What is an Anti-Vaxxer?

13th March 2021

I am particularly interested in the whole concept of being ‘anti-‘ or a ‘denier’, or a sceptic. I think in great part this is due to constant attacks I have had to put up with because of my views of cholesterol and statins. I am often called a statin ‘denier’. I have also been referred to as a professional contrarian, a sceptic, a zealot and suchlike. The best general insult was from Steven Nissen, perhaps the world’s most influential cardiologist:

‘A leading cardiologist has unleashed a blistering attack on “statin denial,” which he calls “an internet-driven cult with deadly consequences 1.”’

What a result! I am now, officially, a cult member. That is, in addition to all my other, myriad flaws. Or maybe it is my cult he was referring to, and other people have joined it. Who knows? The truth is that if I did actually manage to join a cult, or start a cult, I wasn’t aware of it. But then, that’s how they do it, they sneakily pull you in these invisible people with no obvious organisation.

‘It is the very fact that they don’t even exist that makes them so dangerous, my friend. Yes, they truly are that sneaky.’

A closely related insult is that I am part of a ‘sect’. People who read my blog are sometimes insultingly referred to as my ‘acolytes’, or ‘followers’, and so on and so forth. In truth, one thing I don’t think I have ever been called is ‘anti-statinator’, but it could have slipped by without me noticing.

I am often, though, called a cholesterol sceptic. Which is fair enough. I did join a loose alliance of doctors and researchers called The International Network of Cholesterol Sceptics (THINCS), so I can hardly object to being called one.

However, I am not actually a cholesterol sceptic, nor a denier. I am not denying cholesterol exists. I just happen to believe it is not harmful – probably beneficial. To be accurate, it is the other side who attack cholesterol and who should be called cholesterol sceptics. I am really an anti-anti-cholesterol sceptic. This must make me twice as bad. I am not just anti. I am anti-anti.

Do I object to all these attacks? Well, you know, to be perfectly honest, if you can’t take the heat you should stay out of the kitchen. In addition, I don’t think I would be doing things right if people were not hurling insults at me on a regular basis.

It also encourages me to carry on. Because, as Gandhi once said:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.’

You may prefer Schopenhauer’s take:

‘First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.’

Once you have reached the violent, ridiculing, insulting, stage you know you are pretty much directly over the target:

‘Bombs away! We will crack that bloody dam one way or another chaps – just don’t refer to my bloody dog by name, or we will never fly another mission.

Anyway, because of my personal history I have taken a particular interest in the matter of personal insults used as a debating technique. Rather than relying on the use of terribly boring tactics like facts, and data. Why debate when you can achieve the same result with a pinpoint laser guided insult?

It is something that has been around for a long time. Schopenhauer in his essay ‘The art of being right’ discussed thirty-eight ways to win an argument. It includes a few techniques that I see used regularly. ‘Appeal to authority rather than reason’ and ‘bewilder your opponent by mere bombast’. At number thirty-eight ‘Become personal, insulting, rude…argumentum ad personam.’

The sad fact is that number thirty-eight works brilliantly. Always has, and it seems that it always will. Find something, anything, a person has said at some point in the past. Use that to relentlessly attack them. Once you have destroyed their character and motivations that is, pretty much, that. It is not really an argument, of course, it is simply a way of stating, about someone else, that ‘you are a disgusting person, and no-one should listen to anything you say, ever again.’

This has echoes with the argument that Wagner was a Nazi (before there were Nazis), so no-one should ever listen to his music. I rather like his stuff, actually. Maybe a bit right wing in parts, a bit loud and brash, but there you go. Clearly not as acceptably left-wing as Debussy. Light and fluffy, wanders about, never really gets anywhere.

Nowadays, things have become far worse. You can spend your entire life building up a spotless reputation. Never do a single thing wrong, ever. But, if you dare to make one mistake, that can be the end of you, forever. This, the obliteration by personal insult, seems to have become more and more popular since the internet took over the world.

I recently read the book ‘So you’ve been publicly shamed’ by John Ronson. It describes people who, in some instances, said one thing, and one thing only, and their entire lives were shredded on-line – then off-line too. In several cases they hadn’t really said anything ‘wrong’. Although they had been rather clumsy in their use of words.

However, someone else had decided to interpret what they said in a certain way and then decided to become insulted. There was no judge, no jury, at work here. They were guilty – and gone. Dragged off by the baying mob for a metaphorical lynching.

The medical and scientific world are, sadly, no different, and never have been. If you hold views that the mainstream finds… finds… I am not sure what the exact word here is. Wrong, misguided, unacceptable, dangerous? Perhaps a combination of all four, and more, you are attacked with exactly the same level of implacable hatred.

A hero of mine is Dr Bernard Lown. Many decades ago, he and his mentor decided to stand against a piece of universally accepted medical dogma. Which was strict bedrest following a heart attack. These two dangerous fools, instead of forcing patients to lie virtually motionless in bed for six weeks, allowed them to sit up in a chair at the end of the bed. Shock, horror.

‘Although I knew that the project would be a chore, I didn’t expect it to be an act of martyrdom. Little did I realize that violating firmly held traditions can raise a tsunami of opposition. The idea of moving critically ill patients into a chair was regarded as off‑the‑wall. Initially the house staff refused to cooperate and strenuously resisted getting patients out of bed. They accused me of planning to commit crimes not unlike those of the heinous Nazi experimentations in concentration camps. Arriving on the medical ward one morning I was greeted by interns and residents lined up with hands stretched out in a Nazi salute and a “Heil Hitler!” shouted in unison.’ 2

It is now well recognised that strict bed rest is deadly, was deadly. An action that killed tens of million world-wide. However, those daring to question it were treated with Nazi salutes. A particularly galling insult for a Jew, I would imagine. And somewhat ironic, as strict bed rest probably wiped out more people than the Nazi’s ever managed.

Moving track to another hero of mine. I used to communicate with Thomas Gold now, sadly, dead. Although he did make it to eighty-four. He was a professor of astronomy at Cornell University. He also had many other broad scientific interests, which included Geology.

In the 1950s he was a great supporter of Alfred Wegener’s theory of tectonic plate movement – to explain the structure of the Earth’s surface. Gold, and anyone else who dared to support this ridiculous and idiotic idea, were flung out of any meetings of the American Geological Society. They were attacked and insulted and disbarred by the great and the good. He was denied tenure at Harvard but was hired by Carl Sagan instead. A good result, I would say. By the way, all geologists now fully support the tectonic plate movement hypothesis, and would viciously attack anyone who question it!

Gold was attacked again, decades later, for putting forward his ideas on the ‘abiogenic theory’ of petroleum generation. Basically, he believed that there is a lot of life deep down in the Earth’s crust, and it creates petroleum as a waste product, which seeps to the Earth’s surface, which then gets trapped in certain places.

‘Gold has been derided by geologists, such as Harmon Craig and John Hunt, who are strongly opposed to Gold’s abiogenic petroleum theory. Others had even started campaigns to prevent Gold from publishing his findings.3

Twice attacked and derided by the establishment. Attempts to prevent his work even being published. I am deeply envious. If you do enjoy a hypothesis that is widely considered ridiculous, then have a read around ‘The Deep Hot Biosphere’. If you are the sort who welcome ideas that seem whacky, you’ll love it. If you prefer to accept scientific consensus without challenge, I’d give it a miss.

So, where was I. Yes, the tried and tested use of derision and personal insults to destroy someone’s credibility. ‘Climate change denier…’ is another example. In this case you will not merely be a denier. ‘You’ are almost certainly being paid by the oil industry … in some way. Find any connection, no matter how tenuous, and pump it for all it is worth. Sorry, I have a pension fund that includes BP and Shell. I think …’burn the unbeliever.’

Now we have the deadliest insult of all. ‘Anti-vaxxer.’ Two relatively short words, but if you dare to touch them, they explode into maelstrom of poison that spreads far and wide, destroying anyone and everyone in range. Today, to mix my metaphors, there is probably no deeper abyss to be dropped into, than the abyss of being labelled an ‘anti-vaxxer.’

Of course, the term has no definition. It doesn’t even have any discernible boundaries. You can be wandering about quite innocently and suddenly find you have become an ‘anti-vaxxer.’ I mentioned that the phase III clinical trials on AstraZeneca’s COVID19 vaccine will not be completed until 2023.

This, it seems, to some people on a medical website called doctors.net makes me an anti-vaxxer. Highly suspicious at the very least ‘And vhy, Dr Kendrick do you find it necessary to point out such matters. Have no doubt my friend that ve shall be vatching you very closely in future.’ I think I am channelling Raiders of the Lost Ark here.

We have now reached the position where, to state an incontrovertible fact about a clinical trial, makes you an anti-vaxxer. Which means that there truly are no longer any places to go. If, that is, you want to discuss vaccines in any way.

The only approved position to take, particularly if you are a doctor, is the following… ‘All vaccines are entirely safe. They have no adverse effects, and they are one hundred per cent effective in all cases. Anyone who questions vaccines in any way does not understand anything about science and they are putting millions of lives at risk. In fact, they should probably be treated as criminals.’

Here is the view of one doctor, from the BMJ

‘….criminalising people who intentionally hurt others through false information should also be considered. The freedom to debate, and to allow the public to raise legitimate vaccine concerns to fill the knowledge void, should not extend to causing malicious harm 4.’

And who, exactly, is to decide what constitutes malicious harm? I feel that this would be a rather large step – backwards – for mankind. This moves well beyond obliterating someone’s reputation. We should be flinging anti-vaxxers in jail.

That will certainly help to silence the bastards. A little ‘anti-vaxx’ symbol to be delicately pinned onto clothing whilst outdoors, perhaps. Otherwise, they could be walking amongst you, killing your children and elderly relatives, and you wouldn’t even know. Maybe we should build special camps to house them in at the same time.

Goodbye age of enlightenment. So long scientific debate. Finally killed by COVID19. You will be missed. I hope some small groups may manage to keep the flame alive. Right now, it seems to have been stamped out.

1: http://www.cardiobrief.org/2017/07/24/nissen-calls-statin-denialism-a-deadly-internet-driven-cult/

2: https://bernardlown.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/a-chair-to-the-rescue/

3: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Gold

4: https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n272?utm_source=etoc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tbmj&utm_content=weekly&utm_term=20210219

626 thoughts on “What is an Anti-Vaxxer?

  1. AhNotepad

    I consider I accept treatments if the information appears to be factual, and not distorted by exaggeration. With vaccines The claims have generally been they are one of the biggest benefits to public health. Then I read “Dissolving Illusions”, and it appears vaccines have done a little bit, possibly, at the bottom end of the curve. Despite the supposed good, there is a continual clamour from those with vested interests that we need even more vaccines. How did humans manage to survive before vaccines?

    1. robertL

      Excellent question: How did humans manage to survive before vaccines?

      I am sure that there are some long standing tried and tested vaccines that generally do not appear to have problems; but do we really know?

      Strong immune systems?

      What really disturbs me is that all vaccines have legislative protection in every aspect – an Open Invitation to Moral Hazard which appears to be the case with this latest so-called vaccine

      1. Andrew Makin

        Well, the hard fact is that a lot of people didn’t survive before vaccines. Cholera, smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, mumps, would carry off large chunks of the population. As we can see, enough suvived to carry on the species, but I don’t think it was a given.

        And for all their potential adverse effects, vaccines give better odds than statins.

        1. AhNotepad

          Under nourished people, living in fairly dense populations may have had the diseases you suggest. However the vax was not the fix. The fix was sanitation and nutrition. The best known example of sanitation is Joseph Bazalgette’s separation of drinking water from sewage in London. You could read Weston-Price’s “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”, where you will see examples of peoples, well able to look after themselves, until the arrival of big-ag type offerings of refined carbohydrates.

          1. jill4535

            I recently read Light and Health by John N Ott. Getting sensible sun exposure has many benefits. Are we all UV deficient?

          2. katharineotto

            Yes, yes, yes. Sanitation and nutrition are primary keys to good health. They breed resistance to disease better than any artificial formula ever devised.

        2. B59Y

          I believe this quote was attributed to Socrates:

          “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

          We must not forget Ignaz Semmelweis who in 1847 pioneered the use of antiseptic procedures in the surgery only to be ridiculed by the medical profession, ultimately being proven correct.

          For those who believe that vaccines eliminated many early diseases must read the book by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk, Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History, as mentioned previously. There one will learn in chapters 3 to 11, that many diseases of filth were eliminated by sanitation, nutrition, hygiene, elimination of child labor, refrigeration, and clean water. These also explained how the previously deadly diseases such as measles, pertussis, and mumps became benign childhood diseases before vaccines had any impact.

          In chapter 12, we learn that the polio virus has existed in the bowels of every human being for many thousands of years and became a problem when somethings changed to upset the gut microbiome and turn it into a communicable disease. Those somethings were processed foods, refined sugar, lead, arsenic, benzene hexachloride, and DDT poisoning, alcohol, tobacco, tonsillectomies, and antibiotics. Lead and arsenic compounds were used as pesticides and drugs prescribed by licensed doctors trained in facilities approved by the AMA. At the start of the 20th century, all paralyses were called polio, but when the vaccine came out in the mid-1950’s the medical profession redefined the broad diagnosis parameters to a narrower definition and began using actual tests for the polio virus in those stricken. Thus, polio “disappeared” by the stroke of the pen and was replaced by the name acute flaccid paralysis, which still exists today. In countries still using DDT, a central nervous system toxin, polio is still in circulation among the population.

          When reading the history of diseases, one must be sure to read the original documents from the time period, as does the referenced book, before the pharmaceutical cartel rewrote the records.

          1. Paul helman

            His religion also played a role in the acceptance of his ideas. In that society he was an outsider.

          2. AhNotepad

            I can’t remember where Suzanne’s response was, but I recall it was comprehensive, and showed that link to be a put up job. There “she” is, Isabella B, just a mom, who read a book. You can only reach Isabella B by twitter. The piece supposedly written by her was published in a very short time after Dissolving Illusions was published. Such a short time in fact, that it would have needed a group of people to write it. I suggest you did as I did, and search for Suzanne’s response, then post the link here.

          3. GnSks

            Moreover, Suzanne Humphries when pressed has stated she has never told anyone not to get a vaccine, just to do your own research, let it be known that there’s another side to the argument which is usually not talked about, and to draw your own conclusions. There were some decent videos in Youtube with interviews and lectures and maybe they’re even still there in these dark ages.

          1. Harry de Boer

            Now that the ‘R-number’ has been popularized, may we assume that the demise of infectious diseases in the 20th century points at an R-number that would have guaranteed its eradication anyway if no vaccines were used? Mathematical *cough* models would support this theory I believe.

        3. ricksanchez769

          Some would say there are vaccines to your above list Andrew Makin.
          The Pfizer jab, AstraZeneca jab are not really vaccines in the sense that they don’t prevent you from getting covid. Further, if you get covid 19, best evidence says they don’t prevent you from dying from covid 19 nor spreading covid 19 – in the strictest sense of the wording “vaccine”. Still, evidence from Israel, and their jab campaign shows deaths from down, transmission down, all in all a good supportive treatment (however not really a vaccine). Remember, no longer does this covid thing have much to do with medical science, it is all purely politics. Why else, with some dozen plus peer reviewed medical journal articles showing lock-downs completely ineffective against the virus, do governments continue with stay-at-home orders?


    2. ricksanchez769

      Anybody know why there are no right foot, 4th metatarsal ‘attacks’ amenable to tPA and stenting (similar to heart attacks)?

      Just asking, for a friend…

    3. Dermot Killian MD

      At this time it is estimated that we will have to vaccinate 100 subjects to prevent one infection.
      If you are infected a healthy person is at least got. 50% probability to be asymponpatic.
      If under the age of 50 and healthy the risk of death Is 0.0002%.
      Work that out as to ones mortality risk reduction?

    4. John K (not R) Nash

      Refusing SARS-CV-2 vaccine isn’t some heroic act of reason. It is stupid. Refusing to wear a mask isn’t heroic, it is stupid and endangers others. Luckily, natural selection continues in force whether or not you believe in science. By the way old chap, it was fascinating to see you revile argument by insult and shortly afterwards compare “left wing” people to Debussy’s music, “ Clearly not as acceptably left-wing as Debussy. Light and fluffy, wanders about, never really gets anywhere.” Maybe take a musicology course and learn an instrument, it might open your ears if not your mind.

      1. Capability (not) Brown SWP

        Goodness, it looks as though “the 77th” have got concerned about very old threads. I think the manufacturers of the vaccines should know what they are talking about and they say it does not stop you from catching or transmitting the disease. Therefore getting vaccinated might be a selfish act as it protects only you, not others – although it might suggest a degree of concern for family members who might be upset by the illness of a wage earner. The trial data for all these vaccines, such as it is, suggests that adverse affects from the vaccine are more likely than actually catching the disease. Not one decent study shows that mask wearing protects either the wearer or anyone else against viruses. So I suggest you go back and do some more reading. Who cares about heroes? We are just ordinary people.

      2. Eggs ‘n beer

        Well, here is my reasoning for not taking the jab.

        First of all, only by the latest medical dictionary version are these defined as vaccines. Prior to 2020, they didn’t fit the bill as they don’t prevent the disease. Describing them as vaccines is an Orwellian ministry of Truth ploy. Why describe them as something that they aren’t? If someone tried to sell you a fillet steak that looked like a slice of pumpkin, wouldn’t you be a bit suspicious? Maybe suspicious enough to …

        …. secondly, look at the results of the clinical trials. For Pfizer,

        On p.11 is the adverse event data for the Pfizer vaccine, up to one months after the second dose:


        On p.12 are the mortality statistics for the trial. Overall mortality is higher in the vaccine group.

        So what’s the reward for this risk of an adverse event? Dunno. Can’t think of one.

        So you’re (admittedly statistically insignificantly) more likely to die if you’ve been jabbed, so they can’t claim it saves lives. If you catch Covid and survive (which you’re more likely to do if you haven’t been jabbed) you have significantly more, 7x, 14x, 23x, infinitely (depending on which study) the immunity compared to if you’ve been jabbed. So it doesn’t confer an immune advantage. Data from Israel and the UK indicates that jabbed folk transmit the virus as much as the unjabbed, and are equally likely to be hospitalised. Florida, despite being at the low end of the jabbing rate, reports that half the hospital interventions are for the jabbed.

        Therefore according to the clinical trial, you know the sort of thing old boy, 40,000+ people, double blind placebo controlled stuff wot wot, you’re 75% more likely to have a serious adverse event if you’ve been jabbed rather than not, and your chance of dying is the same. These trials, for both Pfizer and Moderna, are now finished. They only lasted six months, and have now been unblinded and 98% of the placebo group jabbed. No more data from here.

        According to the field data, any immunity wanes rapidly. Within six months most of it is gone. Whilst the adverse events continue to pile up.

        Taking the jab is indeed the truly the Orwellian heroic thing to do. Two jabs, doubly so.

        Masks? Nobody needs to wear a mask, you just need to be sitting down sipping a latté listening to Débussy. Even governments acknowledge that it’s impossible to catch Covid while sitting down and eating or drinking, or at a sports arena. And nobody, not the politicians, the police, our unesteemed $700k/yr chief medical officer ever use the masks according to the instructions, so they are totally useless, a dummy (pacifier to the yanks) to give people a safe feeling. Not that there’s any substantive evidence that they work anyway, and plenty of studies that are equivocal at best and conclude against mask wearing at worst.

        Anyway, tally ho! into the sunset with your toxic load of spikes and mask to signal your virtue.

      3. Fast Eddy

        Good luck with your booster… hopefully your heart doesn’t blow up https://openvaers.com/index.php

        Oh and btw — the vaccines are not only dangerous – they are USELESS

        ‘Alarming and Shocking’ COVID Data From Israel https://www.headsupster.com/forumthread?shortId=105

        The most damning article about vaccines yet

        This new piece from Reuters – hardly a outpost of anti-vax fanaticism – should terrify vaccine advocates.

        And, honestly, scare the rest of us.

        A reminder: Britain has pursued a mass vaccination strategy as aggressively as any country. It approved Pfizer’s vaccine even before the FDA. More than 80% of Britons over 16 are now fully vaccinated.

        But Britain is in far worse shape than it was at this time last year, when no one was vaccinated. It is now averaging about 140 deaths a day, roughly 10 times as many as mid-September 2020. And hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise.


        How do you teach a CovIDIOT to come and lay down at your feat?

        You shout ‘BOOSTER’


    5. nestorseven

      I have that book also. It is excellent. Yes, big pharma…we would like to know how billions of newborns somehow managed to grow into adults and live quite long lives under some rather severe conditions before the 1900s. I am an anti-vaxxer because I believe the entire vaccine schedule is an abomination and an affront to the health of our children.

      There is not one independent long term study that proves that vaccines work in the long run. No study that shows vaccinated children are healthier than un-vaccinated children. Dr. Paul Thomas released some info gathered from his practice in Oregon the says the opposite.

  2. sam

    an anti vaxxer is a mother who’s child because autistic after a childhood vaccine and the authorities refuse to compensate, investigate and harrass her

    1. jill4535

      Some people use the term ex-vaxxer after a bad experience. If a vax is the answer to every ill, we won’t consider other causes, like malnutrition, mal-illumination, sleep deprivation, pollution, stress etc.

    1. Patrick Healy

      I second that motion.
      A thousand thanks to the good Doctor for his common sense and bravery.
      Can you, Doctor, confirm that a vaccine is produced from an isolated and identified virus, reduced many times to make it less toxic or active and injected into a person to generate a resistance to the real virus.
      Has this Chinese virus been identified and isolated ?
      Is that which is being injected into the population really a vaccine as we know it?
      BTW this non mask wearer has not been inoculated and does not intend to.

    1. cavenewt

      As Dr. Kendrick points out, the question is where do you draw the line. I have been a vaccine skeptic for years – I think some are fine, but the benefit of vaccines in general is exaggerated, largely because of Big Pharma’s profit motive, from whence downstream influencers are formed (medical training, public perception, Federal protection from lawsuits, etc.) No way do I give any credence to claims, for instance, that COVID-19 vaccines contain tracking microchips. However, I’m willing to consider the idea that there may be adverse immune system effects.

      I haven’t gotten the flu vaccine in years, partly because it’s not very effective and partly because I mistrust the action of some of the adjuvants used. But mostly because since changing my diet to low carb/high fat in 2010, I almost never get sick; on the two occasions I did come down with some virus (norovirus and a URI), only felt mildly uncomfortable for about 12 hours and then got better.

      Too bad there isn’t as much enthusiasm, among officialdom, for preventive lifestyle as there is for profitable pharmaceuticals.

      1. Don

        Profitable pharmaceuticals. Yes indeed, thats the key to this whole profitable quackery. Rockerfeller quack medicine has been poisening the public for 200 years especially the jabs, as they are not true vaccines. Edmund Jesty was first off the blocks before Jenner with his innoculation of his dairy maid against cowpox.
        What we are witnessing now is the end game perpetrated by the eugenists like the Rockerfella ` and his henchman T Gates and his greedy and nasty offsprings.

  3. theasdgamer

    The history of science is full of these kinds of speech suppression stories. Read up on Harlan Bretz for another example of a maverick fighting the dominant narrative. For over 50 years. And he won in the end. Science advances one funeral at a time.


    The history of philosophy of science similarly has its share of suppression. Larry Laudan couldn’t get his demarcation paper published anywhere except in a tiny journal. Feyerabend began the attack on Ppper’s theory about falsification with “Against Method”, but it took Laudan to complete the attack. After Laudan published, Popper was finished. (Feyerabend was one of Popper’s students and they were both Austria-born.)

    I would suggest reading Feyerabend’s “Science in a Free Society.” It gets to the heart of this post.

      1. Martin Back

        I started reading the link at Chapter 1 “The rhetorical ecology of science”. I got to Page 4 and decided that life was too short to follow Laudan’s argument when I read this paragraph:.

        ‘It seems clear that the demarcation problem, motivated by our urge to define science, has been seen simultaneously as of considerable importance and as quite nearly intractable. Indeed, the intellectual horizon is littered with attempts to come to grips with the constitutive character of science. With few exceptions, the goal of myriad demarcation discourses tends toward the explanatory (Holton 1988), a construct invariably embedded into larger epideictic portrayals of an intellectual practice as the penultimate expression of the Enlightenment. This celebratory bent is made all the more striking by the fractious, inconsistent, and fundamentally inconclusive ontological judgments made regarding the constitutive nature of the object of celebration. Perhaps, as Burke suggests, definitions of science and humankind simply get “formulated somewhere along the line.” ‘

        1. theasdgamer

          Just to clarify, Charles Taylor wrote the paragraph that you quoted. I don’t find Taylor persuasive.

          People like Taylor write books like his to “protect” science, as he conceives it. I believe that there are sciences, but that those are irreducible to some set of characteristics as the empiricists and rationalists conceived of their project.

          1. andy

            Now and then I get invited to an academic conference but the terms are often in the style of this extract. Designed not to educate but to exclude.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      “Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded – here and there, now and then – are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

      “This is known as ‘bad luck'”.

      – Robert A. Heinlein, “The Notebooks of Lazarus Long”, in “Time Enough for Love” [Witness Turing, Semmelweiss, Russell, Ted Nelson, Leibniz, etc. Etc.]

  4. BGB0728

    My life experience supports Dr. Malcom Kendrick!!!
    1. At the age of 35 my cholesterol and blood pressure where basically uncontrollable.
    2. For years I took mixtures of cholesterol and blood pressure medicine, meaning typically two prescriptions for cholesterol and two for blood pressure. Nothing changed as my blood pressure and cholesterol remained high and elevated.
    3. When I was 68 I had heart surgery as I was born with a genetic defect of two aortic valves instead of three and by the grace of God it was discovered before the calcified valves caused death by heart attack.
    4. EXTENSIVE preparation for heat surgery, including CAT scan from the groin up showed NO plague build up in my coronary arteries – none.

    Here is my point. Dr. Malcom Kendrick comes to his conclusion by studying actual facts, not by being on big Pharma’s payroll. I am only one example, but the hard evidence is extremely supportive of Dr. Malcom Kendrick.

  5. Graph Guy

    As an “anti-vaxxer”, “anti-Big Govt”, “anti-LEFTIST”… it is always to my demented glee when the mass followers of authority try to challenge me with their ad hominem attacks and get the deer in the headlights look when you present their own data, facts that do not support their suppositions that they so blindly consume as if it was an elixir served in a golden chalice from their gods. Or ask for one peer reviewed study showing that masks have saved one life from the dreaded Wuhan virus…. chirp, chirp, chirp.

  6. Jeanie

    Hi Dr K.I’ve just had a discussion with my adult children re the anti vaccine tag this morning.They are ,like us ,very reluctant to have it but also scared of any repercussions ie no travel allowed no mixing in supermarkets unless vaccinated,will their children be able to go to school because their unvaccinated parents are not allowed at the school gates to collect them in case they infect all the lucky parents who’ve had their vaccine.The implications of not wanting to have this vaccine is horrendous and I did jokingly say will they create camps or ghettos for us non compliers to live in now,no it’s not a joke I know that but I was just trying to make a point,it’s been done before in history because certain people did not fit in with their idea of acceptability.In the work place now anywhere with more than 50 employees are being told to test them on a regular basis,what happens if my husband says no thank you I don’t wish to be tested.Does he then lose his job? My daughter as a teacher has to be tested now and had to have the vaccine to be able to “fit in” at work.I’m on a health forum regularity and someone came on today saying she’d been called for vaccination but her anxiety was so high because of blood clot issues reported on the media she was unsure what to do,my god they responded promptly with get it done ASAP ,it’s all lies it’s unproven you must think of all the other people you could be infecting without it,but if I dare to go on and say educate yourself and listen to both sides of the discussion then make an informed descision my response will be deleted as it’s not considered appropriate and is negative, the worlds gone bloody mad!! I’ve had th3 dreaded letter and 3 phone calls to be vaccinated but I can’t go and get my life saving b12 vaccination for pernicious anemia can I.

    1. AhNotepad

      Jeanie, Nuremberg and Helsinki agreements mean that it is unlawful to discriminate against anyone who does not consent to a medical procedure. People and lower courts don’t understand this, and think anything the politicians pronounce must be obeyed. It is not lawful to insist someone takes a test, or any of the other means of torture. It is an offence under the discrimination act to, er, discriminate. Since the phase 3 trials don’t end until February 2023, anyone getting jabbed takes their life in their hands. If you haven’t seen it, look at ukcolumn.org. And search for “No smoke without fire”. Brian Gerrish has a phrase which sums up the current tyrrany, “If you comply, you are helping to build the prison in which your children and grandchildren will live”. Whether we get carted off to camps is probably not important. Those who comply will have to walk there, voluntarily.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        And this is where “anti-vaxxers” lose credibility. If Tenpenny actually said those things she’s put herself in the same box as the “vaxxines are 100% safe and effective” crowd. She cannot possibly know what the 2 to 20 year outcomes will be. She has no basis for such a forthright declaration. She can postulate, theorise, suggest on the basis of this, that or the other theory that this may be an outcome, and that provides a scientific basis for discussion. But stating that they are depopulation tools is fearmongering.

        I’ve been involved with anti-vaxxers for nearly three decades and what some of them come out with makes me cringe. Unscientific vindictive attacks. Just because we’re under similar attacks from health authorities and big pharma doesn’t mean we have to drop to their level of ethics. Or total lack thereof.

      2. John Nash

        Two to twenty years later eh? And your evidence is…? Ah, but we don’t do evidence, do we? How long before you block me, doc?

          1. Fast Eddy

            Hey Doc … why don’t you see if you can use your pull and get Mr Nash a VIP pass to the Booster Room… that might end up being more effective than blocking him

        1. Fast Eddy

          Hey John … you know what I tell the clinic when they invite me for the experimental clot shot?

          I say ya … happy to come down… but first can you send me the long term studies on side effects of the vaccines… as you can imagine … I’ve not had a jab…

          BTW — remember when they told us the vaccines were ‘thoroughly tested’ and that they would stop CovIDIOTS from getting covid and passing it on….. but now of course we know that’s not correct…. But they were thoroughly tested ….

          You know.. thoroughly… surely thorough testing would involve ensuring you cannot get covid if you get injected…

          Duh… nah … Double Duh.

          And you come to this website mocking people? Take a look in the mirror buddy.

    2. cavenewtcavenewt

      Your comment was written in March 2021. Here we are in September with U.S. vaccine mandates right and left. Last weekend I went to a concert where George Takei told the story of his childhood incarceration in Japanese-American internment camps during World War II. Any relation to today’s situation is purely coincidental, but one can’t help but draw a parallel.

      1. Paul helman

        Had mine in March (Moderna) and have experienced no apparent ill effects. One can find unlimited reasons to hesitate but considered the benefits to outway those concerns. MK alluded to the pandemic of 67-68. I was at that time in the Public Health Service and assigned as the junior medical officer at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Things became hectic and ultimately called an early Christmas Holiday leave and allowing our cadets to disperse around the country which did wonders for our patient load. I had the rare privilege of attending our Admiral when he came down with the illness. His request for treatment centered around receiving a supply of Altoid mints which in his opinion was a cure all. He may have been correct at that!

        1. Jean Humphreys

          “Altoid Mints” Where to get these – they are no longer made in the UK which is annoying since they are just what is needed for a sudden quease or gut pain from wind.

        2. Fast Eddy

          The vaccines do not stop you from getting covid and they don’t stop you from getting severe illness from covid




          I fail to see any benefits.

          In terms of risks: https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data

          You will notice there are no links to CNN or BBC on any of those articles… sorry to disappoint you

  7. DomiDF

    Thank you Dr. Kendrick. In the end doctors decided that lobotomies were not beneficial to the human brain or that thalidomide was not working out for fetuses. It will take time but in the end you will be vindicated.


    Thank you Dr. Kendrick….I had a great belly laugh reading your article. You see I have been an anti anti good food Doctor for thirty years and have suffered great harm to my reputation…you know “the quack Chiropractor” type rhetoric. Anyway I have been promoting the science that good unprocessed food and whole food phytonutrient supplements may improve your health by leaps and bounds if you stop believing the revered medical science that there is a pharmaceutical there to save you from all of life’s afflictions. I bear the stigma and just keep moving along and promoting all these crazy ideas. I am not famous so will probably not go to jail or be removed from social media platforms, I will just keep spreading the good news to the few Americans who are critical thinkers and not afraid to ask “Why”
    Thanks again for the good laugh.
    Dr. Maureen Sullivan

  9. Fiona Weir

    `Dear Dr Kendrick One reason I read that was causing Anti-Vaxx was that some people thought they would be injected with something made with alcohol: this would be against their religion. Many thanks for your eruditional writing. Best wishes Fiona Weir

  10. Trish

    I’m not medically trained or indeed a scientist, but I feel I can reply by
    Being human,
    AND having common sense.

    I have just read the Cambridge Freshfields Annual Law Lecture 27/10/2020. By Lord Sumption.
    Who incidentally, has been vilified for his very balanced views on Covid. But this lecture is incredible, re our governments reaction.

    Well written..

    Thanks for what you do Dr. Kendrick, you do make a difference.

    1. Vee

      Just a reply to Trish to thank her for recommending Lord Sumption’s law lecture. His comments remind me of our law professor, the late Prof. Harry Street, who was extremely concerned about individual freedom. – this was back in the mid 1960s! I am shocked by the extent to which Parliament itself has now been squeezed out of itis right to make decisions which affect the general public.

      Also I recently read that one of the decisions of SAGE at an early stage of the pandemic was to present the circumstances in a manner that would terrify all of us into compliance.

      Thanks to Dr Kendrick I have managed not to be afraid, but my perfectly rational partner has been really terrified!

      So – thank you Dr Kendrick and thank you Trish.

    2. IPMS

      I am similarly unqualified and uneducated as a scientist. I too am deeply sceptical of career politicians and scientists doing a fantastic moonlighting job as snake oil salesmen. Thanks to Dr K for stating the “blindingly bleedin’ obvious” – at some risk to his professional standing. I reserve the right to disagree with him, but I will defend his right to air his – fully informed – opinion.

      What he describes I have a very apposite example to offer but I dare not because of the parties involved – happy to disclose to Dr K in private but I suspect he will not be surprised to see it.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        IPMS, being a real scientist is not a question of qualifications or jobs, but an attitude of scepticism and determination to find out by experimentation.

        Remember what the following people had in common:

        Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Sir Francis Bacon, Tycho Brahe, Copernicus, Galileo, Leibniz, Darwin, Einstein…

        Yes, that’s right: no science degree! Indeed, most of them had no university education at all, as they founded their respective disciplines.

        Sir Isaac Newton did take a degree at Cambridge, although it’s unlikely he learned much from the course that helped me with his enormous breakthroughs in mathematics and physics. Alan Turing got a Cambridge degree too, but it was in pure mathematics. He didn’t have a qualification in computing, because…

        1. Prudence Kitten

          Typo: “helped him”, not “helped me”. Sorry folks, enormous ego trying to break through… 😎

        2. theasdgamer

          I’d say that having a scientific mindset involves doing the work of analyzing the data–not just reading the abstract of a scientific article or reading pop science or listening to an alleged scientific authority who may be blowing smoke.

          Basically, doing your due diligence.

  11. Sandy

    Each time I’m about to tip over the edge, your latest post appears in my inbox, and a little balance is restored.
    Thank you.

  12. Tina

    By simply questioning and researching various subjects I find that I am now an anti-vaxxer, climate change denier, anti-woke, anti-leftist, conspiracy theorist. And I just thought I was a rational human being. I no longer take any statins or blood pressure medication after having taken them, probably unnecessarily, for 15 years! Thanks to Dr Kendrick and other sceptics. Now when I find someone with an interesting perspective, I check them on Wikipedia and if they are insulted or called quacks, I know I’m probably on the right track.

  13. Penny

    I am told by my husband that I am credulous as I believe Dr Kendrick and others rather than the official narrative; this credulity does not work the other way round.

    A legitimate concern is that, not having the coronavirus vaccination, I will be unable to travel abroad and may husband would not wish to go on his own. On this issue I am attacked on all sides.

    The more I read the more I am confused except in the matter of official deception, manipulation and coercion. Your comments, Dr Kendrick, bring light and the comments education and entertainment. Keep going, please.

      1. Harry de Boer

        In the mean time Turkey and Virgin have announced they’ll accept tourists without vaccine or test, which I think is a golden combination. 😉

  14. GW

    Brilliant piece of writing…….as usual! Thank you for all that you do. The flame is alive and can never be extinguished!………but sometimes oh so hard to see

  15. Linda Randell

    Well, I shall be wearing that badge I guess. I had M.E. for nearly 40 years until I tried Mickel therapy -what is it with Scottish doctors? Is the training better? Anyway, I had hypothyroidism too, and just try getting that adequately treated these days! I have worked hard to become as well as I possibly can with diet, tai chi, meditation etc, but I have a few issues with allergies still. I had nasty reactions to 2 medicines I was given when I really needed thyroxine, and recently ended up in A&E after being frightened into taken blood pressure medication, which it turned out I didn’t even need! I can’t even tolerate alcohol! So, I’m very reluctant to have either vaccine after my hard won return to health. Perhaps I should carry a bell as well! What a sad world we’re in, but you ease my fear and sadness, Dr Kendrick, and you make me laugh too. You’re a healer as well as a doctor, and that’s a rare thing. Thank you!

    1. Madge Hirsch

      I understand your hesitancy . As a sufferer from Fluoroquinolone toxicity I am really reluctant to take something that might make my floxing symptoms worse. I have had a negative reaction to flu vaccine – the first year they put the H1N1 strain into the annual jab I felt ill all winter. It was only later I found out that the strain had been added. Since I stopped having flu jabs I have had 2 more exposures to Cipro. Gradually I am improving but it is slow and relapses are still happening. The floxie community are very worried about the effect these vaccines might have on them and so far there is no info .

    2. Penny

      I take it that you still have hypothyroidism, Linda Randall, rather that ‘had’ as it is generally a ‘for life’ condition. I was steered in the right direction for my hypothyroidism by a brilliant private doctor locally and the lovely Dr Durrant-Peatfield, having suffered for over three decades without diagnosis. Once I started taking T3 I began the long journey to a better life and am now on a high dose of T3-only due to having THR, unfortunately not supplied by the nhs due to cost. There is much information on the ThyroidUK website if you are interested. I’m sure that you do not wish to upset the balance by having an experimental ‘vaccine’. I am fighting to not have any of the vaccines but am under constant pressure from my husband due to the possibility of vaccine passports and us being unable to take any holidays, visit hotels or restaurants. So much for ‘informed consent’.

    3. scazzer

      Linda, I developed ME 30 years ago after taking a toxic combination of fertility drugs, which didn’t work. The link was never acknowledged by the people treating me. I have recovered with Reverse Therapy, diet, B12 injections, yoga, meditation and natural dessicated thyroid. I have had one AZ shot, but am not going to have the ‘booster’. The damage may already have been done. I am expecting a fight with my GP.

  16. Bob Williams

    All fields of science have evolved over the years, those who don’t get or understand it shouldn’t be involved in it.

    1. theasdgamer

      Unfortunately, understanding one’s own field doesn’t necessarily give enough perspective for general issues.

      Today’s science is tomorrow’s pseudo-science, and vice-versa…and maybe things tick back and forth a time or two…free speech is science is essential to avoiding getting stuck in traps.

    2. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      All derivatives of the technological marketising and weaponising of science for corp and gov application have evolved ever more complex means to protect their fields and funding.
      One way is to ‘evolve’ such arcane modes of obfuscation that no one else CAN participate unless mind-trained to see as the invested Model directs.

      In general terms science is being replaced by computer modelling, under ‘scientifically set predicates and parameters to tell Reality what it has to be – and then generate funding to search for the dark fudge or eradicate the bugs that the system generates for the war on bugs.

      Over specialisation takes on a ‘dalek’s eye view’ of life.

      Turning and turning in the widening gyre
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
      The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
      The best lack all conviction, while the worst
      Are full of passionate intensity.
      Surely some revelation is at hand;
      Surely the Second Coming is at hand….

      If you want a secret cult, go for it – but do not expect your private agenda to be validated by a democratic acceptance or empirical data.
      We stand on the shoulders of giant… mistakes.

  17. J. Parry

    “the phase III clinical trials on AstraZeneca’s COVID19 vaccine will not be completed until 2023.” HA! Exactly as expected.

    Thanks mostly to reading “The Great Cholesterol Con” I stopped taking statins several years ago. It seems that saying high cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes is like saying too many council workmen cause holes in the road.

    And has anyone heard of a certain Dr Miller? His methods must have caused countless back patients terrible suffering as he tried to flatten the natural human spine curvature (exactly suited to our bipedal stance and locomotion) to resemble our supposed four-legged ancestors!?

    Yes, I am one of those dreaded “Evolution-deniers” who (mostly for solid scientific reasons) doesn’t believe the fairy tale “Once upon a time there was Nothing. Nothing suddenly exploded – we have no idea why – and eventually produced everything”. .

    Psssst. I don’t believe in Father Christmas or a Flat Earth either 😉

    1. theasdgamer

      People have called me an evolution-denier also, although my conception of reality is that gene pools are constantly in flux.

      I also believe that hydrocarbons have an abiogenetic origin from natural “nuclear reactors” inside the earth’s crust. Water is constantly being pumped into the oceans from magmatic sources and where does it come from but some sort of nuclear reactor in the magma? If water, possibly oil. Of course, I merely consider this the most likely explanation based on my current understanding of things. From a thimbleful of data, tons of theories.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        One ability that is essential for the scientific mind is to consider the facts and conclude, “Well this doesn’t look decisive either way. While recognising that it’s an important issue, I shall suspend judgment until I see more evidence”.

        Known as “epoche” and celebrated by Montaigne, this goes back to the ancient Greeks.

        “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”.
        – Aristotle

        1. theasdgamer

          It is also helpful to be certain about what is uncertain–e.g., the cycle threshold for PCR tests is the foundation of uncertainty for pretty much the entire tyrannical public health authority mandates. No wonder they want to hide cycle thresholds.

          It also helps to ask “qui bono” about why certain things are done like smearing early treatment with antivirals. Early treatment with antivirals would have thrown a monkey wrench in several corruption schemes–the vaccines, the shutdowns which led to unemployment and “covid” porkbarrel financing, and the CDC funding going from $8 billion at the start of 2020 to $56 billion later on. Of course, all public health depts. will push for increased funding.

      2. DaveL

        My understanding of Thomas Gold’s abiogenetic theory of petroleum is that it came from his astronomy background: he noted that the gas methane (CH4) is found everywhere in the universe, so when products coalesce to form astronomical bodies, such as planets, they naturally trap that methane within them, too. Once methane is kept under pressure and temperature, under the right conditions you can get longer chained hydrocarbons, like petroleum. This is why he participated in the extremely deep well drilled in Sweden (mostly in non-sedimentary rock) and found hydrocarbons at 25,000 feet or so. He thought there was almost an inexhaustible source continuously percolating up from depths of the earth, and then getting trapped in the sedimentary formations we call reservoirs. Is that why “peak petroleum” has yet to happen, despite being continually predicted?

        Abiogenetic has an “a” prefix, which means not or none–in other words, hydrocarbons didn’t come from marine vegetation living in shallow seas nor from any other form of life. An interesting idea, from a very interesting scientist–I don’t know if his abiogenetic theory is true, but we need more imaginative scientists like him, and less of the credential-, tenure-, and profit-seeking type. Science seems almost totally corrupted today.

        1. Gary Ogden

          DaveL: I see two main driving forces for this (the corruption of science): 1. Funding of basic science is almost all commercially driven, and publishing heavily influenced by commercial interests; and 2. We seem to have lost the values of Western Civilization, with the exception of the primacy of the almighty dollar. Gone, too is the day when public service motivated those seeking leadership roles in government; this is now the ticket to riches. The love of money is the root of much of what ails us. By the way, thanks for the basic sketch of the abiogenic theory of petroleum. Most interesting.

    2. Prudence Kitten

      “It seems that saying high cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes is like saying too many council workmen cause holes in the road”.

      Bingo! There are far too many half-smart, half-baked scientists desperately jostling to make a name for themselves, get promoted, and hit the headlines.

      One reason so many doctors and scientists began saying cholesterol was a vital measure of health was simply that someone had just invented a machine for measuring “blood cholesterol”. Salesmen were given incentives for selling such machines…

  18. Sue Waddle

    Thank you again for putting into words how many people feel.
    I’m happy to be in your cult of the sceptic but it’s very difficult not to feel an outcast in your own society.
    Keep on keeping on with your questions please!

  19. aabarbanel

    Bravo!!! Shared with delight. I’ve experienced the equivalent of the ‘anti-vaxxer’ slur since my early days of pro-Palestine activism. The equivalent of ‘anti-vaxxer’ is ‘antisemite, an accusation flung indiscriminately at anyone who dares to question Israel and its genocidal settler-colonialism.

  20. Gary Ogden

    Thanks, Dr. Kendrick. The attacks and suppression of knowledge about the risks of vaccines has actually backfired, and the awareness of their risks has grown among the public. This is why they have become increasingly shrill. They are panicking. They’ve lost control of the narrative.

  21. Henry Barth

    Not to forget being an ‘AIDS-denier” which group I joined after reading Kary Mullis ask for a single scientific research paper showing that HIV caused AIDS.

    There are no studies.

    Robert Gallo was awarded the Nobel for saying that HIV is “associated” with AIDS. But nothing causal.

    No paper, no proof, just a press conference.

    As another famous skeptic reportedly said: E pur si muove

  22. Steve

    Happy to be a member/acolyte of the good doctor’s club/cult.
    According to my Financial Advisor’s assessment I am ‘risk averse’, which means I am happy to accept a small amount of uncertainty or risk. This applies to other things like vaccines where I am happy to take the risk with MMR vaccines and Yellow Fever, Typhus, etc. because they have been developed, tested and used over many decades. However, I am definitely not happy to be a guinea pig for a vaccine that has been rushed out in mere months, has not even completed testing, uses a completely new, novel technique and actually provides me with an unproven degree of protection that I don’t even need. I guess I am an anti-vaxxer.
    Does the vaccine actually ‘work’ ? Or is the drop in the number of cases down to the lowering of PCR cycles rather than vaccine rollout ?
    This blog is one of the few places where common sense prevails, continue the good work.

    1. Binra (@onemindinmany)

      Share a culture by meeting in a tangible and substantial appreciation of worth or value.
      The cultic MUST bolster its identity as over and against ‘them’.
      If we have a ‘bankrupt culture’ attracting parasitic scavengers running a death cult, then restore focus to who we are and what we love, rather than taking a cheap definition from what we are not (at least publicly) willing to be seen in or as.

      It’s ok Glynn I know you were sharing a lighthearted moment 😉

  23. Lynn Wright

    Spot in Dr Kendrick! The clamp down is getting stricter, the noose tighter, on any of us that question the “Safe and effective” mantra of vaccines. RFK Jr is a great example. He, all his siblings, and all his children are fully vaccinated. He says he was, “dragged kicking and screaming” into the vaccine debate by mothers whose children had been harmed by vaccination. As an environmental lawyer, he had created the non-profit World Mercury Project in an effort to reduce mercury pollution and the resulting harms it brings to humanity. These moms kept telling him if he really wants to look at mercury pollution and how it gets into the human body, he must look into vaccines. The rest is history.

    His Wikipedia page begins, “Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. (born January 17, 1954) is an American anti-vaccine advocate, conspiracy theorist, author, and an environmental lawyer. He is the chairman of Children’s Health Defense, an anti-vaccine advocacy group.” Ugh. I have never heard one “anti-vaccine” statement from him, I have never heard nor read, “Do not vaccinate your children” from him. His effort is to expose the lies, Big Pharma corporate ties to public health officials, the known harms, especially of Gardasil. CHD looks into many concerns, 5G, Glyphosate, etc. Now he is championing health freedom, parental rights, informed consent. He was asked by a reporter (from one the legacy networks) about his being with one million others in Berlin last August, wasn’t he afraid of becoming infected? He said no, I am afraid of losing my freedoms.

    His speech is something all free thinking, freedom–loving people should hear, read. Though I do not agree with all his views, his being labeled and ridiculed as an anti-vaxxer is because he sees the bigger picture very clearly, he knows a lot of insiders, he has a powerful voice and he is much loved. He is a danger.

    His opening words, “”Back at home, in the United States, the newspapers are saying that I came here today to speak to about 5,000 Nazis. Tomorrow, they are going to report that, yes, I was here, that I spoke to maybe 3,000 to 5,000 Nazis.

    But I look at this crowd and I see the opposite of Nazism. I see people who love democracy—people who want open government, people who want leaders who are not going to lie to them, people who want leaders who will not make up arbitrary rules and regulations to orchestrate the obedience of the population.

    We want health officials who don’t have financial entanglements with the pharmaceutical industry—who are working for us. We want officials who care about our children’s health, and not about pharmaceutical profits or government control.”

    The transcript here: https://www.abscondo.com/abscondo/2020/08/robert-f-kennedy-transcript-of-the-historic-speech-in-berlin-on-august-28th-2020-text-quotes.html

    One last comment: awhile back i received a very complimentary ad hom attack when posting about the inherent problems with, and the impossibility of, using RT-PCR to accurately diagnose infection. “Are you a microbiologist?” Ha! Nope, not hardly. The person questioning clearly had not spent anywhere near the time I had at looking into this method of DNA replication, what it can and cannot show, Ct values, primers, etc. He was stumped so threw that at me. I was very pleased. Then, as you wrote, chirp chirp chirp.

  24. Binra (@onemindinmany)

    Weaponisation of language is the masking defence against fear of loss of face, of disclosure to shame or lack of substance.
    The characteristic is of accusing and attacking our sins in ‘others’ and indeed in the ‘Othered’ or scapegoated by assignment as a legitimate hate target – hence an invitation to signal ‘moral stature’ (sic) by Joining in hate against.

    Until we see our own mind in act and release it, we continue to almost exclusive focus ‘out there’ for blame as a means to validate ourself upon evils assigned to others that we WANT there, and regardless whether there is any valid criticism, it becomes ‘personal’ and engages the narrative distortions of wanting to be right or wanting to show the other as being wrong – rather than any desire for truth that actually heals or corrects errors.

    Protected narratives – where open public discourse of questioning or revision of facts are NOT officially allowed on pain of significant penalty – such as being ‘cancelled’ and excluded or ‘unpersoned’ – are the revealing of masked or hidden tyranny.
    We have our own individual and group identity versions or where NOT to go, and neither to address openly that you are NOT to go there. These are communicated by induction and example.
    So a mask isn’t just a passive set of filters or a magic prop against magic particles with magic powers, it is a cover story for an attack on truth from a ‘protected narrative identity that must not be openly named – for exposure is threat and is thus targeted for attack.

    This is a device or pattern that feeds the so called ‘conspiracy theorist’ (another weaponised put-down) of a masked agenda running under a cover story that does not fully disclose conflicts of interest. The vacca or pharmed cow herd become the means of support after the shock tactic has induced them to change their habit and normalise it. Everyone seeks and finds self-justifications after the fact.

    The resort to lies and denial of truth is a deep self-betrayal that is associated with self abhorrence and disgust that are intolerable – and so the self-hating are driven to lid over and dump it out on others in ways that generate a like reaction of disgust. But fear can so dispossess the mind as to essentially override all else – as in covid monomania, and when not in our right mind we really are as Jesus put it – ‘them who know not what they do’. In the moment we act for survival from where we are identified, the moment after a red rage may reveals a dreadful sense of guilt or horror. the imposition of order as the attempt to eradicate drives the true causes deeper by piling more ‘solutions’ on top.

    I wrote a piece called:
    I am not an Anti-Lifer but I understand how a mind polarises in hate, fear and guilt

    But the key point is do not accept an offer to be framed in negative terms as if it is on you to defend or refute. Will anyone give a definition of what they mean when they use these terms – rather than restating put-downs of smear by association.

    Show me the evidence – not the collective impressions of manipulated fears and wishful beliefs!
    I see much evidence that does not support official narratives. That is why they need official support.

    Where would all of the current shenanigans be if the Banking/Finance system did NOT support it? Weaponised narratives are woven like complex financial instruments by which to offer toxic debt as IF an appreciable asset or hedge against pain of loss. That ‘Truth will Out!’ is inevitable and so associated with death or total loss, and evaded at all and any cost by all and any means, until the willingness to sacrifice life to self-illusions simply cant find traction to persist.

    There is the curious fact that those who are denigrated often take on their terms of denigration as a shared identity. The whole thing is about lost or broken identity in search of a boost or reinforcement within a sense of nakedness or lack of defence against a hostile world.
    But the Bible says” And WHO told you you were naked?”
    This represents our innate capacity to question mistaken beliefs and assumptions from which we compounded a mistake to a world of lies and nightmare.

  25. Annemarie

    I am also attracted to people who do not follow the tracks. This renowned vaccin developer is crying out to all colleagues and governments TO STOP VACCINATING AGAINST COVID-19. Geert Vanden Bossche please take note, I’m sure you’ll be interested!.
    My understanding: your innate immune system can mostly cope with the virus and it’s variants. By vaccinating you dampen the innate immunesystem, while the antigens of the vaccination take over. Because of the lockdown, masks etc. we stimulate the virus to mutate and become more virulent (it must find a host). We are stuck with the original active antigens that do not recognize many of the new mutations. Our innate immune system (that could have recognized new mutations) is inactive because of the vaccine. We are now wide open to attack!!!! DO NOT VACCINATE DURING AN EPIDEMIC! THE VACCINATIONS WERE MEANT TO BE PROPHYLACTIC!

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      And the worst thing you can do for your innate immune system is to slather it with anti-microbial sludge twenty times a day ….

      Apart from killing your skin’s biome, it prevents your Langerhans cells from contacting the Chinese virus and developing T-cell immunity. This is different to antibodies. If someone doesn’t know what a Langerhans cell is (many have heard of the Islets of Langerhans, but they are different) then they literally don’t know a thing about first immunity. Can you develop full immunity merely by allowing the virus to contact your skin? I don’t know, but serum analysis of uninfected people shows up to 60% T cell immunity to the Chinese virus, whether from skin contact or previous coronaviruses (aka the common cold) isn’t clear. Definitely some from other coronaviruses though, as the blood samples were five years old. You can certainly develop some immunity from contact – that’s what the LCs do.

      Plus the chances are that such continuous bombardment will damage them, but I haven’t found any studies on the effect of chemicals on the LCs.

      So that’s hand hygiene, masks and lockdowns (the WHO, and the Australian government, say lockdowns are not to be used) that are all conducive to propagating the virus – and our governments are using them all. In the name of “science”.

      Dr K., loved the film reference.

    2. Marijke

      Thank you for this link, Annemarie. It is interesting and chilling reading what he has to say. I remmber a comment in one of the earlier blogs mentioning that the new and stronger variants of the coronavirus emerged in those countries where large vaccine trials took place: England, South Africa, Brasil. That is the same mechanism of evolutionary pressure on the virus to ecape vaccine induced immunity.

  26. Peter Ford

    All absolutely true. It’s the same with truth telling on any subject touching national security such as exaggeration of the threat from terrorism. “Biosecurity* has now even become a subset of national security, with refuseniks treated as dangerous pariahs. We are even denied samizdat (Facebook and Twitter, now policed by goons).

  27. hbyd

    I sum up my feelings regarding some of the things you have written in the following quote (I hope things don’t have to go that far though):

    “I wholly disapprove of what you say and will defend to the death your right to say it”

    I’ve always read that this statement is attributed to Voltaire but I recently learned from Quote Investigator that it’s actually Evelyn Beatrice Hall.

    I guess that makes that website anti-Voltaireian and I am now a Voltaire- denier!
    Imagine if surgeons still didn’t wash their hands and wear surgical gloves, because, you know, miasma.
    Not my beat writing because I’m angry.

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      But, why DO surgeons wash their hands? Because of “science”? What science? Semmelweis showed that sticking your hand up a woman’s infected birth canal, withdrawing it covered in a toxic shock amount of bacteria laden mucus and inserting that same hand immediately into another, uninfected, woman’s birth canal, spread the infection. And thus, fair enough, surgeons carry out this procedure in an attempt to protect patients from infection during what is an unnatural procedure. Does it work? We don’t know, as nobody has done a study on it. Is it obvious that it works? No, because millions of people die of sepsis every year as a result of infection after operations. Merely touching a surface and coming into contact with a microbe is vastly different to grabbing a fistload of infected matter.

      Why do surgeons wear masks? Here, the evidence is much more conclusive. And the answer is, because they are either ignorant about the effects of wearing masks during surgery, or have a death wish for their patients (it might also be the fear of being cancelled by not following the Cult of the Mask). Study after study shows that infection rates are greater, up to double, when surgeons wear masks (Orr, 1981 ARCS, Ritter 1975, Ha’eri and Wiley, 1980, Tunevall 1991 etc. etc.)

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          Firstly, are there any studies that confirm the effectiveness of that? None of the studies on mask effectiveness reported adverse effects on surgeons or staff.

          Secondly, first do no harm. Wearing masks harms patients. Follow the real science.

          1. theasdgamer

            I have it on full authority from a surgeon I know that masks have protected her multiple times from patient fluids.

            Water is wet, whether RCTs have been done or no.

          2. Eggs ‘n beer

            Ok, so there haven’t been any studies, and that surgeon doesn’t care about patient outcomes.

            Water is wet; but it doesn’t drown every person it comes into contact with.

      1. Prudence Kitten

        Eggs, the surgeons with whom Semmelweiss had the biggest beef were those who came straight from dissecting corpses – many of them none too fresh – to delivering babies.

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          True too Prue.

          And didn’t the establishment hate being told! To the extent that he was mostly shunned, ostracised, criticised etc. etc. as normal, and died in a mental institution. Now we’ve gone to the other extreme where the establishment demand you sterilise your hands before buying a loaf of bread.

        2. Harry de Boer

          The absolutely appalling story about how a true experimental scientist like Semmelweiss was treated by his peers has forever transformed my opinion about the medical ‘scientific’ community.

          To me it looks like a bunch of treasonous money addicted intimidating unreasonable anti-scientific corrupt institutions obeying ordinary goons. To put it mildly…

          I will never trust a doctor that I don’t personally know and until he has earned my respect and trust by his actions and attitude towards his patients.

          1. theasdgamer

            Physicians are people like everyone else, with the same problems of addiction, rigid thinking, and a side of hubris. What is the solution? Do your due diligence and don’t delegate your critical thinking to experts.

  28. Shelley McAneeley

    Sad time for humanity: philosophy, science , critical thinking, all dead. The planet under the political medical mafia has incarcerated all humans, separated families, killed music and fine art and all things that make humanity grand. To be alive at this time is to be a zombie- dead inside. Depopulation and demoralization their goal it would seem.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Prudence Kitten

      It’s not quite so bad, Shelley. After all, here we all are. Think of the thousands who signed the Great barrington Declaration! The scientists and doctors who have sharply challenged government policies probably far outnumber those who support them.

      The real problem is a relatively minor one, not so hard to fix: we have allowed a small group of know-nothings to seize control of society. Nothing that a really good mass uprising couldn’t fix in a few weeks.

  29. Andrew Denney

    Covid 19 age, the new dark age. I’m just massively surprised they ( the peeps that are right all the time without the need for facts and the inconvenience of science) haven’t started using leeches to treat corona. Room 101 for us none believers, I’m afraid. More amazing info Sir Malcolm, keep up the good work some of us none sheep really appreciate it !!

  30. Marcia Fletcher

    Hi Malcolm

    Thanks for your post and how true – I’m preparing a space on my clothing for the anti-vax symbol to be pinned!

    I saw this today

    And was so shocked by the shaming and guilt tripping employed by this presentation. Wow this surely is one for the Advertising Standards Authority.

    I recently watched a webinar by the Chartered Institute of Marketing called The Darker Side of Nudging. Available on Youtube

    The webinar illustrates how people can be manipulated in to desired behaviour by trying to produce strong negative emotions such as shaming and guilt tripping. This BBC video does all of that.

    From someone who is keeping the flame alive..

    Kind regards
    Marcia Fletcher
    Sent from my Galaxy

    1. Ann Deavall

      Court case in the US against mandatory vaccines. Evidence is the vaxxed against unvaxxed comparing chronic disease. Some very clear graphs in this litigation. Interesting it’s nothing to do with the President so is being presented elsewhere.

    2. Penny

      I saw the video about not having a vaccine and was appalled at the content; it seemed to be all about killing other people and being very selfish not to be vaccinated. This is utter tosh but people believe it. Why is this not banned for ‘misinformation’?

      (I’m just giving my bit about a professor from Southampton University on South Today another go, for the fifth time, to see if it gets posted: he claimed that the vaccines were 100% effective on a BBC news programme.)

    3. AhNotepad

      That fantasy from the BBC is what we can expect now from the propaganda arm of the UK government. Whitty has been served papers accusing him of fraud, the other actors might like to join me in the unbeliever’s camp. The clip is full of misinformation, but then Billy Goates pays them.

    4. Paula

      Oh my goodness that BBC clip is unbelievable, Marcia – thank you for sharing (I think). It does help to explain why so many younger people I speak to feel bad about not wanting the vaccine.
      My computer died in the Autumn and although I was able to rescue all my files, I had to reset my podcast compiler and RSS feeds. I took the opportunity to ditch all BBC content and stop watching the BBC news, best decision I ever made. I have discovered so much better listening and reading material.

  31. sheilataylor8242

    A good friend was very ill for a couple of days after his vaccination and 8 days later developed Bell’s palsy. Ha called an ambulance in case he was having a stroke and the same thing had happened to one of the paramedics. The hospital refused to accept it could be vaccine related so it wasn’t recorded. Thank you for being a statin sceptic. My mum was made very ill by statins. With the help of an article by Dr James Lefanu we persuaded her to have a statin ‘holiday’. Her health improved enormously. When my nerve is failing I turn to a poem by Patrick Kavanagh ‘Beyond the Headlines’z

  32. Paul Goode

    I don’t see myself as anti vaxer rather pro caution, particularly with regard to the batch of vaccines hastily developed, tested and using a technique never used before, namely mRNA. They are certainly not 100% effective or 100% safe. Whilst the pro vaxers write off the deaths following vaccination as “coincidence”, “they were very old” explanations, a closer examination of the medical reports detailed in the US VAERS data base clearly demonstrates that for many, the vaccination triggered a severe adverse reaction and or their subsequent demise. Many of those were indeed between 70-100 years of age but not exclusively by any means some were in their 20’s and 30’s. Cardiac events, nerve damage including Bell’s Palsy, blood clotting or blood thinning issues are commonplace. The US data can be found at vaxpain.us. It is updated weekly.

    An expert in virology, Gert Vanden Bossche has written an open letter to various Government ministers and their scientists detailing his grave concerns about the implications of mass vaccination in the midst of a pandemic regarding viral mutations and how our immune systems react having been vaccinated. If he is correct in his hypothesis then the outcome will be that our immune systems will not be able to defeat the mutations with catastrophic consequences. He talks at length about mass vaccination causing ‘immune escape’. The current vaccines do not prevent infection, only serious symptoms thereby preventing hospitalisation. He likens the situation to prescribing the incorrect anti biotic for an infection and or where a person does not take the whole course of tablets. See link below. He has also discussed this topic at length in a recent YouTube video with Dr Phillip McMillan.

    https://t.co/0Fupw9JInP #COVID19 https://t.co/I24mSjpVKM

  33. Peter Whitehead

    I’ve just had the AZ jab. I didn’t really want it but knew that we will all be coerced and shamed to take it.
    I suspect I had a dose of Covid a year ago, very mild unlike some younger family members. Quite probably dealt with promptly by my T-cells.

    A thought to which I can find no references: is it possible the T-cells could destroy 2ml of vaccine before it even starts to get to work? It seems a vague possibility. I suppose a check for antibodies would answer this.

  34. Tim Fallon

    I’d describe myself as an anti vaxxer in that I think the world would be a far better place if there were no vaccines at all.
    People should watch the documentary ‘Vaxxed’ where a CDC whistlebolwer admits they lied about MMR not causing autism in some children.
    Also the book ‘How to end the autism epidemic’ is a fantastic source that goes over the increasing body of scientific evidence that shows how vaccines are causing autism in vulnerable children, amongst numerous other problems.

    1. AhNotepad

      Where this is associated with vaccines that contain aluminium adjuvants, Chris Exley’s research work shows the damage caused.

        1. CK

          Dr. Kendrick- wonderful post as usual. Keep up the great work!

          “How to End the Autism Epidemic” and “Age of Aluminum” converted me from a “lukewarm” pro-vaxxer to an anti-vaxxer.

          The #1 vaccine lie is that vaccines are responsible for the sharp decline in deaths from infectious diseases. This RFK Jr article shows that infectious disease deaths had greatly declined long before vaccines were introduced (likely due to better hygeine, sanitation and nutrition):

          The #2 vaccine lie is that vaccines don’t cause autism (here is an excerpt from the “Autism Epidemic” book):

          The 3rd and biggest lie is that viruses were proven to exist! Viruses were first hypothesized by Pasteur but it took decades before the technology existed to “view” them (electron microscope was only invented in the 1930s). It turns out that viruses have never been scientifically proven to exist- NONE of them! This was pointed out by several renegade scientists in the 1990s who realized the HIV virus (the supposed cause of AIDS) has never actually been purified and hence proven to exist. German microbiologist Stefan Lanka took this further and realized this applies to all infectious viruses, including SARS-COV-2! Virologists and public health officials are like the ghosts in the “Sixth Sense” movie- they only see what they want to see! Today, PCR and computer models are used to “guess” the genome of viruses but these so called viruses were never truly isolated and proven to cause disease! It’s a mass hallucination by the so-called “experts”! This means that all virus tests and vaccines are utter nonsense! But it’s impossible for the medical community to accept this! Perhaps it’ll take centuries before this is widely accepted- just like it took centuries before miasma (theory that diseases are caused by bad smells) was finally abandoned!

          I had to do a lot of fact-checking before I changed my mind and became an anti-virus “believer”.
          For those who have an open mind, check out these 4 links and also read Cowan/Morrel’s “Contagion Myth” (2020)- banned by amazon- and McCumiskey’s “Ultimate Conspiracy” (2008).


  35. David

    I’m a vaccine-sceptic. Is that allowed any more? I had all the ‘normal’ vaccines up to about 2010. Then I started seeing peer-reviewed online articles that questioned the value of jabbing healthy people of my age group (65-70) for not very deadly diseases, e.g. flu.

    Then, shock horror, by the 2010s I came across articles & talks by Dr. David Grimes, Dr. Stasha Gominak and others on vitamin D’s essential role in the human immune system not just bones and teeth. By 2018 I realised that I’d probably had a lifelong deficiency – so had some elderly relatives – and NHS advice on how much I needed was b***s***. (Before 2016, it told us that we got enough from diet and sunlight.)

    By late 2020 I concluded that most of the NHS is a branch office of the medical-industrial complex. My GP seems keener on tests which earn him extra than in testing my vitamin D. I’ve had two NHS letters in 2021 inviting me to attend to be jabbed for COVID. But in Mar. 2020 I couldn’t even get a late winter vitamin D blood test from the GP, i.e. after taking a reasonable supplement of D3 all winter 2019-20.

    I’ve met three people since COVID began who state they won’t have vaccines regardless of the risk-benefit balance. Ages are: 52, 58 and 75. I respect all their choices. It’s a free country … well, it apparently was until 23 March 2020. However, I’m encouraging them to take enough vitamin D to give a high level of immunity, especially the 75 year-old.

    1. theasdgamer

      From my recollection of reading over the last few months…

      For max sun-induced vitamin D, fair complected people need fifteen minutes of exposure to their backs lying out in the sun between 11 and 2 spring thru fall. Darker-complected people need more time. Some as much as 3 hour

      1. Prudence Kitten

        One critical parameter is your latitude. In the UK you can only get worthwhile UV between April and September – and then only when the sun shines brightly between, say, noon and 3 pm.

        In tropical countries you can get worthwhile UV pretty much any time the sun is shining. Probably why “white” people lost their melanin when they migrated North.

        1. theasdgamer

          The daily time range of vitamin D production by exposed skin has to do with the angle of incidence of the sun’s UV rays relative to the earth’s atmosphere, which varies with the season and latitude.

          Sorry, I physics’d all over you.

          1. Gary Ogden

            theasdgamer: What of the claim that we old timers don’t produce much vitamin D because of our thin skin (I think this was in Dr. Grimes’ post)? I know the skin of my forearms and the backs of my hands has become thin and easily wounded, but it doesn’t seem so on my torso. In any event, I rip off my shirt every chance I get during vitamin D time.

          2. theasdgamer

            Gary, you’re spot on. It’s probably a good idea to get extra sun. The back is a large surface area which usually stays thicker in older people. Lying on your belly in the sun on the beach is where it’s at.

          3. Eric

            Prof. Holick has a review article on that.

            The part about the body dose is here :

            For us Europeans: Boston is at 42.3°, pretty much the same as the French town of Cerbère on the Mediterranean border to Spain (beautiful area, by the way) and almost the southernmost point of continental France. Or L’Aquila in Italy, just a little bit north of Rome.

            So north of the Alps or even north of the Channel, that windows shrinks to likely May – August. I have invested in a 311 nm narrow band lamp.

          4. Gary Ogden

            Eric: I’m at 37 degrees north. I calculate our vitamin D window to be from about March 12 to September 30 (nine days before the vernal equinox to nine days after the autumnal equinox). This is the period during which the sun reaches at least 50 degrees above the horizon at solar noon (1:00 p.m. during the stupidity of Daylight Savings Time).

  36. johndstone

    Dear Malcolm,

    Have you received any comments from me? They could be in the spam.



    Sent from my iPad


  37. mmec7

    With you all the way Dr Kendrick. Stand cheering and willing to defend yours, mine and others of the same frame of mind : our stance to my last breath – TG I am pretty ancient (OK, forget the ‘pretty’ bit !) Bravo Dr Sahib.

  38. sueknight1

    Dr. Kendrick, Thank you again for sorting out the wheat from the excessive chaff. You are in the great company of hundreds of “heretic” scientists, all of them ridiculed, insulted and pilloried by the main-stream poodles. Men like you stand out as alpha-examples for others.
    I would like to recommend the following book (out of print, as it is so inflammatory) but available to download PDF on http://www.archive.org for free. It is called “Lost Science” by Gerry Vassilatos.

  39. Paul Helman

    Thank you for this very thoughtful essay. Those who lump you into some ill defined category of being Anti Statin” have not taken the time to read your work nor have any concept of pleiotropic effect.
    Paul Helman,MD,Wilmette,Illinois

  40. LA_Bob

    A nice essay written with rue and tongue-in-cheek, at least a bit. Dr Kendrick not only fails to avoid the kitchen heat but seems to enjoy it. We “acolytes” are lucky he does.

    I am constantly amazed how people ignore the obvious lesson of history. Yesterday’s medical wisdom is today’s medical relic. And today’s medical wisdom is destined to meet the same fate. We are saddened at the ignorance which led to “bloodletting” as treatment. We forget that future people will likewise wonder at today’s chemotherapy and radiation for metastatic cancer. How could “those people” in the 21st century have been so barbarous, brutal, and ignorant?

    There’s a long list of medical “procedures” once popular which are no longer “in vogue”. In addition to “strict bed rest”, we no longer do “routine tonsillectomies”, mercury salts to treat syphilis, and lobotomies, to name a few. Maybe statins will fall out of fashion eventually.

    All this of course is true of science and technology in general. If science progresses over time (or even “one funeral at a time”), how can we possibly be smarter today than we will be tomorrow?

    We can celebrate today’s medical triumphs (vaccination is certainly one) and still be cautious and skeptical. I keep reading that “normal” vaccine development can take as long as ten years when safety and testing requirements are considered. There must have been good reason for long, careful approvals. Some bad experiences maybe? Seems fine to me to be wary of a vaccine developed and released in only months.

    Regarding vaccines, even Edward Jenner was looked at cross-ways in his day.

    Unfortunately, it seems to be fairly normal for people to join the Bandwagon of Blame against folks fingered, often wrongly, for causing or threatening to cause harm. So, Semmelweis, Lown, Atkins….Kendrick! No one seems to love to point fingers at villains more than the press. “See! There he is! The one causing all the trouble! Stay tuned and see the hanging live! Film at 11!” Yesterday it was Trump. Now it’s Cuomo. As it has been throughout history. We used to burn witches, too. We haven’t changed much.

    As an aside about Wagner, not everyone and not every Jew believes Wagner was really a “Nazi”. A few years ago I read a piece (which I can’t find at the moment) asserting Wagner’s famous essay was mistranslated. He expressed, the writer claimed, more sympathy for Jews than disdain. A more recent piece by an Israeli scholar (and thus a Jew) argues Wagner’s opinions on “Jewishness” and “Germanness” were far more nuanced than generally described.


    So, go ahead, enjoy Wagner’s music. I do, especially magical Parsifal.

  41. The Wizard

    As someone who has continually challenged the orthodoxy myself, your words resonate deeply. I am always prepared to listen, learn and be educated. However, I will resolutely stand firm when the balance of unadulterated, independent evidence tells me that I am correct. This has resulted in my walking out of two well paid jobs; yes, I really did walk out because the corporate policies were based on utter “scientific” nonsense.

    Yesterday, I learned of the sudden death of a family acquaintence. A lady in excellent health who had taken the Kung Flu jab 36 hours earlier. Apparently, she became unresponsive at home and was rushed to A&E. Sadly, she died that evening.

    I will not be taking the jib jab, nor will my family. I will stand my ground come what may, this is the hill that I am prepared to die upon. See you there Dr K!

  42. Tim Fallon

    All you need to do is a little bit of research regarding the massive criminal and civil penalties that the pharma companies have had to pay for producing dangerous products, often knowingly, and releasing them onto the public.
    Pharma also has a long history of corrupting the regulatory systems and bribing various officials.
    I imagine that Boris will be off to collect a fat salary from some pharma related outfit in due course
    Why anyone would trust these cut throat b@stards is beyond me, especially with a ‘warp speed’ vaccine made using unproven technology where they have total immunity from liability for harms caused.

  43. stuartbramhall

    Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:
    “The only approved position to take, particularly if you are a doctor, is the following… ‘All vaccines are entirely safe. They have no adverse effects, and they are one hundred per cent effective in all cases. Anyone who questions vaccines in any way does not understand anything about science and they are putting millions of lives at risk. In fact, they should probably be treated as criminals.’ “

  44. Sue Richardson

    Sadly we are an impossible situation. We may agree with all that is said here and refuse the vaccine, but unless we accept it, some of us may never see our children and grandchildren ever again. I can’t bear the thought of that. Neither could Peter Hitchens and Guy de la Bedoyere (hope I spelled that correctly). Against their own better judgement, and in the face of hostility from those who thought they had weakened, they had the vaccine, because they have family in other parts of the world. I understand them. I don’t want the vaccine, and if all my family lived round the corner I would never have it, but they don’t. My sister lives in the uk, I havent seen her for over a year. My son and daughter in law and my two small grandchildren live in NZ, i haven’t seen them for over a year either. I live on the Isle of Man. My heart would break if I never saw them again.

    1. AhNotepad

      I doubt getting jabbed will, in any case, guarantee you are allowed to travel. I think that is just the carrot to get you to have something that interferes with your DNA. Getting jabbed means you are taking part in an experiment.

      1. Paula

        I’m inclined to agree AhNotepad. I got my first invite yesterday, but I already know there is no possibility of travel from the UK for another 2 months or so at the very earliest. Things could look very different by then and many countries are already announcing their intention to welcome unvaccinated visitors. Sue, I really feel there is no rush – the inconveniences will be temporary, no country is going to make it pointlessly hard to accept visitors in the long term, so if you are really serious about not wanting the vaccine, at least defer your decision until you are sure what the rules will be. Sadly whatever you do I imagine NZ is going to be off limits for some time to come, although I’m sure you will be able to pop over to the UK with or without a vaccine before too long.

        1. Sue Richardson

          Thanks for the reply. And A.H.Notepad too. This vaccine business is a dilemma for so many of us. I think your advice to delay is what I lean towards. Although over here on the IOM people are a little paranoid because there a hundreds of ‘cases’/positive test results at the moment, and another death yesterday. Those who don’t have the vaccine will no doubt be labelled selfish. The opening remark these days is not about the weather but “have you had the vaccine yet”. I was interested in what you said about not being able to go to NZ for some time. Whst is that based on?

          1. AhNotepad

            There are deaths every day, in lots of places, totalling about 1600 for the UK. Tomorrow there will be another 1600. What did they die from? If they hadn’t been vaccinated they died of covid. If they had been vaccinated they died of coincidence. When you look at the ONS figures there was a noticeable increase in deaths in care homes just after jabbing started. Many of the care homes had not seen a “case” throughout 2020.

          2. Paula

            Hi Sue, sounds a lot like the UK – the sharp drop in cases in slowing down, but when you look at how testing has been ramped up here in the last couple of weeks it’s hardly surprising! Apologies for making a rather throwaway comment about NZ, a country I’m sure you know a lot more about than I do. I was really thinking of the generic reporting here about the closure of borders and pursuit of ‘zero-covid’ which would seem to entail keeping borders closed for some time. On doing a bit of googling, I found this which is interesting – current estimate seems to be later in 2021, and the strategy is all about building up herd immunity, though again not necessarily requiring vaccination from visitors. https://www.travelinglifestyle.net/new-zealand-might-reopen-borders-in-sept-but-only-to-australia/. I would love to hear more about what is really happening in other countries though, if you have any news from your relatives.

          3. Paula

            Hi Sue, sounds a lot like the UK – the sharp drop in cases in slowing down, but when you look at how testing has been ramped up here in the last couple of weeks it’s hardly surprising! Apologies for making a rather throwaway comment about NZ, a country I’m sure you know a lot more about than I do. I was really thinking of the generic reporting here about the closure of borders and pursuit of ‘zero-covid’ which would seem to entail keeping borders closed for some time. On doing a bit of googling, I found this which is interesting – current estimate seems to be later in 2021, and the strategy is all about building up herd immunity, though again not necessarily requiring vaccination from visitors. https://www.travelinglifestyle.net/new-zealand-might-reopen-borders-in-sept-but-only-to-australia/. I would love to hear more about what is really happening in other countries though, if you have any news from your relatives.

          1. theasdgamer

            …quoting the rest…

            “Once inside the host cell’s cytoplasm, the virus uses its own reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce DNA from its RNA genome, the reverse of the usual pattern, thus retro (backwards). The new DNA is then incorporated into the host cell genome by an integrase enzyme, at which point the retroviral DNA is referred to as a provirus. The host cell then treats the viral DNA as part of its own genome, transcribing and translating the viral genes along with the cell’s own genes, producing the proteins required to assemble new copies of the virus.”

            The virus creates DNA from its own RNA using an enzyme that it provides, then uses another enzyme that it provides to incorporate the new DNA into the host DNA.

            My point stands.

    2. Jane Claber

      I would be devastated if I couldn’t see you again Sue, or of course your niece in the US, due to lack of ‘Covid passport’ (although admittedly that hasn’t been made compulsory – yet). As you know, we took the plunge and had the vaccine. Hobson ‘s choice for us……..Thank you for introducing me to Dr K, the sound voice of reason.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        I disagree. It’s your choice, not Hobson’s (another great movie …) And the more people who take the vaccine just to (hopefully) obtain mobility the easier it is for the authorities to impose the passport. If vaccine take up was low, businesses would be against passports as they wouldn’t be very effective. No business will be in favour of an arrangement that guarantees a maximum of (say) 50% of the demographic cannot attend.

  45. Hasan

    Dr Kendrick, congratulations again, on a great article. Thank you. It is an absolute joy to read! The small group of ‘skeptics’ in every human age of the recorded history, have proven, time and again, that skepticism allowed the humans to reach the panacea of the food chain. My late father use to say that there are only two kinds of people in this world, when it comes to our held beliefs. The first kind are the ones who would oppose anything that injures their held beliefs, no matter how logical and fact driven, the counter arguments are. Such kind of people are always in majority. The second kind are the one, who actively seek that one piece of evidence that can shatter their beliefs. They are always a minority. Thank God that some of us are able to escape the mental prison of ‘held’ beliefs. We would still be in caves had it not been for the small group of skeptics throughout human history!! After all, it was not long ago that in the UK, women were the ‘property’ of their husbands and great scientists like Turing were castrated for being gay!!!

    1. Jeremy May

      Unless I’m mistaken Dr K has said similar.
      Rather than try and prove something correct, instead we have to try to prove it incorrect.

      Before man went to the moon my brother used to argue (to promote amusing discussion during Sunday lunch) that the moon was made of cheese. He could fabricate all sorts of imaginative pros against which we had no concrete argument.
      Then Neil Armstrong brought some rocks back………….

      1. Prudence Kitten

        “Then Neil Armstrong brought some rocks back………….”

        Of course they scattered some dust and rocks on the surface, to fool us. Underneath, the bulk of the Moon is actually made of cheese.

        Mostly Roquefort, I believe.

          1. Mike M

            The moon is made of green cheese so it’s obviously not lovely mature stuff like real Cheddar

          2. LA_Bob

            I was always told the moon was made of green cheese. That tells me it was made in Moldava.

          3. Harry de Boer

            No. The Netherlands! The moon is actually made in Holland. From ‘Gouda’ cheese. It’s obvious if you look at the colour.

        1. Emperor

          Odd, the biggest event in the history of man, and they erased everything https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nasa-tapes-idUSTRE56F5MK20090716

          It is my understanding that 7 large crates containing the plans for all the tech used etc… went missing as well.

          Funny, China just went to the moon, but for some reason they decided to land on the side we cannot see from Earth https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/news/chinese-spacecraft-makes-first-landing-moon-s-far-side-ncna954066

          Oh and why can’t we see the stuff that was left behind? Ah right, they are too small.


          But!!! Hubble’s telescope is powerful enough to spot the light of a firefly at a distance of some 7,000 miles, and scientists have used these enormous capabilities to unlock many of the secrets of the cosmos. https://www.history.com/news/10-fascinating-facts-about-the-hubble-space-telescope

          And wouldn’t it be cool if the Chinese could have had their craft do a few loops around the moon and take a few shots of the stuff we left behind? How hard can that be given we regularly send machines that land on Mars and orbit other planets? (Or is that just CGI?)

          1. Dave G

            Do they have any photos of the various bits and pieces including the moon buggies they left behind? Or just that footprint that could have been taken anywhere?

          2. Jerome Savage

            Well we know it didnt happen but to give it a sense of reality they shot the film on location.

          3. Emperor

            Yep – and they also forgot to make a fake crater

            Imagine the force you’d have to apply to stop that hunk of junk from smashing into the surface of the moon!

            I guess it would look something like this.

            But we can’t see the crater here either cuz it’s blown to bits. Amazing, 50 years later and we still can’t land one of these things properly. I guess the technology must have been simpler and better back in the day.

      2. Deep Diver

        ‘Moon rock’ in museum is just petrified wood

        The Dutch national museum said Thursday that one of its prized possessions, a rock supposedly brought back from the moon by U.S. astronauts, is just a piece of petrified wood.


        It would be interesting to have a geologist inspect the other moon rock gifts. I understand that rock was insured for 500k https://phys.org/news/2009-09-moon-fake.html

        It won’t happen. Obviously.

        Where’s the blast crater? And look at that ‘thing’ Does it look like it could be blasted into our space and return? It looks like someone bolted some sheet metal together in their garage hahahaha

        You know how you guys see the Covid groupies as blind to the obvious? Well if you cannot see that the moon landings were a massive stitch up, then you are not any different than the Covid groupies.

        1. Martin Back

          Either the Dutch museum authorities are gullible idiots or the story is a fake. I queued for hours to see the sample of moon dust NASA sent to Prof Ahrens at the geology dept at the University of Cape Town. It does not look remotely like petrified wood. It’s gritty and dark grey.

          Even if you grind petrified wood down, you wouldn’t get the sharp-edged grains that lunar regolith is composed of. Because there’s no weathering or mechanical rounding due to wind or water, the grains are as sharp as when they split from the parent rock.

  46. Russell W Barnett

    An island of sanity in the vast ocean of madness ! By adopting your stance on statins and CVD and diet, I think I saved my life ..all power to the soothsayers ,.and bless ya a thousand times

  47. Rob Pankratz

    Please label me as “follower” as I DO get your posts in my inbox and read them with a mix of agreement, admiration and, frankly, horror. “Shoot the messenger” is always the tactic of the wilfully blind. In the words of a Messiah- Pariah “people love the darkness because their deeds are evil”.

  48. dearieme

    I once read an interesting piece by an American who had once been a holocaust denier but had been persuaded he was wrong. The Germans had indeed murdered Jews in huge numbers. He said, however, that he still disbelieved the standard account of Auschwitz – it was fraudulent, not least because one part of the camp that was shown to tourists had demonstrably been built after the war.

    I have no idea whether he’s right, or indeed whether he has again been persuaded that he was wrong. What struck me was that he had been open to persuasion, which presumably is not true of the cholesterol/statin fanatics.

    1. Harry de Boer

      An example of vilification of contrary scientists is David Irving. A very respected historian… until he wrote about the holocaust. According to his vision the blue marks on the small ‘gas chambers’ were from desinfecting clothes with gas, and the capacity of the equipment was totally insufficient to generate the numbers of deaths as claimed. Also something with Auschwitz ‘gas chambers’ built after the war. He even went to prison for his views.

  49. Trish C

    My dream is for all of us who belong to Kult Kendrick to get together some time – in person – for a bit of “mutual admiration society” support. We’d like you there too Dr Kendrick.

  50. brainunwashed

    “Why mass vaccination amidst a pandemic creates an irrepressible monster”

    Basically, we’ll very soon be confronted with a super-infectious virus that completely resists our most precious defense mechanism: The human immune system.

    From all of the above, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the consequences of the extensive and erroneous human intervention in this pandemic are not going to wipe out large parts of our human population. One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of efficiency in turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction.
    If we, human beings, are committed to perpetuating our species, we have no choice left but to eradicate these highly infectious viral variants. This will, indeed, require large vaccination campaigns. However, NK cell-based vaccines will primarily enable our natural immunity to be better prepared (memory!) and to induce herd immunity (which is exactly the opposite of what current COVID-19 vaccines do as those increasingly turn vaccine recipients into asymptomatic carriers who are shedding virus). So, there is not one second left for gears to be switched and to replace the current killer vaccines by life-saving vaccines.

    I am appealing to the WHO and all stakeholders involved, no matter their conviction, to immediately declare such action as THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY OF INTERNATIONAL CONCERN.

    And who is this rabid antivaxer
    Geert Vanden Bossche received his DVM from the University of Ghent, Belgium, and his PhD degree in Virology from the University of Hohenheim, Germany.
    He held adjunct faculty appointments at universities in Belgium and Germany.
    After his career in Academia, Geert joined several vaccine companies (GSK Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines, Solvay Biologicals) to serve various roles in vaccine R&D as well as in late vaccine development.
    Geert then moved on to join the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s GH Discovery team as Senior Program Officer and later on to work with GAVI as Senior Ebola Program Manager;

    He subsequently joined the German Center for Infection Research as Head of the Vaccine Development Office.
    Geert is now primarily serving as a Biotech / Vaccine consultant while also conducting his own research on NK cell-based vaccines. His work is driven by a relentless passion to translate scientific breakthrough findings into competitive vaccine products. As a creative thinker, innovator, entrepreneur and visionary, Geert has been invited to speak at multiple international congresses.

  51. Susan Mosson

    Thank you once again Dr Kendrick, I love your honesty and compassion! I have just listened to this interview between a doctor and a scientist who develops vaccines, this needs to be heard by everyone and I think you will find it more than interesting even though you will know all that he says he makes it understandable for the rest of us.

  52. Clarkie

    Would you be able to write about, in simple terms, what viral immune escape is and why doctors are begging the WHO to halt the vaccine programme?

    1. lingulella

      Your immune system fails to completely defeat a viral infection, allowing cells to be continually infected at a low enough level not to kill you. This continues for as long as you don’t kill the virus and it doesn’t kill you. Meanwhile the virus keeps mis-replicating until it produces a variant that breaks the stalemate – at which point you may sicken and dies while the virus ‘escapes’ (see Boris’s ‘last gasp’) to infect someone else as a ‘new variant of concern’.
      Think people requiring ICU care to hang on in there.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        Sigh. Thanks for that. Never heard of it. And it seems that the timing of the second dose is important in avoiding the issue. Too long, and it almost guarantees it for some people. But, as everyone’s immune system is different, there are bound to be some who will be affected with the 21 day gap.

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          Do you mean “surely all seasonal VACCINES do this every year”? If you get the ‘flu, your immune system fights it off, eliminates the virus, and you are better. End of story. It happened to me 40 years ago. I’ve never had a ‘flu vaccine, but I know many people who got sick from it, and then went on to get the ‘flu. And some would do it every year!

      2. Jerome Savage

        For up to 18 or so years, while I maintained a good exercise regime and a fairly good diet, I never had a flu. Where did the virus go wrong ?

        1. Gary Ogden

          Jerome Savage: While I undoubtedly had the flu in childhood, I’ve never had it in my adult life. I think the virus is just too wimpy for us, studs that we are.

          1. Jerome Savage

            Indeed Gary. Outdoors being the elixir of life. Well my wife diagnosed positive and 22 yr old son back in feb. Minimal short term symptoms but they took opportunity for chill time/time out which in itself is good. As result family quarantine was prescribed so I saw no need to have my own minimal symptoms tested – dont feed the testing circus beast mentality if you like, ie avoid the endless spooky overbearing unnatural state sponsored interference as much as possible. All that govt sponsored stress must be bad for our immune systems.

  53. Prudence Kitten

    “This has echoes with the argument that Wagner was a Nazi (before there were Nazis), so no-one should ever listen to his music. I rather like his stuff, actually. Maybe a bit right wing in parts, a bit loud and brash, but there you go. Clearly not as acceptably left-wing as Debussy. Light and fluffy, wanders about, never really gets anywhere”.

    How does Dr Kendrick do it? Yet again he has intuited my innermost thoughts and written them down for all to see.

    Was it Sir Thomas Beecham who remarked that, “Wagner’s music is better than it sounds”? Personally, I find it thrilling, inspiring and beautiful.

    As for Debussy, I feel exactly as Dr Kendrick does. Whenever I find myself listening to Debussy – usually I switch off after a few seconds – I keep wondering, “But when will the music start?”

    Wagner actually died in 1873, 37 years before the Nazi party was founded and 50 years before it came to power.

    1. Philip Thackray

      Ah Wagner! Tannhauser and Parsifal my favorites (and among the more accessible). And he was a funny guy. In his youth Nietzsche was a great admirer of the elder Wagner. But in later years they had a falling out and Wagner said of the much troubled Nietzsche that he masturbated too much!

      1. Paul Helman

        I have not studied that famous philosopher but might rrely on Jeeve’s advice to Bertir, “you would not like Nietche sir. He is fundamentally unsound.”

  54. Joe Dopelle

    Dr Thomas Gold’s name resounds in the annals of science. Moreover, anyone who worked with Fred Hoyle and Hermann Bondi must have had what it takes! Marvellous imaginative, creative thinkers. The salt of the Earth, and the kind we need.

  55. Judy Robinson

    This post is so SPOT ON! I have tried to trace in my memory when it was OK to have a friendly discussion/debate about something that seems to challenge a long held belief. It has been MANY years, long before Covid. Along the way, we learned to keep our mouth shut to avoid the stares of disbelief, and/or downright ridicule. We learned to discuss the opposing viewpoint, which was often unpopular, only with those of the same mind or who were open to new ideas. For some reason the general population right now seems absolutely SURE that whatever the politicians, pharmaceutical industry and all who claim to be the “experts”say MUST be right about Covid, the approaches used to lock us down, the need to vaccinate EVERYBODY before we can feel safe. When did we EVER believe the politicians??? Oh, but that doesn’t mean the masks go. Need I say more? Sad times –truly sad.

  56. JDPatten

    Dr. Malcolm,
    You’ve beautifully described the nasty and unjust labeling of people who have different ideas.
    It seems to be an aspect of human nature, doesn’t it? It’s everywhere – up and down the heirarchies of class and profession. Here, as well. And it works both ways.

    That said, you don’t say anything about vaccines per se.
    Surely you’ve examined the new mRNAs? The three phases of trials? Your personal experience?
    Is there enough that is actually known – yet – for you to have formed your own evaluation of them?
    That’s what this comes down to, isn’t it?

  57. theasdgamer

    Merely whining about anything won’t induce the authorities to stop their bullying. The only way to stop bullying is to stand up to bullies.

    Organize and stand up to the tyrannical authorities.

  58. con

    And when the majority are vaccinated – what then? Those who haven’t died or suffered severe after effects will all be for forcing the minority to get vaccinated too. And no doubt our govt for once will band-wagon this as the democratic will of the majority.

    1. AhNotepad

      When all men have gone mad, they will look at you and say “You are not like us, you are mad”.

      Zombie apocalypse anyone?

        1. anna m

          What’s astonishing is that the woman with the pink blouse in front obviously can hardly breathe once she got angry.

      1. con

        That zombie apocalypse has been worrying me too. As regards what people think I don’t care it’s what they might do that worries me. I am happy for others to make their own choices. I do not force my choices on others so I object strongly when others attempt to force their choices on me.

    2. Jerome Savage

      The only significant political force capable of heading off the “vaccination” “you will have no choice” threat, is the US Republican population who have some respect for personal choice. (We wont do the abortion debate please)
      Biden, pretty much mentally incapacitated right now (statinised?) recently advised that 100% vaxing was needed in US to go back to normal (paraphrasing to some extent)
      If that is endgame, lots & lots of lucre to load in to lockdown lovers accounts. Vax vipers victorious.
      Viva voluntary vax Republicans !

      1. con

        I wish there was a Republican state I could move to in UK, however some American relatives live in two, so there is some hope.

  59. Ruth Baills

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 had a few good chuckles thanks Dr Malcolm Kendrick for another great post. The powers that have recreated this fear may try to tattoo us anti, anti vaccine deniers and send us to re-education camps.

  60. Håkan

    Dr Kendrick

    Are you familiar with the work of Christine Stabell Benn, professor in Global Health? This video with her talking about total health effects of live vs. non-live vaccines is just mind-blowing. It would be great if you could write a post on this topic.

  61. Sarah Buckley

    Yes, I am an anti-vaxxer!
    Or so many would have the world believe…

    A nurse for 50 years, a practice nurse doing baby clinics, owner of a travel clinic for 10 years – I have given countless thousands of vaccines in my professional life.

    I do not think I could reasonably be called an anti-vaxxer per se, and yet I am now labelled as such.
    I simply do not wish to be given a vaccine that is still undergoing trials.
    I do not wish to be given a vaccine that may have some quite serious, albeit uncommon side effects.
    I do not wish to be vaccinated against a disease that I have a passingly rare chance of dying from.
    I do not wish to be forced, blackmailed or coerced into having any vaccine.

    I wish to retain autonomy over my body.

    As for vaccine passports, and the protocol driven NHS – well, don’t start me on these, that’s another conversation entirely!

  62. AD

    Thank you Dr Kendrick. I’ve been reading your blog since early on during this pandemic and I stand with you all the way. This post gave me a much needed laugh and I always come away feeling grateful that there are some sane people left in the world! Keep up the fantastic work that you do. So many of us support you.

  63. Jeremy May

    Freedom of choice. ‘I might not agree with your choice but I absolutely respect your right to make it.’
    There has been so much spun about the various vaccines.
    The pros have a massive financial and political weight behind them. Fear is one of their weapons. Fear of dying, fear of not being able to travel, fear of not seeing granny etc. etc. So the vast majority get jabbed.
    The antis have their own weapons. Again fear is one. Fear of the unknown, what we may be setting ourselves up for down the line. Although I’m not savvy enough to contra their science, it does appear to be a valid weapon.
    Me, I took the pfizer (as did Dr K I believe) for one reason only. That it appears to limit the severity of infection should I catch it. In other words, it could save my life. I want to see my grandkids for as long as my (admittedly less than perfectly healthy) body will allow.
    We don’t really know if being jabbed prevents transmission and we’re utterly clueless about the long term effects. Frankly, I’m not too bothered about ten years down the road at this stage. For me, the important bit is next week / month.
    Relating the covid vax debate to the statin debate, it seems to me we’re at a similar point where the first papers / research about statins were appearing. Written by nutters who were proved ultimately correct – thankfully. I was lucky to come to statins at the point where enough scientific and anecdotal evidence allowed me to avoid the damn things for cholesterol purposes.
    I’m glad I did, I improved my general health to the point where I can walk to the offy unassisted to buy a bottle of red.

    I’ve said this before too. During the fallout from the covid mess I think the one things that should be atop our agenda is improving the world’s metabolic health.

    1. elizabethhart

      Re “Me, I took the pfizer (as did Dr K I believe) for one reason only.”

      That’s interesting, is that referring to you Malcolm? If it’s not too intrusive to ask, have you had a Covid-19 vaccine?

      1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

        I have had the vaccine, the Pfizer one. The first dose, and I am due the second at the end of this month. I weighed up the benefits vs the risks. Not the medical benefits vs. risks. I have been surrounded by Covid19 since the start of the pandemic and over thirty patients that I attended to (mask-less at the start) died of (probably) Covid19. I have been coughed on by mask less Covid positive nurses, with symptoms. I spend a month or so, attending patients in nursing homes. My daughter arrived home with anosmia and symptoms last year and proceeded to cough all round the house.

        I was at Geneva airport for five hours, early March 2020 from whence the virus spread across Europe – probably. In short, this virus doesn’t like me. Or, for whatever reason, my immune system has squashed it flat. So, I didn’t get vaccinated because I fear getting Covid19. I got vaccinated because of the pressure in the NHS, and having to do lateral flow tests every two days if not vaccinated. Not being able to visit patients in nursing homes and, in effect, not being able to do my job. Also, as you can imagine, life becomes uncomfortable for healthcare staff who refuse vaccination.

        I figured that I was pretty unlikely to get a serious adverse effect from the vaccine. So, I went ahead.

        My situation, however, is not the same as for everyone else. If your chances of dying from Covid19 are very slight- which is the case for any healthy person under, about, seventy. I (personally) would not take the vaccine for ‘self’ protection. For those over seventy, or those with underlying conditions, I (personally) probably would. However, I absolutely support anyone’s decision on this matter, and I vehemently oppose vaccine passports, or any other form of coercion to force people to be vaccinated.

        1. elizabethhart

          Thanks for your frank response Malcolm.
          So you didn’t accept the vaccine to protect you, instead you felt pressured to accept it to do your job, get on with life? Does this qualify as ‘informed consent’?
          I’m still struggling to understand what these vaccine products actually do, as none of them are yet proven to prevent infection or transmission? So their benefit is to reduce symptoms for the individual vaccinated? Is that correct?
          What does a vaccine passport actually prove then? Particularly when a third shot is in the offing… The BMJ reports “A covid-19 booster vaccine is likely to be rolled out in the autumn to avoid another winter surge, the deputy chair of the government’s vaccine advisory committee has told The BMJ”. https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n664
          Plus it looks like there will be at least an annual ‘booster’ shot… (The article doesn’t specify brands of vaccines.)
          And this will be along with annual flu shots. This will also be an experiment, seeing how both these shots work out together.
          On one of your previous blog articles Malcolm, I queried the name of the vaccine, i.e. questioned why the vaccine was called COVID-19 and not a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. I think I understand why now, because the vaccines don’t prevent infection with the virus, but purportedly minimise symptoms of disease.
          But if you’re not at risk of the disease/COVID-19 due to age, health and fitness, why should you have the vaccine? Including fit and healthy doctors, nurses, police etc?
          And isn’t it likely you were already immune Malcolm? Or able to resist the downsides of the virus one way or another? You’re not likely at risk of it now? But people are being set up to be vaccinated against ‘variants’ for evermore?
          It seems to me this is an absolute disaster, whether by design or incompetence.

          The fundamental question is, if this virus isn’t a serious risk for most people, why was a mass global vaccination response pursued? Who initiated this vaccination response and why? Were the consequences fully considered, i.e. that children, young people and others would be subjected to a lifetime of coronavirus vaccination, disrupting and stealing their own natural response to the virus, and making them dependent on the vaccine industry, with who knows what long-term cumulative effects – is this ethical?

          1. elizabethhart

            In response to Fast Eddy, yes, if the statistics can be relied upon, there are a lot of people…
            This graph provides a compelling picture: https://populationmatters.org/the-facts
            Amazing to think that in the late 1960s the global population was around 3.5 billion, and now it’s more than doubled to 7.8 billion, that’s happened in our lifetime.
            Everything has moved so fast in the last century…population…’progress’ without adequate and effective ethical oversight…where will it all end?

        2. JDPatten

          What do you think of the effectiveness of the Pfizer (and/or the Moderna) in it’s claim of preventing serious illness or death in those susceptible?

          What do you think of the safety factor? A there those more likely to succumb to serious adverse effects than others?

          What do you think concerning the idea that wide-spread vaccinating might cause “variants” as opposed to the idea that it would prevent them? ie: Do unvaccinated immune compromised patients harbor the virus over time and many viral generations, allowing mutations to develop and possibly spread?

          1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            I think that I don’t yet know about the effectiveness of vaccines. The figures are difficult, to impossible, to calculate. There is such massive pressure to present them as absolutely wonderful, that a powerful distortion field is in operation. As for variants. We all accept that antibiotics create antibiotic resistant bacteria. If we accept evolutionary theory, then if we use vaccines, any virus will mutate in ways to avoid the impact of vaccines. In which direction will they mutate. No idea. It could may them more, or less, deadly. But mutate, they will. I suspect Covid19 will mutate to spread more easily, but will become less deadly.

        3. Dr. John H

          I don’t believe these vaccines should be recommended to anyone, for any reason, or at any age. The drug companies own data shows that they do not work. A simple calculation of absolute risk from the Pfizer trial data comes to 0.04% effectiveness for severe cases, which is essentially zero (1). Trial data for the other vaccines show the same near zero efficacy. In addition, The BMJ reports that Pfizer excluded 311 individuals from the vaccine group (and did not say why), and used other fraudulent methods to boost their efficacy numbers, which means that doing nothing is far more effective than getting vaccinated (2).

          The UK is currently reporting 508 deaths and 297,274 injuries following the Covid experimental vaccines (3). These are immediate reactions and only the beginning. Highly qualified experts from around the world are sounding the alarm stating that the far greater toll of death, disability and chronic illness will take months to years to manifest and will destroy millions of lives. Vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny says in this 25m video “Your exchanging a lifetime of probable illness, possibly even death, so you can be convenienced and get on an airplane and go to the store?” (4).

          We should not advocate for these vaccines. Period.

          1. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2034577?query=featured_home
          2. https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2021/01/04/peter-doshi-pfizer-and-modernas-95-effective-vaccines-we-need-more-details-and-the-raw-data/
          3. https://outline.com/uuzEGA
          4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iaKAWWGyWI&t=8s&ab_channel=Daystar

          1. Eggs ‘n beer

            Yes, and your point on the effectiveness, and how it’s calculated, is valid.

            Try laying out the basic stats of the trial. Not any calculations. The AZ vaccine, for example. 11,636 people, mostly front line workers, were included in the trial. Roughly 50/50 AZ vaccine vs. Meningococcal vaccine. Between April 23rd and November 4th, the grand total of 131 of them managed to exhibit symptomatic Covid. 30 in the AZ vaccine group, 101 in the Meningococcal vaccine group. There are several papers on how vaccines can affect the vulnerability of your system to other diseases until the vaccine side effects have worn off. But anyway, in an RCT only 1.15% (sorry, that’s a calculation) of the population, receiving the maximum exposure to the virus over a seven month period managed to catch it.

            These results don’t include South Africa, because not enough people, again, all front line doctors, nurses, aides, couldn’t catch it. The significant difference is that in SA, the control was a saline solution, not another vaccine. When a different strain, the South African, evolved cases were even between the two arms – i.e. the vaccine is useless.

            So the vaccine studies themselves show how non-contagious the Chinese virus is. How the measures taken to suppress it are therefore totally indefensible. And, as a side effect for the AZ vaccine, how pointless it is.

          2. AhNotepad

            Thank you Dr. John H, That the “NHS” is coercing workers to accept the “vaccines” is reprehensible, but what do they care? With zero liability for jabs, and recently permission to commit criminal acts, again with no liability, (along with the police, army, any other service including the gambling commission and the justice department (WTF?) even genocide is no problem.

        4. Fast Eddy

          Governments say they won’t force anyone to take the vaccines, but if they restrict your movements and force you to get tested every two days, that’s as good as having burly cops pin you down and stick you.

          The unjabbed will be few and far between. And they will be pariahs.

          1. Tish

            One of our sons and his family live abroad and we love them all dearly. But we will never have the vaccine. We feel too strongly about it. We feel outraged and furious with both the government and the population. How pathetic people seem to be, even friends who we thought we knew. How desperate for security people appear to be. Such a childish reliance on the government and a need to believe in a nanny state which cares for us. Sod them all.

          2. Jerome Savage

            With you very much on that Tish. The whole episode does seem orchestrated and I’m just not programmed to buy in to the coercion, overt & covert, doesnt do it for me and the element of farce from the opening scenes of bodies on wuhan streets to the tsunami of tarnished testing to the off the shelf shockingly premature solutions (to all lifes woes and cares) to the harmful hysterical heights of hair raising anxt and fright – induced by the now untrusted 4th estate, big spoilsport gov and of course pharma research grants no safe distance away and barely muzzled. To cap it all the farce is reinforced by a baddy villain with whom we would just love to set free 007, shaking & stirring that gangly frame of privilege and power. Common sense called for, judicial review yearned for – but nothing on horizon yet.

          3. Jerome Savage

            Thinking about buying a boat and traipsing off to local and far flung places where the notion of a V passport is just that, a notion.

          4. Fast Eddy

            Ilana Rachel Daniel, health advisor and politician, talked about Israel’s green passport that essentially creates a second citizenry, “a true medical apartheid, disallowing healthy law-abiding taxpaying citizens from entering their places of culture if they do not participate in this experiment.”

            “They’re making this green passport where half the population cannot get into theaters or malls or all sorts of things unless you have taken the vaccination. They are creating a medical Apartheid,”

            Part of a program dubbed Operation Back to Life , the “Green Pass” system restricts entry to registered gyms, theaters, hotels, restaurants, universities and secondary schools to holders of scannable vaccine passport only.

            Watch her interview below.


            And this is what ultimately awaits anyone who refuses to be coerced into taking the vaccine.

            I wonder if I were to bring say 10k to the clinic … and give it to the nurse… if she’d sign off on my jab and give me a passport? How about 100k?

            If she were to take it … I might end up being the last person alive on Earth.

        5. elizabethhart

          Malcolm, you say “I got vaccinated because of the pressure in the NHS, and having to do lateral flow tests every two days if not vaccinated. Not being able to visit patients in nursing homes and, in effect, not being able to do my job. Also, as you can imagine, life becomes uncomfortable for healthcare staff who refuse vaccination”.
          So you didn’t have the vaccine for personal health reasons, you were coerced into it. And it seems you have another two doses to look forward to this year, with the third ‘booster’ in the autumn, and who knows how many revaccinations for the rest of your life. Presumably along with the annual flu vaccination, if you get that too.
          I wonder what the long-term cumulative effects of all this vaccination will be? Interesting to think about as your own natural defences seemed to protect you from COVID-19 so far – are they now compromised by the vaccine, will you be made dependent upon vaccines and the vaccine industry in future? We really don’t know what’s going to happen, with this unprecedented vaccine rollout, with reportedly nearly a third of the UK population vaccinated with the first dose of experimental vaccines.
          One thing we do know is that governments have protected COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers from future product liability. For example, Ruud Dobber, a member of AstraZeneca’s senior executive team says: “This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in…four years the vaccine is showing side effects.”[1] So if anything goes wrong…you’re on your own…with these vaccine products that have been rushed out under ’emergency authorisations’.
          Other people with a profile have indicated they too are having the vaccination as a matter of expediency, rather than for health protection.
          For example retired Supreme Court justice Lord Sumption, who acknowledges COVID-19 is a disease “from which at least 99% of people recover and survive”. But Sumption thinks it’s acceptable for people to be coercively vaccinated to encourage the fearful to come out of their homes, after they’ve being deliberately terrified by the UK Government and SAGE about the virus, and to ostracise those who refuse to buckle to questionable vaccination.[2]
          Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens also admits: “…I have been more or less forced to have an immunisation I would not normally have bothered with.” He’s had the vaccination because he has family living abroad, and is “deeply tired of not being able to see them”.[3]
          And Freddie Sayers, Executive Editor of UnHerd, says: “I’ll go along with it. I don’t want to be fighting about lockdowns for a day longer. I’ll take my vaccine and sign my papers.“[4]
          A GP, a retired Supreme Court judge, a popular columnist, and a media editor. All of these well-educated and thinking people have been coerced into having, or agreeing to, an experimental fast-tracked vaccine intervention, not for the benefit of their health, but because they’re being blackmailed into it to participate in life.
          A society with coercive medical interventions for people who don’t really want them…how bad is this?

          1. AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries. Reuters, 30 July 2020.
          2. Lord Sumption: civil disobedience has begun. Interview with Freddie Sayers on UnHerd, 4 March 2021.
          3. PETER HITCHENS: I’ve had the Covid jab – and all it cost me was my freedom. Mail on Sunday, 28 February 2021.
          4. Freddie Sayers. How lockdown changed us. UnHerd, 24 February 2021.

          1. lingulella

            If I was a doctor/insider I would get the ‘vaccine’ but make sure it was just saline labelled as vaccine. For me that would be the ideal solution (no pun intended) as there is no way on Earth that anyone can tell the difference between natural antibodies and vaccine antibodies and I am sure I picked it up flying economy back into the UK in late February 2020.

        6. Andrew H

          Thank you for your honesty.
          Mrs H is in a similar situation which is why she has to have the flu vaccine each year.

          I’ve never had flu or the flu vaccine.
          I’ve no intention of having this – particularly if coerced.

        7. Thunkit

          Very interesting Dr K, and thanks for telling us of your own experience.

          Not having any of the C19 vaccines myself, due to life-long adverse effects following childhood vaxes. NHS doctors never acknowledged the damage, and now I’m being badgered to have the C19. They have no advice to offer patients in my predicament.

        8. JR62

          Maybe you have better immunity due to constant exposure to all germs in your work.
          What if immunity is like muscle, if you don’t use it, you lose it?
          If it’s so, all these masks, social distances and lock ups will make us weaker and weaker. Then anointed believes that we will need more the same stuff. We are doomed!

        9. elizabethhart

          Malcolm, you said you’ve had the Pfizer vaccine, and you’re due the second dose at the end of this month.
          You said you “got vaccinated because of the pressure in the NHS, and having to do lateral flow tests every two days if not vaccinated. Not being able to visit patients in nursing homes and, in effect, not being able to do my job. Also, as you can imagine, life becomes uncomfortable for healthcare staff who refuse vaccination”.
          So would you say you gave your ‘fully informed consent’ to this vaccine intervention, without coercion?
          You also say you had to do lateral flow tests every two days if not vaccinated.
          What do you think about the use of lateral flow tests – e.g. as discussed in The Guardian article: Rapid lateral flow tests ‘should not be used for test and release’. 25 March 2021.
          It seems that massive numbers of people are being pressed to have these tests – what do you think about that? How much is all this costing? Do you think this is an effective use of funding?
          In regards to the Pfizer vaccine, of which you have had one dose so far. Will the vaccine prevent infection and transmission?

  64. Michael

    Churchill was seen as a sort of “denier” when he argued that Nazism and German re-armament would lead to a new conflict that would end the peace which had been established at Versailles. His opponents accused him of denying that the peaceful status quo would endure. I daresay that if the term “conspiracy theorist” had ben used in the 1930s he would have had the label pinned to him.

    1. Jeremy May

      He wasn’t on his own Micheal, Ferdinand Foch, who had commanded the allied forces, prophetically said of the Versailles Treaty in 1919, ‘This is not peace, this is an armstice for twenty years.’

  65. Barbara G

    What a great read. You bring such a welcome breath of fresh air and common sense to this claustrophobic, caustic covid story.
    I am not an ‘anti-vaxxer’ but choose not to be vaxxed. If people believe something is doing them good it possibly will. Personally, I don’t want to be part of a trial that I’ve been ‘invited’ to without the full details being revealed.
    Keep up the great work I enjoy your writing, your research and your sense of humour.


  66. barbod2014angusbelle

    Thank you for this brilliant blog. I have been trying to warn people about statins for years and that cholesterol is not the terrible killer some would have us believe. My father had a cholesterol level of 9. His gp said this was normal for my father. He lived until he was ninety and only died then from getting sepsis from a cut he got whilst gardening and ignored.
    I made a comment yesterday bout the Covid ‘vaccine’ not being fully tested and people who were young and fit dying. I was immediately told that ALL the testing had been done and it was saving millions of lives and I should read what all the scientists are saying. I had the temerity to suggest this person might like to go and do their own research and keep an open mind. I am now, not just an anti vaxxer and a denier, and an anti mask wearer but I am now walking round being a threat to old and vulnerable people! I am obviously a threat to myself then, being 71 years old with at least 4 autoimmune diseases that have been diagnosed. However, I also have an open mind and a fully functioning brain.
    Keep up the good work Dr K.

    1. Marc Lachance

      Ask the if they can provide you with the long term tests that demonstrate there are no lethal or severe side effects from the vaccines.

  67. elizabethhart

    In Australia registered health practitioners and students are expected to toe the line re COVID-19 vaccines, as noted in a statement dated 9 March 2021: https://www.ahpra.gov.au/News/2021-03-09-vaccination-statement.aspx

    Here’s an extract from the statement:

    Co-chair of the Forum of NRAS Chairs and Pharmacy Board Chair, Mr Brett Simmonds, said all registered practitioners have a key role to play by ensuring they provide accurate, evidence-based information to patients about COVID-19 vaccines.
    ‘National Boards support the vaccine program and encourage all registered health practitioners to get vaccinated unless medically contraindicated.
    ‘The codes of conduct for each of the registered health professions explain the public health obligations of registered health practitioners, including participating in efforts to promote the health of the community and meeting obligations on disease prevention,’ Mr Simmonds said.
    ‘There is no place for anti-vaccination messages in professional health practice, and any promotion of anti-vaccination claims including on social media, and advertising may be subject to regulatory action.’
    Ahpra CEO, Mr Martin Fletcher, said it’s important that as part of the national response to the pandemic, Australia’s 800,000 registered practitioners and 193,800 students are aware of what is expected of them.

  68. brian

    Yes, challenging conventional wisdom can be a hard place. I applaud you for not cowering to the medical mafia! While I don’t always agree with some of your comments on the covid pandemic, I do respect your opinions as they are well-thought and not corrupt. For sure, any intelligent life should be skeptical of vaccines that have been produced in record time with their safety profile more a wish than a certainty. But they also appear to be the only way to get society back to normal, and everyone is tired of this new way of living brought on by the pandemic. I am a vaccine skeptic, but am also willing to believe that it is better to do battle with a vaccine to boost my defenses than do so with the real, deadly coronavirus. So, I tend toward eventually getting vaccinated. The vaccines seem to be the better choice. That said, I do believe that boosting one’s own immune system through a health diet, supplements and lifestyle is the best way forward, but not sure that is always enough. In any case, Dr, Kendrick, thanks for not bowing to the establishment and speaking your mind. And what is your view on the Covid-19 vaccines, by the way? I’d love to hear more of your unvarnished thinking on the topic. It’s a shame the Western World has been taken over by cancel culture from all sides. Whatever happened to the principle of freedom of expression?

    1. AhNotepad

      brian, the way to get back to normal is political, not pharmaceutical. There was never a need for the draconian actions of governments, as shown by the few places that did not introduce restrictions. The way out is just to get on with life, not get loaded with suspect substances.

      1. anna m

        I’m dismayed by how often people seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to expect normal people to capitulate to those who are irrational.

    2. Jerome Savage

      From where I’m sitting, the real, “deadly” coronavirus is not so deadly unless the definition of deadly has changed just as the definition of “Pandemic” changed 10 years ago by WHO. Motorbikes can be deadly- can you elaborate please ?

    3. Emperor

      Back to normal? Oh?

      All I see are endless lockdowns with discussions of ‘mutant Covid’ being used to justify more lockdowns. For instance https://www.cp24.com/news/ontario-will-need-even-harsher-third-lockdown-soon-due-to-covid-19-variants-top-epidemiologist-says-1.5343242

      Did I not read that Thailand would start allowing vaxxed tourists into the country 7 months from now? Yes I am sure I did.

      Why in 7 months? Why not now? Where have we heard that ‘this is the last lockdown and we’ll be back to normal by ____’ Anyone want to be Thailand will not allow tourists in?

      And why would they? The vaccines do NOT prevent you from contracting or spreading Covid.

      That is FACT.

      The only claim that is made is that they stop dying people from dying from covid. Which is amusing because those dying people are still going to die, but from their other illnesses.

      I can guarantee you, we will not be returning to normal vaccine or no vaccine. If that was the intention then we’d already see people with the jab flying off on holiday without the need to quarantine on arrival.

  69. elizabethhart

    Malcolm you refer to the view of one doctor, from the BMJ:

    ‘….criminalising people who intentionally hurt others through false information should also be considered. The freedom to debate, and to allow the public to raise legitimate vaccine concerns to fill the knowledge void, should not extend to causing malicious harm 4.’

    The doctor is Melinda Mills, a professor of demography and sociology at the University of Oxford and director of the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science. She is on the UK Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies’ Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviour (SPI-B) and Ethnicity subgroups and its Vaccines Science Coordination Group, the Royal Society’s Science in Emergency Tasking COVID-19 (SET-C) group, and the High Level Advisory Group for the European Commissioner for the Economy.

    Mills is the main author of the COVID-19 vaccine deployment: Behaviour, ethics, misinformation and policy strategies, prepared for the Royal Society and the British Academy, published 21 October 2020.

    It was in this report that Mills suggested to “Bring in legislation and enforce criminal prosecutions for spreading misinformation”.

    But as you say Malcolm “who, exactly, is to decide what constitutes malicious harm? I feel that this would be a rather large step – backwards – for mankind. This moves well beyond obliterating someone’s reputation. We should be flinging anti-vaxxers in jail.”

    It’s notable that the report Mills prepared on COVID-19 vaccine deployment did not disclose conflicts of interest, i.e. that the Royal Society receives funding from vaccine manufacturers AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline, and both the Royal Society and British Academy receive funding from the UK government Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

    See my email to the Presidents of the Royal Society and British Academy challenging their failure to disclose their conflicts of interest on a report promoting COVID-19 vaccine products: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/failure-to-disclose-conflicts-of-interest-covid-19.pdf

    1. me oliveira

      Juvenal wrote: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. In Sátiras
      Who will guard the guards themselves?
      Universal problem.

      1. theasdgamer

        Put the guards in competition with one another. And surreptitiously audit both of them. Give a bonus to one if they catch the other cheating and take the same amount away from the cheaters. There will be little incentive for them to collude under that system.

  70. gelderon52

    Hello, Dr. Kendrick. Interesting article, but allow me a criticism about the praise for Thomas Gold and his “abiogenesis” theory or oil formation. Sometimes, it is easy to let oneself taken astray by the mere brilliance of a non-standard idea. But it often happens that the brilliant thinker may be completely wrong while the mainstream is right.

    In this case, I am afraid that Gold was completely wrong — he was misled by his own brilliance. The debate revolves on many details but, simply, the abiogenic theory goes against the basic mechanisms of functioning of the ecosphere. With some colleagues, we wrote an article on this subject, at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0264817210001224.

    So, I think we should all be careful when we discuss areas away from our expertise. Although, I have also to say, I refused to take statins when a cardiologists prescribed them to me!

    1. David Bailey

      Unfortunately, the meat of your paper was behind a paywall, but I think I’d rather see the argument for or against abiogenesis explored without mention of Peak Oil. I wish there was more science done without regard to its political consequences.

      1. gelderon52

        Sorry, David. I forgot the paywall. But you can find a full version of our paper here: https://uu.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:338107/FULLTEXT01.pdf

        About your comment, peak oil started as a scientific theory, then it become politicized, but in itself it is a necessary consequence of the finite amount of the oil resources. The same destiny awaited Gold’s theory of abiotic oil formation. I think he didn’t have politics in mind when he proposed his theory, he was just following his intuition. But then his ideas became hijacked by a group of conspiracy theoriests who argued that oil companies had been involved in a conspiracy to hide the true size of the world’s oil reserves. Decades later, Gold’s ideas found no support. It is not impossible that minor amounts of hydrocarbons could be formed by inorganic reactions but, as I said, the idea that Earth’s oil reserves were formed in this way is in contrast with some basic features of the geosphere.

        BTW. I forgot to sign my comment. I am Ugo Bardi

      2. Martin Back

        In practice, it doesn’t matter how oil is formed. Whatever the process is, it is too slow to replenish the oil fields. Old oil wells can be operated as “stripper wells” producing a small trickle of oil (less than 15 barrels a day), but they will never yield oil in the quantities needed to keep us running at our current consumption.

        Incidentally, Gold’s astronomer colleague Fred Hoyle was also a believer in abiotic oil. He speculated that the clouds of Venus were formed when hydrocarbons squeezed out from Venus’s rocky core evaporated and condensed. A brilliant man, but in this case, wrong.

        1. anna m

          People seem to confuse the possibility of abiotic oil with depletion. Even if oil is a renewable resource does not mean we cannot suck the wells dry. Ditto water aquifers.

    2. theasdgamer

      “We’ve really improved our understanding of the origin of abiotic hydrocarbons in all ridge-crest hydrothermal systems by identifying specifically where carbon is being transformed within the vent fluid circulation pathway,” said Jill McDermott, lead author of the study and a recent graduate of the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography. “We also have a much better sense of how quickly these reactions are occurring in natural systems – some take thousands of years, while others only take hours to days.”

      Methane and other organic compounds in natural waters can originate from three types of sources: living organisms, decomposition of living or dead biomass, and ‘abiotic’ formation via purely chemical processes with no participation from living organisms.”


      Keep an eye on research surrounding ocean vents.

      Good to see that the theory that the sea is salty because of runoff from land has been discarded.

      1. Martin Back

        Kerogen from algae or plankton forms bitumen, oil, and gas on being heated. Kerogen from plant matter forms coal.

        “Kerogen is solid, insoluble organic matter in sedimentary rocks. Consisting of an estimated 10^16 tons of carbon, it is the most abundant source of organic compounds on earth, exceeding the total organic content of living matter 10,000-fold.”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerogen

        Interestingly, kerogen-like substances have been found in meteorites. So maybe some of our oil came from space originally.

  71. Corinna Lennox-Kerr

    Dr. Kendrick,

    Brilliantly written as always! I’m just so relieved that we have you to spread the word, backed up with the correct science and true facts.

    My husband and I attended a talk you gave in Macclesfield some years ago and fortunately for us, we found out the truth behind the great cholesterol con and because of this, my husband refused to take statins when he had them prescribed. To this day, since his supposed heart attack two years ago (which we think was Angina, because no damage was found to his heart via the ECG or the Echo-Cardiogram), he has still not had his cholesterol checked but was put on the maximum dose of 80mg?????

    Everybody appears to be rail-roaded into taking the vaccines, purely by fear and the fact they believe that nobody, especially doctors, would wish to harm them. All of our friends have now had the vaccination and without exception, they have all had reactions, but our concern is what will the long-term affect be for them now the damage has been done?

    We are in your camp and regularly pass on your emails and recommend your books to those who show interest.


    1. David Bailey


      I took 40 mg of Simvastatin for three years before the stuff really kicked back, I wrote to a key scientist about my experience, and because he didn’t reply, Dr. Kendrick gave me a chance to warn others:


      My problem was strange muscle pains that threatened to make walking any distance impossible, but I spoke to one man who suffered not only muscle pains but also loss of memory. Both reversed when he stopped his statins. However, some people do seem to report muscle damage that doesn’t repair so easily.

      It is excellent that Dr Kendrick’s ideas are helping people reach the right decisions.

      Needless to say, We also shredded our invitations to have the COVID vaccine!

      1. Dr. John H

        Great letter David, just read it for the 1st time!

        I’m going to forward it to my sister’s husband who has been taking statins for years, and a few months ago developed severe chronic sciatic pain with no relief. I’ll let you know if it has an impact on him!

      2. Corinna Lennox-Kerr


        Thank you for sharing your experience. I have also seen the damage that statins have caused in my 25 years of treating people with musculo-skeletal problems and it has become a serious worry. One lady ended up with muscle wastage which went on to become drop-foot due to taking statins. Also, when looking through the information enclosed with her various meds, a few of them were contraindicated and should not have been used together????

        As you rightly say and in my experience, statins can cause muscle wastage, joint pain, including carpal tunnel as well as memory loss many of which were able to be reversed when the statins were stopped. I have seen fit, healthy people lose their get-up-and-go become confused and suffering with all kinds of aches and pains as well as ending up shuffling instead of walking out.

        Another interesting point is that I was speaking with someone who had a knee replacement and was doing all the correct things including having physio, but was not making any progress. He needed to get back to work (self-employed builder) and couldn’t understand why he was suffering so much. After I enquired about if he was on any medication, he said that the only thing he was taking was statins which his GP had put him on just before his operation. I mentioned that he could think about coming off them as they might be stopping the natural healing/regeneration process needed for his recovery. I saw him some weeks later and he had chosen to do as I had suggested and his condition had swiftly improved and he was no longer in pain. Strangely enough, during our conversation, this same man mentioned that his wife was no longer able to go out for walks with her friends every Sunday because her joints hurt too much. It turned out that she had also recently been put on statins and also recovered once she stopped taking them.

        To my mind, none of these cases could be just coincidence and when my husband and I went to listen to Dr. Kendrick, I learnt the reason why.


  72. Lee

    Most who oppose vaccines either did their research are were victims of vaccine injury in one way or another. Now they want to call us criminals. They have always opposed those who chose real science over corporate science or government science which has been used in the past to manipulate people. It is why in the past they had to persecute and kill those who promoted real science , because real science has a tendency to expose the agenda of those using the fake science to manipulate others.


  73. Mark Heneghan

    I am neither pro or anti, rather I weigh up risk versus benefit when I am faced with the decision whether or not to have a vaccine. This is a good rule for life, not just vaccines, and it is disingenuous of drug companies ever to claim that any drug is ‘completely safe’ just as it is stupid for people ever to expect it. Perhaps what we need is better unbiased presentation of risk and benefit data.

  74. RouterAl

    As a retired pharmacist now past the 3 score and 10, I was never a vaccine skeptic, but this thought keeps running my head , when I was a boy I never knew anyone with a peanut allergy. in fact we all chomped our ways through nuts galore, now everyone seems to be allergic to nuts and allergy warnings abound. More seriously is the autism and other spectrum disorders, I knew no one with an ism when I was a boy, and there were a lot of us about in the 50’s. Now every mother almost feels cheated is one or all of her children do not have an ism. Is this epidemic of ism’s just my imagination or is it real and something is causing these allergies and ism’s, I only ask, and is it the vaccines that children are bombarded with. Should we make a serious attempt to find out.

  75. Paul Helman

    Regarding your closing statement I would place high fat low carbohydrate ketogenic lifestyle rather high on my priority list.

  76. Simon Derricutt

    Dr Kendrick – maybe the problem with the “anti-vaxx” epithet is that vaccination is seen as the only single way that governments can get out of the lockdowns, and thus get back to a functioning economy again. The data on HCQ and IVM is deprecated and disbelieved for some reason, maybe based on the belief that there has never been and never will be a medicine that will kill a virus (which may be true, but impeding its replication and thus making it possible for the immune system to kill it seems to me a valid way of stopping people getting ill when infected).

    Mostly I’m impressed at the efficacy of vaccination in stopping people getting ill from various diseases that used to kill or damage a lot of people, so I’m not actually anti-vaxx in general. With Covid, though, we don’t yet know the long-term effects of each vaccine, and can’t know that until a long time has passed. Can some of them induce an auto-immune disease? If we knew why auto-immune diseases were caused, we’d be able to cure them, after all, whereas what we can do is reduce their progress and extend the time people can live with them. It’s maybe a bit of hubris to think that we know enough about how the immune system works that we can be certain that modifying it won’t have an unexpected effect.

    I don’t doubt that the vaccine-producers think that their product is as safe as any other vaccine. The big problem I see with vaccination for an RNA-based virus is however that it will have a limited range of mutations it can protect against, and that the mutations they cannot protect against will be the ones that then become dominant and you’ll need to re-vaccinate against the new mutation. It’s a game of whack-a-mole. Of course, there are also some dangers associated with any vaccination, and adverse effects including deaths that are logged, but the number of such problems is far fewer than those that would occur with the disease itself. It’s less of a risk to be vaccinated, in general.

    I’m thus somewhat anti-Covid-vaxx, though more because it’s a bad strategy. It seems more logical to dose people up with vitamin D since we know a large proportion are deficient (maybe especially people who have darker skin in the UK in Winter). Some people may still get ill, but if we give them Ivermectin (IVM) as soon as they get symptoms then that inhibits replication of the virus and allows their immune systems time to kill the virus, and incidentally by reducing the number of replications also slows down the emergence of new mutations (and thus would make the vaccination more effective too).

    For most people, the vaccination is unlikely to cause any major immediate problem. Might be a problem if they’re infected shortly before or after the vaccination, and that could be a reason for some of the deaths shortly after vaccination. It’s maybe a bad strategy to vaccinate for a disease during an epidemic of it, and you need to vaccinate some weeks before the disease is encountered, but that isn’t possible at the moment. It could also be true that the people who have adverse reactions to the vaccination would have died if they caught the disease (that applies to any vaccination) but there’s no real way of verifying that – you can’t repeat the experiment on a person who has died.

    A good scientist will re-examine beliefs in the face of new evidence, and likely won’t actually believe things (that is, accept without proof) anyway. Scepticism is healthy. In my lifetime I’ve seen enough “settled science” get overturned that I now regard any theory as “the best we know so far” and might be changed if the experimental evidence is strong.

  77. David Bailey

    By pure coincidence, Ireland has just temporarily stopped using the AstraZeneca vaccine because of blood clots!

    Every time I think of the mess that has been created over COVID, I feel anger and despair at our political/medical leaders. I just hope that if there is something seriously amiss with these ‘vaccines’ (injecting people with m-RNA doesn’t seem to count as a vaccine) that we don’t get as far as the ultimate folly – vaccinating our children against a disease they hardly ever contract.

    1. AhNotepad

      Not to worry David, Johnson & Johnson are working hard to get approval to vaccinate everything on two legs, unless it has wings or feathers.

      1. Harry de Boer

        Chickens are vaccinated at mass scale because in the tight confinements the R-number is so high and immunity low.

        1. Jerome Savage

          The fact that J&J were fined billions by a Missouri court for failing to report cancer related effects of its baby powder (or was it talcum), effects that it was aware of but chose to conceal, inspires not.

      2. scazzer

        I give Ivermectin to my doves, as a spot on treatment for parasites, so if they do get Covid, I am well prepared.

    2. lingulella

      I wonder why the concentration on the AstraZeneca vaccine causing thrombii issues (11) when the data from MHRA shows the same numbers of cases (14) from the Pfizer vaccine?

      1. Prudence Kitten

        Divide and conquer, lingulella. When the powers that be are caught in a situation that they can’t deny or wriggle out of, one of their favourite techniques is to designate a scapegoat and blame everything on them.

        Now they can say, if pressed, “Oh well, it’s this AZ vaccine that for some reason hasn’t worked out. But the others are just fine”.

  78. Chancery Stone

    I posted three comments on here yesterday but none have appeared. Have they disappeared into the ether or have I somehow made myself a persona non grata? I have a knack for getting myself banned, for voicing unpopular opinions, but I think everything I said yesterday was perfectly innocuous. Due to many years of suffering Jon Ronson’s “public shaming” for my mouth, I am now completely paranoid when comments I post don’t appear. Hope I’m not adding you to my ‘places I have been silenced’ list…

    Anyway, fell over this yesterday: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Malcolm_Kendrick

    Don’t know if you are aware of it, but I thought it was rather lovely that you were included on a ‘rational’ wiki as someone not fit to be included in a ‘normal’ wiki and who was therefore, by implication. irrational. You are also a “leading figure in the cholesterol denialist movement” and a quote from you is ‘signed’: “Malcolm Kendrick medical scientist hater”. I have to say I would use that as my signature everywhere I went, like a badge of honour, but then I get banned form everywhere…

    Anyway, it makes for very entertaining reading, providing your ego is more amused than hurt by such things, and hope I haven’t somehow made myself an untouchable.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      Some of us have been through this with Dr Kendrick, Chancery, and apparently the censorship has nothing to do with him or his moderator(s). Perhaps someone who controls the hosting systems?

      Try simply posting under a different name or handle. As far as I know there are no checks.

    2. Jerome Savage

      Thought I came across a comment on RW on a particular trusted medical commentator, trusted by me certainly, that fell in to expletive mode to formulate an opinion. That certainly formulated my opinion on RW.
      The founder of Wiki, we are advised is looking at possibility of revisiting this area of “pedia” to arrest the slippage and politicization of his original creation.

      1. Penny

        Five of my posts have not appeared, maybe if I phrased them diffferently; did anyone see South Today some week back when a professor from a UK university stated on TV that the ‘interventions’ are 100% successful?

  79. MadBagman

    I cannot comment on the medical, that was never my bag, but I have nigh on thirty years experience of working in the NHS from Cumbria to Kent. The waste is phenomenal,

  80. dogmatix

    The 737 max was rushed into production, and the result was two crashes and 346 deaths before it was grounded. The covide vaccines were rushed into production too, with similar results:

    The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database has recorded to date 1,524 deaths, 5,806 visits to Emergency Room doctors, 630 permanent disabilities, and 3,477 hospitalizations following injections of the experimental COVID mRNA vaccines..

    Nevertheless, the CDC still continues to claim that not one of these recorded deaths following experimental COVID injections are related to the shots.

    Those who expressed concern about the safety of the 737MAX were never called anti-plane.
    Why are those who express similar concern over vaccine safety called anti-vaxers?

  81. lingulella

    After this ;
    ‘’’A health update on Marvelous Marvin Hagler hours before the boxing legend died Saturday night raised eyebrows.

    Fellow boxing great Thomas Hearns shared with his followers that Hagler was “fighting the after effects of the vaccine” before the former undisputed middleweight ultimately passed away.

    “A real true warrior Pray for the king and his family.. he’s in ICU fighting the after effects of the vaccine! He’ll be just fine but we could use the positive energy and Prayer for his Full Recovery !” Hearns wrote.”’’’

    The machine has rolled into action to stamp out any negative press for the vaccines – either Pfizer or Moderna – that Hagler had taken before dying of ‘coincidence’.

    R.I.P. Marvellous Marvin.

      1. Fast Eddy

        Yes I noticed that… when I tried to google this incident there were hundreds of stories with headlines stating exactly that… there were so many that I was unable to find anything other than that… and I just gave up and concluded that Marvin died from the vaccine.

        Here’s a tip — when a controversial issues arises… and you see what appears to be a concerted effort to drown out one side of the story…. you can generally assume the drowned side of the story… is the truth.

  82. Jack

    People died years ago due to unsanitary conditions. Once sanitary conditions improved due to regulations and enforcement, viral and bacterial infections dropped. Vaccines did very little. Your immune system protects you.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      “Your immune system protects you”.

      Exactly. All a vaccine does is to prime your immune system to look out for a particular antigen. Apart from that, the vaccine does exactly nothing to protect you.

      It’s like giving a bloodhound or other tracking animal a piece of clothing to sniff, so that it knows which scent to follow.

      But the immune system is more like a guard dog set free to roam an enclosed garden at night. It will challenge and possibly attack any stranger within the walls, without having to be prompted like the bloodhound.

      Expecting a vaccine to protect you, rather than your immune system, is like hoping a shirt or a shoe will catch a fugitive unaided.

    2. Martin Back

      We are even more sanitary these days. Yet here we are in the middle of a pandemic. Why did our modern sanitary conditions not save us from the SARS-CoV-2 virus?

      I take the “sanitation, not vaccination” story with a large pinch of salt.

      1. lingulella

        At the risk of repeating what many others are saying, this is not a classic pandemic because it lacks the huge number of deaths, and it also fails because it needs the help of ‘co-morbidities’ to reach the numbers it does – the CDC still (I think) considers that without co-morbidities only 6% of those who die with it would die of it. It is also possibly the first disease that we need a flawed test to know that we have it, and that over 99% of us will survive it if we do get infected.
        As to the pinch of salt, maybe, but the vaccination came largely after the sanitation had done the heavy lifting, except in the third world where despite Billy Goates’ vaccine programmes millions still die because of a lack of sanitation and clean water.

      2. AhNotepad

        The only reason there is a “pandemic” is because the WHO changed the definition. There have been no greater number of people dying associated with this year’s supposed virus, than in previous years. I suspect there might be about to be a lot of deaths now people have got their injection of whatever the unnatural, never before used, concoction they chose, or didn’t have the choice.

      3. Paula

        The biggest vulnerabilities to covid 19 include type II diabetes, obesity and poor metabolic health, arguably very modern diseases of affluence – all preventable. We in the UK are still in lockdown waiting for vaccines to be rolled out when we could have been tackling those vulnerabilities a year ago (or long before). Imagine if instead of mass covid 19 testing we had done mass vitamin D testing. Not only would we have flown through this, we would be ready for a whole army of respiratory viruses.

  83. Fast Eddy

    So…. followed up with Medsafe NZ since it’s been almost a week since I spoke to them and emailed them requesting long term studies on the Covid vaccines. They’ll ‘look into it’… I asked to speak to someone ‘on the team’ and they refused… when I insisted they… hung up on me.

    So back over to Hipkins office… she says they will take minimum 20 working days to respond. I said but you are recommending that we take this vaccine now — so forgive me if I want to have the studies first.

    Back to square one – I said what I am asking for is impossible because there cannot be long term studies. She said ‘I don’t know’…. I informed her that Covid has existed for only about a year… so how is it possible to have long term studies?

    She said I don’t know. I said what do mean you don’t know (I want to ask if she was operating on IQ that is the same as room temperature … but held my tongue). It’s not a trick question – there is no long term therefore there are no long term studies… unless of course for you long term is 6 months.

    You have to wait for Medsafe…

    But why wait – I already know they won’t have what I am asking for … if they do then I’ll also ask them for the score in next year’s Super Bowl and sell everything I own and bet on that match!!! – said I

    We both know thorough testing has not be carried out yet you are recommending 5M people participate in a mass experiment — to what purpose? Healthy people do not generally get very sick or die from Covid so why are you recommending this to everyone? Most people are not at risk….

    I could sense her getting ready to hang up so preempted her with the comment — This is Insane. Totally Insane.

    And I hung up.

    It’s great fun to antagonize these people and challenge them with logic … but no doubt they now have a special place waiting for me at some point … replete with slop fit to feed a dog… and because I have irritated them so…. it will be Air Supply’s Greatest Hits 24/7….

  84. Stephen Cooke

    We have, in Australia, a single focus on vaccines as the only hope for the development of “Herd Immunity” against Covid 19. A phrase, that 6 months ago, was a statement of outrageous heresy (as the assumption was, it referred to the development of Natural Immunity).
    Any mention of studies on promising medicines (except the expensive – on patent ones), Vitamin D, zinc and the like, is violently shut down by our authorities and Media – along with any who question the decision to have the vaccine.
    Any mention of studies showing good Natural immunity (via antibodies over 6-8 months) so not get airtime.
    We have what I describe as another “Nestle moment” where their tinned milk is supposedly superior to breast milk.
    I am in no way suggesting there is no place for vaccines – just some balance and prioritising those who really need it and will have the least chance of being harmed.

  85. giampaolominetti

    “…our belief in any particular natural law cannot have a safer basis than our unsuccessful critical attempts to refute it.”
    Karl Popper, Conjectures and Refutations, 1963


  86. David Bailey

    Here is a really novel observation that might explain an awful lot:

    Evidence that COVID (and presumably other viruses too) can replicate inside bacteria as well as human tissues! This would explain why some antibiotics work on viral diseases.

    1. lingulella

      Is this being put forward as a reason for us to continue with the mask fiasco?
      It does look rather ‘thin’ even compared to much that is being put up on pre-print servers.

  87. Martin Back

    Remember the Pals battalions of WWI? People joined up in groups — all the lads from one village, or staff from one organization, and were kept together. Lots of advantages, but one huge disadvantage. A single battle could wipe out all the young men of a village, or trained staff of an organization. These incidents were so devastating that they changed the policy, and ensured that people were spread out over various branches of the service so there would always be some survivors of a group. Even today, if you and your brother join up, you will never be put together in the same unit.

    So it should be with an experimental vaccine. No one knows if there will be long-term effects years down the line. So family members and organization staff should get different vaccines, just in case. If you get AstraZeneca, your brother gets Johnson&Johnson, your sister Sputnik, etc etc. Mix them up as much as possible. That’s what the precautionary principle dictates.

  88. Paula

    I really like the Gandhi quote, and I do have a feeling that the very dark times we are living through could be the part just before we ‘win’ if people don’t lose heart – here’s why:

    1. If you were looking for a vaccine to impose on the entire world through bullying and coercion, the covid vaccine has got to be just about the worst candidate – not fully tested; a disease that is almost completely harmless to the vast majority with a good understanding of who the vulnerable groups are; no evidence that it prevents infection or transmission. The hubris is astonishing.

    2. Despite vicious attempts to attack individuals and censor information, it remains very, very easy to find dissenting information.

    3. Endless chat about vaccine passports and coercion, mostly emanating from government, is galvanising opposition in a way that gentle persuasion wouldn’t have.

    4. ‘Nudge’ techniques from behavioural psychology are very easy to spot once you start to notice and deconstruct them.

    5. For non-vulnerable people wanting to refuse the vaccine, no argument even needs to be made. You don’t even need to show the vaccine is particularly dangerous or harmful – the risk from covid is so small that even a small risk from the vaccine makes mass vaccination illogical. Hence so many exhortations to take the vaccine for non-medical reasons, eg, to make people feel more ‘comfortable’, to ‘show your support’, to ‘get your life back’.

    6. Soon money will become an issue – the eye-watering amounts of taxpayers money spent on needless vaccines and testing will eventually have to be scrutinised as the government try to get us out of this massive financial hole.

    7. And as for the children. Ministers, advisers, unions and the opposition have behaved so appallingly towards children in this crisis that they have no moral high ground on which to claim that vaccinating children is for the ‘greater good’. Their behaviour has created and galvanised opposition that is ready and waiting to fight the battle on vaccines, and I am sure they will have huge public support and sympathy.

    Am I being naïve here? As Dr Kendrick has said before, change happens one conversation at a time. There are so many chinks in the armour here, just pick one and start chipping away.

  89. paoloceph

    A man after my own heart!
    Is membership of your cult still open? I’m not sure what the entry requirements might be, but I can offer the following for a start: statin denier, global warming denier (given that I think an ice age is more likely, rather than a denier, does that make me somehow perversely more cool?), pandemic (in the true sense) denier, lockdown denier etc etc. Although a bit before my time I suspect the Holocaust really did happen.
    I’ve observed the Ghandi/Schopenhauer quotes being played out a few times now, but the quote variously attributed to Einstein, Flaubert and Voltaire about the infinite nature of human stupidity is surely relevant here also. In fact the First Law of Human Stupidity by the late economic historian Carlo Cipolla states that “Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.” As someone like Groucho Marx once said: “Statistically speaking, 50% of all people are below average”.

  90. theasdgamer

    Dr. Kendrick,

    Back when I was a young man I attended a meeting of the John Birch Society. The speaker talked about communists in certain organizations which the official narrative said didn’t exist–Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Society. Turns out the speaker was correct and major conspiracies DO exist. It’s a feature of human society.

    The problem was that there were so many cranks associated with the skeptical speaker who attended the meeting and undermined his message by their presence.


    PCR testing BY ITSELF is worthless. Add in some spot checking by viral culturing and it becomes useful for public health policy.

    virus purification methods


  91. Al

    Private message for you, Doc, hoping to make you smile too. When I read the opening sentences I smiled. In my mind “denier” is the amount of transparency a pair of tights or “nylons” have! I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I am a coward when it comes to being used as a medical guinea pig. Thankfully I can honestly say I have never had the flu or a so-called anti-flu injection.

  92. Eric

    So why do we have 30 suspect cases in 5 million people vaccinated with AZ on the continent but apparently none in the 10 million or more vaccinated in the UK?

    I am certainly no anti-vaxxer, and I had come to the conclusion that the AZ vaccine was probably even a better long-term bet than the mRNA vaccines. But this is beginning to look alarming.


    However, the source said health authorities moved following the deaths this month of Stefano Paterno, a 43-year-old navy officer, and Davide Villa, a 50-year-old policeman, who had both received shots from AstraZeneca’s ABV2856 batch.

    Paterno died of a suspected heart attack on Tuesday, the day after his shot. Villa died at the weekend, some 12 days after his inoculation.
    Local newspapers said he fell ill within 24 hours of his injection, and reported that doctors had diagnosed a deep vein thrombosis, which later resulted in a brain haemorrhage.

    ROME (Reuters) – Italy’s northern region of Piedmont said on Sunday it would stop using a batch of AstraZeneca coronavirus shots after a teacher died following his vaccination on Saturday.


    In Germany, vaccinations with the vaccine from AstraZeneca will no longer be given for the time being. The Federal Government has suspended vaccinations as a precautionary measure following a recent recommendation by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). This was announced by the Federal Ministry of Health. Shortly afterwards, France and Italy also suspended vaccinations with the vaccine. This was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron and the Italian Medicines Agency on Monday. After new reports of thromboses of the cerebral veins in temporal connection with the vaccination in Germany and Europe, the institute said further investigations were necessary. The European Medicines Agency (Ema) will decide “whether and how the new findings affect the approval of the vaccine”.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    1. Fast Eddy

      It looks like AZ didn’t get the message — they were supposed to make sure the ‘vaccine’ killed everyone 6 months later — not 6 days.

      How will we ever get the entire world to get the Lethal Injection if too many are dying so quickly scaring the CovIDIOTS and dissuading them from getting the jab?

    2. Eric

      Sorry, the NYT link seems to a newsticker that will self-update. It orginally linked to an article about the moratorium in some European countries.

  93. Eric


    Seven reported cases of cerebral thromoboses in 1.6 million who have received their first dose of AZ in Germany. And up to about a week ago, these were all active medical personel because AZ was restricted to those under 65 and vaccinations of teachers, police etc. are just starting now.

    Deepl translation of one pertinent paragraph:

    Spahn recommended those vaccinated with AstraZeneca to consult a doctor immediately in case of clear symptoms. This applies in particular to people who feel increasingly unwell more than four days after the vaccination, who suffer from severe headaches or “pinpoint bleeding on the skin”.

    So how do clots and skin bleeding go together? Do all those clots deplete platelets elsewhere?

  94. Martin Back

    Interesting talk on the non-specific effects of vaccines given to children, based on 25 years of research in Guinea-Bissau. Basically, live vaccines improve general health, and non-live vaccines don’t.

    For instance, live polio vaccine had a positive effect, reducing child mortality by one-third. But DTP, a dead vaccine, increased child mortality five times, and girls were more affected than boys for reasons they don’t understand.

    Dr.Benn feels her research is very important but it has been ignored. She blames the conflict between pro- and anti-vaxxers.

    How vaccines train the immune system in ways no one expected Christine Stabell Benn TEDx Aarhus

    1. Prudence Kitten

      One has to ask, if “vaccines train the immune system in ways no one expected” – who is to blame? The immune system, or those who “didn’t expect”?

      I am reminded of the so-called “Law of Unintended Consequences” that people love to blether about.

      In fact, all it means is that some stupid and thoughtless people do things that have inevitable consequences, which they were too lazy or foolish to consider.

  95. Eggs ‘n beer

    These reports of problems with specific batches, as well as the blood clot issues which the authorities are minimising with claims of “normal incidence”, except that the symptoms are not normal, are all grist to the anti-vaccine mill.

    What the lay person doesn’t realise is that each batch is different. Just as twenty people baking a cake with identical ingredients, ovens and recipe will produce twenty slightly different cakes, so every vaccine batch, even from the same equipment, will vary. And making a vaccine is much more complicated than baking a cake. This means that each batch is a slightly different vaccine. Which isn’t tested. Making the recipient even more of a guinea pig than ever.

    As an indication of just how different the batches are, here’s the TGA’s Australian Product Information sheet for the AZ vaccine:

    Solution for injection.
    Clear to slightly opaque, colourless to slightly brown, particle free with a pH of 6.1 – 7.1

    Click to access auspar-chadox1-s-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca-210215-pi.pdf

    Quality control questions: what makes it brown? What makes it slightly opaque? Why are some brown or opaque, and others clear and translucent? Define ‘slightly’. Why the variation in pH? What pH were the batches used for the trials? How have the ranges of brownness, opacity and pH been determined to lie within safe limits? As you must not shake the vial, how do you know if it’s particle free? What, exactly, is in this slightly brown, slightly opaque acidic liquid that varies from an completely clear alkaline solution (or any combination of the above)? And you aren’t going to pretend that this batch has been through any clinical trials, are you?

  96. Martin Back

    A reminder of the late Dr Bernard Lown’s experience with statins:

    “An astounding lesson of my many decades of medical practice was the commonality of adverse drug reactions. Strange that I myself over several years was a victim. I developed a neuropathy, consisting of shooting, stinging, sharp electric shocks radiating from buttocks to toes, waking me nearly nightly from sound sleep. Visits to doctors and neurologists were unavailing. I was on no new medications and had been taking the same pills for more than a decade. I began to believe that drugs were implicated. The likeliest was a statin drug, the ever-popular Lipitor. Based on my cholesterol level I had reduced it to only three times weekly. Every physician I had visited dismissed my suggestion. Statins had a low-risk profile and almost never induced neuropathic pains. I had been taking it over many years without symptoms and in a minuscule dose.(3) Though “irrational,” I stopped Lipitor. Within three days the symptoms disappeared. For the first time in several years I slept through the night without discomfort. It seemed miraculous. Ever the skeptic scientist, I restarted the Lipitor. Within three days, the very same symptoms recurred, only to disappear again on drug cessation.

    “It should come as no surprise that adverse drug reactions are a serious problem among the elderly, who commonly take a multiplicity of pills, vitamins, and diverse health supplements. After all, every drug is a potential poison. This was already recognized in antiquity. The medieval alchemist, astrologer, and physician Paracelsus noted, “All substances (drugs) are poisons; there is none that is not a poison.” The right dose distinguished a poison from a remedy.” — https://bernardlown.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/power-to-the-people-patient-in-command/

    1. Gary Ogden

      Martin Back: Thank you for posting that quote. Any medical procedure involving drugs will poison some, without question. A mandated medical procedure is state-sanctioned poisoning of a portion of the population the state is supposed to protect.

    2. David Bailey

      That is interesting because I too tolerated Simvastatin pretty well until suddenly something changed. After that, if I stopped taking the statin things began to improve after about a week, and if I restarted the drug, the problems began about a week later.

      That should perhaps make doctors who prescribe statins or who take over a patient with a statin prescription, aware that nasty muscle/joint pains might be caused by them.

  97. Eric

    Straight from the horse’s mouth (Paul Ehrlich Institute = German vaccine watchdog):

    Following intensive consultations on the serious thrombotic events that have occurred in Germany and Europe, the Paul Ehrlich Institute recommends the temporary suspension of vaccinations with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

    Compared to the status of 11.03.2021, further cases (as of Monday 15.03.2021) have been reported in Germany in the meantime. In the analysis of the new data status, the experts of the Paul Ehrlich Institute now see a conspicuous accumulation of a special form of very rare cerebral vein thrombosis (sinus vein thrombosis) in connection with a lack of blood platelets (thrombocytopenia) and bleeding in temporal proximity to vaccinations with the COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca.

    The data are being further analysed and assessed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

    Vaccinations with AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine will be suspended in Germany until the EMA’s evaluation is complete. Today’s decision affects both initial and follow-up vaccinations.

    The Paul Ehrlich Institute points out that people who have received the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and feel increasingly unwell more than four days after vaccination – e.g. with severe and persistent headaches or pinpoint skin bleeding – should seek medical treatment immediately.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    More details here:

    Status March 11: 1.2 million vaccinated, 11 thromboembolic events (= even below statistical expectation)
    Status March 15: 1.6 million vaccinated, unknown total number of thrombi, but 7 sinus vein events; expected frequency 3-4/ million and year (https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/8/4/e019939)

    Still need to age adjust, but this is looking unusual at this point.

    1. Eric

      Interestingly, the UK reporting including the guardian which is usually on top of international news, is now, nearly 24 h later, still repeating the AZ and UK and EU regulators’ line that thrombotic events were below statistically expected rates and on par with BioNTech. The news about sinus vein thrombosis likely being an order of magnitude over expected events is not being reported.

      Let’s suppose these things were not seen in the UK, how so? Is there something inherently different about the UK population, was it being overlooked, is it a statistical fluke or is it that continental doctors go looking for it after one cried wulf?

      In the even, even if reported rates are true, the cost benefit analysis might still swing for AZ.

    2. Eric

      From spiegel.de (cannot permalink as this is a newsticker):

      3.27 p.m.: The seven cases of a specific thrombosis that were the reason for the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccinations affected people between about 20 and 50 years of age. This was announced by the Paul Ehrlich Institute on Tuesday. Six of them had had a so-called sinus vein thrombosis, all of them women of younger to middle age. Another case with brain haemorrhages due to a lack of blood platelets was medically very comparable, it said. “All cases occurred between 4 and 16 days after vaccination with the AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccine,” it said. Three of the seven people affected had died.

      All experts consulted for the assessment were unanimous in their opinion that a pattern could be recognised here and that a connection between the reported illnesses and the AstraZeneca vaccination was “not implausible”, the PEI said.

      According to the report, the number of cases after such a vaccination is statistically significantly higher than the number of cerebral vein thromboses that normally occur in the population without vaccination: “About one case would have been expected, seven cases had been reported.” The severe cerebral venous thrombosis with platelet deficiency did not affect the age group at high risk for a severe or fatal Covid 19 course, he said. It is not senior citizens who are affected, but people of younger to middle age, he said.

      “After overall consideration and consideration of the above facts, the Paul Ehrlich Institute has recommended that vaccination with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine be suspended in Germany as a precautionary measure in order to further analyse the cases,” the Institute concluded. Accordingly, experts from the European Medicines Agency (Ema) will now examine in the course of the week whether and how the findings affect the benefit-risk profile of the AstraZeneca vaccine and the EU approval of the vaccine.

      Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

      Interesting. A number of 4-5 cases / million and year was quoted by zeit.de. No idea if the majority of these were women between 20 and 50, but I am pretty sure that the age profile of recent vaccinees in Germany was bimodal: those in the 80+ and 70+ receiving priority vaccinations after AZ was cleared for 65+ a few weeks ago and health care professionals. Might end up being more than a factor of 7 too high.

    3. Eric

      Ok, apparently, I am updating more quickly than Malcolm can keep up 🙂

      First of all, I agree with the stance of EMA and the conclusion of the guardian that the benefits outweigh the risks, and people in the UK, but also in Germany, should be allowed to opt for getting the AZ vaccine after being advised of the newly discovered risks (especially if male, over 50 and/or not on the pill).

      The guardian has updated its reporting and done some research. While I respect the guardian very much for most reporting not related to medicine, I am a little upset about its continued tendency to fugde numbers:

      “On Tuesday, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health said that there had been seven cases of CVST, including three deaths, in the 1.6 million people who had received the jab. That, it said, means that the rate of CVST was three or four times higher that would normally be expected.”
      “Indeed Gibbins noted that there are different estimates for the background, or typical, rate of CVST– although all show that it is rare, with the higher estimates suggesting a rate of 15-16 cases per million per year.”
      “That is still being looked at, but the German Federal Ministry of Health has said that young people, especially young women, seem to be overrepresented in cases of cerebral sinus venous thrombosis among those who have been vaccinated.

      Hunter, however, urged caution. “[CVST] is also more common in people under 50 years old than in people over 50 years old, and a little more common in women than in men,” he said.”
      “As Gibbins points out, the chance of death for a man in their mid-forties infected with Covid is much higher than the chance of CVST. “The death rate [from Covid] is about 0.1%, that’s 1,000 deaths per million.”

      Ok, let’s pick that apart. The factor that is being reported in reputable papers in Germany (Zeit and Spiegel) is 7 and comes straight from Paul Ehrlich Institute. Then there is the Federal Ministry of Health FAQ:
      “In the vaccinated group of people and in a period of 14 days after vaccination, statistically about 1 to 1.4 sinus vein thromboses are to be expected from 1.6 million vaccinations. However, six cases of sinus vein thrombosis plus one medically comparable case, i.e. seven, had been reported by Monday, 15 March. ”

      So 7:1.4 is 5 and 7:1 is 7. So how dare the guardian quote them with 3-4 when they say 5-7?

      Assuming the populations were comparable, and using the highest estimate of 16 / (million and year) — Die Zeit quoted 4-5 / (million and year) in a two week observation regime you would expect 16*1.6 * 2 / 52 = 0.98 cases. Assuming the background rate was probably against a general population, and the vaccinated population in Germany was likely bimodal because of priorities, the factor of 5 might reflect the attempt to correct for this.

      So the factor of 5 – 7 reported by PEI is fine if one uses the highest estimate for the background rate. If one uses the paper quoted by Die Zeit, the factor becomes more like 15.

      The reported mortality for a man in his forties of 0.1% also seems a tad high, even if obese and gorged on heart healthy sunflower oil.

      1. AhNotepad

        According to whom does the benefit outweigh the risk? It wouldn’t be someone with a vested interest by any chance, would it?

        1. Eric

          Well, I can do the math myself, and while I doubt the 1 in 1000 risk the English professor was quoted on (more like 1 in 10,000), it is clear that the overall risk for these sinus vein events is lower, and lower yet once you differenciate by demographic.

          I am not for forcing the AZ vaccine on anyone, nor for continuing to vaccinate withour advising about the risk and how it applies to each indiviudal patient, but I am angry that the choice was taken away. This is like any other medical treatment, there are risks and there must be informed consent.

          The Greens and the Liberal party in Germany, who are not part of the governing coalition, are already turning on minister of health Jens Spahn, as are the Youth Wing of the Social Democrats.

          They have a point, and so does this NYT article, even if the rest of it is surprisingly one-sided. It discounts the statistical evidence behind the concerns before even reporting on it properly and I think it gets the look at politics wrong. Lots of countries were already suspending the vaccine in general or individual batches, including Italy. I don’t think France and Italy had to follow the German lead just to present a united front, they probably would have done that on their own anyway. Note that a number of countries are still following the EMA’s advice:

          1. AhNotepad

            Mmmmm….how do you give informed consent for a treatment that is experimental, and the trials do not end until 2023?

          2. Eric

            I thought I had explained that clearly enough, but well…

            The article makes it sound like it the German decision was frivolous and the other countries had no choice but to follow. It keeps harping the line that the overall number of thrombolic events is lower than expected, which is still true but not pertinent. In fact, Germany emphasized as late as Thursday that it was not restricting vaccinations when a number of other countries including Italy had already completely suspended vaccinations or use of certain batches.

            It passingly mentioned one case of cerebral vein problems in Norway but makes absolutely not mention of the new data that caused the German ministry of health to reverse positions between Thursday and Monday and that are likely significant.

            Also, with France, Italy and Germany following three different strategies about lockdowns and managing new infection rates, I don’t really see why they needed to act in lockstep regarding use of AZ.

            That being said, I still think Germany should not totally have suspended AZ vaccinations and thus taken away the chance for many people to get vaccinated for an unknown stretch of time.

          3. Jerome Savage

            Its early days yet and these side effects may just the proverb tip of the old iceberg for all we know. These 2 scientists seem to be concerned before this nees broke .
            “The latest book of Professor Sucharit Bhakdi reveals concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines.
            The name of the book is “Corona, False Alarm? Facts And Figures.” There, he issues how the latest mRNA vaccine could affect the body cells. The disturbing professional estimation of the immunologist: he fears that this new kind of vaccine could activate the blood clots in the human body.

            The consequences would be devastating. In the video of the “Respect plus” discussion, professors Andreas Sonnichsen and Martin Haditsch discuss the most significant human experiment of all time and the catastrophic consequences that the vaccine could possibly have.

            “Sucharit Bhakdi was born on November 1, 1946, in Washington, a German specialist in microbiology and epidemiology of infections. He was a professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz until his retirement. From 1991 to 2012, he was Institute for Medicine Microbiology and Hygiene’s chief. “

            A famous American doctor, together with Bhakdi, compared the patients’ blood count before and after the vaccination. The image was alarming! More than 50% of those cases that came to the intensive care after receiving the vaccine had increased coagulation factors.

            The blood coagulation that the mRNA vaccine causes could lead to paralyzing, stroke, blindness, and even death, explained professor Bhakdi.

            Humans instead of a guinea pig?
            Professor Haditsch is, in fact, a vaccine supporter, and he rules the vaccination center. But, he is a skeptic regarding the coronavirus vaccination. He criticizes the fact that the vaccine mRNA, until today, hasn’t been adequately examined in the studies. For example, animal experiments, which usually should be implemented in the early stage of the vaccine study, have simply been left out. Instead, now, the vaccine will be tested on humans.

            He also criticizes the lack of transparency and the lack of data quality, making the real estimation of consequences harder. Scientific interest should focus on the consequences and damages from the vaccine”

          4. Eggs ‘n beer

            And this is one way that side effects don’t get reported. Dozens, if not hundreds of people die of a stroke every day in countries with large populations. Only if you’re actively looking for excessive coagulation factors would a stroke death be regarded as suspicious. It’s been estimated that only one in ten adverse effects are reported to the US VAERS, but how they do that I don’t know. What I do know is that in Oz if you want to have an adverse effect (like anaphylactic shock immediately after the jab) reported against the wishes of the nurses or doctors you have a fight on your hands.

            Informed consent. “I am informed by the PEI in Germany that there is a plausible increase in blood clotting after the injection, supported by the work of Bakdi and Haditsch. With a family history of stroke I therefore do not consent to receiving this injection as I am not obese and have no morbidities. Moreover I suspect that I am part of the population (up to 58%, according to some studies) that has T cell immunity as I haven’t had any coronavirus symptoms for many years now.”

          5. Gary Ogden

            Eggs ‘n beer: Anyone can make a report to VAERS (the vaccine adverse event reporting system): the patient or family of the patient, the doctor or nurse, or the manufacturer (pharmaceutical company). In fact the majority of reports to VAERS come from the manufacturer. Doctors are not trained to recognize them, and the pediatrics industry denies that they exist, except in rare cases. Very few doctors, and even fewer parents even know VAERS exists. All this despite the fact that the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act mandates by law that doctors report all vaccine injuries. It also mandates HHS to research vaccine safety and make a formal report to Congress every two years. Thirty five years later and the amount of research and reports is zero. Any doctor who publishes independent research can have his/her license suspended, which happened to Dr. Paul Thomas within days of showing the unvaccinated is his practice are far healthier. In that time span the percentage of U.S. children with a chronic medical condition, according to CDC, has gone from 12.5% to 54%. A cesspool of corruption. Such is the power of an industry whose companies have been tried and convicted of multiple felonies causing many deaths and injuries. They have captured Congress, the media, and the entire public health system.

          6. Sasha

            Gary: I am sure they didn’t like the results of his research but they couldn’t have just said “we are suspending your license because your research will cost us money”. I am curious what was the official reason given for his license suspension, if you know…

        2. Eric

          And let’s not forget that while most states in Germany have started vaccinations for 70+, school teachers and police, there are still 80+ waiting for their shots, and the waiting list for 70+ was weeks even before they shut down AZ vaccinations. The rest of us can call ourselves lucky if we get a chance by August.

          And let’s not kid ourselves. The risk of catching CV of the B1.1.7 variant for those who have not had it is several 10% of the course of the summer. Once the Brasilian P1 variant gets here in significant numbers, it may likely reinfect those who were deemed immune. The risk of developing clotting complications from a regular CV infection is way higher than what now has been potentially linked to the AZ vaccine.

          1. AhNotepad

            That is terrible. People should not have to rely on luck to get their jab. To help those whose need is greater than mine, I will forego my chance, and go to the back of the queue, and keep my fingers crossed.

          2. Fast Eddy

            Why not go full ‘Running Man’… and put CovIDIOTS in a cage with baseball bats and let them fight to the death (no referee – anything goes) — winner gets Lethal Injections for himself and his entire family.

            The rules can be the same as all pro sports — use of steroids, HGH, blood doping — will be not be permitted but they will be ignored.

            I nominate Elizabeth (once she stops hyperventilating!) and Paul to be the first combatants!

            Let the Games Begin!!!!

          3. Jerome Savage

            Your comment “Once the Brasilian P1 variant gets here in significant numbers, it may likely reinfect those who were deemed immune” More doom mongering and frankly at this stage the boy who cried wolf is elevated to icon status. Healthy people and young people and indeed many so called vulnerables no longer can get terribly excited about the end of the world scenarios. Looks but like a false alarm so far with national mortality rates not particularly exciting since the hyped up harmfest began.
            And are U happy with a vax with the shortest ever development time and missing out on key trials and where the taxpayer is liable – not the profitteers ?

          4. elizabethhart

            Wow! Watching that video Fast Eddy provides, with teachers discussing masks in schools, it brings home that people have been deliberately terrified about the virus…but was this ever really justifiable?
            Needless to say I side with Paul: “I want to be clear. I’m not against masks. If people want to wear masks, I think they should have the right to wear masks. Let ’em wear masks, their prerogative, fantastic. I just don’t feel that it’s our role to mandate a mask. Give people a choice. If they want to wear a mask, wear a mask.” (Starting around 3:18.)
            As for Elizabeth, blimey… If she and her ilk remain influential, people will be wearing masks for evermore, because even the vaccinated it seems will still be transmitting the virus.
            Have you ever seen such a confected mess as the response to this virus?!?!?! This is like the South Sea Bubble, or tulip mania…on steroids…

      2. Eric

        Correction: the bmjopen paper quoted by Die Zeit arrives at at background of 3-4 vs. 16 / (million and year) in the highest estimate. So that would land us at about a factor of 28 if populations were comparable, and 20 if we follow the apparent attempt to correct for the population that was really vaccinated with AZ in Germany so far.

        Hard to fathom nothing similar turned up in the UK. Numbers averaged over all of continental Europe would be less impressive but still screaming potential significance. There were similar cases reported in Denmark, Norway, Austria and Italy, but only a few of these involved cerebral clotting or bleeding.

        It is quite possible that hightened awareness is easing diagnosis and reporting, but the Federal Ministry of Health writes that three of these cases in Germany were reported between Friday and Monday, so they were likely diagnosed before anyone realized that cerebral venous thrombi rather then general clotting events were elevated.

        It may be interesting to note that PEI and MoH stressed that PEI consulted outside experts and that all experts concluded that a causal relationship was probable and voted unanimously to suspend vaccinations.

      1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

        Actually I would like to thank everyone for having such a good and non-rancorous debate. I have blocked a few people recently, who seemed to be fuelling a great deal of anger and upset. This is always a difficult balance, which is difficult to get right. However, it think it is mission critical that people do not feel attacked – a this can stop debate dead in the water.

        1. David Bailey


          I’d like to thank you for a forum that is relaxed enough for people to say what they think, but not over-tolerant of the sort of people who simply want to disrupt discussions of tricky topics. Please realise how much this is appreciated!

        2. Eric

          Thanks, much appreciated. I realize I don’t always post what most people would like to hear but it is nice to see the ad hominem attacks gone.

          There is still the odd loony or batshit crazy post, but as long as things remain civil, I’m fine with that.

      2. Tish

        Yes and no Jeremy, because the vaccines are being used in an authoritarian way. In the words of Dr Seuss, “This mess is so big, and so deep and so tall”.

  98. lingulella



    We found that high mumps titers (134 to 300 AU/ml) from MMR II vaccinations were found only in subjects with asymptomatic and functionally immune COVID-19 cases. Subjects with moderate and severe cases of COVID-19 all had low mumps titer values (below 75 AU/ml).

    WOW – Get a Mumps jab and keep taking the D3 C and Mg

  99. lingulella

    Sorry if this has appeared before.



    We found that high mumps titers (134 to 300 AU/ml) from MMR II vaccinations were found only in subjects with asymptomatic and functionally immune COVID-19 cases. Subjects with moderate and severe cases of COVID-19 all had low mumps titer values (below 75 AU/ml).

    WOW – we probably don’t need experimental gene therapy, just the mumps jab/infection (on its own not necessarily MMR11)

    1. Martin Back

      I was very excited to read this because I had all three diseases as a child, but it seems only the antibodies from the MMR II vaccine using the Jeryl Lynn mumps strain are protective. Older adults with naturally-acquired mumps would have been infected by a different strain.

    2. Eric

      Wow, if true, this is huge! Why would only one strain of Mumps be protective? Or is it that vaccination rather than actual infection is needed?

      1. shirley3349

        To judge from the experience of my two grandsons, the MMR vaccine protected them from mumps as toddlers and children only for them to both to catch the disease in early adolescence, just when it might do the most damage. Fortunately, they seem to have recovered without any complications, apart that is from a further fall in my trust in modern vaccines.

        1. Martin Back

          Interesting. In the link above they say that the mumps antibodies from the vaccine fade around the age of 14. That is also the age at which Covid infections in children become markedly more numerous.

        2. Gary Ogden

          shirley3349: The Jeryl Lyn strain of the mumps vaccine seems to have lost efficacy over the decades since Maurice Hilleman, the head of Merck, took a swab from the throat of his daughter, Jeryl Lyn, and used it to develop the vaccine. This is the subject of of long-running lawsuit against Merck for defrauding the government by the two Merck scientists tasked with conducting the efficacy tests. They claim to have discovered that the efficacy is much lower than the FDA-required standard, and the Merck directed them to mix antibodies from rabbit serum to artificially inflate the numbers. And indeed there have been multiple mumps outbreaks among fully-vaccinated adolescents.

  100. Don

    I found your blog because I am a denier. I love your blog because you have intelligent commenters and you allow them free speech.
    So here’s mine. Climate change is a hoax. I will never take a statin or get a vaccine. Joe Biden stole the election. There are two sexes, not 57 genders. Calling yourself a woman doesn’t make you one. Although natural selection happens, it doesn’t lead fish to become man, only better adapted fish. I hope this doesn’t get me cancelled!

    1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

      No, but I do like people to make their posts relevant to the issues under discussion. So, could I please ask you to do that. I do find it interesting, however, that belief (or disbelief) in a number of issues seem to be inter-twined. Which appears to be creating a worrying polarisation in society. If you believe this, you almost certainly believe that.

      1. theasdgamer

        Sometimes it’s tricky to determine the key issue in your posts. For example, I think that key issues in the current post have to do with rhetoric and unconventional thinking and debate. And not necessarily medical, although the examples in the original post are mostly medical. But maybe it helps to show the scope of the problem by showing examples outside of the medical arena.

        I take your point that what you are trying to accomplish with your blog is to avoid rhetoric that stifles debate–which would eliminate Alinsky tactics. Sorry if I have offended.

      2. David Bailey

        I have to say, that while I make a greater effort to stay on topic, I find myself in total agreement with what Don has written! I suppose it is just better to fight on one front at a time – if only because not everyone sees all the connections!

        However, there was an article in the Telegraph this morning that was discussing the need for the government to use scientific advice in a more intelligent way. The main conclusion seemed to be that it should set up ‘red teams’ that attempt to put up arguments/data opposed to the views of the main team (SAGE in this case).

        This would probably be a huge step forward for COVID policy, climate change policy, cholesterol/statin policy, and gender dysphoria policy!

        1. Eric

          Well, I find myself in agreement only with the statement about statins.

          And I am puzzled how anyone not totally immersed in Fox News and Facebook bubbles can entertain the idea that Joe Biden stole the election.

          1. anna m


            I don’t watch TV or go to facebook. In fact those platforms are censoring posts about the election steal. If you don’t know how much evidence there is for the steal, I’d suggest that the news sources that you do listen to are quite biased as well.

          2. Don

            And that’s what free, open debate is for! I’ve never been on Facebook in my life and I haven’t turned on a TV in years. No cable and no satellite, just internet reading. The election is off topic and Dr. K warned me so I won’t discuss it except to say info is out there.
            I’m not a vaccine denier or anti vaxx but all medicines have side effects and it’s a matter of weighing the pros and cons. I have no fear of the corona virus. I take 15-25 grams of vitamin c a day, 5000 iu.s of vitamin d, selenium, magnesium, zinc etc. I’m 57 this year and I haven’t missed a day of work in years. I simply don’t get sick since I started eating semi paleo and taking vitamins. I have no comorbidities so were I to catch it, I think it will be minor. Besides, all a vaccine does is prime the pumps of your immune system. Your immune system must do the heavy lifting and actually eradicate the disease. I just don’t see the point in getting this vaccine and all the more so if attempts are made to force it.

          3. Fast Eddy

            Well Eric… you have found the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’

            I don’t have a Tee Vee … haven’t had one of those for 13 years now. Various reasons behind that but a key one is that I do not want to be told what to think by Fox – or CNN – or the BBC or any other ‘news’ source.

            Internet searches are a much better way to learn about issues. And even that requires skill as one needs to know how to evade the trolls and regular dumps of lies to put hounds like me off the scent of truth.

            Before I blow up your world, I’d just like to state that I am not American, I do not care about US elections — because the politicians ARE front men for the Owners of the Federal Reserve and their Deep State minions. Bush – Clinton – Obama – Trump – Biden… flunkies – every single one.

            They DO what they are TOLD. Or they get JFK’ed (I imagine if any of them ever didn’t do what they were told they got a screening of the Zapruder film… to remind them who the boss is).

            Two things:

            1. Multiple observers have stated (under penalty of perjury) that they were told to leave the ballot centre because the counting was completed.

            2. Then.. boxes were dragged out from under tables .. and ballots were counted https://www.air.tv/watch?v=uea3dXi6R4CdzPWFHLJRuQ

            It sure looks like cheating….

            I am also wondering why Mr Bobulinski — who was the honcho of Biden Corruption Inc. has never been heard from again. And what about that laptop with all the incriminating emails and messages that Hunter the whoring crack head left in the repair shop?

            I suppose you will say I am being ridiculous – who could possibly have the power to kill any investigation into this sfuff…

            Oh I dunno – maybe the same people who were able to get a killer into a high security prison and bust Epstein’s neck — they make sure there was no investigation.

            Same people who had Seth Rich murdered (it was a botched robbery — funny – they forgot to take his watch and money) after he spilled the beans on dirty Hillary and Bills ‘misuse’ (theft) of funds.

            Like I said – I don’t do politics. That would make me a moron.

            But was that election fixed? I’m 99.9876567% sure it was.

          4. David Bailey


            Don’t you think the concept of setting up an alternative group staffed with scientists who disagree is valuable whatever the topic? I’d say that should be routine. You seem to be trying to goad me to go off topic but I’ll resist!

          5. Eric

            David, not trying to goad you. In my book, the other things are at least debatable – well, climate change not really – but the part about the stolen election just took the biscuit.

            There are so many videos floating around the internet that supposedly prove something but a great many were actually disproven and someone was able to show that the pictures or videos were simply taken from somewhere else and do not show what they are supposed to show (e.g. supposedly stolen ballot boxes that turned out to be decommissioned mailboxes or helis supposedly deicing wind turbines in Texas that were actually from a marketing video of a Norwegian company trying to find customers for a new service). In both cases, the pics or videos were actually years older and the source was verified, but that never swayed the true believers. And there is a whole industry of trolls manufacturing these things that many go undebunked.

            I am getting the feeling that some people have made their minds up about some things and are impervious to reason. This is precisely what a scientist shoud not do.

          6. Eric


            I think this is an interesting test case – can we agree that reducing overfishing, in particular trawling, and protecting oceans is a good idea?

            I think everyone can find reasons here even if they don’t believe in man-made climate change, such as:
            – even if climate change is happening for natural reasons, offsetting it by reducing CO2 might be a good idea
            – species and oceans should be protected
            – raising acidity of seawater can’t be good
            – we shouldn’t be eating too much fish because of microplastics
            – we shouldn’t be easting too much fish because PUFA are not good for us, even if they are omega 3 PUFA
            – mainstream nutriology and medicine tell us PUFA is good for us so we’d better do the opposite
            – we can fly more if we save carbon emissions from fishing


          7. Fast Eddy

            I suggest you read up on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jevons_paradox

            In a nutshell… if you decide to cut your petrol consumption in half by driving 200km per week instead of 400… what generally happens is you use the money (proxy for the petrol) to buy something else… so you end up using the same amount of energy.

            Of course you could put the money in your savings account … but that only results in more energy used… because the bank will loan that out x 8 and others will use those loans to buy more stuff….

            There is always the option of burning that money saved on a fire…. but then if too many people do that the central banks will just splash out lots more… and are you really gonna burn that cash on the fire?

            I have a few hard core ‘green managers’ working with me… I find it odd that they expect an annual bonus… and a RAISE!!!

            I don’t get it – why do they need more money all the time? (energy). Surely they should ask for LESS money every year… all they are gonna do with the extra cash is buy more stuff.

            I think in the coming year I will propose that the company pay enough for food, a basic house, a bicycle, and a bus pass. We’ll call it The Going Green Initiative.

            If they can’t control themselves then I’ll do it for them!!!

            Of course I’ll just haul all that cash out in dividends and by a bit assed boat… or assorted other stuff that I do not want or need … I definitely won’t toss the cash on the fire.

          8. Eric

            @ Fast Eddy

            Very valid points. But you could also use the money saved to by a good bicycle, improve energy efficiency of your home, buy organic food or invest in green funds.

            I know the very nice family who run an organic stand at the farmer’s market and an organic farm a few miles out reinvest most of their earnings in upgrades to the farm, and they replaced their tent at the market with a nifty new trailer. What else is left after that is spent wisely. I know last year they allowed themselves a week on the North Sea coast.

            So choices made beget more choice.

          9. Martin Back

            Deciding to drive less to cut petrol consumption is not a good example of how the Jevons paradox works. Jevons noted that as steam engines got more efficient, Britain didn’t use less coal, it used more. That is because as steam engines got cheaper to run, people installed more of them.

            Similarly, if your car got double the miles per gallon, you would probably drive more and take longer trips. Since cars would be cheaper to run, more people could afford them. The net result would be to increase petrol consumption, taking the country as a whole.

            We are seeing the same happen with lithium batteries. As they become more efficient they store more power per kilogram of lithium. But they become more useful, so more batteries are used and lithium demand increases.

      3. Don

        Thanks. I’ll be proper from here on out. I thought 300 some odd comments down maybe I could sneak in a little off topicness.

        1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

          Of course. I do not expect, or want, that people stay within strict boundaries. It is just that it becomes impossible for people to follow a whole bunch of issues simultaneously. It turns into an uncontrollable mess. It is already messy enough. I think a good discussion always heads off in different directions. Easy in a pub, more tricky with the confines of a blog.

          1. Don

            You are one of the most gracious hosts I’ve found on the net and your commenters are top notch, polite and knowledgeable. Thanks for this space and, as always, keep up the good work.

      4. JDPatten

        Whereas, of course, belief, or disbelief, as a foundation of discourse should have very little to do with the serious discussion of ideas.
        Take a stand, for the purpose of sorting fact from fantasy. Argue. Swap stands and watch what happens – for the sake of fact-finding.
        Once you’ve adopted a Belief, that’s the end of open-mindedness – whatever “side” your Belief puts you on.
        Closed-mindedness ends the ability to accommodate to emerging knowledge.

      5. Roland Ayers

        I think ‘The Guardian’ has contributed a lot towards this polarisation, with its pro-science virtue signaling. They are comfortable with individualistic libertarian free-marketeers being anti-lockdown. Sets up a nice neat divide. But then liberal progressive Sweden doesn’t lock down, so it has to be attacked and misrepresented for not fitting the narrative. The Great Barrington scientists have to be double-attacked for having social consciences and being accomplished scientists. Especially Sunetra Gupta. Describing herself as left wing makes her way outside the narrative, and she can’t be branded anti-vaxx as she is rather keen on vaccines and actively involved in developing them. The English-speaking world’s obsession with the USA as a nation (and forgetfulness about it being a federation of states with varying covid policies) helped neaten the divide for the four years it had a colourful, divisive, not overly science-aware president.

        The composition of the moon? The 1989 Wallace & Gromit mission was inconclusive, but samples taken at the surface tested negative for Wensleydale.

  101. Jeremy May

    What really disappoints me is that the answers and truth are out there. But both are being manipulated and corrupted by the people with the loudest voice or the deepest pocket. I am pretty sure there are people witholding on one hand, misleading on the other – intentionally, cynically even.
    I played soccer for an hour yesterday with my 5-year-old grandson (he played and I pretended). A magic, innocent hour. ‘I’m winning eight-five now Pappa Joe,’ he tells me, ‘AND, I’ve fallen over four times.’ Big smile, bight eyes.
    While we played others were deciding our future. His is more important than mine, longer too, God willing.
    His recent past has been compromised (school, friendships) but the thought that people are doing the same to his future is almost too much to stomach.

    1. Gary Ogden

      Jeremy May: Thanks. Indeed it is so. What they have done to the children is a crime more heinous than all the rest of it put together.

    1. AhNotepad

      Dr. John H, thanks for the link, a useful commentary. When I heard the first part of Vanden Booshe’s interview I thought “great, stop the vaxxing and let nature do the work. Then he said we need bigger and better things to mass exter…., sorry, vaccinate people with. That didn’t suit my biased view. Frei’s view is well reasoned.

    2. David Bailey

      Thanks for finding that!

      Anybody who uses the phrase ” brilliant and competent scientists” sounds more like a marketing man or a politician rather than a researcher!

      1. Prudence Kitten

        Moreover, “brilliant and competent” is a very odd description. It’s like saying, “More than 1,000; and also more than 3!”

    3. Eggs ‘n beer

      I thought, and having re-read the Bossche letter I still think so but am less sure, that he is saying that these particular vaccines, none of which have been used in humans before (mRNA, viral vector) are going to cause these problems. So one wouldn’t expect the same issue to occur with the ’flu vaccine even if it did have universal take up, even if it was more than 20% effective. On the other hand, what he’s describing HAS occurred with the appearance of superbugs due to excessive use of antibiotics. Gemma Moran’s paper is well written:

      Click to access Mutant-variations-and-the-danger-of-lockdowns-By-Jemma-Moran-March-2-2021.pdf

      But it is encouraging to see some real debate.

    4. elizabethhart

      Dr John H., in regards to ‘leaky vaccines’, I’ve raised this matter with the Australian TGA (regulator), on 1 February 2021, no response received.

      I’d appreciate your thoughts on my submission to the TGA which refers to a paper by Andrew F. Read et al, published in 2015, i.e. Imperfect vaccination can enhance the transmission of highly virulent pathogens.

      My submission to the TGA can be accessed via this link: Could Covid-19 vaccines facilitate the evolution of more virulent variants

      Click to access tga-submission-could-covid-19-vaccines-facilitate-the-evolution-of-more-virulent-variants.pdf

      1. Dr. John H


        Thanks for sending that letter! What you say makes sense, and I’m hoping more experts like Sherri Tenpenny will weigh in on this, and you are certainly wise to bring it up. It makes it all the more important to be prepared with preventions and treatments.

        I recall reading about a nursing home whistleblower recently, and him reporting on massive death and disability among residents after the covid vaccines, but those that refused the vaccine were fine. That was short term though, and what you describe seems like it could take time to develop? I do wonder if a “vaccine” that doesn’t work (does not give immunity to the person receiving it & does not disrupt transmission to others) can create superbug variants?

        1. elizabethhart

          Thanks for your response Dr John.
          I’ve had no response to my email from the TGA.
          The vaccination policy situation in Australia is dire. There is no accountability here. They are desperate to push the COVID-19 vaccine products, particularly AstraZeneca which will be manufactured here by CSL, one of the biggest companies on the stock exchange. It seems to me this is all about developing a massive global vaccine market for coronavirus vaccines, year after year, or even more frequently. Plus exerting more and more control over people, it’s beyond sinister.
          In regards to the leaky vaccines issue, nobody wants to know about it…
          See for example my email to the Presidents of the UK Royal Society and British Academy, 30 January 2021: If Covid-19 vaccines don’t prevent transmission, can they facilitate the evolution of more virulent strains? https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2021/01/could-covid-19-vaccines-facilitate-virulent-variants.pdf
          As I note in this email, I also raised this matter in a BMJ rapid response, which wasn’t published as far as I’m aware. And in an email dated 27 Jan 2021, I raised the matter directly with the senior author on the ‘leaky vaccines’ paper, Professor Andrew Read, who’s also a Fellow of the Royal Society. I finally received a response from him after sending my email to the presidents of the Royal Society/British Academy, here’s Read’s response dated 31 January 2021, what do you think?

          Sorry for the lack of response. It’s very busy for those of us who have infectious disease expertise and who are institutional leaders. I also wasn’t quite sure what to say.
          My feeling at the moment is this. In both the UK and the US, COVID is causing carnage. Thousands are dying each day. We should be doing everything we can to mitigate that. I can’t see any ethical reason to withhold vaccines and let people die based on possible evolutionary trajectories the virus might take (with unknown probabilities). We absolutely need to study the virus evolution going forward, and as soon as we can, address any evolution that’s been triggered, especially since there are many options going forward. But right now, the top priority has to be to stop the carnage. As we can see in the UK and the US nothing else has worked. Hopefully the vaccines will.

          1. Gary Ogden

            elizabethhart: My response to Professor Andrew Reed: Rubbish. Carnage? In nursing homes, in many places, yes, those which are profit centers for private equity, and where abuse and neglect are the norm. In the general population, no. In New York, medical malpractice, surely, and the actions of the governor. They’ve gone completely off the rails now, ascribing every death, whether motorcycle accident, suicide, hit by a beer truck, to the “Rona, but now denying ALL ‘Rona vax deaths!!!

          2. AhNotepad

            ***EXPLETIVES DELETED***. Does Read really believe what he writes with such gay abandon? Carnage? Where are the figures to support the claim? Or is it that “carnage” is not good enough and they were hoping for annihilation?

          3. Martin Back

            The Battle of the Somme was carnage. A death rate of 16.6%. How the Prof dares to call a 99.5% survival rate (for under-70s, CDC figures) carnage is beyond me.

            “Of the 120,000 Allied troops—including those from Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Newfoundland and Canada—who launched the initial attack, nearly 20,000 were killed, most of them in the first hour, and another 37,000 were wounded.”https://www.history.com/news/10-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-battle-of-the-somme

          4. Eggs 'n beer

            I suppose there is an element of truth in “I also wasn’t quite sure what to say”. It must be embarrassing when you “have infectious disease expertise” but don’t have a bloody clue about what’s happening. Or that, as an “institutional leader” you feel compelled to lead, even though you have no idea where you’re going. Dr K’s exhortation “Don’t just do something, stand there!” comes to mind.

            Perhaps the infectious disease expert and institutional leader could explain the ethical reasons behind banning various treatments for the disease so that people have no option but to die? Or maybe he can give the ethical reasons for coercing, haranguing, threatening use of sanctions and lying to get people to be injected with substances (they aren’t actually vaccines, as they don’t, of themselves, induce an immune response) that invade your cells for the purposes of manufacturing proteins with only months of tests; that have never been used on humans before; and that, in the case of the AZ vaccine, haven’t had large scale trials with a placebo but in the smaller South African trial showed zero efficacy (30 cases in the vaccine cohort, 29 cases in the saline, no safety details provided).

            In the meantime Norway has joined with the PEI in stating that there is a vaccine link to the blood clotting and death of recipients – recipients whose risk of dying of the Chinese virus was far less than that of the clotting/deaths.


          5. elizabethhart

            Andrew Read describes himself as an ‘institutional leader’, but he’s obviously failing in that regard in not being publicly outspoken about the potential danger of Covid-19 vaccines being ‘leaky vaccines’.
            Read actually has had published an article flagging the potential for COVID-19 vaccine resistance, along with David A Kennedy, see Monitor for COVID-19 vaccine resistance evolution during clinical trials. (November 2020.) But who knows about this…?

            Consider these extracts from the article:

            It is important that the probability of resistance evolution be small because vaccine resistance can negatively impact public health. While antimicrobial drugs can be tailored to individual patients at the time of treatment, the choice of which vaccine to administer must be made well in advance of pathogen exposure. Should vaccine resistance emerge in the weeks, months, or years between vaccination and exposure, a vaccinated individual could be left unprotected. Should resistance become widespread and common, entire vaccination campaigns could retroactively be rendered ineffective. Moreover, since pre-existing antibodies frequently interfere with vaccine efficacy [8], we cannot assume that a new vaccine would be capable of restoring protection. Additionally, a large fraction of COVID-19 candidate vaccines target the spike protein of the virus or the receptor binding domain of the spike protein [9], and so the evolution of vaccine resistance against one vaccine could simultaneously undermine others, an outcome referred to as ‘collateral’ or ‘cross’ resistance in the case of antimicrobial drugs.


            For other diseases, vaccine failure due to pathogen evolution has occurred both during clinical trials [14] and after licensure [2]. We therefore suggest that the risk of resistance be used to prioritize investment among otherwise similarly promising vaccine candidates. If all first-generation vaccines are at appreciable risk of being undermined by virus evolution, it will be important to continue additional COVID-19 vaccine development following the discovery of a first, safe and efficacious vaccine. Predicting when and how resistance will be likely to evolve will give important insight into what needs to be monitored in phase IV studies after vaccine roll-out [3,7].

            The world needs a COVID-19 vaccine urgently, just as the world previously needed drugs against tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It is tempting to leave evolutionary concerns until after a vaccine is introduced. But as we saw in the case of tuberculosis and HIV, the evolution of resistance can quickly undermine newly discovered interventions. By learning from solutions to previous evolutionary challenges, we can do better for COVID-19.

        2. elizabethhart

          Also FYI, the Royal Society is funded by vaccine manufacturers AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline, a conflict of interest they failed to disclose on their COVID-19 vaccine deployment report, which also calls for dissent about these vaccine products to be suppressed, even calling for criminal prosecutions for ‘spreading misinformation’. But who defines what is misinformation?
          See my email: Failure to disclosed conflicts of interest – COVID-19 vaccine deployment report – Royal Society and British Academy, 4 December 2020: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/failure-to-disclose-conflicts-of-interest-covid-19.pdf

  102. Dr. John H

    PS, I don’t think he is lying, I think he is so steeped in the pharma narrative that he doesn’t realize the foundation of his beliefs is wrong, so he accepts them without question.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      It has been known for thousands of years that, when a person wishes to lie wholesale and be believed, it is very helpful if he first manages to make himself believe his own lies.

      Then he will come across much more persuasively.

  103. elizabethhart

    Currently people around the world are being urged to be vaccinated with experimental vaccine products, which have received a sort of approval under ’emergency authorisations’.
    I’m struggling to understand – what is the ’emergency’?
    What is the emergency that justifies these vaccine products being rushed out around the world, vaccines which have multiple doses, and with a third dose now being promoted in autumn in the UK, and with who knows how many doses to be pressed upon people in their lifetime.
    Again, what is the definition of the ’emergency’?
    Consider for example this UK guidance on the status of COVID-19, which states “As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK”.: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid
    A later version of this report, a summary from September to October 2020, updated 1 December 2020, doesn’t even list coronavirus?
    There’s a note saying: “The report provides detailed updates on known, high consequence infectious disease (HCID) events around the world as monitored by PHE’s epidemic intelligence activities.”
    So if coronavirus isn’t listed, it’s not a “high consequence infectious disease”?
    But meanwhile there’s this incredible response to it, locking down society etc…
    I’m really confused by this, am I missing something obvious?!?!?
    Would appreciate others’ thoughts.

    1. AhNotepad

      Get your jab, and everything will become clear, you will no longer be confused. You will become immune to every disease, other than covid, what’s not to like?

    2. Steve

      Keep up Elizabeth !
      The emergency is that the public are beginning to wake up to the lies they’ve been told and so it is imperative that the capitalist establishment move quickly to maximise profits.

    3. Fast Eddy

      There’s an EMERGENCY in America — they must urgently vaxx all 75M people under 18 because 100 or so have died from Covid!!!

      As the United States’ covid-19 death toll moves relentlessly beyond 200,000, data shows that only about 100 children and teenagers have died of the disease, a fatality rate that is drawing wonder from clinicians and increasing interest among researchers hoping to understand why.

      Covid-19 has become the nation’s third-leading cause of death this year, but 18 states had not seen a single fatality among people under 20 as of Sept. 10, according to statistics compiled by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association.

      Children are much more likely to die of homicides (there were 1,865 in 2016, according to government data), drowning (995) or even fires and burns (340).

      The numbers are all the more remarkable because respiratory diseases typically hit the young and the old hard, and children are often highly vulnerable to infectious disease. In this way, covid-19 is similar to the flu, which killed an estimated 24,000 to 62,000 people last winter, but 188 people age 17 and below. (That was a record high for that age group, however.)


      The flu is an emergency as well — and fires — OMG they need to do something urgently about that. What about drowning?

      Where’s that gasping lady at the schoolboard council meeting when you someone to Take Action. Elizabeth, can you save some of indignation for the water that has drowned nearly 10x more children than Covid. She’s big on masks… perhaps every child who goes into a lake or swimming pool should be kitted out in scuba gear????

    4. elizabethhart

      I’m asking a serious question – again, what is the definition of the ’emergency’?
      The way that this situation is being handled in countries such as the UK and US is having a massive impact around the world.
      For example, the Neil Ferguson et al Imperial College Report No. 9, which has influenced lockdowns, and the principle of going in and out of restrictions ‘until the vaccine is ready’. The Neil Ferguson et al report was influential on ‘modelling’ in Australia, out of the Peter Doherty Institute, which put Australia into lockdown last year.
      This situation is being used to implement global coronavirus vaccination…against a virus which isn’t a serious problem for most people.
      What is happening is absolutely shocking, particularly with young people being set up for coronavirus vaccination throughout life, and their own natural defences against the virus being interfered with and potentially damaged to make them dependent upon vaccine products. This is being steam-rollered through.
      How did this happen? Why were young people and others included in vaccine trials against a virus which isn’t a threat to them? There is something seriously wrong with the ethical process for those trials.
      In Australia we’ve been shut off from the world for a year now, apart from freight. We no longer have reliable freedom of movement and association, people can’t generally move beyond our national borders, and interstate borders have been subject to regular shutdowns too, plus other restrictions imposed on the back of a few ‘cases’, i.e. lockdowns, isolation of healthy people, masks, surveillance via QR codes. There are national and state ’emergency’ laws in play to restrict people, and the media has indulged in an orgy of fear-mongering for the duration.
      Again, what is the ’emergency’ being used to justify this intrusion into our lives for over a year now?
      2.7 million deaths have been attributed to COVID-19 globally in the past more than a year: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1093256/novel-coronavirus-2019ncov-deaths-worldwide-by-country/
      That’s in a world of 7.8 million people, where around 59 million deaths are expected annually. So COVID-19 deaths need to be seen in this context, including that many deaths are in elderly people.
      We also have to question the way in which deaths have been attributed to COVID-19, e.g. with the UK including anyone dying within 28 days of a positive test, regardless of comorbidities.
      This ’emergency’ which has caused so much damage to the fabric of our liberal democracies is not adding up, and we need critical retrospective analysis, now.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        This IS a serious reply. It is also very cynical but that doesn’t invalidate its validity or veracity.

        You hint at the answer several times in your post, with “restrictions ‘until the vaccine is ready’”, “global coronavirus vaccination”, “young people being set up for vaccines for life” “dependent on vaccine products” “This is being steamrollered through”. “Why were young people and others included (unnecessarily) in trials”

        The emergency is that the virus may fizzle out before the vaccines can take the credit for the decline in cases. Viruses always fizzle out eventually. The Spanish ‘flu did, in under three years, albeit with considerable loss of life. 1% or 2%. Probably enough to be regarded as a pandemic. And, unusually, it targeted the young and middle aged. The existing four coronaviruses caused havoc amongst native Americans until they built up resistance, and now it’s just a common cold for them too. No vaccine. Vaccines are big business. Once upon a time one dose of the pertussis, measles, tetanus vaccines gave protection for life. Now you need three as a toddler and boosters forever. $$$£€¥ forever. Better still, Government $¥€£$ forever. And no liability for any problems.

        As you noted elsewhere the manufacturers and their sycophants are behind every aspect of the pro-vaccine lobbies. Promoting suppression of discussion, criminalising objectors, minimalising side effects, anything to get the product out there.

        That’s the real emergency. The opportunity for an endless risk free supply of Government money globally may pass.

        1. Paula

          Eggs ‘n beer, this seems to be the most credible explanation for the continuation of lockdowns, sadly. For big pharma, no conspiracy theory is required, as Ivor Cummins has said, it’s just ‘business’. We all know how these companies work and yet we keep ignoring it. Ben Goldacre even wrote a book all about it nearly ten years ago – the clue is in the title ‘Bad Pharma’, although he seems strangely silent these days.

          In the UK, you’d have thought the announcement of the first vaccine success would at least have been heralded with some optimism by government. Instead, almost immediately it was increasingly aggressive mask mandates, more lockdowns and restrictions, and vicious attacks on sceptics. “So this really is all about the vaccine” I realised. It is panic that the virus would disappear too quickly and people would stop being scared and start using their brains again.

          1. Jerome Savage

            “Research grants” to pet professors and god knows what else to key players are IMHO the primer.

          2. Fast Eddy

            But how did Big Pharma convince the entire MSM, all the owners of the big, medium and small businesses (that are collapsing), and all global leaders to dance to their tune?

            How many trillions have so far been pumped in to delay the collapse of the global economy?

            Surely if it was about profits if you look at the Big Picture the money made off of vaccines pales in comparison to the money spent keeping the economy on life support (while they use this hiatus to distribute the Lethal Injection and prep us for the CEP).

            I am all about exposing conspiracies. But I am also about logic. And ‘Big Pharma is behind Covid because they want to make money off of it’ does not come anywhere near passing the sniff test on logic.

            That’s small thinking.

            The people who run the world (the owners of the Fed + their Deep State Minions) would absolutely not allow Big Pharma to burn down their house to make a few billion dollars.

            You need to think big.

            You need to ask – why are the masters of the planet burning down the very system keeps them in Champagne and caviar?

            As I suggested… the system had reached the Limits to Growth — collapse was imminent … launch the Compassionate Extinction Plan (CEP)

            “The global economy was facing the worst collapse since the second world war as coronavirus began to strike in March, well before the height of the crisis, according to the latest Brookings-FT tracking index. “The index comes as the IMF prepares to hold virtual spring meetings this week, when it will release forecasts showing the deepest contraction for the global economy since the 1930s great depression. https://www.ft.com/content/9ac5eb8e-4167-4a54-9b39-dab48c29ac6c

          3. Jerome Savage

            They are also a significant donor to irish national broadcaster and tentacles most likely in many official nooks n crannies

    1. AhNotepad

      1) It is a report from the BBC, purveyor of truth and receiver of funds from Gates.
      2) As a result of this, I shall cancel any booking I have with P&O and shall not make further bookings.
      3) this will help relieve the pressure on the few remaining cruise ships, since so many are being scrapped.

      https://youtu.be/qo-2gDg-37w If you want a cruise it might be interesting.

    2. Steve

      IMO they need lobotomies !
      Pay a small fortune to be locked up with 1,000’s of people in a floating prison with no escape and a high probability that it will turn into a diarrhea ridden vomitorium.

      1. Penny

        Steve, I haven’t had a lobotomy but I have been cruising and have found the experience very enjoyable, almost totally child-free, hassle-free and no background ‘music’. We have never suffered any illness and we’ve met some very interesting people. We do not, however, cruise on ships holding ‘1,000s of people’ and would not contemplate P&O or Saga. Given that I’m holding out for not having any vaccine it may be that we can never cruise again; who knows.

        1. Fast Eddy

          I’ll never understand the ‘Cruise’ thing…. it’s anathema to the concept of ‘travel’ (at least for me)

          Maybe I’ve got it all wrong but here’s my perception of what a cruise is:

          You load into a big boat with a 1000+ other people — the boat has a shopping mall on board – lots of restaurants serving mostly the food you’d get at restaurants back home (do they have a Denny’s and Burger King???) — you stop off in ports just long enough to take selfies — buy some cheap souvenirs — and be able to brag at the next dinner party that you’ve been to ____.

          To put this in perspective some of the final destinations in my bucket list involved Uzbekistan, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Jordan, Bahrain, India, Patagonia… and so on.

          The bucket list officially ended with a 10 week run in Hong Kong filming the riots. It’s been a good run.

          1. Clathrate

            I have to agree with Eddy on this observation – I’d have to be paid to go on a cruise. It is not my idea of a holiday.
            On a relevant note, I ask people to study what happened on the Diamond Princess (‘the diamond what?’).
            I’ve previously mentioned an experience re. masks on entering Sainsbury’s on this blog – I still haven’t, and won’t (until published science), wear one in a supermarket (though I do go shopping late &, apart from the bloke on the door at Sainsbury’s, have not had any other negative responses).
            I have had a letter from the NHS informing me that I’m able to get the coronavirus vaccine (I won’t comment on the use of ‘the’). I wonder if in the future I will get information letters about other things that I may be entitled to get (‘Dear Clathrate, we have sent you this letter as people in your age group are entitled to get Vitamin D levels tested …. ‘)..
            I have parents in their ninth decade (I have them both supplementing Vitamins C and D). My Dad (who as an aside i got off statins as they were causing the ‘classic’ problems) will listen to me (though ‘brags’ to friends that he isn’t going to take a vaccine where silence might be best approach), wile my Mum was booked in to get one but, as on the run up, was ‘under the weather’ I convinced her to cancel, which she did on the day. I’ve persuaded them to wait until the autumn and then evaluate their decisions then as coronavirus won’t be a ‘thing’ during the summer.
            I have a younger sibling who is a classical ‘bedwetter’ and BBC believer – I have managed to get her to become more sceptical on this an other things (like fat).
            We can all influence in our small ways.

          2. Penny

            My recollection of our few cruises does not correspond with your opinion, Fast Eddy. Cruises are a personal choice but for someone like me with constant pain and limited walking capacity they are a comfortable option and enable me to visit different places without undue stress.
            We seldom take ‘selfies’ and do not use the on-board shops, except to blow any remaining ‘credit’ on the last day. We don’t ‘do’ dinner parties and would not ‘brag’ in any case. Your bucket list sounds interesting but unachievable for those of us who are unable to walk more than a mile and under no circumstances could carry a rucksack all day. Your view is rather prejudiced and makes assumptions about those who travel on cruises.

          3. Fast Eddy

            I lived in Hong Kong for quite a few years and there was this horrible bar called the Old China Hand…. it’s where burned out, mostly obese, broken down ‘expats’ (not really expats as most of the denizens of this place were ‘old china hands’ and HK was their permanent place of residence)…. hung out, often on Sunday afternoons, drinking swill and chasing very rough hookers.

            It’s still there http://oldchinahand.com.hk/

            Anyway… I was walking past there with a couple of mates one evening and one of them said ‘If it ever comes to the point where this is where I am hanging out in there, please take me out back and shoot me in the head’

            That’s how I feel about cruises.

          4. David Bailey


            You wrote “Cruises are a personal choice but for someone like me with constant pain and limited walking capacity”

            If your pain is caused by arthritis or sciatica, I would really recommend you try acupuncture. Originally I only tried it because I had sciatica and there was such a long wait to see my GP (pre-COVID). I found there was some relief after the first visit, and after 3 visits I was pain-free.

            They view the problem differently from ordinary doctors. They see the primary cause as muscles pulling the joint together with too much force and/or slightly off-centre. This causes the wearing and inflammation of the joint. Their treatment is so effective, I can only assume their theory is correct.

          5. Penny

            Thank you for your concern, David Bailey. I have only tried acupuncture for seasickness when my husband and I sailed a bit; it didn’t work and a needle hit a nerve which put me off. I’ve not really bothered with a GP for either pain or my treatment for hypothyroidism. Taking high doses of T3 for my hypothyroidism has helped ease some of the pain but the rest I put down to fibromyalgia due to the pattern of pain points. If the pain gets too bad I may consult a Coimbra-trained doctor and follow the Coimbra Protocol using high doses of vitamin D. I’m reluctant to do this as it means foregoing dairy products and, having been raised on a dairy farm, would be difficult for me as I love my dairy foods. I am actually trained as a therapist doing Body Realignment, Scarwork and Bonework. Having treatments from a colleague, suspended due to lockdowns, helps tremendously but does not cure fibromyalgia. I am not the best patient; as I say to my clients: ‘if you always do what you always did you’ll always get what you always got’. I won’t stop gardening or pottering so have only myself to blame when I am doing my Quasimodo impersonation. Muscle weakness is, in my opinion, down to being hypothyroid for decades and not having the condition diagnosed; the usual thing, I was offered anti-depressants. I refused. Regards

  104. Gottlob Frege

    Dr Malcolm, I’m a long time reader of your blog and books but a first time commentator. I was prompted to comment by your reference to Tommy Gold, and especially his excellent book Deep Hot Biosphere (subtitled The Myth of fossil fuels) I believe the abiogenic and deep hot biosphere theories have merit. By Ockham’s razor they appear to explain more facts with fewer hypothese than the prevailing theories. For this reason I take issue with your calling them whacky. Russian scientists beginning with the great Mendeleev, consider this theory orthodox. Maybe it’s why they seem unconcerned as they exploit their vast ‘fossil’ fuel reserves as the West self flagellates. China know it too.

    Closer to your own field Tommy Gold proved in a brilliant experiment in the 1940s that the auditory system of humans must comprise physical oscillators. He was derided by the professional physiologists of his time, and then about 30 years later they discovered he was right all along. No lesser genius than Gold’s colleague,physicist Freeman Dyson, recounts his experience as a participant in Gold’s auditory experiment in the foreword to the above mentioned book. Dyson finished by saying that Gold was often proved right and that he believed he would be about abiogenic petroleum and the deep hot biosphere also.

  105. Cookie Boy

    Eventually people will recognize the liars and the truth teller, it is our history.

    It just takes some humans longer than others.

    The Scamdemic has allowed me to change my habits forever. Not wanting to wear masks and been allowed time to reflect and listen to alternative views put me on the high fat diet to health, I now have stepped out of the matrix.

    It’s my job now to help others do the same.

    That’s how you defeat the real problem, the liars and cheats we have allowed to rule us, by removing their support brick by brick.

    Once this is done then it’s time to remake power to serve all.

  106. David Bailey

    The new political party, Reform UK, have put out a video about the drug Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID. It is well worth watching, and gingerly raises the question of why the government is ignoring this drug.

  107. Eric

    This is a find from Bob at hyperlipid:

    Click to access bmj.n627.full.pdf

    Apparently, the mRNA vaccines have only 70-80% mRNA integrity, and not even that in the first commecial batches. Manufacturers and regulators worried about efficacy, but the potential effect of proteins made from using a damaged blueprint = mRNA are only worth half a sentence.

    It is probably true that very nearly all of these faulty proteins are harmless gibberish, but what are chances that some aren’t?

    1. LA_Bob

      Hi, Eric,

      Thanks for posting the link. I hadn’t gotten around to posting it here.

      Just to let you know the “pedigree”: I read an individual or do-it-yourself investing website called Seeking Alpha (https://seekingalpha.com/). On March 17 they ran a “news” article about the AstraZenica fiasco (https://seekingalpha.com/article/4414447-what-is-going-on-with-the-astrazenecaoxford-vaccine), which turned out be a Derek Lowe post from Science Magazine. In the comments, a Seeking Alpha contributor named Rogier van Vlissingen linked to the BMJ article. I thought Peter might like it, as it was related to the subject of his post, but he jumped on the “hacked email” aspect instead.

      Funny where you can find stuff. All kinds of it. I can understand why Dr Kendrick feels overwhelmed.

  108. elizabethhart

    Check out this article on the BBC:Vaccine side effects: My experience of them and what they mean: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-56375307
    The article is by James Gallagher, presenter of Inside Health on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC’s health and science correspondent.
    Gallagher was “over the moon to get vaccinated”, but then said “But I’m going to be open and honest with you: the vaccine floored me”.
    The article discusses vaccine side effects, with the end goal of ultimately defending the vaccine. Same thing with most of the comments on the article (and also interesting to see how many have been ‘removed’). In the main, everything must be done to defend the blessed vaccines.
    But here’s a quote from the article interesting to consider:
    “…side effects vary massively from one person to another. Some will not notice a thing; others will feel groggy, but good enough to go to work; others will need to ride it out in bed.
    “A really important component, and this might be relevant for you James [I am in my mid-30s], is age,” Prof Andrew Pollard, who led trials of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, told me.
    “The older you are, the less the side effects – the over-70s have almost no side effects.”

    So that’s interesting isn’t it…the younger you are the more likely to have side effects…
    But why are young people, people not in the risk category, being vaccinated?
    These are ‘COVID-19’ vaccines…but if you’re not at serious risk with ‘COVID-19’, why should you be vaccinated, why should you be made to submit to annual, or potentially even more frequent, vaccination throughout life against a virus which currently isn’t a serious threat to most people?

  109. Dan - VitalityON

    Thanks so much for this post. Best, Dan

    On Sat, Mar 13, 2021, 15:25 Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: “13th March 2021 I am particularly interested > in the whole concept of being ‘anti-‘ or a ‘denier’, or a sceptic. I think > in great part this is due to constant attacks I have had to put up with > because of my views of cholesterol and statins. I am often cal” >

  110. Jean Humphreys

    I am baffled. A middle aged woman of my acquaintance had an illness last year, which her doctor regards as Covid – but he offered and she has accepted the vaccine with delight. The Prime Minister famously had the virus. He is now going to be vaccinated. WHY? It sems to go against all I have ever been taught about vaccines and infections. After all, when I was pregnant, I was tested for rubella antibodies – if I didn’t have them they would have vaccinated me afterwards, ready for any next time. But not then, and I had the antibodies, so there was nothing to fear from that.

    1. Gary Ogden

      Jean Humphries: Excellent point. The truth of the matter is that these vaccines have nothing whatever to do with either individual or public health. Why? The one and only endpoint in the ongoing trials is a reduction in clinical symptoms. The entire point of the vaccination project is the absolutely eye-watering profits guaranteed by the stupidity of Trump and Boris and his merry band. Listening to the WHO. There is no other point. Those under 65 have such a small risk that there is no point in vaccinating most of them, and the over-65 both do not respond well to vaccination with antibody production, and may well have a higher risk of death from the vaccine than the “virus.” Israel has shown us that, for the younger cohort, the vaccine is clearly more deadly than the “virus.”

      1. Prudence Kitten

        All true, Gary, but please leave politics at the door when you enter Dr Kendrick’s blog. Mr Biden is just as mindlessly enthusiastic as Mr Trump about vaccines. In fact, he went so far as to claim that “we had no vaccines” before he became President – in spite of the fact that he received his second vaccination before being inaugurated.

        1. Gary Ogden

          Prudence Kitten: I wasn’t talking about politics. I am a Trump fan, but everybody does stupid things, including Trump. The initial response in Italy, the U.S., and the UK to the infectious outbreak of early 2020 was the stupidest public health policy disaster in my memory, and continuing that policy for a full year is beyond belief. And we will be paying for it for decades to come. The children, in particular, have been grievously harmed.

          1. Gary Ogden

            Prudence Kitten: Yes, Trump screwed up, but so did lots of others. But it was state governors who did the most damage. There was a great deal of uncertainty initially. But he ultimately came to his senses, calling for the country to open back up, while Biden predicted a dark winter. The political class has utterly failed us, promoting division for partisan advantage. To hell with recognizing, let alone solving the problems we face. My response to all of this nonsense is a deeper appreciation of friends, family, community, for life itself.

          2. Jerome Savage

            Gary – the only 2 things I can associate with Biden after the 6th November was his reference to a dark winter and his push to “wear a mask, wear a mask”
            Thatz it, that’s the only recollection I hav of Biden from then.

        1. Gary Ogden

          Eric: I’m sorry, I don’t, but I will hunt for it. Very worrisome that Israel has become a guinea pig for this experiment, the last place one would expect this to occur. What sense vaccinating an entire population against a disease for which most have a very low risk?

        2. Jerome Savage

          Cannot account for the veracity of following – may be connected.

          Their findings are:

          There is a mismatch between the data published by the authorities and the reality on the ground.
          They have three sources of information, besides the emails and adverse event reports they receive through the Internet. These three sources are Israeli news site Ynet, the Israeli Health Ministry database, and the U.S. federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database.
          In January 2021, there were 3,000 records of vaccine adverse events, including 2,900 for mRNA vaccines.
          Compared to other years, mortality is 40 times higher.
          On February 11, a Ynet article presented data related to vaccination. The authors of the Nakim article claim to have debunked this analysis based on data published by Ynet itself: “We took the data by looking at mortality during the vaccination period, which spans 5 weeks. By analyzing these data, we arrived at startling figures that attribute significant mortality to the vaccine.”
          The authors say “vaccinations have caused more deaths than the coronavirus would have caused during the same period.”
          Haim Yativ and Dr. Seligmann declare that for them, “this is a new Holocaust,” in face of Israeli authority pressure to vaccinate citizens.

          They also invite specialists to complete their analyses, and intend to pursue legal follow-up to their discovery. The Health Ministry was not available for comment on a FranceSoir query regarding the findings.

          The authors also deplored “the fact of not being able to communicate on this vital information” to their fellow citizens.

          On their site, Nakim writes: “On February 11, 2021, Ynet (the most known Israeli News website) published a confused and confusing article entitled ‘Vaccination efficiency data in Israel, and its rapid effects on the young’.

          “Our reanalyses of these data explain why during the massive vaccination project initiated mid-December 2020 during a confinement, daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases failed to decrease as they do during confinements, and, more importantly, why numbers of serious, critical, and death cases increased during that period that covered at least one month. From mid-December to mid-February (two months), 2,337 among all Israeli 5,351 official COVID-deaths occurred. Our analyses indicate orders of magnitude increases in deaths rates during the 5-week long vaccination process, as compared to the unvaccinated and those after completing the vaccination process. Presumably, asymptomatic cases before vaccination, and those infected shortly after the 1st dose, tend to develop graver symptoms than those unvaccinated.

          “The Ynet article is organized in an exciting way and uses data provided in an erroneous way by the Ministry of Health. It is unclear whether this was intentional to prove the vaccine’s efficiency or if this was done erroneously because the provided data were misunderstood. Note that in Israel, all vaccines are from Pfizer.

          “The data in the table, rather than indicating the vaccine efficacy, indicate the vaccine’s adverse effects,” the authors conclude.

    2. Prudence Kitten

      “The Prime Minister famously had the virus. He is now going to be vaccinated. WHY?”

      Because being believed to have caught the virus and suffered from it gains him votes. Because being believed to have been vaccinated gains him votes.

      Most of the things he says and does have that motive.

      1. Roland Ayers

        How to explain the naturally immunised getting jabbed? Profits? Votes? Factors, possibly. But now Covidism is the religion of most of the world, we must seek covid-splanations rather than purely rational explanations.

        The observations of Nicholas Copernicus led him to believe the earth revolved around the sun. Unfortunately, at the time, the Catholic Church was the arbiter of knowledge on celestial bodies, and considered the placing of anything other than God’s earthly creation at the centre of the universe to be a heresy.

        Today, fact-checkers are the new priests, anything they deem misinformation is a heresy. To place anything other than medicine at the centre of the immune system’s universe is heretical.

        Eventually, the church saw sense, restricting itself to pronouncements on how to go to heaven, leaving questions of how the heavens go to empirical observation. Let’s hope we somehow claw our way out of the pre-renaissance thinking we are currently sliding into.

        1. shirley3349

          It is a matter of historical fact, that Copernicus’s writings were originally published by the Catholic church itself, under the imprint of the Bishop of Frauenburg in East Prussia, (who happened to be his mother’s brother). As he presented the heliocentric theory as a hypothesis for debate and discussion, rather than as a proven fact, it was acceptable, at least within academic circles, for several decades. He also wrote in respectable, clerical, Latin.
          It was only when Galileo provided proofs which demolished the reigning Ptolemaic geocentric theory, and worse, wrote in Italian, that the Catholic church felt bound to condemn the idea and force Galileo to recant.

  111. Fast Eddy

    I have finally received a response to the questions I posed to Medsafe NZ.

    Dear yyyyyyy,

    My apologies for not responding sooner, Medsafe has received quite a few COVID enquires, and I am working my way through them. You title your email as a press enquiry. Are you a journalist?

    Kind regards


    Nothing since I responded to that … so I have chased today. I have a full name so if nothing by mid next week I’ll give them a ring. I have asked for the impossible so quite keen to see how she handles this 🙂

    1. You are recommending a Covid Vaccine to all 5M citizens of this country including children (who generally experience Covid a common cold or mild flu). Can you provide me with the long term studies that show this vaccine is safe over the long term.

    2. Are you aware that this Auckland U site is indicating that the vaccine does not protect against acquiring Covid nor does it prevent the spread of Covid. It may reduce severe symptoms. I have been told that the information on this site originates with the Ministry of Health.

    3. Are you aware that SARS Coronavirus trails were halted due to severe side-effects?

    4. Are you aware that Dr Michael Yeadon former Chief Scientist Pfizer Respiratory Diseases has initiated a stay of action to try to stop the FDA from rolling out Covid vaccines in the United States?

    5. Are you aware that the vaccine manufacturer is indemnified against legal action should people experience severe short or long-term side-effects after taking this vaccine?

    6. Are you aware that Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, independent virologist and vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has sent a very detailed open letter to the WHO stating that this vaccine you are recommending is likely to do great harm to the recipients?

    ‘From all of the above, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the consequences of the extensive and erroneous human intervention in this pandemic are not going to wipe out large parts of our human population. One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of efficiency in turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction.”

    If I am aware of all of this, I am certain your team is aware of all of this. So what is the agenda here? Why are you recommending all 5M citizens of NZ take what is very clearly a treatment that has not been tested for long term side-effects and that some leading experts are asserting will cause far more lethal variants to emerge.

    As we are seeing in other countries, the vaccine is not mandatory however movements will be severely restricted for those who refuse it. Air NZ and many other airlines are indicating they will have a no jab no fly policy so effectively all Kiwis may be coerced into participating in a mass experimental trial

  112. Emperor

    Here is a good one.

    Conspiracy Mockists (in itself a ridiculous position because it implies there are no conspiracies!) will often say ‘how could it be possible to keep such a big secret’

    I refer these people to Exhibit A https://time.com/5947501/operation-varsity-blues-netflix/

    Rick Singer bribed loads of people in top universities in exchange for placing hundreds of non-athletes into athletic scholarships and he got away with this for 20 years!!!!

    He was only caught when one of the coaches he bribed got caught up in another scandal and offered up Singer.

    A 5 foot 5 male was accepted on a basketball scholarship. A 145lb male received a football scholarship.

    20 years, and nobody made a peep.

  113. Fast Eddy

    Medsafe has responded!!!

    Medsafe have advised us of your queries here.

    Please find below our response, which may be attributed to a Ministry of Health spokesperson.

    New Zealand’s Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority, Medsafe is in the process of assessing clinical data provided by pharmaceutical companies, AstraZeneca and Janssen for their respective COVID-19 vaccine applications.

    Medsafe has introduced a streamlined application process to promptly review and assess applications for COVID-19 vaccines destined for use in New Zealand. However, this process does not compromise the rigour of Medsafe’s review or the requirements that need to be met.

    To date, Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) is the only Medsafe-provisionally approved COVID-19 vaccine in New Zealand, which is currently being rolled out to frontline workers and their household contacts. Medsafe is closely monitoring the safety of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

    Medsafe is a business unit of the Ministry of Health and is the authority responsible for the regulation of therapeutic products in New Zealand, including vaccines. They robustly assess all vaccines to ensure they meet international standards and local requirements for quality, safety and efficacy.

    No vaccine will be made available for public use in New Zealand until Medsafe complete their assessment and it has been approved or provisionally approved.

    The Government has advance purchase agreements with four suppliers for COVID-19 vaccines – Pfizer/BioNTech, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Novavax and AstraZeneca. There are no guarantees that all the vaccines will successfully complete clinical trials or be approved for use.

    Let me remind everyone of my questions

    You are recommending a Covid Vaccine to all 5M citizens of this country including children (who generally experience Covid a common cold or mild flu). Can you provide me with the long term studies that show this vaccine is safe over the long term.

    Are you aware that this Auckland U site is indicating that the vaccine does not protect against acquiring Covid nor does it prevent the spread of Covid. It may reduce severe symptoms. I have been told that the information on this site originates with the Ministry of Health.

    Are you aware that SARS Coronavirus trails were halted due to severe side-effects?

    Are you aware that Dr Michael Yeadon former Chief Scientist Pfizer Respiratory Diseases has initiated a stay of action to try to stop the FDA from rolling out Covid vaccines in the United States?

    Are you aware that the vaccine manufacturer is indemnified against legal action should people experience severe short or long-term side-effects after taking this vaccine?

    Are you aware that Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, independent virologist and vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has sent a very detailed open letter to the WHO stating that this vaccine you are recommending is likely to do great harm to the recipients?

    ‘From all of the above, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the consequences of the extensive and erroneous human intervention in this pandemic are not going to wipe out large parts of our human population. One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of efficiency in turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction.”

    If I am aware of all of this, I am certain your team is aware of all of this. So what is the agenda here? Why are you recommending all 5M citizens of NZ take what is very clearly a treatment that has not been tested for long term side-effects and that some leading experts are asserting will cause far more lethal variants to emerge.

    As we are seeing in other countries, the vaccine is not mandatory however movements will be severely restricted for those who refuse it. Air NZ and many other airlines are indicating they will have a no jab no fly policy so effectively all Kiwis may be coerced into participating in a mass experimental trial

    I called the ‘Senior PR guy’ at Medsafe who sent this … I may as well speak to a brick wall… he refuses to answer anything … he just repeats — if I have other concerns please email us… I respond with but I have already done that …. you have the email — but you refuse to respond…

    I asked him ‘what’s in this vaccine that you guys are so keen on having 5M of us take???’ I asked him if he was not concerned about taking something that is not fully tested for something that is unlikely to kill him. Silence.

    I left it with … you do know this is insane?

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      You are too polite. I signed off my tirade against the non-answerers, after pointing out that people are committing suicide because of their lockdown policies, with “you have blood on your hands”. Neither you, nor Elizabeth, will get anywhere. You’re dealing with unelected bureaucrats with dictatorial powers. All you’ll get are standard replies with no bearing upon the questions. We are insignificant nothings – which isn’t to say we aren’t on their list of trouble makers.

      My suggestion; stop trying to influence people in authority. Concentrate on the sheeple. It is surprisingly productive.

      1. Fast Eddy

        I don’t expect xxxx to respond with ‘how the hell did you figure this out?????’

        xxxx – further to our conversation, I understand that Medsafe is unwilling to provide me with long term vaccine studies. I will assume long term studies do exist because surely Medsafe would not approve a vaccine without thoroughly testing it.

        Since there is no need to vaccinate healthy people who are not at-risk of dying of Covid, then I will assume the vaccines have another purpose. And that the studies carried out demonstrated that the vaccines were effective in producing whatever result they were purposed for.

        I have provided a few key reference below and would ask if the purpose of the ‘vaccines’ is to address the fact that the global economy was about to collapse in 2019 (due to a peak in all sources of oil) which would result in uncontrolled global chaos. I note that the Limits to Growth Study suggested that we would begin to experience ructions due to resource depletion and overpopulation around 2008.

        In any event, if I am correct then I completely agree with what you guys are doing. 5M (well 8B actually) without food, electricity, and petrol is not a good look. This is without a doubt the best, and really the only, course of action.

        I think I’ve got this story right. But obviously there is no point in publishing it (nobody would believe this – and it would definitely not be in their interests to believe this).

        But it is Pulitzer-worthy don’t you think? 😊

        “The global economy was facing the worst collapse since the second world war as coronavirus began to strike in March, well before the height of the crisis, according to the latest Brookings-FT tracking index. “The index comes as the IMF prepares to hold virtual spring meetings this week, when it will release forecasts showing the deepest contraction for the global economy since the 1930s great depression. https://www.ft.com/content/9ac5eb8e-4167-4a54-9b39-dab48c29ac6c

        But what’s most striking is that new discoveries aren’t even close to keeping pace with the loss of conventional resources. According to Rystad, the current resource replacement ratio for conventional resources is only 16 percent. In other words, only one barrel out of every six consumed is being replaced with new resources. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/The-Biggest-Oil-Gas-Discoveries-Of-2019.html

        The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one, and growth in output (and in the global population) since the Industrial Revolution has resulted from the harnessing of ever-greater quantities of energy. But the critical relationship between energy production and the energy cost of extraction is now deteriorating so rapidly that the economy as we have known it for more than two centuries is beginning to unravel https://ftalphaville-cdn.ft.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Perfect-Storm-LR.pdf

        1. anna m

          Fast Eddy,

          I read your posts and there is logic to it. The virus situation is huge, nothing the authorities do make any sense. This is bigger than pharma or human hysteria.

      2. elizabethhart

        Eggs ‘n beer, you suggest we won’t get anywhere with our letters. Who knows? I’m just patiently raising issues and putting them ‘on the record’. My letters/emails don’t just go to the primary recipient, I also put them online and circulate them to an eclectic group of people, including sharing them on blogs such as this one.
        So who knows, I just keep persevering…
        As for the sheeple, I don’t go there any more. These people have been thoroughly brain-washed, and who can blame them with the non-stop fear-mongering pouring forth from the mainstream media, and the likes of SAGE and the UK government and others.
        In regards to the media being used to control the community, JFK Jr discussed this recently, look for his article: Before COVID, Gates Planned Social Media Censorship of Vaccine Safety Advocates With Pharma, CDC, Media, China and CIA, 11 March 2021.
        This is about Event 201, the pandemic simulation exercise held in October 2019, which is the blueprint for the fear-mongering and industry-focussed response we’re seeing now.
        Except in Event 201 there were 65 million deaths at the 18 month timepoint, whereas in the real-life scenario, around 2.7 million deaths have been attributed to Covid over the past say 14 months, and that’s in a population of 7.8 billion, with around 59 million deaths expected in a year. And the 2.7 million death toll is highly suspect, with question marks over how deaths have been defined as Covid deaths.
        Here’s the link to the transcript of the Event 201 video Segment 4 on Communications, which shows how they planned to control the media, by ‘flooding’ it with their info, and their plans to stifle dissent, e.g. shut down the ‘anti-vaxxers’: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/wp-content/uploads/Event-201-Pandemic-Exercise-Segment-4-Communications-Discussion-and-Epilogue-Video-bill-gates.pdf
        Event 201 was coordinated by the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Health Security, and it seems these organisations have heavily influenced the response to the current virus.
        It’s time to review and investigate what has been going on the past year…

        1. Paula

          I definitely think there is a case for writing to elected representatives – don’t expect a personalised reply, don’t assume it will be read, but make sure the message in the title is clear. If you really are the only one, so be it, but if people join in in large numbers, they will take notice. Look at the US where individual states have more power – clearly those Republican governors who are opening up have got the message.

          1. Eggs ‘n beer

            The reason why I say it’s pointless writing to elected representatives is that, especially in all the Australian states, they are irrelevant nobodies. They have no power or influence. And in any case your missive won’t get past the clerk tasked with the job of making sure that their time is not wasted by lunatics.

            Similarly it is pointless writing to the unelected dictators responsible for policy. They are clearly the anointed ones, often unqualified bureaucrats, in the case of Qld on over $700,000 p.a. and are similarly unapproachable. I was advised that any contact with the dictator must be made through my elected representative.

            Otoh, disseminating information to the sheeple is vitally important, which EH is doing too. As Gary Ogden says, the diaper wearers are fed up with them. Writing to the minister has zero effect – telling the diaper wearers WHY it’s stupid is effective. Most people are too time poor to find out for themselves, so plugging away with links to real scientific research as to the ineffectiveness and dangers of masks, social distancing, lockdowns, hand hygiene, vaccines, reliance on statistics etc. does reap real rewards. A 7News poll in Oz last week had 48% saying they would definitely not take a vaccine.


            That’s what I’m aiming at.

          2. AhNotepad

            I disagree about not writing 😁. By not writing the ones who are messing things up, and the ones who should sort thongs out, but don’t bother, assume you consent. If 5,000,000 wrote, that would make a few people worried. Unfortunately you need to keep writing. If you write a few times then stop, and if everyone else did the same, the assumption would be once again, you’ve stopped objecting, and thus consent.

            If the current situation is what you want, then do nothing, otherwise, write a few letters.

          3. Eggs ‘n beer

            I wish you were right. But in Australia to get a job with the local member you have to be a proven party faithful. To them, it’s just a game of whack-a-mole, fending off idiots who don’t accept the party’s science. I have that in writing.

            But by disseminating information to 40 others, who forward it to their contacts, and so on, one is reaching real people. Boilermakers, factory superintendents, electricity meter readers, exorcists, nurses, insurance salesmen, teachers, professional tree-huggers, engineers; and they all know people; and thus we reach 48% saying “No”.

          4. Fast Eddy

            I wrote to the PR person at Medsafe again today. He’s not responded to my letter the other day. Must be busy… or perhaps he did not appreciate my jibe suggesting I deserve a Pulitzer for figuring out what he and his mates are up to….

            What do you think the odds are of getting a response to this?

            Dear XXX – perhaps you can pass this on to the team at Medsafe (although I am sure they are already well aware of this) :

            The deadliest strains of viruses often take care of themselves — they flare up and then die out. This is because they are so good at destroying cells and causing illness that they ultimately kill their host before they have time to spread. But a chicken virus that represents one of the deadliest germs in history breaks from this conventional wisdom, thanks to an inadvertent effect from a vaccine. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/tthis-chicken-vaccine-makes-virus-dangerous

            Dr van Bossche (vaccine developer for Big Pharma) asserts that using these types of ‘vaccines’ is even more dangerous if deployed in the midst of a pandemic: https://youtu.be/YtHfI00D_s4

            Let me take a guess …. The vaccines will continue to be deployed… and we’ll get ‘Devil Covid’ because of the vaccines ….

            But your job will be to spin this as ‘the variants are what caused Devil Covid’

            The ground is already being seeded…


            So when can expect the ‘Nightmare Scenario?’

            Yours truly,

            Fast Eddy (Esquire)

            (the Medsafe team are probably being tortured in a dungeon to find out who leaked the truth to ‘Fast Eddy’… alternatively they are in a Dunedin pub drinking pints and wondering how the christ ‘Fast Eddy’ connected the dots…)

        2. Gary Ogden

          elizabethhart: Thank you, thank you, thank you for your dogged plugging away. It really does help; it really does help. Every employee I’ve spoken to over the last few months is sick and tired of the stupid face diapers.

        3. Eggs ‘n beer

          Hi Elizabeth, I saw your reply after I replied to another post. Yes, the sheeple have been brainwashed, but I think it’s starting to wear off. As Gary says, they are getting totally fed up. We need to give them concrete reasons why being fed up is valid. They are becoming more open to it. Polls like this one are the only way to get elected representatives to take note:


          I’ve preserved my emails to the elected representatives so that if they ever cast off their hubris enough to say that they were wrong but nobody could have known the truth without 20/20 hindsight I can prove them wrong. Using the pre-virus science and government policy explained to them in the emails which suddenly became invalid in February 2020.

          1. Fast Eddy

            In Israel… if you refuse the vaccine you are fired from your job.

            That pretty much seals the deal for huge numbers of people… we’ll see nearly everyone vaxxed in the next 3-6 months as govts follow Israel…. then there will be a mopping up of the recalcitrants.

            And then — mark my words — Nightmare Covid (mix Devil Covid with a variant and throw in a little Trump DNA) — will be unleashed on us,

            And we’ll all be so horrifically ill that nobody will even think to eat their neigbhour’s children…

            I will at this point marry my predictions on the end game… lockdowns condition the cattle to accept control — do as you are told!!! — as we can see the vast majority are ok with this — we had ‘mass global protests’ over the weekend…. a few thousand here and there hardly = a revolution…

            As the Israeli guy says in the video — most people in Israel are not only accepting the rules — they WANT them…. so there will be no Covid revolution…

            As the variants give rise to Nightmare Covid (which actually will be a nightmare to the vaxxed because they have f%^&*ed up their immune system with these jabs)…. there will be mass deaths…

            And that will frighten people even more .. even the extreme sceptics will be frightened… and willing to accept more lockdowns… and be vaccinated (even though the V1 obviously not protected them hahahaha… oh but the Boosters will!! — CovIDIOTS… hahahaha)…

            Amusingly nobody will realize that the reason everyone is dying is BECAUSE OF THE VAXX!!!!

            So what we will have is a combination of people locked down dying by the hundreds of millions with just about everyone else very sick and no medical assistance… grocery stores will empty … food will not be delivered…

            Mass sickness + starvation = Extinction

            Yes I know it’s not ideal… but if you think about the alternative — 8B people ripping faces off…. the Compassionate Extinction Plan (CEP) is DEFINITELY the better option.

      3. elizabethhart

        Eggs ‘n beer, re the ‘sheeple’, listen to the interview with this man in Israel, who says it’s the general population which is most adamant about vaccination, as the fear campaign has been so successful.
        Listen in particular to what he says about children being vaccinated, they’re clamouring for it over there according to him. Clamouring for children to be vaccinated against a virus which currently isn’t a threat to them, and who knows what lies ahead for people being set up for a lifetime of Covid-19 vaccination: https://davidicke.com/2021/03/19/right-now-special-gareth-icke-talks-to-journalist-and-podcaster-gal-shalev-about-the-medical-apartheid-in-israel/

    2. Martin Back

      A talk show host was bemoaning the fact that South Africa, which likes to consider itself the most advanced nation in Africa, is so far behind with its vaccination rollout. (177,000 doses administered so far in a nation of 58 million.)

      I Whatsapped: “Forget vaccines. Roll out Ivermectin. It’s safer.”
      Her reply: “please don’t spread dangerous misinformation”

      I wonder if in the future, looking back on the Covid scare, there will ever be a consensus on what the best course of action would have been

  114. me oliveira

    I had learned that thrombus with low platelet count means DIC — Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.
    This is no more true?

    1. shirley3349

      My post of 18th March discussing this issue has not yet appeared. Why? I hope it is because Dr Kendrick is checking my source carefully, because the theoretical cause of this problem might effect all the vaccines that use the SARS Cov 2 spike protein as an antigen.

      1. Dr. John H

        Malcolm hosts this site on Word Press, and they censor links to unapproved sites, which means your post may have been deleted by a censor bot. I have that happen a lot.

        So far, the best way I have found to post links to censored sites is the use the Anylink extension for chrome, which creates a unique url.

        1. shirley3349

          Dr John H.
          Thank you for your hint re. Word Press censorship. Unfortunately, it is several years since I have been able to post links in my contributions, as they never appear. Though there was a reference to another website in my post of 18th March, I did not formally post it as a link in the hope it might get through. Check with Left Lockdown Sceptics to find the detail of what I was referring to in the open letter of 28.02.2021 to the EMA.

  115. Eric

    Norwegian scientist claims to have found the reason for those platelets. Apparently, this is an autoimmune reaction to platelets:

    A Greifswald based group has very similar findings (article is too long to post, you’ll have to deepl it yourselves):

    1. me oliveira

      There are no «Apparently» autoimmune reaction to platelets.
      There is proof or not.
      ‘Apparently’ I’m a dark blue skinned man.

    2. Eric

      Picking nits, are we?

      Apparently in the meaning of I summarized what he said but the information but cannot vouch for its veracity.

      1. Eric

        meant to say the information is not sufficient for me to vouch

        The second article about the findings of the Greifswald group is more comprensive, and more reporting is beccoming available (I am not going to use an apparently on that):

        And interview with hematologist from Berlin explaining the new findings:

        Sorry, all too long to translate and post here, but deepl and even google are doing a good job these days.

  116. Dr. John H

    VAERS Numbers for last week:
    1739 Deaths
    324 Anaphylaxis with 2248 Severe Allergic Reactions
    398 Bell’s Palsy
    386 Heart Attacks
    69 Miscarriages
    Total for 2021 (apprx 11 weeks) exceeds by more than double the entire report set for all 2020!

    As always, keep in mind that less than 1% of reactions are typically reported, and that the CDC only accepts reports for adverse reactions after vaccination up to 7 days for most things.


  117. Fast Eddy

    Contemplating CovIDIOCY…

    I was informed yesterday that I am ‘the only person I know who is not on board with the vaxx’…

    So I asked .. what’s my upside if I take it?

    Well I’ll be able to travel quarantine free.

    Oh said I, hundreds of millions have the vax and are they able to travel?

    I then referred them to the NZ govt site which states that the vax does not prevent you from contracting covid nor does it stop you from spreading it. I asked how that translates into being able to travel…

    Perhaps it makes sense to wait to see if travel is permitted… before taking the vax?

    I was then told I was bitter and getting more bitter… to which I suggested that you are confusing bitterness with logic.

    I was then asked why I care why people want to take or not take the vax. To which I responded… I am curious … I am trying to understand why they would take a vax with unknown downside … and at present absolutely ZERO upside.

    Also why would they take an experimental vaccine if they are not at risk of serious illness if they catch covid? (I referenced the 400 people in total under 60 without comorbidities who have died from covid in the UK).

    ‘Maybe people are taking the vaccine because they don’t want to contract Covid?’

    Ah ha I said… they are scared of Covid…. and they either unaware or choose to ignore the fact that covid is not going to do them much harm — unless they are frail and half dead already (kinda like how the flu is relatively harmless to most people).

    The PR team has done a fabulous job with this — those photos of nurses (actors) shrieking in the Chinese hospitals… the bodies in the hallways… the sickies falling dead on the streets and men in space suits retrieving them and putting them into plastic bubbles (because they are toxic!!!)…. followed by a year of endless Horror Headlines (using inflated infection numbers from useless PCR tests + ramped up deaths by blaming every death on covid)…. have completely destroyed the ability of most people to see straight.

    They are drunk on covid…. keep the sharp objects and the keys away from them. And there is no possible way to sober them up now (well… the vax… will sober them up at some point I reckon – cuz I am 99% sure that sucker is fully tested for long term lethality and it was locked and loaded years ago).

    Let’s take a glimpse into the near term future of anyone who does not take the Lethal Injection… keep in mind this is the good part… they still have food… the electric grid is still functioning….

    1. elizabethhart

      As you say Fast Eddy The PR team has done a fabulous job with this — those photos of nurses (actors) shrieking in the Chinese hospitals… the bodies in the hallways… the sickies falling dead on the streets and men in space suits retrieving them and putting them into plastic bubbles (because they are toxic!!!)…. followed by a year of endless Horror Headlines (using inflated infection numbers from useless PCR tests + ramped up deaths by blaming every death on covid)…. have completely destroyed the ability of most people to see straight.

      I’m gobsmacked at what is happening in the UK and elsewhere, surely this is the biggest psyops/brainwashing event in history?

      I reckon it was the horror stories of people dying by ‘drowning’ that nailed it… Consider this article published on Mother Jones on 21 March 2020:
      A Report From the Coronavirus Frontline: “They Are Essentially Drowning in Their Own Blood.”
      “Holy shit, I do not want to catch this and I don’t want anyone I know to catch this.”
      Some quotes:

      I spoke to a respiratory therapist there, whose job is to ensure that patients are breathing well. He works in a medium-sized city hospital’s intensive care unit. (We are withholding his name and employer, as he fears retaliation.) Before the virus came to New Orleans, his days were pretty relaxed, nebulizing patients with asthma, adjusting oxygen tubes that run through the nose or, in the most severe cases, setting up and managing ventilators. His patients were usually older, with chronic health conditions and bad lungs.
      Since last week, he’s been running ventilators for the sickest COVID-19 patients. Many are relatively young, in their 40s and 50s, and have minimal, if any, preexisting conditions in their charts. He is overwhelmed, stunned by the manifestation of the infection, both its speed and intensity. The ICU where he works has essentially become a coronavirus unit. He estimates that his hospital has admitted dozens of confirmed or presumptive coronavirus patients. About a third have ended up on ventilators.
      His hospital had not prepared for this volume before the virus first appeared. One physician had tried to raise alarms, asking about negative pressure rooms and ventilators. Most staff concluded that he was overreacting. “They thought the media was overhyping it,” the respiratory therapist told me. “In retrospect, he was right to be concerned.”

      What do you think about that article published in March 2020?

      1. Gary Ogden

        elizabethhart: Mother Jones is one of the “astroturf” news outlets which Sharyl Attkisson spoke about in her TED talk. They are as reliable as any other media company. I was a subscriber for nearly forty years until I realized they were lying about both vaccines and raw milk.

    2. Lazlo13

      Hi Fast Eddy,

      I feel like the only one I know who doesn’t want the vaccine either, it is weird to me as well the logic behind wanting one. I am finding all your comments quite amusing and I admire your constant hassling of Medsafe NZ. Not that it seems to be doing any good but please keep trying. I am someone else In NZ not keen on being coerced or forced into taking something I do not wish to!

      1. Fast Eddy

        I tried to call the PR Guy a couple of times today after sending him the bit about the Nuremberg code … I want to ask him about foisting an experiment on 5M people and compare him with the Nazis….

        I also want to know when Devil Covid is launching in NZ so I can plan my rather pathetic travel schedule (going to Christchurch in a couple of weeks .. wooo hooo…) and ensure I don’t get caught out in the Big ReLock.

        He doesn’t pick up my calls anymore … probably ignoring my number. I’ll try him from skype tomorrow 🙂

        There are quite a few people who dont wan’t to be vaxxed… big numbers in HK are refusing … but that may have to do with the vaxx coming from China… HKers are not so keen on Made in China (as you can imagine)

        On to another topic:

        Interesting how Toby can open one window but is unable to even see the other one let alone open it.

        As with most people who kinda get that Covid is crooked… they still chalk it up to incompetence stupidity, venality … whatever.

        Is it not obvious that IT IS A PLAN?

        ‘witnessed Collective Hysteria and manias’ hahaha… like WHAT? Y2k? I would like someone to name a hysteria that involved the people who run the world shutting the shop down … this is NOT hysteria — it’s an agenda.

        I could spend hours with Toby arguing that this is completely unparalleled in history… so he must look for another explanation. But I would fail … because to accept that this is a plan … is to lose all hope in the future.

        ‘As a country, this has not been our finest hour. But I still believe in Britain – just.’

        That says it all – don’t it….

        The Darkness and the Light
        By Toby Young

        I initially created Lockdown Sceptics – with the help of Ian Rons, co-founder of the Free Speech Union and computer whizz – in March of last year as an aide-mémoire for personal use. I was writing a lot about the new and still largely unknown virus and wanted to create a kind of online reference library, collating all the articles and papers and interviews about different aspects of the pandemic under separate headings.

        Then, when I’d created it, I decided to make it public in case anyone else would find it useful. I got into the habit of constantly updating it because so much new information about the virus was being published every day and, to do that, I found myself spending the best part of the the evening looking through news sites and blogs and medical journals. That, in turn, led to the daily update – I had gathered all this information, so why not publish it in one place? And so Lockdown Sceptics, as a daily news blog, was born.

        Many readers have contacted me in the past 12 months to say that reading the blog has kept them sane because, until they discovered it, they thought they were the only ones who weren’t buying into the official narrative. Compiling it has also been therapeutic for me, although in a slightly different way, which I’ll try and explain.

        First, the darkling plain.

        For me, the most depressing thing about the past 12 months is that it’s destroyed my faith in so many of the people and institutions that I used to have some respect for – Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, the Conservative Party, the judiciary, the police, the BBC, Sky News, the Civil Service, Imperial College, the Lancet, Nature, the Royal Society… the list goes on.

        I’ve always been alive to the risk that crowds are susceptible to collective hysteria and I’ve witnessed a few manias and moral panics first hand, but I hoped that Britain’s elites, particularly those who bear responsibility for steering the ship of state, would be immune to such madness.

        And it seemed they would be for a few weeks, which made their eventual surrender to a global psychosis that much harder to witness. To see them not only succumb to mass hysteria but consciously whip it up, using sophisticated psychological techniques, has been a shock. (I blame that, in part, for the British public’s willingness to surrender their liberty and hope they will recover their good sense once the propaganda ceases.)

        I won’t say this has been a deep shock because I’ve always been pretty cynical, but I used to have a slither of confidence in Britain’s elites and I have struggled to hold on that. It’s not an exaggeration to say my belief in Britain has been knocked for six.

        But what has kept me from slipping into the slough of despond has been all the thoughtful, intelligent people who’ve contacted me, offering not only to help put out Lockdown Sceptics, but to contribute to it, too. They’ve come from all walks of life, different sides of the political spectrum and from a wide range of academic fields, all united in doubt about the wisdom of the Government’s approach to managing the pandemic.

        Some of them have been based overseas, but most have been my fellow countrymen and their presence and willingness to help has gone some way to restoring my faith in Britain. I often think, when reading a submission from a retired professor of economics or a lecturer in philosophy just starting out on her career, that here is the best of Britain – the heirs of Isaac Newton and David Hume and Rosalind Franklin.

        Like Orwell, writing in the Lion and the Unicorn during another crisis in our history when the people at the helm seemed to be steering us towards the rocks, I have persuaded myself that the problem isn’t with the country, just the people at the top. As he wrote: “A family with the wrong members in control; that, perhaps, is as near as one can come to describing England in a phrase.”

        The wrong people have been in charge during this crisis in almost every sphere of public life. But there are good people out there – still – and not a few of them have been involved in this website – above and below the line. And the fact that Lockdown Sceptics has become such a thing – a kind of focal point for dissent from the official narrative, with an average of 1.25 million page views a month and – even more heartening – attacked and ridiculed almost daily by the lackeys of the Establishment is also a source of hope. And a tribute to the talent and energy of all those who’ve helped and contributed.

        As a country, this has not been our finest hour. But I still believe in Britain – just.


        1. Lazlo13

          Fast Eddy, Why are you coming down to Christchurch of all places? not much to see here! Your bucket list must be depressingly boring now, fingers crossed you make it here before some new lockdown takes place.

          Thanks for your amusing if depressing comments. If you are right it’s quite an incredible plan really but somehow I can’t see it working out particularly smoothly

          1. Fast Eddy

            I have to get a key for a car and the car must be present to be able to do that…

            Not to spew all over CC but I am scraping the barrel bottom a little these days… we went to Waiheke Island a month or so back… pleasant enough… but then almost got caught in the Auckland lockdown and had to run for the hills to possibly avoid being trapped in a hotel room.

            Makes me not want to leave the south island … for some it will make them eager for to get their Lethal Injection (falsely believing they will be allowed to travel quarantine free overseas).

            I am resigned to the outcome… the interview with Vanden Bossche coupled with the chicken vaccine article from PBS and compounded by the Devil Covid/Nightmare Scenario articles that are floating about the MSM… seem to indicate that our fate will involve a truly nasty virus.

            That’s a new twist for me … I was thinking the lockdowns would increase in intensity…. martial law would keep us off the streets… and the final act would involve mass starvation … we’d be told the food will be delivered tomorrow … always tomorrow… and by the time we got wind of the stitch-up… we’d be too feeble to revolt…

            Now I am thinking Devil Covid will be the catalyst to convince almost everyone to lockdown … because it will be the Real Deal…. and lots of healthy people will get very ill/die… if you are not infected you starve….

            The Leak out of Canada mentions a much more virulent virus striking… and martial law soon after… it’s all coming together.

            Which reminds me… I need to make my daily call to the Medsafe PR team to ask them when we can expect Devil Covid and why they are behaving like such Nazis