An online meeting on Heart Disease

We Love Our Heart.’ 9th April 2022

Please sign up here

Ivor Cummins [not Cummings please Mr spell check] has organised an on-line meeting on the 9th of April. Ivor is a brilliant man. He must be, he asked me to give one of the talks. He has brought together a great list of presenters who have been innovative thinkers in the world of cardiovascular disease for many years.

We are all, in different ways, trying to break out of the suffocating embrace of the ‘diet-heart cholesterol hypothesis’ and move things along. Our focus and thoughts are not exactly the same – thank goodness. Ivor is highly focussed on the metabolic causes of heart disease. Essentially insulin resistance, type II diabetes and suchlike.

Others have been researching the microbiome and related issues. However, the approaches are all complementary. Those who have read my stuff will know that there is not one cause of heart disease, there are many. Equally, you are not going to protect yourself against heart disease doing one thing. You need to do many.

The purpose of this conference is to look at many different areas, and many different approaches, to discuss how each of them can provide benefit. The synergies that you can find. There is also an opportunity to discuss your specific questions with the presenters. I hope this conference will be the first of many.

Please sign up. Thank you.

57 thoughts on “An online meeting on Heart Disease

  1. robertL

    Dr K, and Ivor,
    Same here, will it be possible to listen at leisure afterwards – over many days – as each presentation is assessed and analysed and inwardly digested / assimilated?

    Personally, i like to re-think and re-view so prefer that approach.

    1. Mark Felstead

      Hi Robert… Mark Here We Love Our Heart… of course there will be options to have access to the recordings.. I realise there is so much information going to be provided on he day.
      Please drop me a line at and i will gladly keep you up to date of the available options.

  2. Charles Gale

    I’ve clicked on the link at it’s a great advert for the event and lots of familiar names on the list of participants.

    Readers may also be interested in another project Ivor is involved in – it’s called: Imagine That!

    Here’s a link to the 6 minute trailer presented by Ivor:

  3. TheFatEmperor

    Hey guys Mark / WLOH the organizers have set it up as 39 for live only, but extra 99 for all recordings download, meeting and questioning the speakers, etc. – think it’s explained when scrolling down a page or so on the website?

    1. mmec7

      That is great Ivor – though plus $99/- added to the $39 and $9, makes for a hefty total !
      For myself, difficult.

      1. mmec7

        Pressed the wrong key… Continued :-
        I shall be away for part of the day, and even ‘possibly’ the whole day, and the night. Waiting to hand back my charges, to their owners, following a house, animal sit. Will depend on ferries /flights…!! And time, as am night blind + low light blind. Heigh-Ho. The transcription would be great, though would miss the Q&A section.
        Thanks, Ivor – great thinking for such a programme, eagerly awaiting, hopefully, listening.
        Continue well – MEC – France

    1. AhNotepad

      John, if it’s on youtube would using the subtitles work? If not there are several audio to text generators on the web.

      1. John

        If you’ve ever tried to use an automatic subtitle generator (eg the one on Youtube), you’ll know that they are at best hilarious and generally incomprehensible. The only captions that really work are ones written specifically for the talk.

  4. Ian

    Trying to book, but as with others, unable to get past the demand for additional $9 for a book I don’t want!
    Worrying if there are further paywalls and that my card number and CVC are now recorded. Malcolm – convince me it can’t be a scam…

        1. AhNotepad

          It may NOT be a scam, but it is not the fault of the reader if they question something that in their mind provokes the question. You have a lot of credibility, I know that, but others may not. There is lots of click-bait nowadays where you are encouraged to some video and you will be told the whatever secret to salvation from whatever. I have never got to the end of one as they go on and on repeating the mantra and apparently never getting to the secret. I don’t know what happens as I give up. I looked at, and from the posts here I am not the only one who sees it as a bit pushy, unnecessarily so with Ivor involved.

          1. Ivor

            Fair enough Notepad – it’s just that I’m dry and boring but Mark has been organizing things like this for some time – likes the pzazz! 🙂

          2. TheFatEmperor

            Ha fair enough – Mark’s just been organizing stuff for a long time, I’m dry and boring in my approach 🙂 Mark if you see this what’s the $9 book, presume that was optional?

          3. AhNotepad

            I would like to agree with you on some point, but not on this. “Dry and boring” is not one of your presentation attributes.

  5. Robert Dyson

    I rather prefer pricing to be upfront rather than as set up with all the garish graphic design; gives a confidence-trick feeling to the event that the speakers do not deserve. It’s the sort of thing I would Mike Eades to blast with withering comment.

    1. Mark Felstead

      Hi Robert… how upset i am that you dont like my graphics!! hope you can see past this and whilst I mostly agree it had to be put together quite quickly. Please dont judge the book by its cover and i have the utmost respect for our speakers. If you have any worries or issues you can write me directly at :, nevertheless hope to see you opn April 9thj!!

      1. Robert Dyson

        I too have total respect for all the speakers, I have bought their books, partly for solidarity and support which I why I also paid the $39 without thought to find “for a little more…”

  6. Cookie

    You are right to focus on myocardial infarction, this disease continue to take people at a young age.

    From my observation it is a balancing act between diet, exercise and stress with age been a factor where you ease up on exercise instead of increasing.

    Its a complex interaction and once the things we can control are understood completely then we can concentrate on biological solution to a design fault.

  7. John Wright

    Tim – Low Carb Down Under? Should we be proud of his new adoption, or has he decided the boks will not win RWC?

  8. Russ Weston

    Before I spend the $39, how much is the Full Access, as I doubt I can spend an entire day watching it. Thank you. Rebecca Weston

    On Fri, Mar 11, 2022 at 5:32 AM Dr. Malcolm Kendrick wrote:

    > Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted: ” ‘We Love Our Heart.’ 9th April 2022 Please > sign up here Ivor Cummins [not Cummings please Mr spell check] has > organised an on-line meeting on the 9th of April. Ivor is a brilliant man. > He must be, he asked me to give one of the talks. He has br” >

    1. Mark Felstead

      Hi Russ! Mark here We Love Our Heart… at the moment the recordings come with eh full VIP package but due to demand there will be an alternative option coming soon…

  9. David Bailey

    I must say, if there is more to say about heart disease, I would far rather access it in written form or as a standard video. Spending a day ‘at’ a medical conference would be very daunting for me.

  10. thecovidpilot

    Pardon my news…

    Prof. Drs. Burkhardt and Lang have done a new covid vaccine autopsy video with lots of cool histographic slides, explanations, and humor. It’s kind of technical, but I could follow most of it. No subtitles–an auditory English translation is provided.

    The slides were stained to show spike protein–that was new.

  11. jeresavo1

    The above compliments Dr Kendrick’s “The plot thickens”
    Serious mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are associated with a significant increase in cardiovascular risk, particularly among younger age groups, a new observational study suggests.

    Prior research has shown that people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder die 10 to 20 years earlier than those without serious mental illness and that the leading cause of death for these patients is cardiovascular disease (CVD), said lead author Rebecca C. Rossom, MD, MS, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis.

    Their work adds to the literature by demonstrating that people with serious mental illness have increased cardiovascular risk even as young adults, she said.

    “Our data highlight the potential utility of using 30-year (lifetime) cardiovascular risk equations to estimate elevated cardiovascular risk in young adults,” said Rossom in an email.

    “When doctors use these 30-year risk equations, they can start estimating and addressing risk for people as young as 20 years old, rather than waiting until age 40, which is when the more commonly used 10-year risk estimates can be used,” she added.

    Their results were published online March 9 in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

    1. AhNotepad

      It’s as bad as it gets, yet the majority in the UK believed the Wancock, Spitty, and Bonkers Johnson and Valance with their false exhortations to “protect” the NHS and do stupid things like standing outside their doors clapping.

      1. Tish

        I have no wish to be a Luddite and sometimes I read some things on the World Economic Forum’s website that I agree would help the planet. Change is necessary. Our pollution and transport problems, for instance, that have been fostered by governments throughout the world, are dreadful. My problem is in trusting people who have been treating us all with disdain. The lies and trickery and stupidity and greed. Our suspicion is naturally aroused when they are unable to be honest and tell us as simply as possible what it is that they are trying to achieve that is so clever. Why can’t we all discuss and debate things, or at least become educated about them, without having to discover their website and sign up on it. So far, the devious methods and cruelty we’ve witnessed do not engender confidence and hope. It seems impossible to give the benefit of any doubt to such people. It is such a shame that the circumstances do not allow us to feel enthusiastic for change, even though some sort is badly needed.

  12. alessandro montedori

    I’ve difficulties in signing up to the online meeting we love our heart
    who should I contact for?

  13. kate1688

    Hi, I would love to join this. I love and have followed the work of both of you for years, and have always valued your opinions. Presciently, I have a young pregnant client with ARVC who has an ICD fitted but is still having many episodes. I’d love any insights into what might help her, but realise that the cholesterol piece isn’t so relevant in this case.

    However, when I try to follow the links to sign up, I get taken to all sorts of American spam type of pages about click funnels. That’s a real deterrent. Is there any way of just signing up?

  14. Robert Dyson

    I enjoyed your presentation yesterday. I already knew the content but the way you laid it out in 25 minutes was amazing. Just the right pace. I managed to hear all the talks I was interested in except the William Davis where I was kept in the ‘waiting room’ for 15 mins by which time he was over. We have been making yogurt since 1965 but never as delicious as recently after I read his book ‘Super Gut’ and started with his recipes.


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