COVID19 – so many questions, so few real answers

14th September 2022

Some of you may remember COVID19. We had an epidemic, or a pandemic, or … choose whatever word you like best. The legacy of it still hangs about in many strange, disconnected actions.

My last flight in late August, on Lufthansa, required me to wear a mask. The connecting flight with Swissair, did not. No mask was required whilst waiting at Munich airport or being transported to and from the planes in a crowded bus. Go figure. I am sure this all makes sense to someone, somewhere.

Anyway, I thought it might be good time to have a catch up and see if we can learn anything more about the pandemic and the drastic actions taken to control it. The first thing to say is that this is a complex task. Mainly because the data surrounding COVID19 are unreliable. To say the least.

How many people have been infected with Sars-Cov2? How many have died? I believe we can only really guess. Worldometer, as of the tenth of September 2022, confidently informed me there have been around six hundred million people infected with COVID19 worldwide (613,234,326). The number of deaths is just over six million (6,514,989)1.

Quite remarkably, this represents infection fatality rate of pretty much bang on one per cent. As predicted by Imperial College London and Professor Neill Ferguson. Take a bow that man? Or perhaps not. How many people think that those figures are remotely accurate? Certainly not me. Just to start with, do we really believe that ninety per cent of people have managed to avoid a Sars-Cov2 infection?

My own belief is that virtually everyone in the world has been exposed to/infected by Sars-Cov2 and at least once. (The concept of what ‘infection’ means has undergone a bit of a transformation, a.k.a. mangling). We already know many people have been infected several times. In fact, as early as the autumn of 2020, doctors were seeing people who had been, proven, to be infected twice. Even then, these cases were considered to be the tip of the iceberg.2

If people were getting infected twice, within six months of the virus arriving, I think we can safely assume almost everyone else has been infected at least once. Maybe a few villagers in the Amazonian rain forest have remained exposure, and infection, free. As for everyone else… unlikely.

And as for the numbers of COVID19 deaths, again, can we know anything for certain? I wrote out four death certificates which included COVID19 as a cause. This was early on, before much testing was possible. I have no idea if they had COVID19, or not. I cannot imagine I was alone in adding to the COVID19 stats, whilst blundering around in the dark.

If we can’t really rely on these, the most basic of facts, then can we learn anything? I think so, I hope so. Indeed, from the very start I tended to focus my attention away from COVID19 specific data, towards data I felt I could trust. Namely, the overall mortality rate.

Although these data do not allow us to be certain who died of COVID19, the numbers are the most robust we have. Someone is either alive, or dead, and it is difficult to get the diagnosis wrong. Yes, there can be some delays in reporting etc. but in general dead is dead and alive is alive, and that is that. One hundred per cent accurate.

Of course, in order to use these figures, I have to make assumption (made by many others), that spikes in overall mortality would be the best way to get a fix on how many people COVID19 was actually killing. A big spike – more deaths from COVID19. No spike, no extra deaths from COVID19 (or very few).

So, did every country show pretty much the same pattern in mortality? Or were there extremes or outliers? I am a believer that it is at the extremes where answers can often be found.

I began by looking for countries – or populations within those countries – that suffered a major increase in overall mortality. Then I looked for matching countries, and populations, that showed no change, or very little change. Because here, maybe, we could find some solid ground to stand on.

The most easily accessed data can be found at EuroMOMO3. This is a resource where data on overall mortality are collated from many different European countries. The site then plots mortality against a (moving) five-year average.

I ended up focussing on European data, not just because it was easy to find, but mainly because most European countries are very similar in many important parameters. Standard of living, health service provision, demographics, life expectancy and suchlike. Which means that you are comparing like with like. Try to compare Norway with, say, Kenya, and you end up with a mess.

On the other hand, you can more reasonably compare Norway and Sweden. There are far fewer differences between them, which should make it simpler to spot the key one(s).

However, to start with I am not going to look at Norway and Sweden. Instead. I want to draw your attention to four countries that are not, in truth, separate countries. They are Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Four different ‘parts’ that make up the single entity known as ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. Longest country name in the world – good pub quiz question.

It is true these four ‘countries’ did not do precisely the same things during lockdown. But the differences in timings and actions, were small – with a few (look at me, I’m locking down harder than anyone else, vote for me … thank you Nicola) variants. However, you will struggle to find any other four countries that were more alike in their characteristics and actions.

Despite their many similarities, one of these populations showed a hugely significant increase in overall mortality, and the other three did not. This difference can be seen most starkly within the age group of forty-five to sixty-four.

First, a short explanation of what you can see in the graphs below.

The – somewhat difficult to make out – dotted line represents the rate of overall mortality five standard deviations above the norm for the time of year. Mortality is always higher in winter than summer, but these graphs take this into account, and are mathematically flattened out.

The darker, spiky line represents the overall mortality rate. If it rises above the dotted line this is considered to be a ‘statistically significant’ event. Or, to put it another way, something is happening that is killing far more people than we would expect to see, and we need to find out what. This is normally due an infectious disease of some kind, almost always influenza.

The scale on the left -10, 0, 10, 20 is not an absolute figure. It represents the standard deviation from the mean (the z score). If it goes above ten, this is big time trouble. Above twenty, look out, the sky is falling. In general, two standard deviations from the mean is considered ‘statistically significant’ in medical research.

2017 TO SEPT 2022

As you can see. England had a three major mortality ‘peaks’. Spring 2020. Winter 2020/21 and a far more diffuse mountain range in autumn and winter 2021. The other three countries showed almost nothing at all.

I will just add in here that the difference is not restricted to this one age group. Below is a graph of the sixty-five to seventy-four-year-olds.

2017 TO SEPT 2022

Pretty much the same pattern emerges. Two massive upticks in overall mortality in England, very little elsewhere. Absolutely nothing to see in Northern Ireland. If COVID19 was killing lots of people in Northern Ireland, it was not showing up.

First question, does England have a worse health service than the other three countries? No, it does not. Is the overall health worse in England? Well, in general, the English have a longer life expectancy than those in the other three countries, rather than the other way around. Which suggests that the English are, in general, healthier 4.

What was the same in these countries

  • The health services
  • The age of those dying (I matched people for age)
  • The lockdowns (very minor differences)
  • The treatments given
  • The vaccinations given
  • The climate
  • Overall life expectancy (very minor differences, should be favouring England)

So, what was different?

Over to you. Because if we can work out what caused all these people to die in England, and not in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we can probably learn something of great value.

Before that – and changing tack for a moment or two, in the early days of COVID19, everyone jumped around claiming that Norway had done things fantastically well, as they had no change in overall mortality, and very few recorded COVID19 deaths. ‘Look at them shutting their borders and enforcing a very tight lock-down. Way to go whoop, whoop.’

No-one bothered to mention Northern Ireland. Which did precisely the same as England. Yet also had no change in overall mortality, as per Norway. You could argue that Northern Ireland did not fit the agreed narrative, whereas Norway did.

Sweden, on the other hand, famously did not lock down, ‘shock-horror, everyone in charge should be fired, or thrown in jail’. Sweden did have significant uptick in overall mortality. Proof that lock-downs were essential?

Possibly … probably not. Many other countries in Europe which did lock down, have had far more COVID19 deaths, and a greater impact on overall mortality, than Sweden.

Here are the European countries that have recorded more COVID19 deaths, per head of population, than Sweden. In descending order1:

  • Bulgaria
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Hungary
  • North Macedonia
  • Georgia
  • Croatia
  • Czechia
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Lithuania
  • San Marino
  • Slovenia
  • Latvia
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Poland
  • Moldova
  • Italy
  • Armenia
  • Belgium
  • UK
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • France
  • Liechtenstein
  • Austria
  • Estonia
  • Andorra

Here, I did use COVID19 deaths, as reported on Worldometer – with all caveats recognised. The reason for using these figures rather than overall mortality, is that they were, initially, used to attack, the Swedish response. [People are a lot quieter about Sweden now] Also, calculating the overall mortality increases in these countries represents a very major task – with complex adjustments to be made. So, I didn’t do it here. I would also point out, for the sake of completeness, that Sweden is reported to have had 1,968 COVID19 deaths per one million of the population. Norway 728. [Two per thousand vs. point seven per thousand]

Lithuania, by the way, like Norway, is very similar to Sweden. For about a hundred years they ruled central Europe together within the Union of Kedainiai. In many ways, they have more in common than Sweden and Norway. It should be noted that Lithuania locked down early, and hard. You may note Lithuania pops up at number ten in the list above. Reported COVID19 death rate 3,528 per million.

You may disagree with my definition of European country … Gibraltar? Listen, I got this from Worldometer, so you can fight with them. However, if anyone wishes to tell me that Sweden suffered a unique catastrophe due to their reluctance to fully lock down, they may struggle to convince me that it was the critical factor. In fact, I may give a hollow laugh, even raise a quizzical eyebrow.

So, what else was different between Norway and Sweden? Something that could reasonably explain the difference in both recorded COVID19 deaths, and overall mortality. I believe there is another clue within the EuroMOMO data. If you choose to look at what you are actually seeing.

Below are the data from Norway from late 2017 (slightly annoyingly, their data only started in late 2017).


What stands out very clearly is that the Norwegian overall mortality rate has never spiked. At least not since late 2017… on EuroMOMO. This was even the case in the winter of 2018, which was a bad flu season across most of Europe. Something that shows up most clearly in Germany, although the same pattern can also be seen, to a lesser extent, in France, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, UK, Portugal, Italy etc.


Did the Norwegians lock down in 2018. No, they did not. So, what stopped them dying from flu? The answer is … something else. And that something may well be the same thing that stopped them dying of COVID19.

As an aside, why did the Germans not panic in 2018, when more people were dying then, than from COVID19 in 2021? They had a z-score of very nearly twenty. Did anyone even notice? Was it front page headlines? No, of course not. It passed in virtual silence. Compare and contrast, as they say.

Anyway, I hope that I have given you a little puzzle to solve. I have been contemplating this puzzle for some time, and I think I may have identified the key factor that can explain the patterns in the UK, and also between Norway and Sweden. I am interested to see what other people’s thoughts might be.

Before coming back with answers. Remember, these data are age-matched. They compare overall mortality, not the number of recorded deaths from COVID19. They are not the absolute numbers of deaths, but variation from the mean. The z-score.





239 thoughts on “COVID19 – so many questions, so few real answers

  1. Jeanie

    Hi Dr K good to see you back rattling the cages again so ok not being the brightest bunny in the world and presently fighting my own demons I give in ,what’s the answer please or no sleep for me tonight.
    All I can add is myself and hubby are unvaxed in any way shape or form and perfectly fine having done our rounds of ” virus” infections maybe twice this last 3 years while around us most of our relatives are suffering heart issues or other issues they’ve never experienced in their lives and have actually laid off belting into us at every opportunity for being selfish and unvaxed.They are also the same people attending long covid clinics now and asking why are we healthy!. I’m not happy that these people are suffering so early on in this pandemic aftermath but at the same time they made our lives hell,cutting us out of family gatherings,phew no great loss there lol, or berating us in phone calls.My son even said if we were so secure in our decisions let’s have a covid party and he’d bring his infected children over,moron,we declined not very one with half a brain would expose themselves to any ” virus” particularly at our ages.anyway go on doc tell me the answer.take care

  2. andy

    As soon as a positive test became a serious case of infection. And an unusual number of positive tests became a pandemic. ( and flu became disregarded, and personal immunity became ignored) I knew for evermore all statistics were simply political activism of a sort.
    But my story.
    I was in the funeral business. At the peak of the NHS ‘being overwhelmed’ I asked the chaps strill there if they were seeing …well, overwhelming numbers of deaths, and the answer was “Not at all. Usual ticking along. ”
    I asked a Funeral Director last month in Devon if he had ‘been overwhelmed’ at all. ( they are the stars of society. Humble kind and yet to the point.)
    “No not at all ever really. But Now we are! Those not getting care, those simply giving up without having issues treated….And the suicides of course.”
    “Has anyone in the media ever asked you for your take on the last three years?” I asked.
    “No. No-one…no-one at all.”

      1. Suzanne Cummins

        I think you’re getting close. Not vitamin D uptake, but vitamin D population needs. Darker-skinned peoples require more vitamin D.
        From Wikipedia: “ According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) based on population survey figures from 2019, people from ethnic minority backgrounds make up 14.4% of the United Kingdom (16.1% for England, 5.9% for Wales, 5.4% for Scotland and 2.2% for Northern Ireland).[1]”. It doesn’t give the origin of those people, but it’s not unreasonable to assume the ratios of equatorial origin (needing more sun) and non-equatorial origin of these minorities in each country are similar. If you compare Sweden and Norway, Sweden has a higher % immigrant population than Norway. It’s hard to get hard data on origin, but if you assume similar ratios of equatorial and non-equatorial origin between Sweden and Norway again, then the theory would be plausible.

        1. Mike C

          Yes, but Sweden has had a slightly *lower* mortality than Norway when we compare average all cause age-standardised mortality rates for each country against their own 10 year trend. Sweden is just under trend, Norway is just above. It really does not matter what each country registered into Worldometers as ‘Covid deaths’, this is from all-cause death data as published in the Human Mortality Database (

          We don’t need to explain mortality differences between Sweden and Norway – there aren’t any.

          Sweden/Norway compared with Denmark might be more interesting…

        2. Martin Spencer

          But the deaths were overwhelmingly of old people, and the ethnic differences are nowhere as great in that part of the populations: the quintupling of immigration happened after 97.

          1. Fast Eddy

            That’s because older people ended up in the hospitals where they were murdered primarily by administering Remdeathisnear…

          1. John Collis

            Leicester had a high number of people with CoViD19, don’t forget that the city didn’t come out of lockdown when the rest of the country did. There’s a high proportion of dark skinned people living in the city, from the subcontinent, Africa and the Caribbean.

    1. dearieme

      If I were going to compare populous England with the other home nations I’d want to break England into bits: say the London conurbation, the Manchester conurbation, Birmingham and the West Midlands, Leicester and the East Midlands, West Yorkshire, and so on.

      Then I’d add various more rural bits – East Anglia, the South West, Cumbria, and so on. The question would be – were any of those bits much more hard hit than others?

      About six months into the epidemic I asked a friend whose spouse was a Consultant at the huge Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge: how many Covid deaths are they getting? He said “not many”. But anecdotes aren’t much use: it’s numbers that are required and – in particular – excess death numbers since I trust neither the competence nor the honesty of the reports of purported Covid deaths.

      An afterthought: what if you did the same for Scotland and NI? Would Belfast and Glasgow be deathier than the rest of those nations?

  3. Sue Mulkerrin

    I suspect population density may be a factor plus how well the population adopted social distancing measures etc. every time I have visited London in recent years (pre Covid), I have caught a cold I suspect from using public transport. A lot of city jobs required people to still go into work rather than work from home. I also got the impression that the English were not very good at adopting social distancing. In Aberdeen, it was easier for us to socially isolate and I think people were more compliant.

      1. Sue Mulkerrin

        I do think social distancing will prevent the spread of an airborne disease. Lockdowns are more difficult as they create other mental and physical health and economic problems.

          1. AhNotepad

            Yes, it’s transmitted by airwaves, more correctly electromagnetic waves. People they are told by television or radio they may have it, and many develop symptoms there and then.

  4. MarciaT

    This soul drum yo infivsyr yhsy you’re nsvk – snf yhsnk hoofnss for that. However, I can only see part of the second line in my reply – none of the first – so maybe something needs fixing? Whatever it is, what doesn’t need fixing is your writing. Lovely little conundrum you’ve presented us with – hope many someones come up with hypotheses.

  5. Egil Sunde

    The difference can be caused by differences in vitamin D status. Darker skinned people have normally lower vitamin D. Typically in Norway and Sweden the darker skinned people was harder hit and Sweden has much more immigrants than Norway.

    1. VeryVer

      Yeah –I think it’s related to demographics in some way — the number of immigrants or refugees in a country. It’s always been hard to find the “race’ of the people dying from Covid.

      1. John Collis

        I have a image of the excess deaths in England based on three ethnicities White, Black and Asian. Unfortunately I cannot post it on here. What it does show is that Black excess deaths as a percentage are significantly higher than white excess deaths with Asian excess deaths in between. For example September 2021 Black excess deaths were at 50%, Asian at 38% and white at 15%. White excess deaths have been up to 15% and down to -10%, Asian 35% to -5% and Black 55% to -20%. The below average figures were between January and March this year, approximately.

        1. andy

          Im always interested in where blackness starts and ends. I always thought Asians were black but it’s increasingly meant to refer African Americans. Though there seems difficulty too in ascertaining where Asians begin and finish. Are Sudanis black? If so then Yeminis are too. But Saudi Arabians are certainly not. Are Indians black? They’re Asians, but so are Iranians and Burmese but they arent black. Like Russians.

          1. John Collis

            I understand what you’re saying and I don’t disagree, the terminology is from the picture that I have. What would be more appropriate might be a breakdown of any ethnic differences in parts of the immune system, for example the class I human leukocyte antigens

          2. John Collis

            My son-in-law has an Indian mother and an English father, at the moment I am darker than he is even though I am white British.

          3. andy

            I simply postulate the stupidity of blackness being the arbiter of anything you want to generalise about! ‘Equity’ being one popular silly outcome hoped by using this discriminatory tool. They are presently only employing ‘black’ RAF recruits in UK.
            “Good luck with that!” as Jordan Peterson says.

  6. Matt Gr

    Dear Dr Kendrick,

    Fascinating research – thank you.

    This had me puzzled for a while and then I had a hunch about ethnicity and whether this may be a factor. Following a look at the ONS population data for England & Wales and similarly Scotland, ethnicity is a clear differentiating factor between the regions (in the case of England heavily skewed by London on % and absolute terms).

    I think if your overall mortality data showed the regional context this would show up quite clearly perhaps with areas of lower ethnic diversity (NE, SW) showing up with smaller mortality peaks.

    If I recall correctly, there was well documented concern at the time about higher susceptibility around non white communities in respect of C-19.

    regards, Matthew

  7. Jeremy May

    Ethnicity is my guess. Regarding England, there are various figures on the ONS website stating higher death figures by percentage between ethnic groups and white English population. For example, this from the ONS on the first wave:

    “The rate of death involving COVID-19 was highest for the Black African group (3.7 times greater than for the White British group for males, and 2.6 greater for females), followed by the Bangladeshi (3.0 for males, 1.9 for females), Black Caribbean (2.7 for males, 1.8 for females) and Pakistani (2.2 for males, 2.0 for females) ethnic groups.”

    There are more examples on the ONS site.

    But how this correlates between Norway and Sweden, I’m not sure.

  8. Patrick Donnelly

    Covid etc do not kill. The immune system protects the species by killing the individual.

    Take enzymes and free yourself of the fear of clots.

    1. Dr Ron

      England has a higher proportion of immigrants and ethnic minorities than the other three nations.
      I believe it is the same in Sweden vs Norway.
      So simple —but often it is the simplest solution that is overlooked

    2. John Collis

      Sweden also had a similar pattern of care home deaths, which they admitted to and apologised for, caused by the inappropriate discharge of elderly patients back to care homes.
      With regards to DNR, I am appalled by the lack of understanding of what this means in reality. In fact the term DNR stopped being used at least 10 years ago, it was replaced by DNAR and more recently DNACPR.
      DNR Do Not Resuscitate
      DNAR Do Not Attempt Resuscitation
      DNACPR Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
      This means that if the person has a cardiac arrest then there should be no intervention, it does not mean the withdrawal of other treatment, nutrition or fluids. It has to be put in place by a physician, in conjunction with the patient if they have capacity and are conscious, with the relatives or the patient as an advanced directive with their GP. At one time DNACPR had to be arranged with the hospital, ambulance service and primary care individually as the order was not transferable. These are the guidelines used in palliative care, including the use of and reasons for the use of midazolam and other drugs, the reasons why food and fluids are reduced.

      Click to access treatment-and-care-towards-the-end-of-life—english-1015_pdf-48902105.pdf

  9. Ian Roselman

    The first thing that comes to mind when comparing the 4 nations of the UK is population density. The population density of England is about 3 times that of the average for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This would presumably affect the transmission rate of an infectious disease like Covid but does it explain the disparity in deaths? Maybe, if the spikes reflect large concentrations of very sick people at the same time.

  10. Gary Ogden

    Thank you, Dr. Kendrick. The only reliable data, indeed. Dead or not. This is a puzzle which has me completely flummoxed. Perhaps we should all move to Norway, where they don’t seem to die all that much.

  11. robertliddell1

    Could the explanation be the proportion of the population who dark skinned, with a corresponding tendency to have vitamin D deficiency?

        1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

          Inuit are a good example of people who used to have good levels of vitamin D exclusively from the diet, and that now have metabolic disease and infections due to a change to a Western diet.

        1. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

          If they do, it seems to me a very stupid and dangerous thing.

          How would you account for people eating different amount of drugged food? Without cofactors like K2 and A, vitamin D can be quite dangerous for your health.

  12. Bruce

    Wondering, pondering diet choices… may or may not provide sufficient Vita. C etc.? As many Flu season spikes in the European countries likley given “northern” climate etc. be more Vita. D absorption from sunlight as I recall growing up in Germany winters were fairly dim w/ little or no sun for months.?

  13. Tom

    In my mind, the PCR mumbo-jumbo is just that, a completely inaccurate measurement of anything but possible DNA in a sample. It was never standardized to detect any virus. That blows up the entire “cases” stats.

    And deaths? How many of those 6.5 million “covid” deaths were supported by true autopsies? A few handfuls? Dear Neill predicted 2 million deaths in the US alone. So no, his estimations are a farce.

  14. Kurt

    Found it, what’s my prize?

    There are 1,367 McDonald’s locations in the United Kingdom as of August 22, 2022. The Country with the most number of McDonald’s locations in the UK is England, with 1,158 locations, which is 84% of all McDonald’s locations in the UK.

    Of course McDonald’s is just the bellwether and a proxy for total fast food restaurants boiling their rancid oils day and night. Oxidized PUFA intake predicts severity of cytokine storm:

    1. ShirkeyKate

      Kurt, I think you’ve nailed it! Your prize? I’ll be surprised if it’s not the good old Nobel prize for science. Keep an eye on your doormat.

    2. cavenewt

      I think you need to provide the number of McDonald’s per capita. England might easily have 84% of the land area in the UK. Absolute number of McDonald’s could be misleading.

      1. Kurt

        Point taken England also has 84% of the uk population. Consumption per capita would really be the metric but good luck getting that. My assumption is that population density correlates with fast food consumption. I really don’t believe that people without copious delivery options or a substantial drive tend to eat out as much as city dwellers. In which case those promulgating pop density are right but not for the reasons of shared airspace.

    3. Corinna Lennox-Kerr

      Well said Kurt. As my Papa always used to say about McS… McDonald’s, “Plastic food for plastic people!”

  15. John

    I wondered about a combination of Vitamin D and ethnic origin (as well as England’s use of Midazolam in care homes and ventilators, but that wouldn’t explain stats for other countries) – are the Finns big fish eaters? Definitely read John Dee’s analyses on substack

  16. Robert Sugden

    I’m going to hazard a guess at ethnicity as I understand that ethnic minorities are less inclined to be vaccinated.

    1. Douglas from Canada

      Off topic – Comment on the Link …. This guy is dead correct on the physics of green energy.

      I spent 10 years pursuing ‘green energy’ projects in Canada and I can confirm his assessment is 100% accurate.

      We all come to this Blog because we value the opinion of someone who’s telling us the truth, as he sees it, and in my opinion this person is speaking truthfully, in case anyone is interested.

      P.S. Dr. Kendrick, hope you’re feeling better and nice to have you back.

      P.P.S. L-Lysine, 2 g a day. COVID was nothing more than a tickle in my throat and I strongly believe this is why. We all like to promote Vit C but we all forget about Lysine.

      “Pauling filmed a video lecture in which he recommended that heart patients take between 2,000 and 6,000 mg of LYSINE daily with their vitamin C.”

    1. Marion Husband

      I agree – no one can prove viruses even exist – they only ‘believe’ they do. So, how can they test for something that hasn’t been truly scientifically proved to exist, let alone cause harm? Everyone should read Virus Mania and look at Sam Bailey’s website if only to discover the other side of the argument.

      I would be interested to know why Dr Kendrick mentioned ‘covid 19’ on any death certificate. Why did so many doctors buy into the hysteria from the MSM and believe all the criminally wicked lies from all governments and NGOs? I knew from March 2020 that it was another huge scam. To be fair, I was never subjected to the inane, childish tv news, those idiotic podium speeches/commands from our evil/moronic PM and his henchmen, nor the ‘don’t kill granny’ pathetic ads, as I don’t watch tv or listen to the radio, nor do I read newspapers. I do, however read a great deal and follows commentators I feel I can trust online (such as Dr Kendrick). However, I think even Dr Kendrick has bought too many of the lies (and to wear a mask anywhere, no matter what, is beyond idiotic – apart from being totally useless, masks were never a legal requirement).

      I am sixty and have come to realise that governments lie about everything, from global warming to diet. They want a highly taxed, fat, ill and docile population – and that’s what they have. Most people will don a mask again, no questions asked, as soon as some rotten politician tells them to. Most people simply believe what they are told by the BBC.

      Needless to say I remained unvaccinated, and will never get any vaccine.

      1. andy

        Then Marion, we need to talk! And lets invite Doc K’ along to,o for what will be a great evening. Would Friday be OK for you at The Blue Bell in Maxey? Drinks on me of course.

      2. Lynn Wright

        Why did doctors buy in? Because they are some of the most heavily germ theory indoctrinated people on earth. Plus if they step out of line, they risk losing their license to practice. I know only very few M.D.s that can see the lie of “novel virus causing novel disease”. It is a big pill to swallow. Blame it on Rockefeller’s capture of the medical system through education and the resulting one drug for one germ for one disease type of mentality. I am 65, extremely healthy and haven’t had any injections for 40 years. Never will take a poisonous jab (v@xxine) ever again. I saw the plandemic lie in mid-March 2020 after reading David Crowe’s excellent paper on PCR. A fraud! A scam! And they (CDC) admitted they based the test (which amplifies genetic segments of the claimed “virus” so it can be detected in a human sample) having no virus isolated. It’s magic! No, it can’t be anything but bogus. All the genetic SARS CoV-2 sequences (over 13.1 million scariants submitted as of today to the GISAID database). I was always skeptical of this fear porn of boogeyman germs floating around out to sicken or even kill me, but I didn’t realize just how bad the “science” of virology was until the Covid train pulled into the station. Virology is pseudoscience at best, outright lies and manipulation and just making sh!t up at worst. What greater way to control the world than an invisible enemy? Even better than a turban-topped terrorist hiding in some far off desert cave! If anyone is interested, read of Rosenau’s experiments on Gallops Island in Boston Harbor, 1919. He tried to prove infectivity of the Spanish Flu on healthy Navy volunteers. He could not. As a matter of fact, EVERY human experiment attempting to show infectivity of a contagious disease has NOT proven this to be true. There are many in the medcial literature. Never has contagion been proven. NEVER by a proper scientific experiment.

        1. Lynn Wright

          Ooops, should have read my reply more carefully before posting. All the genetic segments, 13.1 million of them, are created “in silico”, meaning by computer algorithm. Virologists use machines called “de novo assemblers” to make this sh!t up. Viruses have never been proven to exist in reality, their sequences generated by computer and humanity’s ancient mindset of contagion. Oh, and don’t get me started on electron micrographs, those arrows shouting “Virus!” as they point to fuzzy blobs said to be SARS CoV-2. Read how electron microscopy samples are prepared, then you can understand that what they show can have nothing to do with nature, what is inside the human body let alone what this infinitessimally tiny particle is or does. Oh, and If the EM fuzzy blob does not show the typical “spikes” around the circumference? That’s easy to fix, just re-run the sample after adding trypsin, a protein-digesting enzyme. That will make the electron micrograph’s fuzzy blob look like a coronavirus. It is all so absurd.

      3. Corinna Lennox-Kerr

        Very easy to judge unless you are put in certain predicaments. If you didn’t wear a mask, you could be asked to leave certain premises and/or planes, trains, buses etc., as well as private businesses such as osteopaths and the like and not everyone has the courage to kick up a fuss. I know for a fact that in certain ethnic communities unless they allowed Covid19 to be put on the death certificate, that they were not allowed to receive their loved ones back in the necessary time for burial. I am also aware that at the beginning of all this, doctors were required to write Covid 19 on the death ceertificate.

        1. Lynn Wright

          And in America, hospitals received extra payment ($17,000?) for a documented Covid-19 cause of death and something like $37,000 if a patient was put on a ventilator. Most died on vents, of course. A NYC study of 5700 hospitalized for Covid-19 showed 92% of elderly vented patients never recovered, they left the hospital feet first. A family member is a retired anesthesiologist who holds patents on breathing apparatus used in the O.R. and has acted as expert witness in medical malpractice trials. He was mortified when he heard Covid patients were being put on vents in the spring of 2020. He told me that this situation is largely due to the ARDSnet protocol folks who are so powerful their recommendations are almost impossible to challenge. He and other pulmonary doctors finally got a paper published (it was refused by many mainstream medical publications because it went against the standard of care) that pushed back against this practice. In this paper they recommended BiPap and CPAP be used as first line treatment. Read Nurse Erin’s book, “Undercover Epicenter Nurse: How Fraud, Negligence, and Greed Led to Unnecessary Deaths at Elmhurst Hospital” for more horrors. They killed a LOT of people in NYC at the beginning of the scamdemic. Oh, and outside the city? Upstate NY? Nothing to see here folks, the “virus” obviously loves city life and rarely leaves the five boroughs. And what about those living on the streets? The homeless? They don’t distance, wear masks, wash their hands often, etc. How come their bodies weren’t piled high on the streets??? Ever wonder about THAT? And then we have Remdesivir, A.K.A. “Run, Death Is Near”. Fauci’s drug of choice. It’s a serious I.V. drug, a course running above $3,000. It is nephrotoxic, shuts down kidney function. Then guess what happens? Lungs fill with fluid and the patient cannot exchange oxygen, cannot breathe efficiently. They get put on a vent and thus often are killed. So you have someone with breathing issues, caused by any number of well-known conditions. They get a bogus Covid PCR test and unfortunately have a positive result. Stick in an I.V. filled with Remdesivir and drip it in their vein, shut down their kidneys, slap them on a vent and you have – more money for hosptials, for Gilead (maker of Rundeathisnear) and another death can be added to the count and used as fodder to increase the 24/7 complicit media’s fear porn.

          1. Corinna Lennox-Kerr

            Hi Lynn,

            I am in total agreement with the essence of your comments which is why I made a reply to you, (which like others in their posts to other like-minded folk), that I would welcome a night out discussing the topic of all this Covid c..p with you.

            The biggest boo boo that happened today was that my reply was meant to be addressed to Marion Husband, not you, so I don’t know how that happened?


      4. Mike C

        “I would be interested to know why Dr Kendrick mentioned ‘covid 19’ on any death certificate.”

        Dr Kendrick has written elsewhere that he never put anything on a death certificate that he did not want to. Or words to that effect.

        I’m convinced he believed that the cause of death in these cases was at least partly due to the bloody bug.

        The Coronavirus Act 2000 made changes to the UK’s death certification process which had the effect of making it easier to register deaths where Covid was suspected as a cause. At least some doctors in a hurry will have thought: ‘That’ll do. Dead is dead after all.’. I don’t think Dr Kendrick would be one of those.

        There’s evidence for this in the ONS ‘Covid mentioned on the death certificate’ numbers. There’s a slight increase in the mortality curve from 31 Mar 2020. Far too soon for any supposed change to infection rates due to the lockdown to show through in the death data.

  17. CVB Cockell

    In December 2020 just before Christmas, London went into immediate lockdown. To avoid spending Christmas alone, hundreds of thousands of people left the capital on public transport. This I believe was responsible for the second spike in England.

    1. Mike C

      The ‘spike’ in ‘Covid mentioned on the death certificate’ mortality in late 2020/early 2021 neatly fits two epidemic (Gompertz) curves overlying each other; it’s actually an astonishingly good fit. One ‘flatter’ curve peaks on 23 Nov 2020 and the second, higher spike peaks on 19 Jan 2021. Each curve totals about 40,000 deaths (80,000 combined).

      You may be thinking: ‘two separate but overlapping epidemic curves? What could this mean?’. For convenience we might talk about these as Alpha and Delta. Two different bugs, two different epidemics, two mortality curves combined into one.

      The lockdowns on 5 Nov 2020 and 6 Jan 2021 did not deflect the curves. They didn’t work.

  18. Mike C

    Very pleased to see you stirring things again Dr Kendrick.

    A few points:

    1) You start by looking at excess mortality above the mean measured in z -scores (standard deviations above or below the norm). If the data is ‘spiky’ one standard deviation might represent 5% above or below the average. For ‘smoother’ data a standard deviation might be only 1% of the average. Smaller populations have more ‘spiky’ mortality data so comparing SDs (or Z-scores) can be misleading.

    2) Sweden is often held up as an example in the pro-/anti- lockdown debate. According to the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University’s intervention ‘stringency’ index Sweden locked down as hard as most/many countries. According to Dr Sebastian Rushworth’s excellent book they just didn’t feel the need to enforce it by law.

    3) If we look at Covid death rates as offered by Worldometers we need to realise that this is what each individual country has claimed from their own records. In the UK we’ve used two distinct methods to count covid deaths (death within 28 days of a +ve test and ‘mentioned’ on the death certificate); which number went into Worldometers? How has Sweden counted theirs? Is it the same as Norway’s method any other country’s? We can’t reliably compare them.

    4) We can get all-cause mortality for some countries on an annual and weekly basis from the Human Mortality Database ( It’s a bit of slog but we can come up with annual and weekly Age-Standardised (all-cause) Mortality Rates (ASMR) for 34 countries with reasonably up-to-date information in that database. If we do this then Sweden’s average ASMR for 2019-2021 is just about spot on the 2009-2018 trend – in other words no spike when averaged over the 3 years. Norway’s is also more or less on trend though their weekly figures look like they’re heading up, not down. The UK is about middle ranking in terms of how high our excess mortality averaged over 2019-2021 as compared with our previous 9-year trend. Bulgaria has had the highest excess closely followed by Poland and USA. We have to be careful even comparing all-cause mortality as we don’t know if countries are counting bodies in the same way – for example Australia’s weekly mortality data only counts deaths certified directly by a doctor; deaths referred to a Coroner’s Court are just ignored (in the weekly figures).

    5) As for Scotland not being a proper country? I reckon you’ve burned your bridges as far as your roots are concerned… though as a half-and-halfer I recall much ribaldry when I lived in Aberdeen for a while.

    1. AhNotepad

      ”2) Sweden is often held up as an example in the pro-/anti- lockdown debate. According to the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University’s intervention ‘stringency’ index Sweden locked down as hard as most/many countries. According to Dr Sebastian Rushworth’s excellent book they just didn’t feel the need to enforce it by law.”

      Really? There were plenty of pictures of people in Stockholm who were obviously not locked down, and getting on with life as normal.

      1. Mike C

        I did say it was according to the Oxford Uni stringency index. Dr Sebastian’s book deals with this along the lines that most people who wanted to lockdown did so and those that did not want to didn’t. Rather like the UK in that respect – but more civilised in my opinion. The major difference was that the State only recommended – it didn’t/couldn’t fine people for having a knees-up.

        One other interesting thing about the stringency index: there’s a positive correlation between stringency of countries’ lockdowns and the increase in all-cause mortality (the only measure that matters in my opinion) over trend. In other words, the tighter the lockdown, the greater the mortality. They offer the thought that stricter lockdowns were imposed by countries having greater sickness/mortality but I think it’s just as likely that stricter lockdowns caused some of the increase in mortality.

        One thing I’m sure of: Lockdown barely changed the course of the epidemic in England and Wales. The peak in infections leading to the peak of deaths on 8 April had already passed by the time lockdown was announced. There’s a slight temporary extra decrease in the mortality curve from 19 April to around 26 May – barely a ripple. If the slight change from 19 April is not due to lockdown then it had no beneficial effect whatsoever.

  19. Peter Edwards

    As others have suggested, are the differences simply related to the percentage of people of African heritage? It should be easy to analyse this by looking at the distribution of deaths between groups of different ethnic backgrounds, assuming that governments have recorded the ethnicity of people who die. The countries with the most significant peaks seem to be England, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, and Hungary — I don’t know about Hungary, but I believe that the other countries have relatively high numbers of people of African heritage. And, as mentioned above, this might all link to Vitamin D.

  20. AhNotepad

    Thank you for another exposé. I did not see a mention of The Diamond Princess, a ship full of predominantly old people, and showed what ever we were told it was, was not very deadly at all.

    Any words from governments can be treated with utter contempt. They have been shown to be lies throughout. The event 201 in late 2019 was a test run of what would be inflicted, they tried something similar with monkey pox, predicting almost to the day when it would arrive. They frightened people with aids/hiv, then Ebola, then zeka, now they are trying it with polio, luckily Ukraine came along just in time, now we have Charles III, saying if we don’t protect the planet NOW, it will be too late.

    The lies know no limits.

    1. johnsymes

      Cynicism (the uncritical rejection of anything said by an authority) is an error just as much as gullibility (the uncritical acceptance of anything said by an authority). All these ‘bigs’ like big Pharma, big Oil, big Supplement, big Food etc are like stopped clocks – some of what they say will be correct. Generally the way to deceive people is to stick as closely as possible to the facts to hide the deceptive parts.
      If you were is Sierra Leone, you should be scared of Ebola, and if you were a gay male , you should have been scared of AIDS. If you have grandchildren, you should be scared for the planet they will inhabit.

  21. allritejack

    Hi Doc thanks for all your hard work.

    Wasn’t England the only country giving compulsory Midazolam to euthanise the elderly? As Fauci did with Remdesivir. Did they also use the Ventilator death machine like the USA?

    Kind Regards,

    Neville Roberts

    1. John Collis

      Midazolam is a schedule 3 controlled drug, which requires specific procedures to be administered, certainly in hospitals. It is used to sedate ITU patients, therefore I would suggest the reason the NHS stocked up was because they were anticipating large numbers of ITU patients based on the faulty models. Nursing homes could have Midazolam stocked, particularly if they have specific end of life care, but elderly care homes are unlikely to unless they have a registered practitioner on site.

  22. Martin Back

    I would suspect vitamin D levels. Remember that the first few NHS doctors to die were all people of colour, who have low vitamin D levels in the weak English sunshine. And I would guess there are a higher proportion of immigrants in England compared to the rest of the UK.

    That leaves Norway. I believe the Norwegians eat a lot of fatty deep-sea fish which boosts their vitamin D levels.

      1. Frederica Huxley

        I would imagine that there is little or no reflection of UVB rays over ice, as the sun is not over the Azimuth in the winter in high latitudes, therefore UVB rays cannot penetrate through the stratosphere.

          1. Tish

            Another thought.
            When the UVB comes at a low angle of incidence (eg. In winter) and the surface is smooth, the angle of reflection will be similar. So the health producing rays will not be aiming for the sky and should be of use.

            Most Norwegians live by the sea with a backdrop of mountains. They seem to me to be well placed for vitamin d.

          2. thecovidpilot

            The problem is that in winter at extreme latitudes, the UV rays don’t penetrate the atmosphere, but get reflected. This has to do with the refractive index of the space/atmosphere boundary and the angle of incidence of the UV rays to the atmosphere.

          3. Tish

            Thank you covidpilot. It’s a fascinating subject.

            I would like to see some nasa type measurements of our UVB in the autumn and spring.

            I wonder if our postmen who wear shorts all year round are more healthy for it😏

      2. Martin Back

        The experts say…

        “The Arctic has long been an area at high risk from UV radiation damage. Although the sun never rises far above the horizon, the highly reflective snow surface results in damaging levels of UV to unprotected eyes and vertical surfaces such as faces, trees and shrubs. Normally, ozone in the stratosphere shields the Earth from much of the harmful UV radiation. However, recent measurements in the Arctic show long-term decreases in the amount of ozone overhead, called total column ozone. ”

    1. Kevin O'Connell

      Norway has fewer VitD deficient immigrants. Large % of early deceased in Sweden tended to be Somali immigrants (vitD!).

  23. Martin Back

    Incidentally, a researcher here in South Africa states that long Covid is caused by micro-clotting. When asked why some people get long Covid and others don’t, she said most long Covid sufferers had comorbidities like diabetes or lupus, but not all of them, so there were other factors as well.

    1. Politically Homeless

      Right, the Vitamin D / skin colour hypothesis is starting to look a bit bare-bones. Ideally the excess death dataset could actually be broken down by country based on some kind of ranking of each country’s elderly care home quality and/or policy framework – a sort of proxy for, “how much do we like killing the senile to save money”.

  24. Mr Chris

    Dear Doctor
    I think this is a very interesting subject, especially if people manage to come with no a prioris.
    Which they don’t. So England good, Belgium bad? Really, I live, in Belgium, did lockdown help? How can I know? Is there a pattern anywhere? Peak Covid I was taking 10000 IU vitamin D3 , is this the reason I haven’t had it? When I tell my doctor that that he shakes his head and says it’s a lot.
    So let’s have the answers, please

  25. Kevin McCarthy

    I did some data analysis way back in July 2020 trying to identify factors that correlated with covid outcomes. The only positive correlation I found at the time was between flu vaccination uptake and number of deaths from COVID. Countries with higher uptake of flu vaccination had worse death outcomes. The correlation wasn’t very strong but it was a definite correlation.

    The link between flu vaccination and susceptibility to other respiratory viruses had been previously observed in studies

    “Increased Risk of Non-influenza Respiratory Virus Infections Associated with Receipt of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (Clinical Infective Diseases, 2012)”

      1. Kevin McCarthy

        yes I agree Lorraine. When I read Dr Kendricks article it reminded my of my analysis nearly 2 years ago. That was at a time when I had some hope the world would soon regain its senses. Now I’m not so sure. Will be interested to hear what Dr Kendrick’s view on this.

  26. lorrainecleaver7

    Over two years ago I had a look at the data for the highest flu vaccination rates by country and lo! The countries with the highest uptake, had the highest hospitalisations and deaths. At that time at least. Must take a look again.

    1. Mr Chris

      sure you would agrée that corrélation is not causation. Secondly flu is in a way climate related, so I dont find the figures you cite surprising, and would note flu vaccination does not always have a high update.
      so does what you say convince me? not really. I have been flu vaccinated for more years than I can remember and dont regret it. one year I had a slight flu type infection.

  27. An Italian Australian at the Tropics

    For some (I’m sure highly scientific) reason, masks are and will be for the foreseeable future mandatory in schools.

    Almost like someone is trying to indoctrinate kids, but I’m sure that’s not the case.

  28. cavenewt

    ‘I think we can safely assume almost everyone else has been infected at least once.’ Almost is right. I got bamboozled into the first shots in March 2021, then saw the light. I have not been trying to avoid infection, yet have not managed to get sick. But then I haven’t been sick with anything since going low-carb 12 years ago.

    Commenting on your blog is always a total ordeal because of the way WordPress insists on logging in for every comment. I second the recommendations to move to substack. You’re not required to ask for money so many of us would love to contribute anyway 🙂

    1. AhNotepad

      For everyone to be infected, there has to be an infecting agent. None has been proved to exist, therefore such an assumption is not supportable, it is just a belief.

      1. Gary Ogden

        AhNotepad: To equate “infection” with illness is incorrect. We all live in a vast sea of microbes, and thus all of us outside of sterile bubbles are being constantly infected by multitudes. Yet only a small percentage of us fall ill. That is, those of us in the control group. The jabbed seem to be prone to repeated bouts of illness, and oddly enough, during summertime. I think the preponderance of evidence shows that there are infectious agents which spread widely, and often quite rapidly, and cause respiratory illness in some, especially in winter. As to whether they are viruses or exosomes, or exceedingly small aliens from another galaxy, I retain an open mind.

        1. AhNotepad

          Gary, yes I agree there are lots of infective agents, but I was referring to covid, but didn’t make that clear in my reply.

          1. Gary Ogden

            AhNotepad: I think virology deserves a great deal of skepticism, but I find the dispute about whether the ‘Rona virus exists or not a pointless distraction. Despite the treaty banning it (which was as fenestrated as Swiss cheese), bioweapons research, at least in the big, badass countries has never even stopped to catch its breath. I think that there is now sufficient evidence to conclude that BARDA (part of the Department of Defense) weaponized the coronavirus to be able to infect humans in a laboratory right here in the U.S. (Ralph Baric’s at the University of North Caroline, Chapel Hill), shipped it to Wuhan for further work, and it escaped, possibly in the U.S., but certainly in Wuhan. There is good evidence also that it was circulating in the U.S. at least as early as the fall of 2019. This has been a psy-op from the beginning. Do you remember the clip of the man in Wuhan falling flat on his face? Note how he very skillfully breaks his fall. Professional stunt man, likely. A not particularly deadly virus, thus a flop as a bioweapon, but a successful psy-op which has killed so many, driven so many to despair, destroyed world trade, transferred vast amounts of wealth from working people to the parasitic oligarchs. And on and on.

  29. Cookie

    It is always wise to err on the cautious side…that was early 2020, the rest has been about control and profiteers.

    Our governments no-longer represent our best interests or they have been captured by special interest groups.

    Time to talk about new ways of governing?

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      Closing down the global economy and telling everyone to go into solitary confinement is not erring on the side of caution. That’s headless chicken style panicking. Comparing the 6.5m deaths with Covid to the UK differentials of people dying from the ‘flu compared to with the ‘flu puts deaths from Covid at 1m maximum. Not a pandemic. Even 6.5m deaths worldwide over two and a half years isn’t close to pandemic (old definition up to March 2021) numbers. 40m died from the Spanish ‘flu, when the world’s population was 1.9bn. A quarter of today. So on a pro-rata basis that would be 160m. As Crocodile Dundee would say, “That’s a pandemic.”.

  30. Sa Li

    Commenting on paragraph seven: I am not a remote rain forest dweller, having lived in two large American cities since 2020 – one located in a paranoid lockdown state and one in a more laissez faire state – but I’ve never had covid or even any symptoms. I’m 76, so in one of the ‘danger’ categories, but never wore a mask unless forced to in order to buy groceries, went out and about in public daily, flew domestically twice. Never took a PCR test, and of course no injections.

    Could someone be naturally immune? My only flu was in 1982; duration of my most recent cold, 20 years ago, was two hours.

    Contributors? UVB tanning for D boost (no supplementation); high consumption eggs and wild salmon (D, omega 3); daily onions (quercetin); organic green tea (EGCG); avoidance of PUFA/seed oils. Or just blind luck?

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      50% to 80% of people have natural, cross-reactive T cell immunity. That is immunity developed against other coronaviruses like the cold, which is effective against this virus. But it only works if you have plenty of vitamin D, which the T cells require to fight.

    2. jill4535

      Sa Li, If everyone thinks the cause of the symptoms was a virus, nobody will look for other possible causes like nutrient deficiencies or a poison.

    3. thecovidpilot

      The plural of anecdote is data. Ask the parachutists. And anyone who enjoys watching sunrises and sunsets–direction is constant. Or anyone who goes swimming (water is wet is constant).

      So thanks for your anecdote.

  31. Nigel PJ

    Is there a difference in how the NHS in England record(ed) deaths that have any (however weak) association with Covid, as distinct from the other parts of the UK? For instance the famous man run over by a bus and killed who had Covid? Did the London bus escape the blame that those in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff rightly received?

  32. Craig

    Thanks Malcolm.

    My feeling is that this is somehow related to the effects of sunlight versus ethnicity. However without good quality statistics from eg Africa and India or other tropical countries with correspondingly greater sunshine than Sweden or Norway its not perfectly clear.

    Was the vaccination rate significantly different in England versus the other parts of Ukgbni?

    The paper quoted above by Kevin Mc. on flu vax versus other respiratiry infections is a revelation and seems to be playing out in my household atm. All of the diehard fluvaxing members of my family are coming down with horrible respiratory diseases and the same seems to be happening at work, yet (as a stubborn resistor of flu vaccination) I remain unaffected despite being frequently coughed and sneezed at. Approx ten tears ago and for two years running, straight after having a flu vaccination I developed respiratory infections that were worse than the flu itself. Never had a flu vacc. since.

    I have a simple but mangled metaphor to describe the whole topic of vaccination (for any chosen disease) — Vaccination resembles a Microsoft software update. Often these do some good in fixing O/S problems and vulnerabilities to various exploits, viruses etc. but often they create new problems and leave you feeling that something is not quite right, and sometimes they will brick your system.

  33. Fast Eddy

    Early on on this con I mentioned to my wife that the ‘devastation’ was primarily happening in major centres around the world.

    Recall New York was the epicentre of all things Covid.

    My theory was that when you are running a psyop – one with the biggest budget in the history of psyops — there are limitations in terms of how far and wide you can cast the propaganda.

    You can’t fake it everywhere — and you do not have to — you focus on the major centres and the fear diffuses through the global MSM (that the PR Team controls…)

    As we have since discovered, a great many of the ‘covid deaths’ were actually murders. Hospitals were sentencing covid sufferers to death using ventilators, Remdeathisnear, Midazolam etc… driving up numbers in the key markets — and these deaths were leveraged to elicit fear around the world — for the purpose of driving the injection campaign.

    Another thing that gave me pause for thought early on — was the fact that when Covid hit Wuhan it was Chinese New Year and millions left the city prior to the lockdown and headed far and wide to their home towns (and overseas) to celebrate.

    Surely Covid should have ripped through the country (and the world) in short order. I have business contacts in China and was told no – nothing much happening in the weeks after CNY started. Hmmm.. WTF?

    Then remember this

    All hell was supposed to break lose in Africa…. but it didn’t. Hmmm… WTF?

    Without a doubt the PR Team chose key global centres to implement their sophisticated plan — they used various sinister methods to drive up deaths in those centres — then they bombarded the world with horror stories… and prepped the hordes with Operation Warp Speed — driving up demand for the ‘silver bullet’

    This has been an incredibly successful PR campaign — they’ve effectively convinced Eskimos to accept exploding refrigerators.

    How many billions have bought into this lie?

    Even more impressive – after being told the injections were a magic bullet and it would stop covid in it’s tracks — and it clearly didn’t… the hordes eagerly took the hook and boosted because well it was never meant to stop the spread .. it was meant to stop you from dying…

    Yes of course – even though there are endless video clips promising the magic bullet … as we are seeing it’s the boosted that are dying … how do they spin that once the hordes begin to realize they’ve been played…

    But of course – long covid! It would have been so much worse! Or my favourite — as the vax injuries pile up and cannot be blamed on long covid… the mantra is … it’s worth it because without the vaccines many millions more would die from covid (even some of the vax injured say they’d do it all again)

    Absolutely brilliant PR … the best of the best… if there was an PR competition at that the Olympics… they’d definitely win the gold medal.

    GOAT (greatest of all time)

  34. Eggs ‘n beer

    “An infection occurs when a microorganism enters a person’s body and causes harm.”

    “Infection: The invasion and multiplication of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are not normally present within the body.”

    “ Infection is the presence of microorganisms causing damage to body tissues, usually in the presence of acute inflammation (pain, swelling, redness, heat and loss of function).”

    So I would rather use the expression “exposed” rather than “infected” if people have never shown symptoms of an infection. According to the above definitions, even if an organism has had the temerity to enter my body, but my body, fortified by pickled herring, three tins of anchovies and a double Talisker (on top of the usual eggs and beer), has summarily dismissed the bug without any signs of multiplication (meaning there’s been no cell division) then I haven’t been infected. That’s important to me to fend off the Karens demanding I wear masks, socially distance, bleach my hands twenty times a day and get injected every four months because of “asymptomatic transmission”. I’m not denying that asymptomatic transmission exists, e.g. typhoid Mary, but she was an extreme outlier. Rather than attack me for being healthy, I feel their passionate efforts could be better used trying to emulate my immunity.

  35. RC Butt

    Thank you Dr. Kendrick. In an ideal world, you would be running the NHS.

    As to the comments and theories — I definitely agree with the Vitamin D / ethnicity theory. If we read The Vitamin D Solution by Dr. Michael F. Holick PhD, MD, we can see the chart of effective sun exposure depending on skin colour on page 187 , Chapter 8.

    But before we go too far too fast — perhaps we are making one huge assumption.
    Are we not assuming that the vaccines are all the same, and there is no difference between batches?
    Apparently, per the VAERS data this is not the case. There are indeed ‘hot lots’.
    That being established leads us to consider the horrid thoughts that de-population was in fact, an agenda.
    And if we are utterly cold and cynical, could we say that the perpetrators actually believe and planned that ‘certain people’ should be de-populated more than others?
    These are considerations I prefer not to think about, but which may none the less be true.
    What is in the Vaccines? What is REALLY in the Vaccines? Do we even know? Are we allowed to look?

    In my view, our primary mistake in analysis is *presuming* that all of the vaccines are equal.

    Onward through the fog.

  36. travelwriter73

    My vote is its got something to do with either Vit D or obesity levels or perhaps an aging population.
    Early on in the pandemic, it was said blood groups had different reactions to Covid. Notably O negative (Rhesus negative) blood. Anecdotedly, O negative patients less likely to be in ICU. This makes sense with Covid as O negative blood doesnt clot very well. We are more likely to bleed to death if have a wound. But am wondering if there are ethnic differences with blood group too, and maybe that can also explain discrepancies between countries.

  37. CK_

    The Wuhan lab-leak, Gain of function SARS-COV-2 virus is fake and a PSYOP. There’s no “virus” and the clot shots are intended to depopulate us stealthily. TPTB are desperate to maintain the “virus” narrative in order to justify the clot (depopulation) shots and to blame COVID deaths on the “virus” instead of admitting to democide. COVID was planned years in advance of 2020 and we’ve been increasingly subject to pro-vax propaganda in preparation for the COVID hoax. The 1918 Spanish Flu and the AIDS= HIV virus hoax were previous depopulation exercises by the globalists. (Spanish flu deaths were due to WW1 vaccines and “treatment” with high doses of aspirin; AIDS was due to nitrate poppers, malnutrition (in Africa) and “treatment” with AZT.)

    The US, China, Russia, Canada, EU, UK, Israel, Australia and New Zealand are controlled by the trillionaire globalists, who own the Central Banks and the global Deep State (Academia, MSM, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Hollywood, the Music industry, Organized Crime, the UN, NGOs and the financial-medical-military-intelligence industrial complex). Democracy is a hoax and politicians are just puppets. (The “Left” and “Right” are a UNIPARTY and TPTB control both sides.) Wars are caused by the globalists, who fund both sides, for profit and to consolidate power. The Great Reset is about massive depopulation (a return to feudalism) and making the One World Government official. The Elite ruling class who have run the world for millennia don’t need us anymore as workers and consumers because of AI and automation. The pagan globalists are deliberately wrecking the current system to bring about a New World Order out of Chaos. It’s not about profit- profit is a means to an end.

    A “COVID illness” is due to:
    1) Ordinary illnesses being relabeled as COVID due to the invalid PCR test. (PCR is a DNA manufacturing technique and is NOT capable of diagnosing a “viral” infection.)
    2) Being healthy being relabeled as asymptomatic COVID due to the invalid PCR test.
    3) Illness from severe air pollution (e.g. China and Italy) being relabeled as COVID due to the invalid PCR test.
    4) Fear and stress and isolation making you sick and being relabeled as COVID due to the invalid PCR test.
    5) Vitamin D deficiency due to lockdowns/work-at-home making you sick and being relabeled as COVID due to the invalid PCR test.
    6) Toxic masks and toxic nasal-swab PCR tests making you sick. The 2019+ flu shots likely had toxins added to them in certain areas. We’re also being exposed to novel toxins (Graphene Oxide and nanoparticles) via food/water and chemtrails.
    7) EMF (both natural and manmade) making you sick. The Deep State has EMF weapons, which can cause flu-like symptoms!
    8) “COVID” deaths are really due to remdesivir, ventilators, sedatives and the clot shots!

    TPTB used 24/7 propaganda to hypnotize the masses into believing a global “pandemic” was real and that hospitals were overwhelmed with “cases” when in fact most hospitals were near-empty in 2020 due to the lockdowns. The only real pandemic is a pandemic of the vaxxed.

    1. tonyp

      CK_ Oops – you forgot to mention that the world is flat. (The roughly spherical version is an international conspiracy of the pagan globalists.)

    2. johnsymes

      You can often have a good laugh following some of the links and this one is a real cracker.

      “Prediction #3 Prince William: King in 2013. World Ruler in 2015 “
      “Because when the real Antichrist (Prince William) steps onto the world stage in 2015, the crime families want the public to accept William as the TRUE Messiah”

      (Apparently Prince William is the real Antichrist and was supposed to become world ruler in 2015!! Clearly the timing has slipped a bit, presumably the Queen did her bit by living so long to thwart Satan)

      1. thecovidpilot

        I’m not a fan of the helpfreetheearth website, but it’s clear that there was a plandemic. You can see it at the Event 201 website, where the conspirators tested their moves. Have you bothered to actually examine the Event 201 website? I know it sounds crazy as hell, like a James Bond plot about billionaire megalomaniacs plotting to make billions off vaccines and attempt to take control of various governments (say, NZ and Canada), but it’s true.

        It’s easy to throw the nobs off the track. Just say that this is a conspiracy theory and they will fawn over the Emperor’s New Clothes to the point of wetting themselves.

  38. Charles Gale

    Dr. Kendrick writes:

    “My own belief is that virtually everyone in the world has been exposed to/infected by Sars-Cov2 and at least once”.

    (I’m not sure what “exposed to” means – I spent this time working in both a hospital and a supermarket so I think I’ve been exposed to it).

    I’m sure I didn’t get it. I’m out of touch with testing – what test do I need to see if I did get it?

    Something I can get from a chemist or on-line?

    Many thanks!

    1. AhNotepad

      AFAIK, no test is calibrated for accuracy, so therefore no test is reliable.Don’t bother with any home test, at best it will be misleading.

  39. Peter Ford

    The puzzle is to explain the pre-vaccine era spikes in all cause mortality. As others have said, the spikes in England can be explained by the linked issues of ethnicity, vitamin D levels, and population density. Sweden is sparsely populated overall but is highly urbanised with a high proportion of dark-skinned people.
    As someone who spends a lot of time in London I saw with my own eyes back in 2020 and 2021 how London dominated incidence with the capital always leading the way with each wave. And when you see the rabbit warrens of social housing in London no further explanation is needed. By the way we Northerners bleat too much about the ‘privileged’ south: go to London to see real deprivation, and see what housing you can buy or rent for your money.

      1. JohnC

        Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is the old term, it is now Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome as adolescents were also found to be suddenly dying with no apparent cause from autopsy. It is presumed to be problems with the electrical conduction system of the heart. Some are visible on ECG but there are others that aren’t and the first symptom is the person suddenly collapsing in cardiac arrest.

  40. Mike C

    If we calculate the Age-Standardised Mortality Rate for each country that we have data for in the Human Mortality Database (, and plot a trend line for each country for the decade 2009-2018 (ie the decade pre-Covid), we find that all have decreasing trends which will reach zero between 2050 and 2150 (except UK and USA, which will hit zero a little later).

    No deaths at all… clearly an impossible SciFi nightmare. The mortality curves *must* flatten out at some point in the not too distant future.

    1. thecovidpilot

      If you ignore massive differences in age mortality, with working age mortality up 16-18% and 85+ mortality down 14%, on average in the western world, then you can plot to your heart’s content.

      Try plotting life expectancy in the west.

      1. Mike C

        The above was nothing to do with Covid except to allude to the fact that something has to ‘give’ in ever decreasing ASMRs soon and that maybe Covid is that ‘something’. Life expectancy is a prediction. ASMR is an arithmetic treatment of collected historical data to derive a single ‘score’ for each country. I’d agree comparing ASMRs between countries is inappropriate but comparing where the trend within each country is heading or how recent numbers compare with a country’s own trend is not. The calculation is the same for every country but we can debate whether different countries need different arithmetic treatment or whether the European Standard Population 2013 is inappropriate in Australia in 2022 – but that’s about all.

        1. thecovidpilot

          Sorry, I should have specified figures for 2021 v. 2020. The working age population took a six sigma hit in 2021 wherever people were vaccinated. Perhaps covid was involved to some degree if vaccines made people more susceptible to covid and covid mortality.

      2. Mike C

        I just retrieved the life expectancy numbers for Netherlands from the HMD. If we extrapolate from the 2009-2018 trends then life expectancy at birth for males will reach 100 years of age by 2129 and for females by 2229. Current life expectancy is higher for females than males but the trend for females is increasing more slowly over time. If the trends continue life expectancy for males and females becomes equal at 85.9 years in 2050. Basically, the trend is upwards. I also expect that it has to flatten out sometime soon; people don’t live forever.

        The chart is here:

        1. thecovidpilot

          Life Expectancy in the U.S. Dropped for the Second Year in a Row in 2021

          Select European countries to see excess mortality at

          Germany reported massive deaths in the working age population like the US did. It’s reasonable to expect that Germany and the US are not outliers, especially with excess mortality up so high for Europe and the US.

          Looks like Netherland’s excess mortality for 2020 and 2021 averaged around 18%.

          Projections based on historical data are unreliable.

          1. Mike C

            I think I’ve finally understood your point. Sorry to be slow. If I have understood you, we seem to be agreeing.

            I was pointing out that the pre-Covid decade long trend in age-standardised mortality rates can be used to calculate what ASMR *would* have been post 2019 if Covid and the associated overreaction hadn’t screwed things up.

            If I’ve understood you correctly you’re looking at the trends for individual age groups and sexes (ie before being aggregated into an ASMR score) and using these to calculate the excess for each group – and from that focussing on increases in working-age mortality. That is reasonable: without wishing to sound too callous if a 40 year old dies 42 years early it has more of an impact on the general life expectancy calculation than an 80 year old dying 2 years early.

            Certainly, calculating ASMR first blurs the above detail but many people can only cope with the concept of a single score when attempting to compare mortality changes across countries. Part of my point was that we should only compare scores like ASMR with a country’s own history; we can’t directly compare the ASMRs of (say) USA and Sweden because we don’t know in detail how the two countries are counting bodies. What we can see is that ASMR (or the rate for each sub group) was trending downwards for each country and then Covid etc screwed it up.

            Calculating life expectancy is far more complex than ASMR and very much a prediction. Calculating ASMR is less prone to opinion and entirely retrospective – but that definitely means we have to wait for the data to be in before we can calculate differences. I’ve attempted to merge annual mortality data with recent weekly data in order to get a handle on how well each country is doing compared with its own history – and guess, what? Some are doing better than others – so far.

            The pre-Covid decade (and more) trend in ASMR for each country points downwards just as the life-expectancy trends upwards. I think both had to flatten out soon, with or without the Covid screw up.

          2. thecovidpilot

            “t many people can only cope with the concept of a single score when attempting to compare mortality changes across countries.”

            Simpson’s Paradox loves simple minds (not you, the other guys).

            It’s really not difficult to understand what happened to mortality in the last two years. In 2020, there was excess mortality in the 74+ yo group, with the 85+ y.o. group being hit especially hard, at least in the US and maybe Europe generally. Then we see a decline in mortality in the 74+ y.o. group in 2021 from 2020, which is a dry tinder effect. However, there was no drop in the geriatric disease numbers in 2021 from 2020 (heart, cancer, stroke) despite the probable drop in contribution from the 74+ y.o. group. At the same time, the working age mortality increased 16-18%, so perhaps the working age population was dying prematurely from geriatric diseases.

            We know from Clare Craig that vaccines increase the risk of myocarditis from covid, so perhaps the risk of cancer and stroke in the working age population also increased due to vaccination.

  41. Steve

    I find these comparisons interesting. One thing to note about Sweden is if you look at excess deaths over 2020 and 2021 I believe they were the fifth lowest in the EU (I might be wrong on that). Sweden also has the highest number of elderly in care homes if I recall correctly. Additionally, I believe a large percentage of deaths in 2020 were among the Somali refugee population which is known to have very low Vitamin D levels due to dark skin at a high latitude and especially women being covered due to religious conventions. I believe vitamin D status was a HUGE overlooked factor from the beginning of this and I could go on about the trial designs that show benefit vs those that don’t (form of vit d used, endpoints, interventional design, etc). I know it’s more complicated than just vit D (I can point to other factors as well) but this is a largely overlooked (here in the US at least) factor.

  42. MarianneK

    “I’ll take Botched Medical Advice for $500, Alex” (RIP).

    “Beginning in 2021, an uptick in excess deaths occurred in certain countries due to this phenomenom.”

    “What is the mRNA COVID vaccine?, Alex.”

  43. offshoretinker

    Forgive the vernacular, but Scousers say what it is. I saw this as bollocks from day one. I wore a mask on the train once, and only because the plods came plodding. From thence – nada. I was never afraid and never got the ‘vaccine’. Copped the cold on a Thursday, negative Sunday.
    Absolute contempt for the people who swallowed the government narrative and continue to do so.

    1. Mike C

      Unfortunately not just our government. Governments and opposition parties throughout the world – and people like Prof Neil Erguson*.

      *Sorry, I keep trying to do away with the eff-in Ferguson.

  44. Mike C

    Another way of comparing the impact of the pandemic on different countries is to look at how recently their mortality rate was worse than their worst year in in 2019 onwards (ie during their local epidemic(s)).

    Every country which has reasonably up-to-date annual and weekly mortality data published in the Human Mortality Database shows a decreasing trend in Age-Standardised Mortality. So, for example, how recently was the UK’s ASMR *higher* than it was in 2020/2021?

    2008 – and that was not a terrible year.

    Here’s the list ranked in order of how far back you have to go to find a worse death rate.

    Bulgaria – 1997
    USA – 2003
    Poland – 2005
    Slovakia – 2007
    Latvia – 2007
    Hungary – 2007
    Czechia – 2008
    UK – 2008
    Lithuania – 2009
    Croatia – 2009
    Spain – 2009
    Italy – 2009
    Austria – 2009
    Netherlands – 2009
    Estonia – 2010
    Belgium – 2010
    Greece – 2010
    France – 2010
    Canada – 2010
    Germany – 2010
    Switzerland – 2011
    Slovenia – 2012
    Portugal – 2012
    Chile – 2012
    Luxembourg – 2013
    Sweden – 2013
    Denmark – 2016
    Iceland – 2016
    New Zealand – 2017
    Finland – 2018
    South Korea – 2019
    Norway – 2019
    Australia – 2019
    Taiwan – 2019

  45. Martin Back

    The Swedish spike in deaths in 2020 is explained by the “dry tinder” theory. The previous year there were fewer deaths than usual owing to a mild ‘flu season, meaning there were more people than usual on the point of death in 2020, and Covid19 provided their “final kick” (to use Ioannidis’s terminology).

    I remember running the numbers at the time. Combined the deaths in ’19 and ’20 and took the average — it was the same as the long-term average.

    So that suggests another explanation for the Covid spikes — a previous year of below-normal deaths.

    Or, a previous infection that made people less vulnerable to Covid (or maybe more vulnerable, for the high-death countries).

    (Sorry, I’m too lazy to do more than speculate.)

  46. thecovidpilot

    With respect to shades of skin color, they correlate tightly to vitamin D deficiency in regions where most people work indoors. Vitamin D deficiency also correlates to regions which have a high degree of obesity. Vitamin D deficiency also correlates to regions which have a high incidence of alcoholism.

    And vitamin D deficiency correlates tightly to the incidence of covid progression, leading to hospitalization and, possibly, death.

    Since vitamin D deficiency is higher in populations in winter in extreme latitudes and since vaccination reduces vitamin D levels temporarily by about 12 nM/liter, then what sense does it make to vaccinate people in winter? Doesn’t it just increase the risk from covid until vitamin D levels recover?

    So injection with mRNA gene therapy might reduce covid risk once the immune system responds, but it will increase risk during the period between injection and activation of immune response. Kind of like running from the foxhole towards the bunker over No Man’s Land where you are at risk from machine gun fire. Yes, the bunker is safer than the foxhole, but should we really be risking the machine gun fire?

  47. Steve

    The message of General Christian Blanchon paying tribute to the non-vaccinated

    They are there, by your side, they seem normal, but they are superheroes.
    Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for standing up to the greatest pressure I have ever seen, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, colleagues and doctors.
    People who have been capable of such personality, such courage and such critical ability undoubtedly embody the best of humanity.*
    They are found everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, countries and opinions.
    They are of a particular kind; these are the soldiers that any army of light wishes to have in its ranks.
    They are the parents that every child wishes to have and the children that every parent dreams of having.
    They are beings above the average of their societies, they are the essence of the peoples who have built all cultures and conquered horizons.
    They are there, by your side, they seem normal, but they are superheroes.
    They did what others could not do, they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion.
    And they did it because they thought they were alone, and believed they were alone.
    Excluded from their families’ Christmas tables, they have never seen anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, they let their careers sink, they had no more money… but they didn’t care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciations, betrayals and humiliations… but they continued.
    Never before in humanity has there been such a casting, we now know who the resisters are on planet Earth.
    Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races and all religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen ones of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything fell apart. collapsed.
    It’s you, you passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest marines, commandos, green berets, astronauts and geniuses couldn’t pass.
    You are made of the stuff of the greatest that ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who shine in the dark.”

    Christian Blanchon, general of the French army

  48. John Collis

    Some observations:
    The two European countries with the lowest levels of vitamin D are, I believe, Spain and Italy.
    Injected vaccines do not prevent infection by viruses according to Professor Vincent Racianello in his vaccine lecture in the virology course on YouTube. Antibodies circulating in the bloodstream cannot reach pathogens that enter the body via the respiratory tract or gastrointestinal tract for example, and thus can be only effective once the pathogen reaches the bloodstream.

    mRNA based vaccines are not and cannot be gene therapy as they do not or cannot enter the nucleus in healthy cells, whereas the AstraZeneca vaccine does enter the nucleus where it’s mRNA is formed, with replication taking place in the cytoplasm in both cases.
    The Swedish study that showed the presence of mRNA in the nucleus used liver cells that were cancerous and at concentrations very much higher than possible with the vaccination, the authors also stated that they didn’t know whether there was any interaction with host DNA.

  49. Martin Back

    Could it be that the Scots, Irish, and Welsh don’t like being dictated to and choose to self-medicate rather than follow the English guidelines? This could be checked by comparing per-capita consumption of alternative therapies like vitamin B, vitamin C, ivermectin, horse paste, nebulizers, etc. Or even their Google search histories regarding alternative therapies (I think that data is available from Google per region).

    1. Tom Morgan

      How sure are you that the mRNA of the two vaccines, pfizer and moderna, cannot be incorporated into a person’s DNA. There seem to be others that point to evidence that the mRNA of the vaccines CAN be incorporated into SOME people’s DNA.
      I know that itis not possible to ‘prove’ that it never happens, but perhaps one can estimate how often it does happen: 1 in 1e^6, 1 in 1e^5, 1 in 1e^3 ?

      1. John Collis

        Briefly, SARS-CoV-2 itself is a positive sense single stranded RNA virus. When this type of virus enters a cell it becomes it’s own mRNA. The mRNA uses various parts of the host cell to replicate without needing the nuclear machinery, but remains within the cytoplasm.
        The mRNA vaccines do exactly the same.
        No genetic variants with the human genome in healthy cells can alter this mechanism, however, some cancer cells do have faults in their DNA that provide a mechanism by which mRNA can enter the nucleus (I suppose in theory that this also applies to all positive sense single stranded RNA viruses).
        For a virus that requires the nucleus it needs additional coding in its RNA/DNA to cause the nucleus to create the necessary mRNA to pass into the cytoplasm to create the necessary proteins (this is what our own DNA does in healthy cells).
        For a virus to become part of the host DNA needs further coding, which is what happens with HIV and in some people with Human Herpes Virus 6. All herpes viruses remain in a latent state in the nucleus of infected cells.

        1. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

          John, I have read this, and I have read other things too. I do not believe that viruses, of any sort: RNA, DNA, retroviruses reamin within the cell cytoplasm. They all, almost all, enter the cell nucleus and do vaiorus things. It may be the cells drag them in, to work out how to kill them. However, alteration in DNA are, it seems, common.

          A series of different articles from 2017 looked at RNA viruses gaining entry into the cell nuclei, and doing – who knows what exactly. I short editorial quote

          ‘The eukaryotic genetic material is sequestered within the nucleus bound by the nuclear envelope (NE), separating the genetic material, and its functions from the surrounding cytoplasm. Regulated transport of macromolecules through the nuclear pore complex (NPC), the only means of transport across the nuclear envelope, is essential for normal cell function and effective antiviral responses. Many viruses disrupt or exploit the host cell nucleocytoplasmic trafficking pathways in order to access nuclear functions.

          This research topic has assembled reviews and original research articles demonstrating the diversity and importance of viral interactions with the nucleus. The viruses range from DNA, RNA viruses, to enveloped, non-enveloped viruses, and include retroviruses, demonstrating that exploitation of the host nuclear process is a common theme across diverse virus families…’

          In short, it does seem to me that RNA viruses gain entry to the cell nucleus. Therefore, it seems likely that mRNA vaccines can also gain entry to the cell nucleus. In my mind, the default position would be that they can – unless proven not to. Not that they can’t, unless proven that they do so. You may disagree.

          1. John Collis

            Hi Malcolm,

            from my understanding is that replication of +ssRNA viruses doesn’t require the nucleus, -ssRNA need to be translated into +ssRNA before replication in the cytoplasm, DNA viruses need to enter the nucleus to hijack the mechanism to produce an mRNA that enters the cytoplasm to generate the necessary proteins (as happens in uninfected cells); however, that doesn’t preclude the virus from interfering with the messaging process within the nucleus as discussed in this paper:
            As the RNA doesn’t itself enter the nucleus it cannot alter the DNA, even the Swedish paper that appeared to show the presence of mRNA in abnormal cancerous cells were unable to say whether it could alter host DNA. To do so requires the presence of an integrase, which HIV does use.
            The AstraZeneca vaccine actually does need to enter the nucleus as it is modified DNA, this then causes the nucleus to produce an mRNA for replication of the spike protein.
            The original post was discussing the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA vaccines altering the host DNA rather than hijacking the inner workings of the cell nucleus.
            HIV does attach itself to the host DNA as does HHV 6 in up to 1% of the population (it attaches to the telemores permanently and is passed down to the next generation)

          2. Mr Chris

            Slightly off topic, but there are many posts on here, that query the existence of viruses and above all, the Covid 19 virus in its many mutations.
            I take it from your reply to John, that you do not share this view?

          3. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Post author

            No, I don’t. Whether or not this is the most important evidence, I looked at the impact of blood (product) transfusions on heamophiliacs in the UK. Many of them ended up infected with hepatitis C and HIV, and many of them died. I cannot think of any reason why such a group of people would end up dying of viral disease, other than through their blood (product) transfusions. Ergo agents that are, almost certainly, viruses exist.

            The ‘terrain’ theory, often quoted by people who comment here does not mean that infective agents do not exist. it simply means that the ‘terrain’ i.e. the person is critically important. A healthy well nourished person with a tip-top immune system will fight most infections off. Someone who is ill/compromised/elderly may not.

            In short, I would find it extrmeely surprising if someone came up with definative evidence that viruses to not exist.

            This, of course, has no bearing on where Sars-Cov2 may have come from. Whether or not mRNA viruses are highly effective etc. etc.

          4. Mr Chris

            Thank you for your reply.
            M’y theory has always been that just because an infection is around, doesn’t mean that you necessarily catch it. The immune system is very important and something over which we have some control, fresh air sunshine D3 non stress etc.
            As for the origins of Covid 19, I tend now to a lab escape, but doubt we will ever really know

        1. John Collis

          This used cells from an abnormal line of cancerous cells that had very mutated DNA. This DNA produced a transcriptase LINE-1 which is inactive in healthy cells. Also “ we do not know if DNA reverse transcribed from BNT162b2 is integrated into the cell genome.” Dr Hong on YouTube has a video explaining the shortcomings of the paper, suggesting that it should never have passed peer review
          Don’t forget that all herpes viruses occupy the nucleus of infected cells in a latent state.

  50. Colin

    I find it interesting to compare NI and Republic of Ireland. The republic benefited from an earlier and harder lockdown but initially had higher death rates than the North. Cynics might argue that Irish lockdown had no benefit at all!

    1. AhNotepad

      Tou cannot prove any lockdown had any benefit since you dont have a control to compare it with. With the subtle ad hominem attack at the end it indicates the case for lockdowns is weak.

  51. Mike C

    “The republic benefited from an earlier and harder lockdown…”


    Hmm, I don’t consider myself to be a cynic but I do like to check what I’m being told with multiple alternative sources. If I see a graph (for example, about Covid, on the BBC) I like to re-do the calculations for myself where I can. Sometimes I find I can refute what I’m being told and at other times, the opposite. Too often I find I’m only being told part of the story and then I wonder ‘why?’.

    BBC’s coverage of Covid has been poor with barely anyone even questioning the official line – even when officials did not seem to believe their own line enough to keep toeing it themselves (Prof Neil Erguson, Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock MP, Dominic Cummings, Margaret Ferrier MP, Dr Catherine Calderwood, David Clark (NZ health minister) and many, many more.)

    However, I did spot these lines in a Monkeypox article on the BBC (

    “There’s nothing special about the biology of monkeypox virus. It is not an unstoppable force.

    Covid probably was – it spreads so readily that it was arguably impossible to contain even in the earliest days of the pandemic.”

    Burn the heretic!

  52. Tony Martin

    Interesting conundrum Bob.
    Various antibody studies of stored blood samples from around the world suggest that C19 had been in circulation both in the US and Europe at least as far back as Sept 2019, without causing excess mortality. Excess mortality only took off in certain jurisdictions after the WHO announced the pandemic on 11th March 2020 after the “outbreak” in Lombardy caused a spike in deaths of the elderly there. Retrospectively it seems these deaths were largely a result of the interventions taken rather than the virus. Most jurisdictions followed suit, resulting in nearly synchronous death spikes in the Northern Hemisphere, not what would be expected from a virus, which had coexisted with us for at least 6 months.
    This certainly happened in England, Sweden, New York and New Jersey for example, all had significant excess mortality. All had similar interventions, for example, taking the frail from acute units and depositing them back in nursing homes where inadequate care and heavy sedation was likely to finished many of them off.
    The puzzle is, why for example did this excess mortality not show up in the Northern Ireland and Welsh charts. My assumption would be that the interventions taken were not so harshly applied as in England, therefore the outcomes were significantly bettered.
    Just a thought, maybe someone with more knowledge than me can confirm or refute this hypothesis .
    Tony Martin

  53. Henry Barth

    Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth Paperback – July 16, 2022
    by Anonymous (Author), Zoey O’Toole (Editor), & 1 more
    4.9 out of 5 stars 48 ratings
    #1 Best Seller in Public Health Administration

    If you are reading this, you are probably aware of the fierce debate surrounding vaccination and looking for information that will allow you to make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you are a parent or a parent to be, sorting through the many arguments on vaccines can be daunting. Still, you need an answer, a definitive one, to the crucial question: Who has it right in the great vaccine debate – the critics, who claim that vaccines often cause serious harm, or the medical establishment, which tells us that vaccines are safe and effective and the science is settled?

    Rest assured, you have come to the right place. Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth will resolve the vaccine question for you, once and for all. By the time you finish reading, not only will you see the answer clearly for yourself, you will also have the scientific references and specific quotes at your disposal that prove it – more than 1,200 of them – all from mainstream scientific papers and textbooks, the official publications of relevant government agencies, or manufacturers’ documents.

    The book consolidates a great deal of information (accompanied by detailed analysis) that is scattered in hundreds of medical articles, books, and websites. All discussion is presented in clear and easy-to-understand language, so no medical education is required. It presents several original concepts in addition to laying a robust scientific foundation for the more established ones.

    Some of the fundamental vaccine safety issues covered in the book are:
    How is safety demonstrated before a new vaccine is licensed? What technique do vaccine manufacturers use in clinical trials to make vaccines appear safer than they actually are?
    What “last ditch” technique is employed when the above one cannot be, and what are its grave (and damning) ethical implications?
    What is the scientific foundation of the safety of vaccination, and what practical tools does this body of science provide physicians to anticipate, diagnose, and treat vaccine injury?
    What fundamental flaws are built into vaccine adverse events reporting systems, and how are these systems used (or misused) by health authorities to support their safety claims?
    What kinds of post-marketing vaccine studies are conducted, and how can they be manipulated by researchers to produce “favorable” outcomes?
    Why would researchers want to skew vaccine research, and how could skewed results be promulgated by the scientific community?
    Why would medical journals publish faulty vaccine science? What is the role of the famed “peer review” in this process?
    What are “the studies that will never be done” by the medical establishment and how long it has resisted doing them? (Hint: more than 100 years!)
    What key CDC-recommended childhood vaccination guidelines were arbitrarily set, without an adequate scientific basis?

    In addition, three cornerstones of vaccination lore are covered in depth:
    What is herd immunity, and how does it apply (or not) to the vaccines on the childhood schedule?
    What role did vaccines actually play in the historical decline of infectious disease?
    Was the paralysis associated with polio actually caused by the poliovirus? Is there a better explanation for the great paralysis epidemics of the 20th century? What are the “19 polio mysteries”?

    The book is intended for parents overwhelmed by conflicting messaging on this important topic, but it is also an excellent reference for medical researchers and professionals who seek a better understanding of vaccine safety science. Whether you are new to the vaccine debate or a “veteran” seeking a deeper grasp of the science, this book is a must-read. It also serves as an excellent primer on vaccination to share with friends and relatives who may benefit from a deep dive into the subject.

    1. Tom Morgan

      I purchased and have read ‘Turtles all the Way Down’. I found it to be a remarkable piece of scholarship. It weaves in literally hundreds of articles and documents into a compelling story about how vaccines are tested (or not tested). I admit I haven’t evaluated each and every article that they quote, but I still subscribe to their conclusions.
      BTW, the book was originally published in Israel in Hebrew in early 2019, before Covid. So the book does not have anything to say directly about the mRNA vaccines, but it has a lot to say about what Pharma has done in the past regarding safety and efficacy. The original authors have chosen to remain anonymous, which precludes all the usual ad hominem attacks, and allows focus to be put on the ideas put forth in the book. AFAIK no one has disputed the facts, or conclusions, in the book.
      It was re-published this year by The Children’s Health Defense (CHD), which has Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as its CEO. One of the editors in Mary Holland, who is the chief counsel (I think) at CHD.
      The book is over 500 pages, and all of the English references are posted separately online:

      A truly remarkable book.
      Tom Morgan

  54. Mike Wroe

    Ivermectin cuts Covid mortality by 92%. Study published in medical journal Cureus, analysed data from 223,128 people from city of Itajal in Brazil. (Reported in Daily Sceptic). Deaths from C-19 could have been dramatically reduced in all countries if this cheap repurposed drug had been available to self administer as an early treatment. Big Pharma have suppressed the use because that would have undermined their drive to vaccinate the world and develop expensive patented drugs.

    Irish researchers have found unvaccinated patients with low Vitamin D levels are more likely to suffer severe disease and death. Insufficient Vitamin D levels linked to fourfold increase in risk of death.

    IVM must be made readily accessible. At the present time it isn’t.

  55. John Collis

    With regards to the existence of viruses, there’s no direct evidence to the existence of atoms, protons, neutrons, electron/hole pairs, quarks; yet electronic devices work.
    It is recognised that poor physical/psychological/spiritual health (terrain) make infectious diseases worse or the person more susceptible to disease.

    1. Henry Barth

      “A virus is a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses infect all life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea. Since Dmitri Ivanovsky’s 1892 article describing a non-bacterial pathogen infecting tobacco plants and the discovery of the tobacco mosaic virus by Martinus Beijerinck in 1898,[4] more than 9,000 virus species have been described in detail of the millions of types of viruses in the environment. Viruses are found in almost every ecosystem on Earth and are the most numerous type of biological entity. The study of viruses is known as virology, a subspeciality of microbiology.”

      1. John Collis

        I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say.
        I am not an advocate for the terrain theory as espoused by Sam Bailey and others in any shape or form, neither do I doubt the existence of viruses or other micro pathogens.
        What I was attempting to do, and clearly failing, was to highlight that there’s no direct evidence of the things I listed, yet the anti virus lobby appear to accept their existence without question.

        1. AhNotepad

          ”the anti virus lobby”

          You appear to have views that differ. Why not address those rather than use thinly veiled ridicule? Germ theory is a theory, terrain theory is a theory, viruses are a theory. Belief is knowing, science is not knowing but nevertheless, searching.

          1. John Collis

            Not ridicule at all or it wasn’t meant to be.
            Are they theories or hypotheses? If observations match the hypothesis then it becomes a theory, when observations don’t match the theory/hypothesis then the theory/hypothesis is wrong. (Richard Feynman).
            As viruses have been seen under cryogenic electron microscopes then observations match the hypothesis of the existence of viruses. If these viruses are inserted into non human primates and they develop disease then the observations match the hypothesis that viruses cause disease.
            However, it is recognised that a person with underlying conditions (physical, mental, poverty, hunger) are more susceptible to disease. There are also genetic differences that can affect susceptibility to disease.
            This would lend credence to the terrain theory, but does it exclude the existence of viral pathogens?
            My personal view is that viruses exist, can be pathogenic but severity of the associated disease is related to the terrain. For example, older people are more likely to be in a chronic inflammatory state and they are more susceptible to disease (CoViD19) from SARS-CoV-2.

          1. AhNotepad

            Not like the pro virus lobbyists then, very heavily funded and a pain in every part of the body, not only the rs

  56. John J. Collins, DC

    Hello Dr. K. To address your question “what is the difference” (between England/NI/Wales/Scotland) that would account for the statistical variations? I believe the answer is most-likely going to be found if scientists look at the ethnicity of the covid-19 deceased in these countries. England has approx. 15% “non-white” ethnicity, while other countries have approx. <2% non-white ethnicity. My own personal clinical observation here in Oregon, USA is that darker-skin color is associated with lower serum vitamin D. I have seen multiple studies confirming this observation, some of which are published on USA CDC website. Of course there are the other social/cultural differences/determinants between ethnic groups too (non-white more likely to have multi-generational household, more likely to not be able to telecommute, higher-obesity/diabetes, etc.) but I personally believe the serum vitamin D disparities are the primary culprit. I have not seen any evidence proving this hypothesis wrong. Thank you.

  57. Mark Sanders

    Just a thought — perhaps the other parts of the UK don’t have the massive, close-together populations like London — I gather that Dublin and Glasgow are not nearly as intensely populated as London. The frequency of close encounters in cities is probably way higher than in rural areas, so the likelihood of any kind of disease spread is also more likely. I know when I worked in an average-size city in the U.S., I would come down with flues and colds every year. Since I retired to my semi-rural home and had less close contact with people, I can’t say I’ve had one incidence of cold or flu (though there are other problems).

  58. Fast Eddy


    Where this was done – deaths were driven higher – blamed on Covid — and that was leveraged in a massive PR Campaign — which was purposed to drive uptake of the ‘magic bullet’ vaccines.

    That is why you have high death tolls in some some places.

  59. Jerome savage

    Ivor Cummins identified high fatality rates in the elderly population in Norway & I think Denmark in 2019. He described the remaining elderly vulnerable population in sweden as “dry tinder ” when flu no 2 arrived in 2020.

  60. Tish

    An aside:
    How will we cope with viruses when we’re all suffering from anaemia or the side effects of ferrous pills if we’re stopped from eating sufficient quantities of animal produce? No doubt we’d recognise the ‘elite’ pharmaceutical people and central bankers et al by their rosy cheeks and energy.

    1. Eggs ‘n beer

      Well, you might if you were ever allowed to see them. The trick we will have to learn is to appear anaemic and lethargic when in society.

  61. TFS

    Vitamin D

    Did, one of the Nordic countries notice over a long period that their health was deminishing over a long period 20yrs+, and linked it to reduction in Vitamin D.

    I believe Dr David Grimes, made reference to it in one of his posts. A paper in BMJ/Lancet(?) referenced a error that was used to set the appropriate level at 400IU(per day), when in fact it should have been higher. The Nordic country in question then recommended much higher doses and fortifying things like yogurts.

  62. Jefferson

    The answer to the puzzle is Nitric Oxide.

    Broadly antifungal, antibacterial and antivirus.

    That stuff that’s added to air when it’s breathed in through the nose.

    Is there a higher prevalence of Mouth-breathers in England?

    Nitric Oxide is also created by safe sun exposure to the skin, disadvantaging those folk not living in places soaked in the suns rays. Much of the benefits of safe sun exposure attributed to Vitamin D actually results from increased levels of Nitric Oxide.

    1. Sasha

      Gary: thanks, I will take a look. I am reminded of a talk by a Russian PhD immunologist who was working for one of the main research institutes in Moscow, the one that came up with Russian covid vax.

      She said that after 30 years of working on vaccines she can say one thing: a vax will increase your resistance to a pathogen against which it vaccinates but will decrease your general immunity against other pathogens. She said the data was consistent for different jabs in multiple animal trials they ran. If true, this could explain some of the epidemics of chronic illnesses people are seeing.

      After her institute began requiring covid jabs, she quit and joined a monastery but she continued to give talks on the issues of vaccination.

      1. Eggs ‘n beer

        Exactly. Which is presumably why AZ used the MenACWY quadrivalent vaccine in the majority of their phase 3 trials. It pretty much guarantees that the control group (definitely not a placebo group) will contract more Covid than the vaccine group! And two people died of Covid in the control group, including a fit young doctor (the age limit was 65). In the small South African component of the trial, 2,000 people, when finally enough people had caught Covid the results were 19 in the saline solution group and 18 in the toxin group x not statistically significant.

        1. Gary Ogden

          Eggs ‘n beer:
          The meningitis vaccine is is a commonly used comparator, sorry “placebo,” in vaccine trials. It reliably produces a similar rate of toxic effects as whatever garbage soup they’re testing.

      2. Gary Ogden

        Sasha: Everyone should watch this. I’ve watched it twice now. Full of horrifying, factual information, and an explanation for many of the strange and debilitating injuries people have suffered, while most vaxxed people appear to be fine.


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