The crushing power of the pharmaceutical industry – a sorry tale

18th July 2022

Here is a sorry tale about the power of the pharmaceutical industry to crush all dissent … dead. The key player is Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who some of you may know. He is a consultant cardiologist. Very bright, sparky, willing to take on the establishment when required. I get on well with him, we communicate on many different issues. He has his detractors – I am not one of them.

First, some background, to put this tale into some kind of context. It is part of an e-mail that I was sent, by Aseem. I I have modified it slightly. Basically, I changed it from first person and got rid of some typos. I have also checked with other independent witnesses, to ensure the accuracy of events:

‘Dr Aseem Malhotra was invited to deliver a keynote lecture/speech at the International Medical Graduates dinner by its organiser, Consultant Psychiatrist and Chair of the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) Dr JS Bamrah CBE. The event took place on Monday 27th June as a fringe event of the British Medical Association (BMA) Annual Representative Meeting (ARM).

Other chief guests included the Chair of the BMA (Dr Chaand Nagpaul) and the President of the BMA (Professor Nina Modi). The title of his talk was “Advocating for REAL evidence-based medicine”.

The talk was well received with excellent personal feedback including the Chair of BAPIO, Dr JS Bamrah. The event also commemorated Aseem’s late father Dr Kailash Chand Malhotra who died suddenly last year. He was honorary vice president of the BMA and on the BMA council.

The organiser of BMA education events Beryl De Souza also personally told Aseem it was a brilliant talk, and the next day sent him a text message asking him to present the same talk as an educational webinar to BMA members.

Aseem had also given a talk to over one hundred BMA members earlier in the year about heart disease, statins and cholesterol with excellent feedback. The Chairman of the British Egyptian Medical Association who was very complimentary about the talk also met Aseem the following day and asked if he would give the same talk to his members.’

It all sounded rather splendid, and mainstream, and suchlike.

But, gentle reader, beware. For there is a malignant ghost hovering over this feast. The ghost of ‘anti-vaxxer present’. Now it doesn’t take much to be accused of being an anti-vaxxer. The phrase ‘I have some concerns about mRNA vaccines’ is usually enough to be mercilessly attacked by the dementors, controlled by Facebook, Twitter and suchlike.

In this case, during his talk, Aseem presented data from a study called ‘Serious Adverse Events of Special Interest Following mRNA Vaccination in Randomized Trials.’

It is a pre-print paper, at this point, and has not yet been peer-reviewed. It is due to be published in the Elsevier journal SSRN. You can see the full paper here 1.

The authors, from such places as Stanford, UCLA and Maryland, are of high academic standing. What they did was to look at serious adverse events associated with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The Discussion section of the paper states the following:

‘The excess risk of serious adverse events found in our study points to the need for formal harm-benefit analyses, particularly those that are stratified according to risk of serious COVID-19 outcomes such as hospitalization or death.’

The ‘abstract’ further states, in the results section:

Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were associated with an increased risk of serious adverse events of special interest, with an absolute risk increase of 10.1 and 15.1 per 10,000 vaccinated over placebo baselines of 17.6 and 42.2 (95% CI -0.4 to 20.6 and -3.6 to 33.8) respectively.

Combined, the mRNA vaccines were associated with an absolute risk increase of serious adverse events of special interest of 12.5 per 10,000 (95% CI 2.1 to 22.9). The excess risk of serious adverse events of special interest surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group in both Pfizer and Moderna trials (2.3 and 6.4 per 10,000 participants, respectively).’

Now, in English. According to this paper, the risk of a serious adverse event (caused by the vaccine) was greater than the reduction in hospitalisation from COVID-19 (prevented by the vaccine). Therefore, on this metric, the vaccine(s) may be doing more harm than good. [Please don’t hit me, I said ‘may’.]

Thus, Aseem committed the greatest sin imaginable today. He dared to mention a scientific study that asked questions about mRNA vaccines. And, of course, oops, I have now mentioned it too. Which clearly makes me an anti-vaxxer. Yes, quoting scientific papers is now, virtually, a crime. So, I have to strongly advise you … don’t look at the paper. Else you will become contaminated with impure thoughts and may have to be stomped on.

Oh, what a world we now live in.

Anyway. Back to Aseem’s story. Here he was, basking in glory. To top it all, he was then presented with an award. To quote … with some slight edits:

‘The next day Dr JS Bamrah informed Aseem that he was going to receive an award, to be presented by the BMA Chair, Dr Nagpaul. The award was “Champion of Preventative Medicine”. He had spoken to Dr Nagpaul on the phone who agreed.

The award was given in a break at the BMA conference. Dr Nagpaul was asked where he wants the photo to be taken of him presenting Aseem with the award. He suggested the main podium at the BMA conference hall, but the picture quality is poor, so they go elsewhere, and Dr Nagpaul was more than happy for Aseem to receive the award in front of a board in the main lobby with the BMA logo in the background. This was NOT Aseem’s suggestion.

Later that afternoon (Tuesday 28th) Aseem received the photo via text and put a tweet out (see below) in the evening with the three photos of Aseem receiving the award including with a larger group of people including the BMA president which read:

“Truly honoured to receive the “Champion of Preventive Medicine award from the Chair of the BMA @Cnagpaul. In my talk I said the science alone isn’t enough; opposition from vested interests needs to be overcome to save the #NHS. It’s time for REAL evidence-based medicine (fist bump emoji).’

But the all-seeing eye of Sauron had been ‘observing’ this unfortunate series of events. Grima Wormtongue was dispatched to whisper in the ears of those in power. ‘Yes, my precious (to mix my characters, stories, and metaphors, horribly), nasty hobbitses won’t be seen to criticise vaccines will they.’

Behind the scenes … all hell broke loose. Someone had dared to mention a study mildly critical of vaccines, and the BMA chairman GAVE HIM AN AWARD. Off with his head. ‘Whose head, please?’

‘Everyone involved in this treachery.

‘Yes boss, sure boss, right away boss….’

The tale continues:

‘The next morning, Aseem noticed a missed call and message from Dr Bamrah. “Please call Aseem. Need your tweet modified. Delete the bit about BMA council. Just say Chaand Nagpaul. Happy to explain.”

Aseem did as requested and sent another tweet specifically clarifying that it was an IMG forum award and was given to me by Chaand Nagpaul, without mentioning the BMA at all. Aseem also messaged Dr Bamrah in reference to Chaand which he also shared with him “He needs to stand his ground and not capitulate. We’ve compromised by deleting the tweet. My dad would say always stand up to bullies and cowards – that’s what he taught me.”

Chaand (CN) replies to me “Aseem the issue is who the award originated from. They’re questioning my governance – it was not an award “from me”. I know it’s semantics but real uproar”

AM: “Ok. I will delete the tweet altogether”

CN: “Much wider than this individual – within BMA too sadly – everything attributed to me has to be cleared with BMA comms while BMA chair”

AM: “Tweet deleted”

CN: “I’m going to get some sleep! It’s been incessant”

BMA releases a statement from the Chair that is read out at the conference essentially stating that the BMA does not endorse the views of Dr Aseem Malhotra and that Chaand had not actually given me the award but had “handed it over” due to politeness.

Why such a storm? Why the behind-the-scenes desperate machinations to ensure that the BMA could not, and would not be associated in any way with Aseem? Why the personal humiliations and climbdowns? Why the control over Chaand Nagpaul – who was stepping down as BMA chairman anyway? The incessant tweeting and criticism.

Was it because Aseem has always been critical of vaccines? I refer you to the fact that in early 2021 Aseem was asked to help promote the COVID-19 vaccine to the, so called, BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) community. Yes, he promoted the vaccine to a particular vaccine hesitant community 2.

However, he has also, like me, been alert to the possibility of potential harm that the vaccines may cause. He is also, like me, well aware of the way that data from clinical studies can be, and is, manipulated and biased.

We both cast a highly sceptical eye over any ‘evidence’ that emerges from commercial organisations. Neither of us happily chants ‘two vaccines good, four vaccines better.’ We are both in the ‘but that man is wearing no clothes’ section of the audience. A rather smaller section, it must be said. Usually containing only two people. Him, and me.

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to find out who, exactly, started the ‘bring me the head of Aseem Malhotra’ movement within the BMA. Could it be, I wondered, that they had a commercial conflict of interest? By which I mean, had they worked with a pharmaceutical company that made mRNA COVID19 vaccines.

Well, I have spoken to people within the BMA, at a high level, to find out exactly what went on. They confirm the details of Aseem’s story. But wish to remain nameless. It seems that a certain individual, who led the attack on Aseem, has close connections with Moderna. Surprise, surprise. As you can tell, I am treading on potentially libellous ground here, so I am not naming names. I am currently involved in a monstrously long, and complex libel suit, and I don’t want another one at present, thank you very much.

This all comes hot on the heels of an article in the British Medical Journal by Maryanne Demasi. A medical journalist whose career was destroyed when she produced and presented programmes in Australia that were critical of the cholesterol hypothesis and the, potential, over-prescribing of statins. They even tried to get her PhD removed, to further destroy her reputation.

The BMJ article was called ‘From FDA to MHRA: are drug regulators for hire?’

‘Patients and doctors expect drug regulators to provide an unbiased, rigorous assessment of investigational medicines before they hit the market. But do they have sufficient independence from the companies they are meant to regulate?’3

The short answer is no. Drug regulators have been bought and paid for by the companies that they are supposed to regulate. But the commercial influence spreads far wider than the regulators. Key opinion leaders (KOLs) who carry out the big clinical trials, who speak at conferences, and who appear at the top of influential medical organisations and write the guidelines – are often bought and paid for too.

There is virtually no area of the medical world that has not been lobbied, infiltrated and – in many cases – paid for and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. We have a major crisis on our hands, that no-one is doing anything about.

Aseem’s tale is just one more example of the fact that anyone who dares to stand up to the relentless marketing of more and more drugs, and vaccines, will be attacked and crushed. In this case, under the banner of the British Medical Association. An organisation that I am increasingly unproud to be a member of. If the BMA can no longer support freedom of speech, then no-one can. The future looks bleak.

To quote George Orwell. ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever.’




277 thoughts on “The crushing power of the pharmaceutical industry – a sorry tale

  1. Mrs rosemary wellman

    Wow, what an article. Being one of the many
    Unvaccinated, I appreciate your comments and have followed Aseem for a while (including at the PHC of which I’m a humble patron. It’s brave if both of you to stick your heads above the proverbial parapet. I can’t even imagine where this is all going to end

    1. Wilma Domjan

      One would hope like the denial of thalidomide medicine causing disaster but was finally proven to be the cause!

  2. carl297

    Glad to see the usual spirit is well in evidence and hope your health issues are progressing in the rights direction.

    1. Wendy

      My day brightens when one of your posts lands 🤩 brilliant as ever. Keep fighting the fight Malcolm (and Aseem) and just want to say Carnivore for the win health wise 💪

      1. Jan Chandler

        I am a big admirer of you both. Your article reminds me of another British doctor who met a terrible fate years ago because of his concern about health issues he was seeing in children from certain pharmaceuticals. He has the initials AW.

        1. Neil Upton

          If AW is the one I’m thinking about your barking up the wrong tree,he was a charlatan and deserved the GMC sanction

          1. AhNotepad

            Andrew Wakefield was not a charlatan. The charlatans were The Times, Smith Kline Beecham, Brian Deer, James Murdoch, and probably others. Read “Callous Disregard”.

            Try to get your facts right instead of talking Wikipedia rubbish. Or are you a 77 Brigade troll? Being educated is not the same as being schooled

          2. MarciaT

            Thanks, AhNotepad, for sticking up for pointing that out. It’s amazing to me how often Wakefield is still thrown under any bus around. Apparently one of the things he did NOT say was that vaccines caused autism. All he said was that perhaps the association should be studied to see if . . . which is a long way from claiming a cause. I believe he’s the Semmelweis of our times, poor guy.

          3. Neil Upton

            Then why was he developing a single measles jab. And why were all his cases not random but referred by a solicitor pursuing  a damage claim and of the twelve cases some had not had the mmr vaccine.Sorry grow up there’s no conspiracy

            Sent from the all-new AOL app for Android

          4. AhNotepad

            Andrew Wakefield was not developing a vaccine, but a treatment for those children for whom it would have been dangerous to be vaccinated. But don’t believe me, see it as another little research project for you..

          5. Mr Chris

            Dear AH
            You lead me back to a a question I have asked many times in the past without receiving a convincing list who I should not believe about Andrew Wakefield, and then you mention a book which will convince me. How can I tell you are correct?
            This question applies not only to Andrew W but many others who are cited in comments.
            When Malcolm cites references he does it to support his description of a mechanism. I can think about it, see the logic and nod sagely. You do not explain why I should be convinced,

          6. Sasha

            When Dr Kendrick says that a lot of cholesterol found in the plaques is due to RBCs containing cholesterol in their cell membranes, do you know for a fact that’s physiologically true or do you choose to accept that explanation? I simply choose to accept it without going into the the books and researching everything for myself.

          7. Mr Chris.

            I take your point. I don’t have the time or competence to verify everything. So I trust people who I followed for along time. When I can cross reference I do. So when someone says that what someone I have never heard says is gospel, I try to verify the reason for that statement. The founder of the university I went to, is alleged to have said «  always verify your sources » I have not been able to verify that, but it seems sound advice.

          8. Sasha

            Yes, how do I verify the source who told me that the Earth revolves around the Sun, rather than the other way around? Even if I wanted to, I don’t have the knowledge to properly evaluate that statement and getting the necessary competence is too much work. So I simply choose to accept it and hope for the best.

            I think that becoming truly competent in anything is not easy. Thus, much of what we think we “know” is rather a set of beliefs we chose as the result of our pre-existing biases. Some of these beliefs might be true but many of them are probably false.

          9. AhNotepad

            Mr Chris, the points I make are to show there is another side to the discussion. The book you might. or might not read, is to give further information. Whether or not you agree with it is up to you. If you are not convinced, that is for you to decide. As many people say on these matters, don’t believe me, do your own research. Meanwhile, the likes of Mr. Upton make a statement with which we are supposed to agree without question.

          10. Mr Chris

            Ah notepad
            I totally agree with what you say, I read, I think, I make my own mind up. I haven’t followed the AW case so am not in a position to comment knowledgeably. Many people on here fire off comments which assume those who don’t agree are idiots.

          11. Neil Upton

            I think probably you haven’t read the original Wakefield et al paper in the Lancet or the three articles in the BMX outlining the flaws and inaccuracies to say the least of the conflicts of interest.
            I’d love to join your conspiracy theory but sadly the evidence against it is overwhelming.

          12. AhNotepad

            Of course you must be correct. There were no conflicts of interest for Brian Deer (£30,000 from The Times) No conflicts of interest for James Murdoch (non-exec director of Smith Kline Beecham) The Times (owned by James’ daddy). No conflict of interest for the British government who wanted a home-grown vaccine, and then went on to authorise a vaccine in July of the same year that Canada banned it’s use in February. Your side of the argument was held up on the BBC. After the last two years how much more do you need to see the BBC is as trustworthy as politicians, and lie at every possible opportunity?

          13. Frank c

            I seem to remember you being a cheerleader for RT, so bring it back for the unvarnished truth lol, Down with the BBC.

          14. AhNotepad

            As Richard Horton said, “Dr. Richard Horton, the current editor-in-chief of the Lancet – considered to be one of the most well respected peer-reviewed medical journals in the world – has admitted that at least half of the medical literature used to justify the vaccination agenda is “fraudulent” and that “science has taken a turn towards Darkness.”

            This and many similar reports can be found by a simple search, so don’t come back asking for a reference.

            I assume you are believing the 50% that is not fraudulent.

          15. AhNotepad

            Neil Upton, PS, I now know that your case has little merit as you have resorted to implying I am “a conspiracy theorist”.

          16. Leila

            If AW did indeed do what you claim, why is he particularly one who is condemned forever and called a charlatan when clearly a lot of pharmaceutical companies fix their research all the time to make their drugs look a lot better than they are, and often cause people to die needlessly because of it? If he is a charlatan then there must be a large list of them because it sounds like a lot of the research and studies out there are purposely changed to suit whatever outcome the company are wanting. Seems unfair to have his name dragged through the mud while many others get away scot free

          17. Neil Upton

            Pharmaceutical companies are not the remit of the GMC. I do agree that there should be a disciplinary committee for the pharmaceutical industry with more teeth than the ABPI

          18. jeresavo1

            As usual with any msm targets when you scratch under the surface, do some research, you find that the “target” is/was the victim of, in this case pharma fury.

          19. thecovidpilot

            I don’t think it’s controversial any more to assert that pharma is rife with conspiracies and colludes with regulatory agencies to minimize pharma product harms as a standard practice.

            It’s also apparent that pharma colludes with regulatory agencies to smear inexpensive, repurposed drugs that might compete with expensive, newer drugs. Think of how HCQ was smeared by the FDA, NIH, etc. and limited to hospital treatment which meant that HCQ wasn’t even being considered for antiviral action in community care (outpatient treatment) to prevent covid progress from mild to moderate disease.

          20. Sasha

            I think it is naive to assume that people with the means and a goal would not be interested in promoting a particular narrative. I first noticed “content placement” in some popular TV shows. I only paid attention to pharma related content because I have a strong anti-pharma bias. I was questioning my findings until a friend who is in a movie business confirmed my suspicions. She told me she has colleagues whose job it is to write scripts that incorporate a particular commercial narrative.

            Thus, it’s not really a conspiracy theory if there’s a conspiracy.

          21. thecovidpilot

            Are there real conspiracies to control information? This is copied from the Event 201 site’s Communication Fact Sheet…

            “Disinformation campaigns are widely recognized in the political world but have been
            identified in the public health realm as well. In the fall of 2018, a team of researchers
            systematically identified a concerted effort to spread disinformation and discord about
            vaccine safety.4 Public health response efforts for the currently ongoing Ebola outbreak in
            the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have been challenged by disruptive rumors
            that have occasionally targeted public health responders.5,6 Misinformation during a public
            health emergency is a particularly concerning threat, because of the time-dependent nature
            of outbreak response and the corrosive effect misinformation can have on public trust.
            Current solutions to the spread of mis- and disinformation are limited. Social media
            platforms have attempted to change their algorithms to limit the spread of false information and promote correct information, but the problem of misinformation
            continues.7,8 Many misinformation response actions have been developed to be used
            against political misinformation and disinformation but may be applied in response to an
            epidemic. More than 50 countries globally have taken different government-led actions
            that, in theory, aim to combat misinformation.9 These actions can range from media
            literacy campaigns and fact-checking websites to more extreme measures, such as jailing
            users for publishing content deemed to be misinformation. In some cases, authorities have
            shut down social media sites or the internet entirely.10-12”

            Click to access comms-fact-sheet-191014.pdf

            Let’s focus on one sentence…

            “In the fall of 2018, a team of researchers systematically identified a concerted effort to spread disinformation and discord about vaccine safety. 4”

            The 4th link says it’s Russian trolls spreading the disinformation!!! Lol, it’s Russia, Russia, Russia. The media’s and CIA’s favorite boogeyman.

            Don’t you find the following taken from the referenced document more than a little concerning?

            “Many misinformation response actions have been developed to be used
            against political misinformation and disinformation but may be applied in response to an
            epidemic. More than 50 countries globally have taken different government-led actions
            that, in theory, aim to combat misinformation.9 These actions can range from media
            literacy campaigns and fact-checking websites….”

            Media literacy campaigns? “This CNN program has been brought to you by Pfizer.” I have read that 70% of legacy media’s revenue came from pharma. We already know about the “fact checkers,” of course.

            “misinformation response actions have been developed…” These Event 201 people planned to control the scientific conversation about vaccines and competing inexpensive repurposed drugs.

            Have you taken a careful look at who was involved in Event 201?

          22. Neil Upton

            Don’t think the response to AW was a conspiracy when one considers all the evidence against his assertion was considered.

          23. AhNotepad

            Evidence? That would be interesting, Well here’s something to consider, with 61 references (Is that enough?) and information that Deer and Godlee had ties to Merck, vax maker.

          24. jeresavo1

            I read somewhere – difficult to locate now – that the court that stood up for wakefield’s co-accused was scathing of the medical authorities for their dealings with wakefield & co post research report. His co- accused were re-instated as a result – wakefield not having professional indemnity insurance, didnt at the time proceed to the courts, as his colleagues did. He left it too late when the opportunity arose subsequently.
            The following extract sheds some light on the controversy – “you have to remember the paper didn’t actually say MMR causes autism, it didn’t even speculate on that. It was accompanied by an editorial that said by the way people should be very clear that it doesn’t mean that MMR causes autism.

            “Also, this was a 12 subject case series report – it was a description of only 12 children’s clinical anecdotes, and while this is not good evidence to say MMR causes autism, it is a perfectly legitimate thing to publish.”


          25. Neil Upton

            Yes the paper only included 12 cases and did not make a link with autism and mmr. That was suggested by AW in the subsequent press conference. I don’t know about AW’s lack of indemnity insurance but would be surprised if that were the case.
            PS the cases were not random they were in the main cases referred by a solicitor representing them in a class action.

          26. jeresavo1

            Might AW’s crime hav been to say what he thought at the press conference & accepting cases presented to him by members of the legal profession? Should he not accept such cases ? Sorry for splitting hairs here but the action taken against AW seems completely disproportionate.

    2. rosemary wellman

      Sorry to hear of your double whammy. I went through the prostate cancer scenario with my husband a few years ago. Best wishes for a good outcome. I’ve followed and appreciate your writings ever since, keep up the great work!

  3. anglosvizzera

    Dear Dr K, I’m so glad you’re now feeling well enough to write again, and with your usual humour. Rather oddly, the original link to this post disappeared for a while, maybe you edited it a bit and took it offline? Anyway, glad to see it’s back and although the content is shocking, it’s not at all surprising. I can’t believe how bold Dr Malhotra is with regard to trying to expose the rot at the core of our various “health advisory bodies” – and also yourself too, of course. He seems extremely confident that he’ll win – let’s hope he does. And thank you again for helping the public to understand why they should be a lot more cynical about what they’re being told…

      1. Martin Chapman

        Thank you for your continued stance against corruption in a time when facts and truth are seemingly portrayed as the enermy.
        Follow the money and all will be revealed.

      2. Mike Watson

        Dr Kendrick,
        Glad you treatment seems to be doing its’ job. At 74 I decided to forgo the radiation treatment (and possible side effects) as I already suffering from several MI’s and a host of cardiac ops. Just coming out from having had a Decapeptyl injection 6 weeks ago….

  4. jeanirvin

    Thank you! Good to hear from you again. The first link at the bottom of the post didn’t work on my laptop but putting the last part of the link into a search engine came up with the goods.

  5. Stephanie

    Hi Dr Kendrick
    I am hoping that your return means that your earlier medical issues are behind you and that you are on the road to recovery.
    I have read all your books and found them enlightening , if not terrifying with regards to the influence the pharmaceutical companies have over prescribing protocols in our, and other , countries.
    I have also read Aseem Malhotra’s book about reducing your risk of heart disease which was another good read.
    I have been vaccinated and I will be offered another booster in the autumn and I really don’t know what to do about accepting it. It is extremely difficult trying to make an educated decision when generally speaking the public are only presented with one side of the argument, present company excluded of course.
    Thanks for keeping us informed and I hope you are feeling better.

    1. alexei

      I would suggest that to get “another side of the story” you could explore Substack which carries numerous alternative views via blogs, some by doctors, lawyers etc. Once you enter the substack world, you’ll encounter other links via the huge commentariat. Also take a look at Robert Kennedy Jnr’s website – The FLCCC is another group of US doctors who provide practical guidance on Covid. Then there’s Del Bigtree’s The HighWire.

    2. HerIndoors

      Find Dr Tess Lawrie and the World Council for Health. And the FLCCC. Do not take any more poison into your body, it destroys your immune system and causes, at a minimum, iatrogenic covid.

      1. Janet

        Early last week, I had either the beginnings of a cold…. or start of a covid / Omicron / BA-5 or flu.. But my well-challenged, un-damaged Immune System was up to the task.- OK, I DID take a bit more D3 and C and betadine gargles to be sure, – to be sure.
        5 days and all gone, never a temperature or flu-aches. EARLY intervention WORKS on colds and flu…
        My GP confirmed what I already discovered…. He MUST toe the gov-mint story on (a) NO Rx of Early Therapy, and (b) Not permitted to prescribe or suggest the above for covid. Any deviation from the gov. “Narrative” WILL result in loss of licence, even if the advice given is backed with compelling EVIDENCE.
        Talk about censorship !!!

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          Likewise woke this morning with a mild headache and a cough and slightly runny nose. Worst I’ve felt since, well, a few years pre-Covid anyway. So I supplemented the D with K2, 40mg Zinc and some quercetin.

          Re-reading that, it looks like I’m becoming paranoid. A few years ago I’d probably not even noticed those symptoms unless they got worse, and then would just have shrugged them off as a “bug” and ignored them! Certainly wouldn’t have taken any supplements, unless a large brandy and hot lemon juice before bed count.

          1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

            Two years of constant propaganda can do that to everyone.

            And in all my scientific experiments, a large brandy (XO Cognac even better) was a very safe and effective way to get rid of a cold. A Cognac sour would also add the benefits of vitamin C and proteins from the egg white… 😁

          2. Mr Chris

            I would suggest that a Speyside, like The Majors reserve which here in France I can get for 18€ is also quite prophylactic. At least it has been up til now

          3. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

            Single malts are God’s medicine, even with the outrageous taxes on alcohol that we have in Australia.

            But I still find Cognacs more versatile and all rounded, even if my Italian background force me to say “damn French” every time I sip one.

            In case of a zombie apocalypse though, I believe whiskey could be more valuable than gold! 😁

  6. lorrainecleaver7

    The censorship we’re experiencing is off the charts now. I’m a huge fan of Dr Malhotra and his late father. One can’t help but wonder if the manufacturers of the vaccine that does not vaccinate are determined to crush Dr M before he questions further his father’s sudden death…

    I consider myself very fortunate I saw the naked Emperor fifteen years ago in my long and tedious journey through the Scottish Parliament petition. None of this surprises me and I feel free to ignore pretty much everything every doctor says to me these days. Very freeing. Hope you’re continueing to recover well Malcom.

  7. Penny Meakin

    So good to see you are back on form Dr Kendrick, and I certainely hope you have recovered very well! A sorry tale indeed!
    It just seems to be a long tunnel of lies, deception and corruption affecting so many aspects of our lives. A big thank you to you, Dr Malhotra and all the brave people that shine a light on this mess.

  8. Tim

    Unfortunately group think is becoming more common in the western world. The absolute nonsense about C02 causing the destruction of the planet, is another subject that there is no longer any scientific or sensible debate. God knows when this will all end and we can go back to healthy sceptical discussions.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. AhNotepad

      Tim, well said. I don’t understand why at the time of this reply you had 2 downvotes. Maybe they are “schooled” and not “educated”

      1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

        I’m sure the two downvotes were because he dared mention the other god, global warming.

      2. AhNotepad

        Yippee, I got a downvote too. Thank you troll. Do you realise that the current CO2 is only just over twice that needed to allow vegetation to exist? If it gets down to 180ppm, it is expected ALL vegetation will fail, then EVERYTHING needed for survival (including yours) will die! Anyone who thinks this is not the case, research at

        (Apologies for going off-topic, but it is part of the same plan from “the elites”, those that are exhorting us plebs to reduce carbon consumption, when they fly in executive jets to meet at Davos, having got to their jet by helicopter after taking off from their 450ft yacht).

      3. sticky

        It’s because they fail to understand that the Covid scam and ‘global warming’ are parts of the same package of control and population reduction.

        1. Janet

          One interesting factoid. It is alleged that the ‘Monkeypox’ grabbing headlines, is significantly more popular in areas jabbed with a particular brand of mRNA experimental medicine. Indeed, since hitherto M-Pox has been limited to Central Africa, few Western GP’s have seen it. and the suggestion is…. it may well be a mis-identified auto-immune skin reaction, or re-activation of varriocella (spellink?) Since the allegation is already out there of possible downregulated immune system, it’s plausible. Expect howls of denial and lawsuits blowing in the wind…..

        1. Mr Chris

          Fairly broad condemning there based on little evidence? FYG since I use an iPad, I never see up votes or downvotes which has always struck me as pity pointless. Let’s take people at face value and not get into categorising them too quickly. Diversity is life

  9. undine2006

    Dear Dr Kendrick,

    Thank you for your courage, integrity and tenacity. I will keep you in my prayers.

    God bless you and keep you safe, Alina

  10. alsacrowther

    Thank you for this informative update. Indeed it seems there is a major problem with the power and influence of the pharmaceutical companies. It almost borders on corruption when voices and opinions are suppressed. We live in sad times and I worry about what kind of a world our children are growing up in. It’s staggering how few honourable medics, academics and journalists there are out there. Thank heavens for the few….like yourself and Aseem. Keep up the good work and hope you are in better health

    1. alexei

      “border on corruption” is a gross underestimate and has been going on for a loooong time!

  11. Andrew Makin

    Oh, shit! I guessed it was getting bad (The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine), but this bad? We punters are on our own.

  12. sueadlam

    I keep looking for the buffers (train sort) that will finally bring this to a standstill… but I fear the tracks have already run out. 🤔😪

    How much further does this need to ride trackless before we apply the brakes?

  13. May Hooper

    Thank you so much for standing up for what I believe is the truth — still fighting my own statin / cholesterol wars — ❤️

  14. Marilyn Schroeder

    Thank you for sending out this email post. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we’ve been sold a pup on these covid vaccines. I even heard the President of the RACGP association say on radio last week that we all have boosters for diseases all of the time so having covid boosters is no different! Woah! I don’t have boosters for stable diseases all the time at all. I’m not sure anyone does. This covid virus is not stable and frankly, we’re just playing catch up or whack a mole by trying to vaccine our way out of it. I for one have no intention of having a booster every three months. My own experience of covid was fortunately mild and I’d expect that a future infection wouldn’t be much different. I’m grateful for the scientists who are seriously reviewing data and outcomes and feel incredibly frustrated that they and others who dare to inform us all are being nobbled and decried for speaking up. The world has gone mad.

  15. John Collis

    Really pleased to see you back. Hope your medical issues are now under control.
    Cards on the table, I have had 2 AstraZeneca plus 1 Pfizer vaccination. Despite that I probably had CoViD19 a few weeks back with sore throat, cough, fever that lasted 5 days, so my innate immune system handled it and any antibodies from the vaccine that may or may not have remained were superfluous.
    I have a great deal of time for Aseem Malhotra, particularly with regards to CVD.
    From my viewpoint the pharmaceutical companies have too much influence over the medical profession. For one of my assignments on one of my nursing courses I found a paper saying that statins are not implicated in the development of type 2 diabetes, then the author was affiliated to the manufacturer of one of the statins.
    Serious question, what are the views of the different medical Royal Colleges?

  16. Tina Deubert

    Thanks for this Malcolm. What a horrible world! I tried to click on the link to the paper, but it doesn’t appear to be on your website. best wishes, Tina

  17. Marcia

    Oh – hooray and thanks and so very happy to see you back posting – the best news of the day for many many of us, I’m sure. I do hope this means you’re feeling better and all things health wise are going in the right direction.

    There is one tiny mis-spelling (or typo perhaps inserted by the ubiquitous “autocorrect”) in the following;
    Key opinion leaders (KOLs) who carry out the big clinical trials, who speak and conferences

    I assume you mean “who speak at conferences”. Forgive the editing – it was my job for many years and I can’t seem to help it. Your job is much much more important.

    Thanks again, Malcolm.

  18. Catherine Fairhall

    If only George Orwell had been way off the mark, and 1984 just some wild fantasy. The pharm. industry has become an ‘Ursula’, with far-reaching tentacles and dark clouds of ink to confuse and blind us to what lies behind. Thanks so much for writing about this. Dark days indeed.

  19. tonykerstein

    Brilliant article. Have you seen the work done by Del Bigtree of Highwire TV podcast. I combination with the law firm he’s been working with, Aaron Siri (I think) they took Pfizer to court and forced them to release the results of their trial. They did this, kicking and screaming, with vital parts redacted, surprise, surprise.

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. watersider

      Yes great to read your posts again Doctor.
      Hopefully you are enjoying better health.
      Mr Chris, I find it unbelievable that this has come as ‘news’ to you and many others on here.
      Please have a look at GB News and or Lockdown Sceptics or any non Bbc websites where this corruption is has been exposed from day one of the Scandemic
      Particularly Mark Stein where he highlights the government paying compensation of £120,000 to the survivors of death by vaccine
      The truth is out there if folk are interested.

      1. Flinders

        Also check out Naomi Wolf on Substack, with links to the work her team are doing alaysing the thousands of pages of Pfizer documents. Truly shocking.

  20. Shaun Clark

    Doc, On the nose buddy! Be strong. The truth will out… The gravy train(s) stink. I look about me at all the (…more so, but not limited to, the elderly folk that I mix with), and it’s Polypharmacy all the way down. Folk are seemingly captive to it. It’s all a bit ‘mass formation’ denial-like. Kinda shocking, but the hobbits apparently can’t get enough of it. There is a kinda ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ symbiosis dependency-need attachment to it all. Shocking.

    I hope your, and Aseems’ detractors read your blog because ‘we’ are on to you. You will be winkled out.

  21. vermontresident

    Hello Malcolm, I’m happy you’re still with us! I was just watching an episode of “Yes Minister” where the civil servants happily explained to the minster that of course the industries controlled the regulators and the system just worked best that way…

  22. Zak

    Hi Malcolm
    I’ve been following Aseem for ages, love his books. It’s really great to see you are writing and I hope you are at full strength soon

  23. Philip Mulholland

    The obscenity of the concept “Key Opinion Leaders” is something that must be challenged relentlessly. Science is not now, never has been and will never be a “Matter of Opinion”

    1. Prudence Kitten

      It goes back – mostly – to Edward Bernays and his pals. Human beings might, ideally, respect and like one another, and discourse politely by drawing attention to facts and figures, and logically arguing to reasonable conclusions.

      But why bother when you can just pay to have them, effectively, brainwashed?

  24. Robert Dyson

    Yes. As I commented some months ago I am cautious with what I discuss with medic friends, though I don’t think I have lost any yet. When the truth becomes ever more irrefutable how will the vaxxers explain their position. Really cheering to see you writing again, hoping you are doing OK.

  25. Irene Dalziel

    I had an adverse reaction to the Moderna vaccine which involved hospital investigations and procedures but I am afraid no-one was interested – not even the consultant who dealt with me. I despair.

  26. holidaycornishcottages

    So glad to see you are well enough to write again.

    I remember when I was 12, Pharma companies would bring Dr’s to my parents restaurant, get them very drunk & get them to agree to prescribe their drugs, obviously the surgery would also get paid to prescribe them too but the pharma companies just wanted to make an awful lot of money, I guess that’s why antibiotics don’t work so well now…….. the more they prescribe the more the practice and pharma company make.

    Now the pharma companies are buying veterinary practices and it’s now the same for our animals being stuffed full for drugs and flea treatments that now don’t work.

    I have questioned everything all my life but it has gone to another level now.

    Bill Gates, WHO, WEF all come to mind.

    1. Frederica Huxley

      A number of the flea treatments are the cause of serious ecological damage, poisoning rivers and all the animals, fish, birds and bugs therein.

      1. AhNotepad

        This is not good, can you give references? I was just thinking tonight that fleas could be treated with diatomaceous earth. It’s done for treating mites on chickens, and it’s non toxic, so animals licking it from their fur will not be harmed. I find it is excellent for getting rid of ants, and there is no harmful residue. Rain will stop it working though.

        1. Frederica Huxley

          The pesticides used can affect the animals treated, humans doing the treatments and then get into the water supply. There are a number of Google references. And yes, along with essential oils, I regularly use diatomaceous earth!

          1. AhNotepad

            It would help if yo would give a couple of references so we are both talking about the same thing.

          2. Eggs ‘n beer

            Yes DA for fleas, mites, and bed bugs, which are almost impossible to eradicate otherwise except by cooking the whole room(s) or extensive use of toxins.

  27. Tonny Hart

    I admire you very much for speaking up like this.
    I will always defend you….
    An 85 year old, not vaccinated admirer

  28. languagelearner2017

    Dear Dr. Kendrick, Firstly, I hope very much that your health is improving. Secondly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your objectivity, fearlessness and altruism. These are the days predicted by the SF writers of my youth, and instil within me a deep and persistent belief that we must be of good courage. As an intermittent user of the social interaction system which purports to encourage original thought – but which, in fact, uses self-expression to identify anyone who is non-conformist – I was always touched by Dr. KCM’s humanity, integrity and wisdom. His sudden demise was a blow…and that was before the true extent of current horrors was clear. We have to hold on to the joists which people like yourself provide; the roof is still on -just – but the gale will certainly rage for a long time. All good wishes, LJ

    Sent from my iPad


  29. Zak

    Another thought upon reflection — are there any medical journals who can prove they are independent? Is there a way to rank medical journals by their level of independence from the pharmaceutical industry?

    1. Neil Upton

      Aseem ,like you,is a hero in coronary artery disease management. I had a feeling, having read half your article ,what was coming next.
      Whether it’s big pharma or big food the tactics are the same.
      I’ve been following Mark Steyn on GB news who has an interest in the negative aspects of rna vaccines, well worth a look.
      Every member of the BMA and even non members should write to the BMJ expressing support for Aseem.
      Neil Upton
      GP retired

    2. Frederica Huxley

      Alas, that boat sailed long ago. The stranglehold on medical journals on both sides of the Atlantic is an open scandal.

  30. Kofi Adega

    Interesting stuff Doc.Dr Malhotra’s experience is not surprising.The message is stay away or else!!!
    Nice to have you back.

  31. Allan Young

    Glad you are well enough to write Malcolm, and how, thank you.

    If anyone is in any doubt about the immorality of pharmaceuticals, just think Vioxx, Thalidomide and then Google their violations.

    The mob by another name.

      1. Marcia T

        Great idea – unfortunately, unavailable on Amazon at the moment and not on Netflix at all. One wonders . . . why? (Not that I’m paranoid – just deeply suspicious.)

  32. Julian

    Thanks as ever. Please keep going, you are so needed. Your reference no. 1 doesn’t seem to be available.

  33. David Kidner

    This is a great article – and one that has resonances in plenty of areas in addition to medicine, illustrating how things are upside-down in so many ways today . . .

  34. Ted Coughlan

    Hi Malcolm, Thank you for the enclosed. Good to see you back again and hopefully no side effects from the virus – welcome back. I have three of your books on cholesterol and statins and have never been a fan of prescribed medications except when vitally necessary. I reached the young age of 73 without any prescribed medication.  Then an angiogram showed that I needed a triple bypass – reason for angiogram – tightness in the chest after starting my daily walk.  After the operation the advice I was given when leaving the hospital was 1.   Stop smoking – I don’t smoke ! 2.   Curb my alcohol drinking – I don’t drink !3.   Exercise – I love my regular walking !4.   Lose weight – I don’t have any weight to lose ! I thought to myself – there is something missing here – I was already following the above  four pieces of information and STILL ended up requiring a bypass according to my cardiologist. I was advised to take the following medication for life ! 1.   75 mg aspirin2.   1.25 mg Bisop3.   10 mg Rosuva. The Bisop was reducing my heart beat to the 40’s – doctor advised to stop Bisop or cut the dosage to half.I decided to stop the Bisop and feeling fine. I never wanted to take the Statins.  After doing some research – your books, Dr  Aseem, Dr Uffe Ravnskov, Dr Buttar, Dr Mercola, Maryanne Demasi, Dr Sinatra, Dr Al Sears, Dr Guntry and so many more – comforting to know that you are not alone in your views. Result: I decided to quit the statins also – didn’t have a HA. Aspirin:  The jury is out on that at the moment – was taking it then stopped then taking it now and again – every second day. Sometimes I ask myself am I mad ?? I am now 75 years – appreciate each day and I know I am going to pass over at some stage in the future – no amount of prescriptions will prevent that fact. My apologies for my long winded email.  I admire your work and thank you so much. Yours sincerely Ted Coughlan

  35. Andrew H

    “Drug regulators have been bought and paid for by the companies that they are supposed to regulate.”
    An interesting parallel with the financial crisis of 2008 when mortgage backed securitizations were used to finance subprime mortgages and could not have been sold without ratings by the “Big Three” rating agencies—Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch Ratings.
    A conflict between accommodating clients for whom higher ratings of debt mean higher earnings, and accurately rating the debt for the benefit of the debt buyer/investor customers,

    Why would anyone think that the medical regulators are any different?

    1. jeresavo1

      And we can be sure all the banks that went in 2008 got clean bills of health from their auditors. We know of one firm of auditors that failed to idrntify failings in one basket case bank – changed its name to its initials – & only its initials. (Not a complete breakaway from its past)

  36. nestorseven

    Such folly in a world presumed to employ very intelligent people. I am an anti-vaxxer to the bone because there have never been any true, independent long term studies that prove they work. And there never will be. I have not been vaccinated for anything in over 45 years (now 72) and so how can I still be alive?

    Quoting stats from the presumed mRNA gene therapy injection trials is fruitless since the trials were never completed because the control groups were abolished.

    You have the guts to question the nonsense revolving around cholesterol causing heart disease and the use of statins and therefore you must consider questioning germ theory, the existence of viruses and the usefulness of vaccines. They are all tied together to promote disease and sickness to further medical terrorism by the modern stone age medical mafia. A cured patient is revenue lost…that is the basis for all allopathic medicine.

  37. MarianneK

    Leftist termites have bored their way into all of life. COVID revealed what was hidden for years in medicine. It’s really sad.

      1. Roland Ayers

        One on which people’s tribalistic instincts lead them to pin crudely-fashioned, outdated labels on each other, unfortunately. In this case, dating back to the French Revolution.

  38. thecovidpilot

    At the same time, Debbie Birx of Trump’s Coronavirus Task force reveals that she engaged in deception. Without compliance from public health monsters, pharma would get nowhere.

      1. Marcia T

        Thanks for the link – totally disgusting that she got away with so much what can only be called downright evil. Admittedly, I don’t remember reading about it or seeing it in the news. Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention? Sigh.

  39. Prudence Kitten

    “To quote George Orwell. ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever.’”

    Or perhaps, to update the remark, “Imagine a hypodermic needle repeatedly piercing a human arm, forever”.

  40. Mark Gobell

    First they came for the historians
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not an historian
    Then they came for the teachers
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a teacher
    Then they came for the scientists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a scientist
    Then they came for the doctors
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a doctor
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me

    1. barovsky

      Hmmm… fine to crib but no attribution! Tut-tut!

      ‘First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out.
      Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out.
      Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out.
      And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.’ — Martin Niemoller

  41. thecovidpilot

    “If the BMA can no longer support freedom of speech [and science critical of pharma’s narrative], then no-one can.”

    What is science without dissent and freedom of speech?

    Bend over and take your jab like a good boy. Don’t get in the way of pharma’s $$$.

  42. Prudence Kitten

    “There is virtually no area of the medical world that has not been lobbied, infiltrated and – in many cases – paid for and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. We have a major crisis on our hands, that no-one is doing anything about”.

    Absolutely true, and I believe it has been getting worse of late. But it’s absolutely nothing new.

    “Every one who could in any way be used, or whose influence required subsidizing, was, in the phrase of the day, ‘taken care of’. Great sums of money were distributed outright in bribes in the legislatures by lobbyists in Vanderbilt’s pay. Supplementing this, an even more insidious system of bribery was carried on. Free passes for railroad travel were lavishly distributed; no politician was ever refused; newspaper and magazine editors, writers and reporters were always supplied with free transportation for the asking, thus insuring to a great measure their good will, and putting them under obligations not to criticize or expose plundering schemes or individuals”.

    Gustavus Myers, “History of the Great American Fortunes” (first written between 1909 and 1914, and referring to the late 19th century in the USA). Everyone was indeed “taken care of”: in the political and legal spheres alone, every single congressman, senator, member of the executive, influential civil servant, judge, advocate, court official, etc. was suitably bribed, This technique continues today; all big corporations bribe Republicans and democrats alike, thus ensuring that they get what they want regardless of elections. No doubt the same happens in Britain, except that the establishment is more discreet here.

  43. Corinna Lennox-Kerr

    Dear Malcolm,

    I’m so relieved to see that you are back on form and sincerely hope that you also win the libel case.

    I was recently on a course where I met and spoke with an unvaccinated back surgeon who was trying to get colleagues to reduce the amount of antibiotics they used in surgery from four to one. This meeting fuelled my optimism that there are a lot of like-minded people in the medical as well as other professions, who are managing to hold their own as well as swaying opinion in a sensible direction. Unfortunately, due to the endemic corruption that is rife in most areas of communication, those of us who use our common sense and scientific judgement, rarely get enough unbiased coverage to back up what we think and do. We are clearly not alone in our beliefs as there is evidence (such as this blog and others) which shows otherwise, but sometimes, it’s hard not to let the b..gers get you down! Maybe that’s why Happy Hour was invented 🙂

  44. Antonetta

    Thanks for this, and for being back, hopefully on a road to full recovery Dr. K.
    I was curious who might be at bma’s top that might fit the bill for strings with pharma and, hence, this action towards dr. Malhotra. So i checked their curriculum and twitter accounts, where available. Enlightening. The long and short of it is that when one still preaches the gospel we have been subjected to in the past two years, promoting vaccines, boosters, lockdowns, masks and the whole shebang as being effective, much like the who, pharma and gates themselves, without questioning their effectivity and/or AEs, and when further research unearths grants from the charity we all know to institutions in which one partakes, you may safely assume there will be serious bias in favor of the hand that feeds them.
    I cannot fathom that any person who starts out wanting to help and cure people would become so corrupted as to be able to disregard the serious AEs that have come up since the rollout of the vaccines, but I guess the medical profession is simply a mirror image of society at large, where you have those that are honest and incorruptible and those that are not, across all layers. Especially two years into this “pandemic”, given all the studies/preprints that have since emerged, it is quite telling when doctors continue to promote the safe and effective fairytale and do not at least question, or become silent (which would demonstrate a form of non-agreement). Grateful for all the doctors that do speak out!

  45. Gary Ogden

    Thank you, Dr. Kendrick. So good to hear from you. The juggernaut of commercial control of Science and Medicine has, in two short years, captured virtually all governments. But they can no longer hide the serious injuries and deaths caused by these jabs. None of these clowns will ever be held accountable, but they have increased the ranks of the anti-vaxxers by an order of magnitude.

    1. barovsky

      Can no longer hide Gary? Google censors the entire Web! MSM doesn’t cover these issues, there’s blanket censorship right across the board! At the beginning of this past March, I was getting an average of 1500 visits a day to my general site then it dropped to 125 day! When I used the Google ‘search’ engine, only 2 of my pages (out of over 27,000) appeared in the results. I then did it for a number of other independemnt news sources eg, Moon of Alabama and the Google ‘search’ showed, just like mine, just 2 pages, the Home Page and the About Page. It’s the same for every independent site!!!!

      1. jeresavo1

        Hav you tried Ecosia – its on a tree planting mission but still seems better than more standard S.E.’s.

      2. Gary Ogden

        Barovsky: Good points, of course, but the tide has begun to turn. The Pfizer documents are, upon analysis, clearly showing the extent of fraud in their “clinical trials,” which were begun, but never completed. And clearly showing that the jab is both ineffective and dangerous. We owe a debt of gratitude to an honorable federal judge, and to CHD and ICAN for this document dump (and to Naomi Wolf and those doing the analysis). I’ve only just now read your comment (good to hear from you). I ticked the box in my comment, but haven’t received any “comments via email,” a good thing, I suppose, or I’d spend half my life looking at a screen, which I can do because everything in our house seems to be falling apart at once, and I am the fix-it guy.

        1. barovsky

          Gary, you’re absolutely right, the information is ‘out there’ but it always has been! That’s my point, it’s not being reported in the corporate/state media, it could be the Ten Commandments but we wouldn’t know about them, the censorship is effectively total and not just on Big Pharma but on Big Capital and Big State Machines!

          Just look at the regression of accessible media, blogs and so forth. The regression is plain to see and it went something like this:

          Along comes the World Wide Web and writiers, artists, journos etc jumped on it! This was the 20th century’s ‘Penny Dreadful’! Democratic media! The mainstream media completely ignored it.

          But then what was first named as ‘citizen journalism’ came along and the MSM jumped on it, big time! ‘Amateurs’! they cried. ‘We’re the only real journalists.’ And why? Because the MSM-view of the world was being contested by these ‘amateurs’ (I was one of them back in 1983 when I was came across this technology). But this didn’t work, they just kept on producing alternate realities. Something had to be done and calling them amateurs didn’t work, imitating them didn’t work (the BBC’s shortlived ‘citizen journalists scam).

          So first it’s selective, let’s call it editing but as the crisis of capital deepens, the ‘editing’ gets harsher…and harsher and then the digital censors get to work on the entire thing!

          So, on my news and analysis website, that has 27,000+ articles on it, Google could only ‘find’ 2 pages, the Home Page and the About Page and this is typical for information sources not controlled by Big Brother.

          It proves that when it comes right down to it, they’re afraid of us!

          1. Gary Ogden

            barovsky: And a very good thing it is, indeed! To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson: Tyranny is when the people are afraid of the government. Liberty is when the government is afraid of the people.

  46. Jeremy May

    I endorse everyone’s good wishes regarding your health Dr K. Welcome back.

    We know the drug industry acts fraudulently with shameful duplicity. But when the BMA and sections of the medical profession become tainted with the same brush it really is too much.
    Aseem Malhotra works in people’s chests for goodness sake, putting right the things that we’ve ruined ourselves with, surely he is in a position to offer sane advice?? And surely he’s earned the right to deserve respect not only of the public, but more importantly, from his influential colleagues.

    I recall Dr K’s article, Vaccination – silencing doctors in the UK. Remember the horrific notion of the ‘Responsible Officer’?
    Today’s piece is another that leaves me cold. Not so much big pharma, we know all about that. It’s more the corrupt, pathetic attitude of those who should know better. Those in the seats of power within the medical profession who are ultimately paid to keep us safe from corruption. But not paid enough it seems. Shame on them.

    I still can’t understand why, when the nation’s health is at stake, why more sane, rational people are not up in arms about the mismanagement of our collective health.

  47. AhNotepad

    Thank you for the article.

    Obscene describes the attitude of the regulators. If people care to look on youtube at the MHRA board meetings for the last few months, they will see speaker after speaker patting each other on the back, then using a long winded collections of words to say nothing meaningful. It is all crapspeak.

    The industry stooges would paint a picture, but I prefer to hear Mike Yeadon’s views

    The problem is multi-faceted, but includes the confusion between “schooled” and “educated”. Most “qualified” people are “schooled” and trot out only what they have received as indoctrination. “Educated” people buck the religeon and get attacked for their pains.

  48. Deane Compton

    Glad to have you back. Hope you are well. Has been far too quiet during your break. I shared your latest book with my 75 yr old GP. Waiting to hear back his thoughts. My Endochronologist would even read your book, saying instead you were obviously biased. Such can be life.
    Kind Regards

  49. Phil Stodart

    Hi Malcolm, glad to see your feeling well enough to write again. Hope you are on the mend, please keep up the good work; enjoyed your last book. Took it to Australia recently, had to undergo a bit of surgery following a bite from unknown insect.
    Had several follow up dressing appointments whereby I showed a nurse -The Clot Thickens –
    She immediately photocopied a section of interest. Hopefully sales will increase in Australia.
    Cheers Phil Stodart.

  50. ybfruitandveg

    I am so happy that you are back, Dr. K. Thank you writing this, and for your ability to make one chuckle, despite the seriousness of the topic. I hope you are doing well :).

  51. Andrew Denney

    Hi Dr Kendrick, I hope you’re health issue is much better !! Sad times continue standing up to the paid for by pharma establishments. These people have no morals, how can a bigger house, boat, holiday home or fast car compensate for the suffering caused on poor people following government advice on health, not knowing the manipulation going on. I only hope your good self & Aseem etc, get the recognition you deserve in your lifetime unlike poor Semmelweis. Going against accepted norms of the times and the paid for establishment will always be stressful. I think Einstein said something like, science changes one funeral at a time. Money 💰 the root of all evil. X

  52. jacquismith7

    Blimey! Absolutely terrifying. I hope whatever lawsuit is ongoing, you are victorious and that you keep speaking out. Your articles are extremely good for the mental health of myself and many others.

  53. Marjorie Daw

    Mark Twain said it best. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”
    Originally it was, one and you’re done, or two and you’re through to stop the pandemic. You’d think by now, people would have taken off the blinders. Unfortunately, they’ve been manipulated into such a state of fear and anxiety that they will mask, boost and isolate ad infinitum.

    It was a joy to find a missive from you in my inbox this morning even though the subject matter is bleak. Hope your health issues are in the rear view mirror. Wishing you good health.

      1. Janet

        “Three and you’re free!
        Four – you need more!
        Five – still alive . . . ?

        Six, – You’re for the Styxx.

  54. Brian Green

    Hi Malcolm,
    I’ve nothing to add to all the comments previously expressed, your article says everything.
    Just super happy that you are back posting again, and hope that your prostate issues are under control.?
    Oh, good luck with your libel case.
    Kind regards,
    Brian Green.

  55. Jean Humphreys

    It is good to have you back, but so sad that you are reporting on such a corrupt situation. I am somewhat relieved that being ancient I don’t have much longer to defend myself from all the corruption. But it is worrying about the world we are leaving for the children and grandchildren to live in.

  56. Steve

    Glad you’re back Doc, hope your health is good, take care.
    I’ve always been a bit untrusting of the BMA ever since I discovered their opposition to the formation of the NHS [1] – and the way they have been currently treating doctors who speak out.
    Makes one wonder what truly drives them.

  57. Brenda Gill

    I just finished reading ‘Empire of Pain” by Patrick Keefe, another sad tale of pharmaceutical influence and control.

  58. dr0907

    I just finished reading ‘Empire of Pain’ by Patrick Keefe, another sad tale of the influence, power and corruption of the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S.
    Back to preventative medicine!
    Dr. Brenda Gill N.D.

    Sent from my iPad

  59. Steve Prior

    Dear fellow curious types and thinkers…

    Contagious Vaccines, a dangerous idea and no informed consent!

    I happened to read the story on National Geographic, which grabbed my attention.

    Our, oh so clever scientists have been busying themselves, playing around with self-spreading vaccines. The only piece of good news is that our pharmaceutical corporations seem somewhat disinterested because it would change their business model, and they prefer to develop and control drugs (sometimes) forced on us!

    The business model is but one small issue, for me the bigger issue and problem is this, how on earth am I to give my informed consent?

    I suspect if the WHO got its way, they would be positioning this wonderful solution which our government would be happy to support.

    Am I worried unnecessarily, or is this the next bigger threat?

    Your answers on a postcard

    1. AhNotepad

      I think they would “work” (desperate business, see Private Eye for examples of “Desperate Business”) only if the germ theory work. I think the germ theory is a fallacy.

  60. Carol

    WOW!!! We need nothing short of the God of the Old Testament to intervene on humanity’s behalf. Lord, have mercy!!!

    And Dr. K, well wishes and prayers for your complete and sustained healing.

  61. Debra S Freke

    Dear Dr. Kendrick,

    A pleasure indeed to know that your strength has returned enough that you may resume in the work and interests of your professional career path. And to those that you hold near and dear in your life, may all be with them as well.

    At a more or less ‘grass level’ of placement in this life, one still has to question what is truth and what is not – especially so with the drug industry. Within this article -The Crushing Power of the Pharmaceutical Industry – there is mention of the Covid vaccination ‘placebo baselines percentages’. Just that fact alone, is evidence that the general population has reason to mistrust a Covid vaccination injection. And to know that much, that is going on is merely just ‘testing.’ Indeed, ‘the lab monkeys’ must all be gone, and we have become their replacements.

    Relating to all the current adversities that the Covid vaccinations have created, I thank God that such atrocities were not ‘played out’ during the 1960’s with the issue of the polio vaccine – can one not imagine that an entire generation would have been wheel chair bound.

    Your fine efforts of being an advocate of truth are much appreciated.

    Thank you Dr. Kendrick!

  62. Ollie

    Illegitimi non carborundum. I’m glad that you are back writing again Dr. K and I hope you return to full health soon.
    Mark Twain’s “a lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots” is even more true in the Information Age, or as is very apparent now the post truth age.

  63. Donna

    “Oops” indeed.
    Some of us are completely disenchanted with the medical establishment and I, for one, will never trust a nurse again. I will be very wary of a GP. These people showed an adherence to a totalitarian regime that I never thought I’d witness.
    I saw for myself the empty hospitals in 2020. There was no pandemic. Medics in A&E in three hospitals told me themselves how bored they were.
    With respect, Dr Kendrick, what you witnessed was a nocebo hysterical panic. People coming in with a cold or flu, put on ventilators and remdesivir by panic-stricken medics: people dropping like flies, hyperventilating. It’s just a panic attack. Oxygen levels drop from 100% to 95%.
    “Quick! Rush them to the ER! Ventilate!”
    It’s the common cold. Multiple variants. About 200 last time I checked.
    What can you do? Give up your job? LOL
    My husband was a fully trained carer for autistic adults. Not a dream job for most, but he excelled at caring for these lads.
    He was told in July 2021 by his manager to get the jab by September 15 or be fired by November. Many such cases.
    He had to leave a job he loved, right at the end of his cancer treatment. He worked there every day throughout the radiotherapy. He told his oncologist that there was no long-term studies regarding this experimental jab and cancer treatment.
    Yeah. Have a moral backbone. Give up your job in the name of truth.
    He is doing well but not working right now. I have serious health issues myself so he is caring for me this past few weeks.
    We both paid into this system all our lives and are undergoing extreme stress dealing with the social credit system.
    If anyone here has a one or two bed property to let for up to £550 anywhere at all, we would love to hear from you and get out of this social housing nightmare. We have the finances.

  64. Eggs ‘n beer

    Sorry to hear about the libel case, on top of everything else. The only people guaranteed a win there are the lawyers.

    Anyone got any ideas on long covid/toxic jab treatment? Ivermectin is still up there, and shikimic acid, in several foods such as fennel, comfrey, pine needles etc. in association with quercetin seem to be an option for neutralising spikes.
    AIAatT, we are probably coming up your way next month. How can we catch up?

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        Thanks Philip, yes, that’s got shikimic acid too. The problem with many of these extracts is cost. So far fennel tea at AUD5 per twenty sachets of 1.5gm pure ground fennel seeds is the best value, but I can buy 36gm of fennel seeds from the supermarket for $2.90 and grind them myself in a pestle and mortar for a fresher, cheaper brew. Which at a recommended dose of eight cups a day is important. Although just the thought of eight cups of fennel tea per day is more daunting than the cost ….

    1. David Bailey

      Somewhere back in time, Dr K explained that when he was forced to take the vaccine, he started taking a daily baby aspirin for a week before the jab and a month afterwards.

  65. Bev

    Glad to see you back and hope your health is OK. It occurs to me, with all these BigPharma dollars floating around…why didn’t they offer payments to people to get the jab, or would that have been too obvious.

    1. AhNotepad

      There were various scams where offers were made to encourage people to attend the Brittany Spears concerts, free ice creams, $, burgers mostly in the USA

  66. Leila

    I hope your health is improving. I missed your posts, it’s a relief to see another one again and to know you’re ok

  67. Elizabeth Rostaing

    As usual fantastic email
    Hope there will be more prominent doctors to oppose to the vaccine
    We are in hands of pharmaceutical companies who makes fortune and they do not care if people die from the vaccine whilst there are drugs to prevent covid
    Very sad world we live in !!

  68. kath6101

    Get well soon Dr Kendrick. I had missed your blog saying you had been unwell. I await your blogs even though most are extremely scary. Your blogs are written with great humour and should be read by great British public and maybe common sense would prevail. I also follow Aseem. Keep going both of you!

  69. David Bailey


    It is absolutely wonderful to see you are back! I hope you are recovering well, and will be posting here far into the future.

    Your post looks long and complicated, so I’ll copy it to my Kindle and read it later – so I may come back with further comments then.

    Neither of us got vaccinated (or even tested), and frankly I am going to avoid all vaccines for the time being because the crucial element of trust has been destroyed.

  70. Tommo

    Like all your well wishers and fans here, I am glad to see you back online and hope you are as fit as a fiddle again BTW I’m willing to chip in to a crowd fund if you need a wee bit of cash to help pay your lawyer’s bill. Mine were pro bono.

  71. Lynne

    Brilliant to receive your post Dr Kendrick, thank you for letting us know the truth. What a country and world we live in. Take care and look after your health

  72. Garry Fielding

    Proving the “Apple is wrotten to the core” my GP refuted that Statins were responsible for my sudden disability and dementia. Without telling me she doubled my Statins to 40mg. That would shut my mouth. My Pharmacist saved me.

    1. Prudence Kitten

      Garry, I think “refute” means “prove wrong” – which I don’t believe your GP did! Perhaps “denied” would be better.

      Please forgive me if this seems pedantic; it’s just that I hate seeing people write things that they (probably) don’t mean.

  73. Peter Ford

    Aseem Malhotra like yourself has been a beacon of light. Keep that beacon glowing. We may yet come through this dark age where venality feeds off medieval levels of superstition passed off as science, but only if we keep fighting.

    1. AhNotepad

      “The evidence is overwhelming that COVID vaccines keep people alive and out of the hospital.”

      This is the first statement on the pseudo sciencebasedmedicine site. It disagrees with even the official government data. Another pharma prostitute.

  74. Dr. Shelley Sovola, L.Ac.,OMD, Dipl.OM

    Excellent article! There is a strong movement of Scientist’s & Physicians standing up about this
    EUA use of these so called “vaccines’ that are destroying the immune system, with a host of many autoimmune reactions, blood clots, deaths. The lies and suppression of the truth are buried so the medical people and the public will believe this is for their good. Big Pharma is corrupt as the agencies pushing this, in bed together. Why are the medical practitioner not researching and using critical thinking before harming their patients??? I witness the highly Cov vaxxed, now sick with the Cov 19, and the mutated variant’s, exploding. We live in dangerous times, and also how the hospitals are profiting by the ‘ recommended’ drugs more harm followed by the ventilators. More deaths. And the Meds that help and save lives are all suppressed. These are nano-tech bio weapons. Saddens my heart that this evil agenda continues. Law suits are coming. Thank You Dr. Kendrick for posting.

    1. AhNotepad

      The MHRA, which pretends to be a regulator has made a statement that they are an enabler. I.e. they are a pharma prostitute.

  75. Mark Heneghan

    An interesting variation of ‘takes’ on covid vaccination. I returned to work as a GP this week. Through a combination of sick live and annual leave booked for my 64th birthday and 36th wedding anniversary, I had 19 days off for covid. It wasn’t as awful as when I had pneumonia in my 30s, but it went on much longer, especially the fatigue, which led to my sleeping at lunch time, something I haven’t done (sober) since my childhood. I was well enough to return this week, but would happily have had another week off, were it not for a combination of guilt and not wanting to let my partners down. I was triple vaccinated (Pfizer x3) and the 3rd made me quite I’ll for a couple of days.
    I was chatting to some colleagues on my return, and one of my dispensers (my age) said,’so much for bloody vaccines then!’ While one of my junior partners said ‘Thank god for the vaccines, think how I’ll you’d have been without them!’
    It reminded me of the ‘can’t lose’ logic of statin philes – if you take statins, you won’t have a heart attack, but if you do, it will be much less severe because of the statins.
    I’m not sure if I will have the 4th jab. Covid was more horrible than the side effects, so probably yes, but I certainly won’t coerce anybody into having it.

    1. MarciaT

      Mark – since the spike protein is toxic and since you’ve had covid, why on earth would you get another shot? Surely you have antibodies now that are better than any of these leaky vaccines?

    2. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

      Have you considered for a moment that maybe you got covid because you are vaccinated?

      All my vaccinated friends got it, thr majority more than once, none of my unvaccinated friends (or me and my family), though.

        1. AhNotepad

          Maybe she has, but how was it determined it was covid and not something else? Notwithstanding the discussion between germ and terrain theories. Simon Flexner was in the pay of Rockefeller when he invented virology. Biden and Fauci have supposedly been medicated up to the eyeballs and they are still “catching” it.

          1. Mark Heneghan

            We both used lateral flow tests only, we both had symptoms. Maybe, after all, I DIDN’T have covid, just a false positive test, and I was immune after all?

          2. Prudence Kitten

            Remember the “old” days – 3 years ago now – when a doctor would often do a brief examination and then say, “Looks like a virus. There’s been one going around”.

            Nowadays everyone KNOWS which virus it is. Somehow.

        2. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

          Since it seems that a anecdote with n=1 is akin to science, I see you and raise with my observation that if you are metabolically diseased, overweight, eat PUFAs, work shifts under fluorescent lights and high EMRs, and have insulin resistance, there is a likely chance that you can get a flu which somehow nowadais is always diagnosed as covid.

          I’m not, therefore I don’t get the flu, or covid, or whatever.

    3. Eggs ‘n beer

      The effects of the jab are cumulative. I even got a Queensland Heath stooge to confirm that to my MP. So if you had a reaction to number 3, it will probably be worse for number 4.

      Unfortunately for you the damage is done. I don’t know anyone unjabbed who has been hospitalised with Covid regardless of age and comorbidities. But most of them have been on vitamin D and many haven’t caught it at all. My sister has been on daily HCQ (for her RA) as well as D, and, golly gosh, not only has she not caught covid but her osteoporosis has disappeared! As it’s so well established that vitamin D cannot possibly affect osteoporosis then it must be a hitherto unknown side effect of the HCQ.

      Returning to the jabbed and Covid, these are the only ones I know who get it severely, sometimes requiring hospitalisation. Our hospitals are full of them. Despite a 92.8% fully jabbed population. And of course the health system is under huge stress because of the numbers of 100% fully and mostly triple jabbed staff sick with Covid. The other Covid category needing hospitals are the Covid jabbed. Often several times from only one dose. With ongoing symptoms after nine months. None of this is surprising to those who studied the results of the original Pfizer trial, where it is clear that an excess mortality of 25% and a 70% excess hospitalisation rate in the toxin group compared to the saline placebo told the world that the jabs are not safe, not effective, and should never, ever have been approved anywhere for anything, let alone for six month olds. It is not a vaccine. Changing definitions doesn’t change the spots.

        1. Mark Heneghan

          Very interesting. Re frequency of testing, I have only ever tested for 2 reasons – when symptomatic or if I needed a negative test in order to enter a building such as a nursing home. This was against advice to be testing more frequently. Over the covid period we have seen a near permanent and demoralising absenteeism of both medical and non medical staff from our practice, a proportion of which were from positive lft alone (not contact testing or symptomatic). GPs as a group have been constantly criticised for ‘closing during covid’, so we have had to box clever to keep providing a service. If you didn’t test frequently you were being irresponsible, possibly being an asymptomatic spreader, and if you did test and went off, you were putting your partners doing face to face under higher pressure.
          We also, unsurprisingly we’re under great pressure to be vaccinated, and to be the first in line. Refusal at that time would have been very disruptive for the practice, and if it resulted in your not being permitted to work, would definitely have been labelled as selfish.

      1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

        What we can see in the NSW data is a moderate increase in side effects from 1st to 2nd dose and from 2nd to 3rd dose, but a very alarming increase from 3rd to 4th dose.

        I seriously doubt that many would survive the planned boosters every 9 months.

        E&B, have you found my email address in one of my previous comments?

          1. Janet Love

            I take between 5,000 and 10,000IU D3 per day, depending on Season. and 100 to 200mcg of K2
            When last checked, end of last year, 78ng/ml (195 nmol / L ) Took me a year to move from ’68mg up to 78mg/ml

            Working for me !

        1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

          The jury is still out regarding the effect of vitamin D supplements, compared to vitamin D from food and sunshine.

          Of course that could most likely be because the unbiased scientific community wouldn’t probably like very much to see a cheap vitamin doing so well compared to patented drugs, but I still try to get all I need from sunbathing.

          1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

            I believe you have problems reading my comment, it could likely be my fault since English isn’t ny first language.

            I was explicitly referring to vitamin D, not K2. There is not clear evidence that vitamin D supplementation could help with Alzheimer’s and all cause mortality for example, while there is plenty of evidence (association, but yet…) that high vitamin D levels from food and sunshine could.

            Also, I clearly expressed my concern about the scientific bias, surely helped by generous grants.

            And yet, while I advice my clients to take vitamin K2, C and – if needed -other vitamins, I’m still hesitant with vitamin D.

          2. thecovidpilot

            Forgot to finish my thought…

            If your D levels are low and drop 10 ng/ml, you may end up with severe deficiency and be unable to clear inflammation or signal immune cells to specialize against cancer cells. Inability to clear inflammation as a response to infection seems to be why covid progresses.

            Testing of vitamin D levels ought to be done quarterly, in my view. There are a great many things that can impact vitamin D levels, including something you might not think would, like a bad case of poison ivy or an autoimmune flareup.

          3. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

            I agree on everything you said. I’m still non completely convinced of the efficacy of vitamin D supplementation compared to auto production and food, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t use it.

            My n=2 experimental (my wife and I) from when I lived in Victoria was positive: I always supplemented with 10,000 IU per day for most of the year and 100-200 mcg K2, never got sick, not even a cold.

            We also eat large amounts of fatty seafood and eggs (I often eat more than 60 eggs a week).

      2. Eric

        According to RKI as cited by eugyppius (certainly no vaccine lover), triple vaccination vs non-vax still reduces hospitalization rates by 10x for 12-17 and 60+ and 3x for 18-59 year olds (last three graphs in post):

        I’ve made a note to look for effiacy against vaccination. Last I looked a few months ago, it was still slightly positive in RKI reporting, unlike the public health UK where it had been negative for a few months. We can speculate about the reasons (data collection, definitions, use of vector vaccines, larger intervals between vaccinations).

        From my own social group of family, friends and colleagues (mostly engineers and scientists), many who had been holding out until now have now caught it during the current BA5 wave. Most who caught it for the first time say it was pretty nasty, like a bad flu.

        I cannot confirm that the vaccinated are catching it at greater rates. In my department of 15, four are unvaccinated and vocal about it. Three have caught it, two of them twice this spring/summer. The other was out with a nasty respiral infection for a week and a half just now. She never tested positive, much as she would have liked to get the recovered certificate. On the other hand, there are still at least four of us who are triple vaccinated and have never caught it (either in symptoms or testing). Myself, I try to get sufficient Vit D and avoid seed oils, and I have been in a few situations in recent weeks where there was ample exposure and people tested positive afterwards and I didn’t. This includes attending a graduation ceremony and party after which most of my family (who had also been holding out) tested positive, spending three days with them afterwards, leaving for overseas business travel, and returning when two were still positive. The travel included sitting side by side with a colleague who was sniffling and coughing and it turned out he had been travelling in another group of four just three days prior, two of which tested positive afterwards. He never did, but only got to test twice with three days in between because he didn’t bring enough tests and couldn’t get any while travelling.

        Just to throw that into the bag, my parents (80+) have had four shots and are still holding out, as are my PIL (3 shots, 70+). They were all diligent about avoiding exposure but are eating out again now.

        So I am ready to say vaccines are no great help against catching the current strains, but I can see no anecdotal evidence to say that the vaccinated are more susceptible. It is probably true that everyone has been exposed by now, whether vaccinated or not, and some are reasonably or fully immune for a number of reasons (genetics, lifestyle, co-morbidities, vaccination status, cross-immunity from other CV infections, …). This will make it more difficult to establish vacine efficiency now.

        1. Eggs ‘n beer

          Thank you for the links Eric. Taking the vitamin D first. An interesting comment in the article is “The expert group’s members were supposed to come up with a minimum daily requirement for the vitamin”.

          It doesn’t seem to me that they made any attempt to do that, merely dosing people with 2,000 iu per day. For people with osteoporosis that may not be the minimum dose. For my sister, who has been on 5,000 IU per day since Covid started, her OP has vanished. If you look at the funding, the outcome was predetermined …. and if the outcome overwhelmingly went the wrong way, the study wouldn’t have been published (DD Ch 7).

          The graph that’s missing from eugyppius’ article is the hospitalisations from the jab. We know from the Phase III Pfizer trial that severe adverse events were 70% higher in the jab cohort than the placebo. Assuming that ‘severe adverse event’ can be a synonym for hospitalisation, any efficacy or effectiveness (different definitions) are irrelevant, especially when taking into account the 25% excess mortality in the trial.

          Now, I don’t know 100,000 people. Or even 1,000 people, so these rates don’t seem very high, and I don’t know any hospitalised with, let alone from, Covid. But my MIL and my daughter were hospitalised from the jab, my daughter twice.

        2. jeresavo1

          New study from the Netherlands
          ‘’After both vaccination & booster campaigns, we did not observe the negative correlation between mortality & vaccination expected for an effective vaccine’’

          ‘’We could not observe a mortality-reducing effect of vaccines in Dutch municipalities, while we did find a 4-sigma-significant mortality-enhancing effect during the two periods of high unexplained excess mortality’’

          ‘’Our main result remains alarming & calls for more research on the effect of current covid vaccines on all-cause mortality’’

    4. Sasha

      I recently had someone tell me that their first covid episode, back in 2020 and before any jabs, was much easier than their second covid episode, after 2 jabs and a booster.
      It seems whatever version of the truth one prefers, you can find evidence for it

      1. Mr Chrus

        Great comment.
        It seems whatever version of the truth one prefers, you can find evidence for it

        I like this very succinct comment
        Reminds of the line from the Simon and Garfunkel The Boxer
        T’il a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.

  76. thecovidpilot

    Elderberry has immunomodulatory properties…

    “Botanical drugs and supplements affecting the immune response in the time of COVID-19: Implications for research and clinical practice”

    “Elderberry has immunomodulatory properties. In monocytes of healthy donors, a commercial formulation (Sambucol, Razei Bar Industries, Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel) containing elderberry juice, stimulated production of the pro-inflammatory cytokines interleukin (IL)-1β, IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-α (Barak, Halperin, & Kalickman, 2001; Waknine-Grinberg, El-On, Barak, Barenholz, & Golenser, 2009). Enhanced release of IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-α was also seen in the human alveolar carcinoma cell line A549 exposed to SN juice concentrate (Torabian, Valtchev, Adil, & Dehghani, 2019). SN juice and methanolic extracts also produced a decrease in LPS-stimulated NF-κB activation, a key transcription factor involved in the immune response (Voldvik, 2015). A reduction of LPS-induced pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL-1β, IL-6, TNF-α) and COX-2 gene expression was reported in a murine macrophage model where the SN extract (1 mg/mL) had been exposed to a simulated gastrointestinal digestion process prior to the bioassay (Olejnik et al., 2015). Elderberry juice concentrate (10 mg/day) increases influenza A-specific neutralizing antibodies in bronchioalveolar lavage fluid of female BALB/c mice (Kinoshita, Hayashi, Katayama, Hayashi, & Obata, 2012).”

  77. MarciaT

    To Neil Upton – your comment, “Sorry grow up there’s no conspiracy” – is one that does nothing to further discussion. Nor does it “prove” anything. How about just being civil and not resorting to put-downs.

      1. thecovidpilot

        Couldn’t the de-licensing of AW be compared with what is being done to McCullough? Or do you think that pharma isn’t pressuring certification boards to withdraw cert from critics of pharma products and from promoters of competing, inexpensive repurposed drugs?

        1. Neil Upton

          AW was attempting to produce a single measles vaccine and promoting the hypothesis that the triple mmr vaccine was the cause of the children’s bowel and autism however his and allies paper only included 12 cases not all had had the mmr vaccine.

          1. AhNotepad

            I’ve pointed out it was not a vaccine he was developing. Change the record and stop misinforming people.

          2. thecovidpilot

            Here’s Wakefield’s patent application from 1997.


            This is evidence that Wakefield had thought about marketing a combination vaccine/therapeutic.

            Wakefield’s controversial paper was published in 1998.

            Was there an ethical breach? By today’s standards, if Wakefield was still planning on pursuing the development of a commercial vaccine, yes. Not sure what the ethical standards were in 1998.

            Is there any evidence following the initial patent application that Wakefield was planning on pursuing vaccine development?

            Is Wakefield merely a charlatan or is he an actual scientist? The record of his achievements in science is clear.

            I at one time looked into applying for a patent and discontinued my search. People often start projects involving patents and discontinue them. This is a key point.

            Were there people campaigning against Wakefield? Certainly, and they might well have been paid by the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine.

            This is a sticky wicket with no clear heroes or villains. Was Deer creating controversy in order to benefit himself? Certainly.

          3. AhNotepad

            The link is from It is labeled as “secret patent”. There are two points, Brian Deer is totally conflicted, second to describe a patent as secret is oxymoronic. If you want to keep a secret, a patent is not the way to do it. A patent is giving something publicity with protection to prevent people stealing the intellectual property (though that often doesn’t work as there are plenty of thieves around).

          4. thecovidpilot

            Normally, you produce something and market it, then patent it. I’ve seen no evidence that the patent was anything but a dead end.

            It looks to me like Wakefield was smeared.

          5. Eggs ‘n beer

            Rather, you invent something, and patent it. Then you can market/produce it. Once something has been marketed, or published, it can’t be patented. You must patent it before you reveal your intellectual property to the world, or it becomes common knowledge.

  78. thecovidpilot

    “The pre-emptive strike by US vaccine policymakers on Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues’ investigation into the immunopathology of children with chronic enterocolitis and regressive developmental disorder (1) brings into sharp relief the inappropriate intervention of politics into what should be an apolitical scientific examination….”

    The AW takedown looks political, whatever the scientific problems with his data.

    I recall that Didier Raoult was criticized for an early study of HCQ where he removed patients who were severely ill from his study. In hindsight, his action was understandable as he realized late that HCQ had to be given early to work, but his detractors didn’t care and really didn’t understand the issues (or perhaps had been corrupted by pharma). The lesson is that early studies in an area often have problems and AW’s studies fall in this category.

  79. Jeremy May

    We need a new avenue down which the powers that be can blindly hurtle.

    The problem with the vaccines is that it’s very difficult to definitively link the jab to the symptom. Plus, despite the reams of figures, graphs and tables telling us that the damn things are all but useless, it’s been pretty easy for the authorities to obfuscate, debunk and deny. Largely because the vast majority of people get their news from MSM – and they drink from the same fetid trough as the pharmas.
    My neighbours for example only watch the BBC and Sky (in the UK) so they only get one, very lopsided, message. My (lovely) 75-year-old lady neighbour’s hair is falling out. It’s about 2 weeks since her 4th injection but I haven’t dared suggest the two are potentially linked.

    No, the new avenue will be for the authorities to wage a campaign to ready us for a future batdemic. This will be achieved through the complete overhaul the western world’s metabolic health.
    The point is that here you can see the problems, so they are more relatable. The issues are often physical, so visible. You can’t easily behind a set of numbers lovingly manipulated by the establishment’s PR department, because the evidence is in plain sight..
    It’s hard to see the myocarditis caused by a jab. Plus, it can easily be put down to something else. It can be hidden or obscured.
    But you CAN see a huge pair of buttocks. In the overwhelming number of cases, we can associate these directly with ‘an overactive knife and fork’. Then tactfully suggest a remedy.
    Or if someone is highly stressed, like me when I’m on the way to see my diabetic nurse, there’s at least the chance of respite through red wine, er sorry, counselling.

    I jest. If I didn’t, I’d go mad. But let’s be honest, metabolic health is an important one.

  80. LA_Bob

    Glad to see you’re feeling well enough to write this post. Certainly hope that continues to be the case!

    But sorry to hear you’re embroiled in a libel lawsuit. The stuff never stops, does it?

  81. Charles Pullar

    Dear Dr Kendrick, I am pleased and relieved you are sufficiently well to write this. I have been following your block I think for 4 to 5 years. I don’t remember how I found you, my interest at the time was cardiovascular disease. Until COVID we drove from Surrey to Macclesfield about four times a year to have dinner with a group of friends we met when we lived in Hazel Grove. One of the women was ill with a serious heart condition. I told her about your book, which she bought and followed much of your advice. The information in Dr Aseem Malhotras videos is cause for despair. Thank you both for the work you have both done to bring these matters into the public domain.
    I hope you are fully recovered soon.
    Charles Pullar

  82. Jeremy May

    The official (establishment) line is STILL to get your boosters, including children. But according to Dr Clair Craig interviewed on GB News (freely available mainstream TV, although ‘frowned upon’ by many), an increasing proportion of people including youngsters were failing to turn up for vaccine appointments. Perhaps the message is getting through to some degree.
    The GB News segment led with the story that the German government released vaccine damage figures.
    She’s a gutsy lady for getting her views out there. Hope this link works…..

    1. Andrew H

      I see Dr Clare Craig has now been suspended on twitter presumably for saying something that the USA interns at twitter didn’t like.

  83. Sasha

    A question for those with a better grasp of physiology than me:

    I am reading the paper “A Unified Theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease” by Drs Rath and Pauling. On page 8, the authors discuss three genetic disorders: familial hypercholesterolemia, familial hypertriglyceridemia, and familial combined hyperlipidemia.

    They go on to say: “ascorbate deficiency unmasks these underlying genetic defects and leads to an INCREASED PLASMA CONCENTRATION of lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides) and lipoproteins (LDL, VLDL) as well as to their deposition in the impaired vascular wall.

    After reading Dr Kendrick’s books, I was under the impression that fat and water don’t mix and that’s why the body developed the mechanism of lipoproteins to shuttle fats in the bloodstream.

    If that’s the case, how can we have increased plasma concentration of cholesterol and trigs? What am I missing?

    Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Gary Ogden

      Sasha: The passage you quoted is simply poorly-worded. Lipids, by definition, are insoluble in water (and thus in blood). Lipoproteins, on the other hand, are perfectly happy to float about in blood (and thanks goodness). Not certain about triglycerides, but I suspect they are also soluble in water.

      1. Gary Ogden

        thecovidpilot: Thanks. But then would they still be called “fats” or “lipids”? Perhaps “free fatty acids”? I’m not quibbling. While we now know that most published scientific findings are false, I think it incumbent upon those reporting their findings use language correctly.

        1. thecovidpilot

          They are still called lipids. There are also fatty acids. From wiki, “a fatty acid is a carboxylic acid with an aliphatic chain,” There is some polar character to fatty acids and they tend to have a hydrogen ion attached.

    2. Martin Back

      Sasha, I’m taking a guess here. Vitamin C deficiency loosens the tight junctions between the endothelial cells lining the arteries. So maybe the plasma leaks out through the cracks but the lipids, being big molecules, stay behind in the bloodstream. This would have the effect of increasing the lipid concentration in the plasma.

  84. Eric

    I could have posted this further up in the discussion about Vitamin D vs Covid, but I feel it is so important it might merit Malcolm dissecting the study in a separate blog entry:

    or as a free 14 day link:

    So, apparently, a study of more than 25,000 participants has shown that taking 2,000 IU of Vitamin D has no effect on cancer rates, cardiovascular disease or bone fracture, and an Australian study has shown it has no effect on longevity. The NYT article does no explictly mention susceptibility to infection.

    From the article, it does not seem like the typical supplement study that was designed to show that supplements don’t work. In fact, the lead author said she expected to find a benefit.

    So what do we make of it? Was 2,000 units too low? What of Dr. Holick’s charts of cancer rates vs. latitude? Could it be that Vit D pills are just another case of reductionim, and it is something in sunlight that cannot be put in bottle? Should Dr. Holick’s charts be redrawn with current data now that so many people at low latitudes are hiding from the sun or lathering up with SPF30+? What about plenty of circumstantial evidence that megadoses of Vit D help once has caught a nasty infection. Or is it just time to resign and throw out the pills or drops and go hide?

    1. Sasha

      Throw out the pills and eat seal blubber)

      Not sure if this sort of request is appropriate for this blog; if not, Dr Kendrick, please let me know:

      If anyone on here has contacts with Canadian sealers and willing to share them, do you mind contacting me at sasha dot kremer at yahoo dot com? I am looking to procure some seal products…

      Thank you very much in advance

    2. thecovidpilot

      2,000 IU? By way of context, a young, healthy person can produce ten times that amount in one solar exposure. The obese will obtain very little benefit from such a low dose. Same with people with liver dysfunction.

      Focus on 25OHD levels needed to get optimal vitamin D benefit. 50-70 ng/ml looks optimal.

      Maybe we need to know our actual vitamin D levels and quit guessing?

    3. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

      Sun radiation has obviously many more benefits than just making us produce vitamin D, from NO production to hormone regulation (melatonin, cortisol).

      But as much as I love sunbathing, and I live at the tropics and I sunbathe every day in Winter for a couple of hours in the middle of the day, the amount of vitamin D produced at my age (closer to 60 than to 50) isn’t enough to keep my vitamin D level from dropping.

      Using a popular and usually reliable app, laying down in my badgie smuggler from 1 to 3 on a sunny day gives me approximately 4000IU, with 5000IU the minimum required to keep my current level. Of course there is some vitamin D from food, but that just compensate for the few cloudy days.

    4. Prudence Kitten

      My humble amateur understanding has been that not only Vitamin D, but also Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, and magnesium are desirable in the appropriate proportions. But even more important are sunshine, proper food, and adequate sleep. Oh, and a level of stress that suits the individual. It’s easy enough to judge your level of stress – just relax and listen to your body and mind.

      After a long lifetime of seeking, I have finally come to believe that the ideal and minimal diet for human beings includes plenty of fresh fatty red meat from healthy animals that graze naturally in the fields. Cows, sheep, deer; optionally fish and a little pork and chicken if desired. Vegetables that grow above ground entirely optional; perhaps best excluded. Fruit is nature’s candy; it should be eaten sparingly as a treat.

      I am sure many will disagree vehemently. It’s working well for me so far; for the first time in 60 years I am steadily and slowly losing weight, and feeling better than I did 30 years ago. The book that oepned my eyes was Dr Shawn Baker’s “The Carnivore Diet”.

      1. Marcia T

        Prudence Kitten – congratulations! It’s an amazing way to eat and well worth the effort.
        As far as your take on vitamins, check out the book Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life by Kate Rheaume-Bleue – without the proper amount of K, calcium doesn’t help the bones but goes into soft tissue – and D is an important component of that mix.

    5. Martin Back

      Last winter I started taking 4000 IU of Vit D3 a day. Then I noticed my urine had developed a pale coral pink blush. That might be an indication that there was something wrong with my plumbing, but I chose to assume I was creating expensive urine with my D3 intake. I cut the dose to 2000 IU in winter, and 1000 IU in summer if there was no sun or I was indoors all day.

      Do I have good Vit D levels? No idea. Did I get colds and flu? Occasional runny nose but nothing debilitating, and that’s using packed public transport with the windows closed, so I get exposed to most of the germs doing the rounds.

      1. barovsky

        Well I’ve been taking VitD/K2 for the past 20 years, since returning to the UK from Africa. My Vit D levels are slap-bang in the middle of the range (123 nmol/L – Range – 50-200). Vit D 1000IU and K2 45mcg.

        As to flu and colds; well I haven’t caught the flu since 1975! And I can’t remember the last time I caught a cold. Vit D? I doubt it, it’s more likely that the flu I caught in 1975 (and survived!) taught my immune system a good lesson!

    6. Frederica Huxley

      It is my understanding that Vitamin D3 must be combined with magnesium and Vitamin K2 to be effective. Nothing works in isolation, and the co-nutrients ensure that calcium is moved from soft tissue to the bone matrix where it can affect the strength of the bones.

  85. bartholo77

    A scientist, in order to research and publish his work, he needs to secure his funds and reputation. When a scientist meets the interest of a certain group, he will get support for his work from that group: herewith has a scientist with a one-sided opinion or a half-truth its necessary support and publication. Yet when he researches & publishes only the truth (it being no-one’ invested interest), then he has the world against himself. The truth has, as no-one has an invested interest in it, to conquer its own territory. That is why, in the reality that there is nothing being so much hated as the naked truth.

  86. Jeremy May

    Interesting new video from John Campbell about Pfizer’s exploitation of The NHS reference an epilepsy drug.
    Reading some of the subsequent comments, including from the USA, exploitation is not a new phenomenon. Of course, we never suspected this did we??

  87. Judith neaves

    Hi Malcolm
    Thanks for this. I was interested that the recent DTB podcast thought nice and MHRA were in breach of regulations as overstepping the mark regarding not advertising drugs.

  88. joanofarc441

    Now we can see why John Le Carré noted in the epilogue of his book “The Constant Gardener” – a fictionalised account of the ruthless, murderous behaviour of giant pharmaceutical organisations – that his book was not based on a real story. However, in researching behind the scenes he came to see that his novel was but a walk in the park compared to the truth of what goes on.

  89. Many Paths to Healing

    You are absolutely correct.

    No more scientific debate allowed.

    Anyone who questions the dominant, profit-driven narrative must be silenced by whatever means possible.

    This is truly a nightmare of major proportions.

    I am so sad after spending most of my life in the health field to see this happening. A close colleague, Dr. Meryl Nass, has had her medical license suspended for treating COVID-19 patients with life-saving therapeutics such as ivermectin.

    Claire Mortimer, FNP, MSN


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