Vaccination – silencing doctors in the UK

27th February 2022

My last blog discussed the possibility that mRNA COVID19 vaccines significantly increase the risk of myocarditis. Following this, a fellow doctor reached out to tell me about what has happened to them. They too, had questioned some aspects of the safety and efficacy of the vaccines.

As a result, they have been sent two threatening letters, which are both of the ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ variety. I asked their permission to reproduce them here. One is from the General Medical Council (GMC). The other from their responsible officer – I shall explain what this title means a bit further on.

Below is the letter from the GMC:

Dear Dr….

The GMC have received several complaints regarding your recent social media posts.

All doctors have a right to express their personal opinion regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, and while the GMC in no way supports this opinion, we don’t consider your comments are sufficiently strong to open a fitness to practice investigation at this stage.

However, we are referring this matter to your Responsible Office for your reflection through the appraisal process.

We ask that you consider what implications this complaint might have for your practise when you are discussing this with your appraiser. We would also like to remind you of GMC guidance, in particular ‘Doctors’ use of social media, and of the requirement of doctors to act with honesty and integrity to justify the public’s trust in them

What we will do now

We will share the complaint with your responsible officer for them to consider in the wider context of your practice and revalidation.

‘The wider context of your practice and revalidation.’ Which means what, exactly? I sometimes wonder if there a special training scheme where you learn to write creepy and threatening phrases that can later be denied as being creepy and threatening? ‘I was only trying to be nice. They just took it the wrong way.

‘Your children look charming. However, you may want to consider their continued existence on the planet in the wider context of your practice.’

The GMC, as mentioned before, have the powers to investigate complaints made against doctors in the UK, and impose various punishments (they call them sanctions, which sounds far prettier). Ranging from nothing very much to permanent erasure from the medical performers list.

The latter means that you cannot work as a doctor ever again. Anywhere in the world. The GMC will communicate your erasure to other national statutory bodies, upon request. They do it gladly… and speedily.

On the face of it, in this case, the GMC have decided to do nothing. ‘We don’t consider your comments are sufficiently strong to open a fitness to practice investigation at this stage.’

Jolly good.Nothing to see here, move along. Although they add the rider … ‘at this stage.’ Well, what other stages are left, after deciding to take no action? The … I have changed my mind and I am going to have you guillotined, stage?

However, in reality they have not done nothing – have they dear reader? The GMC have decided to refer the complaint to this doctor’s responsible officer. A responsible officer is a doctor who is ‘responsible’ for ensuring that other doctors working in their area have met the necessary requirement for revalidation.

Revalidation is a five-year cycle whereby a doctor has to meet various requirements. A few hundred hours of medical education, keeping up do date with mandatory training. Carrying out an audit, and a patient satisfaction questionnaire, getting sufficient colleague feedback, and suchlike.

There is also a need to have a yearly appraisal. Which is a meeting with an allocated appraiser, to discuss how things have gone. A look through any complaints about you, work you have done, audits that have been completed, actions to take in the next year to improve your practice – a personal development plan. Release of thumbscrews – or a tightening.

If all this is done successfully, over a five-year period, the responsible officer ‘signs you off’ and you are now able to continue work. If not, you are removed from the performers list, and you cannot work as a doctor until you are successfully re-validated. No-one has ever explained to me how you actually do get revalidated. In fact, there is no system in place for this to happen.

If you manage to fulfil the re-validation cycle, and attend appraisals, in theory there can be no grounds for removal. You cannot actually ‘fail’ an appraisal. You simply have to turn up, and ‘reflect’ on your practice. I have never heard of a responsible officer stepping in to remove a doctor from the performers list any time they so wish.

Bearing all that in mind, here is the follow up letter from the responsible officer.

Dear Dr….

I have today received a communication from the GMC regarding an ‘incident that occurred on social media.’ The GMC have advised that they have reviewed the complaint and that it does not meet the threshold for investigation.

However, I understand that you have been asked to consider what implications this complaint may have for your practise and there is a requirement for you to reflect on this matter at your next appraisal meeting.

As your Responsible Officer I have a statutory duty to ensure that any concern or complaint about your practise is responded to and dealt with appropriately.

I would be grateful if you could let me have your views on this issue, by completing the attached form and returning it as a matter of urgency.

Can you also complete the attached Monitoring of Clinical Practise for your file, please.

Your co-operation with this process is vital in order for us to come to an acceptable resolution as soon as possible, minimising impact to your practice and cost in time and money.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please to contact me to discuss further.

Kind regards

Dr X

Responsible Officer for X region.

I love the ‘Kind regards’ sign off. For this is a letter dripping with unspoken menace. Just to highlight one phrase ‘An incident that occurred on social media…’ An ‘incident’. You mean, someone wrote something that someone didn’t like, they then complained about it. This was not an incident, in the sense that anyone would normally choose to use this word.

[I also note that the GMC spells practice, practice. The responsible officer spells it practise – maybe they need to reflect on their spelling between them].

If you look up the word ‘incident’ on the Cambridge Dictionary it gives an example of its use:

‘A youth was seriously injured in a shooting incident on Saturday night.’1

It does not say. ‘Someone wrote a blog post that upset someone, somewhere, for a bit. But it’s alright now, they are looking at pictures of kittens to recover.’

Words. Words, words, words. They can be used in so many different ways. Their true meaning hidden behind layers of sophistry. But we all know what the word ‘incident’ means in this case. Someone was badly damaged by your actions on that day – do not attempt to deny it, comrade.

Then we move onto the real threat. The responsible officer wants to ensure an acceptable resolution, thus … ‘minimising impact to your practise and cost in time and money.’

What the responsible officer here is saying is that I have the powers to stop you practising medicine in the UK. If I find that your answer to this complaint – which was not strong enough to open a fitness to practice investigation by the GMC – does not satisfy me. Indeed (subtext), I do not actually care what answer you give, I may remove you anyway. This will certainly maximise the impact on this doctor’s ‘practise and cost in time and money’.

If you think this is not what is being threatened. Then ask yourself what else it could mean? There is nothing that needs to be ‘resolved’. A complaint has been made, but the GMC didn’t think it was serious enough to take forward. No patient was harmed, no laws broken … no wrecks and nobody drowned, in fact nothing to laugh at, at all. (small prize for who knows where that came from).

At this point you may have begun to allow the thought to enter your mind that the GMC have quite deliberately handed this complaint down to the responsible officer to carry out the required sentence and execution. Whatever the accused doctor says, the responsible officer can simply respond. ‘Sorry, not satisfied with your answer. I am now going to stop you working – for as long as I wish.’ No hearing, no possibility of review, no accountability. Bosh.

In truth I have always known that responsible officers possess this amazing and unrestrained power. I tried, and failed, to stop this happening years ago – when I was on various British Medical Association (BMA) committees. I found it incredible that the legislation in this area was going to hand over, to one individual, the ability to destroy someone’s career, with no regard to anyone else, or anything else.

Yes, we live in a democracy that has created a form of local tyranny.

Tyranny (noun) def: government by a ruler or small group of people who have unlimited power of the people in their country or state and use it unfairly, and cruelly.

You could say that this situation suits the GMC very well … Very well indeed. Because, you see, the GMC has tried to remove other doctors from the medical register for criticising vaccination. [The medical register is not quite the same thing as the performer’s list, but you need to be on both of them to work as a doctor in the UK].

These punishments were quashed in the High Court. Here from a legal firm that works in this area:

‘On Friday, the High Court handed down a judgment quashing the GMC interim order of conditions previously imposed on a GP, Dr Samuel White, as a result of his actions arising from the pandemic.  Dr White came to the GMC’s attention as a result of “spreading misinformation and inaccurate details about the Coronavirus and how it is diagnosed and treated”.  His comments have included assertions that the COVID-19 vaccine “inserts a code”, masks do “absolutely nothing” and hydroxychloroquine, budesonide inhalers and ivermectin are “safe and proven treatments”.  

The interesting point arising from Dr White’s High Court appeal is the technical point on which he won. The High Court found that the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS – the adjudication wing of the GMC) panel made an error of law in not properly considering the test required by section 12(3) of the Human Rights Act 1998 when deciding whether to impose an interim order.2

As this company also says:

As time goes on, we’re seeing more fitness to practise cases arising from COVID-19-related activities.  We’ve previously posted about the Irish GP interim suspended after describing COVID-19 as a hoax and the first UK nurse struck off by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) as a result of COVID-19 denial activities.

‘COVID denial activities’ – what a deliciously Soviet phrase.

I have to say that I very much enjoyed the lawyers’ assertion that the GMC interim order was quashed on a ‘technical point’. Namely that the GMC had failed to consider the small matter of the Human Rights Act 1998. Riding roughshod over someone’s human rights is now a technical point of law. How quaint.

However, undeterred, the GMC have not been deterred from their vital work in punishing COVID-19 vaccine deniers – to ensure that they can never work again. They have just found another, simpler, far cheaper, and far quicker route to obliterate a doctor’s career. Call the responsible officer. No-one expects the responsible officer.

Who needs time consuming and costly hearings, where you might have to bear in mind the Human Rights act 1998 – and other such woolly liberal nonsense? When you can alert the local ‘tyrant’ to a doctor’s non-comradely Soviet ‘denial’ activities. Sorry, COVID19 ‘denial’ activities.

They will know precisely what to do, and they have the powers to do it. Why on earth did the GMC not think of this of this before? I could have told them about the ridiculous, frightening, and untrammelled powers of a responsible officer, but they never asked me.

Of course, you could argue the following. If the local responsible officer does obliterate someone’s medical career and does this without paying any heed to such things as well, the law, for example, then their actions will be over-turned in court. Well, I certainly hope so, in fact I would expect so. This may act as a deterrent … maybe.

However, during the months, or years, that it takes to get such a case to court, the doctor will be out of work and unable to earn. They will almost certainly end up bankrupt, and their reputation (have been struck off the performers’ list) will lie shattered in the gutter.

As for the responsible officer. Their punishment ‘please don’t do it again,’ would just about cover it. This is very much asymmetric warfare. I can punish you, terribly, but you can do absolutely nothing to me in return.

In the financial world they call this moral hazard. A banker can bankrupt you, and your family, and half the country, making stupid and risky decisions – that will earn them huge short-term bonuses. If, as a result, their bank goes bust, the Government simply bails them out and they keep their job, and their bonus. All gain, no pain.

As a sign off, the responsible officer (washing his hands of any personal responsibility of course) wrote this ‘I have a statutory duty to ensure that any concern or complaint about your practise is responded to and dealt with appropriately.’ Kind regards … Pontius.

However, one thing that has not happened, so far, is to actually take the time and effort to forward a copy of the complaints to the doctor concerned. Still, they must be guilty of something or other. So, it is clearly critical that they respond to these unknown complaints, of some sort or another, in some-way or other. ‘Here is a bottle of whisky, and a revolver…. You know what you must do.’

What a world this has become. I had hoped I would not live to see such a time in this country, but I have.



348 thoughts on “Vaccination – silencing doctors in the UK

  1. Wiggers

    The grammar is pretty bad too. “I would be grateful if you could…” instead of “I should be grateful if you would…”

    1. rosemary wellman

      I’m very grateful to receive this and am trying to digest this shocking turn of events. I hope no doctors entitled to express their opinions will be punished.

        1. JanCarol

          The algorithm doesn’t leave much room for a second opinion. The second doctor uses the same algorithm as the first.

    2. Steve

      It’s typical of a Microsoft Office based document using a USA dictionary and grammar checker (mea culpa). Or it might be evidence of outsourced responsibilities to a US Company !

    3. John Dee

      Grammar and spelling. You’d think someone ‘in the business’ (like the GMC) would know how to spell ‘practice’.

        1. barovsky

          A must read book, ‘States of Emergency’ keeping the global population in check by Kees Van der Pijl. It puts the response of the ‘advanced’ states of the world to the ‘pandemic’ into context of the crisis of capital.

          From the blurb, ‘This book contends that since the financial collapse of 2008, populations in many countries have become restive in the face of extreme inequality and diminishing life chances. In a digital economy one to two billion people will soon be superfluous.”

          See this review by Ed Curtin:

          1. James

            With new evidence oozing out from under various rocks, the “suggested” population superfluity is closer to SIX Billion than ‘one or two’. Why not go for broke, make it around SEVEN billion as a reasonable figure… The Ooze ‘suggests’ about half a billion, plus the Most Important & Rich Families who will be taking their Rightful Ownership of this planet… – A whole new order for this world one might opine.
            On a more medical tilt, in days of Olde, the Landed Gentry / Rulers dined on venison and other rich protein sources, forbidding access to such to peasantry, who were limited to spuds and other plant based stomach fillers, eg, carbohydrates. And we all know where a carb-rich diet leads ! Seems we’re headed for the Dark Ages again, a Feudal system of oppressive rulership.
            I notice now – June 2022 – that there exists a massive push to disarm civilians, not only in USA, but in UK (London) for the licensed owners to “consider” the need for ownership of even least of calibre. Which worries me when considering “groupthink” dictates WHAT my GP is permitted to advise me. Our Ministry of Truth has bluntly informed AU doctors that notwithstanding SCIENTIFIC Proof / EVIDENCE to the contrary, they may not … dispense advice or opinions contrary to the Official Narrative.
            My GP shares your pain…

    4. Alan Elgey

      I think both are correct and the form used implies something important . The ‘I should…’ version is what we are taught to write in a formal context, and is polite; the ‘I would….’ form to me implies a little more urgency, direction and passive aggression which fits well with the whole tone of the letter.

      This is important. Good English speaker…. ‘I shall drown, nobody will save me’ – despair in the voice and somebody does indeed jump in and save him.
      Poor English speaker…’I will drown, nobody shall save me’ – well let’s just leave him to get on with it then.

      1. Heather Farquharson

        The beautiful subtlety of the English language. How many people appreciate the distinction between “I may go for a walk today” and “I might go for a walk today”?

  2. Jeremy May

    Unbelievable. Actually, in these times it’s not, shamefully. But it is certainly appalling.
    Well done for having the courage to back your colleague.
    My Dad was a consultant physician (he died nearly 50 years ago). I am absolutely certain that he would have taken the action you have.
    I hope you and the doctor targeted get huge support from every single one of you colleagues. They should be up in arms.

    (Albert and the Lion) (Was that the Spanish Inquisition in there too?)

      1. David Bailey

        The creepy thing is that they never spell out what the doctor wrote that was wrong!

        The meaning has to be, don’t say anything bad about the vaccines, even if you know it is true!

        1. James

          As we are now aware, from ‘THAT’ impudent FOI Request and fallout thereof, Pfizer have been… ‘persuaded’ to produce a swag of what is turning out to be Incriminating document dumps, showing they AND the FDA KNEW many dangers and inconsistancies….
          I don’t trust myself to say more. !
          Yes, you’re correct. UN-jabbed, and for 18 months been forbidden to work. However, brave Doctors in other juristictions have provided enough information to keep me advised and untouched. Or on the road to unremarkable recovery should the “flu” take hold.

    1. Ann Roberts

      You got there first. This brings back memories of our 45 rpm record of Albert and the Lion. I do t think the quote is quite correct here. I distinctly remember “there were no wrecks and nobody drownded” with the extra “d” and that deep sonorous voice. Who was it telling the story?

      And yes the Pythons in there too!!

      1. May Hooper

        ‘No-one expects the responsible officer’ yes — exactly like the damned inquisition. It thrilled me to see the Monty Python ref. Dear god, if doctors can’t speak out — is there any hope for us ? 😞

    2. Giovanni Scerra

      I think the most disturbing aspect of this Kafkian situation is to make one feel guilty without actually stating any charge.
      These letters have an intentional psychological effect of making you feel anxious and powerless.
      Paraphrasing some expressions: “incident”, “reflect on this matter”, “consider the implications on your practice”, “we will respond and deal with you appropriately”, “we need an acceptable resolution as soon as possible”, “impact on your practice”, “cost and money”.
      You are reminded “to act with honesty and integrity”, and that implies that you are not doing it.
      These messages evoke urgency, guilt, and punishment.
      Thank you, Dr. Kendrick, for speaking out against these tyrannical bureaucrats.

      1. ilma630

        Perhaps the good Dr’s response to the responsible officer should be the matter of fact question: “Please state the full details of the complaint about me, and the factual detail why the complaint has any merit. Please detail what actual medical error I am alleged to have made, that was detrimental to the health of the patient who consulted me.”

          1. elaine

            yes, and I would add at the end of that answer: “Otherwise, your missive has no value, and deserves only to end up in the trash”

      2. mmec7

        I am and *do, “act” and I am acting with, honesty and integrity.
        Pray you, point out those areas that are found to be contrary to my actions.
        The quiet observance that is so damning to those that would try to derail one.

  3. AhNotepad

    This sort of overreach from “authorities”is concerning. It seems to be part of the plan to wreck the services used by other than the rich or elites. There was a question posed as an example of what to ask when these unlawful tactics are used. It was on ukcolumn, 16th Feb 2022. “Have you thought about the fundamental lawfulness of the policies you are intending to implement, in the name of health, since Covid”. I think the form is not quite grammatically correct, but you should get the drift. The answer in most cases is likely to be “No, we are just doing as we are told”. I expect the GMC will come up with some word salad to cover it. Then we are back to playing chess with the pigeon.

    1. James

      Some “doctors” were hanged after Nuremberg. Just an observation.
      Everyone involved in the murder of Ann Frank was acting according to letter of the ‘then’ law. History has judged their morals. Orwell is alive and thriving.
      The nett result is judicial execution of Integrity in Science & Medicine.

  4. steve479

    Further food for thought – but do not consider committing to print:

    Evidence for Covid-19 vaccine induced AIDS

    Click to access GermanAnalysis.pdf for Covid-19 vaccine induced AIDS

    Click to access GermanAnalysis.pdf

  5. Vee

    This letter is clearly a disguised threat. How frightening – and what about freedom of speech. Is this denied to medical practitioners?

    Please keep up your good work, Dr Kendrick.

    I have only posted on here a couple of times but this time I felt impelled, your information shocked me so much.

    1. barovsky

      Yes, freedom of speech is denied to doctors, they either carry out the political decisions made by government or, get fired if they refuse. I’ve had several conversations with ‘my’ GP about this exact issue and it’s clear that whatever she thinks, for example, about the vaccine or masks, or any political decision made by govt, she can’t gainsay it!

  6. malcolm gough

    As a former senior manager in the Media industry I always believed that companies got the employees they deserved or maybe more accurately, the employee behaviour they deserved. So if the employer behaves unreasonably then you can expect unreasonable behaviour from your workers. This heavy handedness needs to be met with an equally tough response. I would urge embattled doctors to engage the services of a top lawyer to – as a start – craft a standard written reply to such nonsense. In other words escalate the issue beyond the remit of the Responsibility Officer the second it arrives. Someone rather senior then has to make a call how to proceed and they would not simply be able to hide behind a generalised process knowing that this could become a serious legal issue which is the last thing the NHS would want. As your High Court example shows, Courts don’t like things which are actually illegal or grotesquely unfair, especially in contract law. The NHS track record on legally related matters is not good. They already receives circa 10,000 new claims for compensation every year with the cost of outstanding compensation claims estimated at £83 billion ie not much less than their total annual budget. Maybe NHS leaders should be more focused on staff moral, judging by the sickness levels within the NHS (7.5% last tie l looked with only 2.5% re Covid), the reducing number of Doctors over the past few years, and the high level of vacancies. Stand up for what is right.

    1. Jane

      Maybe the doctor in question should get in touch with the Free Speech Union for legal and moral support if they choose to take this route.

    2. James

      Is it just me, or have the number of – and High Production quality – Medical Dancers drastically diminished ?

      1. lingulella

        This maybe?
        Unless the nazi tendency are firmly put back in their box then there will be ‘responsible officers’ everywhere.
        Long story short;
        By a recorded vote of 130 in favour to 2 against (Ukraine, United States), with 49 abstentions, the United Nations General Assembly then adopted draft resolution I, “Combating glorification of Nazism, neo‑Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance”
        Note who voted against.
        Laughably the US justified this on the grounds of freedom of speech!

  7. oscaretu

    Is Vladimir Putin the owner of GMC? Will he bombard doctors so that they do not have a critical scientific spirit?

    This article reminded me of the book “Pure, white and deadly”, by John Judkin, in which many researchers’ careers were destroyed because the results of their research did not coincide with those of the “holders of the truth”.

    1. AhNotepad

      What has Putin to do with this? Is this an attempt to mislead? There are plenty of evil people in the west who would do this, sponsored by Common Purpose or SAGE. I note your name is oscaretu. Have I uncovered anything?

    2. Ray West

      You really need to NOT buy-into the Biden, Boris et al bullshit machine that you appear to absorb, the USA and Europe have been bullying Putin for a long while. Reading his speech Feb 25 would add some perspective to your comment. The Cold War ended so stop fomenting WW3 from behind your curtain of anonymity, what are you CIA?

        1. AhNotepad

          Unfortunately a link to *ukerberg’s empire doesn’t work for those of us don’t subscribe, or are otherwise cancelled.

        1. Marty G

          Because of some of the people who comment regularly on this site, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    3. James

      Perhaps a side issue, an illustration of war being fought / described along the lines of 1984?
      That is, lies, deception and well planned agendas ?? Like what is happening in so many world governments, all singing from the same sheet music…

  8. steve479

    In my reply to the previous blog I mentioned that the MHRA received more Yellow Card reports for the Covid vaccine in 1 year than the combined total of all other vaccines over the previous 30 years. I eagerly awaited my personal copy of the MHRA’s annual vaccine report to the JCVI only to find they had excluded the Covid vaccine – surprise, surprise! They did include a short paragraph with a link which doesn’t copy but I show them here:

    “Reports concerning the COVID-19 vaccines are routinely presented to the JCVI
    subcommittee, therefore have not been included in this summary. Vaccine Adverse
    Reactions associated with the COVID-19 vaccines are also published regularly on our
    website and include safety investigations carried out by the MHRA as part of the COVID19 Vaccine Surveillance Strategy.”

    I was already aware of this link but they don’t make it easy to find the data and summarise it. You have to scroll down to Annex 1 and click on the links for each vaccine’s Vaccine Analysis Prints to find the 347 pages of serious adverse reactions and deaths.

    Surely they shouild want every health professional who is providing INFORMED CONSENT to be aware of this data and share it with patients BEFORE vaccination.

    p.s. despite extensive research I have never found any ‘safety investigations carried out by the MHRA as part of their surveillance strategy’ as mentioned in their short report above. UK Column News also regularly reports similar findings in their 3 times a week news reports:

  9. Stan Calderwood

    I too note with interst the US spelling of “practise” not the UK spelling “practice”. suggest the individual writing this is heavliy influenced by US prodcued documents. Interstingthe Pfizer and Moderna areboth US businesses… Must be a coincidence….

  10. John

    Obviously quite OK to “kill” your patients for years without comeback, but a heinous crime to warn them of possible adverse effects from medication. Sounds like a really good reason to get away from mainstream medicine and go with a naturopath or TCM practitioner.

  11. Fast Eddy

    Notice how the truckers threatened the agenda by rolling into Ottawa – that got ‘their’ attention – they rolled out the War Measures Act — made it impossible for the truckers to refuel — and ultimately leave.

    Surely there must be plenty of doctors who are displeased with this situation. They potentially have much more leverage than the truckers — if enough of them pull a ‘John Galt’ and decide they need to take 6 months off (claim burn out?) — that would threaten the collapse of the UK’s medical system.

    Now THAT is leverage.

    What can they do other than back down… they cannot force people to work.

    Atlas needs to Shrug.

    What I am wondering is where all the retired doctors … why are they not speaking out? They have no downside — yet all we get is silence out of them. Theirs would be a powerful voice if they took to social media and spoke about the vaccines as well as the Soviet-style repression of practising doctors.

    1. barovsky

      Well, it was doctors who put up the most virulent fight against the establishment of the NHS and the NHS is the shape it is today, precisely because GPs opposed its creation. Okay, that was over 70 years ago, but what has changed (present company excluded)?

    1. 186no

      Be brave; I am certain whatever you reveal, however anonymised, will not be unique in its context if it relates to what DR MK reveals.

    2. Ann

      ‘Identify tyranny, question lies, resist oppression, assert truth, empower the powerless, destroy the system’s illusion of control…be not afraid. It’s that simple.’ (from an article on Lifesite News by J.B.Shirk – ‘Tyranny is a Sign of Weakness.’

      1. Jennifer

        Responding to Ann and 186no.
        As a dual qualified NHS professional, now long since retired , I have been outspoken without fear in my younger day. I was advised to tone things down until I had sufficient ‘f..k you’ money. So I did wait, and put my cases again. I was then told to ‘consider my position’ so I moved on into politics when I was financially secure. The response from NHS management?…why do all the good’uns leave us?
        But I did try, honestly.
        Answers on a post card please.

  12. Neil Upton

    Since the profession bent to pressure to “democratise”the GMC by handing it over to laymen it has not been fit for purpose and the complaints procedure has become vulnerable to state intervention.
    Shipman, a mass murderer who happened to be medically qualified, and the subsequent inquiry put paid to professional self regulation. And the BMA leadership are not entirely blameless!

  13. jan van ruth

    “No such relief is to be granted so as to restrain publication before trial unless the court is satisfied that the applicant is likely to establish that publication should not be allowed.”
    all the high court did, and can do,to is establish the fact that it is not satisfied that publication should not be allowed, so a substantial judgement but put in technical terms.
    in fact the high court has brought an end to the gmc practice.

  14. 186no

    I referred two registered medics – to the GMC – who consorted to “prove” I was not suffering a certain condition and other related judgments they made in the furtherance of their commercial duties, which conflicted with their so called “professional” responsibilities. In this case, they suborned those professional responsibilities to their commercial paymaster; so they – demonstrably – knowingly lied for pecuniary gain ( their salary and other emoluments).

    They relied on their reference* to a key document form a 3rd party medic – they stated that “X” condition was not proved or confirmed, citing passages from this document; a long report, they took a statement made by 3rd party to mean something that had already been ruled out by the 3rd party medic. Sadly for them, they ignored, deliberately, a key part of the 3rd party report which demolished their referenced* statement. It did not stop them taking a decision the intention was to enhance their profits by wrecking my finances – and thereby my family – at that time. I found out over the next 18 months this was a deliberate, concerted commercial policy, used for many years – all this from a whistleblower ; I accumulated ’00s of pages of evidence and a non medical Ombudsman found against them – in spades.

    The GMC, despite acknowledging the deliberate acts of these two medics – “we do not condone their actions” – chose NOT to refer them to a Fitness to Practice enquiry. Despite me providing the GMC with all my evidence (fully accepted by 3rd party Ombudsman) AND showing exactly how their actions were part of a concerted deliberate process, imported from their parent company in the US where the US Judicial system had found against these tactics adopted by certified medics and other contracted “cooperative” so called professionals, at one point banning the US parent from operating in certain US States ( and they were at the time and remain a multi billion $ quoted company….), they “got away” with it.

    One of these medics was a practicing physician and he made certain statements about how to assess my condition that were knowingly mendacious. He still practices despite his prior involvement with “cases” like mine; the really scary thing is that this is what he does currently ( redacted by me) …”also on the Board of Examiners for the Royal College of XXXXXXXXXX and examines other doctors’ clinical standards for the General Medical Council (GMC).” Well given the tactics he tried to use against me, and failed, he is in a good position to spot them in others; and how hypocritical it will be if he circuses others for doing exactly as he did, and was found to be “guilty” of doing so – just not by the GMC.

    The 3rd party Ombudsman, whilst this guy was involved with the commercial organisation, found against him and his other medical colleagues collectively at twice the rate of other similar cases from other commercial businesses engaged in the same “activity”.

    That was the blue touch paper that lit the fire of my distrust in the medical profession to my core, with honourable exceptions. After other non related issues but mainly SARS COV2, sad to say, it burns very fiercely still. What have we come to in these islands? Who ( no pun) has taken over the GMC,,,?

    1. 186no

      To Sir or Lady Thumbsdown; we still live in a democracy where you can express an opinion so all well and good; what I did not state was that these GMC and one HCPC medics – one GMC and the HCPC medic had very lucrative NHS jobs as well as private practice income – worked for a very large UK subsidiary of a much larger US parent. Their “business tactics” were outlawed in the US, costing them many many millions of $ in fines and punitive damages. Even worse is the malign influence the US/UK nexus has had on the UK Welfare State – I could, but won’t, mention two names and all would be revealed. Their tentacles stretch from the corrupt world of big business, to the DSS, then to the DWP via both “main” political parties who welcomed them with open arms. Their business practices have led people, in desperate positions, to take their own lives leaving heaven knows what carnage behind with the families of these victims. If you think that the pharmaceutical sector has cornered the market for corruptness, think again. Feel free to vote with Thumbs Southwards – it will not have a nano sized particle of difference to this indicted criminal outfit ( and there are others, certainly over the pond). Very sorry if this outside your normal “sphere of experience”.

  15. Martin Back

    This is scary stuff. Can denunciations and show trials be far behind? Shades of Trofim Lysenko — any gainsaying of the official scientific narrative will be suppressed with utmost brutality.

  16. robertliddell1

    Great article. I am so relieved to no longer be at risk of being subjected to the kangaroo court of the GMS, or the shear tedious burden of appraisals and revalidation.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  17. Steve

    This approach is also endemic in UK industry. One successful approach to counteract the bullying tactics of HR departments was to insist on a legal representative accompanying you to interviews. This tended to scare them and make them back off. Don’t know if the same approach would work with the gmc gestapo.

  18. Misa

    The ‘reflection’, so familiar to teachers as well as doctors, seems to be what communist party cadres know as self-criticism. Which other professions now suffer this indignity? The whole appraisal process seems to be very widespread.

    1. andy

      I was briefly employed in a tyrannical government agency in the UK and watched in horror as the four-times-a-year appraisals came up. Two or three hours would elapse and a colleague would dash out for a toilet break and go back in for more self analysis. I never knew what could possibly take such time as no real work was ever done there. Eventually my reluctance to become one of them was noticed and their guns were levelled at me…an inch thick e mail barrage of my faults, I just put my things in a box and walked out, never to return again. I would rather eat from dustbins than live under that regime.

  19. Mr chris

    I seem to remember that at the end of the Mao era, when he had become semi bonkers, recalcitrant members of the public had to attend struggle sessions. The description of the role of the responsible officer reminds me of that.

  20. anglosvizzera

    I did note that the letter from the GMC, if it was copied verbatim, had both “practise” and “practice” when used as a noun, the former in the sentence, “We ask that you consider what implications this complaint might have for your practise.” Hedging their bets, I suppose.

  21. Andrew Bamji

    This sort of GMC threat, and the way it is handled,is not new. Back in the early 2000s I received a GMC letter indicating they had received a complaint but having assessed it decided no further action was necessary. I had no idea any complaint had been made and they had not asked for my evidence before making their decision. My notes and correspondence showed very clearly that I had bent over backwards to manage the patient and that the complaint was vexatious. When i wrote to indicate this I had no response.

    Later I made a formal complaint about the conduct of a colleague. It took over seven years to get a full response.

    Fit for purpose? No way.

  22. mmec7

    I am appalled at these developments. We all agree, this is not medicine as it should be practised. Draconian measures by the ‘thought’ police have no place in a medical practice. Apart from small pockets of sanity, the madness of the world is effectively obliterating sanity. How can we reach out to help ? Bless you for your bravery – I salute you. With best wishes – Continue well, and take care.

  23. thecovidpilot

    This is a power problem.

    The English excel at creepy mind games and use the Scots’ imaginations against them. The cockneys have it right. First you ask for clarification, “Wotcha gon’ do, guvna?”, for which the reply will be more hocus pocus, and then you larf at the threats, “As wot I thot. You ain’ gon’ do nuffink.” Of course you know that your reply is an attack on the morale of the official (“my job is such a waste of my time and talents”) and has the advantage of only costing five minutes of your time while expending considerably more of the official’s time. if you enjoy the back and forth and have a tendency towards thrift, this is a fine way to proceed. But you have to be careful to have your ducks in a row.

    Another approach is to up the ante. Find out the name of the person who sent the letter, then ask them, “What is the name of your supervisor?” Then have an attorney send a “cease and desist” letter. This will get the attention of several people and the group will attempt to reduce the threat because there is no upside for the group. This costs the attorney’s time, but is more effective at getting you off of harassment lists and onto the list of sleeping dogs best let lie.

    It also doesn’t hurt to cultivate a relationship with someone in the press who could be called on to write a story about how the GMC is preventing doctors from practicing medicine. And if you have a group like HART behind you who will help with legal fees and press relations, and the GMC hack knows that, then that will further discourage the nonsense.

    I’m sure you are aware of Meryl Nass’s difficulties in the States with de-licensing and accusations of mental incompetence. She is taking on the federal government…again. Agent Orange, the anthrax vaccine, and now the covid vaccines. A brave soul and a valiant fighter for the disadvantaged. She could use our support for her legal battles. The CHD is also helping her with legal expenses.

  24. gill.waters01

    Here is a bottle of whisky, and a revolver…. You know what you must do.’

    The result of your post-mortem will be made publicly available in 70 years … roll-on a safe retirement!

  25. Prudence Kitten

    “Yes, we live in a democracy that has created a form of local tyranny”.

    In all seriousness I would disagree that we live in a democracy. In a “democracy”, yes. We are always told that the UK is a “democracy”, and concerted efforts are made to make it seem so. Fortunately, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time” – which has been more than enough to carry off the Covid hoax for two years.

    As a beginning, I recommend UK Column’s “A Dissident’s Guide to the Constitution”, which explains in some detail – quite simply and straightforwardly – how the UK’s constitution has been thoroughly subverted and we are now living in a fascist state. MPs do not “represent” their constituents in any meaningful way; instead, they are employees of corporations: the “political parties” to which they belong. No voter has the slightest influence over government policy, unless by bribery and the old boy network.

    Also recommended, along with many other good things at UK Column:

  26. Mark Heneghan

    I am approaching retirement, and my next revalidation, if I’m still here, will be well into my 68th year. I have been speaking my mind since my 60th birthday, but, admittedly, not on social media.

  27. Douglas Bradley

    Is it not time to set up a Doctors union or organisation like “Americas Front line doctors” or get the Doctors to join the Free Speech Union so that they can challenge the Soviet like actions of the GMC and the responsible officer system. Doctors do no harm needs to be shouted out loud and clear. I now have ABSOLUTELY NO TRUST in the NHS or my local surgery to provide me with the safe and effective treatment I should expect. Particularly if they insist on vaccinating healthy adults AND children for what is nothing but flu. If this is going to happen to Doctors, what happens to me if I continue to refuse to have a Covid vaccination or any other treatment I’m not happy with? There is no alternative to the NHS unlike in America so if I’m banned from my surgery for my stance on vaccinations, where do I go for medical health because based on this evidence, I would be banned from all surgeries.

    1. 186no

      I have a simple rule of thumb – if , during any form of consultation, the terms “BMI” and NICE” are uttered in the same sentence, I’m off. Recent Surgery led to serious inflammation – not treated by GP, another story altogether – “lipids” were mentioned and I declined further discussion.

  28. mmec7

    A heartening article from The Epoch Times, USA :-

    Some medical professionals are vowing to fight a possible new California law that attempts to threaten their medical licenses for spreading “COVID-19 misinformation”—calling the effort “unconstitutional” and “illegal.”

    California Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell) introduced Assembly Bill (AB) 2098 on Feb. 15, which would prevent licensed physicians and surgeons from spreading COVID-19 misinformation. If passed, the law would inject disciplinary actions by the Medical Board of California or the Osteopathic Medical Board of California to care providers promoting alleged misinformation.

    “The idea that they’re going to come after physicians that spread misinformation, without defining what misinformation is, is frightening,” Physician Dr. Jeff Barke told The Epoch Times.

    Dr. Jeff Barke in Tustin, Calif., on March 10, 2021. (John Fredericks/The Epoch Times)
    Amid the pandemic, Barke was among the minority of health care professionals unafraid of challenging the science behind masks and vaccinations pushed by the California Department of Public Health and Center for Disease Control and Prevention—urging for individual freedom of choice.

    Barke, a private practice physician in Newport Beach, has continuously fought against COVID-19 mandates and has urged for California schools to reopen—saying children are statistically unlikely to die due to the virus.

    While Barke is against the mandates—especially lingering COVID-19 vaccine mandates for kids—he reassures that he is not anti-vaccine.

    As the threat of censorship lingers among some health professionals, Barke said he fears scientific studies are at risk—as those who have challenged vaccines and masks will be potentially forced into compliance.

    “Science is not about consensus. It’s not about agreement. It’s about sharing and debating ideas,” Barke said. “That sharing and debating ideas has not been allowed during the COVID crisis.”
    * * *
    To state the obvious, we are looking at a world problem. A concerted effort is required by those in the medical fields, practicing, nursing and supporting.
    The lawyer, Dr Reiner Fuellmich, lawyer – Germany and USA – heads the Peoples’ Court :
    Grand Jury Proceeding for Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity – Expert Witnesses’ Testimonies Begin Saturday, 12 February
    [I will dig out Days 1 to 3, inclusive of the parts, where applicable. Each part / section, lasts approximately, 2.5 hours…!]
    Day 5, Part 1 then Part 2 :-–Day-5-1–FTC-NL:b–Day-5-2–FTC-NL:6
    Day 4 :-–Day-4-1–FTC-NL:0
    We need to encircle the world with the locked arms of medical sanity.

  29. thecovidpilot

    Since the GMC has off-loaded the duties of parole officer onto the poor responsible officer flunky who has all of the liability of the GMC and none of the resources, then using a creepy, mixed message letter from an attorney should provoke an even easier response if a personal letter or phone call doesn’t get the necessary result.


    Dear Responsible Officer,

    My client has been assigned to you as a de facto parolee without having been convicted of a crime in a court of law. You will be billed for his time spent on your requirements of him, including correspondence at a rate of X, which is in accordance with his per-hour income from the NHS. You will also be billed for my time at a rate of Y, and my client has instructed me to act promptly and completely in his interests, in great detail. If you refuse to pay, then suit may be filed in court to compel payment for my client’s time and for my time, as slavery is illegal in the UK.

    It would be to your advantage to wrap this up expeditiously.

    Your current account shows that you owe x for my client’s time and y for my time, for a total of z. I expect you to remit payment in full of the bill to me within a fortnight of today’s date. Should you fail to pay in a timely manner, notice of your failure to pay will be sent to the GMC and your account will be charged accordingly, including cost of postage and handling.

    Kindest regards,

    Attorney Shark

    PS For every week that this matter is not resolved, you will be charged pro-rata of the retainer.


    The number of doctors willing to take on the duty of responsible officer may decline precipitously.

    1. Bob Johnston

      I love it.

      I suggested similar in a comment that may not get approved. The key is to make sure these flunkies understand there will be personal repercussions if they decide they are above the law.

  30. ecogreengp

    Thank you again Malcolm. It’s scary to be about to have my revalidation appraisal at this time. I have decided to be very honest in my appraisal documentation and have also included an essay I wrote for my own benefit on medical ethics – just to clarify with myself where I stand. I don’t know how it will go down, but staying silent when our profession is moving in this dangerous direction is not an option. It’s wonderful to know I have company.

    1. dr Rob Pankratz’s

      As a fellow doc my heart goes out to you. Your courage is inspiring. I would be interested to know what your public comment actually said. I love how Malcolm always backs up any assertion with references. As does the online UK nurse educator Dr John Campbell. You would find this recent Canadian family court ruling interesting and perhaps encouraging as a voice that cuts through the rhetoric and addresses real questions about how governments and citizens’ discourse has deteriorated

    2. Jonathan

      Just to let you know, I had my appraisal on 4th Feb. I had been concerned about it as it was compiled whilst under the threat of losing my job & in the documentation I had expressed my concerns about the whole government approach to the pandemic including concerns about the vaccines.
      My appraiser was exceptionally fair & was very interested in what I had to say. I have not heard anything from the Responsible Officer but I will definitely stand my ground if I do.

  31. dearieme

    “No hearing, no possibility of review, no accountability. Bosh.” And we lecture Russians on the merits of liberal democracy.

    As for these irresponsible officer chappies: could they be sued in the civil courts? Could a test case end in their being stripped of every penny, including their pensions?

    P.S. Two quotations from the internet:

    “From 1975 to 1998, serial killer Harold Shipman used his position as a trusted family physician to murder as many as 250 of his patients …”

    “GMC … was reconstituted in 1979 … In the 1990s, the GMC itself set a new direction.”

    It would seem the GMC did rather little to inhibit Shipman’s career of murder.

    1. Mr Chris

      Dearie Me
      Totally agree. Where was theGMC when Shipman was doing his worst?
      The answer «  we have learnt the lessons, » does not suffice, because they have not learnt the correct lessons

    2. thecovidpilot

      ““No hearing, no possibility of review, no accountability. Bosh.” And we lecture Russians on the merits of liberal democracy.”

      And no possibility of confronting/questioning your anonymous accusers.

  32. andy

    I think there is a special place in hell reserved for those who maintain the law. Who for the past two long years have failed to give the people the protection of the mass of law, created for just that purpose. Not a whisper, as time after time tyrants break every rule and leave us vulnerable to them at every stage.

  33. El

    In Italy, we’ve nipped the problem in the bud. Unvaccinated people can’t work. Fullstop. One high school student who protested against face masks was taken to a mental hospital. We have a lot to teach the UK in terms of dictatorship and tyranny. You’re amateurs.

  34. Deane Compton

    Welcome to our world. This has been happening in NZ since day two of the pandemic. Many a fine MD before a hearing and struck off. For the same reason as you outline. The evil of own thought. Sharing own observation. My wife has met a few ambulance people who left their work rather than take a forced medical procedure (Phizer) as they were witness to every day three to four myocarditis events to vaccinated people. Some ending in death. None of which they can speak about. Not allowed Seems in reality it is these medical councils all over the globe (of what they must consider themselves to be medical gods) whom are the real promoters of experimental medicine in the form of C19 vaccines.

    1. AhNotepad

      Deane, I think the members of the medical councils may be dyslexic. They are more likely to be medical dogs rather than gods.

  35. Dr Rob Pankratz

    Thanks for the marvellous post Malcolm. This is another example of an unconscionable and atrocious attack on free speech and open dialogue. Draconian.
    You would find this recent Canadian court ruling (parents in dispute about vaxxing kids) fascinating and apropos, a cogent and clarion voice that echos many things you are saying about how terminology has been highjacked in public discourse. And “unacceptable views” quashed by high handed removal of reputations or vocations.

    1. mmec7

      Dr Rob Pankratz : “[…] (a) clarion voice that echoes many things […] how terminology has been high jacked in public discourse. “Unacceptable views” quashed by high-handed removal of reputations or vocations.”

      Indeed yes, ‘a clarion voice that echoes many things’.
      A judgement. A judgement. The wisdom of Solomon. On tenterhooks until the judgement was given. Thank you for a very moving share.

  36. jollyjamba

    This seems to be an example of ‘anarcho-tyranny’ prevalent in Western societies. Members of the medical profession who, justifiably, are concerned about the safety of CV vaccines, wish to ‘do no harm’, and express those concerns publicly can lose their licence to practise. Patients who want the vaccine can easily find someone else to provide one. However, it would seem, according to media reports, that the GMC are reluctant to penalise doctors guilty of serious medical/sexual malpractice. The same ‘anarcho-tyranny’ has been imposed on the teaching profession. The greatest crime of all is ‘wrong think’. The politicisation of the medical and scientific professions is a danger to all of us.

  37. charles allan

    Its all about dividends for big pharma not health. The bodies that form the medical politburos often have revolving door relationships with pharmafia and vested interests of various sorts. These corporations have been fined billions for injury or death from drugs and vaccines but get tiny fines relative to their gigantic profits.
    But if a doctor prescribes one of their drugs or vaccines and injures his patient he will be in the clear as long as the medicine was ok’ed by the research no matter how manipulated.
    Dr Chetty in South Africa would have been cancelled in the uk since he has cured
    around 10,000 patients vaccinated and unvaccinated in SA using mostly over the counter meds and does not vaccinate for covid and does not put his patients in hospital.
    He details his treatment and the potential breathlessness on the 8th day of infection
    By thy sorceries (greek = pharmakea) were all the nations deceived. Revelation 18-23

  38. mmec7

    Dr Reiner Fuellmich – The People’s Court –
    Days 1 to 4 – links :-
    Day 1 :-
    Opening remarks : list of the Jury. 1hr.35 mins
    […] fonte: […]
    Day 2 :-
    Day 3 :-–Day-3-1–FTC-NL:1
    * * *
    Dr Simone Gold, America’s Frontline Doctors, reports :-
    “WOW” :-
    “sent notice stating they will be removing the America’s Frontline Doctors website from search results.
    We are a team of medical doctors who dared to speak the truth.
    And we have been proven right, again and again, and again.”

  39. Alex

    I work for a lawyer in the US, and I believe he would ignore the responsible officer’s request and wait for a second request, if there is one. Is there any law that says one must respond? In any event, he would drag this out for as long as possible. He would also suggest one hire a lawyer if response is mandatory.

  40. Splotchy

    Regarding: “the requirement of doctors to act with honesty and integrity to justify the public’s trust in them,” when can we expect the GMC to write to registered doctors Whitty, Van-Tam and Harries? Because I do not recall their giving a shred of evidence for lockdowns and the appalling NHS policies that prevent people in hospitals or care homes from seeing loved ones, other than the wildly inaccurate modelling ‘scenarios’. I do remember all three initially took the view there was no evidence to support mask-wearing, yet without explanation they later reneged on it. And nary a word have any of them said to support freely given informed consent for vaccination (as decreed by the GMC), nor have they addressed increasing concerns that a/ UKHSA data indicates covid prevalence is greater in the vaccinated and b/ there appears to be an excess of non-covid deaths in the <65yo vaccinated.

    I'm aware that covid19 assembly, hartgroup, UK medical freedom alliance and together have written to Prof Whitty to raise concerns about UK covid strategy, and it would seem they have not had replies. How come Kendrick's GP correspondent has to reflect and respond to concerns, while Whitty does not?

  41. Peter Ford

    Here we are fulminating about Russia while practising (note the spelling of the verbal form of the word) typically Soviet behaviour ourselves. As for those GMC spokespersons preening on the telly the effect on me is emetic.

    1. mmec7

      Agreed. “Emetic”, apt. I have basically junked the BBC and moved over to Sky News, and from time-to-time, swop over to Al-Jazeera.

      1. jan van ruth

        sky news and al- jazeera?
        i am quite confident you will find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth there…

        1. barovsky

          Do I get just the whiff of sarcasm here? I think the thing about ‘news’, no matter what the source, is to always bear in mind that there’s no such thing as objective journalism but what is needed is for corporations like the BBC, to declare what their interests really are and of course, the reader, viewer needs to have developed, critical skills, in other words, to be informed. No wonder they can stand science on its head in the pursuit of other goals.

        2. mmec7

          Jan Van Ruth – The ‘truth and nothing but’ – I doubt it Just don’t have to put up with rhe lying creeps from the NHS, parading acrps
          across the screen. The SKY News presenters are reasonable, and heigh, are sure doing a grand job at the moment. I had feared it was going to be hugely Americanised, but no. Straightforward journalism, though, does tend to regurgitate – but minus the sickening emetic I shall take your comment, to be, ‘tongue-in-cheek’.

  42. Bob Johnston

    I am famous for a willingness to cut off my nose to spite my face. In this instance, rather than taking a legal route against such an injustice, I would have no problem implementing retribution of my own as I see fit (which could come in many forms). And I think that’s needed… these people need to know there are victims who won’t play by the rather lop-sided rules and will personally administer a fitting response if they are wronged.

    You can’t allow them feel too comfortable in their tyranny.

  43. johnsymes

    “The number of doctors willing to take on the duty of responsible officer may decline precipitously”
    Unfortunately, in my over 30 years experience in the NHS, this is unlikely to be true. There is a cynical, but largely correct, saying that there is no empire too small such that some doctor does not want to be in charge of it.

  44. John Watkinson

    Thank you Malcolm for another excellent blog. I can only agree and empathise yet again.

    I am 61, now only a 3 day week Veterinary Surgeon but a lot of my working life has been involved with the Pharma industry and the multitude of vaccines marketed and sold to the farming community and pets/horses to a lesser extent. Not a world expert but a good observer of clinical outcomes. I am sceptical for sure, and by nature, and have witnessed many gung ho and reckless Pharma products over the years but that is their MO. i.e. Some good products – some duffers but we make plenty of profit overall.

    Anyway, a short anecdote. I had Covid in 2020 and my wife also. Mild flu equivalent – luckily. I gave plasma twice as I had antibodies and had the time to donate. Wife gave blood to Imperial college survey – high antibodies.

    Applied to my local GP for an exemption. £52 to Public Health England for the forms !!

    In my naivety I expected each GP to form their own opinion based on their knowledge of immunity which must be based on very similar training and examination to my own. I asked the senior GP to pass on my request to her colleagues if they felt that they were not able to support it! It seemed a complete lottery to me to have to ask a “random” individual Doctor …opinions vary on a multitude of medical topics. Nevertheless….

    I wrote to my MP Rishi Sunak who sent me a reply (no doubt written by his staff) that evidence of natural immunity WAS a reason to sign my request for vaccine exemption.

    However the GP practice (who were in an invidious position I agree) especially from the local Vet of 36 years, were unable to decide on my application. Finally after 10 weeks,they said that the NHS guidance stated that a previous anaphylactic reaction was the ONLY reason they could support such an exemption. Bang goes my £52

    I didn’t pursue further to maintain a smidgeon of goodwill, but where is the clinical freedom that is essential to any good clinician as your blogs and evidence in your interesting posts regarding coronary heart disease.

    My daughter is a trainee GP in the Manchester area somewhere in your neck of the woods. We don’t discuss medicine a lot when we meet as she is now part of the medical mafia…! … but she had shingles on her face after the 2nd dose and was then faced with being coerced into another dose to retain her employment! I have stopped ranting to her as she has plenty of other stress BUT I have to say that the medical profession has plenty to be ashamed about with their deafening silence regarding many aspects of the COVID madness. My opinions sour the atmosphere with my daughter and her young medic husband so I have now been silenced by my wife.

    So it is a revelation to read your articles and I can only commend your stance. Age and ‘less to lose’ can play a part I know with outspoken opinions, but the squashing of the young Doctor’s ability to question the narrative with the type of threats you describe is criminal and should be challenged in Court.

    The last line of your latest article is almost verbatim what my wife has heard me say 100 times over this 2 year debacle….whilst developing a permanent shaking head. 😆

    Kind regards

    John W

    PS We will remain unvaccinated – my 3 adult progeny have all been pressured into acceptance by mandation in their workplace. “All wrong” as they say in Yorkshire.

    On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 8:46 AM Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 27th February 2022 My last blog discussed > the possibility that mRNA COVID19 vaccines significantly increase the risk > of myocarditis. Following this, a fellow doctor reached out to tell me > about what has happened to them. They too, had questioned some ” >

    1. Bev Courtney

      The same is true here in Australia…namely the govt decides who can get an exemption regardless of the doctor’s opinion. I have an auto-immune disease and take drugs to depress my immune system. My GP won’t give me the flu shot for that reason. I thought a covid vax exemption would be a ‘walk-in’. No way. Anaphylaxis is the only exemption allowed. Seems the govt thinks we don’t need doctors anymore.

  45. An Italian Australian at the tropics

    I’m so glad that the whole Western world seems to have adopted the well established practice of persuading recalcitrant people through veiled suggestion of violence.

    As an man with Italian background, I’m proud that from rural Sicily we could export this behaviour even to the much more civilized London or Berlin, I hope the pesky Germans would stop putting on the first page of the Bild a picture of the usual mafia guy with a gun and a cannolo, from now on the cannolo shall be substituted with a meat pie or a brezeln.

    1. thecovidpilot

      The Lion’s Mouth originated in Venice, I believe. Have to give the Italians credit for coming up with a longstanding method of oppression. However, the English came up with the Star Chamber, so one must the English their due for innovation. For mass oppression, people have a fair way to go to beat Stalin or Mao.

  46. andrew

    Is it too late to get rid of the creeps who think this is okay. I fear so. I gave up on the Brits when they gave up on Assange. I have given up on my profession since no leaders here spoke up for the few doctors in NZ brave enough to speak out. I have given up hope since the vast majority seem to think its okay to enforce a new medical product, with no decent safety data on kids, young fertile adults and even me at 76. I won’t have it. There is an insanity that is hard to comprehend. My dad a rural GP liked to pat himself on the back as none of his pregnant women got thalidomide. The medical councils, Cochrane and others all gone burgers!! Such a shame.

  47. elizabethhart

    So who is behind this apparently coordinated global attack to shut down doctors?
    As I noted on your previous post Malcolm, health practitioners in Australia are also warned in regards to Covid-19 vaccination, i.e.: “Any promotion of anti-vaccination statements or health advice which contradicts the best available scientific evidence or seeks to actively undermine the national immunisation campaign (including via social media) is not supported by National Boards and may be in breach of the codes of conduct and subject to investigation and possible regulatory action.” (Search for AHPRA position statement 9 March 2021 to download PDF.)
    On his substack, Steve Kirsch reports doctors are under threat in the United States too: “California want to ensure that no doctor can question whatever the government says”
    “California just introduced a bill that would enable medical boards to take away the license of any doctor who spreads “COVID-19 misinformation”.
    Kirsch says: “This is a tacit admission that they can’t win on the facts, so they have to use threats and intimidation to keep the truth from emerging. Their only weapon is censorship.”
    This is included in Steve Kirsch’s post: The great debate: PolitiFact vs. “the world’s top misinformation spreaders”:

    1. AhNotepad

      I think it quite right that no one should question the government line. After all, they have lied and lied and lied, so what’s the point of asking a question? What is the chance of a truthful answer given their past performance?

    2. 186no

      “the national immunisation campaign”….I wonder how they work that out even all the public statements made by certain Pharma companies..?

  48. Andrew H

    Mrs H, as a children’s cancer nurse, gets e-mails like this from bosses who seem to have abandoned everything for virtue signalling vaccination centres.
    “We are disappointed in your attitude…” ” Please respond within three days IN WRITING (their emphasis)…”
    Needless to say, she never responds to any of these as she know the service she provides would collapse and the “threats” evaporate. Presumably because they’re after easier pickings.
    Anyway she’s leaving NHS next year on early retirement. Can’t wait.

  49. Pauline

    Who is the “responsible officer” ? Do they have an identity? What qualifications support the title “responsible officer” ?

  50. Tish

    Doctors seem to be behaving in the same way as they have done with the cholesterol con. If more people were educated about the virtues of cholesterol and problems with statins, a healthy mistrust of the pharmaceutical companies could be fostered and experimental vaccines would not be having such an easy ride.

  51. Sarah Endicott

    Another interesting blog given our conversation last week!

    On Sun, 27 Feb 2022 at 08:45, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 27th February 2022 My last blog discussed > the possibility that mRNA COVID19 vaccines significantly increase the risk > of myocarditis. Following this, a fellow doctor reached out to tell me > about what has happened to them. They too, had questioned some ” >

  52. Steve

    As an indicator of where the Covid Nazis reside, consider:
    Although many restrictions in the UK are now relaxed/removed (Eg. Masks, Distancing) it is still virtually impossible to visit family or friends in a Hospital or Care Home or see a live GP. It is similarly difficult for pupils and parents at schools to avoid Mask wearing and other access restrictions.
    This shows how deeply entrenched the power grab and bullying is.
    We don’t need laws restricting us but we do need laws to stop restrictions.

  53. CT

    It is maddening to me the amount of not just average joe people but also professional associations and agencies have completely perverted and destroyed the doctor/patient relationship by (in almost a backdoor way) demonizing the idea of a second opinion. A part of the patient self-advocacy that used to be so mundane is now seen as a reason for persecution of the doctor providing said opinion if it happens to deviate from prevailing dogma. Seems a pretty dangerous place to be. As a layman or patient, what does one do to advocate for the right of doctors to provide divergent opinions on patient care and their right to treat their patients as they see fit?

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      But what use is a second opinion? If it agrees with the first one, how do you know that they aren’t in cahoots? If they disagree, then what? A third opinion, at $400 a go? If you see a surgeon, they will say cut. Radiologists will insist zapping it is the way to go. A general oncologist will recommend chemo first, then zap or cut when it’s smaller. Less conventional suggestions will tell you all that’s dangerous and diet will cure everything. Or vitamins, Chinese herbs, acupuncture etc. I know someone with a clinically determined inoperable, unzappable huge mess of colon cancer who cured themselves totally with a teaspoon of bicarb of soda three times a day over a three month period.

      IMO time to sharpen up your googling skills. This is much easier than it was in the nineties with dial-up speeds. You may have to pay for some articles but $400 is quite a budget. Find support groups for your condition. See what they say (258 free opinions). Many articles about survival rates are not technical in nature, and even technical ones are usually understandable from the abstract or conclusion.

      WARNING! This method may require you to make your own decisions. Recent social experiments have indicated that about 99% of the population are utterly incapable of doing this so you should be aware of your limitations in this area before proceeding.

      1. charles allan

        I actually take a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) every day as a prophylactic – it alkalises the tissues which discourages cancer and increases oxygenation which is what Warburg said in the 40’s would reverse cancer.
        Alkalising foods have the same effect which is due to the base mineral content ie
        potassium magnesium calcium sodium.
        The Italian doctor who cured cancer with IV drips was very successful until he took on a hopeless case whom the med authorities had sent home to die and on that one failure ended up in jail and licence revoked.

      2. sticky

        WARNING! This method may require you to make your own decisions

        Today, my partner bumped into a former colleague whom she had not seen for several years. She told my partner that she is suffering with cancer, and that she had been told that it is ‘terminal’.

        From what my partner told me, it seems that this woman has resigned herself to the fact that she is going to die. “Did you tell her about your experience with CBD?” I enquired. She hadn’t.

        I would have asked her what she is going to do about it. I find it incredible that most people regard the NHS and conventional medicine as their only hope should they become ill.

        I suppose most people here read lots of articles online about health, diet, nutrition and alternative treatments, as I do, but it would seem that proactivity in wanting to be healthy, and stay alive, is a minority interest.

        I haven’t accessed conventional medicine (or any, for that matter) for 10 years, and, at 68, I am doing fine. I have family who are captives of this system (yes, you guessed it, double-jabbed and boostered too), and I pity their lack of enquiry, which is keeping them from enjoying good health. Surprisingly, they don’t seem to wonder how Phil is so fit and healthy, when they suffer with all kinds of ailments, despite, on occasion, my trying to give them advice on diet and nutrition.

        Just one example of this was when a brother suffered with a bout of H Pylori and had to go on antibiotics. My advice about nurturing your microbiome by eating probiotic foods must have sounded like a conspiracy theory to his conditioned mind.

        But, then, you can’t live other people’s lives for them.

        1. Mr Chris

          Fair enough point.
          However we are triple injected, no side effects no Covid nothing.
          We also look after our immune system.
          There are two sides you know

          1. sticky

            Mr Chris, my partner, also, is triple-jabbed, and doesn’t seem to have had any ill effects. Other than having survived breast cancer, and chemo, three years ago, she has never been an NHS or GP-botherer.

            Perhaps, just as with those of us who have not been troubled by covid, looking after one’s health may also be protective for those who have taken the shots?

            Or maybe you and she have been fortunate in having received placebos.

          2. Mr Chris

            Dear Sticky
            Just to add to the mystery, my son visited at the beginning of the year to work with me on various things electric. He went down with Covid after three days. Other son similar in November. So either we have strong immune systems, or the vaccine or a mystery.
            I like placebos, my lipidist said my belief in Co-enzyme Q10 was probably a placebo effect. I replied that the advantage with placebos is the lack of side effects.

          3. Eggs ‘n beer

            Isn’t your lipidist rather surprised that your placebos work better than their statins?

          4. Mr Chris

            Eggs ans Beer
            We came to an agreement, I wouldn’t take Ezetimibe and he would never see me again
            So I’m happy, and he doesn’t care

      3. An Italian Australian at the tropics

        This is the best advice I’ve read in a long time. If you ever come and visit in the land of crocs and pineapples, eggs and beers (Burleigh Head zero carbs) are on me.

  54. Anna

    Thank you for this peek into what is going on to our doctors. It is no wonder so many of them are so weak. I wondered about that.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      It’s not really that they are “weak”. Most of us would be weak with a knife at our throat – or, at least, a vicious threat to our livelihood, profession, and ability to look after our family

      What is really wrong is our countries have been rearranged so that doctors and other experienced professionals can be ordered around by their inferiors.

  55. Carol Raffaele

    Malcolm, you’re a breath of fresh air in this crazy world. I was a patient of the wonderful Dr Gordon Skinner, so I know only too well what can happen when a doctor’s opinion is not in line with the ‘authorities’. What has happened to common sense and fairness? How did these people of such little intelligence get so much power? It truly is a case of the inmates running the asylum! Your choice of the word tyranny was perfect…..that’s just what it is. How on earth can this madness be stopped so that the public can be well informed by all sides of important issues? PS…. I am still unvaccinated and am regularly castigated by my GP for my ‘different’ views.
    As always, thank you for your posts.

    1. charles allan

      The unskilled seek these positions on committees not like some out of a sense of duty but for power,dominance and of course to bow to the money power of the pharma mafia for rewards and help up the greasy pole.
      It happened in the communist countries.
      Solzhenitsyn was cured of his stomach cancer by a herbalist who was ironically allowed onto the wards since pharma were kept out of the country by that same communism .

    2. Prudence Kitten

      There is an old, and rather untrue, saying that “Those who can do; those who can’t, teach”. In that form it is obviously wrong or, at best, incomplete. There have always been many wonderful teachers, some of whom have also excelled at “doing”.

      What I believe is much more accurate and important is that, other things being equal, people tend to get what they focus on with unrelenting effort. As the character Quarrel in Ian Fleming’s “Dr No” says, “People wants diverse things in this life; and what they wants sufficient, they gets”. Never was a truer sentence spoken!

      Thus you will find that those who acquire great wealth and/or power do so because they devote themselves wholly to pursuing them. It doesn’t require any special intelligence, or any particular talent except for the ability to put up with the soul-destroying boredom of a life that reduces the wonderful variety of the world to columns of figures, graphs, and reports.

      Other people, like Dr Kendrick, devote their lives to the study of science and medicine, with the intention of helping others (and often saving their lives). Obviously a far, far better way of using one’s talents.

      But according to the principle of karma, each type of commitment leads to corresponding results. Leave school to become an accountant, a salesman, or a trader, and spend your life seeking clever ways to amass money; and that is what you will wind up with. Likewise for power.

      Therefore those who seek money or power, talented or not, wind up controlling those who find better and more constructive things to do. Personally, I suspect that this way of thinking has come to us from the USA, where they rejected the old order with its class distinctions and titles, and also threw out the baby of honour, duty, self-respect, responsibility, and altruism in favour of a world that rotates about money and nothing else. (Money and power are interchangeable; indeed, money is just one form of power).

      1. Marty G

        You make the past sound like a Jane Austen novel, but that cliche about life being “nasty, brutish and short” used to be true for most people. The people who ruled were very often greedy, stupid and vicious, and were often up there because of accidents of birth.
        So screw those titles and privileges -Take off those rose- tinted spectacles.

      2. jeresavo1

        “a life that reduces the wonderful variety of the world to columns of figures, graphs, and reports”
        Good description – with you all the way there, tho am not sure about the benefits “of the old order with its class distinctions and titles”. Old order of discrimination & entitlement ? Not a million miles away from the vax pass apartheid system.

  56. John Devereux

    Sadly we have become a Stalinist society. Academics persecuted by trans activists for daring to question their lunatic views on biology for instance. That this should be happening to doctors is vile. What will happen if I ask for a second opinion over a medical diagnosis? The virus to fear isn’t flu or covid it’s the tyrannical virus that appears to have removed common sense that we should worry about. It has produced Orwell’s 1984. We were warned.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      Funny you should choose the word “Stalinist”, John. Long ago, when I worked for a multinational computer corporation, I noticed that – although the company was extremely decent and enlightened by corporate standards – it was run in a totalitarian way. There was nothing democratic about the way in which decisions were taken, and bosses rampaged unchecked, doing whatever they chose. It struck me then that every corporation is quite literally Stalinist. They cannot (mostly) have you shot in the back of the head, but they can fire you – and very possibly make it very hard for you to be hired by anyone else.

      When democracy was first tried, about 2,500 years ago, there were hardly any corporations – mostly populations consisted of free individuals. Thus liberties meant something. Today, however, what does freedom of speech really signify? In theory it prevents the government from abridging a person’s speech – but corporations like Facebook and twitter, not to mention a person’s own employers, are not bound by any such constraints. So if a government wants to prevent something being said, it can just tell the corporate heads to stop their employees and users from saying it.

  57. Mark Hoopes

    Vaccines are NOT a great a success as has been spread – fantastic book about it here:

    According to VAERs and other data, these “vaccines” are the worst -> most dangerous, least beneficial. Good Doctors have demonstrated close to 100% success rate treating patients by repurposing some of the safest treatments in medicine; it is those that deny them that are guilty of malpractice.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      Ever since the 18th century – actually, ever since the very first person set up shop as a doctor selling his services – medicine has been gradually shuffling over from being about preserving and restoring health to creating and enhancing revenue streams and job security.

      1. charles allan

        Agreed 100% – the MBA mob have taken over the hospitals – business not health.
        Around Hippocrates time doctors were paid when a patient was well – which stopped if the patient was ill – now the hospitals in the US get an extra $100,000 if the patient
        dies from or with covid no matter what they really died of .

  58. elizabethhart

    Individual doctors around the world who want to raise concerns about the Covid-19 jabs are being bullied into silence.
    It’s shocking what an unethical mess the medical ‘profession’ has become – or has it always been this way?
    The doctors’ professional organisations set the tone, what are these, political organisations that protect the status quo?
    I’ve recently challenged the President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) about the failure to obtain valid voluntary consent before the Covid-19 jabs, this is a massive scandal in Australia, where millions of people have been coerced and manipulated to submit to the jabs under state/territory government mandates, and business/employer mandates. There’s been non-stop propaganda and pressure here for people to submit to the jabs, with people at risk of losing their livelihoods, and participation in civil society, if they refuse to submit to the jabs. Bodily autonomy has been trashed.
    I suspect Australia could be the most Covid jab mandated country in the world, perhaps even more than Israel, Germany, Austria et al…
    See my email discussing this horrible state of affairs to the President of the RACGP, which includes my email to prime minister Scott Morrison with more background on this debacle:
    Covid-19 jab mandates overriding ‘valid voluntary consent’:

  59. Prudence Kitten

    I found the following article of deep interest. It argues that there is no solid proof that such a virus as SARS-CoV-2 even exists, and that therefore the entire Covid-19 scare is a palace built on sand. As Dr Mark Bailey puts it, not only does the emperor have no clothes; there is no emperor.

    “Warning Signs You’ve Been Tricked By Virologists”

    The key point is that viruses are not actually isolated in any meaningful physical sense. Virologists talk freely about having isolated such-and-such a virus, but this is at best a metaphorical usage which relies on many unjustified assumptions. What they really do is study a sample consisting of mashed-up human cells, with all the accompanying biological material including DNA and RNA from the human body, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. They then use PCR repeatedly to find small sequences of DNA or RNA and, when they have found enough of them, they use computer software to look for overlaps. It is then assumed that any sufficiently lengthy overlap means that the two sequences form neighbouring parts of the viral genome.

    Not to be unduly cynical, it looks to me as if the most powerful argument for the existence of these viruses – indeed, the only argument – is that without them a multi-billion dollar industry would collapse, leaving many scientists unemployed and many huge corporations bankrupt.

    1. charles allan

      I think the covid virus exists since the patents were taken out on the gene insertions
      or deletions – the blessing is that the eugenists did not manage to make it as deadly
      as they thought. Dr Chetty’s (of south africa) testimony on this is excellent .
      And now its even less deadly but gates fusti are working on the next one as they

      1. Prudence Kitten

        It may not be safe to reason that, because a patent has been granted for something, that thing actually exists.

      2. David Bailey

        I find it quite extraordinary that Gates almost admitted as much in a video! It made my blood run cold.

        However, I wonder if making dangerous viruses is quite as easy as we tend to think. Every harmful gene that is added will make the virus more fatal if you get it, but presumably less easily spread. Then as I understand it, the virus mutates in a way that usually makes it less dangerous but more easy to spread – but that ends up giving everyone a mild disease that ‘vaccinates’ people against any and all variants of the virus. Random mutations are obviously far more likely to destroy a gene than enhance it.

        If you are designing a super dangerous virus, you probably can’t buy in all the help you might require, and you can’t really test how virulent your virus is without letting it out of the lab.

        1. Prudence Kitten

          “Every harmful gene that is added will make the virus more fatal if you get it, but presumably less easily spread”.

          I think that’s a misapprehension. In nature, certainly the lethality of a virus tends to be inversely related to its infectiousness. (Notice that I say “tends to be…”, not “is always”).

          However, that is because evolution works to weed out viruses that kill too many of their hosts and have no alternative species of host.

          There is no obvious reason why scientists should not be able to devise a virus (or other pathogen) that is both extremely lethal and quite deadly. In the long run, such a virus might well become extinct – but only after (and because) it makes us extinct and so has no hosts.

          Upsetting for the virus, but also for H. sapiens.

          It’s a shame that human ingenuity has so far outpaced human decency. The survival of our species is clearly threatened, but it doesn’t seem to be perceived as in anyone’s interest to prevent that.

          So much the worse for us.

          1. David Bailey


            I suppose my point was that a very lethal virus probably makes victims ill sooner, and so makes it less easily spread. Also, people don’t bother about mild diseases.

            “However, that is because evolution works to weed out viruses that kill too many of their hosts and have no alternative species of host.”

            Well this doesn’t seem to have happened with COVID, and we are now in situation where mild variants dominate. I tend to assume the designers of COVID were hoping for something more powerful.

          2. barovsky

            Well this doesn’t seem to have happened with COVID, and we are now in situation where mild variants dominate. I tend to assume the designers of COVID were hoping for something more powerful.

            I should take this tongue-in-cheek, shouldI?

        2. An Italian Australian at the tropics

          I’m skeptical.

          The US has a few dozens biolabs all around the world, but as of today they don’t seem to have produced anything worth worrying.

          I don’t believe a biological weapon is possible, certainly not a viral agent. Even believing that viruses exist (meaning they aren’t exosomes and they are a pathogen) we have no way of protecting ourself from them, antivirals are a joke, vaccines… well, you know.

          Even believing the Science©, vaccines aren’t 100% effective, and if you release a deadly virus that means that a percentage of your guys will die, too.

          Also, biolabs leaks, a lot. If you think that they are completely sealed and viruses can’t escape, you’ve seen too many Hollywood movies.

          I was just discussing with a friend a few weeks ago, he was convinced that the US could release the bubonic plague, and when I said that a few people die every year of the plague in the US he couldn’t believe me. “Why then it isn’t spreading?” he insisted.

          Why people aren’t locking down and wearing 5 masks, he should have asked.

          1. David Bailey

            An Italian Australian at the tropics

            I must say, my gut feeling is that you are right.I don’t count COVID as a successful bioweapon, because using statistics like IFR it seems indistinguishable from other common diseases, and a weapon that kills only the very sick might even be classed as an advantage to the recipient in wartime!

            I suspect a lot of defence money is spent very inefficiently because the secrecy involved will often conceal the truth.

          2. An Italian Australian at the tropics

            It seems to me that the globalists (a term I’m using for the group that’s actually controlling most of the world) have some wet dreams, and it doesn’t matter to them how impossible they are, they are wasting huge amount of money on them anyway.

            One is artificial intelligence and robotics, to substitute those pesky humans. Robotics is actually quite advanced, but without AI is like a car without fuel. AI, on the other hand, not only doesn’t exist, but most likely never will.

            Even the most complex autonomous car ever built, the Google Waymo system, doesn’t use AI at all, but only a simple pattern recognition system, and to function it need special 3D maps redacted manually by a team of engineers with huge costs in terms of manpower and money. Every little change to the map, it doesn’t matter how insignificant it is, needs to be re-coded manually. Then of course there is the hardware issue.

            Why am I talking about this? Because it’s exactly with biological warfare, those funny guys really would love to find a pathogen able to only infects a specific genetic subset. There are so many things that are wrong with this, but that’s exactly what’s happening in many biolabs all around the world.

            Again, it won’t happen. First of all because you can’t even have a pathogen able to infect all the people in the same room, unless all of them have a terrible metabolic health. Secondly because genetic is IMHO largely overestimated, and in any case there are very few groups that can be identified by a specific genetic marker, and none of them are the Russians or the Chinese.

            And yet, corporations and governments are throwing an insane amount of money to try to develop DNA specific pathogens and AI. With a fraction of that money we could probably clean the world and end world hunger ten times over.

          3. AhNotepad

            The MHRA spent £millions on AI software needed to handle the expected adverse effects reporting. It wasn’t much good as all the reports go into a list, and it seems that’s where they stay. Writing to June Raine does no good either, it must be the emails are added to the list.

          4. Eggs ‘n beer

            My thoughts exactly. If you come to the smoke to remind yourself just how good paradise is, it would be great to catch up.

            My first observation about self driving was that it was only being tested in Florida and California, in daylight. In perfect weather. Anyone who’s driven in less than perfect weather, e.g. a European winter, knows that the parking sensors go loopy when they get dirty or coated in ice. I used to have to clean my lights after 15km journeys on the worst days. Were they going to equip all sensors with anti-freeze cleaners and wipers? And how can it follow the lane markings in snow or thick fog? Is it trained for opposite lock when you get in a drift (part of the Finnish driving test, and for my kids)?

            Likewise with drug developments. I’ve lost count of the number of cancer cures that haven’t eventuated. Interferon was touted as the cancer cure-all wonder drug in the seventies once they’d finally worked out its mechanisms. It’s not that the human body is more complicated than we imagine, it’s more complicated than we can imagine. But that won’t stop people trying. John Wyndham’s “The Puff Ball Menace” foretold this.

    2. Martin Back

      The key point is that viruses are not actually isolated in any meaningful physical sense.

      This statement has to be nonsensical. Viruses were isolated in1984 before anyone knew there was such a thing as a virus. They strained tobacco plant sap through a porcelain filter that removed every known organism, yet the resulting liquid could still infect tobacco plants. Thus was the tobacco mosaic virus discovered, the first of many. —

      It may be that for mass PCR testing they use a mashed-up sample with cells, bacteria etc, but I would imagine for serious research work and electron micrography they are far more careful about isolating the virus.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        If you think it through, Martin, you will see that your comment does not prove your point. You say that “Viruses were isolated in1984 before anyone knew there was such a thing as a virus”. Well, that’s a tricky question: how could they know they had “isolated” virus if they didn’t know that such a thing existed? What they had (perhaps) isolated was something that damaged tobacco plants in a known way. Reasoning that the agent was not a bacterium – as it could not be seen with a microscope – it was assumed to be like a bacterium but too small to see. Still no “isolation”, if you follow me. Just a mysterious “something”. The word “virus”, which scientists gave the unknown agent, is Latin for “poison” or “slimy liquid”.

        There seems to be an impasse here. Koch’s postulates cannot be applied, because no one – apparently – can see virus well enough to manipulate them like bacteria or other cells. So assumptions are made, and inferences are sold as knowledge – which they aren’t.

        Your final sentence really demonstrates the problem. “I would imagine for serious research work and electron micrography they are far more careful about isolating the virus”. You *imagine* that’s what they do – but are you certain? Try reading “Virus Mania” or Moelling’s “Viruses: More Friend than Foe” and you may be surprised at how little is known for sure and how much is guessed.

        1. Martin Back

          Just follow the reference… From memory, someone evaporated the liquid containing the mystery substance, and ended with crystals. There was no way to “see” something so small because electron microscopy did not exist, but x-ray crystallography was a well-established technique, and using it they discovered the tobacco mosaic virus had a rod-like structure and could pack together to form crystals.

          1. Prudence Kitten

            X-ray crystallography was developed after WW1, but was not applied to studying small biological materials like proteins until the 1950s. In fact electron microscopes were being used to study virus at about the same time.

        2. thecovidpilot

          Well, Joseph Priestley managed to isolate oxygen when he didn’t know it existed. Priestley called oxygen “anti-phlogiston.” Priestley remained convinced of the Theory of Phlogiston until his deathbed.

        3. thecovidpilot

          Applying Koch’s Postulates to viruses is like applying the Laws of Thermodynamics to electrons.

          Impractical even if theoretically possible and therefore irrelevant.

          Koch’s Postulates work well when considering bacteria.

          The Laws of Thermodynamics work well when considering ideal gases.

        4. thecovidpilot

          The disease-causing agent of tobacco mosaic disease was isolated in 1935 by crystallization. The structure was determined a few years later by electron microscopy. h/t wiki

          For many years, electrons had not been isolated, but their properties were still studied by physicists.

        5. David Bailey


          I remember a Scientific American article about the crystallisation of TMV. I also seem to remember that some viruses were isolated by showing an electron micrograph containing only viral particles of identical shape.

          I would assume that if COVID-19 had been seen purified in an electron micrograph, that image would have been shown everywhere. Instead what we get is a totally artificial coloured image.

      2. An Italian Australian at the tropics

        There are so many things that are wrong in these few lines, from a scientific or even just logical point of view.

        Do you really intend to say that a broth with hundreds or even thousands of chemicals and biological compounds is “isolated virus”?

  60. Dianne

    Dr Kendrick,
    This is so very very sad. Too many good medical practitioners are being discarded and replaced by puppets who really don’t give a damn about their patients. In the meantime those of you who care, the medical practitioners that I personally want taking care of me, are being punished. If I had the power and money it would be different. You are cared for by many and many prayers are going out for you. This is government at it’s worse.

    1. Steve

      With my conspiracy hat firmly on.
      I would suggest that if we step back and look at the big picture, what we see is the continuing push by the Tories to ‘fully’ privatise the NHS. A whole load of government controlled management groups have been introduced (Eg. CCG, NHS England, GMC, …) that essentially take away the autonomy and power of medical and care staff. This undermines morale and makes it almost impossible to speak out. The result, staff quit their jobs which makes the NHS even more vulnerable.
      We now have a severe shortage of Nurses, doctors and care staff – what to do ?
      The obvious (Tory) solution is to outsource more care and expertise to the private sector. The inevitable conclusion will be full privatisation funded by the taxpayer for the very, very basic care and personal funding (you and me) required for specialist care (stuff that requires more than a pill from your local big Pharma dealer).
      We have been warned time and time again for more than a decade that this is happening, so we can’t really complain, can we ?

      1. barovsky

        Steve, it’s already been done! The NHS has been almost completely ‘hollowed out’. Eventually, all that will be left of the ‘NHS’ will be the bits that don’t make a profit, so as per usual, the public will pay for a stripped-down ‘NHS’. I have one question: Where the hell were the trade unions during this past 10 years of destruction?

        1. sticky

          Where the hell were the trade unions during this past 10 years of destruction?

          And when their members were subjected to ‘vaccine’ mandates.

        2. mmec7

          I remember many ears ago, mid 50s (?), when the NHS was able to prop up, and fund for surgical research, and patient care, by making excellent provision for private patients.
          This provision, eventually, caused a ‘down tools’ by the supportive staff in the NHS. Porters, down tools, walked out. Their part being taken over by medical staff, and eventually, the ‘forces’ were brought in to help. Ambulance drivers. Cleaning staff. A total clamp, that in turn led to the NHA closing out their private care sector, into which vacuum, walked the emergence of Private Hospitals. American led.
          That is what the trade unions achieved. We now, have said good-bye to Matron – bring back matron. Swamped the NHS with the demi-gods of admins – who are by no way any form of ‘good’ and ‘effective’ replacement. Cleaning staff, all farmed out to private sector – badly supplied with materials, who do their est, but it aint good enough Yes, have witnessed it. Nursing staff cut back, and underpaid, and badly supported by – anybody. BRING back MATRON. Clean out the NHS hospitals from the rank and file of crap administration. Remove the handcuffs and strangulation of our doctors. Remove the gag. Get the politicians out from our NHS. Support our medical staff – the NHS can boast leads medical fraternity, superb surgeons. Liaise better with the trade unions. Bring BACK the private area in to the NHS – the funds gained, helps support our amazing medical service – let’s bring back, the *amazing aspect.
          In doing so, clear out the ‘practice’ from the detritus of the spyhole in the wall. Support our beleaguered doctors. The likes of Shipman should never have been overlooked – fear of being labelled a ‘whistleblower’ led to the quietus.
          We must overcome the crisis under our noses.

      2. AhNotepad

        Steve, I think we can complain. While the destruction was taking place, the government parties (all of them) were lying and exhorting us to “protect the NHS”, and they were sticking their noses up pharma’s bottom. This was probably at the demand of Swab and his WEF (World Exploitation Friends), and all the darling “Young World Leaders” (translation = greedy parasites).

        1. Steve

          No, this was clear long before the present crisis. It started with Thatcher then got worse with Blair – but it was under most people’s radar. It became apparent in 2010 with Cameron (and Clegg) and then really accelerated under Jeremy Hunt and ‘sir’ Simon Stevens – privateers in every sense. In 2015, Jeremy Corbyn explicetly warned people and he was laughed at – who’s laughing now ? In 2015, Bozo promised 40 new hospitals and 40,000 new nurses and to protect the NHS (but he wouldn’t put it in law). The public believed the philandering liar !
          If there was an election tomorrow who do you think would win ?
          No ‘we’ can’t complain.

          1. AhNotepad

            “We” were told since Thatcher, that they were looking after the NHS, while actually doing the opposite. You have illustrated the details. Since all the succeeding governments were saying one thing, but doing another, why should we not complain?

            Te lying narratives continue, but most people believe what they are told, by the lying politicians and the lying propagandists (insert long list of MSM).

  61. Dr No

    Dear Dr Kendrick – you can delete my 07:57am comment if you want, I think it is much more likely you commenting system never added my comment from yesterday. Even today, this comment box is behaving strangely, for example, it just deleted what I wrote a moment ago. I’ll try posting the comment again later. It had a number of links in it, maybe your system auto-deletes such comments – I think mine does if there are more than x links. Rather than put an email address in here, you can contact me via my blog’s Contact Form. Best wishes Chris

      1. Dr No

        Thanks. I checked my wordpress settings and it does indeed pick up comments with three or more links, but it marks them for moderation, not deletion. I’ll try my comment again, which had three links, and see what happens. If it disappears, remove the obvious links and try again.

    1. Steve

      I’d suggest (with no evidence) that it could be a synchronisation problem between your device and your ‘ISP’, I have witnessed this, occasionally, with my PC/devices.
      For example, you send a comment believing you are, still, connected but in the background the internet gremlins have ‘lost’ the connection between your device and the outside world. When you hit post, the comment is sent but doesn’t know where to go. If the comment appears on the blog saying awaiting approval/posting you can be sure it got there. Otherwise, I’d suggest you copy your comment, reconnect and try again.
      HTH – apologies if someone more informed says it’s b0ll0cks.

      1. Dr No

        Very possibly. The key thing, as you say, is to see it appear, marked as awaiting moderation, I’d forgotten that, and thought it had just disappeared, pending moderation. Luckily I had a copy and so have been able to post it again, and this time it got through, see below (at 4.55pm).

  62. Dr No

    I (using first person here, lest Dr K report me to the GMC for writing in the third person) have written a fair amount about bad GMC practices (if that’s the right spelling) over the years, almost all of it on the old blog. In fact, it was bad GMC behaviour that started me blogging in the first place. One of my personal favourite posts is this one:

    and one of the more important ones is this one:

    and the whole GMC collection can be accessed here:

    Note that I often refer to Niall Dickson, chief pongo at the GMC for much of the time period covered, as Stilton (think PJW, also ND’s complexion had a tendency to look like the rind of a cheese cheese), and at times he became Absolutely Stilton, on account of his habit in interviews of starting every sentence ‘Absolutely’.

    GMC methods are generally despicable, but they are not the only threat. The Online Safety Bill is another very significant threat, that could make so-called lawful but awful content illegal. Basically, if someone, defined by the ghastly phrase as a person of ‘ordinary sensibilities’, takes offence, then not the GMC but the boys in blue come knocking at your door. I really should get round to writing a post on this on the new blog.

    For medical (and other interested parties) there has also been a recent twitter spat in which Lady Gaga (she of the RCGP) reported another doctor to the GMC for a pretty uncontentious tweet which she nonetheless considered unacceptable. The tweets have since disappeared, but there are still remnants online if you look for them. The Inquisition has many members, and some of them are in our own ranks.

    The GMC has also in effect tried to take over where Javid left off on VCOD (vaccination as a condition of deployment). I expect unvaccinated doctors are routinely invited to reflect on their vaccination status at their appraisals, despite the government’s u-turn on VCOD.

    1. Dr No

      I need to add a correction to this. Reviewing the evidence, it seems Lady Gaga ‘brought up the GMC’ which is not quite the same as reporting to the GMC, though it is a fine line, given this was a very senior high profile (51.9K followers) doctor criticising a rank and file doctor in a public forum, and there is a risk the GMC itself could read the tweet(s) and decide to take its own action.

      1. thecovidpilot

        A threat is still implied, hence coercion by a government official. When the nature of the alleged misinformation is disputed, this is misuse of government power and an assault on the individual freedom. I would expect that the UK has laws around this sort of thing.

        It’s long past time for apologies from government officials for abusing their power.

        1. Steve

          He gave this – personal – information to the blog many moons ago, so keep up. And, in the spirit of our free and open democracy: Mind your own business !

    1. sticky

      barovsky: “Dr K, have you had your jabs?”

      Dr Malcolm Kendrick: “Mind your own feckin’ business, laddie.”

  63. thecovidpilot

    Dr. Peter McCullough explains why athletes have died from the Vaccine. Dr. McCullough is a cardiologist.

    A few pediatricians are requiring labs of children to be cleared for sports. Checking troponin levels, maybe.

    The following site lists things that may be checked including markers for myonecrosis and myocarditis:

    1. Prudence Kitten

      1. Inertia; they have their own concerns, and do not wish to learn about virology and epidemiology.
      2. The “herd instinct”; most people much prefer to be in the majority and the in-group.
      3. The vast mass of disinformation purveyed by governments, institutions, Big Pharma and the media does a good job of keeping them ignorant.
      4. Fear; no one wants to be “cancelled”, to lose their job and perhaps the right to practice their vocation, or even to be punished by fines or imprisonment.

      1. Steve

        5. Inability to believe that their Government and their Media would actually lie to them and would conspire to deceive them. “You mean my entire belief system is built on lies ?”

        1. Prudence Kitten

          And maybe

          6. Any decent person who faced the truth would probably feel it their duty to do something about it. Which would lead to enormous grief for them.

        1. barovsky

          Just check out the Cabinet Office’s ‘Nudge Unit’ (PDF):
          From the document:

          MINDSPACE builds on existing methods of policy-making government produces unintended – and possibly unwanted – changes in behaviour. The insights from MINDSPACE offer a rigorous way of analysing whether and how government is shaping the behaviour of its citizens.


          The use of MINDSPACE (or other “nudge‟ type policy tools) may require careful handling – in essence, the public need to give permission and help shape how such tools are used.

          I could on quoting this awful document but best you read it. This is all frightening stuff, all those 1000s of ‘experts’ are building careers, getting knighted (Whitty et al), by fucking up peoples minds! There’s even a member of the Communist Party on the SAGE committee, who was/is advocating permanent lockdowns!

          I’m really glad I’m at the end part of my life, what a depressing state of affairs.

          1. AhNotepad

            Just looking at those two appallingly constructed (constructed? Now there’s a euphemism) paragraphs would stop anyone reading it. Whoever wrote it must have been brainwashed, or lobotomised.

          2. barovsky

            It’s a mind-numbing document, it’s the same language that’s used to build concentration camps and carpet bomb the innocent. I’m reminded of Robert MacNamara, former Defense Sec during the Vietnam War, whose job prior had been with the Rand Corporation’s think tank where, using Visicalc™, his job was to calculate how many bombs the US would need to drop on Vietnam in order to blow it back into the Stone Age. It’s the language of the Nomenklatura.

          3. Prudence Kitten

            Interesting, too, to note, Barovsky, that McNamara’s projections were utterly wrong. The USA inflicted hideous damage on Vietnam and the surrounding countries, and their people – but 60 years later they are thriving regardless. It’s an interesting example of the Dunning-Kruger effect that those who thought they were the cleverest of all were in fact remarkably stupid.

          4. barovsky

            Agreed Prudence but my point was the innocuous nature of the bureaucrat, ‘just doing his job’. Slaughter reduced to office work. In the movie on MacNamara’s life, that’s exactly the way he projected himself. A complete disjuncture between his life and the lives his calculations exterminated.

      2. Leila

        Seems as if we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, as we never appear to learn from history

          1. Leila

            We as in the people who continue falling for and going along with all this nonsense despite it being used over and over again in history

    1. barovsky

      The piece ends with:

      In conclusion, by announcing that data on COVID-19 outcomes by vaccination status will no longer be provided due to “misrepresentation and misinterpretation of their analyses”, PHS has drawn attention to their own glaring shortcomings in this area. They have been shown to introduce unwarranted bias into their analyses by manipulation of the definitions of vaccination status, and they have used a wholly inappropriate metric to compare the risk of death with COVID-19 among the vaccinated and unvaccinated in the Scottish population.

    2. Clathrate

      Barovsky – scroll down on the HART Group welcome page & see if you recognise any of the group members.

  64. jeresavo1

    “The Irish GP interim suspended after describing COVID-19 as a hoax” referred to in the blog above is Dr Gerry Waters, who after 40 years of practice said what he said because that’s the way he is – unable to stomach BS. He has now 41,000 twitter followers and at his age does’nt need to go back in to practice. But he is very concerned to say the least at how he has been treated, how nonsense has been heaped up on nonsense and sold as best practice and how he was asked no questions at the hearing or was being allowed to be privy to the deliberations of a 12 person board, which lasted an hour and a half. He also has a working class background which has nothing to do with all this and which I shouldn’t even mention – but there, I just did. He has had offers of legal support from esteemed sources from all over the world. It’s just one year and one day since suspension and he is not taking the suspension lying down.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      “He also has a working class background which has nothing to do with all this and which I shouldn’t even mention…”

      I think maybe you were right to do so. It all adds to the picture of someone who is emphatically “not one of us”.

      1. jeresavo1

        Well I cannot help agreeing. He is proud of his roots, he clearly lacks pomp and his a battling attitude (some amateur boxing back in the day may or may not have contributed to his resolve). I have no doubt that the old boys’ network /club has influence, much more than I would have said when I thought the world was all fair & good. Its so obviously not, but in our naivety we get lulled in to that intoxicating misbelief.

  65. Dr No

    I have just posted an analysis of the GMC’s latest deaths under fitness to practice investigation data, which were released by the GMC last week. Despite all the recent GMC hand-wringing and bed wetting about these deaths, it seems little has changed over the last decade. Doctors under GMC investigation are still dropping like flies.

  66. Steve

    Slightly off tack, but IMO important.
    Please Sign and share this petition by 28th March.
    On the 23rd of September 2021, the UK’s four chief medical officers recommended adding fluoride to all tap water ‘in order to combat tooth decay’. It is expected that ministers will soon implement this.
    There is however, scientific literature on the negatives of adding fluoride to mains water.

      1. charles allan

        Sodium fluoride from chinese foundries I fear – not the less toxic – slightly – fluoride
        compounds found in soils – poison your body to save one tooth on the basis of one faked study many years ago – Whitty at his best again .

  67. Doug Bradley

    Everyone should read conservative woman on line and an article by Sally Beck on 7 March 22 entitled ” Paralysed by the vaccine, ignored by the state”. We should be more worried about what the NHS is doing to us than Putin.

    On Sun, 27 Feb 2022, 08:43 Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” 27th February 2022 My last blog discussed > the possibility that mRNA COVID19 vaccines significantly increase the risk > of myocarditis. Following this, a fellow doctor reached out to tell me > about what has happened to them. They too, had questioned some ” >

  68. thecovidpilot

    I have an analysis of Bardenheier’s vaccination study on my blog.

    I had to scratch my head a bit over this study. The unvaccinated had 3x the rate of deaths v. the vaccinated. The period of followup was fifteen days post vaccination, so the protection wasn’t thought to be from covid.

    There were problems with gathering data. Nurses’ notes mentioned undiagnosed Bell’s Palsy but the study participant had no diagnosis code.

    The study design didn’t include checking nursing home residents for mycarditis, so there was no myocarditis data reported.

    Why did the unvaccinated have 3x the death rate as the vaccinated? The answer is in my post.

  69. JDPatten

    Check out these truisms. Study each in light of your own perception of yourselves. Each precept might well be enlightening no matter which side of the brick wall you cogitate on. Try on all 40. See what you really think. Think.
    Yeah, I know. That’s hard.

      1. JDPatten

        Click on the pic. There are 39 of these. All worth considering in a personal context.
        (10. and 11. are already taken.)

        1. Tish

          To JDPatten

          I knew from day ONE of the Covid announcement that things were very wrong, as anyone who knows even basic things about viruses should have been aware. On day one I was shouting at the radio in disbelief, a disbelief that remained as I later watched the pantomime of Chinese people dressed up in white suits spraying buildings. I have never, ever, had any fear of the virus, perhaps helped by feeling fairly sure I had had it a couple of months before it got publicly labelled and advertised. I have never used hand sanitiser or worn a mask (except to enter a care home to visit my dying mother after she had had her second experimental vaccine – and I removed the bloody thing as soon as I got to her.) In the early days I watched with disgust and horror as an interviewer on the BBC spoke to, and looked full of admiration for, Bill Gates as he told everyone that it was all going to be about the “vaccine” for which the “generous” British public would allow them indemnity against injury. My disbelief was in me before others could influence me.

          For the past two years I have been losing friends and making enemies. It is lovely to come to this blog to hear that I am not alone in wanting more information. Having followed this blog for many years I know that it is well worth reading a lot of people’s considered contributions. I am happy to analyse any point of view. So often I would love to be proven wrong. It would make life easier. But some of us do remain rational and we have every right to feel it. We do not all have beliefs that have been formed by others. Some of us can still think for ourselves.

          1. ilma630Ilma

            I’m not so concerned with friends, as folk seemingly cannot be persuaded with evidence now, they’re sold hook, line and sinker on the rhetoric that the ‘vaccines are safe & effective’ and ‘masks work’. It’s our idiot and demonstrably dim whittled politicians and bureaucrats that cannot, or will not, see the evidence that overwhelmingly contradicts the narrative, even when right in front of their eyes.

          2. barovsky


            They’re murdering children for money!


            Example 1: mRNA COVID-19 Injections Are Killing Teenagers

            The Journal of the College of American Pathologists published a shocking new report on Monday, Feb. 14, 2022 about the cases of two teenage boys who died following mRNA COVID-19 injections.

            The report’s lead author is Dr. James Gill, the chief medical examiner for the state of Connecticut and the 2021 President of the National Association of Medical Examiners.

            Both boys died in their sleep less than a week after the second dose, and neither had any known health conditions prior to death. In these cases, autopsies of the two teenagers found evidence of myocarditis.

            “The myocardial injury seen in these post-vaccine hearts is different from typical myocarditis and has an appearance most closely resembling a catecholamine-mediated stress (toxic) cardiomyopathy. Understanding that these instances are different from typical myocarditis and that cytokine storm has a known feedback loop with catecholamines may help guide screening and therapy,” the report concludes.

            This observation is confirmed in another recently published paper by Flavio Cadegiani, “Catecholamines are the key trigger of mRNA SARS-CoV-2 and mRNA COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis and sudden deaths: a compelling hypothesis supported by epidemiological, anatomopathological, molecular and physiological findings.” Dr. Peter McCullough is familiar with Flavio’s work and told me he thought it was brilliant.

          3. Eggs ‘n beer

            Same here, although I’ve not been able to catch it. But at a get-together of friends from around the world in January 2020 I opined that our government’s reaction to the virus would be far worse than the virus itself. The Swedes were the only people to escape the depredations forced on the rest of us.

            But I’ve been careful not to lose friends over it, as they may need my knowledge before all this is over. People who know me well are amazed at how I’ve kept my lips zipped on occasions.

          4. jeresavo1

            There has been unrecognised suffering within families and relationships, as the codology hoodwinked some but not some of their close associates or family members, who were seen as sad almost tragic figures deserving of sympathy. Sympathy is pathetic IMHO

  70. An Italian Australian at the tropics

    Eggs ‘n’ beers, in the past I made some decent money writing algorithms for Google, and I dabbled with autonomous driving software (not AI, though). So, even I’m a nutritionist now, I still have a better than average knowledge of the issue.

    Currently there are three different way for autonomous cars to “see” the world: cameras, LIDARs and RADARs.

    Cameras require a huge computing power (and therefore a huge electrical power, something really underestimated by most people, is some autonomous cars, the power needed to run the hardware is higher than the power needed to move the car!) and have other issues.

    LIDARs need to have lenses periodically cleaned, have a higher resolution than RADARs, but don’t work when it rains.

    RADARs have a lower resolution, work with rain.

    To build a decent system, you need all three, and thinking that the average car owner don’t even know how to open the hood of it’s car, believe that he will be doing a regular (daily) maintenance on those systems is ridiculous.

    Then of course you have the 50 kg of hardware that’s filling pretty much all the boot of the car (and no, Moore’s law can’t help much here, we are already at 2 nanometer semiconductors, that is two billionth of a metre, or much smaller than the smallest virus), and the fact that the AI software to run all this is not even at a theoretical stage, yet.

    A few years ago, the Victorian government did a test with autonomous experimental vehicles on the highway around Melbourne. You probably never heard of it, though. The reason is that none of the cars were even able to recognize all the speed limit signals…

    So, at least in our lifetime and in our children’s lifetime, I think we’ll be OK.

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      Thanks for the insightful reply tying together the three methods. But if you’ve got so much hardware consuming so much power, doesn’t it require it’s own cooling system? Using more energy? Just as all electric cars have coolant circulating through the battery pack. Yes, your Tesla has a radiator.

    2. Eggs ‘n beer

      “The reason is that none of the cars were even able to recognize all the speed limit signals…”

      I often have the same problem!

      1. ilma630

        And since when was speed in itself the most important aspect of road safety, whereas *appropriate* speed is a factor but not the most important.

        OARC: Observation, Anticipation, Reaction, Control, should be the 4 watchwords used, in that order. To have to observe to be able to anticipate. Good anticipation enables you to react safely. By reacting safely, you can do it under control, and being under control, you are as safe as you can be.

        There are numerous and constantly changing environmental circumstances going on outside the car that need both observing and intelligently analysing to make driving safe. I cannot see a self-driving car able to do that reliably for decades, if ever.

        1. AhNotepad

          You are right about the complexity, but the speed limit sign recognition is a relatively simple task, as an example, which could not be accomplished.

          And since when was speed in itself the most important aspect of road safety, whereas *appropriate* speed is a factor but not the most important. was unnecessarily aggressive.

          1. barovsky

            Self-driving cars are like ‘Artificial Intelligence’ nothing more than some fantasy aka Musk’s trip to Mars and just as likely. How people get fooled by this rubbish is beyond me or perhaps it’s another case of ‘Mass Formation’.

        2. An Italian Australian at the tropics

          “And since when was speed in itself the most important aspect of road safety, whereas *appropriate* speed is a factor but not the most important.”

          Jeremy Clarkson, is that you? 😆
          I’m just watching (again) reruns of old Top Gear, it’s refreshing how not politically correct they were.

          That aside, I brought the speed limit as an example because reading round signs with a thick red border and a big number is supposed to be easy compared to, let’s say, looking in the eye the teenager with a skateboard at the crossroad and trying to guess if he’s going for it while I’m going through or not.

          Hell, even my Chinese UTE can do that, 99.6% of the times…😁

  71. elizabethhart

    In Australia, the Morrison government reports 94.6% of people over the age of 16 are “fully vaccinated”.
    79.08% of children aged 12-15 years have had two doses. 50.83% of children aged 5-11 years have had one dose, the jabs have just recently been rolled out for this age group.
    This is a very grim situation.
    According to the Morrison government, most of the Australian population of nearly 26 million people has been injected with these fast-tracked experimental jabs, including children.
    I suggest not one of these people has given authentic valid voluntary consent to these medical interventions, because no-one, including the parents of children, has been properly informed.
    Many people in Australia have been jabbed under mandates, i.e. pressured, coerced and manipulated to submit to the jabs to retain their livelihoods – No Jab, No Job. They have not given their ‘valid voluntary consent’, as is stipulated in The Australian Immunisation Handbook.
    State governments, businesses/employers, and others have set these mandates – but what is the evidence supporting these mandates? There’s been great reluctance to actually back these mandates with evidence.
    An Australian senator, Alex Antic, has persisted in demanding evidence for the jab mandate and restrictions implemented by the South Australian state government.
    SA Health have finally released some information, but Alex Antic describes it as “a meagre 50 pages (mostly minutes of meetings)…with not a single medical journal or written piece of advice included”.
    This is apparently what has backed two years of onerous restrictions on 1.77 million South Australians.
    Here’s a link to my email to Alex Antic on this matter, also including a brief summary of the Australian situation from my viewpoint:

    1. barovsky

      Anybody know anything about this Vaccine Induced Auto Immune Disease Syndrome that’s meant to be one of the results of the jab? Is this real? Apparently workers in the CDC in the US have threatened to go public over it if the CDC doesn’t make an public statement. CDC just released a statement on ‘Cluster Detection and Response’, unfortunately the URL was truncated.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        Yes, it’s real. My daughter has one, POTS, as a result of the first dose of Pfizer. Even a couple of doctors/specialists accept it’s caused by the jab.

        1. anglosvizzera

          My sister-in-law and a local builder have both “developed” rheumatoid arthritis, an auto-immune disease, since their “vaccines”. Neither of them have any family history of this disease and the builder’s rheumatologist told him that they had been seeing a lot of this condition in patients claiming it was after their “vaccines” and, “If I were you, I wouldn’t have any more of these injections”…

          1. ilma630

            The rheumatologist needs to be careful, otherwise (s)he’ll be disciplines and/or struck off for not following the party line. Be damned with professional medical opinion, that doesn’t matter any more.

          2. barovsky

            Yes, the NHS great with hi-tec shit and ‘sexy’ treatments for ‘sexy’ conditions but for millions here in the UK getting the right treatment for a thyroid condition is virtually impossible. Instead, we have ‘one pill suits all’ approach and don’t challenge the doc! I can’t even get the right blood test from the NHS, they simply refuse to follow the GP’s instructions! Worse still, the NHS simply refuses to refer patients to ‘specialists’ (experts?) and even goes as far as telling patients that, ‘If you’ve arranged to have a consultation concerning your thyroid, I’m NOT prescribing T3’. The medical ‘profession’ is some kind of mafia!

          3. anglosvizzera

            The rheumatologist was very careful not to say, “Don’t take any more vaccines” just “If I were you…” and suitably vague about the increase in people coming in recently with RA. However, a friend who went into hospital with “Covid 19” for a few days, unvaxxed, said that the A&E consultant they saw was also unvaxxed, came right out with it and didn’t comment on my friend’s vaccine status.

          1. Mr Chris

            So the quietness in theCivid front is due to a war, and dialling down of statistics?

          2. Ilma

            I’m unvaxed, and seemingly everyone else around here is getting Omicron, but so far, nothing. Maybe I’ve had it without knowing, you know, that societal parasite called the asymptomnatic.

          3. anglosvizzera

            Also unvaxxed here, had possibly “Delta” in November but nothing since, while all around Omicron rages…

    1. AhNotepad

      There is, but rules are made for the obedience of fools, and to be disregarded by contributors to this blog (or so it seems).

      1. Mr Chris

        Dear AHN
        By that definition I am a fool. I in my foolery, imagined that if there were rules and we kept to them it would be good for all of us.
        I’m sure Socrates had something to say about this

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          I’m afraid you’re right. In Australia, the rules are specific. You MUST NOT prescribe ivermectin if your patient has, or is dying of, covid. Only fools and murderers would refuse to break that rule.

    2. sticky

      I didn’t know about this rule, but then I am a relative newbie around here (about 18 months).
      Is there any guidance on what constitutes ‘long’ or ‘short’?

  72. rtj1211

    One does have to ask the following questions in a situation where the GMC is in breach of the Hippocratic oath over Covid19 vaccines:

    1. Who decides who manages the GMC?
    2. How can executive officers of the GMC be declared ‘unfit to hold office’?
    3. Are officers of the GMC required to complete an ‘annual MOT; regarding fitness to hold office?
    4. With whom do they reflect on their performance? GPs? Surgeons?? The General Public??
    5. Who appoints ‘Responsible Officers’?
    6. Do ‘Responsible Officers’ remain responsible if their views are ever different to those of the GMC?
    7. How can ‘Responsible Officers’ operate ethically if the GMC is functioning incompetently, criminally or fraudulently?

    1. An Italian Australian at the tropics

      From what I understand, the situation is exactly the same in every single country in first world. The situation is a little bit different is some of the non aligned countries.

    2. Eggs ‘n beer

      That was the case from the start. When I questioned The Science with my local state member she told me it didn’t matter. If I didn’t like their Science, go away.

      I know, I know, from a technical point of view it was futile, but these are the people who implement the decisions. The ones wearing the jackboots.


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