue that if you wait for antibodies to develop, you can ‘prove’ that someone was infected, or not, and thus work out how accurate the PCR test has been retrospectively. Perhaps…

I speak as someone who needed seven Hepatitis B vaccinations before I produced any detectable antibodies. Did I have immunity after the first six, or not? Am I someone who simply does not make many antibodies, but still have immunity through other mechanisms?  Do others simply not produce antibodies, or their level drops so fast, that they effectively disappear?

Yes, serological testing (looking for antibodies), has its own very significant problems.

‘Serological tests for SARS-CoV-2 have accuracy issues that warrant attention. They measure specific antibody responses which may take some weeks to develop after disease onset reducing the sensitivity of the assay. If blood samples were collected during the early stage of the infection, they may produce false negative results. They do not directly detect the presence of the virus. Further, antibodies may be present when SARS-CoV-2 is no longer present giving false positive case diagnosis.’ 2

In reality, we are relying on a PCR test to diagnose SARS-CoV2 infection, the accuracy of which is entirely dependent on believing that the test is accurate. Yes, that is the route to madness.

At present, in the UK, we are doing about one million tests a day 3.

We are getting about thirty thousand ‘positive’ results. Or, about 3% positive. How many of these are truly positive? Well, you can take a wild guess on that one. At one point, the CDC stated that 30% of the PCR tests were false positives. A ‘false positive’ means that test says you have the disease, when you do not. [A false negative informs you that you do not have the disease, when you do] 4.

The thirty per cent cannot be the case currently, because that would mean if you did one million tests, you would get more than three hundred thousand false positives. Instead we are getting thirty thousand, which means that it is impossible for the false positive rate to be higher than three per cent.

So, what is the true rate? Well, if is three percent, then virtually every single positive test is a false positive test. [Three per cent of one million is thirty thousand] Which would mean that no-one in the UK currently has COVID19, and everything we are doing is completely pointless. It also means that people admitted to hospital with COVID19 do not have the disease, they are suffering from, and dying from, something else with a false positive COVID19 false test stamped on their forehead.

Is it possible that no-one actually is infected with SARS-CoV2? Well, it is certainly not impossible. Here is a graph of overall mortality (risk of dying of anything) from England. These figures, unlike most others, are pretty much fully reliable. Someone is either dead, or they are not. It is a difficult thing to get wrong, or manipulate. There can be some delay in registering a death, but this is not normally a major issue.

The graph starts in last quarter 2017. As you can see, a spike in overall mortality in Spring 2020, A spike in Winter 2020/21. Currently, no excess mortality at all. So, if COVID19 is infecting hundreds of thousands of people each week, it is not showing up as any excess deaths… at all 5.

Does this mean that COVID19 has gone, and we are rushing around panicking about false positive tests? Or is it still here? Still here I think… but who knows… who knows.

This is the main reason I have given up. I just don’t know what to believe – apart from overall mortality figures. The figures are spun and massage, twisted and mangled.

Another reason why I have given up trying to make any sense of COVID19 is the enormous differences in overall mortality seen in countries that are virtually identical in life expectancy, healthcare systems, actions taken against COVID19 etc. etc.

Afters studying the figures from England, I looked at the figures from Northern Ireland.

Both countries [yes, Northern Ireland is not actually a separate country, it is part of the UK] did almost exactly the same things when it came to COVID19. They both have the National Health Service, they are as close to each other as can be – in terms of COVID19, and most other things. Here is the graph of overall morality for Northern Ireland.

Which means that something very dramatic happened in England, with regard to COVID19? Yet nothing happened in Northern Ireland. This, to me, is fascinating, although I cannot explain it. However, I know that if you were able explain why these two graphs are so weirdly different, you will be unearthing some critical truths with regard to COVID19.

Of course, no-one is remotely interested in such anomalies. Instead, they point to a country like Norway and say – ‘Look how well they did with their rapid lockdown, and preventing people crossing the border’. No-one points to Northern Ireland and says, ‘look how well they did with all their….’ All their what? All their doing exactly the same as England.

Yes, Northern Ireland does not fit with the approved narrative, so it is ignored. Anything that does not fit with the mask wearing, social isolating, vaccination will save the world narrative is simply ignored.

Or it is shouted down or censored by the self-appointed Fact-checkers. Those mighty intellects who can determine what is true, and what is not. It was thoughtful of them to descend from Mount Olympus to mingle amongst feeble minded humanity and tell us what we should, and should not, be thinking. We must all be eternally grateful that the ‘Truth Gods’ now live amongst us, to firmly inform us all what, and how, we should be thinking. And shut us down if we veer from the official narrative.

Anyway, faced with a situation where there are almost no facts that can be relied upon, from anywhere, I have officially removed myself from all discussions on the matter of COVID19.

Instead, I shall return to other areas where, whilst the truth is constantly battered and bruised, and lying in a bruised heap the corner, it is still breathing … just about alive. Sometimes it is capable of weakly raising its head and whispering quietly into my ear. I shall let you know what it says.

1: https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3379/rr-2

2: https://systematicreviewsjournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13643-021-01689-3

3: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/?_ga=2.38943459.111756282.1590603430-1775824629.1590603430

4: https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n1411/rr

5: https://www.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps/

596 thoughts on “I have not been silenced

  1. Bill Sanderson

    Wise, wise words, and it IS a comfort to read somebody who doesn’t have a case to make one way or the other but does try to pin down all the relevant material and analyse it. You have been subject to additional coercive measures (along with those that the rest of us have been subject to) so it’s good to know that you’re just going to kick a different ball around the pitch for a while.

    1. mrs jennifer price

      agree and thank you Dr Kendrick for your efforts to keep us all sane. I listened to a podcast by Lockdown sceptics last night on Numbers we cant believe in regard to Covid by prof Norman Fenton who was more or less saying just what you have summarised here though he was not commenting as much on the medical science. It is frightening as an ordinary citizen to feel that we are being led by the nose in this way and those who have the correct knowledge are being barred from presenting valid arguments. May you enjoy your retirement from the current Covid arguement and hopefully you will return to the fray to assist when there is some real fightback by science that gets the support of the misguided populace. JP

    2. sltom992

      I would like to show you some information from the CDC. I will give you a site below. Go there and scroll down to “Options” and “Select a Dashboard”. Go to the far right and mark “Weekly Number of Deaths by Cause Group” Then hit the “Update Dashboard” button (you may have to do this twice) below this are the ACTUAL reported deaths and their causes. As you can see the only excess Respiratory diseases were in March and April of 2020. And this amounted to about 2,000 people or a normal heavy flu season. (SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). More importantly, there have been NO deaths above the 10 year norms in 2021. If there are no excess deaths then exactly where are these covid deaths? Nowhere is where. If someone dies of natural causes and tests positive for covid-19 that doesn’t mean that they were killed by it. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm

      1. David Burtenshaw

        The same is true in Scotland as the number of deaths,( disclosed under the freedom of information ) reveals that 2020 recorded the second lowest hospital deaths in the previous 10yr period

  2. Timbo

    Welcome back. Really get your points and it is very frustrating. I’m feeling the narrative on thought control has become the norm for most political issues. The total one way traffic and lack of scientific debate on Man made climate change is another example of something going very wrong in society.

    1. JP Sand

      With regard to substance, in my opinion, former New York Times investigative journalist, ALEX BERENSON, posts valid evidence-based content about the failures and shortcomings of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) as well as the covid jabs. With regard to style, he tends to be rather the opposite of pious and sanctimonious, which may not be to everybody’s liking. While he was with the NYTimes, Berenson did a considerable amount of reporting on pharma business and was instrumental in exposing the failings of Merck’s Vytorin, a cholesterol-lowering drug combining ezetimibe+simvastatin. (However, it may be noted that he is not critical of lipid-lowering drugs as a class.)

      Berenson has been highly skeptical in his reporting on the pandemic and, for that, he has been publicly vilified, defamed, censored and, last week, he was permanently banned from the Twitter platform. He can still be found posting at Substack. Today he has a piece titled: Firefighters Against Mandatory Covid Vaccinations;Three in Washington, DC explain why they don’t want the vaccine – or mandates.


  3. AhNotepad

    Really good to hear you have not been cancelled. I do wonder though, what it is that angry doctors have had done to their brains. They are not functioning critically, and the one thing I am concerned about is that I may, unwittingly, get treated by one of the non-critical types. Perhaps they have been listening to Gladys https://youtu.be/wLTGXblgUoc

    1. watersider

      Thank you Doctor for a sane piece of writing.
      AhNotepad, “get treated by a Doctor” I would like to know which part of planet Zig you live in.
      Up here in little Mrs Sturgeons gulag you cannot even speak to a Doc let alone see one

      1. AhNotepad

        I did say “may” and “unwittingly”. I live in Boris’s fantasy land where control comes via witless and unbalanced, who both lie consistently.

  4. sueq2012

    Thankyou for this. Great to read. There is so much nonsense discussed on both sides Look forward to read more of your posts where you feel you can comment on things that have been bastardised where truth is no longer heard and or censored….. Creation sucks With love Sue


    1. David

      But is it accurate? What is the ‘true’ rate of false positives? Israel and Iceland have seen positive rates of 10% during peeks (while also testing *5 more people). This would indicate that the FP rate is <<0.2% (not 33%).
      If this is true, then this doesn't seem to be the real problem, at least not the problem people lite to make it.
      I think that we have much bigger problems to deal with, don't you?

  5. DevonshireDozer

    Many thanks for this reassuring update.

    I have come to a similar place w.r.t. the whole covid racket. My only conclusion is that something really bad is being done to citizens of many countries by their own governments, using covid as an excuse – but I don’t know why.

    “I cannot think of any benign reason”.

    Keep doing what you do . . .

      1. Harry de Boer

        It will be tyranny through (our) stupidity.
        Stupidity to let this happen without major resistance.

        Everyone can clearly see that
        1. this is NOT a pandemic,
        2. asymptomatic spreading does not occur,
        3. infection occurs mainly inside, very rarely outside,
        4. ivermectin (based treatment) clearly works.

        So locking up of, or forcing facemasks upon asymptomatic healthy people is pure insanity and a major crime against humanity and human dignity.

        I think all the governments of the countries that played the ‘covid game’, i.e. went into lockdown, forbade hcq/ivermectin, require vaccinations or forced the private business sector to require vaccinations, and to destroy their economy and welfare through lockdowns, curfews and other mayhem, are involved in collective high treason.
        They should be tried and, in my opinion, be given the death sentence.

    1. Jim Sks

      It’s simple, really. Universal vaxination leads to digital IDs, and this eventually to cashless society, digital money, UBI and social credit system.

      WHO spec released last week. Have some fun searching for World Bank personalities in the acknowledgments.

      The powers that be think this is needed to avoid the collapse of our broken financial system, which would result in chaos and societal upheaval. Therefore they think some 1984 approach is justified.


        1. Pablo

          No, of course they know that the vaccines are neither “safe or effective,” that is how they have taken so long to perfect them, years of research; it is only to the “public” that they are presented as rushed under cover of an emergency (to give cover of plausible deniability), and the results are as “intended.” Do you seriously believe that they would persist in pushing this deadly therapy if the results we and they are seeing we’re not the intended results. For ‘them’ the ends justifies the means

    2. Janice

      In an exceptionally good article titled “Healthy People Do Not Require Genetic Vaccination” written by Marcus De Brun on April 9, 2021
      he writes:

      “At this point the reason critics refer to current Covid-19 vaccines as ‘gene therapy’ should not be too difficult to understand. It is important to bear in mind that as the cellular process of translation can be hijacked to produce a ‘vaccine’, it can also be hijacked to produce a myriad of other potential pharmaceutical therapies.
      Very limited forms of gene therapy are available in the treatment of terminal cancers. However, pharmaceutical companies have not been able to market this form of medicine, outside of the laboratory, on human populations.[xiv] A cynic might reasonably argue that companies are exploiting the current crisis in order to expedite safety trials and open the market for ‘gene-therapy’.”

      So, being the cynic I am and armed with my trusty bias confirmation, I couldn’t help wonder when this morning I read the headline “Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine technology used to design jab that could treat cancer”


        1. AhNotepad

          Please provide some context for the links. There is more than enough to wade through, and chasing through random links is a non starter.

  6. chris@peakminerals.co.uk

    Dear Dr Kendrick

    Many thanks for the update. Glad to hear that you are still talking sense. I used to think MD in Private Eye was worth a listen, till CV19 came along and he lost the plot like so many others.

    More power to your elbow!



    1. DevonshireDozer

      Yup. I was an Eye subscriber for a long time but gave up on it 5 or 6 years ago for similar reasons. I think Hislop & Co. have taken the money & joined the establishment. Peter Cook wouldn’t recognise it.

  7. Steph

    So very relieved to find that you are well Dr Kendrick, I was beginning to get a little concerned that you hadn’t posted for a while.
    Delighted to hear that you have seen off the attack dogs successfully !
    Looking forward to more posts in the future, your wisdom keeps may of us sane !
    All the best.

  8. Eggs ‘n beer

    Thank you for all your efforts, and the vast amount of factual information, data, provided by you and many of your respondents.

    Regrettably I agree. Truth is the first casualty of war, and from the start this was a war by someone upon the people. I am at a loss to explain the stubborn refusal by those in government to ever discuss issues pertaining to Covid in any other way. Our premier in Queensland is insisting that 0-12 y/os are at such serious risk from the bug that we can’t open up until we are perhaps 100% vaccinated ….. and one case will return us to strict lockdown, like it’s worked so well elsewhere, especially Sweden. The irony that Poland (49.5% vaccinated but no cases/deaths) are sending unwanted Pfizer to us is totally lost.

    Fare well, Dr Kendrick, good luck with the book, and keep up the blogging please.

      1. Malcolm Ramsay

        Where does he say there were no excess deaths in the UK in 2020 from Covid? Re-reading it, I can find “… a spike in overall mortality in Spring 2020, A spike in Winter 2020/21. Currently, no excess mortality at all” but I don’t see anywhere where he claims there was no excess mortality last year.

      2. Eggs ‘n beer

        Well, what he claims isn’t data. But your post demonstrates perfectly what he is talking about. Because according to the UK governments Statistica is giving you fake data. And the data they are giving you is misleading in several respects.

        If you add up the official governments’ figures for deaths for 2020 it comes to 688,030, not 695,812 as Statistica claim. There goes one of your percents. Then, as the population has increased significantly it’s necessary to look at deaths per ‘000. (To save lots of adding up I’ll refer only to the England and Wales figures from now on). Comparing the crude death rate to 2019 gives an increase of 13.77%. Bang goes another percent. But the age of the population has changed significantly too, which drops the % to 12.81%. However, 2019 was an exceptionally low year. If we compare 2020 to the average of the previous 5 years the increase in 2020 was 8.34%. To the 10 year average 7.16% and the 20 year -2.17%, i.e. the 20 year average is 2.17% higher than 2020.

        So what number do you want? Clearly comparing a particularly high year (2020, 1043.5) with an outlier low year (2019, 925.0) is disingenuous at best. There’s a good argument, statistically, for adjusting 2019 and 2020 for the sharp drop from the three year average of 2016-2018 of 40; that is, take the 40 off the 1043.5 and add it on to the 925, to adjust for those that would normally have died in 2019 but were carried over to 2020, so compare 1003.5 with 965. That gives you an excess death number of 4.51%, which is a long way from 15.5%.


      3. Craig E

        Actually, Dr K’s words were “Currently, no excess deaths at all”, which refers to the right hand end of the graph he embedded. So what he said is factually correct.

      4. Michael

        That is false. Malcolm does NOT say that there were no excess deaths in 2020, just that there CURRENTLY are no excess deaths, which is true.

        Read it again: “As you can see, a spike in overall mortality in Spring 2020, A spike in Winter 2020/21. Currently, no excess mortality at all.”

      5. Dave H

        Dear Linzy
        Perhaps one fair comparison, year-on-year, is to use ONS Age-Standardised Mortality Rates.

        This graph (link*) shows ASMR for every year from 1942 through 2020 and it looks like 2020 was the worst year since every year before 2009.
        I added the years during which we ‘enjoyed’ previous flu pandemics, just for comparison but cannot recall which years we employed lockdowns, face masks, school closures and trashing our economy as non-pharmaceutical interventions so please enlighten me.

        * http://rpubs.com/davehawkins/719190

        1. Linzy

          Now imagine how that ASMR would have been affected without employed lockdowns, face masks, school closures and trashing our economy… and covid infections being left unchecked to decimate thousands more lives.

          Oh hang on, we tried that last September when schools and businesses re-opened and caused infections to increase by 3500% in six weeks.

          And guess what, Boris is doing exactly the same this year in the hope that the vaccines will stem the tide of new infections. Remind me, how much of the school aged population is vaccinated?

          Scotland’s schools returned two weeks ago, infections have increased by 400%.

          1. AhNotepad

            Cases? They are not cases, they are positive test results. From what test? Where is he information demonstrating the qualification for the tests? If you are not sick, you are not a case.

          2. AhNotepad

            You don’t know why they are in hospital, and you don’t know what they died of. I suggest you ask the publishers of the figures those questions, but just as with the MHRA you will probably not be able to get past the propaganda. You should have worked out by now that official sources often are lies and deceit.

          3. Jerome savage

            Sweden is the elephant in the room. No 21 in europe for associated deaths per million – and suggested measures only.

          4. Linzy



            Number of infections per million:

            UK = 107,884
            Sweden = 111,263


            So I guess their strategy wasn’t that great.

            I particularly like this quote from the article below:

            Swedish privacy laws allow health care personnel and school officials to notify parents and school staff about an infection only “if a person’s life is at risk.” Because severe complications from the new coronavirus are so rare in children, that does not apply to cases of COVID-19, he says. “Consider if your own child … had COVID-19,” he wrote. “None of the kids will want to play with a child who has COVID-19, even if most kids will have no symptoms or only ‘some fever and a cough.'”


          5. AhNotepad

            Infections? Determined by an unreliable and inappropriate test? I probably have lots of infections, if I do I don’t worry, as I have a functioning immune system which keeps them under check, at a level that is unlikely to pose any threat to other people. Stop pedalling this fear porn about cases and infections. Unless you are sick it is irrelevant, as it has been all the way to Event 201 when the evil ones started casting their spells, and the sheep followed them.

          6. watersider

            Well Linzy, I live in the Scottish gulag, and whilst “cases” may well have increased since school reopenings, your statement about “infections” increasing is not factual.

      6. Rob

        If you look at the previous years deaths you will note that 2019 had less deaths than the norm world wide allowing 2020 to be misrepresented in a higher than normal (but not unexpected all things being equal) deaths and attributing death with COVID as death from COVID to further the reality from the truth.

      7. Doug

        Age and population adjusted it’s about 10%
        Go plot the data. Almost ALL the “died withing 28 days” nonsense data were in April and 1st 2 weeks of May.

        Right when they closed the hospitals, refused to treat the carehome residents, put DNr notices on all the residents and started injecting everyone with medazolam to finish them off.


        From mid May to mid December. Basically zero Xs deaths.

        Cancer deaths drop “with cv” up. Net zero.
        Linzy, you are in a cult. One day you will maybe realise you have been conned.

        Mid Dec jab day, what would you expect to happen when you jab 7million over 70s with a drug that was never tested on people that age.

        1. Linzy

          Very strange view because I see excess deaths increasing every single week from the beginning of September when schools re-opened. Not just in the weeks you decided to pick out.


          And the population adjusted crude mortality rate increased from 893.1 per 100,000 in 2019 to 1016.02 per 100,000 in 2020. An overall difference, and excess, of around 90,000 deaths.

          Oh, and hospitals weren’t closed. I’m pretty sure I would have noticed they were closed when I was there 3 or 4 times a week for surgeries, scans,biopsies, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc.

          Back to the drawing board for you!

          1. AhNotepad

            Astra Zeneca’s trial inclusion shows eligible age range 18 to 130. It does not show age of participants of 130. To believe that is just a bit silly, since very few live beyond 114. Even untrustworthy wikipedia has the highest at 122, but the numbers above 100 are statistically insignificant.

      8. Ronnie

        They’re NOT a source. They’re an aggregator most likely ripping off other people’s research the same way Google rips off news sites. No wonder Google smiles on them, they’re in the same game. And you never know whether some money has changed hands to put Statista so high in the rankings either. Just saying.

        1. Linzy

          If you don’t like Statista add the totals yourself.

          Use ONS, NISRA and Scotgov weekly deaths datasets. It’s not difficult.

          You’ll still get virtually the same figures. The only aspect in which they will vary is how they’ve accounted for 2020 being a 53 week year.

          1. AhNotepad

            You won’t similar results if you compare PHE and MHRA figures. See today’s ukcolumn news broadcast.

      9. Harry de Boer

        Calculate the age standardised mortality rates of the past ten years and compare that to 2020 and then come back here. It’s the only way to compare death rates between years (and between countries).

          1. Malcolm Ramsay

            You’re right, Linzy. There was clearly a significant increase in the number of deaths, compared to the previous decade. If anybody didn’t know 2020 was an unusual year, the fact that the 2015-2019 5-year ASM average of 0.963% of the population has jumped all the way up to 1.044% ought to convince them. An extra 0.08% of the population died in 2020! There was obviously something abnormal going on.

            Of course, those numbers don’t tell us anything definite about the cause. Were the extra deaths primarily caused by a novel respiratory virus? Or was anything else going on that might have put huge numbers of people under extraordinary stress, increasing their susceptibility to disease of all kinds? Or were there perhaps disruptions to medical treatments that might have led to people dying of common diseases who would have been saved in ordinary circumstances?

            Nor do those numbers tell us anything about what the 5-year average will be for, say, the years 2019-2023: if the extraordinary spike of deaths in 2020 is followed by two or three very low mortality years, which bring the 5-year average close to the norm, then its significance is much reduced. (Then again, if the long-term side-effects of the vaccines are going to be as dire as some well-qualified people believe, we might see much more significant spikes over the next few years.)

            We’re left with the fact that an extra 0.11% of the population died last year. For that, the normal functioning of society was suspended – without any prior analysis of the possible consequences – and huge numbers of people had their lives turned upside down. Personally, I’m not at all worried about people dying of natural causes at a slightly higher rate than normal but (even though my own life has not been significantly disrupted) I am very angry about young people being prevented from living life to the full.

            Nor am I worried about the apparent reversal of ‘lifestyle advances’ that you have mentioned in other comments. In my view, there’s a big difference between medical interventions which stop people dying early, and restore them to good health, and interventions which keep people alive, on the brink of death, well beyond their natural term. I’m happy to regard the former as progress, but the latter I regard as inimical to a healthy society. From that perspective, last year’s spike in deaths may be no more than Nature reasserting itself.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        Yes. One way in which current efforts could be hugely improved would be the dropping of all hypocritical “politically correct” posturing. To get anywhere in science, the facts and figures must be published and openly discussed – ALL of them.

        My first reaction to Jerome’s comment was, “How many people would that affect?” But then I remembered that the numbers of people testing positive, hospitalised, or even dying are relatively small (compared to total national population).

        It does seem to be true, doesn’t it, that very little information is ever published about those said to be suffering from Covid, or dying from it?

        How many of them are old, very old, obese, or suffering from one or more serious illnesses? What is their diet like? How much stress have they been under?

        We need to know overall numbers, not private patient data. It’s conceivable that a large proportion of those reported as sick or dying from Covid might have dark skins, and not get nearly enough Vitamin D. (Such people living in Britain would of course make matters still worse by shrouding themselves in heavy clothing so as to exclude even a chink of sunlight).

        As the Heinlein passage which I quoted in another comment suggests, the very first priority is to get hold of the facts: all the facts and figures, uncensored and unexpurgated.

  9. Carol Raffaele

    Well done Malcolm as always. It’s disturbing how the ‘authorities’ have been and still are trying to stop anyone who doesn’t support their lies and deliberate smoke and mirrors. They’re a bunch of idiots trying to look smart, changing their views and advice every day, sometimes even more often. I’ve been reading a few books by Alex Berensen and Dr Sam Bailey et al who are on the same path as you, and give references for everything. I was a patient of the dear Dr Gordon Skinner who was another Maverick who was hounded to death for his views on thyroid disorders……we need your voices, more so than ever these days with the state of the medical ‘industry’.
    Don’t get me started on the situation here in Australia! Best wishes and keep up with our emails regardless of what you choose to educate us on next.

    1. Dana

      Our illustrious PM today said on radio that those who got CV19 would die if they weren’t jabbed with the experimental gene therapy inoculation; he ignores the side effects being suffered. Qld. premier no wiser building a quarantine hotel and I fear not just for repatriated Australians or Australian residents trying to get back home, but for those with the nerve to refuse the jab, quarantine detention camp. Those with both jabs will have to queue up every 5 months for a further jab due to the ineffectiveness of the inoculation.

  10. Millie Thornton

    Great to hear from you. I am so glad to know that you haven’t been silenced. An excellent summation of Covid and one with which I agree.

  11. EF

    Interesting comments. I can agree to some extent on the excess deaths argument. However, is it the case that “one line” gives an overly simplistic view? For example, during lockdowns, deaths from eg road traffic accidents were significantly lower than recent averages because so few people were on the road. So the “one line” graph may show no total increase in deaths, but the reality is that deaths from illness were much higher than averages, but masked by the effect of RTA deaths being much lower?

    1. Malcolm Ramsay

      Yes, there was no doubt a reduction in road traffic deaths but, on the other side, there were apparently also increased deaths of people with treatable illnesses because they refrained from seeking treatment, for fear of either catching Covid in hospital or adding to the burden on the NHS.

      More fundamentally, I think it’s widely recognised that stress and anxiety increase people’s susceptibility to disease of all kinds. Given that the mandated ‘non-pharmaceutical interventions’ have put huge numbers of people under unprecedented stress over the last eighteen months, I’d say determining the underlying cause of any excess mortality we’ve seen during that time is next to impossible.

      In the end, we’re left with the fact that overall mortality has not been significantly outside the normal bounds – and probably wouldn’t have been even on the do-nothing scenario that Neil Ferguson projected in March last year.

      1. Harry de Boer

        In The Netherlands some civil servants in the Dept. of Economics calculated the effect of the covid measures on saved/lost quality-of-life years. The report was kept secret, then it leaked.
        Of course it was kept secret, because the outcome was:
        Saved: 100,000
        Lost: 200,000
        So the net loss of ‘anti-covid measures’ was already estimated to be 100,000 quality-of-life years.
        Yet the government decided to push through with the measures.
        Criminal, absolutely criminal…

    2. MarciaT

      Here’s what’s odd about highway deaths being lower – I assume in the UK? Not so much true in the US.

      ‘For all of 2020, 38,680 people died on U.S. roads – up 7.2% or nearly 2,600 more than in 2019, even though Americans drove 13% fewer miles, preliminary data showed.’ Found in a Reuters report online. I suspect several things, amongst them less traffic and more erratic driving behavior . . . .

    3. Don

      And lower RTA deaths offset by suicides from lockdown despair, untreated illnesses from hospitals not doing operations, screening, etc, domestic abuse upticks from forced cohabitation, etc., etc.

      1. Linzy

        Suicides decreased in 2020, they didn’t increase.

        And the average annual 6,000 suicides would barely make any impact on the record breaking 695,000 deaths registered in the UK in 2020

        Incidentally, the one profession in which suicides did increase was healthcare. By around 22%.

        1. theasdgamer

          The early data showed suicides increasing from lockdowns. That data doesn’t filter up to national statistics very quickly–not for a year or two.

          You are going off half-cocked.

          1. Jerome Savage

            Try this.
            Extract “In the first six months after lockdown, from March to November 2020, London Ambulance Service recorded 15,541 calls relating to suicide or attempted suicide. That compares to 11,703 calls over the same period in 2019.”
            Extract from evening standard.
            ” Paramedic callouts to suicides or attempted suicides in London double in a year
            It comes amid concerns about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on mental health.
            The biggest number of suicide calls since April has related to young men aged 21-25 – a total of 878 cases / Unsplash
            By Ross Lydall@RossLydall
            28 October 2020
            Paramedics are being sent to almost 40 suicides or attempted suicides a day in London – double the number a year ago – amid concerns about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on mental health.”

      1. Chancery Stone

        And how would you prove they were from Covid, given that, as MK says here, there are NO clear statistics for ACTUAL Covid deaths? With their ‘approach’ the govt has effectively ruined any possibility of knowing how many people actually died FROM Covid, so you banging on about the ‘extra deaths’ is meaningless if you cna’t point a direct finger at the cause of those deaths.

        1. Linzy

          That ONS link very clearly shows over 100 more deaths per 100,000 head of population in 2020!

          1016.2 in 2020, compared to 893.1 in 2019. That makes a very significant difference.

          ×893.1 = 530,858

          ×1,016.2 = 607,982

          If you used 2019s mortality rate per head of population in 2020s population:

          ×893.1 = 534,332

          There should have been around 534,332 deaths in 2020, but there was actually 608,002.

          So yes, 2020 most definitely was outstanding!

          And if you’re using data from more than 5 or 10 years ago you’re effectively wiping out vast medical and lifestyle advances! Which is why experts only use the previous five years’ data.

          Also don’t forget ONS data is only for England and Wales, not the whole of the UK.

          In effect, every single death in Scotland and Northern Ireland was a UK excess death in 2020, all 93,000 of them!

          1. Jerome Savage

            Good use of data of data but your reference to lifestyle advances is not credible. How may of the extra 70,000 who died, did so as a result of care home mismanagement, delayed medical procedures (a colleagur has been notified today of an orthodontic appointment for her daughter for Thursday – 2 years waiting. Not life threatening but you get the point) and reluctance to seek medical advice we may never know. Am.familiar with a case of obsessive cleaning disorder. His obsession was cut short by a fatal heart attack. Possible link ? – I suggest stress & anxiety played a role

      2. GMac

        Treatment for life threatening non covid illnesses virtually stopped for a long time in 2020. That alone would impact fatality rates. Then add in stress, suicides, social isolation, increased couch surfing and alcoholism, …

        The lockdows and diversion of medical resources alone may have caused far more deaths than covid.

        1. Terry

          GMac, not sure it was on this site (but it may well have been) there have been posts pointing out that in Northern Ireland (and Scotland) GPs largely continued to provide normal service for patients throughout the plague panic whereas in England they mostly stopped providing proper (or any) medical attention. Many people in England have been unable to get a GP appointment since the panic began. And of course many GPs want to keep it that way and, for example, blood pressure tests are now being offloaded to pharmacies. Heard recently that a patient having a heart attack, who had been one of the few to get a GP appointment, then had to drive himself home while the GP called an ambulance to meet him there. The ambulance was waiting and a paramedic explained that had they gone to the surgery it would have cost the GP money. The paramedic added that GPs now regarded paramedics as expendable while the GPs did all they could to avoid meeting patients.

    4. David McCluskey

      Average RTA annual deaths for the whole of the UK are only about 1800 i.e. about 5 per day so any deficit of RTA fatalities during the LDs is trivial.

  12. Kevin O'Connell

    Medical science has made such enormous progress that it has now apparently incorporated quantum mechanics – Covid19 (or something) is simultaneously both a thing and a non-thing, vaccines are simultaneously good and bad, ‘cases’ are simultaneously rising and falling … Only “the” science, now firmly established, remains indivisible, immortal (oh sweet cholesterol).
    I, among many I’m sure, look forward to your future posts.

  13. Clive

    Good post, thought-provoking as always. However, the “graph of overall morality for Northern Ireland” hovering around negligible to immoral is a tad harsh..?
    Ah, the joy of autocorrections.

    1. Ian

      Irrespective of the type, these euromomo graphs are highly suspect.
      I started watching them last year, and found a glaring difference between their plots ONS data. I emailed them but never had a reply.
      Also at a time when I think it was both Hungary and Bosnia both led the death stats with very similar numbers, one had a big spike, while the other showed nothing. It was ammended a few weeks later.
      I suspect either their own processes or whoever is given them the data is not particularly good.

      1. Linzy

        If you’re comparing Euromomo UK data to ONS data there will be glaring differences.

        ONS only holds data for England and Wales. Not the whole UK.

        You need Scotgov and NISRA for data from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

        Hence people quoting ONS UK 2020 deaths as 608,000 when that’s the total for England and Wales only. The total for the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland was 695,000.

  14. Fast Eddy

    Thanks for this.

    Don’t give direct advice to people over the internet. Provide facts, and do not make statements such as ‘vaccines are killing thousands of people.’ Or suchlike.

    This makes sense … this is why some dude calling himself Fast Eddy has made an ANONYMOUS website that allows people to post this sort of stuff…

    No need to register… just fire away … make up a username … make up 10 usernames… make up a 1000…. Apparently Fast Eddy does not care…

    I am told that next week there will be an option to enter your email address so that you can get notified of new posts/replies…

    If you want you can just drop the email address of anyone into that hole (once it’s live) and THEY will get the notices… no way to unsubscribe because the site is completely anonymous… (I suppose they can block the alerts …. but hey nothing is perfect)…


  15. Maju

    Glad that you’re back to openly speaking your mind and that it had no consequences after all. Much as the many fines imposed over here which have been mass-archived after all (unless you paid them right away, in which case they’re not returning the money).

    Strongly in agreement with what you say overall, except in one thing: the Wuhan lab theory doesn’t work when covid-19 has been detected in Barcelona’s residual waters (near the international airport) as early as March 2019 and when the USA had a major wave of pneumonias in Summer 2019 (which they blamed on “vaping” but were symptomatically identical to covid-19) and Europe also had a wave of pneumonias in the Autumn, all pre-dating the explosion of the Wuhan clade. It may still have originated in China (judging on the phylogenetics) but the USA is another option (the ancestral pre-Wuhan clade was detected in both countries and nowhere else).


    1. Jerome savage

      Military World Games, in Wuhan, China, October 2019 was associated with outbreaks where troops returned. Who is to say infections were not carried back 7 months earlier – by flight attendants or whoever ? A cocktail of misinformation renders all narratives suspect – apart from the few facts.

      1. Maju

        Forster et al. 2020 (doi.org/10.1073/pnas.2004999117) makes very clear that there was covid-19 before the Wuhan outbreak, which was only a (more aggressive) mutated clade. Hence regardless of whatever brought covid-19 to Wuhan (which might indeed have been those wargames), the origins of the virus (in milder but still sickening form) are older. Their phylogeny only allows for either Chinese or US roots but it’s not clear which of these is the real one. In any case, the fact that the virus was “floating around” unrecognized, with less virulence, for almost a whole year (judging on the Barcelona residual water data) means to my eyes that it was not created in a lab or at least not intently released “in the wild”.

        Epidemics do happen naturally, we know that from history.

        1. Jerome Savage

          Indeed, do happen, have happened & will happen. However, we do know that “gain of function” was banned in the US by the Biden administration. There are clear links to the lab in wuhan where millions of dollars in funding was made available by dr Fauci, to such research and as Gabor Erdosi – Master of Molecular Biology / Genetics has pointed out, the bats linked to the virus resided thousands of miles from wuhan and the change associated with the virus to produce SARS 2 was extremely unlikely.

          1. Maju

            I don’t doubt that there is dirty biological research going on and I agree that it is dangerous. However in the case of this virus, I just don’t see how the lab leak speculation (be it in China, the USA or anywhere else) makes sense: the virus clearly was out there long before it “gained function”, almost a year earlier, and was “weak” enough to go undetected, although some eyebrows were raised as the first pneumonia waves happened.

            There is a difference between the original virus and the rapidly expanding (star-like formation) Wuhan clade, the original virus was not as successful for what we can observe and it was only a matter of few months between the US “vaping” epidemic and the European wave of pneumonias and the Wuhan clade, which clearly had become much more aggressive and succesful (but is only one or two mutational steps from the former).

            In genetics “star-like” formations (in the phylogeny) clearly indicate some sort of rapid expansion and that we observe in the Wuhan clade (which is the one that triggered all the alarms) but not in the previous variants (which were to some extent “lurking”, although also causing some lesser epidemic waves). This is not consistent with a deadly virus escaped from a lab (or evily let loose), this is much more consistent with natural evolution.

          2. David

            Actually, GoF funding was stopped in 2014 by the Obama administration – started up again in 2017 by Trump appointees…

          3. David

            Could be, but western governments are by far the largest source of funding (especially of non-pharma research).
            Still, it’s important to get the right story. It’s interesting to listen to Marc Lipsitch present the problems with G-o-F.

        2. Jerome Savage

          Gabor Erdosi – Master of Molecular Biology / Genetics and ivor Cummins with good grounding in chemistry identified 5 extremely unlikely developments changing the SARS virus to what is now recognised, which together introduce a practically impossible likelihood. Yu need to knock each of those points.
          Check fat emperor 2nd March 2021 on LBRY if following link fails.


          Fascinating if highly technical discussion where the unlikely scenario chat begiuns around 18 mins

          1. Maju

            Sorry, Jerome, but neither your “link” is functional nor I can find anything searching for “fat emperor 2nd March 2021 on LBRY”. I have no idea what LBRY is but doesn’t seem to come through easily in regular Internet functionality.

            I know there have been speculations about possible human intervention on the virus’ development but for all I know both about this particular virus and on general genetics, the jump from clade A (USA-China in mid 2019, able to cause pneumonias but not still raising the alarms) to clade B (Wuhan late 2019, early 2020, mass-expanding worldwide and triggering widespread panic) is just two mutations apart and that’s absolutely normal in terms natural evolution. Also biological research can’t go that fast, they probably need double that time only to figure out what they have in their hands: geneticists and biologists are not such superhuman breed of evil geniuses but mostly quite mediocre humans with many shortcomings. The lab theory seems to require cartoonish kind of not just evilness but especially of technological prowess that is not realistic.

            It’s still possible that the original A clade may have originated in a lab (USA or China judging on the distribution) but it was not yet the scary clade B of Wuhan and this one quite clearly evolved on its own.

    2. Chancery Stone

      He’s hardly back to “openly speaking his mind”, he’s decided to not speak at all. At least on Covid. I call that a ‘consequence’, and a great loss, given that the average ‘debate’ is between “anti-vaxxers” claiming the virus isn’t real and the pro-vaccination crowd are all for ID papers, fines and forced vaccination or deportation. The landscape has gone from chaotic to impossible. Losing MK on the subject just plunges us all deeper into the abyss. And the real horror is that’s not exaggerated hyperbole.

      1. Maju

        I’m “anti-vaxer” (except maybe for risk groups) and I also think the virus is real. I’m against these “vaccines” because they are genetic experimental treatments without precedent, posing what seem serious health risks (very especially for women, whose uteruses are being ravaged by the treatment in ways that should trigger all alarms, but also in general with many reports of sudden deaths of healthy people, blood clots and paralyses, too many to ignore). Also the vaccines are proprietary secret so we don’t know for sure what those RNA instructions actually do in our bodies and I am certainly not getting that experimental junk inside my holy body, which mostly knows how to defend itself from viruses and whatever else. I’m also extremely concerned about children and youths, which are the future we should be most worried about (and not the elderly). If you’re going to get a “vaccine”, get a classical vaccine of debilitated virus and not an mRNA or DNA vaccine, which are potentially very dangerous and we don’t know what they actually do because the capitalist system is anything but transparent.

        I’m rather for a less hysterical approach, letting group immunity build over time. It’s not ebola, it’s just a “bad flu” and we have gone through those many times already. Some die, it’s unavoidable, it’s the nature of life: even if we save them from this virus, they will almost certainly die from whatever else and soon if they are elderly or have serious undergoing issues (like diabetes, which can be treated with low carb diets but these are not being promoted, or low vitamin D levels maybe — go out and sunbath, eat red fish). Locking people in crowded homes is not healthy in any case, injecting them with secretive RNA “vaccines” is very scary. While the official mouthpieces are talking about RNA being supposedly less risky than DNA because it is destroyed in a matter of days (if you survive the treatment), what they don’t talk about at all is about mRNA being the “genetic scissors” (CRISP-R) that are used in genetic engineering. Supposedly the vaccines don’t have that… but we don’t know because it is proprietary secret. So I’m particularly scared about all “Western vaccines” being mRNA, which is exactly how you can alter the human genome at least potentially.

        Even if it does what it says it does, giving instructions to our cells to do what they are not supposed to do: create “spikes” and then blow themselves up sounds all kinds of unhealthy and dangerous and I’m pretty sure it’s behind the sometimes deadly “secondary effects”. Also it was later discovered that the virus clings to the lungs with another protein, which is not the one in the famous spikes, and is not at all targetted by mRNA nor DNA “vaccines”, what may explain why people keep getting the virus even after “vaccination” (and no booster shot will ever remedy it if they are targetting the wrong protein).

        So I’d rather trust my body to build immunity out of natural exposure and hopefully not die trying. Nature works pretty well, experimental medicine not really. I grant you that, if you’re at serious risk because of age or whatever, you want to try anything but for most people and for “building group immunity” probably, it does not seem a safe approach but an overly hysterical one.

      2. Jerome savage

        Many if not most so called “anti vaxers” will have had their kids vaccinated may have had a flu vaccine but baulk at this new, so called vaccine, rushed out with incredible fanfare and no small amount of blackmail and hubris. (Do we need to remind ourselves of the lack of any liability ?- sale of goods act does not apply)
        On the other hand the push for vax passports, I.d.s, and restrictions is almost exclusively coming from positions connected with the pharma conglomerates. (Do we need to remind ourselves of the accruing colossal profits and share ownerships?)

        1. AhNotepad

          It may be the jabby products have been in development for several, if not many years, and just presented as a quick turn around job for the benefit of the sheep.
          For the second paragraph, Nadhim Zahawi is a founder of Yougov.co.uk – (what the world is told to think). Notice all the polls supporting the tyrants?. A few £k a month there, and involved with S3, a firm that gets NHS contracts, with even more than a few £k a month. https://sheepfarm.co.uk/videos/sheep-farm-29-meet-the-flockers-nadhim-zahawi-mp/

        2. lingulella

          This is certainly true if you mean honing the tools they use to implement mRNA ‘vaccines’ delivery.

          Unfortunately they have also been honing the short cuts that make the mRNA parts easier to fabricate but without learning the lessons that a safety trial of the mRNA produced could have provided.

          It is true that some ‘theoretical’ analysis of the dangers that might arise for Codon Optimisation has been undertaken, but in the case of the various mRNA constructs in these ‘vaccines’ no testing has been either carried out or reported on in the trials.

          One reason for this is that a slight of hand has been used to deny proper examination of this novel manufacturing process. Basically human trials are not required because animal trials would normally have been carried during the early stages of the trials out to show the safety profile, but because the trials were allowed to run in parallel, the animal safety trials were not finished before human trials began, by which time the regulators were captured and powerless to stop the process.

          If the spike protein constructed by the mRNA in the ‘vaccines’ was the wild type and therefore the same in each ‘vaccine’ the side effects would be the same, the fact that they aren’t fits with the differences induced by the different Codon Optimisation processes used by the different drug companies.

    3. Bev

      But Maju, D K has already said that the genome of the virus is not known. So what was actually detected in the wastewater? I have continually questioned the accuracy of wastewater analysis. The dilution factor must be enormous, yet I can’t find any explanations as to how it is done.

      1. Maju

        He said that samples of the viral RNA are not accessible except for great labs or maybe that he’s skeptic about how the RNA is sequenced (unsure). What is clear is that many institutions across the globe (in countries that log heads with each other on many other issues such as the USA and Cuba, the USA and China, the USA and Russia, etc.) can sequence it and have been doing so since the epidemic began to be of concern (early 2020). For what I know of genetics (and I know more than just a tiny bit) it can be sequenced, of course it can, and the virus can also be visualized with electron microscopy as has been done on occasion. At least I don’t have any issue about that. Another issue is PCR tests, which are simplified and tend to give always some (many?) false positives.

        Naturally I can’t only follow what Dr. Kendall or you or any single person says, and, as it seems we agree with the virus actually existing and actually causing pneumonias, which can be deadly (and we all know of someone who was affected and gone through some sort of pneumonia, at least I do, although I’m less old enough to have gone through with only “mild symptoms”, in the first wave, and know various others who also went through with just flu-like and diarhea symptoms, including a very old neighbor). At least I am on that page: the epidemic does exist, the virus causes it (or promotes it in less healthy or less lucky individuals) and that’s a problem (now I’m still against the police state hysteria because I consider it to be a “bad flu” kind of epidemic, what does not justify lockdowns and all the other mass hysteria and fascist-like measures that are devastating our societies much more than the virus ever could).

        So, within that paradigm of the virus actually existing and causing sickness potentially, I look to what genetic science can say about its origins and what it says its that it existed before Wuhan and probably a whole year before Wuhan. Those US people who suffered pneumonia in the Summer of 2019 and those Europeans who did in the Autumn almost certainly had covid-19, even if it was originally blamed on “vaping” (USA) or no particular cause (Europe), and even if we lack info on what happened in China in that “zeroth wave” because China has been somewhat secretive, as usual (and certainly tried to downplay the Wuhan outbreak until it could not contain the info anymore, much like the former USSR did with the Chernobyl catastrophe or some oil company was trying to do with some serious oil spill near Louisiana these days). In the early days of the epidemic it was sometimes speculated that the origin of the virus might have been not in Wuhan but rather in the area of Guanghzhou, alias Canton. I can’t point to sources because I don’t keep bookmark of that specific bit, only a memory but could make sense because it’s a much more globally connected area than Wuhan and, assuming that’s right, there’s where the root of the virus gets lost.

        And I don’t think we’ll ever find anything more specific, really, because chances are that the original (naturally occurring) virus was not very aggressive (just enough to stay alive and mutate further) and thus existed in the early 2019 in low frequencies and with limited health impact and, in a highly globalized world, it was traveling around freely, probably mainly between China and the USA (what the phylogeny points to) but also occasionally to Europe (what the Barcelona data point tells us about, strongly suggesting that international air travel was important in the early incubation and dispersal of this SARS variant).

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          Pneumonia? Influenza? Let’s toss another set of numbers, hard data if you like, into the bubbling cauldron of confusion. What do these numbers mean? Are they meaningful to the Covid discussion? Anyway, here are the numbers, England and Wales, for people whose deaths involved pneumonia and influenza in a 58 week period from the beginning of 2020, 138,287. This is more than the total deaths with Covid for the whole of the UK to date (i.e. England, Wales, Northern Island and Scotland) of 133,229 (Worldometers). And in the fourth column, the number of people who died of influenza and pneumonia in the same period, 22,217. Note the peaks (excess mortality?) at week 16 2020, and week 4 2021.


          Links to further data sets are on pages 3 and 4, and the influenza only annual data on p.4.

          1. Maju

            There was a clear peak of absolute deaths at the first shockwave of covid. Dr. Kendrick himself is acknowledging that, what is also clear is that there’s no or very minor overall increase in mortality (and that may be because the flu has mysteriously gone missing or because elderly people die only for one cause, whichever one it is but basically because they are way too old to survive for much longer: natural death of old age, immortality is not available yet).

          1. Maju

            Marcia: WP comments system is far from perfect. I usually reply using email “reply” button but even then I sometimes have to reload because something goes off and “post comment” button goes missing, etc. Sigh!

            In any case I am now listening to the (very lenghty) interview, using direct YT link (and thus avoiding possibly harmful cross-platform attacks that my Firefox NoScript protection observed, probably harmless but worth mentioning): https://youtu.be/jPNu8sOU5RM

            Hopefully I’ll learn something from it. Thank you, cheers.

      1. AhNotepad

        How do you know you had “it” in 2019? Was a lab analysis done to confirm the disease? The problem with diseases it is often difficult to be sure which virus is the one causing the apparent problem.

  16. JohnC

    I am glad that you’re back and I share your concerns about the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 saga. With regards to your other interests, particularly CVD I noticed this on the BBC website about a new injection to reduce cholesterol when statins have “failed” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-58393866.
    I do have one question regarding triglycerides, when a triglyceride blood test is performed does that measure the absolute level of triglycerides ?
    The reason I am asking is that T cells when changed to memory T cells collect triglycerides onto their membrane (if I’ve understood a presentation on YouTube correctly). If that is true, then is the triglyceride factor is another red herring?

    1. lingulella

      You mean the intention to inject PCSK9 inhibitors into 300,000 UK patients with ‘cholesterol’ to try to emulate the genetic defect that causes the cell receptors that hook up LDL to stay active after they have served their purpose.

      Expensive – and a waste of money if you understand the function of cholesterol in the body.

      Don’t worry though, I’m sure those nice mRNA developers will soon bring out another ‘not a vaccine’ that will alter all our DNAs to make us just like those who currently have the PCSK9 receptor malfunction defect.

  17. Binra (@onemindinmany)

    Viruses are very difficult to meet.
    So much so that they are defined virtually. Literally using software – as in Humpty Dumpty.
    Depending on parameters in software used for very short genetic samples, any number of variant Humpties are picked out of the hat. “Oceana Variant!” say our Big Protector.
    The assignment of trained expertise learns how to ‘see’ the novel robes that none of us can see, and so we learn to act as IF we see and say – “they died of a novel virus” – not least because questioning a securitised narrative attracts special attention.

    Truth is NEVER wounded, for what simply is the fact is in no way changed by lies or invested self -illusions. But without true witness or indeed with-ness, truth is discarded, denied or masked over for a stake in surviving a world of lies given meaning, worth-ship and sacrifice (of truth). This alloy of fear and love is the dilemma of the human condition – as a result I suggest of deep conditioning and a split psyche… A house divided against itself. Fear can make life intolerable, unless masked over in the claim to virtue by which to attack our own shadow projections as diversionary dump of psychic conflicts. That such ‘solutions’ repackage and multiply the problem escapes an increasing fragmented attention span. You cant address the search for or uncovering of truth without owning psychic conflicts. Science derived identity thought it had put all that behind by technologising its own tenets as IF set apart from and over a mythic morass of personality disorders that were now its job to define, and ‘treat’. Self-image operates an unwatched mind as the means to culture self-specialness in silico to act out on the body. Self-inflation sets up the Fall, relative to an idealised imagination that never lived, running as a sense of irrevocable loss, and driving all the king’s horses and all the king’s men…

    Radiation sickness has so many correlations of symptomology that those specialising in its treatment suggest trialling known treatments for radiation sickness for ‘covid-19’.
    I skimmed a study on it. While written in full deference to the Fact Checker General, it illuminates key points albeit addressing only a pharmaceutical set of rules and filters.

    I note NAC is mooted to diminish the bio-magnetic symptoms of experimental subjects – but also the whole field of applied nanotechnology, particularly graphene. Reading the many articles on the applications of such for remote biological ‘monitoring’ and ‘augmentation’ opens a sci-fi realm of transhuman potential – as a multi-billion investment flagship for stakeholders.

    Where a driven private agenda does not find agreement and support, it will use stealth and guile to induce effective agreement by deceit. Stakeholders protect their investments as their very lives. Invested identity substitutes for truth lived and shared in. But what can substitute for truth but illusion? What can substitute for shared life but a death set in isolation, driven by conflict?


    1. Donna Black

      I’ve never heard anyone else mention this! Last year I also found myself looking into radiation sickness as the symptoms seemed similar to “covid”, even wondered if there had been a nuclear accident and it was being covered up. Well, we are never likely to know the truth whatever the case may be.

      1. dearieme

        That could make sense only if “They” had somehow nobbled every Geiger Counter in the world. You’d also have to explain why the putative radioactive debris fell on England and not Northern Ireland, on Belgium and not Norway, and so on.

        1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

          The suspects to be eliminated include EMF such as wi fi inc 5g and nanoparticulates that have bio-electromagnetic interface.
          There are reports of widespread ionising radiation partly translated from Spanish sources that need verifying, and of software controls on the parameters of 5g transmissions. In the lack of transparency and accountability, who knows what is going on – excepting by what is NOT allowed to be said, asked or challenged without penalty.

          Because you cant imagine how something can be cause doesn’t mean it cannot happen.
          I had no idea graphene became magnetic in living biology. And little awareness of the multibillion dollar flagship investments in broad spectrum applications that include many ‘medical’ interventions.

          Radiation is also Cosmic, and our magnetospehere is very weak in a Solar minimum period.
          I USED to think that information flowed freely.
          This is not at all true.
          I was mistaken.

          The thing about a theory is not to auto-block it from being considered but to try it on and question it.
          Until it is disproven it remains a suspect.

          I suspect the attack on the human biofield is masking under a failed genetic model that was and is used to mask a failed virological model that covers for a toxic industrial tech that could as well be run by aliens in terms of inhuman psychopathic dissociation from humanity and the life that in truth we all share in being.

          1. Jerome savage

            Gabor Erdosi (masters in molecular biology) in an odyssey lbry chat recorded 2nd march past described the much derided conspiracy theory very often as just general reasoning..
            Rational concluding might be another description when & if the official narrative does not stand up or remains irrational or how about just stupid.

    2. Lynn Wright

      My eye opened to the possibility this is some sort of radiation poisoning after reading, “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life” by Arthur Firstenberg. Mind blowing, fascinating read. Many epidemics and pandemics occured right when the earth’s native magnetic fields were disrupted, altered, by things such as electrification of rural areas, telegraph and telephone lines, powerful radio stations, etc. Why did racing homing pigeons fall out of favor as a hobby? They stopped being able to find their way home. I have been wondering if those who have been sickened, died, are just super sensitive to this type of pollution and/or they have been injected in the past with some substance(s) that make them more susceptible to damage by EMFs, etc. I think of flu shots, so many quadrivalent jabs givein to older folks in northern Italy in the fall of 2019, for instance. If we continue to look only at viral theory, Germ theory, and discard or at least heavily censor any other avenue to research, we will never find the truth.

      1. AhNotepad

        Lynn, racing homing pigeons may have declined as a hobby because the fashion changed. I have friends who have had pigeons for more than 40 years, they know many people who have pigeons. In the old days, the pigeons were shifted around by trains, now it’s lorries (change of fashion), They were popular in the days when people had a bicycle if they were lucky, now people have cars, are rich enough to join golf clubs, go to motor sports, go flying, go sailing, play computer games, spend hundreds of £ buying the latest strip of the football club they support. They used to just kick a ball around on streets (not yet full of cars), if they were well off they had shoes, and this was within my parent’s lifetimes.

    3. Harry de Boer

      “Depending on parameters in software used for very short genetic samples, any number of variant Humpties are picked out of the hat.”
      Don’t know why, by suddenle ‘climate science’ comes up in my mind. 🙂

  18. Irene Jacobsen

    Thank you for hanging in here for this long – it’s sad you leave the arena.

    I live in Norway, here we have no official debate, no media asking questions or seeking to understand. Media has turned around and chosen to be the goverments PR-company.

    I’m a journalist, I work freelance. Last year in august I went to Greece to write about how restrictions and lack of tourists effected people working in tourism. When I delivered the articles I was told by my ediotor “Where is panic? Where is fear? I can not print your article as long as there is no fear and no panic.

    Wishing you all the best – and once again, thanks for contributing to more understanding and perspective.

    Best regards, Irene Jacobsen

    ________________________________ Fra: Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Sendt: fredag 3. september 2021 10:03 Til: irenejaco@hotmail.com Emne: [New post] I have not been silenced

    Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 3rd September 2021 Thank you to the many people who have e-mailed me recently and asked if I have been silenced. I have not. I have had letters from Public Health England and the General Medical Council, informing me that I was under investigation for”


    A great final COVID article, but hoping there will be a coda when the craziness eventually passes and the day of reckoning arrives.

  20. jeanirvin

    Great to ‘see’ you back! I imagine all thinking people must be as mystified as you over the current situation.
    I look forward to the time when the truth next whispers in your ear X

  21. maghuck

    I would LOVE for you to debate Tess Laurie or Pierre Kory. I trust what they say about Ivermectin, but two friends tried it when they had the dreaded covids and no change. Some sources say they didn’t take enough, some say they should have started with a lower dose. Bizarre. Personally I have MMS so don’t need to worry 🙂 🙂 🙂


      “But the misinformation is equally a problem for those on the other side. Claims are made for the benefits of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine that simply do not stand up to scrutiny. Yes, I believe both drugs may provide some benefit, but not the claimed 90% reduction in deaths that I have seen trumpeted.” Disappointed to read that – what scrutiny are you talking about?

      https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/09/03/the-mainstream-media-is-lying-to-you-ivermectin-was-approved-for-human-use-decades-ago-it-isnt-a-horse-dewormer/ and https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/36858/pdf/ Tess Lawrie.

      IVM subject to a similar hatchet job as HCQ. Cheap, safe, great risk/benefit profile but suppressed. I suggest you familiarise yourself with the work of Tess Lawrie / BIRD group and Pierre Kory / FLCCC.

    2. anglosvizzera

      Did they combine it with zinc, being as Ivermectin helps the cells absorb zinc (which helps prevent viral replication)? I imagine if someone’s zinc deficient it may not do the job as well?

    3. Ann Deavall

      Interesting. Did they take Zn at the same time? I’ve heard that Ivermectin, HCQ and Quercetin are the gun and zinc is the bullet which stops virus replicating in cells.

      1. Lebesgue

        HCQ does act as a Zn ionophore – helps Zn enter cells. You have to take it early get the benefit. Quercetin is a Zn ionophore too – over-the-counter supplement, and found in some foods, so preferable. Zinc deficiency correlates with covid severity. HCQ doesn’t stop TMPRSS2-mediated entry of virus into cells – that’s a drawback. IVM has several mechanisms of action, including: binds to Spike protein; inhibits transport of RNA into cell nucleus; moderates IL-6 and TNF-alpha which drive cytokine storm. Epidemiological evidence from India and Mexico is strong, in my layman’s view.

  22. Pierre

    Strange how you came to the conclusion that almost no facts can be relied upon. Surely there are some facts which are true! So the adverse events being reported by people after taking the experimental jabs are not true? That it’s not true that the experimental jabs are no longer protecting people? See what is happening in Israel. It’s not brave to give up the fight!

    1. Barbara Powers

      I agree. Dr. Kendrick does not talk at all about the Covid 19 injection, which is becoming genocide. The suppression of information pertaining to the deaths and injuries from this is astounding. I believe Covid 19 was created expressly to try to force this injection on the entire population. And the “passports.” Why? Power, control and money, all beyond the wildest imagination. The injection and the “passports” speak doom to humanity and must be fought against. And there are those of us that are doing just that. In Washington State, U.S.A.: We Will, Be Brave Washington, Free Washington. Wherever you are, stand up and join us in your own groups. You too, Dr. Kendrick, as you are weary of the role of doctor in all this, take a break, stand up and just be a brave citizen.

    2. Suzyv

      I listened to a senior lawyer. It’s actually a criminal offence to stay quiet if you know that harm is occurring and you are in position to speak out. All medics should be doing all they can to stop these injections and speak out otherwise they can and will be held equally liable when the criminal charges are brought.

  23. Icky Millington

    Dear Dr Kendrick I just wanted to let you know that through reading your book, Doctoring Data you have changed my life. It is totally absorbing and states so many things that fit with how I have been thinking and now confirms them. Also as far as my own lifestyle is concerned I now relax and continue with my idea of everything in moderation and have stopped beating myself up about weight and alcohol. Thank you for everything that you have written, please continue. Kind regards, Icky

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  24. Laurence Rose

    Hi Dr Malcolm Kendrick, Do you follow the likes of Dr Tom Coman and Andrew Kaufman? Also, Dr (of law) Reiner Fuellmich’s Corona Committee videos they have been conducting live, multi-hour sessions to investigate why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the Coronavirus response and what the consequences have been and still are for people. There has been a number of interviews with some pretty revealing information some of which you may not be aware of as of yet – including protocol put in place in order to treat “CV 19” patients using specific Pharmaceutical drugs. I will say no more, and let you should you choose to, take a look for yourself.

    Link https://odysee.com/@Corona-Ausschuss:3/Bryan-Ardis—sitzung_63_converted_720p:7 [https://spee.ch/2/4ea602d4a21a3688.jpg] Dr. Bryan Ardis | Sitzung 63: Im Auge des Sturms Im Gespräch mit Dr. Bryan Ardis (CEO of ArdisLabs.com) Der Corona Ausschuss wurde von vier RechtsanwältInnen gegründet. Er führt eine Beweisaufnahme zur Corona-Krise und den Maßnahmen durch. Erfahren… odysee.com

    [https://spee.ch/1/ef2e749739a587c4.jpg] Corona Ausschuss – Odysee Der Corona Ausschuss wurde von vier RechtsanwältInnen gegründet. Er führt eine Beweisaufnahme zur Corona-Krise und den Maßnahmen durch. Erfahren Sie mehr über den Ausschuss: https://corona-ausschuss… odysee.com ?

    * many of the interviews are conducted in Germany language. The interviews I refer to, such as the one with Bryan Ardis are in English .

    Warmest regards, Laurence ________________________________

  25. Andy Mobbs

    The problem with Koch’s postulates is firstly, is it’s ethically a little difficult to go around deliberately infecting healthy humans, can they do it in animals, or in vitro?

    Secondly, whether a pathogen infects someone or not comes down the immune strength of the individual, but modern medicine tends not to be too interested in the health of the individual.

    We know certain nutrients and lifestyle factors play a huge role in immune strength, for example, Vitamin D, Glutathione, Selenium, B vits, Vitamin C, E and A (basically every vitamin), Lipoic Acid, NADPH, Phospholipids, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, copper, sleep, sunlight.

    But that’s far too complicated…

    1. Martin Back

      It’s not generally realised that 70-80% of the immune system resides in the gut. It follows therefore that what you eat has an enormous effect on the strength of your immune system. But do we hear a word about the importance of a healthy diet? A big NO.

      1. Socratic Dog

        Interesting that a large proportion of those who require hospitalization from Covid are obese. Equally interesting how little attention is paid to that by TPTB.

    2. anglosvizzera

      Don’t forget zinc!

      As for it being unethical to infect people, the people in the vaccine trials were meant to get infected in order to see if they worked, although of course they weren’t deliberately infected. But the cold research lab in Salisbury did deliberately infect volunteers to see if they caught a cold.

      Parents were putting their kids forward for Covid vaccine trials and sadly some didn’t fare very well. Is that eithical? I’m sure there would be some volunteers happy to be infected with whatever “exudation” a Covid victim can produce, given a bit of financial reward!

  26. Chantal Bristow

    I have read your last (and long awaited) article. That you want to get off the “covid” wagon does not surprise me in the least. I have also given up understanding and differentiating between truth and lie. We do know that no government in the whole world will ever be truthful anyway. That is what they want us to do: not investigate any longer, just be sheep ready for the slaughterhouse!

  27. michaelistrulymyname

    ‘They died in a way I have never seen people do so before, and I have seen a lot of people die. They seemed quite well, then suddenly their oxygen sats dropped like a stone – they still seemed okay otherwise – then they died.’

    Dr. Kendrick, are any autopsies being carried out on such patients? In the past when a patient died suddenly and unexpectedly there would have been an autopsy, wouldn’t there?

    And do you feel able to say whether you have observed any correlation between this sudden and fatal drop in oxygen saturation and the patients’ vaccination status? I suspect your answer may be that you do not feel able to say anything about that.


    1. Linzy

      How would you propose the 98 coroners in England and Wales, each capable of performing two post mortems per day, manage the 1,000 covid deaths per day at the peak of the pandemic?

      Where would the thousands of bodies be stored?

      How long would you expect the families of the deceased to wait for the return of their family member for a funeral?

      1. Chancery Stone

        Scraping the barrel now, Linzy. We get that you don’t approve of anyone questioning the Covid rhetoric, but you should be able to work out for yourself that coroners wouldn’t need to PM every Covid death. It would have been relatively simple to pick the most ‘classic’ Covid deaths, i.e. the ones best fitting the current profile of the infection, picking, for example, people who were allegedly healthy yet had died of it, and autopsy them. You wouldn’t need to autopsy every death by smallpox to define the characteristics of smallpox, would you? The same applies here.

          1. Marcia T

            Linzy – all that website shows is that there’s a place to enter autopsy information. I couldn’t see any way for anyone – without the requisite log-in privileges – to find out what’s in that database. Am I missing something?

          2. AhNotepad

            So you have posted a link to a page with a form to fill in. Where are all the reports for people to see?

      2. Gary Ogden

        Linzy: In the U.S. they are refusing to do autopsies, even when the family insists. Those with the means have them privately done, but most don’t have the means. Autopsies are how knowledge is gained. The coagulation-inducing properties of both Covid and the vaccines is worrisome. In truth, medicine has largely been hijacked by commercial interests.

  28. Rich

    Hi, great piece.

    I believe you may have made an error in the attribution of false positives. A 30% false positive rate as cited will not yield 300k false positives in a total of 1M tests, it implies that 30% of the 30k positive results are believed to be false. And for the record, 30% seems highly optimistic as you’d expect from thr CDC.

    For this particular calculation I use a form of Bayes theorem which accounts for prevalence alongside the accuracy of the tests.

    Hope this helps, all the best.

    1. Malcolm Ramsay

      I don’t see how a meaningful definition of ‘false positive’ can possibly be a function of the number of positive results rather than the number of tests done – because that would require some truly bizarre interpretations: in a situation where everybody in fact has the thing (giving 100% positive rate) that meaning of false positive would require that 30% couldn’t have it; conversely, if nobody in fact had it, the number of false positives would have to be zero however bad the test was.

    2. Linzy

      I’m glad someone else spotted this!

      Who counts false positives from negative results anyway? 0% of negative results are false positives!

  29. Ark Pl

    With every faith and beliefs, as well universal values code comes duty to be honest and speak only the truth…. Thank you for your personal courage and strength, Dr.Kendrick, thank you for remain yourself.
    With this massive offence of “details”, twisted data and no – compromise beliefs and absolute belifs in every word of private owned companies “even” me started to doubt myself and checking on repeat where I am wrong with my opinion?
    Balanced, fact based post like this help to keep my spine straight, especially with balast of be a decision maker for my wife, daughters, friends, close people which trust me to accept my opinion as valued argument…
    I do understand and can imagine how hard has to be stay face on to vaves of absurd, esspecially with your profession, BUT PLEASE do not give up, back to this history making mass lie and help us stay strong as well, Please…

  30. John

    Thanks for this. The whole thing has been crazy from the start. No logic in govt response. I’m now mostly past caring. It’s enough to turn you into a conspiracy theorist.

  31. Sceptic du jour

    I’ve been looking for somewhere sensible to moot the following, and now that Doc McKendrick is back, this would seem to be just the place.

    Scottish Government vaccination statistics show over 99% vaccination rates for all age groups over 60 (rounded up to 100% in official presentations). However English statistics show figures for over 60 age brackets in the mid-90’s. At least four or five percent non-uptake is what one would expect given the natural level of vaccine “hesitancy” or refusal among the general public. On the other hand, in Scotland, no matter what you think of the vaccines, it’s pretty absurd to posit 99.5%+ compliance when it comes to virtually anything.

    The Scottish government stats suggest the number of vaccine refusers in the over 60s is miniscule, on the order of a few thousand throughout the entire country. It is pretty well known that the Scottish NHS vaccine appointment system was pretty shambolic, especially in the early days. My suspicion is that, in Scotland, with failing IT (and the level of failure being admitted among insiders), under political pressure, the holy sacrosanct vaccination figures were basically made up by at the middle management level. Anyway, thoughts on this conspiracy theory are welcome.

    1. robertL

      Sceptic du jour
      I am suspicious of many of the stats thrown around.
      Some no doubt are genuine attempts for accuracy.
      Others appear to be politically motivated or worse.
      Question which is which?
      This requires a lot of “research” in the endeavour isolate a semblance of truth.
      Not good!

  32. Karen Aylward

    Thank you for your update. And I’m glad that you have not been silenced.
    I feel very sad that you have had to remove yourself from any discussions on C-19, as I believe your research into the whole debacle makes a lot of sense and should lead more people to question what the hell is going on (worldwide!). Unfortunately, most people don’t seem to question anything.
    Keep up the good work

  33. Sylvia Brooke

    Dear Dr. Kendrick. So pleased to see you back, you have been greatly missed. I do hope that you are well and not too stressed. I appear to be unable to access your email, but will keep trying. Best wishes, Sylvia Brooke.

    On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 9:01 AM Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 3rd September 2021 Thank you to the many > people who have e-mailed me recently and asked if I have been silenced. I > have not. I have had letters from Public Health England and the General > Medical Council, informing me that I was under investigation for” >

  34. Paul O'Sullivan

    Hello Doctor.
    What a refreshingly honest, forthright and concise breakdown of the Covid manipulated Data lie.

  35. Jeremy May

    Shame there will be no more, but thank you for trying to make sense of it all.

    I knew the writing was on the wall when you quoted Wodehouse. After all it’s almost impossible to focus one’s thoughts faced with ‘the uproar of butterflies in the adjoining meadows’.
    It seems the Wrecking Crew has done it’s job.

  36. Shymi (@shymis)

    Hello Dr. Kendrick,

    First of all, I am happy to read, that you’re ok, despite all the madness in recent times around people who want to find out the truth of what’s happening.

    I totally agree with you, that everything around the pandemic is a total mess. The thing, that baffles me is that more and more I see expressions like “might cause”, “might be linked” and so on used by scientific articles/more science-based news outlets and “certainly”, “for sure”, “definitely” in mainstream media around Covid related themes. While researchers cautiously try to give an explanation of what is happening, the mass media is putting big title articles citing selectively only those things, that support their narrative.

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you even outside the covid related themes.

    Yordan Yordanov

  37. michael corrigan

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this issue. Possibly the biggest mass hysteria propaganda since Europe talked itself into World War One.
    There are too many unknowns that we don’t know anything about.
    It seems , because of the environmental problems that face humanity , we would do anything rather than face the real issues.

  38. Eileen Chapman

    So good to hear from you again Dr Kendrick. You are a much needed source of balance and sanity. I found your clarification re Koch’s postulates particularly helpful. Looking forward to your next investigation whatever it may be.

  39. JAS

    Thanks for the post Malcolm. Your only statement which appears to support the idea of a novel virus is the manner in which a few people died. This hardly justifies though the extreme measures of the governments worldwide, not that I am suggesting you support this. For myself I believe Covid is a hoax. Imagine a virus do deadly that it overwhelmingly affects the over 80’s with serious underlying conditions and for which you have to be tested to know if you have it. Then think of the colossal influence of Bill Gates financially and compliant politicos with ambitions for ultimate control and you have the narrative in a nutshell. I have come to believe Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan and Stefan Lanka. There are no deadly viruses, they are merely one of the bodies many cleansing agents. Pharma and their poodles in the medical profession are keen to keep the public in ignorance as a patient cured is a customer lost. As always, everything comes down to money and power. Convid is no different.

  40. 186no

    I sense that Dr K is being very mindful of matters peripheral to PHE/GMC – I entirely understand that.

    I agree that there are “truths” to behold.

    I endorse the recommendation to view Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his colleagues; I recommend:
    The demolition of the Cormen-Drosten RT-PCR testing regime: ILLA The PCR Disaster Genesis and Evolution of the »Drosten Test«;
    The timeline of Coronavirus Patents in the US and related issues prepared by Dr David Martin who has been “on the case” since the late 1990’s: The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier;
    The Highwire.com for investigative journalism you will never see in MSM;

    Dr K, I also have watched a scientist explain that they have tested a spike protein, without the rest of the SARS COV 2 structure, on animals and found the same diseases – principally inflammation of cells and tissue if I recall – resulted as with humans diagnosed with Covid 19 – and the affected animals all died. “So it is the spike protein that does the damage”…?

    You have more than “one up on me” as I am neither medics or a scientist but watching Drs Fleming/Cole/McCullough/Ardis explain their clinical experience it is very hard not to conclude that spike proteins are killers and injecting them into vulnerable humans is madness.

    Lastly I think Dr McCullogh and others have found that a suite of drugs including Ivermectin, targeted at specific reactions seen in patients infected, have reduced mortality by a figure he quoted of 85% – I do not recall any medic using Ivermectin alone or claiming a “90%” reduction solely to its use and non other? I might be wrong, conceivably, because as you state the “truth” is illusory and slippery at best.

    1. michaelistrulymyname

      “So it is the spike protein that does the damage”…?
      We don’t know. Not really. Not yet. The testing that was done before the injections got their emergency use authorisations didn’t provide any evidence to answer this question (which was never asked at the time).
      See https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2021/06/03/covid19-the-spike-protein-and-blood-clotting/ and search for ‘So, quick recap again, what do we know?’

    2. Kostiusha

      “Claims are made for the benefits of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine that simply do not stand up to scrutiny.” Hmmm…

  41. Mr Chris

    pleased you are still with us.
    I note how polarising great issues of the day are, Covid, Brexit Trump etc.
    everyone seems to have their truth, and are not to be convinced.

  42. jennyawburn

    You’ve always been one of my trusted sources when it comes to scientific analysis. I’ve read your book also. Sad to see you stepping away from Covid but I understand. I just don’t know how the world is going to get out of this mess without people willing to find and disseminate the truth. Sadder still when you realise that even the most honest and unbiased people can’t even find the truth any more.

  43. postkey

    “132:48 next slide please this is
    132:52 what source code v2 looks like and if
    132:54 and i will i will send you the video so
    132:55 you can show it
    132:57 of the side on the right shows it goes
    132:59 up and down and you can see the actual
    133:01 source corona
    133:02 cov2 virus uh with its spiked proteins
    133:06 in its corona shape i’ll send that to
    133:08 you so you can play that
    133:10 it’s it’s incredibly important because
    133:13 there are people out there that are
    133:14 actually of the opinion that
    133:16 sars cov2 doesn’t exist and has not been
    133:19 isolated
    133:20 these individuals not only have
    133:22 demonstrated they don’t understand
    133:23 viruses
    133:24 but they interfere with the with the
    133:26 serious discussion going on with this
    133:28 virus “

  44. postkey

    “ . . . the swabbing of the nasopharynx
    14:56 so the oropharynx the nose of the throat
    14:59 is looking for genetic material now
    15:02 that’s all it’s doing and so it is
    15:04 frequently emphasize that pcr test is
    15:06 really outstanding test
    15:08 for what it was designed for the problem
    15:10 is
    15:11 it’s being used for something it wasn’t
    15:13 designed for . . . “

  45. Sheree

    You talk so much sense, Dr Kendrick.
    I am a noone who has always tried to make sense “covid19″….nothing adds up with it.
    At the start China…who shares nothing with the world…they reported to WHO that there was a number of their people in hospital with similiar respiratory infection….it has snowballed from there around the world.
    Why does Sweden cases and death graphs mirror most other countries…yet they did the opposite of the rest of the world. They had no masks, no lockdown, no social distancing, etc……they followed the guidelines from the WHO – Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza published in Oct 2019.
    Covid19, the world’s management of it….is like a stampede and noone knows how to stop it. Contradictory information….I now believe very little that is said about it…even by the experts!

  46. postkey

    “GOF Reveals that SARS-CoV-2 is Man Made & Paid for by U.S Taxpayers

    1999: U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS) funds research amplifying the infectious character of Coronaviruses.

    2000: In May* Ralph Baric successfully uses reverse genetics (cDNA**) to rescued infectious clone*** of SARS-CoV Urbani.

    2002:In April Christopher M Curtis, Boyd Young & Ralph Baric file a patent for a recombinant (chimeric) DNA means of producing “an infectious, replication defective, coronavirus.” Funded by NIH Grant GM63228. Dr. Shi Zhengli and colleagues increase infectivity by combining an HIV pseudovirus with SARS-CoV-1.

    2003: Dr. Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill receives NIH grant AI23946-08 officially classified as affiliated with NIAID. • Baric works on synthetically altering Coronaviridae.

    2006: Chinese**** researchers combine HCV, HIV-1, SARS-CoV-1 & SARS-CoV-2.

    2007: NSF Grant IIS-0513650 (Italy, France and Indiana University) study addresses FIRST CRITICAL STEP to control a pandemic – shut down International Travel. Given this knowledge why did Fauci tell Trump a Travel Ban was unnecessary?

    2011: Scientists express Concerns about GoF after Labs in Wisconsin and the Netherlands mutate already lethal H5N1 Asian Avian Influenza Virus (Bird Flu) increasing infectivity.

    2013: Middle East Respiratory Virus (MERS) outbreak with 30-40% fatality in Saudi Arabia (2014) and South Korea (2015). Rhesus macaques show early treatement with interferon-α2b and ribavirin critical to treatment success.

    Baric***** and Chinese scientists isolate 3 coronaviruses from bats with HKU4 spike protein – unable to infect human cells.

    2014: CDC accidentally exposes workers to Anthrax; ships deadly flu virus. NIH finds 50-year old forgotten vials of smallpox. Obama Administration halts Gain-of-Function Research

    2015: Dr. Zhengli et al “re-engineered HKU4 spike aiming to build its capacity to infect human cells.” “To this end, we introduced two single mutations…mutations in these motifs in coronavirus spikes have demonstrated dramatic effects on viral entry into human cells.”

    Baric and Zhengli announce they can make a more dangerous, virulent and infectious virus. ******

    2017: Gain-of-Function Research Ban Lifted

    2018: Zhengli presents research at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on 14 Nov. 2018 entitled “Studies on Bat Coronavirus and its cross-species infection.”
    This presentation has since been deleted from the University website.

    2019: Summer deletion of Wuhan Institute of Virology Corona Virus data bank.

    December 31 Wuhan Municipal Health Commission report******* discussing COVID-19 pneumonia – deleted”
    * U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/206,537, filed May 21, 2000
    ** Complimentary DNA is Reverse Transcription (mRNA->DNA) frequently using Moloney murine leukemia virus.
    *** https://www.pnas.org/content/100/22/12995
    **** Huang Q, Cheng Y, Guo Q, Li Q. Preparation of a Chimeric Armored RNA as a Versatile Calibrator for Multiple Virus Assays. Clinchem 2006; 52(7):1446-1448 and Supplement A.
    ***** Yang Y…Baric RS, et al. Receptor usage and cell entry of bat coronavirus HKU4 provide insight into bat-to-human transmission of MERS coronavirus. PNAS 2014;111(34):12516-12521. Funded with NIH grants RO1AI089728 &
    ****** Zhengli S, Baric RS, et sl. Two Mutations Were Critical for Bat-to-Human Transmission of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. J Virol.2015;89(17):9199-9123. Funded by NIH grants RO1AI089728, RO1AI110700.
    ******* Wuhan City Health Committee (WCHC). Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Commission’s briefing on the current pneumonia epidemic situation in our city 2019 [updated 31 December 2019, 14 January 2020]. Available from: http://wjw.wuhan.gov.cn/front/web/showDetail/2019123108989

    https://21a86421-c3e0-461b-83c2-cfe4628dfadc.filesusr.com/ugd/659775_6f632cc8d75d4d8c8b90cc749262f4b4.pdf ??

    1. alisonfletch

      Brilliant summary, thank you. Begs the question, why would the Americans fund such research in China? To achieve the vaccine passport ie control over the populace so they can change the banking system and utilise what natural resources are left? Sounds like a good enough reason! Shows how America is really run by large corporations.

      1. Gary Ogden

        alisonfletch: I suggest you purchase Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s new book (available Nov. 9, but can be pre-ordered), “The Real Anthony Fauci.” A sordid tale, his entire career.

    2. Graham Wheatley

      Postkey, you mention that “2006: Chinese**** researchers combine HCV, HIV-1, SARS-CoV-1 & SARS-CoV-2”.

      Do you have a a reference link for that piece of info? If we are to believe what we are told, SARS-CoV-2 isn’t supposed to have been known to exist prior to November 2019. If you have references that cite SARS-CoV-2 from 2016, then that would be – how shall we say – “interesting” ?

  47. Pablo

    Quoting from Dr Kendrick’s post above; “The truth is that these postulates can work for bacteria, but not really for viruses. Because it is very difficult to meet them. I am not sure if they have ever been truly met for any virus.”

    As propounded by the WHO, Government’s everywhere, Bill Gates, Fraudci, the newspaper’s, British Brainwashing Corporation, and the legacy media everywhere; the “virus” has a spiked “protein”, so we can deduce that the virus is supposedly some type of protein or a compound including a protein or proteins. Drs Cowan, Lanker, and Kaufman claim that Glyphosate (https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/glyphosate) is one of the smallest molecules that can be extracted in a centrifuge and thus can ‘isolate’ it. How could it be then that the current levels of science, technology, research and skill are unable to centrifuge and isolate this protein compound “virus” if it exists?

    Logically the “virus” therefore has not been proven to exist. That people are suffering symptoms of the illness is not in question – the blame has been pinned on the invisible terrorist scapegoat entity called a “virus”. If you promise to do exactly as the various “authorities” demand and if you continue to submit to all their future demands, you might be “safe”, or “more safe” than if you did not or so they claim.

    Perhaps when we have all agreed to close down our businesses, retreat and stay inside our homes, stay 6 feet away from everyone else, buy all you require on the Internet, listen only to “authoritative” sources of information, give up possession of our children, no longer use cash, sanitise your hands every 5 minutes and constantly wear a mask, give up your personal sovereignty and bodily integrity, accept every last medical treatment without question, carry a vaccine passport at all times, agree to be tracked and traced everywhere you go, submit to regular Covid tests, then having given up a life consisting of everything that it means to be human until one day we all finally drop dead within 28 days of a Covid test, we will finally be safe?

    1. lingulella

      Ah the old ‘6ft’ separation based on idea that infectious particles that fall under gravity in less than 6ft are the ‘only’ source of infection you will encounter…..
      Despite the facts that;
      I) the virus is a respiratory virus of the coronavirus family that includes the common cold
      2) Porton Down’s ‘common cold unit’ studied the common cold at its common cold unit (CCU) as long ago as the 1960s continuing until at least the 1990s
      3) Isolation to prevent spread between ‘volunteers’ at the CCU was considered then to be 60ft NOT 6ft.

      Why did the so-called experts in SAGE use a figure of 6ft that had no scientific/medical justification since the 1960s as demonstrated by the UK’s premier pathogen laboratory?

      1. AhNotepad

        Because body recognition/tracking technology can resolve to about 5ft, so keeping people 6ft apart means you can track individuals.

        1. Janet

          And the Chinese are world leaders in surveillance technology… so they are essential to any further progress to the power-grab / consolidation of control.

    2. robertL

      Dr Brad Campbell, DC. DABCI.
      @DrBradCampbell posted the following:
      If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, incentivised, lied to, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, paid, punished, criminalized, and all of this is necessary to gain your compliance, you can be sure that thing is NOT in your best interest.
      Questions: Why? What is the real agenda?

      another quote from anonymous patriot:
      Fact: In a real pandemic, people would be “killing” each other to get their hands on the vaccine. Instead, people are ready to give up their livelihoods to avoid it.
      Questions: Why? What is the real agenda?

      1. robertL

        … and all of this for a untested (3 – 5 years human trials) Emergency Use Authorisation vaccine. And all the animals died in the animal trials.

    3. Pablo

      Further to my post above… As per Dr Amandha Vollmer asks:

      “I have a very simple, important and vital question to ask the germ theory proponents…

      Can you please tell me, medically and biochemically, how exactly does an alleged Covid 19 virus kill a person?

      What are you claiming that non-living fragmented DNA/RNA strands that are abundant in the trillions in every human body, wrapped in a protein soap bubble coating, actually does to a human body that kills the human body?

      If you claim it needs a living host cell to replicate and “survive”, even though soap isn’t alive, why would it kill it’s host cell when it allegedly needs it alive to replicate and survive, as germ theory claims?

      How does it actually kill you, where other actual poisonous agents mostly fail? What do you actually die from and how? Please explain to me! Thank you!”

      1. David

        I guess if the ‘yummy doctor’ doesn’t ‘believe’ in viruses, or just doesn’t she believe that viruses make you sick. The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine doesn’t teach microbiology?
        We seem to forget that mother nature is trying to kill us from the moment we are born (or maybe even before), and in the end she succeeds.

  48. alison123123

    Dear Dr Kendrick,

    Drawing on Public Health England’s data I prepared this letter to my MP (one page, three graphs and 7 refs), demanding an end to the WHO’s PHEIC designation because Delta is 100% prevalent. This is not the same as SarsCoV2 or it’s nastier variants which caused COVID-19, this is a virus in it’s own right which has outcompeted and replaced the others and does not cause 2%/1.9% (alpha)/1.4% (beta) deaths, but a normal 0.2%. All this data is only from Government sources. This pattern is repeated in all countries.

    This is one of the paragraphs in the letter: PublicHealth England’s blog explains the coronaviruses progressionthereafter, “We have seen variants outcompete each other twice inthe UK during the pandemic. The original, or wildtype virus wassuperseded by Alpha, the variant first detected in South East Englandin December 2020 before Delta, a variant first detected in Indiabecame dominant in June 2021.” (3)” (3)What do we know about the new COVID-19 variants? Blog Editor, Postedon:5 February 2021 https://publichealthmatters.blog.gov.uk/2021/02/05/what-do-we-know-about-the-new-covid-19-variants/

    Combine this with the cfr data that PHE gives in technical briefing 18 and we can see that Delta is good news. A win for mother nature?

    I hope you read this and would welcome your comments.

    Yours sincerely


  49. janetgrovesart

    So, so relieved and pleased that you’re back. For me you have been a shining beacon in this entire chaotic mess for which I thank you most fervently.This final summing up is excellent.
    I’m relieved, actually, that you are withdrawing from the Covid ‘debate.’ Debate? Hah! More like a solitary voice in the wilderness of misinformation, because after this debacle there are now mountains of medical problems which will need your eagle eyes and I’ve really missed your regular posts.
    I can’t begin to say how I’ve missed you and your wisdom.
    Thank you. 🌹

  50. Jean Humphreys

    Thanks for the post which I have printed so that I can read it slowly and carefully. I am of an age where paper is best! (And books are very good insulators for a room)
    It was good to get that notification that told me that you had not been kicked down the road for having the audacity to think for yourself.

  51. Johanne

    Thank you Malcolm,

    Also interesting to come at COVID-19 from slightly different angle.

    Is there an underlying political agenda being pushed by vested interests ?

    I give what I believe to be 2 examples and there are may others.

    Many thanks to you.

  52. Tracy van den broek

    Thank you. For being sensible, considerate of human beings and bold to question publicly. Ever since I read ‘doctoring the data’ I have been strengthened to ask questions – a be prepared to be left standing out in the cold looking in at the ‘happy’ people in the warmth and wondering what the hell happened. But to have the freedom to think ones own thoughts is without price.

  53. johnplatinumgoss

    “After reading this, do I still think SARS-CoV2 exists? Yes, I do. I firmly believe that I watched people dying of it, from it. They died in a way I have never seen people do so before, and I have seen a lot of people die. They seemed quite well, then suddenly their oxygen sats dropped like a stone – they still seemed okay otherwise – then they died. The end.”

    Stevie G thinks the difference might be Midazolam. Do you know if any of the deaths you witnessed whether the patients were prescribed Midazolam? No need to infringe patient confidentiality. However families of victims might like to know.

    The administration of Midazolam might also account for the anomaly between N.I. and the rest of the UK. My understanding is that Matt Hancock (or his team) ordered huge quantities (two years’ supply) and nobody knows where this went. Journalist Jacquie Deevoy has researched this as best she can against a wall of opposition.


    I am trying to find out if anyone can confirm that this drug was used in Abbotswood Care Home (recently renamed Silverdale) in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man had 23 or 24 deaths allegedly from Covid-19, 20 of which were patients in Abbotswood. Otherwise the Isle of Man is like Northern Ireland.

    1. Gareth Hawker

      I could not find anything on the Internet which compared Midazolam usage per head in England versus Northern Ireland, but I did see that drugs are licensed by a different authority in Northern Ireland.

      Can anyone find data on comparative usage of this drug?

      “Northern Ireland operates a domestic licensing system separate to that operating in the rest of the United Kingdom (which is administered by Drug Licensing and Compliance Unit at the Home Office).”

  54. Martin Back

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, Dr Kendrick. What a pity one is unable to distill the clear water of truth from the murky swamp of official statistics. Maybe one day,a million PhD theses later we might know what really went on. In the meantime,here is my summary of the situation:

    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Failed completely the virus to stem.

    They tried it with distance and tried it with masks,
    And put into doorways the sanitize flasks.

    Orders went out to pubs, gyms, and planes,
    Keep people separate, walk them in lanes.

    They injected your arm, and injected again,
    And jabbed you with boosters, never to end.

    But that little virus, it ducked and it dived,
    And infected us all… BUT WE MOSTLY SURVIVED.

  55. Comlabs UK

    Carl Sagan would heartily agree Malcolm!

    ‘One of the great commandments of science is, ‘Mistrust argu-
    ments from authority’….Too many such arguments have proved too
    painfully wrong. Authorities must prove their contentions like
    everybody else. This independence of science, its occasional
    unwillingness to accept conventional wisdom, makes it dangerous
    to doctrines less self-critical, or with pretensions to certitude.’

    Demon-haunted world, p28

  56. alison123123

    The case fatality data for the variants can be found here: Table 3, , Public Health England, SARS Cov-2 Variants of concern and variants under investigation in England Technical Briefing 18, 9th July 2021: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1001358/Variants_of_Concern_VOC_Technical_Briefing_18.pdf

    SarsCov2 caused COVID-19 with a case fatality rate on 1.9%. Delta is a different virus causing 0.2% case fatality rate. The WHO must drop the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) designation and then our countries have to cancel their Emergency Powers. Without the PHEIC designation the fearful false construct collapses. Then, the rule of law can function again and the cartel behind this authoritarian money spinner can be brought to justice.

  57. Ian Roselman

    On the origin of Covid 19..
    I don’t know anything that has not been published but this is not about new facts, just trying to make sense of those we know (if indeed we know any facts at all). I list these in order of paranoia, or tendency to believe in conspiracies:
    1. The virus is entirely natural and jumped from bats to humans by natural means. Exactly as the Chinese authorities say.
    2 The virus first appeared in a remote area of China , far from Wuhan, where it caused some unexplained deaths among miners. The Chinese virologists investigated and brought samples to the Wuhan laboratory, from whence the virus escaped and started the pandemic.
    3 The Chinese deliberately engineered the wild virus to become more transmissable. They did this as a scientific exercise but the modified virus escaped from the lab.
    4 As above, but the virus was released deliberately in order to reduce the population of old people in China (Covid 19 is possibly unique in its age/mortality graph).
    5 The deliberate release of the virus was intended to cause a pandemic which would somehow enhance China’s economic and military supremacy.
    I think one of these must be correct but which you believe depends on you, not on the published information. Personally I tend towards number 2 but your guess is as good as mine.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      Sorry, ian, but you have omitted what I think is by far the most likely scenario. That people associated with the US government (not necessarily the figureheads) funded gain of function research in Wuhan after it had been made explicitly illegal in the USA, as part of a large scale plan to develop biological weapons against the main US “antagonists” or “adversaries” (whom I would describe as “competitors”, a less hostile term).

      Why not consider the possibility that the deliberate release of the virus was intended to cause a pandemic which would somehow reduce or wipe out China’s economic and military supremacy?

      Incidentally, China’s “military supremacy” is purely defensive; while it may have expanded into some neighbouring countries where its presence is controversial, China has never even attempted to establish global empires like those of Spain, Portugal, France, England, the Netherlands, Belgium or the USA.

      I have no particular axe to grind, but I do prefer fairness and objectivity. The Chinese are very ambitious and competitive, but they seem to prefer a system where everyone can prosper as opposed to the West’s zero-sum theories. (Where the West can gain only at the expense of someone else).

    2. theasdgamer

      Responses to the “conspiracies” depend on naivete and political leaning, I suspect.

      The politically naive believe that conspiracies are few and far between. Those who have been involved in politics know better. The sheep tend to stray leftwards.

      That being said, I prefer the incompetence hypothesis to the corruption hypothesis, unless the facts force me to abandon the incompetence hypothesis.

      1. me oliveira

        I “killed” a guy in sweden. Someone who calls himself a MD. On his blog I answered to your concern about MK. It was censored.
        For some months I telled him about some things as:
        a) being interviewed by a filibuster,
        b) not being an adult,
        c) asking for money,
        d) that his(hers) hormones were not heathy,
        This explains all.
        Excuse me. I always felt you are good.

    3. ArfurMo

      “I am not sure I can find the truth. I do not know if it can be found anymore. Today I am unsure what represents a fact, and what has simply been made up. A sad and scary state of affairs.”

      That is not surprising given you have approached this as a medical problem. The disease has never really been a medical problem in the sense of an existential threat to humanity. There has a political event in which the emergence of the disease was used as an excuse to implement political policies otherwise unacceptable – the introduction of ID cards, the removal of fredom with permission as a repleacement, the creation of Big Testing, etc, etc.

      A quote from one of GWB’s aides post 9-11, reported by Ron Suskind:

      ‘The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” … “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’

      Truth withstands scrutiny. Lies don’t. There, the story has to be changed as each lie is exposed, or the questioning has to be suppressed, ultimately by the threat of legal action.

  58. David Harmon

    For answers as to what happened in countries with highest mortality the answer is they were 1. Abandoned without treatment and left until they were requiring oxygen or ventilators. There are many protocols available for along tike that include (not solely but include) invermectin and HQC. I’ve yet to meet someone who claims these are a magic bullet but there are enough studies that show that when administered early before symptoms progress they reduce hospitalisation. These were banned and censored because if there were any known treatments available the vaccines wouldn’t be able to receive EAU. So, people were abandoned by the system telling them they were going to protect them. 2. Care home patients were put on end of life pathways and blanket DNR notices placed on them without the families consent. If you follow the purchasing and administration of medazolam you will see a clear correlation between administration of medazolam and the spike in the first wave.

    Also if you look at the spike in deaths in the second wave there is a correlation across many countries between the beginning of vaccination and deaths in care homes. These vaccines are known to have strong side affects, in the trials which included only healthy people 20% ended up in hospital with adverse events. Give that jab to 100’s of thousands of frail elderly and a % would not survive the bad reactions.

    In my opinion this crisis was manufactured and exaggerated (the reasons why could be discussed separately) but we can see countries that didn’t lockdown etc eg Sweden did not have the deaths predicted by Ferguson so there is no reason to believe that the UK would have in fact, Swedens all cause mortality for 2020 only rose by 0.3% so they did not experience a pandemic.

    Regarding your point about Northern Ireland I would like to direct you to the Republic of Ireland who did lockdown etc and claimed a great success yet when you look at the numbers;
    1. Lower all cause mortality in 2020 than 5 year average
    2. Less respiratory visits to hospital in 2020 than 5 year average.

    To claim less deaths than normal and less respiratory hospital visits than normal during a pandemic is simply ludicrous.

    Also I would like to ask you if you’ve ever studied the physiological effects on humans as a result of mass fear, where the studies show physcogenic symptoms. People can show with respiratory symptoms because of anxiety and fear. Imagine arriving at hospital believing you had covid and testing positive with a totally unreliable test when you really only had anxiety. What would the hospital do? Treat you for covid?

  59. John Watkinson

    Thanks again Malcolm. Don’t stop. We need your type more than ever…. John W

    On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 9:00 AM Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 3rd September 2021 Thank you to the many > people who have e-mailed me recently and asked if I have been silenced. I > have not. I have had letters from Public Health England and the General > Medical Council, informing me that I was under investigation for” >

  60. Neil Upton

    What a swan song, thankyou. Your resume of the situation is excellent. Eventually the piece of jigsaw that is missing will turn up and daylight will be restored.

  61. Prudence Kitten

    Like everyone else here, I am delighted to see you back, Dr Kendrick! It’s only when such a reassuringly honest, logical and fair source disappears for a while that we realise how much we had come to depend on him. Incidentally, for some time I have mentally bracketed you with Craig Murray – another inspiringly honest Scot who insists on speaking his mind. Mr Murray, of course, has actually been imprisoned – supposedly for contempt of court – by a judge who claimed he published what he shouldn’t have. The impression I got was that some people don’t like sources like you and Mr Murray, and would like to silence you. Of course it’s not just you two: it’s anyone with a similar dedication to objective truth.

    At the risk of writing too long a comment, I would like to note a few of my reactions to your article.

    1. It seems likely that the virus was created by scientists working on “gain of function”. (Why isn’t all such research treated as a crime against humanity? Havne’t they read “The Satan Bug”?) But you seem a little too harsh on the Chinese government, and not harsh enough on the US government – which seems to have paid for the research, which the Chinese government may not even have been fully aware of. As the USA cannot defeat Russia or China militarily or financially, it seems natural they would consider more radical means. If the following sources seem to you potentially biased, bear in mind that Western sources generally never publish such stories at all.


    2. “Currently, SARS-CoV2 is reckoned to have killed four and half million people across the Globe”. How can we possibly know that, when by your own account the very definition of a “case” is uncertain? I strongly suspect that Covid has actually killed far fewer than officially claimed.

    3. “Within one thousand six hundred and sixty-six years it will have killed everyone”. Everyone who somehow lived to be over 666! (I did notice your powerful irony, and I’m just adding this little extra bit).

    4. “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master – – that’s all.” I think that short remark tells us a very great deal about the nature and purpose (insofar as there is one) of the “pandemic”. It may have begun through panicky incompetence, but I think it has been sustained and exploited in order to extend the power of certain groups.

    5. If, as seems reasonable, Koch’s postulates cannot be applied to viruses, surely that means the diagnosis and treatment of viral diseases must be on a far shakier basis than those for bacterial diseases? Reading a few books about virology has impressed deeply on me how much of this “science” is sheer guesswork – buttressed by vague models, and the earnest desire to make money and a reputation.

    6. Your description of death by Covid is convincing. But surely that must be one of the kindest deaths imaginable? Better than pneumonia, “the old man’s friend”, because so much faster. If you simply lose consciousness and never wake up, how much better than almost any other way of dying! (Which we must all do). Having seen my father die of cancer and my mother following a series of strokes, I would very much rather they had just suffered a sudden drop in oxygen saturation and been gone – when their time came, of course.

    Finally, it seems to me that what we desperately need – and what has been conspicuous by its absence – is a concerted program of honest and open research to follow up and expand your remarks here. To quote one of my favourite authors,

    “What are the facts? Again and again and again – what are the facts? Shun wishful thinking, ignore divine revelation, forget what “the stars foretell,” avoid opinion, care not what the neighbors think, never mind the unguessable “verdict of history” – what are the facts, and to how many decimal places? You pilot always into an unknown future; facts are your single clue. Get the facts!”
    – Lazarus Long (in “Time Enough for Love” p. 262, by R.A. Heinlein)

  62. Peter W

    Many thanks for your efforts, Malcolm.
    Your information and rants have helped many of us mere mortals to feel strengthened in countering the narrative. I shall miss that.
    Please do the occasional missive though.

  63. Nitram

    After expending considerable time and effort on the Covid malarkey, your bowing out on the matter is understandable. So thank you for putting your head above the parapet and all the aggravation you have endured in order to speak the truth. HART will be the beneficiary of your expertise and you in turn, should avoid having to deal with the personal attacks that arise from being a lone voice.

    As this is potentially your last foray into the Covid domain please excuse the following longwinded comments below.

    On behalf of those who do not have the medical qualifications and expertise, but who read both sides of an argument to be better informed in personal decision making in all areas of life, thank you for your final excellent, easily understood, explanation of the madness surrounding Covid for the layman.

    Two days ago after a family gathering, I officially ended a 10 day isolation due to my son who is double-vaxxed, testing positive after noting he couldn’t smell the smoke from the barbecue he was overseeing (what’s to complain about?) and could not taste the food (good job he decided not to become a Chef). He had no other symptoms.

    Also present were:
    another son (double-vaxxed)
    his wife (single-vaxxed)
    two children under 4yrs (unvaxxed)
    daughter (unvaxxed)
    my wife (double-vaxxed)

    I remain unvaxxed. I’ve qualified over the last decade with three MIs, two stents and two TIAs. (I’m thinking of adding the initials after my name.)
    To be honest, I can’t take the credit for my last MI as that must go to the Urology dept. telling me to come off Aspirin for ten days prior to a biopsy. So, within 48hrs of stopping my daily Aspirin I was back in ER having my third MI. To this day, I have the paperwork which the nurse conveniently underlined in red biro, after I had queried that I was to come off my blood thinner despite my two previous MIs.
    From that point I refused to take every utterance by the NHS as gospel.
    That urology policy is no longer in place!

    It doesn’t take much to work out from my ‘qualifications’ that my arteries are in a poor state and No, I don’t ‘do statins’. I’ve read too many books on the subject and for the sake of the extra few hours I ‘might’ gain, if I took statins, I don’t fancy the added potential complications of diabetes and other nasty side effects.

    But I digress.
    With my various ailments I have been unable to wear a muzzle in the Great Pandemic, so I have been exposed to the elements throughout -including the Covid-ridden son – for almost two years.
    By rights, according to the whipped-up hysteria of the government controlled newspapers and the State Broadcasting Company, I should currently be in hospital being treated with Dettol, or just plain dead.
    Sorry to disappoint.

    All of the family group have survived to tell the tale.
    All the others tested negative and were not unwell.
    True to form, I refused to be tested on the principle that I wasn’t ill and in the process knew I was doing my bit for ‘Saving the NHS’ and the Economy….All terribly public spirited – don’t you know!

    Now that we as a family have played our part in the Great Pandemic I can report back the following ‘scientific’ findings:

    1. To avoid the ‘Sling it on the Barbie’ Covid variant
    do not have barbecues at family gatherings.

    2. In a gathering of six adults where two are unvaxxed it is a double-vaxxed adult who is more likely to get the virus.

    3. The Barbecue Sniff and Smell Test is just as effective as a PCR Test

    4. If you can’t taste the food you cook you should stick to your day job.

    5. If you keep writing ‘anti Vax’ someone at the carpet cleaning machine company is likely to get upset at the bad press they keep getting. Expect to hear from their legal team.

    1. Bev

      LOL. re point #5….I bought a cleaning machine from the same company. It constantly blocked and won’t suck up anything. About as useless as the er…’vaccines’.

    2. Kim M Amburgey

      LOL!! ….”I’m thinking of adding the initials after my name.” hahaha. Thanks for the clever and humorous post, Nitram!!

      1. Nitram

        A bit of humour never hurt anyone!
        The bit about initials after the name was prompted by a memory.
        One of my sons is an actuary – I know…..once upon a time I didn’t know what an Actuary was) and I’m not sure I can accurately describe it even now…risk assessment and number crunching and signing off megabuck contracts.

        After his degree, he had around seven years of study and exams whilst working, to qualify as a member of the Financial Institute of Actuaries (FIA). Another alternative partial route to qualification would have been to take a masters degree (MA) which would cover some of the credits.
        He told me that a few of his then colleagues thought it would be great to do the MA if they could add the initials after their name on a passport.
        On final qualification they would be : Fred Bloggs MA FIA…and how great if they had an Italian surname thrown into the mix!

  64. edwinbracho

    Thanks a lot for coming back. I was a worried about your prolonged silence. But now you are here again, that is good, very good. You are my best font of credible information. You have a lot of valuable things to do for us; your objective information based on fact only is the best way to live a little more relaxed we have now. Thanks again

  65. Craig E

    I am interested in people’s thoughts about the huge drop in cases and deaths in India since May, despite very low vax rates.

    There are those pointing to the use of early treatment in certain regions with Ivermectin. Could it be something else?

  66. Trevor White

    Dr Kendrick, I am truly sorry to hear you will not be commenting further on the debacle that is Covid19. You have been a voice of reason, balance and insight with your articles and interviews throughout the last year and a half. I for one will miss your commentary.

  67. David Brown

    More wise words.
    However I can’t help but feel you have indeed been intimidated and silenced by the ‘authorities’. There is tremendous uncertainty but somewhere in all this there is some underlying truth. If those of us with curious, intelligent and sceptical minds (in the true scientific tradition) leave the pitch we leave it open to the vested interests, the ignorant, and the foolish to drive our society back to the dark ages.
    Scientific endeavour is ultimately simple – guess a hypothesis, run an experiment to test it, examine whether the results support or disprove the hypothesis.
    What is remarkable to those like me that come from a study of Physics, is the failure of those in medicine to run proper experiments. This in large part being due to ‘ethics’. It being apparently ethical to watch people die, but not to find out the cause by actually trying to infect people.

    I hope you come back to the pitch very very soon. The forces of darkness are not leaving, and unless we get more players onto the pitch we seem doomed to regressing back to tyranny and quasi-relgious beliefs.

  68. Michal

    Does that normal death rate in UK, or even lower than average from recent years could be caused by massive vaccination, especially of older population of UK? People still getting Covid, but not dying as often. And it may be caused by herd immunity as well.

  69. Sasha

    Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t 30% of false positives mean 30% of 3% of tests that come up positive? Not 30% of total tests taken?

  70. Andrew Denney

    Hi Sir, and thank you again so much for your information. I can’t even imagine to stress and pressure it must cause you, swimming in the right direction but unfortunately against the current. I’m blown away by the majority of my fellow mans ability to question this situation for themselves. I think it was Einstein that said,” only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not absolutely sure about the universe “. I listened to an interesting podcast from Zach Bush, he talked about a study of 5700 patients in New York who’s lungs were clear of pneumonia but had hypoxia. He said maybe it was more environmental causing cyanide poisoning, just seamed to tie up with what you said about patients being ok then rapidly going down hill ans dying. The further a society drifts from the truth the more it despises those who speak it.
    Kind regards & appreciation
    Andrew Denney

  71. Joyce

    I have been following your blog for a year and a half now. Thank you so much! Every time you have confirmed my “feelings” about covid. Which was very reassuring, because *you* know what you’re talking about (whereas I’m just a member of the general public, who reverted to what my mother used to say in the fifties: let in lots of fresh air and take your cod liver oil in winter!). Indeed, this whole thing is now like a bad science fiction novel we cannot escape from, so I have stopped thinking about it, and go for long walks with my dog instead!

  72. No Circ is WholeSon

    spanish flu was reincarnated, fyi
    Iamjohncullen or John E Hoover (also crowdsourcetheturth)

    may need to go to rumble or rokfin

    The Last American Vagabond for a massive set of peer reviewed studies

    Grand Theft World podcast for history in cntext

    Children’s Health Defense website. for the massive deaths and maiming of children by needle rape called zivid vax.

    http://Www.thehighwire.com, Del Bigtree, who warned us of vax passports back in 2017 and 2018, with data to support.

    Mom of a kidney failure, nephrotic syndrome, kid post childhood safely harmful and effectively dangerous childhood vaccines. I delayed all til age 3. Interesting things happen. round 2 at age 4. repeat. Then last group at age 6… falling down steps, unable to speak clearly, barely thinking, wearing coats in 95f heat, feet turned inwards like Alzheimer’s, death grip on food bowls, and at 12 weeks post stabs, 13lbs ascites on top of her tiny 43lb frame.

    Ps: Melatonin. better than prednisone. safer. talkimg 30 to 300mg a day. pain relief in cancer. Riordan clinic. Stops NS minimal change disease relapses (whereas standard of care is wait for massive proteinuria which is a good 2 weeks post initial and beginning eye swelling. Instead, a 20 or 40 mg dose melatonin, 1 or 3 or 3 times a day, usually 1 day is enough, STOPS a relapse.

    Vitamin c for cancer for autoimmunity for type 2. Talking 5 to 40 grams a day. Sodium abscorbate or ascorbic acid,

    And the low carb, beef rich diet. clearly!!!

    Thyroid… lugols iodine and selenium. Dr David Brownstein

    Diy oxygen therapy. Compression nebulizer. Med grade hydrogen peroxide. Add lugols iodine (should pass brain swab that way) Dr David Brownstein, Dr Thomas Levy

    Root cause of heart disease, Scurvy Dr Mathias Rath

    Is super high ldl in lean mass hyper responders… I bet scurvy, subclinical, plays a role.

    Safety of that Vit C for kidneys. Well, if it cures sepsis and stops organ failure, makes Nephrology unneeded, Dr Paul Marik . With high dose supplement C, my kid stopped throwing nonstop calcium oxalates in urine from her NS inflammation… 2 weeks to her next Neph appt after starting the C. Week 1) Her bruises on her leg, you know purpura, disappeared. Now, her leg spots guide us to daily dosage. 2) by end of week 2, her shoulder pain, back pain, especially massive quadriceps pain, exercise intolerance, and that old lady curled over look (she was 6) just unfurled and melted away. No more “thigh bone” growing pains.

    off prednisone, completely, thanks to Melatonin and Vit c (never the calcium abscorbate!!)

    Yep, when I started her lugols iodine a few months later she went from her vax injured brain, to normal. in 2 weeks. Stephanie Buist lecture. You guys chlorinate. And Bromide your bread. And flouride. well, cretins are everywhere there too.

    Magnesium glycinate is a given.

    zinc, selenium … as needed, not as often.

    Melatonin is a POTENT and Powerful antihistamine. long acting.

    Vitamin C is an antihistamine, acts fast and short term.

    Together for kid 2 serious allergix, lip swelling, ear bubbling, massive face reactions… well the combo completely and effectively stops poison ivy reactions. first time, did prednisone. was useless. stopped reaction enough to avoid a hospital stay but offered no reprieve. Again, 40mg melatonin at obvious symptoms.

    for fever, the xovid kind, 20 to 40 mg asap, repeat every 1 to 4 hours, as needed. 1 or 2 vit c, sodium abscorbate or ascorbic acid,, every 10 mins, every 30 mins, or every hour til rumbly tummy, bowel tolerance, or fever calms. Stay on freqeunt C for 2 to 4 days post fever breaking.

    Vit C talks
    Linus Paulings
    Dr Suzanne Humphries,
    Dr Thomas Levy
    Dr Cathcart
    Dr Klenner, 60 for 60 polio cured with a needle fulm of injected vitamin c. Med talks, was passed over for iron lungs

    Use pubmed. Read the never ensing atudiea. Where C is measured in various ailments, scorbuitus.

    For guinea pigs (? the next animal unable to manufacture vit c), like my kid, proteinuria from scurvy. pubmed. Case study in Switzerland where a kids proteinuria was resolved with daily vit c and when stopped it return. Some pediatric journal.

    Also in the guineas, the lpa cholesterol is a marker for scurvy.

  73. David Hilton

    Does the virus actually exist ?; either it does, or it doesn`t, right ?.
    Well maybe not, maybe it`s both.
    We know with almost irrefutable certainty that it started off in a Wuhan Lab, so surely it has been isolated, it must have been for the Dr Frankensteins to have been working on it, so why won`t they admit they have mapped its genome ?; because if they did it would be an admission that it`s a man made bioweapon.
    But maybe there`s something else going on, maybe for the virus to be viable in the wild, to be able to infect people outside of the lab, maybe it had to be designed to mutate, and perhaps it`s the mutations that have not been isolated, and never will because research that would enable their isolation is all but banned.
    Banned for the exact same reason, it would be proof positive that the virus is a man made bioweapon.
    Whatever the truth, one thing is certain, the “vaccines” are near useless in combatting the virus, and do more harm that good, in many many cases the side effects are a bigger danger to life than the virus itself.

    1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      You know with almost irrefutable certainty?
      These days you download the definitions and use PCR to the recipe.
      The definitions could be said to be made in a lab.
      The formulation of the subset definition called SPIKE protein to spike our hearts with looks to have been part of GoF research along with its delivery systems of lipids, PEG, nanoparticles and who knows what – and for what end?
      The stakeholders have everything at stake and nowhere else to go, and this extends to all who have staked identity in a mask of secrets and lies as their normal.
      There’s NO beginning to make sense of ‘combatting the ‘virus’. Immunity is needed against the hype, and the bandwagon of investment that is unleashed in support of the ‘too big to fails’.

  74. RockBone14

    Thanks for all you do Dr. Kendrick. Keep looking for facts (and ultimately the truth). If the SV2 hypothesis is believable, correct, whatever, then what other hypothesis’ were presented, tested and ruled out? I have not seen any other hypothesis’ (chemical, physical, biological, radiological, etc.) ever mentioned.

  75. David Redfern

    My little hypothesis is that the virus is very real, which is why governments around the world hit the panic button when they found out about it.

    My belief is the virus accidentally escaped from the Wuhan lab, and as almost every country in the world has some sort of Bio weapons facility (what do we imagine they do at Porten Down, invent knitting patterns?) they very well understood the possibilities of covid 19, just not yet the reality.

    With the exception of Sweden, almost every civilised country ignored WHO guidelines (and in the UK, our own) not to lockdown, isolate, shut schools, or wear masks because, no one in the know believed covid19 was just a pandemic, for which the guidelines were designed.

    It therefore got me to wondering if covid was somehow targeted by some sort of biological design, possibly one that hadn’t been completed. Perhaps why there are seemingly inconsistent results between Northern Ireland and England. Maybe it targets ‘genetically’ English people but not people with red hair. Ridiculous I know, but could a virus be genetically tweaked in some way to target, for example, just the elderly?

    In which case that confounds my entire hypothesis because, if it was a Bio weapon it would surely be targeted at 18 – 40 year olds – fighting age. Unless, of course, it was incomplete when it escaped.

    Which throws up another possibility. Perhaps it was released deliberately and the target all along was the elderly. That might be the proving ground for the genetic targeting of the virus. If it can target them, perhaps it can be tweaked to target 18 – 40 year olds, the concept just had to be proven in the wild.

    Something else is puzzling me. The mRNA drugs went to clinical trials amongst 40,000 or so people in March 2020 I believe. I understand the only clinical environment they had been used in prior to this was as a last ditch treatment for terminal cancer patients.

    Strange then, the jump from that, directly to human trials whilst skipping animal testing which had been spectacularly unsuccessful in the past.

    And whilst it might not be clear yet how effective Ivermectin really is in treating covid 19 patients, it’s probably the safest drugs ever developed by mankind. 30 billion doses to 3.6 billion people over 30 years with not a sniff of scandal or large (or even small) scale adverse reactions means that even as an early stage treatment it may have saved lives with almost zero risk. By contrast, mRNA drugs are all risk having no short, medium or long term data for their use.

    Well, maybe short term evidence from clinical trials, conducted by the pharmaceutical companies with a vested interest in selling the drug to governments around the world. But they wouldn’t risk killing the very people they need to consume the drugs.

    So lets open the can to see if there are any worms in it. Suppose for a moment the virus was genetically targeted in an attempt at eugenics, which would seem to suggest that the Northern Irish are the master race, at least amongst the British……… I’ll put the lid back on an empty can then?

    What I’m almost certain of is that no answers will be found in the science of the virus itself. The answer lies in the politics which is possibly even more complicated than the science.

    What, or who does this virus benefit? Or at least who benefits from the response to it? And over what period of time? Is it a totalitarian march to global subjugation?

    I rather like Toby Young’s take on that subject. Having been intimately involved with government for many years he’s of the opinion that governments in general can’t, in my crude terms, organise a p!ss up in a brewery far less manage a UN global government, even with the aid of the uber wealthy WEF; members of which would be tearing each other apart for the top job; King or Queen of the world.

    And what of covid 19 itself. I was amused at the very beginning of all this by the reaction of one commentator to the concept of Britons revolting over masks, lockdowns, vaccinations and passports.

    He opined that in the great British tradition it will ultimately be politely ignored, and life will gradually return to normal. I mean, when was the last time you saw an AIDS health warning splashed across TV screens……..

  76. Charles Gale

    Dr. Kendrick writes: “I have officially removed myself from all discussions on the matter…”

    Going forward, will this apply to the comments too?

  77. Graham Wheatley

    We need (and will continue to need) your input Dr. Kendrick. Please continue covering this subject. If any of the dissenters leave the argument then it helps (by omission) to swell the numbers of the fanatics.

    We ALL need to keep questioning, and pursuing the answers to those questions. It helps when the fanatics tie themselves in knots by stating one thing today and teh complete opposite tomorrow, but many people just ‘believe’ what they are told. They seemingly have had the logic centres of their brains fried, and it is up to the rest of us – and to you – to help them rewire and recover their powers of deduction.

    We need you here!


  78. Shaun Clark

    Cue… A deep roll of drums. And so, Ladies and Gentlemen (and you too Fast Eddy), the answer is… 42. That’s it, innit? It’s a wrap. The End.

  79. Robin Hull

    Thank you Dr Kendrick for your re-emergence. I had been concerned, just as others have been. I am delighted you are alive and kicking. Thank you so very much for your investigation of this Covid mess and for letting those of us who wish to remain standing have the benefit of your desire to uncover a few truths. Depressing that none is appearing other than that we can believe nothing from those who have regular access to the media.

  80. allritejack

    Hi Doc,

    I have all your heart disease papers from 2016 and I have come to trust you implicitly. I just posted this paper on my blog and I always inform people of your trustworthiness. Thanks for the interesting analysis.

    Kind Regards,

    Neville Roberts

  81. Geraint Roberts

    I am gagging and convulsing on an overdose of wisdom, truth, reality, honesty and brilliance from reading this article

  82. Norman Pilon

    Yup. I was worried over your long absence. Glad to hear it was only a preoccupation with — as it always is with you — the truth. And yes, the so-called field of knowledge on COVID is an absolute mess, and on all sides.

    But if I may, for anyone who might be interested, a couple of links to things that recently caught my attention:

    A Report on the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) of the COVID-19 Messenger Ribonucleic Acid (mRNA) Biologicals.PDF by Dr. Jessica Rose

    Dr. Rose contends that she has established a causal link between the mRNA vaccines and unprecedented levels of injuries and deaths in terms of what is typically associated with vaccinations.

    With that report, for those who prefer audio-visual presentations:

    And pertaining to the PCR testing as such, I thought that this conversation with Dr. Kevin McKernan to be informative:

    Aye! That’s it for COVID.

    BTW: I’m very relieved to hear that things are good with you, Dr. Kendrick, and I eagerly look forward to more of your always highly entertaining and instructive posts! Glad your back!

  83. Ivan Paton

    Hi Malcolm,

    Wow! About your blog and giving up on Covid-19.

    You have been a beacon of light, common sense, and scientific method during the never ending pandemic given to us by the New World Order, the World Health Organi


  84. smd1246

    I can’t imagine what you have been through. It bothers me that there are people who would deny facts when presented with so much research. I, for one, have appreciated your newsletters and the information provided in them. It takes a lot time to do the amount of research that you do……plus intelligence to make sense of it all. Your work on statin drugs encouraged me to question its necessity…… Thank you for everything that you do, Sandi Davenport Powhatan, VA, USA

    Sent from my iPad


  85. Steve

    Welcome back Dr K, glad to hear from you again.
    I’ve also had it with the CV19 nonsense, not interested any more – can’t do stupid anymore !
    The biggest danger for the planet at this time are the ‘ruling classes’ but us plebs are effectively powerless, particularly those of us who don’t conform or believe the drivel we are fed.

    Can I request/suggest you start a thread on Magnesium – to whet our appetite for your planned book ?

  86. Linzy

    So if, as you claim, there were no excess UK deaths in 2020 then can you explain why 15.5% more deaths were registered in the UK in 2020 than in 2019? Or why 15% more deaths were registered in 2020 than the five year average? And when was the last time in UK history a similar increase occurred?

    561,000 – 2010
    552,000 – 2011
    569,000 – 2012
    576,000 – 2013
    570,000 – 2014
    602,000 – 2015
    597,000 – 2016
    607,000 – 2017
    616,000 – 2018
    604,000 – 2019
    697,000 – 2020

    Increases/decreases per year.

    2011 – down 1.6%
    2012 – up 3%
    2013 – up 1.2%
    2014 – down 1.2%
    2015 – up 5.6%
    2016 – down 0.6%
    2017 – up 1.7%
    2018 – up 1.5%
    2019 – down 2.5%
    2020 – up 15.5%

    Five year average is 605,000.

    And, just for fun, can you highlight the excess deaths caused by pandemic in 1957 and 1967 mentioned in the above article?


    1. Palo Samo

      “The graph starts in last quarter 2017. As you can see, a spike in overall mortality in Spring 2020, A spike in Winter 2020/21. Currently, no excess mortality at all.”
      Please, read carefully next time.

        1. AhNotepad

          Yes of course PHE, fountain of scientific truth. Wear your mask, keep 6 feet apart, quarantine for, well, anything you like as long as it’s a ridiculous thing anyway, Get your jabs, any make, any order, as often as you can. Use biocide frequently. Any other well proven nonsense you can think of. Australia would be a good place to study the scientific method.

        2. Joris

          Hi Linzy,
          Thanks for the stimulating discussion! Great to not just have a one-sided set of posts.
          But please note that the graph in the post was accurate – and it’s consistent with your PHE graph because they show the exact same data. The only difference is that Euromono does not just show the excess deaths, but the statistical significance of this number. Because there’s a lot of randomness in all of these numbers (by their very nature). This means that at any point in time, you have a 50-50 chance of being above the norm. But if you’re above the norm due to randomness, can you really call that an excess? To be scientific about it: could you really call that statistically significant?

          So Euromono shows the statistical significance. Values above 0 technically correspond to excess deaths, but the statistical significance is only there for values (significantly) above 1.

          So you’re right in that there are excess deaths in England currently, but Dr. Kendrick is also correct because this excess is not statistically significant, i.e. it is very well possible to be caused by excess noise. (A more advanced statistical analysis would consider the chance of the excess being persistent across multiple weeks – would would probably tip the balance in your favour again, but that gets into some quite advanced statistics which I would personally prefer to solve with simulations :-S

          In any case, the level of excess deaths has been (rather) persistent and apart from a few big waves, it hasn’t been very clearly correlated with the infection numbers – this pattern does replicate elsewhere, e.g. in Germany. And it’s a real puzzle. There’s loads of fascinating statistics yet to be done on all this!

        3. Eggs ‘n beer

          Why use five years? Because they are the lowest five years on record? Including an outlier low in 2019. Are the death numbers adjusted for age and population? I doubt it, otherwise they would have said. Those numbers are meaningless as there isn’t enough information given to work out what they mean.

          1. Linzy

            Except 2019 wasn’t the lowest five year average!

            Five year averages per year:

            2019 – 605,576
            2018 – 598,703
            2017 – 590,792
            2016 – 583,162
            2015 – 574,167
            2014 – 565,944
            2013 – 563,799
            2012 – 564,447
            2011 – 565,580
            2010 – 569,578
            2009 – 573,838
            2008 – 578,873
            2007 – 585,350
            2006 – 592,022
            2005 – 598,456
            2004 – 603,979
            2003 – 612,916

            And we use five year averages to account for age, population, lifestyle and medical advancement.

            So now explain why, with a total number of 695,812 deaths in 2020, did the UK register 15% more deaths than the five year average, and when did the last 15% increase occur?

    2. Jerome Savage

      Might the excess deaths been as a result of the vax rollout, switching of medical resources to the new kid on the block and the extra care home deaths? We cannot rule any of the above out and yes, 15.5% increase is highly significant.

        1. Ahnotepad

          No, but the lack of treatment people were able to get while the only official treatable disease was covid, did have an effect.

          1. Linzy

            Covid was the only treatable disease?

            How very strange! I could have sworn I had a spirometry test, multiple mammograms, scans, biopsies, a cancer diagnosis, a lumpectomy, lymph node removal, calcification removal, a full mastectomy, smear test, gastrostomy, and chemotherapy in the last year? Maybe I was confused and actually on covid wards at all four hospitals I’ve been admitted to and treated at???

            They were all pretty busy too, every single day.

          2. Linzy

            Manchester, UK.

            Treated at Tameside, Wythenshawe, Christie’s and Oldham. Not a single day’s delay. From initial GP referral to first consultation was 8 day’s… the time frame protocol is 10 days.

            It actually took 10 and 11 days respectively for that referral process to happen when I had suspected throat cancer in 2018 and 2019.

            One of the hardest hit areas. We were out of lockdown for a grand total of 27 days from March 2020 to January 2021.

          3. David H

            You wrote:
            Treated at Tameside, Wythenshawe, Christie’s and Oldham. Not a single day’s delay. From initial GP referral to first consultation was 8 day’s… the time frame protocol is 10 days.

            It actually took 10 and 11 days respectively for that referral process to happen when I had suspected throat cancer in 2018 and 2019.

            One of the hardest hit areas. We were out of lockdown for a grand total of 27 days from March 2020 to January 2021.

            Linzi: we weren`t in lockdown in 2018 -2019, there was no such thing as Covid until December of 2019 and lockdown followed in 2020.

            Given this, I find your claims of being medically assessed and treated DURING the LAST YEAR of the “pandemic” disingenuous and misleading.

          4. Linzy

            Try reading my comment correctly.

            It took just 8 days in December 2020 for my cancer referral. During lockdown. By Mid-january 2021 all investigations had been completed and I received my diagnosis. First surgery in February 2021, second surgery March 2021.

            I’ve just finished 18 weeks of chemotherapy, currently having radiotherapy.

            It took 11 days to be referred in 2018 and 2019 when there was no lockdown and no covid.


    3. sltom992

      Gross obesity is common. In the US 1 out of 7 people are grossly obese. What occurs if you lock these people down when the only exercise they normally get is working?

      1. AhNotepad

        Work is what keeps many people going, not just obese ones. Some may have hobbies that encourage them, but the work is something that gives a real prompt to get out of bed and get going.

  87. Stephen

    Dr Kendrick,

    This is a helpful article. Totally agree with your take outs.

    Nothing that I hear at the micro level around this makes much sense to me either. Separating truth from falsehood is impossible and words have become totally distorted.

    At the macro level I am much clearer. There is an illness that has killed people. But the reaction to it has been totally disproportionate to the threat it creates. Indeed, what we have done has been counter productive potentially both in terms of the illness itself and clearly with respect to other, wider collateral damage. Much of our civilisation is suffering from a form of cognitive dissonance. In many ways, I believe the current psychology is like a war where we are still executing it. But everyone has kind of lost the plot for what it is about but carries on because they have gotten used to it and to stop would be to accept the futility of what went before. The First World War comes to mind as a historical analogy. The multiple Battles of Ypres correspond to multiple lock downs or even the urge to keep going with multiple vaccination waves beyond the initial doses.

    My main caveat is the certainty of the viral explanation. It may be right. I know though that this next thought is heresy in modern medicine but I do believe that we are programmed to assume viral explanations. There may be other causes of this illness. The fact that we do not know what they are does not mean that viruses necessarily are the answer. We should remember that sixteenth century witch hunters were as certain that witches are real and caused disasters as we are certain of viruses as the root causes of nearly all evil. They thought they were rational and scientific too.

    Nevertheless, I am double vaccinated! Again, the side effects of this seem as overblown by certain groups as the other issues are by the Covid fear mongers. Common sense is a scarce commodity in these very evil times. Your post brings much needed common sense.



  88. dearieme

    I think you’ve done a fine job your Covid coverage, and I agree with your conclusion that we still know only a little more than sweet Football Association. All power to your elbow.

  89. Kim Amburgey

    Just last week I came to a similar decision —  not another covid utterance will escape my lips…  except to a few, a very few, folks.

    Most often I’m the lone rational person in a milieu of paranoia that is looked at with dagger-eyes….  “What, don’t you love children?”  “You would send them off to a school without a mask mandate to face certain death??”  The extremely low statistics I share of child death from covid and the dearth of studies showing low quality mask effectiveness doesn’t assuage their fears, it just confirms my heartlessness.

    Oh well, looks like I am in good company, Dr. Kendrick, and I’ll admit the decision to “zip it” has taken a burden off!  Until the insanity subsides, my ostrich-like head is planted firmly in the sand.  Unfortunately people are so primed now to the stress response, they will search out another storm even as covid fades away… and no doubt the ‘mighty intellects’ and the media will be happy to fan the flames.  

    Thank you so much for all your posts!
    Kim Amburgey

  90. Lynn Wright

    I don’t think Koch’s postulates ever work for proof of any (so called) bacterial caused disease either, let alone “viral” caused. Many times “bad” bacteria are found in perfectly healthy people showing no signs of the disease they are said to cause. Germ Theory is just that, a theory, never proven. Certainly not by the rigors of Koch’s Postulates.Start reading abut pleomorphism, Antoine Becahmp’s research, that bacteria are there to dispose of dead, diseased, dying tissue. They are not the cause of it. They are the recyclers, not the instigators. It is toxins, posoins, unhealthful lifestyles (liitle sleep or exercise, chronic stress), being overfed and undernourished (obesity and malnutrition) that cause disease. NOT exogenous infectious agents.
    I matters greatly that SARs CoV-2 has yet to be isolated. Without the “thing” how can we study, create an accurate test for, treat, prevent, etc. a disease caused by the “thing” if we have no “thing”.

    1. nondu96

      I have no medical background whatsoever, but this I understand to be a very logical and plausible explanation for pretty much of the phenomena we are observing. The ‘field theory’ is far more capable of providing explanations than this ‘single-path-causality’ of pathogens.
      I do not believe in sarscov 2, simply because there is no way anyone has given any proof of the ‘thing’; just observing people are getting sick is not good enough. Still, we need an explanation for this ‘explosion’ of cases in the spring of 2020.
      Below, I have suggested that significant differences in overall mortality may be explained – in part – as the result of differences in the way these patients were treated. But still, that is no explanation for the fact than in a very short period of time an awful lot of people had to be treated.

  91. errett

    During your absence, I realized that I have adopted you as a member of my family—-no other way to explain my level of concern—-I am very relieved that you are with us—-undiminished and determined as ever to carry the light—-“We in our present life knew that the stars were right, and if you are the first to go, you will leave a sign to let me know…..”


  92. Prof Norman Fenton (@profnfenton)

    Malcolm: this is a terrific article, but what you said about false positives may need some clarification. My understanding is that the 30% false positive claim by the CDC referred to the proportion of positives that were false – and not the false positive rate.

    If, say, the true population infection rate is say 2% and the false positive rate is 1% then (assuming low false negative rate) from 1 million tests we get 20,000 true positives and just under 10,000 false positives. So about 30,000 test positive and the proportion that are false is about 30% (even though the false positive rate is only 1%).

    Norman Fenton

    1. David

      Does anyone have any actual, real world data for the False positive rate? Does anyone know whether this changes according to countries/test systems?
      In countries like Israel and Iceland, at the lowest point the positive rate was 10%). If FP was significant a driver of positive results, the rate shouldn’t go up as much when you do more tests. It shouldn’t be a positive correlation.

  93. David Bailey

    I am immensely grateful (words I rarely use) to see that you have not been silenced. I sent you an email just the other day, and I wonder if that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and brought you back (pure vanity)!

    I read that your oxygen saturation test was about 99%, and this made me wonder what happens if someone has Reynaud’s syndrome and has a blue finger at the time of the measurement!

    I would also like to mention that when I go to the relevant shelves in the local supermarket, I am gratified to see then stacked high with Vitamins D and C and some preparations for zinc deficiency! Of course that don’t say what they are for – you have to read between the lines for that.

    When you say (as you have in the past) that your experience with patients who died of COVID has left you pretty sure SARS-COV-2 exists, I have one niggling doubt. Could it be that many of these patients were infected with another disease or a second disease, but came up positive for COVID and nobody looked any further? Is there any other virus that might behave cause the sudden drop in oxygen levels in the blood?

  94. lilian gunn

    HI, I will keep reading, i’m not a “medical type” but I get the gist, I think. I am a stand in the parker and feel at least I’m doing something. Deep down we know this is all wrong and need to keep together. Nobody knows everything but everybody knows something is my motto. Thank you for this long explanation on exactly what’s going on with this so called virus and the test. I say to folk stop getting tested and low and behold the “cases” will stop. May be a simplistic approach but very effective I think.

    love and peace, we will win this. After all it’s a spiritual battle we are in and as the saying goes God wins.


  95. JDPatten


    Dr. Kendrick, you seem to have been waylaid.
    To get us all back to the subject this blog has long been devoted to, I respectfully suggest you give attention to a different blogger.
    The Skeptical Cardiologist has quite an extensive following. His blog articles appear often on medpage.com. as op-eds. So, his assertive convictions get around.

    Is this article of his a fair representation of reality, or does it fold itself into and nurture the prevailing unfortunate medical “conventional wisdom”?


    We need to get back on track, retrieve some sanity, and continue figuring out this undeniably major cause of death.
    May intellectual integrity prevail!

    1. Philip Thackray

      I follow theskepticalcardiologist and I read that article about Apo B and atherosclerosis. I hope that Dr. Kendrick can return to this subject area sometime soon.

  96. David

    Thank you very much for your article.
    Most if not all of what you say I had / have suspected for some time now. The one thing that Covid has certainly taught me is believe nothing you read or hear from the press or media. And that governments do NOT care about the people. The leaders all have set personal agendas which unfortunately us mere mortals are powerless to change. Look after your family as best you can and thank God if you are a Christian for giving us Jesus, the Truth and the Grace to live in this absolutely senseless place we call life. Kind regards David

    1. Martin Back

      Our fearless leaders are guided by The Science.
      – Ivermectin is tested and found to be ineffective, therefore it is BANNED.
      – Face masks are tested and found to be ineffective, therefore they are COMPULSORY.
      This is Science. If you think it’s lunacy you will be dealt with once there are digital passports.

  97. pauline sumner

    Thank you for your blog on covid, they have been as inspiring as your cholesterol blogs, which I am more than grateful for.
    I was refused life insurance due to my cholesterol readings, but after reading your blogs I did further research and managed to successfully argue my case and now have life insurance. Thank you again.

    1. Gaetan

      Ms. Summer,
      As the good Doctor showed us, high cholesterol promote longevity in elderly people, you could have your premium brought down!!

  98. Peter Ford

    Desperately sorry to hear you are giving up the fight. It would be totally understandable, given the risks you have run. But I hope you will make a quick comeback tour.
    To the extent that there really is little excess mortality, could it not be due in part to people being spared exposure to over-treatment by the NHS, by service simply being unavailable? I speak as one who was recently dragged into an operation for suspected cancer that turned out to be totally unnecessary but left me maimed?
    Could fewer people having died from covid in Northern Ireland have anything to do with lower life expectancy there? Given that the average age of death from covid in UK is 82, the fact that most NI folks check out by age 80 means that many will not have lived long enough to cop the virus badly. NI alsohas a younger population than the UK average. The preponderance of deaths in the older cohorts can explain a lot , including why the ‘tsunami ‘ of deaths predicted by the WHO for much of the developing world failed to materialise.

  99. Richard Amerling

    I share your angst re: The Truth. So I have created a New Epistemology to help us find it.
    1. Anything censored by social media is true.
    2. Anyone kicked off social media is telling the truth.
    3. Everything reported in the mainstream media is false.
    4. Anything blacked out by mainstream media is true.
    5. All pronouncements by the WHO, SAGE, or CDC are presumed false
    6. All results of Pharma-sponsored studies are presumed false
    7. All recommendations from Guideline Committees are presumed false
    8. All advertised (or coerced) drugs or treatments are harmful and ineffective

    Please feel free to supplement this list. It’s a new science.



  100. Chancery Stone

    Profoundly sorry to hear you are stepping back from Covid. You were the only sane resource I had. I was just on the point, today, of acceding to getting the vaccine, although I didn’t want it, but you’ve made me realise I need to do more research, rather than just give in.

    I hope you get some data eventually that is actually useable, to glean something from the shambolic farce that has been Covid, but I fear that pool has been forever corrupted and nothing useful can ever be learned from it, until a hundred years or so has gone by and we, or who is left of us, can see the big picture more clearly from a distance. I have a horrible tinfoil-hat feeling, though, that that society may be forever changed by the governmental erosions that Covid has enabled here and now.

    Look forward to reading your new lines of enquiry, and thanks for the clarity you have offered during the pandemic.

    1. AhNotepad

      Chancery, you may like to look at the articles on ukcolumn.org entitled “No Smoke Without Fire”. There are other articles, but they are a starting point.

  101. jef Jelten

    I am late to the party so I don’t know if it will even resonate with the host but I just want to point out that this exact same evolution of the issue occured with 911. Eventually everyone who was anyone gave up and in fact most eventually became aggressively against even mentioning it. Certainly not because it was settled but because “they” were successful in muddying up the waters and yelling conspiracy theorist when ever someone did talk about it. Eventually “they” won and no one talks about it.

    I seriously hope that this does not go down the same road. We must expose the lies and point fingers at those who sold them.

  102. Scott David Saunders, MD

    Thank you for all you do. I have really enjoyed your writing. I am a physician in Santa Barbara, California, and have noted all the same issues — and worse. In California we have put the vaccines above all human life. I have also stopped trying to make sense out of nonsense. BRAVO! I hope you continue to send your thoughts on other things.

  103. Gary Ogden

    Hooray, hooray! A joy to hear from you again, Dr Kendrick. Eagerly looking forward to new topics, and the fourth book. What is the publishing date?

  104. LA_Bob

    Good to see you back. I wasn’t too worried because you sometimes disappear for perfectly good reasons. Had it gone on much longer, I might have felt differently.

    And the post is excellent. Sums up how I feel about the dearth of consistent, reliable data!

  105. john barr

    Hi Malcolm
    Good to hear you are still being allowed to bring a modicum of common sense to the asylum.
    As a fellow GP, I would be calling you up to congratulate you, rather than castigate you.
    Here in Australia, the madness is just ramping up. We are fed loads of completely non-scientific guff by the politicians and their medical/scientific advisors
    People are being shut down for daring to say anything which is even vaguely contrary to government policy, even if you can provide evidence. The concept of natural immunity after infection is something which apparently doesn’t happen with covid here in Australia. Vaccination is apparently the only way to achieve any kind of immunity.
    There are significant numbers of doctors who believe as I do but we are hamstrung by the threat of loss of licence to practice. After all, we still have to earn a living. Recently, a person who had the temerity to organize an anti-lockdown protest was jailed for 3 months.
    What I find most frightening is the number of doctors who just blindly accept the lies doled out by the authorities. There is absolutely no thought of scientific debate. Any attempt to suggest something different is met by the twin attack of Covid denier, and the ultimate insult of anti-vaxxer. Once branded an anti-vaxxer, you are in deep shit. You will be forever cast into the pit of tinfoil hat wearer, conspiracy theorist and loony. Talking about lack of long-term safety data for vaccines despite being an undeniable fact, means you are a non-believer, and must be stoned.
    Like you, I am just keeping my head under the parapet , and having the occasional discussion with patients who I know share the same concerns.
    I have had my 2 jabs of the AZ “vaccine”, simply because I don’t believe I will be able to travel, even within Australia, without proof of vaccination. Even then, a couple of the State premiers will probably not allow entry without quarantine.
    As fellow Scot and extremely wise follower of world stupidity, Billy Connolly once said “The fuckwits are in charge”.
    Keep up the good work. I see they’re still finding dubious ways of trying to persuade people to take statins.

  106. Kenneth S Bjork II

    You have great insight to the problems we are facing and this has turned into no longer being following the science, but rather it is now a religion that if you don’t stick to the narrative, or present an opposing opinion, you will ex-communicated. This all points to the unfortunate reality that this is a politically motivated, greed & power play, by some nefarious cabal that has used this situation, for their own devices. If you don’t already follow @ethicalskeptic, you should as he is beyond genius as far knowing how to assess data & turn it into graphic representations that ferret out the truth. At least he is more likely to find out if there is something there. We need to find a way to counter the tyranny that has now maligned science and the pursuit of the truth. This is the best presentation on what is happening now I’ve seen https://youtu.be/09maaUaRT4M

    1. Tish

      ‘If you don’t stick to the narrative, or present an opposing opinion, you will be ex-communicated.’
      Yes, and Jonathan Swift described this in his Gulliver’s Travels in 1726. The emperor of Lilliput decreed that boiled eggs should be broken at the little end. The result in Lilliput…..
      “Many hundred large volumes have been published upon this controversy: but the books of the Big-endians have been long forbidden, and the whole party rendered incapable by law of holding employments.”

      Will we ever change for the better?

      1. Prudence Kitten

        “Will we ever change for the better?”

        Not until we stop being primates, unless we learn to understand and accept our primate instincts and make allowances for them in our thinking.

  107. Dana

    The Australian Govt. is currently running a fear ad campaign to the non-vaccinated; it reminds me of the Grim Reaper ad of the govt. back in mid-80’s.

  108. Bev

    Just putting this here before I go off to read the other comments. It is good to see you back here; I have been more than a bit worried. Thank you for a dose of sanity from Melbourne, Australia, where I am quietly going insane with the current proceedings. I will share your post on Farcebook but without saying anything which might get up the noses of the Fact Police. I have already had several warnings!

    1. Vicki

      Also from Australia – and also “going quietly insane” as the politicians and bureaucrats destroy the rights that we thought we had.

  109. hofmarinus

    Graphene oxide appears to cause similar symptoms to the “virus”, lung damage, blood clots and the cytokine storm. Maybe the covid is not a virus, but graphene oxide poisoning. Hopefully accidental.

  110. Kevin Quinn-Heaney

    Thank you for all your efforts to find the truth and share it with others.

    I just want to point out a typo in your latest post. It is located in the first sentence in the section “3: The figures make no sense – and never will”. The line reads “…form which all other problems flow…” and I believe it should read ” ..from which …”




  111. Margaret phillips

    Thank you for this Dr Kendrick.  You have put it more eloquently and scientifically than I ever could. After 18 months I

  112. Antonetta R

    Sorry to see you leave the Covid19 discussion. Does this mean you have also withdrawn as a member of the HART Group? After all they are in the forefront of the Covid discussion. Your belief that HCQ and Ivermectine may have some benefit (and not the proclaimed 90% benefit) no doubt is based on studies you have read which demonstrate such limited benefit. For completeness’ sake it would be good to include those studies upon which you base this belief, so that readers can judge for themselves.
    I thank you for your earlier contributions and hope you will keep up your other good work and don’t let your wings be clipped by the medical censorship.

  113. Leila

    Nice to see you back Dr Kendrick. I recently purchased your book Doctoring Data and really enjoyed it. Thanks again for everything you do

  114. Mark Heneghan

    Welcome back, now set your dogs on Nexletol.
    A few days ago in my surgery we had a positive covid swab in for a completely healthy 3 year old. No action taken or needed of course, because accompanying the result to the parents will have been given strict instructions about isolation. It made me realise that for most of my professional life I have been diagnosing viral illnesses on clinical grounds, and any further action that I have taken has been based on how ill the patient was, not on which virus it was. I can understand in the beginning the logic of trying to contain the virus until a vaccination program had been established, but now that most who want to be vaccinated have been, and that the virus is undoubtedly widespread among the population, and will probably remain as an endemic virus like flu, what is the point of the widespread testing now? It takes a lot of money and time, and it has served its purpose.

  115. Norman

    I agree with Leila. I too bought ‘Doctoring Data’ recently; it was written 8 yrs ago but predicted more or less what we see now.

    As we’re encouraged to discuss non COVID-1984 things I’m raising the connection between BMI and lifespan that D.D. mentioned, i.e. that overweight people seem to live longer than normal weight people. As I may have said, there are multiple hypotheses –

    1) people of average (or poor) health, e.g. junk food diet, not enough exercise, suffer various illnesses as they get older and need some fat reserves to survive the experience better

    2) people who do resistance exercise (aka hard manual work??) and become muscular (high BMI) live longer

    3) the naturally-thin (ectomorphs) are less long-lived than the middleweight (mesomorphs) or heavyweight (endomorphs).

    1. Leila

      Is it also the fact that thinner elderly people are more likely to fracture/break a bone when they fall than somebody with a bit more meat on their bones? Frailer older people do seem to struggle more – less strength, less balance, less padding..

      1. Prudence Kitten

        I suspect that there is a definite syndrome with some elderly people. They are too impressed by their advancing age, and so stop doing much – or any – exercise. That reduces the appetite, so they eat less. As they eat less, the temptation grows not to bother cooking meat and two veg, but instead to nibble biscuits or make a sandwich. That leads gradually to serious malnutrition, which weakens them, makes them thinner, and shortens their lives.

        The opposite strategy, which I endeavour to pursue (at the age of 73), is to eat plenty so as to obtain sufficient amounts of all essential nutrients – of which there may be 80-90. (And supplement those that seem to need it). That might lead to obesity, especially as metabolism gradually slows down. So I insist on walking as much as reasonably possible: I aim to average 40-50 miles a week, with an occasional excursion of 20 miles or so. (Running is better, but not always possible or safe as one ages).

        Food, drink, exercise and sleep are the essentials of a healthy life. Cut corners on any of them and you will eventually suffer.

        1. Leila

          Good point Prudence, you’re right about the eating habits. Small sandwiches and biscuits being the common foods for many older people I’ve come across. And then due to lack of proper nourishment they will have less energy to move/exercise/cook well.. and so the cycle continues I suppose.
          Constipation is often another common problem as people get older, probably due to not eating enough or having enough variety in the diet.

          I guess like everything it comes down to how many people take their health into their own hands like you clearly do. A lot of people just give up, probably the increased medications they start being given don’t help either…

          And then we have the isolation of a lot of old people these days; whereas if they have good family support they tend to eat a lot better due to being better looked after.

          I do hate what society has done to the elderly.. just cast them to the side and left them without supports. I’ve been frustrated with many GPs who have told older people to just put up with pain as part of old age when as a physio within 3 or 4 sessions I have often helped some to at least reduce pain significantly and improve function so they can look after themselves again. Especially if they live alone. And it bothers me knowing if they hadn’t gone out of their own way to try physio or something similar these people would still be suffering for no reason

          1. Prudence Kitten

            “Constipation is often another common problem as people get older, probably due to not eating enough or having enough variety in the diet”.

            That, too, can be caused by lack of exercise. We evolved to do a lot of physical work every day, and it’s very likely that digestion and elimination slow down without it.

  116. Claudia Knight MA

    Good words, though

    “Don’t Quit”

    When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,

    When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,

    When the funds are low but the debts are high,

    And you want to smile but you have to sigh,

    When care is pressing you down a bit,

    Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

    Life is strange with its twists and turns,

    As every one of us sometimes learns,

    And many failures turn about

    When we might have won had we stuck it out.

    Don’t give up though the pace seems slow –

    You may succeed with another blow.

    Success is failure turned inside out –

    The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

    You can never tell how close you are,

    It may be near when it seems so far;

    So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit –

    It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit

  117. Robert S Redfern

    Whatever is claimed, the burials and cremations remain average for the past five years except for the elderly people ‘thrown under the bus’ Spring 2020. Where are the bodies from this ‘pandemic’?

  118. Dr Patrick Nerney

    Great to hear from you again. One thing this virus infection has shown me more clearly is that we live in times when democracy (now called populism) and civil liberty as we’ve understood them are in danger. I’ve just listened to, and recommend, a Dellingpole podcast featuring a very respectable American economist called Katherine Austin. In her convincing narrative the covid outbreak is just one more opportunity being used by our masters in a complex including the intelligence organisations/arms industry/banking/finance/big pharma/organised crime etc to impose greater fear, confusion, compliance and control over us, the proles, the hoi polloi. The entire situation is genuinely scary. Watch Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrik if you haven’t already seen it. Things have moved on and downhill considerably since it was made.

  119. David Vicknair

    Dr. Kendrick,

    Thank you for honest expression of frustration over determining the truth of COVID. Many of us categorically reject any attempt to control the truth. I prefer to chew my food myself, thank you. A central tenant of liberty entails the right to make a wrong decision. And who aside from God is capable of discerning so many shades of COVID grey? As Job was dutifully reminded, none of us were around as consultants to the Creator when the earth and everything in it, including immune systems and viruses, was formed.

    About IVM. IVM is not a silver bullet, but I must issue with your comments about IVM and HCQ, but particularly IVM, which continues to be used by frontline clinicians to great effect when administered correctly—early and as part of a multi pronged approach like I-MASK+ (there are others). As for IVM’s efficacy you have to deal with the FLCCC, Drs Kory and Marek and their massive body of clinical experience and supporting scientific evidence. Unless you are in the disingenuous only large RCPC trials count camp (I would argue that at this point in regards to IVM they are unethical) would also spend some time chewing on the research evidence at http://www.c19ivermectin.com. It is very well laid out. Then spend some time listening to Dr Kory and other FLCCC speak about their experience with IVM. Or you can follow the many Dr Been (Mobean Sayid) video interviews on YouTube with clinicians from around the world who are successfully using IVM. And then I respectfully ask that you rethink your position.

    Keep up the good fight! There is honor in seeking the truth.


    David Vicknair
    Kansas, USA

  120. Bill

    There is logical error in the very well written article.

    “The thirty per cent cannot be the case currently, because that would mean if you did one million tests, you would get more than three hundred thousand false positives. Instead we are getting thirty thousand, which means that it is impossible for the false positive rate to be higher than three per cent.”

    The 30% false positive rate is in regards to POSITIVE results, not the total processed. In your example of 30,000 positive results per day, the CDC is saying 30% of THOSE will be wrong. The 30% has nothing to do with the total number of PCR processes (I don’t believe it should be referred to as a test) performed. In your example, 9,000 of the “positives” would be false. Hope that makes sens.

  121. Tish

    ‘The figures make no sense – and never will.’

    Yes, and how will people discover the extent of excess clotting (blood clotting factors) if, as they tell us, there is going to be a shortage of blood tests?

  122. Michèle

    Sanity still exists in some corners of this ever more rapidly spinning world. Thank you for this excellent article with a view that would have been considered banal two years ago but now strikes me as being so refreshingly thoughtful and lacking of hyperbole. I feel like I’ve just taken a walk in the forest and my cortisol levels have dropped back to normal. How long will it last? Like everything else these days, who knows. Be well.

  123. zebrano69

    Great to hear from you again, Malcolm. I was getting really worried that something nasty had happened to you! Like many others, I’m also eagerly awaiting the release of the new book.
    Any firm date yet?

  124. burkehee

    still waiting for the “experts” to explain how COVID cases have exploded worldwide since the vaccine was introduced

  125. Jimmy Knapp

    I can relate to people dying of something different that I had not seen with such frequency in my previous 30 years of nursing. Very distinct in early spring 2020, but not quite the same since.

  126. Giovanni Scerra

    A small correction on PCR tests: The 30% of false positive means 30% of the positive tests are false positives, and NOT 30% of the test results are false positives, as you implied in your statement – “The thirty per cent cannot be the case currently, because that would mean if you did one million tests, you would get more than three hundred thousand false positives”.
    I truly enjoy reading your articles on COVID19 and hope that you will not give up writing on the subject.
    In the US the media sounds just like a broken record when talking about pandemic and vaccines. Your blog is helping people to think critically about what is happening, which is a precious commodity these days.

  127. DeborahFS

    Curious about the difference in deaths in Northern Ireland vs. UK/England… Was Remdesivir administered differently (ie., perhaps given at lower dosages) to those hospitalized and tested positive for COVID-19 in Northern Ireland than was the case in UK/England hospitals? Are you able to obtain that dosage information? Renal failure is a known risk/side effect of Remdesivir: http://www.nephropathol.com/Files/Inpress/jnp-17106.pdf . There is speculation that it’s Fauci’s/FDA’s treatment protocol (not COVID-19) that killed many in NY, early-pandemic, ICU patients passing with symptoms parallel to those having renal failure (eg., severe edema in extremities, fluid build-up in the lungs referred to as COVID pneumonia). Could they have drowned, continually pumped full of IV fluids when their kidneys had been rendered incapable of ridding their body of those fluids)? Is it possible that the recommended treatment protocol is what caused the surges in death in UK/England? I see that MHRA endorsed Remdesivir’s use May 26, 2020… does this order correspond with the first spike in UK/England deaths? https://www.wsh.nhs.uk/covid-staff-zone/Guidelines-SOPs-clinical-info/Docs/Clinical-guideline/MHRA-guideline-access-to-remdesivir-for-treatment-of-COVID-19.pdf

  128. giovanniscerra

    A small correction on PCR tests: The 30% of false positive means 30% of the positive tests are false positives, and NOT 30% of the test results are false positives, as you implied in your statement – “The thirty per cent cannot be the case currently, because that would mean if you did one million tests, you would get more than three hundred thousand false positives”.
    I truly enjoy reading your articles on COVID19 and hope that you will not give up writing on the subject.
    In the US the media sounds just like a broken record when talking about pandemic and vaccines. Your blog is helping people to think critically about what is happening, which is a precious commodity these days.

  129. LA_Bob

    Dr Robert Malone gives this post a shout-out on his Twitter feed:

  130. Joe

    For me, just like you, I’ve become truly disgusted with the US medical system and all the toadying up to the ‘people in the know’.
    Accordingly, I have chosen to disbelieve 90% or nearly all of what media, CDC, AMA and WHO says about C19.
    I simply say,”I don’tt believe it” and go about my merry. Of course I study the heck out of this stuff, looking at multiple sources, same as you. I have a degree in Chinese Medicine so I’m not entirely dim on these things. But, I am relying on my own research and judgements, not theirs.
    Since I became a ‘disbeliever’, life has become (for me) a lot more peaceful. “Just shut your mouth and smile alot”.

  131. Andrew

    I feel as you do. But I also am saddened because we need a diversity of ideas, and we need practitioners and experts to speak from their observational perspectives. We laypeople feel the gaslighting, but need help in discerning. Even your “gut” is appreciated. We need more people to say, “I don’t know for sure, but based on what I’m seeing, reading, etc…..”. If not, the cult leaders who are currently the policy-makers will succeed. Please consider this as you take your C19 sabbatical.

  132. nondu96

    One of the possible explanations for the differences in overall mortality during spring 2020 – I’m dead serious – is the way hospital’s treated patients. What did they do? What did they not do? And for how long?

  133. me oliveira

    I couldn’t (neither wanted) read all the comments.
    I feel a sense of regaining some freedom.
    It is good that Dr. Kendrick stopped this war against idiots.
    All People in almost all countries will regain some freedom and will perform justice, undoubtedly by a destroying route.
    Peace to all.

  134. Janice Willoughby

    Sept. 4, 2021

    Ditto those commenting above who wish to see you, Dr. Kendrick, continue to post updates on the Covid19 news, and your reflections on that news. This latest post from you, and the following commentary, are evidence of the value of your platform.

    Your complaint- something to the effect that we “really know” little or nothing about the Covid19- is well taken; but knowing little or nothing, and nonetheless having to push on, onward and upward, is the purpose of the human intellect.

    If nothing else, there is the necessity of “tell them again”, and “tell them you told them, AGAIN !

    (See, and listen to, the Darkhorse Livestream podcast of September 4, 2021, as an example of Tell Them Again, or Why Aren’t They Listening ?…or perhaps just, For Heaven’s Sake, Let’s Get the Lowhanging Fruit !!!)

    Dr. Kendrick, I trust that the world needs your honest, thoughtful, educated (the M.D.), closely followed letters- on the Covid19, as well as any other aspects of medicine and healthcare, on which you feel compelled to post.

    Thank you, and thanks to all your thoughtful commentaries.

  135. Rob Muldoon

    The only thing that can be claimed as 100% fact is that those we have historically instilled our faith and trust in have systematically lied and misled the common people and this has never been about health outcomes.

  136. David Bridson

    Your analysis is excellent. Balanced and well reasoned. Dr Chetty a GP from Port Edward South Africa on 24th April 2021, during an interview with Dr McMillan stated exactly the same observation regarding the progression of the disease… “flu like symptoms for a week, then suddenly on the 7th or 8th day respiratory crash” precisely as you have described it. Oxygen saturation collapsing rapidly. This Doctor has treated 4000 coronavirus patients now, using clinical observations, and he determined that on the 7th or 8th day an allergic/inflammatory reaction was actually responsible. Immediate treatment with Prednisone 80mg, and Antihistamines together, for just a few days inevitably restored breathing and recovery followed. I share this detail with you, as it may be a link to connect elements of the puzzle. Kind regards David Bridson.

  137. Lucie

    This is, quite simply, the most honest representation of the whole debacle that I have ever read. And I have read entire books, countless “peer reviewed” studies, emotive essays and didactic directives. I can’t tell you what it meant to me reading some truth, some honesty when it has been the one thing notably absent from the scene. I actually have tears streaming at the moment. Thank God for a few decent, honest men. From the very beginning of this “thing”, whatever it really is and is about, all I have searched for is the truth, enlightenment. Now I can see that that is probably impossible and I have a little peace.
    Thanks and I wish you the very best outcome that is possible from all this. I wish that for all mankind but I still can’t shake the dread I wake with every day.

  138. Arlie Esau

    As a fellow FP, I have had much the same experience and have arrived at the same conclusions. In the early stage I was up late digging for information, pointing with complete futility how CFR stats were being reported with no attempt to even estimate IFR. One difference. I am compelled to voice my primary conclusion that there is no explanation for all this dishonesty apart from nefarious political intent. Commonly referred to as the great reset.

  139. Monique Bricca

    Good afternoon Dr. Kendrick,

    Brilliantly written and humorous to boot! Thank you for this thoughtful narrative…

    Wishing you all the best, Monique Bricca

    PS. Please don’t stay silent!

  140. Vicki Sanderson

    I live in Australia (which has gone mad!) & have just discovered your blog. I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate your work and your courage. This seems like an extravagant statement but, in the world in which we now live, it is not!

    There are very staunch positions that have been taken relating to the COVID world, & it is difficult to find your way. But you so clearly and honestly broach the data and problems. You uncover the blatant errors in officialdom, but also show discretion in relation to the claims of the anti-viral lobby.

    In some ways, this makes it even more difficult to people like my husband and I who are rather clinging to the idea that anti-virals will provide an effective shield against this scourge. Never mind. The truth, if it can be discovered, is the only sound path to follow through this maze.

    That you again. Please do not think that you can offer no more. It is very clear to us that your great humanity and insight will ALWAYS be of value to others.

  141. Karen Melvin

    When quoting CDC “…30% of PCR tests are false positives…”
    I wonder if what was meant was that “30% of POSITIVE tests were false positives?
    And this certainly isn’t within acceptable parameters. But got us off on a pointless point???
    I think you’re article is right on otherwise. And enjoy your style.
    I am personally in search of a new family physician because mine no longer exhibits critical thinking skills And character as you do.
    Thanks so much.

  142. Daniel

    I understand you want nothing to do with cv19. Still I’m intrigued to see if there is a geological connection with the island of Japan. IE similar climbs, IE Avermectins naturally occurring in the soil…..

  143. Andrew

    I would just love to know two things. How did the seasonal flu suddenly disappear?
    I thought the science told us we had to live with that.
    Did the “novel” scare it away or something?

  144. Jeanie

    Hi Dr K.I must admit to feeling a bit worried that you had been silenced and like most here im so relieved that your still fighting fit.
    Its been a harsh couple of years for families,my son has been like us and resisted any kind of life or social changes as much as is practical with his family,the remainder of relatives have been downright hostile to us which has saddened us,they’ve all been double vexed and all had covid at least twice,we have been our normal buggy selves getting exactly whatever virus’s we would expect to get particularly being anywhere around our young grandchildren and taking the normal remedies and precautions we would usually take.
    What we are seeing now is a big shift in people’s attitudes and they seem to be more accepting that yes they may pick up covid at some stage but seem better able to deal with it and accept its another one of lifes nasty virus’s that we’ll just have to learn to live with.The die hard vax brigade are still dictating to us and still be unnecessarily aggressive towards us especially when we dare to point out that even with your double vax your still testing positive for covid,we try and say why not increase your vitamin / mineral levels and give your bodies more of a fighting chance if you do contract any illness but it falls on deaf aggressive ears.it sometimes feels to us that these people wear their “covid badges” with pride and every twitch they have they can’t wait to get tested.
    I’m so glad your still around to keep our feet on the ground and give us hope and hopefully more and more professionals will wise up and see this crap for what it really is.take care and keep battling.

  145. Bob Hunter

    What to believe?
    Mother in law died of Covid.
    Daughter in law had cracked ribs after 2 weeks of coughing through covid.
    Niece still unwell struggling to breathe.
    All normally healthy people who keep fit (apart from mother in law who is older)
    Who/what to believe??

    1. Tim

      My condolences.
      How old was your mother-in-law and did she have any co-morbidities?
      Did she die of covid19 or with covid19?
      Did she die of/with covid19 or did she die because of the treatment the NHS subjected her to?

    2. theasdgamer

      The CDC said to treat high risk influenza patients early and high risk covid patients late.

      Bonkers. Absolutely bonkers.

      Were your relations treated early with any antivirals?

  146. postkey

    “The Washington Post reported that 5 million people left Wuhan between January 10 (the start of the Chinese New Year travel rush) and the lockdown.[1] . . .
    Already we have very strong evidence that Covid-19 was deliberately spread. The disease was observed to spread rapidly throughout Wuhan indicating it was very contagious, yet millions left Wuhan for the new-year celebrations in their ancestral towns, and barely spread the disease, indicating it is hardly contagious at all. Then it suddenly becomes very contagious in Iran, and Italy.” ?

  147. postkey

    “The presence of antibodies to COVID-19 suggests that a person previously had the infection or has been vaccinated. In the week beginning 9 August 2021, the percentage of adults that would have tested positive for antibodies is estimated to be:

    94.1% in England

    92.0% in Wales

    90.4% in Northern Ireland

    93.6% in Scotland”

  148. An Econofog

    Does anyone else think the massive pressure being advertised everywhere to vaccinate children right now is part of a psychological operation to get people to accept vaccine passports? I would also include the immense pushback against vaccinating children as part of this advertising / psychological campaign.

    Children are the most precious things adults have and will be feeling intense anxiety not wanting their children vaccinated. If the government say ok no vaccinations for now the pressure will be relieved and vaccine passports can more easily be introduced. Slowly at first.

    Of course they will come back later in the year for the children to vaccinate them and roll out vaccine passports to all venues people go to.

  149. Caroline

    Thank you. At least it made me laugh and cry.. please don’t stop writing , a lone voice I can rely upon to provide common sense in this insanity that is lockdown Australia, we have become a totalitarian mish mash of petty tyrants manning the borders with pitchforks – no entry unless vaccinated. I truly no longer recognise this place

    1. Keith Bannerman

      If it wasn’t for the weather I’d try to escape the super nanny state of Queensland and rejoin the uk ! Will Australia ever open up again ? I’m pretty sure Australia will never be the same (or is it sane) again …

  150. Bill Miller

    Dr Kendrick, Would you please clarify for me what is considered a acceptable peer-reviewed journal. How do you confirm it is acceptable is there a list, or searchable database? Or is it just something you know? Cheers, Bill Miller >

    1. Prudence Kitten

      As Dr Kendrick has not replied (yet – I know it’s only been about one day) let me suggest some ideas. I am not a doctor or a scientist – just someone who values truth and logic and tries to collect reliable information.

      I think the bad news is that there is, indeed, no journal whose published content is guaranteed to be accurate or trustworthy. On the contrary, the case seems to be that every journal sometimes publishes papers that are wrong to a greater or lesser degree. That doesn’t have much to do with peer review, either. Peer review does not even attempt to assess the merits of a particular experiment or project – just whether it has been set up in the approved way. (Reviewers would not have time or resources to attempt such a complete evaluation).

      Some journals seem to have far better track records than others; there exist many journals that publish hardly anything reliable. But even the best ones are not immune to faking, cheating, and even downright lies.

      The best resource for this topic is, of course, Dr Kendrick’s book “Doctoring Data”. However, a few minutes with a browser gets you some interesting material such as:

      ‘Updated: Lancet Published a Fraudulent Study: Editor Calls it “Department of Error”’

      “External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results”.

      “Why most published research findings are false” John P A Ioannidis

      ‘Editors In Chief of World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journals: “Much of the Scientific Literature, Perhaps HALF, May Simply Be Untrue” … “It Is Simply No Longer Possible To Believe Much of the Clinical Research That Is Published”’

      “Shocking Report from Medical Insiders”

      “Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science”

      “Who’s Afraid of Peer Review?” (paywalled, abstract free)

      “Never trust a scientist”

    2. Jerome savage

      Dr Kendrick did cover this in the past. If memory serves me right, the big question is around who is funding the research
      and what links the researchers may or may not have with vested interests.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        I quite agree, Jerome. Another – perhaps even bigger question – is why the research is being done.

        If it’s to expand the amount of useful knowledge and help people, fine.

        If it’s to sell more of some product – not so good.

        Nowadays there is less and less of the former and more and more of the latter.

    3. theasdgamer

      Are you trying to shirk your due diligence? 😉

      You will find that baby and bathwater exist in all sources, in various proportions, and it is our job to separate the two.

  151. Mike Wroe

    Just a little disappointed not have more support in your excellent article for cheap treatments like IVM. Pharmaceutical Companies are scrambling to develop boutique drugs that they can patent and sell to gullible Governments and make additional £billions on top of the £billions from vaccines and collaterals such as PPE. IVM may not be 90% effective in saving lives but if it is 10% effective this makes it a miracle drug. My “Just in Case” Tin contains IVM, which I would self administer at the first symptoms or if I test positive. Vitamins D and C with Zinc supplements I take daily.

    1. Jerome Savage

      Suggestions beliow are that I M is 85% effective.
      And –
      But only 80% here

      Click to access ivermectin_20210406_e.pdf

      Is dr Kendrick being coy here ?
      85% & 80% being less than 90% !! Is his comment a sop to the powers that be – a light scratch under the surface revealing much ?

      1. Martin Back

        If the claims for ivermectin were wildly exaggerated and in reality only 8-9% of infected people were kept out of hospital, it would still be a worthwhile medication. There was no reason to ban it.

      2. theasdgamer

        I think it likely that ivermectin as part of a cocktail with azithromycin, vitamin C, D, and zinc is very effective, just like HCQ as part of a cocktail. No reason to not include both in the same cocktail for most patients from what I can tell. And some docs do include both, with excellent results.

        Brian Tyson claims to have treated 6,000 high risk patients with only three deaths, which three deaths were people who showed up very, very late–on death’s door. Iirc, Tyson uses a cocktail including HCQ, IVM, fluvoxamine, azithromycin, vitamin C, D, and zinc combined with aggressive followup.

        “Dr. Fareed and his associate, Dr. Brian Tyson, have treated some 6,000 patients with nearly 100% success using a combination of HCQ, Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine, and various nutraceuticals, including zinc Vitamin D.”


        Tyson and Fareed don’t treat low risk patients, but triage patients. Low risk patients are sent home with an over-the-counter protocol to follow. Patients presenting themselves in the clinic late after symptom onset with hypoxia are sent to the hospital. That leaves high risk patients who can benefit from their cocktail, which patients are being given treatment early.

        A cocktail combined with a triage approach and aggressive followup looks to be successful, as has been reported by several doctors who treat high risk patients early…Zelenko, Tyson, Fareed, etc.

  152. tiakolbert

    George Webb has a lot of research into the beginnings of covid and what he has uncovered will make you sick. Literally and figuratively.
    Watch and see.

  153. Andrew Luff

    Dear Malcolm,

    Delighted to hear you are neither sick nor silenced. Your contribution has been appreciated by many and will be missed, particularly when debate is skewed so far in favour of government and mainstream media.

    It is depressingly paradoxical that you are withdrawing from a fight over truth on the basis that you know you don’t know the truth. Lewis Carroll would be proud.

    It’s been an awful 18 months, none will emerge unscathed and those, like you, who have fought for medical and scientific fact have faced the hardest battles. I am sure there is nothing new here, history just repeats itself.

    Anyway, my medical advice for your physical and mental health is to take a break, relax (try not to drink too much) then come back fighting when the government and its scientific advisors finally explode in a puff of illogicality. Until then, as my old granny used to say, don’t put your head above the parakeet.

    Best wishes,


    Sent from my iPad


  154. Mary

    I work in medicine and am a scientist.
    I think there have been many lies and what you saw, the pulse ox suddenly dropping and death, did occur.
    But was the cause a highly, infectious respiratory virus? I think not. I know a team of nurses who went to work in a hard hit NJ hospital full of nursing home patients with Covid over several weeks. None of the nurses ever got sick…
    The RN told me insufficient PPE.
    Personally, I was told I had Covid after the 2020 flu shot gave me Covid like symptoms…I recovered.
    As a nurse in a big city hospital, I never saw infectious transfer and I only had one Covid pt the entire pandemic. My patient looked healthy and I was told asymptomatic…
    I know this, massive descrpancy being reported on the news versus what I saw.

    1. David Bailey

      When someone came up positive for COVID, did they look any further for possible diagnoses? If they didn’t, then people may well have been dying of something else plus a false positive. Do you know of anything that could produce that sharp drop in oxygen levels?

  155. Cookie Boy

    Yes is its hard to find any consistency in fact, it seems the media and government are mounting a rear-guard action of obfuscation and attack on any critics.

    As for Ireland and the virus, it seems population density has a role to play, but it is the damage been done to society which is the real pandemic, in Australia lockdown has destroyed many lives and livelihood, what has been exposed is a lack of leadership and clear thinking.

    In Victoria they scratch their heads and wonder why the climbing “cases” suddenly stop climbing, at the same time we had three unusually warm days for the start of spring…could it be viruses don’t like spreading in UV?

    These people are supposed to be the best of their field?

    I find its greasy poles they are good at, they climb them adroitly with greasy words and actions.

    The lesson I have learnt from this whole saga is Its time to have a real debate and look at parliamentary democracy…it no longer serves purpose.

    1. David Bailey

      Viruses also don’t like rising vitamin D levels, and of course, Vitamin D is produced by sunlight on bare skin. You can also buy it from any supermarket. I take it, and have been free of any infection for the entire duration of the pandemic.

  156. Kara Colclough

    I came across this on the day I am thinking about what to write to the head teacher to decline the pcr testing for my children who had
    Sore throats this week.

  157. Ruth Baills

    Thank you Dr Malcolm Kendrick for you sense of humour, amongst the madness of COVID-19. God help us all, the truth has died in the public square in regards to this virus. So appreciative of your comments. Thanks again. Pleased to hear the powers were unable to prove you wrong. God bless you.

    1. David Bailey

      The sad part is, the truth has been draining out of official medical pronouncements for years. I tend to think of the NHS now, as something that may be able to help you, but which is also potentially dangerous.

  158. Peter Cullen

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge though also very saddened that you can’t summon the energy to carry on because humanity needs you.
    Would you consider doing a follow up on the vaccine advantages vs injuries relative to age and health status?

  159. Peter Cullen

    Please forgive me if I’m wrong though I think you have mistaken how false positives with the PCR test are calculated.
    The number of false positives created depends on the amplification of testing, for example 42 cycles possibly gives 95% false positives.
    If you have 30,000 positive tests then 95% of that would be false positives, therefore 2850 false. (IE, It’s not as you stated 95% of the total number of tests carried out, only 95% of the positive tests)
    Also, I believe Ivermectin is far more effective than you give it credit, just do a little research and see how it instantly flattened the graphs for the delta variant in the Indian states that used it both cases and deaths. The BIRD group (British Ivermectin Research Development) Dr Tess Laurie is another great source of information for everyone interested.

  160. Tish

    Some of this morning’s news is that children are going to become more and more ill through pollution (fossil fuels) and global warming and that the situation is desperate. More priming, preparation and blame-fixing? Yes, what is one to believe in these ultra-strange times!

  161. Paul

    It’s a shame to hear that you are ducking out of the Covid debate. I’ve found your posts to be of great value. I’m not a doctor but concluded very early on that we were experiencing a massive overreaction to Covid.

    My one concern with you giving up on discussing Covid is that in effect the powers that be (or at least the General Medical Council) have in effect succeeded in silencing you after all. A sad day for sure.

  162. Andrew H

    Thanks for your input & insight. I had to leave social media as the mass hysteria was draining. I have now returned, where things seem to have calmed down. Very few virtue signalling vax profiles now.
    I have also followed your example and removed myself from all COVID discussion.

  163. Joris

    Dear Dr. Kendrick,

    Sad to see you go — but thanks for this final post.

    One thing, though: most of the difference in mortality in England and Northern Ireland can be explained without learning anything new about covid-19: it is important to note that the values plotted here are z-scores (i.e. standard deviations from the mean) and not the absolute number of deaths. This is relevant because in a larger population the noise in the baseline rises more slowly than the signal (noise scales with sqrt(N) where N is the number of people in your sample, the signal scales with N) and as a consequence you would fully expect the z-score to be a lot higher in England than in NI. Specifically, England has 56 million inhabitants and NI about 1.9 million, so that the difference in z-score (for the same change in mortality) would be sqrt(56/1.9) = 5.4. Now if you look at the ratio of the z-scores in your graphs, then you’ll find that the NI graph is typically about a factor of 10 lower. So your point remains, i.e. the pandemic seems to have hit NI less bad than England — but only by a factor of two; the fact that this is barely noticeable on the graph doesn’t mean anything, other than that small populations cause a lot of noise and only comparatively little signal.

    (Comparing Scotland to England the difference seems to be the other way around: based on the size of the population we would expect the z-scores in Scotland to be a factor of 3.2 lower than in England but they’re only a factor of ~2 lower, so the pandemic hit Scotland harder than England — about 50% harder.)

    I presume that these remaining differences (50% more deaths in Scotland, 50% fewer deaths in NI) may well be due to ethnic or socio-economic differences, but the main takeaway is that you’re correct about mortality being a reliable indicator, but you cannot simply take the z-score curves and expect them to look the same in all countries — because that y-axis is heavily influenced by the size of the population considered in the respective graphs. (In short: signals stand out much clearer in large countries/populations and are naturally hidden in the noise in small countries/populations.)

    Technical note: for the above, I’ve looked at the Euromomo z-scores of Scotland, England and Northern Ireland in weeks 14-22 and 52, 53 of 2020 and weeks 1 and 2 of 2021. The ratios of the z-scores fluctuate a fair bit, I’ve focussed on the median.

  164. Kenneth MacKillop

    Hi Dr. Kendrick,
    Your thoughts on SARS-CoV-2 are very thorough and provoking. I myself would summarize both SARS viruses as having some exceptional traits, even over and above the distinctive features of the whole CoV family (alpha and beta). The binding affinity for human ACE-2 receptor is likely key.
    I have a condition known as medullary sponge kidney — severe as it ever gets in both left and right. I have HNF1-alpha diabetes, and this homeobox gene is seminal in the function of renal tubules but also in early renal development. I do believe that the HNF1-alpha mutations would have made me much more susceptible, on top of likely other factors, to the MSK.
    In any case, with my MSK I have (always) large quantities of renal stones at all times, and will have for life. Generally, though, these do not exceed ~ 1mm diameter and if so are benign.
    I had already become immune in lung by natural innoculation back in early Feb. of 2020 — very minor symptoms of only a few hours of sore throat followed by ten days of very mild dry cough, easily suppressible (indoors for example, around others). But in May of 2020 there was a peak of meat shortage due to the epidemic in the USA.
    I do not normally buy meat from the big nationwide meatpacking plants at the grocery store (rather, it is locally supplied usually), but the stores were then so depleted that I did so for a piece of liver. And then I cooked it at only ~100F and ate it. I was experimenting at the time.
    Then I developed gut symptoms like those of norovirus, which I had had a few times in my lifetime (or something similar — a “stomach flu”). But alarmingly, since I manage the MSK via diet and K-citrate supplementation rigorously, I simultaneously developed flank pain and severe nausea. This ended up persisting for 10 days before suddenly and completely disappearing.
    There was no indication of full ureter blockage, which can happen, but has/had NOT ever since the MSK was essentially confirmed by imaging, except this once. After a couple of days I went to the clinical literature on SARS-2 from China, and to the literature covering prevalence of ACE-2 receptors in various tissues of the body. I found that gut/intestine had the 2nd-highest density of ACE-2 receptors, and that the brush-border region of the renal tubules had the highest.
    The gut infection/symtoms were fully cleared after 5 days, and I immediately resumed my 8-16 mile (twice weekly) runs in the deep woods with no problem. It required another 5 days before the flank pain and nausea disappeared, and the intensity of both symptoms lasted right up until the final several-hour episode/interval.
    Without getting into my case history with the MSK and stones, suffice it to say that I had ALWAYS noted a “real-time” nature to any stone events, which only began after I started insulin therapy after I self-diagnosed the HNF1-alpha diabetes. Renal blood flow is increased by a factor of 3 or 4 while bolus insulin is circulating. I had never had any hint of stones before administering subcutaneous insulin, but did a few times thereafter, and then ID’d the MSK.
    Before diagnosis, with each stone event there was immediate or very short-term consequence in generating a blocking stone clearly related to something that I had eaten (e.g. 100% cacao) within less than one day before. Over several events. Urologist said coincidence — nonsense.
    So likewise, I might hypothesize that the tightly bound ACE-2 receptors in renal tubules (brush borders in particular, central to the large region of sponge-like malformation) were 100% responsible for the enlarged stones cutting up my ureters. Not blocking, but causing continuous wounding and hence inflammation and pain and nausea (the last being always the predominant problem for me). And I cleared all viable virions from gut in five fewer days than I was able to clear them from the renal tubules.
    I think that this unique case episode of mine may lend some insight into what is highly distinctive about SARS-CoV-2, which was manufactured in human cell culture in a lab of course, thus deriving a 1000x stronger binding affinity to human ACE-2 receptors vs. those of any other mammal including the permanent host species of horseshoe bats from which SARS-CoV-1 emerged “in the wild”. And why the more fragile/susceptible, who develop severe complications or die, cannot clear SARS-2 from lower lung as readily or quickly as they likely would be able to do so for SARS-1. Even though SARS-1 killed in much the same way.
    Clearance of, or death from, intracellularly replicating virus is just a matter of a race between the immune system (including the intracellular host defenses) and response, and the spread to a larger and larger mass of involved tissues via endocytosis, replication in cytoplasm, and exocytosis. It is that simple. Noting else involved that I can figure.
    I, as you, am not impressed with the efficacy of ANY antiviral. Antivirals are simply controlled-dose/titrated cytotoxins, by definition, it seems to me. They slow all metabolism in cells, with little to no specificity or selectivity which is biologically/molecularly impossible to convey/design. That is what they do. Including the metabolism of leukocytes. We have an exquisitely effective and highly evolved immune system. Nothing else is needed. But if we are near death already (we are mortal), this is due to rapid decline of the cellular metabolism/function itself. We cannot expect the immune resonse to be anymore robust at this stage. Same goes for the comorbid risk factors (e.g. T2DM) — these can be viewed as simply tissue-specific accelerated aging and are similar to the inevitable more widespread aging of cells that makes us mortal.
    Similarly, so-called “long CoVID” is nothing new for long bouts with any viral infection that is eventually survived. There is a larger mass of tissue involved before recovery, and this tissue then will die via apoptosis (or necrosis) and onslaught by leukocytes, and must be cleared away by widespread immune response, and then healing (further immune response) and eventually cellular regeneration of replacement tissue(s). During the months-long process required to clean up this big cellular mess, one does not feel quite normal or very good. That is the nature of the beast. But there is nothing unique. Except maybe that the lab-made tenacity of binding affinity of CoV-2 to human ACE-2 receptors generates a nominally/potentially MUCH longer battle, and hence much more tissue compromise, than would otherwise be the case.
    Anyway, those are some of my thoughts. I listened to an interview by James Delingpole of Mike Yeadon recently. Yeadon mentioned that he had a friend/colleague who treats CVID (he did not mention the condition by name, which I have a very severe form of, but it was clear what he was referring to) patients and that while these patients have problems with bacterial infections they are largely normal with respect to viruses. And that is correct. I produce NO antibodies to either protein antigens nor to polysaccharide or oligosaccharide (or other carbohydrate polymer) chains — thoroughly tested at a research facility in NYC for that. I have pretty bad lymphopenia, due to the constant overstress of total absence of humoral immune function constantly depleting T-cell pool(s). But I cope, and my T lymphocytes detect and marshall the overall immune response to a viral infection just as in all others, immunocompetent or not. And usually without any symptoms (aka illness), also like anyone else.
    For viruses most especially, it is predominantly the cell-mediated response and the intracellular (genomically programmed) host defenses that are of importance. And even for viruses, humoral response to all CoVs is of exceptionally small efficacy and minor importance. Whereas cellular vitality is paramount.
    The extra Chinese-commie “secret sauce”, delivered by the Wuhan batlady, is the unnaturally strong binding affinity to ACE-2 receptors I would suggest.

  165. Jeanee

    To add to the confusion, La Quinta Columna has gone down a whole other track, saying they have evidence covid19 isn’t a virus at all but radiation poisoning with graphene oxide, which explains how people have become magnetic after being jabbed. They also go into how its spreading via magnetism. Most of their material is found on OrwellCity.com or their telegram page, OrwellCity

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts on that, and perhaps how it explains the mysterious way people are dying.

  166. Byron Tokarchuk

    Thanks for all your sense in this. Your last post however needs editing since bit makes you sound like you are not thinking straight. The CDC is saying that of the positives 30% of them are false positives. Your 300,000 out of a million statement sounds a bit off as a result.

    Thanks for all your posts. Nice to have some sanity in the storm.

  167. nondu96

    “I have not been silenced”. What if we apply the ‘Kendrick reverse meaning law’ “developed from P.G. Wodehouse’s observation that ‘When an Englishman says ‘trust me’ it is time to start counting the spoons.’” to this opening line? Exactly.

  168. Gasmanpete

    Having worked as a Dr in England and Northern Ireland I have a suggestion. In England the elderly in nursing homes were helped along in their passing. The Northern Irish – being religious – would not let that happen

    1. Tim

      Yes, Mr Hancock did buy an awful lot of Midazolam (an end of life/murder drug) just before they kicked all the old folk out of the hospitals.
      They stuck blanket DNRs on all the old folk (against theirwill) and then killed them off with Midazolam if they so much as sneezed on the basis that they were now terminally ill with the dread covids.

      Lawyers send open letter to UK Gov., Hancock, Whitty, & Vallance demanding answers on alleged mass murder in care homes through the use of Midazolam

      1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

        I am going to respond to this. Unless the rest of the NHS is very unlike the bit I work in, midazolam is only (in nursing home and suchlike) prescribed once someone is very close to death. It is to prevent extreme agitation and suchlike. Whilst giving too much may have accelerated death in some cases, it will have been the cause of death in almost none. It would be more likely that Morphine – also given to patients at the ‘end of life’ would have accelerated death in a few cases.

        I have prescribed the cocktail of end of life drugs many times. Generally it is Morphine/diamorphine (for pain), Midazolam (for extreme agitation), Glycopyrrolate (to stop secretions, reduce the (‘death rattle). Haloperidol (for nausea/agitation). Thee are a couple of others, but they are hardly ever used. Very often none of them are given, and are just thrown away.

        I am pretty confident that none of these drugs has been the ’cause’ of any deaths. Or, so few, that it has made no difference. This course case is unlikely to be successful.

        More concerning is that, at the peak of the pandemic, it was almost impossible to get an elderly patient in a nursing home, admitted to hospital. The ambulance staff just would not take them in, or they were turned round and sent back. At least three patients I was looking after died – of non-covid related disease – who could almost certainly have been saved.

        1. Tim

          Quote –
          ‘Unless the rest of the NHS is very unlike the bit I work in, midazolam is only (in nursing home and suchlike) prescribed once someone is very close to death. It is to prevent extreme agitation and suchlike’
          ‘at the peak of the pandemic, it was almost impossible to get an elderly patient in a nursing home, admitted to hospital. The ambulance staff just would not take them in, or they were turned round and sent back.’
          End quote.

          Would these frail elderly people being expelled from hospital and being refused the medical treatment they needed leave lots of those frail elderly in a state of extreme agitation I wonder?
          As blanket DNRs were placed on all elderly people (and the disabled) I wonder if some Doctors took it as a nod to put down those elderly in question?

          I had an aunt who was murdered by the NHS via the Liverpool care pathway so I know that some NHS medics are more than capable of killing people.

  169. John Clements


    I was wondering where you were, not having had the pleasure of your correspondence recently. I think something in me discerned that you were in a corner somewhere, thinking just the kind of thoughts you’ve now articulated.

    Alice would be proud. I share many of them, simply as an observer. Cheshire cat like. Little use, little to say, just an occasional grin. Before disappearing to some other place.

    I hope you are successful in your endeavour to return through the looking glass.



  170. Tim

    We all know that politicians lie, normally they lie to make a bad situation appear less so in order to make it look like they are making a better job of things than they are.
    In the case of covid19 governments all over the world have lied in order to make things look much worse than they were, in order to terrify their populations into compliance, lockdowns, jabs and vax passprts etc
    We are in the middle of a top down revolution, they intend to make serfs of us all.
    ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’.

  171. aliciavinc

    Hello Dr. Kendrick I read your posts and enjoy them very much. The excess mortality in the UK or Northern Ireland does not look that impressive stretched out over time, but would you care to comment about the US ones below? I am confounded by this because it looks like A LOT more deaths than usual. Could you address how to interpret this in a critical manner? Or is the US different due to massive obesity, poor medical access, etc. There are major differences between states as well (such as for New York which had a huge curve), but I did not go into that detail.

    The first chart is from the CDC. The second and third are from this article in the NY Times: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/04/23/us/covid-19-death-toll.html


    a fan


  172. Athanasius Contra Mundum

    Sound analysis as always from my favourite doctor and someone that has kept his head throughout this mess. Pretty much the conclusions I have reached myself having had the pesky pathogen back in December.
    Having examined all the data this year I have reached similar conclusions on the so called ‘vaccines’. 98%, 96%, 89%, protection from what and for how long and for what age bracket? Nobody knows anymore, agencies and institutions seem to be throwing figures up in the air every day but of course they are dead certain we just need to have them and proof that we have had them too for some reason. Two shots in six or ten or twelve weeks, three this year, more next year, mix and match, who knows anything anymore other than the geniuses in charge that seem to know everything and have all the right answers – always! And how well have they performed? We have the same deaths now as this time last year – go figure.
    All I know is that I have lost all faith, trust and respect for every institution that exists and my taxes have paid for throughout my working life. Turns out we’re all being played, we just haven’t been paying attention…

  173. JDPatten

    From now on:

    • Dr Kendrick: “…I have officially removed myself from all discussions on the matter of COVID19.”
    So, no one is likely to get a response from the good Dr. on this subject. Have you noticed?

    • The best place to discuss issues concerning COVID19 is your favorite social medium. Share your links and go there.
    This is a blog. Wonderful as it is, it is not a social medium, not your own COVID echo chamber.

    • Dr. Kendrick: “…shall return to other areas…”
    Look forward to it.
    Give up on this particular futility here. As he has.

      1. andyS

        Re “heads in sand”
        Brilliant red herring tactic by Dr. Kendrick to confuse opposition. His eyes, ears and brain are still functioning and waiting for the right opportunity.

        1. theasdgamer

          I favor a RICO lawsuit against pharma, the CDC, the AMA, and various medical boards for damages from premature deaths due to medical negligence in failing to treat covid early as outpatients.

          I have outlined certain questions in another comment that could be used to provide prima facie evidence of malfeasance and allow discovery of proofs in organizational emails.

  174. Rusty Jones

    The efficacy of treatments is real and should not be passed over so swiftly. What if treatments are 50% effective and death rates ( not with ) from Covid are actually 75% of the total? That means overall death rate COULD be 37% of what we see right now. The truth would have changed a lot of perspectives and actions.

  175. Kenneth MacKillop

    Dr. Kendrick, I have a question that I would be very interested for you to respond to. You do point out that the IFR for this CoV seems to be reasonably high. I have not gone through any data in a long time now, but maybe somewhere around 0.2%? That is, if the #s of reported deaths are not exaggerated by transfer of cause of death from others to this virus, I guess.
    And the other highly notable feature seems to be that there is a remarkable similarity between the age-risk (for death) curve for all-cause vs. for SARS-CoV-2. Not sure that can be said for any other flu-like respiratory condition/pathogen.
    That has long suggested to me that this particular virus, maybe due to its exceptionally/unnaturally strong binding affinity to human ACE-2 receptors, confers its virulence almost solely at the level of metabolic/biochemical cellular integrity. Because that is also true of our overall mortality, I do believe, although some others may not. In other words, I do believe in the theory that a declining ability to “keep pace” with the need for cellular repair due to ongoing rates of cellular damage (from OxPhos itself, for example) on top of the ever increasing accumulation of unrepaired damage with age, limits our maximum biological/theoretical lifespan potential as eukaryotes.
    The repair mechanisms are built into the cellular genome(s), of course, and as these themselves accumulate more damage repair does not work as well. Eventually the balance of damage and repair approaches instability (i.e. positive feedback) with consequent fairly rapid decline.
    And the “chronic” tissue-specific conditions of the modern industrialized urban era/diet can be viewed as accelerated cellular aging and decline of function/metabolism, I think, at a simplistic level.
    Do you think that the key features of this lab-evolved/selected virus, starting from horseshoe-bat predecessor(s) (and maybe a few others mixed in as “seasonings” or special sauce by the Wuhan batlady and other dull, vapid, irresponsible commie colleagues) have somehow turned out to be a “stress test” of cellular health and vitality in the individual, more or less? A leading question, of course, since that has long been my hypothesis.
    If correct, this virus may potentially teach us, as societies, a lot. That is, if our societies are willing to learn, which in an of itself may violate “standards of care” and PCness and various massive institutional interests, and come up against many modern bugaboos in this increasingly bugaboo-ridden world of ours.
    I am nevertheless intrigued.

    1. James

      If it helps, a FoI answer was cited on Lockdown Sceptics in early 2021. It stated that 9,400 deaths in 2020 solely had COVID-19 on the death certificate. This may have been England & Wales, not UK. However, it is sharply lower than the alleged ‘COVID deaths’ in 2020.

      In August 2021 the UK government website gave the CFR of the Delta variant as ~0.2%. These UK government stats. were cited by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity who has given a lot of good talks on the topic.

      He seems to regard published UK statistics as clearer than those from the USA. (Maybe he just means ‘less muddled’. He regards Israel’s stats. as clearer than those from the UK or the USA.)

      1. Linzy

        It stated that 9,400 deaths in 2020 solely had COVID-19 on the death certificate?

        Well that was a very obvious loaded question… virtually all covid deaths were from pneumonia caused by covid. So probably 99% of death certificates had pneumonia on them.

        1. theasdgamer

          Um, no, virtually all covid deaths weren’t from pneumonia at all. Some were suicides, accidental gun shootings, automobile accidents, pulmonary embolii, sepsis from ischemic limbs, cardiac arrests, liver failure, etc. I have seen a report estimating that only 1/4 of deaths labeled “covid” were due to pneumonia.

          I think that it’s likely that doctors can generally distinguish moderate covid from influenza that has progressed, but it’s very strange that influenza was totally stopped.

  176. theasdgamer

    It seems to me that asking questions is a proper role. One question for which I have never received a proper answer is the following: If the CDC recommended treating high risk influenza patients early with antivirals in Jan. 2020, why did it recommend limiting treating high risk covid patients with an antiviral (hydroxychloroquine) late for “compassionate use” in February 2020?

    There are followup questions. Why did the CDC never test treating high risk covid patients early with HCQ? Why have these questions never been asked by medical professionals, no matter what their positions on HCQ are? (And please don’t offer me the lame excuse that you aren’t American–this problem affects health authorities in every nation.)

    The shutdown of debate and the lack of interest in questions which I have stated above has led me to the conclusion that there is widespread malfeasance by public health authorities, the mass media, and pharma. I prefer the incompetence hypothesis to the corruption hypothesis when presented with evidence that authorities acted unreasonably, but I find the incompetence hypothesis untenable because of the evidence.

    Dr. Kendrick, have you nothing to say in response to my questions? I don’t expect you to have an answer for the CDC, but you might offer your opinion on the value of the questions which I have raised. Why would RECOVERY trial HCQ very late–wasn’t it a median of 9 days post symptom onset? Are my facts in error? Is it reasonable to suspect that RECOVERY was intended to poison the well against treating with HCQ?

    1. Prudence Kitten

      “Dr. Kendrick, have you nothing to say in response to my questions?”

      I think Dr Kendrick explained, quite clearly and courteously, that he has been busy.

      1. theasdgamer

        Yes, of course, I am sitting in the doctor’s waiting room. 🙂

        On a scale of 1-10, how important do you see my questions as regards stopping the damage from public health tyrants? From my perspective, they allow us to go on the attack and pursue damages and drag public health officials before the bar. Public health tyrants will continue their oppression until we fight back. My surgeon buddy is being pressured to vaxx by hospitals despite the evidence from the CDC and from Viet Nam that covid-infected vaccinated individuals carry as high or higher viral loads.

        I haven’t seen everything, but I would have hoped to see some medical professionals asking the questions which I have asked on some blog or in some news article. You see complaints about late treatment, but never any linkage to the CDC’s recommendation to treat high risk influenza patients _early_ with antivirals, yet to restrict HCQ to _late_ treatment for covid. The CDC hasn’t had to explain the divergence in timing of treatment between influenza and covid or why antivirals would work better late than early for covid. The CDC hasn’t had to offer any rationale and this would look very bad for them in court before a jury.

  177. lingulella

    ‘The Last Post’ by Geert Van Den Bossche published today over on TrialSiteNews is a necessary read for anyone who thinks they have a handle on the pandemic and how governments are dealing with it. [Best way to read these since they now have a paywall is by getting their app which is still, I think, free]

    1. Linzy

      Why are you taking medical advice from a vet?

      DVM = Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, trained at Ghent University, agricultural college.

      DVM, PhD, adjunct professor
      Positions in Academia
      Sep 1980 – Sep 201535 years 1 month

      Belgium – Germany

      – Training in Veterinary Medicine at the faculty Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix and the State University of
      Ghent (1980-1983)
      – Doctoral degree in Veterinary Medicine from State University of Ghent (1983)
      – Postdoctoral training in Equine Medicine and Surgery at the Free University of Berlin, Germany
      – Postdoctoral Fellowship in Virology at James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health, Cornell
      University, Ithaca, NY 14850, USA (Sept 1990- mid 1991)
      – Research scientist in Virology, Immunology and Molecular Biology at the Robert Koch
      Institute in Berlin, Germany (1987- 1990)
      – Board certified in Veterinary Virology (1990)
      – Senior Research Scientist and Head of Environmental Virology at University of Hohenheim,
      Stuttgart, Germany (1990-1994)
      – Board certified in Veterinary Microbiology and Animal Hygiene (1992)
      – Visiting Professor in Environmental Virology at the European Faculty for Environmental Sanitation
      – Adjunct Professor in Environmental Virology and Zoonotic Diseases at University of Hohenheim,
      Stuttgart, Germany (1997-2000)
      – Visiting Scientist at the REGA Institute, KU Leuven, Belgium (2013 – 2015)


      1. Mr Chris

        Hello Lindy
        At last a contrarian
        Wait for the next reply to your question.
        It will be because he is a lone speaker of the truth

      2. John

        Well, it beats taking medical advice from Classics and PPE graduates (especially the ones who gave the hard subject after the first year), and psychologists. Most vets study for more years than doctors and know more – after all a racehorse is worth far more than a human. Also, I have mates in Sweden who are doing fine – they still have an economy and way fewer deaths than the UK. But religions/cults hate competition…

        1. Jean Humphreys

          I have always understood that it is illegal to take an animal to a doctor since they can’t consent to the treatment. However, it is legal to get yourself treated by a vet, since you can consent. The trick is finding a vet who will help!

          1. lingulella

            They may be right, but I have seen their work shredded by other epidemiologists so maybe not.
            On the other hand, the Swedish economy seems to be largely unaffected compared to ours if you discount the fact that they are trading in a World gone mad, not sure about Denmark, and it will be interesting to see how the measures Rishi is going to have take to pay for the enormous cost of the (unnecessary absent the neglect of our NHS) will play out with voters.

      3. AhNotepad

        No worse than taking medical advice from a government advised by pseudoscientists in the pay of pharmaceutical companies.

      1. Janice Willoughby

        Sept. 15, 2021
        Thanks for posting the link to Geert Vanden Bossche’s paper. (anonoo, Sept. 9, 2021)

        I have completed reading it; it is not a quick read.

        Several of my takeaways: Vanden Bossche suggests that it has come time to review and question the basic tenets of vaccinology. At this point in the history of medicine, we have records of decades (in some cases, more than a century) of the use of some vaccines. (Dr. Peter McCullough has recently commented on several old school vaccines with very fine safety records., in online interviews.)

        The new vaccines include not only the antigens (or instructions for constructing antigens !) that we think of as the payloads, but also adjuvants and delivery processes and media, that are new and relatively untried. So, again, we hope for new wine in new wineskins in the field of vaccinology.

        Geert Vanden Bossche states that he has hopes for the development of a whole new class of new vaccines which trigger response from the NK cells (This abbreviation must mean “Natural Killer” cells; yes, what we think of as the tigers of the immune system). Way outside my fields of expertise, but I can believe that we need the sort of focus that one sees in the cat hunting the mouse, or the hawk diving on the hare, to overcome the SarsCov2.

        And then, there’s always the low-hanging fruit: vitamins, minerals, herbs, diet, exercise; in short, the well-tuned life. Easy to say, but requiring commitment and daily effort.

        Stay well, all

    1. Martin Back

      I emailed this graph to a local radio host and ivermectin denier. No reply, of course. The MSM simply ignore any information which might contradict the official narrative.

      Social media influencers and prominent people are being paid to promote vaccination. The offers are coming from PR companies. Who is paying the PR companies? I would like to know.

      Local radio probably counts as an influencer and I imagine is being paid to support vaccination, but not in an obvious way like by running advertisements. Instead, they act as if what they report and the people they interview are the product of journalistic impartiality. I realised it was all planned behind the scenes when on the same say three separate talk show hosts on the same radio station (at 5 am, 7 am, and 4 pm) said it would be good if the unvaxxed were separated from the vaxxed because they deserve to be protected, having done the right thing by being vaxxed. What are the chances of that happening by random chance?

      1. Martin Back

        I’ve just learned the radio station has an automatic delete list. I wondered why my sagacious Whatsapps and voice mails seemed to get ignored. They obviously don’t even see them.

        1. theasdgamer

          Fools have the wise on auto-delete or auto-scroll-past. I’m sure there are many who scroll past both your comments and mine.

          Wise men only relate to other wise men. That’s the way of it.

  178. Binra (@onemindinmany)

    “…whilst the truth is constantly battered and bruised, and lying in a bruised heap the corner, it is still breathing … just about alive. Sometimes it is capable of weakly raising its head and whispering quietly into my ear. I shall let you know what it says.”

    This kind of creative imagination has everything to do with framing ‘truth’ in terms of what we make instead – no blame here but noticing.
    Our awareness of transparency to truth, and our willingness to give true witness, as transparency to being, is inversely proportional to our investment in competing self-illusions – as the alternate to resting in truth that we don’t make and then have to defend.

    Science uncovers a modelling that can never be the truth it represents, but can be more or less functionally representative and significant to who and what we are. Science cannot reveal who and what we are, but our modelling will always reflect and reinforce such metaphysical presumptions, and can be driven by them instead of serving true need or desire.

    Truth is is not crucified, excepting invested narrative identities that we set our heart in (or against) such as to die with them. The results of any set of postulates and questions are always valid feedback to an honest curiosity. The results we wanted to find may not line up to our hopes or expectations, but the result is valid information by which to refine our questions.

    full post at

  179. Janice Willoughby

    September 9, 2021:

    an update from the U.S. (I will not include here the announcement, this morning, of a White House mandate of vaccination for all federal workers and contractors. That would be another update.)

    At what used to be the home page for PubMed, I have today manually copied this warning (at the webpage, the yellow background does not allow me to easily scan and copy):


    Login Update Warning

    The ability to create usernames and passwords has been disabled, but don’t worry ! You can still create an account using one of our 3rd party sign-in options. For more information about our transition to 3rd party sign-in, read the NCBI Insights blog post or visit the FAQ page.


    (Above, the Insights, and the FAQ, are given as links ) A list of “Log in” options follows, including Google Account, and Microsoft.

    I have not so far found a Log In option that allows me to log on . Perhaps reading the NCBI Insights blog will help. Perhaps I would just need to expand my presence on social media/big tech . It looks as if I may have lost my Collections at PubMed, the nickname by which we used to fondly refer to it.

    That was Then.

    Stay well, Dr. Kendrick and fellow thoughtful readers.

  180. andyS

    I have also lost interest in covid19. One possible explanation could be the result of some unknown spike protein homeostasis interaction from my first “vaccine” injection. Six months post injection has resulted in considerable vision loss. Hopefully my immune system can clear all spike protein producing cells from my body before other problems develop. Second and third covid19 vaccine injections are out of the question.

    1. theasdgamer

      The Salk Institute has convincingly shown that the spike protein is enough to cause major problems for endothelial cells by disrupting ACE2 signaling to mitochondria which has bad effects on mitochondria and cell longevity. You don’t need a virus for bad stuff to happen–the spike protein alone will do.


      Unfortunately for all of us, the public health tyrants will use covid to continue to oppress us. So sticking our collective heads in the sand is unlikely to be an effective response to covid tyranny.

      1. andyS

        Thanks for the reply theasdgamer. Collateral damage from the covid19 vaccine via mitochondrial damage is proof that altering humans to produce spike proteins is not the best solution. Metabolically compromised (insulin resistant) people will be the first ones that succumb to any virus.

  181. Corinna Lennox-Kerr

    We are so fortunate to have you and to be able to point friends and family towards reading your books and your blog. Patrick Holford held a peaceful protest at Hyde Corner at the end of last month and surprise, surprise, nothing in the news! Thank you Malcolm for fighting our corner.

  182. Corinna Lennox-Kerr

    Following my last comment. I think it very worthwhile to look at Patrick Holford’s Podcast with Jerome Burne the award-winning journalist regarding Covid/Long Covid and the use of Vitamin C, D and Invermectin. I still use Patrick Holford’s suggestion of using copious amounts of Vit C at the first sign of any infection. I keep it in my bedside cabinet and on inumerable occasions, when I have woken up because I am coming down with something, I have taken two 1000mg tabs of Vit C and then another tablet each time I wake up and by the morning, generally speaking, everything has cleared up and if not, I continue taking it as near to hourly as possible. A simple but extremely effective treatment to use at the first sign of any infection. I have made comment on this in the past, when I mentioned that my Father’s friend who was in the RAF, said they had bowls filled with Vit C tablets on tables which they filled their pockets with and which they took regularly as a matter of course. You will understand why this worked if you listen to Patrick Holford’s Podcast.

    1. Jerome Savage

      A conspiracy theorist might suggest the development of a ” license to live” concept. But the conspiracy theorists are bound to get it wrong at some stage!!

  183. Jerome Savage

    And now for something completely different, well not really!
    My Lithuanian acquaintance who suffers annually from tonsillitis, sometimes pretry debilitating & painful was advised by her doctor in Lithuania that removing her tonsils would negatively affect her heart. So she tells me. So she suffers on as she sees this as a long term cardiax benefit. New concept to me.

  184. Keith Morrow

    Hello Doctor Kendrick,

    I discovered your blog in 2015 following my own experience with heart disease, and subsequent search for reliable information about cause, therapies, diet, etc, etc. Your comments on these matters have been enlightening and helpful. Thank you! It is a huge challenge to filter information, cut through falsehood, and find trustworthy guidance. Fallacy and the means to disseminate it in our time are immense. It struck me many times while reading your observations that the same is true about all sorts of things. Especially religion! (Sorry, totally shifting gears here.) I am sure you would agree that mankind’s spiritual search has produced abundant falsehood. Even religions that claim to adhere to the teachings of Jesus have led their followers into behaviour that he never would have approved of. Of course I have no idea about your thoughts on this matter, but I wanted to invite you to check out our website. It presents information based on Bible truth and exposes false teachings. There is no cost or obligation for anything here.


    Kind regards, -Keith

    On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 1:01 AM Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 3rd September 2021 Thank you to the many > people who have e-mailed me recently and asked if I have been silenced. I > have not. I have had letters from Public Health England and the General > Medical Council, informing me that I was under investigation for” >

    1. Sasha

      Gary: in the beginning of Covid Dr Ioannidis was criticized for saying that the virus was not nearly as bad as it was made out to be. Reading the article, I am getting an impression (maybe a wrong one) that his opinion of it has changed somewhat. Do you or anyone following his writings know what his opinion of the virus is now?

      1. Gary Ogden

        Sasha: As far as I know, Dr. Ioannidis has not changed his evaluation that the IFR for covid is about 0.15 worldwide, but I’m not certain. What I am reasonably certain of is that he has done good science throughout, for which he has been ignored by politicians and media, as have been many real doctors treating real patients.

  185. David

    It seems that Ioannidis is being very lenient on himself. He hasn’t responded all that well to criticism of the infamous ‘Santa Clara’ paper. I don’t remember him congratulating the other scientists for critiquing the paper or reviewing the methodology. Has he been kept from publishing over the last 18 months? Has anyone?

    It is true that science is often confusing, even in the best of times, and it takes a long time to partially understand what’s going on. We need multiple studies, that don’t always produce the same result, to get a full picture. This doesn’t translate well to the age of the internet. People want clarity, a right answer. Science and medicine don’t give you either, does it?

    1. theasdgamer

      People under the influence of fear don’t tolerate uncertainty very well and typically submit to the pronouncements of authorities without question.

      “Fear is the mindkiller.”

      People need to read “Dune”. Many don’t even know about it.

    2. Prudence Kitten

      Although he has a fine background in medical science generally, and lots of experience, don’t forget that Dr Ioannidis is an epidemiologist. Such specialists rely implicitly on the data they are given by others. Garbage in, garbage out.

      I don’t think any honest scientist is really equppied to cope with a state of affairs in which all government information, and that supplied by anyone influenced by government, is highly suspect.

      Indeed, this brings us right back to Dr Kendrick’s article. As I understand him, he says that it is impossible to reach any firm conclusions because so much of the data is wholly unreliable.

      1. theasdgamer

        So, because you can’t get “gold-standard” level information, you just throw up your hands in despair? I think not. We ought to simply apply levels of certainty to data claims that we perceive. This is detective work, not science. Sherlock Holmes, not Einstein.

      2. Jerome Savage

        Which might explain why data I presented, extracted from worldometer which didnt show heavily vaxed countries in a good light, failed to appear on this blog. All official figures are circumspect it seems.

          1. Jerome Savage

            circumspect definituon-
            ” looking about on all sides; hence, examining carefully all the circumstances that may affect, a determination; watchful on all sides; cautious; wary.”
            The figures I presented came from worldometer. These indicated an association between heavily vaxed countries and cases/deaths , not absolute, but I would argue, the association merited further examination. However, given what we know about official figures, we ought to be “watchful on all sides; cautious; wary”
            I think circumspect may not be an unreasonable description and if my observations, lets say – support the contention that the vaccine is not doing what it’s supposed to do – it doesnt do what it says on the tin – then critics will point out that there is no enforced standard of reporting across countries providing data. So therefore any conclusions reached may have a shaky foundation.

      3. Gary Ogden

        Prudence Kitten: Right you are; nevertheless, we can draw some conclusions from what we know, the most important of which is that this viral infectious disease, or whatever it is, is no where near as dangerous as the public has been led to believe

      4. AhNotepad

        Just because John Ioanidies has the title “epidemiologist” it doesn’t mean he is blinkered by the position and unable to see the bigger picture. Dr. K has the title “GP”, so what? Then there’s Ivor Cummins. I think you point about John I was, well, pointless.

          1. AhNotepad

            If you haven’t heard of Ivor Cummins, look him up. He’s an engineer, knows more about heart disease than most doctors, and the same goes for covid. Though to know more about covid than most doctors isn’t hard.

          2. David

            I have heard of him, I just am trying to understand why you consider him to be an ‘expert’ and of what?
            What do you think my point what?

      5. David

        Actually, Ioannidis also does field work (see Santa Clara County study), so some Garbage is his own. I haven’t seen any change in his estimated IFR (and it’s still being cited in many publications). If the IFR is actually 0.15%, the USA should have had 100% of the population infected when it reached 480,000 deaths, so the pandemic should have been over back in February.
        As for partial information (or suspect etc.), welcome to the real world where the key word is Uncertainty. As we all know, each study uses different methodology, subjects etc. and therefore should get (slightly) different results. The difficult part is to see how they fit together to get a complete picture, with each study forming a small part. You can’t just ignore any single data point without good reasoning
        We don’t always have the privilege to wait for ‘perfect’ data. We have to make decisions based on the information we have, not the information we want.
        We can leave the rest to the historians.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          “We don’t always have the privilege to wait for ‘perfect’ data. We have to make decisions based on the information we have, not the information we want”.

          That rings a bell. Ah yes: it’s almost exactly what US Senator McGovern said nearly 50 years ago when he chose to publish his committee’s report on the harmful effects of cholesterol and saturated fat. As it turned out, the committee’s findings were absolutely wrong; and they led to half a century of systematic malnutrition – urged on by government advice – which caused untold pain, suffering, and early death.

          The trouble is that when politicians make decisions, that’s the end of the matter. They never reconsider, never admit that they might have been wrong. The door is slammed, locked, bolted, and guarded by soldiers with fixed bayonets.

          Data is probably never “perfect”. But the scientific method demands that new data must always be sought, evaluated, and taken fully into account. If data contradicts someone’s pet theory, so much the worse for the theory.

          “‘When the US government introduced “Dietary Goals for the United States”, they did not have unanimous support. The guidelines, which urged the public to cut saturated fat from their diet, were challenged by a number of scientists in a Congressional hearing. The findings were not based on sufficient evidence, they argued.

          “They were ignored. Dr. Robert Olson recounts an exchange he had with Senator George McGovern, in which he said: “I plead in my report and will plead again orally here for more research on the problem before we make announcements to the American public.” McGovern replied: “Senators don’t have the luxury that the research scientist does of waiting until every last shred of evidence is in.’1

          “Senator McGovern might as well have said. ‘Listen son, we know that saturated fat raises cholesterol and causes heart disease, we don’t need any damned evidence.’ Of course, they didn’t have any evidence at all. None. But they still managed to find saturated fat and cholesterol guilty. Some people would call this proper leadership. Make a decision and go with it.

          “I would call it monumental stupidity”.


  186. Steve

    Apparently, if you don’t kow-tow to the branch covidians agenda you are a right wing tory troll. This from ‘The Canary’, a liberal MSM rag IMO:
    “Groups and individuals lobbying against coronavirus restrictions tend to specialise in disinformation. The political leanings of these groups and individuals can invariably be characterised as ultra-right, with some having direct links to the UK government.”
    As someone who detests the Tories and detests the CV19 restrictions but admire the work of Dr K, Yeadon, et al, I find this insinuation insulting and a bit of a volte face from the Sage munching liberals. Maybe the government is coming to it’s senses ?

  187. Rob